Stories 18+ Weirdest most erotic experiences of my life

Stories 18+ Weirdest most erotic experiences of my life
I'll never have another summer like this one! I was eighteen and feeling so grown up now that I was about to enter college. As excited as I was to be a freshman, without question the biggest day of the entire summer, maybe even the biggest day of my entire life to that point, was the day I gave my virginity to Steve. Steve was the brother of my friend Sharon. Just a few weeks earlier it was like he didn't even notice me with my small boobs and skinny legs but after flirting with him as his family's camp with some of Sharon's friends he asked me out!! I gave him my first blowjob that night and a couple weeks later we had sex for the very first time. Well, it was MY very first time but that's all that mattered to me.

By the time I started going out with Steve then my hormones had already been raging furiously for the past couple of years as they were in all my friends. Although I'd long ago discovered the miracles of masturbation, once I had the feel (literally) of the real thing it seemed that I couldn't get enough of it! I've never done drugs of any type but the best way I can describe how I felt after experiencing sex for the first time was that I was addicted. I've heard that there are drugs that can lead to addiction after only one use. Well I don't know if that's true or just something to scare people but based on my own personal experience, when it comes to sex I can attest that it's definitely not an urban myth! One time and I was hooked!

My transformation from semi-innocent church girl to a genuine cum-loving slut was as quick as it was dramatic. It was like overnight it became where all I could think about night and day was how incredible it felt to have Steve fuck me. For the first couple of weeks after our first time, I don't think we met once when we didn't have sex at some point. He even fucked me once during a church service after I excused myself to supposedly use the restroom. Other than my ever watchful mother, nobody seemed to notice that Steve had the same need at the same time...

Having sex with Steve also changed our relationship, at least for me it has. When we first started dating all I would do was blow him. He kept asking me out as apparently I had a natural "gift" but it wasn't like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Each time I turned away his advances and from his increasing frustrations I had no doubt that he would've stopped asking me out if I didn't put out sooner or later. It wasn't like he didn't have every other girl in school just waiting for him to ask her out.

So finally it came to put out or get out. Still, I like to think that once we started having sex he saw how eager I was that he started seeing me as more than just another conquest. It thrilled me to no end as he gradually stopped seeing other girls until I was the only one he was dating. His sister Sharon was positively amazed! I can remember her telling me how she never would've believed her horny older brother would ever settle down with just one girl. In fact she seemed more than a little jealous which was a little weird but it just made me feel all the better.

As we've being seeing more of each other I like to tell people that I love Steve but realistically I'm mature enough to know that I don't love him in a true romantic way the way my mom loves my dad. Do I have a crush on the older boy who was fucking me... heck yes! Is he the love of my life and my future husband... no, at least not yet at this stage of our relationship. Despite his rather formidable reputation he's earned with the girls he's been with in the past, when he is with me Steve is always a gentleman. I love that he always makes me feel special when we have sex. I'm so lucky to have a guy like him at a time of my life dominated by "firsts", someone who won't take advantage of my naivety. Gradually over time my feelings for him may mature to a deeper form of love but at this point I'm simply infatuated with the guy.

It's been two months since our first time and Steve is still the only guy I've had sex with. Thanks to Steve's eagerness to tell everyone about us my popularity has surged like a rocket with all the boys at school. As such my friends can't understand why I'm not "branching out". Oh sure it would be easy to go out with other guys and indeed I've turn down a lot of offers. For now I'm happy enjoying the thrill of finally having guys look at me like I'm sexy, leering at me and making lewd comments. So long as Steve is satisfying me why complicate things? Why kill the golden goose as they say! I trust Steve totally and enjoy having sex with him so I'm quite pleased with my life at the moment.

Thankfully my parents have been great and supportive of me during this time of change. They both encourage me in their own ways. My mom is best when it comes to listening to me tell her about my most recent date with Steve. Afterwards she typically offer suggestions and tips for how I might make our next date even better. My dad has always enjoyed buying me cute outfits but they were usually just for wearing at home so I could pose for his private photo collection. Once I was started sex on a regular basis he took me out to Victoria's Secrets and bought me some sexy bra and panty sets to wear out on dates. It was sort of funny as in the past the last thing he ever wanted me to wear were bras and panties! He also likes taking me out for new bikinis and other outfits to keep Steve's eyes on me. 

Once Steve was really pleased with a new bikini I was wearing and he made a comment about thanking my mom for letting me buy it. I corrected him, telling him my dad had been the one to pick it out and Steve gave me the weirdest look! Although he didn't say anything I couldn't forget about it so after that I didn't mention anything about my dad buying my clothes. Boy, if Steve couldn't understand why my dad would buy me sexy string bikinis, imagine if he's see the latest baby doll nightie I posed in just a few weeks earlier! I guess he just figured most dads are super protective of their daughters but make no mistake of it, my dad WAS all that... and more.

For example, my dad is obsessed with my safety, even more so now that I was having sex. He made it clear from the start that he would much rather that Steve and I fool around upstairs in my bedroom than sneak off and do it in the backseat of his mom's car in some parking lot where God only knew who might see us or what else might happen. I suppose given Steve's family situation it was only natural that the first few times I invited him up to my bedroom while my dad was home that he felt a bit intimidated and self-conscious (to put it mildly). It took a bit of coaxing but eventually his horniness overcame his shyness and since then he's become a frequent visitor.

While Steve may have been accepting of my dad's offer to use my bedroom, I've wondered what he would say if he knew the flip side of the coin. Besides just providing us with a place where WE were safe, my bedroom was also where my dad could make sure I was safe was well. I think he essentially trusted Steve but only to a point. Like it's been said, "trust but verify". Having been a teenage boy himself a long time ago, he knew the urges and desires that can sometime take control of men, especially teenage boys. Steve wasn't born blessed with any superhuman powers of resistance so in my dad's view it doesn't hurt to keep a close eye on us - his eye to be more exact. Thus part of the condition of using my room has been that we can't close the door all the way. At first my dad teased Steve (at least tried to) that it was so in case I screamed he could hear me. Well, that may be true but there's more. The reality is my dad sneaks a peek now and then just to make sure everything is OK or more specifically, that I'm OK. Personally I think it's a bit overkill as I trust Steve totally but hey, so long as it makes my dad feel better I don't care.

Really, why can't more parents be like my mine? Far too many girls are forced to hide everything from their parents which can lead to problems that may not have arisen had their parents been there to support them and protect them. It's no wonder that teen suicide rates are so high, especially among girls, and that teen pregnancies are as common as they are when girls are left to deal with incredible emotional and physical issues on their own!

Believe it or not there ARE lines we don't cross at my house. For instance my parents aren't nudist so running around stark naked for no good reason is considered rude. My parents never have sex in front of me which is the only time a door was shut in our house. According to my mom some things are meant to be just between a husband and wife. I didn't need to SEE them making love as I had no doubt they loved one another. I have to admit thought to being a little curious, especially given how thin the walls are in our old house.

Taking a cue from my parents' example, I've never even thought about having sex with Steve openly in front of my parents. Technically a BJ isn't sex but I think that would still be crossing a line with my parents not to mention having any sort of sex in front of my parents would be a bridge WAY too far for Steve. As for me, as horny as I am at times I wouldn't care WHO was in the room! Oh well, you can't have everything I guess.

As I mentioned before, while Steve and I didn't have to worry about having sex privately at my house, it was a totally different situation at his. There we had to be a LOT more discreet as his mother wasn't nearly as open-minded as my parents when it came to her kids having sex. The very suggestion was enough to get her riled up so I could only imagine what she might've said had we tried doing anything when she was around. The irony was that Steve had quite the reputation at school with the girls so it wasn't like he'd been some innocent virgin that I was corrupting. If anything it was the exact opposite so why was I getting the accusing looks? Heck, Steve was doing my best friend Beth's months before he even thought about did me and yet Marlene adored Beth!

Yes, it's true. Although Steve's mom and I got along fine when I was just Sharon's friend it seems that once Steve and I started getting serious that things have changed. Suddenly she started making little snide comments about the way I dress, especially when my shorts ride up too high and show off my butt or when my nipples poke through a thin top. It's a little confused as it's not like I dress any different now than I had before. Once I even could've sworn I heard her mumble something like "little slut" under her breath after she eyed me in one of my favorite cutoffs (the ones with big holes in the butt) and a tiny bikini top. OK, so I admit the top was really way too small but it isn't like there's all that much to hide. Now if my boobs were spilling out the way Beth's do in the undersized tops she favors then I could understand but Marlene doesn't even look twice at her.

