"Adult Stories" Mother becomes son's prom date after being jilted C2

Adult Stories Mother becomes son's prom date after being jilted C2
They kissed. No tongue, but a lot of emotions, especially apprehension.

"Holy shit, Ed! Dude! You made it!" happily exclaimed one of Young Morelli's classmates.

Edward sauntered in, exuding immense confidence, with his mermaid-dressed mother, his arm tightly around her waist.

As word rapidly got out that he did in fact show up for the prom—with a beautiful, mature date, no less—Ed received similar greetings and accolades from close friends and school contemporaries.

The comments were vast.

"Glad you came!", "Who is this beautiful lady?", and—privately: "Man! Barbara drops you and you walk in with this older fox? Fucking A! Good for you, Ed!"

Jacquelyn had to suppress a chuckle when she heard one of them say, "Eddie, you're my hero!" and another state "Talk about upgrading! You went from a Ford to a Ferrari! Fucking awesome, bro!"

She felt an incredible rush. Seeing how her son's coequals were happy for his overcoming the last-minute, heart-wrenching breakup by coming to the prom after all. She also felt a little heady from all the male compliments and glances.

Barbara, from afar, had witnessed her ex's entrance—with a date. She was stunned. She didn't expect him to show. Barbara knew the breakup was entirely self-centered. She couldn't get over how quickly Ed was able to rebound with just not a substitute but with a woman, and not another girl.

She looked at Max. He knew about what she did and had also viewed Morelli's triumphant entrance. He simply shrugged at Barbara.

As classmates, friends, and their dates peppered them with questions and compliments, Ed and Jackie scanned the gymnasium for his former girlfriend. Almost at the same time they spotted her. He flashed her a knowing smile which really meant "Fuck you!," while his mother pointed at the little heartbreaker and gave her the middle finger.

This got an approving roar from the crowd.

Barbara's eyes went wide and her mouth dropped. Then her head slumped because deep down she knew the woman was right for doing that.

Everyone else's attention returned to the newly-arrived couple.

"So, how do you two know each other?" one schoolmate inquired.

She took this one.

"I am friend of the family from when they lived in Queens"

"I guess Ed, you contacted Lynda after..." Tony, one of Ed's closest friends, began wondering.

"Yeah," he answered, sipping on some punch. "I've know this lovely lady pretty much all my life. She had mixed emotions when I called—she felt bad about the breakup...and happy that I was 18 and legal so we could date now!"

This got a howl of laughter from the crowd around them along with several approving applause.

Jacquelyn blushed.

Ed looked at her and with a smile, gently pulled her into him. They kissed, in front of the adoring throng who released a chorus of "Ohhhhhh!"

The lip-lock was a bit stronger than their usual kiss. The two were on an endorphin high. The culmination was the end-result of her plan for payback and dark-horse success for Edward. Judging by everyone's response, including Barbara's, Jackie's design for the prom was a rousing victory.

As for each other, the apprehension Eddie and Jackie felt when they left the apartment had been incredibly tempered and replaced by a flippant, we'll-worry-about-it-later attitude.

After 15-20 minutes of mingling, chatting and sipping punch, the brunette heard the start of a favorite tune. The opening, "Yeah, yeah!", from Salt 'N' Pepa's Whatta Man (feat. En Vogue) sounded from the speakers.

"You'll have to excuse us, folks," Jackie announced to their 'fans', putting down on the nearby table her drink and his. "This is my song about Eddie. Babe?"

She displayed a sensual look to him.

Eddie knowingly glanced at her.

She nodded to the dance floor.

He nodded and the two, holding hands, went to the center of the gym floor and danced.

The private conversations from the dispersing crowd started.

"I'm so happy for him!"

"I betcha he was tapping that fine MILF while he was with Barbara."

"Serves Barbara right!"

"Charles, I am your date for tonight! Would show me some respect and stop gawking at Lynda's tits!"

The covert cougar and her cub, having never danced together before to any type of music, appeared like they had been boogie partners for the longest. It privately surprised them both how they magically they were dancing in sync.

If it could be considered dancing.

It was actually sensuous grinding. The young, muscular form and the buxom, MILF body undulated against each other, and was a heady continuance to the past week's over-the-line, private behavior between mother and son.

The two peered at each other, hungrily and brazenly, allowing the remaining private mental and societal constraints to fall like snowflakes in January.

Ed's penis was hard. It was not at full staff, but it was pretty obvious, especially to his lady, that his tux pants were sporting a commendable tent. Lost in personal triumphant and speedily exiting morals, he flagrantly tossed his lump at his mom, undulating his erection at her skirt portion of her gown.

Jackie, fogged in with similar erotic sentiments, unashamedly complied, moving her crotch to that of her son's and was lasciviously thrilled at the windmill-like movement of the growing appendage against her sex.

Forbidden fruit is sweet.

Forbidden fruit in public—unbeknownst to that public—is diabetic sweet.

As they bumped and grinded together, the two looked at each other with hell-blazing lust and desire. Then, their lips crashed together in a heat-filled kiss. His lips were all over hers, and vice versa.

"Hmmm, Edddddie"


Jacquelyn's tongue quickly slithered into his mouth to connect with its soul mate. His tongue lashed back and the two linguas rolled and strolled with each other, passing saliva and more heavy breathing back and forth between the open mouths.

