"Sex stories" A Summer to Remember

Sex stories A Summer to Remember
Dana and I were closing in on our 21st wedding anniversary. We were high school sweethearts and got married in college. I've almost always kidded her about how people must look at us when we're out and wonder "how the fuck did he wind up with her?" Dana is nothing short of stunning. 5' 10", sparkling brown eyes to go with her long brown hair. In my eyes, she has the shape of a goddess, 38DDs, 28 inch waist, 36 inch hips, and those incredible long legs. Dana has never understood how stunningly beautiful she is in men's eyes, she just doesn't see it. She's always thought she was average at best, taking her looks for granted. She was (is) just a natural beauty. Me, on the other hand, was (still am) your average Joe. 5' 9", 200 lbs, decent shape. In most ways but one. My cock. No lie, it's between 9-10", depending on conditions. That's something else I kid Dana about, that she's only with me for my cock. She always tells me to stop it.

I'm not going to tell you she was the homecoming queen and I was the stud quarterback on the state champion football team because we weren't. I played second base in baseball and safety for the football team. Dana was in the homecoming queen's court and on the student council. But that's about as much either one of us stood out, if you'd even call it that. She was popular in school, way more popular than me, that's for sure. Especially with they guys. But she always stuck with me. She's always said it's because I'm funny and treat her right. 

We were never very adventurous in our sex lives but we weren't boring, either. We'd been married almost 21 years, you have to do things to spice it up every once and awhile just to keep things fresh. Dana has always trusted me to not put her in harm's way, and I've always trusted her to come home to me at the end of the day. Not banging strangers or anything like that, but we would talk about it every once and awhile. I just didn't know if I wanted some stranger sampling the love of my life. 

But it did come up occasionally.

We had one child, a son, Jake. He was 19 and about to head off to college. Several of his buddies were going to join him. Dana and I thought, "Oh dear Lord, god help that college." But he was a good boy with a good head on his shoulders, we really didn't have to worry about him. He got his looks from Dana. Six foot even and 195 pounds of solid muscle, and good looking. He ran track and played on the basketball team in high school. He was popular with the girls in school but, like his dad, only had a couple of girlfriends all through high school.

His buddies would come over to the house at least once a week to shoot hoops, play video games, and hit the pool. These same three boys - Mike, Chris, and Tommy - had been coming over for years, probably since 6th grade. Those boys practically ate us out of house and home! But they were a good group of kids who never gave us any trouble and we always enjoyed having over. 

I came home from work one day and I could hear them in the back, raising cane by the pool. Nothing unusual about that.

"I'm home!" No response. From anybody. Not unusual, especially in the summer. I headed to the back of the house. Sure enough, there were the boys horsing around by the pool. And there was Dana, on the opposite end of the pool, laid out on the lounge chair, catching some sun. I stood there at the patio door just taking it all in as I was prone to do sometimes. The boys playing, my beautiful wife laying in the sun, looking totally smokin' in that 2-piece bikini. Even at 42 years old she was still toned, beautiful, and looked great in a bikini. I was getting a stiffy standing there. I thought to myself, "Life is good."

Then I noticed something. I don't know why I'd never noticed it before. Every single one of the boys would glance in Dana's direction - often. And every single one of them was pitching a tent under their (thankfully for them) loose fitting swim trunks. Even Jake! He was looking at his mother as a sexy woman, not a mom. I don't know why any of this surprised me. I guess because we had watched these boys grow up. It never occurred to me that they would look at Dana as anything more than Jake's mom. 

I went to the bathroom to watch the action so as not to be noticed. This was a revelation to me, I wanted to see the boys in action. Plus, I was getting a raging hard on. I wanted to beat my meat looking at my beautiful wife without her knowing that I was fantasizing about her.

Sure enough, the boys couldn't take their eyes off her. They tried to be nonchalant about it but I could tell. Dana was completely oblivious to it. Like I said, it just doesn't compute with her that she's sexy as hell.

It was almost like clockwork. One of the boys would jump into the pool, swim down to Dana's end, and hang on the edge of the pool like they were out of breath, staring at Dana. I'm sure hoping to get a little glimpse of her pussy or, at the very least, some under boob. After a few moments he would swim back to the other side and the next one would repeat the exercise. Dana was completely oblivious to the whole thing. 

