Stories 18+ Teen submissive becomes a pet orgasm

Stories 18+ Teen submissive becomes a pet orgasm
Note 1: Thanks to Rebecca, the famous artist whose artwork inspired and was used for this series. Especially her series 'Housewives at Play', 'Teens at Play' and 'Hot Moms'. Thank you for access to your entire book catalogue as well as your website for this massive series.

Note 2: This is the sixth chapter of a multi-chapter story about one woman's journey of sexual submission and lesbian exploration through the decades and through several generations of family members.

In part 1, 1950s: 1st Time With a Girl, our 2015 protagonist Kimmy is given the gift of a scrapbook from her recently deceased great-grandmother, Rebecca. When Kimmy opens the scrapbook, she is shocked to find that the scrapbook is a journal of her beloved great-grandmother's sexual adventures...with drawings. Kimmy reads in awe of Rebecca's first time with a woman. Once done reading, Kimmy pleasures herself while reliving her most recent seduction of her nerdy science partner Zelda.

In part 2, 1950s: Housewives' Lesbian Society, our protagonist reads the next chapter in her great-grandmother's scrapbook. Rebecca is caught masturbating while babysitting, and has a sexual encounter with a MILF. Rebecca learns of a secret lesbian society that is many years old, and she is offered the opportunity to become the newest submissive housewife pet. To earn the privilege of being the housewife pet for her senior year, she must meet the head Mistress and service her. Lastly, present-day Kimmy, so horny from the idea of a housewife sex club, envisions dominating one of her neighbours.

In part 3: 1950s: Housewives' Pet Training, our protagonist learns about her great-grandmother's training to be a pet to a community of housewife lesbians. Rebecca is forced to suck cock for the first time (and the second time, and...), she witnesses a massive housewife lesbian orgy, gets fisted and spanked before being ordered to seduce her best friend. Lastly, Kimmy gets herself off after a long night by imagining many different MILF's she would like to seduce.

In part 4: 1950s: Lick and Fuck Best Friends, our protagonist reads about her great-grandmother's seduction of her best friend. Rebecca becomes more brazen at high school and must fulfill the task of seducing her best friend, Eleanor. Lastly, Kimmy gets herself off with a pop bottle as she fantasizes about making her good friend Camree be her public slut.

In part 5: 1950s: Moms & Daughters, our protagonist reads about her great-grandmother Rebecca's further sexual adventures as she: submits to her best friend's mother to get her permission for Eleanor to also become a community pet; seduces Eleanor again, this time so her mother can catch them in the act; gets Eleanor's mother off in front of Eleanor; at an initiation/training for Rebecca and Eleanor, learns how her own mother had been recently seduced into the housewife lesbian community; has sex with her mother: oral, vaginal and anal, both giving and receiving; establishes a domme/sub relationship with her mother -- taking turns for who's in charge. Lastly, Kimmy fantasizes about dominating and seducing her unpleasant Aunt Beth as she masturbates with a bratwurst.

Note 3: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert, Dave,

Note 4: Normal text font is present day; Bold is Kimmy flashing back to one of her own sexual encounters or fantasizing about one; italics is the scrapbook story of our hero Rebecca.

Note 5: Also, please note that although I've tried to make the main characters look as close as possible to those in the illustrations, the photos are selected from a massive collection from Rebecca's website. Thus, there will often be subtle differences (freckles, breast size, etc.). That said, I don't believe it should hinder the enjoyment of the story.

Note 6: Of course, all characters in the story are 18 years of age or older.

1950s: Munching the Cheerleaders

I stared at my mother. I couldn't believe that she was likely bisexual and had likely committed incest with her mother and her grandmother. It just didn't seem possible. She was the most boring person I knew... I mean she was the Principal of a high school... how much more boring can you get than that?

I also knew I had to find out. If great-grandmother was telling the truth, I had to know... plus, why would she lie? I wondered if one of my pets, Mom's friend Jenna, Mrs. Blythe, would know anything. Actually, I wondered if my pet was holding out on me. Did she and Mom ever munch cunts together?

