"Stories 18+" Noah gets stuck in a supply closet with his MILF teacher

Stories 18+ Noah gets stuck in a supply closet with his MILF teacher
The day had been exhausting. Noah was sitting on his bed in his dorm, blankly staring at the wall, sweating. He was the quarterback of the college's football team and this afternoon had been one of the biggest losses this season. Noah's college was small to the point where it could have been a high school, but the football team had been able to hold their own against the big colleges from the area. Until today. 

Granted, several players were out on injury and weren't able to play, but they still should have been able to give some counter. The game was essentially 4 quarters of running around pointlessly and getting touchdown after touchdown scored against them. Coach had been furious and Noah couldn't blame him. After the verbal beating they all had received, the team hadn't been in the mood for getting together after the game, so they had all retreated into their respective dorms.

With a groan, Noah lifted himself up from his mattress, already feeling the soreness of his muscles. He grabbed his towel and shampoo, then wandered down the hallway to the shared bathrooms to shower. Immediately after entering the bathroom it became clear to him that someone was having sex in one of the shower stalls. Noah could hear a girl moaning repeatedly and some guy grunting in irregular intervals. With a sigh, Noah picked the stall that was farthest away from the couple und turned on the shower. As the water rained down on his head, Noah started contemplating his own sex life. 

He had broken up with his last girlfriend about 7 months back, and since then hadn't gotten any action. Not like he wouldn't have been able to; he was the quarterback after all. So his abstinence, of sorts, was his own decision. For some reason, the more time he spent hanging out with the co-eds around campus, the more he found them to be annoying and immature. Sure, they were around his age, but they were lacking something. So Noah had politely turned all of them down, which at least earned him a respectable reputation as whatever the opposite of a "fuckboy" was. 

The moans in the other stall became louder and Noah tried to drown out the noise by letting the water cascade down his ears. It didn't really work. He began to lather up and as he was rinsing his dick he thought of her. 

She, was Noah's economics teacher. It was a required class for freshmen, but his counsellor had repeatedly messed up his scheduling so here he was, having to take it as a senior. It was weird to sit in a classroom full of freshmen, and the class wasn't particularly fun either, but she made it worth the effort. Mrs. McCutcheon was everything those co-eds weren't. She was mature, elegant, and witty, with the body of a woman ten years younger. To be fair, Noah didn't really know how old Mrs. McCutcheon was, but he guessed her to be in her mid-forties. Again, her looks betrayed her age. Her shoulder length hair was a beautiful color of brown and she wore it down in curls most of the time. Her style was elegant just like herself and Noah admired the way her body shaped her clothes, every time he saw her. Her body didn't show any signs of aging, and neither did her face, really, expect for a few small lines around her eyes and mouth.

As mentioned before, Noah's university was a small university, the professors and the students knew each other well and classes were relatively small, so Noah had been able to have a few 1-on-1 conversations with Mrs. McCutcheons and she acknowledged him to be one of her better students. As a professor she was great, which made an otherwise boring class bearable, with her throwing in a few jokes here and there and being relaxed when it came to assignments. 

Noah was brought back to reality by a loud moan from the girl in the other shower and noticed that his dick has grown considerably while thinking of Mrs. McCutcheon. He scolded himself for lusting after a married woman, whom he would never have a chance with anyway, and turned on the cold water to make his erection disappear. He would masturbate later, for right now he wanted to get out of the bathroom; the couple was still going at it. Noah almost admired their stamina.


Later that night, two of the other football players along with their girlfriends showed up in Noah's room. They had all digested the game in one way or another (cough cough booze) and were now trying to cheer him up. Each one of them was carrying some form of alcohol in their hands. 

"How about we play spin the bottle?" 

The suggestion by Tom, one of the wide receivers, was met with a few laughs.

"Like in middle school?", his girlfriend Natalie giggled.

"Well it would obviously be more adult," Tom replied, rolling his eyes. 

"While I'm sure that would be a lot of fun for you guys, I don't have anyone to fool around with," Noah replied.

Tom rolled his eyes. "And whose fault is that? Honestly, I don't understand you man, I'd go crazy if I went even a week without getting some." He pinched Natalie's butt, which earned him a light slap on the shoulder.

"But seriously, we'll figure something out to make the game fun for you as well, Noah," Trish, the other girl, said. 

Noah reluctantly agreed to play but silently wished for his roommate to return from his vacation, as Mark, being the model student that he was, would surely ask the group to leave and then Noah could go to bed . Just as they had all sat down, the building's tornado siren started blaring, making everyone wince. 

"Fuck, they announced something about a weather warning on the news, I think, but why does it have to happen now??", Tom whined.

"Relax Tom, we can just stay here, you know we don't all fit in the basement anyways, we'll just move my closet in front of the window and we'll be fine. It's not like anyone checks to see if we're in here anyways," Noah replied. 

The others knew he was right. Even though protocol said that everyone in the dorms should go down to the basement and get away from windows, some students stayed in their rooms since no one wanted to be crammed in a hallway with at least 300 other students. The RA's took note of this, but most were fine with this rule breaking; the students were adults and would make their own decision anyway. 

The siren stopped after a few minutes and the group decided to start playing. At first everyone was picking "truth", as the game usually goes, and after confessing secret crushes, the craziest place they had had sex at, and if they'd ever done anal, the "dare" option was starting to get picked more and more. The bottles of alcohol, the others had brought with them, were simultaneously getting emptier and emptier.

"I dare you to pour cold water over Trish's shirt," Tom's girlfriend challenged him. 

After a quick look to see if she wasn't joking, Tom grabbed a bottle of water from Noah's mini fridge and splashed the water at Trish's chest. Trish, of course, squealed, and her nipples hardened visibly. The rest of the group laughed and Trish's boyfriend, Stan, didn't seem to mind. Noah didn't find it particularly funny, but he could appreciate the good mood that built up and he laughed along with others. The dares slowly got sexier, and soon the couples were almost completely undressed. Noah had, however, stuck with answering questions since he didn't want to make out with another guy's girlfriend or something similar. 

After about half an hour, there was a sudden knock at the door. The girls shrieked and tried to get their shirts back on while the guys didn't seem too panicked and remained seated in their underwear. 

