"Stories 18+" Mom and Son Bond in the Pool

Stories 18+ Mom and Son Bond in the Pool
I was always attracted to my mom.

She was a great woman, someone who always cared about me and my wellbeing, unlike other girls I've had run ins with in the past. She's a normal woman, Jill, 50 years old who's about 5'6" with sleek brown and blonde shoulder length hair. She has 36DD tits and a big ass, one that you just want to smack when she walks by and grab a handful of. 

I'm about as normal as a guy as you can get, 6'0 tall, sleek somewhat muscular build from playing sports at about 165 pounds. My dad used to talk about how he used to be called "BullNut" by his friends in college, and he never told me what that actually meant, but judging by my 6.5 inch cock I'd assume it's about dick size.

It was a warm July day in Indiana, where the summers are unbearably hot. Luckily for me, my family has an in-ground pool that we keep open in the hot months. I'm 21 years old and off from University break, and it feels great to be home. I can just hang out by the pool and relax all day, trying to forget about my Ex that cheated on me and left me heartbroken before I came home. 

My mom always tried to cheer me up from that because she knew I was affected by it, but could never get the right idea in her head. She always offered me drinks and to make lunch, or take me out shopping, but I was never up to it. 

One day I came home from work to find her sunbathing in our backyard. It was 4 o'clock and my father was gone on business in Germany, as usual. So my mother just laid by the pool in a lawnchair, soaking up the summer rays and making her skin a golden brown tone to go great with her brown-blonde hair. She was wearing a black one piece suit, with her big tits busting out and nipples piecing through like there was nothing there. When'd shed turn over the one piece would ride up her thick hips like a thong, giving any bystander a full view of everything but her pussy. Good thing I was the only one there, with the 8 foot fence around, my mother and her beautiful figure was on display for me and me only. 

I was rock hard in my shorts staring through the glass sliding door when Jill noticed me and waved for me to come out. Quickly I stepped aside and flipped my boner into my waistband and stepped outside. My mom had her signature cocktail, Captain Morgan and diet Coke, beside her, and I could tell she was a few deep already with multiple empty cups laying under the chair. 

"Hi sweetie, how was your day?" Said mom, always curious as to how I was feeling, since my breakup was still a fresh wound.

"Oh, it was fine, nothing special." I replied back.

"Well why don't you lay with me by the pool for a while, pull up a chair and pour yourself a drink?" Jill said back.

"Why not?" I said, fully aware that I would try to get hammered from sitting in the sun & after a long day at work. 

I went upstairs and changed into my swim trunks with compression shorts underneath, just in case I got another raging hard on, and came back down with a strong vodka lemonade. 

I laid down my towel in the chair next to my mom, and while she was flipped over on her back I sat in awe looking at her smoothe, thick, luscious ass that was eating up her swimsuit. The sweat from sitting in the sun made it look that much better, and I just wanted rub my cock all along it, and lick up every bead of sweat and tongue fuck her sweaty pussy. I stroked my cock for 5 seconds before she flipped over and I had to put it away and lie face down on the chair to hide my cock. 

"Vodka lemonade, huh babe? Am I really that unbearable to talk with?" My mom said jokingly, knowing we both don't have a lot of tolerance in either of us.

"No, I'm just trying to unwind after a long day, nothing against you, Mom." I replied.

"Well if you're trying to unwind, lets take some shots and get it over with!" Jill replied with a hint of excitement in her voice. 

"I'm down for anything." I said back, smirking at the mere thought of rubbing my mother down with tanning oil. 

Mom walked back inside, adding a swing to her hips that made her ass move that much more, and grabbed the vodka from the freezer. She lined up 3 shots for each of us, to be taken in quick succession. 

"Are you sure about this Mom? I have a feeling we're going to get pretty squirrely after this." I said. 

"I've never been more sure about anything in my life." Said Mom, giving me a smile that was sexy and fun. 

We ripped all the shots back extremely quickly, the hard liquor burning our tongues. 

"God, that's the one thing I don't like going down the back of my throat." She said, which surprised me because she never gave off any type of flirting with me before. The image of my mom twirling her tongue around my cock as she deepthroated me was deep in my head, and thinking of blasting my cum down her throat made me horny as before. 

"Haha yeah, it tastes like last semester." I nervously said. 