It was then I vaguely recalled something from the cover letter great-grandmother had left me with her scrapbook. I grabbed it and reread it:

Use the code phrase 'Sit pet' and your mother will know that you are replacing me.

Just one sentence and my cunt was on fire... yet, I wasn't ready to say those two three-letter words.

So I grabbed the cell and called Jenna.

When she answered, I got to the point, not bothering with small talk, "Is hubby home?"

"He's at a meeting," she answered.

"Good, I'll be over there in twenty," I said.

"What? I have groceries to get and...." she began.

"Just be home," I interrupted and hung up. I had learned that my few adult pets all had something in common. They continued to deny their desire to please and obey, and yet always obeyed... especially when I was dominant. I wondered if I could ever be as dominant as my great-grandmother's 1950s Mistress Carol. That bitch really had it together!

Fifteen minutes later I was in Jenna's house, my legs spread, and asking as she licked, "Have you ever fucked my Mom?"

"What?" she asked with a start, looking up at me.

"Have you and Mom munched twats? Fucked?" I asked bluntly.

"No," she shook her head between licks. "Whatever made you think that?"

"I don't know," I shrugged, disappointed. "It was just a hunch."

"Your mother is as straight as they come," Jenna scoffed... carefully, not wanting to piss me off.

"Too bad," I said, "I bet she would make a great pet."

"Oh my," Jenna said.

"What?" I asked. "They say incest is best."

"You're so bad," Jenna said worshipfully, shaking her head as she resumed licking, always a different person when she was between my legs.

"And you're eating your friend's daughter's cunt," I pointed out, loving to remind her just how big a slut she was.

"And loving it," she purred, as she really began sucking on my clit.

"Aren't you supposed to be getting groceries," I moaned. "Like a good wife and mother?"

"Wives and mothers need to have lunch too," she countered.

I moaned and leaned back, enjoying her eager tongue.

I came a couple of minutes later, and then ordered, "Do a little strip tease for me."

"Really?" She asked.

"No, I'm lying," I shook my head perturbed.

"Sorry," she apologized, as she began getting undressed. The totality of our relationship was that I came over, spread my legs and she got me off. That, plus a little teasing to keep her off balance. I decided it was time to expand her boundaries.

"You have a great ass, slut," I complimented.

"Thank you," she replied, her body shivering either from being naked in front of an unpredictable Mistress, or the chill in the air.

"It's time to see just how tight it is," I declared, as I went to my purse and pulled out some lube and a vibrator.

"What?" she asked, not comprehending where I was going, but worried.

"Get down on your knees," I ordered, not one to repeat myself for pets.

"Okay," she obeyed, reluctantly dropping to the carpet.

"All fours, like a puppy," I instructed, trying to be dominant like Mistress Carol.

She again obeyed.

"Crawl to your bedroom," I ordered.

She again obeyed.

"Climb up on your bed."

She again obeyed.

I moved behind her as I joined her on the bed and quietly lubed the toy. "Ever been ass fucked, my pet?"

"What? No!" she said, suddenly clear about my intentions and leaping from worried to alarmed.

"Fuck, yes," I countered, as I moved the lubed toy against her puckered asshole.

"Please, Mistress, no, not my ass," she pleaded.

"If you ever want to eat my cunt again, you'll beg for me to take your anal virginity," I threatened, rubbing the toy up and down between her ass cheeks.

"Oh God," she sighed, "why can't I ever say no to you?"

"Because I'm pussy perfection," I answered, slowly pushing the toy into her ass.

"Oooooooooh," she moaned, as the sodomy began.

"Tell me you want to be my ass slut," I ordered, as I pushed the toy deeper in her tight ass.

"Oh God," her whole body trembled as her asshole was stretched and filled.

"Tell me," I repeated, a little threat in my voice, my inner Carol coming out to play.

"Please," she whimpered, clearly in some discomfort. "Fuck my ass... Mistress."

"Good girl," I purred, transitioning from stern domme to tender Mistress.

