Stories 18+ My Son who woke Up My Desire

Stories 18+ My Son who woke Up My Desire
I got married at 17 to the man who basically raped me. See I was a cheerleader in high school and at a party given by a friend, I not only lost my virginity but ended up pregnant at the same time. Dad wouldn't let me get an abortion and it was what some would call a shotgun wedding.

My new husband was 8 years older than me and a true asshole. What do I mean by that? Well for example, 3 days before I give birth to our son he came home early and seeing how supper wasn't ready, he pushed me towards the table. I tried to stop from my belly hitting it first and I broke 2 fingers in doing so. All my husband said was "Next time you will have my dinner ready wont you bitch." Nice guy, right.

I told my dad after I give birth about what happen hoping he would do or say something, but all he said was "You shouldn't have opened your legs to him." 

When my son was 10 I was driving him across town to a soccer game but when we got there we found out it had been cancelled due to bad thunder storms in the area. I drove back home only to find my husband fucking the underage girl from down the hall.

It turned out he used the date rape drug on her and was in the middle of raping her when we walked in. The only good thing was she don't remember a thing about it. As for my dear sweet husband all he did was yell at me and my son to leave and for us not to come back for a hour.

Well I went next door and called the cops on him. Would you believe he was still balls deep in her when I opened the doors for the cops, what an idiot. He got 8 years for rape of a minor and I got a divorce.

So the job I had didn't keep us in a nice apartment we had so we had to move into a flea bag building and my son did odd jobs to help keep food on the table. You may have wondered about my parents and why they didn't help out, well my dad always says you make your bed you lie in it. In other words your on your own. Yes my dad was not a nice man either. Maybe that's why I swore off men after my divorce. Mom did send 20 bucks here or 30 there but it wasn't much.

My son was growing up to be a very handsome young man but he was hard to get up in the mornings. I would have to go in his room yelling at him to get up and on more often than not he would have a morning hard on and with him on his back it looked very large for his age. Ok there was times I would stop and stare at it after all it had been years since I had sex and seeing that thing standing up under a sheet made feel a stirring in my belly.

When I give birth to my son I had just turned 18 myself by 5 days so when my boy turned 18 there was only 18 years between us. That morning on his birthday I went in to wake him up so he wouldn't be late for school and when I opened the door he was on his back with no sheet over him and no underwear on either. Seeing his manhood standing up like that plus being the biggest one I ever seen in my life not that I seen that many, [only my ex and one time my dad], I wondered if any girl could take that much inside her.

The next 3 days it was the same thing and I had begun to wonder if he was wake and just wanted for me to see him naked. That day I got informed my parents who moved halfway across the country had died in a small plane crash and that the will was going to be read in one weeks time and that I was to be present at the reading.

We packed up our old clunker of a car and headed out. The first day the ac give out but that was ok after all it was only in the 90s. The next day the transmission blew up just as we pulled into what is known as a one horse town.

The café where we had stopped to eat was next to a repair shop and my son and a guy from the shop pushed it into the bay. He put it up on the hoist and removed the pan off the transmission with a bunch of pieces started falling out with the fluid. Not good. I was told it would cost to much to repair this one but he said he would see if he could find a good used one but it would be a day maybe two before it would be drivable again.

The only motel in town looked like it was built back in the days of cowboys and Indians, but it was cheap so we booked a single room not having much money. When we opened the door we saw there was just one double bed and it looked sway back with a hole in the middle. Well we had no choice and my son said he would sleep on the floor and I told him that we are adults and there's no reason we couldn't sleep together for a night or two.

That night we went to bed and the room's ac couldn't cool the room down all that much so my son was wearing only his boxers and I had on a thin t-shirt and panties on. It was hard to sleep when you had to ride the edge of the bed due to the hole in the middle.

I guess it was about 3 in the morning when I woke up in the hole with my son spooning with me and his manhood poking me in my ass. It did feel kind of sexy to have a cock against me again but when he moved it went between my legs and was pushing against my panty covered pussy. I heard my son murmuring his last girlfriends name as he pushed himself harder against me. I knew I was getting wet and very much turned on but I had to stop this.

