Stories 18+ Nude Beach Trip with the Parents

Stories 18+ Nude Beach Trip with the Parents
It had been a bright and beautiful summer day in Florida. The temperature had hit 86 degrees. By 4 p.m. it was beginning to cool down. The humidity, however, wasn't abating.

Brooke was walking down the street. She saw an acquaintance from high school. "What a coincidence," she thought. "I've just learned some juicy gossip about her family". She smiled and looked forward to having some fun at the other girl's expense.

"Hey, Julie!" Brooke called out to the slightly built, eighteen-year-old walking her way. She hurried over and lightly collided into her former classmate. They bounced apart. Brooked smiled, but didn't mean it when she said, "Sorry."

"Hi," Julie said hesitantly. She and Brooke weren't friends. Brooke had often been mean to her in school and she was about to be unpleasant to her again. 

Brooke flipped her long blond hair, snickered and said, "Tom Brewer, Michael Stevens, and Chase Lane saw your mom naked yesterday."

"What?" the pretty brunette shrieked.

Brooke laughed. She enjoyed the look of surprise, confusion, and embarrassment on Julie's face. She said, "The guys saw your mother and father at the nude beach!"


Thirty minutes later, Julie stormed into her house. She shouted, "Mom!"

"In the kitchen." 

Julie went into the kitchen and found her mother making dinner. Her stepfather was setting the table.

She said sarcastically, "I heard you two were at the beach yesterday." 

"Yes," her mother, Mattie, responded. "The weather was great. On the spur of the moment, we decided to go. We would have asked you to come, but you were working." 

Julie had a job that summer working in a kiosk selling items to tourists visiting the historic district. The fact that her parents had gone to the beach wasn't unusual. It was summer and they lived in Florida near the ocean. It was all about which beach they had chosen.

Julie focused on her mother with her bright, green eyes and said in an accusing tone, "I was told you were at the NUDE BEACH!"

The expression on her mother's face told her it was true. Julie was shocked.

"So, it's true! How could you?"

Mattie opened her mouth to explain, but said nothing. Victor, her husband, and Julie's step-dad laughed and said, "Julie, what are you upset about? Apollo Beach is no different from the other beaches. Nothing horrible happens there. It's the usual mix of people enjoying the sun, the sand, and the surf."

"But everyone's naked!"

Her mother said calmly, "Yes. Most people there are naked. We were naked. It's very freeing. I feel at peace. In tune with nature."

"So, you've been there before?"

"Yes. We like it. No clingy, water-soaked swimsuits. It's liberating. Natural," her mother explained.

Vic said, "People aren't having sex on the beach if that's what you're worried about."

"But everyone sees you naked. They see everything!"

Mattie laughed and said, "Yes. Boobs, pricks, and asses are on display. You look. They look. Is nudity really that big a deal?"


It was a big deal with Julie. She was in some ways a prude. She wasn't a virgin. She had had intercourse with a couple of guys. It had more to do with her insecurities.

She was a thoughtful, quiet girl. She didn't like drawing attention to herself. Being at a nude beach seemed brazen and audacious.

She didn't have the courage or self-esteem to appear naked in public. She wasn't that comfortable with her body. Her body had undergone so many changes in the last five years and her high school experience with the clics and finding yourself, that had been rough on her too. She was still a little shell-shocked and unsure of herself.

When Brooke told her that her parents had been to a nude beach, it rattled her. It was a shock to find out that her parents were engaged in such devil-may-care behavior. She was embarrassed knowing that by now, most of her old classmates knew her parents frequented a nude beach. 

Mattie looked at her child. She tried to reassure her. She said calmly, "We've seen each other naked going to and from the shower. Last summer, we traveled across the country to see my folks. We shared a hotel room. We dressed and undressed in front of each other."

"Yes," Julie conceded. There was casual nudity in their house. Her mother and Victor had seen everything she had. She'd seen her mother naked and even seen her stepfather's bare ass and flaccid cock. 

Julie had small boobs. She often went braless in cute, backless tops. She thought they looked better without tan lines so she sunbathed topless in the backyard. Sometimes her mother would join her only wearing her bikini bottoms. 

At times, Victor was there too. He had seen her petite breasts with their small, brown nipples that harden embarrassingly easy. She had been okay with the three of them tanning topless on their private patio. 