Their arms went around each other, enabling their hardening and moistening groins to slip against each other.

The young, virile cock was solidified with excitement. As it rubbed it pulsed, rotating feverishly almost like it wanted to some how magically slip through his underwear and pants through the dress split to get to her ardent sheath.

"Ugh! Ugh! Oh Mo—Lynda!" he correctively moaned.

The statuesque beauty was fast-tracking into a sexual delirium. She was caressing her boy's chest with her big tits and hard nipples. She mashed her heavy breasts in erratic circles against Ed. Jackie was enjoying bolts of pleasure as her elongated teats, pushing through the gown material, rubbed all over the tux shirt and jacket.

Meanwhile her Victoria's Secret's lace, V-string thong was rapidly getting soaked. Her juices were leaking out like a busted radiator. The sex lips, like her son's dick, pulsated. She felt a tingling throughout her pelvic region.

When the song ended, Edward jumped into action.

"Come on!," he stated urgently.

Taking hold of Jackie's hand with his, they booked out of the gym. Many people noticed the couple running out as if they were in an action movie. Most of the guys smiled while their dates looked puzzled.

Jacqueline felt giddy, like she was about to do something that would get her grounded. She squeezed her boy's hands as he led her down the school hallway. He glanced back at her, smiled, and returned the squeeze.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"You'll see!"

A few more feet and he slowed them down near the classroom farthest from the gym. He pushed the code for the pushbutton doorknob lock.

It was worth the C-note I gave the janitor. 

Hurriedly, he pulled Jackie inside the room and locked the door. She chuckled lightly in between panting.

Ed spun around to face Jackie. She could see from the hall light streaming in that he looked urgent and determined. He took his bodacious mother in his arms and kissed her savagely. She responded back in kind.

During the feverish, wet smooch, his hands lowered to her curvy, opulent ass and squeezed both cheeks. She broke the kiss to moan.

With her head tossed back, Eddie plastered his lips to the front of her neck. He kissed it, then licked it.

"Ohhhh!" she swooned.

The untamed, amorous hunk picked up Jackie and sat her on the teacher's desk. Keeping his eyes on hers, he shoved his hands under and up the dress.

She knew exactly what his goal was, and lifted her butt off the desk.

Grabbing the thong waistband, Ed quickly yanked down the dental floss-like garment. After the underwear descended her long, bare legs to her heels Jackie stood up, stepped out of them, and seductively reclined back on the desk while maintaining smoldering eye contact with him.

She then grabbed the sides of the gown's front slip and pulled them apart. Her son was surprised at the sight and sound of tearing fabric.

"I don't want an expensive dress getting in your way," she hissed thoughtfully.

Ed displayed a thankful, lewd grin.

Jacquelyn then spread her velvety, smooth thighs.

The senior gawked at the maternal meal before him.

His mother's pussy was a sinful, succulent masterpiece of forbidden fruit. Her vulva was juicy, ripe, and reverberating with unimaginable desire. The entire pubic region, along with the inner thighs, was covered in a fine sheen, thanks to her flowing oils. The black, well kept, matted-down pubic patch was a racing stripe that flared out slightly on the sides. Jackie's labia minora was splayed open, like a pinkish, dewy, blooming flower.

Immediately her son dropped his face into the muculent vagina, at the same time his nose snorted deeply the forbidden, in-heat musk. The facial decent stopped about an inch above the mound and he exhaled. Completely unintentionally—but soon appreciated by both—his breath swept over the clitoral hood and electrified Jackie's hot button.

"Ssssssss-yesssss!" she raspily applauded.

Oedipus then pressed his face against the white-hot surface and passionately, unashamedly, rubbed it over every square inch of his Jackie's crotch.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Ed!"

In wild circles and hurried north-south, south-north directions Edward buffed his face all over the ambrosial, V-shaped area. His cheeks, chin, nose, eyes, lips, and forehead scoured everywhere. He'd rubbed the left side of his face over the mons pubis, then manically flipped his mug to the right and massaged her outer labia with his fresh side. Then he mopped the vaginal opening with his nose. When he painted his face from side to side like a tennis match, her cuntal petals were stretched and spread.

It seemed like his initial goal was to have his face smeared and covered in his mom's pussy juices. The goal was achieved, and then some. He tasted the prohibited nectar, relishing its tanginess from his lips after his facial "massage."

Next Eddie released his very eager tongue, flattened it, and proceeded to lap the span of wet groove.

As she felt his depressed lingua start at just above the perineum and move upward slowly, the sexpot released a verbal hybrid. It was one part gorilla grunt and one part moan of pleasure.


His flat, fat tongue tantalizingly swabbed over her sultry lips up and down, down and up. This caused Jackie to arch her back.

"Aaahhhhh!" she moaned lustfully.

She was visually captivated by the sight of her well-dressed son now suckling her distended, excited labia. He sucked them, chewed them—very carefully. Then he took turns pulling each wrinkled petal from her mound and let it bounce back to its original form.

Before the temptress flung her head back in ecstasy, she howled.

"Ohhhh! Youuuu sweet motherfucker! That's it, Eddie! Suck mommy's cunt lips! Suck 'em!"

