"Sex stories" Stepping Over the Taboo Barrier

Sex stories Stepping Over the Taboo Barrier
This entire situation was able to get off the ground simply because of the state of mind I was in. So, before we get to the juicy details, you need a bit of back-story. My name is Tristan and I am 19 years old. I am mainly called "T" because my name doesn't roll off the tongue easily, so people just gave me a nick name. I still live at home even though I am in university because it is close to my house. Most of my free time is spent chasing girls or playing video games. Both of which are shared by almost every guy I know. I am just an average guy through and through. Standing at a staggering height of 5'8 and weighing in at just over 180 pounds. As you can probably tell, I'm pretty normal. Since I am so average, I have never had girls just fall into my lap. Every girlfriend that I've had was from countless hours of psychological warfare between us, until she gave in. Some people like to call it "game," but I call it warfare. Just try approaching a girl who doesn't think you are attractive, and convince her to try dating you. If you don't feel like you have been to war by the time you are done, then you were actually her type and she was playing hard to get. Dealing with the aftermath of a similar case is what led me and my mother down the forbidden path.

A Saturday night at a local club was like any other time out. Women wearing skimpy skin-tight outfits, music that could burst an eardrum, and lights that could give you a seizure were all in attendance. You actually had to be twenty-one and older to enter because of the alcohol, but I knew the bouncer. Because of that perk, a lot of guys loved to go with me that were under twenty-one. Before I knew it, I had a crew of about thirteen guys coming with me every time I decided to go. My best friend Kevin among them. The night started off as usual. The guys would hit the bar to loosen up, and then scan the dance floor looking for a girl dancing alone. This was a rarity because of the groups the girls came in. They would be glued to each others hip the entire time, so if you wanted one, you would have to make a move with all of them around. I was in unison with my friends. I grabbed some liquor and sipped it until I got rid of my nervousness. I then walked up behind tall blonde girl who had a black skirt with a slit so high up the left side, if she moved in any way that wasn't straight, you would see her thong. She was actually taller than me with her high heels on which made me fear that she might not go for it, but she was dancing the sluttiest out of her group and looked to be an easy dry-hump. I came up behind her at an angle that she wouldn't see me and slightly tugged on her hips to gesture I wanted to dance with her. This is an unspoken code in the club that you are looking for a dance. Since the music is so loud, talking is impossible unless you are screaming. It devolved to just pulling them to you for a quick dance, which is a gift from whatever god there is. Girls have a few reactions. One, they jerk away from you and scurry back to their friends. Two, they turn around quickly to scan if you are their type or not. If you are then they will dance with you, if not, they will pull a number one on you. Three, and my favorite, they will jerk their hips back into you without even turning around, and start grinding against you.

This tall blonde gave me a number two. She stopped dancing and looked at me for about three seconds. She then pulled away from me and resumed dancing with her friends. This is a flat out rejection. Under normal circumstances I would feel some type of way about that, but it's literally crawling with girls in the club. I stood there doing a quick two-step, which is in style for guys, as I scanned for the next girl. I noticed a very short Asian-looking girl dancing by herself. She looked Asian, but had milky-brown skin with very light brown eyes. She is what I like to call, "exotic". Clearly mixed with more than a few races, she was complete eye candy and was beginning to turn heads. Her hair was a shimmering black and had red accessories to match her outfit. She had on a red, one-strap, skin-tight contraption on her top that stopped just under her medium-sized breasts. Her entire mid-section was exposed. For the bottom, she had plain black leggings that had red stripes running down her thighs, allowing you to see the curve in them. She stood out because she was doing dance moves that were not in style at this particular club. This is a signal to all veteran guys that she is new to this. Smelling fresh blood in the water, a circle began to form around her. She was doing what looked to be b-boy dance moves. Not wanting to lose out, I shuffle quickly over to her so that I can make sure I get a spot to watch. That's when the first shark attacked. A guy pulls her back into him, slamming her into his cock and completely shocking her. To my surprise, she actually starts grinding against him. Not only that, she spun around to face him, and started grinding her pelvis into his, moving to the beat of the song. It looked like they were having sex but with clothes on. All the guys cheered and patted the guy on the back. This is code for, we want a piece also. With one swift motion, he reached down and scooped her up onto him. She locked her legs around his waist as he pumped up into her according to the beat of the song. Guys scrambled to get next to him as we were about to start a game I like to call, "pass around the cigarette".

I was in line for third and was getting hyped up as this was a guaranteed dry-hump. Without allowing her legs to touch the floor, he passed her to the next guy. She was a little slow in realizing what was happening, but she did unhook her legs from the first guy and allow the second guy to take over. They rubbed against each other for at least two full songs, which was a major violation. Almost all of the guys, except for me, moved on to other girls as this was taking too long. Finally tired of holding her up, he looked at me giving me the heads up. My heart sank for a second, but that was no deterrent as I was buzzed like hell by that time. I positioned myself next to him and he pushed her over to me. I reached over to grab her and noticed she was so light. I cupped her ass and pulled her up against me to make sure she rubbed against my erection properly. It was then that I realized how soft her ass was. It barely felt like I had anything in my hand, and that perfume she had on could only be described as seduction. She locked her hand around my neck, squeezing her breast against my chest. Her nipples felt like marbles because of how hard they were. They poked into me the entire time. I looked down to get a glimpse of her breast and when I did, she forced a kiss between us. It was wet and tasted like pure alcohol. She was so aggressive with her tongue, forcing my mouth open and licking all over my teeth and tongue. I knew she had to be wasted at this point or at least feeling frisky. I looked like I had no rhythm as I did not care about the beat of the song anymore. I was feeling the effects of the liquor, horny as hell, had a hand full of ass, and a tongue licking me all over. I pumped against her as she ground her pelvis back against me. Realizing this is an easy fuck, I shuffle through the crowd and make my way to the bathroom. As soon as I am off the dance floor, I feel a hand pulling to turn me around. I turn around to see a group of five cock blockers, and they wanted their friend back.

"Michelle, what is wrong with you!" one the the girls screamed.

Immediately, I felt her grip on loosen as she unhooked her arms and legs and stepped back to the floor. She pulled me down to her to speak in my ear and said, "sorry, it was just getting good." She then gave me a wet smacking kiss on the lips and walked over to her friends.

I felt so frustrated at the sudden loss, so I decided to take a break and just went to the bar to chat and drink some more. Time went on, and while I did dance with a few more girls, none of them would go further than a simple grinding match. My blue balls were staying for a while it seems. Most guys know that if they don't have a girl, then it's back to jerking off everyday until they get one. I was no exception and I looked forward to my jerk session, as I had a host of new material stored in my mind. As the night dragged on, the club eventually started to close. I lived a few blocks away so I only needed to walk home. If I had to drive, I would not have drank anything. The walk home was brisk and uneventful.

I fiddled with my keys outside the door for a few seconds before entering the house. I went in stripping my jacket off and placing it on the coat hook behind the door before closing it. As I made my way into the house, I saw the flickering light from the television lighting up the living room. Once I rounded the corner, I could see my mom as she sat on the loveseat with her legs curled up to her right side and her slippers on the floor right under her. She had a slight snore that sounded like slightly heavy breathing. I took a quick glance at the TV to see what was on before I made my way to my room. I noticed it was just rolling through commercials. Not wanting to wait, I made my way to the hallway leading to the bedrooms.

Looking back at my mom one last time before exiting the room, I noticed her robe was sitting open. With any other person this would be no big deal, but for my mom, it was as I haven't seen her cleavage in years. She doesn't look a day over twenty-five, even though she is knocking on the door to forty at thirty-nine. Instead of a normal cloth belt, this robe had snap-on buttons lining the inside that had become weak from years of repeated use. The robe was nothing special. Just a faded red with multi-color flower patterns that were so dull from washing that you could barely see them. I stopped dead in my tracks while my eyes scanned the opening to see if I could get a glimpse of her big breasts. Now I don't know if it was the alcohol giving me false courage or my true inner self coming forth, but I came up with the idea to try and get a peek and at the very most, get a little touch. As I came to the front of the loveseat I could hear her still snoring lightly so I knew she was still asleep. To test the waters, I called out the her.