Vic smiled at Julie. He wanted to clarify why he and her mother liked being naked at the beach. He said, "Honey, it's hard to explain. We enjoy it. There's nothing sinister or illegal about what we're doing."

He paused, realizing that he hadn't done a good job explaining. Finally, he said, "You have to be there to understand."

"Yes," her mother seized on the idea. "Come with us this Saturday and see for yourself. Bring a friend to keep you company. You don't have to be naked and if you hate it, we'll leave."

Julie said skeptically, "Me at a nude beach?"

"Think about it," her mom said. 


The next day, Julie was working with her best friend Suzi at the kiosk. In between customers, they talked.

Julie said, "Yesterday, Brooke came up to me and said in a snooty way, 'I hear your parents like to go to the nude beach. Tom Brever, Michael Stevens and Chase Lane saw them naked at Apollo beach.'"

"She's such a bitch," Suzi said.

"Yes. I hate her. While she was saying it, she flipped her long blond hair."

Suzi shook her head dismissively and said, "She loves to flaunt her hair. Did she do the bump?" 

"Oh, my God! Yes! She stepped into me and boob bumped me with her "perfect" C cups." When she said the word "perfect" her hands made air quotes.

"I hate her," Suzi said. "She does that all the time as a put-down and to intimidate us, regular girls. It makes me want to scream and say, 'Okay! I see them! You have big, beautiful breasts and I don't. Thanks for reminding me.'"

Julie sighed and glanced down at her little twins. Then she pushed her shoulder length, black hair back behind her ears and said, "I refused to let her get my goat. I acted like it was no big deal. I said, 'Haven't you been there yet? It's great. I go there all the time'."

"Good for you," her friend said. Then she asked, "Ah. Have you been? You've never mentioned it before." She paused and then added, "I'd like to go."

"Sure, now that you have nice boobs you're ready to show them off," Julie said harshly. Suzi recoiled from the verbal slap.

"I'm sorry. That was mean of me," Julie said and begged her friend's forgiveness. "You know I'm jealous of you and every woman who has real tits."

She smiled and said softly, "I've never been to Apollo Beach. I only said that to shut her up."

"I can understand why you said what you did," Suzi said with kindness and sympathy. "Brooke is mean. Whether it's showing off her thick, blond hair or boob bumping us, she doesn't miss a chance to remind us that we are below her on the popularity ladder."

Suzi glanced down at her friend's chest and said, "There's still time for your boobs to grow and so what if they don't? You're pretty. You're smart. You're nice. That should count for something, right?"

"Thanks," Julie gushed. "You're a good friend. You're always there for me and you have a knack for saying the right thing.

"Do you really want to go to Apollo Beach?" Julie asked. "My parents admitted they went. They tried to explain why and then said, 'You have to be there to understand'. They offered to take me this Saturday. They said I could bring a friend."

"We both have Saturday off. Let's go," Suzi said excitedly.


Thursday night as they were closing up after work, Suzi said, "Come home with me tonight. We have to get ready for the beach."

"What are you talking about?"

"You've seen the sign at the beauty parlor 'Good Grooming is always in Style'. Now that we are going to display everything, we need to tidy up downstairs. As I recall, with your underwear off you can be mistaken for Sasquatch."

"What!" Julie shouted, feeling insulted. But she also realized it was true. She was never one of those girls who shaved or waxed her sex. She attempted to justify her state, "You know I broke up with Joey. I've been out of circulation and I admit I've let my lady garden go."

"We both know you've always had a lush garden," Suzi said kindly. "Let's get it spruced up."

The teenagers went to Suzi's home. Her parents greeted Julie warmly and were happy that she was joining them for dinner. After the girls did the dishes, they holed up in the bathroom with Suzi's bag of "Hair Care for Down There". 

"Are we really doing this?" Julie said giggling nervously.

"Yes. Get naked."

The two stripped. Their nipples instantly hardened. Suzi had bigger, better boobs. Julie had more pubic hair. She didn't feel that having a thicker pelt was a fair exchange for having smaller boobs. She would have swapped assets with her friend in an instant.

"Run us a bath," Suzi instructed as she got out her supplies. "I'm thinking of taking it all off except for a landing strip. You game?" she asked.

