"Erotic Stories" Sister Must Share Bed with Brother C1

Erotic Stories Sister Must Share Bed with Brother C1
My name is Leah and I am 18 years old. I have one brother, Tyler, who is completing his second year of college. My mother is like most mothers, I guess. She is after me to make a decision as to what I am going to do in the Fall. I can't decide if I want to go to college or venture into something else. I have always wanted to do some modeling but I know that can be a rigorous profession, assuming I could even get my foot in the door.

Zoey, my best friend since grade school, has been modeling since she was 16. She tells me I would have no problems making it as a model. She has an agent and everything. She said her agent will help me if I really want to do that. Zoey showed him my Senior high school portraits and he told her I would have no trouble getting into the business. She said I have the body to be a swimsuit model. At 5'7" I am just barely tall enough. Zoey says the advertisers would fall in love with my straight long blonde hair that barely touches the top of my waist. I have blue eyes. I think my complexion is pretty good and my C cups are big enough to fill out a swimsuit top nicely and not overfill it.

Zoey and I look like sisters except she is two inches taller, with beautiful shoulder length auburn hair, green eyes and B cup breasts. She is envious of my slightly larger breasts, but I don't see a lot of difference. We go everywhere together. Zoey has a brother who is the same age as my brother. In fact our brothers are good friends.

Zoey and Caleb have always been very close and he is such a nice and handsome guy. I have told her many times how handsome I think her brother is.

The last time I said something about her handsome brother she said, "Girl, your brother is pretty hot himself. I have to admit Tyler is a hunk, but he is my brother. Zoey made the comment, "I wish you and Tyler were as close as Caleb and I are."

I said, "Zoey, I know you two have always had a special relationship. Do you think it is because of you loosing your parents when you were in grade school?"

"Yea, I think so. When that happened we had to move here to live with our aunt and uncle. It was the two of us against the world, or so it seemed. Caleb was always there for me. Even when we were little he thought he had to protect me. Don't get me wrong, I love my aunt and uncle and it had to of been a huge change in their lives to suddenly have to raise two kids who had just lost their parents. They are wonderful people and I will never forget what they did for us."

"That is cool. Tyler and I get along great, don't get me wrong, but we are just not as tight as you and Caleb. I know all siblings have problems, but Tyler and I have always been pretty tight."

Zoey said, "Hey I don't mean to be nosey, but I know you said Tyler is coming home from school for the summer."

"That's right he is supposed to be here Friday night."

"Yea, that is sort of what I was wondering about. Didn't you mom convert his bedroom last Fall when he left for school?"

"Yes even though I told her it was a mistake."

In a lowered voice she asked, "So where is Tyler supposed to sleep?"

I was afraid this topic was going to come up. I should have known it could not be avoided, especially with Zoey. I can talk to Zoey about anything, but this was one topic I really didn't want to discuss. I was looking down into my lap fiddling with my fingers trying to ignore the question.

"Leah? Did you hear me?"

Looking up with dread I said, "Yea Zoey. Yea, I heard you. It is just that..." and I began to cry.

Chapter 2 – Getting the News (Leah)

Today is one day I have not been looking forward to. With high school behind me and the whole summer ahead I was excited about what lay ahead for me now that I am officially an adult. I have to make a decision about college, modeling, or maybe something else. The only thing on my mind is the conversation my mother and I had a couple weeks ago.

When my brother, Tyler, left for college last Fall to attend his sophomore year mom got the idea she wanted to convert Tyler's room into a room for her crafts. Our house is so small there was no other place for her. We don't even have a garage or basement so she said since his room was not being used, she would use it for the crafts she makes and sells at the local Flea Market. She makes quite a bit from her creations and it helps with the huge tuition cost for Tyler to attend that special college he just had to attend.

Mom rationalized Tyler would most likely get a summer job near the college and would not be coming home for the summer. She said when he came home to visit she would get an air mattress and he could sleep in the living room. I didn't like it, but I knew better than argue with her once she had her mind made up.