She punctuated this debauch order with a heated grind of her pubic area into, onto his face.

Edward would emphatically do as he was told. First though he had to tend to her writhing. The handsome lad scooped into his hands her glorious butt cheeks to steady her. He also took liberties in squeezing the two luscious half-moons, while his raunchy, racing mind imagined how his balls would feel crashing against these curves of tight, womanly flesh.

Once he had manually steadied her, Edward then painted both her inner and outer cuntal lips with his tongue. He then skated the flat of the lingua through the saturated pubic patch.

"Hmmmmm, Mom!," Ed paused briefly to offer an obscene critique. "Your pussy taste SO DAMN FUCKING DELICIOUS!"

He leaned in close to the shaking muff and breathed in, deeply, letting the marshy aroma passionately waft through his nose, lungs and mind.

"And your pussy smells," he paused for sexual suspense, "like sex spice from Venus herself!"

Hearing the uber-tawdry raves sent a deeply illicit shiver up Jackie's spine, and seared her decadent mind.

"Ohhh, that's hot, Ed!"

As his mouth returned to kiss and lick her sticky, delicious taco, the brunette enjoyed the wave upon wave of tantalizing pleasure generated from her vagina. The waves washed over her, encompassing her beautiful, banging body. She tossed her head from side to side, while massaging her trembling breasts. This was by far, the absolute best eating out she ever received.

It was incomprehensible that it was all being provided by her own son.

She felt so alive, so on fire—sexually. She soon wanted more.

"Uggghhh! You horny boy! Put your tongue in it! Put your tongue in my pussy! Now!"

Once again, Edward obeyed his parent. Excitedly he inserted his spirited tongue into her eager, sultry slit.

"Ohhhhh, yeahhhhh!," she groaned, rolling her hips. "Eat me Eddie! Tongue-fuck me! Eat your mother, Edddddieeee!"

The filthy talk from her stoked his taboo heat. Keeping his lingua straight, Edward moved like a bobble head toy, ravishingly jabbing it in and out of Jackie' sweet pussy, as far down inside as he could. The sodden, fleshy insides quivered in delight to their barging, corkscrewing guest.

Eddie's throat muscles were working triple overtime, swallowing the delicious, gushing, pearly sap which ran wild into the reservoir that was his open mouth.

"That's it, baby! That's it!, Oh you eat momma soooooo good!"

Her busy hands flew from her rolling, wavering tits with nub-like teats, to his scalp. She held his head, undulated her MILFy hips, and smashed her broiling hot cunt against his happily-overworked, sticky face. She humped and rode his mouth, his tongue, for all their gratifying, incestuous worth.

Eddie pulled away to remove his tuxedo jacket. He chucked it to a nearby seat, and took control. He placed her legs up on his shoulders, and returned to gliding his fluttering tongue up and down the syrupy length of her gash.

For a few more seconds he tongue-screwed his mom's delectable cunt again, pummeling at first with his rigid lingua, then letting it snake and curve into her hot and buttery groove. He then decreased the velocity as he sensually rolled up his tongue—to her clitoris.

When Edward's tongue softly flickered over her wired clit, Jacqueline's entire form shuddered as if it was 20 below.

"Aaaahhh-eeeee!" she squealed.

The rambunctious and horny Adonis was now using his thumbs on both sides of the clit shaft, essentially jacking off her love nub. With each upward thrust of her thumbs, the clitoral top appeared and he tongued it. Sensually he fluttered his tongue over the hot button.

Jackie thrashed about uncontrollably, unashamedly as her forbidden lover preciously tended to her sexual epicenter.

"Ugh! Ahhhhhh! Oh baby, that's the way!" she raspily encouraged as her spasming cunt rewarded him with more illicit, liquid love.

Next Eddie inserted his middle digit into her slit and fingered it. Less than a minute later, the index finger joined in. He relished the fact that his mother's juicy pussy was so tight. The drooling orifice's "spring water" made fingering the luscious depths a wanton delight, underbedded by the erotic and intensifying sound of audible squishiness.

Jackie was in the heated throes of a carnal experience which was so epically intense, sexually stimulating, and downright wrong. Between the electric pleasure she was being given, who was giving it, where it was being given—not to mention the successful façade and payback just achieved—Jackie honestly thought she was going to loose consciousness.

She didn't. Instead, she caught her lover's eyes, which hovered over her pubic mound. He looked up, proudly displaying his ambrosia-glazed kisser. After that he winked conceitedly, and returned to her slick, vibrating nub.

The Olympian opened his mouth, sucked in the forbidden kernel, rolled it, and swabbed his once-again flattened tongue solidly against it. All the while his fingers were torridly, lasciviously, quickly plugging away at her frothy gap.

Then Edward just wrapped his enthusiastic lips around the energized clitoris and sucked it like there was no tomorrow.

"Ohhhhhh! Ah, Eddie! Suck momma's clit! That's, that's it! Suck it! Suck it! You're gonna make me cum! Suck meeee!"

The lad was impassioned, carnally consumed to orally please, tease, and pleasure his foxy parent. This X-rated campaign was being successfully accomplished by sucking and licking, alternatively, her clitoral head and shaft, all the while his bustling fingers did their thing.