"Please, just go slow," she begged through gritted teeth.

"Of course," I agreed, before adding, "at least until you're begging to have that asshole of yours reamed."

And for a couple of minutes, I slowly filled her, keeping it gentle.

I slowly fucked her.

I slowly got her comfortable with having a toy in her ass.

And then I began rubbing her clit with my free hand.

Her whimpers became moans, and I kept teasing her and getting her more and more excited, until the inevitable occurred... she begged me to fuck her ass. "Oh please, Mistress, fuck my ass. I need to come so bad!"

"Only dirty fucking sluts come from getting their asses pounded," I pointed out, "really dirty ones!" as I began pumping the toy in her ass more energetically while tapping her clit.

"Oh shit," she moaned, leaning her head into a pillow.

"Such a sexy ass slut," I purred, as I kept double-teaming her.

"Oh God, please don't stop," she begged, as her breathing got heavier... her orgasm was close.

I didn't stop, and her orgasm rolled into the station with several loud screeches mere seconds later.

Keeping the vibe in her ass buzzing on high, I had her bring me to a second orgasm with her eager tongue before I headed back home, planning on reading more of great-grandmother's diary... the once a week rule I had created impossible to limit myself to... it was more enthralling and addicting than a soap opera.

Back home, my pussy hopefully satiated for a couple hours, I opened the diary and continued reading.

After our incredible night of incestuous extremes, for the next couple of weeks Mom and I had sex with each other every chance we got.

Mom would crawl into my bed after Daddy left for work, and we would have breakfast in bed... in the form of a sixty-nine.

Sometimes I would be secretly licking Mom's cunt while she was at the kitchen table chatting with her mom.

Occasionally we would go down on each other in the kitchen while Daddy was in the living room watching television.

Mommy fisted me.

I fisted Mommy.

Mommy used a strap-on on me.

I used a strap-on on Mommy.

Mommy ass fucked me.

I ass fucked Mommy.

Of course, I also played with Eleanor sometimes and continued my training... and began my new hobby of illustrating potential seductions.

I wondered what it would be like to seduce Mrs. Parker, my piano teacher, as well as her daughter, Sophia, who was a basketball star and a bit of a bitch.

I even asked Mom, "How would you go about seducing someone?"

"You're the one who seduced Eleanor," she pointed out. "I'm just the one who got seduced."

"And dominated," I added playfully.

"By you," she added.

I laughed, "Only after we both succumbed to Mistress Carol."

"Two peas in a pod," she smiled, before guiding me to my knees and having me service her.

"I'm thinking about trying to go after Mrs. Parker," I said.

"You are, are you?" she asked with a smile, as her hands pushed me deeper into her wetness.

After Mommy came on my face a few minutes later, she added, "By the way, Ashley is a member of the society too. Eleanor seduced her a couple of days ago."

"What?" I gasped. "How do I not already know this?"

"It was in the newspaper," Mom joked, pulling me up from my knees.

"Was it the top story?" I asked, as I guided Mom to her knees so she could return the favour, annoyed that Eleanor had seduced someone before I had, although I seduced Eleanor first, so I guess I had seduced someone before she did... so I decided I was now proud of her for taking the initiative... her virginal, shy demeanour apparently totally exorcized by our big incest orgy. (Can you exorcise innocence?)

Mom laughed, "It was also broadcast on Headline News. With pictures!"

"Enough! Now give me some head," I smiled, grabbing her head and guiding it into my cunt.

And then I enjoyed a nice orgasm around my mother's loving tongue.

I have to be honest here; the truth is that over the rest of my senior year I wasn't much of a seductress... that would take me years to master... to become a switch... someone who can be submissive or a domme... but back in high school and even through my entire twenties I was definitely only a submissive... and as my senior year progressed, I began to lose my assertiveness, and also to lose my best friend.

Eleanor, on the other hand, really came out of her shell after I'd seduced her and she discovered who she was... a complete lesbian... and surprisingly a true dominant.