"Mom, you fell asleep watching TV," I whispered praying she wouldn't respond.

Once I saw her show no response my cock immediately twitched as it knew the stage was clear. I hovered over her for about 30 seconds thinking on the best way to expose her breast without waking her. That's when it hit me. The best perfume I have ever smelt poured into my nostrils. Maybe it's because I was already turned on by her, but the smell was literally drawing me in. It smelled like an orgasm if that had a smell. My heart began beating so loud that I thought it would wake her. I started doubting if I could do it by frightening myself with images of her waking up, but my cock would have none of that wimpy talk as it surged to full throbbing stiffness. It was pissed from the missed opportunity at the club and would even have me use my mother if it meant getting off. Armed with liquid encouragement from the alcohol and burning lust, I made my first move.

I stuck my index finger in the fold of the robe that was already slightly open and tugged gently to expose more of her cleavage. It looked like she was bra-less the way her breast were slightly dangling towards her left side. Once I got the robe open a bit more, I noticed I was wrong in my assumption that she was bra-less. It was a plain all black bra with no special markings, but the size of the tits they contained were big enough to make the bra seem sexy. I kept glancing back up to her eyes after every 5 seconds to see if she had any response. For the first time ever, I was happy that she snored a little as it would alert me that danger was coming if I heard any change.

My cock was throbbing the entire time and I decided that I should rub one out since I was already going this far. I chose to only rub my cock through my pants in case she woke up. I wouldn't have to do any strange movements to alert her to what I was doing. Focusing my attention on her robe, I had almost completely exposed her left breast and I was rubbing myself furiously as it took longer to get off this way. Once her left breast was completely out I was in awe at how huge just one of her tits were. Her chest would rise ever so slightly with every breath she took. She looked like she popped straight out of a porn magazine. As I stated previously, this may not seem like a big deal, but to me it was. She never exposed her cleavage at anytime, especially around me as she had a fashion style that was..... motherly I guess. Choosing to avoid anything hugging her curves or showing much skin. The most I had seen was her in a bra when i came out my room early one morning and she was ironing her shirt with her bedroom door still open. I was young then and that stored image has faded to nothing as the years passed. After spending what felt like an half an hour staring at her left breast, I then took my hand and attempted to reveal her right breast. As I dug my finger under the fold of the robe, I noticed a key portion was lodged under her arm and would need a considerable amount of strength to pull it loose. I took a break from rubbing myself and peeked back at her eyes to make sure we were still good. She was still snoring away looking as calm as ever. I used both hands this time to perform the delicate surgery and it was a success. Both breast sat exposed in front of me and my jaw fell wide open. Such an amazing rack that most men will only see through a screen.

I resumed rubbing my cock through my pants with a accomplished feeling lingering over me. Smelling her sweet aroma as i watch her breast move up and down with every breath was more than enough to quicken my eruption. Feeling the tingle start to rise from the base of my cock, I knelt in a better position to release my seed. It was then that I was alerted that I didn't hear her snoring anymore. Complete terror filled my body as the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and my nose cleared itself. I stopped rubbing and looked at her eyes as fast as I could to see what was going on. To my utterly shocking surprise, she was staring me right in my face with a glare that meant she means business. She had awakened when I revealed her right breast but chose to lay motionless to see what I was up to. My soul had already left my body at this point and before i could say anything, she pushed me away from her with so much force that I went backwards faster than I could control. I slammed into the lazy-boy chair that sat off to the right of the loveseat. Riddled with goosebumps, I sat in disbelief as she jumped up yanking her robe back into place and gave me the meanest looking face I've ever seen her make.

"What the FUCK were you doing to me, YOU ARE MY SON FOR GOD'S SAKE!" she yelled.

Completely mind broken and in a trance from the shock, I suddenly rose up and lunged at my mother. Spearing her into the love seat and straddling her stomach.

"What am I actually doing," I thought to myself as I sat on top of her

It had to be the alcohol because I didn't have the balls to do that while sober. She had a look of absolute shock and boiling anger all in one.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING NOW!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, piercing my ears as I was too close.

Instead of answering I just sat and looked at her long brown hair, panting slightly as I had just made really fast moves. Looking at her face, the only thing going through my mind was how beautiful she looked even while pissed. Her arched eyebrows made her look sassy and her pink full lips trembled as she was frowning.

"Get off of her and fall to your knees begging for forgiveness," my subconscious voice said inside my head.

"Go in for a kiss, what's the worse that could happen," the alcohol said.

As if on auto pilot I lowered my head and lined my lips up with hers and I saw her pull her chin inward to lower her lips out of range. That didn't help though, as I lined our lips up again right away. Suddenly, I felt movement and then my head got forcefully turned to my right. I felt a pain in my lip. Looking at her, I realized she had just punched me in my mouth. Tasting my own blood was also another sign that she busted my lip. I jerked my head up and searched for her free hands so I could pin them down. I grabbed her right hand first, because it was her strong hand and I didn't want a swift punch in the mouth again. Once I had it on the wrist, I pinned it above her head. I saw and felt her breast bobble as the force I used to pin her hand shook her entire upper body. Not having time to enjoy her breast, I quickly searched for her left hand. She forced it under her so that I would not be able to reach it.

Holding my mouth to soothe the pain for a second, I thought of a way to bait her hand out. I reached down and cupped her right breast in my hand and squeezed it. It was impossible to cup the whole thing as they were way too large for a single hand. It felt like I went to heaven because her tit was so soft and fleshy. I heard her gasp in shock of the bold move and she immediately unlodged her last hand and came straight for my face. Almost as if her hand was being tracked, I threw my hand up to block her punch. Once it hit my arm, I realized the force behind it was very real. She was trying to seriously hurt me that time. I pinned her left and right hand together with my left hand and immediately realized that was not going to work. She wasn't big but when she actually started seriously trying to get her arms free, I didn't have the required strength with only one hand to keep them pinned. I reached up and separated the two of her arms and put them in both of my hands. Understanding that she was outmatched in strength, she bucked her hips up wildly to throw me off.

"Get the FUCK off of me now or you will REGRET IT!" she screamed again while still flailing about.

Looking down was a sight like no other. With every thrust she would throw her breast all around sloshing from side to side. I was still rock hard during the whole situation as her breast were bobbing against my leg during the entire encounter. Mounting her and pinning her down also added to the stimulation, but those tits were the main tease. She began forcing her knee into my back while arching her back, lifting us a few inches off the couch. After about 2 minutes of her tossing herself about, she was getting physically tired and was starting to breath heavily.

"I can't believe this shit, you must have a death wish." she whimpered as she was catching her breath.

I was contemplating what I was going to do with her as I had no real goal and acted on impulse. I finally looked at her eyes, which I tried to avoid as much as I could. They were normally hazel but looked black in the night. She was locked in a dead stare with me before I broke contact. Her eyebrows stayed crunched together looking mean, but she was still beautiful no matter what face she wore. Seeing her mouth sit open and panting deeply made my cock tingle, and I came up with what I wanted to do to her in that moment. Realizing I was already off the deep end and there was no going back, I decided I would get myself off by dry-humping against her. Looking at her tits bobble up and down with each breath, I slowly began to grind my hips against her stomach. Every part of her body was soft and sexy. If you had to, you could get off by humping against any part of her with relative ease.

"You can't be serious. You are a sick and twisted pervert," she said with a stern but low voice, still catching her breath.

Not parting my lips to speak to her even once, I continued humping her stomach. Regaining some strength, she arched her back pushing herself up into me, still attempting to throw me off of her. It felt amazing to have her squeezing herself against my cock while her tits rolled all around hitting my thigh and then bouncing back up almost hitting her chin. Avoiding her gaze and staring off at the wall, it only took me about three minutes of grinding against her warm, soft body before I felt the surge of the demon coming up from within me. I got more forceful and pushed into her stomach deeper and deeper with every thrust. I guess she realized I was almost done and she just turned her head towards the TV and sat completely still. I exploded in my own pants as I felt wave after wave of sperm shooting out and tingling my cock head.

