"Stories 18+" Wife is seduced by a serial seducer

Stories 18+ Wife is seduced by a serial seducer
She closed her eyes, the warm sensations covering her swollen nipple was coursing through her body as she felt fingers probing her pussy searching for her clit. A sharp gasp came from her mouth as the fingers found their goal, as satisfied smirk ran across the man's face. His fingers rubbing gently circling the small bud and sending shivers through the woman. He smiled at her response, she was hot, wet and very horny too. She wriggled as a finger slipped easily inside her, forcing her pussy to contract and grip the digit. Slowly he moved in and out as his thumb rested on her clit, his mouth working hard on her nipples. The nipple in his mouth was swollen so hard and thick he had never known any like this woman's before, his tongue swirled as he licked and sucked feeling her arousal growing to a higher pitch. 

Each stage towards her orgasm made her respond either with soft moans or a more urgent movement of her hips. He smiled inwardly as he worked on the woman, he had been after her for a while, now he had her and was going to savour every minute. His intention was to drive her wild with pleasure, giver so many orgasms that she would be his, want him again and again. He wanted to not just have her but possess this woman. 

The sounds filled the room, like a cloud over the large bed where they sprawled almost naked together. Their passion causing urgent sighs and soft moans to escape and fill the other's ears with encouraging signs of need and pleasure. Her nipples were so sensitive she wriggled and moaned as her licked and sucked them mercilessly, he knew she was going to cumm soon, he wanted her to cum hard as his fingers slid easily inside her as his thumb teased the super sensitive clit that was swollen with arousal. He kept up the pressure, slowly building towards her climax, he would ease off a little as she caught her breath, biting her lip as she moaned and writhed on his bed. A second finger slipped inside that caused a louder moan to slip from her open mouth, this brought a response from her hips as she gyrated to take more inside. Faster and working in time his fingers, thumb and mouth drove the woman wild and carried her over the threshold into orgasm. 

He looked at her as she pulsed round his fingers, her hands reaching for her breasts squeezing and pinching her nipples as he watched her cumming. As she gasped and he felt she was coming down he slowly teased her clit firmly this time keeping her wanting, keeping her aroused. He slid between her widely spread thighs and rubbed his cock along her soaking wet lips. He guided her hand down to his thick shaft and looked into her eyes as she gripped him. Her eyes wide as she felt his girth. There was no stopping this now he thought as she felt the wetness of her pussy coating the large bulbous head of his cock. It felt so good, so wet as she positioned his cock at her entrance. Her eyes opened as they both felt the moment had arrived for the final act of consummation of their affair. He looked into her eyes as he started to slowly ease forward. The warmth started to envelop his manhood, coating him with her soaking pussy. She was tight so he took it slowly, he could feel he slowly opening up as he started a gentle sawing motion, moving the head in and out and only moved deeper as he felt her hands on his hips pulling him in. He was lost in her heat, her tightness as he closed his eyes. 

He had waited so long for this now he had her, she was going to be his after today there was no doubt in his mind. The movement of his hips increased, his cock now going deeper into her pussy, he could hear her whimpering as he eased more of his cock inside her. He was big in that department just over nine inches and thick too from her reactions she was not used to the size but was nonetheless loving it. As her pussy accepted and wanted more of his cock, he gave it to her and kept giving it to her until he was balls deep in her. Her eyes were rolling as he now proceeded to fuck her, hard, fast and deeply. He wanted her to cumm hard for him and know what it was to have his cock inside her. He wanted her to become addicted to his cock. 

For the next twenty minutes he keep up a steady pace, feeling each orgasm as they built and built within her willing married pussy. Satisfied he had driven her crazy he started to fuck her in earnest, he wanted to make her cum with a big one, he pinched her nipples until they were almost on the edge of sore, sensitive, swollen. His mouth assaulted hers, his tongue probing and dancing with hers as they moved together, moans escaping as each gripped the other with urgent need. Then he felt her stiffen and wrap her legs round him as her orgasm exploded inside, he could feel each pulse of her pussy tightening like a ring round his cock. He could not hold back as his cock erupted inside, spewing rope after rope of his potent seed inside her. He kept pumping and flooding her as they both held on to each other. Slowly, kissing deeply as they rolled together through their joined orgasms, hands clawing urgently at each other before being overtaken by gentle caressing and stroking. He marvelled the power of his own orgasm and how this woman had got him so hot for her and he couldn't help but flood her, the after effect was almost tender. The couple lay in post coital bliss, the afterglow and sweat of their joining covered them as they said nothing. 

