Stories 18+ Son's sex life collides with mom's afterwork C1

Stories 18+ Son's sex life collides with mom's afterwork C1
"So how's the new job going, Honey?"

"Well, let's just say it's an interesting work environment."

Adam zoned out from the conversation at the kitchen table between his dad and his mom. His mind was turning to something else, something that had been captivating his full attention for the last few weeks.

The high school baseball star had recently begun seeing a girl at school who, until the current semester, had gone unnoticed. She wasn't a popular girl nor did she hang out with the popular crowd. The brunette was actually a 19 year old who had been held back from graduating after failing too many classes her senior year.

Despite her nerdy glasses and alternative sense of fashion, which was likely the reason she was a bit of a loner and nearly invisible, the young woman, Olivia, had an amazing body. But what really attracted Adam to her was the way she used her body.

Olivia was the kinkiest partner Adam ever had. It was apparent from the first time he met her at a party a little over a month ago. At the party celebrating the end of the baseball season, Adam was walking tipsily with his Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned through the masses of his peers who were holding red plastic cups. He was looking for a bathroom so he could finally release his full bladder.

He pushed open door after door in the main hallway hoping to find a toilet. Of course the room that he recognized as the bathroom due to a sliver of its tile peeking out from under the threshold of a closed door was in use. So, the lean but muscularly toned student athlete, moved on to see if there was another toilet in the same hallway.

It was when he pushed open the next door when he first saw Olivia. With a lower level of consciousness, Adam barged into a room in a quiet part of the back hallway. When he stumbled into the room he realized it was just another bedroom; however, there was somebody in the room. A girl donning a t-shirt cartoon cat and thick-rimmed glasses was laying on the bed with her mobile phone to her ear in one hand and her other hand in between her thighs.

Adam stared as blood flowed to the tip of his penis as he watched the slightly older female masturbate and moan. Olivia then sensed the presence of another person in the room. She didn't panic though. She just slowly pulled her right hand out from under the waistband of her jeans and said subtly into her phone, "Frank, I'll call you back."

Olivia brushed her hair back that had a slight amount of sweat on it. She placed her phone on the bed to the side of her and scanned her eyes up and down Adam's athletic body.

"Can I help you?" Olivia asked as she climbed off of the bed and made her way over to Adam.

Recognizing he was interrupting something personal, the turned-on 18 year old responded in his drunkenness, "Sorry. I'm so sorry. I was just looking for a place to pee. I didn't mean to stop your conversation."

Olivia laughed, "It's okay, Sweetie. You know there's a bathroom down the hallway?"

"Yeah, it's in use though."

"Oh," the attractive loner smiled as she placed her left hand gently on Adam's exposed chest, "well I actually know of another place where you can go."

Curious as to why she was seductively touching him before pointing him towards another bathroom, the antsy teenager pleaded, "Well where's that?"

"On me," Olivia whispered as she slowly dropped to her knees and reached out to unzipper the fly in Adam's jeans.

He couldn't believe what was happening but he was still a little turned on from watching Olivia masturbate on the bed.

"Are you serious? You actually want me to pee on you?" There was a tone of incredulousness in Adam's voice.

"Well you really need to pee and I want to see the dick from that hot body of yours shoot warm liquid all over me. Don't think I can't see that half chub constrained in your jeans."

A blushing Adam quickly reached back and shut the door behind him so nobody wandering in the halls could hear the conversation. "I don't know if I can do this. I've never done anything like this before."

"Well let's see if I can make this easier for you, Sweetie." Olivia crossed her arms and gripped the bottom of the front of her shirt before slowly sliding it off of her head. Her large tits jiggled as they bounced back to her chest in her black lace bra.

"Holy shit!" Adam gasped lowly. More blood flowed to his shaft as he removed his snake from his boxers. He then stood there hesitantly with his semi-erect cock in his hand just a foot away from the kneeling Olivia.

"That's certainly a nice fuckstick," encouraged the seductive highschooler. "Let's see what it can do!"

After another moment of hesitation and a desperate need to urinate due to his many beers, Adam aimed his tip and asked, "Where do you want it do go?"

With a coy smirk Olivia looked the stranger in the eyes and said, "Anywhere and everywhere."

"But you have clothes on?"

"I'll just take fresh ones from a closet in this bedroom afterwards," she winked.

Shrugging, Adam then began to blast light yellow liquid all over the kneeling girl. As he peed, for what seemed like minutes, Adam couldn't believe what he was doing. He could only imagine what his friends would say if they saw what was going on.

Finally, his bladder was empty and he examined the young woman on her knees in front of him. Her face, beautiful breasts, and stomach were glistening with moisture. The front of her jeans from her lap to her knees were dark blue with soaked-in urine.

"That was... intense," moaned Olivia. "Thanks for that, Cutie. Most men are too afraid to do anything like that."

Adam's cock then bolted up to a full erection at the sight of his work on the sexy girl. He gulped dryly, "Well you're pretty hot. It was too hard to refuse."

"I like you..."

Taking the hint, the panting boy filled in the blank, "Adam!"

"Adam," she repeated. "I'm Olivia. And I definitely like that cock of yours and what you do with it. And I can see it's excited, " she teased.

Seeing his pink tip pointing towards his face as he looked down, an embarrassed Adam apologized, "Oh I'm sorry about that. It kind of has a mind of its own."

The urine-soaked girl quickly assured, "Adam, when you're with me you never have to be sorry about getting a boner. The only thing that would make me upset is not putting it to work." Olivia took Adam's shaft into her mouth.

That began a kinky erotic sex life that, beforehand, Adam could have never imagined. Luckily for the young lover, Olivia was able to come over to play every Friday night. It was nice to have sex in some place other than the school bathroom or a public park over the weekends.

Ever since his mother started her new job as middle management at a local independent insurance agency, she had been going out Friday evenings after work with some of her colleagues. That gave Adam the ability to invite Olivia over since his dad always went to bed early on Fridays so he could function during his morning shift at the power plant on Saturday mornings.

It was Friday evening and Adam's mom, Christie, was about to go out for the night and his dad, Walter, was eating a light dinner so he could go to sleep soon afterwards. Excited by what Olivia had planned for the night, Adam barely touched his food.

"Great dinner, Honey," congratulated Walter.

"Thank you! Well, if everyone is done, I will get going soon. I'm meeting the girls from the office at a bar tonight, should be fun."

"Adam, what do you have planned for the night?" His father inquired.

The son answered a bit too quickly, "Homework." He then got up from the table, put his dishes in the sink, and walked towards his room.

It was 8p.m. and an anxious Adam stared through a crack in his door into the hallway. He was awaiting the newly familiar sight of his mom leaving her bedroom and going out the front door so that he could then tell Olivia she could come over.

Within minutes, the high school senior watched his mom quietly walk out of her room as to not wake Walter. For some reason, as with every other Friday night, she had a small gym bag with her in addition to her purse. Deciding not to look too much into it, Adam texted his kinky sex partner to give her the green light.

After a night of crazy sex that started off with them watching a porno together in the living room and ended with Adam tugging on Olivia's hair as he shot his cum deep inside of her pussy as a large dildo filled her ass, it was time for Olivia to leave since Christie would be home soon.

Olivia had never met anyone in Adam's family and they liked it that way since it was more fun to sneak around. Around 1a.m. they heard a car pull into the driveway. Olivia had stayed way longer than usual. Before leaving from the back door to run to her car parked the next block over, the erotic girl kissed her favorite toy and began to ask, "Adam, I think at this point we are comfortable enough with each other where we can tell each other anything and aren't afraid of knowing what the other person wants to do sexually, right?"

"Yeah. I'd like to think so. Why are you asking me this?" A skeptical Adam tilted his head at his partner.

"Well, I wanted to wait 'til we were in person before asking to go with me to this thing I used to go to before I started seeing you."

Not sure what Olivia was hinting at, Adam hesitantly asked her to continue more about the "thing" as they walked towards the sliding glass door leading to the backyard.

