"Adult Stories" Roommates Mom and Me sexual peaks C2

Adult Stories Roommates Mom and Me sexual peaks C2
"Yes, but you haven't seen me."

"True, at least not since you were a child. But you know, I don't think I'd mind if I did. Anyway, consider this a standing invitation to shower together." And with a laugh she exited.

In hindsight I may have been slow on the uptake but at that moment it dawned on me that my mother was trying to seduce me. Or maybe not. Maybe she was just being swept along by the gradual escalation, just as I was. I still told myself I didn't want to have sex with her but I enjoyed the excitement of skating close to the edge.

The library beckoned, well, more like summoned in the afternoon and I didn't get back till dinnertime. Afterwards it was TV and pyjama time. Except my mother decided to wear just her short robe from this morning.

"It seemed pointless to get into pyjamas since I'm just going to shuck them off later. I've decided I like to sleep naked. Maybe it's because I like my body more now. Did you know I've lost 12 pounds since we moved in here?"

"I noticed you seemed trimmer."

"So you liked how I looked?"

At this point I felt like I was on the stand with a guilty secret while Alan Dershowitz was readying the cross-examination.

"Mom, most women would kill for a body like yours."

"Aw, that's sweet." Kiss. "What about my breasts. I've always wished they were fuller or perkier."

"Looked alright to me."

"I always worry that if I get a man into a compromising position, he's going to be put off by my droopy breasts."

"Mom. They're not droopy, not really."

"So they wouldn't put you off?"

"I'm sure by the time a guy had a look at them, he'd be hankering for the rest of you."

"Which you've already seen. And liked. So I'll take your word for it. Now can you give me a kiss?"

The kiss started out normal but soon I felt my mother's tongue. And yes, after a few moments I responded. She moved her all around my mouth, then in between my lips and my teeth before tenderly sucking each of my lips. When she finished that I slid my tongue back into her mouth but she caught it between her lips and started sucking it back and forth. I was getting very turned on and my cock was at full attention. Her right hand had been on my shoulder but now she started caressing my chest and stomach, coming within a couple of inches of my cock.

I don't know how far it might have gone because just then, the Masterpiece Theatre show that she wanted to watch came on. I don't remember much else because since there were few, if any, commercials, she'd occasionally nuzzle my neck and a couple of times would roll her tongue around in my ear. I would never have thought that could be erotic, but, live and learn. As the program neared its end she suddenly straddled me.do.

"God, I forgot that they don't show commercials. I need some kisses Anders."

She moved her body in tighter and put her hands on my cheeks. Then she moved her head in close and gave me a passionate kiss. We made out for a couple of minutes and my cock, which hadn't been much interested in the PBS offering, went back to straight up. She had her knees on either side of my legs and while I couldn't see to be sure, it felt like her robe had parted below her belt. She was swaying her hips and her bare pussy must have been on my cock.

I started humping a little and she ground her crotch onto my cock. I was still in my pyjamas so it was just dry, well, somewhat dry humping and I was torn between stopping and grabbing her bare ass. But she took the pause and slid off me.

"God Anders, I almost got carried away. You can't imagine how turned on I am."

"I think I have an idea. It was pretty intense."

Looking at my tented pyjamas, "Well it looks like you have something to take care of."

"Yeah Mom. I'll do that when I go to bed."

"You'd better go to bed right now."


"You'd better go to bed right now and take care of that before I do it for you."


"I mean it. Now." She started to slowly slide her hand up my thigh. "Anders, I'm not joking. If that's still here in ten seconds, I'm going to grab it."

She continued with a slow, meandering caress of my thigh, her hand moving ever closer to my cock. She looked at me with an expression I'd never seen before. Anticipation? Lust? Uncertainty? I half wanted to call her bluff. It would have felt great but I wasn't ready for that step. At least not now. Maybe never but I didn't have to decide on 'never' in the moment.

"Whoo, OK Mom. Bedtime for Bonzo I guess."

It might have been my imagination but I thought that a shadow of disappointment crossed her face. I got up with my cock still prominently tenting my PJs. Then to the bathroom where I set a tooth brushing speed record. My mother was standing outside the door, her robe now undone and parted.

She embraced me and kissed me hard with lots of tongue. I held her and felt her semi-naked body heat against me. "OK Mom, as you said, I'd best get to bed."

I closed the door about three-quarters way and stripped off. As I started to stroke I heard her from just outside.

"Andy, are you touching yourself?"

What the hell? Did she want a play-by-play? I didn't reply, but kept my hand on my cock.


"Yes Mom, I am."

"So am I Andy. I'm standing here naked just outside your door and I'm touching myself."

"Wow Mom." I couldn't decide if this was too perversely weird or if it was highly sexy. But my cock gave me the "Keep stroking" signal so I continued.

"Are you touching your cock Andy?"

Sigh. "Yes Mom."

"Tell me."


"Tell me what you're touching Andy."

"I'm touching my cock Mom."

"Ooooh! I'm touching my pussy Andy. I have one finger in between my pussy lips and I'm pinching my nipples with the other."

"Sounds sexy Mom." At this point I was having trouble forming proper sentences.

"We're both being sexy Andy. Are you going to come soon?"

"Think so."

"Tell me when you're about to come Andy. I'm so close now. I'm stroking my clit."

Her voice was deeper than usual and there were sighs and low moans between her words.

"Getting close Mom."

"Me too..Ohhhh! Oh Andy, I'm coming! Oh God, what an orgasm. Oh!"

That did it for me too. "Mommmm!" I sprayed everywhere. I'd never come like that before. It wasn't just a few mighty blasts; it felt like trying to hold a firehose. I conked out then and there.