Speaking of being called a slut... when Steve or my dad call me their "little slut" I take it as a compliment in they mean I look sexy and slutty. Not so when Marlene says as she uses a completely different tone of voice that makes it obvious she isn't complimenting me!

Given the way things were I'm sure all hell would break loose if his mom ever found out that her supposed saint of a son has been fucking his little girlfriend pretty much on a daily basis the past couple of months - sometimes even twice or more. Yeah, and she would probably faint dead away if she knew about the time we did it on her bed! That was Steve's idea which I thought was a little weird at the time but since he promised to fuck me extra good I wasn't about to say anything. Well, he kept his word! Later when I told Sharon about it she just whined because he didn't want to do it on HER bed, LOL.

What I would love to tell Steve, but don't even dare consider doing so, is that it would be far more interesting to see his mom's reaction if she knew that her own daughter was jealous of me and would do about anything to have her older brother all to herself! Actually, it would be just as interesting to get Steve's reaction as well but Sharon had sworn me to secrecy. Not that I blamed either one of them. I think the whole "do my brother" thing of Sharon's is kinky at best and I'm the one fucking him!

Once Steve and I started having sex regularly it didn't take long for me to discover something new about myself besides an unquenchable appetite for his dick. Turns out not only am I a slut but quite the exhibitionist as well. Oh sure I've always loved posing in sexy clothes for my dad but that was at home and after all, he IS my dad. With Steve doing me most days my self-confidence has gone through the roof and I love displaying myself in front of everyone and anyone. At first we just did it in my bedroom or in his basement but soon we branched out. I found some of my favorite places to have sex were those that had an element of danger, someplace where someone might catch us like a movie theater or simply somewhere we weren't supposed to do it. I found that doing it in church was always lots of fun and really got me off, especially if I could listen to the service while we were doing it! It so turned me on knowing all those people were up there with not a clue as to what was happening right below them in a deserted classroom... I loved it and the element of danger seemed to make me cum even harder.

We were just horny teenagers after all so sometimes when one of us was really extra randy we do it at times and places that aren't always the smartest. For instance not too long ago he'd fucked me in the basement of their house during one of Sharon's slumber parties when his mom was home. Her bedroom was right over us at the time and I don't know how in the world she didn't hear us but I'm guessing her TV must have been too loud. Wow, if she had decided to come downstairs and caught us it would have been all over for him - and maybe me too. Still, it was the element of risk that made it feel so incredible to have him fuck me at times like that. All I know is I really came hard that night and as I did I was looking up wondering if she could hear me moaning!

As much fun as it is to find someplace new, usually it's just easier to simply do it in my bedroom. Granted it may not be as adventurous but it's convenient and always available. I can still remember one day not long after we'd started having sex when we were at my house and Steve was fucking me hard in the missionary position. With the way my bed is positioned in my room it meant he was facing away from the door so he didn't see what I did - my dad peeking through the crack as he watched us from the hallway! Thankfully Steve never saw him! Of course, since the thought of sex with MY parents never even crossed my mind, it never occurred to me that my dad might be thinking about anything more than just watching us. Like that would have been gross!

While I knew he was keeping an eye on us, that was the first time I actually saw my dad watching me having sex but not the last by far. As it was I just smiled at my dad and turned my attention back to Steve's cock as he plowed me with it like some sort of fucking machine. It was also the first time anyone had actually watched me having sex at least so far as I knew. Being watched so turned me on even though it was my dad seeing me. I had a major orgasm right on the spot but the funny part was that Steve was so proud of himself thinking HE was responsible for my incredible orgasm. Well I wasn't like I was about to tell him the real reason!

Chapter 2 - Steve's Mom and Sister


Before I paint too bad of a picture of her, Steve's mom really shouldn't be blamed completely for being the way she is. Her no-good cheating husband had dumped her for his young secretary which would sour about any middle-aged woman on men and sex. The shame is that Marlene still works hard to keep herself in great shape and looks at least ten years younger than she was so it was no wonder that she is so embittered about men, especially when it came to sexy young girls even if they were just eighteen. Was she thinking I was going to "steal" her son away from her like her husband's secretary had done with him? I'll let the psych majors answer that one but you never know what people might be thinking. In my humble opinion there's a huge difference between your teenage son having sex with his girlfriend and your husband committing adultery but when it comes to a mother's heart all bets are off and logic doesn't apply.

After a bitter divorce Marlene got full custody of Sharon and Steve along with their younger brother Jim. Their selfish father didn't even contest custody as apparently he didn't want any kids hanging around to interfere with him and his new harlot. Steve's mother will sometimes go off on a rant about men and how they want nothing but sex so as a general rule we never do anything at his house unless his mom is gone. Sharon is home sometimes but that's OK with me as she swore to be discreet and always leaves us alone - or so Steve thinks.

What Steve doesn't seem to know is that his younger sister has the hots for her big brother! Sharon has always mentioned things like that but we all just assumed she was pulling our legs. It wasn't until her brother started fucking me that I saw how jealous she was and realized her so-called jokes weren't joke at all! Steve has no idea but I knew that Sharon spies on us having sex whenever she can. Sort of like my dad but she does it to get off and could care less about my safety! 

As you might imagine, I never told Steve about this but often after Steve has fucked me Sharon and I will sit down together and discuss it. Sometimes we get so turned on that we each start masturbating as we imagine Steve fucking each of us in an incestuous threesome. OK, I'll admit THAT one is more than a little weird but any excuse to masturbate works for me! Before Sharon I'd never really thought much about incest in the past, most likely in part because I'm an only child, but it turned me on to listen to Sharon talk about how much she wanted her brother and then to see her masturbating as she called his name... that was just HOT! I'd never met anyone before who wanted to have sex with someone in their own family. While it seemed REALLY strange at first to have my friend getting off to thoughts of her own brother, I really couldn't blame her. Heck, if Steve had been MY older brother I probably would've felt the same way!

Much to Sharon's frustration though, Steve is NOT into the incest thing and so far as he's concerned Sharon didn't exist unless he was trying to get information about me. She's all but thrown herself at him but the more she flaunts herself the more he pulls away from her. Well, at least one member of the family s normal!

As much as we masturbate together, neither Sharon or I have never even mentioned anything about having sex together. Given my infatuation with my boyfriend's cock I certainly don't consider myself a lesbian and other than some innocent pranks during a sleepover or girls-only party I've never even seen two girls doing it for real. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if either of us took the initiative and made a first move? I don't think Sharon would resist given the way we kissed at her last slumber party although it didn't hurt that my mouth had been full of her brother's cum at the time! I'm not really turned on by the thought of sex with girls yet I enjoy masturbating with my friends - go figure! Then again, I masturbate with my mom and WE don't have sex so maybe it's not that big of a deal.

In any case, Steve and I always make sure that before we fool around at his house that his mom is definitely not going to return before we're done. Just too many potential complications otherwise!

On this day Steve's mom went out to get her hair done - something that typically takes three to four hours at a minimum. Sharon told Steve that she was going to be out with some friends shopping so as soon the moment that the two of them were out the door Steve was dialing me to inform me that we had his house to ourselves!

Unknown to Steve, I actually got TWO phone calls, the one from Steve but Also another from Sharon informing me that she would really be hiding and watching us so I was to be sure Steve fucked me someplace easy to watch - like the living room or family room and not his bedroom. I was in the kitchen with my mom when they both called and she asked me what all the phone calls were about. I practically giggled like a grade school girl I was so excited.

"It's gonna be so cool... Steve's mom is out at the salon and he wants me to come over," was all I said at first. My mom looked at me and shook her head in mock disbelief.

"Somehow that grin on your face tells me he didn't just ask you to come Over to talk about homework," she teased me.

My tongue licked my lips subconsciously and I just gave her my patented naughty look. She responded by rolling her eyes at me the way she does whenever she can't believe something about me.

"Yeah, I figured as much... have fun." Then she seemed to think for a moment and her eyes tunneled in on me again. "OK, that was the first call I assume so who was the second from?"

I hesitated for a moment, something she immediately picked up and now she was REALLY interested in whereas I think until I gave myself away it was more idle curiosity. I could've told her most anything had I answered right away but now she knew me well enough to figure out that it must be something more personal. Oh well, what could it hurt?