"Well, it's this party-"

Just then they heard metal keys unlock the deadbolt on the front door.

"I'll tell you later, Sweetie!" The young pair kissed and Olivia ran into the darkness of the backyard as Adam quickly slid the door shut. He then hid around the corner of the wall to the living room as his mom entered the house.

With adrenaline pumping through his body, the young teenager did not want his mom to see him. Even though Olivia was gone he knew his mom would be able to tell something fishy was going on with him, because she seemed to always be able to tell.

However, when Adam peered around the corner and saw his mom walk through the front door, he was the one who detected something fishy. It was very odd. He saw the blonde hair of his mother hanging down to her shoulder blades instead of in a bun like it usually was and like it was when she left. The black mascara seemed to be the same but her beautifully mature yet strong face had an element of red lipstick. She must have put it on in the car but it was also slightly smudged. The spying son also noticed the most salient thing- his mom was wearing the same long coat she usually wore when she went out, but unlike when she left, there was no shirt underneath. Between the gap in the top part of her coat where there were no buttons, Adam saw a sexy bright red pushup bra holding up two large but firm breasts. His mouth went dry.

He continued to cautiously peer around the corner as he watched his oddly behaving mother tiptoe over to her room. It then became apparent that the skinny blue jeans she was wearing when she went out were no longer on her body. Adam watched the movement of her creamy smooth thighs as she moved towards her room.

Not knowing whether his mom was having an affair or got caught up in some weird game at the bar, the mesmerized son didn't care. He was just thankful he just saw what he considered to be the sexiest woman he ever saw in his life. How had he not noticed her in that way before?

Over the course of the week, Adam went about his life as if nothing had changed. But deep down his mind was still reeling from the sight of last Friday night. Every night he would masturbate to the image of his mom in her long coat and red bra. He would ejaculate whatever was in his loins that he did not already put into Olivia earlier in the day.

The week went by slowly as if a form of torture. Normally the horny highschooler was excited about seeing Olivia, but that Friday he was also excited about having the opportunity to hide in the living room again and maybe get to see his mom in a similar situation.

Finally, it was Friday night again. Once again the peeping son stared through the crack in his door to watch his mom walk towards the door in the same clothes she was wearing during dinner. She was in another pair of tight blue jeans and a blouse with her blonde hair in a bun. She had the face stereotypical of a female manager- a bit hard but attractive enough where some of the jealous men in the office blamed her looks as the only reason for her promotion. And once again she had the small bag with her. Looking closely it appeared to be full of clothing items and it seemed like a long heel was pressing against the material of the stretched bag. Adam began to ogle at the way his mom's round butt cheeks moved in her light jeans. His hand reached down and began to further stimulate his growing erection in his mesh shorts.

Olivia was in the house within 20 minutes. Adam was already primed to go and it didn't take long before he was replacing Olivia's glasses with a blindfold and lining her asshole with lubricant.

"Wow, you're moving fast. Someone was excited to see me tonight."

With his 6-inch rod buried in his classmate's anal cavity, Adam was getting closer and closer to climax. The difference was that he was not looking at Olivia; rather, he had his eyes closed and was imagining yanking down his mother's jeans and fucking her gorgeous booty as his hands squeezed her chest from behind. Olivia's hole was loaded with Adam's warm jizz and they both collapsed onto the ground.

"That was amazing, Sweetie," groaned Olivia dreamingly.

They laid there for a while as a surprised son contemplated the meaning of what he just did.

The night moved on and Olivia knew she had to leave soon or risk cutting it close like it was last week. It was then that both Adam and her remembered that she needed to finish her proposal from last week.

Olivia ran her fingers through her sex partner's short light-brown hair. "Adam, do you remember what I was about to ask you last week?"

"Yeah, I was just about to ask you about that. You said you wanted to ask me in person- about the 'thing'".

"Right, right," Olivia continued, "Well, as I was saying, we've been doing this for a while and are very comfortable with each other. I don't think we should be afraid to show each other our most sexual sides and be willing to explore together more." She sat there nervous about the reaction of the man lying on the living room carpet next to her.

Thinking about the implications, Adam's first thought went to the idea of his attraction to his mom. Though Olivia was likely not hinting to anything close to that, he conceded that he, too, had more desires than what were being fulfilled by their relationship. "Yeah, I suppose so. I guess it would be a good idea to explore more. I've always been down for whatever with you."

Olivia beamed, "I'm really happy to hear you say that. The reason I am asking, as I said earlier, is I used to go to this thing before I started having fun with you. That thing was actually kind of a sex party..."

"What?!" Adam was surprised but he couldn't be shocked. The first time they had sex, they were strangers. "What exactly do you mean? How did you even get involved in that?"

"Are you upset?" She needed assurance before delving into any more details.

"No, I'm just surprised that you were involved in something like that at this age."

"Well, it started because on my 18th birthday I went to a dance club with friends and I ended up getting involved with an older man. He was a wealthy businessman so I was kind of turned on by the idea of him wanting me. He was really kinky and taught

me a lot of things. He was the one having phone sex with me at the party when we first met."

"Ohhhh..." Adam had always been curious about that but never asked.

"Yeah," Olivia continued, "so anyway, he owns a massive house off of Main Street and he actually throws sex parties there every week. Most of the people are older though. I'm not exactly sure how he knows them, but they seem to all know each other from outside the party. I think I was the only one there that didn't know everyone else. I tried not to ask too many questions."

Adam's head was racing as he tried to digest the information. "Well do you still see this guy? I mean we have never talked about being exclusive or anything. I don't really care too much but I'm interested in knowing. And what the hell were you doing at these parties? Was it just a giant orgy?"

"I have mainly just been talking to him on the phone because I have been spending most of my time with you. I actually stopped seeing him specifically once he started bringing me to the parties. I kind of started doing things with other men at the parties. And no, it's not a giant orgy," Olivia snickered, "it's a really fun themed party with drinks and sex games. There are some random hookups and group sex but it's a really fun exciting party. The older guy, Frank, has been texting me lately saying he and some of the other guys missed me."

"Wow, that's a lot to take in at once," breathed the boy in awe.

Quick to get him to see things her way, Olivia added, "We will be hooking up there for sure and there are plenty of other women there- women who know even more than me."

"I find that hard to believe that women know what they're doing more than you," he complimented.

"Well thanks, but I'm serious. You will have a blast there. Normally outsiders aren't invited but I told Frank I would come back only if I could bring a guest so he agreed."

"Thank you. But what if none of the women want to hook up with me and I end up sitting there the whole time watching you do things with other men?"

"Oh it would never happen that way. First of all, you're young and attractive so there

are many women there who will want to play with you. Secondly, they will have to. Before everyone who is involved can go to the sex party, they have to be willing to have sex with anybody there of the opposite sex. They play games that determine who does what things with who. It's a ton of excitement and nobody is left out."

Adam was thinking that it seemed too good to be true. He was still unsure but he saw the desire in Olivia's eyes. He knew if he didn't allow her to follow her fantasies that he would lose her. "Okay, I'll go with you."

"Great! I'll text you the details next week."

"Cool. Now you better get out of here before my mom catches us," Adam voiced half jokingly, half seriously.

They kissed and Olivia left. Adam checked the time and saw it was 12:45. His stunning mom could be home at anytime. He just hoped she would come home like she did last time so he could get the chance to see her again in clothing that no mother should be walking into the house wearing.

Positioned in the same great viewing angle that he was last time behind the corner of the living room wall, Adam watched the clock in anticipation. Ten minutes later he heard a car door shut. His heart was racing as he stood there peering at the front door. The sound of keys scraping the lock filled the quiet house.

The waiting was about to pay off. The door opened and Adam's jaw dropped. Once again his mom's hair was hanging down and she had on the long coat. Things were different though. Christie was wearing a dark blue plaid skirt that climbed way up the thigh. Underneath of her completely unbuttoned coat was a white blouse that was only buttoned half way up, exposing her cleavage in her matching plaid bra. Adam's forehead started to heat up.