Yesterday was Tyler's last final exam. He said he would be home this evening. He dropped the bombshell on our parents that he was considering transferring from where he is attending to the college here in the city where we live. He knows mom and dad struggle to pay his tuition and I think he feels like he should do this to help them. He has a job, but it does not help out much.

As mom was telling me about the new plans I was somewhere between wanting to scream 'I told you so' and crying my eyes out.

Looking at her I yelled, "MOM, where are you planning for him to sleep?"

"Honey I have been giving that some thought."

The way this was starting out was typical of mom when she had something to say, but didn't know how to tactfully word it in a way that I would accept.

"I talked to your father and his idea..."

Yea, just like mom. She was going to blame Daddy for what she was about to lay on me.

"Well, your father said he sees no reason Tyler and you can't share your room. After all, he will be gone most of the day. I doubt we will see him about here much except at night."

Okay, she said it, but what the hell was she thinking? "Mom, just in case you haven't been in my room recently, it has not grown any larger. My room is tiny. There isn't room for another bed. Besides that Mom, I am an adult woman and he is an adult male, who just happen to be brother and sister. Doesn't that sound a little weird?"

"Yea, I know you adults and as adults you must learn to adapt. Your father and I talked about the bed and Honey it is not like you have a twin bed. You have that full size regular bed and it should be fine."

"Mother, Tyler is my brother!"

"Yes he is and you two shared a room when you were little. Your father and I agree there is no reason you can't share a room now that you are both adults."

I had to think fast, but I had very little bargaining power. I didn't have any money, jobs are very scarce and worst of all, my father had already made his decision. Finally I decide to retreat, give this some thought and attack it with a full list of reasons this would not work

"Mom, this just won't work. Please reconsider what you are doing to me." I turned and walked out. I wanted the last word and I needed time to think.

At first I thought about calling Zoey. She always had all the answers, but then I realized I did not want to discuss this with her. She is my best friend in the whole world. How could I tell her my 21 year old handsome hunk of a man brother was going to be sharing my bed with me?

Even though I didn't want to tell her about Tyler, I would let Zoey know I wanted to look into the Modeling job if her agent was still willing to work with me. I needed money fast so I could move out on my own.

Chapter 3 – What is the Real Reason (Zoey)

Leah is my best friend and for some reason she is crying totally out of control. I obviously said something I shouldn't have that triggered my best friend's emotional breakdown. Whatever I did, it was totally by accident, but the problem is I don't know what it is I stepped into.

"Leah, please tell me what is wrong. Was it something I said?"

She was shaking her head, but still crying. Finally she looked up at me and her face was a total mess. Grabbing my purse I pulled several tissues out and handed them to her.

I was beginning to put the pieces together regarding why she was a total wreck, but I had to hear it from her. "Now, tell me what has you so upset."

"You will never believe it."

"You might be surprised. You know you can trust me with anything. Tell me what it is and I bet together we can come up with a plan to fix this."

As she continued to wipe her face she looked at me in a way I have never seen her look at me before. It was like she was trying to decide if she really could trust me. After a few moments she looked away as she continued to dry her tears.

She was now looking at her lap and shaking her head from side to side like she was trying to tell herself it was not true. I was afraid she was going to burst out crying again. Finally she looked up at me and I could see more tears were on the verge of spilling over her lower eyelid when she began talking.

As she continued to sniffle, wiping her nose and under her eyes, she said, "Zoey, you are never going to believe what my mother and father want me to do."

"Your mom is cool. I am sure it is not as bad as you are imagining it to be."

I saw the anger in her eyes as she spat out, "So you don't think it is fucked up to force me to share my bed with my brother?"

Shocked is one word for it, but it was so unlike her to talk to me like that and I was sure she had to have something wrong. "Please, I am sorry. I didn't mean it that way. I just meant maybe your Mom didn't mean it like you thought. Maybe if you tell me about it I can better understand. That does not sound like your mother was all I meant. Are you sure you are not leaving something out?"

