"Stories 18+" Costume Party Gone Awry

Stories 18+ Costume Party Gone Awry
This incident happened about 12 or so years ago at a Halloween party being thrown by some friends of ours. My sister April and I were both invited to this year's bash and we eventually agreed reluctantly. The two of us lead very busy lives and seemed to work endlessly at our jobs giving no thought to any kind of levity at all. It was to be a Halloween party and the additional notion of partaking in something as juvenile as showing up in a costume made us cringe even more so. But in the concept of NOT attending such close friend's gala seemed rude and made it even more difficult to refuse the invite. The two of us later spoke on the subject over the phone and agreed that we could both use a little break from the workweek. 

"It could be fun!" April prodded and I agreed.

Maybe dressing up like a jackass and getting shit-faced for just one night wasn't the worst idea ever.

I had called my sister a few days before the event to pick her brain and discuss possible costume ideas. I had always been a slightly bigger fan of the holiday then her and my costumes in the past were always a bit more lavish then hers. We had considered a couples-costume theme but the concept might have been misconstrued by the other attendees. We were brother and sister not some married couple in their 60's after all. It seemed like the phone conversation took forever but to no avail. Neither one of us had any solid ideas for our costume conundrum. Before hanging up, we simply decided to just go our individual ways and just and chose something at random. 

Uncertain as to what my sister had in mind to go as, I decided to peruse some of my costumes from the past. I had kept everyone so far through the years and there were plenty of items to mix and match. I still had a bevy of shirts, skirts, jackets, masks, capes, boots, wigs and make-up to choose from. The clock was ticking and I only had 1 day left to conjure something from the vast amounts of clothing set out before me. Inspiration had set in. The perfect idea and one my sister would never see coming. April always went overboard the few times she did actually dress in costume and I didn't want her to show me up especially now that we were adults. 

I decided to go as a sexy female nurse. Nothing too slutty or revealing, just something a bit more on the traditional side. Nurse uniforms of the past seemed to be more alluring to me for some reason, so why not? I had a slightly more slender frame than most and I had dressed in feminine attire before. Somewhere down the line, I had acquired a white button-down shirt and a white skirt and pumps. All I needed now was the hat and a few props to complete the look. Purchasing the last remaining items from a child's pretend dress-up doctor kit at a local toy store, I rushed home to assemble the get-up and hurry to the party. 

After several minutes of getting my red wavy wig situated and make-up applied, it was time to get dressed. I shoved some wads of tissue down the front of my sister's black and lacy bra I had borrowed some years back. It was a bit snug but it made for a bustier appearance. I threw on the shirt, slipped on the mini-skirt, sheathed freshly shaven my legs in the silkiest pair of white nylons I could find and headed toward the door. It wasn't until I had grabbed my keys that I realized I not only had to wear the white pumps out, but drive in them as well. It was kind of a turn on to be honest. Although I was a little concerned about explaining myself had I been pulled over for speeding or something. 

Arriving at the party a little later than usual proved to be a bit more difficult to find somewhere close to park. I just knew I would have to walk down a block or two in a pair of 3 1/2 inch heels on concrete. I could have just taken them off and walked but I didn't want to take the chance of getting my beautiful hosiery ruined. I toughed it out and just walked, surprisingly well, all the way to the front door. I was soon greeted by the hosts who had clearly gotten the party going a little early already. It seemed like everybody in the room stopped and looked at me in amazement. There had to be over 4 dozen people there and no one knew who I was.

Later when my identity was finally revealed the entire house burst into laughter and applause. After accepting several flattering comments on my appearance, my thoughts turned on finding out just which one of the costumed attendees was actually my sister. We had planned to meet up outside at the same time to make our "grand" entrance. 

After what seemed like an eternity of wading through the masses of drunken party people in outfits far sluttier than mine, I felt someone grab my rear end. 

"I recognize those legs anywhere!" I spun around to see a small slender girl in what looked like some kind of sexy cat costume holding a large drink.

It was April and she was evidently celebrating early as well. We circled each other a few times checking out one another's garb grinning and admiring our choices. She hugged me and said "Is that my bra?" April started giggling maniacally as she compared our breast size.

The poor girl could hardly walk but kept shouting "We gotta get you a drink!" over the loud rock music. My sister grabbed my hand and expertly navigated me through the maze of people leading to the impromptu bar. I'm still not sure what it was, but she and another very busty gal, dressed as a slutty pirate, started pouring random liquids into a giant plastic cup and served it to me. I took a whiff of the brew and could feel my mascara starting to melt. 