"Come in!" Noah yelled. Then his throat went dry when he saw who was at the door.

"Mrs. McCutcheon!" Tom shouted in surprise. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Seems I interrupted quite the party," Mrs. McCutcheon replied with raised eyebrows. "To answer your question, I was just downstairs at the front desk of your dorm to drop something off, and then the siren went off. SOMEHOW I let myself get talked into checking the dorms- not that that is in any part of my job description- to make sure everyone was in the basement *cough* where they're supposed to be, apparently." She sternly looked at the group as she said that last part.

"But they never check the dorms!," Noah protested as he got his voice back.

Mrs. McCutcheon only now seemed to realize that he was also in the room and smiled at him. "Oh hi, Noah... Well apparently they noticed that some people weren't going to the basement." She paused and looked at the closet in front of the window. "Although, to be honest, I suppose this closet arrangement is just as good as a wall."

She then looked at their set-up on the ground. "Are you guys playing spin the bottle?" She quickly eyed everyone in their various stages of undress. "An adult version of it?" she added with a grin and a raised eyebrow. 

Noah still couldn't believe that she was standing in his dorm room. 

"Uhhhh, yeah Mrs. McCutcheon," Natalie replied shyly.

"Hah, I remember playing that when I was in college," Mrs. McCutcheon replied with a laugh. 

Noah immediately had images of her, half naked, run through his mind and desperately tried to think of something else. A boner in front of her was the last thing he needed. What was said next, made him want to punch Tom in the face.

"Well, would you like to stay and play, Mrs. McCutcheon? Noah doesn't have a partner!"

Noah shot Tom a deathly glance and then inadvertently blushed as he saw Mrs. McCutcheon's face shift from surprise to amusement as she looked at Noah. 

"Oh, I can't believe that! I would have thought that you have girls flocking all around you, being the quarterback and all!," she commented.

"Oh, he does, he just turns all of them down. I just said before, that I don't know how he does it, I couldn't even go a week without.. ouch!", Tom blurted as Natalie elbowed him in the ribs.

"SHUT. UP." Noah hissed at Tom. Then he looked back at Mrs. McCutcheon who was smirking at him. 

"I'm really sorry for this, you obviously don't have to stay, I imagine you have better things to do," he said apologetically.

Mrs. McCutcheon smiled. "Well, as much fun as staying might be, I don't think this is really appropriate. I'm not even sure that you're all legally allowed to drink and technically I have to report underage drinking."

"You could pretend that we're all 21," Trish said. "Come on, Mrs. McCutcheon, just play one round, you can't leave the building anyway until the Tornado warning is cleared. Plus you have a reputation as a fun teacher to uphold!"

"Good to hear that I am "fun"," Mrs. McCutcheon replied. She sighed. "I guess... I could stay for one round." She paused again as some cheered. 

"I have one condition, though! This all stays PG."

"Aw, come on...," Tom started.

"I'm not finished yet! First, you're all going to put your clothes back on because I'm not going to be caught in a room with several undressed students. Secondly, no inappropriate dares. And for the truths; while you can ask each other whatever you want, I am not going to answer inappropriate questions. Do you all accept those conditions?"

They all agreed - only Tom still seemed a little unhappy- and Mrs. McCutcheon sat down between Noah and Trish, quickly glancing at Noah as she walked towards him, as if to make sure that he was okay with it. 

"You're reeeaaally cool for doing this Mrs. McCutcheon", Trish said, obviously already a bit tipsy.

Mrs. McCutcheon just smiled, but she seemed excited. Noah couldn't believe the turn of events. All of a sudden he was very happy that his roommate was on vacation.

"Would you like a drink?", he offered.

"Oh...sure, what the hell, I'll take one. NOONE lose a word about this, though, okay?" She looked at everyone individually with a threatening look on her face. 

"Cross my heart and hope to die," Tom replied in a festive voice. The others murmured a yes.

"What's your poison?", Noah joked.

"Well I see that you have tequila, so how about some of that?", Mrs. McCutcheon asked and smiled.

"Coming right up." 

As the game resumed, the group actually was more respectful with their truths and dares, and Mrs. McCutcheon seemed to be enjoying herself. Then, finally, the bottle pointed toward her.

"Truth or Dare," Natalie asked.

"I think I'll start off with a truth." 

"Hmm, alright. How long have you been married Mrs. McCutcheon?"

"Almost 23 years, did it right after I finished college," she replied.

Noah secretly counted the years in his head and thought that it was a pretty young age to get married. He also realized that she must in fact be around 45. But of course he kept his thoughts to himself and so the game went on. The questions became riskier again and Mrs. McCutcheon felt it the next time she was picked. 

"Truth again, sorry everyone," she said.

"How often do you do it with your husband?" This time it was Tom asking the question. Trish burst out laughing.

Everyone nervously awaited Mrs. McCutcheon's response, expecting her to be angry, but she just laughed. "You're gonna have to get me a LOT more drunk in order for me to answer that question."

"I don't think that's a problem," Tom replied jokingly. "Noah, give the lady another drink!"

Noah looked at Mrs. McCutcheon as everyone laughed, and she nodded slightly, so he poured her another shot. The game continued and nothing else was said about the question from earlier. After some time, Mrs. McCutcheon asked for a third shot of Tequila and was visibly loosened up. Noah tried to observe her as secretly as possible, and he was in awe of how beautiful her laugh was. He could barely take his eyes off of her. He almost wished for a dare so he could do something with her but at the same time he had tons of respect for her and didn't want to make things awkward. 

The next time the bottle landed on him, Noah decided to go for it and picked dare. He couldn't have anticipated what was to come. 

Trish seemed deep in thought for a moment, then she smiled and spoke.

"Noah. I dare you to do a body shot off of Mrs. McCutcheon."

Noah could hear Mrs. McCutcheon coughing, almost like she was choking on something. His face turned hot. 

"What the fuck, Trish! I don't think that Mrs. McCutcheon wants anything to do with that!", Noah exclaimed angrily.

He looked over to Mrs. McCutcheon and thought he detected a sliver of red on her face as well. She maintained her composure, though, as she eyed Trish.

