Stories 18+ Two Videos anal sexual

Stories 18+ Two Videos anal sexual
Lisa knew she had the house to herself. Her husband, Robert, was in Minnesota on a business trip, her daughter was on a weekend-long trip with her cheerleading squad, and her son, Darren, was out mowing the neighbor's lawn to pick up some extra pocket money. 

The 5'5" married mother-of-two walked into the living room on the first floor of her house. She fumbled through her purse while keeping her head on a swivel despite the house being empty. 

Her angst was a result of her trying something she had never done before. In her hand, Lisa grasped a DVD she bought at an adult film store on her drive home from her Saturday morning shift. The cover to the thin disc case was transparent, barring a label that read: MILF Takes Care of a Very Special Young Man. Skeptically, Lisa placed the disc into her rarely used DVD player. 

The reason for trying out the new experience came at the advice of her friend at work, Julia. After Lisa admitted to her married coworker that she hadn't had an orgasm in weeks, Julia told Lisa that back when she was having trouble finding satisfaction, she started watching MILF porn and it lead to some of the best orgasms of her life. 

That was how Lisa currently found herself lying on the living room couch watching her large plasma screen with her jeans and panties around her ankles. Lisa was thankful for her friend's advice because she was turned on immediately by the MILF/young man sex story. 

With her shoulder-length light brown hair splayed behind her head on the gray couch, Lisa rapidly inserted her middle and ring finger of her right hand into her moist, open pussy. She began working her way up to an explosive climax. 

And then it hit her. 

As the aroused mother watched the steamy porno plot unfold, her eyes widened. The young stud was standing in the bathroom as the MILF stepped out of the shower. Then the mature woman with massive breast implants exclaimed with subpar acting skills, "Sean, what are you doing in here? Are you spying on your naked mother?" 

Lisa realized that not only was it a MILF DVD, but that the MILF in the DVD was the young man's ultimate MILF- his mother. Horrified, yet insatiably horny, Lisa continued to actively follow the video while rubbing her knuckles against her swollen clitoris. 

It soon became apparent to Lisa that she was not only aroused by the sex between the experienced older woman and the muscular college-aged male, but she was hot from the idea of the taboo of the relationship. 

Heading for orgasm, Lisa's right arm reached over her mature, yet firm, 34D tits that were hiding underneath of her hooded sweatshirt. Her arm extended towards her shaven mound where her hand massaged her pulsing vagina. 

Her mind continually oscillating between reality and being lost in her own world of pleasure, Lisa's body and head jerked in different directions. When her head turned to the side and her eyelids opened, she saw something she could never un-see... 

Standing in on the other side of the sliding glass door that connected the living room to the backyard, was a young man with a slender but tone body, short brown hair, and piercing blue eyes. 

Lisa's son was not mowing her neighbor's lawn. Darren had come back to the house to put the mower back in the shed. 

The vulnerable mother's first thought was that she couldn't believe she forgot to close the curtain completely. She stared at her son, who was standing in the only visible gap of sliding door, in between the mostly closed curtain and the wall. 

Darren's eyes switched back and forth between his mom's hand between her legs and the dirty taboo film on TV. 

As if enough overwhelming thoughts weren't running through Lisa's clouded head, as she continued to look in the direction of the figure on the doorway she noticed that Darren was rubbing his shaft through his athletic shorts. 

Lisa was horrified by the idea of her young son touching his hard cock to the scene of her masturbating, but since she was rapidly approaching climax, Lisa was already too far along to be able to stop herself. 

The masturbating mother and son made eye contact. They glared at each other in pure shock. Neither of them knew what to do next, and they couldn't think straight due to the eroticism they were experiencing, so they both just kept going. 

With each passing second, Lisa went deeper into the vicious loop of becoming more horrified yet more aroused. The horror came from the recognition that her son was ogling her while she masturbated and that she wasn't stopping. The arousal came from knowing how wrong it was that she wasn't stopping, leading her closer towards orgasm. 

No longer in control of her sexual-adrenaline-driven body, to Lisa's disbelief, she twisted the front of her lower body so it faced the glass door, giving Darren a better view of her fingering herself. It was like her body had a mind of its own. 