"Oh shit," I gasped lightly.

The sensation was so good that I was actually left jerking back and forth on top of her. It was much more pleasurable than masturbating but the feeling didn't even last for a good ten seconds as the overwhelming feeling of guilt, fear, and just plain disgust at what I was doing fought it off quickly. The folds in my pants trapped my sperm in one section causing a bigger amount than normal to seep through onto her stomach as it had nowhere else to go. Wiggling out the last bit of tingles, I slumped over her slightly catching my breath. I heard a strange sort of coughing sound which caused me to look at her face. When I did, I felt something wet hit me right on the nose. She had spit on me and had such a look of disgust that it actually hurt my heart to see it coming from my own mother, even though I deserved it.

Wanting to get down from on top of her without taking a blow to the face, I got both feet on the ground and positioned myself in a way to get a head start in backing up without her getting to move first. In one quick motion, I let go of her hands and jumped back at the same time. She launched herself forward on the loveseat and grabbed her robe so fast that I thought it was a weapon and immediately braced myself. To my surprise she was wiping the smeared cum off of her furiously as if it was a disease burning her skin. She then completely took the robe off and threw it at me. Still expecting her to try something, I knocked it out of my view so that I could see what she was doing. She was just standing there in her panties and bra. Having not seen my mother like this since I was a kid, I was dumbfounded by her sex appeal. She had amazing breast that could barely be contained by her bra, flat stomach which was fit and lean, and an ass that protruded outwards looking like it was perfect for cuffing. I scanned her up and down right in front of her. Eyes hungrily combing every inch of her body. When I finally looked at her eyes, they were anything but motherly. Snapping me back to reality, she gave me a cold dead stare. My heart felt like it weighed a million pounds as it sank to my stomach.

"Wait until your father comes home, he will beat the shit out of you for daring to lay a hand on his woman," she said calmly as if anticipating it.

The word father stabbed my already sinking heart even more as terror washed over me. I didn't respond back until I looked at the clock on the wall in the dining room. Noticing my dad still had a good three hours before he was due home, I breathed a sigh of relief. I quickly came up with a plan to hurry and pack up some clothes and get the fuck out of that house before he came home. I grabbed my mother's robe and sprinted to my room. I always keep my clothes together already in outfits so I don't have to search for anything in the mornings. I tossed my mother's robe in the back of my closet and left the door sitting open as a bag was more important at the moment. Feeling my stomach turning and grinding from the entire situation made me panic even more. Even though I had a few hours to get clear, I couldn't shake the helpless feeling while still being in that house. As I was wrecking my room looking for a bag, I heard the shower cut on. My mother was washing up, which for some reason made me recall having her between my legs. Not able to find a bag, I took my university bookbag and emptied the second carry section of old and already graded papers. I shoved in three outfits, grabbed my spare money from between my mattress and begin walking to the front door. As I rounded the corner to the front door hallway, I took one last glance at the loveseat before leaving. I grabbed my jacket and threw it on my shoulders and I walked to my car. Tossing my bag and jacket into the passenger seat as I started up the car. I reached for my phone to check the time and I saw that I did all of this within five minutes. Feeling a weight lifted off my shoulders, I threw my car in reverse and got out of the driveway. I sat in the street for a few more minutes as I let everything that just happened flash over my mind. I grabbed my phone and called up my best friend Kevin to ask him if I could crash at his place for a few nights. Without even questioning me about the late time I was calling him and the weird request, he accepted me.

"Of course bro, but you have to keep it down when you get here as I got my piece over," he said laughing. That was basically a sign that he had a girl over and was going to be having sex with her. "I'll leave the front door unlocked."

"Thanks bro, good looking out," I replied laughing. Signaling that I understood what he was about to do.

We were best friends since elementary school and practically brothers at this point. Almost everything we said while around each other was coded. From years of hanging out non-stop, we started speaking in codes so that we could talk about people right in front of them without them taking noticing. This was something we did when talking about girls. Although we went to different universities, we still talked regularly. I felt so grateful for him at that moment that I would have hugged him had he been near me.

I arrived to his place without issue. Walking into his apartment had absolutely no warm home feeling. Everything was bare with no art and just the bare minimum of furniture in each room. I placed my jacket in the closet right next to the door and noticed It was completely silent in there. I made sure to tip-toe to the couch to make as little noise as possible. I sat down a heaved a sigh of relief. I placed my bag right next to my leg as I reached for the remote to turn the TV on. Making sure the volume was down, I aimlessly flipped through channels. My mind was racing as I was imagining the scenario that would play out when my mom told my dad about what happened, making it near impossible for me to sleep the first night. I had no doubt that my mother would tell him as she wasn't one who would bluff or make empty threats, at least to my knowledge. I sank into the couch after I kicked my shoes off and noticed I had an alert on my phone. As I was checking my phone, I noticed it was three in the morning. Which meant that my dad was on the way home or already arrived depending on if he left right away. I went to my text messages and saw one from my dad. My heart fell straight into my ass as fear washed over me once again. I checked the message and saw he was asking if I was still awake. I realized then that he hadn't arrived home yet. I replied telling him that I was awake but I was over a friends house at the moment. He wrote back saying never mind and left our conversation at that.

That night I was in what I like to call "cat sleep" mode. I could fall asleep, but the slightest twitch would pop me up like a mad man. I woke up springing to life at the sound of Kevin taking a piss in the night. I was in such a terrible state of mind and my nerves were shot. I had to try and sleep like that or else I would have no energy to start the next day with.

The next morning, I was awakened by the front door closing. Kevin's "piece" had left and just Kevin and I remained. He came out of his room checking to see if I was awake. Once he saw that I was, he pumped his hips against the air as though it was an imaginary girl. Signaling to me that he indeed slept with her. We both giggled.

"What's up bro, you got kicked out your house or something?" he asked while still smiling from his previous stunt.

`"Something like that, my mom is on my case," I replied while looking away.

"Good thing you just said something about your mom, I just remembered I have to help my mom move some things around at her house today," he said while looking bummed recalling it.

"Is it alright if chill at your place until I patch things up at home?" I asked with a concerned look on my face.

Noticing I was feeling pretty bad, he shouted, "My place is your place, you already know that! But anyway, I got to get ready to roll if I still want free time to myself today."

I smiled and gave him a nod before turning to look at the TV. Realizing I was sitting on my phone, I lifted up and grabbed it. Immediately after I had the shock of my life. I had a staggering thirty missed calls and forty text messages. My stomach began to turn instantly as I knew I was in for a battle. I unlocked my phone and breathed a sigh of relief. It seems I had a bot calling and texting me the whole time. All the texts were an identical message about me winning a prize, and all the missed calls were from untraceable numbers. I scrolled to see if my dad or mom had a message mixed in there but they didn't. I thought that was odd because if she had told him, I am sure he would have been trying to contact me right away.

The entire day went by without any contact at all. I sat on the couch only getting up to use the bathroom and to grab a bite to eat. I was still running through scenarios in my head. Some of them as extreme as the police looking for me, others with me and my dad fighting. After nightfall began to fall, Kevin came strolling in looking exhausted. He nodded to me as he dragged himself to his room with his coat and everything still on. Minutes later I could hear him snoring. I soon followed as I had nothing to keep me awake and I was just stressing myself out.

The next morning played out similarly to the last. Kevin would get up and shower, grab something to eat while chatting with me for a bit, and then leave. Meanwhile, I was not getting any response from back home. This was actually more nerve wracking than talking about it with them, because at least I would understand where everything was headed. The silent treatment allowed me to torture my own self to death before they even had a chance to. As much as I was worried about them, I wasn't going to be the first one to say anything as I was scared to death of doing so. On the third day, which was a Tuesday, I got a phone call from my dad.