She finally rolled over onto her stomach. I watched the boys as she untied the string on her back and behind her neck. All horseplay stopped, all eyes were on Dana. She finally called Jake over to rub some lotion on her back. The other boys started to push and shove Jake towards his mom. 

He squirted a handful of the lotion into his hand. I'd be willing to bet all the boys would be squirting a handful later. He began to rub it on her back. The other boys, seeing that Dana's head was turned in the other direction, started to rub their cocks through their swim trucks. Jake continued to rub, looking back at the boys with a mischievous look on his face. He raised his finger to his lips signaling "shhhhhh." He moved his hands off of her back to the side and rubbed up her back to her neck. He ran his hands back down her back and to the sides of her belly. He moved his hands up her sides ever so slowly. And then, our son, ran his hands over the sides of her tits, pausing just long enough. Then ran his hands back down her sides, looking back at the boys. Our son just felt his mother up! I almost busted a nut right there.

"Can you do my legs too, please, Jake?" 

Oh no! I started to tug my pole faster. 

Again, her looked back at the boys. "Sure, no problem, Mom." Then...he took the bottle of lotion, held the base to his groin, and squeezed the bottle, shooting a stream of suntan lotion into his hands! The boys just about lost it, jaws dropping. That was all it took for me. I shot a wad onto the bathroom wall, under the window.

"Shit!" I had to clean that up before Dana came back into the house. Then a thought occurred to me.

I threw my swim trunks on and went outside. Jake had finished rubbing lotion on his mom's legs and had rejoined the other boys.

"Hey, babe!" As if I hadn't seen a thing.

She turned her head. "Hi, honey!"

The boys tried to cover their hard ons. "Oh, hey, Mr. Alan."

"Hello, boys. Hi, Jake."

"Hey, Dad."

I walked over, gave her a kiss, and smacked her on the ass. What I wouldn't have given to see the boys reactions to that!

"Oh! Stop that!" and she rubbed the cheek I just slapped. I laughed.

"What time is it?" Dana asked.

"About 5:45."

"Oh! You're home a little late."

"Yeah, traffic was a little backed up."

She started to re-tie her bikini top. "I'll start dinner."

I rubbed her back. "No no, don't sweat it, just relax. I had a big lunch, I'm not even hungry." I headed to the pool and climbed in. "Come on, get in the pool with me."

"No, not right now."

"Not right now?! You're next to the fricking pool in a bikini!" Everybody chuckled. "Come on."

"No, not right now," she said a bit more emphatically.

The boys were watching this discussion, probably more to see if she was going to actually climb her gorgeous body into the pool more than anything else. I turned, wiggled my eyebrows, and grinned. 

"Come on, get in the pool!" And, with that, I cupped my hands and splashed as much water as I could in her direction.

The cool water hit it's mark, making her squeal and jump a little in shock. Just enough to bring her tits up off the lounge chair, enough to give the boys a nice glimpse of her 38s, albeit quick. 

"Goddamnit, Mark Alan!" We were all laughing - except for Dana. She tied her bikini top as quickly as she could, stood up, and leaped into the water, practically landing on top of me, slashing and cursing. In no time we were all laughing about the whole thing.

Winded, and laughing, and still cursing me, she started to climb out of the pool. "I'm going to go change and start dinner now." The boys paid close attention to her tits jiggling, her bikini top struggling to hold them in, as she climbed out.

I followed her out of the pool. "Yeah, I'm going to change, too." I looked at the boys, still hiding their hard ons, "You guys want something to eat?"

Later than night, after we went to bed, I told her what I had witnessed. The boys oogling her, with hard ons just thinking about her.

"Nuh uh, no way!"

"I'm telling you, it's true!" I didn't mention that Jake had a hard on as well, and intentionally felt her up.

"No way. Those boys are practically our sons, they practically lived here every summer."

"I know, I know. I'm telling you, I know what I saw. To tell you the truth, I got a hard on watching it."


