"Sex stories" What to Do with Darla C2

Sex stories What to Do with Darla C2
It was a great relief to Jay to hear that he and his sister were both on the same page. What they were up to would be considered wrong in everyone's eyes, their mother's eyes being first on the list. Neither one of them felt much like trying to publicly battle society's taboos. Something secret that they could share seemed to be the way to go.

Darla spoke again on the way back home. "I'm worried. You're going back to school next week."

"What difference does that make?" Jay asked.

"Because you said that you'd find a girlfriend when you went back to school. I don't want you to. You said that you'd be surrounded by them," Darla said, recalling a previous conversation.

Jay laughed, though Darla didn't seem like she thought anything was funny. "Well, yeah, there's girls there, but believe it or not, I've never had a problem keeping their hands off me. Don't even have to try, really. I don't have any plans to try and hook up with any of them."

"You promise?" Darla asked. Apparently, she wasn't convinced.

"I promise. Listen, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but between the two of us here I'm not the one that has the history of sleeping around. I mean, you've told me all the stories yourself."

Watching as Darla folded her arms and scowled out of the corner of his eye, Jay figured that he had probably just tuned to the wrong frequency. He didn't want to piss her off, but he wasn't sure if his sister even knew the meaning of the word 'monogamy'. He'd never seen more than one girl at one time in his entire life.

"Well, everyone always cheats on me, so I don't see the big deal. No one should be able to tell me what to do when they do whatever they want," Darla said.

"Okay, okay. I'm not gonna tell you what to do. I don't plan on seeing anyone else. If you think you should, that's up to you," Jay said. He could feel his temperature rising. Darla wanted to argue about something that hadn't happened and never would.

"Are you telling me that you'd let me see someone else, after what we just did and all we've talked about?" Darla asked, all but shouting.

"I don't own you, Darla. You've got to be able to make up your own mind on this. Would I be happy if you go out and fuck some flunky? Not at all. Would you actually do it? I don't think so, and I'm not gonna keep you chained up in the basement just because there's a tiny chance that it could happen. I don't know what to tell ya, here. I'm not really sure why you want to fight about this," Jay told her.

"I don't want to fight. I'm...sorry," Darla conceded. "I just got thinking about how things always turn out and I got mad. I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at everyone else, I guess. Don't get mad at me."

Jay certainly thought that Darla had a propensity to display mad (as in insane) tendencies. He was trying to keep in mind that most of her boyfriends hadn't treated her much better than a blow-up sex doll. He could see how she could be a little insecure.

"I'm not mad, I just don't want to argue for no reason. I trust you, I hope that you can trust me. Try to relax, alright?"

"I trust you, maybe I don't trust myself. I don't know, I don't want to mess it up," Darla sighed.

The two were arriving home by this time. "Don't try and get all deep and thoughtful now. If you think too hard, you could hurt yourself," Jay said.

"That's a joke, right?" Darla asked as they walked to the front door.

"Supposed to be," Jay said.

"Sometimes I can't tell if you're serious or just not funny."


Jay was listening to his sister and her friend Lisa banter back and forth in the living room. He didn't want to, he was in the kitchen trying to mind his own business, but their voices were carrying as the conversation was becoming heated.

"I don't understand why you don't want to go. I don't want to go alone!" Lisa cried.

"I have to work tomorrow," Darla told her.

"That's never stopped you before. Josh'll be there. Come on!"

"I don't care about Josh and I don't want to go. I'm tired and I'm staying home," Darla said.

"I can't get you to do anything anymore. It's like you forgot how to have fun. Oh my god...are you pregnant?" Lisa asked.

Jay felt his heart skip a beat.

"What? No! I just don't feel like it, okay?"

Lisa was ready to give up. "Whatever. I'm taking Josh, then."

"Fine. I don't care. Have fun." Darla said.


When Jay heard the door close (not quite a slam, but nearly so), he decided it was safe to leave the kitchen. Darla was standing there with her hands formed into balls on her hips, staring at the door. "Everything okay?" he asked.

"Lisa's just being a bitch because I don't want to go out with her. She's going after a guy that I kinda liked because she thinks it'll piss me off, but I don't care," Darla said, not turning her gaze from the door.

"Well, you look kinda pissed," Jay pointed out.

Turning with her ponytail whipping through the air behind her head, Darla explained to her brother what the problem was. "I don't care about Josh, I care that Lisa thinks I do and that's why she wants to screw him. What kind of friend does that?"

"Hey, I don't know," Jay said raising his palms in the air. "She's probably just mad because you don't want to hang out with her. I mean, you two were pretty inseparable, you know? Besides, you don't know if she's really gonna try to sleep with the guy, do you? She might have just said that in the heat of the moment or something."

Jay also wanted to point out that the two just about shared the same brain, acting so similarly sometimes. Darla had been known to say some pretty rotten things that she didn't mean. Having been practicing how to keep his sister's mood under control, however, he kept that last bit to himself.

"I guess. She didn't have to say it, though," Darla said.

"That's mean, whether she goes through with it or not, I agree. You don't have to stay home because of me, you know. Just because I'm old and boring doesn't mean you have to be, too."

"You're not old, Jay. I don't want to go out tonight, is all. I thought I could make us something to eat and we could watch a movie or something," Darla said.

"What if I had plans?" Jay asked.

"Be real, you've never had a plan," Darla replied.

"Fair enough. What are we having for dinner?"

Darla prepared a meal that consisted of some fried rice, a bunch of vegetables, and various spices and such. Jay was always suspicious of anything that didn't have meat in it, but it turned out to be pretty tasty. He wondered how she was able to cook so well seeing as how he never remembered their mother trying to teach her anything.

"That was great, Darla. They teach you how to make that at the diner?" he asked while he cleaned the table.

"No, I saw it on TV. I'm glad you liked it, I wasn't sure how it was gonna turn out," she said.

"You never even made it before? You're a natural. Maybe you should be a chef or something," Jay suggested.

"You think so? You're just not saying that to put me in a good mood, are you? I know you do that sometimes," Darla said.

Jay chuckled. Darla was more perceptive than he had given her credit for. "I'm guilty of that, I guess. I'd just rather have the happy Darla than rampaging Darla or sad Darla. I'm serious though, that was really good."

Darla thought it was sweet how her brother tried to cheer her up. It had bothered her when she had first caught on to what he was up to, but the more she thought about the more that she realized that it wasn't a bad thing. The old Jay would either just walk away from her or poke her to make her even more upset over whatever it was that was bugging her. The new Jay was much nicer.

"It works, you know," Darla said after a moment of thought.

"What's that?"

"When you're nice, it makes me happy," she said.

Jay paused on his trip back from the sink behind the chair where Darla was sitting. He put his hands on her shoulders and bent down to kiss the side of her head. "Well, good. That's the way I like it. You're so much more sexy when you smile," he said into her ear.

"Jay," she giggled. There he was again, trying to turn her on by telling her that she was sexy. That worked, too, though having just eaten dinner she wanted to let her meal digest a bit before she ripped his clothes off. "You think so? Say some more nice things about how pretty I am."

"You need more than me telling you that you're a super-sexy chef?" he asked, straightening up but leaving his hands on her shoulders. He began to massage them, slowly. "Well, let's see. Besides your smile, you have just an amazing body. One of the reasons I'm standing here is so I can look down your shirt."

Darla continued to giggle and slapped her brother's hand. She stood up and hugged him. "You're so bad, but I like it. You can look down my shirt whenever you want. Want to go cuddle with me?"

"I do," he said.

They retreated to the couch in front of the television, not really caring about what was on. Jay lay with his head on Darla's lap, she had an arm draped across his chest and was holding his hand. The two of them had been spending a lot of their nights that way, content with each other's touch. Jay was usually tired since school was back in session and he still worked at the store, so he never felt like going out much. Sure, it wasn't very exciting, but they were together and that was excitement enough for Darla. He made her feel good. She brushed her free hand against his cheek, getting pricked by the stubble.

"How come you didn't shave when you got home? What did I tell you about that?" she asked.

"Um, that I'm a grown man and that I can decide for myself whether I shave twice a day or not? That you were totally impressed with my level of testosterone?" Jay wondered.

"I don't think that was it," she giggled. "I think I said it tickles me."

"Like when I do this?" he asked, turning over and lifting up Darla's shirt a bit, kissing her bare belly while making sure that he rubbed his stubble on it.

"Yeah," she said, still giggling. She made a half-hearted attempt to push him away. "Get off me."

"Aww. That's what all the girls say," Jay said, faking sadness and sitting up.

Darla tried to copy the sad look on her brother's face. "Poor Jay. Tell you what. I might let you back on me if you're really good."

"Oh. What do you want?" he asked.

Leaning back in her seat on the couch, Darla spread her feet apart on the floor slightly. "You'll just have to think of something."

"Hmm." Jay studied his sister, seeing if she was giving away any hints to the game they were playing. She was clearly expecting something naughty as seen by her half-grin and the way she had her upper teeth resting on her lower lip. When her knees drifted together, then apart again, Jay was inspired.