"Okay, then if you know so much you tell me what I am leaving out. I asked my Mom where Tyler is going to be sleeping. I reminded her I have a full size bed, not a queen or king, but a regular full size bed. I reminded her there is no room for another bed in my tiny room, but she said we shared a room as small children, so it should not be a big deal."

She just sat looking at me as if to say, 'Okay Smart Ass tell me what I am misunderstanding.' I had to admit, from what she had said it sounded like it was pretty straight forward and would be hard to misunderstand. I still was not too sure there might not be a deeper issue, and I didn't know quite how to ask.

Why I say this is people tell Leah and I that we are beautiful. I am not saying we are, but that is what people say. Leah was the Prom Queen and got more votes from the student body than any other candidate has ever received, so I am not exaggerating when I say she is very pretty. In my opinion she is beautiful, but what do I know I am just her best friend.

I believe good looks oftentimes run in a family. Both of our brothers are handsome and very well built. It sometimes gets sickening seeing anything with a pussy swooning over my brother. He loves it and knows it drives me crazy.

This may should crazy, but I could not help but wonder if Leah was upset because she did not want to sleep with her brother because he was her brother, or could it be she did not want to share her bed with him because she didn't trust herself? I know Leah all too well and that is why I was unsure.

Leah and I are both on birth control. Neither of us is a virgin, but we aren't sluts either. You might call us adventurous. Just recently we experimented a little to see what it would be like to enjoy a pussy rather than a hard cock. It has only happened a couple times and just with each other, but we both enjoyed the experience. I don't know that I would say girls are better than a man, but it certainly is a nice change. I can see myself continuing to enjoy being with another girl from time to time. 

I lifted Leah's chin to look into her eyes. I wanted to see her eyes when she gave me her answer. I know Leah well enough she can't look me in the eyes and lie to me. After taking a deep breath I began, "Tell me the truth. We have been friends for so long I know you better than you know yourself and the same goes with you. Tell me one thing, are you upset having to share a bed with your brother because he is your brother, or could it be something else you are afraid of?"

She looked at me a few moments and I saw the tears beginning to fill her lower lid just before she jerked her chin to the side and out of my hand, lowering her head her uncontrollable crying began once again. She didn't need to answer my question verbally; she had just answered it loud and clear by her failure to answer.

The question now is what could be said that would calm her down so we could discuss the issue rationally. I knew how to do it, but I was not sure I wanted to go there.

Chapter 4 – How Did She Know (Leah)

I can't believe Zoey asked me that question. How could she know? I am not even sure I knew for sure, at least not until just right now. How could I ever face her again? Would my best friend look at me with disgust every time she sees me? Will she see me as a slut who want's her brother so much I don't trust myself in the same bed with him? I guess if she does, I can't blame her. It certainly would not be an inaccurate appraisal.

Why am I so fucked up? How could an 18 year old girl want her brother's cock in her more than anything else she could think of? Maybe I need to see a psychiatrist, but my parents don't have the money to send me to a shrink.

Just a couple of weeks ago, for the first time ever I stripped naked and got into bed with my best friend. Not only did I do it, I enjoyed. In fact I enjoyed it so much we spent three hours naked and in bed with each other a few days later. Am I really a lesbian or a girl who wants her brother to fuck her brains out? Maybe I am so sick and fucked up medical science has not yet come up with a term to describe my type of perversion.

I could hear Zoey talking, but I was so deep in my own thoughts I was only hearing bits and pieces of what she was saying. I know I have to face this and Zoey is my best friend. Maybe she can help. I looked up at her and I see this beautiful and loving face looking at me. Is this the face of my very best friend or is it the face of my most recent lover? Could it be both?

I saw her lips moving then heard her say, "Leah, we need to talk about this. Please talk to me."

"Zoey, you don't want to be my friend. I am so fucked up. You don't want to be seen with me. How fucked up is a girl who wants to sleep with her brother? What girl dreams at night that her brother has her pinned down under him with his hard cock inside her fucking the shit out of her?" I lowered my face back into my hands holding the tissues. I had stopped crying, but my heart was pounding and I had no idea what to do. Then I heard Zoey.

