"Stories 18+" New bride is welcomed to hardcum

Stories 18+ New bride is welcomed to hardcum
The honeymoon had been a thing of wonder as far as Suzanne was concerned. She'd been a virgin when she married, having listened to her mother's perpetual warning about men and their ways. After that first night she wondered why she'd wasted so much time. What do mothers really know?

Now they were back and they'd spent the weekend settling into their new home. Monday had finally arrived and Paul had reluctantly departed for work. Suzanne decided that she'd probably better start looking for a job. Not that she needed to work at this point but getting experience and helping build a nest-egg wouldn't hurt. 

BUT! Intending to look for work didn't mean she was getting out of bed at some ungodly hour on a Monday morning and start looking. It meant sleeping in a little, taking your time getting dressed, having breakfast, updating Facebook, and then contemplating about what sort of job she might find. Probably something along the lines of 'do you want fries with that'.

With breakfast finished and the dishes done Suzanne was rather at a loose end. She was new to the neighbourhood and so she didn't know anyone yet. She didn't need to go shopping for anything and the house was tidy. She supposed she might do some gardening later but right then? She just didn't know what to do.

She was quite pleased to hear a knock on the door. Even if it was only a salesman it would at least be someone to talk to. Answering the door she found a young man standing there - quite a fit and handsome young man at that.

Tony was in his twenties, currently unemployed, through no fault of his own he'd tell you. It wasn't his fault that the business went bust. Blame the times. Currently looking for work and expected to be gainfully employed in short order. Knocking on the door of the newcomer to the neighbourhood he found himself facing an attractive young woman of about twenty. A blonde with a knockout smile and an even better figure.

"Good morning," Tony said cheerfully. "I'm Tony. I live over there." He jerked a thumb behind him to indicate the house across the road. "My mother's not home right now or she'd be here instead of me, which would have been a great misfortune for me."

"Oh. Well, that's nice, I guess, but why are you here? I'm Suzanne, by the way," Suzanne told him.

"Why am I here? Why to meet you, of course. Fate obviously meant us to meet."

"Uh-huh. Fate told you to come over here and knock on my door?"

"Not exactly. That was more my mother's note, but I'm sure fate intended it."

"Well, leaving fate out of it, why did your mother want you to come over here?"

"Seeing she's away I was told I'm the Welcome-Wagon and I have to officially welcome you to the neighbourhood," Tony said smiling. "See, I come bearing gifts, a house-warming present."

"Why, how kind of her," said a smiling Suzanne. She loved presents, especially unexpected ones. "Why don't you come in while I open it?"

Tony entered before she could change her mind, admiring her trim figure as she walked down to the kitchen. Reaching the kitchen she swiftly unwrapped the present, and approved of the set of dainty mugs it contained.

"Well, these are lovely," she exclaimed. "Please thank your mother for me. I will make an effort to come and see her soon. Ah, would you like a cup of coffee before you go?"

Why, yes, Tony would love a cup of coffee before he left. He carefully steered the conversation so that Suzanne did most of the talking, putting in little prompts every so often to show he was listening and keep her going. Get someone talking about themselves and they're quite prepared to keep on talking, knowing that they were a fascinating subject.

Coffee finished Tony stood up and stretched. There was, Suzanne noticed, a lot of him to stretch.

"I guess I should be on my way," Tony said. "I'm sure that there're things you have to do and I'm in your way. Before I go, can I have a closer look at these?" 

He casually reached over and patted a breast.

Suzanne blinked. He hadn't just touched her breast, had he? Yes, he had. She felt a slight rush of heat and blushed.

"What do you mean?" she asked, confused.

"Your breasts," said Tony, patting one again. "They're beautiful. I mean, they seem to have a wonderful shape. I was just saying I'd like to see them properly."

"See my breasts?"

Was he coming on to her? She rather suspected he was in a crude sort of way.

"Mm. That's right."

Moving casually Tony started undoing the buttons on her blouse. Suzanne watched, fascinated, seeing each button in turn pop open. Now her blouse was gaping wide, showing off the lacy half bra she was wearing and a lot of cleavage.

Tony's hand came up and brushed across both breasts, not trying to intrude under the bra but just stroking her breasts. There was, she had to admit, ample breast on display for him to stroke. The slight rush of heat she'd felt earlier returned, pooling down low and staying there.

"They are really very nice," Tony assured her approvingly. "Take off your bra. I really want to see them properly. Don't worry. It's not committing you to anything you shouldn't do."

He gave her a smile and it seemed to travel into her. She gulped and dithered. Take off her bra? She couldn't. She just couldn't.

"Let me help you," Tony said, suddenly spotting the little catch between her breasts. How convenient - a front-opening bra. A quick flick and the bra came apart, her swelling breasts pushing the cups away.