The man rolled off his partner, his cock slipped free from her soaking pussy. Immediately she felt empty and then a slow trickle of semen started to ooze from her. She felt it slowly tracing a path down towards her tight hole, the sensation was rather erotic so she laid still enjoying it. His cock was still semi hard, she looked at it and marvelled at how she had managed to have that big thing inside her. She compared it to her husband's, Jake, his was definitely smaller, thinner too but she had always been satisfied with it. That is until now. This was a different league. She had never had so many orgasms in one go before. Her pussy still had that just fucked feeling and she was tingling all over. She couldn't remember feeling like this before. 

He sat up and grabbed his cigarettes, lit one and inhaled deeply. He blew the smoke across the room as it started to mingle with the scent of their sex. 

"Joyce, I thought that was fantastic, really special." 

She smiled at him. 

"I am glad you thought so, I thought it was pretty amazing too." 

She scooted closer as he wrapped an arm round her. They looked at each other and kissed softly, tenderly. 

"How long can you stay?" He asked hoping she would be able to stay over all night he wanted some more of her. 

"I am yours all night if you want me baby, Jake is away and won't be back until tomorrow evening." 

He looked at her, his eyes filled with lust, a smile curling across his lips as he leaned into the woman and kissed her slowly deliberately before stubbing out his cigarette and clicking off the night light. 

Joyce Harris was a 42 year old mother of two teenage children, a son Zak and a daughter Louise. She had been working at a publisher's office for the past twenty years on and off with the only breaks when she had her children. Jake, her husband had always been a bit of a push over in giving in to her wants and needs and as soon as she made the decision to return to work he acquiesced and went along with it. He made changes in his own work life balance to make it possible. Of course there was no thanks for that but he did it with a good heart for the woman he loved. Joyce had always been rather wilful as a young woman and used to getting her own way eventually. There had been many times when she and Jake had gotten into it over something or other but when Jake put his foot down, and that was rare, there was no shifting him. Joyce would sulk, she would rant and at some point concede that maybe he had a point but only when she was ready of course. By which time Jake had moved on with his own thoughts. 

Joyce was five foot four inches tall, with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. She had a curvaceous figure that gained her attention when she entered a room, she was 36c - 24 - 38, although she was never a show off when she noticed anyone looking it did send a thrill through her. Something she had missed out on in her younger years but now she felt secure enough to enjoy being looked at, she felt safe too as she was a married woman. Joyce did not know that some men look at a married woman as a challenge. 

Jake worked as a freelance consultant in building construction and design. A line of work he seemed to enjoy after starting in the construction industry working for his father before branching out and embracing new technology to become rather good at advising architects and builders on aspects of technology and security for new builds. He was no geek by any stretch and could do many of the jobs on sites himself such was his makeup that he was an unassuming type who would not be noticed in a crowded room yet his opinions were sought and respected by those in the know. 

Standing just over six foot he was in good shape for his 44 years, fair hair which he kept cropped short with grey eyes. He adored Joyce, and had always given her everything he could even when she threw a strop he usually smiled and let her have her way until it came to something he didn't want to happen. That was a different story, when he said no he meant it, no turning back or persuading him, he would not budge. Yes Jake could be stubborn too which did make for fireworks between him and Joyce at times. 

They had been married just over twenty years, during that time neither had cheated on the other. Of course there were temptations along the way and Jake knew there had been a couple of guys that had their eye on Joyce at different times over the years but it had never developed into anything. He had kept an eye on things but Joyce looked like she always had it covered so he had no real cause for concern. 

Recently with the kids on the cusp of leaving the nest for further education there seemed a murmur of unrest in the Harris home. Jake had been away several times in the past few months due to his involvement with a nationwide building company who secured his services on a major new site in the north of England. He had noticed more than just the physical distance between himself and his wife during this period. 

Their lovemaking had dropped off over the years to the once a week ritual which was now seemingly becoming a chore for both of them. Jake noticed his wife was not so interested and keen on their ritual weekly sex but with his travelling of late he couldn't put it down to anything specific, maybe they were both feeling the effects of their busy work schedules. Nights spent together at home were the same as usual, affectionate and loving but rarely leading to anything of a more intimate nature, so sex became more of a planned event with the spontaneity removed it seemed to dampen the mood. Things were not going well. 