Not only did she seduce Mrs. Parker and bring her into the secret society... she seduced her daughter too... turning her into our pet plaything.

Meanwhile, I wasn't a dominant at all, always feeling a rush at being told what to do by anyone... especially by Eleanor... who slyly became my Mistress without the word ever being used. She would call me over and I'd go down on her... sometimes even joined by another of her growing number of pets to serve her at once. Eleanor seduced nine seniors and four adults before the year was out... including Valerie, a cheerleader who was even more submissive than I. Eleanor, I soon realized, really enjoyed having two girls eating her cunt at once.

It first happened when we were studying for an English test: Valerie, Eleanor and I. I didn't yet know Valerie had submitted to her (although we had discussed the possibility a few times).

Eleanor declared, "I need a break."

By this time, I should note, it had been three months since the Moms and Daughters orgy (although there had been three more since then... now including Mrs. Parker and her daughter Sophia), and Eleanor had clearly established herself as the one in control of me... although it had never been spoken... just a silent understanding (I had licked her in the school bathroom, I had licked her under the kitchen table while she had dinner with her mom... actually I'd licked them both that time... I had licked her in the bedroom while she studied or read, and although Eleanor occasionally repaid the favour, that was happening less and less).

I agreed, "Yes, enough Shakespeare."

"To thine own self be true," Eleanor smiled.

"And it must follow, as the night and day," I continued.

"Thou canst not then be false to any man," Valerie finished.

"Or woman," Eleanor corrected, as she shrugged off her dress and asked, "Are you hungry?"

My eyes went big.

She spread her legs, revealing her beautiful pussy, as she continued, "For some homemade pie?"

"Eleanor!" I gasped. Valerie was right here in the room with us!

"Come have a snack," she ordered, smiling wickedly.

To my surprise, I watched as without hesitation Valerie dropped her dress to the floor, moved quickly to Eleanor, and buried her face in her cunt without a word... never once looking at me as she kept her head down... so unlike her usually somewhat belligerent personality.

Eleanor smiled at me, as I realized she was actually outing Valerie, and not me.

I watched in awe as the popular cheerleader eagerly obeyed and licked Eleanor... the social hierarchy changed through pussy munching.... THE ONE TRUTH FROM THE MOMENT I DISCOVERED THE JOYS OF CUNT UNTIL THE DAY I PASSED.

My sweet Kimmy, always remember that... pussy, cunt, twat, vagina, lillypot, snatch, cock socket (that one always amused me), hoo hoo or kitty (just to name a few...) are special to women and with having one comes a power that most women don't know they actually have. Always remember that... you have unfathomable power... use it for good... and for fun.

After a couple of minutes, Eleanor pointed to me and then to her pussy.

My eyes again went wide.

"Now?" I mouthed.

She nodded.

And my cunt on fire at watching the cheerleader do what I felt was 'my job', I obeyed Eleanor with a slight jealousy, like I always did, as I removed my clothes and moved between her legs to join her other pet.

"Oh yes, share my cunt, you two," Eleanor moaned.

And for a few minutes, Valerie licked... then I licked.

We went back and forth like two halves of a lesbian yoyo until Eleanor screamed, "I'm coming!"

She sprayed everywhere, which was epic, as I watched Valerie get her off in awe and hunger.

From that time on, we often double teamed MILFS or classmates.

Whether it was the new teacher who replaced Mrs. Welsh while she was on maternity leave, the newly married Mrs. Roberts... in her classroom after school one day... where I licked her ripe cunt and Eleanor finger fucked her asshole.

Or the time we ended up double penetrating Mrs. Valentine, who had caught Eleanor with her daughter and so ended up being the next member of the secret lesbian society... Eleanor somehow able to turn being caught into an opportunity to get a 'seduce one girl, get one free' type of bargain.

Even more amazing, was taking Sarah, my cheerleader fantasy girl, while her college sister watched, who Eleanor had already seduced while on a college tour a week earlier.

Unfortunately, as Eleanor flourished as a seductress, I languished in inadequacy.