Jay slipped off the couch onto the floor, positioning himself between Darla's feet. He slid his hands up along the tops of her thighs until they were underneath the cuffs of her shorts. When he began to tug on the fabric, Darla lifted her butt off the couch and allowed herself to become undressed. Once the shorts were tossed aside, Jay went back for the panties to get them out of the way, as well. Pulling his sister forward and spreading her legs a bit, he bent forward to kiss her lower abdomen. Darla said nothing, but hummed softly with the anticipation of being licked.

As far as cunnilingus went, Jay had never really been a big fan. The aspects of sex that he had enjoyed most had always involved his penis. As a result, he wasn't that practiced at it, though that was changing. During a rather candid moment of pillow talk, they had been broaching the subject of what they liked and didn't like about sex. Darla loved having her pussy eaten, but she said that it always seemed like guys expected her to suck dick but then never returned the favor. Jay, wanting to please, had been making sure that he paid her plenty of oral attention.

With his face inches from Darla's now glistening cunt, Jay could easily take in her scent. It wasn't very strong and if pressed, he probably wouldn't have been able to compare it with anything. It was just the incredible, erotic aroma of Darla's sex. He licked from the top of her vagina to the bottom, collecting the moisture that she had produced on his tongue. It was a slippery, slightly musky, slightly sweet mixture that Jay had become accustomed to. He didn't know if there was a proper name for it or not, but he liked it. Whatever he chose to call it, Jay found that it was beyond arousing to him. It caused his cock to swell and throb at the thought that this beautiful woman, with her beautiful pussy, could literally drip with excitement because of him.

Jay swallowed and kissed around his sister's protruding clitoris while she wiggled her bare ass around to get more comfortable. "Darla...you...are...a very...wet...girl."

"Hmm...I've been thinking about it all night. You know how I get," she said, her voice soft and low. She brought a hand down to the back of her brother's head for further encouragement.

Indeed, Jay knew. He nibbled on the engorged lips of her pussy, occasionally straining to thrust his tongue as deeply inside of her that he could reach. Once in a while he lapped at her clit, but for the most part, he left it alone. It was a technique that Jay had been experimenting with, with Darla's guidance. She had been teaching him exactly how she wanted it done, and so far she hadn't said anything, so Jay took that as a sign that he was living up to expectations. When she absolutely needed to cum, she would let him know, and he would do his best to finish her off with an assault on her clitoris.

After a while, but not a long while, Darla couldn't hold out any longer. "Oh please, oh please," she gasped.

Jay took his cue and shifted his attention to Darla's more sensitive parts. As his tongue twirled, her thighs tightened around Jay's head and she bucked and moaned while her fingers wrapped themselves in his hair. It was an involuntary and almost violent reaction as Darla experienced a large and blissful orgasm.

Darla, as she had told her brother, had always loved being eaten. She enjoyed most every aspect of sex, but oral pleasure was something that she particularly liked. No one, other than Jay, had ever put enough effort into it to make her cum. Not only was Jay interested enough in it to bring her to orgasm, he had actively sought out her input to make sure that she received maximum enjoyment. He had put in a lot of effort to please her, and as far as Darla was concerned, what he had just done was a work of art. An incredible difference from the half-assed thirty seconds of licking she'd had in the past. At a loss for words, all she could do was breath heavy as Jay rose from the floor and kissed her on the lips, leaving the taste of her own pussy in her mouth.

"Have I been good?" he asked.

"Oh my god, Jay. That was...perfect. Thank you," she whispered. "I just...that..."

"Are you crying? What's wrong?" he asked, noticing a tear trickling from the corner of his sister's eye. He wiped it away, suddenly wondering what the hell was going on. Spinning to the side, he took a seat beside Darla on the couch.

"There's nothing wrong! I just got all emotional for a sec. You know..." her voice trailed off.

Jay sneaked an arm around his sister's back and leaned his head on her breasts. "What baby?"

Darla hugged her brother against her, still not quite sure about what she wanted to say. It wasn't that she was shy about it, she felt as though she could tell Jay anything. She was just struggling to come up with the words that described what she was feeling.

"I just love you so much. I don't think anyone else in the whole world could make me feel the way that I do right now, you know? I want to make you feel like I do," she said.

"You do, every time I look at you. When I kiss you, or...taste you, or just sit here with you. I love you."

"You do," Darla said. It wasn't a question, she could tell that he spoke the truth. Jay was a gentle, generous lover, and the closest confidant that she could ever imagine. "How do you want me?"

Jay didn't mind taking time out for them both to profess their love, it was a sincere, touching moment. It was a relief, however, when it sounded like Darla was ready to continue with sex. His state of arousal was getting to the point where it was physically painful, and he needed some release.

"From behind?" he suggested.

"Okay," Darla agreed.

At this stage in the game, she would have hung upside down from the ceiling if that was what he wanted. Darla turned over so that her knees were on the couch cushions and she was facing the opposite way that she had been sitting. She knew that Jay liked to fuck her from behind like that. He liked to be able to be on his feet, it gave him a freedom of motion that they both enjoyed. It was a position that when taken, she knew she was in for a good pounding. Jay was never overly forceful, sometimes she thought that he could be more so, but he certainly was able to give her the full length of his cock doggy-style.

Jay stood, and quickly stepped out of his nightly worn sweat pants. He couldn't help but admire the pose that his sister was taking for him, waiting for his penetration. She was half-naked still, as was he, with her back arched, ass in the air. Inviting to say the least. He took the sight in for a moment. Any longer and his cock might have exploded from over stimulation.

"You look so fucking hot like that. I just have to look for a second," Jay said.

Darla had her head turned so that she could see her brother. He was hard enough to where she thought that she could see the blood pulsing through the veins in his erection. She liked that she was able to do that to him, and she liked when he told her how hot she was. He usually only did that when he was super horny. When he was just regular horny, he used words like 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous'. She liked them, too, but she like it even more when he got a little dirty. Sometimes, she had to egg him on a little.

"I'm sooo fucking hot right now. For your cock. Put it in."

Darla didn't have to tell Jay twice. People could say what they liked about their tatty furniture, but the couch was exactly the right height for what they were doing. Jay positioned himself behind his sister and slid easily into her in a smooth, quick motion. He sighed while Darla moaned.

"Fuck," she uttered, welcoming the sensation as she was filled with her brother's manhood.

"Oh yeah," Jay echoed breathlessly.

His sister's cunt was like a hot, oily, sleeve engulfing his cock. Sometimes it felt like her pussy was actually trying to grip onto him, it was amazing, really. It was something that he had never experienced before having sex with Darla. Almost like she was built just for him. When he was buried inside of her, balls deep, every nerve in his cock was in heaven. He had asked her once if she was able to do that on purpose, but she didn't have any idea what he was talking about. She had told him that, for the most part, all she did was lay back and enjoy it. In short, Jay wouldn't have been able to explain why it felt so good, it just did, and that was all that mattered.

Neither one of the two ever said much during physical act of coitus. They would hum, sometimes moan, but talking was usually for before and after. As it was, Darla was humming right along, and despite the occasional 'oh' from Jay, nothing was said. He was concentrating on the task at hand, slamming into his sister with long, quick strokes. It seemed like he had barely started before he was ready to explode.

"Hmm. Hmm. Hmm," Darla hummed with every thrust.

"Oh god, I...oh...fuck," Jay moaned as he came.

While Jay's body stiffened and his motion stopped, Darla moved back against him, milking the last of the sperm from his cock. She loved the heat of it, the liquid coating her insides. Sure, it turned them into kind of a sloppy mess, but it was their sloppy mess, and hot as hell. She was happy when Jay came, it meant that she had accomplished her goal and her man had been satisfied. He deserved it and she was willing to do whatever he wanted to make that happen. Jay made it easy. Whatever he wanted, she wanted, too. He was perfect.

Jay pulled away, wiping his brow. He had worked up a tiny bit of sweat. "Uh, I'm sorry. I just couldn't help it," he said.

Darla stood, conscientious of the fact that she could be dripping fluids. She grabbed her shorts from the floor to give herself a quick wipe. She did the same to Jay as he stood there, looking a bit dazed.

"Sorry for what?" she asked.

"I came so quick, I wanted..."

"Oh, I know. You wanted to be Superman. You're my Superman. Look at that big 'ole thing. You think I care that you came before me? You made me cum before you even put it in, remember? You know how it makes me feel when you come inside me. You can do that a hundred times if you want. You're so silly. You're like so perfect and then you apologize for it. I want you to cum, I want to make you happy, I'll do anything you want. You know that," Darla told him, moving over to hold him.

Jay returned the embrace. "I know. It's just hard to believe sometimes, you know? It just feels so good."

"I'm the luckiest girl in the world, Jay."


Phylis had to stop and take a second look as she walked down the hall. Darla was in her brother's room and she appeared to be dusting it. It looked as if she had cleaned the entire thing.

"What are you doing?" Phylis asked.

"Finishing up Jay's room," Darla replied.


"Because it was disgusting in here," Darla said.

"Well yeah, it's always been disgusting. I mean, has your brother been blackmailing you or something? The last couple of weeks it's like you two are...I don't know. You've been awfully nice to each other," Phylis pointed out.

Darla decided that her mother probably wasn't trying to start a fight. She supposed that it might be a little confusing to the woman as to why she and Jay were behaving the way that they were. Her first inclination was to tell her mother that it was none of her business, but she decided to be civil.