Brazenly, almost rhythmically Jacquelyn ground her candied, scrumptious cunt into Ed's tantalizing mouth. Her orgasm was coming on strong like the flu in wintertime.

"Momma's—, Momma's" she arousingly stuttered as her flaying hips lifted off the desk.

She was finally able to lewdly declare, "Momma's gonna cum!"

Deeply gratifying tremors raced, roared throughout the cougar's body and brain. Her venereal crescendo went on for sometime: her untamed contorting, her sap flooding out to its eager recipient—her son's open mouth—while her moans echoed off the classroom walls.

"Ohhhh, Ed! I'm cumming! Ah, yes! You're making mommy cum! That's it, baby! Oh, yessss!"

He felt like he caught the Super Bowl winning touchdown with 2 seconds left on the clock.

After Jackie's climatic glory subsided and she no longer felt Ed between her sticky, still-shaking thighs, she lifted her head up. She saw him sitting in an adjacent, front-row seat. He had on a Kool-Aid grin, while the streaming hallway light reflected the glossy appearance of his face. He was licking his lips like a just-fed cat.

She returned the devilish smile.

"Come to momma," Jackie sensually commanded.

Edward's smile got wider and toothier. He practically leaped off the chair into her arms. Their mouths were instantly drawn to each other like magnets. The kiss was wet, sloppy, and blistering.

Jacquelyn was no stranger to tasting her own honey. At least twice a week when she masturbated she would suck, lick, and savor her own liquidity, bountiful quantities just excavated from the volcanic gash.

"Aaahh, ohh, Ed!" she erotically exhaled, stopping to lap off some her honey from each side of his face. "That was beyond incredible!"

"I'm glad you liked it."

They glared at each other animalistically. They breathed asthmatically.

"Mom, I gotta fuck you!"

"Yeahhhh!" she sinfully hissed. "But not here. Let's go home. Fuck me on your Dad's bed!"

She could already see in his eyes he liked the impure notion. Yet she continued her sexy sales pitch with uber confidence.

"Ed, fuck your mother on your father's bed!"

The hunk carnally snapped. He moved away from Jackie and almost violently took her hand, dragging her to the door. While he unlocked it, she fixed her dress and retrieved her discarded thong, shoving it into his tux jacket pocket.

Ed led them down a crisscrossing hallway which got them to another exit. This one however was on the other side of the parking lot away from their limousine. They burst through the unlocked doorway and headed in a semi-circle to their ride.

Still holding hands and him in the lead, the two scampered. Mother and son giddily, lustfully bounded out like the runaway-with-the bride scene at the end of The Graduate.

When they were close their chauffeur could hear her heels clicks very rapidly. He saw them, hand in hand like Hansel and Gretel, bounding for the Excalibur. He would think of the MILF's flapping, barely covered tits when he got home and fucked his wife.

"Home, please," Ed said just before they reached the limo. The driver, who was leaning up against the front quarter panel smoking a cigarette quickly threw it down, stamped it out, and then reached for the door.

They climbed into the backseat. The chauffeur closed door and soon had the car in Drive.

First making sure the privacy partition was still in place, the stud son then exposed one of Jackie's breasts. He gazed at it in fleshy wonder, marveling at its voluminous size and shape, along with its bloated cap.

He cupped it, relishing its forbiddeness and weight. He felt it, massaged it, earning a sexy mewl from Jacquelyn. He lowered his mouth and wrapped his lips around the upper quarter, sending his intrepid tongue to swab and excite the fat nipple and areole.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Eddddddie!" she swooned.

While he returned to his breast-feeding days, the horny parent slipped her hand down the front of his pants and palmed the remarkable bulge.

Feeling his mother's hand on his erection caused Ed to stop his breast loving to rave.

"Ahhhhhh, mom!"

Jackie's deliriously enthusiastic hand surveyed the massive lump. The slightly cupped palm rubbed up and down, whorishly desperate to calculate the size of the unlawful, hard penis.

Easily 7 inches. Probably 8.

Her hand delved further south, cupping what felt like a brawny scrotal sac. Then the finger flats returned to the bulge.

Jackie dislodged herself from his ravenous mouth and placed her thumb and forefinger onto Ed's pants' zipper. She leaned into his ear.

"Myyyyyyy Edddieeeeee! You're so big!" she paused, then continued. "And hard!"

He just feverishly nodded his head, his glassy eyes flickering.

"Are you big and hard for Momma?" she seductively purred.

Edward's head nodding simply got faster.

"Can I pull it out?" she teased her inquiry.

His approving, nodding head went to light-speed.

Jackie pulled down his fly. She noticed how the descending zipper first had to go up over the spacious protuberance before it went south. Jackie opened his pants and avariciously delved for her son's hardness.

"Aahhhhh!" he sighed when he felt her fingers grasp his thick shaft.

Zealously she yanked down the front of his jockeys with her other hand. She thought back to the first night at the apartment, considering it as if she was a kid at Christmas time who had found her parents' hiding place for the wrapped gifts several days before the holiday. Now, it was the morning of December 25 and she was anxiously unwrapping her "gift," taking hold of it, and bringing it out to fully see.

The hottie released the fleshy baton so she could optically savor it. Jacquelyn's eyes flipped open wide. The extensive, fully erect cock was adorned with a bulbous top, a thick, pulsing vein, and lush, raven-colored pubic hair. After several, quick, heavy gasps, she licked her lips than scanned its owner.