The two girls started chanting "Drink it! Drink it!" I took a nice sized gulp of the swill and it tasted like model glue with a hint of lime. It was terrible but it was doing the job. I was getting more wasted by the second.

My sister and I spent the next several hours of participating in the usual party activities. Several versions of classic and made up drinking games were being played in what seemed like every room in our friend's house. The loud music kept everyone dancing and gyrating around constantly. Colorful strobe lights and fog machines set in strategic areas gave the entire house a creepy, ominous vibe no matter where you went. There were people in an array of well thought out costumes drinking, eating, smoking and laughing from wall to wall. This party had all the typical earmarks of what could be labeled 'a good time'. 

Once again, I had fallen victim to more of April and her friend the pirate girl Beth's inane concoctions as the night went by. Feeling pretty confidant after so much liquid courage, I decided it was time to set my focus on the female guests. Awestruck at the amount of insanely gorgeous women there, it was hard for me to set my sights on just one. 

Every one of them was dressed in the minimal amount of clothing that passed as a costume. No matter where I looked there were large lace covered breasts being heaved upwards or long legs wrapped in fishnet stockings and stiletto heels. It was getting increasingly difficult to hide my apparent admiration for their attire in my mini-skirt. 

For some reason the sight of all these scantily clad single women were just background noise to me and didn't seem to matter. Despite all the sultry garb worn by all the potential sluts, the only person I couldn't take my eyes off the whole night was April! I don't know if I was just infatuated with the sight of seeing her in such a seductive outfit but I couldn't stop starring at her petite little figure. 

There was not much involved as far as the construction of the cat-like costume she donned. It was no more than a decorative leotard that encased her athletically tight body, a pair of high-gloss expensive looking dark pantyhose, and some simple black pumps. April's hair was long, dark, shiny, and seemed to bounce seductively whenever she moved. The light glinted off the sheen of her nylons just right and was almost hypnotic the way they contoured her perfectly sculpted legs and ass. I was mesmerized the entire time. I had always admired her enticing body, even when we were younger. 

For a little while, I just made a few rounds and introduced myself to the ladies. Most of which I didn't even know and if I did, their identity was hidden. It seemed as if an alarming amount of them were intrigued in being hit on by a dude in a skirt and heels. Locking on to some of the girls who had way too much to drink, I began thinning out the herd. I engaged in a few brief make-out sessions, as well as some random heavy petting and groping. At one point even pirate Beth approached me and shoved her tongue deep down my throat. She had been friends with April since grade school where my crush began and I always thought she was smoking hot. Seeing her in that ruffled halter top and leather mini and thigh-boots was almost too much for me to take. It was a terrible costume. 

I had to back off of Beth out of respect for my sister. I was quite sure that she would not be too fond of me fucking her drunken best friend at a party. There was no doubt in my mind that it would have been a sure thing. We were both hammered and it was definitely an excellent night for nudity and poor judgment. For years, Beth and I were always eyeing each other like hungry animals whenever we happen to meet up. In the summer, she would sometimes come by the house and go swimming in our pool with my sister. I could hardly wait to see her gorgeous bikini-clad body emerge from that water just soaking wet and watch the sunlight bounce from her curvy little frame in all the right places. I probably jerked off thinking of her my entire career as a teenager. 

In that kiss with the slutty pirate girl, my only piece of solace was that I did manage to slide my hand under the back of her extremely tight skirt. I finally managed to feel her supple ass in my hand and it was everything I knew it would be. It was warm, very firm, and fit perfectly in my palm. We parted lips and just smiled at each other. Immediately after, Beth's face had a sudden look of intense concern. The girl then whipped around and darted towards the bathroom slamming the door behind her. What followed next were a series of noises and grunts that were unmistakable. Obviously, she must have poured too much liquid-celebration into her sexy little body. 

I knocked on the door to see if she was okay and got a pathetic "I'm fine!" April pushed past me and went right inside. It was as if she knew exactly what to do and came to aid in her friend in peril. There was no doubt that this routine of theirs had happened before. Not sure what to do after that episode, I simply went back out into the crowds and began to mingle again. Somehow, another drink was put in my hand and I wandered around the place just enjoying the sights and sounds of everything around me. Despite the Beth's whole nausea episode, I found a bit of personal excitement that I had finally gotten my first taste of that sweet nectar I had been pining after for so many years. With any luck there would be more to come, just not this particular night. 