"Well for what it is worth I know two who do."

I looked up at her trying to understand what she had just said. She rephrased it saying, "Leah, I know at least one girl, other than you who wants her brothers cock inside her. Unlike you, the girl I know actually knows what her brother's cock feels like inside her."

Cocking my head to the side and looking at her I was totally confused. "You mean... You mean you and..." I saw her nodding her head.

"Yes Leah, Caleb fucks his sister and his sister her brother inside her. She likes it a lot."

"But, but how long has..."

"How long has he been fucking his sister? He would not touch me until my 18th birthday. On my birthday he gave me the best birthday present I have ever received."

I was not sure whether to believe her or not. Was she trying to make me feel better by making up this story or was she telling me the truth. Her birthday had been just over eight months ago. How could she be doing something this significant and not have told me? As I thought for a moment I wondered if the roles were reversed would I have told her. If I was honest with myself I had to admit I most likely would not have told her.

I asked, "How did it happen?"

"You know my brother is as hot just like Tyler. I have teased him a lot about the girls always being after what he has in his pants. You know how sisters are, we like to tease. Well, one day maybe a month or so before my birthday he said, 'Girls appreciate and want what a real man has to give them.'"


"I asked him, 'So big brother whenever you meet a girl who wants what a real man has, which friend of your do you give their name to? Besides that, just so I will know, what is it that a real man has that drives women so crazy they have to have it?"

I was laughing hearing how she had been messing with Caleb. "So what did he say?"

"He told me I was too young to understand. He said only adults would understand."

"What happened then?"

"Nothing, he told me I was too young. He said when I was an adult he would answer my question, if I still wanted to know."

"So, on your birthday?"

Zoey gave me a big grin and looked side to side checking to see if anyone was listening. "It was late and everyone had gone to sleep. Earlier my aunt had a birthday cake and a little party to celebrate. Caleb had given me a red satin teddy as a birthday gift. It had a card in it that read, 'Adult sleepwear for an adult woman.' My aunt and uncle laughed. My aunt took it from me and looked at it. She told me how pretty it was but to be careful wearing it since some men would get the wrong idea."

"So did you wear it?"

"What do you think? Hell yes I wore it. It was so pretty and made me feel very sexy, but I didn't expect anything other than a good night's sleep. The house was quiet and I had almost drifted off to sleep when I heard the lock on my bedroom door click."

"Oh shit! What did you do?"

"Nothing, I froze and didn't move. I was laying on my side facing away from the door toward my bedroom window. I heard Caleb's voice behind me as he very quietly whispered asking if I was awake. I didn't turn my head from the window and said, 'No, not yet.' He said he had promised me something and he would never break a promise he ever made to me."

"What was the promise?"

"That is what I asked him. He asked me, 'Do you remember what you asked me about six weeks ago and I told you I could not answer your question until you were an adult?' I thought back and remembered exactly the entire conversation. He asked if I wanted him to answer my question now that I was 18 and an adult."

"And, what did you say?"

"What do you think? I told him I had been waiting for my answer. I felt my mattress sag from his weight as he sat on my bed directly behind me. He said, he remembered I asked him if I knew any real men. He said the answer to the question is that he does. He said, 'You wanted to know what real men have that women want.' He paused then he asked if I still wanted to know. Leah, I could hardly talk. My throat was so dry. I was able to get out, in a very hoarse whisper, 'Yes, I want to know.' I felt his hand on my shoulder. He very slowly slid his hand down my arm until it was at my wrist. In the dark his hand felt huge. He wrapped his fingers around my wrist and lifted my limp arm placing it behind me. He put my hand directly on top of his bare cock."


"Really Leah. It was so big and hard I could not believe it. He put my fingers on his balls. That was when he let go of my wrist and said, 'Baby Sister, that is what a real man has that drives women crazy.'"

"Oh Fuck! What did you do?"