Steeling myself, I answered. "Hello?"

"Hey son, why have you been sleeping out for almost 3 days?" he said.

I was scanning his voice for any hint of anger and it seemed pretty normal so I replied, " Oh, no reason, just chilling."

"Come home today, I need you to help me out." he said as calmly as ever.

This shocked me, as it implied he really didn't know why I would be on the run. Still feeling sketchy about the situation I asked more questions to get to the bottom of what he really wanted.

"Oh really, what is it that you need me to help you out with?" I asked nervously.

"To get your mother a gift." he whispered.

It then dawned on me that their anniversary was coming up. I still found it to be weird of him asking for my help because he had never done so before. I had to be sure he was not trying to lure me in and then attack when I was least expecting it.

So I asked, "Oh, you never asked for my help before, what's the deal now?"

"I'm needed at another job site and it just happens to line up with the day of our anniversary. I will be gone until next Sunday and I wanted you to give her the gift on the promised day and I will call her. That way it will still be a little special," he said.

Understanding that the coast was clear, we arranged to meet at a local mall. I started to gather my things so that I could leave within an hour. I figured since a few days have passed and he didn't show signs of knowing, then my mother must have went back on her word. Just the thought of that was shocking as that was very unlike her. I texted Kevin letting him know I was headed back home and then I started on my way to meet my dad at our local mall.

Meeting my dad still gave me a nervous feeling that I couldn't shake, but I decided I was going to go through with it. We arrived at the mall and greeted each other with a high-five and a smile just like always and then made our way to the entrance. This simple greeting took loads of stress off of me. In the back of my mind, I imagined this all being a hoax and him just trying to get me to meet him. Glad that turned out to not be the case. We engaged in small talk as we made our way to a jewelry store. I gave him a look that showed I was concerned with what he was going to buy.

"Since I am not going to actually be there, I thought I should get her a real expensive gift to take her mind off of it," my dad said.

"How much are you willing to spend," I said while casually glancing at the prices of a few items.

"Upper limit is five thousand," he whispered while winking at me.

"Haha, wow dad, I didn't know you was a baller," I snickered sarcastically.

This was incredibly weird as my dad was a known cheapskate. He cared nothing for expensive things and always spent his money smart, resulting in him having an absolutely massive bank account from years of saving. It was apparent that he wanted to spoil her this time. We looked around the store for a good ten minutes before I saw a necklace that had two silver hearts that were interlaced with each other. Each heart had a diamond in the center of it. To me, that signified two hearts connecting making one. I yanked him towards me so that he could see.

"This is it right here dad, this is perfect and it's only nine hundred dollars," I joked.

"What about this one," he said as he pointed to one next to it.

It was a gold leaf with intricate details. You could see every vein of the leaf, as if they just dipped a real leaf in gold. The entire stem of the leaf was replaced with diamonds. I shook my head in disbelief as I looked at him.

"What about this says I love you," I said while about to burst out into laughter.

"Nothing says I love you like three thousand dollars," he said while making gestures of imaginary money falling from his hands.

Already turning red from that spoiled rich kid joke, I replied, "well if that's what you like, then that will do."

"How about I get both and you can give her yours as well," he said while raising an eyebrow.

"Uhh... sure, I guess," I said while signaling for a jeweler to come over.

We bought both of them and I was told to hold on to them. During the entire situation, I had completely forgotten about what had happened between me and my mother. Just hanging out with my dad was good for clearing my mind for the moment. That all changed suddenly as I pulled into the driveway. Thankfully, my mom's car was gone. Even though she wasn't home, my nervous feeling had came back. I grabbed the jewelry boxes and my clothes out of my car and headed back into the house. The place was riddled with the scent of my mother. Always feeling so cozy and warm. I nodded to my dad and made my way to my room. He went into his room and took a nap so he could be rested before his flight. I hid the jewelry boxes and threw my clothes bag in my closet. I caught a glimpse of my mother's robe that I had thrown in there and even more fear was instilled in me. I was beginning to torture myself again with the thoughts of my mom bursting in here and telling my dad. I needed to have a plan, so I opened my window and prepared it to make an easy jump out in case of emergency.

After laying out on my bed torturing myself to death, I dozed off. I was awakened by the front door slamming shut. My mother was now home as was coming straight towards the bed rooms. Every step she took sounded like she was stomping because all of my senses were at peak performance. I was in high-alert mode when I heard her open their room door. Pressing my ears against my door, I listened to hear what they were about to talk about. She had certainly seen my car in the driveway, so this was a great time to drop the bomb if she had plans to. Not even a minute later, I heard their door open. I realized my door was unlocked so I snapped the lock shut. Had any of them attempted to open my door, I would have flew out the window and into the scenery below. Luckily, no one came to my door and I instead, heard my mother making her way to the kitchen. She had started making something to eat for my dad before he left.

About thirty minutes passed and I heard my mom call for my dad. I could hear his suitcase scraping across the floor as he made his way out of his room and into the kitchen. Still on high-alert, I just sat near my door eavesdropping their conversation and the sounds of them eating. Once my dad was done he called out to me.

"T, come and drop me off at the airport so I won't have to leave my car there!" he yelled, trying to make his voice reach me from the kitchen.

I had half the mind to pretend like I was sleeping, but I'd decided against it as I didn't want him to come to my room for some reason.

"Okay!" I yelled back through my door.

I was getting nervous about leaving my room because this would be the first time I will have seen my mother since the whole ordeal. The last face she gave me, still hung in my brain like it just happened. I came out of my room and noticed she was in the kitchen with my dad. I power-walked to the front door when I heard a kissing sound. He was saying goodbye to her, but I was just focused on getting outside so I wouldn't have to confront her. My dad came waltzing out the house with a huge suitcase and I helped him put it in my car. Once we were all settled, I started on my way to the airport. I was feeling a huge amount of relief with him leaving because he was the main cause for danger in that house. My mother, while very aggressive at times, could be easily dealt with by me.

"On the anniversary day, I will text you so that you can give her the gifts right as I call," my dad said.

"Alright, not a problem," I responded.

We arrived at the airport and I helped him move his luggage out of the car before giving him a high-five and watching him enter the building.

I got back home and pulled into the driveway. I sat in the car for a good five minutes counting how many times I've gotten lucky in the past few days. This entire situation could have went south so easily, but so far, nothing has happened. I fiddled with my keys as I went in the house and put my coat on the hook behind the door. I was immediately struck with deja-vu . The familiar scene of the TV light flickering in the living room gave me flashbacks of what I did to my mom. The only thing different is that my mother's perfume was so strong that it smelled like I had it on my nose. The place was completely drenched in her scent, and it wasn't like that when I left. Sure the house always had her smell, but this was way stronger. I made my way around the corner and saw the same scene from a few nights ago. My mother was curled up in the loveseat at the exact same position. The crazy part about this is that she actually dared to wear a robe that was even more revealing than her last one. This is insane because she never showed any skin before. The robe was an all white, silk material that stopped halfway on her thigh. The way she sat exposed almost all of her leg and thigh. It was oiled well as it reflected the light of the TV very sharply. As if that wasn't enough, she had the opening of the robe perfectly cupped around her breast. It was pulled down so far that I could easily make out the bra. I was almost floored when I noticed the type of bra she had on. It was pure white just like the robe, but it looked like the bra to a lingerie set. The entire top half was see-through, but had all types of flowers over it. You could see her skin in between each flower. My dick actually got a little chubby looking at her. Even though she was my mom, her body is the type that you could only wish your future girl would have.

Recalling our past experiences and all the stress that it brought to me, I found it easy to turn away and I started heading to my room. I wanted no parts of that anymore, even though in all actuality, I did. Getting a view of her body is one thing. Actually touching her is a whole new story. You would be lucky if you could go the rest of the day without jerking off at least three times. I made my way pass the couch and was about to enter the hallway to the rooms.

"Mr. Rapist actually does have a heart after all," my mom said as she turned to look at me.