Next morning was Monday so a breakfast was rushed. When my mother saw me she put her head in her hands. "Andy, I got too carried away last night. Again. We'll have to talk tonight."

That night Mom was dressed more conservatively. "Andy, as I said before, I'm fine during the day but at night I get these feelings. Sexual feelings. I know they shouldn't be directed at you but, well, you're here. And I have a weakness for a man's erection. I love to feel them against me, touch them, and do all the other things you can with them. When I saw that you had one last night, I was almost overcome."

I must have looked uncomfortable. "Andy, am I embarrassing you?"

"Not really Mom. But it's kind of an awkward conversation to be having."

"You're right. It is. But it's better to face the facts, don't you think?"


"Well then, I know I have to get a better grip on my feelings, especially at night. You can help with that by telling me to tone it down when I go too far."

"Okay." I didn't like that the onus was on me, though it did offer some options. I wasn't sure if I wanted it to go any farther though I was tempted to have let grab my cock last night.

"I didn't mean to put all the burden on to you Andy. It's just that I won't hate you if you tell me to stop. Now last night, what would you have done if, instead of giving you a warning, I had just reached out and stroked your cock?"

"I don't know Mom."

"I bet you wouldn't have stopped me. It would have felt toooo good for that. You would have let me stroke you and stroke you till you came. There would have been a mess in your boxers and then I would have had to get a wash cloth and clean you. I would have pulled down your shorts and cleaned up all that cum. That would have gotten you hard again and..."

'Mom! You're doing it again."


"Being forward." She looked crestfallen and I didn't mean to hurt her. Then I realized that two can play this game.

"Yes, forward. You're talking explicitly about your son's hard cock and what you'd like to do with it." Her eyes widened.

"And all the while you're sitting there getting wetter and wetter. Aren't you?" She nodded.

"When you talk about your son's cock, you're also hoping that he'd want to touch your pussy, run his fingers through your lips and play with your clit. Isn't that right?"

Another nod. "Oh Anders, at least it's out in the open now."

"What is?"

"Our fantasies. Our sexual fantasies. But they're just fantasies and there's nothing wrong in having them. Now excuse me while I slip into something more comfortable."

I needed to take stock. My words had just come out in a rush. The verbal equivalent of a sneeze. I hadn't really been fantasizing about my mother. Well, sort of but not really. I was mixed up. I didn't really want it to head where it was heading but I also wanted to see where it was heading. Mixed up.

My mother reappeared in her shortie nightgown tied up very loosely. It covered her nipples but revealed all of her cleavage. And as she walked the bottom sometimes parted exposing her bushy pubic hair.

Noting my rapt gaze, "Well, I'm not terribly fussy about modesty since you've seen everything. Now where were we?

"You were talking about fantasies."

"Right. So it's no secret that I've developed a fantasy about seeing your hard cock, touching it even. Back at our old place I never would have imagined that but, well, here we are. And you, have you really fantasized about me?"

"Well, yes, I guess I have."

"Tell me about it."

"Like, when I've been masturbating and I know that you are too, I've thought about you. And I've thought back about seeing you naked."

"Ooo, I loved that. It gave me a thrill to know you saw me. Was this how you remembered me?"

With that she undid her belt and, turning to face me, opened up her robe. I got a better look at her breasts and her nipples -- round, pinkish and now pointy, were kind of cute. As she was sitting I could see the top of her pussy hair but nothing more. And her stomach had barely a paunch. It wasn't so much that it was a gorgeous body, though it was nice enough; it was the fact that she was exposing it to me that made it exciting.

"Wow Mom. You really are looking good."

She smiled. "Andy, I feel so depraved, but in a good way. I like my body so much better now and I really get off on showing it to you. Do you want to know another of my fantasies?"

In for a penny..."Sure."

"I've fantasized about touching myself in front of you."

She started running her hand along her inner thigh and awaited my reaction.


I didn't know what to say. I tried to come up with something witty along the lines of the cat, or pussy, having my tongue, but the sentences didn't form.

"Andy, I'm about to do it unless you tell me to stop."

Speaking as though I was under a hypnotic spell, "If you want to..."

We'd been sitting side-by-side and now she leaned back against the end of the sofa, her right foot on the floor and the left leg against the back of the sofa, bent at the knee. Her pussy lips were now visible through the tufts of pubic hair and they were wet. I couldn't look away. I was no virgin but none of my girlfriends had put themselves on display so wantonly.

She started running a finger through her lips and then plunged it in. In, out, back and forth. And that sloshing sound I'd come to know. Sometimes she used both hands. I was getting immensely turned on and wished I could jerk off. She must have picked up the signal.

"Andy" a bit huskily, "You can join me if you want."


"C'mon. Get out of those PJs and touch yourself. Let's do this together."

That was all the encouragement I needed. I shucked them off and angled myself so I maintained a good look at her pussy while I started stoking my cock. Not too vigorously as I was already close to coming.

"Ooooh, that's so much better. I just came a little looking at it."

Now my mother really picked up the pace. Her fingers were flying and she mostly used both hands. Her left leg which had been bent at the knee was now flung up on the back of the sofa. It didn't look that comfortable but it gave me a much better view.

Meanwhile, I'd been trying to pace myself but there was a gallon of cum bent on getting out. I decided to warn her. "Mom, I'm..."

But she beat me to it. A few big "Ooohs" and a major hip contortion. That was enough for me and I started spurting. I tried to cover it with my hand but a lot of cum just got deflected. In my mother's writhes her right leg was now over my thighs. And soon enough it came in contact with my cock. I was settling down but the contact felt good so I grabbed her leg and kept it there.

"Oh Andy, that was wonderful. I came so hard."