"Ohhhhhh, son! My, how you've grown!" she hedonistically commented.

The incestuous double entendre sent Eddie's arousal to the stratosphere. Having his foxy, horny mom feel his 'package' here in the limousine then retrieve the stiff rod and be so lewdly enamored with it turned him on like a light switch. It excited him powerfully, monumentally, to have his MILFy parent see his hardened manhood in all its naked, virile glory.

The strapping teenager lecherously relished being erotically exposed to his mother. He felt like a Playgirl centerfold, never so sexually desired by a woman like now. Barbara was his first and there were some memorable carnal events. But even their hottest times couldn't compare to right now.

Being the center of amorous viewing got good to Young Morelli. He wanted to show more of himself to his voluptuous, eager parent. He shifted in the seat to reveal to her his big, cum-filled nuts. It caused the underwear to shoot back up, covering his stiffness. Angrily, he shoved down the material down so that it was tucked under the scrotum.

Then with a cheeky, overconfident smile, he leaned back and proudly let her visually drink in all his forbidden goodness.

"Touch me, Mom," was his husky command.

Jacquelyn was like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. The prurient request she just heard echoed loudly within her ferally-fried brain. Added to this was the lavish and unprecedented sight of her only child's upright dick and burly testicles...only a couple feet away. To her they looked decadently scrumptious.

She felt her nipples hardening and buzz for attention. Her buxom breasts heaved, matching her ragged breathing. She also knew that with no panties on her newly flowing syrup was basting her thighs and the upholstery.

The divorcee leered at the oversized phallus. She paused as if reconsidering what she was about to do. Then she leaned into him, lowering her outstretched tongue to the purplish, mushroom-shaped top. She licked it, swabbing almost nervously, the entire cap.

"Ohhhhhh shit, Mom! That's fucking awesome!"

The taste of her son's cock along with his illicit critique made her shiver in hedonistic bliss. With her second tongue-mopping of the electrified cap she felt light-headed, at the same maddingly aroused.

Grasping the large member at its foundation, Jackie sensed its heat and frenzy. To her it felt like a wildly beating heart. She lewdly smiled to herself as she tilted the penis toward her open mouth. The tongue now swiped the rounded, projecting corona.

"Aaaahhhhhhhh!" he sighed.

Jackie combined her titillation. Her tongue flickered at the surface of the spongy peak, then twirled around the flaring rim. Feeling extra wanton, she tickled the tip of her tongue against the piss hole.

"Fucckkkkkkk, ma! Oh fuck! Shit, shit that feels so fucking great!"

Still grasping the bottom of the shaft, Wonder Woman opened her mouth and closed her lips just below the corona.

Ed felt another form of ecstasy. It was the warm wetness of his mother's mouth encompassing the top quarter of his firm manhood. He looked down at her.

Jacquelyn felt the plum-like head twitching in between her keen, suctioning lips. She then moved her head further, somewhat leisurely, and orally began to inhale her son's fat, aroused prick.

"Ohhhh yeah, ma! Suck my cock!"

The maternal, wet lips slithered down past the crown to midway of the erection. Next her lips unhurriedly drew in reverse, dragging their taboo touch and saliva back up. Then back down again, never going past the middle of Ed's stalk. She sucked northward, and repeated.

Jackie's head luxuriously bobbed up and down as she blew Edward.

"Maaa--arrggghhhh! Ugh, yeah! Oh yeah! Suck it, Mom!"

The excitement for the lad was immense. He desperately wanted to push her head down, forcing her to completely consume his schlong. Ed couldn't do it. He didn't with Barbara, and he wouldn't do that now with his mom—as strange as that may sound.

He simply howled, moaned, and banged the bottom of his clenched fists on the soft backseat, never envisioning his mother as being a world-class cocksucker.

It got even better when he heard her swoon with a raspy "Mmmm." His eyes quickly descended. The amorous beauty was nursing his cockhead with her hungry, restless mouth.

"Hmmmm, been so long," she whispered in between two exceptionally wet-sounding slurps.

As the velocity of her suckling increased along with tender caressing of his flaying, large, sweaty balls by her hand, Ed's body shook. The excitement, the gratification he was receiving was so intense. He tossed his head back and bellowed like a primate.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, Mom!"

In time, Ed panicked when he no longer felt the oral adoration. At the same he worriedly looked at his groin, he felt her grab the base of his throbbing shaft. She was looking up at him with smoking hot eyes.

"You like the way mommy takes care of her big, hard boy?"

His head nodded rapidly.

"Mmmm," she purred, "my son's big, hard cock tastes sooooo good!"

She gave him at naughty wink. He just gawked at her.

Jackie's tongue slithered out of her mouth and lapped her son's penis, from top to bottom, all the while resuming her lusty glare at him. The flat of the tongue began on a curved spot next to the piss slit and slowly, oh so slowly, made its way down the firm, thick and thrilled cock.

She lingered at the bottom of the strapping pillar, lost in the heady scent of youthful male musk, and perspiration. She nuzzled her face against the robust nutsack, idolizing it, and sounding like a cokehead as she repeatedly snorted the forbidden aroma.