"At first not much. I didn't move my hand away and he didn't move off the bed. Then I began moving my hand and feeling him. After a couple minutes I rolled over onto my back. The light coming in through my windows from the street light outside gave me enough light I could see him. I had never seen him look as good as he did right then. His body looked incredibly large as I lay there looking up at him. I moved my other hand to between his legs and began feeling him with both hands. His body is so muscular and I could see the light gleaming off his hairy chest. I had his balls in both of my hands as I looked down at his cock. Leah, it was so hard it was pointing up at maybe a 45 degree angle. It looked even larger than it felt. Leah, he is so thick and long, it was a moment I will never forget as long as I live. It was such a special moment for both of us. At that moment I did not see my brother, I saw the most handsome man I had ever seen."

"What happened next? Did he stay?"

"He touched my waist and asked, 'Is this the teddy I gave you?' I couldn't say anything, I just nodded my head. In the dim light I could see him smile and saw his head move as he looked at me laying there. He looked at my face clear to my toes. He said 'I hope you like my gift. You sure make it look good Sis. Your body is so fucking hot.' I have no idea how I summoned up the courage, but I asked him if he only had the one gift for me on such a special birthday."

I was getting excited and asked, "Oh fuck, what did he say?"

"You are not going to believe this, but he said, 'I do have another gift for you, but only if you really want it.' I asked him if he had ever heard of a girl who didn't want all the gifts she could get. Then I asked him what the other gift was. Leah can you believe he told me I was holding it in my hands and that if I was a really good girl and took care of the gift he had for me there was a surprise gift inside it?"


"Yes, he really did."

"What did you do?"

"I moved my legs apart and told him since it was his give to me, he needed to decide how he wanted to give me his gift himself. He was between my legs and close enough I could see the smile on his face as he lowered himself closer to kiss me. Leah, you can't imagine it. That kiss was unlike any kiss my brother or for that matter, any man had ever given me before. I melted as I felt his hands on my body. I felt hand move between our bodies then his fingers between my legs. I felt him the crotch of my teddy. When his bare fingers touched my bare pussy I almost cried out and woke the entire house. He looked at me grinning. He asked me why an adult woman felt like a child. At first I didn't understand then I realized he was talking about my shaved pussy. I just grinned and told him all my lovers like be bald."

"What did he say?"

"He grinned and asked me how many lovers I have. I told him in just a minute or two, I hoped I would have my first. I don't count the guy who took my virginity, he was not a lover. Caleb told me he liked that and that my future lover did like my bald pussy." He had me wanted to feel his cock inside my pussy. He told me to take hold of him and to put him inside my pussy."

"Did you do it?"

"Hell yes, I did it. I rubbed it up and down between my lips. Leah, it felt so good. I was so wet I could not believe how wet I was. He asked me if I was ready. I told him I was so far past ready. He warned me it might hurt a little since he figured I would be tight and he is so large. He said it would get better once he was inside me and I stretched out a little."

"Did it hurt?"

"Yes, quite a bit at first, but he was gentle and went really slow. When he was inside me he stopped and lay on top of me. He told me how good his cock felt inside me and how he had always wanted me. He said he had told himself I had to be an adult before he would even think about touching me and I would have to make the first move letting him know I was interested. When be began to move it was the most wonderful feeling. He asked me if I wanted him to wear a condom, but I told him I was on birth control and I wanted my big brothers next gift deep inside me. I told him he was never ever allowed to put it inside a condom."

"Leah, my brother filled my pussy with his semen for the first time that night. He has kept me filled on a pretty regular schedule since then. It always feels to good, but that first time was really special."

"Does anyone else know?"