"Same here Mom." But now the enormity of what we'd just done hit me. This wasn't just listening, making out or the occasional glimpse of nudity. She'd seen my cock, my hard cock; I'd seen her wet pussy and we'd watched each other come. I must be some degenerate loser if I had to get my jollies with my own mother. I guess I don't have a poker face because...

"Andy? Are you OK?"

"Well, we went pretty far didn't we?"

"Farther than we had, yes. But does it bother you?"

Keep in mind that we were both naked at opposite ends of the sofa. She had brought her left leg down but hadn't tried to cover her pussy. My cock had wilted but was still exposed.

"I don't know. I was excited while we were, you know, doing it, but it's kind of strange?"

"I know what you mean. If anyone had told me a few months ago that I'd be sitting here naked with my legs open after having masturbated with my son, I'd have called the cuckoo doctors on them. But look, this isn't permanent and it needn't define our lives. We're coping with temporarily reduced circumstances living in close proximity with our hormones on high. Let's not overthink things. We can enjoy what we have for now, both of us knowing that before long we'll go on to some other phase of our lives. And tell me the truth. Wasn't this more exciting than just going to our rooms to take care of our needs?

"You have a point there."

"Good. We don't have to do this all the time or even again. But let's not get hung up on occasional displays of lust. It's healthy and it's natural."

Sitting up, she moved over beside me. "After that I need a quick shower before bed. And you need to clean yourself up. Wouldn't this be a good time to join me?" She had been stroking my cheek and then ran her fingers across my mouth. The fingers that minutes before had been in her pussy.

Seeing my hesitation, "Don't worry, I'll behave. No touching of naughty bits."

It was a hard offer to refuse. And I reckoned that if not tonight, it would happen someday. "OK, quick shower then."

It was one thing to have seen her naked a few times in various positions but standing in the small shower stall was, I don't know, somehow more explicit. The nudity was upfront and fully on display. So naturally I started to get another erection.

"Oh Anders, you have such a beautiful penis."


"Don't worry. I said I'd behave. But I love seeing you like that. Don't you like to see me too?"

Actually I did. The 'Mom' part was still off-putting but the naked woman part trumped that. And my cock was only concerned about the latter. "I do Mom. You look great."

"Well it's so nice we can each enjoy the view. I know I certainly do. And I love showing myself to you."

We finished up and true to her word, there was no hanky-panky. At least till we finished drying off. Then she embraced me.

"Oh Anders, thank you so much for everything. I'm so happy with you."

We started kissing and she clutched me closer. One hand was around my neck while the other caressed my lower back. My hard cock was against her stomach and she started in with that slight side-to-side hip movement. I could feel myself approaching an orgasm and tried to pull back. But she was having none of it and clutched me tighter.

As I was getting closer we had one of those coming-up-for-air kissing breaks. I started to say "Mom, I'm..." but she shushed me and started kissing again. Her hip shakes grew more pronounced and she was holding my waist. Within seconds I was shooting up against her.

Gasping, "Oh Mom!"

She had a big smile. "Oh Andy, I'm so happy you could share that with me. And you know what? I came too just feeling your body against me. Now let's get back in that shower."

Well, we did need another clean-up and I noticed that before she turned the water on, she scooped some of my cum from her stomach and licked it off her fingers.

"So? I gave you a taste of me earlier and I was curious about you. My my -- delicious."

The next week was fairly tame, if you discount the French kissing, partial nudity and occasional comments about my cock. It was getting later in the school term and I was busier with my courses. The Memorial Day weekend was upon us and Saturday night I was out with some classmates. I got home around midnight and as usual, my mother called me in for a goodnight kiss. As I entered her room she got up and was standing there naked.

"I haven't seen as much of you this week Andy. Now how about a goodnight hug and kiss?"

I embraced her and we kissed for a few seconds before she pulled back.

"Andy, those clothes feel rough against my body. Can you get out of them and try again?"

"OK, be right back." I wondered if I should return naked but in the end decided on just boxers. When I returned Mom seemed slightly disappointed, but not enough to stop her from wrapping her arms around me and thrusting her tongue into my mouth. I responded of course and got extra turned on by feeling her hard nipples against my chest. My cock went to 11 fast. Her hands were all over my back and I slipped one down to caress her ass. It was still pretty wide as the weight loss seemed to be all in her abdomen.

"God Andy. You'd better go to bed before I jump you."


"You touched my ass. I love having my ass touched and it turns me on like crazy. Stay here and I'm going to jump you."

I wasn't ready for that. "Sorry Mom. Goodnight."

Sunday was a library day and I didn't get back till dinnertime. Since I'd got a lot done I figured I could take the evening and even the holiday Monday off. That meant another Masterpiece Theatre night with Mom. She was in her shortie nighty and had barely tied it up. Whenever she moved a breast popped out. I was in an unbuttoned short sleeve shirt and my boxers. We made out a bit before it started and I noticed she was using her hands a lot more -- rubbing them on my chest, back, thighs; everywhere but my cock.

During the show she kept her arm around my shoulder and sometimes stroked my chest. But no kissing. That changed once it ended. We started out with some passionate Frenching and then she straddled me, her robe falling open. I had my left hand on her hip and stroked her back with my right. She had one arm around my neck and stroked my side with the other, all the while sliding her hips around so that sometimes her pussy came in contact with my tented boxers. I was mighty horny and felt I had a wild woman on my hands.

At one point she broke the kiss and threw her head back for air. This raised her left breast to eye, and mouth level. I couldn't resist. Fastening my mouth on her nipple I started to suck and lick.

"Oh my God Anders! Oh yes! Oh yes! Suck it in. And please, the other one too."

She moved that breast and directed the right one into my face. I started licking and nibbling it when I felt her hand on my cock. At first it was on the outside but soon she slid it into my boxers. I lost the thought that it was my mother and focused only on it being an incredibly sexy session with a hot and naked woman.