Hearing a high-pitched moan, Lisa tilted her sweating head back towards the television to see that the mother and son characters in the video were in a bed fucking doggy-style and about to cum. Lisa could barely take it anymore. 

She looked back at Darren and noticed that his shorts and boxers were down around his ankles, and that he was stroking his exposed cock with his bare hand. Lisa knew how wrong it was, but the sight took her stimulation to an even higher level. She couldn t stop staring at her son's thick, erect dick on the other side of the pane of glass. 

Having been married to the same man for 23 years, Lisa was more turned on than she could ever remember. Suddenly, her body shook violently. Lisa made deep, lustful eye contact with Darren and held it throughout her orgasm. Wave after wave of intense pleasure hit. 

Hot liquid splashed onto her tired, trembling fingers as she stared into her son's eyes, only looking away for brief moments to watch his long, steel-bar-of-an-erection being ferociously pumped in his hand. 

As Lisa's last waves of pleasure subsided, a nervous Darren ran away from the gap in the curtain, with his pants around his ankles. 

Lisa could no longer see him in the glass door. But the curious mother noticed, as her son peeled away into the backyard, that he had his phone in his hand. She wondered why? 


Frantically pacing in the kitchen, wearing her casual hooded sweatshirt and jeans, a major debate was raging in Lisa's mind over what she should do about Darren. She wondered how the events that just transpired would affect her relationship with her son, she wondered how she could possibly explain herself, and she wondered why his phone was in his hand. 

There were too many questions and too little answers; though, Lisa wasn't convinced she wanted to hear them. 

Regardless, the uncertain mother called her son into the kitchen to talk. They both sat at opposite ends of the kitchen table uneasy, not making eye contact. 

Lisa brushed her hair behind her ear and started off by saying, "We need to talk." 

Staring at his feet, Darren replied, "We really don t have to." 

"Oh, yes we do!" expressed Lisa, "What happened today with you seeing me like that, it s- it's..." She was unable to communicate what she wanted to due to the awkwardness. 

Trying to make things less uncomfortable, the 18-year-old son hesitantly assured, "It s okay. It s not that big of a deal." 

Lisa responded to her son as if he had gone insane, "We just saw each other naked and touching ourselves! How can you think that isn t a big deal? God, how long had you been standing there watching before I saw you?" 

The embarrassed high-school senior adjusted himself in the wooden kitchen chair. A few moments later he answered sheepishly, "A pretty long time." 

Lisa froze, "So... you were able to see what the movie was about...?" 

For the first time in the conversation, Darren looked up. "Yeah." 

Quick to explain herself, the 40-year-old mother spit out, "I didn t think it was that type of movie when I bought it-" 

Darren hastily chimed back, "It s okay mom. It's okay. You don t have to be embarrassed about it. I was watching it too, so it s not awkward." 

Actually feeling a little better knowing her son didn't think she was a freak, Lisa released some of the built-up tension in her muscles. 

Though, despite the more relaxed atmosphere, Lisa still had a major concern. Like a veteran mother, she looked Darren in the eye with a sense of skepticism. "I saw your phone in your hand. Why was that?" 

Darren, again, angled his eyes down at the kitchen table nervously, and then mumbled, "I... I was taking a video..." 

Lisa nearly jumped back in her seat from his response. She was extremely concerned, as many horrifying thoughts began to enter her mind. 

But most of her concerns were alleviated immediately, as Darren continued, "...But it is just on my camera. It s not like I was sending it or posting it anywhere!" 

Relieved, Lisa then had another uncomfortable question, though she kind of already knew the answer. "Why did you take a video of me touching myself?" 

Darren's reply was quiet and in the direction that Lisa expected, though, she still ended up being surprised by how he answered. "Mom, you looked so beautiful and I had never seen you look like that before- I just... I don t know... I couldn t stop watching and I wanted to save the image so I wouldn t lose it." His face was red and he was clearly suffering from embarrassment. 

The loving mother blushed from hearing her son s genuine compliments and his ensuing embarrassment. She thought it was sweet. 

Lisa no longer was perturbed, and she actually felt bad about her interrogations placing her son in such an awkward situation; however, she still had to deal with the situation at hand- there was a digital video of her masturbating on a mobile device and she feared it could easily be sent to someone else or posted somewhere by accident. 