"Well, that was Sharon telling me she would be hiding at home to watch us," I blurted out, figuring best to just get it out and over with.

"Sharon? You mean his sister Sharon?... she watches you two having sex?"

I couldn't tell for sure if she was curious, surprised or chocked. My mom and I had never really discussed incest, except maybe in a clinical way like after something would come up in the news so I had no idea how she felt about the subject. Since we'd never talked about it I had to assume it wasn't something she was all that interested in or maybe it was something that bothered her to talk about.

"She just watches us Mom... it's not like she joins in or anything weird like that."

"But still... does Steve know his sister is watching?"

"Oh heavens no!" I replied quickly, "Trust me, he's not interested in her at all."

"OK, I don't see any harm either way... I was just wondering is all."

I kissed her on the cheek and gave her a hug. My mom was so wonderful! How many other moms would encourage their eighteen year-old daughter to go off and let their boyfriend screw them - and then say it was Ok for his sister to watch?

Turning to go, my mom called out, "Hey, is that anyway to kiss your own mother?"

She was right of course but I was so worked up about seeing Steve I hadn't really thought about it.

"Sorry Mom," I apologized as I turned and put my arms around her neck and kissed her. Her lips felt so warm against mine! As our tongues met I thought about feeling Steve's tongue on my clit and I moaned softly. My mom broke off and looked at me a little strange.

"I hope that was meant for Steve," she whispered softly yet there was something in her tone I couldn't quite place.

"Sorry mom," I apologized, blushing a little. Exactly what I was sorry for I wasn't sure but it seemed the right thing to say under the circumstances.

She just waved me off and so I ran upstairs to quickly freshen up. Fortunately I'd showered earlier but my hair was a wreck so I pulled it back in a ponytail which I knew Steve preferred on me anyways. He said it made me look even younger which seemed to help fulfill some fantasy of his. Whatever. A pair of jeans and blouse was all I decided to wear as I knew it really didn't matter what I wore - it wouldn't be on me for long if I knew Steve!

Needless to say, I was getting hornier with each step I took over to their house. God, I couldn't wait to be fucked by Steve but to have Sharon watch us without Steve knowing just made it all the more special! I remembered the first time she'd watched. I had no idea she had until afterwards when we were talking and she brought it up. At first I felt almost violated but then I realized how turned on it made her and now I loved it all the more when she watched as well. There was just something about knowing she was watching and wishing she could have what I was getting that turned me on.

Chapter 4 - Steve Fucks Me


When I arrived at their house, Steve met me at the front door wearing my favorite outfit - absolutely nothing! Seeing his awesome nude body when he opened the door for me sent a chill up and down my spine. The sly grin on his face told me he'd obviously been thinking about me as well - not to mention the massive erection he was slowly stroking. I looked behind me at the street and wondered if anyone was watching close enough to see him nude in the doorway! Steve seemed to be thinking the same thing when he retreated back into the entranceway a bit.

"Come on Kelly! Quit wasting time... get that cute little ass in here!"

No matter how many times I'd seen and touched it, I couldn't help but stare at his swollen cock as it stood at attention. When it was hard like this it also curved upward like a banana. Mmmmmmm, it definitely looked like it was ready for action.

I quickly entered, closing the painted steel door behind me, and stripped right there in the entranceway as he watched and stroked himself. When I was done moments later I just left my clothes in a pile at the door. Oh well, so much for worrying about what to wear! Steve looked at me with his mouth hanging open. I loved it when he looked at me that way, like a starving dog with a steak in front of him ready to be served.

"God you look so cute," he whispered to me in an almost reverent tone, "I love it when you wear your hair that way. Are you sure you're eighteen?"

He was teasing of course but between having my hair pulled back, my little boobs and short fuzzy pussy hair, I probably DID look more like sixteen than eighteen. Normally that would've discouraged me since I was always embarrassed when I was naked around girls my age. Being with Steve and seeing how turned he got was really the only time I felt good about looking younger than my age. My mom tried to console me by saying that I would appreciate the family genes when I got older. Maybe so, but there were times on the beach I would've loved to have bigger boobs for the guys to stare at.

"Hmmmmmm," I said back to him as I stared at his wonderful cock, "And just what have you been thinking about doing to me that made THIS happen? Just what kind of girl do you think I am?"

Steve just laughed. "I know EXACTLY what kind of girl you are Kelly. You're a naughty little slut who can never get enough of my cock so just shut up and get that little ass on the couch so I can give you want you came over here for!" 

I pretended to pout at the slut comment but I knew in fact I really was one - or well on my way at least. Frankly I didn't care that people were starting to call me a slut - some even to my face. I loved sex and I didn't care if people knew it. As for the couch, it didn't matter to me where Steve fucked me, just so long as he fucked me somewhere! Besides, it should let Sharon have a great view assuming she was hiding somewhere.

We were both nude so the undressing ritual was avoided allowing us both to sit down on the couch close to each other. He put his strong arms around me and pulled me tight against his hard body. I loved the feel of my breasts pushing against his chest and I could see his hard cock standing up, waiting for me. I had one arm around his lower back and then I reached down to grab his tight wrestler ass and massaged it.

Steve was not only an athlete but he also worked on a local farm during the summer. Mmmmmmm, here wasn't an ounce of fat on him. His bare butt was so warm and smooth - I loved the firm feel of it in my hands. We kissed for a while, our tongues exploring as he played with my hair and ran his hands all over me. As he ran his fingers through my hair I shivered as a chill ran through my body. I loved it when someone played with my hair and it became literally a sexual experience when Steve did it long enough.

If we'd been at my house where I knew we had as much time as we wanted I could've stayed beside him like that for hours. Cuddling and gentle groping is a massive turn-on for me although I knew Steve's cock had other intentions. I couldn't blame him as after all, he WAS a guy which meant he just wanted to fuck me and get it over with. It was obvious from the way his cock quivered that it was demanding attention so finally Steve sat up straight on the couch while I kneeled on the floor between his knees. Holding his wonderful dick in one hand, my other hand was soon between my legs were I could feel my soaking wet pussy craving some attention of its own.

"That's it, suck my dick Kelly," Steve demanded, "C'mon, take it in your mouth and suck it!"

Ignoring his directions, I gently licked the underside of his hard cock, teasing him as he pressed it forward to try to push it in my mouth. Then I twirled my tongue around the head several times and looked up at him.

"Mmmmmmm, so do you like my mouth on your cock Steve?"

He nodded vigorously and so I continued, "Tell me how it feels."

I spit on his cock to get it wetter and more slippery so it would be easier to stroke it with my hand. Taking his swollen head in my mouth, I sucked on it like it was a popsicle, letting my tongue have its way with it. Then I took him in all the way as I allowed my hand to slide off of him just as my lips reached the base of his hairy crotch. I shook my head back and forth with his cock pressing against the back of my throat. He smelled so good and with my nose buried in his pubic hair the musky male odor of his crotch was almost overwhelming.

Steve laid his head back against the couch and groaned, "Oh god Kelly, that feels so good! Suck it more, suck my dick you fucking bitch!"

He really didn't have to ask as I was more than happy to do it on my own! Using my hand and mouth I sucked his cock like it was the last one I would ever have. My hand stroked it on the upward movement, following my mouth as it let him escape and then stroking him downward as my mouth absorbed him again. He felt so warm in my mouth and I loved the taste of him. His crotch had a strong musky smell that was sensual and just a little dirty at the same time. His pubic hair would play against my face and forehead when I took him in my mouth, tickling me and reminding me of where my head was - buried in my boyfriend's crotch like some sort of whore!

Steve had both hands on my head, grabbing my hair and driving my head down onto him. As he got more excited his hips started to buck up against me in time with my movements as if he was trying to fuck my mouth.

"Oh fuck Kelly, don't stop! Dammit don't stop now!... Suck it... Suck my dick!"

His voice was rising and I wondered if Sharon was getting an eyeful of how good I was sucking her brother. I could imagine her playing with herself, wishing it was her name he was calling out instead of mine.

Steve was humping my face the way he likes to fuck my pussy, driving himself deeper into my mouth with each stroke. He began to pant like a dog and suddenly he lifted himself up and pushed my head down onto him hard just as a huge load of cum ejected from his cock directly into my mouth. It was hot and slimy with a salty aftertaste and I loved it better than any steak dinner. He held my head onto him as he came again and again, each time filling my mouth fuller and fuller with his sperm.