I was pretty aroused and would have come already except she was stroking from an awkward angle. I kept up with the licking and sucking of her erect nipples and started caressing her ass. She was panting and gasping and I was making whatever sound is possible when your mouth is full of tit.

She continued holding my head with her left while stroking me with her right. It seemed to me that she was rubbing her pussy on the back of her wrists. Her moans and panting were getting fiercer and with a great eruption, I came. One huge spurt and a few follow-ups. She let out a loud "Ohhh Andy", shivered violently and collapsed on me.

No one said anything for a while. Partly it was post-orgasmic stupor. Only partly.

It was my mother who broke the silence. "Well, I guess we just crossed a line."

"Another line you mean."

She smiled. "There's been a whole lot of lines, hasn't there?"

I nodded. "Yup." It sure had felt great while she was jerking me as I was sucking her tits, but then the Mom thing came back. I began stewing about that and then noticed her sitting naked on the sofa with her legs apart. The hell with that incest taboo. Here was a woman that just made me come and who loved showing me her pussy. I could live with that. Duh, I am living with that.

Perhaps mistaking my pensiveness for regret, my mother spoke up.

"Look Andy. I don't think that either of us meant for this to happen. Let's sleep on it and talk in the morning." And with that she got up, kissed me on the forehead and left.

That night in bed I was in my usual state of uncertainty. I had only just persuaded myself that I was happy to have more sexually from my mother. But maybe it was her having second thoughts? I drifted off to those confusing thoughts.

Next morning I got up and went for a shower. I just had a robe on and as I crossed the hallway to the bathroom, I could see that my mother's door was open and she seemed to be asleep. When I finished and stepped out of the bathroom, she called out.

"Good morning Andy."

"Morning Mom."

"How did you sleep?"

"Fine. You?"

"Just fine. Come here. I don't like talking to someone down the hall."

'Down the hall.' It was maybe 3 or 4 yards. But I'd been raised right and was seldom disobedient. So I entered her room and stood beside her bed.

"Andy, why don't you get in with me. Don't worry, I won't attack."

Still in my robe I got under the covers.

'You're not going to wear that robe in bed are you?"

"Well, I, ah..." Seeing as no excuse was forthcoming, I shrugged off the robe and tossed in on the floor. Now we were both naked. No cuddling or embracing but still, naked in bed with my mother who just last night I sort of decided I wanted to fuck. Now though I was less sure.

"Andy, if I went too far last night, I apologize. But I was so turned on by you sucking my breasts that I wanted to do something for you too"

"No, it was fine. We both got carried away."

"So no regrets or complexes?"

"No. I think I'll manage."

We lay there a while and then she got up."

"You stay there; I'll be right back."

She entered the bathroom and a moment later I could hear her peeing. That got me hard. Then she brushed her teeth and returned. She seemed to take longer than necessary for the few steps to her bed. No problem for me as I enjoyed the full frontal nudity. And I remembered she said she liked showing her body to me.

"Move over on your side. I need to warm up."

I was facing away and felt her breasts against my back. She had one arm wrapped around me and slowly and lightly caressed my chest and stomach.

"I'd forgotten how nice it feels to have a man's body against mine." Tighter hug with that. "And you really didn't mind me touching you last night?"

"Yeah, nice" gasped in answer to both statements. Her hand was now sliding down to my lower stomach.

"Did it feel good?" Her hand now grazed over my hard cock.

"Oh yeah." Now she was gently squeezing it.

"Good. I wanted to make you feel good. How does it feel now?" The squeeze was turning into stroking. And yes, it felt great.

"Oh Mom." Last night was terrific but the actual handjob was awkwardly positioned. This morning's was ideal. I couldn't believe how much better someone else's hand could feel.

"You just lie there and enjoy it. I love feeling it and I love touching you." She went on whispering stuff like this. Lots of pre-cum had seeped out and my cock was now well-lubricated. Her strokes grew faster and the release was imminent.

"Are you ready Andy?"

I grunted something and she grabbed my shoulder to turn me on my back. Then she straddled me and resumed her steady stroking while looking me in the eye.

The combination of her strokes on my cock while enjoying her nakedness was too much. I started blasting and she kept her hand over the tip of my cock.

"Oh geez, oh Mom!"

"Yes Andy. Come for me. I love making you come."

I relaxed and enjoyed the post-orgasmic convulsions. My mother smiled and then told me to stay there while she went to get something to clean me up. In so doing she again swiped her finger through my ejaculate and put it in her mouth. "Mmm."

We got up for breakfast and at my mother's suggestion, we wore our robes but didn't do them up. As we were finishing our coffee my mother came over to embrace me. We started kissing and I felt her hand slide down to my cock.

"I don't think I've had enough of this."

I got hard and figured that now was the time to reciprocate. She was standing and leaning over me so I ran my hand up her legs and made contact with her pussy. It was warm and wet and I stroked my fingers between her lips.

"Oh yes Andy! Oh yes!"

We both kept stroking and then she lowered her breast to my mouth. I wrapped my lips around her nipple and started sucking and licking. She was humping my hand as I had a couple of fingers inside and my thumb on her clit. Even though I'd come just an hour ago, the carnality and eroticism of the situation was overwhelming. I was getting close and my mother's moans indicated she was too. I managed to hold off until I felt her spasms. Then, blast-off.

We took our time recovering. I made a point of sucking my fingers coated with her juices and she conspicuously licked my cum off her arm.

"We're so naughty aren't we?"

"Yeah, I guess we shouldn't have been doing any of this."

She sat down on my lap, facing me, and wrapped her arms around me. Our bare torsos were touching. "But isn't it glorious that we did? Look, maybe we're on the road to hell but let's at least enjoy the trip."

