Stories 18+ Unexpected sex fun with sister-in-law

Stories 18+ Unexpected sex fun with sister-in-law
Bit about the main players...

Myself - 5'8", average build, muscly arms and legs, 39

Wife - 5'3", average build, 40F chest, 32

Sister-in-law - 5'6", slim, 36C chest, 25

It was a stormy Saturday evening. My wife (Hannah) and I were sat in the living room waiting for the arrival of her sister, Georgina, for a few drinks and a movie or two. I had secretly had a 'crush' on my wife's sister for many years. She would often wear quite revealing clothes and had a gorgeous looking ass in her tight jeans.

Whilst waiting for the knock at the door, Hannah and I were watching Game of Thrones, a particularly raunchy episode with tits and ass everywhere. This was turning me on and I was visibly sporting a bit of a tent in my jogging trousers. This had not gone unseen by Hannah who reached her hand over and started rubbing the lower part of my thigh, by the knee. With each circular motion she went slightly higher, and I got slightly harder. We still watched the screen with anticipation as the action got filthier with every second that passed. After what had felt like an eternity, Hannah finally reached the top of the inside of my thigh and brushed my balls through the fabric of my bottoms. Her hand cupped my balls and began to playfully squeeze. Wasn't long then until she grasped at my cock through the fabric. Knowing it wouldn't be long until Georgina arrived, I took the bull by the horns. I stood up and yanked my trousers and boxers down and allowed my cock to spring free. I stood in front of Hannah and she cupped my balls with one hand, whilst stroking with the other. With every downward motion, I thrust my hips forward. I wanted a quick finish before her sister came. I edged closer and put my hand on the back of Hannah's head to show that I wanted to be in her mouth. She licked the tip of my cock helmet and then slowly put her mouth round my engorged dick. I began to thrust back and forth and was so close to emptying my load down her throat, and then...


"Ah, for fuck's sake!" I cursed in a whisper.

Hannah replied, with a smile on her face, "We'll have to continue later." 

As I yanked my boxers and trousers up, and made my way to the bathroom to compose myself, Hannah went to the door to greet her sister. I could hear them from the bathroom talking this and that about all sorts of shit that sisters seem to talk about. 

I came back just as Hannah was leaving the room to fix drinks for the three of us.

"What you having, honey?" she asked, "Georgina is having a JD and coke, and I'm having Bacardi and coke."

"I'll have one of my pear ciders please love," was my response.

"Sure thing," Said Hannah as she carried on to the kitchen, brushing my crotch with the tips of her fingers as she walked passed. My cock twitched as it was still in a semi awake stage. I tried to cover this as much as I could when I walked into the living room.

"Hi Georgie!" I called as I entered the room.

She leapt up from her seat, and ran to give me a hug. She was wearing a tight fitting top that, while clinging to her chest, unfortunately showed no cleavage. Her bottom half was covered in camo leggings. She pulled me into her arms and I could feel her breasts pressed against my chest. The smell of her hair was intoxicating and after rubbing her back in a hug situation, I could feel she was not wearing a bra. This all turned me on even more and she must have been able to feel my cock pressing against her leg. We released the hug, and she looked at me and smiled before making her way back to where she was sat, in the middle of the couch.

Hannah re-entered the room carrying the drinks. I took a seat to the left of Georgina whilst Hannah sat on her right.

"What film shall we watch?" asked Hannah, beckoning for Georgina to choose something from our DVD stash. As she bent over, her ass was facing the couch and the top of her thong was visible over the top of her leggings. The fabric on the leggings was also stretched so tight, you could see the fabric disappearing into the crack of her ass. I averted my gaze before the wife caught me.

"How about this one?" asked Georgina as she held up Wild Things.

"Never seen it," said Hannah, "Is it any good, love?"

"Cracking film!" was my response, knowing that my already heightened horniness would not be helped by some parts of this film.

Sat in the partially lit living room, with our drinks and snacks at the ready we began watching the film. Part way into the film, I asked to pause the film so I could get fresh drinks for all. The drinks requests were the same as before so I popped to the kitchen for refills. On my return to the room, Georgina had decided to lay across the couch, with her feet on Hannah's lap and her head where I had been sat.

"Bit harsh, Georgie, nicking my seat," I commented jokingly.

"If you don't mind my head on your leg, then there's still loads of room," Georgina responded. I motioned for her to lift her head so I could sit down. She laid her head softly back on top of my thigh.

The film got to the part where Denise Richards and Neve Campbell make out in the pool. I've always loved this scene and began to get a little aroused, sporting a semi hard cock. Luckily, Georgina's head was far enough away from the swelling that she didn't notice.

"Bit rude isn't it?" Hannah commented.

"Hadn't noticed," was my response.