"You HAVE to do it, it's a dare," Trish now said. "Otherwise we can think up a punishment, and trust me, you won't want to experience whatever we come up with."

"I'm so sorry Mrs. McCutcheon, we don't have to..." Noah started.

She interrupted him. "It's okay, Noah, I wouldn't want you to have to do something terrible."

She paused, her internal conflict showing on her face. "I am just drunk enough to do this, but again, NO telling anyone about this. I have a job and a marriage to worry about. And it's not going to be too wild."

Noah's jaw fell down in shock at her willingness to let him do the dare.

"Don't worry Mrs. McCutcheon," Trish said quickly. "We like you a lot, we'd never do anything to damage your reputation."

"Alright... Noah, don't look so shocked, please. You look like you have to kiss a frog on the lips, I'd like to think that I am not that unattractive." 

It was obvious that she was trying to lighten the mood and Noah tried his best to look neutral but on the inside he had fireworks going off. He was actually going to lick some part of her body. And she was going along with it willingly.

"Ummm... I don't think I have any limes lying around," he stammered. Goddammit, get it together, he thought to himself.

"Well lucky for you, I brought some," Trish said and produced two limes out of her coat pocket, leaving Noah's jaw hanging open. "And I'm sure you have salt somewhere in this room."

The following process of getting Mrs. McCutcheon to lie down, getting the lime cut, and the salt ready was done in awkward silence. Noah ended up kneeling to the left of her on the ground, towering over her toned body.

"Wh.. Where do you want the salt, Mrs. McCutcheon?" he shakily asked.

"Well I'm definitely not going to undress, so that doesn't leave many options, now does it." She thought for a moment, then pointed to her neck and looked at Noah hesitantly as she pulled her blouse slightly to the side, although not enough so that her bra could be seen. He could tell that she was nervous as well.

Noah sprinkled a thin line of salt on the spot she had pointed to, relishing the closeness to her body and her perfect skin. He had an unobstructed view of her cleavage and willed himself to look at her face instead.

"Ready?" he asked. The others were all gathered around them, not wanting to miss anything.

Mrs. McCutcheon nodded slightly, positioned the lime in her mouth, and turned her head upwards so that Noah had better access to her neck.

Tom had started a little chant but the closeness to Mrs. McCutcheon seemed to drown out all noise around him. It was only him, and her. 

After taking a deep breath, Noah leaned in and slowly drew his tongue across Mrs. McCutcheon's neck. The touch was electric. Noah immediately felt a surge in his pants as he let his tongue travel up her soft and smooth skin. He could feel a shiver run through Mrs. McCutcheon's body as her left arm almost automatically shot upwards to hold onto his muscular forearm. She immediately let go again after she realized her body's reaction, dragging her fingernails across a small part of his skin, causing Noah's dick to twitch again. The contact of his tongue with Mrs. McCutcheon's neck ended soon after, as Noah reluctantly moved on to drink his shot. Then he lowered his mouth to hers, where he was careful not to touch her lips while grabbing the lime. 

There was just a moment, however, when their eyes met and Noah felt like there was a spark between them. It only lasted for a split second and shortly afterwards, he sat back up with the lime in his mouth. He was met with loud cheers from the others.

He looked down toward Mrs. McCutcheon, who was slowly pushing herself up, seemingly having to steady herself. They made eye contact and there it was again, the spark. Noah knew that they both felt it, and an embarrassed silence developed between the two. The others were talking loudly about how hot it had looked and couldn't get over that she had actually done it. Noah ignored them and only had eyes for Mrs. McCutcheon, who was now sitting next to him again. 

"You certainly know how to hit the spot," she whispered quietly so no one else could hear.

Noah managed to croak out some sort of laughing sound. 

His stomach was doing cartwheels and he felt his dick press painfully against the constraints of his jeans. He still couldn't believe what had just happened.

Mrs. McCutcheon cleared her throat. "On that note, I think it's time for me to leave," she announced. "I think the tornado alarm will be over soon."

No one tried to stop her, although everyone was pulling a long face. As she walked through the door, she looked at Noah again and he was sure that he saw her blush a little. Then she was gone.

The rest of the group stayed and played a few more rounds before Noah announced that he was tired and would go to bed. The others left, however, not before teasing him about the body shot. 

"I'd hit that if she wasn't married," Tom said, which earned him another slap by his girlfriend.

"Yeah whatever, I'm sure you'd screw anything with boobs that moves," Noah replied and impatiently waited for everyone to file out the door.

As soon as he closed the door behind the two couples, Noah's mind was on overdrive again. She had looked so beautiful and her hair had smelled delicious, not to mention how soft her skin had been. Noah turned off the lights, laid down in his bed, and slowly stroked himself to the best orgasm he had had in a while, imagining Mrs. McCutcheon's hands wrapped around his dick instead of his own.


Noah had to wait two days until the next economics class. He was nervous, mostly because he wasn't sure how Mrs. McCutcheon would act. He walked into the classroom and sat down in the second row. Once again he noticed how much more mature he looked compared to all the freshmen. Then Noah's attention was drawn to the door as Mrs. McCutcheon entered. She didn't look at anyone until she made it to her desk. Then she her gaze travel over the class and let it stop at Noah for a bit longer, before moving on. She seemed normal to him and as class went on, he scolded himself for expecting anything else. She was married, for God's sake. He tried to focus on what she was saying but his thoughts drifted off repeatedly. 

At the end of class, he got up to leave when he heard his name called. 

"Noah, could you hang back for a second, I'd like to talk to you."

Noah's heart leapt in his chest as he turned around again and walked towards her. Mrs. McCutcheon was leaning against her desk and motioned for him to wait, as she waited for everyone else to leave.

"What's up?" Noah asked as soon as the classroom was empty.

"I... wanted to talk to you about the shot, Noah." Her tone was serious. "I think I got a little swept away with the alcohol and all; I realize that it was completely inappropriate and I wanted to apologize for it."

"Mrs. McCutcheon, it's really not your fault. Trish is the one who dared me to do it. I could have declined but I didn't, so really, I am the one who should apologize," Noah replied.

She shook her head, but smiled. God, she was beautiful.