Lisa asked her son specifically why he had the video, and once again, she already knew the answer but just wanted to be sure. She reassured him, "I promise I will not get mad, Sweetie." 

"I wanted to- um... watch it later," The brown-haired young man then cautiously explained. 

Regaining eye contact with her son, Lisa made a small up and down motion with her closed fist, with a questioning look on her face. 

Darren nodded in agreement to her understanding of his answer. 

Sensitively replying to her son's admission, Lisa consoled, "It s okay. I m not mad at all. This situation is just as much my fault as it is yours." 

Darren had a small smile of relief. 

Lisa continued, "But I need to see the video to know what you have on there." 

Darren reluctantly handed his mom his phone with the video already preloaded on the screen. An inquisitive Lisa pressed the play button only to see a video of her masturbating on the living-room couch. 

After a few minutes of watching, Lisa glanced up at Darren and asked, "How long is this?" 

"It s like that for a while. It doesn t change until later when you and I see each other." 

"When is that in the video?" 

"Well..." Darren said, "I don t know exactly, but I can show you the video that starts when we see each other if that's what you're curious about." 

"There s another video?!" exclaimed Lisa. 

Immediately quelling his mother's fears, "No! It s just a cut of this video starting at the point where it gets good." 

Taken back by the wording of Darren's statement, Lisa inquired, "What do you mean gets good?" 

She immediately recognized that she made Darren feel uncomfortable again. "It s okay, Sweetie. I understand what you mean. Please, just let me see that video." 

Lisa then watched the new video. Once again, it was her masturbating on the couch, only it showed her suddenly looking in the camera's direction like a dear in headlights, as she continued to finger her pussy. Eventually, her body twisted towards the camera. 

The video was still, not shaky, due to the fact that Darren was pressing his phone against the glass door. The only consequence was that the video was a little blurry from the glass lens touching the glass door. 

Soon enough, Lisa was re-watching her eyes flicker up and down (she knew it was her switching focus in between Darren s cock and his eyes). Then it happened. Lisa watched herself violently tremble while looking into her husband's son s eyes. Then the video ended. 

A little aroused by what she just saw, Lisa shrugged, "Well I can definitely see why you call that 'the good part.'" She partly faked a smile to go with her lighthearted joke, an attempt to ease the tension in an awkward situation. 

Darren noticed his mom's smile and was excited at her interest in the video. "There is another cut of it," he added rather enthusiastically. 

"Another video!" Lisa asked incredulously. 

Darren clicked the next video on his smartphone. It was an even shorter one and it was zoomed in on Lisa's face, just as she was climaxing. It focused on her eyes switching in between Darren's rock-hard cock and his hungry eyes. 

The mother, in unchartered territory, watched the blurry footage of her head shaking and her mouth gaping open as she moaned from the immense pleasure. 

Lisa was becoming even more turned-on by the footage her son gathered. "Why do you have this video?" 

Her son replied simply, "It s my favorite part." 

Lisa could clearly see why, but she asked him why anyway. 

Darren was apprehensive, but Lisa again assured him that it was okay and that she wouldn t judge. 

"I like to see that you were thinking about me in that sort of way when you were cumming." 

Stunned, but undoubtedly stimulated, Lisa just replied, "Okay..." 

She was not able to think, as her head was starting to spin. The bewildered mom finally came to terms with what happened, and she saw how humiliated her son was. 

Due to her slight arousal, and also wanting to make her son to feel less guilty, Lisa joked, "Well I bet you didn t think you were going to see something that good today, did you?" 

Surprised by his mom's lighter tone, Darren went along with it, hesitantly at first. "No, I guess not," he responded laughingly. 

Noticing her son was still a little uncomfortable, and with her hormones wanting her to push the conversation further, Lisa continued laughing, "I can t believe I had an orgasm in front of my son." 

They then looked at each other and laughed a little bit. 

Darren chimed in the same laughing tone, "I can t believe I came from watching my mom orgasm!" 

Lisa chuckled, but then paused as she thought about what her son had just said. She then stared at Darren curiously. "I didn t see you cum. When did you do that?" 

"Oh right... I walked away to do that." 

Continuing her line of questioning, Lisa examined, "Really? Why did you do that? After you had the confidence to touch your...uh... self in front of me, I would ve thought you d have no problem finishing in front of me?" 