"No," she answered horrified. "I was thinking I'd trim my bush and shape it up. I want a neat, groomed, defined triangle." She turned the taps and adjusted the water's temperature.

"Oh. Don't be a pussy! If we're going to do this, let's do it right."

"No. Being naked is a big step for me," Julie said softly. "Being sheared bare and naked in public is too much." 

Suzi didn't push anymore. She knew her friend was a quiet, private person. She said, "We can sit on the edge of the tub and trim everything. Then, I'll soak in the tub and get busy with a razor."

The girls went to work on their fluffy, furry bushes. Snip. Snip. Suzi hopped in the tub. Julie stayed and shaved her bikini line. 

After a thorough soaking, Julie began shaving. She used gel and shaved carefully. She giggled and said, "I'm a nervous wreck. I'm afraid I'm going to cut myself."

Suzi laughed and said, "How embarrassing would it be to show up in the emergency room and say, 'I was shaving and had a terrible accident. Can someone look at my pussy?'."

The girls laughed. When they were done, an embarrassed Suzi asked, "Julie, would you check my butt? Larry was banging me doggie-style the other day and he teased me about having a hairy asshole."

"Oh, God! I didn't know that was a possibility. Now you've given me something new to worry about. I'll do you if you do me."

The teenagers go on their hands and knees and inspected each other's butts. Julie's was clear. Suzi wasn't. Her friend took care of it with a few swipes of the razor. After the job was done, she studied her friend's vagina. She had never looked at one close-up before. She was curious and studied it.

She gushed, "You have a beautiful pussy. So neat and clean looking. My inner labia are ragged pieces of wrinkled flesh that hang out of my vag. I worry that boys will be disgusted by my pussy."

Suzi took her ass out of Julie's face. The two sat on the floor and faced each other. Suzi said, "I know it's part of our nature to worried and to be critical of our bodies. We all are. Even guys. My experience is that guys are so happy to be with a girl that only the true assholes complain about the size of your boobs or the shape of your vagina.

"If that ever happens, get up and walk out on that butthead. You're a great person. A pretty girl. You'll find someone worthy of you. For goodness sake, we're only eighteen! It's not like we're going to marry any of the guys we date. We're having fun! This is our time to live, learn and play!"

Julie hugged her friend and said, "Thanks." 

When the hug broke, they stood. 

"Hold out your hand," Suzi said. She squirted a large dollop of lotion on Julie's hand and her own. She said, "The last step. Apply moisturizer."

They massaged the lotion in. Julie blushed and said, "This is weird. It looks like we're masturbating!"

"You do seem to be having a good time," her friend said with a laugh. "Go ahead and rub one out if you need to!"

"Stop it! I'm just applying the lotion you gave me. There, done." 

The girls laughed. They were flushed, and if forced, they would have admitted that it felt good to rub lotion into their crotches.


Saturday rolled around. Suzi came over for lunch and then the crew headed to the nude beach. Everyone wore bathing suits. The women also had casual cover-ups. There wasn't much talking during the drive. They parked, gathered their gear and headed to the section of the beach that was clothing optional. 

This was a federal park. No rules said nudity was legal, but it wasn't explicitly outlawed. The naturalist and park rangers had come to an agreement that nudity was acceptable at Apollo Beach. The other beaches along Florida's coast were for regular beach goers.

Suzi and Julie were quiet as they followed the grown-ups. Victor found them an open spot and they set up. Julie's heart had been pounding the whole time they were walking. The sound of rushing blood filled her ears. Adrenaline was being dumped into her bloodstream.

Julie's mind was muddled. She was in a daze, yet she was aware of everything. She felt the warmth of the sun. She heard every crashing wave and the crisp sound of every flip-top soda can that was opened. Her nose was filled with the smell of suntan lotion and salt water. And then, there was the view.

Nude people were everywhere. Her eyes honed in on penises, asses, boobs and pussies. Her head was spinning. She was overwhelmed as she observed everyone and everything.

Her mind was boggled by the situation. She told herself, "I'm at a nude beach!". She was full of nervous energy.

The girls sat on their towels in their bikinis, nudged each other and giggled. They whispered comments about the naked bodies around them.

"He's so old," Suzi pointed to a nude senior citizen.