"The thought of those boys thinking about what they'd like to do to you, my beautiful, sexy wife, with you laying there in the sun half naked...fuck! I'm getting a hard on just thinking about it!"

"Are you now?" She asked, grinning. "Seriously? That gets you excited?" She reached over and grabbed my stiffening cock, finding out I was telling the truth.

"Tell me the thought of those boys lusting after you doesn't make you wet." She thought about it. "Tell me the thought of you being with those boys doesn't get you hot."

"Well..." her body answered the question. Her face became flushed, her nipples became hard. I reached over and rubbed her hardened clit. She moaned and shivered. "Well...mmmmm...ok...it makes me horny, yes..."

"I can tell," as I slipped a finger past her pussy lips.

"But it doesn't matter. What you're saying...mmmmmm...ooooo...didn't happen."

"I'll tell you what. Next time they're all over here, go out there again, just like you did today. But pay attention to them and watch how they react. I'm telling you, it's true."

With that, I climbed on top, foregoing our usual foreplay. We didn't make love, we fucked, it's as simple as that. She'll never admit it, but she was thinking about being with those boys. And I was, too.

A few days later, as usual, the boys came over to the house. They played some video games, shot some hoops, then headed out to the pool. Dana thought to herself, "Ok, let's see if what Mark's saying is true."

She went to the bedroom and threw on one of her favorite bikinis, a peach colored one. She looked in the mirror and thought it showed more skin than she had ever realized. She'd never even thought about it before. She just knew she liked it and it fit well. She grabbed a pair of aviator sunglasses off of the dresser. She wanted to hide her eyes to try and make it hard for them to tell if her eyes were open or closed so she could watch them better.

She was nervous about going out there. She was also finding herself a little turned on at the thought those boys might possible desire her. This feeling surprised her. Like I've said, she's never thought of herself as "desirable".

She gathered her thoughts and emotions and left the bedroom. She went to the kitchen. She grabbed five glasses and a pitcher of lemonade and placed them on a tray.

"Hi, guys! Would you like something to drink?" They turned and struggled not to drop their jaws. She noticed the reaction. "Maybe I just surprised them," she thought.

"Sure!" "Thanks, Mrs. A!" "Thank you!" "Thanks, Mom." She put the tray down on the patio table, poured herself a glass, and went to her lounge chair.

She lathered herself with suntan lotion and laid down on the lounge chair, just as she's always done. She relaxed for a moment, took a deep breath, and looked out the corner of her eye.

"Oh my god!" she thought. Every single boy - even her own son - were sporting hard ons! She couldn't believe it! Maybe Mark was right!

She tried to concentrate on the sunrays hitting her golden body but she glanced in the boys direction every so often. Every time she looked, all four boys were still pitching tents in their swim trunks, and at least one of the boys was giving her the eye.

She could feel her body growing warmer, and not from the heat of the day. Oh no! She could feel herself getting moist. "What's happening?! I watched these boys grow up! I can't possibly be getting hot thinking about what they want to do with me!" she thought. She lifted her right leg and bent it at the knee, trying to hide her pussy from them just in case her bikini bottom started to give her away. She tried to concentrate on other things. Making dinner. Doing laundry. But, every time she glanced in their direction, her thoughts turned to lust.

Eventually a ritual she had never given a second thought about until today began. Each boy would take a turn swimming to her end of the pool, hang on the edge for a few moments, and swim back to the other end. 

When Mike dove in for the third time, while he was under water, she spread her legs a little, giving him a better view of her private area. She was absolutely sure her bikini bottom was wet with love juice. When Mike came up for air she could see his reaction through her sunglasses. Jaw dropped, eyes wide open. He stared for a moment, looked back at the boys with a look of amazement, then looked back at Dana. It seemed like he spent more time than usual hanging on the edge of the pool "catching his breath." Maybe it just seemed like it because, unlike previous days, she knew he was staring at her pussy and ass crack, both barely covered by a thin piece of material.

Mike swam back to the other end of the pool, jumped out, and gathered the boys together. She could see them out of the corner of her eye, unbeknownst to them. She knew exactly what they were talking about. The other three boys, including her own son, took turns swimming laps. With each boy she could see the other boys getting agitated with how long it was taking for the lucky swimmer to get back. 

