"Sex Stories" Mom Gets Brave

Sex Stories Mom Gets Brave
It was another usual day and I was into my usual business. I was in the bathroom, masturbating while sniffing my mother's panties. My cock was very hard and my eyes closed. I was enjoying the scent of her cunt and dreaming that I was licking it. Suddenly the door opens and she comes in. At first she didn't realise that I was in there. When she saw me her eyes opened wide and she run away screaming how sorry she was. I didn't really bother. This was not the first time that she got me in this position. I kept on jerking off until my balls emptied, I cleaned myself and I went to my room. I went back to my work. I was selling things through internet. It's a job that my mother didn't consider "proper" but which gave us enough money, in order to have a decent life. Since the day my father had left us, I was the one who was bringing money to our house. My mother has always been a housewife. She was perfect in her duties but they didn't give us any money at all.

At some point she came to my room.

"Son I need to talk to you!"

"Tell me mom. I'm all ears."

"Son this can't go on anymore!"

"What do you mean mom?"

"You can't keep on jerking off while you sniff my panties!"

"Which part exactly is bothering you? The fact that I jerk off or the fact that I sniff your panties?"

"Well...as a grown up man you can jerk off, if you wish. Of course I wouldn't like that to happen either but I understand it. The fact that you sniff my panties though is very embarrassing."

"So is the fact that you come in the bathroom without knocking first. Have I ever been doing that?"

"No, you haven't"

"Imagine me doing it. How would you like that? While you take a shower for example or while you piss, or perhaps while you masturbate."

She got completely red and put her head down.

"I...I don't masturbate..." she said, but her face had turned completely red. 

"That is not the point here! The question is: would you like me to act that way?"

"No, son!" she admitted in a very low voice. "It was going to be very embarrassing."

"You see? You keep on doing it though, even though I have told you many times not to."

"But there was no sound coming from the bathroom!" she tried to defend herself.

"Sorry mom! Next time when I am in there, I'll start moaning and shouting how much I love your pussy odour, so that you know I'm in and you knock first."

She got again very red and left the room.

I started to laugh. In fact I really enjoyed that kind of game. I was trying to make her open herself and admit that she liked to watch me. Because I was sure that this was the truth: my mother loved the fact that I was jerking off while dreaming of her. When my father left us, three years ago, he told her that it was her fault. She had neglected herself and became fat and ugly. Unfortunately I must admit that he was right. Comparing my mother's outlook nowadays with that, ten years ago, she has changed a lot. Nevertheless that is only half of the truth. The other half is that my father had found a woman in my age, fresh and sexy and he left us for her. 

My poor mother was devastated. Myself, on the other hand, I was happy. Since my childhood I was fond of her and now that my main obstacle had gone, I had the chance to claim her for myself. I decided that I was going to be the man in the house. I would prove her that she could count on me and make her love me, not only as a son, but also as a lover. I tried to think of a job that was going to give me good money, without being out of the house for long. In the end it was exactly this one: salesman through internet. It took me for a while of course to learn the job, but two years later I was already making our living. 

This gave me another great advantage: my mother was completely depended on me now. Without a job and without anyone else to whom she could possibly go and ask shelter, she was forced to stay with me, whether she liked it or not. I'm not an oppressor neither treat her in a bad way. But I was going to make it clear to her that I liked her and I wanted to be her lover, no matter what.

I started to do things that seemed a bit strange to her. I was going out of the bathroom naked, after taking a shower. I was jerking off in my bedroom while telling things like: "Oh yes mom, suck my cock" or "I love your tits so much mom. May I suck them?" Then I started to sniff her panties. I knew that she was aware of all these and I was expecting the day when she would talk to me, but this day hadn't come till now. In my mind I was wondering why? Was she afraid? Did she believe that she was going to infuriate me by saying anything about all these? Was she afraid that I was going to kick her out of the house? Did she prefer to pretend that she hadn't noticed anything? Or did she really enjoy all this game? 