Between his cock rammed all the way in and the ever expanding load of cum, I wasn't able to hold it all in and so I loosened my lips to let some of it spill out. It dripped down off my chin and onto the couch but this wasn't the first time the poor couch had been stained by cum and it wouldn't be the last if I had anything to do with it 

Steve must have been hornier than even he usually was as he unleashed even more load of his cum into me. He gave me at least five or six full loads plus a few drops afterwards as he slowed his humping and finally settled back in the couch. He loosened his grip on my head and I was finally able to lift it up. His cock flopped from my lips and it took several swallows to rid my mouth of his cum. Even then, a little was left so I spit it out onto his cock and stroked him with my hand, spreading his cum all over it. Finally I licked it clean again, feeling him spasm as my tongue went over the base of his sensitive cock head.

After he had cum his cock had softened a little but as I licked it and kissed it I could feel the heat building again in it and it wasn't long before my twenty year-old stud was ready to go again! I was thrilled because my pussy was literally dripping with the anticipation of having this incredible cock drilling its way into it soon. I looked him in the eyes and licked my lips slowly, slowly letting a sexy smile appear on my face. Then I slowly spoke the words that I knew he loved to hear.

"Fuck me," I whispered in a hoarse voice almost overcome with my need for him.

That was all, just two words but I'd found out quickly that those two words did more to turn Steve on than anything else I could say to him. I loved saying them because it usually meant he would quickly do exactly that!

Just then I could have sworn that I heard a sound and for just a moment I felt this prickly feeling on the back of my neck like someone was watching us. I smiled as I pictured Sharon trying to sneak a peek Of her brother and girlfriend doing it. Sharon told me she often masturbated while she watched us so I assumed the noises I thought I'd heard were just her getting a little carried away. Steve apparently hadn't heard anything so I was glad she was enjoying the show as the best was yet to come!

Then I heard it again and this time I was sure it was real. What the heck was it?

My thoughts didn't wander long as I could feel Steve's cock stiffen even more after I's asked him to fuck me. Steve had told me early in our relationship that nothing turned a guy on like having a sexy girl beg him to fuck her. He said that guys were always dying to get in a girl's pants and for her to actually beg for it was the ultimate cock teaser.

Steve maneuvered me on my hands and knees so he could enter me from behind doggy style. I spread my legs apart for him and felt his fingers spreading my pussy apart. Then I felt what I'd been waiting for ever since he phoned me earlier - the feel of his thick erection pressing against me, trying its best to penetrate me. Oh wow, I wanted him in me just as badly as he did so I pushed my bare butt back against him to help to drive his head into me. My tight pussy resisted him at first of course but he just pushed harder and suddenly it was like I was being split apart as his cock literally forced its way deep inside of me.

When having sex I particularly love that first moment when Steve's cock first violates me, when it literally splits me apart and then rubs up against the ultra-sensitive wet regions just inside the entrance to my pussy. Whether it be his finger or his cock, Steve is always trying to push SOMETHING into me as far as he can, as if there was a prize for getting the farthest up me. The strange truth is that it's only the first inch or so of my pussy that's really sensitive. Leaving his cock head barely in me actually stimulates me more than anything. Pushing his whole cock in me gives me the satisfaction of knowing he is coupled more deeply with me, sharing more of me, and thus is more of an emotional uplifting than physical.

In all fairness, pushing in deeper into me is also good in the sense that when he strokes in and out it's like a violinist taking a long stroke against the strings and thus producing more of a sustained note than a short one. Well, I guess you could say Steve plays my pussy like a violin. He pressed harder and I could feel more of him entering me, filling me with his stiff teenage cock.

Finally my butt was tickled by his bush of pubic hair and I felt his crotch pressed against my ass so I knew he was in all the way then. We were coupled together, joined as one using the most intimate parts of our bodies. As I said, feeling him deep in me made me feel wonderful in an emotional way, knowing Steve was literally mating me in every sense of the word. Steve reached around me and massaged my small breasts as I kept one hand rubbing my pussy. He loved it when I did that because his cock could feel my pussy moving as I fingered my clit. He also knew that I loved to touch myself any chance I got plus it helped me to reach a stronger orgasm than I got with just his cock in me.

"Stay there," I asked, "Just stay there a moment."

He was anxious to fuck me so I knew it wouldn't last long but I loved this moment when we first got started. On my knees with my boyfriend inside of me, I closed my eyes and squeezed down on him, marveling that this hard warm thing was filling me. It was like he was now a part of me as I accepted him. I felt so... complete I guess is the word to use. Like somehow I had been empty and missing something which now had been restored.

It only lasted a few seconds though as Steve started to literally pound my butt as his cock slipped in and out of me like a battering ram when this time I thought for sure I saw a shadow or something. Damn! If Sharon wasn't careful then Steve was going to catch her and then who knew what might happen! Actually I'd masturbated a number of times fantasizing about what I HOPED would happen but in real life things don't always work out the way we wish they would.

If that was true then I guess that meant this was real life to the max...

Chapter 5 - His Mom Watches Us


Steve grunted as he pushed hard into me and I closed my eyes as his cock filled me to where I thought I might burst. When I opened them and focused, out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman entering the room. I immediately assumed it was Sharon and for a brief second I thought my ultimate fantasy was about to come true. Suddenly a voice rang out and my heart sank as I realized I was not only dead wrong about it being Sharon watching us, but completely screwed as well - and not in the way I was loving Steve doing it.

Obviously it hadn't been NOT Sharon that was watching us all this time. No, that would have been to lucky. Instead it turned out to be Steve's MOM! Oh... My... God!

Marlene was dressed in jeans and a blouse - not all that unlike what I'd worn over actually except she had a bra on which meant most likely panties as well. Why I even noticed that I can't say as it's not like she ever didn't have them on. Just weird things you notice when you're life flashes before your eyes. After taking a few steps in, she paused to take in the scene spread out in front of her. I could only imagine what was going through her mind. Dang, just how long had she been watching us anyway and why did she wait until now to make herself known? For that matter, why wait at all or else why not just stay where she was if she wasn't going to? It's really amazing how many thoughts can run through your head in about one second!

"Alright you two, don't either of you move one muscle - stay exactly as you are!"

She sounding exactly like you'd expect a mother to sound when she finds her kids misbehaving. Now you would think our first reaction would've been to separate and hide ourselves but the shock was so great we both froze in place. It was more than just a bit weird since it left both of us nude in front of her with Steve kneeling behind me, his hard cock buried to the hilt in my wet pussy. What was even more surreal was there were no sign of him losing his erection and I could still feel my pussy throbbing around his cock. It seemed that neither his cock or my pussy could care less what was happening - they just wanted to stay together no matter what their owners were thinking! 

We both looked over to the middle of the room where his mother was standing and then I was horrified to see she was holding Sharon's fancy 35mm camera! Wow, like not only were we busted, she even had proof! His mom stepped up closer and looked sternly at the two of us. I dreaded to think about what was going to happen next. What in the world could she be thinking with the two of us in front of her all naked and coupled tightly together in what she probably considered a sinful act?

We might have stayed that way all day if his mom hadn't broken the silence saying, "You know, I had a sneaky suspicion that the two of you little horny toads have been up to no good lately so I parked on a side street and sneaked back into the house. Well, I've been watching you two sex fiends go at it like rabbits. I took pictures of everything so don't try denying it!"

Yeah, like we would be likely to claim that we were just doing homework And his dick just happened to be inside of me. All I could think was that this couldn't be happening! It was so surreal, like I was in some dream or nightmare instead of real life. Who would ever believe it was possible outside some porn movies? me stark naked on my elbows and knees gripping my boyfriend's stiff dick with my eighteen year-old pussy while his self-righteous mother stood just six feet away! 

It couldn't get any more shocking, could it? Wrong! It was then that I realized she wasn't just standing there either - she was still taking pictures! What made it really bizarre was that Steve's cock was staying rock hard while she did, still not shrinking an inch inside me. Then again only a young horny teenage boy could've maintained an erection under the circumstances and Steve certainly met all the criteria. 

As for me, I was feeling totally confused. On the one hand, I was mortified that his mother had caught us like this. Yet on the other hand I could still feel Steve's dick in me, fucking me like I loved to be fucked and in my heart I still wanted him to keep going no matter who was watching. Sure I'd often fantasized about someone watching us having sex but then I'd never dreamed it would ever actually happen and certainly not by his own mother!

