Stories 18+ A Man molested his niece by her temptation

Stories 18+ A Man molested his niece by her temptation
It was 10:00 P.M. on Saturday night when the phone rang. We were watching, or rather my wife was watching, a real tearjerker on cable. I was in the same room but my mind had drifted off when the sound of the phone brought me back to reality. I got up to answer it while my wife looked up with a mixture of annoyance and concern on her pretty face. I didn't recognize the number from the caller I.D.

"Hello," I said into the receiver and as I spoke I could hear crowd noise on the other end of the line.

"Uncle Mark, hello can you hear me? It's Jessica," came the voice into my ear. Jessica was my older brother's daughter, who I'd last seen a month earlier at a cousins' sweet sixteen party. 

"Hey Jess, how are you doing, is everything ok?" I asked. My wife gave me a quizzical look on hearing who I was talking to. I just shrugged my shoulders as I walked further from the TV so I could hear better.

"Well everything isn't great right now. Remember at the party last month you said that we were always welcome at your house, no invitation necessary. Well what about right now?" she asked in a shaky voice.

I'd told Jess and her brother that my door was always open to them whenever they were in the city. My brother and his wife had moved their family to a small town around seventy miles from the city ten years ago when their kids were starting to get older. They did it to keep them from bad influences and give them a good quality of life. I greatly respected what they'd done because they continued to work in the city and had to deal with a long commute in order to protect their children.

"Of course right now is fine," I answered in a low voice, "but tell me what's going on. Are you in trouble, do you need help?"

"I'm not in trouble, I'm trying to stay out of it by coming over. I'm going to take a taxi there, ok?" Jessica said.

"Do you need me to come get you?" I asked concerned.

"No I'll be fine, see you soon. Thanks and I love you," then the line went dead.

"Well what was that all about?" my wife asked as I returned the phone to the cradle.

"Jessica will be coming over tonight. Something's wrong but I'm not sure what."

"Oh great, and on Saturday too. I wish it was on another night," she said while grimacing.

I smiled helplessly though I knew where Diane was coming from. We'd been married many years and had fallen into a bit of a routine. Saturday night was always our night and though the frequency of our lovemaking had diminished we made sure that no matter the situation we would make love on that night each week, if no other.

"Maybe she won't be staying the night," I said though I didn't believe it.

"Calling this time of night, what are the chances of that," she answered, "well I don't care. One way or another I plan on getting some action."

I leaned down and kissed her. "I love you hon, things will be fine I'm sure. No need to worry."

In around a half hour the doorbell rang. I answered it and saw my niece standing on the front steps. She was dressed for clubbing with a tiny tank top and short skirt which showed off her long, slim legs to best effect. The high heels Jess had on only accentuated this. She was wearing more makeup than I was used to seeing and her long brown hair was flowing free. Jessica stepped in the door and gave me a big hug. I could smell the combination of shampoo, perfume, and youthful sweat on her. After breaking the hug she went to the couch and greeted my wife. I sat on the chair next to the couch and turned to Jessica in expectation.

"First of all let me thank you guys for letting me come over like this with no warning. I really appreciate it," she began.

"Our pleasure, think nothing of it," Diane answered though her cheerful tone sounded forced. Jessica seemed to notice this and momentarily paused before again speaking.

"I'm sorry again but I didn't know where else to turn. I came to the city with my friend Lindsay and we went clubbing. But at the last club we were at she met some guys and wanted to go to some private party with them and I didn't. They were a little aggressive and I didn't trust them but Lindsay wouldn't listen to me and said she was going. Since she's my ride I was stranded if I didn't go with her but you should go with your instincts."

I saw Diane's face soften and she stood and hugged Jessica. 

"You did the right thing honey," she said, "I hope your friend will be alright."

"She promised to keep in touch with me and the girl can take care of herself. Plus she is a little wild if you catch my meaning but she's really a good person. I can only wait to hear from her."

"Well you can only wait now I guess. You can spend the night here. How are you going to get home though?" I asked.

"I haven't even thought about that yet. One day or in this case night at a time," she said with a giggle.

"Well I think I'm going to lie down, I have such a headache," Diane said while giving me a stealthy glance, "Mark why don't you get some linen for the couch so Jessica can settle in."

I followed my wife upstairs where she took sheets, a pillow and pillowcase and a light blanket from the hall closet and handed them to me. She then kissed me and whispered, "Don't take long."

