"Stories 18+" I show myself to strangers in a bar

Stories 18+ I show myself to strangers in a bar
I was at a bar chatting with my boyfriend when a high school classmate sat down next to Gene. We were in the back of the bar where we old folks could hear over the band. Gene was facing the band, I was facing the wall. I am bad with faces, especially when I haven't seen them for years, so I had to ask who he was so I could introduce him to Gene.

"Todd. We played truth or dare one night after graduation at Mel's house, remember?" I remembered playing the game only once. If he says he was there, it had to be that time. "Man, you were hot!"

"I was?"

"Oh, god yes," he turned to my boyfriend. "There were about seven or eight of us. None of us were drinking, just talking when it turned into truth or dare. Pam was very quiet in high school. She didn't date or party back then," he turned to me for agreement.

"Yep, sounds like me."

"She was just this quiet, sweet girl at this party for some reason. We started off slow then someone dared me to stick my hand down Pam's shirt and take her bra off. That was the first sexy dare of the night."

The lightbulb went off in my head. I remembered what he was talking about. I still own what I was wearing that night, but I don't fit into it any longer.

"She had some layered thing on, with an undershirt and a tank top over it. She got this weird look on her face. 'I can't do that to her,' I said. 'Look at her, she's too bashful!' The others wouldn't let me back out, so I reached down the back of her shirt, and reached and reached some more. 'Guys, she isn't wearing a bra.' The room busted out laughing and everyone watched Pam turn red."

"I didn't hardly have any tits back then. I didn't need one," I protested.

"Since I couldn't complete the dare, they made me reach around the front and grab a tit. I am still glad you didn't wear a bra that night- you had great tits."

"She still does," agreed Gene.

I excused myself to use the bathroom. While there, I slipped out of my bra and stuffed it into my purse for old times' sake. I was wearing a dark blouse with a crisscross front that tied at my waist. In the dim bar nobody would notice.

When I got back, Todd the tit-grabber was in deep discussion with Gene about college football. It was my night to get drunk, so I quietly drank and plotted. I shifted my shoulder and glanced down. I could keep this up every few minutes and give the guys a show after a couple more drinks. The band took a break and more people sat at tables in the back. I went after popcorn and came back with a Long Island Iced Tea, guaranteed to remove all mental boundaries.

By the time the band was back on stage my left areola was showing. The guys were discussing last year's defense versus this year's. As I had nothing to add, I took a long slug of my drink and put my hand under the table where I could loosen the knot and give myself a little more room to play. With it looser, I gave a little shrug and my left nipple was out! I shoved the straw in my glass and finished the last half of my drink in a panic.

The talk moved on to the idiot offensive line coach as I rattled my ice. The waiter came over to check on us and Gene looked up to ask me if I needed a refill. It got quiet while three guys looked from my tit to my glazed eyes. The tea had gone down fast and hadn't hit me yet, but it seemed better to act buzzed.

"Yes, I believe she will have another tea, and bring us a round of beers and a shot of tequila, what do you say, Todd?"

"Yes, maybe three shots though, one for Pam."

The waiter backed off slowly and went to get our drinks.

The talk got awkward with the proverbial elephant in the room. I sat there looking buzzed and let the guys fumble around for conversation. The waiter came back with our drinks promptly. He hung around waiting for us to do the shot so he could take the salt back to the bar. I licked my left hand brushing my top back more and when I downed the shot, my tit slipped all the way out. The nice waiter leaned over and asked me to fix my top before I got asked to leave. I blushed appropriately and moved the edge to just inside my nipple, setting up for another wardrobe failure.

It was game-on from there out. Gene asked me to get a pen from my purse. I leaned over to my purse on the seat to my right and my nipple fell out. I tucked it back and he asked me for a pad of paper. I leaned over and my nipple fell out again. I drank from my tea. By this time the first tea had hit my bloodstream and I was horny as hell and not thinking clearly. I played with my nipple briefly before tucking it back in my blouse this time. Todd asked if I had a tissue. I did not, but I thought I would look just in case. My nipple fell out again. The guys had finished their beers and I was desperately trying to finish my tea so we could leave before we were asked to leave, but the thrill of exposing myself was clouding my judgement. I left my nip out that time, so I could have some time to work on my drink instead of bobbing up and down into my purse.

When I got to the end of my drink Todd got ready to go. I suggested asking the guy at the next table to take a photo of us. Todd handed him our phones, and Todd and Gene came over to my side of the table. I shrugged and my left breast came all the way out again. Our neighbor snapped photos with our phones and a quick one with his phone as well. We thanked him, Todd and Gene exchanged phone numbers and Todd went on his way with a longing glance back at us.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, the waiter came by with a shot for me, "it's a slippery nipple-the guy at that table paid for it," and he indicated a table three down from ours. I smiled and thumbed my top over for a quick nipple slip as a thank you. I downed the shot and Gene and I went home and fucked like bunnies.