I kept running into another random party guest that night. Just some guy with his date who appeared miserable the entire time. I didn't know him and never found out who he was, but he was ironically, dressed as a doctor. This guy was very, very interested in exactly what I was wearing right down to color, size, and how I put it on, The doctor kept firing a barrage of strange and personal sex related questions about my attire at me. I think I was to lit to see he was hitting obviously hitting on me. I made it very clear I was a male but it didn't seem to matter and I just couldn't shake this guy.

At one point, he lifted the back of my skirt and explained that he wondered if i was wearing pantyhose or stockings. For the rest of the night I just teased him in suspicion of him pulling me into a closet and fucking me in the ass. Admittedly, I had already consumed more than enough alcohol and began to entertain the thought of being violated while in drag by a stranger. I wasn't sure if I would have liked it but it had been something i wanted to experiment with, even once. 

April finally caught up with me and she was giggling the whole time. I was almost afraid to ask. "What's so funny?" I sputtered already knowing the answer, "Beth told you we kissed didn't she?" April started to laugh harder. I was not amused. 

"Is Beth okay?" I asked. 

"Yeah, she just had too much to drink and needs to sleep it off." quipped April. 

"How did she get home?" I wondered. 

April explained "She didn't, they have three extra bedrooms upstairs for people who want to stay the night and I put her in one of them."

It didn't even dawn on me until then about how I was going to get home. I was beyond blitzed, my car was blocks away, and I was wearing heels!

I asked April "How are you getting home?"

She shouted over the loud music "I already claimed one of the rooms earlier because I knew I'd be to fucked up to drive tonight." 

I must have had a look of panic on my face then my sister blurted "Don't worry you can sleep in my room with me." I was instantly relieved. 

The two of us were to the point of barely being able to stand up. I asked my sister to show me the way to the room because I was done for the evening. We both disgracefully hobbled upstairs still giggling and made our way through the door. Even with the door closed, we could still hear the festivities going on below. Exhausted, I just plopped down flat on the small bed. 

"Uhmmm, what are you doing?" my sister asked sharply. 

"I'm going to sleep, duh!" I responded.

"In that?" She said.

I wondered "In what?"

April was giggling harder and said "In your heels and skirt?"

Now we were both giggling uncontrollably. 

"I didn't exactly pack extra clothes" I said. "And besides you are wearing the exact same thing!" 

April crossed her arms and said, "That's different, I'm a girl and it's okay if I wear tights and high heels." 

I was too tired to argue about gender equality. At this point I could barely move and said "Fine, then you can take them off!" 

At first I was only kidding and didn't expect a response. Now my sister who was chuckling to herself proceeded to lift my legs and remove both of my shoes. It felt wonderful to have them off when the cool air hit my sweaty nylon covered feet and I let out a loud sigh of relief.

"Now you see what we girls have to go through every day wearing these things." She said smugly as she lifted her foot in her sexy high heel shoe on the bed near my head to show me hers in comparison.

"Yeah but you look super hot in them" I shot back.

I had been ogling her legs all night and now her foot in its shimmery, slender foot was just inches from my face. This was not a good time to get turned on in my current position and choice of outfit.

"We just wear them to make our legs look better" April said.

I then blurted out "Well, you have gorgeous legs!" I turned beet-red afterwards, what was I saying? 

My sister thanked me, and started giggling again and said "well, so do you, I like your pantyhose."

Once again, without thinking I said "I like your pantyhose too, they look sexy as fuck!" Why was i saying these things aloud and to her face?

With that being said, my sister sat next to me and started to caress my nylon-clad legs. It felt amazing. Instinctively I reached over and began to do the same to her knee. The fabric surrounding her shapely legs was wonderful. It was soft and slick to the touch. There we were, sister and brother drunk and both enjoying the feel of one another's hosiery. It was a bit strange and we both knew it, but it felt magical.

"We have to get you to bed so start taking all that shit off." My sister demanded.

I managed to remove the tissue stuffed bra before giving up.

I begged her "That's fine I can sleep in this." 

Without warning, I felt my sisters finger tips under my skirt and around the waistband of my hose. She then peeled them down like a pro then off completely.

"Doesn't that feel better?" I looked at her stunned and started to giggle. 

"What's funny?" she asked. 

I replied, "You are really playing with fire, I'm not wearing any underwear!" 