"He's been nice to me, so I've been nice to him. I thought I'd clean this up because since school's started again, he's been busy. When he gets home he's tired and has to do homework, I thought it would help him out if I did his laundry and stuff," Darla said.

"Well, aren't you sweet? He doesn't have a problem with you going through his room, then?" Phylis asked.

"We're not little kids anymore, Mom. We don't fight about stuff like that."

Phylis wanted to point out that since they were all grown up that they might consider finding somewhere else to live. She didn't totally feel that way, though, and Darla hadn't been able to take a joke since she was ten years old. It was difficult watching her daughter grow up, even though they shared the same roof, it felt like she was a million miles away sometimes. Darla was beautiful and stubborn, traits that she probably inherited from her father. It was too bad that the man wasn't around to see how she turned out.

"No, you're not little kids anymore," Phylis agreed with a touch of sadness. "Do you have to work this afternoon? I could give you a ride."

"Yeah, but I always ride with Lisa. Don't worry about it," Darla said, aggressively stuffing some soiled paper towels into a garbage bag. Didn't her mother have something else better to do? Nothing good ever came out of a conversation with the woman that lasted very long. The sooner it ended, the better.

"Well, how's the job going?" Phylis asked.

"It sucks. I can't get enough hours and my manager hates me," Darla replied.

"Oh, um, have you thought about looking for something else?"

Why, that was an amazing idea. Darla had just thought that she'd be carrying trays at the diner twenty hours a week for the rest of her life until her mother had just suggested the thought. Phylis was always full of great life advice like that.

"I signed up for some classes in the spring. They're supposed to help me find a job when they're done," Darla said.

"Classes? What kind of classes? How do you plan on paying for it?" Phylis asked. This was the first that she'd heard of such a thing and as much as she hated to think it, Darla wasn't exactly the scholarly type. Shelling out cash for tuition was a gamble, at best.

This was why Darla tried not to let her mother know much about what was going on in her life. Phylis would want to break out the scalpel and microscope to dissect and analyze, then ultimately criticize.

"Dance classes. Gonna learn how to work the pole," Darla said, wondering if she'd be able to get past her mother in the doorway if she moved fast enough.

Phylis rolled her eyes in dismay. She knew that the girl was just being a smart-ass, but something like that was kind of like her worst nightmare. She didn't like Darla even joking about it. "Is it too much to ask just to have you let me know what's going on in your life once in a while? I don't ask a lot out of ya, and if you expect me to pay for some class or whatever, I'd at least like to know what it is that you're doing."

"I don't expect you to pay for anything. I'm paying for it myself, it's not that much. It's just a couple of cooking classes, and I'm doing it mostly for the job placement. Jay said that it's legit, and even if it doesn't work out I wouldn't be stuck with a huge loan to pay off or anything," Darla explained. She sighed when her mother just stood there, looking at her with her high and mighty skepticism. "Look, I'm not gonna learn how to make sandwiches and flip burgers. It's more than that. And no, I don't expect to get rich with my own TV show or anything, but I could at least get a chance at a decent job. Jay thinks it's a good idea, and I'm good at it."

"You think that Jay really knows what's best for you, huh? You couldn't have run it by me?" Phylis asked. She shifted her position to prevent Darla from leaving the room.

"Why? So you could pick it apart and make fun of me? Jay at least doesn't try and make me feel stupid all the time. He loves me."

"He loves you? Well, so do I. I'm your mother. I don't try and make you feel stupid, honey. I try and look out for you and you always act like I'm trying to ruin your life or something. I want you to succeed, but you've done so many dumb things with your boyfriends and your partying, I worry about you. Why can't you understand that?" Phylis asked.

Darla was now approaching the threshold of her ability to control herself. "Oh, I understand. I understand that you're doing it again right now. You can't go a day without trying to make me feel like I'm too dumb to think for myself. I can! If Jay were here, he'd tell you the same thing."

"Listen, I don't know what kind of crap your brother's been feeding you, but we both know that you can't tell your ass from a hole in the ground. He got you to clean his room by telling you what you want to hear. Shame on him. I try to let you know how the world works, you got to get the truth from somebody. Maybe your 'classes' are a good idea, maybe they're not. I don't know because you never told me about them. How am I supposed to look out for you when all you want to do is fight?"

Darla wanted nothing more than to swing the bag of garbage that she was carrying at Phylis, maybe try and make her eat that moldy sock that she'd found hiding in the corner. She had talked to Jay about her mother and why it was that she couldn't help but fight with the woman. Jay had understood where she was coming from, but had suggested that it wasn't all their mother's fault. Darla admitted that sometimes she was combative unnecessarily, but Jay wasn't always around to see what all went on in the house. This was one of those times when she felt totally ambushed.

"I don't want to fight! You're the one that came in here and started it! You're wrong about me and you're wrong about Jay! I'm sorry your life turned out to be so shitty, but stop taking it out on me!" Darla shouted. It was looking more and more like she was going to have to jump out the window if she wanted to escape.

Phylis was sorry, too. She'd been widowed with two young children, barely able to scrape enough work together to survive. Luckily, she'd been able to raise this screaming little demon just to have a constant reminder of how rotten her life had been. Phylis never said as much, but she believed that Darla's best chance at getting ahead in life was for her to somehow latch onto a decent man with decent money. Lord knew that the girl had the looks for that, but she wasn't able to stay away from an endless list of losers. If the girl wasn't even smart enough to use her tits to her advantage, how could she be expected to make any decisions at all? It was a wonder that she didn't have three kids of her own and collecting welfare already.

"You've got to grow up one of these days, Darla," Phylis said, shaking her head. She left her daughter standing there steaming, and disappeared down the hall.


"Jay! I want to talk to you about your sister!," Phylis called from the kitchen.

Jay had barely stepped through the door. He'd already spoken with Darla on the phone, at length, about their little spat. The two of them were incapable of going any length of time without some sort of drama breaking out. One of them would always go too far and end up pissing off the other. He took his shoes off, set down his backpack, and walked into the kitchen to hear his mother's side of the story.

"It kinda sounds like you started it, Ma," Jay said.

"What? How can you take her side? I know I told you to look out for her, and I don't know what you've done to her, but now it's like her nose is so far up your ass that you're just gonna let her do whatever she wants," Phylis said. Jay had always been, by far, the most reasonable of her two children.

"That's just not fair, now. She hasn't done anything wrong, as a matter of fact, she's been a different person for the past month or so. She wants to sign up for a program and get a better job, you're just mad because she talked to me about it and not you. You can't expect her to talk to you about anything if all you do is jump down her throat. Give her a break."

"Give her a break? That's all I've been doing since she got her first period! It's only a matter of time until she comes home and tells us that she's pregnant, and who's gonna take care of her then? You? I'm not gonna let her ruin your life," Phylis spat. She'd obviously been letting her anger brew to an unhealthy level. No doubt, where Darla had inherited hers.

"I can't believe you just said that. What's your problem all of a sudden?" Jay asked. This usually wasn't how their discussions of his sister went.

What was her problem? Phylis wondered about that. She was getting old, her kids didn't need her anymore, one of them actively hated her, and it felt like the only thing that she did was work and sleep. Soon, she'd be alone without even anyone to argue with. It was scary and hard to admit, even to Jay, whom she had been frank with his entire life.

"I don't know, Jay. I'm just a miserable old lady. You're gonna get your degree and be gone, your sister's gonna be gone just as soon as she can. I don't have anything to look forward to besides folding sheets and vacuuming floors until I die."

"Oh, come on, Ma. You don't want us to live here forever, do ya? Sounds like you need a vacation. Why don't you get some of your cronies together and go to Atlantic City for the weekend or something? I don't want to come home and find you laying in the bathtub with the toaster. You might not want to admit it, but you and Darla are almost exactly the same. 'Prolly why you can't get along. You pick something to worry about, then focus on it until you go crazy." Jay said.

Although having her son make a joke about her committing suicide probably shouldn't have made her, Phylis smiled. "I don't think Darla and I are the same, and I don't plan on ruining a perfectly good toaster. It's just that every time that I look at your sister, I can't help but think about all of the bad things that can happen to her. She's gorgeous, Jay. I can't even imagine looking like that when I was her age. Do you know what I mean? Are you really trying to look out for her, or are you just brainwashing her somehow? I'm not convinced that she can think for herself."

"Well, she can. I'm not gonna let anything happen to her, I promise. Believe it or not, she and I are pretty close," Jay said.

"Oh, I believe it. After listening to her today, it was like she's a puppy dog in love. Are you sure you want to take on a job like that?" Phylis asked.

"I already have. It's fine. I just don't like getting phone calls from her crying because she feels like you think she's dumb. It seriously hurts her feelings, no matter if you're right or not. I don't like it when Darla's upset," Jay said, hoping that he could get his point across without totally pissing his mother off.

"You think I like it when she's upset? How come it sounds all of a sudden like you're scolding me? Who's the mother here? You want to take care of her? Go right ahead. She's all yours," Phylis said, her smile disappearing.

"Don't be like that, come on. I'm just trying to say that you two are too hard on each other. If we could afford to go to a psychiatrist, then we'd all probably be medicated, but we're not. We got to try and get along, and I know it isn't easy for you two. What if you stay out of her business for a while and I'll let you know if she's headed for disaster or not?"