As the standoff continued I couldn't figure out his mom. What in the heck was she going to do? I kept waiting for the inevitable explosion but then to my utter astonishment a smile replaced the frown as she couldn't keep a straight face any longer and started to laugh. 

"Oh come on you two, quit looking so scared, "she admonished us, "You kids can't possible believe I haven't known that the two of you were doing this, do you?"

Actually, we DID believe it! Steve started to protest but his mom cut him right off.

"Oh for heaven's sake Steve, park it. Everyone knew you were jerking off at the camp this summer peeking at the girls. Then at the fair your penis was about to burst from your pants anytime you were even close to her. When I started smelling her pussy on your hands after you came home from a date I knew you were screwing her - you really should wash up afterwards dear and Kelly my dear, you really should've warned him how sensitive a woman's sense of smell is when it came to another girl's pussy scent." 

Oddly I smiled and nodded as I had to admit she was right about one thing. There WAS something about the odor of a woman's pussy that was unmistakable to another woman. At home if either my mom or I masturbated and didn't wash up good afterwards, invariably the other would notice and make a comment about it, sometimes teasing the other good-naturedly. Steve hands had been on my hips and I could feel him starting to relax his death grip on me as his mom went on. Dear god, was she going to make this into some sort of speech?

"What I get the biggest kick out of is how unbelievably horny the two of you are," she continued, "My god, you kids do it more than rabbits! Do you have even the slightest idea of what a pain it's been for me to have leave the house so you can have your fun? Even then, you couldn't resist doing it right under my bedroom during Sharon's slumber party." 

She looked at me with that self-satisfied, smug look of someone who knew a lot more than people thought she did. "Well, after THAT I knew it was time to do something about it."

Oh-oh, now we were finally going to get it. I had the sense a storm had been gathering while she spoke and now it was time for the lightning to strike us down. For the first time I actually felt a little scared but just when I thought it was all over for us, she laughed to let us know she was just teasing us again. Not TOO scared though to feel Steve instinctively hump into me a little. Wow, talk about weird!

"Actually, what I REALLY figured was that it was time to make this easier for all of us," she went on. Then to my surprise she continued on with, "Well, just don't act like a statue Steve, get back to it boy. Why do I always have to tell you to finish what you started? Somehow I don't think Kelly's the type of girl who likes her guy to quit half-way. Looks like you found yourself a REAL slut this time, didn't you?"

Despite her odd comment about me I turned back to look at Steve who now had a look of total confusion. I was actually feeling the same - like what the heck was she talking about? His mom rolled her eyes and motioned at us with her hands.

"Don't just stare at me like two idiots. I've been watching and hell, look at you - you're STILL so damn horny you haven't even split apart. Damn if you're still humping her so c'mon Steve, show me how you like to do the little slut. I would've thought she was a little young for you though. Doesn't have much on top, does she."

I guess the same thing the ponytail did in making me look younger to turn on Steve was having the opposite effect on his mom. The thing about my boobs really wasn't necessary though. It was like she was taunting me. I guess she didn't understand why a twenty year-old boy would want to fuck an eighteen year-old girl, especially when she looked to be more like sixteen when it came to her boobs.

Steve's face was still a bit flushed but with his cock still swollen and pressing deeply into my pussy he was obviously still horny as hell. As for myself, at our age the good ole' sex drive can override just about anything so a smile slowly came back to my face and I looked back again at Steve over my shoulder. If his mother hadn't been so nonchalant about it I might never have done it but under the circumstances, what the heck? 

"Well Steve, what do you say?" I encouraged him looking back at him over my shoulder. He looked at me like I was totally bonkers so I repeated myself saying, "You heard your mother, fuck me!"

In reality, it probably didn't really matter what I said. He may have been looking like he was dazed and confused but his cock certainly knew what it wanted! Besides, I knew my boyfriend pretty good by now, at least when it came to his sex drive, and if there was one thing certain about Steve was that when he was as horny as he was today he didn't think straight. Actually that was all for the good because now he was running on pure instinct - sexual instinct. Amazingly, not even the specter of his own mother watching us could dampen his lust for my petite body.

Sure enough, as hard as his cock was in me I knew all he wanted was to fuck the pussy in front of him regardless of who was watching. The speed at which the shock of his mother catching us was completely put aside was an amazing demonstration of how his sexual needs could override pretty much everything else. For me, it wasn't that I was out of control, at least not in the way he was. Actually, I was starting to think it was pretty hot that his mom was watching us! Heck, this was far better than even Sharon watching. Just imagine... all this time I thought his mom was such a prude and now here she was encouraging her son to fuck me - while she WATCHED!

It wasn't until much later that I had time to think about this more. Actually it was my mom that raised my suspicions when I told her about what happened. She wasn't buying it for a moment! There was more to all this but I wasn't so sure it was what my mom suspected.

Meanwhile Steve seemed to somehow be able to ignore his mom as he resumed what could only be described as a sexual assault on my pussy. Steve's mom took up residence in a stuffed chair next to the couch and watched us, snapping pictures almost continuously. Just when I thought I thought things couldn't get any more weird, Marlene spread her legs part and placed one hand on her crotch, rubbing what was now a visible wet spot showing through her tight jeans (well, not as tight as mine would have been but more so than I had never seen her wear before). Then she moved her hand up until she was squeezing her ample breasts through her blouse and bra. She was obviously getting more than just a little horny watching her son fucking me! It would've been even better I'm sure to use both hands but she needed at least one to operate the camera. Yep, she was still making this all a Kodak moment!

Oh well, at that moment I really didn't care WHAT she did or HOW she thought about me so long as she let her son fuck me all I wanted. As Steve continued fucking me his mom kept on rubbing herself. It was almost is if they were in sync with each other, mother and son somehow linked together in some weird sexual psychic connection. I was never one to be quiet during sex so it was natural for me to break the silence.

"C'mon, fuck me harder Steve," I demanded, "Show your mommy how hard her son can fuck me!"

Steve loved for me to talk dirty during sex but then I surprised even him when I started to talk that way to his mother as well.

"Oh god he feels so big in me Marlene, so hard," I moaned as I looked her in the eyes. I'd never called her by her first name before but it seemed more appropriate than "Mrs." "God I love your son's cock in me! Your baby boy always fucks me soooooo good!" 

It shouldn't have surprised me when she responded the way she did but I was still getting use to the whole idea of his mom being there in the first place, let alone masturbating and talking to us!

"Yes Kelly, that's it... tell me how he feels," she said slowly and softly, "Mmmmmmm, tell me how his cock feels in you... tell me how it feels to have my son's cock fucking your baby pussy."

Even my own mother had never been up close to me when I was having sex with Steve so it was almost creepy having his mom right there in front of me. Now, not only was she watching but now she was asking me to describe how her son's cock felt in me! To make it easier I pretended to myself that it was MY mom and I was telling her after I got home tonight what it felt like to have Steve fuck me.

"He feels so big inside of me,' I whispered softly, "Oh god, I can feel his dick throbbing in me... it's so hot I feel like I'm burning up!"

"That's it Kelly... tell me more," she said, rubbing herself faster as I continued talking. It actually made it easier for me as it was more or less the same reaction my mom often had whenever I came home and related the events of my date.

My dialog was force to pause as I couldn't help but grunt while Steve pounded my pussy. He must've been getting even more turned on as he listened to the two of us talking about him fucking me. Between breaths I tried my best to describe to her how it felt to have her teenage son fuck me, what it was like to have the boy she'd raised and nurtured shoving his stiff dick in me now that he had grown up.

"Oh Marlene, I love it when Steve rams it hard into me, when I feel him bang into my ass and push himself as deep inside of me as he can," I managed to gasp as I was panting now from the fucking he was giving me. "Oh yeah, he feels so warm inside of me, so big in me."

Steve must have been really getting turn-on by our talk because it didn't take long for him to reach his climax. "I'm going to cum!" he announced loud enough for both me and his mom to hear.

Adding to my growing list of surprises, Steve's mom got up off the chair and knelt down on the floor next to us. Now I was feeling more than a little weird with her so close. She wasn't interested in me per se, our eyes never even met. Instead she seemed to only care about watching her son as he fucked me and prepared to orgasm. Despite her inattention to me, it still excited me in a way I'd never felt before. Sure my parents had watched me having sex with Steve, but that had always been more voyeuristic and subtle. Now it was like we were putting on a sex show for his mom, to the point where I could almost imagine her joining in on what we were doing.