In the end, the problem was simple... I wasn't a seductress, and as Eleanor prospered... slowly I faded and became insecure about who I was and about my friendship with her.

The last few months of my senior year, Eleanor and I became more distant... and when she did see me... she used me... dominated me... which, ironically, I loved... but our time together became less and less as she actually became a cheerleader during our last semester. (A year ago that would have been unimaginable!)

I, on the other hand, was often sent by Mistress Carol to serve in nearby communities as an evening toy to be used by a MILF in the community, or as an actual birthday present for an eighteen-year-old girl who was now eligible to learn the 'fun' way of the secret lesbian society.

For example, Courtney, a cheerleader from a nearby town, got to use me for a whole weekend on her 18th birthday, including me going down on her at least a dozen times, her mother half that many times, and her experimenting on both my cunt and ass with a variety of objects from candles, to a wooden spoon, a cucumber, a fist and some lego toys that belonged to her kid brother.

Except for my lack of time with Eleanor, my senior year was fine as I came to accept my weaknesses and revel in my natural role of obedient submission.

I still got good grades, I still spent time with my boyfriend (who somehow was oblivious to the turmoil of my life so long as I sucked his cock and swallowed his load on almost every date) and I still served a couple dozen women as the school year continued... but no matter what I did, my pride in my submissive role was compromised, I still felt lost...as if I weren't fulfilling my true role... I wasn't fulfilling my purpose.

And I realized for certain that things had changed between Eleanor and me when she called me the day before graduation and said, after my not serving her or spending any time with her the past two weeks, "I have a task for you."

"I can't wait," I answered, eager to be between her legs again... her pussy was one of the ones I missed the most... but I also missed our close friendship.

"Great, go to Valerie's house now," she ordered. "She wants a pet for the night."

"Oh," I said deflated, covering quickly, not wanting to show her my disappointment, "Okay, sounds great."

"Love ya, bye," she said, hanging up without our actually having a conversation... which hurt, as we had been best friends forever... often talking on the phone for hours at a time... and now we'd just concluded, without a doubt, our shortest conversation ever.

I sighed... tears filled my eyes... as I realized not only was I losing my best friend... she had just pimped me out.

Reluctantly, not at all excited to be going over to the girl who had stolen my best friend from me and replaced me between her legs, I trudged to Valerie's house like the obedient submissive I was. Talk about spineless! I used to consider Valerie the most submissive girl I knew!

When I got to her house, Valerie smiled and said, "You really just do whatever you're told, don't you?"

My face went red at the question, "I don't know."

"Come inside," she ordered.

I did, realizing that by doing so I had obeyed yet another order.

"Knees," she ordered.

Again I obeyed... unable to stand up for myself... back then, my need to obey being all I knew.

"Shit, the girls are going to love you," she laughed, as she snapped her fingers and ordered, "Crawl and follow."

My cheeks burned red as I wondered who the 'girls' were, yet as always, I followed.

As soon as I entered her living room I saw two other cheerleaders, Sarah and Pam, sitting on the couch... and Sarah was my fantasy cheerleader. Sometimes I even had dreams about her where she did me the unimaginable favour of actually liking me.

Sarah gasped, "Eleanor wasn't lying."

"Nope," Valerie said. "We have our very own pet for the night."

My face burned at Valerie's words and Eleanor's betrayal. Being a pet for the night wasn't a big deal... I would probably actually enjoy it... being a cheerleader's pet a pretty big fantasy. But to be treated as nothing more than a disposable plaything by my best friend... just given away as a bimbo to be used... that hurt.

"Get naked, Becca," Sarah ordered, but not in a bitchy way.

I stood up and got undressed.

Sarah said, once I was naked, "Wow, you have quite the body behind that conservative attire."

"Thank you," I said, flattered by the compliment.

Pam added, "Apparently nerds can hide some pretty good secrets behind their goody-goody exteriors."

Suddenly deciding to enjoy the evening, the fantasy, I smiled back, "Yeah, for instance we can be great pussy munchers."