Mason James was a typical salesman. He was 38, divorced yet full of confidence, good looks and charm. Standing at a few inches over six foot, with very dark , almost black hair, dark brown eyes and an almost permanent five o'clock shadow he was the epitome of a classic tall, dark and handsome. When he arrived at Joyce's office almost six months ago several of the women were fawning over him within minutes. He lapped up their attention and was like a wolf checking out sheep, he was weighing up his prey. Within a few weeks it was obvious he had a thing for Joyce and so started the chase, he dallied with some of the office girls but Joyce was his prime target. He saw her as a hot sexy repressed wife who needed his own brand of loving to bring her out of her shell. He spent many of his visits to the office chatting with her and laying the groundwork for her seduction. On one of his visits a few months ago he timed his leaving the office to coincide with hers and asked her to go for a drink with him. When she fluttered her eyelashes at him and accepted he knew it was game on. 

Joyce returned home late that evening after more than one drink with Mason, she had not done anything inappropriate and Mason had been thoroughly charming. There were no smutty comments or innuendos yet there was electricity in the air, she could feel that. As they sat in a quiet corner of the bar she could feel his eyes on her, which was enough to send shivers through her and cause a physical reaction that she had not felt in years. That night she wanted to be fucked so much that she almost attacked Jake when he came in. For his part Jake was taken aback but being a man was not going to question her motives at the time as she soon had his cock out and was knelt in the lounge sucking him as they pulled their clothes off. She was hot, horny and needed to be fucked, Jake was not going to argue so he fucked her on the floor of the lounge before pulling her to the bedroom for round two. 

Afterwards as they lay in bed Jake looked over at his wife who was dozing exhausted after their unscheduled fuck session. He looked into her serene face and saw nothing unusual but there was something, he knew it, he felt it, this was so out of character, so out of place in their routine. A small alarm bell was tinkling away in the back of his mind. 

The next few weeks there were another two occasions when Joyce was in the same horny mood and Jake gratefully accepted the change in his wife and went with the flow. Although they never mentioned it or discussed it other than to smile at each other the next morning. It was enough of a change, although welcome, to ring that little alarm bell again. Jake was starting to wonder. 

At work her days were mundane and small things seemed to irritate her for some reason. Joyce felt on edge and it was only when Mason dropped by that she seemed to snap out of it. She fluttered her eyelashes at him and was behaving like a schoolgirl with a crush. Mason saw her reaction and smiled to himself and massaged her ego at every opportunity. Always complimenting her on her looks and outfits which had Joyce preening and fawning over him when they were alone in her office. The after work drinks had almost become routine with them meeting at "their" bar and staying later and later each time. Joyce would text Jake citing a meeting or some other function if he was home, Jake for his part read her messages and again heard that damn bell tinkling in the back of his mind each time. 

There had been the casual touches between them that had been going on for a couple of weeks now, the sensations of his touch were sending tremors through Joyce's body and drawing her closer to this lothario like a moth to a flame. On their third or fourth evening Mason kissed her as they parted, she was taken aback but did not refuse his kiss or rebuke him. She melted into his arms and kissed him back, she revelled in the feel of him all round her, his arms wrapping her close against his chest. He smiled at her as she looked up at him, he knew he had her now. Soon he would fuck her and give her the best sex she had ever had. 

"How are you today Joy." He asked as he entered her office the next day after their kiss. 

Joyce looked up at him smiling, her cheeks glowing as she recalled that kiss, she loved how he called her Joy too, it was sort of intimate and private between them. 

"I am fine thanks Mason, you?" She stood and walked towards him. He closed the door and in a flash had pulled her to him and was kissing her deeply, she felt his tongue dance across her lips inviting her to part them. She submitted and he probed her willing mouth sucking at her tongue as his hands now caressed her ass and pulled her against his growing bulge. 

"I couldn't stop thinking about you after last night Joy, I can't help myself, and I want you." He held her close as he spoke, she looked up into his dark eyes and melted, her arms round his neck. 