"Well you were almost done and I didn t want to shoot my jizz all over the glass door, so I ran into the yard and came in the bushes," explained Darren. 

"Oh...Well at least that only left me with one mess to clean up today," quipped the mother. 

A puzzled Darren questioned, "What do you mean by 'only one mess'?" 

Lisa immediately realized that she said something she wished she hadn t, but she saw no other option than to say the truth. "I um... I had to clean up the couch a little bit after I was done." 

"You squirted a little bit! I know that not that many women squirt," Darren exclaimed with interest. 

Lisa fed off her son's excitement and responded, "Well I don t usually squirt, not in a long time anyway, and it was more than a little bit to be honest." 

Darren's face lit up. Feeling confident, he proudly stated, "To be honest I had the biggest orgasm of my life, too." 

Almost delighted by her son's newfound confidence and absence of embarrassment, Lisa decided to play along. "Well I m glad I could do that for you." 

"I m glad I could help you make a mess on the couch," grinned back Darren. 

Astonished at the new direction of conversation at the family table, Lisa started to feel a tingling sensation between her legs. 

Darren continued, "I just wish I had a better view." 

Suddenly, Lisa sat up straight, almost offended, "A better view? You saw my fingers inside of my vagina and then me orgasm!" 

Seeing his mom's disbelief, Darren hastily rationalized, "Well, like, your hand was overtop of it, and I was kind of far away and at a bad angle, so it was a little hard to see. I still appreciate what I saw though!" 

Curious as to how her son didn't get an amazing view of her open pussy, Lisa re-watched a scene from the first video, and then realized what he was right about not getting a clear view. 

But Lisa's maternal desire to not let her child win an argument led her to counter, "Well, you still got to see more than I did, so you shouldn t complain." 

Happy to get into another argument with his mom, Darren retorted, "You got to clearly see my entire naked package and me stroking it, so you had a luckier view." 

Lisa couldn t believe she was actually having a debate with her son over who had a better experience while watching the other masturbate, but she was so caught up in her sexual stimulus and determination not to be wrong that she continued. "That s true, but you got a clear view of me ORGASMING on the couch and a video of it! I didn t get to see what happened with you." 

Sitting on the opposite side of the table, the 18-year-old was overjoyed- his sexy mom was complaining about not having seen him ejaculate. Restraining his fervor, Darren suggestively asked his mother, "Do you want to see me cumming from watching you this morning?" 

Tilting her head in confusion, Lisa was curious as to how Darren could show her that. But Lisa also didn t know how she could justify showing him interest in seeing it, so she just doubted, "Well...How would you even do that?" 

Her son replied coolly, "That first video I showed you was actually a cut, too... a cut of the whole video I filmed. I didn t have time to turn the video app on my phone off before ejaculating into the bushes." 

Despite her deep desire to see the video, Lisa still felt like she couldn t say "yes," but she was saved from the predicament by Darren presumptuously placing his phone in front of her on the table. 

Once again, a video played. Just like the first video it was Lisa locking eyes with her son as she climaxed, but then Darren's phone showed a blurry scene, as he ran across the lawn in the backyard. Then, the whirlwind motion of the video came to an end, as Darren reached the green bushes by the back fence. And via a fidgeting camera recording, Lisa watched a replay of her son s smooth dick pumping rope after rope of thick white jizz (what had to be the largest load she had ever seen) into the bushes. 

Lisa squirmed in her seat, feeling the moisture that gathered in her panties brush against her outer lips. 

But, suddenly, reality set in. Lisa ordered her son, "You have to get rid of these recordings." 

Darren bargained, "Why? I won t show them to anyone I promise." 

Shaking her head, the mature adult explained, "It s too risky. That video could end up in someone else's hands so easily by accident if it's on your phone. It s connected to the Internet." 

Crushed at first, Darren had an idea, "What if I could put the video on a DVD and then delete the video on my phone? Then it would be a physical copy and it couldn t end up on the Internet. And I could easily hide the video in the house and nobody could ever see it but me." 