Below the 41-year-old mother's miniskirt was a set of tall high heels that sculpted her legs. The lustful son began to rub his shaft from behind the wall. He almost lost it as his hot mom bent over to take off her heels so she could walk into her bedroom and not wake her sleeping husband. She must be stripping for extra money!

The next week went along just like the last. Olivia and Adam continued to have sex in the school bathroom during classes. Olivia joked that if she kept skipping class to have crazy sex with Adam that she'd get held back again.

Then, on Wednesday night, Olivia sent her partner in sexual adventure a text about the party they talked about. It read: Hey, so I'll pick you up for the party at 8:30 on Friday (I always like to be fashionably late so I don't look eager). Wear your yellow baseball pants and a yellow shirt. Try to find some cheap yellow shoes if you don't have any. The theme is colors and everyone has to dress head to toe in one. I'm wearing all white and you should wear yellow to stand out! See you in the bathroom tomorrow during 3rd period ;).

Initially excited about the sex party, Adam imagined showing up in all yellow and going there and seeing all the adults having careless sex in all the different colors. He imagined women in different colors sucking his dick and riding on his cock. His fantasizing then turned sour. He realized that because he would be out Friday night he would miss his mom returning home. But he figured he could do that any week, and he wanted that Friday to be something different and fun.

Adam walked through his backyard to the next block over to meet Olivia in her car a little after 8:30 on Friday. He was able to find an old pair of yellow shoes he had that he was able to squeeze into, albeit a little uncomfortably. Going the extra mile, he purchased a pair of yellow-framed glasses without lenses at the dollar store.

When he got into the car he looked over at Olivia in the driver's seat. She was a bombshell. She had white eyeglasses (though she needed hers), a sheer low-cut white shirt that was a few sizes too small, a white pushup bra, and sheer white leggings through which Adam could see her white thong. He wanted to fuck her right there in the car and Olivia knew it.

"You're going to have to wait until we get to the party," she teased.

They parked far away on the side of the street since the long driveway was overflowing with vehicles. It was a big party. The woman in white and man in yellow stepped out of the car and walked towards the door.

Getting closer, Adam noticed how truly big the house was. It wasn't quite a mansion but it was close. Olivia grabbed the metal knocker, which was stylized to be the nose ring of a bull. She knocked in a specific pattern and then the large wooden door opened. It was like stepping into a fantasyland.

The greeter at the door was dressed in a sky blue top hat with a sky blue suit. He took down their names and let them in. Adam stayed near Olivia while he got adjusted.

"Stay close to me but don't tell people we're together. People don't like to think relationships are closed here because they like everything to be open," instructed the 19-year-old frequent visitor.

Adam nodded in agreement. Then the pair turned simultaneously when they heard the shout, "Olivia!"


The older man was of average looks but had a solid yet not tone frame. His hair was brown with a touch of silver that went well with his black outfit. And he had a commanding face. Olivia briskly walked towards him and into his arms. They hugged and he kissed her lightly near the lips.

"I missed you a lot. So who's your friend? He must be pretty special if you made me break my 'no male outsiders' rule to let him in."

Adam felt privileged.

"This is my friend Adam. We've been having a lot of fun lately. We've been doing some of the things you taught me."

Like a master proud of his student, Frank glanced at Adam, "Well what a lucky man." He looked back at Olivia with a smirk, "Though I hope you aren't settling down on me."

His old lover giggled, "No, of course not. Adam and I are both here to try new things with other people."

"Well I'm glad to hear that."

"I see you're still wearing all black. Even at a party you still have to look professional," commented Olivia noticing his black dress shirt and pants.

"I know. I just can't help looking like a boss can I? Well go have fun you two. The first game will begin soon."

Olivia turned to walk away but Adam held up for a moment, "Frank, first of all thank you for letting me in."

"You're very welcome, Adam."

"Secondly, what exactly do you mean by a 'male outsider'? Like I can see how I'm an outsider because I don't know anyone, but what does someone being called an 'insider' imply?"

"I've actually always wondered that, too," chimed the girl in white.

"Oh, excellent question. I'm surprised you haven't figured it out, Olivia," Frank replied. "Most of the people here are my employees."

"What?! Are you serious? That's incredible," exclaimed a mind-blown Adam.

"Yeah, it's pretty good for company bonding," quipped the laughing boss. "But, yeah, it all started a few years ago when I caught five of my employees having an orgy in the storage room of our building. They were afraid I'd fire them, but then one of the women pulled my pants down and started sucking. I got sucked in and the sex parties just grew and grew. Of course we can't have them in the building, so I moved them into the house."

Olivia and Adam were enthralled by the tale. "But how are this many people in your company alone into this type of thing. I imagine at least half of them are married," questioned Olivia.

"Oh, of course, not all employees partake. Just about half of them do. Most would have never dreamed of doing something like this but me, as well as a few senior employees who I trust, monitor which employees would probably end up enjoying it, even if there is some hesitation at first. The only way someone would say no to the boss is if they are morally against this. We are always able to avoid those people finding out."

Looking around the first floor, Adam determined that there were at least 50 people at the party. They were of various ages but most were between 30 and 55. There were a couple people that looked like they were just out of college.

Just about every color was represented and people had a different way of showing it. One chubbier woman in red had on a red body stocking and a red wig. A younger sexy woman had her whole body painted in light green with green tassels covering her nipples.

Looking at the breasts of the women and noticing the bulges on all the men, it was obvious everyone was turned on. Despite this there wasn't too much fucking. There was a man in silver and a woman in pink fucking on a couch in a side room and that was it.

Going back to Frank and not trying to offend his party, Adam said, "Hey, I'm surprised more people aren't fucking."

"Well that's because nobody is supposed to be fucking yet. No sex is allowed until 10 and everybody is comfortable."

Adam decided not to tell on the couple he saw in the other room.

"Speaking of that," interjected Frank, "It's almost 10 now. It's kind of ceremonial that I get to choose the first sex partner. Oh, the perks of being the boss... All of the women are more than happy to oblige when I ask." Frank grinned.

The first floor was well lit for a sex party. The newcomer figured it was just a sign of how comfortable everybody was with what they were doing. Frank whistled and everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at him.

"It's 9:30! Time for free play!" The crowd of colors cheered.

Men and women proceeded to try to close the deal with the people they were flirting with for the first two hours. Some were successful and others got politely rejected. It was free play, not a game, so sex was just optional with whomever people wanted.

Some people left the room following each other, some people stayed in the room, some men whipped out their packages in the middle of the room while women happily went to their knees, one woman in tight yellow clothing spread her legs on the coffee table while a man in blue ate her out.

A sense of panic came over Adam as he ran his fingers through his light-brown hair. His muscles clinched in discomfort. It seemed most people were having sex but he wasn't and Olivia was nowhere to be found.

With a look of curiosity Adam looked back at Frank. He was just standing there looking around the room like a hunter. "I thought you started the sex party and got first choice."

"I do. I know who I'm going to do and I know what I want to do with her. I just have to find her."

Attempting not to sound pessimistic and kill the vibe, the highschooler asked, "Well what if another man gets to her first and she agrees?"

With a mischievous grin and shake of the head Frank responded, "If I ask any guy to cut in he's going to let me. What's he going to do, say no to the boss. If he did, I wouldn't do anything about it because that would be unethical, but he doesn't know I wouldn't do anything."

"There!" Frank pointed across the room at a woman in purple. An Asian man in gold was currently eating her out.

The 18 year old watched the boss in black stride across the room and tap on the shoulder of the man in gold. "Mind if I cut in?"

"No. Of course, sir," respectfully conceded the employee. Though, when he walked away, he seemed upset.

As Adam watched the situation in front of him unfold, he felt a finger poke his back. He turned around with instant relief. It was Olivia.

"There you are, Sweetie. I'm glad I found you. I saw how badly you wanted me in the car. I figured you could fuck me now just to get warmed up." She winked.

"Absolutely," a relieved Adam replied. "Let's do it right here in the middle of this room."