I went downstairs and quickly made up the couch for Jessica.

"Feel free to have anything in the fridge," I told her.

"Thanks Uncle Mark," she answered, "I might watch TV for a while but I'll keep the sound low. I'm just not sleepy yet. Can I ask you for a favor? I don't have anything to sleep in and these clothes aren't the best for that."

"Maybe Diane has something," I thought aloud.

"You don't have to bother her. If you just have an old shirt of yours that should be good. At home I usually use my dad's old t-shirts to sleep in."

I found her a shirt of mine that was folded in a laundry basket by the washing machine and handed it to her as she sat on the couch. I leaned down to kiss her goodnight on her cheek. Just as I did she turned so my lips hit hers. I could faintly taste alcohol on my teenaged niece's mouth. When my lips met hers she eagerly kissed me back with passion it seemed causing me to quickly pull back.

"Good night Jess and what is that I smell on your breath?" I asked.

"I just had two drinks," Jess answered sheepishly, "and I hope you won't tell on me."

I shook my head at her and turned to go. 

"Aunt Diane is so lucky. Not only are you good looking, you have a really cute butt," Jess said.

I turned back to her. "You shouldn't notice that, especially because I'm your uncle."

"Sorry I still have eyes, good night Uncle Mark," she said with a twinkle in her brown eyes.

When I reached my bedroom Diane was under the covers and the only light was from a bedside table lamp. I closed the door and got undressed. I normally sleep in a pair of lounge pants but as I wasn't going to sleep yet I slipped under the covers nude. I reached over and embraced Diane and we began to kiss. Within a few minutes things had heated up. My hand had made its way between her naked thighs and was stroking her sex. Diane gets wet quickly and I was able to slip my middle finger inside her while continuing to rub her mound with the rest of my hand. 

The more aroused she became the louder she reacted. When I delivered a love bite to her neck Diane gasped and I felt her shudder from her first orgasm. Her hand reached down and gripped my erection and she tried to pull me on top of her but I had other plans first. I twisted my body and burrowed under the covers heading between her thighs by feel. I pushed her thighs farther apart and by instinct I licked her wet slit causing her to tremble. I adjusted my head to where my tongue could flick her clit and I soon had her on the edge again. When I slid a finger inside her wetness Diane bucked violently and moaned. She tossed the covers off us and pulled me by my hair away from her.

"Mark I need you in me now," she demanded.

I knelt between her legs and guided my six and a half inch erection between her lips. She moaned loudly as I penetrated her. I began to slowly and rhythmically fuck her, going all the way in before pulling back. I tried to stay in control so I could last as long as possible, as well as to make less noise than I would have otherwise. I was very conscious of the fact my eighteen year old niece was in the room directly under us. Diane had a different idea as she grabbed hold of my ass with both hands.

"Faster baby, I want it faster," she hissed.

I increased my speed with her hands eagerly pulling on me. As I continued my thrusting Diane's moans became louder and more frequent. I covered her mouth with mine and kissed her lovingly. After a few minutes of this she broke our kiss.

"Roll onto your back Mark I want to ride you," she said insistently.

After I'd withdrawn and positioned myself on my back Diane straddled me and guided my hardness back inside. She groaned in delight as her pubic bone collided with me and she began to ride me hard. Diane put her hands on my muscled chest and bounced up and down on my erection. A look of pleasure in her eyes told me she was once again getting close as I saw sweat roll down her face. I don't know why, but at that moment I thought of Jessica on the couch beneath us and it turned me on. I began to pump up into Diane, our bodies crashing together like surf and sand. I held her waist as I drove my full length into her as hard as I could.

"Oh yes Mark, don't stop baby, faster baby," she cried out before her orgasm overcame her and her head sank to my chest. 

I thrust all the way in one more time before I joined Diane in bliss, my cum shooting deep inside her. We stayed that way a couple of minutes recovering. Finally she rolled off me onto her back. I leaned in and kissed her.

"I love you," I said.

"You know I feel the same," Diane replied.

The next morning I woke up early as I usually did and headed for a shower. Diane was sleeping with a peaceful look on her face. She normally slept late on Sunday so I didn't disturb her. After my shower I was shaving with a towel wrapped around my waist when I heard the door open. Thinking it was Diane I said, "Good morning babe."