Suzanne gasped and her hands came up to cover her breasts, face flushed, the heat in her groin getting warmer.

"Have you ever heard the term callimastian?" asked Tony, idly taking hold of her wrists and moving her hands aside. "It means having a beautiful bust. You should have been named Callie."

When Tony released her wrists Suzanne didn't try to cover her breasts again, just looking at them and at Tony's hand gently rubbing them, teasing her nipples into an erect state.

"You shouldn't be doing that," she half whispered.

"Um, no, I don't suppose I should be," agreed Tony. "I probably shouldn't do this either."

Bending forward he tasted first one breast and then the other, the gentle suction of his mouth making her nipples tingle, sending little vibes down to mingle with the heat below.

Lifting his head he reached over and brushed her blouse and bra straps off her shoulders. She could feel them sliding down her arms, getting caught up at her wrists. She'd told him to stop. Why hadn't he?

She thought back over what she'd said. Oh. She hadn't actually said to stop, just that he shouldn't be doing this. Silly, because he undoubtedly already knew that and it hadn't stopped him. She felt something brushing against her legs, looked down and gasped. While she was preoccupied he'd unclipped her skirt and slipped it past her hips. She was standing there with just her panties on.

"You have to stop this," she managed to gasp out, "and stop it now."

She really was feeling most peculiar. She should be fighting him off, screaming and running. Instead she was feeling hot and flushed as though the temperature had shot up several degrees.

"If I must, I must," sighed Tony. "Just one little thing before I do."

That little thing, Suzanne found were her panties, which Tony calmly pushed down, actually bending over to make sure they went right down. Standing up he took hold of her wrists, holding her arms wide apart while he looked her up and down.

"Simply beautiful," he said softly. He dropped her wrists, one of his hand dropping, the back of his hand drifting lightly across her mons.

"Nice," he told her. "I do like a smooth mons."

Dammit, she thought. My own fault for shaving this morning.

"Oh, yeah, I'm to stop touching you," he said, lifting his hand away from her again.

She stood there, embarrassed, blushing, feeling hot, knowing he was getting to her, leaving her slightly aroused. At least, now he had stopped and was only touching her with his eyes, even if she could seem to feel his eyes touching her. Her nipples seemed to throb when his gaze fell on them and as for the flash of heat she felt when his eyes went lower, thank god he didn't know.

Looking at him, she blinked. 

"Ah, just what do you think you're doing? I said stop."

"I have stopped," came the injured reply. "I'm not touching you. I'm still looking but you can't really blame me for that."

"Yes, I can," she retorted, "but what I'm referring to is you undoing your trousers."

"Well, fair's fair," he explained. "I admit I was touching you. It just seems right that you have an equal opportunity to touch me."

And to make it easier he'd dropped his trousers and jocks. He had an erection. She found herself staring at it with some fascination. It was only the second she'd seen up close and natural but it seemed quite impressive in her opinion. She reached out to take hold of it almost before she knew what she was doing, then hurriedly snatched her hand back.

"Oh my god," she gasped. "You want to have sex with me, don't you?"

Tony looked surprised.

"Actually, the idea hadn't occurred to me. I'm rather shy at times and I wouldn't have dared suggest such a thing. But seeing as how you're offering. . ."

Her mouth fell open, stunned.

"Wh-what? Shy? You've got to be kidding me. You've done everything but rape me."

He grinned. 

"Maybe, maybe not. Now that you've raised the subject. . ."

He moved closer to her. She went to move back a little and found she was leaning back against the kitchen table. 

"Ah, wait a minute," she said.

"Certainly. Are you saying you've decided that you don't want to do it?"

His hand brushed across her breasts and she gave a little gasp, feeling tingles running through her.

"Um, no, but. . ."

"So you do want to?"

"Aaah, I guess," she said, shocking herself. How could she want to? She didn't know him. She was married, and newly married at that. On the other hand, she liked sex with her husband. It was fun. Still, she couldn't help wondering what it would be like with someone else.

She rubbed one foot against the other, dragging her panties and skirt of it. Shaking her other foot and they fell free. A similar action with her hands got rid of her blouse. She waited, expecting Tony to drag her away to bed.

Tony had no intention of dragging her off to a bed. Such action would give her time to change her mind. Charging ahead right now could also result in a change of mind with nerves getting in the way. He just leaned a little closer, his mouth closing back over her breast.

Suzanne was panting a little, pushing at him, just not pushing so hard that he'd leave her alone. She twisted about under the gentle assault, feeling his mouth slide across her breast and fasten onto the other.

At the same time she was aware of his hand rubbing her. First just rubbing firmly against her mons, making her so very aware of what he was doing. After that his hand worked its way between her legs, cupping and caressing, turning up the heat within her.

