"Stories 18+" Father and daughter have their first sex while mon's at church

Stories 18+ Father and daughter have their first sex while mon's at church
It all began one day when I saw my Dad naked. He had just gotten out of the shower and he didn't quite close the bedroom door. I happened to walk by and I looked in. Dad was standing there and his long cock was hanging between his legs. I only stood there for a brief minute. I quickly walked to my bedroom and got onto the bed. I pulled my pants and panties down and started to rub myself.

All I could think of was that fat cock dangling down. I was going to the local community college at that time. I really hadn't met any guys there. I was also on the chubby side which didn't help matters. I pushed a couple of fingers into my pussy. God, I was so wet. I worked my digits in and out until I couldn't hold out any longer. I shocked myself by squirting some juices out. It took some minutes before I got myself calmed down. I wondered what might happen next.

My Mom went to church every a Sunday. She couldn't persuade my Dad and me to go along with her. One Sunday I was on my bed doing some school work. My Dad knocked and walked into my room. He said he wanted to talk with me.

"I saw you looking into our bedroom last week after I got out of the shower," he said to me.

My face must gotten red. My Dad said he had been thinking about me lately. Had I thought about him as well? I just nodded my head. Dad smiled at me and he placed a hand onto my thigh. He started to move closer to my crotch.

"I thought about your naked body, Nicole." He replied.

Just like that he reached for my pants zipper and he pulled it down. I didn't stop him. He got my pants and panties off me. Dad stood up and undressed before me. My family is on the heavy side. My Dad had a bit of a belly. He also had that long cock I saw a few days earlier. He told me to get fully undressed. I took my shirt and bra off. Dad pulled me over to the edge of the bed.

I sat up and there was my Dad's cock staring me in the face. He placed a hand on the back of my head and he urged me forward. I soon had my lips wrapped around my Dad's shaft. He didn't waste any time pushing his fat cock down my throat. I admit it, I wanted to taste him so much. He actually was gagging me as I took all of his throbbing dick. It didn't take long before my Dad was rock hard.

He pulled out and then had me get on my hands and knees. He pulled my ass up and he also forced my head down to the bed. I soon felt his mushroom at my opening. Dad slowly fed me his long prick. I started to scream immediately. I had to admit it. I needed my Dad fucking my pussy hard. That is exactly what he did. Dad took my long red hair in his hands and pulled on it.

My tits were dangling down, almost touching the bed. I'm pretty sure I was begging my Dad to fuck me with that fat cock of his. You could hear the slapping noises of our pubic mounds hitting together. Dad told me he had been wanting me for some time. Now I was his. I don't think I ever desired a man more than I did my father. I would have let him do anything he wanted.

Dad asked me if I was taking birth control pills. I told him I wasn't. He said he would pull out when the time was right. A few minutes later my Dad withdrew from my pussy. He flipped me over onto my back. He climbed up over my face. He said to open my mouth. As I did that, Dad's cum went streaming into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his cock once more. He drained his cum down my throat.

I had my hands around the back of his thighs. I was practically urging my Dad to give me every drop of his man juice. He must have been full that morning. I ended up taking endless shots of his seed down my throat. I swallowed it all down. When Dad finally calmed down, he pulled away. He said we had better get cleaned up and dressed. My mother would soon be home.

When Mom arrived back, we were both calm and collected. Dad had told me before Mom got home that I should see about getting on the pill. He didn't think he could control himself much longer and pull out like that. I did go to the school clinic and got on the pill. Dad said he preferred having me with his bare cock.

We became full time lovers after that. Any time that my Mom was out of the house for a few hours, my Dad was in my pussy. I never told him this, but I was falling in love with him. The sex was fantastic and my Dad liked to take me roughly. I liked that as well. I would mount my Dad's rod as he would squeezed my tits with his large hands. It often felt like his cock was reaching deep into my belly. 

The best part was finally feeling my Dad squirt his cum inside me. I found out I couldn't get enough of my father's hot juices. Our love affair went on for many months. I was soon approaching my graduating date from college. It seemed like I would need to be moving on with my life. I couldn't stay with my parents forever. Dad told me he was tired of being with my mother. 

She didn't want sex these days and she was caught up in the Bible. Perhaps when I graduated we could have a plan to be together. It sort of worked out that way. I graduated and found myself with a good position. Dad told my Mom he was divorcing her. It got messy, but the divorce went through. I now share an apartment with my dad. Instead of sneaking around for sex a few days a week, we fuck whenever we want. 

That turns out to be almost daily. I find that I can't live without my Dad's hard cock in me. I get these tremendous orgasms when he fills my belly with cum. Once when he was drilling my pussy I told him I wanted his baby. He gave me this strange look as we both orgasmed together. When he finally pulled out his seed came running out of my hole.

"I don't want to waste this anymore," I said to him.

"You're sure about this?" He asked me.

I told my Dad I didn't want to be with any other man but him. If I had a baby I wanted him to be the father. We went a second time after that. Dad had me on my back and my legs were pushed back. He was like a wild man as he took my pussy. I screamed out loud to impregnate my belly. Surprisingly, my Dad coated my pussy with his hot cum one more time.

I'm off the pill now. I am getting excited every time my Dad sprays me with his seed. I squeeze his cock with my muscles and dream of when my belly starts to grow.