"How is school going Sam, now that you and your girlfriend are done?" My Mom asked sheepishly. She knows I don't like to talk about it, and that I've never really gotten over it. Probably because I haven't had any intimate time with anyone besides her in the last year.

"I'm doing okay, thanks." I said. 

"Well hopefully the vodka will help!" Mom quickly answered. She sauntered from the chairs that we were sitting at and glided down the steps into the pool, the water rising up her hips and chest with each step until soaking her huge floating tits on the final one. 

"Come join me! It'll be fun." Jill said. 

Hoping to get under the water and hide my half boner, I quickly got into the water. The cool rush felt amazing in the beating sun. 

Me and mom both had beads of sweat coursing down our bodies, the type you want to share and rub up on each other with. 

"You know, I've been lonely since your father has been gone on business so often." Mom said, "because I have no one to do this with!"

And like that mom started splashing me without stopping, and I answered back by throwing water all over her hair and body. Her hair got soaked and was less poofy, but it almost looked sexier since the water turned her hair darker. As we splashed, we got more and more aggressive, and I got her into the corner of the pool and finally hugged her from behind to stop her from splashing so much. 

We laughed and twirled before I finally realized that my raging boner was now in between her thick wet ass cheeks, and I was fully around her while she laughed our little playtime off. 

"Haha oh my baby boy, you win, you win!" She exclaimed laughing with her tits soaking. 

I still didn't let go of her throughout this, and finally she broke my arms apart and turned around and looked at my fully erect dick. 

"What is that young man?" Said Mom, her eyes fully open looking at the huge bulge made in my pants. 

"Um, nothing, I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it." I said, knowing full well that I wanted to bury my dick inside her ass. 

Mom at first looked a little worried about feeling my cock pressed up against her, but then said: "Honey, are you feeling lonely since she broke your heart?"

I sheepishly replied, "Yeah, a little. It's been a while since I've gotten laid."

Jill came back with, "Oh I know how you feel, me and your father haven't had sex in months, I don't know what I'm doing wrong."

"You're doing nothing wrong mom, you're so beautiful and sexy, any guy would be lucky to have you." I said.

"Really?" Mom said, blushing, turning away from me out of embarrassment. 

"Yes Mom, any guy." I replied back.

At this moment, all of the shots started hitting me, and fast. I felt a little queasy, but mostly I felt happy with a big smile on my face. I also felt more horny than I was before. Seeing my mom's glistening tits in the sunlight, wet and bouncing up and she walked towards me gave me a raging hard on. 

"Even you?" Mom said, as she floated towards me. 

"Yes Mom, even me." I said back.

We locked eyes our green eyes together for what seemed like an eternity, and she finally moved closer until she was straddling me on the steps of the pool, and gave me a big, fat, wet kiss. 

I was so surprised I had no idea what to do, and after a few seconds I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her towards me to kiss even harder. 

"I know how lonely you've been, and I want to make you feel right again baby." Said Mom as she started reaching and stroking my cock. 

"Please Mom, do whatever you want to me." I begged. 

I started rubbing my hands on her huge wet tits, barely being able to take them fully in my own hands. 

"Ohhhh that's it baby, squeeze those fucking tits. Do you want to suck on Mommy's tits?" She said. 

With that I took her tits out of her swimsuit and started sucking on them hard. Her huge nipples fully in my mouth like I was trying to milk her, her head flew back and she moaned in pleasure. 

Mom moaned, "Ohh baby boy suck my tits like you used to." 

I started lightly drawing my fingers on her stomach, making her body quake with anticipation and delight, until i reached her clit. I started rubbing it profusely, until she wrapped her legs around me and whispered in my ear:

"I don't think it's the alcohol talking; I want to suck your fucking cock right here."

I dropped my shorts with were suffocating my hard-on with my compression shorts, and my cock whipped out into her face. 

"Oh, you take after your father I see." She said, and took her tongue and gave a long lick up the entirety of my shaft. She then started deepthroating my cock, using her tongue to play with the tip, giving me every amount of pleasure possible. 

"Ohhhh fuck, Jill." I said, having to hold in my voice because her warm wet mouth felt amazing on my hard cock.

"Call me Mom, baby." She said. 