"Fine, but don't expect me to keep my mouth shut if she starts in on me," Phylis said.

"Okay, Darla. I mean, Mom. I've got some homework to do, if you'll excuse me."



Jay enjoyed writing his paper in the comfort of his room, which happened to be the cleanest that it had been since he had first gotten his driver's license. He didn't realize that his sister had made it back from work until he heard her voice from his doorway.

"I'm home," Darla said.

Jay swiveled in his chair to see Darla there, looking cute as hell in her waitress uniform. He smiled brightly. "Hey there. I know you told me on the phone that you cleaned my room up, but this is fantastic! How did the dinner shift treat you?"

"Thanks. Pretty shitty. I had like five tables. It was dead. Did you talk to Mom?" she asked.

"Yeah, she said she's gonna mind her own business," Jay replied.

"She says that, but in a couple of days, she'll be right back in my face," Darla said.

"Well, damn, I can only do what I can do," Jay said.

"I know. I wish we could afford our own place, just go away somewhere alone, you know?"

"Yeah." Jay actually thought that they had it pretty good where they were at, but there wasn't any need to argue the point at the moment. Shelter, food, all the alone time that they could possibly hope for with their mother working nights. All of the conditions allowed for their relationship to develop the way that it had. "Mom said she might go away for the weekend. Might go to the casino."

"Really? It'd be nice to get rid of her for a couple of days. Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll hit it big and decide not to come home," Darla said.

"Well, I wouldn't count on that. But hey, we have most every night together, right? I already feel pretty lucky. How could I not?"

"I guess," Darla said. "Mom said something that really bugged me."

"Yeah, I know. You seemed pretty pissed when you called earlier," Jay agreed.

"She said you just told me what I wanted to hear to get what you want from me. Is that true?" she asked.

Jay's heart sunk a little. Drama, drama, drama. "What? What did she say and what do you mean get what I want?"

"She was talking about me cleaning your room, but I'm talking about other things that we do. She thinks you brainwashed me or something. You're not just putting on a big act to use me, are you? She just said that to be mean, right?" Darla asked.

"No. You don't really believe that, do you? I love you, I've poured my guts out to you. Are you really gonna let something Mom said make you doubt me? She has no idea what you and I have between us. I wouldn't ever do that to you," Jay said.

"I know. She has no idea," Darla repeated, mostly to reassure herself. "It's just that I worry that something will happen one of these days and I won't have you anymore. Then I wouldn't have anything, you know? It's scary."

Jay stood and walked over to his sister to give her a hug. "You make me feel pretty important, Darla. I'll always be here for you, don't be scared. If you worry all the time, you'll turn into a basket case. I'll turn into a basket case. Then the only time we'll get to see each other would be in a rubber room with straight-jackets on."

"Yeah. I'm sorry. I 'prolly already act like a basket case, huh?"

"That's alright, Darla. Sometimes you get mad, sometimes you get scared. I understand. I get scared, too. You know that. I've got like three sentences left to write, you probably want to change out of your uniform. Why don't we meet in the living room in about ten minutes? I'll make some popcorn, I ought to be able to handle that, and we can just relax and be mellow, okay?" Jay suggested.

"Okay," Darla said. She kissed him on the tip of the nose and went off to her room.

Darla realized that she was an emotional wreck most of the time. She'd been doing her best to control them, but her feelings sometimes had a mind of their own. Jay was a calming pill, her very own medicine, a guilty pleasure that she wasn't allowed to tell anyone about. By the time that she had changed and cleaned up a little, Jay was just arriving at the couch with a bowl of microwave popcorn. She sat beside him and tossed a piece into her mouth.

"I'm gonna try not to be crazy anymore," she said.

"Okay," Jay agreed, grabbing some popcorn as casually as he could. He'd had enough crazy for a while and didn't think that there was anything more that he could add to the conversation.

"Did I tell you about Lisa and Josh?" Darla asked.

"Just what happened the other day when she was gonna try and hook up with him at some party," Jay said.

"It turned out that he has a tiny little dick," Darla said, going for some more popcorn.

"Oh? That's too bad. Did you see it?"

"No, silly. Lisa told me. I told you she would do it. Serves her right. I think it's funny," Darla said.

"Probably funny to everyone but poor Josh. You still mad at her?" Jay asked.

"Naw. We made up. She was sorry. Real sorry when she got his pants off," Darla said with a laugh.

"Girls are mean. Would you laugh at me if my penis was tiny? What if I got mauled by a bear and he ripped it right off? You think that would be funny?" Jay asked.

"Aw, don't worry, Jay. I'd still love you if you turned into my sister. Would you still love me if I was a boy?"

"Uh, statistically, there's a tiny chance that I could lose my penis in a tragic accident. Now, the chance of you growing one seems astronomical. Why don't we worry about that if it happens?" Jay asked.

"Yeah. But you'd still love me, right?"

"Yes, Darla. I'd still love you, even if we were both freakishly mutated into different genders," Jay agreed, fearing that she may never let the subject go.

"Yay, me too," Darla said, seemingly pleased. Talking to Jay made her feel better, even if it was just about nonsense.

Eventually, they settled into a comfortable silence. The popcorn was eaten and the television was watched. Darla was about to suggest that it was time to get naked, but found that she was too late. Jay's eyes were closed and he was taking deep, slow breaths through his mouth. Instead of waking him and forcing him to satisfy her (which probably would have went over just fine), she gently shook him awake and suggested that he should go to bed. They kissed goodnight and Darla retreated to hers, wishing that some day that they'd be able to share one without the risk of being disturbed by a hysterical mother in the morning. She didn't wish anything sinister on her mother, just that it would be nice if the woman lived on the other side of town. Or maybe a different country.

Jay was struggling to keep his energy up during the week. He had never been what anyone would call a ball of fire, and he was having a hard time going back to a full school schedule and still working at the store for four hours a day. By the time he got home in the evenings, finished his homework, and tried to entertain Darla, he was ready to hit the sack to start it all over again. When he was on his way home on Friday night, about the only thing that he could think about was how nice it was going to be to sleep in in the morning. His mother's car was gone, she had actually taken his advice and gone away for the weekend, but Darla's friend Lisa's car was in the driveway. Personally, he found the girl to be an irritating bimbo, but she was his sister's best friend, so he always tried to be civil and tolerate her presence when he had to. Luckily, she was just coming out of the house to leave as Jay was getting out of his car.

"Why do you gotta be such a jerk?" Lisa asked him, giving him an extremely dirty look.

"Uh, can't help it, I guess," Jay replied, having no clue.

"I bet," Lisa said, slamming the door of her Honda and peeling off.

Without knowing what he had done to incur that particular wrath, Jay entered his house hoping that Darla could maybe shed some light on it. She was in the kitchen, bent over and looking in the refrigerator. Still dressed in her waitress uniform, Jay couldn't help but think about how closely it resembled a stripper's costume. There wasn't much left to the imagination when she bent at the waist.

"Hey," he said.

Darla jerked her head upward and banged it on the handle of the freezer door. "Shit! Ow!," she howled. "I didn't hear you come in."

"You okay there?" he asked.

Darla rubbed the back of her head. "Yeah, I guess. You shouldn't sneak up on people, it's not nice."

"Sorry about that. Speaking of people that aren't nice, what's Lisa's problem? Why does she think I'm a jerk?"

"Oh, uh, I uh told her that I couldn't go out because you wouldn't let me. You'd tell Mom and I'd get kicked out of the house," Darla said.

"Why'd you tell her that? I already told you that it wouldn't hurt my feelings if you wanted to go out," Jay said.

"I know, but I don't want to, and I was tired of trying to fight with her about it, so I made something up that I thought she would believe. I just wanted to be able to be with you this weekend, you know? I couldn't tell her that," Darla said, still rubbing her head.

"Let me look," Jay said, moving to examine the wound. There wasn't any obvious punctures or blood, so he kissed the top of her head and declared it to be all better. "I don't want you not to have any fun because of me. I feel guilty."

"I do have fun with you. When I feel like going out with Lisa, I will. For now I don't. We really don't get to hang out that much, you know? Just a little bit at night, which I like, but we're more than that," Darla said.

"Well, if I haven't bored you to death yet, must be I never will," Jay said.

"I wouldn't say that. I was hoping that tomorrow I could get you out of the house. Maybe we could go on a date?" Darla wondered, batting her eyes like the innocent girl that she definitely was not.

"I think we could do that," Jay said, smiling down at his sister. He reached around her in an embrace with one of his hands finding its way up and underneath her skirt to rest on her pantie-clad ass.

"Oh, you're frisky?" she asked.

"There's something about you dressed like that that just makes me want to molest you," Jay answered.

"Yeah, it's good for tips," Darla said.

"I bet."

"You should let me take a shower. You want to take one with me?" she asked.

"We've never done that, have we? You sure you want to squeeze in there with me?" Jay wondered. They had a separate shower stall and tub, and Jay barely fit in there, himself.

"Why not? We spend a lot of time rubbing up against each other, don't we? Let's go," Darla said, pulling her brother by the hand. Apparently, she had forgotten about whatever it was that she was searching the refrigerator for.