This scared the daylights out of me as I figured she was napping. Since I was put on the spot, I decided to use the opportunity to apologize.

"Mom, I'm sorry about what hap...," I tried to say before I was cut off.

"Don't mom me you damn PERVERT! Out of all the people in the entire world who could have done this, WHY WOULD MY OWN SON DO THIS TO ME?" she yelled.

Thinking of an excuse. I said before being abruptly cut off again, "Mom, I was drunk and not thin..."

"STOP CALLING ME MOM! You lost that chance the moment you decided to attack me. Did you stop to consider my feelings even once during that entire time? Do you know how that made me feel? To have my own son rubbing his tiny dick on me for pleasure while I fight desperately to get him off? Even if you take away the fact that I am YOUR FUCKING MOTHER! I have done nothing but shower you with love your entire life. Never have you gone without something you needed. I busted my ass raising you until you were an adult. The least you could do is have respect for me and not treat me LIKE A PIECE OF MEAT!" she yelled out as her voice started to crack.

I heard her voice cracking, so I looked at her to see what was going on. I immediately had my heart ripped out as she had tears streaming down her face. The gravity of what I had done just came to me again, and I was being crushed mercilessly by the hands of it. Under normal circumstances, I would rush over and give her a big hug, but our bond was up in the air at the moment. I didn't know where I stood with her, so I could only hang my head in shame as I listened to her sniffling.

"I'm sorry for hurting you," is all I could manage to squeak out under the immense weight of the situation.

The tension in the air between us was so thick that you could cut it with scissors. She gave me no response and just sat there rubbing away the tears. After about a minute, she got up and walked towards me, heading to her room. She didn't look at me as she walked to her room. Normally, if she walked pass me with that much perfume on, I would be in heaven. Now though, I wouldn't have been able to get hard even if she was completely naked. The feeling I had was way too dreadful to even think about anything sexual. Once she was in her room, she slammed the door shut so hard that it shook pictures on the wall. It shocked me as she never did anything like that before, even when arguing with my dad. I stood there staring at her door, before I eventually dragged myself to my room. Even though I hadn't eaten at all, my stomach felt like I ate a cow and had no appetite. I decided to spread out on my bed as I reflected on what I had done. All the images of my mother were running through my mind. The piercing gaze she gave me when I first did the deed, and even her teary face all flashed before me. It really was not worth it in the end. Because of my selfishness, I could have potentially ruined my relationship with my mom forever. I must never let her catch me looking at her with lust in my eyes again, as it's too painful to see her like this. As time went on, I eventually fell victim to the dream realm as I fell asleep while in deep thought.

Now Wednesday morning, I wake up to the smell of pancakes and eggs. I roll out of bed and head to the bathroom to take a quick piss and brush my teeth. Once I finished, I made my way to the living room to see what was going on. I noticed my mother sitting at the dining room table eating by herself. Not even acknowledging my presence, she continued to eat while looking at something on her phone. I can't even remember that last time that my mother made some breakfast and didn't offer me any. Feeling confused, I finally remembered what we were going through and hung my head in shame again. Of course she wouldn't make me anything, she practically disowned me without actually saying it. Feeling super uncomfortable from standing there, I spun around and started heading back to my room.

"If you want some, there is still a bit left on the stove. I made a little too much for me to eat," my mom said without even looking up.

This made me have some hope for our relationship because at least she was still speaking to me.

"Oh good, I am starving," I replied as I headed to the kitchen.

Once I got to the kitchen, I immediately knew that she was lying. It was enough food for at least two more people. She definitely intended to make enough for the both of us. Noticing that she was still looking out for me made my mood ten times better. Once I made a plate, I went to sit at the dining room table. It was a glass top round table. I didn't realize before because of all the chairs blocking, but when I pulled a chair out to sit down, I noticed she was sitting Indian style in the chair with that new robe she had on. Looking straight through the glass, I could clearly see the bottoms to the bra set I noticed yesterday. I was wrong in thinking she had on a lingerie set, but they were clearly meant to be sexy. I could see the same flower patterns as before. The gap in between each flower was basically clear and you could see her skin. I should have been able her vagina with the angle she was sitting but it was too dark to make out because of her shadow. Not wanting her to spot me or pick up on any vibes, I sat sideways against the table so that I would be facing away from her. Sure the view is to die for, but it is not worth the hassle of getting caught again. The entire time that I ate, we sat in silence. The only sounds were my chewing, and an occasional ding from something on her phone. We literally had nothing to say to each other. Normally, even with no real topic, we would engage in small talk almost every time we were around each other. Now however, we couldn't even do that. The mood felt off and was looking bad for the near future.

Once I was done eating, I decided I should do something to get the ball rolling between us. I worked up the courage to ask her about our situation. Even though I had been talking to my mother my entire life, I felt so nervous just doing something as simple as getting her attention now.

"Uhmm... Mom, can I ask yo..," I tried to say before getting cut off.

"AHEM!" my mom yelled in an obviously fake attempt at clearing her throat.

Confused, but catching on quickly, I said, "Sorry.... Uhh, Angela, can I ask you a question?"

"If you want." she replied.

Already catching a bad vibe from how she wouldn't let me call her mom, I second guessed asking her my real question. In the end though, I just went ahead and rolled the dice. "Why did you decide not to tell dad about the whole situation?" I asked.

Now showing clear interest, she put her phone down and looked me in my eyes. Still unable to meet her gaze, I looked down at my plate.

"Knowing your father, he would never tolerate such behavior in his house. It would guarantee the separation of our family. Not only would we be separated, but we would be destroyed mentally as well. Can you imagine how screwed up everybody would've been if that was our last interaction? The consequences of revealing it to him are too drastic for me to go through with it. I don't believe a single orgasm, no matter how wrong it was, should spell the demise of our household," she said while looking directly at me.

"Yea, that would have have been a brutal situation to live through. I don't know if you knew this, and I tried to tell you yesterday, but I was under the influence of alcohol during that night and not in complete control of my actions. Under normal circumstances, do you think I would actually dare to do that to you?" I questioned.

"Alcohol is not a valid excuse in the real world. For example, if the police were involved, you would still be charged fully even if you were drunk. To tell you the truth, I did notice that you were looking pretty weird and your breath reeked of alcohol, but I was just so shocked by your actions that I could not focus on those details." she replied.

Not knowing where to steer the conversation next, I decided to address how she was acting towards me.

"You say that you didn't want to destroy our household, which implies that you still care about me. So why did you practically disown me by not even allowing me to call you mom?" I asked while raising my eyebrows looking confused.

She looked off into space for about a minute before answering me.

"Disown you? Are you actually crazy? I love you more than anyone in this world. You are my one and only son. I was just taking my anger out on you for a while. I wanted you to understand some of my pain and so I removed myself from your mother role for a bit. It's silly, I know, but it was all I could come up with on the fly to try and make you feel bad about the situation," she said.

"I already felt bad about the situation. You didn't need to do anything. I had already tortured myself to death thinking that my life was about to be over," I said.

"Haha, I should've known you would be doing that to yourself. I guess I could have went a bit easier on you. I mean in all actuality, you only humped me. It's not like you penetrated me or anything. If you had tried doing that, you would have got a completely different response." she said while having a slight grin on her face.

"Even my drunken self knew better than to go that far," I said while smirking. "So, are we cool now, or do I still have to call you Angela?"

"Well, I got all of my real emotions out yesterday so I don't feel as bottled up anymore, and after this conversation, I do feel much better, so I guess we can move on." she replied.

"Thank god, because I am totally not used to using your name," I sighed.

"You are back on son duties kid. Call me by my first name and I will bury you Haha," she said while sporting a bright smile.

"Angela, Angela, Angela, Angela," I said jokingly while positioning myself to run from the table.

"Oh, you think this is a game? I got something for you Haha," she said while scooting her chair back preparing to run over to me.