I didn't argue. I slowly pushed her head off my dick and took my pants off. I then took the straps of her swimsuit and slid it all the way down her voluptuous body. Her huge 36DD tits were out, so wet and hard from being sucked on, and her ass was on full display. I grabbed her hips and thrust her towards me, rubbing my dick on her pussy and aggressively kissing her. She moaned with delight, and I grabbed a handful of her ass and stopped kissing her abruptly. 

She asked, "What's wrong baby?" Looking at me with those big eyes. 

I said, "I'm going to bend you over the side of the pool and fuck you from behind." 

That wasn't a statement, that was an order. And mom knew it. 

I walked her over to the side of the pool, my dick in between her ass cheeks, and I bent her over from the middle of her back onto the hot pavement. 

"The concrete is so hot baby, do we have to?" Said Mom.

"Yes, we have to" I replied, pushing her head back down onto the siding. 

Her huge ass was just sitting there, waiting for me to take it and make it mine.

I spit on my cock and rubbed it down, making sure it was extra wet, and I slid it inside my mom's pussy. As soon as the tip went in, my mother screamed with delight. 

"Oh baby I want all of you inside me, NOW." Mom ordered.

I thrust my entire 6.5 inch cock inside of her, and her head shot back and she bit her lip and moaned from the pleasure. She looked back at me pleading with me saying "Fuck your mommy, baby." 

I shoved my dick in and out of her, spanking her ass and grabbing her big tits that were being pushed back and forth from my body slamming into her ass. 

"Fuck me Sam, fuck me better than your whore ex girlfriend, take me." Mom said. 

"I'm going to make you mine." I replied. 

I leaned her back from grabbing her tits and I kissed her neck, licking down the entirety of it. It was so amazingly hot I almost came right there. I could hear her quick short gasps of pleasure from being pounded with my cock. 

"Fuck me Sam, that's it baby. Fuck your mommy, make her your little slut. Fuck my pussy." Mom screamed. 

I flipped her over against the side with her facing up, now with her big wet sweaty tits staring right at me. I sucked them, pulling them as far away from her as I could. 

"Slober on my cock and play with your tits, Mommy." I ordered her. 

She gathered all the spit she could and put my cock inside her mouth, and when she pulled away, she jerked me off a few strokes so I was soaking. I then slid my dick inside her, but then I pulled it out and rubbed her clit with it. 

"Ohhh baby you're gonna make me cum, don't you fucking stop that Sam. Put it back inside and fuck mommy." Mom pleaded. 

So I did.

I thrusted in and out of my Mom, locking eyes with her as I grabbed her hips and gave her all of me. 

"I'm gonna cum Sam, I'm gonna cum, keep fucking me baby." Mom said as she wrapped her legs around me and grabbed my ass. 

I felt her pussy tighten up and her body shake, gripping my dick ever tighter than before. She shook violently, never breaking eye contact as her eyes widened from sheer pleasure of my cock. 

"OOOOHHHH SAAAMMMMMM FUCK!" Mom moaned, so loud the whole neighborhood must've heard. 

It was too much for me. Her pussy tightening and her beautiful tits and hips rocking back and forth because of my cock was going to make me finish. 

"I'm gonna come Jill, I'm gonna cum all over my Mom!" I yelled. 

"No you're not." Mom said. She wrapped her legs around me even tighter. "Cum inside me Sam." Mom demanded. 

I grabbed the back of her head and thrust as hard as I could for as many strokes as possible, until I my body finally gave out, and I emptied myself inside her. I

"AHHH FUCK Mommy I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" I screamed.

"Yes baby, give mommy your cum, fucking finish inside me." Jill moaned while staring at me, her gaze commanding my cock. 

"I love you, I love you mommy, FUCK!!" I yelled. I tried staring into her green, lush eyes for as long as possible, but it was too much. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as a came bucket loads into my own mother, collapsing in delight and pleasure onto her sweaty, wet body. 

She lifted my head up and kissed me aggressively, shoving her tongue into my mouth. 

"That wasn't the alcohol at all baby boy, your cock was just amazing." Mom said, winking at me as she walked out of the pool, her pussy dripping in cum and her ass soaked. 

I laid there in awe at what just happened. "I fucked my mother, my sexy fucking mother." I thought, without a hint of regret. Just pure bliss. 

"Looks like I'll have something to look forward to when you're father is gone now." Mom said as she took the cum from her pussy and licked it off her finger.