I was laughing hard as I saw her face turn into a smirk. "Why not?" She asked.

"What was I supposed to put on some panties?" I quipped.

Now she was laughing and said "Really? You are wearing MY bra, a skirt, blouse, nylons, lipstick, high heels but a pair of panties would be crossing the line for you?"

She had a point and with that we both just burst out laughing. There I laid in just my opened top and skirt as we both just took in the situation. 

I said playfully "Do I get to take yours off."

She shot back "Fine but I 'm not wearing panties either!" 

My sister could hardly stand as she tried to shuck her heels off holding on to my leg for balance. Now April was giggling maniacally. My face had a look of being puzzled. She said nothing and pointed to my skirt. I looked down to see my full erection had now made my skirt tent straight up and almost off completely! 

"Did I just give my brother a hard-on?" she quipped, "Nice boner!"

I was embarrassed but somehow just didn't care and began to giggle too. April just kept looking at it without even blinking. She did manage to let out a "Wow!" under her breath with kind of an evil grin. I didn't mean for her to see my unit, but I didn't attempt to hide it either. She seemed clearly impressed either way.

April collapsed in the bed next to me still laughing a little before removing the leotard. As promised, she motioned for me to take off her pantyhose, which was not helping my erection problem at all. I slid my hands up the sides of her hips and gently inserted my fingertips down the elastic waistband as my heart almost pounded out of my chest. I slowly began to slide the magnificent hosiery down her silky scented legs and off her painted toes as she softly moaned. It was extremely sensual to say the least. She wasn't lying about not having any underwear on.

At first I tried to overt my eyes and not look at my little sister's girly parts, but I couldn't help it. I got a glimpse of her perfect little vagina as the light from the window caught it's moist surface. I was so turned on at that point. I don't ever remember being that aroused by any other woman in my life and this was my own sister. We both stopped giggling at this now and neither of us knew what to do at this point. We were naked and just looking at each other grinning for several minutes. 

April began to speak softly. "Do you remember that time when you were spying on me and Beth in the pool when we were in high school?" 

There had been hundreds of incidences like this but I nodded anyways. 

She went on, "We dared each other to take our clothes off because we knew you were there." 

She continued, "I always knew you had a thing for Beth. You were always starring at her body. I always felt so jealous and just wanted to show you mine. I don't know why." 

This explained all of the previous 'accidental' displays of sexuality around the house growing up for years. Whether it was walking in on one another in the shower or changing clothes with our doors open, there was no denying that we had seen each other in the buff a hundred times. I finally deduced that this was some strange, pent op sexual desire the entire time. It was wrong between siblings but just as real. 

There was an awkward silence in the sense that we BOTH knew what we wanted to happen next, but didn't know how to initiate it. A few minutes went by before I could utter my first thought, April put her finger across my lips and whispered softly in my face.

"Beth told me about the kiss tonight and I bet you probably thought you were going to get some pussy tonight?" Frozen, I said nothing.

"Well, you are. I have a pussy too." She boasted making her way on top of me. We both smiled very naughty smiles. 

As my sister began to straddle me, I asked her "Are we going to be okay after this?" April paused, and tilted her head to the side and gave me a reassuring "Yeah!"

Sis pulled my skirt all the way up exposing my rigid length and grinned. She wrapped her hand around the base of it, then both hands and moved it around as if she were flying a plane. Tugging and pulling on it, she seemed to be amazed at the sight and durability of my erection. 

I wasn't sure what she was about to do with it next, but I was quite positive it would feel good. Without warning, the girl backed up, and lifted herself above me aligning her sopping pussy with my cock and came slowly downward. I felt the tip of my dick penetrate her tight lips and it was instantly enveloped on all sides by her slick vaginal walls. April let out a yelp as it sunk deep into her chasm for the first time. 

She sat for a few seconds letting her body make room for the intruder. I could tell that she had not anyone inside of her of my size before. April lifted herself off it and began the process over again each time with a bit more gasping and panting. Finally it seemed like her tight little snatch was stretched enough to accept me inside. 

I wrapped my hands around both halves of her firm ass and gently pulled it apart with a downward thrust as I rammed my hard cock deep in her body. My sister bucked wildly with every insertion. Now we were full on fucking as April howled in delight. I could hear the sound of her soaking wet opening take my entire length as we went faster and faster. 