I was shocked when I heard Jessica say, "Morning Uncle Mark, I'm sorry I didn't realize anyone was in here but I really have to pee."

With the door closed and the light on that seemed far-fetched but I turned to leave so she could go.

"I see you haven't missed time at the gym lately," Jess said as I squeezed past her.

"Don't worry about that, just hurry up," I told her as she closed the door. 

While waiting my mind pictured how Jess looked wearing my t-shirt. It was old and thin and her baseball sized breasts had strained against the material, plainly revealing the shape of her nipples. Plus the shirt was barely long enough to reach the top of her legs. Stop what you're thinking I told myself. She's your niece, only a teenager and your wife is sleeping down the hall besides. While logically that was correct my little head doesn't think, it only reacts. And right now it was reacting to the stimuli of a nubile teenaged body. In spite of my efforts blood was flowing to my groin. I heard the toilet flush and then the water running at the sink. Then the door opened and glorious Jessica emerged.

"Do you want me," Jessica said and paused a moment before continuing, "to make some coffee?"

While she said this I could swear that she glanced at my towel covered lower half and my semi-erection.

"Yes Jess if you don't mind. I'll be down in a minute," I answered in a hoarse whisper.

When she brushed past me her hand made contact with my groin for a fleeting moment. As she headed to the stairs I couldn't help watching her ass wiggle as she walked. When she reached the top, Jess turned back and saw me looking. She gave a dazzling smile before disappearing. I returned to the bathroom to finish shaving. I managed to nick myself as my concentration was shot due to the thoughts swirling around my brain. I was attracted to my niece and unless I was totally reading things wrong she felt the same. I put on lounge pants and a wife beater and headed downstairs where I already smelled coffee. Jessica was standing by the counter when I walked in the kitchen. Once I did she began to pour a cup of coffee.

"Uncle Mark, you take your coffee black, right?" she asked me.

"That's right - you remembered." 

"Sit down and I'll bring you the coffee," she said sweetly.

I sat down at the kitchen table and Jess placed the steaming cup in front of me.

"So what are your plans?" I asked trying to keep my mind on business and not on her hot little body.

"I haven't heard from Lindsay yet. I guess I could call my parents and beg them to come get me. They'll probably get mad but what other choice is there," she said with a pleading look at me.

"I guess I could drive you if you're ready quickly and before all the idiots are on the road," I answered.

Jessica squealed and leaned down and hugged me around my neck. As she did her firm round breasts pressed against my face which was a pleasant feeling, I must admit.

"Uncle Mark you are the best ever. Have I told you that before? Can I finish my coffee first and then shower?" she asked excitedly.

"Yes to all questions, but hurry," was my reply. She sauntered across the room and picked up her coffee.

"Uncle Mark do you remember when I was little and you would pick me up and swing me in the air until I was dizzy?"

"Yes I do," I said recalling those times fondly. 

"And do you remember us watching scary movies and I would get so afraid I would have to sit on your lap and keep my eyes tightly shut?"

I just nodded at her. Jessica put her cup on the table and without warning sat down on my lap and put her arms around my neck. She looked in my eyes then began to squirm her ass around as if she was trying to get comfortable.

"Sometimes I miss those days," she said seriously before squirming some more, sending signals from my cock to my brain and all points in between. "Am I too heavy Uncle Mark, am I crushing you?"

"No sweetie you're not crushing me but I don't know if you should be sitting on my lap."

"You mean because I'm giving you a hard on," she said with a face that wouldn't melt butter. Of course she was right about that. My cock was straining against my pants to get at her but instead I feigned indignation.

"Jessica, where do you get such ideas? To accuse your uncle like that."

"Well, since it's poking me in my butt as well as another place would be where. Plus I do have a boyfriend, even though he goes to school all the way in California, so I do know about these things. But it feels good especially to my other place," she said with a giggle.

"Stop Jessica you're being bad," I replied trying to sound stern though at the moment I just wanted to shower her with kisses.

She squirmed some more, positioning herself so that she was no longer directly on my cock. Instead with it no longer held down it rose up between her legs.

"Uncle Mark I'm not bad, I'm a good girl and if you let me I'll show you how good. Besides you're the one being bad."

After saying this she reached down and grabbed my erection through my pants making me shudder. I had to stop things before they went any further. I tried to lift Jessica off my lap but she resisted and my hand which had been on her waist slipped to her ass. In our mini struggle the t-shirt rose up and I found my hand in contact with her bare ass cheek, because like many girls of today Jessica wore a thong.