Lisa seriously considered his proposal. "Well that s true, but there are still a couple of issues. First of all, I don t think it s healthy for a young man to have a video of his mother masturbating. And secondly..." She was getting to a problem that she noticed in the video that had been secretly eating at her the entire time. She didn't want to admit it to herself but she couldn't deny it any longer. "...And secondly, I don t look that 'hot' in this video." 

Noticing the immediate expression of disbelief on her son s face, the embarrassed mom quickly added, "Well if there were going to be a supposedly sexy video of me masturbating then I wouldn't want to be looking like that." 

She was clearly referring to the loose hooded sweatshirt she was wearing and the lack of makeup. "If there s a sexy video I would want to feel sexy in it. Call me vain, but it would bother me." 

Darren pondered the situation and argued back, "Well first of all, you have a DVD of a mother and son having sex and you clearly are interested in the videos I made. Why is this bad for me and not bad for you?" 

He had a point. 

Darren continued, "And secondly, I think you look beautiful in this mom. I ve never seen you look hotter." 

The sensitive mom blushed and began to get aroused again by the compliment paid to her by her son. "I guess it s not a problem that you have it and thank you for saying I look so beautiful, but... I don t know. I mean also, there s still a chance your father finds the DVD. So there's a lot there s a ton of risk for me with no reward for me." 

Her witty son proposed, "I can make you a copy of the DVD so then you would get something out of it, too." 

Lisa was surprised by the tantalizing idea. She wanted to see the video again too, but she didn't want to admit to her son that she wanted a copy of the video. "Why would I want to watch a video of me masturbating in a hoodie?" 

"Oh, so you don t like how you look in it?" 

"Yeah... well of course, that and it s me just touching myself on a couch, I don t get excited by that." 

Darren poked, "So you won't let me have the video because you wouldn't have a copy to make up for the risk of me having one, and you don't want a copy because you don t think you look sexy enough and also there's nothing to arouse you because it s just you masturbating?" 

Lisa thought of a delicate way to handle the pickle she put herself into. "I guess so. I feel bad about making you lose the video, I can see how much you like it." 

The clever son prodded further, "I mean, I also have a problem with the video..." 

"Really?! You certainly seem to really like what s in it." 

Darren replied, "Yeah, I shot it through the glass so it s a little blurry. It makes it hard to enjoy it as much as I could." 

Lisa admitted to her son, "I noticed it was a little blurry..." 

They sat in silence. Darren then hypothesized, "So if this video were on a DVD that we both had, you were looking as sexy as you wanted, and it showed me getting excited by you and finishing with you so you had something arousing to watch in the video... then you would have wanted it?" 

Struggling to think through the implications of her answer, Lisa didn t know how to respond, but she was getting more and more turned-on by the thought of that hypothetical video and confessed, "Yes, I guess so. I suppose that would be something I would want." 

Darren anxiously suggested, "Since you want a video with those things and I want a version that s less blurry, maybe we should have a video that has what we both want." 

Suspicious of what her cute son was implying, but desperate to hear what he would say next, the mother prodded, "So what are you implying exactly?" 

"Well," said Darren, "maybe we should make another video like the original one on the DVD camcorder we have. We can make all the changes we want and then we would both be happy and I don t have to get rid of my favorite video...I would be devastated to lose a video of my mom looking as beautiful as I have ever seen her." 

With her jaw dropped, Lisa realized her son was knowingly attacking her weaknesses to get her to go along with his plan. But she didn t care. Her pussy was flooded and begging to be touched. And if anything, the idea of her son trying to seduce her into making a taboo masturbation film just made her want it more. "Ok, Darren." 

Darren was about to explode with energy. 

"So how are we even going to do this?" interjected Lisa, "God, I still can t believe that I agreed to this." 

"Well from what I ve watched on masturbation porn it s usually the man and woman sitting together on a bed, or in our case a couch, and they watch each other touch themselves. I think it would be easier for us to get into it if we played the DVD you were watching earlier and tried to make things like they were this morning- that way we ll know we will be into it and it will be more natural and less like acting." His mom agreed with his idea. 

"But how are we even going to film it? Both of us are going to be on the couch so it's not like one of us can hold the camera." 

Darren considered the dilemma for a couple minutes before coming up with a solution. "I think the best way to get a video we would both like would be to film this just like a professional video, like your DVD. We can station the camcorder facing the couch, we can place my phone to record behind the couch facing the TV so I can edit its footage into the video to show the DVD that's playing..." 