"Well, as a matter of fact, yes. The next morning my aunt kept glancing at me, giving me smiles like she knew something. I was afraid she must have heard us or something and I didn't have the courage to face her. I tried avoiding her, but she got me in a corner and I could not easily slip away. She asked me how I enjoyed my birthday party. I told her it was really nice and thanked her for the cake and gifts. She grinned and said, 'That was quite a gift Caleb gave you. It was pretty, but maybe a little unusual for a gift from a brother to his sister.' I said, 'Yea, you know he is always joking around like that but it was such a pretty red satin.' I was mortified when she said, 'Oh no honey I meant the gift he gave you after everyone else except you, Caleb and I had gone to bed. That is the gift I was talking about. I agree, the teddy was very pretty. You need to take care of it. I want you to remember whenever you get a man's semen on any of your clothes make sure to let me know so I can be sure to get it washed out.'"

"No Shit? I would have died right there on the spot. What did you say?"

"What could I say? There was no use denying it, she obviously knew what happened. I did ask her how she knew."

"What did she say?"

"She said, 'Honey, when a man gives a pretty girl a gift, like that teddy, there is not much doubt what is on his mind. I have be watching the two of you and I knew it would happen before too much longer. I am happy Caleb had the willpower to wait until your 18th birthday."

"How about sense then?"

"She has made several comments. I don't know how she does it, but every morning afterwards she tells me to make sure to get anything I need cum washed out of into the laundry and that if I had gotten my sheets wet to strip them off so she can wash them." 

"It sounds to me like she is really cool about it."

"Yes, she is great. She has just told me to make sure I take my birth control pills and to get frequent check-ups with my doctor."

"WOW that sounds great. I have to ask, was Caleb as good as you thought? Do you have any regrets?"

"Even better and not a one, in that order."

I had been so drawn into Zoey's story I had forgotten all about my own issues. Maybe it would work out, but I knew my Mom and Dad would not be as cool about it as Zoey's aunt. That I knew for sure.

Chapter 5 – Home for the Summer (Tyler)

This past Spring semester had been a long one and I was more than ready to get back home for the summer. We would see how things went, but I was seriously considering transferring to the college at home. I know the tuition is killing them. I could still get a good education if I stayed at home instead of having to attend an Ivy League college with an overpriced name and reputation.

Mom told me she needed to talk to me when I got home, but wouldn't say much else regarding what it was about. I was looking forward to seeing Leah. My sister and I are a little under three years apart in age and have always been very close. It always gave me a charge when we were in high school and guys I didn't run around with would try to be friendly with me. I always knew what was up, but I played along so I could watch them make fools of themselves and to screen who got through the protective wall I had constructed.

All guys who have smoking hot sisters know what I am talking about. Leah was the head cheerleader and always very popular. She was homecoming queen her Senior year. My fun was when guys thought they had sucked up to me enough they had the confidence to ask if I could set them up with my hot sister. I always told Leah when a guy was starting to show interest in her. Some of them she wanted to ask her out on a date, and others she had no interest in.

I had to admit, if I wasn't her brother I would certainly have been in line to try and take her on a date. She is a tease, but not as bad as her friend Zoey. I think Leah is the best looking of the two, but not by much. They both turn the heads of men without even trying.

Zoey's brother Caleb and I have always been good friends. I haven't talked to him in a while since moving away to go to school. We always watched our sisters and laughed as the guys made fools of themselves as they tried to date them. Caleb and I even talked about how we might one day date each other's sister. It made sense with us being good friends and our sisters being good friends. Maybe one day, but so far it hadn't happened.

Zoey is a beautiful girl in her own right. I prefer my sister's long blonde hair to Zoey's shorter auburn hair and Leah does have larger tits. When we were in school and Leah was around my friends and me, when she would leave they would say, "Too bad she is your sister buddy. That means we don't have to compete against you for some of that beautiful babe's attention."

I would usually punch them in the arm, but it was all in good fun. I knew they would not hurt her, at least if they wanted to continue to live, they would not hurt her. I have to admit I might have been a little overprotective of Leah, but sometimes the guys she liked I knew better than she did. Whenever I found out some asshole was interested in her, I would have a conversation with the guy and patiently explain to him why he had suddenly developed a change of heart and had lost interest in her. Let's just say I never had one of them challenge me and Leah always wondered why those guys would suddenly quit talking to her or even avoid her if they found themselves in the same area.