I woke him up and told him to take care of his condition in the bathroom so I could get some sleep. He said "What, are you telling me to jackoff in the bathroom mom? I don't do that mom, that's disgusting mom."

I told him poking his mother with that thing wasn't any better. He got up and I could hear he in the bathroom and in my mind I could see his hand moving on that cock of his and I don't remember doing it but the next thing I knew my fingers were toying with my hard clit. I heard him groan and I had a orgasm as well, my first in years. 

I quickly changed my panties cause the ones I had on were dripping wet. I just got back in bed when I son climbed into saying "Sorry mom but its like that all the time."

I think it was maybe a hour or so and we were in the hole again but this time I was spooning with him. I had my arm over him and I felt him take my hand and place it inside his boxers and on his cock which was hard as a rock again. I pretended to be sleep not really knowing what to do when he wrapped my fingers around that huge cock and started moving my hand up and down.

I was so fucking hot I wanted to scream for him to fuck me but I couldn't, not with my own son. In minutes I felt my wetness getting my fresh panties wet all over again. I knew if I didn't get my hand back I was going to tell him to fuck me so I turned over pulling my hand away from his cock and he turned with me. Dam it, if this keeps up its going to happen and its not right.

As soon as I settled I felt his hard cock between my legs again and something else as well. It was his fingers rubbing me through my panties. He had to feel how wet I was and then he slipped a finger inside my panties finding my opening and going inside of me, his own mother and he was fingering me and making me so fucking horny.

I stayed still and he fingered me to the point I was about to cum on his finger. I had to stop this so I jumped out of bed and said "Just what in the fuck do you think you're doing young man? I am your mother not one of your bimbo so what do you have to say for yourself? Come on out with it, what do you have to say for yourself?"

He turned red in the face and I wanted to take him in my arms saying it was ok but he started by saying something that shocked me totally.

My son said "Mom the reason I cant keep a girlfriend is because I am in love with you, they would want to have sex and I couldn't get hard and all I could think of was how I would be cheating on you. Mom you know how I would be hard every morning when you tried to wake me up? Well I was awake and hoping you would touch me mom, I wanted you to climb in bed with me so we could make love. Don't be mad at me mom its just I cant get you out of my head and I love you so much it hurts mom."

My son had tears running down his cheeks as he confess his love for me and my heart burst open with the love I had for him and my desire to feel his arms around me as he made love to me. I sat on the edge of the bed trying to get my head to clear so I could think things out but my son wrapped his arms around me pulling back into bed with him. 

When he opened my legs and started to enter me I stopped fighting it and let it happen. I was so full of feelings for my son and my body was also filled with what cock of his. My First orgasm hit me and I couldn't stop my orgasms from hit one right after the other. I think I had one tiny orgasm with my husband the whole time we were married and here I was just going out of my mind as it was orgasm after orgasm. I never knew sex could be like this and to think it was my own son showing me what I was missing all these years.

My son yelled "OH GOD MOM OH GOD!" Ok I knew I should of had him pull out but I couldn't bring myself to say anything. He then kissed me hard and I kissed him right back and with as much love he was showing me. I ever felt so much love for anyone like I did for my son at that moment.

It was two days before the car was ready and I couldn't tell you how many times we made love. Once on the road again every time we would find so place with no one around and make love in the backseat of the car, it made me feel like I was a teenager again. 

At the reading of the will it turned out I got it all. A small ranch with cattle 80 acres of land and a huge house and barn. When I was told there was 3 mil in the bank and after taxes and other costs I would be left with close to 2 mil.

My son and me ever went back to our apartment and have learned to love the ranch life and my son has become one hell of a rancher if you ask me. Oh and by the way he loves the twin boys I give birth too this spring. As near as I can guess I think I got pregnant the first or second night we made love. Our neighbors think my son married a older woman and have no idea that we are mom and son.

Here's the best part of all, I just found out I am pregnant again. Not surprising seeing how my boy cant keep his cock out of me for more then a day. After the birth of our sons I almost got lockjaw trying to keep him happy. I wish it hadn't take my son to make me this happy but it did and am one very happy woman. I hope our next child is a girl, that would make my life complete.