"Oh Uncle Mark," she squealed and clung to my neck tighter.

I stood quickly displacing her then disentangled her limbs from mine. I held her at arm's length while I regained my composure.

"Jessica, stop this now. Take your shower; get a towel from the hall closet first and no more playing around."

She pouted at me but did as I said, heading upstairs to shower. When I heard the water running I went to my bedroom and threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt. I sat on the bed and gently shook Diane. She woke with a sleepy look on her face.

"What is it honey?" she asked.

"I'm going to give Jessica a ride home. She hasn't heard from her friend yet. If we leave now I should be home by early afternoon in time to watch the game."

"You and your sports. Ok honey, drive carefully. Tell Jess bye from me."

"I will," I answered before kissing her goodbye. 

As I left the room she'd already turned on her side away from the sunlight filtering in through a window. I was waiting downstairs when Jessica came down. She was wearing her outfit from the night before but her long, brown hair was in a ponytail and with no makeup on she appeared younger and more wholesome.

"Ready kid?" I asked. 

Jessica nodded at me affirmatively as I held open the front door and she headed out. I opened the doors to my Explorer and started the ignition. I pulled out of the driveway and gave it some gas. Right before we reached the highway I pulled into a parking lot of a donut store so we could grab a bite. I found out what she wanted and headed in to order.

When I returned to the vehicle with breakfast Jessica had a mischievous look on her face but she said nothing as I handed her the coffee and muffin. We ate in silence but she seemed to be fighting back laughter. After she finished she started playing with her phone and smiling. As soon as I was done I started to drive out of the parking lot. Before I could turn I felt Jess' hand on my arm.

"Look at the picture I just took Uncle Mark," she said smirking. I took the phone from her and looked at the screen and was confronted with a picture of a delectable looking shaved pussy. I almost dropped the phone from shock.

"It's a self-portrait," she said. 

I returned the phone and made a turn, barely missing a pedestrian I was so distracted. I kept my eyes on the road and drove and soon we were on the highway. The traffic was fairly light so I floored it. The sooner she was safely home the better it would be for us both I felt. We made good progress at first and had covered over half the distance before traffic slowed to a crawl. There was probably an accident ahead as there wasn't any other reason at this time to delay things. As we inched ahead bumper to bumper Jess began fidgeting. 

"Uncle Mark I'm so bored," she exclaimed petulantly.

"What are you, two years old," I answered, "take a nap or find something to occupy yourself with."

"I'm not sleepy," she announced then went silent. 

I kept my eyes straight ahead as we continued our stop and go movement for the next five minutes when I saw a car on the shoulder up ahead with the hood open. Realizing that it was rubbernecking causing the jam I knew that things would soon be moving.

"Traffic should start moving again..." I began, turning to Jessica when my jaw dropped. 

My niece was sitting back in the captain's chair with her short skirt raised and her hand rubbing her bald, little pussy. I tore my eyes away from this vision of her bringing herself pleasure, if only to prevent my wrecking the vehicle.

"Jessica what are you doing?"

"You told me to occupy myself Uncle Mark," she said with a gasp, "and that's all I'm doing." 

Taking a sidelong glance at her I saw that her face was getting red and her chest was heaving. I looked back at the road and was able to increase my speed as we'd passed the disabled vehicle. I felt hot myself so I reached to turn on the ac. Before I could move my hand Jess grabbed it and moved it between her thighs against her sweet pussy and clamped her legs shut.

"Uncle Mark yes, oh fuck, yes," she almost screamed as the touch of my hand pushed her overheated little kitty into fourth gear. 

I felt her trembling against my hand and her wetness seeping onto my skin. I pulled my hand free and put it back on the wheel. We drove in silence for the next few minutes. Jess had pulled her skirt down and was reclining languidly with a look of satisfaction. Finally I broke the silence.

"Jessica, you should put your underwear back on."

"But Uncle Mark I'm letting them dry, they're all wet. My pussy has been excited since I heard you and Aunt Diane last night. The only way I could get to sleep was to play with myself until I came. Then I had a dream about you when I was sleeping. It was a real nice dream."

"Jess you really shouldn't say things like that and you should put on your underwear like I said."