When Tony sank down onto a knee Suzanne didn't know what he intended doing. When he pressed his face between her legs and his tongue started darting about she flatly refused to believe what he was doing.

"You can't do that," she gasped, shocked.

"Um, I think you'll find I can," said Tony, pulling back and looking up at her. "Watch."

He leaned forward again, his tongue dipping into her again. She gave a half scream when she felt it touch something that sent shivers through her. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once. It twisted and curled, its supple length intruding where she was quite sure it had no right going.

"Men don't do this sort of thing," she told him, certain she was right.

"We don't? Funny. I always though women wanted us to."

He stood back up and Suzanne found she was almost shaking. She was on fire and it was all his fault. What the hell had he been doing? Well, she knew what he'd been doing, but it had been outside her experience. Would her husband want to do that? How could she suggest it?

His hands were on her breasts, pressing against her, and she found herself leaning back away from that pressure. Not that there was anywhere to go, with the table already pressing against her buttocks. She put her hands behind her, bracing them against the table. Now he eased up a little, moving slightly away. Glancing down she could see her body, naked and offering itself to him. She found herself blushing. This couldn't be her, could it?

She could see his erection, the tip of it just touching her tummy. Then his hand was on it, moving it down, letting it move between her legs before he let it go. It strove to stand erect again, the head pressing firmly against her. 

He was going to do it right here, she realised, shocked. He couldn't do that, could he? Should she suggest they move to a bed like proper people?

It was too late to do that she found. Her eyes opened a little wider as she found he was pressing harder against her lips, feeling her lips giving way and letting him pass. He was moving up into her, his cock making itself known inside her, steadily pushing deeper. Looking down she could see him, his cock vanishing between her legs, and the keyword was vanishing. She knew exactly where it was vanishing to; she could feel it.

Tony was fully inside her. She could feel him pressing against her so hard he was nearly lifting her off her feet. She just stared at him, not knowing what to do. She found out once Tony started moving.

Tony pulled back and then pushed firmly home. Suzanne gave a gasp and Tony followed it up with another thrust. This time she was ready and pushing to meet him, giving an eager little, "Uh," as he surged into her.

As far as Suzanne was concerned everything was now all right. She knew what to do now and she could feel those familiar dreamily exciting feelings starting to run through her. Tony was pressing in steadily and she was moving with him, pushing firmly to meet him, wanting him inside her. 

Keep it going, she wanted to tell him. Like this is just fine. Don't speed things up yet. I want this to last.

Tony was in a like frame of mind. He wanted this to last as long as possible. She was sweet and felt wonderful, responding as if in a dream. He could take a whole lot more of this.

How would she react, he wondered, if he pulled out and tried a different position. Rather badly, he decided. She wasn't experienced enough to play games with just yet. He rather thought he might have shocked her just by a bit of oral play. Didn't matter. He could handle this just fine the way things were.

Suzanne was drifting along happily. Tony was building on her excitement but not too fast, just letting it build by increments. She was happy to go with him. No doubt he'd want to get a move on eventually, but until then she was content.

Just how long can I stretch this out, wondered Tony. It would be fun to find out. As long as he didn't start pumping too fast he was reasonably certain he could keep his gonads under control. He continued on the way he was going, relishing the rasp of flesh against flesh.

Suzanne was starting to get restless. Surely Tony should have started to go faster by now. She needed something more. She started putting more effort into the way she pushed up to meet him, hoping to give him a hint.

Tony felt the change and blandly ignored it, letting things go on the way they were. He could see Suzanne getting more and more restless and he wondered how much longer it would be before she did something about it.

Not much longer, it turned out. "Harder," she gasped, glaring at him and daring him to ignore her. He winked at her and started to build up the pace.

Now this was more like it, decided Suzanne, feeling Tony thumping in harder and faster. Just keep it up boy. You're going in the right direction.

Tony was now giving her everything he had. He'd cut loose and was doing his best to reduce Suzanne to a quivering wreck. One of them was going to be wrecked at the going rate, he knew, and he was hoping it would be Suzanne.

She screamed when she climaxed, delightful thrills running through her, carrying her away. She could feel Tony letting loose inside her and smiled. About time he got there. She slowly relaxed, breathing hard, feeling Tony slowly withdrawing.

She headed for the bathroom as soon as Tony had left. That had been a Welcome-Wagon with a difference. She'd learned a thing or two. She was really going to have to get her husband to start experimenting where sexual matters were concerned. She could see some interesting times ahead.

Tony was also wondering if he had interesting times ahead. Would Suzanne be susceptible to getting a few sex education lessons? He was quite willing to provide them if he could persuade her to accept them. He'd just have to come up with a good reason.