"That's the spirit." Olivia pulled off her top and slid down her tight white leggings.

She noticed Adam staring at a gob of white liquid clinging to the top of her white bra.

"Is that what I think it is?"

"Yeah," winced Olivia with a jokingly guilty face. "I ran into an old friend. I knew he wouldn't last long in my mouth. I figured I'd take care of him earlier in the night."

Adam shrugged, "Fair enough. I think it's time my dick goes inside of you, but I promise to last a little longer and finish somewhere much more intimate."

The pair that carpooled together had intense intercourse in the middle of the main room of the house. Olivia laid on her back while Adam thrusted ferociously into her.

A little self-conscious to see if anybody was staring at them oddly, Adam rotated his gaze around the visible area. He ended up making eye contact with Frank. He could see Frank's side profile as he was in the kitchen with the woman in purple. He was sitting in an armless chair and the woman in purple with blonde hair was riding on his lap.

While in the midst of satisfying Olivia, Adam continued to look up at Frank and the woman he was with. He could see why Frank wanted her. Her sizable chest was held up perfectly in a bright purple corset. Her body was in shape and she was wearing bright purple panties that wrapped around her ass. There was a hint of sparkling people eye shadow and lipstick.

Frank looked back at Adam and saw he was with Olivia and that she was moaning. He gave the new member to his secret party a thumbs up in genuine excitement. Adam returned the favor.

The young man who was new to this world just couldn't look away from the highly erotic scene. The woman in purple's panties had a lace running down the middle that was undone to allow Frank's throbbing cock access without having to remove them. He looked back up at her face.

Adam froze.

"What's the matter, Sweetie?"

He ignored Olivia's question as his erection twitched inside of her. The high school student was in a sex party watching his mom being fucked by her boss.

Everything made sense. She must have been coming to Frank's parties on Friday nights. That's why she had been coming home in interesting outfits. She was dressing for the theme.

Bewildered, the son was as horny as he had ever been. His mom looked so beautiful and so sexy riding on Frank's lap. Her breasts jiggled as her ass clapped on Frank's thighs. She had on matching purple heels that showed off her toned legs.

Adam once again began to insert his rod into his classmate underneath of him. But this time it was with even greater pace. Olivia was nearing orgasm from the unrelenting pleasure and the boy in yellow was too but from the sight he was witnessing in the kitchen.

"That was amazing. Holy shit!" Olivia was in heaven after the two came with their privates intertwined.

With his mind feeling like it was going blank and that his entire world was turning inside out, an expended Adam got up off of Olivia and wandered towards the kitchen to watch from an even closer distance without trying to seem creepy.

Frank's eyes were squinted and he was about to ejaculate. Christie still looked like she had a ways to go. Her boss grabbed her waist very tightly and threw her down onto his lap one last time and held her there has his hot sperm fountained into the woman on his lap.

"Oh Frank, that was incredible. I love the way your cum feels inside my pussy," that statement seemed a little overstated as if she was just trying to please the boss.

The two middle-aged office workers French kissed and Adam's mom crawled off of his lap and tied shut the entrance to her panties.

Her son's eyes were wide eyed but she didn't look in his direction. After Frank returned from his daze and recouped some energy, he stood up on the chair and yelled so the whole house could hear him, "Free play is over! It's time for a 10 minute break and then everyone gather around the pool for the first game!"

Adam quickly ran from the kitchen as he saw his moderately satisfied mom walk out. He couldn't imagine what is would be like if they actually saw each other. Would I get in trouble? Well, she's doing something wrong too. There's no way Dad knows about this. She probably couldn't punish me without hurting herself. Or does dad actually know and they have an open relationship?

All Adam did know was that he would have to go to the pool in 10 minutes along with everyone else, including his mom, or risk being kicked out of the party. And he did not want that with his mom looking like she did.

Sipping on some pink juice he got in the kitchen (there were a lot of non-alcoholic beverages to promote stamina over the 4-hour party), Adam contemplated on how to handle the upcoming challenge. He figured the best way was to blend into the crowd and hide his face behind men who were taller.

When he got into the room with the indoor pool, he heard the instructions. They were given by the man in sky blue who let them into the party. "Now I'm sure most of you know the rules to Tube Pong, but I will repeat them anyway. The gender that had the best insurance sales over the last week gets to toss the water polo balls, and the gender with lower sales will be the ones performing the oral. It is my understanding that the sales winner this week is the men." The man in sky blue pointed to the men and they cheered loudly. The women groaned mildly with humor.

He continued, "So each water polo ball has a piece of masking tape on it with the name of one of the men who entered the party. The balls are all in this bin and are chosen randomly by me. If your name is on the ball picked first then you get to toss first. If your ball is second you go second, etcetera. When it is your turn, you will try to toss your ball into one of the water tubes in the pool, which are at least 20 feet away. Each tube has a piece of tape with a female's name. Whichever tube your ball lands in is the woman who will perform oral on you. Ladies, if a man gets his ball in your tube then you will blow him in the other room. If you miss and don't get your ball in any tube then you have to go to the back of the line."

All of the men were anxious to go. They were eyeing up the tubes and the women they represented. The women were standing there silently wishing for a certain man to get their ball in to their hoop.

"Does everybody understand the rules? No questions?"

Nobody said anything.

"Alright, the first name is..." The first ball was blindly grabbed from the bin, "Charles R."

An older man in his 50's in dark red grabbed his ball and looked at the available ladies. He tossed his ball and the tension in the room during the game could be felt in the air. His yellow water polo ball bounced off the ring he was aiming for and landed in another just beyond it.

"Elizabeth H., you are going with Charles!" People clapped and cheered as a petite woman in her early 30s walked up and kissed the prizewinner as her hand grabbed his crotch through his red pants. They walked out of the room and Elizabeth's water tube was pulled from the pool with a pool cleaner.

The next man was chosen and he stepped up. He started at a black woman with curly hair and massive breasts in a black lingerie set who was standing with the rest of the women. She saw him stare at her, "I know what you're thinking. If you make this it is going to be very awkward at the cubical tomorrow." She and all the other women laughed.

"Hey, no talk of work. That's the main rule," reminded Frank.

As the game went on and Adam counted the tubes down from thirty to fifteen, he watched guy after guy toss and he had yet to be picked. Two men had actually went for his mom's but they missed due to the fact that Christie's tube was way in the back of the pool, about 30 feet away.

Adam then began to imagine the possibility of his ball being chosen and what he would do. He could very easily just go for his mom's tube! Could I actually do that? I mean she would have to right? But that could ruin both of our lives. Or it could be the greatest thing of my life and she might not care too much.

The nervous boy then noticed an even bigger issue. Half of the people in the room had left already. There were only fifteen men and fifteen women. He had to hide quickly but how could he? All he could hope for was that his mom would be chosen and on her way out of the room before his name was called. But then again, in that situation she'd end up blowing someone else.

The debate in Adam's head was halted when one of the younger employees at the company was selected next. He stepped up to the edge of the pool and looked at the water tubes and the names on them and then looked the group of women. His eyes met Christie's. "How have you not been chosen yet?"

Flattered, the middle-aged blonde responded with a grin, "Guys keep missing. My tube is pretty far away."

"Well I'm going to get it in," the guy in all white said with a bit of hubris.

It was looking at his color that reminded him about Olivia. He soon discovered that while he had been thinking about his mom, she had been chosen by one of the accountants at the company. Adam's attention then returned to the conversation between the man in his early 20's and his mom.

"Oh really? You think you'll make that shot?" Christie crossed her arms across her body to display incredulousness in a playful way.

"I don't think I'll make it. I know I'll make it."

Christie chuckled and proposed, "I'll tell you what, if you make it on this first try I'll give you a blowjob this week and a blowjob during free play next week."

"Whoa!" the man in the sky blue hat exclaimed and the remaining audience cheered minus Adam who was shocked to see his mother speaking in that way.

The crowd was silent as the cocky young salesman lined up his shot and tossed the ball. Adam's stomach was in his throat.