Even Darla had to admit that sometimes her zeal for sex bordered on the compulsive, as soon as the idea popped into her head, it was hard to shake. She always had a pretty good read on Jay, though. She could tell when to go after him and when to lay off, though today was a pretty easy one to figure out. And, as a bonus, she'd be able to make sure that he shaved so that her tender parts wouldn't be abraded by the sandpaper on his face.

The two entered the bathroom and began to disrobe. Jay didn't give much thought to it, but he still found himself excited to see his sister naked, though by now it was a daily occurrence. He had never been with a woman long enough to find out when it became so routine that he wouldn't pay her nakedness any special attention.

Darla reached into the stall to turn the water on and adjust the temperature. She was about to step in when she noticed that Jay was lagging behind. "Are you gonna finish getting undressed or what?" she asked.

"I'm just watching for a second, give me a break. You know I like looking at you. You're amazing," Jay said. He quickly shed the rest of his clothes.

"You say such nice things, sometimes, Jay," Darla said as they stepped into the stall. The fit wasn't too bad, but there wasn't enough room to do a dance or anything like that.

"Well, you know, I mean most of them," he said.

Darla laughed and soaked her hair, while Jay waited his turn. They washed themselves, and washed each other, and did some kissing under the running water. Darla stroked her brother's rigid cock as they kissed.

"Do you want to put it in?" she asked, thinking they could just about accomplish it if they moved right.

"Yeah, here," Jay said, turning his sister around.

With her back to him, Darla braced her feet and pressed her palms against the wall of the stall. She arched her back and he entered her from behind, taking a moment to steady himself while the exquisite warmth of Darla's cunt enfolded his penis. He began to pump into her slowly, taking time to establish a rhythm. Jay didn't want to have to explain to an emergency room doctor that the reason why his leg was broken because he fell in the shower while trying to bone his sister.

The water from the shower head was hitting Darla in the middle of her back and running down their conjoined bodies. Their thighs slapped together, splashing as Jay increased his pace. Darla moaned with satisfaction as she kept one hand on the wall and used the other to prevent her tits from banging around too violently. They were great topics of conversation, though they tended to get sore easily.

There wasn't enough room in the stall for them to get too creative, so they stuck with pretty much the same position throughout. Jay had a hand on the wall, as well, with his other wrapped loosely around Darla's waist. He didn't want to pull on her too hard lest they both go tumbling down, though he was losing a bit of restraint as he neared climax.

"Oh, fuck, baby," he hissed.

"Do it, Jay," she urged.

Darla knew that he tended to call her 'baby' when he was about to cum. It was a different position that they were used to, both of them nearly standing up, and what her brother was doing to her felt great, as usual. So great in fact, that she was very near having her own orgasm. Fearing that Jay would cum and pull out, she had to let him know so that she wouldn't have it go to waste.

"I'm so close," she whined. "So close!"

Grunting with effort, Jay gritted his teeth, and focused his efforts on trying to bring his sister to climax while at the same time delaying his own. Fairly difficult considering how fantastic it felt being inside of her. He was about to cum, whether he wanted to or not, when Darla began to cry out. His release was immediate and voluminous, shooting hot strings of sperm into her womb.

When Jay had finished his orgasm, his cock remained buried inside of his sister as he wrapped his arms around her from behind and pulled her body against his. He held her for a moment with the warm water blasting them, kissing her neck while she purred, still basking in climax.

"How can you do that to me?" she asked, with a smile, of course.

"I have no idea," Jay said. That was certainly true. He didn't regard himself as an exceptional lover, nor had any of the other women that he had been with ever reacted to him the way that Darla did. "Maybe it's just you. Maybe you're perfect for me."

Darla liked the sound of that. Jay had certainly spoiled her, she couldn't imagine another man that would be able to please her the way that he did. "I know you're perfect for me."

They managed to untangle themselves and get out of the shower before the hot water was totally gone. After toweling off, Jay shaved while Darla worked on her hair, drying and brushing and teasing. He finished and collected their dirty clothes and wet towels, pausing before he left the room to deposit them in the hamper.

"How long, do you think, that you spend messing with your hair every day?" he wondered. Jay wasn't trying to be mean, it just seemed like a drawn out, elaborate process.

"I don't know. You said you love my hair and unless you want me to look like a hobo, then leave me alone and let me finish," she said, taking over the mirror over the sink.

"Hey, by all means, my beauty queen. I was just curious, I'm gonna go get dressed."

"Well, don't get too dressed. I'll probably just make ya take it all off again," Darla said.

Without a reply, Jay left the room with a grin. He dropped the dirty clothes off in the laundry room, then switched directions toward his. He was in the process of putting on a pair of boxers when he heard the sound of his sister's voice atonally singing the words to a song that he didn't recognize. Darla may have been gorgeous, but he doubted that she'd ever have a hit record, that was for sure. He was on his way back to the bathroom to make a plea for her to stop when he suddenly found himself face to face with Lisa.

"What the hell?" he wondered out loud.

Lisa sized Jay up while he was standing there in his underwear. "Not bad. I knocked on the door for like an hour and no one answered it, so I let myself in. I think I left my phone in Darla's room. No wonder you couldn't hear me if she was singing like that."

With lack of a better plan, Jay slipped back into his room in search of a pair of pants while Lisa walked down to the bathroom. She was a little shocked to see Darla standing there naked with the door open. Darla froze in mid brush stroke when she saw her friend.

Lisa cocked her head to the side. "You walk around the house like that with your brother here?"

"I'm not walking around anywhere. I just got out of the shower and I'm finishing my hair," Darla said.

"With the door open? Aren't you afraid of him perving on you? I mean, he's already got his pants off," Lisa said. The wheels were obviously turning inside of her head, but she couldn't quite put the pieces together.

"Perving on me? You mean like you are right now? No. Besides, why would I care if he sees me naked? Why are you even here?" Darla asked, making no effort to hide her nudity. There wasn't much to hide it with besides a wash cloth, anyway.

"I think I left my phone here. Why...oh whatever. You guys are weird. I'm gonna look for it in you room," Lisa said, continuing down the hall.

Darla followed the girl into her room, and put on one of her nightshirts. She was fairly angry at having her evening interrupted. "You shouldn't just walk in on people, you know."

"I would have called first, but I can't find my fucking phone. Have you seen it?" Lisa asked. "I tried knocking but no one came to the door. Sorry. Fuck, can you call it?"

"Fine. Just a sec," Darla replied. She grabbed her own phone from her dresser and dialed.

There was a brief moment of silence followed by a buzzing and vibrating coming from between Darla's bed and the wall. Lisa bounded after it, jumping on the bed and retrieving her phone. "How do you think it got there?" she asked, as she bounced off the mattress to the floor, then back to the mattress.

Darla cut the call and set her phone back down. "Maybe because you treat my bed like a trampoline."

"Hmm." Lisa frowned as she scanned through her messages, oblivious to Darla's hostility. "Josh is acting like a little bitch. He says he doesn't want to do anything tonight, but I can go visit him if I want. Sometimes I wonder why he even wanted to go out with me in the first place."

"I don't know. Maybe he didn't. You basically jumped him, remember?" Darla asked.

"Hmm." Lisa pondered for a moment. "Oh well. I'm still gonna go over to Tanya's. You wanna go?"

"We've already been through this. It's getting late and I don't even feel like it, anyway. Go ahead without me," Darla replied.

"It's not that late. I just don't see why you want to dance around here naked with your brother all the time. Aren't you bored? Or are you afraid you'll get kicked out? You want me to give him a blowjob or something so he'll let you go?" Lisa asked.

Darla was beginning to lose her patience. "That's not funny, Lisa. I'm not bored, I'm just tired. Jay promised my Mom that he'd look out for me, and that's what he's doing. He's really not that bad, he wouldn't rat me out. I don't want you trying to suck his dick, okay?"

"Jesus, take a pill, I wasn't serious. Are you mad at me or somethin'? That why you don't want to hang out anymore?"

"I'm not mad, and I hang out with you like every day. I just haven't wanted to party lately, okay? I know it pisses you off, but that's all there is to it. Maybe I just got burned out from it all, I don't know," Darla said. She was hoping that maybe Lisa would take the hint and leave before she had to physically throw the girl out of the house.

"Fine, I get it. You're training to be a nun or something," Lisa said, bouncing to her feet. She looked at her buzzing phone, turning so that Darla could see a picture of Josh's erect penis. "He sends me things like that like it'll make me want to rush right over there. It's sad."

"You're not kidding," Darla said. She thought that someone ought to tell Josh that since he was hung like a mosquito that it probably wouldn't work out to his benefit to document it with a photo.

"Well, I'm going to Tanya's. Talk to you later," Lisa said.

"Alright. Be careful, okay?"

Darla followed Lisa to the door and locked it behind the girl when she left. She definitely didn't like the thought of anyone else waltzing into the house that night. She'd gone from being sick to her stomach to think that she and Jay had been busted, to thankful that Lisa was so dense, to angry that she wouldn't leave, to feeling sorry for her friend when she finally did. It was almost too many emotions for her to digest in such a short period of time for someone that was struggling to keep them under control.

"Is she gone?" Jay asked. He had crept out of his room when he heard the door close.

"Yeah. Finally," Darla said, turning to her brother.

"Uh, does she know anything?" he asked.