"Hairy and fat too."

"She's smoking hot," Suzi said respectfully. She pointed to a fit MILF who was lying nearby.

"Those guys are cute," Julie said, gesturing to a couple of college age guys. She added, "I can't believe I can see their things!"

"They're called cocks or dicks," Suzi said correcting her friend. They both ogled the collegians.

While they were checking out everyone on the beach, Mattie and Victor spread a blanket and put up an umbrella. Then they stripped. Completely.

Mattie grabbed her husband's hand and said, "Let's go into the ocean."

The teenagers turned toward them when they spoke. They were startled that Vic and Mattie were nude. They stared. They noted both were naked. Both had an all-body tan. And both had shaved off all their pubic hair. 

Mattie had black hair like her daughter. Her hair was styled and cut shorter. She had a womanly body with broad hips and full breasts. She had a bit of a belly, large, dark nipples, and a nice round ass.

Victor had a sturdy, muscular build. His brown hair was cut very short. He had a broad chest and a healthy hunk of manhood dangling between his legs.

The girls viewed both nude bodies, but their eyes settled on one feature: Victor's cock.

Mattie said, "Girls, take your time getting acclimated. As you can see, we are already nude. Join us or not. Your choice. If you feel overwhelmed, you can go to the regular beach. Don't forget the sunscreen."

The couple walked past the befuddled teenagers to where small waves lapped against the sand. Julie and Suzi gawked at their bare, bronze bottoms as they walked away.

Suzi said. "Your stepfather is handsome and he has a nice cock."

"Yes," Julie replied breathily. 

The girls applied sunscreen. They did each other's back. They sat on their towels and watched all the people. They were happy that they didn't see anyone from school. After ten minutes of people watching, Suzi said, "I feel like a pervert sitting here looking at the naked people."

"Yes. I know what you mean. We're voyeurs."

"I'm taking my top off. Will you join me?"

"Yes," Julie agreed hesitantly.

Julie had been outside in the sun topless plenty of times, but never in front of strangers. She felt a rush go through her as she reached behind her back and unhook her bikini top. She tossed it aside. Her small, dark nipples hardened. She wasn't sure if they became erect because of the sea breeze or if it was due to the excitement she felt baring her petite breasts to the crowd on the beach.

Suzi followed suit. Her rosy nipples grew erect too. 

The eighteen-year-olds put on their best poker faces and tried to appear nonchalant as they sat topless in public for the first time in their lives. People glanced at them. Some smiled. Many didn't react. The viewers looked briefly and went about their business.

Julie giggled and said, "My mom was right. This does feel freeing."

"Yes," Suzi concurred. "It's nice. I hate wearing a bra and bathing suit tops are even more uncomfortable. And no one cares. No one is staring at us. They look and move on."

"Let's go to the water," Julie said. She was excited at the prospect of walking bare-chested in front of everyone.

"Yes, let's!"

The two brave young women stood and strode confidently to the ocean. Many people scanned their bare tits, but not in a bad or dirty way. It was a quick look or a friendly glance. The teenagers went into the ocean and played in the warm water.


Victor and Mattie were strolling along the hard, packed sand at the water's edge. Mattie nudged Victor and said, "They're giving it a try. The girls are topless."

Victor peered at the teenagers. Suzi had a nice set for a young woman. However, his eyes were drawn to his stepdaughter's smaller boobs. He felt his dick begin to grow heavy. "Stop it!" he told himself. "Don't be a pervert. That's Julie!".

Victor forced himself to look away. Mattie didn't notice his struggle. She commented casually, "She's developing slower than I did. I had boobs her size when I was thirteen. By eighteen, I was much more filled out."

Victor felt his dick twitch. He looked out over the ocean and told himself, "Damn it, Mattie. That kind of talk is not helping me avoid an erection". He walked into the water. The splashing water distracted his brain and he stopped getting hard.


The four met at the spot on the beach where they had left their towels. The girls were happy and laughing. The grown-ups were pleased that they were not upset or overwhelmed by the experience of being at a nude beach. 

They showed no signs of being uncomfortable or stressed. No one said anything about the teenagers being topless. They all lay on their back on their towels and enjoyed the warmth of the sun.

Julie said what everyone was feeling, "The sun feels great."

