"Sex stories" Mom's in Town

Sex stories Mom's in Town
"The weekend antiquing has taken all my time Brian darling, I'm busy again tonight so I've arranged to stay over Monday night so we can have some dinner and time to ourselves." Mary said to her son over brunch on Sunday. 

"I've gott'a work that night. Now that I am at uni, I took a part time job to have some extra spending money, so I think that won't work." her 18 year old son replied. 

"Why didn't you tell me you had a job? I could have helped you out." his mother replied as she took another sip of her mimosa. "I have to leave in a few minutes and you are busy all day but what say we have dinner together. You have to eat, why don't I bring you some dinner and we can spend your break time having a chat?" 

"I'll be ok, don't worry" he said nervously

"But I do worry and that's that. I will bring something for you to eat...where do you work?"

"No mom, its ok really"

"No I insist, I stayed over specially"

"Mmm...it's a small store. I am embarrassed to say but the hours are good and when it is not busy I can study....it's an adult book store on Green Street."

Oh, his mother said raising her eyebrows, "I know the store."

"You do?"

"Yes, your father and I have been in there a few times when we are in town."

"TMI, TMI" Brian exclaimed.

"Don't be like that Brian. Just because we are your parents, we like to have fun too. What say I stop in, see how busy you are and if it's not too busy then I'll pop across the street to where there's a food court isn't there?"

"Well ok...I work 5 to 1pm...how about 7 o'clock...it seems there is a lull between the afternoon crowd and the evening crowd.

"Done" she said giving him a smile and hug..."See you then!"

Later, Christine arrived at the store, and although she normally went in with her husband, she had no concerns about going in alone. Over the electronic beep signaling her arrival, she called out to her son, "Here I am, just like I said." 

He appeared to be alone in the front of store, of course there might be somebody in the rear arcade, but they would likely be busy doing whatever they are doing.

"Hi mom." her son said abashedly. "You found the place."

She started to speak when an older man with a worried look on his face hurried in.

"Brian, I must have forgotten my keys." as he rushed directly behind counter to the shelves below the cash.

"There they are." he said as he finally looked up.

"I was all the way to the car when I realized.................." he started to explain when he saw Christine standing there.

"What ho, haven't seen you since Labor Day, this is a surprise." then, turning to Brian,

"This is the woman I was mentioning. She and her husband are regulars. We always let in for free. She is the best cock sucker around. A true cum slut. Last time she was here, I know that I came 3 times and I expect the others did too."

"No, please." Christine stammered as she tried to stifle his exuberance.

Brian was stunned as he tried to fully grasp the picture being painted of his mother by the owner.

"Come on. Don't be shy now after all the times and the compliments. Yes sir, newbie, it was quite a night. She sucked me off, then I painted her face for the second time and for the third time, I fucked her bareback and left a load in her pussy. All the while her husband took pictures. Everybody says she has a mouth like a velvet cunt and a super tight pussy."

Christine turned even redder and looked away.

"I know you. You always want cock, I've got a couple of minutes, so if you want it, what say we go over the corner there like last time and you take out my snake and give it a go." The owner patted the bulge forming in his pants as he tilted his head toward a semi-private corner displaying dildos of all sizes.

"You know you can't resist cock and I am sure newbie here would probably let you have a go at his. By the way, where is your photographer husband? I'd like a few more pictures for my collection. Come on now, I can see it in your eyes you want cock." he said cajoling her into a decision that he hoped would get him the high quality blow job that was standing less than two feet away. He moved toward the corner as Christine felt her knees buckle a little and involuntarily began to follow him.

The corner was close and in a matter of seconds they were out of the line of sight from the entry door and could only be seen via the wall mounted convex security mirror. Brian watched as the owner turned around and reached to fondle his mother's breast. His mother stopped in her tracks as she felt the owner's left hand cup the heavy weight of her right breast then begin to tweak her nipple through her blouse. The owner quickly moved his other hand up to her left shoulder and with a slight downward pressure indicated she was to kneel in front of him. The cock sucker - Brian's cum slut mother - knelt effortlessly in front of the owner and pressed her face against the front his pants. She felt the swelling member surge and spasm against her cheek. The owner held her head to his crotch for a second or two then backed away.

The edge of the mirror distorted the scene in front of him but it was clear that his mother was a submissive cock hound because she quickly reached for his fly and fished out a sizeable cock that was continuing to harden. Brian watched as the owner held his mother's head with his left hand and with his right, began to stroke the length of his cock, squeezing more blood into it. Brian almost fainted with the sight.

"Now would be a good time to get your mouth on it." the owner of the cock suggested as it's bulbous head rose up toward her face.

Brian watched as his mother leaned forward and took him directly into her mouth. Nothing gentle about her actions - she took him deep, sliding her lips along the thick shaft. OMG he thought, his mother was actually sucking this guy off in front of him. The owner looked down at woman inhaling his cock and then up at the mirror to see his newest employee watching. The owner waved him over. As if in a stupor, Brian walked over and began to hear the slurping sounds his mother was making as she covered the heavy cock with saliva.

"Here, take my phone and take some pictures of this." he barked.

Brian took the phone, found the camera app and stood there blankly.

"Anytime newbie, anytime. Take lots and lots of pictures, later my friends and I will select the best ones and facebook them."

With that he pulled his cock out his Brian's mother's mouth and began pressing its large red purple glans against her lips. He pulled the foreskin tight revealing all of the smooth head and piss hole. As Brian took pictures, the owner directed the action of the cock worship taking place. 