She realized Mark was absolutely right, these boys lusted after her. And she found herself incredibly turned on by it, enjoying the attention.

She finally rolled onto her stomach and undid her bikini top, just as she always does.

Hmmmmm, who should be the lucky/unlucky boy she should call over and torture? Her body tingled at the thought.

"Tommy, can you come over and rub some lotion on my back, please?"

"Absolutely, Mrs. A!" He practically ran over to her. 

She handed him the bottle of lotion. "Make sure you cover me good, ok? I don't want to burn." She purred.

"I'll do my best, Mrs. A."

Tommy was easily the most athletic of the group. Standing 6' 2", around 200 lbs, he was the wide receiver on the football team and starting pitcher for the baseball team. When his strong, young hands first touched her body she struggled not to moan. His hands roamed her body, lubing her up from ass crack to neck. His hands went to her sides and worked their way up. When his hands reached her side boob he paused...did his hands just close slightly?! His hands moved back down her sides. 

"How's that, Mrs. A?"

"Wonderful. Can you do my legs, too, please?" She could feel her nipples getting hard, pressing against the lounge chair.

"I'm on it!" She had no doubt he'd like to be.

She had her head turned towards the boys so she could watch them. Normally she was turned the other way. With the sunglasses they couldn't tell if her eyes were open or not. Tommy could see that she had them closed through the opening on the side between the glasses and her temple. Or so he thought. She had her eyes cracked just enough to watch him.

Tommy did the same thing Jake did the other day. Mark had failed to mention it. Tommy held the base of the bottle to his bulging crotch and shot a stream of lotion into his hand. 

She had to fight to keep from gasping and from allowing her eyes to fly open in shock. She also had to stop the orgasm she felt coming.

His hands touched her calves and began to rub and massage her legs. Up and down, up and down, each movement getting higher up her legs...above her knees...up her thighs...

"Two cups of flour...a teaspoon of salt...mmmmmmm...two teaspoons of...uhhhhhh...baking soda..." She was repeating the recipe for banana bread, trying to forget that Tommy's hands were rubbing against the bottom of her ass where it meets the thigh, occasionally rubbing a couple of fingers over the crease actually onto her ass. He worked his hand between her thighs. She spread her legs a little so he could cover them properly. He was mere inches from her now soaked pussy.

Tommy cleared his throat. "So, uh, Mrs. A, is that good?" His thoughts were somewhere else.

"That was perfect, Tommy. Thank you." She needed her vibrator and she needed it right now. But Tommy had just lathered her up in lotion. If she got up now it would be too obvious. She could see the boys rubbing their crotches. It was almost too much for everybody.

About 20 minutes later I came home and popped my head through the patio door.

"Hey, guys! Hey, baby!" The boys were pitching tents again. Dana tied her bikini top, jumped from the lounge chair, grabbed my hand, and headed to the back of the house without a word. Her face was flushed.

She pulled me into the bedroom and closed the door. "Uh oh, what'd I do?" I thought.

"What's up?" I asked.

She gave me a long, deep kiss with her hand on my crotch. "I want you to fuck me. Right here. Right now." Another long wet kiss.

Once again, we had "fuck me" sex. In the middle of the afternoon. I knew something was up.

After she caught her breath she proceeded to tell me the events of the day. She told me about how Tommy touched her and how she had to fight back an orgasm. I was getting hard again visualizing it all.

"I...I...I just can't believe it!" she said.

"Which part?"

"All of it!" She paused. "I just can't believe it. Now what do I do? I was so close to cumming! What if it's like that every time they come over now?"

"You know what I think you should do?"


"Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all."


"Get it out of your system. Get it out of their system."

"Are you SERIOUS?!" I nodded. "Oh my god! I could never!"

"Ok. I'm just sayin'. I'd be okay with it. I'm getting hard just thinking about it." She reached under the covers.

"Oh my god, you are!" I chuckled. She started to stroke it. "I just don't know."

"Tell you what. While you're thinking about all of them fucking you, you can give me a blow job." She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye, threw back the covers, and swallowed my pole.