"Either way, it was completely inappropriate and I think it might be best if we forgot it ever happened," she said.

"You know what, Mrs. McCutcheon, I think that's a great idea. I would hate there to be any awkwardness between us." Noah replied, even though he knew he couldn't, and didn't want to forget it.

She smiled again. "Well that's settled then. I'll see you in class on Thursday."

"I'll be there," Noah replied with a wink.


On Thurdays, economics was Noah's last class of the day as it ended at 6 in the evening on that day. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about her. He couldn't just forget it. He knew that he had felt something that night and he was certain that Mrs. McCutcheon had felt it too. 

Noah hoped that she would want to talk to him again and he was extra slow with packing up his things after class so that he would be the last one left in the classroom. When he was finally done, he looked up to see Mrs. McCutcheon standing at her desk with a bemused look on her face. 

"Are you getting paid to go in slow-motion?" she asked jokingly.

Noah blushed a little. "Ummm... I just figured that I could take my time since I don't have anywhere to be," he said in a lame attempt to lie.

"I see. Of course." It was abundantly clear that she looked right through his cover.

"Since you're so eager on staying in this classroom, why don't you help me get something from the supply closet, I don't think I can reach high enough to get the box I need."

"Sure," Noah replied, and followed her to the other end of the classroom, his eyes glued to her backside. 

Every room had a supply closet, a space of about 4 square meters; big enough for some shelves and for about 4 people standing. For some reason all of the closets required a key. There were rumors of hidden drug cartels running out of these closets but they were, of course, all fake. Probably.

Mrs. McCutcheon put in the key and walked into the small room. "I need that box on the top shelf right there." She motioned for Noah to join her as she pointed at a shelf in the back right corner.

He stepped up to the shelf and was just about to reach up to grab the box when the door slammed shut, making both of them wince and turning the room pitch-black in an instant.

"Fuck!", Mrs. McCutcheon exclaimed, slamming her fist against the door.

"Wait, can't we just push the door back open?" Noah asked, confused.

"Hah, I wish! No, you need a key, which is on the outside of this stupid door!"

"Why didn't you take it inside with you??"

"Because I didn't think this fucking door would slam without a reason! There's no window open, I don't understand what made it shut!"

Noah stood pressed up against the shelf and was uncomfortable but at the same time very amused as his teacher continued on her rant.

"I feel like these things always happen to me! I hate this stupid school, with its stupid closets!"

Noah couldn't help himself anymore. He started chuckling. "Well don't blame the closets, its not their fault."

Mrs. McCutcheon didn't say anything, then he could hear her starting to laugh as well.

"Are you still at the door?", Noah asked tentatively through his giggles. He still couldn't see a thing.


"And you're sure that it can't be opened without a key?"


"How long are we trapped in here then?", Noah asked with a little more concern in his voice now.

"Well we shouldn't have to spend the night, the janitor does his rounds at 9 so I'd say we have about 3 hours to kill in here."

"Hm. I don't know about you, Mrs. McCutcheon, but I am going to sit down," Noah said and tried to find an open space on the ground, reaching around with his hands. Immediately he felt his right hand connect with what he presumed to be her leg. 

"Oh sorry, I'm just trying to get situated."

"I don't think there's enough room for both of us on the ground, these stupid shelves take up way too much space," Mrs. McCutcheon commented.

"You might be right... Here, I'll try sitting as far back as I can and I'll draw my legs up to my chest, and then you should have enough room to sit down as well."

"Okay, hang on, I'm trying to see where you are... oh there you are, okay, umm... got it, I'm sitting as well."

"Okay great. I don't know how long I can sit in this position but let's try it for now" Noah replied.

Then there was silence. Minutes went by as they listened to each other's breathing. Noah was so nervous his palms were sweaty but he finally mustered up some courage. "How about some "Truth or Dare"?"

He could practically hear her thinking. "What a suggestion. I thought we were forgetting all about that incident."

"It's not like we're recreating that night. Or referencing anything that happened. But it will definitely help pass the time," Noah tried.

"You're braver than I thought you were, Mr. Ainsworth. But I guess you're right," she replied after a moment.

"Great. I'll ask you a question first, alright?" She agreed. 

"Truth or Dare?"


"Do you like me? I mean like as a student."

"Yeah of course. You're nice and polite and a very good student, my best I'd even say... Why?"

"Just wondering. Okay your turn."

"Truth or dare?"

"I will also go with truth," Noah answered.

"Let me see... Okay. How come that you don't have a girlfriend? Or at least someone to play Truth or Dare with?"

Noah was surprised that she would start that topic and then thought about what he should answer. 

"I guess I just haven't found the right one yet. But to be honest, I think the girls my age are way too immature. I mean you know them; they're in your classes."

"I get your point. On the other hand you are young as well, there should be someone out there for you, I wouldn't give up hope yet."

"The one I want is unavailable," Noah mumbled, more to himself, but he realized that she had heard as well.

"What's that? Does she have a boyfriend?"

"Not exactly, she's kinda married," Noah replied, biting his tongue immediately after the words left his lips.

Mrs. McCutcheon didn't reply at first and they sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity to Noah. Finally she spoke.

"Umm.. I guess that does mean she's unavailable. I don't think affairs with married women are a good way to go."

"Oh I know that," Noah quickly replied. "And I would never, ever do anything to jeopardize her relationship with her husband, I have too much respect for her to do that." Dammit, he was giving more and more away. 

"Just forget I ever told you about this. Truth or dare?" Noah asked, hoping to divert Mrs. McCutcheon's attention.

If she was taken aback by his statement, she hid it well. "You know what, I'll take a dare."

Noah thought for a second, then realized how uncomfortably he was sitting.

"Okay, this might be a little lame, but my legs really hurt in this position. I dare you to sit in between them, then we can both stretch our legs out."

Another pause. Then Noah heard some shuffling and felt her hands reaching out to grasp his knee. They quietly got situated, Noah sitting with his back against a shelf, his legs stretched out on either side of Mrs. McCutcheon, who was sitting in the middle, her legs also outstretched towards the door. If she had leant back, she would have touched his chest.

"See? Much more comfortable this way," Noah said quietly. He could smell her hair and her perfume. He was in heaven.