"I'll put it on if you help me. Besides what I said was true. The first time I ever masturbated I was thinking of you. Remember that party where Aunt Diane couldn't come but you did. And I had a bunch of my girlfriends there. And when you were swimming in the pond you would let us ride on your back and you even towed us in the rowboat. All the girls thought you were so hot and they were jealous because I was your favorite."

"Well you are my niece," I answered realizing that Jessica hadn't just discovered these thoughts last night.

"Well anyway," she continued, "after you left me and my girls were talking and Lisa said that she would be thinking of you that night when she masturbated. I told her that was gross and she would do no such thing. But later I was thinking and before I went to sleep I did play with myself and I imagined it was really your hand. So when I felt your hand a little while ago for real it gave me the best one ever."

During our talk I had passed a sign indicating a rest stop was coming up and I pulled into the exit lane. It had a gas station, a fast food restaurant, and a park and ride lot. I drove to the furthest part of the lot. As it was Sunday morning it was almost deserted. I wanted to get out and clear my head. If I wasn't careful who knows what could happen. My cock was so hard it hurt and my willing teenage niece was sitting next to me with no panties on. I released my seatbelt and then her hand found my bulge. She squeezed it through my jeans and in that moment my resistance crumbled.

It no longer mattered to me that it was wrong for so many reasons. At that moment if my wife and all our relatives were standing right outside the vehicle it wouldn't have stopped me. I unbuttoned my pants and yanked down the zipper before lifting my hips enough to push my pants past my hips and settling back into the seat. I looked at Jessica with raw hunger. She had a big smile on her face.

The next thing I knew she had bobbed her head down and taken my head into her warm mouth. She swirled her tongue over the head then started to move down the shaft before pulling off and sitting back up. She pulled her top over her head and threw it on the back seat freeing her smallish round breasts. They were adorned with small pink, erect nipples. Before I could think to suckle them Jessica grasped my shaft and bent down to take it in her mouth again.

She closed her eyes and really went to work. Her saliva coated me as she worked up and down, driving me crazy. Her hand now was gently massaging my balls as she continued sucking me deep. Jessica increased her tempo, taking me to back of her mouth with each movement until she slipped my cock into her throat. She swallowed me whole with her nose hitting my pubic hair. That was more than I could take and without warning I erupted into her throat, shooting my cum in spurts. Jessica swallowed it down without missing a beat, her hand continuing to fondle my balls as they pumped out their load. She waited until I stopped before pulling her head up and off me.

She opened her big brown eyes and looked right at me. Though I had just cum I was hornier then before. I managed to remove my shoes and pants before I leaned over and kissed Jess, before then pulling back.

"Get into the back seat Jessica," I growled at my naughty niece. 

She wriggled herself between the seats into the back. With more difficulty I managed to join her there. She was sprawled across the back seat, one leg raised with her knee bent and her foot on the seat and the other leg off the seat. She was perfectly positioned for me to return the favor to her. I squeezed myself on the floor between the front and back seats. I first ran my hands along her legs, leaving a trail of goose bumps from Jessica's calves to her inner thighs just below her gates of paradise. Next I moved my mouth and delivered a kiss to her lower lips triggering a series of moans from her.

I placed my hand at the top of her bald, bad kitty and used my index finger to slide the hood up so my thumb could tease her clit. My tongue lapped at her juicy core while my thumb traced circular movements on her erect little button. It had been years since I'd tasted teenaged pussy and I savored every drop of her nectar that I managed to swallow. It tasted like sweet, fallen rain on a spring day.

Jess was running her fingers through my hair as I continued to lick her dripping puss. She was rolling her hips slightly in rhythm with my tongue. Looking up at her face I saw her eyes were tightly shut and she was biting her lower lip. While continuing to stimulate her clit I brought my other hand forward and started to insert my finger into her little pussy. Her eyes shot open in surprise. She was extremely tight and I had only worked half my finger in her when I felt her muscles spasm, constricting on my finger.

Jessica pulled my hair hard while letting out a string of moans. Her hips bucked with my finger going along for the ride. After a minute her orgasm had subsided to the point that I could move my finger again. Jessica smiled at me with a dreamy expression as I continued to work my finger inside her, managing to fit the whole finger up her kitty.

"I know I'm really tight now. It's been months since I've been fucked with my boyfriend away at college. But if you keep doing what you're doing," she said, obviously enjoying herself, "I'll get a little looser until you can fuck me."