I sprinted from the table, running into the living room. I went to the other side of our coffee table to make sure I had something between us. My mother only being a few steps behind me, was hot on my heels. Not paying attention to her robe, it opened to the point where I could see her inside cleavage, stomach, and panties all in one straight line down her mid-section. She wasn't wearing the belt that came with it. The robe draped over her large breasts making it harder for it to fly completely open. Not wanting to get caught looking at her body again, I turn my attention to her face. She had a huge smile on, and her hazel eyes appeared to be glowing from how clear they were. Her roughly made bun had undone itself and now hung over her right shoulder. She forced me to circle the long coffee table about four times before I could keep a consistent distance. Her robe flopped all over the place, giving me all sorts of great views of her body. Every time that it would swing open too far, she would grab it and tighten it back on. Even though I didn't want to get caught staring, I stole a glance literally every time I rounded the table. I couldn't help but get a hard-on at that sight. Even if I was already in trouble for thinking with my dick, it still had a nice chunk of control over me that I was helpless against.

"As if you had a chance of catching me Haha," I said with a cocky voice.

Before I could even react, she had scaled the coffee table and was now inches away from grabbing me. My immediate reaction was to jump backwards. Once I did, my leg hit the loveseat behind me and I started to fall onto it. Once i fell on the loveseat, I noticed she didn't fall with me. She landed on the ground and now stood hovering over me. The all too familiar smell that she is famous for, forced its way into my nose.

"You thought I would land on top of you? Too bad, so sad perv Haha," she giggled. "As if you had a chance of outrunning me," she said with a cocky voice, copying my previous statement.

We both burst out laughing as I sat up to properly sit on the loveseat. After the craziness of the past couple of days, it was a huge relief to be sitting there laughing with her. It seemed like we were well on our way back to normal.

"I have to get some more groceries from the store, so I should start getting ready," She said while still beaming from our previous ordeal.

"Oh, okay, I will just chill right here and watch TV for the day. I have no plans to do anything," I said.

"I'll catch you later then, slowpoke," she giggled while pushing me back down on the loveseat.

She went into her room to grab a change of clothes and then went straight to the shower. I sat in silence in the living room just being grateful that she went back to normal so quickly. Not only that, it also seemed like she even had a flirty undertone with her now. It may have been my imagination, but that was the vibe I was getting. I finally clicked on the TV and sat watching a few reality shows. About thirty minutes later, I heard her getting out the shower and heading into her room. The smell from the bathroom rushed down the hall and filled the living room. It smelled like pineapples so I knew she was using her favorite body wash.

Another thirty minutes passed by and she finally came out of her room. I was sprawled out on the loveseat with my head facing away from the hallway. Not paying her any mind, I continued watching TV. As she walked pass me, she ruffled my hair grabbing my attention.

"I'll be back later." she said.

I turned around to nod my head at her and suddenly had my eyes readjusted in my head. The outfit she had on was the shock of a lifetime. Considering her normal fashion, which could be properly explained as grandma clothing, this was a major step up. She had her brown hair pulled back into a simple ponytail with a yellow ponytail holder that matched her shirt. Her shirt was a yellow crop-top and exposed her toned stomach fully. The material was very loose and it draped over her breast. With every step she took, waves would ripple through the material. If that wasn't enough to send me into a coma, the lower half would surely. She had the tightest pants on that I've ever seen her wear. The black jean material was as flexible as spandex and stuck to every curve she had. Never seeing her in anything this tight made the whole experience an eye-opening one. Her ass seemed to stick out further than it did normally, swaying from side to side with every step. She walked to the dining room table to retrieve her phone before she left, getting eaten alive by my eyes the entire time. As soon as she turned around to leaved, I whipped my head quickly back to the TV as though my life depended on it. I didn't want to risk her seeing me and having some type of fit over it, as we were supposed to be back to normal. She made her way to the hallway and then out the door she went. I spent the next twenty minutes running over her image in my head. What in the actual hell was she doing. This was totally not something she did. I didn't even think that she owned something like that.

Half the day passed and I started dozing off from the boring shows on the TV until my phone vibrated. I had a text from my mother telling me to put some shoes on so that I could get the groceries from the car. I jumped up and peeped out the window to see if she was home and she was just pulling in the driveway. I jogged to my room, quickly putting on my shoes and made my way outside. I greeted my mother, continuing the eye raping, and then proceeded to put all the bags in the kitchen. Each time I brought a bag up and she was facing away from me, I would be scanning all over her body checking her out. A few times she turned around quicker than I was anticipating and may have caught a glance of me, but she didn't respond in any way so I guess she didn't see me. By the time I brought in the last bag, she had almost everything unpacked and in their proper place.

"What were you doing while I was gone?" she asked.

"Oh nothing, I was just about to fall asleep as there was nothing interesting on." I replied.

"Well since you aren't doing anything, we can watch a movie together that I just bought." she said while tapping a bag that it was supposedly in.

"Nice, what movie did you get?" I questioned.

"Just a comedy movie that I've been wanting to watch for a while. It has incredible reviews, so it should be hilarious." she said

"That's cool with me, just let me take my stuff off and then I'll be right out." I said as I made my way to my bedroom.

"I also got a treat for us, so it should be fun," she giggled.

I went in there and kicked my shoes off and grabbed my favorite mesh basketball shorts. The material was silk-like and felt very good against the skin. When I came back out my room, she had put away all the food and I just went to plop on the loveseat.

"I'm going to go get into something more comfortable, so give me a second before you start it," she said as she made her way to her bedroom.

I nodded and watched her take every step until she was out of my view. Her hips swishing side to side even while she was walking perfectly normal. Once she got out of view, I went to go grab the movie she had bought. I popped it in the DVD player and sat back on the loveseat. Five minutes later, she came back out the room with a comforter in her hand. She had on a baggy black shirt, which was flat out ugly in my opinion, and what can only be described as booty-shorts. Meaning they only cover your butt and nothing else. Being so short, it looked like she had nothing on at the bottom half. Her hair was in her signature loose bun. This is a flag in my head as she always uses a robe. The comforter was also strange as the house was a perfect temperature. Not hot or cold, just perfect.

"What's this for?" I asked while pointing at the comforter.

"So we can sleep together silly, why else," she said looking normal.

My eyes popped open as I stared at her with one eyebrow raised. My heart fluttered for just as second and sent a tingle to my dick.

"Bahaha, I'm just kidding. You will need it after this," she said as she walked to the kitchen,

She appeared back into view with a tub of ice cream.

"That better be strawberry," I joked.

"You will have to wait and see Haha," she laughed.

She sat the ice cream on the coffee table along with two spoons and then went walking back through the house turning off all the lights except the lamp that sat to my left. She came back to the loveseat and sat so close to me that if she moved to the left just a tad, she would have sat on my right leg. Her left leg and my right leg touched from our hips all the way down to our ankles. This was another flag as this never happened before. The most she would do is rest her legs across my lap while she laid in the loveseat, but she never sat against me like this before. Not wanting to make anything weird, I acted as though this was perfectly normal. I reached for the remote and hit the play button starting the movie. As soon as the movie started she placed her right hand on my right thigh and used it to gain leverage to reach across me and turn off the lamp. She brushed her breast across my chest during the process, sending tingles down to my dick and making me get a chubby instantly. As she was coming back down into her seat, I glanced over to her and made eye contact with her. Almost as if I was asking her what she was doing with my eyes only. That's when I felt it. Almost as if I was being drawn in by her big hazel eyes, time froze for me. That one second that we locked eyes felt like a whole minute. I knew this feeling very well and was starting to get concerned. I am not dense in the slightest and can pick up on signals with pretty good accuracy. My gut feeling was telling me that she was acting flirty. The problem was I couldn't understand why. She responded so negatively to the previous situation, yet here she sat up against me. Wearing revealing robes and clothes, and is more touchy than usual. Not able to come up with a motive, I push the idea to the back of my head. Maybe I am just thinking with my dick again and I am just seeing something sexual in everything she does. That is entirely a possibility as well.