"Me too baby, I want you too." The words were out of her mouth before she even thought about it. He kissed her again with more urgency, now his bulge was grinding against her and she was responding in kind. 

"Oh my God Mason, please don't I love this but not here." She panted. 

"I understand, but when and where? I want you." He pressed. 

Joyce knew she was in deep yet she was driven by her feelings, her need and ignoring her responsibilities and of course her husband. She wanted this she had been heading this way for the past couple of months and Mason was her ideal potential lover. She was on the spot now, it was decision time, and her mind was working a breakneck speed trying to find an answer. 

"Jake is on a trip next week and will be gone for at least two nights so maybe then?" 

Mason kissed her again, the lovers savoured the sealing of the deal and now there was no holding back. His hands caressed her ass and slid up her sides until his large hands rested on her breasts, his thumbs circling her already erect nipples. The phone rang breaking the moment and their kiss. As she ruffled her hair and pulled herself together she answered the call. 

"Hello? Joyce?" It was Jake, she motioned to Mason to keep quiet, he moved closer. 

"Hi Jake, you OK? It's not like you to call me at work, are you Ok?" 

"Yes I am fine baby, just wanted to hear your voice is all, I wondered if you were free for lunch? I am in town today is all and have an hour or two to kill." 

Mason ran his hands up Joyce's thigh as she perched on the edge of her desk, she watched him as she chatted, her eyes wide. 

"Well I do have a lot on at the moment Jake, let me check my diary." She flicked through her planner as Mason's hand slipped under her dress and headed for her panties. His fingers stroked her very warm panties as she put the phone back to her ear, the sensations going through her pussy were electric. 

"Sorry love I only have thirty minutes today otherwise I would love to meet up, maybe tonight we can do something?" 

The fingers were now slipping under her panty leg and gently rubbing across her clit. She shuddered. 

Jake sounded disappointed but didn't break the call, Joyce could feel herself getting wetter now as Mason had prised a finger inside her pussy as she listened to her husband tell her about his upcoming trip. Mason smiled at her, his thoughts revelling in the fact that her husband was as close as he fingered his wife. He watched her face as she blushed but responded by moving her hips to meet his fingers. 

"Jake, I really got to go there is someone waiting for me here I will catch up with you at home OK?" 

"Yeah sure baby see you tonight." 

She put the phone down as Mason covered her mouth with his as he fingered her faster and deeper, she shuddered as she held on to him , her pussy pulsing as she orgasmed, her body shaking. He pulled his fingers from her as she came down from her orgasm, he smiled at her and licked his fingers. His cock was rock hard now and he needed release but he wanted her to feel obliged and owe him one, so he kissed her again. 

"I got to run baby, we must get this organised for next week, and I need you." 

She melted as she watched him turn and leave her pussy still pulsing gently in her soaking wet panties. She breathed deeply and tried to pull herself together. The rest of the day was spent with Joyce daydreaming about her lover and alternately blushing at how he had made her cum with Jake on the phone too! She was shocked, ashamed but so turned on it was incredible. She could arrange to meet with Mason when Jake went away next week, he would never know, it was perfect. So it was that she reached the decision to cheat on her husband with no thought for the fallout or consequences entering her head at all. 

Jake had been away for two days, he missed his wife and laid on the bed in his hotel room relaxing after another long day with his clients. It had been intense but he had a good result overall and was pleased with himself, he had got another recommendation for his consultancy so things were going well. He wanted to speak to Joyce and tell her all about it but the way things had been between them lately he wasn't sure she would be interested. 

Since a few weeks ago when she had surprised him with her horny and sexy performances, things had cooled off and gone back to the normal once a week routine leaving him confused. If he was honest he was angry too. The nagging doubt in his mind that maybe something was amiss between them had driven him to stay vigilant and watch Joyce for any signs of wrongdoing. He just didn't have anything he could go to her with, it was frustrating. 

He had looked around the home for anything that could possibly indicate an affair with no success. She had sexy lingerie of course but nothing apparently new or different, so no change there. He had checked her car, again nothing there that looked out of place. Her phone was out of bounds and she never left that alone anyway so he hadn't looked on that, yet. The home PC didn't reveal anything either, but he knew there was something somewhere but where? 

He almost had admitted defeat and was at the point of accepting he was the one with the problem and was allowing insecurity to overrule common sense when he got a text message. 