I was suspecting the last one, but I couldn't be sure. I knew a few things though. I had seen her spying me while I was jerking off, on my bed. There is a mirror, put in a "strategic" way, in order to point my room's door. I saw her watching me because I kept my eyes closed but not completely. Then she was coming in the bathroom every time when I was in there and I didn't make any noises. She knew that I was jerking off and she wanted to see if I was using her panties to get "inspiration". One more thing was that I always found her used panties in the laundry basket. If she really felt annoyed or embarrassed, she could keep them in her closet and put them straight to the washing machine. But the most important thing was that I knew my mother well. She couldn't fool me. She was a hot woman, craving for cock. I knew that she was masturbating too. In fact I knew that she had a couple of vibrators that she used often. VERY often as a matter of fact. Her bedroom was next to mine, so I had heard her playing with her toys, while she thought that I was sleeping. One night I thought that I heard her saying "fuck me son". Maybe she did, maybe I just heard what I wanted to hear.

The next day my mother was cleaning the house and she asked me if she could clean my room. I told her that sure she could, as long as I didn't have to go out. I decided to try something. I went to a porno site in which everyday men were sending naked photos of wife or girlfriend. It didn't take long before I got my mother's attention. She wasn't shocked at all. Instead she asked:

"What is this all about son?"

"A porno site. Any man can send photos of ordinary women."

"Do you mean that men send photos of wives?" she asked really impressed.

I started to laugh.

"Yes mom! What is so strange about that? Wives, girlfriends, friends, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins...whatever! A guy has sent photos of his grandmother."

"Stop joking now!"

"I'm not joking. Wait!" 

I searched for a while and found it.

"Here! What does the title say?" I asked her

"My grandmother!!" my mother said astonished. 

I started to check the photos. The guy had contributed quite many. At first there was the naked body of an old woman, probably at her 70's, from back. Then from front. Even her face was showed. She was smiling. My mother looked completely stunned. Then there was a young guy also naked next to her. In the next one she was giving him a blowjob and then he was licking her cunt. In the rest they were fucking. My mother was shocked.

"How can they do such a thing? How dare they do it?" she asked me.

"Which part do you mean?"

"Everything! How dare she show her naked body and then her face and then her grandson?! This is insane!" 

"Perhaps, but take a look at the comments."

All the comments were positive. People gave a positive feedback about their bravery and even praised granny's body. 

"Amazing!" my mother said.

"No it's not. People are bored of all these models with fake breasts and want to see real, ordinary women. They give a feedback too. Look, this one has 52% positive feedback" I told her and started to download other contributions. 

Most of the women were around my mother's age. In general they were chubby but many of them were quite fat too.

"So, do people really like this kind of women?"

"If they don't why should this site be then? There have been so far...12,365,472 visitors."

"Do you believe that I was going to be successful too?" she asked me shyly.

I didn't laugh. Instead I told her, very seriously:

"All you have to do is try!"

She was very skeptical for a couple of minutes.

"I'll think about it and I'll let you know!" she said finally and she left my room.

I knew that she went to masturbate. She got too excited. My mother's problem was her lack of confidence. She believed that she looked ugly, that her body was fat and that none would pay attention to her. That was wrong. She was chubby but not fat. Besides, her body was not loose, since she was working the whole day, taking care of the house, cleaning, doing laundry, ironing. On that field she was a perfectionist and she spent all her time taking really good care of the house and me. She was a perfect cook and she even did things like painting the walls. On the other hand, I don't even remember the last time when I saw her using make up. She never painted her finger nails or toe nails and she wouldn't visit the hairdresser. Her underwear was suitable for a granny but not for a woman 43 years old. Her panties were all made of cotton. To make it as simple as possible: my mother was a woman who had forgotten how to be female. She had lost her sexuality completely, or so she believed.

The same evening, while I was sitting on the toilet and getting ready to jerk off, I realised that there were no dirty panties of hers. I was ready to call her and complain but she came in suddenly (without knocking the door first, of course) and she told me:

"I decided that I want to try it! I'll be brave and let you take a few naked photos of me and post them in that site. I want to see what people will say."

"I'm very glad to hear that but I'm also unhappy because there are no dirty panties in the laundry basket!"

"Sorry!" my mother said and she took off her panties and gave them to me. "Have a nice time with them!" she wished me and left.

Needless to say that I ejaculated twice simultaneously!

Next morning my mother was so excited that she couldn't wait. I told her that I would have liked to buy a proper camera because my mobile phone's camera was of poor quality.

"No problem son! Just a few shots, please!" she almost begged me.