Indeed, the only way this could have been any hotter would be for her to join in but obviously THAT would never happen! Really, it was one thing to WATCH your son fuck his girlfriend but I couldn't imagine anything a mother wanting to do any more than that. For Steve to fuck his mom would have been as likely to happen as my dad fucking me - NOT something that would ever happen! Marlene was acting more like a pornographic cheerleader now than a mother. It was like she was directing us in some sort of insane porn movie.

"That's it, fuck her Steve, cum in her for me! Make her cum Steve! Cum for mommy," she urged him on.

Steve groaned and pushed himself tight against my bare butt as he tried to submerge every possible bit of his cock into my pussy. He thrust himself deep into me when a flash of heat exploded inside of me and I could feel his sperm as he unloaded into me, almost like a warm stream was flooding the inside of my pussy. In response to his orgasm I came myself just as soon as I felt that first load in me, moaning as my head fell back. I wiggled my ass in circle so I could feel his cock move around inside of me.

"You like that when he cums in you, don't you? she asked me rhetorically, "You want his cum deep inside of you. God, I can't believe you were a virgin just a few months ago. My oh my, what a little slut you've become thanks to my boy here!"

It was like she was proud of her son for taking my virginity and turning me into a slut. I managed to grin at her but I couldn't speak as my pussy convulsed involuntarily, gripping his cock and then releasing it as if I were instinctively trying to milk the cum from his dick. It was all I could do to breath as this incredible orgasm continued to run all through me. Being fucked by Steve was plenty enough to make me cum but having his own mother watch and encourage me was driving me to a new height. I wiggled my ass against his crotch, trying to make his cock move around inside of me. I could feel his thick coarse pubic hair rubbing against my smooth butt like a soft hair brush.

I was focusing on Steve's cock in me when I heard a gasp and I looked over at Steve's mom. She was sitting back, still rubbing herself through her jeans, the same way my mom does when she gets REALLY horny. It almost looked like she'd peed her herself from the size of the wet spot in her crotch!

"Oh my god, I can't take this any longer," his mother sighed, more to herself than us it seemed. 

With that she stood up and quickly pulled her jeans down and off. Surprisingly, despite my earlier predictions there were no panties underneath. Then again maybe I shouldn't have been surprised given how fast her pussy wetness had soaked through her jeans. She was older than my mom but still in pretty good shape, looking hot for her age. Her pussy was covered in thick luxurious black pubic hair which looked like it had never seen a scissors let alone a razor. Standing there in nothing but her blouse, I was amazed yet again at the incredible transformation she was making from a prudish mother to a sexy MILF.

As usual, Steve's cock was staying hard in me even after cumming and he held it still in me while I felt the afterglow of my orgasm slowly ebb away. We were both mesmerized at the sight of his mother stripping in front of us as she next unbuttoned her blouse. For me it was the fascination of having this woman who had always seem so uptight, so repressed suddenly let loose like some whore. For Steve it had to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a boy to watch his mother stripping naked for him with god only knows what on her mind.

One thing I did know about Marlene, she ALWAYS wore a bra or at least anytime I'd ever seen her in the past, even if she was wearing a nightshirt. Today was no exception. Her impressive breasts had to be at least a DD cup. While they weren't nearly as perky as I'm sure they were in her prime, they didn't sag too terribly either. She had large dark nipples made even bigger by the hardness created from her earlier masturbating.

Steve loved big tits and I was always self-conscious of my little buds whenever some buxom babe was nearby and I would invariably catch him staring at her chest. He would try to comfort me by telling me that mine were perfect for cupping in his hand and sucking on but I knew from the way he was mesmerized by other girl's chests that he would have loved for me to be at least three cup sizes larger. I looked over my shoulder and sure enough, he was staring at his mom's boobs as she took off her bra. He had the same look and expression of a kid peering through the front window of a candy store. His mom also saw where his attention was focused and she cupped each boob in her hands and bounced them up and down for his benefit.

"SO.., you like your mom's boobs?".

Steve just nodded. Somehow he just wasn't quite ready to tell his own mother in words that she had great breasts. I suppose it was perfectly understandable under these conditions. I mean, what normal twenty year old boy COULD tell his mom that? It would be like me telling my dad he had a great cock. Although I actually HAD done that a few times, it was always just to tease him when he got hard when he shouldn't. I mean, I couldn't even imagine meaning it in a sexual way!

Steve's mom reached down between her legs and cupped her pussy, pulling up on it with her hand. She moaned softly and said, "God it feels so good to get those jeans off!" With a sigh as she ran her fingers through the thick covering of hair. Then she moved back over to the chair and sat back against the cushion. 

"Well, don't stop on account of me!" she said with a nasty grin on her face. Then she finally focused her eyes on me and said, "Well little girl, do you like riding my son's cock?"

I nodded vigorously and she laughed at how fast I responded. Then she leaned forward and got more serious saying, "Then why don't you show my how you ride it when I'm not around."

I looked back at Steve who just shrugged his shoulders. If his mom wanted us to put on a show, then who was I to complain? This was a LOT different than letting my parents peek in on us when we fucked in my bedroom. Although I didn't mind them watching, at the same time I didn't feel like I was putting on a show for their benefit. I was simply letting them watch what I would be doing with or without them. NOW, however, I was doing it at her request, for her benefit. Of course I still wanted it for myself, but there was just something about it that felt different than anything else I had ever done.

My thoughts were interrupted and my heart skipped a beat when I saw her reaching for the camera and start snapping pics of us again. What was she planning to do with those photos? I guess it didn't matter, she WAS his mother so I didn't think she would do anything to hurt him with them. Nobody had EVER taken pics of me having sex, not even masturbating. Sure my dad took some of me when I wore outfits he bought for me and at times he asked me to pose as I put them on or took them off, but that wasn't SEX!

In the meantime, Steve had pulled his dick out of my pussy. As his cock withdrew I got that same feeling I always get whenever he pulled his cock out me. There was this immediate sensation of emptiness, like I was missing something that should be there but suddenly is gone. It's like my pussy was only really happy when his dick was in it which sort of makes sense when you figure that's what it was designed for.

In any case, I just knew I wanted it BACK in me as quickly as possible so I stood up and waited for Steve to get on his back. He didn't take long and he pulled a pillow off of the couch to put under his head so he could watch better what I was about to do to him. I started to straddle him but his mom interrupted.

"Turn a little to your right Steve," she said, again like she was directing some porn movie, "I want to get a good shot of your penis when it first goes in her."

Now this was certainly different! We'd never before had to worry about what position we were in so somebody could get a better view of us fucking! This was so cool, like we were porn stars! I could tell Steve was still a bit torn between his horniness for me and perhaps a little remaining shyness or even embarrassment at having his own mother seeing him nude and watching him have sex. Fortunately his teenage male sex drive overwhelmed any doubts or concerns he might be having and his erection was as hard now as it had been since we started.

I got down on my knees and straddled his hips. Reaching between my legs, I grabbed his hard cock with my hand and directed it towards my waiting pussy. Using my hand I rubbed the head of it against my clit and it felt like I was touching myself with a hot poker the way it made my clit explode each time it ran over it. I wiggled a little to get him between my pussy lips and all it would take now was me sitting down slightly to get him in me.

Looking over at his mom I saw that she was still staring at the two of us. This would be the first time she saw Steve actually entering me close up as we had already been fucking when she first entered the room earlier.

"Ready?" I asked her. She had the camera all set and so she just nodded and smiled at us.

"Lights, camera, action!" I cried out.

OK, it was silly but I couldn't resist the temptation. As she snapped a couple I felt like I was making a porn movie or something. Once I settled down on his cock the head forcing me part, although it was easier this time as I was stretched out a little from the recent fucking. Still, I was tight enough to enjoy the feel of his cock spreading me apart. 

"Damn... hold it there just a second," his mother interrupted, turning some dials on the camera. Wow, talk about bad timing! She got in closer and too a few close-ups of his dick with the head just starting to push into me. Snap, snap and she pulled back.

"Sorry..." she said rather sheepishly, "You can continue now."