"So this isn't the last time we touch one another?"

"It better not be." And with that she gave my cock a squeeze.

I had some studying to do but was able to do it at home. Mom kept out of my way but after a couple of hours she suggested I needed a break. She did this by coming over to the table where I was working, bending down and wrapping one arm around my shoulder while squeezing my cock with the other.

"You've been working so hard. I think you need a break."

I rubbed her thigh while she played with my cock. Then we kissed.

"C'mon. Let's sit on the sofa where it's more comfortable."

She hadn't changed from the shortie robe while I changed to sweatpants and a T-shirt. We sat down, her robe came open and we started kissing. Her hand was on my crotch and I started caressing her inner thighs.

"Nice Andy, but why am I the only one undressed here?"

Just one answer to that. I slid off the sweats and boxers. "That's much better" as she grabbed my erect cock and started slowly stroking. We resumed our kissing, French of course, and she lifted her right leg to provide better access to her pussy. It was already wet and her lips parted easily. We kept making out and I could feel my creamy lava rising. She was thrusting her hips more and her pussy sucked my fingers in. The kissing was intense and we kept stroking one another. She started thrusting her hips and I was at the boiling point. A few seconds more and we both came.

"Oh Andy, yes, yes!" We collapsed back on the sofa, catching our breath.

"I loved doing that. If there's a better way of dealing with sexual frustration, I'd sure like to know what it is."

I could think of a few other ways but chickened out. We cleaned up and spent the rest of the afternoon on chores.

That evening we were watching some Memorial Day show after having changed into our open robes. At some point my mother started to caress my chest and slowly worked her hand down to my cock. I played with her nipples but felt a slight pain in my cock. Too much manual stimulation? I must have winced.

"Andy, is something wrong?"

"I don't know, it feels a bit tender."

"Oooh, I've been too hard on it. Let me kiss it better."

She gave my chest and abdomen a couple of perfunctory kisses and moved her head to inches from my cock. For a few second she just looked at it while holding it softly in her hand. Then a quick kiss on the tip, then another. My pre-cum was flowing and she swirled her tongue around the tip; lapping it up. Finally she wrapped her lips around it and slowly sucked it in. Hot damn! it felt fantastic. I couldn't believe that my cock was actually in my mother's mouth! Way, way better than her hand.

She started with slow pumps while gradually upping the tempo. I'd been playing with her nipples but now leaned over so I could start stroking her ass and pussy. Having come four times in 24 hours, I wasn't about to explode anytime soon, so just luxuriated in the warmth of her mouth. But now she was pumping faster and applied a firmed suction on my cock while playing with my balls. I was fingering her and her pussy was wet. I'd hoped it would continue much longer but soon enough I felt that imminent build-up. So did she and she began to take slower sucks where she'd let my cock slip out of her mouth and then move down with a firm deep-throat. On about the fifth one of these, that did it.

"Whoa Mom!" I could get anything else out and I blasted hard. She kept her lips around my cock and gently held my balls as I pumped three or four loads into her. Then I collapsed with my softening cock still in her mouth.

She slowly pulled her mouth back, giving me a couple of light sucks as she left.

'Geez Mom, that's the greatest blowjob ever. And another line I'm so glad we crossed."

"Oh, you've had others?", said with a winking smile.

"Just a couple, but nothing like this."

"Well you deserve them. And I love giving them to you. And I love the taste of your cum."

She was sitting back with her robe undone and I was admiring her breasts. Then I realized there was some unfinished business.

"Mom, um, I'd like to return the favor."

She brightened. "Really? You don't need to Andy."

"No, I really want to."

"You'd really like to give your old mother's pussy a licking?" Smiling all the while.

"Mom, I'd love to taste you."

"In that case be my guest." She lay back with one foot on the floor and the other stretched up against the back of the sofa. Her small pussy lips were peeking out from the matt of curly blonde pubic hair. I fancied they were starved for attention and that if they could talk it would have been "Kiss me you fool!"

I started on her inner knee and quickly kissed my way to her pussy. Her smell was strong but sexily aromatic. I gave hep lips a couple of tentative licks and then started licking harder. I put my hands under her ass to raiser her up and she responded by pumping her hips. Now I was licking strongly and giving her clit some licks and kisses too. She kept pumping and for a while I stopped licking and just let her fuck my face.

"Yes Andy! Eat me. Lick my pussy. Taste your mother's juices."

She was also moaning loudly, way more than when she masturbated. As her pumping diminished I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it in while slipping two fingers in her pussy. That pushed her over the edge.

"Ohhhhh Andy! Ohhhhhh! Oh my god!"

She bucked her hips forcefully and then sank back. I sat back and watched her sighing and panting, then lay down on top of her and kissed her. My face was drenched with her juices but she gave me a nice kiss. Now, my cock was still soft but I was lying between her legs so it was touching her pussy. I could feel the early tinglings but before I could get hard she pushed me and sat up.

"Oh Andy, I can't begin to describe how wonderful that felt. So much better than my fingers. And how about you? Did my mouth feel better than your hand?"

"Sure did Mom."

"Then there'll be a lot less fingers and hand stuff from now on" said laughingly.

"Sounds good Mom."

It did sound good. Some part of me still thought the whole mother-son-sex business was perverted and disgusting but I tried to keep my mind from drifting in that direction. Instead, I focused on how great it was to have an attractive woman wanting to sexually please you. I was also getting to increasingly like her naked body. And perversity aside, I was now sure I wanted to fuck her. But I hesitated in rushing things. At least that was the plan. So I'm still not sure why the next thing out of my mouth was...

"Mom, are we going to have actual sex?"

She looked surprised. After a couple of false starts...