She grabbed the tub of ice cream and handed me a spoon. It was indeed strawberry ice cream, but the other half was something that I couldn't name. It looked like a bunch of crushed leaves and rocks mixed in with vanilla ice cream. I steered clear of that and chose to stick with my bread and butter, strawberry. About ten minutes passed and we were eating away. The movie was actually funny and drew me into it. The whole situation with my mother was the last thing on my mind as I was bursting out laughing from the scenes. A few minutes later my mom caught my attention.

"Blargh, ugh!" she swallowed with resistance.

Breaking me from the movie for a second. "What happened?" I asked.

"Here try this," she said still having half of it on her spoon.

Before I could even protest that I didn't like the way it looked, she had her spoon against my lip. I just opened and prepared to taste dirt and rocks. To my surprise, it was delicious.

"Mmm, that is actually really good," I said while cleaning her spoon.

"Haha I was just messing with you. You thought it was going to taste horrible huh?" she snickered.

"Yeah, its appearance is actually far removed from what it tastes like." I said while looking to see how much of it was left.

She took the entire tub of ice cream and sat it back on the table, taking both of our spoons and setting it on top. Just as she predicted earlier, the comforter was looking like a great move as the ice cream left a chill on both of us. She grabbed it and stood up to shake the folds out of it and then sat back down covering both of us. As she sat plopped back down on the loveseat, her left hand landed on my right thigh and she just left it there. Already being hyper-aware of her movements, I could tell from a mile away that she did that on purpose. Confused, but not dumb enough to say anything and put her on the spot, I looked back at the movie trying to steer clear of the thought. Thinking on it too much would almost certainly give me a hard-on. A minute later, I felt her adjusting herself next to me. She had curled her legs up to her right side in her famous position and leaned all her weight against me into my right arm. This was a smart move if you wanted a guy to put his arm around you as it would be super uncomfortable for him to keep his arms at his side. I've been through many situations similar to this and I knew what to do. I thought the move would've been too bold though, because if she really was just chilling and relaxing, I would seem like I'm trying to touch on her again. Scaring myself, I sit for another five minutes like that before my arm started to fall asleep. Not able to take the tingling in my arm anymore, I pull it out from my side and lay it over her right side. She immediately snuggled into me even harder, pressing her breast into my side. This made it clear as day to me what she was doing. I still couldn't figure out why, but I was down as long as she was making the moves. Having her up under my arm and her soft breast pressed against me actually made me get a full hard-on. This was a little concerning as my dick was in mesh shorts and would tent them without much resistance. Jeans on the other hand, being a stiffer fabric, would offer resistance against you and in some cases, outright keep it from showing.

The movie was now the last thing on my mind. I couldn't tell you what was going on even if you paid me. All my attention was drawn to trying to decipher her advances and making sure she wouldn't make a mistake and rub my erection, giving away the fact that I am turned on. Because after all, she could just be cuddling just for the sake of cuddling and thinking nothing of it.The movie dragged on and eventually ended.

"Want to watch another?" she said in a voice so soft that it might as well have been a whisper.

"Sure," I said as I looked at the end credits.

She hopped up and threw on some action move. Not sure about what was going to happen next, I sat completely still as if I was glued there. It was actually getting hot under the blanket. When she got up to swap the movies, I could see the light of the TV reflecting off of her forehead a lot, meaning that she was sweating. Even with that, she came back over and got under the hot ass blanket. This revealed her hand to me as she clearly wanted to have a reason to cuddle against me. Only a fool would be still in the dark at this point. At that realization, my cock surged to full stiffness as it had put two and two together and made sense of what could possibly happen. Instead of sitting up against me, she left a gap of about one foot between us. I then felt her swing her legs and lay them completely over my lap. This is not strange, as she has done this before. The only difference is that I have a raging hard-on and she put her leg right on top of it. There is no doubt in my mind now that she knows I have a hard-on. Having nowhere to put my right hand, I just set it on top of her left thigh. I placed it high enough so that I almost touched the base of her shorts. They were so extremely short, so you can imagine how high up my arm was. She's as quiet as a mouse about it, so don't expect me to blow it for myself. As the movie kicks off, she takes her right leg and lays it on top of her left leg, forcing it down harder on my raging erection. I showed no response as I looked at the movie. They might as well have been speaking in a different language though, as I couldn't understand a word that was being said. I was enjoying the feeling of her leg resting against my cock. She would occasionally switch legs, putting the left leg on top and the right leg on the bottom, rubbing my dick in the process. All of this went on for like thirty minutes. Suddenly things heated up.

"Dammit, I need another pillow for my back," she said as she looked over to the big couch.

It sat to the far left of me but was in reaching distance if you stretched over fully, and had massive pillows lining the back of it. She prepared herself to get up and get them. Instead of taking her feet off of me, standing up, and walking over to get them, she slid herself up on top of me. Using my lap as a seat. I was actually stunned from that maneuver. Her big soft fleshy ass landed straight on my cock and lined up perfectly between her cheeks. She then leaned to her left and stretched to get a big pillow, but it was obvious that it was a half-assed attempt. She tried to reach for it for another ten seconds, shifting back and forth ever so slightly on my dick. I didn't even bother looking at the movie as I was enjoying the feeling and getting an eye full of the ass that was on my lap. The softness of it was out of this world. It felt like it could even give marshmallows a run for their money. She eventually realized she wasn't going to reach it and decided to stand up. Instead of getting right up, she slid forward off of me. Rubbing the cheeks of her ass down my whole shaft. The feeling was amazing. Had this been a random girl, I would have just grabbed her hips and tried my hand, but this was my mother. She already blew up at me for my previous stunt, so I did not want to be responsible for this, just in case it goes south.

Once she grabbed the pillow, she started on her way back over. Playing the fool, she acted as though she was so involved in the movie and didn't know where she was standing. I could see that she lined up perfectly with my lap as she attempted to sit back down. I spread my legs open so that she would be able to sit perfectly back on my dick. Hopefully, it would be even better than when she slid up on me sloppily. She had her eyes locked on the screen the entire time and she laughed as though it was something interesting going on. I sat there in anticipation as I looked at the ass the was about to sit on me. My cock, throbbing harder and faster, was now positioned in a straight line so that it would line up with the cheeks of her ass. She then finally sat down. It felt as though I was encased inside her. Such a soft and fleshy ass that spread out over me as she sat down. She sat perfectly still for another ten seconds before she placed the big pillow in the spot where she was before. She sat on me for another ten seconds, still laughing at the nonsense on the movie. I finally felt her start to position herself to get off. Getting lost in the feeling for a second, I mistakenly pumped up into her ass. Noticeably raising her up and plopping her back down on me, sending waves of pleasure through me.

I was kicking myself internally for making it too obvious when it was clear that she wanted to play it off. She stopped dead in her tracks and discontinued her movement to get off me. Instead she just sat still. While this was a good feeling, it wasn't going to get me off. After about a minute or two of her just sitting on me giggling at the screen, I gave her another pump similar to the first one, causing her to rise up and plop back down on me. This was what I needed to get off. A little more rubbing would do fine. She gave no reaction to it and didn't break contact with the screen even once. Realizing this was a green light, I repeated it again. Rising her up and letting her fall back on my dick, squeezing it between my pelvis and her ass.. After about the fifth time, I felt her start slowly rocking back and forth. It was very subtle at first and hardly noticeable, but after a few minutes of it, it was a full out slow grind. She would slowly slide forward and then push back against my cock, massaging the entire length. I started pumping up into her every time she pushed back as the sensation of getting my cock squeezed in her ass was sending me to the edge quickly.

The fear of the situation had left me completely as I neared my explosion. She didn't turn around or say a word the entire time. Feeling the money-shot coming, I started pumping up into her more forcefully. No longer able to play it off as a simple rocking motion, I had her bouncing up and down squishing my cock over and over.

"Oh, shit," I whispered as I was at the cliff.