It was anonymous and number withheld but the sentiment confirmed his innermost fears and the bell got louder, much louder. 


That was all it said, no details, nothing just that. When he read it he felt like he had been speared in the chest. He knew, he just knew it was true, it backed up his own senses and he believed it. 

That was three days ago, the day before he left on his trip to the North of England. He had no option but to go, there were people relying on him but his mind had been in turmoil as he read and reread the message. 

Who? When? Why? 

He had no clue, he tried to reply to the message but got no other response. Joyce seemed thoroughly normal, it was just incredible if this were true how could she be like this? Did he know this woman? 

He had one day to do something about this before he left. He knew it was the ideal opportunity for her to cheat while he was away like this so he needed to move quickly to protect himself and get the proof if there was any to be had. It would be during this trip that he felt would get it. He had no idea how long it had been going on or who or where. He thought back and counted the number of times he had been away recently, this was the first time in a few weeks though, but Joyce had been acting differently since a few weeks back so maybe it hadn't been going on that long, he hoped. Now she seemed back to normal, was this normal? Confused he started to search his phone book. 

He laid stretched out on the hotel bed as he thought of Joyce. He was angry, sad and confused. The past two days had been hell, trying to blot out all thoughts of his wife and her lover had been impossible. She had called him on the first night and made small talk but it was earlier than they would normally talk when he was away which he thought odd. He was tense and she had asked him a couple of times if he was OK. He fobbed her off saying he had a stressful day and although he loved her he just was not in a talkative mood. Joyce seemed to sense that and she herself did not want to talk as she was rather keen to get on with arranging to meet her lover. They were both keen to break off the call though for different reasons which afterwards they both realised and thought a little unusual. Jake was saddened, Joyce was relieved. 

Jake spent an uneasy night, tossing and turning. It was around midnight when he received a text message from his contact. 

All is well tonight no action to report. 

Jake breathed a big sigh of relief and turned over and fell asleep exhausted. 

The second day of his trip was a busy one, there were no messages during the day and he managed to conclude his business by a reasonable time. At 5.30pm he headed for his hotel, with no text messages received he thought he could get his report finalised and sent off tonight instead of in the morning saving him several hours tomorrow. He checked the timing of the early flights back home, then he realised if things went as he thought they may why would he want to go home? 

Jake sat in the bar, he had dashed off his report and sent it to his client and was now sipping a large Jack Daniels and ice. The warming effect of the drink coursed through him calming him as he thought about the decision he had to make. An hour ago he had received the message he had been dreading. Joyce had left the house apparently dressed to party, he had checked his phone and found a missed call a few minutes before she had left the house. Obviously that was her alibi call to him, he hadn't listened to the message. 

He knew where she was going now and who she was with, he had the guy's address and confirmation she was there. It was a little after 8 when she had left, it was now after 11, he knew in his heart of hearts his marriage was over. The stone lump in his chest sat heavy and immoveable as he downed the last of his JD before ordering another. He had given up praying for it all to be a mistake and knew without a doubt now that she was cheating on him. Would he be able to go home tomorrow? He couldn't answer that with any certainty. 

His flight was booked for lunchtime tomorrow so Joyce wouldn't expect to see him until at the earliest 3pm, even then she was supposed to be at work. A call to her work earlier had confirmed she had booked two days leave, something she had neglected to tell him. She must be expecting to have an extended day with her lover tomorrow so he surmised he would get a text or a call to say she would be late tomorrow. That would dampen any thoughts she may have of him wanting sex with her. Crafty bitch. 

Jake knew he would not be able to put up with her betrayal, the thought of her with another man made him angry and physically sick. No, he would want his pound of flesh and then some but a quick confrontation would not give him that so he needed a plan. Yes a plan for retribution, one with pain for those concerned would fit the bill. 

Another couple of JDs and he felt a warm glow enveloping him, he looked at his watch, it was almost 12.30. His phone had no messages, no updates, which was a bad sign. 

It was around this time that Mason switched off the bedside lamp and was enjoying Jake's wife for the second or was it the third time that night. Joyce giggled as his hands fondled her tits again, he loved her nipples, he licked and sucked each one making her moan as she fed them into his eager mouth. 