"The sun and the wind dried my body quickly," Suzi said. "It's annoying my bikini bottoms are soaking wet."

"Yes," Julie said. "This must be how a baby feels wearing a wet diaper."

The teenagers looked at one another. They came to the same conclusion. Their water-logged bottoms were annoying and they decided that they didn't have to put up with them. They shared a smile and then shimmied out of the clammy suits.

Mattie smiled. She felt vindicated. Her daughter was learning the joy of being naked at the beach. She elbowed Victor. He had been sunbathing with his eyes closed. She raised her eyebrows and silently signaled with her eyes that he should look at the girls. He did and saw the teenagers giggling and tossing their swimsuit bottoms aside. He couldn't see their pussies, but he knew they were no longer covered. His dick grew.

Suzi was excited to be nude in public. She looked about. The other beach goers didn't seem to care. She looked to Mattie and Victor. She saw his dick.

She whispered to her friend, "Julie, it's so cool being naked on the beach."

"Yes. I'm tingling all over. I feel so grown up." She was proud of herself.

"Check out Vic. I think his dick is getting bigger."

Julie tried to appear casual as she swung her eyes over to her stepfather. She quickly turned back and said, "Oh my God. He's definitely longer and thicker!"

The girls giggled. They rolled over on their stomachs. They talked, giggled and continued to watch and comment on the other people on the beach. 

Ten minutes later, Mattie knelt between them. She said, "You girls need to be careful about the sun."

She poured lotion on their butts and rubbed it in. She was thorough. She leaned over as she rubbed the protection on. Her big tits swayed and her nipples stretched toward the ground. Mattie's hand went into their butt cracks and traveled across the back of their legs and brushed their inner thighs. 

"Oh!" the girls cried out in surprise when she touched them intimately. 

The mother said, "Open your legs."

The teenagers did and Mattie ran a lotion covered hand over their pussies. When she was done, Mattie patted their little bums. She laughed and said, "You might think I was forward, touching you this way, but believe me a little embarrassment is better than a sunburn on your most tender parts." 

Victor watched his wife apply the sunscreen to the girls. "Oh! God! She's touching their cute, young butts. Look how firm and tight they are". His dick became fully erect. He could only stare in amazement as his wife smeared sunscreen on their cunts.

Mattie returned and lay beside her husband. She saw his erection and thought it was because of her. "I still have it," she told herself.

The girls looked at one another. They were shocked that Mattie had touched their pussies. They weren't upset. It had happened so quickly and caught them completely by surprise so that the only reactions that registered were being startled and amazed.

It took them a full five minutes to recover. Then Suzi looked behind them and said, "Look at your dad. He's really hard now!"

Julie slyly checked. She saw her stepfather's boner. She gasped, "Oh my!" Both teenagers giggled.

Mattie saw the girls looking their way and heard them giggling. She deduced the reason. She tossed her hat over her husband's hard cock and said plainly, "I saw you looking and now you're hard."

"Ah. Ah. Ah," Vic stammered. He wondered "Does she know I was looking at Julie's ass?". He worried that he had been caught looking at his wife's daughter and that he was in big trouble. He didn't say anything because he didn't know what to say.

He was shocked when Mattie smiled at him. She covertly grabbed his erection and playfully said, "Did I do that?". She said it in a low voice so only he could hear and then she let go of his dick.

Vic gave her a nervous smile. He lay there nervous and afraid. Mattie returned to reading her book. 

Suzi was excited and thrilled being naked. Julie had been jittery when she stripped, but her confidence and enjoyment increased the longer she was naked. The teenagers talked about how exhilarating it was to be naked. They felt like adults.

Vic waited for his world to come crashing down on him. When it didn't, he relaxed and became flaccid.

The girls lay on their stomachs in front of Mattie and Vic. They were talking, laughing, and enjoying being at the beach. Right now, they were looking at the ocean and the other nudists. 

Julie had bent her knees and lifted her feet up into the air. She was swinging her feet about. Sometimes they moved as a unit from side to side and other times, they moved away from each other and then back together. When her feet swung away from each other, they pulled her thighs apart. 