"Truth or Dare?" she asked, ignoring his comment. 

"I'll stick with truth."

"Did your legs really hurt?"

"Of course, I was incredibly uncomfortable otherwise I wouldn't have asked you to sit so close."

Silence. "Alright, I'll believe it."

Noah decided to let it go. 

"Truth or Dare?"


He decided to ask what he had been thinking about all along. "Did you feel a spark?"

"Did I feel a spark, when?"

"You know, when I did the body shot."

"I thought we dropped that", Noah noted a slight change in Mrs. McCutcheon's tone. 

"Well I don't have any ideas for questions to ask and to tell you the truth, I have been wondering about that ever since it happened," Noah defended himself.

"I don't think we should be talking about this," she said quietly. 

"I just want a yes or no."

"I guess there could have been one." 

Noah could feel his heart thumping in his chest. She had felt it, too, he knew it.

Her tone changed back to playful, but it almost sounded forced.

"But you know, I was a little tipsy and you probably were too so who knows if there actually was anything. Let's move on, shall we? Truth or Dare?"

Noah wasn't satisfied with her answer. He wouldn't pressure her into admitting anything she didn't want to admit, but at the same time he was fixated on her and wanted to know how she really felt about him. He just didn't know how to do that.


"Hm, I don't really have any idea... Oh wait, you could massage my shoulders, I think that's good." Mrs. McCutcheon laughed.

Noah reached out in front of him until he reached her back. He guessed that she was sitting about 6 inches away from him. He started rubbing her shoulders in circular motions with his thumbs and while she had tensed up at first, he could feel her relaxing underneath his touch. 

"You know, Noah, if this whole football thing doesn't work out, you could definitely become a masseur," she remarked.

"I appreciate the compliment. How long is this dare lasting anyway?" Noah asked and pinched her skin. He was in heaven touching her, but he wanted more of her, the longer he was massaging her for.

"Maybe just another minute," she sighed. 

The rest of the massage went by in silence and as he came to an end, Noah let his fingers trail down her back until his hands rested on her hips. 

Mrs. McCutcheon cleared her throat. "Thank you, you can take your hands off of me now."

"Oh sorry, I got lost in thought," Noah quickly replied as he drew his hands back. "Truth or Dare, Mrs. McCutcheon."


"I dare you to lean back against my chest."

"Excuse me?"

"Well I can imagine that sitting upright for the next 3 hours can't be too comfortable."

"It beats leaning against a student's chest, Noah."

"You picked dare, now you have to go through with it. It's not like I'm asking you to sit in my lap."

"Haha, very funny." The sarcasm was hard to miss.

Noah could feel her scoot even closer to him, and then slowly lean back. It took every bit of willpower he had to keep his dick from rising in his pants as her body made contact with his front. Her head was now rested against his shoulder.

"I don't really feel like playing anymore," she said quietly.

"Okay," Noah replied. He was more nervous than he could ever remember being around her. He desperately wanted to bring up the incidence again but didn't want to make her mad. They sat in silence for a few minutes before Noah decided that now was as good a time as ever.

"Mrs. McCutcheon, you're gonna hate me for what I'm about to bring up."

"Oh god, Noah, are you talking about the shot again? I thought we were done now."

"I'm really sorry, it's just that I... I don't really know how I should say this... I felt something. A spark, like I mentioned before. Maybe something else. And it's been driving me crazy ever since."

He could hear her sigh. "Look, I know that I said before that I might have felt something, too. But I don't see the point of keeping on talking about this. Again, I shouldn't have let it happen, it was really inappropriate and I am very sorry."

"I didn't mind it being inappropriate." Noah felt his nervousness dropping away slowly. He was well aware of the direction he was leading the conversation in, but Mrs. McCutcheon's presence so close to him was driving him crazy.

He felt her body tense. "I think you're getting a little risky with your comments, there."

"I'm just trying to be honest."

Another pause. 

"Noah, who is that woman you were talking about earlier? The one you like? Do I know her? Does she teach here?"

Fuck, she knows, Noah thought to himself. Then again, maybe this was good? She didn't seem mad yet so maybe there was a chance of his confession getting him somewhere. His tongue didn't seem to want to formulate words, though.

"Ahhh I don't think I can..."

"It's me isn't it." Her voice was low as she interrupted him.

Noah couldn't think. He just nodded quietly, but she knew the answer even without feeling him nod. He felt Mrs. McCutcheon sit up straight again, instantly missing her touch and warmth.

"Oh, Noah," she sighed.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. McCutcheon, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since this course started."

"Look...Noah, I'm very flattered." She cleared her throat. "But don't you think that you deserve to be with someone your own age? Someone who likes the same things as you? Someone who isn't married and to top it off your professor?"

Noah hadn't expected any other reaction. Well, he had anticipated that she would be mad, and while her tone was darker and more tense than usual, she surprisingly didn't seem to be angry. He swallowed hard and found his voice again.

"Mrs. McCutcheon...I don't think that I can really help the way I feel about you. I know that it's inappropriate even more so since you are, presumingly happily, married. I am mature enough to understand that. I wasn't exactly planning on you finding out, to be honest."

"Well first of all, Noah, not only is the crush inappropriate, even you telling me about this is crossing a line... Before you interrupt, I know that I prompted your confession but it wasn't hard to put two and two together based on what you were telling me."


She continued. "I wasn't quite finished yet. You know, I did always find you mature for your age, Noah. You should use that maturity to get this idea out of your head. I know that what happened last week probably didn't help with that, but..."

"Now you're bringing that night up again, Mrs. McCutcheon."

"Aw, come on, Noah, give me a break, I don't know how to handle this situation," she said defensively. "What do I do? A student just confessed his crush, and this isn't exactly high school, you're 22 years old for god's sake, so it's not just some innocent thing I'm assuming. And I'm locked in this tiny storage closet with you! This is new territory for me, believe it or not."

Noah was taken aback by her sudden change in tone. He decided to defend himself. 

"Again, Mrs. McCutcheon, I wasn't planning on you finding out, I don't really see what the issue is if I have this fantasy in my head! You are married and nothing is going to happen, isn't that right?"