She must have reached orgasm as she let out a sudden shriek and then begged me not to stop. I quickly grabbed her by the backs of her sweaty legs and flipped her over on her knees. I had a firm grasp on the base of my cock, and poised it right outside the edge of her puffy, wet cunt and asked her "Are you ready?" 

April nodded and managed to gasp out "Yes, oh yes!" 

Her quivering little gash was drenched with both of our fluids. I had no trouble cramming my rigid cock in her parted ass with everything I had. April was now moaning in unison with every thrust. I grabbed her around the waist pulled her lower half back over my rock-hard pecker so there was no chance of her getting away. I was thankful for the loud music downstairs which helped to muffle our cries of passion. 

If that many of our friends found out about the brother and sister who were upstairs having drunken, sloppy, wild sex, it would be the end of us.

Every time I looked downward and saw my vein-riddled cock disappear into her swollen pussy I felt incredible! I could feel the temperature of the inside of her canal with every stroke. Her snatch felt incredibly warm with myself nuzzled inside . April was almost screaming now and I could feel her slimy vaginal blast coat my pulsating rod as she had reached additional orgasms. We just kept on fucked hard for about twenty minutes.

I didn't want to stop. I didn't want it to be over. Something made me want this for a long time and we didn't want it to end. Was there something wrong with us? We had known each other all of our lives and somehow our roads had led us into this sexual situation. I'm sure we had both often fantasized I retracted about screwing one another but never knew it would actually happen. 

I pulled myself from her cozy hole and told her to give me a second to calm down. I was about to spurt but not just yet. My sister flipped over on her back and told me to put her pantyhose back on her. 

I looked in horror and said, "I'm not done yet!"

She chuckled and said, "No no, I know how much they turn you on, so I wanted to wear them while you fuck me." 

My smile came back and I fetched the hose and quickly rolled them back up her quivering sweaty legs. As soon as I did, April began to paw at the seam in the crotch area and tore a huge hole exposing her pretty pussy lips again. She threw he silky black legs over my shoulders and i began to drill her even harder. 

The feel of her slick stockings was orgasmic as I held onto her calves and pounded her snatch with great fervor. April's back began to arch and once again, she shrieked as she came then screamed at me to fuck her harder.

"Don't stop, don't stop fucking me!" she repeated aloud.

I began to lick and kiss her sweaty stocking feet still penetrating her opening and it sent her into over-drive. The smell of her perfume-coated nylons mixed with the sweat of her feet was intoxicating. I couldn't believe this was happening. All I could hear was my sister writhing in ecstasy and the sounds of our moist private parts colliding. 

For a petite girl, my sis was able to fit my entire cock deep inside her body. 

Still holding and sucking one foot, I began to caress her breasts and she cooed aloud. Her tits were very nice sized, almost too big for her frame. After all, we wore the same size bra. Her perky nipples were hard enough to cut glass but were somehow still softer than silk. I leaned in and began to suck and kiss on them making my sister squirm with glee. I could tell she enjoyed it and so did I.

The hard fucking had slowed down and I could tell it was time to release. My sac had begun to tighten and sought relief. 

I warned April "I think I'm gonna cum!" 

She picked her head up and said, "Don't worry, I'm still on the pill."

Hearing that relaxed me a bit more so I gave her a few more slow but deep thrusts. The two of us began to scream out profanities and Deities as I felt myself getting ready to blow. 

With a final grunt I blew a deluge of cum into the deepest crevices of her birth canal. My sister howled as she released in unison. I retracted my shaking length and just watched as a stream of pearly white goo oozed from her bright swollen pussy. She loved the feeling of the warm trickle as it slid out of her and seeped into what was left of her once perfect nylons. 

At that moment, reality tried to creep in. i looked up at my sister laying on her back wearing nothing but a pair of disheveled pantyhose with my semen gushing from her vagina. I then wondered if this was all really happening. This was my sister and we had done something completely taboo. But for some reason when she looked back at me, we realized that we had only shared something long awaited and beautiful together despite what society might say.

We had known each other for a long time and who better to experience something like that with than a trusted family member or loved one? We laid there for a few minutes realizing what we had done. We talked about it very briefly and decided to obviously, NEVER tell anyone about the mind-blowing pent-up incest sex we just had. There was a little lingering guilt but it all seemed to vanish after a few minutes. 

That's when April tuned to me and said with a grin "Now you put your pantyhose back on and do it again." 

We ended up having crazy, wild taboo sex two more times that night. We were never exactly sure if anyone at that party found out.