Victor's eyes were drawn to her. If asked, he would have claimed it was the movement that caught his eye. He was looking in her direction because of the tantalizing prospect, that her legs would part and he would see a flash of pussy. He focused so intently on her that sweat rolled off his brow. His wife was oblivious. She was reading her romance novel. His prey was likewise unaware. 

Vic was fully hard anticipating seeing teenage pussy. He lay there as silent as a snake. Mattie glanced up to check on everyone. She smiled when she saw the naked young women happily talking. She frowned when she saw Vic's erection. Sexual activity and men flaunting a hard-on at the beach were a no-no. 

She chastised him speaking in a low voice, "Again? You have another hard-on! This is embarrassing. What's wrong with you? This doesn't usually happen."

He shrugged his shoulder and gave her a sheepish look. The girls heard her and looked over their shoulders at the grown-ups. They saw his hard cock.

"Do something about it," his wife ordered.

Vic rolled over onto his stomach. 

Suzi whispered to her friend, "I bet we caused that."

Julie wasn't so sure. She said quietly, "I don't know. There's Mom and other naked women here."

"You heard her. She said, 'This doesn't usually happen.' That means his erections today are unusual. What's different? We are here." 

"Well," Julie responded. She wasn't sure she could give a man an erection. High school boys yes, but a grown man? 

"Let's test my theory. We'll let him get soft and then flash him and see if he gets hard again."

Julie nodded. She was curious.

Suzi and Julie waited until Vic rolled over and lay on his back. They peeked and saw that his hard-on was gone. The teenagers sat up and faced each other. They turned so Victor had a good view of their breasts. Sure enough, a minute later, Vic rolled back over and lay on his stomach. The girls turned their bodies away from him and giggled triumphantly.

The game was on. The girls whispered and tittered and continued to taunt Victor. Whenever he lay on his back, they would flash him by pretended to need to stretch or angled their bodies so he could see the goods. Victor would get hard and then hide it. As soon as he got soft, the teenagers did their darndest to get him erect again.

Mattie noticed and was amused by their antics. She didn't get mad at her husband, she felt sorry for him. She gave him a kiss and announced, "I'm off to the yoga class my hippie friend, Rainbow, holds on the beach. I'll be back in a bit."

She didn't castigate the girls for their behavior. She wasn't upset with them. She thought what they were doing was funny. It reminded her of when she transitioned into womanhood. She too flaunted her newly emerging feminine charms by wearing short skirts, tight clothes and low-cut tops that exposed her new boobs.

After her mother left, the girls got bolder. They went and sat beside Victor. Their pert breasts and hard nipples were in his face. Julie's trimmed triangle and Suzi's neat landing strip were clearly visible. When he got hard and rolled over, they snickered and walked away.

When they returned, Vic was flaccid and laying on his back. The girls continued to taunt him. Julie and Suzi got up on their hands and knees and stretched like cats. They flashed their pale asses at Victor, knowing that he had a great view of their bums and their pussies. The girls looked over their shoulder and saw Victor looking at them with his mouth open and lust in his eyes. 

The young women giggled and watched his cock grow hard. It filled out and stretch up toward his belly button. The teens looked, laughed, and then ran into the ocean. 

When Julie and Suzi returned, they looked amazing. The water made their skin glisten. Their firm, trim, young bodies were beautiful. Suzi lay on her towel and soaked up the sun. Julie sat beside her father. 

They didn't speak. She smiled at him and glanced at his thick hard-on. She tried to appear nonchalant. His cock didn't frighten her. She didn't think he was a bad guy. She took it as a compliment. She thought he was saying that she had grown into an attractive woman. It was good for her confidence and ego.

For a second, she wondered, "Does he want me to do something?" 

All the guys she had dated recently, expected sex or a blowjob when they were hard. She'd accommodated them. She looked at his hard cock and then his face. He smiled pleasantly. She realized that no action was required. They sat in the sun, comfortable in their own skin.

Julie was glad that she had come. She felt better about her body and even her little boobs. She had seen a variety of body types that day: All shapes, sizes, sexes, and ages. She realized that no one's body was perfect and yet, everyone was beautiful in their own way. 

She had enjoyed her first visit to the nude beach. She had enjoyed looking at others and letting them look at her naked body. All in all, it had been a good day. She slid her hand over and held her father's hand. 

She said, "This was fun. We'll have to do this again soon."