The group of people cheered as the ball splashed down in Christie's ring from 30 feet away. The man who tossed his way to a blowjob from the most attractive woman in he room stared at his prize, "Well it's not everyday you get to cum into your manager's mouth."

Christie walked towards the group of men in her purple heels and corset. He flicked her blonde hair back as she stopped a foot away from the younger man. She slid her hand down his white pants and his eyes widened. They kissed with tongue briefly before he grabbed her ass with his hand and they walked into the other room.

Her son remained with the rest of the men in a combination of jealously and arousal. He then rationalized that is was probably for the best that she didn't see him yet.

Adam's ball was chosen towards the end. There were only six guys and six women left. Adam's ball was the second to last picked. The other four guys were the four that went for his mom's tube and missed completely. The remaining tubes were all pushed to about 10 feet away in order to speed the remainder of the game up.

There wasn't a great selection left from Adam's perspective. The most promising option he saw was the black woman in black lingerie with a large chest. He had never been with a black woman before and he figured that counted as the adventure he had been looking for when he agreed to come to the party with Olivia.

From 10 feet it was an easy toss and the woman jumped for joy when the ball landed in the plastic tube with her name. She was excited from an ego perspective not to be picked last. She was also pleased with the man who selected her.

"Adam S. you're with Sheila T."

Watching the voluptuous black woman's chest bounce up and down as she jumped actually was stimulating to Adam and his cock began to stiffen. Sheila noticed that as she walked up.

Just like the last women she walked up to her partner for the game, touched his crotch and kissed him. Her breasts pressed into Adam's chest as they embraced. Whispering into Adam's ear after the kiss, "Ooh Baby, if you're hard now just wait until I wrap my lips around that white dick of yours."

Adam's cock twitched and, not being able to resist, he reached up and grabbed Sheila's rack much to her delight.

Finally glad to be out of the room after about 20 minutes, the anxious teenager followed the big ebony booty that he selected into the room where nearly every other pair were acting out the prize of the game. Some pairs had even started fucking as a result of the head.

To Adam's horror Sheila had lead him to a spot that was available on one of the couches, a couch that on the cushion five feet away sat the young man who tossed his ball into his mom's tube.

As Sheila tugged down the yellow pants to release the sturdy young white penis she had to satisfy, Adam was busy looking down to his left. To his side was his mom's head with purple makeup being rapidly pulled into the boner in front of her. From the current angle Adam could see almost all of his mother's breasts through her corset.

"Oh that's a gorgeous one. I can't wait to taste it," complimented the black woman in her late 30s. Adam moaned as his sensitive throbbing piece was inhaled and licked by the consolation prize.

His attention was on what was going on just a few feet from him. He was petrified that his mom could easily see him in that position, but that just made his sexual adrenaline pump faster. I should have gotten glasses with lenses.

His mom had begun sucking about 10 minutes before he and Sheila entered the room so it was no surprise that the gentleman she was pleasuring was about to shoot his load.

Christie's head has being held by both of the young employee's hands as he thrusted into her mouth. Despite her head being held in about the same position she still had movement with her eyes.

As Adam watched his mother prepare to take a load from a young salesman she managed, Sheila sensually sucked the length of his erection. Adam moaned lightly but it was enough.

The son getting a blowjob looked like a deer in headlights as the eyes from the familiar face he was staring at made contact with his. Christie's pupils expanded and so did Adam's. She nearly choked on the dick she was sucking on but she couldn't stop. Her mouth was wide open and her fellow worker was pulling her to and fro almost as if he was fucking her mouth.

Christie was nearly trembling as she maintained eye contact with her son. She was too overwhelmed to think clearly. It was pure shock. Neither of them could move from their current positions. All they could do is remain there in awe.

The nearly paralyzed mother moved her eyes down to see that her friend from the office and HR representative was trying to suck the cum out of her 18-year-old son's manhood. It was then when Christie was able to recognize the respectable size of her son's package. She was then afraid that her son would catch her looking at his privates so she moved her gaze back towards his eyes.

It was clear that he did not notice her examining his penis because he was too busy holding eye contact with her creamy breasts.

Christie's focus on her son ended when she felt a mushroom head jerk in her mouth. She didn't want to swallow a load in front of her son but she didn't know how to avoid it. As ropes of thick semen shot into her mouth the promiscuous mother took it all in and held it in her mouth. As the thrusts and pumping dies down she looked back up at Adam who had been watching the whole thing.

The hands on her head released her with a mouth full of cum that she could barely hold it without swallowing. But in the moment she felt that would be the worst thing to do in front of Adam. She soon realized she was wrong, as her decision was to let the jizz stay there until she could spit it in a nearby cup or bottle. Before she could even get off of her knees to find a bottle the blonde mom coughed. The result was all of the cum in her mouth pouring out down her chin. She then hesitantly peered up at her son with white cum all over her purple lips and lower face.

Upon seeing that, Adam grabbed Sheila's head and began to ram into her mouth quickly. Sheila happily let him take over as he built up the pressure in his loins while continuing to look at his mom. She watched her son's balls tighten and smack into her friend's chin before he squinted and released his load. Sheila's throat was hard at work as she digested the protein.

Adam collapsed back onto the couch and Christie stood up and walked away quickly.

Wondering how things would change with his mom, Adam kissed Sheila as a thank you while grabbing her tits.

The party began to pick up again as most pairs were done with their deed. Adam wandered around the party. He didn't see his mom but he saw Olivia. Olivia had a big smile and she was having the time of her life.

The romantically involved couple ate some food and talked to other partygoers. There was still no sign of Christie until a group of people cleared and Adam saw her from across the room. She noticed him too with a frightened stare. Then she sighed and waved her index finger, signaling for Adam to come over.

He began the walk towards what would likely be the most awkward conversation of his life. When he finally reached his mom she didn't say anything. She just gestured for him to follow her. They were soon standing alone in a fancy study room.

"Adam, before we even get into what you're doing here, I need to explain." Christie brushed her blonde hair back. "First of all, I'm sorry you're seeing me like this. I don't even know what to think about you seeing me like this. I don't even know how I got involved in this-"

"Well you work with Frank," answered Adam.

"You know about Frank and how he started this?"

Adam nodded, "It's okay. I understand. Everyone else is doing it."

"No, it's not okay. I've been coming here every Friday night since I've been working here. When Frank first told me to come I was about to flip out at him. I had never cheated on your father before. But I was new at the company and I just wanted to fit in and maybe get a promotion. I don't know... then... then I just liked it. I grew to like this."

"I can understand why. It's a lot of fun," her son was beaming. Adam was not nearly as uncomfortable as he thought he'd be. He realized he had the upper hand and was untouchable.

"Well that brings me to my next point, what are you doing here? How did you even get in here?"

"The younger girl in white that's Frank's friend. We've...uh...we've been hooking up for a while."

"Oh. I see. Yeah I know who that is." Christie pieced together the puzzle. "Well it doesn't matter. You are too young to be in here. You need to go home."

"No! I like it here. It's amazing. Aren't you too married to be in here?" Adam retorted. The cheating mother knew she couldn't punish her son without punishing herself.

"Fine. You can stay here. But do not let anyone know we're related in anyway."

"Deal!" A happy Adam agreed. He began to walk out of the room.

"Wait! Just one more thing, Adam. How long have you been here? I didn't see you earlier."

The way she was asking the question led Adam to realize what she was asking. "If you're asking me if I saw you and Frank as well as you at the pool with that other guy, yes I saw that."

Christie put the palm of her hand to her face. " I am so sorry you had to see that."

"Mom, it's a sex party. People are supposed to do that type of thing."

The woman in purple was impressed and curious about her son's level of maturity and understanding. She then entertained the idea that maybe he liked watching her have sex. After all, he was staring at her breasts.

Soon enough Frank's voice boomed over the crowd. "It's time for the next game, Lucky Hard Cards." A wave of excitement came over the party.