"Anders, this might sound silly but I think we should leave it as it is. God knows I've gotten so turned on by you but if we'd continued with our normal life, none of this would have happened. It did however and I've no regrets. The proximity, difficulty with partners and general horniness -- we needed some outlet. And I'll repeat that I've loved what we've done and I want to take care of your cock whenever it needs attention."

At that point she leaned over and gave it a small lick and kiss. "But I don't think we should cross that final line." I must have been looking nonplussed, if that means what I think it does, so she continued. "Look, we've given one another a lot of pleasure and can continue to do so. But years from now when I'm looking back on my life, I don't want to count my son as one of my lovers. Can you understand me?"

I was pretty miffed by this but wasn't sure why. Even a week or two ago I didn't want to actually fuck her. Even oral sex seemed too far. But having recently concluded that I wanted sex with her, now it seemed so unfair, even though it wasn't.

"I guess so" sounding more begrudging than I had any right to be. "Sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned it."

"No, that's fine love. I'm glad you can tell me things. But let's enjoy what we have. After all, how many women do you know that love to touch and suck your cock?"

That settled me down. "Well when you put it that way..." and I leaned over and kissed her. We kissed some more and I started to feel that tingling again.

"Look Andy. It's almost bedtime. Tell you what. Do you know what 69 is?"

Duh. I just assumed it had been invented by my generation. "Of course Mom."

"Have you ever done it?"

"Of course. Once."

"Well are you UP for trying it again?"

Vigorous nod.

"Goodie. Let's brush our teeth and rendezvous in my bedroom."

My mother went first and when I entered her bedroom, she was lying naked on the bed.

"Come lie down beside me Andy."

I did and she half rolled on to me with her wet crotch on my upper thigh and one hand stroking my cock. We kissed and I played with her breasts with one hand while caressing her ass with the other. We kept this up for a minute or two and then she pulled away and started slowly kissing her way down my front. As she neared my hard cock she swung her hips around and lowered her pussy to my face. I could feel her mouth close around my cock and I started licking her slit.

Damn, this felt so intimate. Her pussy was jammed in my face and my cock was in her mouth! Her pussy lips were kind of short and I always felt they struggled to push out from those curly blonde pubes. They kind of rasped on my face but I licked the lips a lot and thrust my tongue inside. She pushed back and for a spell I was tongue-fucking her. Meanwhile she was giving my cock the up-and-down treatment and I knew we wouldn't last long.

Sure enough, I could feel another blast coming. I started sucking in her clit while she pumped down hard on my face. Plenty soon I started shooting into her mouth and from her moans and groans, she must have come too. She sagged on me and for a minute or so we just lay there panting. Then she got off, pulled up beside me and gave me a wide wet kiss that took in much of her pussy juices on my face.

"Well how was that?"

"Wow Mom. That was pretty erotic."

"Yeah, erotic alright. And it felt so fucking great. Say, why don't you stay here tonight?"

"You mean...?"

"Yes. I'd love to wake up beside you."

We didn't talk much after that and I fell asleep quickly. Five or six orgasms in 24 hours have that effect. In the morning as I was regaining consciousness, I was spooning my mother with my morning wood poking between her upper thighs. I gradually started to hump when I felt her hand touching my cock from between her legs. She raised her left and pulled me so my cock was now brushing her pussy lips.

"This was it!" I thought. "I'm finally going to fuck her!" So I angled and pushed and felt myself starting to enter.

"No, like this." She held my cock and rubbed it against her pussy lips and clit. I got the message and tried to match her rhythm. It may not have been the real thing but it felt mighty fine. I reached over and played with her nipples as she kept jerking me against her pussy.

It didn't take too long and I was again coming. And I think she did too. My cum was messed around my cock and her hand so she wiped off her hand with a Kleenex and sucked my cock clean with her mouth.

We settled into a new routine for the next couple of weeks. Plenty of kissing and oral; fewer handjobs. I'd sleep with her on Fridays and Saturdays and a couple of times she woke me up with a blowjob. Once when we were spooning in her bed I kind of tried to slide my cock into her but she shifted away, wordlessly.

I still wanted to have real sex with her but the blowjobs and daily orgasms or two were a satisfying compensation prize. And we might have continued like this except...well, you knew there'd be an 'except', didn't you?

It was now mid-June and the oral hadn't let up. One Saturday evening we'd been watching TV and fooling around, taking turns with some oral action. At one point I was lying back and my mother was sitting on my face and basically fucking it. I got off on the overall intimacy and the intense aroma of her pussy, though it was hard to do as much with my tongue. After she'd come this way, she got off me.

"Anders, give me a minute and then come to my bedroom."

When I entered I saw her laid back with her legs open missionary-style.

"I'm ready" she breathed.

Except I wasn't. I'd only come once that evening and while my cock was just semi-hard, it was easily rousable. No, it wasn't that. It just seemed, oh, too easy, too automatic. Like there should have been more tension, more hesitation, more of a build-up before taking that final step. I must have paused too long because...

"Andy, is something the matter?"

"Ah, well, um, I mean..."

Now she was sitting up with her legs closed. "What is it?"

"I don't know. I'm not..." To my shame I was now on the verge of tears, though I'd be damned if I would let that show. Instead, I went to her and hugged.

"I don't know Mom. I guess I'm not as ready as I thought."

Now she seemed overcome as I felt a couple of silent sobs.

"Oh Anders, it's all been too much for us. I feel awful at how I've pushed us, you, into this."

"Mom, you didn't. It just happened. It's just..." The rest of the sentence failed to materialize.

"Go now. We'd best sleep in our own beds and we'll talk tomorrow."

Man oh man. Another of these "we'll talk tomorrow" finales. Except that in the past it was because we'd gone too far. I wasn't sure how I'd handle this one, though I reminded myself that I was never sure how I'd handle the previous ones. Somehow that wasn't as reassuring as it was meant to be.