"Not a hell of a lot," Darla began. She went on to tell Jay the highlights of the conversation that she had with her friend. Then, she proceeded to let him know how irritated she was that he hadn't locked the door when he'd come home.

"Yeah," Jay said, rubbing the back of his neck. "I'm sorry about that."

"Well, you ought to be," Darla told him.

"Still think you made the right choice staying here with me?" he asked.

"Jay," Darla began, softening her tone, "I'm still here, aren't I? I told you that I want to be with you, and that's what I meant. I don't care what Lisa thinks. Um...did she see you naked?"

"No, almost though. I had my boxers on."

"Oh, good. She told me that you weren't wearing pants and I was like, oh no! If that ever happened, I'd probably never get her to leave. Don't ever sleep with her, okay? I mean, I know you wouldn't, but she's...persuasive," Darla said.

The last thing that Jay wanted to do was start World War III. "I promise, I would never do that. Even if she had a gun to my head."

"Good, 'cause I'd just end up killing you anyway. Well, I'd probably kill her. Maybe both of you, I don't know. Depends on how mad I got," Darla said.

"Heh, violence is never the answer. Peace and love is the way of the wise," Jay advised.

"Where'd you hear that? Sounds like a load of crap, almost like you're already guilty of something. Is that it?" Darla asked, raising an eyebrow.

"What? No! Come on Darla," Jay said.

"I'm just kidding, relax," she said, reaching out for his hand. "I wouldn't be able to trust anyone more than you. Now, where did we leave off before we were interrupted?"

Jay took his sister's hand and kissed the back of it. "I can't really remember. I think I was waiting for you to finish brushing your hair, then I was going to take you to your room and have my way with you."

"Oh really?" Darla asked, giggling.

Before she could say anything more, Jay lifted her off her feet and began to carry her like a child to her bedroom, keeping Darla giggling like one, as well. Just as he was laying her down on her bed and delivering a kiss, her phone started ringing on her dresser. They tried to ignore it, but once it finished, it started right back again. Darla growled with frustration, jumping up to look at the screen. It was their mother.

"Hello? What? Okay. Yeah. Fine. That's good. He's right here," she said, handing the phone to her brother.

Jay listened to his mother for a minute, agreeing with her when appropriate, then hanging up. He had totally forgotten about the woman and she had said that she was going to call when she got to her hotel. Unfortunately, his phone was in his room and he hadn't heard it, so he had to listen to that scolding. Looking to his sister, he sighed.

"I'm starting to wonder if this night was meant to be or not," he said.

"Mom shouldn't be allowed to bug me when she's two hundred miles away. Now I don't even want to do anything," Darla said, deflated. Nothing killed the mood more than a call from your mother.

Jay sat down on the bed beside his sister, chuckling.

"Do you want to just hang out for a while? I could make something to eat, we haven't had dinner yet," Darla said, rolling onto her side.

It was hard to believe that Darla didn't feel like having sex, but Jay supposed there was a first time for everything. Not ever to be one to turn down food, he thought that dinner sounded fine. They hit the kitchen where Darla fried up some potatoes and some other vegetables. Jay tried to help for a bit, but for the most part, he was just in the way. His role was better suited for that of moral support.

They ate and talked about school and the diner. Jay was thinking about jobs after graduating, Darla was still working pinpointing the exact kind of job training that she was going for. When dinner was over, Jay was standing at the sink washing the dishes while Darla dried.

"It's kind of like we're an old married couple or somethin'," Darla said.

"Feels like that, doesn't it?" Jay asked, handing a plate to his sister.

"Do you think we'll be able to stay together?" Darla asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, what if you get a job far away, or Mom finally loses it and kicks me out? Are we gonna try to stay together? Lisa almost caught us today, and I don't know if we can hide it forever, you know?"

"Yeah, it makes it hard when we've got to sneak around. I don't see why we can't stay together, though. We've actually had it pretty easy, when you think about it. You don't want to break up, do you?" Jay asked. He tried not to think about what a mess it would be if they did happen to get caught or break up. The results would be too painful.

"No, I...I love you Jay. I really mean that. That's what makes it all so scary sometimes," Darla replied.

"I love you, too," Jay said, brushing a soapy hand against her cheek. "We can try to make it work, can't we?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said, grinning as she wiped the bubbles from her face.

They finished cleaning up the kitchen and ended up back in Darla's bedroom. Before starting anything this time, Darla decided to turn her phone off to prevent any interruptions. She checked her messages before powering down to see a few from Lisa describing Tanya's party. There was once a time when there was no way that she would miss something like that, now, she almost felt sorry for Lisa. Getting hammered, trying to find a boyfriend that wasn't a total tool, there were a lot of things that could go wrong for her at one of those parties if she wasn't careful. She voiced her concerns about her friend to Jay as they lay together.

"Can I say something that you're probably not going to like?" Jay asked.


"You sound a lot like Mom when she worries about you," Jay said.

"You take that back," Darla told him, poking him in the shoulder. She couldn't imagine being anything like her mother.

"Are you afraid that you're starting to see the dangers of being young and wild? Want to fight about it?" Jay asked.

"What? No! I'm afraid that you think I sound like a crazy old lady," Darla replied.

"Hehe, relax. You're nothing of the sort. Just because you're worried about Lisa, it doesn't make you a bad person, you know. There's some value in that. Probably even makes you what some people would call a 'good friend'."

"Well, I guess. I don't know why it's bugging me so much. Just got a bad feeling, I guess. I don't know," Darla said. She snuggled closer to Jay and pulled her blanket over them.

"Try not to lose any sleep over it, you need your rest, we've got a big day tomorrow," Jay said.

"We do? What are we gonna do?" Darla asked.

"I don't know yet, but I'm sure it's gonna be great," Jay told her.

"Heh, yeah."


Waking up in her bed wasn't anything new to Darla, it was something that happened most every morning for as long as she could remember. Same old room, same old walls, same old picture of a kitten staring at a butterfly hanging there. This was the first time that she had woken up with a man in her bed, though. Jay was laying beside her, sprawled out on his back, taking up most of the space. She was hit with that warm, fuzzy feeling all over again. She loved him, she couldn't help it.

Darla noticed that her brother was sporting some morning wood, it was difficult not to because of the position he was in. Deciding to celebrate the occasion, she carefully peeled back the tangled blanket and fished Jay's cock out through the fold in his boxers. She was trying not to wake him up, but he began to stir when her lips wrapped around the head of his penis.

Jay awoke to his sister's sweet tongue licking the precum off of the end of his dick. He had no idea how long she had been doing it for, but it felt almost as though he was ready to explode from the moment that he opened up his eyes.

"Damn, Darla," he said.

Darla spit on her hand and stroked him slowly. "Good morning," she said, smiling like a devil.

"Oh god, that's it," he told her, realizing that this wasn't going to take long.

Her brother's moans led her to believe the same thing. Must be whatever he'd been dreaming of had really put him in the right frame of mind. She took him wholly into her mouth, fucking him with it while he groaned and grabbed handfuls of the bedding. Jay had began to cum almost immediately from her oral treatment, and Darla could feel him spurting into her throat. She did her best to avoid having him spray it all over, though he'd probably have to change his underwear. There was only so much saliva and sperm that she could handle before having to release him and get some air. Finishing him totally off with her hand, Jay used one of his to brush the hair away from her face.

"I wasn't expecting that," he said.

"Are you sure? I didn't hardly have to do anything. What were you dreaming of?" she wondered.

"I don't know, but I'll have to do it more often," he said.

Jay hadn't ever started the day in quite the same fashion. He'd been awake for about a minute and had already had his first orgasm. "Come here," he told Darla, pulling her up kiss her. He still had morning breath, but she had sperm breath, so he figured that the two canceled each other out. Without breaking the kiss, Jay and Darla maneuvered their bodies so that he was looming over top of her, her arms pinned to the bed by her wrists slightly behind her head.

Darla enjoyed moments like this. Jay was being gentle, but was taking control. He had to let go of her momentarily to shed his boxers, but then he went back to holding her down. He hadn't lost his erection and she wasn't wearing any panties, so there was nothing to stop his penetration. She let him know how welcoming it was to be filled with a carnal sigh, turning her head to the side as he kissed and nibbled around the tender spots on her neck.

Jay was once again struck with how amazing it was to be inside of the hot folds of his sister's pussy. Delightfully wet and warm, a sensation that made the pleasure centers of his brain shift into overdrive. And then, there were the little, sexy noises that she made while they made love. All of the 'oos' and 'ahs' that coordinated with each of his thrusts, it was something beyond what he'd ever be able to describe. It was a connection that he and Darla seemed to share that made such an experience so wonderful for both of them.

It took Darla a bit longer to work up to her first orgasm of the day than it did her brother, but not a heck of a lot longer. As it began to hit her, she pulled Jay into her with her legs, holding him in place. "Fuck!" she muttered, grinding against him with a sudden burst of strength.

Watching his sister cum beneath him was a beautiful thing, and Jay loved to watch Darla's face as it happened. He had to wait briefly for her legs to release their grip before he continued on, he was too close to cumming again to stop at that point. While Darla was basically going limp, Jay came for the second time, calling his sister's name as his seed left his body and entered hers.

They lay together in Darla's bed for a while, neither one of them quite willing to let the other go. It was usually the way that they ended their days, not how they started. Lunch was on the horizon by the time that they actually got themselves up and around.