Then the horny son got really excited and spoke faster, "It can be just like this morning! We can station your phone behind the couch to capture me sneaking up on you from behind the couch and catching you watching the taboo film! Then I can ask what you re watching in like a turned-on voice, then you get really embarrassed when I look down to see that you re masturbating, and then you say I shouldn t be there but I sit down anyway. You ask me to leave but I am too turned on by the film to hear you and then you see the bulge in my pants as I watch the film and you become even more turned on. Then you say that I can stay but I can t look at you because it would be awkward. I stay and pull my pants off and start to jerk off to the DVD. You see this and yell at me, asking me what I think I m doing. I say that I m just enjoying the film like you are. Then you get turned on by me stroking my cock..." 

Lisa interrupted, "Hey, let s not use language like that." 

"Sorry, Mom. You are turned-on by me masturbating and I catch you looking. I say it s unfair that you get to look at me but I can t look at you, so then you agree and say that I can look at you. Then we start watching each other masturbate and then we can make eye contact and hold it when we cum, just like earlier today." 

Dumbfounded by the level of detail, Lisa was impressed that her son came up with such a hot story. She joked to herself that she wished he put that kind of effort into his classes. To respond to her son, all the married suburban mother could do was rationalize, "That sounds good to me. But this doesn t mean this can happen again. We will film the video in order to make things fair and you will be satisfied with that, okay?" 

"Okay," complied Darren, "I ll get everything set up. We can just make up the exact lines as we go to make it more natural." Lisa nodded agreement. 

Darren went on," I guess you ll want to change into whatever you want to be wearing since I know you wanted to wear something a bit more appealing than this morning." 

"I just did not want to be in a hoodie and have bags under my eyes. Don t get your hopes up." 

As the mature mom got out of her chair and began her walk out of the kitchen, she noticed her son's ogling eyes following her swaying ass in her jeans. Enjoying the feeling of an attractive young man desiring her booty, Lisa wiggled her hips with each step to emphasize the roundness of her butt cheeks. She couldn't see, but she was sure that Darren was mesmerized. 


With her entire body tingling and her heart racing, Lisa climbed the stairs to her bedroom before putting on mascara and bright red slutty lipstick. Deep down, she wanted to look as sexy as possible for her son. 

The middle-aged mom posed in front of her mirror. She put on a sheer white negligee that hung barely below her shaved mound. The sheer white bra underneath was so small that it barely clung onto the tops of her creamy breasts. Her chest was not quite as taught as it once was, but it was sexy in a mature way, showing its experience. Lisa did not even bother with a thong since she d have to pull it down before the filming started anyway. 

Darren called out that the cameras were set up and that he was ready to film. He turned on the cameras and yelled to his dolled-up mother on the second floor that he was waiting in another room, ready to walk up behind the couch when the moment was right. 

In her sultry lingerie and slutty makeup, Lisa strutted downstairs to find that the MILF DVD was already playing. The cameras were in position. There was no going back; she was actually doing it. 

Lisa figured the best way to go about calming her nerves and ignore her excitement of knowing how surprised her son would be to see her in her revealing outfit, was to just sit on the couch, look at the TV, and watch the movie. Soon enough, she was lost in the plot and rubbing her wet pussy with fervor. 

After what seemed like 20 minutes, she heard Darren enter the room from behind her. Everything they planned earlier was unfolding exactly as it was supposed to... that was until Darren looked down and viewed his mom in a sheer white negligee massaging her pussy. His mouth went dry. 

She looked hotter than he had ever seen her. Her smooth, perfectly sized tits were bouncing gently in a tight sheer bra that offered a slight glimpse of her areola, her lips looked like they were made to suck a penis dry, and her exposed mound glistened in the lights- and Darren knew she did it all just for him. He almost came right then and there. 

The stunned son managed to sit down on the right side of the couch, as his bombshell mom was sitting against the armrest on the left cushion. A middle couch cushion separated them. 

Everything was like it was planned, except for the fact that Darren could not look away from his mother. Even when Lisa said that he couldn t look at her like she was supposed to, Darren didn't even blink. 