"Ok!" I said finally. "Let's do it your way now. Next time though it will be my way, ok?"

"Yes, yes! It's a deal. Next time I promise you I'll do as you wish!"

"So.." I thought "..there will be a "next time". Great!"

In fact I took many photos of hers. I explained her that it was necessary to do it that way. We could choose together which ones we would post. Then we sat together in front of the computer, I transferred the photos there and we started to choose the best ones. My mother liked only three of them but I chose two more. Again, I explained her that it is a benefit to have more photos. I also told her that I see the whole project from a man's point of view. I persuaded her and finally we contributed five photos. 

"Now we have to wait for three days."

"Three days? Why so long son?"

"Mom, we need to get feedback from many viewers."

"OK! Since you say so, I guess I have to believe you."

The same night I checked what people had said. Comments were mixed, both positive and negative. I spent some time creating new profiles in the site. I left positive comments but I was always asking for more, suggesting that she should shave her pussy, that she should show more flesh and that she should wear sexy underwear. I repeated the same procedure the next night too. 

Finally, the important day had arrived. My mother was waiting for it with great anticipation. She was very excited the moment when she sat next to me.

"Before we start, I want to ask you, how much per cent positive feedback will please you?" 

"Hmmm...I guess that 40% will be good. I'll be disappointed if I get less."

"And if you get more than that?"

"Until 50% it's ok. If I get more than 50% I'll be really excited!"

"Ok! Let's have a look then!"

When mother show the "magic" number 56, she was really thrilled. The poor woman almost started to cry out of joy. She couldn't imagine, not even in her wildest dreams, that the positive feedback was going to be that high. 

She started to clap her hands and then she hugged me and kissed me many times. 

"Thank you so much son!" she kept on telling me.

"Mom you don't have to thank me! It's not me in these photos!" I told her laughing.

"Now, if you excuse me, I have to go to the toilet. All this hugging and kissing has caused me some kind of...excitement" I told her and I pointed at my cock.

She looked at it and realised how hard I was. She put her hand in front of her mouth.

"Oh my God! I'm really very sorry son!"

"No problem! This is something that I can fix easily" I told her smiling and stood up.

"Just make sure that you read the comments, so we know what people want to see of you next time."

"Sure son! I should not disappoint my "fans", isn't so?" she asked me and winked. 

I gave her a thumb-up and left. As soon as I was in the bathroom, I realised that, once more, there were no dirty panties. 

"MOM!" I shouted loud.

A few seconds later, the door opened and my mom's hand tossed her panties to my direction. I couldn't know if she had rubbed them on her cunt, on purpose, or she was just too horny. All I knew was that they were very wet. For the first time I even licked them.

After I had finished I went to see how was she doing. I decided to take a sneaky look first. As I was suspecting, she was masturbating, while reading the comments. Many had said that they would have liked to lick her cunt and suck her breasts. In one of my comments, I went as far as to say that I would have liked to shove my cock in her cunt. I was very excited again and this time I decided to do something I had never done before. I went to jerk off again but this time I came on her panties and I put them back in the basket, in that way that she could see what I did. Finally I went back, shouting at her: 

"How did you like the comments mom?"

"Oh, they are so nice most of them. People are very polite! Listen, listen: "your pussy looks like a flower. I would love to smell it!" Isn't it very romantic?"

"Umm...well...yes, I suppose you could say that!" I answered her. It was one of my comments.

"Another great one: "This cunt is made for fucking! I want to shove my cock in it!". How much passion! What a man!"

"Mom! Are you joking?" I asked her, really confused with her reaction.

"Not at all! Your father never talked to me in such a passionate way!" 

"Ok...whatever you say!"

"People like me a lot son! They want to lick my pussy, to suck my nipples, even to fuck me! I am not an ugly bitch! I'm desirable!"

"So, now you believe me!"

"Yes I do and thank you for opening my eyes!"

"Welcome! Do you have any requests from your fans?" 

"Yes, I do, as a matter of fact! They want to see more of me. Some are asking for specific positions, some others want to see my face, others ask for sexy underwear...boots...garters...high heels...what else?...I guess that's all."

"Very well. Are you ready to fulfil their expectations?" 

"Apart from showing my face, all the rest I can do."