The uber-horny parent was about to unleash another verbal teasing when she saw pre-jizz bubble out of the quaking top, and began to drizzle south over the purplish vein. Her tongue leapt in action, catching the clear fluid and licked it back up to the head.

Jacquelyn's eyes flared open, and her pussy gushed more honey as the long-lost taste tantalized her taste buds.

She was going to attempt taking his entire appendage in her mouth. Her lust and Ed's musk were riotously tempting her to see if she could totally devour the forbidden hard-on.

Catching a glance of the bright yellow "M" which gleamed through the passenger window short-circuited her intention, and his pleasure. The Golden Arches was a local milestone. They knew that they would be home in less than five minutes.

Grudgingly Jackie let the solid tool drop from her mouth but not before giving the frantic, worried cap a wet kiss. She covered herself up while Ed, cursing and grumbling, tucked his dick back in his pants and pulled them up.

After the limo was parked the driver opened the door. He couldn't miss Jackie's jiggling tits as she exited. He wanted to extend the stare until her date appeared and hurriedly handed him two $50s.

Watching the May-December couple scurry into the house made him smile, and want to get home to his wife.

After he locked the door Ed and Jackie dashed into each other's arms and went at it again, kissing, tonguing, groping and grinding. Then they headed for his father's room where they stripped quickly.

Jackie was the first to get bare. After she shrugged off the dress and stepped out of it, she lay on her back on her ex-husband's king size bed. She watched Ed hurriedly unbuttoning his shirt, then unfasten the cuff links. She purred after he opened the shirt, revealing his ripped, slightly sweaty chest to her.

"Hmmmm, my son has such a sexy body."

Ed broke his disrobing fluster and looked at her. The sumptuous display of complete naked MILF beauty, sautéed in colossal taboo arousal, took his breath away. He hadn't noticed that she undid her hair, the raven locks all around her head on the pillow, appearing like a sexually feral mane. Her large, luscious tits rose and fell with each heavy breath. Her nipples were swollen and mouthwatering. Her legs, which seemed to go on forever, were bent and provocatively spread, showcasing her hot, wet, and steaming cunt.

Her tongue was seductively licking her lips while her left hand cupped, massaged, her left breast, affording the keen nipple some tweaks and gentle pulls. Her other hand stroked her sex lips, rubbing the petals up and down, spreading their gooiness and teasing both her and him with the middle finger curling into the buttered gully.

The well-built cumslinger was stunned—he was immobilized by Jackie. His enrapture seemed to get worse when he watched the digit get pulled out of her sweet cake. It was very shiny and headed for her mouth.

The enchantress glossed her lips with her own nectar, just as if she was applying lipstick. Then her wily tongue lapped away the sauce.

She eyed Eddie with colossal carnal hunger.

"Eddie," she seductively purred, rolling her flaring hips into the mattress like a cat getting comfortable for the night, "it's time to fuck mommy!"

The sight and words made the young penis, which had lost a little of its hardness since having to be tucked away, bounced back to salacious life. His hands flew to the belt buckle. His eyes were forced to break away to deal with the uncooperative buckle, missing her hand's return to stroking her slit.

As the shameless beauty attentively moved one hand over both breasts and teats while the other was diddling between her legs, Jackie found it humorous to see Ed struggle to get naked. She also found it an incredible sexual rush that such a strapping young man considered her to be hot—and couldn't wait to fuck her.

With his pants and jockeys around his ankles, Edward had to sit down on the bed next to Jackie to remove his shoes, socks and the pants. He hungrily glanced at her splayed muff. Her fingers did an incredible job of seductively parting the moistened lips, widening them, showing the delectable and creamy insides which were cooking with her oils.

One of his shoes was off. When he caught a heavy hit of her in-heat musk, the unshod foot shoved off the other shoe, airmailing it to the opposite wall. He hurriedly removed the socks, trousers, and underwear.

The frantic motions of his desperation to strip in nanoseconds caused his erection to bounce around when he was finally, entirely nude. The lengthy, lustrous dick caught Jackie's eye, along with the rest of the young, male muscular form which stood before her.

Opening her arms, she illicitly welcomed him.

"Come fuck mommy!"

Obediently, brutishly Edward knelt on the bed, in between her parted thighs, and grasped his hard-on. The virile slab of young maleness was pounding with lust, and drizzling pre-cum. As he prepared to mount his mother, his temples throbbed and his breathing was heavy.

It sounded like Jacquelyn was also having trouble with proper breathing. She licked her lips unabashedly, viewing Ed's massive appendage being aimed at her open slit. While she panted, her eyes rolled back in her head when she felt the same bloated, delectable cock top which had been just in her mouth now resting on her buttery vaginal folds.

Then, with just a nudge, he slipped into her.

Her eyes flew open as did his. The two stared at each other, fully comprehending and enjoying the gravity of the situation.

As his hard, excited prick began its access and descent into her forbidden well, Ed threw his head back as he lowered himself onto Jackie's prone form. His pecs gently flattened her rack, her upright nipples grazing over the male chest.

"Aarrgghh!" he bellowed as his manhood was eagerly welcomed by her succulent pound cake.

As her son's full-bodied cock sank into her, Jackie moaned his name and the delight she felt.