I winced hearing my niece use such graphic language but I did want to fuck her tight, little pussy. However a last shred of conscience inside me tried to assert itself.

"I can't Jess, it wouldn't be right. Besides I could get you pregnant," I said trying to persuade us both while continuing to slide my finger in and out of her little hole.

"Uncle Mark, in my purse I have a condom, so you can too fuck me," she said with a triumphant look on her face."

My last excuse gone I twisted myself into a pretzel so that I could retrieve her purse from the front floor while keeping my finger in her. I handed Jess the purse and she rummaged in it and pulled out a foil wrapped condom. As she opened it I slipped a second finger inside Jessica's honey pot. 

"I'm ready for you and I can fit you now Uncle Mark."

I removed my fingers and took the condom and rolled it down my erection. Then I positioned myself above Jessica, supporting myself with an arm on the top of the seat. Her hand gripped me and guided me to her entrance. With one motion I sank my full length inside my niece. Jess' arms entwined around my neck and she pulled my head down to hers. As I let her adjust to my intrusion we kissed passionately and her lips were soft and inviting. My tongue explored her mouth and tongue. Her canal gripped me tightly and I was actually glad for the condom as it made me less sensitive. I began to move in her, sliding in and out as slowly as I could. I kept this up causing Jess to whimper in pleasure. As I grinded against her she lifted her legs and hooked them around my back.

We were locked in the zone and I began to fuck hard now, pulling out halfway and slamming back deep again. I knew her tight pussy would soon overwhelm me so I grabbed a breast with my free hand and pounded away like a jackhammer. Everything became a blur, my whole universe centered on my cock filling her tender kitty. I felt my balls tighten and I let out a moan from the depths of my being. I collapsed onto Jessica as my throbbing cock shot into the condom.

We stayed like that for how long I don't know. Eventually I realized that Jessica was stroking my hair. When I lifted myself from her it caused my softening cock to slip free. Then I slid her legs to the side so I could sit next to her on the seat. Jess sat up and leaned against my body. She rested her head on my shoulder and sighed as I found my arm circling her shoulder. She reached down and rolled the condom from me and held it away from us until spotting a plastic bag she dropped it in. Jessica held my shrinking shaft and feathered it with kisses. I pulled her head from my sensitive head and instead gave her a slow, deep kiss. Finally we moved apart and I retrieved my clothes and dressed in silence. As I did Jess sat watching me with a slight smile.

When I'd finished I got out the door taking the bag and depositing it in a trash can before climbing in the driver's side. I tossed her thong to the back seat and started the ignition. My thoughts were chaotic as I started driving. Once I hit the highway I opened the windows, the air flushing the interior and clearing my brain. Jessica sat dressed, curled up on the back seat while humming to herself. 

We arrived at her house without further incident. As we traveled along the long drive I again saw Jessica playing with her phone in the rear view mirror.

"Good news Uncle Mark. While we were, uh, occupied, Lindsay texted me to let me know she's ok and will be driving back later. By the way I forgot to tell you Daddy says thanks for driving me. Otherwise he would have missed Joey's game." 

I pulled in front of the house, no cars presently in the driveway as I digested what Jessica had just said.

"So Jess, you had already let your family know I was going to drive you?"

"Yeah I forgot to tell you before. Joey had a baseball game and if Daddy had to get me he would have missed the game so I said I would ask you. You know that means no one's home if you want to come in." 

She said the last part with a hopeful expression on her pretty face.

"No, not now Jess, that isn't a good idea. I have to drive home."

I would have liked to wash up but I couldn't trust either one of us under the circumstances. I would make due with some wet wipes I had in the glove compartment and eating or drinking something to get the lingering taste of her from my mouth. Jess got out of the vehicle, a pout on her face from being thwarted. She walked around to my window and leaned in.

"Uncle Mark let me tell you something. That was the best I ever had and I'd do that or anything for you, all you have to do is ask. You can tie me up, you can fuck me in my ass, and if you wanted I would have a threesome with you and Aunt Diane. I don't care, just to be with you."

Her words terrified and thrilled me at the same time but there was no way I could answer them.

"I love you Jess but I have to go," I said. She kissed me and her eyes looked misty.

"I love you too," she said.

As I drove down the driveway I saw her in the rearview mirror standing there watching me leave.