Her hand wrapped round his thick member, giggling as she felt it stir and swell again. Jake could never be so ready again so quickly after cumming, she stroked his already hard cock as he fed on her nipples. She moaned as he licked and sucked, his fingers already working her soaking pussy over again. She was still oozing his cum as he offered his fingers to her to suck, she automatically opened her mouth and licked them clean. The first time she had tasted cum like that before. Mason smiled. 

"Good girl, we will have you feeding on my cumm soon baby." 

She cooed as she tasted the sweet yet salty mix from his fingers. Lost in lust now she allowed Mason to guide her down to his cock, he held her head as he rubbed the tip across her lips. Dreamily she opened her mouth and proceeded to suck him slowly. The large head of his cock filled her mouth stretching her lips wide, he eased it a little deeper and she gagged. He laughed. 

"Relax baby just relax." 

He pushed again, he felt her gagging and splutter but he held her firmly offering encouraging words to her. 

"That's it baby, oh yes that is so good, a little more, relax baby." 

Joyce tried and felt the huge cock slowly easing inside her mouth moving to her throat. She tried to relax but kept gagging, Mason held her firm and his voice was almost hypnotic as he slid in and out murmuring how good she was at this. She tried again as he slowed right down pushed a little further before pulling back and fucking her mouth faster, he repeated the process over and over, his cock so hard. He was smiling in the dimly lit room as he could feel her taking him deeper each time. 

"That's it baby, you are so good." He moaned. 

She licked and sucked as best she could her tongue swirling round and round his cock. Mason started to move in and out faster now, he held her head firmly as he fucked her mouth. 

"Oh yeah baby, here it comes now, open wide I am going to fill you with my cum now." 

Joyce heard but didn't understand until she felt him push in and hold her head tightly. He groaned as the first streams of his cum flooded her mouth. She tried to pull away but he held firm forcing her to swallow. She had never done that before, not even with Jake she was shocked but had no choice as his sperm flowed down her throat. He held her until he finished cumming. 

"That's it baby lick me clean now mmmm yes good girl." 

Joyce was sucking and licking his now spent member, she was shocked but did as he told her, she didn't understand why but she did it. He let her head go and she looked up at him. She felt used, but this was what she had wanted wasn't it. Mason was a forceful and dominant type, the complete opposite of Jake. 

Jake! OMG Jake! She realised where she was and for the first time that night spared a thought for her husband. She suddenly felt guilt for the first time in what must have been weeks as she realised what she had just done. Mason recognised the feelings of guilt she was displaying, he pulled her to him, kissing her deeply. He held her tight until she appeared to outwardly calm down. 

He kept up the assault on her lips with his own, slowly she responded and soon found herself getting aroused again, and all thoughts of Jake wiped out as Mason used his tongue all over her again. He sucked he nipples again driving her crazy, he even sneakily marked each breast with a hickey without her realising. He wanted to mark this woman as his. 

He moved his mouth over her pussy, he was in no way squeamish about tasting his own cum as it oozed from her. He teased and licked her clit until she was thrashing on the bed begging him to fuck her again. His fingers rubbed round and round her tight hole mixing her juices with his saliva as he gently probed her. In a few minutes he had his fingers working both her holes. He shuffled up to her pussy, his cock rigid and swollen. He rubbed it across her clit and proceeded to fuck her slowly. He pulled out of her soaking pussy and rubbed his cock over her tight hole, she moaned so he pressed against her hole as he kissed her again. She tried to pull away but he slowly eased inside, her tight hole relaxed as he pressed inside. 

"Ssssshhhhh baby, relax it will be so good in a minute love believe me." 

Slowly he kissed and pushed, stroked and teased her until he was almost fully inside her. She looked up at him partly in shock but some lust too as he started to fuck her ass, slowly at first until she started moaning. That was his cue to fuck her hard and use her as the slut he had now made her. Joyce felt herself out of control, the pain was turning to something else, now she was wriggling and pushing back at him, her fingers were rubbing furiously on her clit as he rammed her. As she arched her back and thrashed through another orgasm, he could feel her pussy and ass throbbing hard, tightening round his cock forcing him over the edge. He held himself in and spewed another huge load of his sperm deep in her bowel, Joyce felt it and moaned loudly as he filled her. As his cock slipped free of her ass he grinned at her laid out exhausted on his bed. His cock still semi hard courtesy of the Viagra he had taken before, it had served him well tonight. Maybe he could do her again in the morning too. The couple fell into a deep satisfied sleep. 