Noticing how entranced her son was, Lisa peeked over at him and noticed the massive tent in his athletic shorts. She realized he must've had taken his boxers off when she was upstairs. 

In the light blue mesh, Darren's erect rod was contained. He was clearly uncomfortable from the resulting pressure. Lisa wished he'd set it free so that the grimace would come off his face. 

Finally, the young man had enough and pulled the elastic of his shorts down to his thighs. His throbbing cock sprung out from the elastic and snapped into a spire on his lap. He began to stroke it. And to Lisa's surprise it was longer and thicker than her husband's, while also having a look of youth and strength. 

The impressed mother then looked up at her son's face and saw the powerful desire in his blue eyes. She had never felt more wanted and more turned-on. 

They both soon forgot they were in a pornographic film and just started watching each other masturbating with intensity. 

Darren rose from his couch cushion and slid his shorts all the way off his legs. In a more comfortable position, he sat back down on the couch- this time with half of his body on the middle cushion. 

His subtle change in proximity did not go unnoticed. 

Now in even greater detail, Lisa examined her son's sexy cock. It had a prominent vein bulging out of the skin that ran from the swollen pink tip all the way down to his large testicles that were clinging tightly to his body. Lisa jammed her fingers into her soaking cunt even faster. 

Breathing heavily, Lisa glanced back up at Darren's face to notice that he was glaring at her buoyant tits, cradled in her bra. 

To her son's disbelief, Lisa gave into his desires and she let her sheer negligee fall off of her shoulders. 

With more encouragement from Darren's gaping mouth, the enthralled mother stood up and unclipped her bra before proceeding to slowly lower the straps from her arms. Her breasts bounced freely for her son to see. 

Darren did not know what to check out, his mom's newly exposed breasts or her newly exposed round ass. His focus switched back and forth between the two tantalizing sights. 

Following her son's precedent, when Lisa sat back down on the couch she did so about a foot closer to her son. It was obvious her seductive move had its desired effects, as pre-cum immediately formed on the tip of Darren's dick. It began to leak profusely as he watched his mom's bare tits bounce and jiggle with the rapid insertion of her fingers. 

Darren then noticed that Lisa was staring at his throbbing erection. He rotated his body 90 degrees on the couch so that his mom could get an even better view of his manhood. 

Lisa was captivated with the more intimate look at her son's pre-cum covered shaft. Darren stood up once again and took his shirt off so that he was entirely nude. 

Lisa took in her son's naked body and observed how chiseled and firm it was. 

And just as last time, Darren sat back down closer to his mother. Their thighs were almost touching, as the horny young man's left leg was bent into the back of the couch so that he could resume is rotated, exposed position. 

Lisa willingly followed his lead. She sat back against the armrest and then spread her thighs so that Darren could see her open pussyhole in perfect view. "Getting a good enough view of it this time?" Lisa asked seductively. 

Darren grunted lightly. 

The mother and son's legs soon became intertwined as they adjusted themselves. With irresistible lust, Darren then grabbed his mother's thighs and lifted her legs apart even wider. He put both of his feet on the sofa and slid them underneath of Lisa's bent legs. 

Lisa cooed at the idea of her son taking control. Darren then used his grip on her thighs as leverage as he pulled his body across the couch, getting even closer to his masturbating mom. 

Almost moaning from the thought of her legs being spread far apart so her son could get a close up view of her dripping mound, Lisa threw her head back and tilted it back up to look at Darren with carnal desire. 

Their genitalia were only inches apart, as Lisa was nearly sitting on her son's lap with her legs straddling the top of Darren's thighs. 

Then it happened...the two adults, full of sexual hunger, looked into each other's eyes intensely and a panting Lisa gave a firm nod of consent to the idea that she knew was in her son's mind. 

Darren inserted his fingers into Lisa's vagina and she immediately started to shake. In response, she then reached out and did what she wanted to do ever since she saw the pre-cum leaking from her son's loins. She grabbed his youthful fuckstick and began to pump it briskly. They were masturbating each other. 

Lisa and Darren continued to make eye contact as they leaned in at the same time and passionately kissed each other. Their tongues mingled and Darren could taste the cherry flavor of his mom's bright red lipstick. They were both almost at climax. 

The mother, who had just kissed her son like a lover, felt herself losing control of her body. 