"Very well. So, go now and make an appointment with a hairdresser for tomorrow, also with a manicurist for manicure and pedicure. Then we go shopping together. We'll buy you sexy lacy underwear, high heel boots and a mask."

"What do I need the mask for?"

"To cover your half face. This way none will recognize you."

"Are you sure?" 

"I am 100% sure. I shall tell the hairdresser how to fix your hair."


The same night my mother used her vibrators. This time she didn't bother, neither about my presence in the next room, nor about the fact that I was still awaken. I am sure I heard her saying "Cum inside me son" and I knew that she had licked all my cum from her panties. We were on a good road.

In the next afternoon the moment of truth had arrived. My mother did everything I had told her. She had shaved her cunt and her legs. Even her asshole was completely clear (that I realised later, of course, while taking the photos). She had worn her sexy underwear, her garters and stockings and her boots. Her pretty red finger nails were shining. She also used a very red lipstick (which was a pleasant surprise, since she bought it herself, secretly) and her mask. Her hair were curly. She looked younger. I had bought a new camera and we started to take photos. At first, mother kept everything on, then she moved her thong to the side, revealing her cunt's full glory. The same she did while I took photos of her ass. Finally she took the thong off and started to pose in a very nasty way. At first she spread her pussy completely open, then she did the same with her ass cheeks giving full view of her asshole. She was laying on the floor, legs spread and breasts in her hands, with eyes closed, while licking her lips. In the end she told me that she would like me to take a photo of hers while she was pissing. We went to the bathroom and she started to piss in the bathtub. I took three photos, as my mother spread her cunt well, while pissing.

"Mom I can't stand it anymore! I have to cum now!" I told her suddenly. It was true.

"It's fine son! I can see it myself actually. Your cock will tear your jeans soon." 

She started to laugh. 

"Go on boy! Take your favourite position on the toilet!" she ordered and she left. I did it and my hand went automatically to the basket but it was empty. 

"FUCK!" I thought but then my mother came back. She had put her thong on again. Now she stood in front of me and started to rub her cunt, above the lace.

"Keep stroking your lovely cock son!" she said as she rubbed her cunt harder. Then she grasped her thong and lifted it. It went deep in her cunt and her cunt lips came out, from both sides. She started to move it slowly up and down, moaning. Then she stopped, she took it off and told me: 

"Open your mouth now, like a good boy!"

I did it and she stuffed her thong in my mouth. At the same time she moved closer to me. Her cunt was close to my face.

"Smell my son! Smell well the cunt where you came from. I'm sure you want to go back in there now. You need the security and warmth of mommy's womb, right?" 

"Mm-hmm!" was all I could say.

"Cum my boy! Cum for mommy! I want you to cum on the floor. Mommy wants to see her boy giving her his cum! Cum my son! Cum for mommy!"

While she talked, she pressed my head on her cunt. My nose was on her clitoris now. What a wonderful smell and what a glorious taste in my mouth! I started to come and it lasted for long. I had the feeling that I was emptying my balls completely. I started to scream wildly but the thong in my mouth made my scream sound like a strange noise of a wounded wild animal. 

"That's my boy! That's my boy! My baby gave all his cum to mommy!" said my mother all the time while I was coming. 

After I was over, she told me to stay like that and she started to rub her clitoris on my nose. 

"Move your head too up and down...like that, yes...good boy...faster...mommy will cum very fast...you made mommy too horny, you naughty boy!"

She was telling the truth because a few seconds later I realised that she was coming too. She stopped talking, her legs started to tremble and she tried to press them together. I felt the odour of her cunt getting more intense and her breath got sharp and fast. 

Soon she got back to normal and then she took her thong away from my mouth.

"Clean mommy's cunt baby! Lick me well and deep. Taste mommy!" 

I did everything as she ordered. My mother then told me to go and sit on the bathtub and watch her lick my cum from the floor. She fell on all four and did it very thoroughly. She kept her ass up all the time and her legs spread so that I could have a full view of her glory, while she was licking and slurping my cum. After she was over, the floor was shining, her cunt was wet and my cock again hard. She turned to look at me and started to walk on her hands and knees, like a bitch, towards the bathtub.

"Have I ever told you how much I love to suck cock son?" she asked me, in a lusty way.