Jake woke at 6.30am, he had another fitful night's sleep. He felt terrible, his head was pounding so he headed for breakfast, good fried breakfast will help then he had to head home. 

Home? Well where he lived anyway. He sat eating his breakfast, he was ravenous, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, hash browns, mushrooms and toast. Three cups of tea later and he was starting to feel human, well as near as dammit. He had packed last night so there was nothing holding him back, he cleared his bill and got a taxi to the airport. Jake slumped in his seat at 9.30am, it was a slow day so an early flight was easily sorted out. His mind a whirl of things to do, he had created a list over breakfast so he would be busy today. At Heathrow he collected his bags and grabbed a trolley and headed to the long term parking, threw everything in the boot and drove into town. First stop was with his contact. He walked straight into the small office and sat down in front of a well-built man, whose face had seen happier days. 

"How you doing Jake?" The man said without turning from his PC. 

"Had better days." 

"Yeah, well I am sure of that, but we have all had them." 

"How did it go?" Jake asked impatiently. 

The big man turned fully round to face him, Jake could see in his face it was not good news. 

"Oh shit!" Jake put his hands over his face. 

"Easy Jake, yes it is bad, the worst. They are still at it." 

Jake sprang up, walked to the wall and punched it leaving a neatly formed hole in the plaster board. 

"Oh Jake why the fuck did you do that? Dammit! Anyone else and I would knock your block off." 

Jake looked round at his brother. 

"Sorry I just can't believe the bitch has done this, and is still doing it too! She knows I will be home today too! What the fuck is going on Mike?" 

"I know the who, the where but not the why Jake only Joyce knows that or the asshole." 

"OK what do you have?" Jake slumped back in the chair and looked at his brother. 

The next half an hour was given over to what Mike had collected, photographs from outside the guy's apartment. He was well heeled it seemed on the surface anyway, he was a predator. Mike explained that he had managed to find some information about him and it seemed he had a liking for other men's wives and girlfriends. He seemed to enjoy taking them, using them and then moving on once he had ruined things for them. So far there were at least two other women he had found out about but it was early days yet, there could be more. 

"He is playing a fucking game? Using my wife?" Jake spat incredulously. 

"Looks like it but we don't know for sure what Joyce's angle is in this yet." 

"Either way I am going to have this bastard." 

"Easy Jake, we don't want jail time." 

"I want to ruin the fucker permanently so he can't pull this shit again." 

"What about Joyce?" 

"As far as I am concerned she is history! She chose this, no one forced her, and she will suffer the consequences." 

Mike looked at Jake and saw that family stubborn streak, he knew it well, and it was something he shared. There would be no going back now. 

"OK, so you know what you got to do today?" 

Jake nodded sadly. 

"Yeah, I have a list. On the way over I made a few calls, by now the locks are being changed on the house, bank accounts have been cleared out. I have an appointment with a solicitor tomorrow morning. I am going home to toss her shit out in the street, I mean box it all up nicely and leave it for her to collect. Anything else can wait." 

"Jake, take my advice don't stay at the house, go find a bolt hole for a few days, let the whore sweat." 

"Yeah maybe that's a good idea. Your place?" 

Mike threw him a set of keys. "As long as you like. Now get moving you don't want to bump into her do you?" 

Jake turned and walked out the door and headed home. He fumed as he drove about what he had heard from Mike, there were things he needed to check on and he had very little time before Joyce arrived home after her fuck fest, maybe. 

He pulled onto the hardstanding outside his garage and clicked the opener, it didn't work. That was confirmation that the locksmith had been then. He got out of his car and as he approached the door a man called out to him. He turned and the locksmith trotted over to him holding an invoice and a bunch of keys. 

"Mr Harris, I have finished with the locks, here are your sets of keys. I reprogrammed the garage opener too, this is the new remote for it." 

"Thanks, I will be round later to settle up with you, I appreciate the super service, good man." He grabbed the guy's hand and shook it warmly. 

"If you will excuse me I am in rather a hurry today." 

"Hey man, no problem, pleased I could help. Been there got the tee shirt as they say. Good luck to you." He turned and left Jake at the front door. 