Dad knew what I was doing and he always enjoyed hearing the stories about the guys who would suddenly lose interest in the most gorgeous girl in school even after she had shown interest in them. I never told mom, but I think dad might have let her in on the conversations I had in secluded dark corners with my sister's boyfriend want-a-bees. Mom probably appreciated me looking out for Leah, but like I said, she never let on to me that she knew.

I pulled into the drive and Mom was the only one home. She helped me carry everything into the house. As usual, Mom was full of questions. I answered many of them then had one of my own.

"Mom, what was it you wanted to talk about? Over the phone it sounded like it was something serious."

"Tyler, it is just your sister."

I joked asking, "What's wrong is she pregnant?"

She gave me a dirty look and said, "Don't even joke about that. No, she is not pregnant, but she is upset."

"What about?"

"Well Baby when you left for college, I needed a room for my crafts. You know I make that stuff and sell it at the flea market to help out with the bills?

"Yes Mom, I know about your crafts. What does that have to do with Leah and more importantly what was so important you could not tell me about it over the phone?"

"I didn't have a choice I had to take your room for my crafts. That means you and Leah are going to have to share a room and she is not happy about it."

"So Leah and I get to bunk up like when we were kids?"

"Exactly and that is what I told her. Can you please talk to her about it and let her know it will be okay?"

"Sure Mom, I will take care of it. Don't worry about the little shit when there are much bigger things to worry about."

"Tyler, I know you have been away, but when you are home can you please clean up your language?"

"Okay Mom, I am sorry, but once in a while some shit might just slip out."

Mom gave me a dirty look and said, "I figure some battles are worth fighting and others are better ignored." She just grinned and shook her head before giving me a big hug. "I love you Baby. It is good to have you home."

"I love you too Mom. Speaking of sisters, do you know where Leah is?"

"I think she and Zoey are out together. Wherever you find one the other will be close by."

"Unpacking can wait until after I talk to Sis. I am going to kick back and watch some TV and relax. Is there any beer in the fridge?"

"Yes, your father has something in there. Not sure what it is."

"If it is cold it will be perfect."

I grabbed a beer and turned on the TV. A college football gave was on and I had heard it was supposed to be a good one. As I watched I wondered to myself how this conversation with Leah would go. I know it shouldn't have, but the thought of sleeping in the same bed with a beautiful woman, even if she was my sister, made my cock harden just a little. I can't help it that my sister is so good looking.

The game had been a good one. Just as it was winding down in the last few seconds the team with the ball was ahead and was in the process of killing the clock by taking a knee each time the ball was snapped. I heard the door and looked up to see Leah coming in. She saw me and a huge smile came across her face. From what Mom had said I thought I would be in for a fight with her, but it was a much different reception that I had anticipated.

As I stood I said, "Hey Prom Queen." She gave me a dirty look as I teased her about being elected Prom Queen this past school year. I told her I felt sorry for the other girls who were chosen as candidates since they did not stand a chance of winning.

"Sis you have it in the bag." I told her when she had called and told me she was one of the candidates. She came over to me wrapping her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss on the cheek then asked, "How long you been home?"

She smelled of powder and perfume. As always she looked absolutely hot. My sister would have to really work at looking bad in order to pull it off.

It was warm outside so she was wearing one of those tops that ties in a little knot between and right under the tits. She had on a pair of shorts that I was confident Dad hadn't seen; otherwise she would not have been wearing them. They were very short and made her long legs look even longer. When I hugged her I could tell there was no bra under the top but she might have on a thong; however I would not bet much money on it. She was wearing some girly sandals. "Maybe a couple of hours, I am not sure. I have just been watching the game. Hey Sis, you have anything going on that can't wait? I would like to take a walk and discuss something."

"No, nothing going on that can't wait."

"Great, let's get out of here."

As we left I glanced back and saw Mom watching. I read her lips as she mouthed the words, "Talk to her" as I closed the door I nodded letting her know that was the plan.