The Adonis couldn't get over how tight, sultry, and creamy his mother's pussy was. It wasn't so tight, though, that it slowed his downward thrust. In fact, it was the opposite. Like adoring groupies, the maternal sugar walls hugged and clawed at the incoming phallus. Her steamy tunnel not only enveloped itself around his long, meaty tool, Jackie's ardent cunt basted the penis with its natural honey.

In that one southern-bound thrust and journey, the goddess' male child in no time made it to the bottom of her molten core. He was beyond amazed at how wet and velvety her sheath was.

"Oooohhhhh, fuck, Mom! You—your pussy—feels INCREDIBLE!"

In between heated gasps, she responded.

"You too baby! Aaahhh, your cock is so big! So fucking good. So FUCKING good! I love it!"

Jackie's thighs lifted from the mattress so she could wrap her legs around his waist. They kissed, animalistically, messily.

Then Ed commenced fucking her.

There was no 'warming up in the bullpen,' no slow-going start. Ed simply raised his lean, ready hips and drove into his mother like a Texas oil rig on "Automatic."

"Aaarggghhhh!" she moaned.

Having gotten in a standard push-up position, Ed plowed over and over into Jackie, sending his big, solid cock in and out of her overjoyed cunt. It was an illicit, carnal, and seemingly non-stop barrage of deep, satisfying jabs into the yearning, lathered slit.

"That's it, sweetie! Oh that's it! Fuck me! Fuck me just like that!"

Ecstatically lost in enjoying not only her first lay in 24 months but a Hall of Fame one at that, Jacquelyn was bucking unrestrainedly. The beauty greedily and lecherously savored the way her hard, horny, handsome child was screwing her. She tossed her loins up to meet his pummels, the seismic release of her nectar greasing the way for Ed to continue fucking her juggernaut style.

He dropped his head to hers. Their lips were glued together and their tongues tangoed. Moans were released into each others throats. Their convulsing bodies meshed so illicitly well with one another.

Ed and Jackie's fucking was carnal, nasty, and hotter than the sun. The two were so into each other—literally and figuratively—that they couldn't be pried apart with the Jaws of Life.

As he ground his haunches into hers, Edward was on course to get every inch of his luscious dick into her sweet cunt. She sensed this and clawed his back. Her nails were nothing extravagant in terms of length. They did, though, leave numerous remarkable and protracted scratches on his upper back.

"Grrraahhhh!" he snarled.

With the neurons in her sexually overcharged brain firing off, Jacquelyn felt like there was a 4th of July celebration going on in her head. She was sailing off into a decadent nirvana.

"Oh! Oh! Ugh!, Eddie! You fuck so beautifully!"

After a few more electrifying moments of feverish pistoning, the stallion turned on a dime...and changed directions. Ed now was rotating his hips so his gratifying cock was literally swirling inside Jackie's vagina like an eggbeater.

The maternal eyes flew opened in erotic shock and awe, staring at his. His look at her was cocky [pun intended] with an impish, knowing grin.

He revolved his hips to the left, then to the right, back to the left and so-on. Ed was an X-rated chef, stirring his luscious "spoon" inside his mother's hot batter, turning up the heat and passion.

Ed's hard dick was also like a rolling pin, its girthy circumference scintillating and massaging her juicy vaginal confines.

Jacquelyn's ambrosia had been flowing out at a steady clip right after the initial penetration. It had readily increased as her studly offspring boned her. When he whirlpooled his shaft, the pearly essence seem to fly out, to spit out, and splash against his nutsack, her inner thighs, and down the crack of her ass.

"You like this, Mom? Hmmm? You like the way I spin my stiff dick in your hot little pussy?"

At first the thrashing babe couldn't speak. She wanted to let him know that no one every fucked her like this. She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs "I LOVE IT!" The erotic novelty of his smashing, along with the roaring throes of pleasure she was experiencing left her speechless. After nodding wildly, she was finally able to croak out a simple "Yes!"

Ed's stirring of his mother's sweet honey pot continued for just a bit longer. Finally the ever-increasing pain in his arms and shoulders had amassed to the point where he gently lowered himself onto her body to rest.

While his upper body snuggled to hers, their sexes continued their impure mating.

The young buck nuzzled her ear, applying an alternating kiss and nip to the lobe.

"I love fucking you, Mom," he raspily uttered.

She smiled and gave him a peck on the side of his face.

"I never want to stop fucking you, eating you, pleasing you," he furthered his fidelity which was a muddled combo of lust and its deep undercurrent: emotional bonding.

She stroked his face with a hand and kissed him.

"I don't want you to ever stop these things, Eddie. I love it all!"

Their lips and tongues were immediately back together again, eeling over one another. At the same time, their genital pitching and catching was holding illicitly steady, complete with wet slapping sounds. Her opulent, hot hips undulated onto his working tool as it excitedly drove over and over again into her unquenchable snatch.

The bed started to squeak just a bit. Hearing this, the two looked at each other, smiling, making the same realization. It was just as she wanted it: on her ex-husband's bed.

The carnality was about to heat up again.

The rested hunk moved to push her legs up, opening her drooling slit, and revved his thrusts. Powerfully, hungrily, and insatiably Ed drilled his throbbing erection into Jackie.

"Ughhhhh, mom! It's so hot fucking you on Dad's bed!"

Hear this amped up the hottie.