"Oh my," Sarah laughed, shocked at my words.

"Let's see if that's true," Pam said, patting a spot on the couch for me.

I went over like a good pet, and sat between them. "Such nice tits," Sarah purred, as she cupped them and leaned in and kissed me.

I had been expecting to be used... but the kiss was a tender and welcome surprise... her lips were soft and caring.

I, of course, kissed her back gratefully as I felt Pam leave the couch, followed by my knees being spread open.

I wanted to look down, but I was completely intoxicated by the kiss even as I felt fingers sliding inside me... making me moan into Sarah's mouth.

Sarah broke the kiss and explained, "Pam has been our pussy licker all year, and she's become an addict."

"I see," I moaned, as I felt Pam's tongue begin licking me. I added, wanting to make it clear I wanted to eat Sarah's cunt too, "I've been told I'm a pretty good pussy pleasing plaything too."

"Oh, I look forward to confirming that," Sarah smiled, as she resumed kissing me.

I kissed her back for several minutes as she gently cupped my tits, tweaked my nipples, all while Pam licked my cunt hungrily and slowly fingered me.

Suddenly I felt my pussy stretched to its limit as Pam slid her entire fist in me... I moaned loudly, breaking the kiss. I didn't want to, Sarah's lips against mine felt so good, so warm and soft. But a fist in my pussy commanded all my attention, sending erotic lightning bolts shooting through my entire body!

Sarah explained matter-of-factly, "She also likes fisting us."

"So I seeeeee!" I moaned, my orgasm building quickly.

Sarah leaned in and kissed me again as Pam, still fisting me, resumed licking me. "Ooooohh!" I moaned into Sarah's open mouth just before her tongue began passionately exploring mine.

Not surprisingly, in under two minutes of being fisted and having my clit attacked, I again had to break Sarah's kiss as I moaned, "Oh God, yes, Pam, fist fuck my slit, I'm going to come!"

"Come Becca, come, you sexy nerd slut," Sarah purred, moving to my ear and tugging on it with her teeth.

Her hot breath and soft order was the final straw that made me burst, and I screamed, "Yesssssssss!"

"So sexy," Sarah whispered, her open lips again pressed against mine, as I came.

Pam kept fucking me throughout my orgasm until my body stopped twitching, and she pulled her hand out and my cum leaked out of me.

Sarah sat up on the edge of the couch and smiled warmly, "Becca, I think it's time to take you up on your generous offer."

"My pleasure," I smiled, my body still trembling as I leaned over and buried my face in her trimmed pussy.

"Oh yes, sweetheart, lick me," Sarah moaned,

And I did... for minutes. I licked... I probed... I fingered... enjoying her sweet taste... her honey nectar... her intoxicating scent.

God, I wanted to get her off... to taste her come... to prove I was a good pet... to show that I was worthy....

Sarah finally begged, "Fist fuck me, Becca, I want you to pound my pussy."

I obeyed, so intoxicated by her that I didn't even hesitate, slowly sliding my extended fingers and thumb inside her, then bunching my hand into a fist and jerking it back and forth.

"Fuuuuuuuuck!" she screamed, as half my forearm disappeared inside her pretty pussy.

I copied what Pam had done to me minutes ago, moving to her slit and furiously licking and tugging on it.

"Oh my, oh my, fuck, yes, fuck, yes, yes, fuck!" Sarah babbled, before her body shook intensely and she came. I quickly pulled my fist out, wanting to savour as much of her honeydew as I could possibly devour. I hungrily lapped up her flooding sweetness throughout her entire orgasm.

Until she pushed me away, "Stop or I'm going to pee on you."

So in lust at the moment, I shrugged, "If you want."

Sarah shook her head, "Not on the couch, and besides, you don't deserve that," and hurried to the bathroom.

Pam laughed, "You really are a kinky little slut, aren't you?"

I shrugged, "Says the girl who loves fist fucking people."

"Fair enough," she agreed, as she said, "I also like tribbing."

"What's that?" I asked, as she got undressed.