"So what are we going to do today?" Darla asked, reminding Jay that he had promised to take her out on a date.

Although Jay's favorite pastime was laying on the couch and watching television, he wasn't sure that he could convince his sister that was the best way to spend the day. He'd have to come up with something at least mildly entertaining to make her happy. At the risk of sounding completely without ideas and totally boring, he asked her what she wanted to do.

"Well, we could get some lunch and go from there. There's that vegan place by the mall. I've never been there, but I wouldn't mind giving it a try," Darla suggested.

Vegan, ugh. Jay supposed that's what he got for not having a plan of his own, he knew the place. He'd have to pay thirty bucks for a wad of soggy leaves and a steamed carrot. "Since when did you become a vegan?" he asked.

"I'm not, it doesn't mean they don't have good food. If you don't want to go there, we don't have to," she said.

"We can go, but only because I love you. I don't trust people that don't eat meat or cheese," he told her.

"That's just silly."

He didn't think it was as silly as trying to survive on tofu and grass clippings, but wasn't in the mood to argue. Taking Darla out to lunch wasn't an unreasonable request, after all. They cleaned themselves up and got ready to go. Sadly, the restaurant that they were going to was located right next door to a Burger King. Jay glanced longingly across the parking lot as the smell of broiling burger filled the air.

Had it not been for being the middle of the day, Jay would have guessed that the young lady that took their order was a vampire. She was tall, paper thin, and paper white. Before he was even able to make a derogatory comment, however, he was shot down by Darla's dirty look. She was getting awfully good at reading his mind.

Darla checked her phone while they waited for their food, realizing that she'd left it off since the night before. She huffed in derision and frantically typed a message.

"Everything okay?" Jay asked.

"Yeah. Lisa woke up at Josh's but can't remember how she got there. She doesn't know where her car is, she thinks it's still at Tanya's," she said.

"Well, at least she had a good time, right?"

"Who knows? She doesn't. Whatever. I can't tell her what to do, and she's too dumb to listen to me, anyway," Darla said.

"Good point, Phylis," Jay said, putting up his hands to shield himself.

"Very funny. Damn," she said, still looking at her screen. "You think we can give her a ride to Tanya's when we're done here?"

"Sure, I guess. Why can't little Josh take her?" Jay asked.

Darla smirked at the 'little' being added to Josh's name. "He doesn't have a car."

The two ate their lunch which, despite Jay's fears, wasn't too expensive and wasn't all that revolting. With Darla's guidance, Jay drove over to an apartment complex where Lisa was waiting for them. She looked a bit under the weather when she climbed into the backseat.

"Hey Lisa. How's it hanging?" Jay greeted. "Try not to puke in my car."

"I don't think I can puke any more that what I already have, don't worry," Lisa replied, the stench of stale alcohol rolling off her breath.

"Are you okay?" Darla asked, turning to look at her friend. She still had a certain amount of sympathy for Lisa, after all. She knew exactly how the girl felt.

"If I wasn't so sick, I think I'd still feel drunk."

"Hmm. Maybe you shouldn't be driving your car. Do you want us to just take you home?" Jay asked.

"Oh god, I don't know. If one of my parents have to take me to get it later, they'll probably want to kick my ass," Lisa replied.

"Not as much as they will if you wreck it and kill somebody," Jay said.

"I can drive it and you can follow us to Lisa's. Is that okay?" Darla wondered.

They all agreed that that was probably the way to go. Jay headed a short ways across town to where Lisa's car was haphazardly parked partly in a yard, partly in a driveway. Jay pulled up to the curb, and let the girls out of his car. He watched as they got into Lisa's and Darla backed out into the street. There wasn't even time enough to shift his vehicle back into drive before Darla whipped over to the side and the passenger's door flew open. Lisa leaned out and began to violently vomit into the gutter.

Dodged a bullet there, Jay thought, feeling his lunch do a slow roll in his stomach. It wasn't ever pleasant to watch someone hurl. Then, just in time to make the moment one to remember, a police cruiser sidled up to Lisa's sedan and hit the flashing lights. Maybe not, he added to his thoughts. He wasn't sure if he should get out of his car or not, so he sat where he was.

Jay watched as an officer approached Darla, presumably wondering what the problem was and wanting to look at her license and the vehicle registration. The officer took Darla's license and Lisa's registration back to the cruiser to check them out. Jay, for his part, wasn't all that alarmed, thinking that Darla wasn't doing anything against the law, in fact, she was being a good citizen by giving her wreck of a friend a ride. It was shocking then, when after a few minutes, the cop returned to Lisa's car, had Darla exit the vehicle, and then threw the cuffs on her.

Jay immediately shut his car off and approached the officer. "Hey, what's going on? She was just giving her a ride!" Jay shouted.

Darla looked bewildered and scared, Lisa was dry heaving, and the cop seemed pretty cool. "You stand back," he warned, leading Darla to the back of the cruiser. "The vehicle was reported stolen."

"How could it be stolen? Right there's the girl that owns it!" Jay shouted, pointing at Lisa. "For Christ's sake, Darla only drove it about twenty feet!"

"Sir, calm down. I'm going to have to ask you a few questions."

Jay didn't have any desire to get in a fight with the police, but this was ridiculous. He couldn't just stand there and twiddle his thumbs while Darla was getting stuffed into a cop car. "Lisa! What the fuck is going on?"

Lisa wiped some puke off her chin with the back of her hand and spit on the ground. "It's registered to my dad. They must be pissed at me. Sorry."

"See?" Jay asked the officer, as another cruiser arrived on the scene. "You don't have to arrest Darla, do you? Take Lisa, we were just trying to help her out. We didn't know that her parents had the cops after her."

"We have to take her in, too. Step out of the street," the officer ordered.

A second cruiser soon arrived to join the party. The police weren't overly forceful, but they didn't seem all that friendly, either. Jay withstood the interrogation, not knowing if he'd be arrested or not. They searched Lisa's car, inside and out, leaving Jay to silently pray that the little bimbo didn't have anything in there that would heap more trouble on the pile. He had to stand there for what seemed like forever while the cops tried to sort things out. From where he was being made to stay, he couldn't see anything but the back of Darla's head through the first cruiser's back window, let alone talk to her.

The officer that was first on the scene approached Jay after a long consultation with the other two. "You're free to go."

"I can't leave without my sister," Jay said.

"You're going to have to, she's under arrest," the officer told him.

"She's going to jail? She didn't do anything!"

"Listen, she has to be processed. If her friend's father doesn't want to press charges, then she'll probably be released. If he does, then she'll have to tell her story to a judge."

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me," Jay said, sick inside. "Can I at least say something to her? She's got to be scared, she's a nice girl trying to make sure her stupid friend got home safe. She doesn't deserve this."

The cop frowned as if he didn't like the idea much. He wasn't heartless, however. He took Jay over to the cruiser and opened the door so that he could have a quick word with his sister before she was sent off to the stony lonesome. She wasn't crying at the moment, but it looked as if she was about ready to.

"Jay, you gotta take me home!"

"I will," he told her. "We'll straighten this out, don't worry. You've got to go with them for now, though. Don't worry, okay?"

"Jay...," Darla whined. She couldn't think of anything more to say than that, didn't have to really. Jay saw all he had to know from the anguish on her face.

"Alright," the officer said. He closed the door. "I got to take her in. You can check in with the front desk at the station, but it'll be a while. These things can take time."

"Well, she'll still get out today, right?" Jay wondered.

"Maybe. Can't say."

Lisa was driven off in one car while Darla departed in the other. Jay was left standing there with a foul taste in his mouth, and it wasn't just because of the crap he had for lunch. He did the only think he could think of to try and resolve the situation. He drove to Lisa's house, intending to convince her parents not to press charges. If Darla ended up spending any time in jail, then he would too because he was going to kill somebody.

Jay knew where Lisa lived, but he had never met her parents before. Her mother answered the door and wasn't all that receptive of the news that Jay brought with him. It took a bit of convincing before the woman would accept that Darla was innocent in the matter. The two girls were basically partners in crime. Lisa's father wasn't very happy with what was going on, either.

"Look, I warned her and warned her what would happen if she went out and didn't come home. She didn't come home and she didn't answer her phone. I had to do something," the guy said.

"Fine. I get it. I'm just tellin' ya that the cops are gonna call and tell you that your car's been found and your daughter's in jail. I don't care what you do with Lisa, that's your business. Darla's in serious trouble here, and it's not her fault," Jay said.

"It might not be her fault this time, but your sister's with Lisa all the time. You can't tell me they're off practicing Scrabble when they're out for all hours," Lisa's mother said.

"Hey, listen. Darla's done her share of partying, but she hasn't in a while. I know because I'm the one making sure that she doesn't. Our mother was right on the edge of kicking her out of the house. A couple of months ago, I'd probably be fine letting her ass sit in jail for a while, but man, I'm telling ya, she doesn't deserve it," Jay said. That was about all of the argument that he could come up with to keep the two from pressing charges. He didn't know how that worked exactly, but he felt that the sooner the police found that out the better.

From Lisa's house, Jay drove to the police station where he felt like he was given the run around. The officer working the desk was cordial, but not very helpful. She told him that Darla hadn't been processed yet, and no, she didn't know how long it would take. Glancing around the station, Jay detected a total absence of activity. Must be his sister was the closest thing they could find for a criminal on a Saturday afternoon.

