"Stories 18+" Mom's Sexy Photos on her phone

Stories 18+ Mom's Sexy Photos on her phone
I was sitting on the couch watching tv. I decided I wanted to check the internet. I almost got up to go to my bedroom to get my phone. I saw my mother's phone on the coffee table. Mom was getting a shower so why not use her phone. Luckily my Mom doesn't lock her phone with a pass code. I checked what I needed but then I got curious.

I wondered what photos my mother kept in her phone. I hit the photos icon and I got a surprise. My Mom had taken pics of herself in the nude. Better yet, she was masturbating and fondling herself in most of them. I quickly sent most of this motherlode to my e-mail address to look at later. I just put her phone down when my Mom walked out into the living room.

"Were you using my phone?" She asked me.

"I was just checking out something on the internet," I told her.

She quickly pulled her phone away from me and walked back to her bedroom. Mom only had a towel wrapped around her body. Mom was on the heavy side these days. I watched her big bottom shake as she went into her room. I went to my room as well. I got my laptop out and pulled up those photos. I got a good look at my mother's fleshy body.

I started stroking my dick as I scrolled through her pics. Mom was fingering her wet hole on quite a few of them. You could see the dampness on her fingers. Some others she was pinching her big nipples. I was getting erect just thinking about her body. At nineteen, I was getting almost no sex. I hated beating off all the time to get a release. What I needed was a real woman to take care of me.

There was a real woman just down the hallway. I don't know what got into me. I got up from my bed and walked down to my mother's room. My Dad was always away in business. At least that was what he told Mom and me. I thought he might have some woman on the side. I was betting my Mom thought the same thing. I didn't knock but opened the door and stepped in.

You should have seen my Mom's face. First of all she was naked and touching her pussy lips with her fingers. There I stood, naked with my erect prick.

"What are you doing here Eric?"

"I saw the photos on your phone. They turned me on," I said to her.

You could say my Mom's face was a bright crimson. I saw the photos plus I walked in on her playing with herself. I couldn't just stand there. I walked right up to the bed. My cock was just inches away from my Mom's face.

"Suck on it Mom, you know you want to."

I didn't really know any such thing. My dick was actually twitching there in front of Mom. There was an awful long pause before my mother reached out and touched my cock. She finally took it in her hand and began to stroke me. Damn, did that feel good. I couldn't leave it like that. I pulled away and pressed my cock to my Mom's lips. I had seen porn videos where guys slapped their cockheads against the woman's mouth.

It worked just like in those videos. Mom parted her lips and I slipped inside. I placed a hand on the back of my Mom's head. I pushed in deeper. Mom sort of gagged at first. She was looking at my face as I was throat fucking her. I finally felt like I was in control of a woman for the first time of my life. Unfortunately I wanted more than head.

I pulled out and placed my hands on my Mom's shoulders. I forced her back onto the bed. Mom knew what I was planning.

"We can't Eric," she pleaded with me.

That wasn't what I wanted to hear just then. I got hold of her ankles and pushed her legs back. Her thighs were almost touching her floppy tits. I wasted no time and pushed past my Mom's gaping pussy. It felt like a hot oven as I pushed in as deep as I could go. Mom let out this gasp as she took my entire length. I just went crazy from there.

I pounded her pussy as hard as I could. My balls were slapping against her fat bottom. I just knew she needed cock. I was going to make sure I was the person providing it. I lowered my face and found both nipples. I sucked and chewed on each one. That really sent Mom over the edge that day. Frankly, I couldn't believe my luck. I was actually satisfying my mother's needs And she had needs alright.

"Please Eric, fuck me as hard as you can. I need all of you," she said.

I was doing just that. Every time I pushed into my mother's hot quim I would stir my cock around. I was hitting all her nerve endings inside her pussy walls. I finally let go of my Mom's legs. She strapped her thighs around my waist and then held on. I did remember that I was taking my Mom with my bare cock. I knew there was no way I could ever pull out. I ended up unloading my cum stream inside my Mom's pussy.

My Mom's eyes went wide when she felt me squirt inside her tummy. Her pussy muscles went into overdrive as she was squeezing my prick dry of my white seed. I could feel one orgasm after another as my mother's body shook from being fucked by me. I had a big load saved up that day. I must have came a good five minutes straight. Mom got every drop from me.

I left my cock inside my Mom as we kissed after our hot lovemaking session. I did finally get soft and had to pull out. All my sauce came spilling out of my Mom's spent pussy. Afterwards, Mom just rested there until she calmed down.

"We can't ever talk out this. This has to be our secret," she told me. 

Mom said that my Dad and her rarely had sex these days. She did suspect him of having another woman. I broke the spell that day when I fucked her senseless. At least that is how she described it. It was the first of many sessions in bed with my mother. I soon fell in love with my Mom mounting me as I gripped her big mounds. There is nothing like playing with your mother's large tits as she slams down hard on your cock.

Right as we would almost climax together, I would pinch Mom's nipples hard. That always seemed to send her over the edge. I would then unload my seed deep into her pussy. That always made Mom scream with ecstasy. Soon, Mom didn't miss my father being around at all. She actually told me she was thinking about getting a divorce. I wondered where I fit in her plans.

Mom did follow through with a divorce. I think my Dad was shocked and relieved by the news. He hated to split the money and property but he could finally be with his girlfriend full time. My Mom and me? We found a small house that we could rent for the time being. Both of our salaries from our jobs allowed us to just get by. It didn't matter much to me. I was fucking my Mom most every night.

God, did she need sex! She would beg for my cock nearly every time I buried my rod into her pussy. Mom even lost a few pounds and the fucking is even better now. I do like a larger woman and seeing my Mom's ass bouncing up and down on top of the bed is a turn-on. Mom even allowed me to take her ass. That was one tight fit. Mom screamed the whole time but she got a large load of cream the first time we did it that way.

All has worked out in the end. I may even impregnate my Mom if I can convince her to stop taking her pills. Wouldn't that be a wild turn of events?