At that moment, Georgina decided she needed to adjust her hair and put her hand through her hair to alter how it was laid under her. Her hand brushed over the tip of my growing cock. It was the slightest of touches but I could feel her pause for the briefest of seconds. She removed her hand and continued to watch the film. I couldn't get her touch out of my mind and stayed partially aroused, and sporting a tent, for the rest of the film.

As the film ended, Hannah went to the kitchen to refill everyone's drinks. The girls had the same as before, but I upgraded to a double scotch. I went to choose the next film, and selected Planet Of The Apes.

Hannah saw my choice and shook her head, "We are not watching that crap. I promised Georgie a good night of films. I'll choose."

"I'll help," responded Georgina and went to join Hannah at the DVD pile.

With them both bent over checking the DVDs, it was not long before I jumped back to attention. I playfully slapped Hannah on the ass and she shrieked.

"Hey!" said Georgina, "Don't slap her ass like that. You need to be loving and soft."

I was anything but soft at that moment and said, "Watch your mouth or you'll get one too."

"You wouldn't dare," Said Georgina, "You're too much of a prude to slap another girl's..."

She was interrupted by a slap across her ass. I may have let my hand linger a little longer than necessary, feeling her lovely skin through the fabric of the leggings.

"Ow! Now that's just rude. Turn around so I can repay the favour."

I looked at Hannah, not sure how to respond.

"She's right," she said, "Turn around. Georgie, give him time to clench though. Poor soul is rather sensitive."

As soon as I had somewhat reluctantly turned round, Georgina's hand crashed across my ass cheeks. She returned the hand for a cheeky squeeze.

"His ass is like rock!" She said to Hannah, "Think that hurt my hand more than him!"

"You better believe it. He doesn't look strong, but he is rather muscly. Martin, flex your arms and let Georgie have a feel."

As requested, I flexed my arms into the traditional muscle flexing pose us fellas have. Georgina placed her hand on my bicep and squeezed.

"My God, I never knew he was stacked."

"Martin, do your legs next. Georgie, they are even better."

Sure enough, I flexed my legs and Georgina pressed her hand against my calf to feel the muscle under there. Hannah started looking through the DVD stack again as Georgina squeezed along the outside of my thigh and looked up at me as she put her hand round behind me and briefly grasped my ass cheek again.

"I've got a film!" said Hannah, as she held 50 Shades of Grey aloft. My evening was going to be even harder now, as was something else.

We sat back on the couch in the same way we had started the previous film. The film started and we turned the lights back out as the boring, no action scenes played out at the start of the film. Half an hour in and Hannah paused the film to top up drinks. 

"Mind if I lay out on the couch again?" Georgina asked me.

"No problem."

"Okay, but I think you better have my feet this time. Don't want a repeat do we?" she said as she winked at me.

She stood from the couch, facing me, as she reached round to, I presume, adjust her thong. As she reached, her chest was pushed forwards and I could clearly see her nipples pressed against the fabric. I felt a familiar stirring below.

"Something you like the look of?" She asked, catching me staring and checking out the beginnings of a hill in my trousers.

"You wish! Besides, what you looking at?"

She didn't get the chance to respond as Hannah came back into the room with the drinks, and took her space back on the couch. Georgina got back onto the couch with her head on Hannah's lap and her feet on my lap.

The film started back up and it wasn't long until the first sexual scene. I began to get happier still in the crotch department. Georgina chose that moment to swift her feet and, as she did, one of her heels pressed against my growing erection. This time, she didn't flinch at the touch but carried on adjusting. When she finished moving, one foot was directly laid on my cock. As the rest of the film progressed, Georgina continued to occasionally shift her foot, rubbing my manhood and keeping me hard. Wasn't sure if she was aware of what she was doing, but I certainly was.

Little while longer and Hannah had fallen asleep on the couch. Georgina sat back up and leaned against me. I put my arm around her shoulders, with my hand naturally resting on her chest, out of reach of her tits.

"Wow. How can she sleep through this?" she said, "This film had my full attention. Even you're standing to attention."

"Watch it you!" I said, "And yes, Hannah is a very deep sleeper. A bomb could go off and she'd still be asleep."

"Oh. Can I ask a question?"

"Certainly. If it's too personal though, I won't be answering."

"When I felt your thigh earlier..."

"And grabbed my ass?" I interrupted.

"Yeah, sorry about that. When I felt your thigh earlier, it didn't occur to me at the time whether your inner thigh was just as muscly or whether it just hung there loose, like a flabby muscle."

"Certainly is muscly. Suppose you want to check. Do you want me stood?"

"Yes please."

I stood up from the couch and faced Georgina.

"Oh you are a happy boy aren't you?" She commented and pointed towards the tent in my trousers that was poking right at her. I put my hands down to cover myself, not realising that I had been so hard.

I tensed my legs as she began to feel the inside of my thigh. starting just above the knee with her hand clenching occasionally.