Everyone gathered in the main room. Adam noticed that people were sitting next to the opposite gender in a circle so it was man-woman-man-woman, etc. In the center of the large circle sat the man in the sky blue outfit with a deck of homemade playing cards and two numbered spinning wheels.

"Alright, so here are the rules," the man in sky blue started, "Frank will be the starting point, or point #1 for the men and Leslie who is sitting next to Frank, will be point #1 for the women. I. The blue wheel represents the men and the pink one represents the women. Right now count which number you are from Frank going clockwise."

All sixty people in the party silently counted their number. The man in the suit then wrote numbers 1 through 30 around each wheel.

"If your number shows up on the wheel for your gender, then you will have to share a dare card with the person whose number is represented on the other gender's wheel. Sometimes the dare cards benefit the women, sometimes they benefit the men, and sometimes they benefit both."

"A reminder," Frank added, "this goes for the whole week and if I find out you didn't perform your dare then you're not invited back next time."

The wheels were spun simultaneously. The chosen man and woman raised their hands and everyone clapped.

"Okay," began the game's host as he drew a card from the deck, "your dare card reads: The male must suck his partner's toes every workday this week."

Everybody at the party laughed and the chosen male moaned with a playfully grumpy look as the female he was paired with wiggled her toes to tease him. The two then stood up and slid back from the circle so others knew they were out and their number couldn't be called again.

As the game progressed Adam looked around the circle to see the people in it. There were some very attractive women in skimpy clothing. Many of the dares involved props like massage gels that the host in sky blue then handed out to the pairs if needed.

Examining the circle, Adam made eye contact with Sheila and she winked at him and blew him a kiss. He smiled back with a wink. He continued around the circle and saw Olivia. She was in conversation with the man next to her. Then Adam saw Christie. She was five female places away from him and sitting pretzel style. Her inner thighs here exposed. Christie caught her son's gaze and they awkwardly grinned at each other.

"The blue wheel landed on 17." Adam heard his number and raised his hand. "The pink wheel reads 9." The excited 18-year-old looked at the circle near where the 9th female should have been sitting but her number had already been called.

"Ok. I'll spin again. The new pink number is 21." Adam looked to his left and his brown eyes met those of the female who slowly raised her hand. It was Christie.

The crowd, unknowing of the connection between the chosen pair, clapped loudly. Other men groaned that they weren't selected to be with the woman in purple.

"Alright, your dare card reads: The female must keep an electronic dildo in her vagina everyday at work and the man gets to have the remote."

Everyone laughed out loud and cheered. Christie stared at her son in severe discomfort as the man in blue handed her an orange, Wi-Fi connected dildo as he handed Adam a piece of paper with the website and password he needed to control it remotely.

The mother and son stopped looking at each other, backed out of the circle, and stared at the ground.

Lucky Hard Cards came to an end within the half hour and everybody was joking and talking about their dares for the week. Frank then announced that it was 11:30 and that there would be another hour of free play before people had to leave.

Olivia approached her usual sex partner and told him how lucky he was that he ended up with Christie. Adam was still in the process of understanding the implications of the dare.

"Hey, so we have an hour of free play... wanna have some fun?" Olivia bit her lip.

"Yeah of course I do."

"I know this might seem different," the girl in white began, "but I think after today we are both much more adventurous. Frank wanted to fuck me because we haven't done it in forever. I think it would be fun if you two took me at the same time."

Adam's eyebrows went high on his forehead. "Um... In what way?"

"However you guys want me. Which hole do you want? Frank was very insistent on sticking it in my ass."

"Well I would like to fuck that nice cunt of yours but that would be a bit difficult with Frank in your ass."

"Don't worry about the logistics. Just tell me what you want. Do you want to cum in my pussy?"

Adam nodded and Olivia left to go find Frank. Some people were beginning to leave the party as they had their fill for the night. Olivia came back with the boss and he was happy that Adam could join them as he had been taking a liking to him throughout the night, almost as a protégé.

Olivia took off all of her clothes in the kitchen and the older and younger men walked towards her and pulled down their pants and underwear to their ankles. As Adam pondered on how to move forward, an experienced Frank and Olivia led the way. Frank rubbed lubricant on Olivia's asshole before lifting her up off the ground with her back against his chest. He bent his knees slightly and worked his penis into her young tight butt.

Seeing how things were going to go down, Adam walked in front of Olivia and sandwiched her in between his body and Frank's. He had a much easier time entering her moist pussy than Frank did pushing his knob into her booty.

Frank held her under the armpits and Adam held her at the waist as she wrapped her legs around his. The two men began to buck up and down at the same time. A small audience of remaining guests stayed to watch the show of yellow, white, and black.

The 19-year-old girl moaned and groaned with her head tilted back. She kissed Frank's head over her shoulder while Adam bit into her neck. Her current and former fuck buddies were penetrating her two bottom holes in unison.

The audience was envious of not being part of the pleasure. Adam looked at the audience oohing and ahhing. To his disbelief his mom was watching too. However, once she saw that her son noticed her presence, she left.

After both men finished in their respective holes and set the tuckered out young lady back on her feet, Olivia thanked Frank and told Adam that it was time to go home. Adam thanked Frank for the opportunity and Frank said, "Adam, you are welcome back anytime! As long as you follow the rules."

When the highschooler got home, it was obvious his mom was already in bed. He couldn't sleep though. There was too much on his mind and it was such an extraordinary day. He kept imagining his mom in her purple corset and panties. What is it going to be like seeing mom around the house? What do I do about the dildo on Monday? Will she actually put it in? Well she has to. Do I use it? How often do I turn it on?

The entire weekend Adam just hung out with Olivia. As much as he wanted to see more of his mom, he figured they could use a break from the awkwardness. On Sunday night, the lustful son was obsessed with the idea that over the next week his mom may have an electronic penis lodged into her vaginal canal that he control. He wasn't even sure if he could push the button, but he had to know if she'd actually have it in her.

Adam guessed that if his mom were to bring it to work she would either just have left it in the car or put it in her purse. After thoroughly checking both places, he was stymied. The high-tech orange dildo was nowhere to be found. He had a brief idea to go onto the site on his phone, download the app, and enter the password to use it, but then he realized it would only work if it were on.

Then it hit him. Adam beamed as he felt a smooth rubber object in the pocket of the coat his mom always wore out in the fall, including to work. Just to make sure it worked, Adam turned it on and hit the button on his app. He heard a low hum inside the jacket. It worked.

Christie walked into her office the next day in her black power suit, ready to begin another day as manager. She asked AJ, the young salesman she blew on Friday, to hand her the newest sales reports. Everyone in the office was able to separate their work and sexual lives efficiently at this point, or at least suppress their desires at work.

Everything was normal for Christie as she sat in her office chair preparing for a big pitch to a potentially big client at the end of the week. Well everything was normal except for the 5-inch long silicon dildo wedged in between her pussy lips that could be activated by her son at any point.

The office professional wore tight panties that helped keep the dildo wedged inside of her during the day. She needed to complete the orders on her dare card or else she would no longer be invited to the sex parties at Frank's and risk losing face. At anytime Frank could find a way to contact Adam and ask him to turn it on, and if he didn't hear feint buzzing than she'd be in trouble.

It was past lunchtime and her vibrator had still not been activated.

At school, Adam sat with his phone, glaring at the app that could send shockwaves through his mom's pleasure center with just the push of a button. And yet, he just couldn't bring himself to do it. He imagined pressing the button and making things even more awkward with his mom whom he wanted to be closer to.

The blonde sales manager felt nothing all day.

On Tuesday, when Christie was working in her office, she heard a knock on her door. It was Frank. He had his hair slicked back as usual and he walked in with a casual aura. "So how's the dare card coming along?"

Not surprised that he'd check up at some point, the subordinate responded, "Pretty good I guess. I have the object inside of me."

"Good to hear. Is it going off a lot?"

Christie did not want to rat her son out but Frank was excellent at telling when people were lying so she had to tell the truth, "It actually hasn't gone off yet." She quickly added, "Though I'm sure he's just waiting for a fun time."