I blew a load down her throat and she fingered herself to orgasm. Then she took a shower, got dressed, and made everybody dinner. The boys took turns in the bathroom, staying in there longer than usual. I wonder what that was all about? Ok, no I didn't. I knew exactly what that was all about.

The very next day the boys all came over again. That was unusual she thought. They went to the basement to play some games, then went straight to the pool. Dana didn't feel like laying out today, but she did watch the boys from the living room through the patio doors. She couldn't help but think about what Mark had told her last night. As she watched them bounce around outside she couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to have them bouncing around on her. The more she thought about it, the more her body tingled. 

She went into the bedroom and stripped down to her bra and panties. She laid on the bed and texted Mark at work.

"Boys r here. Can't stop thinking about last night. Need u to fuck me. When will u be home?"

Almost immediately she got a text back. "Not for awhile. Wish I could. Are u outside?"

"No. In the bedroom."

"Oh? Doing what?"

"Nothing. Yet."

"What r u wearing? ;-)"

"Bra and panties."

"Take off the bra. Send me pic of ur tits."

She hadn't done that in years, probably since shortly after they got their first cell phones and were playing around with them. She went into the bathroom, took off her bra, and took a selfie, one arm wrapped underneath her tits, the other holding the phone. She sent it to him.

"Nice! Now I've got a hard on. Send the pic to Mike."

She gasped. "What?!"

Her phone rang. It was Mark.

"Send it to Mike."

"What the hell are you talking about?!"

"Send it to Mike like you're sending it to me. It'd be easy enough to explain if anybody asks. Both names start with 'M', you thought you were sending it to me, you sent it to him by accident." Pause. "Say something like 'These are waiting for you when you get home.'"

She thought about it. "Mmmmm, okay." She still wasn't sure about it.

"Text me, tell me what happens."

She hung up the phone and sent the pic to Mike. "These r waiting 4 u when u get home." She watched out the bathroom window, the window Mark had spied on them a few days earlier. 

She texted Mark. "Ok. Sent it."

Soon enough Mike went to his phone. You could clearly read his lips say "Holy fuck!" He showed the phone to the boys. There were plenty of oh my gods and holy shits. Mike began typing on his phone. Soon she got a text.

"Can't w8 2 get home! Send another 1." He was acting like he was Mark! Sly dog.

She texted Mark. "He wants another 1"

"Do it. And send it to me."

She stepped back, stuck her hand down her panties, and snapped a pic, showing from the neck down to just below her panties. She sent it to Mike, then to Mark. She looked out the window.

The boys were huddled around Mike's phone. You could clearly see Mike say "Oh fuck!" They were passing the phone around, fingers on the screen, enlarging and shrinking the image.

Her phone buzzed. It was Mark texting back. "Damn! Horny as fuck! Be in the bedroom when I get home!"

Her phone buzzed again. It was Mike. "Can't w8 2 get home!" He didn't want to push his luck asking for more. Smart.

Several days later everybody came over again. Dana could feel herself becoming moist just having them there. She couldn't believe how her body was betraying her, how it was reacting when those boys were around ever since Mark told her what they were doing. The boys followed their standard routine. Gaming, basketball, pool. The entire time, Dana couldn't stop thinking about them, what she was sure they wanted to do to her.

She was already in her lounge chair when the boys came to the pool, wearing the skimpiest bikini she could find. She was already wet by the time they got out there. With her laying on her back the boys could see her erect nipples trying to rip through the thin bikini material.

The entire time the boys horsed around her mind raced. "Do I? Should I? Can I?" Mark's words rang in her ears. "Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all. I'd be okay with it." Her body was getting hotter with each passing minute.

The boys began their ritual of swimming laps with pauses at her end of the pool. Once again, since parted her legs just enough to give a peek. She wanted to finger herself, pinch her own nipples. She needed to. "Oh my god!" she thought to herself. Her head was swimming, her body was on fire.

She rolled over onto her stomach. She grinded her hips into the lounge chair as much as possible, but to no avail. She couldn't scratch her itch. The boys anxiously awaited to see who's number was going to get drawn today.

"Mike, can you come over and rub some lotion on my back, please?" Mike was halfway there by the time she finished the sentence.