Now she genuinely seemed upset. "Would you for the love of God, please stop telling me about your fantasy. That is the issue, Noah, I know about it now, and it's awkward to be honest, I don't know how I'm supposed to act around you, knowing you want to f..." She broke off. 

"What, Mrs. McCutcheon. I want to what?"

"You know, do things."

Neither of them spoke for a little while. Mrs. McCutcheon broke the silence. 

"I'm sorry, Noah, I shouldn't have been so aggressive. I am just truly at a loss here." She paused, then, after he didn't reply, added "On a side note, not every marriage is a happy one."

"You don't need to share that with me," Noah replied softly. He tentatively reached out to touch her arm, just briefly, then returned his hand to his lap.

"So, what do you suggest we do about this, Mrs. McCutcheon?" 

"I... I think it would be best if we just tried to move on. If you could get this crush out of your head, we could just forget this ever happened."

"So I'm just supposed to "unlike" you? Just like that?"

"Just like that. It certainly would be the best option." Mrs. McCutcheon tone got tense again.

"Don't you think I've tried? I know that this isn't "right", but like you said, what happened during that body shot doesn't really help with any feelings I may have." Noah felt himself getting riled up again.

"And what exactly happened "during" it, huh? I hope you're not talking about a spark again."

Noah took a deep breath. "There's more than that. I felt how you reacted. You liked it."

Noah couldn't see her face but there was silence and he was sure that she had turned backward to look in his direction.

"Careful, Noah." Her voice was dangerously low.

He felt his face flush as adrenaline coursed through his body. He wanted her so badly and not being able to see her face and body made it a lot easier to break the rules. God, he had behaved so maturely just a second ago, but now he seemed to be losing control over his carefully thought-over sentences. 

"You didn't think I noticed? How your breath caught in your throat when I licked your neck and how you grabbed onto my arm?" He spoke softly.

"Oh my God", she whispered, more to herself than to him, as she covered her face with her hands and turned to face the door again.

"I felt the shiver that went through your body. And the goosebumps on your neck and chest." 

Noah was on a roll now and felt his dick grow in his pants as he relived the moment. Tentatively, he reached out again and let his hands rest on her shoulders. She hadn't said anything else, hadn't made any attempts to move away from him. Noah slowly increased the pressure on her shoulders and leaned in to whisper in her ear. 

"I think you enjoyed it way more than you'd like to admit, Mrs. McCutcheon."

She moaned. It was quiet and she tried to suppress it, but they had both heard it. Noah's dick was now straining against his pants as he overcame the last of his hesitation.

"Noah, we..."

He brought his mouth even closer to her ear and lightly touched his lips to her skin, while at the same time moving his hands down her arms. He could feel the goosebumps on her forearm as he started planting small kisses on the side of her neck. Every touch felt electric.

"Noah... we can't." She struggled to keep her voice steady. "I know... how you feel, but think about the implications of this. I'm married and old enough to... well, definitely too old for you."

"Mrs. McCutcheon, I don't say this lightly. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

Noah had stopped his kisses and was breathing rather heavily onto her neck. Neither of them spoke for a few seconds. He softly pulled her body back into his chest again and was met with no resistance. She had to feel his erection now. Noah heard her softly groan and felt her move her hands to cover her face again.

"Please, Mrs. McCutcheon," Noah pleaded.

"Noah...Oh god, this is a terrible idea."

He started to kiss the side of her face. "I know you can feel the connection between us," he mumbled. "Remember, you said I "hit the spot" that night."

"Granted, I was little tipsy." Her body was still tense against his.

"That doesn't change how you felt. Let me hit the spot again." 

"I can't..."

"We are locked in a closet, Mrs. McCutcheon, no one will find out about this. You said yourself that your marriage isn't that great, I can only assume sex is part of it. 

Let me show you how you deserve to be treated," Noah whispered in her ear, eliciting another moan from her.

"This is so hugely inappropriate, Noah. You can't say those things to a teacher." Her voice was unsteady.

Noah lightly pulled on her arm to signal for her to turn around. "Mrs. McCutcheon, please. I won't ever tell anyone... my God, you smell so good, you don't know how difficult it is for me to contain myself right now." 

There. Now he had put it all out there, the ball was in her court and Noah was impatiently waiting for her response, his dick still straining against his Jeans.

At first Mrs. McCutcheon resisted his attempt to turn her around, then she slowly moved to face him and reached out her hands to feel for his shoulders.

"I would like to go on record saying that this is a terrible idea."

Noah breathed in deeply, then pulled her in closer by her waist. Their faces were now merely inches away from each other, both of them able to feel the other's breath. Noah's brain was on overdrive. He never anticipated to be in his current situation. As much as he lusted after Mrs. McCutcheon, he couldn't bring himself to make the final move, the inappropriateness of the situation weighing heavily on them both, providing one last barrier. He moved his hands up to cup her face and slowly started moving his lips toward hers. Mrs. McCutcheon was still holding on to his shoulders, her grip becoming tighter as they stopped their faces right in front of each other. Finally, she was the one to close the remaining distance.

Noah thought he would pass out as their lips connected. 

The first touch lasted long, their lips lightly pressed against each other. Mrs. McCutcheon slowly drew back after a while.

"Well shit," Noah said quietly. 

"Shhh, don't talk, please. I can't believe I'm doing this..." She seemed out of breath. 

"Oh my God, what are we doing, we can't..." 

Mrs. McCutcheon released her hold on Noah's shoulders and started to move backwards. Noah made a decision. He would not force his teacher but he was convinced that she didn't actually want to stop. 

He smashed his mouth to hers as she let out a gasp of surprise, their tongues soon wrestling with each other as Mrs. McCutcheon let out small moans in between kisses. Noah let his hands roam down her back, grabbing her ass, eliciting further moans. He held on to the underside of both of her thighs and pulled them out from underneath her. Mrs. McCutcheon was now sitting on Noah's crotch, her legs outstretched on either side of his torso, her mound rubbing against his impossibly hard erection. "This is SO wrong!" she exclaimed breathlessly as Noah's left hand had already found her ass again.