"Sis, how is everything going?"

"Great now that you are home. I really have missed not having you around."

"I know, I have missed you too. Mom told me about this bedroom thing. I am sorry, maybe I should just get an apartment or call one of my buddies and bunk with him."

She looked at me, but was quiet. "One of your guy buddies I assume?"

"Maybe, but who knows. Maybe there are still some hot chicks from high school around who have not yet had a ring put on their finger."

She doubled up her fist and hit my shoulder and said, "You better just leave those skanks alone. You never know what diseases they have."

"Skanks Huh?"

"Yea, you know the type. I know it will suck to have to share a bed with your kid sister, but it would be better than having that thing hanging between your legs that you are so proud of getting all full of infection and having to be amputated or falling off."

"Now that you put it that way I can think of worse things than sleeping with the Prom Queen."

"Will you please quit calling me Prom Queen? It is so embarrassing."

"Were my sister not the Prom Queen and did she not get more votes than any other Prom Queen in the history of the school? If I understand this right I will be sleeping in the same bed as the aforementioned Prom Queen. What part of this do I have wrong?" 

She wrapped her arms around me again and said, "Big brother I do love you and I am so happy you are home."

"Same here Sis." I grinned and said, "Have you seen all those guys at the windows in the houses we walked by? They would give anything to be in my shoes at this moment."

"Yea right. I am sure they would. Dad has had to resort to putting guard dogs around the house at night just to keep them a safe distance from the house."

I started laughing at the mental image her sarcastic remark brought up in my mind.

"How is your hot friend?"

"You mean Zoey? She is fine."

"You mean she is not pregnant yet?"

"Tyler, seriously? She is on birth control just like me."

I was not expecting to hear those words come out of the mouth of my 18 year old sister. I had to wonder if that meant it was a preventative measure Mom took, or if it is needed. It would not surprise me if she is not a virgin, but I didn't know for sure and now really wasn't a good time to find out.

"Let's head back home so I can unpack. I don't suppose you have an empty drawer or two. I can live out of boxes and my suit case if you don't."

"Sorry, I don't have enough room for my own stuff. I dream of a huge bedroom with absolutely huge walk-in closets. I think I would have one closet just for shoes."

I laughed at her and said, "I pity the poor man who snags your high maintenance ass. He better be filthy rich."

She put both arms around my bicep as she danced along beside me and happily said, "I am worth it and you know it."

I thought to myself, "Yes Sis you really are," but I would never admit that to her. Her head really would swell.

Chapter 6 – Yes Daddy (Leah)

Mom went all out fixing dinner on Tyler's first night back home. Mom is a great cook and it really was delicious. I had helped Mom finish fixing dinner and helped her clean up the dishes. It felt good having my brother home. I really did miss not having him around.

I would never admit it to him but I was really bummed out he could not be here to see me when I got crowned Prom Queen. I get a kick out of him teasing me when he calls me Prom Queen.

Tyler can get by teasing me a lot more than anyone else. I like it from him, but if others tried it I would scratch their eyes out.

After talking with Zoey today I felt a lot better about sharing my bed with my brother. I had no plans of seducing him or anything else to occur between us, but I was not so upset about it. When we were talking today it slipped out I am on birth control. I didn't really mean to share that information with him, but it was out before I realized what I had said.

The knowledge that Zoey and her brother have gone so much further than Tyler and I will ever go did give me a better feeling about him being so close. I wondered about what to wear to bed. I know most guys sleep naked. I wear an oversized t-shirt, but nothing under it to bed. It might be interesting to see what modifications we would both need to make in our sleepwear.

Dad and Tyler had been talking constantly since Dad got home. I listened in a little, but they began discussing things I had absolutely no interest in so I went into the Tyler's old room where Mom was working. She looked up and smiled as I entered.

The elephant in the room was obvious, so I took it upon myself to let the elephant out. "Mom, I am sorry I blew up about sharing a bed with Tyler. We talked about it and it is cool between us. I should not have been such a brat." (next Chap 2)
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