A panting Darren began thrusting his waist up to meet his mom's pumping hand. 

Lisa looked her son directly in the eyes and whispered, "I want you inside of me." 

Darren leaned forward, and with his free hand he held the back of his mom's head. He planted his lips on hers as he pushed her even higher against the armrest of the couch. 

After slowly parting his lips from the erotic kiss, Darren pressed his forehead to Lisa's and whispered back, "I want you so fucking bad, mom," and he inserted his throbbing cock into his mother's warm, open vagina. 

Lisa's orgasm struck the second her son's meat entered her. She felt the rigid dick slide deeper and deeper into her convulsing pussy. Her knees felt week, as the fleshy skin rubbed against her clitoris and vaginal wall. 

The bulbous head of Darren's cock felt amazing even as it slid out. Though, it was only a brief moment before it went on back in. Darren was about to finish, so Lisa knew there would be no slowing down. 

Her knees buckled as Darren rapidly pounded in and out of her wet cunt. She gripped the firm muscles in her son's back. "Ohhh fuck!! Fuck me, Darren! Fuck me! Cum inside of your mommy, Darren." 

Darren picked up the pace, as their leaking juices ran down Lisa's pussy and onto the family sofa. 

"Ohhh fuck! Ahhhh, oh God, Baby! Mommy wants to feel you cum inside of her!" 

Hot watery liquid squirted out of Lisa's pussy and all over her son's impressive piece. 

The sensation of his own mother cumming on his dick was more than Darren could take. Lisa felt the cock inside of her twitch and she knew what was about to happen. Darren wrapped his arms around his mom and he performed the final thrusts he needed. His balls slapped against Lisa's underside, as he held her in his arms on the couch. 

"I'm cumming, mom!" 

Lisa gave her son a long, open-mouth kiss as he shot a load of hot, thick ejaculate deep into her vaginal canal- a load that was even bigger than the one from earlier that day. The white love-juice just kept spewing out of Darren's cock, which was buried deep in the folds of Lisa's steaming pussy. 

The tender vagina was at full capacity, but Darren's testes were not finished yet. The excess sludge was pressured out of Lisa's body and it rolled down her underside before dripping onto the sofa. 

The two lovers broke apart their kiss and collapsed onto the couch on top of each other. 

"Oh fuck, mom. That was incredible. Thank you so much." 

Lisa looked adoringly up at her son and pushed sweaty strands of his brown hair away from his forehead. Darren's chest pressed against hers and they inserted their tongues into each other's mouths. 

Too avoid the impending awkwardness, Lisa chuckled, "Well it looks like I have some more cleaning to do. Perhaps you should go get straightened up and I'll take care of the new stains on this couch." 


Later that night, after hours of working on his laptop, Darren walked downstairs to see his mother sitting at the kitchen table reading and drinking a glass of wine. She wasn't wearing an old hooded sweatshirt like she usually wore around the house. Lisa was wearing a tight fitting long-sleeve blouse that really showed off her figure. 

"Hey Mom, I just made the final edit on the...I mean our video...Do you want to have your copy?" 

Lisa looked up from her book with a mischievous grin. "Let s pop it into the DVD player, Sweetie! I want to see how it turned out." 

"Okay, I think you ll like it! I added some good music. We actually made an insanely good porno. Though, it went a little further than we thought it would," the son gleamed proudly. 

"Yes, I certainly wasn't expecting things to turn out the way they did. Though my body and I are glad they did." 

"So I guess this video is my memory of us doing things like that? I just have to be satisfied with this?" 

Lisa saw the look of disappointment on her son's face. "Let's just watch the video, Sweetie." 

Getting up from the kitchen table, Lisa paused. She looked back at Darren and held up her index finger. "But first, let me change into something that s a little easier to take off. I don t want to waste time undressing before we ravage each other's bodies... do you?" Lisa winked at her stunned son. 

In disbelief, Darren eagerly offered, "Should I put a towel down on the couch so you don't have a mess to clean up like last time?" 

Lisa softly bit her lower lip and grinned at her son as she strutted up to him. She whispered seductively into his ear, as she pressed her body into his, "Don't bother, Honey... Last time our mess was easy enough to lick up anyway. Love you, Sweetie." Lisa went upstairs to change.