Mike was Dana's height, about 5' 10", probably 210ish pounds. He was the high school baseball team's starting third baseman. He was a little more stocky than the others, and very handsome.

He grabbed the bottle from the ground. "Try to cover every square inch, please."

"I've got you covered!" Little did he know he just might.

As he rubbed the tingling in her body became more pronounced, her body getting warmer and warmer. "Do I? Should I? Can I?" She knew she had to or it would make her crazy thinking about it every time they came over.

As Mike was finishing up - after getting a feel of her tits like the other two - she looked back at him.

"Hang on," she said, and rolled back over, her erect nipples pointing straight up, the untied bikini top barely hanging on.

She placed her hand on Mike's thigh and looked into his eyes. "Mike, do you like my tits?" She said it just loud enough so only Mike could hear. The other boys were messing around, trying to act like they weren't paying attention to what was going on.

The look of shock on his face was priceless. 

"Ummmmm...'cuse me?" He couldn't believe what he thought he'd just heard.

She grinned. "You heard me. Do you like my tits?"

"Uhhh...uhhh...ummm...yeah, yes, you have amazing...uhhhhh...tits, Mrs. Alan." His face was turning a dozen shades of red.

"Mike, we've known each other how long? Please call me Dana."

"Yes, ma'am...errr, Dana."

She grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast. "Do you like that? Do you like how my tit feels, Mike?"

"Uhhhhh, yes ma'am...they feel amazing." She could see his erection standing straight up under his swim trunks.

"Don't be afraid, Mike. Go ahead, play with them. Pinch my nipples. See how hard they are?"

He did exactly as he was told. The other boys looked on in utter shock, frozen where they stood. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. "First he got the text, now this?! That lucky fucker!" is what they were thinking, I'm sure.

She then lifted the top over her head, setting her 38 specials free. Mike grabbed two handfuls and dove in, sucking on a nipple. Dana threw her head back and moaned. When she caught her breath she reached down and grabbed Mike's cock over his swim trunks and began to stroke it.

He released a tit from his mouth long enough to moan "Ohhhhh fuck."

"Take off your shorts, Mike." He jumped up and ripped off his shorts off. Out popped a fairly thick, average length, hard as a rock cock. He dove back into her breasts like a baby trying to get milk. She wrapped her hand around his cock and began to stroke it hard and fast. He was moaning and groaning.

"Mike, would you like to fuck my tits?" His head popped up from her tits.

"Yes! Yes I would!"

"I'd like that, too," she purred.

Mike jumped up and she squeezed her tits together. He straddled the lounge chair and eased his cock between her tits. He started moving his hips back and forth, fucking her incredible tits, his cock popping in and out of her cleavage like a gopher with each pump.

She looked over at the other boys. Each one of them had their cocks out of their trunks and in their hands, including her son Jake, stroking them, watching Mike fuck her tits. This wasn't going to take long with Mike. They were just going to have to wait. 

Sure enough, it wasn't long before Mike's breathing got heavier, the pace of his pumping picked up, and his cock started to twitch between her tits. She squeezed them together as tightly as she could.

"That's it, baby, fuck my titties. Cum for me. Cum for me, Mike."

"Mmmmmmmmmfuuuuuuck!" With that a huge stream of thick, hot jizz shot out of his penis, hitting her under her chin and dribbling back, down her neck. He kept pumping and cum came trickling out, eventually to nothing. He removed his cock from between her tits, thinking he was done. She grabbed his cock before he got away and pulled it towards her, into her mouth.

Mike put his hands on his hips and threw his head back. "OH fuck!"

When she felt like she'd gotten every last drop she released him from her mouth with a "pop". Mike walked away, drained and happy, and sat down in one of the patio chairs. Dana looked over and saw the boys furiously choking their chickens.

She wagged her finger. "Boys, come over here," she said with a devilish look on her face.

It was like watching a Keystone Cops movie, the boys pushing and tripping over each other, with their swim trunks half way down their legs, each one trying to be the first one there.

Once they were all standing there next to her she told them to drop their shorts. In no time flat there were three pairs of swim trunks on the ground to join Mike's pair. She looked into their faces, still laying on the lounge chair, cum running down her neck into her hair. Each boy looked like a child on Christmas morn.