"Hmm... Well that's disappointing. I liked that guy. I know he's close with a friend of mine. I'll ask her to remind him that he needs to press the button every day in order to complete the requirement."

During the school day when Adam and Olivia had their planned bathroom break for kinky sex in a bathroom stall, Olivia relayed a message to Adam that she got earlier in the day about him having to press the button in order to keep going to the parties.

"Did you just forget yesterday?"

Adam didn't know how to explain his reluctance to press the button without revealing his relationship with the person on the other end of it. "I just want to make sure I can do it at the best time for her- like the most erotic time. I don't want her to think I'm boring." That was the best he could come up with under pressure and it wasn't too bad.

"I understand. That doesn't surprise me that you'd think that way," slyly winked Olivia.

Thrilled that his explanation had been bought, Adam continued, "Yeah, like you pointed out, she was hot. She would never do anything with me in free play if I were boring."

"I have an idea. Right now just turn the dildo on and then back off when we're done in here. Then tomorrow I'll text Frank to give me Christie's schedule, that way you can know all of the times when she'll be meeting with other people. Nothing is more erotic than the risk of others finding out."

At first, frightened that doing that would land him in hot water with his mom, the teenager decided that as long as he kept going to the sex parties he would keep seeing his mom in attractive situations no matter how awkward things got. Adam tapped the button on the screen and took Olivia in the bathroom stall.

Sitting at her desk in a business professional dress with her hair in a bun, Christie carefully reviewed client data. All of a sudden she jolted in her chair. Her pussy lips were tingling and there was a low hum coming from her seat. The dildo inserted far inside of her was vibrating and there was nothing Christie could do other than sit there and let it happen. She didn't know when it would stop.

The first thought in her mind was the image of her son using his phone in class and tapping the button and then imagining what her reaction was. The dildo was stimulating her clitoris and moisture flooded her mound. The pleasure had surpassed 10 minutes and was still going strong. Christie could no longer concentrate on work as she closed her eyes and felt a giant wet spot leak all the way through her panties and dress, leaving a smaller spot on her leather office chair.

Just as she was about to live out a fantasy in her head she got another knock on her door. She regrettably told the person to come in. It was Frank again. He paused and held up a finger. He listened closely and smelled the air. "Well I see you're finally having some fun with your dare. It's nice to see the young gentleman in charge of your pleasure finally came around."

Christie then realized that her son truly was in control of her sexual pleasure.

"How does it feel in you? I'm always looking for feedback on the dares. If they aren't good I'll change them."

Just as the married mother was about to answer she adjusted lightly in her seat, which caused a new different sense of pleasure. "Ugh!" She groaned. "It...uh...it feels pretty good."

Frank cracked up. "Well I can certainly see that. I just wanted to see if you've combed through the customer data. Don't let your fun distract you from work."

Easy for you to say, thought Christie.

Olivia relayed another text to Adam informing him that his dare partner was incredibly turned on by the dildo and was leaking fluid in the office. The excited son was further encouraged to tap the button.

That night Adam hid away in his room. He didn't want any contact with his mother because he knew they'd end up talking about what had happened at work.

The next morning at school, Olivia emailed her favorite classmate a pdf of the middle-aged seductress' schedule for the rest of the week. Adam wanted to start small first. He saw that his mom was eating lunch at 12:30. He knew from conversations at the dinner table that his mom ate lunch with a friend of hers at HR. That would be a good first test.

During Calculus the devious son took out his phone under his desk. He waited until 12:40 to ensure his mom would be in the dining area and eating lunch with her friend. He tapped the button.

As Christie ate lunch with Sheila she once again jolted in her chair.

"What the hell was that?!" Exclaimed her curvy friend.

"Do you remember the dare I have for the week?"

"Ohhh. That's hilarious. You just have to sit there completely at the whim of some random guy." Sheila shrieked.

Her white friend nodded.

"So whose the master of your pussy between the hours of 9 to 5?"

Christie really wished people would stop phrasing things like that. "Do you remember the young guy who won oral from you in Tube Pong?" She labored through the question as her attention was focused on her aroused genitals.

"Oh I definitely remember him. He was a cute little stud, wasn't he? A really nice cock on that one." Sheila reminisced fondly. "Wait, he's in control? Chris you are lucky as Hell. Instead of thinking about that dildo in you, think about that young guy fucking you with all that stamina he has," the friend whispered.

To Christie's fear she couldn't help but to imagine the sensual pleasure coursing through her body was a result of her son's gorgeous cock thrusting into her. She couldn't un-see the image no matter how hard she tried as she became more and more aroused by the continuous vibration. Finally, as the mother at work was close to climaxing in the middle of the break room, the buzzing stopped.

The next day, the buzzing came at an even worse time. Christie was delivering morning announcements to her subordinates and all of a sudden she jumped. She lied poorly and said she had hiccups.

Later in the day the vibration startled her at a poor time again. Right as she was on an important Skype call with a financial advisor for the insurance company, her pussy lips began to tremble. The professional did everything in her power to keep it together. The vibrating stopped right at the end of the hour- the exact schedule for the call. She knew what was going on.

Christie marched into Frank's office and pleaded with him to allow her to take it out. She said she had a presentation with smaller corporate clients later in the day that were important to sales. She explained that the person with control of her stimulation was purposely doing it at awkward times.

"I knew I liked that kid," was all Frank had to say. Frank then proceeded to tell Olivia to tell Adam to keep up the good work.

Upset with her boss and the lack of control she had, the manager had to continue to perform her job despite obstacles. At 4:15 Christie queued a PowerPoint and shook the hands of her potential repeat clients. At 4:21 her vibrator went off. She was prepared so she was able to limit her jumpy reaction to the sensation. Despite losing her train of thought a few times due to the distraction down below, Christine gave a decent pitch. Though the clients weren't as convinced at she would have liked them to be.

She had to do something. The most important pitch of her time at the company was tomorrow and her boss was more than happy to allow her to be getting dildoed while she spoke to clients. She had to do something she had been avoiding, talk to Adam.

That day after classes, Adam planned on doing what he had been doing over the last week. He walked through the front door and straight into his room, only coming out around dinnertime to inform his dad that he would be eating at his friend's house.

This day, however, was different. As he sat in his room listening to music and doing homework he heard three light knocks on his wooden door. His adrenaline spiked as if he was asked to go to the principal's office for an unknown reason.

He gingerly cracked open the door and saw his mom standing on the other side of the threshold. He sighed and opened the door all the way.

"Adam, can we talk?"

"I have a feeling what this is about," he hung his head down.

"Don't worry you aren't in trouble." Christie walked into the room as she closed the door behind her gently. "We just need to talk and I'm sure everything will be fine."

The high school student was almost shaking on his bed.

"Adam, I'm not here to get mad about what you've been doing with the button. I know you had to do it and I'm okay with it."

The son relaxed at his mother's promise. "Then what's the issue?"

"The issue is I know you've purposely been turning the dil- the toy- on at certain times when I'm busy. I can see how that was fun and entertaining for you, and at times it even gave me a laugh, but it can't be like that tomorrow." The caring mother tried to speak softly while making her point clear.

"I thought you weren't upset?"

"I'm not, Adam. I have a really important presentation tomorrow and it's important for my career that I nail it. It starts at 3. Though I'm sure you know that already."

The mom and son looked at each other and laughed with a touch of awkwardness.

"So can you please not tap the button anywhere near that time tomorrow?"

Adam sighed, "I understand but Frank apparently wants me to keep doing things like that. If I don't stay on his good side he could stop inviting me to the parties."

Christie tried to rationalize, "As long as you turn it on at some points during the day things should be fine. Just please do this for me. It's very important."

There didn't seem to be an easy solution as Adam weighed his options. As he did this he took a good look at his mother. She was still in her work clothes and wearing a white blouse with a black skirt that went down to her knees. Her breasts were formed by the thin outer cotton shirt and toned her legs her stressed by her heels. Christie could see her son was checking out her attire. Adam then discovered a new option.