His right hand snaked around to her front and was now in between their bodies, groping her left breast. Mrs. McCutcheon moaned rather loudly this time and began moving her hips, rubbing her crotch against his. Noah groaned as he bucked his hips upwards to meet her burning crotch. He needed more. Now.

He grabbed onto Mrs. McCutcheon's waist and pushed her backwards onto the ground, making her gasp again. He quickly got on his knees and was now on top of her, immediately bringing his mouth to hers again. Noah moved on to planting kisses on her neck, sucking each spot, while at the same time grinding his erection into her crotch.

Mrs. McCutcheon's breath was hitched as she tried to speak. "I never...ahh... I never thought I'd feel this way about a student!"

Noah moaned against her chest, trying to free her breasts from her blouse and bra.

"I want you to know that I normally wouldn't do... oh yessss." Noah pulled her blouse slightly to the side with a frustrated groan and his mouth latched onto the soft flesh right next to her nipple. 

"I normally wouldn't do this, but my husband... I'm pretty sure he's cheating on me.. I haven't had sex in months, I... oh God why am I telling you this??"

Noah paused for a moment, his face hovering above hers. 

"Mrs. McCutcheon, may I say, your husband is an idiot."

She let out a raspy laugh.

"I would fuck you every single day if I could, you don't know what you do to me," Noah whispered in her ear as he bucked his hips against her with a renewed effort.

"I'm starting to... get the idea," she moaned.

"I have fantasized about you for months, I can't even count how many times I jerked off, thinking about going down on you, feeling you wriggle around underneath me." Noah kept planting kisses all over her upper body.

She groaned, her hands exploring his muscled upper body through his clothes, grabbing his t-shirt and lifting it up over his head. "You shouldn't be telling me this."

"Why, does it turn you on, Mrs. McCutcheon?" Noah's smirk was almost audible.

"I don't think I need to answer that."

Noah could barely contain himself anymore. He snapped open Mrs. McCutcheon's pants and raised up her legs in order to pull them off, leaving her in her panties. He hurriedly pushed her legs apart again and struggled to get his own pants off due to the limited space, but he finally succeeded. 

The hecticness subsided a little as Noah lowered his body to hers again. They both paused for a second, staring at each other through the darkness. Without a word, Noah started unbuttoning Mrs. McCutcheon's blouse, feeling her chest rise and fall underneath his light touch. When he got to the bottom, he pulled the blouse apart and leaned down to kiss her breasts fully now. He slowly reached up to pull the right cup of her bra down and enjoyed hearing her moan as his mouth enveloped her nipple. He could feel her hips starting to move on their own accord, trying to find his hardness in the dark. Noah gently released her breast and she pulled him up to her mouth again, kissing him softly.

"Let me show how much you turn me on," Noah whispered as he took her hand from his torso and placed it near his bulging erection. Mrs. McCutcheon didn't do anything at first, and all he could hear was her breath. Then she moved her hand to cover his bulge through his boxers and ran her fingers along its length. Noah's hips involuntarily moved forward, pressing himself into her warm hand.

"That's quite a reaction," she whispered. 

"Take it out," Noah couldn't think straight. He felt her hands pull down the waistband of his boxers and reach inside to grab his dick, which was slick from his precum. He wanted to explode right then.

"Oh fuck, Mrs. McCutcheon," he moaned.

Her voice sounded as though she smiled. "Am I getting to you?" She was slowly stroking his shaft up and down, Noah's hips bucking to match her strokes.

Noah pulled her panties to the side and started moving his fingers up and down her already soaking wet slit, squeezing her clit between two fingers whenever he got to the top. Mrs. McCutcheon let out a whimper.

"You're definitely getting to me... but I don't think I'm the only one who's been fantasizing," he commented, out of breath. "Have you thought about me before, Mrs. McCutcheon?"

He felt her shudder underneath him. "I can't..."

Noah inserted a finger into her pussy and moved it around, slowly finger-fucking her. "Tell me... please."

"Ahh... alright, fuck it. I always found you attractive, you were older and more mature than the other... the other students, and then that night, I felt something..ooh... but I wanted to stay professional despite what I was feeling." She chuckled in a raspy voice. "Look how that turned out."

Noah decided to push her a little further as he added a second finger in her pussy. "Did you masturbate thinking about me, Mrs. McCutcheon?" He was moving his hand faster now and her grip tightened around his cock as she heard his question.


Noah groaned. He couldn't wait any longer. Images of her, masturbating, flashed through his mind as he grabbed her hands away from his dick and started rubbing the head along her pussy.

"Please, can I fuck you, Mrs. McCutcheon, please let me fuck you." Noah's tone was desperate as his hips were moving on their own accord now, his dick getting slick with her juices.

Mrs. McCutcheon groaned again and instead of replying, jerked her hips upwards, making Noah's dick slip inside her velvety tunnel without any resistance. Noah stayed in his position, not daring to move his hips, afraid that he would cum immediately.

"Holy shit," Mrs. McCutcheon groaned as Noah filled her up. She clenched her pussy around his dick, trying to accommodate to his size.

"Mrs. McCutcheon, I'm going to cum if you keep doing that ," Noah moaned. 

She let out a throaty laugh and stopped moving entirely, giving Noah time to recover.

He propped himself up on his elbows, lying almost completely on top of her. Soon he started moving his hips, slowly pumping in and out of her as she moaned and wriggled underneath him.

"Just like that," she whispered in his ear, as she moved her arms around his and grabbed on to his muscular back.

Noah kissed her again deeply. He imagined her beautiful face contort with emotion and lust, and he unconsciously began moving his hips faster.

"Mrs. McCutcheon, my only regret is that there is no light in here."

"I think you can call me Elizabeth by now," she moaned. Noah could feel her moving her hips against his to match his faster rhythm.

He couldn't suppress a groan. "Fuck, Elizabeth."

Another chuckle from her, mixed with a few moans. "Why do you want the light on? I assure you that my body looks better in the dark."

"I don't believe that for a second." Noah responded, his hips pumping even faster now. Mrs. McCutcheon seemed to be nearing climax as her breathing became irregular and she moved around even more underneath him, her fingernails scratching at his back.