"Yeeeahhhh, baby!" she groaned.

Jacquelyn arched up her back in sinful elation. She also wanted to greedily receive more of Ed's prick, imagining her husband could see their son not only screwing her but she whorishly wanting it, accepting it, loving it.

"That's it, Eddie," the temptress suggestively urged, "take me! Take your Dad's wife on your Dad's bed!"

Her urging, spurred on by the white-hot sex and personal payback to her ex, became a moaning command.

"Fuck mommy on daddy's bed! Fuck mommy on daddy's bed!"

Edward relentlessly plowed into the syrupy, burning, overflowing pussy. This caused Jackie's ankles to bounce on his shoulders and her comely body to writhe on the mattress like a wish out of water. His breathing was short, labored gasps as he strenuously threw himself into the intensity and depravity of the illicit coupling. He could feel his heart, already beating like a heavy metal drummer on speed, pulsating wildly against his inner chest wall with every cock thrust.

"Dad is a fucking idiot! You're hottest piece of ass—ever! His loss. You're mine, now!"

To emphasize everything he just declared—especially the last part—Michelangelo's David added more 'English' to the next several thrusts.

Despite all her success in business especially at the occasional expense of condescending males and infrequent siding with some feminist views, Jacqueline relished the Neanderthal claim. She trembled in forbidden erogenous delight at being possessed by her son.

But even consensual incest has to be 50-50.

"Yesssss, Eddie! I am yours...just as you are mine!"

With that, the sweaty, busty babe flexed her pussy muscles in a remarkable grasp of his charging dick. The lush embrace titillated the lad. It also made him acquiesce to her statement of ownership.

"Oooooo! Oh, ahhhh! Yes, mommy! I'm yours!"

Queenly satisfied, she loosened the intimate grip.

Once his erection felt the unfettered access, he lowered her legs, mounted his mother once again, and resumed his Alpha-male drives into her convulsing, teeming slit.

If lust was a mental disease Jacqueline would be in a straightjacket in a padded cell. Each deep, penetrating poke from the bowflexing cock excited her more and more. Her untamed cunt greedily slurped and released, slurped and released the hard driving shaft. She was so drunk on incestuous desire that the brunette moaned, and raised her curvy body up repeatedly. This was to feel the electric sensations of the bulldozing manhood rubbing her excited clit. She also found it amusing that her flattened ass was ice-skating all over the bed cover because there was so much pussy juice running down her butt crack.

Eddie and Jackie were wired and perspired.

In short work, it became a race as to who was going to climax first. His pummels were maximized. Her arousal was off the charts. They were going down to the wire, and sounding very much like the lead thoroughbreds just before the finish line. Ed was the "winner," but not by much.

The son could feel his nuts tighten and the ubiquitous sensation that he was on the verge of ejaculating.

"Oh, Mom! I am gonna cum! Oh mommmmmma!"

Caught within the pleasurable fog of her own approaching climax, Jacqueline looked at him.

"Cum in me! Cum in me! You know I can't get pregnant. And mommy wants all of your cum!"

On cue the sleek, big, locomotiving cock jolted forward and exploded.

"Aaarrrgggggghhhhh!" he roared triumphantly.

The power and force of his release, solidly built on forbidden lust which had been germinating at home and blossomed at the prom, made Ed feel like this was his first time ever having sex. He also, briefly, thought he was going to pass out.

Lengthy jet after jet of his thick, torrid, white semen was mightily propelled into Jackie's quaking and receptive cunt.

"Ooohhhhhh, maaaaawwwww!"

The buxom MILF was audaciously proud to have her strapping son release his cream into her. A devious buzz seared her senses as she felt his magma fill into her gully and paint her cuntal walls. Plus, each howitzer-like motion of his big, spewing penis brought her that much closer to her own feral crescendo.

It was between his third and fourth salvo that Jacquelyn curled her toes and groaned.

"Ahhhhhh, Ed! I'm cumming! Oh, yes! You're making me cum!"

The obscene announcement stoked both of them. The maternal legs encased themselves around him, pulling his piledriver deeper into her churning, roaring depths. Her pussy rained all over his dick, while her motions matched his. His ejaculation seemed to get mightier and more forceful. His prick was ecstatic as her buttery tunnel spasmed around it. As they animalistically kissed, both relished the steamy knowledge that his man-cream was illicitly, excitedly mixing with her nectar.

Jackie and Eddie quivered and groaned as their climaxes swept over them like a summer time thunderstorm.

"Uggghhhhh, Mom!"

"Yes! Yesssss!"

Their individual orgasms seemed to feed off the other's, as did their sweaty, thrashing bodies. The passion between mother and son burned so intently, so desirously, that the two were still physically "pitching and catching" long after his cock and her cunt finished their emulsion.

Once exhaustion replaced ecstasy, Eddie and Jackie traded soft, romantic kisses and emotionally blazing stares.

"I love you, Eddie."

He smiled.

"I love you too, Mom."

They both knew the 'love' they exchanged was not the one they maintained just a month ago.

Edward rolled off Jacqueline, reclining on the pillows. He pulled her to him. She planted an endearing smooch to his lips and nestled her head on his chest. His arm encircled her, and he kissed the top of her head. Sleep overtook the two in no time.
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