"You saw the sales numbers today, right? Which gender is likely going to win the sales competition this week?"

"What? What does that have to do with anything?" She looked at her son like he was losing his mind.

"Just please answer the question," pleaded Adam.

"Well, unless the women can pull out a miracle, it looks like the men will win again. Why?"

Adam blushed. "I'll tell you what, Mom. If you can find a way to make sure that your water tube is in the front row for Tube Pong at Frank's party and that my ball is chosen first, I will not turn on your 'toy' during the presentation."

The concerned mother immediately knew her son's intentions. "Oh my God, are you serious? Adam, that's so wrong. No I won't do that! I'm your mother."

Quick to defend his morality Adam pointed out, "Don't act like we didn't have a moment when we were watching each other give and receive oral. And don't act like you weren't watching and enjoying Frank and I fuck Olivia in the kitchen. And I know that you've been getting turned on by me turning on the dildo."

"Oh my God! I don't even know how to respond to this." Christie was disturbed but she was not leaving the room.

She breathed with her hands over her eyes until she could calm down. Seeing his mother was blinded, Adam got an idea. He had a feeling his mom came straight home from work and straight into his room. She didn't change. The young suitor took out his smart phone.

The distraught and confused mother jerked as a vibration sent shockwaves through her entire body. She looked down to see her son with his phone in his hand. She couldn't believe he did it right in front of her. Christie realized she was stuck. The only ways to stop it were to run out of the room and into the hallway where her husband could walk by at any moment or she had to pull down her panties and removed the dildo in front of her son. Though that wouldn't be the worst thing she had ever done in front of him.

"Mom, think about. Most of the time guys don't get it into the water tube they want, especially if it's in the first row. They either shoot too short and go to the back of the line, or they shoot too far and it bounces into another tube. It's just a little risk on your part in exchange for a great career."

Maybe it was the fact that she was stuck in a tough situation, or maybe it was because she was so aroused by the vibrator in front of her son that the mental image Sheila created was coming back vividly, but Christie conceded.

"Fine, fine. I'll find a way for you to be first and for my tube to be in front."

Adam's face looked like it used to Christmas morning. "So do you want me to turn the vibrator off now?"

The shaking mom took longer than she expected to answer that question with the only appropriate response, "Yes, of course."

Adam turned off the dildo and his mother quickly bolted from his room.


It was finally Friday and Adam could barely pay attention in school with his mind swimming the possibilities the night could bring. In the morning, he realized he completely forgot to ask what the theme of the party was. So he texted Olivia and she replied: Cliché Costume. I'll pick you up at 8:30 again.

Adam replied: Can we make that 8? I just want to see what it's like there earlier.

Just in case the car broke down or some disaster happened, Adam wanted to make sure he could still get to the party before the water game. He wasn't going to risk leaving anything to chance.

The immediate concern for Adam was that, unlike a theme like everyone wearing a solid color, he could not piece together a good sexy costume in a short amount of time. He would have to go to the party supply store after school and buy one. The dilemma was which one to buy.

Meanwhile, at the insurance office, Christie was busy preparing for her big presentation. Her son, who pressured her into things a mother probably shouldn't have agreed to, had already given her a stimulating boost to help fulfill his part of the dare and to help please Frank's wishes. It was hard for her to study for the pitch while planning for how she was going to end up meeting her end of her deal with Adam an the party. How could she ensure the placement of her tube and get Adam's ball selected?

After Olivia and Adam finished in the bathroom stall, they sat there on the closed toilet seat with Olivia's butt on her partner's thigh as she felt his cum melting inside of her steaming pussy.

"I'm having trouble deciding which costume I should buy for tonight. It needs to be the perfect one," Adam voiced his reservations.

"Why does it need to be the perfect one?"

"Well, I'm going to make a move on my- uh...Christie tonight and it's important that I give myself the best shot."

"Oh look at you! Someone's in love," teased Olivia. "But actually, if you want someone to like you, then you should try to make it look like you should be with them."

"What do you mean?"

"Like try to find a costume that somehow goes with hers. She'll think you two are more connected and belong together, and so will all of her friends who could influence her decision to do things with you."

The high school student with an athletic build considered the advice from the sexually wise girl on his lap. "That makes a lot of sense. The only thing is that I don't know what she'll be wearing."

"I could ask Frank to ask her."

"Thanks but then it would be obvious that it was done on purpose. It has to look like a coincidence." That was when Adam realized that every week his mom showed up to a party in a different outfit. Every day after work she came right home so there was no way she was buying her outfits at a store. She was either buying them online and having them shipped to work or a friend was buying them for her and giving them to her at work. He hoped it was the former.

On the bus ride back from school Adam took out his phone and went on to Amazon, the website his mom used to buy literally everything online. He knew her email address and hoped that she used the same password he knew she used for everything else.

A sense of hope came over him, as he was able to log in on the first try. The first thing the conniving son did was check his mom's recent orders. Adam had to put his backpack on his lap. On her order history, dating back to the start of his mom's new job six weeks ago, were a series of sexy, slutty outfits. There was a Vegas Showgirl costume for what was likely a Vegas night, a skintight retro workout leotard and legwarmers for an 80's night, a coconut bra and a short grass skirt for a hula theme, red devil horns and a matching bra and thong set, a naughty schoolgirl costume, and the purple corset and panties. He imagined his bombshell mom in all of these.

But what caused the teenager on the bus to perspire was the newest purchase. It was a slutty cop costume. It had a black police hat with a crest, aviator sunglasses, black composite leather hot pants that had a black belt with handcuffs attached, and best of all was the top. It was light blue with black trim at the ends of the short sleeves. The top was meant to be worn without a bra, as it wrapped only around the top third of the wearer's back and came around front to be tied in a knot in between the breasts in order to cradle them tightly in the blue fabric. There was barely enough room for the badge on her chest. If the model on the product page was any indication of how his mom was going to look, then Adam was going to be seeing more skin on her than he ever had before.

All Adam had to do was go out of find a costume that went with hers. But before he could leave, he had to take care of what he was hiding under his backpack.

While her son was out shopping, Christie was making small talk with her clients before the presentation. She was feeling confident and she knew that after her agreement that the orange rubber lodged inside of her wouldn't be going off. The professional sat the clients down and began her presentation. And without the internal buzzing to distract her, she nailed it. The corporate clients agreed to a tentative agreement for Frank's company to be their insurer. If we could sign the paperwork today then the women would win the competition, Christie joked to herself as the clients left.

It was 4 o'clock and there was an hour left in the workweek but the proud manager was finished with her tasks. She was unbelievably happy with how successful her presentation went. She was thankful to her son for honoring his part of the agreement, but then the idea of her having to honor part became reality.

Having had come up with a plan of how to rig the pool game in Adam's favor earlier in the day, the married mother started to come to terms with the truth that if her son could toss a ball into a water tube from just 10 feet away then she would have to blow his dick until he came in her mouth.

It was like her sense of normality and reality was being knocked off its axis. Her son basically said he wanted her sexually and she was going to rig a game to help him fulfill his desires. Her mind was consumed with the thought of her having to walk up to her son, kissing him while touching his penis in front of a bunch of her coworkers, and then taking him into another room and dropping to her knees in her scant cop outfit so she could suck him to completion.

After replaying this thought again and again, to Christie's shock, fluid began to gather in a spot at the center of her panties. The new scenario refused to stop playing on a loop in her head and she needed relief. The alarmed mom found herself knocking on Frank's door.

"Frank, this may sound strange but I need a favor of you."

"Well after how your presentation went, I owe you one," the boss prided himself in his employee's performance.

"Can you text your young friend to text her high school friend that he should tap the button. Don't tell her that I wanted it. Just tell her that Adam needs to do it until the end of the workday in order to fulfill his dare card."

The fortunate part about Frank being as kinky as he was, was that he understood people's sexual desires and didn't taunt them for having them. (next Chap 2)
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