Next morning was quiet. My mother just muttered stuff about coffee and lunch and wouldn't look at me directly. I didn't want to take the lead either. Finally by late afternoon she broke the ice.

"Anders, I think we both know now that we let things get out of hand. I don't want either of us to beat ourselves up for anything we've done but surely you can see that we must go back to a normal mother and son relationship."

Well, this wasn't quite as painful as I feared but it still left me in the unpleasant position of having to reply.

"I guess you're right Mom."

"That's all you have to say?"


She looked as though she was about to deliver the follow-up part but instead just scowled, shook her head and turned away.

The next few days were strained. I'd picked up a part-time job at the library which included three evenings. So we weren't at home together so much. One evening that we were she spoke up.

"Anders, there are a couple of invitations I should tell you about. Your Aunt Anita called to invite us to a Thanksgiving fest in California. And Mr. Dobbin (one of our old neighbors) called about a neighborhood barbeque next weekend. Sort of an end-of-school start-of-summer get-together."

"California? What's up with that? And isn't Thanksgiving a long way off?

"I know. As for California, your Aunt Greta used to live on a commune there. Apparently they're celebrating its 25th anniversary so there's a reunion centred around Thanksgiving."

I hadn't travelled much and was plenty keen to see California. "Sounds great Mom, but can we afford to go?"

"No, not at present. But I said I'd tell you. Now what about the Dobbins' barbeque?"

"That should be OK. I wouldn't mind seeing the old neighborhood again and some of the neighbors too."

"Good. Same here. It's this Sunday. We don't need to bring anything and we'll have to take the bus."

Sunday rolled around and I tried to figure out the bus schedule. Although ours was a small city (or large town), we were on one side and our old neighborhood was on the other. Sunday service was much reduced and we'd have to transfer downtown. So what would have been a 20 minute drive looked to be well over an hour by transit.

We didn't talk much on the bus and finally arrived. There was quite a crowd and I was glad to see some of the kids from my old neighborhood. The ones around my age had mostly gone to the out-of-town state college and one had even gone to Yale, about which she let everyone know. They seemed happy enough to see me but I got the feeling they were under-impressed at my choice of the town's community college.

Fortunately there was one cute girl named Sheryl who had just finished high school. She too was thinking of the community college and we hit it off.

Meanwhile my mother was surrounded. With the weight loss she looked much better than before and a few of the men were chatting her up while their wives hovered nearby monitoring the situation.

One in particular, Howard Pike, seemed to be coming on to her. He was the neighborhood loudmouth, had a couple of drunk driving arrests to his credit and a couple of separations too. Now he was back with his wife but for how long, I wondered.

He'd been overly solicitous in getting her drinks and was conspicuously trying to charm her.

"Hey Rose, I always thought you were a 10 but now you're an 11." Followed by a bellowing laugh as though he'd just said something very funny.

Meanwhile I was enjoying chatting up Sheryl. She had the typical girl-next-door looks. About 5'8", slim, average sized breasts, a couple of freckles, dark brown hair in a pony-tail and a pleasant smile. She laughed at my jokes and had lots of questions about college and how I was getting on living with my mother. I stuck to the college questions.

At one point both my mother and I were inside in the kitchen fetching ice and soft drinks.

"How are you enjoying yourself Andy? That Sheryl seems taken with you."

"It's pretty good, though some of the kids are snobbier than I remembered."

"Oh, like Karyn. Can there be anyone here that doesn't know she's going to Yale?"

I laughed. "Probably not. And if there is someone, I wondered what they've been up to all afternoon. And what about you? Mr. Pike has been paying you a lot of attention."

"It's been nice to see some of the old crowd. As for Howard, the attention's been fun but I'd have to be pathetically desperate to take up with him. I'm surprised his wife took him back."

At that point others came into the kitchen and we retreated outside. It was late afternoon and the Dobbins, our hosts, asked if anyone cared for an afternoon swim. We hadn't brought bathing suits so of course Mr. Pike suggested a skinny dip, laughing loudly again. No one wanted to take him up on it and since by now he was slurring his words, I could see a couple of the men talking to him. Shortly thereafter he and his wife left.

The Dobbins assured Mom and me that they could find us suits but knowing the lousy bus connection, we declined and said our goodbyes.

Being a Sunday evening, the bus was uncrowded and because we were smelling of alcohol, we sat near the back.

"So Mom, you weren't tempted by Mr. Pike's skinny-dip proposal?" I said it teasingly and didn't expect a straight answer.

"Oh, I was tempted alright."

"Really? You? I thought you weren't keen on Mr. Pike."

"Oh, it wasn't Mr. Pike I had in mind." She smiled and put her head closer to whisper, even though no one was sitting within six rows of us. "It was you. I've missed seeing you naked." Followed by a soft giggle.

Whoa! I was a little worked up between flirting with Sheryl and the three or four drinks I'd had. Things had been frosty between Mom and I but now I was enjoying the forwardness.

I whispered back, "Oh yeah? Well I wouldn't have minded seeing you naked either."

"Well play your cards right and maybe you will."

"Fair enough. Just give me a nudge if I'm about to misplay them."

"Oh, I'll give you more than a nudge."

"Like what."

"Well nothing here on the bus. But back home..."


"First, we get out of these clothes. Then we make out in the hallway. I give your cock a few squeezes and you suck on my breasts."

"Do go on."

"Then I take you by the cock and lead you to my bedroom. You lie down, I fuck your face for a while, and then I turn around and we 69 until we come. Or something like that."

"Wow. You've really thought this out."

"I've been fantasizing about it for a couple of hours now. Are you OK with it?"