Whatever! Focusing back on the events between my legs, I let my weight down completely on him, lowering myself down on him as I closed my eyes and concentrated on nothing but Steve's dick slowly disappearing inside of me. Not even the incessant clicks of the camera (so THAT was what I'd heard earlier!) could distract me as I pinned myself on him like I was mounted on his cock like a butterfly in a collection.

Leaning forward, I rested my hands on his shoulders and ground my ass into his crotch, forcing his cock to swivel around inside of me like it was stirring a pot of soup with his cock - except in this case the soup was my pussy juices as I felt myself dripping down on his cock I was so wet. Finally I leaned forward to draw my ass up which pulled his cock out of me and then I dropped my ass back down to push him back in me again. I humped his cock like that slowly, reveling in the sensations it created in my pussy as his hard cock slid in and out of me.

Steve's mom was obviously enjoying the show. She had sat back down again and raised one leg over the arm of the chair to open up her now exposed pussy and was playing with herself while she watched me fuck her son's cock.

"That is just SOOOO hot!" she murmured, just loud enough for us to hear, "God, I can't believe this... I'm watching my own son having sex!"

I grinned at her as I knew she was getting more and more turned on as she watched.

"So do you like the way I ride your son's cock?" I teased her. "You know, he really does fuck me good! You should try it sometime."

As soon as I said it I wanted to take it back. What got into me? Fortunately she seemed to just ignore my suggestion as her answer was to shift from just rubbing her pussy to shoving her fingers in and out of her pussy while at the same time she started to massage her breasts. She was so horny she wasn't even taking any pictures, not like she really needed any more.

I looked down and Steve's head was turned to watch his mom, his eyes fixed on his mother's hairy pussy while his cock pumping in and out of me like a rampaging piston. I could only imagine what was going through his sex-crazed mind at this moment. I was pretty sure that this was the first time he had seen his mother naked and not only that, she was masturbating like a schoolgirl in heat right in front of him. It must have been an incredibly erotic moment for them both. It didn't hurt that she looked sexy as hell too. Fortunately for me, she was his mother or else I would have been afraid he might've wanted her instead of me. Well, even if he didn't want to fuck her I could tell he was getting plenty turned on by her based on the way he was taking it out on my pussy!

Marlene was working her pussy now with both hands, one with her fingers working her pussy like a little cock and the other rubbing her clit in tight little circles. Her chest was heaving as she began to pant. Suddenly her hips started bucking like she was being fucked by some imaginary lover. Despite it all, her eyes never left us, fixed on where Steve's cock was appearing and then disappearing inside of me. It was as if she couldn't get enough of watching her son fucking me. She was muttering things to herself, bucking her hips as if dreaming of her husband or some other lover fucking her. Wow, sometimes my mom would get carried away when she did herself but Marlene was taking it to a whole new level!

Whatever her fantasy was, it must have been pretty hot because suddenly she let out the loudest moan and bent over until her head touched her knee. She kept working her pussy as she moaned again and again as her orgasm overcame her. Different women react differently at these times and hers seemed to end rather abruptly compared to my mom when she came. She still had a wild look in her eye though as she straightened up and slowly touched herself. 

She had yet another surprise though for me...

"It's not fair," she said with an accusing tone to me.

Chapter 5 - Steve's Mom Takes My Place

What the heck was she talking about? I just couldn't figure out what Steve's mom meant so I slowed down a bit on Steve's cock while I looked at her with curiosity. I still couldn't figure out what she as talking about but then she continued on.

"Don't you get it Kelly? I haven't been laid in ages but you get his Hard cock every day," she said with a strange look on her face.

Marlene was staring at her son's cock now, at least what she could see of it. I noticed she was subconsciously licking her lips just slightly, her tongue just moving outside her mouth as if she didn't want anyone to see what she was doing.

Suddenly it all became so obvious to me. Wow, how could I have been so dense? I guess it must have been that the very concept was so foreign to me, so unbelievable, that the thought never even crossed my mind. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized what the real story of what was happening here was. I finally realized what this pathetic sex-starved mother wanted - or at least needed. All that was needed was someone to break the ice for her, to help relieve her of the guilt from the feeling she couldn't help but have.

I looking back down at Steve who didn't have a clue what was being communicated almost telepathically between me and his mom. Never mind, he was a guy and wouldn't catch a hint it someone hit him over the head with it. After all, this was a boy who didn't even see how much his sister wanted him let alone his own mother!

I smiled at Steve in that way he knew I was about to say something wild or dangerous. "Do you REALLY want to turn me on Steve?"

He just gave me that "Duh!" look that came so natural to him. I took a deep breath as I had no idea how we would react to what I was about to say. Finally I looked at his mom and then I looked back at Steve and in a mischievous voice I said, "Mmmmmmm, fuck your mom for me Steve... I want to see you fuck your mom!"

For a moment I thought maybe I'd gone too far, even for a sex maniac like Steve. His eyes widened like the proverbial deer in the headlights. His mom heard what I said also but unlike her son's reaction, she was now looking at him with the most seductive look I'd ever seen on a woman her age with her tongue slowly and openly licking her lips. She didn't make a move though, it was as if she was waiting to see what her son's reaction was going to be to my suggestion. I stopped my bouncing on his dick and sat on his lap, his cock throbbing in me, as we waited for his reaction. It was pretty much initially what I would have predicted.

"Huh? Are you kidding me? You want me to fuck my MOTHER?" he said incredulously, "Are you NUTS?"

"C'mon, don't tell me you've never dreamed about it before," I teased him, wiggling my little ass around his stiff dick.

"Well...," he stalled and I knew I'd hit pay dirt so I kept digging.

"Look at your mother," I said, grabbing his head and twisting it over to face his mom, "Can't you see how much she wants it? She wants her son Steve, she wants YOU!"

"Mom????" he almost whispered, more like a little boy lost in the mall hunting for his mommy than a sexy hunk of a teenage stud.

His mother just shrugged her shoulders as if it wasn't any big deal to her one way or another but the look on her face and the hand on her crotch said otherwise. Yep, she wanted him and she wanted him NOW.

"It's OK Steve," she said in a soft, gentle voice. 

"Oh well, why not?" Steve said, as much to me as to his mom.

I grinned and lifted myself off of him and took a spot on the chair which his mom had just vacated. The seat was nice and warm from her bare ass sitting on it. She hesitated for a second as she approached him but seemed to regain her courage and she kneeled down next him. It was my turn to watch now as Steve's mom reached out for her son's cock, gently grabbing it for the first time and then she started to stroke it slowly.

It was an incredible sight to see him lying on his back nude at any time but now that his naked mom was kneeling over him, I thought it was the most erotic sight I'd ever seen. Her ass was pretty decent and other than a few stretch marks left over as souvenirs of her pregnancies, she looked pretty hot if I said so myself.

"I know I shouldn't be doing this," she said in a low voice, almost as if talking to herself. Then she looked at me saying, "You know, I've dreamed of holding my son's cock ever since I first watched him masturbate."

Steve's eye's opened wider at that remark, obviously this was news to him!

"Silly boy!" she laughed at him, "I know all about your magazines and yes, even the porn collection under your mattress! You think I don't know why you close the door to your room all the time? And besides, NOBODY takes THAT long to use the bathroom."

Steve looked at her like she was some sort of oracle exposing his life secrets as she continued, "Well, sometimes you forget to close it tight. Don't worry - I've enjoyed watching you play with yourself as you stare at those magazine girls!"

She was still stroking his cock while she was talking to him. Then she looked down at it and licked her lips.

"God it looks so good! I've been wanting a taste of this cock for a long time!"

She turned to me and in a more serious tone said, "Now Kelly, make sure you get some good shots of the first time he gets blown by his mom!"

I couldn't help but notice she emphasized the word "first" and I think even Steve caught it as well judging from the silly grin on his face. Without dwelling on it further, she began to give Steve a wicked blowjob while I snapped picture after picture of them. I hated to admit it but she was a hell of lot better cocksucker than I was. Obviously she'd had a lot more experience and I learned a lot just that one time from watching her. Steve was just groaning as she sucked and licked his cock and balls. Steve's mom looked up at him and we could both see the look of sheer ecstasy on his face.

Finally, she paused for a moment and their eyes met, "I bet you never knew your mommy could give such a good blow job!"

Steve could not even get out a reply as she once again went to work on his cock. I knew from plenty of experience that he was about to explode and started to say something but his mom recognized the signs as well and once again paused. She then stood up and leaned over on the coffee table. 