"Oh, you haven't lived until you've tribbed," Pam enthused, not actually answering the question.

Once naked, she took me to the bedroom, where books were strewn about... obviously they'd been studying and I was the break (a very lengthy break). She ordered, "Lie on your back."

I did.

She moved and joined me on the bed.

I watched, confused, as she moved her legs toward me and ordered, "Lift your ass up."

I did.

Her one leg went under my leg, her other leg went over my thigh and suddenly our pussies were kissing each other. I moaned on contact.

Pam explained, "This is tribbing."

"Oh," I moaned, as Pam began grinding on me... pussy to pussy. "Very acrobatic."

"You could be a cheerleader," Sarah said, watching us from behind.

I laughed, "Those are words I never thought I'd hear."

Valerie, who, I just realized, had disappeared for quite a while, added, "Eleanor said the same thing."

"Focus on me, Becca," Pam ordered, "grind with me. Pay attention and I'll really make it worth your while."

I closed my eyes, concentrating on the delicious sensations of our wet cunts making out with each other, forgetting I was being watched by two cheerleaders, and began to grind my ass as our pussies tribbed together faster and faster... deeper and harder... creating a new unique stimulation I had never felt before. Not as amazing as a tongue on my cunt, but it definitely stimulated me, and quickly my second orgasm of the night grew.

"So hot," Valerie said.

"Indeed," Sarah agreed.

Pam's breathing got heavier and mine did too, and both of us began grinding more aggressively... each using the other to get off.

And as rare as it happens... it's happened in less than one percent of my hundreds of sexual encounters... we came simultaneously.

Pam screamed, "Yessssss," just as my orgasm hit too... but I just collapsed and allowed the pleasure to cascade through me.

I was still orgasming, my eyes closed, when I felt wetness on my face. I opened my eyes to a close-up of a pussy and heard Valerie order, "Get licking, Becca... I'm the only one you haven't got off yet."

I extended my tongue and licked Valerie for the first time... the several times she and I had served Eleanor, we'd served only Eleanor and not each other. But now I discovered that her cunt, like the others, was sweet and heavenly, and once I started licking I wanted more.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "Eat my cunt, you eager nerd."

I was already doing that, so her words were redundant, but it was obvious she was trying to make it clear she was above me (at the moment physically as well as hierarchically).

I licked for a few minutes, Pam eventually moving away until Valerie suddenly grabbed the back of my head and began grinding on my face... coming a minute later.

After silently sharing some refreshments, we ended up in a four way daisy chain... where my face was buried in Sarah's sweet snatch again, while Pam munched on mine, Sarah on Valerie and Valerie on Pam... before I headed home in the wee hours exhilarated by my night with the cheerleaders... a fantasy coming true. I didn't have to dream about Sarah's liking me, she had treated me with respect and caring from start to finish!

I would go down on Sarah at graduation (before the ceremony) and into the summer... before she went away for camp the last two weeks of summer and then to a college up north... which made me sad and ended an ever so brief period in my life where I thought I might find romantic love with another woman. Sarah was sweet... tender... and even loving. All the while, I kept dating my boyfriend... who would end up being your great-grandfather, Kimmy. It was a confusing time... one I always go back to and wonder what if...

By the way, when I returned to my house, Mom was on her knees in my bedroom licking Eleanor... my dad out bowling.

Eleanor asked, "Did you enjoy your present?"

"My present?" I asked, watching her grab Mom's head and pull it deeper into her pussy.

"Yes, I knew you had a crush on Sarah and I thought I'd make your fantasy come true," she explained.

"Oh," I said, everything suddenly making sense.

Eleanor moaned, multitasking as she asked concerned, "Did you not like it?"

"Oh yes, it was awesome," I nodded, as I realized Eleanor hadn't sent me there as a submissive slut to be used and tossed away, but for my own pleasure. Wow!

"I knew you'd love it," she moaned again.

"I learned about tribbing," I said.

"From Pam?"