As soon as I said that, she slid off of me to the right and laid on her pillow. I was left with my cock twitching furiously, but not able to cum. I looked at her to see why she stopped, but she wouldn't make eye contact. Instead, she spread her legs open wide and looked at the movie. A simple gap in her legs would have meant nothing, but seeing how wide she spread them, it looked like she wanted me to play with her vagina. Her mound sat a few inches from my right arm, meaning it wouldn't take much movement to touch. Since it was obvious what was going on, I had no fear in touching her. I chose to mentally block out her previous reaction and just focus on the now. Testing the waters, I went for the good old "stretch arm adjustment". I kept my eyes on the TV as I let my arm land on her pussy. I was caught off guard by what happened.

She was absolutely drenched. Part of my arm touched the part of her shorts that covered her thigh and it was soaked thoroughly. There wasn't a spot on those shorts that wasn't wet. It really felt like she really pissed on herself. I reached down to readjust my dick so that I would be able to lean without bending it, and I noticed my shorts were wet also. She was absolutely gushing fluid all over us. I have seen girls wet before, but never to this extent. I was shocked, amazed, and turned on all at once. Instead of continuing my bluff, I slid my arm down so that my hand could get in a better position to massage her clit. Once I actually touched her with my fingers, I felt her body jerk a little. I was curious about all this fluid so I rubbed my fingers together to feel the consistency of the it. It was very hot and extremely slimy. It was slimy to the point where I could rub her clit through her shorts and have little to no friction. I started rubbing on her clit in small quick circles. Since was doing this over her shorts, I didn't have many motions to use. I would mix it up after the circling and move up and down, then jump back to the circles. She would twitch ever so slightly when I changed motions, but she never moaned. I took a glance at her vagina to get some mental images and I noticed my rubbing had created a white lather on top of the shorts from her cream. Those shorts were going to be no good after this.

I then peeped up at her face and she had her eyes closed, no longer interested in the movie. I started moving randomly, choosing to avoid patterns, and I noticed her twitching was starting to happen more frequently. I placed my entire hand over her mound and gently rubbed the entire thing. I immediately heard the squelching of the fluid still inside her pussy. The smell seeping out of her was strong enough to tame an entire army of men. It could draw you in with ease, and she was still leaking a tremendous amount. The sound was very hot, so I would pull gently and push on her clit, and after that I would cup her mound and massage the whole thing beckoning that sound to come out. This went on for about five straight minutes before I heard her breathing change. It was starting to get heavy, followed by gentle moaning as she rocked against my hand trying to hump it after every movement. It was obvious she was nearing climax, and unlike her, I wasn't going to back off at the last second. Picking up the pace, I pressed against her swollen clit and wiggled my hand up and down, applying more and more pressure. Her moaning was starting to form words, whereas before, it was coming from her throat.

"Mmm," I heard her say as I massaged her bean.

Suddenly, I felt her legs snap shut on my arm locking it in place on her clit. She started flailing in an all out seizure mode as her orgasm rippled through her body. She arched her back, pushing her big breast up so high that I couldn't even see her face anymore. Her legs were shaking so violently that it was actually rocking me as my arm was still trapped between them. During that whole time she barely let out a peep. Even though she wasn't saying anything, she was panting louder and louder as she started to come down from her high. I felt her legs ease up on my arm and I pulled my arm back to my side. My fingers were actually wrinkled as though I had been in water all day.

Still left with a throbbing erection, I began to rub it gently with my left hand. The buildup that I had before had subsided and I was basically starting anew. Without even bothering with her usual clumsy excuse, she placed her legs back over my lap and mounted me facing the TV again. I adjusted my legs to make her properly sit in the middle, crushing my dick under her soft ass. I suddenly felt her hands on my knees and saw her bending forward. She pushed back into me with so much force that it actually readjusted my position on the loveseat. Her rocking was no longer subtle. It was deep intense strokes, milking my shaft from the base to the tip. The aroma coming off of her was intoxicating. Every whiff I got sent electricity straight to my cock. Since she was trying hard to make me cum this time, I didn't hold back either. I started pumping into her with every push she did. Making sure I shoved as much of my length into her ass as I could. The excitement of the whole rocking motion and the added pressure from her pushing made it so that my seed didn't have to wait long. The tingles soon gripped my balls and cock, forcing me to reach out and grab her hips to force her down harder on me. I noticed again how her shorts were absolutely drenched. She stopped rocking and sat still while I ground my dick against her ass viciously. After about five more strokes, I took one last one before I was overcome with electricity. I forced her down hard as my cock spurted my juice all over my shorts. I felt like I could shoot her off of me with how forceful the orgasm hit me. I was left twitching slightly trying to shake out the last bit of feeling, and she gave me one last gentle push before she just laid back against me.

I put my head off to the left and she laid her head on my right shoulder. I sat there breathing heavily for a few moments while I waited to come down. We sat like that for what felt like an eternity, but was only about five minutes. The movie was nearing its end, and so were we. During that whole bout, we never made much eye contact or spoke to each other about what we were doing. Everything was done without words. Since I had gone flaccid, I had stretched my right hand a bit and laid it on the pillow that she had used to lay on. I suddenly felt a cold liquid all over it. She had a small puddle on the pillow. How in the world was she leaking that much liquid. That was actually blowing my mind as this was the most I had ever seen. Not even in porn did they leak this much. As the movie played out its last scene, she slowly got up off of me and stood up. She stretched for a second and then scooped up her comforter and started walking towards the bedrooms. She didn't turn to look at me once, but I eyed her the entire time. I couldn't believe what had just happened, and I wasn't about to say anything to ruin it.

I guess she was leaving the cleaning to me. I reached down to straighten my shorts and felt her warm, slimy liquid all over them. It made me smirk as I was the one who got her so wet. I clicked the lamp to my left on as I got up to turn the movie and the TV off. The ice cream sitting on the coffee table had an entire melted layer across the top coating everything. I grabbed it and hurried to the kitchen to put it in the freezer. Once I stepped back out the kitchen and made my way back to the living room, I could make out the smell in the room. It smelled like absolute sex. I straightened out the cushions on the loveseat and grabbed the big soaked pillow that was supposed to go on the couch. Before I left, I cracked open the living room window so that the smell could air out. I stuffed the pillow under my arms as I flicked the lamp off and headed to the hallway closet. I tossed it in the dirty clothes bin and shut the door. Heading to the rooms, I stopped in the hallway and stared at her door.

"What was she thinking? Blowing up at me, then coming onto me all within a few days," I thought to myself as I watched her door.

Not having the balls to go in her room, I went to my bedroom and swapped my wet shorts for some clean ones. I then plopped on my bed. I was smiling at what had just happened, but was also a little worried as I didn't know what to expect the next day. I could never really predict what she was thinking accurately.

Thursday morning came as I was awakened to the sound of bacon sizzling. I got up and went to the bathroom to piss and brush my teeth. As I was finishing my routine, my memories returned from the night before. I felt a lump immediately settle in my stomach. I was nervous as I didn't know how she would act, or if I was supposed to even acknowledge what had happened between us. I made my way to the kitchen and was bombarded with the smell of breakfast. As I rounded the corner to the kitchen, I was stunned by her physique. She had on her silky white robe again, but from the way it draped to the sides, I knew it was completely wide open in the front. I took this as a good gesture because if she was feeling bad, she would have surely closed her robe as she heard me coming. Rolling the dice, I walked up behind her and give her a gentle hug from behind.

"Good morning," I whispered in her ear.

I made sure not to press my dick into her so it would be less obvious what I was trying to do. Her reaction was a bit unsettling. She pulled away slowly from my grasp and spoke to me without turning to look at me.

"Uhm, we need to talk," she whimpered in a voice so soft that I could barely hear it.

I was blasting through this and noticed it was becoming a bit long. I have an interesting plot planned for these two and I wrote out a quick rough draft so I wouldn't forget key points. The mom is still pretty closed off and not much is known about what she is thinking, but it will get revealed. Writing this made me laugh a bunch as I used phrases that my real mom always uses. You mere mortals will be crushed under the weight of my sexual fantasy as I am into some kinky stuff that I found out I like through porn Haha.