"Who thinks they can eat pussy?"

"Me! I can!" Chris raised his hand like he'd been asked a question in history class.

She sat up enough to remove her bikini bottoms, laid back down, and spread her legs. She grinned.

"Prove it."

Chris dove in, lapping at her clit like a dog from a water dish. Dana gasped and then let out a moan that the neighbors probably heard.

When she got over the initial sensation of a strange mouth on her pussy, she looked at the last two boys. "Tommy, come over here," indicating she wanted him on the other side of the lounge chair. She looked at Jake - her son. "Honey, come here. Let Mommy take care of that for you." 

He inched closer having mixed feelings. This is his mother. His hot, horny mother. Taking care of his horny buddies. "Fuck it," he decided.

Dana grabbed both cocks. Which was followed by two gasps and two "Oh fuck!"s.

Chris was good at eating pussy! This wasn't his first time doing this apparently. "Lucky girl!" Dana thought.

Dana was so worked up before all this started it didn't take long for her body to spasm and have an orgasm that felt like it came from her toes. Jake and Tommy followed suit shortly after that, shooting spunk all over her tits and her face. Once she had milked every last drop of cum out of them with her hands she released them. They went over and sat down with Mike, who was now stroking a new hard on.

Chris was still lapping away at her pussy. She could feel another orgasm building.

"Chris, baby, I want your cock. I want your cock inside me. Fuck me. Fuck me hard," she purred with a sexy look on her face. 

Chris stood up, looked at what a mess the other three boys had made, and straddled the lounge chair. He worked his way down until the tip of his cock touched her moist pussy lips. He slid his cock past her lips and slid slowly in until he was balls deep. He had reached the promised land!

He started to pump but not to Dana's liking. "Fuck me, Chris! Fuck me hard, goddamnit!" With that he began to pump his hips, fucking her like a jack hammer, her hips bucking to match his thrusts. She dug her nails into his back.

"Yes, that's it! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yes...don't stop...that's it...you're gonna...you're gonna...you're going to make me...cummmmmmm!" She proceeded to have one of most explosive orgasms she'd had in years.

Chris was still going at it. Dana could tell he was getting close.

"That's it, Chris. Fuck me. Fuck me hard, baby. Cum for me. Cum on my stomach. Come on Chris, show me your cum." She wasn't yelling, more like sexily coaxing.

Chris gave a couple of grunts matching a couple of very deliberate pumps, pulled out, and with a couple of good, strong strokes of his hand, shot a load of cum that covered a good portion of her toned and tanned tummy.

These boys being young men, they could recycle quickly and multiple times. This went on for a good two hours, the boys taking turns fucking, sucking, stroking, even invading her ass, multiple times. She asked for a beach towel on a couple of occasions so she could wipe off her face, it was so caked with hot, sticky cum.

When the boys were drained and couldn't go anymore, Dana picked up her tiny bikini that was laying on the ground, lifted herself from the lounge chair, and headed towards the bathroom. She was a mess! The boys had coated her from pussy to forehead with cum. Now that she was upright, gravity proved that it works. Cum started to run down her legs. She hoped she didn't leave a trail of cum through the house.

When I got home the boys were floating and lounging in the pool, not horsing around like normal. I hollered "I'm home!" From the bedroom there was "I'm back here!"

When I walked into the bedroom, there she was, laying on the bed, wearing a bikini, with a look on her face that looked like the cat that ate the canary, looking sexy as hell. She wagged her finger at me.

"You're turn, big boy. I want you to fuck me, and fuck me good, with that big, fat cock of yours."

Once again, we had "fuck me" sex. When we were done she told me about her day. By the time she was done I had another chubby. Which she happily wrapped with her mouth and greedily swallowed my load.

This happened three more times that crazy summer. That last time, the weekend before the boys moved into their dorms at college, she told them that was it, it was fun, but it stopped there. The boys protested but to no avail. She had gotten it out of her system, acting like a horny, teenage cum dumpster instead of the 42-year-old mom she actually was.

It was a summer none of us will forget.