"It's her favourite way to get off," Eleanor moaned, before adding, "and this is mine."

I watched Mom get my best friend off.

Once she was done, Mom stood up and smiled and asked casually, "How was your night, honey?"

"Great," I answered. "And yours?"

"Boring until Eleanor got here," Mom answered.

I laughed, "I'm happy my best friend can keep you entertained."

Mom shrugged as she left us alone, "She's very entertaining."

Eleanor explained, "Isn't Sarah delicious?"

"To look at or eat?" I smiled wickedly.

"Well both, of course," Eleanor smiled.

"Both indeed," I said, as I gave her a hug... thankful that my best friend was still my best friend. Sure she had other friends now... but as I would soon learn... so did I.

The summer was great... Eleanor and I returned to being besties... one night I shared with her about my insecurities. She apologized sincerely and held me in her arms while I cried, admitting that the sudden power trip had gone to her head. Of course, she used that power trip for a nice lesbian orgy for July 4th weekend.

Sarah and I played A LOT, often with her college sister watching and ordering us both around. She loved to make Sarah fuck herself with items including pop bottles. Her sister also loved to have me eat her cunt while Sarah ate her ass.

Also... my life changed forever when I succumbed to a moment of weakness and your great-grandfather took my hetero virginity (I'd already had dozens of fake cocks and other items in my cunt) at the drive-in ... a moment of weakness that led to the birth of your grandmother (which was a blessing in disguise... otherwise there would be no you... but at the time I was devastated... as it changed all my plans for a self-sufficient future.


Great-grandmother had had sex with a guy only once, and immediately gotten pregnant.

That would suck.

I'd already known that great-grandmother never went to college because she got pregnant so young, but I had never put much thought into it. I also knew that they rushed the wedding so my grandma wouldn't end up being called a bastard.

For the first time I didn't want to masturbate after reading the journal. Truthfully, it made me reflect. For one thing, I realized how it took only one mistake (or fate, depending on how you looked at it), and everything had changed. For the second, I realized I hadn't been spending much time with my best friend Julia.

So I closed the journal and called Julia, deciding I needed to work on my friendship... Julia my present-day Eleanor... although she was definitely the submissive one in our relationship.

I smiled as I recalled some of our crazy adventures, including having her go down on me at lunch in our advanced calculus classroom a couple Saturdays ago when we were participating in a United Nations competition. We snuck away to have lunch... and then I offered Julia dessert.

As she lapped away at me, Mrs. Walker walked in on us and we gave her the shock of her life.

Mrs. Walker was shocked, but recovered quickly and just ordered us to get dressed and return to the competition.

Once she was gone, I ordered, as Julia stood back up, "No, no, finish what you started."

"What about Mrs. Walker?" she asked.

"Maybe she will be our next target," I said, guiding her face back into my pussy.

I texted Julia: Hungry?

She texted back a moment later: Famished.

Half an hour later, I was in her bedroom and she was between my legs... I smiled as I pondered great-grandmother's lessons (don't allow your friendships to fade... and stay really close to your intimate friends... really, really close).

I closed my eyes and enjoyed Julia's unique pussy pleasing style... so teasing... long burning... until I begged her to suck on my clit.

She wasn't my submissive; I wasn't her Mistress.

We just loved to play with each other... although she mostly loved to lick me and I mostly liked to be licked... it was perfect... and I would have to make sure I didn't allow us to drift apart once high school was done.

But for now... I had two seductions to ponder... one being Mrs. Walker and the other being Mom.

Mom... I still couldn't fathom her as a submissive... that said, there was no doubt I planned to make her my pet in the very near future.... a gift bequeathed to me by my wonderful great-grandmother Rebecca.

As I went to close the book... I saw one more picture and a note.

I was bored one day and envisioned by a kissing booth in modern times... with an inspiration piece with you as the submissive and me as the seductress.

I hope you don't judge me... but God my biggest regret is the reality I ever got to taste your sweet kitty, fuck your tight twat or have you munching on great grand-mother's cherry pie.

I hope you enjoy....