Even though there was no one sitting with half a dozen rows of us, I whispered. "More than OK Mom. I've missed sucking on your pussy lips and you sucking my cock." Her eyes widened and she smiled while I looked around in case there were hidden mikes.

"Well you won't have to miss it for long. Though it feels that way with this damn bus."

We didn't say much the rest of the trip. It was only about 20 minutes but it felt like hours. Finally last our stop arrived and we quick-marched the couple of blocks to our apartment.

We were the only ones on the elevator and my mother embraced my and kissed me hard. "Is my baby's cock ready to have his mother's lips wrapped around it?"

"It sure is."

"And is my baby's tongue ready to enter his mother's pussy?"

I stuck my tongue out at that. She responded by sucking it in. She stopped when we arrived at our floor and resumed the quick-march to our apartment. Once inside I grabbed her but she shimmied away with a smile. "First Anders, I have to pee and I'm going to brush my teeth."

She went to the bathroom but didn't shut the door. I watched as she pulled off her slacks and panties. Then she sat down and while I couldn't really see anything, I could hear a strong stream hitting the toilet bowl.

She smiled as she looked straight at me. "Your mother is feeling extra naughty tonight." Eventually the stream ended and she stood up, wiping between her pussy lips with a wad of toilet paper. Then she took a wash cloth, soaked it, and rubbed some more. "I don't want the taste of pee to put you off. Now you'd better relieve yourself as I don't want any interruptions later."

She began brushing her teeth while I looked vacant and confused. "Come on Anders. Get out of those jeans and relieve yourself."

I got the first part but had a mighty erection which made it impossible to pee. My mother sized up the situation and sighed.

"Oh Anders, I know what I have to do." She sat back down on the toilet and gestured me to approach her. I had to bend over a little and she took my cock in her mouth. She worked it up and down and rubbed my ass, eventually pushing her fingers between my ass cheeks. She continued to suck passionately and fingered my asshole. This was new to me and even though I thought it was something I shouldn't like, the sensation was mind-blowing. And soon enough, cock-blowing.

It felt like the biggest spurt of my life and I cried out "MOM!" She tried to swallow it but some seeped down her chin. She got up and kissed me. I could taste some of my cum in her mouth and while I wasn't crazy about the flavor, the act itself seemed pretty erotic.

"Now have your pee and meet me in the bedroom."

Done and done. I figured I might as well strip off and entered the bedroom, completely un-erect. She was under the covers and smiled brightly.

"Lie down with me Anders." We kissed some and stroked each other. Another erection wasn't on the horizon but the intimacy felt great. Then she got up on her knees and leaned over my lifeless cock.

"I think he needs some encouragement." She started giving it little licks and kisses interspersed with gentle manual stroking. Nothing yet. Then she shifted her position so her backside was inches from my face. The clear view of her pussy along with its smell gave me a twinge. Then another. "Oh Anders, I think I felt a heartbeat."

I started stroking her already wet pussy. She took my slightly stiffening cock into her mouth and shifted again so her pussy was right in my face. I breathed in the aroma and then started licking. With her bucking hips and my wild tongue-swipes, I couldn't get a fix on any one place but from her muffled sounds, she seemed to be enjoying it. By now I was hard again and we kept up the 69-ing for another minute of two.

Just as I reached maximum erection, she stopped and got off me. "Anders, there's something I want to try."

"This was it" I thought. "She actually wants to fuck me." And I was ready. Maybe it was missing the sexual activity or maybe it was Mr. Pike with his clumsy flirting but there was no doubt in my mind. I wanted to fuck her very badly.


"Anders, there was one time when I was riding your face and I came really hard. Would you mind if we did that gain?"

Not at all what I had in mind but I remembered it being pretty sexy. So I nodded and took her hand.

She straddled me, rose up on her knees and slowly lowered her crotch over my mouth. I got my tongue working and slid it into her pussy. We alternated between this and her sliding around so I could suck on her clit. From time to time she reached back and squeezed my cock. Her humping got more intense and with one great thrust she came, crying out "Oh Anders."

That elicited a thump from downstairs. She smiled with her hand over her mouth and began to slide down my. As her pussy got closer to my cock she put her finger over her mouth and raised her eyebrows. I nodded and felt her pussy making contact with my cock.

She was soaking and I was hard and slipped right in. Because of the thump we didn't speak but I remember feeling happier than I ever had. My cock was now inside my mother's pussy. I was fucking her and she was fucking me.

She put her hand on my cheek and we kissed. We kept humping and I caressed her ass. But mostly I was revelling in the knowledge and feeling that my cock was sliding in and out of my mother's cunt. Christ, how she could transform from a normal mother to this sexual beast was, well, I wasn't much for complicated thoughts. Instead I kept thrusting, caressing and enjoying the tight warmth of her slick pussy.

Soon enough I felt that pressure building and wanted to signal it to my mother. I had no idea what a "Mom-I'm-going-to-come" face might look like but tried one anyway. It involved wide open eyes and other stuff I'd rather forget. But she caught on and nodded. I was still a few thrusts away and just as I could feel the semen about to erupt, I gave her ass a strong squeeze.

The volume may not have been there but the intensity of the spurts sure were. And I couldn't keep my mouth shut. "Oh Mom!" Loudly.

"Fuck Anders. Oh fuck!" Loudlier.

She collapsed on me and I put my arms around her, my cock still in her pussy. Then from below, "Keep. It. DOWN!" THUMP THUMP THUMP.

My mother stifled laughter and put her hand over her mouth, whispering "I don't care how much we bothered him. That was fucking glorious. But what do we do now, and in the future?"

"Mom, I want to fuck you as often as possible. And for the future, I guess I'll be taking the stairs to the 7th floor too."
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