"Now fuck me like you were fucking that little slut. Fuck me Steve... fuck your mother NOW."

Steve appeared almost dazed at this point, completely overwhelmed by everything that was going on. As she WAS his mother, he would have undoubtedly done anything she told him without question but in this case she had complete control over him. She got down on all fours and spread her legs apart for him. God I couldn't believe how hair her pussy was! It was like there was this thick bush between her legs and he had to push the hair out of the way just to see her pussy.

Moving in behind her, he guided his incestuous erection into in mother's hot pussy and started to stroke it in and out of her. At her age I was sure her pussy wasn't nearly as tight as mine but at the same time, she hadn't been fucked in ages according to her announcement before so maybe she had tightened up a bit. One thing was for sure though, she definitely knew how to use it! Marlene rotated her large hips around his cock and I could almost see her pussy muscles contracting against his cock. I was so turned on at the sight of seeing my boyfriend fucking his own mother that I just sat back in the chair and fingered myself gently as I watched. I smiled to myself as I realized it was now official - my stud of a boyfriend was now officially a REAL "motherfucker"!

Steve looked over at me and grinned. "I hate to say this Kelly but you need to talk to my mom about pussy technique! Oh my God! She's incredible!"

I faked a pout but kept taking pictures of them fucking. Who could blame him for getting a bit carried away under the circumstances? His mom eventually pushed him away and then she laid back on the couch. Her one leg went up to the top of the couch while the other hung over the side. Steve was looking at her like she was the first naked woman he'd ever seen! His hand was stroking his cock as he took in the sight of his own mother, naked and horny on the couch waiting for her son to fuck her some more. 

She looked at him and seeing him jerking his cock she sternly said, "Now young man, don't you dare waste that cum in your hand!"

Steve didn't have to be told everything and he recognized what his mom wanted so he got up on the couch and worked his way between her legs. Leaning over her, he slowly lowered himself down until his cock was pressing against her hairy cunt. He rubbed it up and down her slit and against her clit.

"Oh baby that feels so good," she moaned softly, "Now put it in me... I want your hard fat cock in me."

She reached down and practically pulled his stiff cock into her. As soon as the head was in position, Steve thrust forward and his cock was quickly swallowed up by her hairy pussy as he pushed it even harder into her. She lifted her hips up to meet his cock. It was like she couldn't get enough of him, couldn't get enough of her son's dick in her pussy that had once given him birth!

Steve was no amateur at fucking, not by any means. I was under no delusions that I was the only girl he had fucked and indeed, I was glad he had when it was my first time and at least ONE of us knew what we were doing. He would pull it almost out, teasing her at times by stopping with the tip barely inside and then suddenly thrusting him deeply back in.

Marlene's large breasts were under Steve's face and he started to suck on her boobs for the first time since he was a small baby. His hands reached around and under her, squeezing her butt and fondling it. Steve finally had to beg his Mom to let him cum. He pulled his face away from her breasts and groaned.

"Sorry mom, I can't hold back any more, I gotta cum!" 

Steve tried to pull out of his mom so he wouldn't cum in her but she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her, forcing him even deeper into her pussy. He had no choice but to release his incestuous sperm deep inside of her as he lost all control. Steve's mother smiled as she felt it in her.

"That's it... Oh yeah that's what I wanted baby," she moaned, "Cum in me, cum in your mom... give it to me!"

It was an incredible sight to watch. Just imagine the scene: Here I was all of eighteen, sitting naked on the couch, masturbating while I watched my twenty year old boyfriend releasing his of cum into his own mother's pussy. I had two fingers up my own pussy and was feeling another of my own orgasm taking hold of me as I marveled at the view in front of me. Steve's mom had her arms around Steve, pulling him down to her so his face was buried in her ample bosom.

"Oh my god," she sighed, "It's been so long since I felt that. I needed that soooooo bad!"

After a while she let go of him and he pulled out of her. As his wet and slimy cock slipped out, I couldn't help but notice that he was still hard! His mom looked at his cock and smiled as she shook her head and sat up on the couch.

"Oh to be a teenager again," she said wistfully.

She motioned to me to come over and sit down next to her. I did and she reached out to hold me in her arms. It felt a little strange since we were both nude and I'd never felt another woman's naked body against mine before other than my mom's and that was just when we were in bed sleeping together. I'd never dreamed that the next one would be my boyfriend's mom - ESPECIALLY given the way she had always acted around me!

For a brief moment I held my breath as I wondered if maybe she wanted to try something with ME. I felt torn because on one hand I knew it would be an incredibly erotic experience but on the other hand I'd never been with a woman sexually before and I was apprehensive and not just a little bit scared. As it turned out I had nothing to worry about. It was her son she wanted, not his girlfriend.

"Thank you Kelly," she said softly.

I looked up at her with a quizzical expression. She smiled at me and explained.

"If it wasn't for you getting him to fuck you in our house this would've never happened. Steve has never brought anyone else home before so I was never able to watch him in action."

She hugged me tightly again and I could feel her bare full breast pressing against mine. Again I had the feeling that all I had to do was respond the right way and things could get REALLY interesting. Instead, I gave her a neutral hug and she leaned back again as she wasn't going to push it unless I made it more obvious I wanted it.

Actually, at the time I felt a bit of a relief that she want pressing the issue. I often masturbated with my cousin but we never actually touched each other. Even at sleepovers and parties we may have done some innocent kissing and mutual masturbation but nobody ever engaged in any "real" sex. The one thing I did know after this was that the idea wasn't something I was necessarily not interested in. It just would require the right circumstances.

After that she turned her attention back to Steve. It was actually like I wasn't even there at that point. It wasn't like they were trying to be lovers or anything. She didn't even try to kiss him. I couldn't help but wonder if she was just so horny from not having sex that knowing we did it all the time had finally overridden whatever restraint that naturally exists between a parent and a child in terms of sex. She wanted a cock so badly that eventually even her own son wasn't taboo if it meant satisfying the hunger between her legs.

I sort of knew how she felt. I hadn't been having sex for all that long but even so, if I had to go more than a few days without Steve fucking me it was like it got to where all I could think about was sex. Oh sure masturbation helped a little from a physical perspective but it didn't deal with the emotional feelings I get when a guy takes me so satisfy himself with me. I can make myself cum just as good as any guy but there is something in knowing I have what he needs and can satisfy the same burning in him that can only be experienced through actual sex.

If I felt that crazy after just a few days, I could only imagine what his mom must have been holding back inside of herself if she hadn't fucked in weeks or maybe even months or more! No wonder she was willing to let her son fuck her. The amazing to me was that she hadn't just jumped on him bed before this! Somehow I doubt that would have gone over as well with Steve though. Fucking me just seemed to make switching to his mom something natural whereas had she approached him directly it would have been more perverted than sexy.

Silently I gathered my stuff and got dressed. Neither of them paid another bit of attention to me. I guess I could understand but yet I couldn't help but feel a little bit jealous as well. I mean, Steve could have at least pretended to want me again! In his defense, his mom wasn't giving him much of a chance as she was sucking his cock like she hadn't tasted one in years as I walked out of the house.

After returning home and later when I was with my mom I naturally told her about what happened. I was a little surprised by her immediate reaction. First, I knew I completely surprised her when I got to the part about his mom as she knew Steve's mom as well or better than I did. The idea of her even letting Steve see her naked, let alone do what they did, must have been almost unbelievable to start with. It was when I made some comment about how it was hot that he would even have sex with his own mom but yet it seemed pretty weird to me that my mom got this sudden look on her face, almost like she was disappointed in me for something. I was about to say something when she brightened up and urged me to continue. I still wondered later what it was that I'd said that had made her look that way.

That was the only time Steve's mom joined us or even watched us so far as I knew while we dated. Steve DID brag to me that he fucked his mom a few times after that day but there was something about the way he said it, the lack of enthusiasm or whatever that made me question his claims. Was he just making it up to tease me? Whatever the truth was it certainly didn't keep him from fucking me as much as I wanted it so I didn't mind.

As I mentioned, my mom and I had several long discussions about everything. She was convinced it was all preplanned and I just walked into their little trap. Then again, she wasn't there so she didn't see the expressions and body language which convinced me it was real. Admittedly it DID seem to all go off just a little too easy so maybe my mom was right? Then again she usually is.

One thing that I've always been curious about was what she did with the pictures from that day...