"Lick the head, Put your tongue under it, Take it deep, Put your lips around it and suck. That's it darling - Work the shaft, Keep doing that, Look at the camera, Hold it right there.... "

He put both his hands on the back her head and pulled her toward him as he thrust his hips forward. "Balls deep baby, Balls deep" He pushed himself into her until her lips were at the very base of his cock, her lips on his torso and leaving lipstick on top of his hairy ball sack. He held her there as he savored the electric tingles that were shooting into his brain. When the simulation got to be too much he pulled back, leaving her gasping.....then, thrusting again, face fucked her some more.

"Make sure you get her face in the pictures, the guys are going to love this." he directed as he pulled out and tilted her head back.

"Open wide." he cried out passionately. "Here it comes."

Brian watched in amazement as the beautiful cock jumped and jerked while the owner fisted the shaft, his fingers stroking the large underside ridge, as he aimed the opening in the inflamed head at the mouth waiting to receive his ejaculate. He was agog that, with her tongue out stretched, its furrow waiting a hot creamy load, his mother was so willing, so anxious.

"Fuck Fuck Fuck".....the owner hoarsely croaked as he shot ropes of creamy white cum into her mouth. The strong blasts caused her to choke and gasp as the load hit the back of her throat. "Mmmmm..fuck, fuck take it all you slut"

Most of the hot sticky viscous semen collected in the mouth, but a few jets sprayed wildly and fell on her neck and chest before beginning to run down her cleavage.

"Keep it, don't swallow, show me, that's it. Show me you what got before you swallow" he demanded as his quivering legs continued to shake with the orgasm coursing through his body.

Brian, kept on taking photos as his cum bucket mother greedily accepted the warm precious gift, her mouth retaining the nectar she obviously loved. She really does seem to love cock and cum was his only thought. He had not realized up until now but he was hard himself from watching the wantonness of her actions. The last picture was the best, the owner holding his large but softening cock over an open mouthful of cum, while his mother looked up relishing the heat of the moment and the success of her ministrations.

"Savor it before you swallow." he said as he wiped his cock, across her cheek and chin leaving a small trail of cum. All the while, he watched her swirl cum around in her mouth before thirstily swallowing the load - leaving only a glaze on her red lips. She opened her mouth wide to show it was all gone before he extended his hand to help her up.

"Good girl, damn, I needed that. Thank you." the owner said as he zipped up. "Gotta run, its Sunday night football with the boys. Give me my phone, with these photos I should be able to entice two or three to come back here after the game, unless you want to come over party during the game? No? Then like you may want to take care of the newbie here...he's got stiffy." inclining his head toward his employee's pants.

"I'll stay."

"Okay, but Newbie, I will call you later to see if this slutty blowjob queen is still around and if she wants to suck more cock and have a few loads of cum for dinner." With that he rushed out leaving Brian and his mother standing there in speechless silence.

As Brian looked at the trail of cum that was beginning to dry and harden on her chest and face, his mother didn't want to make eye contact and didn't move

"I don't know what to say. I'm sorry, but I am like an addict when I start. Always have been. That is one reason your dad and I are together." she said apologetically. 

"I'm flabbergasted but its ok mom. I am just so surprised as I had no idea." her son said as he reached out with this thumb to daub the sagging trail of cum on her chest. His fingers rested on the fullness under her lace bra while his thumb travelled into her cleavage tracing an arc over her smooth tanned skin before capturing the errant silver creamy globule. He withdrew his hand, studied his thumb then put it to his lips.

Christine watched with wide eyes as her son savored both the texture and the taste of his mother's lover. He lovingly looked in to her eyes and said,

"It was a magnificent cock though wasn't it? I can understand why you would want to give him a blow job."

His mother, expecting a rebuke, instead looked stunned as she had apparently found an understanding kindred being. 

"You're just like your father." she said as wrapped her arms around his waist in a motherly hug. He could feel her breasts pushing into his chest and knew that his mother could feel his hardness.

"Your dad as it turned out is bi-sexual, we both like to suck cock and, he loves to clean up my cream-pies." his mother confided as she laid her head on this chest and held him close.

"Guess you are right, the apple doesn't fall from the tree."

They stood silently until a loud electronic beep signaled the arrival of new customer.

"Let me go to the cash." Brian said as he disengaged from the embrace

"I'll go and get your dinner and we can talk when I get back." his mother replied as she regrouped.

Brian took the arcade entry fee from the customer while watching his mom in the mirror. She undid three buttons on her blouse and deftly reached inside to undo the front clasp on her white lace bra. Then, as all women have figured out, slipped the shoulder straps down her arms and simply pulled the bra out. His mother only did up one of the three buttons leaving a substantial gap exposing the braless tits hanging only inches lower than they were before. Her hard nipples created peaks in her blouse over the shadowed large dark areolas. Brian imagined the sway of her when she walked. She folded the bra into a small pile and reached under the hem of her blouse and pulled her skirt higher above her waist. The skirt's hem was now pussy height while the ruffles came to just above mid-thigh and showed the first hint of dark lace of the thigh-high's she was wearing. Christine did a quick check around and, with no one looking, she put her right hand under her skirt, gave her vulva a quick wipe and tweaked her clit. 

She passed the new customer as he made his way to the rear arcade and he did a double take at the curvaceous body. She met his glance, smiled, but kept walking to the cash. 

"Be a darling and hand me my purse."

Brian handed her the small shoulder bag and watched as she put the bra inside and took out her compact before extending her right hand to his cheek, almost under his nose.

"Thought I might see if there is any desert that I could bring back with dinner." she said as she checked her makeup in the hand mirror and left the trails of dried cum on her cheek and chin.

Brian thought that he had just smelled dessert.