She was about half way up my thigh when she stopped.

"You alright?" I asked.

"Well," she said. "I've dated quite a lot of muscly fellas and you feel bigger than they were but it's hard to tell by feeling over the top of these trousers. Could you drop them?"

"Well I don't know. That might be a step too far don't you think? I've only got loose fitting boxers on and there wouldn't be much left to the imagination."

"It will be fine. I promise I won't look and, like you said, Hannah is a heavy sleeper and I won't be telling her."

"Okay," I said and began to pull down my trousers. Sure enough, the boxers left little to the imagination as my cock pressed against the thin fabric.

"Nice," said Georgina as she looked directly at my crotch.

"You said you wouldn't look!"

"Hey, I'm a young, horny woman. I'm gonna look."

She placed her hand on my leg again, starting back on the inner thigh just above the knee. Her hand moved slowly upwards as she grasped the muscle along the way. She got right to the top so her hand was squeezing the top of my inner thigh, while the back of her hand and fingers brushed against my balls through the boxers.

"Oh, I can't see the top of the thigh."

"I'm not getting rid of the boxers. It wouldn't be right."

"What would make it right?" She asked

"Well," I responded, "It might be more balanced if you could lose your top. I know you're braless but it would be your tits to see my everything. What do you think?"

"I don't wanna see your bits, Martin, just your thigh! But I suppose it's only fair."

She stood and grasped at the bottom of her top and lifted slowly. She had to pull at the top to get passed her tits which bounced out beautifully. They were even more perfect in the flesh.

"Happy now?" she asked as she placed the top on the couch and retook her seat.

"You could say that." Was my response as my erection got to the point where it was aching to be used. "could you shut your eyes while I drop the boxers?"

She closed her eyes and I dropped my boxers. I covered everything I could manage with my hands as I told her to open her eyes.

"So shy," she teased.

"Just get on with it."

Her hand started once again on the inside of my thigh, just above the knee. She squeezed gently as she began her ascent to the top. As she reached the top of the thigh, the back of hand once again brushed my balls, but this time there was no fabric. My cock twitched behind my hands. This time she didn't linger but moved her hand to cup my sack and gave me a playful squeeze.

"Hey!" I hissed through clenched teeth.

"Ah, you love it. Here," she said as she removed on of my hands, "feel my tits if that makes you feel better."

I didn't need to be asked twice. I placed my hand on her beautiful mound as my other kept my cock hidden from view, pressed back against me.

She leaned forward and kissed the inside of my thigh, sending jolts through my cock. She started above my knee and made her way upwards. She only got so far before my balls were resting against her face. She turned and looked at me before diving on my balls and taking them into her mouth. She playfully ran her tongue over them inside her mouth. She reached up and removed the hand covering my cock, placing it on her other tit. As I massaged her tits and began playing with her nipples, she began to kiss the length of my cock, starting from the base. As she worked her way to the tip, one hand went round the back to grab my now naked ass and the other was playing with my balls.

Reaching the tip of my cock, she teased the end, playing her tongue tip round the edge of my helmet. I pushed forwards showing I wanted more. She obliged and allowed my cock to enter her warm, wet mouth. With both hands on my ass, she took control of my thrusts as I continued to play with her gorgeous tits. I thrust back and forth trying to delay the inevitable. I was determined to cum in her mouth. Her tongue darted along the length of my shaft as she held me in her mouth. I reached the point of no return and sent spurt after spurt into her mouth. When I was emptied, she swallowed the lot. She pulled my boxers and trousers back up and slapped me on the ass.

"Next time, I get the fun," she said.

"There'll be a next time?" I asked.

"You better believe it," she responded as she stood and retrieved her top, putting it back on.

We took our seats back on the couch just as the film came to the end, and Hannah decided to wake.

"What did I miss?" she asked groggily.

"How about most of the film?" I responded.

"Sorry I fell asleep Georgie."

"No problems sis," Said Georgina, "Martin made sure I was entertained. Anyway, I better get back home. I've got a date tomorrow lunch time with Scott, a friend from work."

"I'll see you out," I said.

We all rose from the couch and Georgina gave Hannah a hug before accompanying me to the door.

"Well," She said, "Until next time," as she lent over and kissed me hard on the lips.

"Until next time indeed," I responded and reached around and grabbed her ass with both hands as I pulled her closer, returning the kiss.

She left and I returned to the living room.

"Well, did she like the film?" Hannah asked.

"I think so. It was a bit hard to concentrate with you snoring."

"My fake snoring is rather convincing isn't it?" She said as I looked at her with a rather bemused expression. "I had my eyes partly open and saw the entire thing. Sexiest thing I ever seen."

"Ummm..." was all I could muster.

"I need more than 'ummm' from you mister," as she reached over and grabbed me by the balls, "I'm super horny and need servicing."