"But that's not why, Elizabeth," Noah growled in her ear. "I have always wondered what your face looks like while you're cumming." 

That did it for her. Noah could feel Mrs. McCutcheon convulsing around his dick as he relentlessly kept pounding into her, feeling his own cum surge in his balls. Her hand grabbed onto his ass as she pulled him in closer to her, bucking her hips against his with all her might and releasing a loud groan as her orgasm kept on washing over her. 

"Fuck!," she shouted.

"I'm going to cum," Noah warned her.

"I'm on the pill, it's alright," she pressed out, barely able to speak as her body kept shuddering.

Noah moved his hips one last time before slamming into Mrs. McCutcheon as he felt his semen shoot through his dick and into her. 

They ground their bodies together for a few more seconds before they came to a halt. Noah slowly pulled his now limp dick out of Mrs. McCutcheon, who was still holding onto his back.

Neither of them spoke at first, letting their heavy breathing subside as they held each other. 

Noah slowly pushed himself up, coming to sit on his heels, her legs still on either side of him. He reached out and held onto her calves, slowly stroking his hands across her soft skin. Mrs. McCutcheon moved her hands to her face again, which Noah noticed after her voice sounded muffled through her hands.


"Mrs. McCut...Elizabeth, I..."

"Don't talk Noah." She slowly sat up. "Goddammit, that shouldn't have happened."

Noah remained quiet, not knowing what to say.

"I need a tissue or something to clean up. There should be some, somewhere on these shelves."

Noah wanted to say something, but then didn't. He slowly stood up, reaching around on the shelves, blindly opening the lids of the various containers until he found something that worked. It wasn't tissue, but some sort of cotton so it would have to do. Silently he handed it to her and kept some for himself.

He could hear her wiping herself as she kept cursing underneath her breath.

"I need my pants," she stated. Noah bent down and felt around for them at his feet, tossing them to her. He grabbed his own pants, as well as his t-shirt and put them back on. He could feel Mrs. McCutcheon get up to do the same. Noah gave her a few minutes to adjust herself, then they were both standing in silence again. 

Once again it was Mrs. McCutcheon who broke the silence. 

"I'm sorry, Noah, this isn't your fault. I'm not upset with you, I'm just mad at myself." she said quietly.

"I think if you want to blame anyone it would have to be me." Noah responded. "But I have to say, I don't think this was a mistake. Was it wrong? Yeah, maybe a little bit, but it's too late to have any regrets now."

"Oh my God, you're not helping. I think I need to sit down again" Mrs. McCutcheon mumbled. 

Noah could hear her move and felt stupid standing there in silence so he got to his knees again, quickly realizing that they were in the same position as when they were having sex, with her legs on either side of him, except that she was sitting up. "Fuck." she exclaimed.

Noah leaned towards her again, softly pushing her back onto the ground, then he turned her sideways and laid down behind her. She didn't object. He was keenly aware that he was spooning her and even though his legs were slightly uncomfortably bent because of the limited space, he didn't want to move. Mrs. McCutcheon laid her head on Noah's outstretched arm, using his biceps as a pillow. 

Noah inhaled deeply, enjoying the closeness to her and snaked his free arm around her waist pulling Mrs. McCutcheon close. She almost imperceptibly moved her backside against him, then she laid still. 

"You know that we're gonna have to talk about this, Noah" she said.

He nodded. "For the record, I don't think that it was a bad idea."

"Just because it was enjoyable doesn't mean that it was a good idea, either."

"So you just found it enjoyable then? I'm almost offended, Elizabeth," Noah said mockingly.

She lightly slapped his thigh in response. "Oh, quit it. To be honest it was incredible. Which makes it even worse."

"And why is that?" Noah asked, lifting his head to be closer to her face.

Mrs. McCutcheon twisted slightly to face him, their lips now barely apart from each other.

"Because this is going to happen again, and again, and..."

Noah cut her off with a kiss, which she returned after a few moments, opening her mouth to him. 

They continued to make out, Noah's dick slowly hardening again when all of a sudden they heard a loud noise from the outside. 

"Anybody in there?" a loud male voice shouted.

Noah jumped back and they both scrambled to their feet, trying their best to straighten out their clothes and hair. "Shit, that must be the janitor! Why the fuck is he already here??" Mrs. McCutcheon whispered. They stood as far apart from each other as possible before she responded. 

"Yes, hi Mr. Mosely, it's me Elizabeth. Me and one of my students were trying to get something from in here and then the door slammed," she shouted through the door. "My key is still on the outside!"

A key was turned in the lock and all of a sudden the door swung open and after adjusting their eyes to the light, they saw Mr. Mosely standing before them with a puzzled look on his face. Mrs. McCutcheon blushed visibly, and Noah realized what a sight they must have presented. Mrs. McCutcheon's hair was still messy and her blouse was buttoned up the wrong way. Noah probably didn't look a lot better.

Mrs. McCutcheon pushed her way past the old man and went directly to her purse, running her fingers through her hair in the process. She got out her wallet and took a few bills out, then returned to the two, Noah still standing in the supply closet. 

"Here you go, Mr. Mosely, for letting us out of that closet," she said as she handed him the money. "I would be very grateful if you wouldn't mention this incident to the other teachers, It really is embarrassing for me to lock myself in a closet." Mrs. McCutcheon smiled her best smile at the janitor and then turned around to Noah, a look of complete innocence on her face. 

"I'm sorry that I put you through this ordeal, Noah, it was completely my fault forgetting the key on the outside. I hope you'll forgive me. Oh, and don't forget to clean those tissues up, it was your runny nose after all." With that, Mrs. McCutcheon stared at him intensely, then turned around and with a sway in her hips walked towards the classroom door. 

Noah cleared his throat and shouted after her. "No problem, I'll see you in class Mrs. McCutcheon."

She turned around in the doorway to smile at him, then she was gone. 

The janitor was left staring at Noah, inspecting his ruffled hair. Noah blushed and decided that he should probably leave as well. He hurriedly picked up the pieces of cotton on the ground and hurriedly stuffed them into his pocket. As Noah walked past the janitor, he thanked him for all his help, grabbed his backpack and left as quickly as he could, feeling the janitor's eyes on his back as he walked away.