Jay wanted desperately to bail Darla out or something, but there wasn't anything that he could do. The officer encouraged Jay to go home, but he chose instead to sit in a small waiting area. He'd already made up his mind that he'd either be joining his sister in a cell or leaving there with her. He spied Lisa's parents entering the building from his viewpoint as he sat in an uncomfortable plastic chair

in the waiting area. He thought that maybe they would join him after a while and he'd get some news, but they never did.

As Jay sat there with his ass threatening to cramp up from the torturous furniture, the minutes slowly ticked by. Then, a couple of hours were gone. People came and went, some police, some ordinary citizens. Finally, the officer behind the desk must have felt sorry for him because she left the room and came back with some news.

Darla, as he knew, had been arrested. She hadn't been charged with anything, however, and was set to be released. They'd just have to finish up some paperwork, which incidentally, the lady officer wasn't sure how long it would take. She was pretty sure it would be sometime that night, though.

The officer went back to tend the desk while Jay's stomach churned. Good news, for sure, but it was still nerve-wracking. As time continued to pass, the sun went down, and Jay faced another nightmare. His mother called.

Trying not to sound like he'd just gone through a nervous breakdown, Jay faked his way through the conversation. Phylis was in a good mood, having a good time, up a little money on the slots, so it wasn't as hard as it could have been. Not wanting to tell her that Darla was in a jail cell, he just told her that she was somewhere with Lisa and he was going to pick her up in a little while. He didn't see any reason to send his mother into a screaming hissy-fit, he kept that to himself for the moment. Possibly, he would forever, he'd have to wait and see on that.

Jay must have dozed off as he sat there with his legs crossed, and his arms crossed, leaning back in his chair. The next thing he knew, he heard Darla's voice, as she nudged his foot with her toe.

"Jay? You ready to go?"

"There's my little jailbird," he said, thoroughly relieved. He stood and stretched, putting an arm around his sister's shoulders. "How you feelin'?"

"Worn out," she replied, as they walked out.

"Was it terrible?" he asked. She didn't look too bad, sounded a bit subdued.

"Wasn't any fun. They weren't mean, I guess."

"Were you like, behind bars and stuff?" he asked.

"No. I had to sit in a little room, an interrogation room, I guess. I hardly ever even talked to anybody. Just sat there," Darla replied as they walked out to Jay's car. They got in and headed for home. "They wouldn't tell me what's happening with Lisa," she added.

Jay thought that they could send Lisa to the gas chamber as far as he was concerned, but thought that it probably wasn't the best time to be totally candid with his opinions. "Are you mad at her?"

Darla laughed without humor, and watched the buildings go by out the window. "I don't even know."

"Well, she obviously didn't want this to happen. I talked to her parents. They're pissed. Her father thinks she ought to stay in jail," Jay said.

"Yeah, she doesn't get along with her parents. Um, you talk to Mom?" Darla asked.

"She called. I didn't tell her anything."

"Are you mad at me?" she asked.

"What? You didn't do anything wrong," Jay said.

"I kinda ruined our day. And our night. She's my friend," Darla said.

"Yeah, and you were just trying to keep her safe. I didn't have any plans past lunch, anyway. At least you picked something exciting," Jay said.

"Exciting? Are you fucking kidding me? That could have been really bad, Jay," Darla said.

"That's what made it so exciting. I know I got pretty excited there for a minute."

"Oh my god. I don't believe you," she said. Darla knew that her brother was trying to lighten the mood, and she appreciated that. It was just taking her a lot more effort to make light of the situation considering that it was her ass that ended up in cuffs.

"Heh, I'm sorry. That whole thing was scary. I'm just glad that we're going home. I was worried about you. Sure you're okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, you were so worried that I had to wake you up to leave," she said.

"Oh, come on, hey...,"

"I'm just kidding. It had to be super boring waiting for me. Were you there the whole time?" she asked.


"Thanks. I mean it. Want me to buy you a burger or something?" she asked.

A burger sounded like a great idea now that Jay's nerves had calmed to the point where he could digest food again. "Sure."

Jay hit a drive-thru and though Darla was ever so conscious of her diet, she splurged and got a big, greasy burger and a milkshake. She and her brother ate at the kitchen table once they got home. They didn't speak much until they were finished, dining in a sense of quiet relief.

"Well, behaving like an old, married couple should, I vote that we go to bed," Jay said.

"We're gonna get fat if we keep eating a meal right before we go to sleep," Darla warned.

"I love ya, Darla, and I know I'm hard enough to look at without getting fat, but I'm tired. You are too, I can see it in your eyes. Do you need to talk about anything?" he asked.

It was nice that Jay worried about what was on her mind, but Darla didn't think that there was anything new to talk about, really. There wasn't any reason to rehash what had already been said.

"Na. We can go jogging or something tomorrow," she said.

"Let's not make any plans, huh? Tomorrow's a new day," Jay said. It wasn't only that he hated the idea of jogging, it was also because their plans seemed to constantly get interrupted lately. Sometimes in a really terrible way. Maybe it was bad luck to announce their intentions to the universe.

"You don't want to do anything with me tomorrow?" Darla asked.

"Not what I meant. I'm game for whatever, I just don't want to think about anything tonight," Jay said.

"Oh. Coming to my room?" she asked.

"If you'll have me. Mom won't be back until the afternoon. We can sleep in."

"That sounds good to me," Darla said.


If the incident with Lisa's stolen car didn't totally cement the position that Darla was taking with her life, then what happened to Lisa afterwards certainly did. Convinced that her parents wished her nothing but ill, Lisa moved in with Josh. That lasted about a week, then she moved to another guy, then another, then anyone that would take her, then Darla lost track of her. Lisa stopped showing up for work at the restaurant, lost her phone since she couldn't pay the bill, and there wasn't anyone in Darla's circle of friends that had much of an idea of what the girl was up to. Word had it that she skipped town with some bartender that was twice her age.

It didn't take a stretch of imagination for Darla to realize that something similar that happened to Lisa could have happened to her. Most probably, the only thing that stopped it was Jay. People might think that having a romantic relationship with your brother was pretty fucking twisted, but Darla thought that what Lisa was doing to herself was far worse. Jay made her a better person, and she liked to think that she did the same for him. Not in the same way, of course, but he ate better and he wasn't so much of a lazy pig around the house.

The dynamic between Phylis and Darla didn't seem to change a whole lot. Though appreciably less hostile toward one another, they still found mundane things to argue about when they had run out of more serious issues. Jay thought that the two subconsciously needed the conflict in their lives in order to function normally. Phylis and Darla thought that the other was ridiculous and unreasonable, and they couldn't understand why Jay couldn't see it.

Jay and Darla kept day to day things simple and the more spicy things secret. Jay spent most of his free time with his sister, which really wasn't a lot, but enough to keep each other happy. Darla had more time on her hands than her brother, but managed to stay out of trouble. She still hung out with her friends once in a while without doing anything that landed her in jail, and was sometimes even able to get Jay to leave the house.


"You're gonna need more things than you think to get started, so here," Phylis warned setting a large bag on the rickety kitchen table. "I didn't wrap it."

"You didn't need to get us anything, Ma. We already stole most everything we need out of your house," Jay said.

"This isn't for you, you probably won't know what most of it is," Phylis told her son.

Darla gingerly peeled the bag down over the box to reveal a set of pots and pans, along with some utensils. They didn't come from the Salvation Army, either. "Wow, these are really nice, Mom. I like it, thank you." Darla turned to Jay, "They're really expensive."

"Well, you're cooking pretty good now, and these'll last you a long time if you take care of them. I now it's not something flashy like a big TV..." Phylis began.

"I think they're great, thanks so much," Darla repeated.

"Yeah. We can always pawn it and buy a TV," Jay said.

"You better watch it," Phylis said, cracking a grin. She paused a moment, growing more somber. "You guys didn't have to move out. We had plenty of room, didn't we?"

"Sure we did. It was just time, Ma. We're only across town, we can still send you a postcard or something," Jay said.

"That doesn't make me feel any better. I can see you wanting to get out, with your new job and all, but Darla didn't have to go with you," Phylis said.

"If Darla didn't come with me, you guys would kill each other, for sure. Just think, if you meet a nice guy at the old folks home or at the bingo parlor, you'll have the house to yourself," Jay said.

"I never thought I'd say this, but you're an awful son, Jay. I have to go to work. You guys will be good, right? I know you will. I'll see you later," Phylis said. She was sincerely a little sad at them moving out, but had it in the back of her head to stop by quite often on her way to work, if only to remind her kids that she was still alive.

Darla and Jay walked their mother to the door, wishing her well. When she was gone, they turned the lock and set the deadbolt. "Our own place, Jay. Won't it be exciting?" Darla asked.

Jay turned his head, glancing through the clean, but nearly barren apartment. He sighed. "You know how I feel about excitement. Let's try and avoid it, okay?"

Darla giggled her sexy little giggle. "I don't care what you say, I'm excited. I think you are, too. You haven't stopped smiling since you signed the papers."

"I've a good reason," he said, putting his arm around his sister and depositing a quick kiss on her cheek.
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