Inside Jake moved quickly, he went upstairs with an armful of black bin bags and with no ceremony he emptied all Joyce's clothing into them before tying them and tossing them down the staircase to land at the front door. In all he had twenty bags piled up in quick time. He was sweating and pumped. He left all her jewellery till last and boxed that before placing it in his car. He gathered some fresh clothes for himself and packed them into his car along with some personal papers and anything he felt he could use over the next couple of days. The time was flying by and he saw he had been at the house for two hours now, it was after 1pm. Jake decided enough was enough, he wrote a note and pinned it to the door with his wife's name on the envelope. 

"Take that you bitch." 

He piled her belongings in the middle of the front garden, there was no way she could miss that. He smiled grimly to himself as he eased his car off the driveway and with a look over his shoulder once again he hit the accelerator and sped away. 

Joyce awoke and looked round the strange room before she realised where she was. A surge of panic hit her as she looked at the time on the bedside clock. It was just after 8.30am. She tried to move, but every bone and muscle on her body ached, she felt like she had run a marathon, everything hurt or was sore. She slid out of the big bed and padded to the bathroom where she splashed water over her face. She looked in the large mirror, she was shocked at what she saw, and her make-up was a mess where she hadn't removed it last night. There dark rings round her eyes and then she saw her breasts! 

"Oh my God!" Her hand went to her mouth as she saw the two bite marks on her breasts. They were large enough to be seen, her nipples looked very pink and tender too. There were streaks of cum all over her tummy and down to her pussy, it was even in her hair!! What had she done? 

She heard him moving in the bedroom. Feeling a panic building she stormed to confront him. 

"What the fuck have you done? Look at these?" She said indicating the love bites round her nipples. Tears were starting to flow now as reality started to kick in. 

"Don't they look great? I love them, come here let me do some more babe." 

"You are fucking kidding me! If Jake sees these he will throw me out!" 

"Isn't that what you wanted babe?" He grinned. 

Joyce was dumbstruck, who was this asshole? What on earth had she done? She needed to get out of here and home before Jake returned. She started to gather her clothes together such as they were, definitely not the sort of daytime attire a married woman would be seen in. 

She went back into the bathroom and headed into the shower at least if she could get herself clean it would be a start. She washed and soaped herself all over trying to wash away the shame and the cum, she felt her pussy had been abused like never before, her tight asshole was very sore also, she could feel the aching deep inside too. She scrubbed and washed until she could do no more, her hair washed and tied back as she dressed and braved the bedroom and her lover. 

She looked at him, he was unrepentant as he laid naked on the bed, his thick cock laying against his thigh as he eyed her. 

"You sure you don't want to stay babe?" He smiled. 

"Jake will be back later today, I need to get myself home and cleaned up. Why did I do this?" 

"Well if you change your mind Joy, I am here and will take good care of you." He smiled but Joyce was not convinced. She had a massive problem to deal with and the time was flying past already. It was almost 10am now. 

"Lest get some coffee and work something out, his flight isn't until after lunch you said so you have plenty of time babe." He got off the bed and headed for the kitchen still naked and clicked the percolator on. As Joyce followed behind him her mind was trying to process what he said, was she panicking? Mason poured two coffees and she sipped as she thought. After a few minutes of silence she reasoned that her problem was how to hide the bite marks as Jake could not know anything else anyway. Relaxing a little she allowed Mason to hug her and she felt his cock stir again. 

It was after 1pm by the time Mason had fucked her again, she hadn't needed much persuasion but he was persistent and it took a while but he had her naked and horny as he again fucked her pussy and her ass. She showered again and finally he called her a taxi and she headed home with a just fucked glow on her face. As she sat in the back of the cab she checked her make-up which was more in keeping with a daytime look for a woman of her age. The taxi pulled up outside her home, she looked at the strange pile on the front lawn as she paid off the cabbie. 

"Will you wait here a moment please?" She asked distractedly as she surveyed the mound on black bags. She had an ominous feeling coming from them, she felt ice inside her chest, and then her breathing quickened as she approached the bags. Reaching down she pulled the top of one open and saw inside. She recognised some of her clothing. 

"No, no, no, no, noooooo!" She screamed. Running to the front door, she grabbed her keys, fiddling with the key as she tried to fit it in the lock. She tried again not comprehending it was now the wrong key. 

"No, this can't be happening, it can't be!" As she twigged why the key would not go in the lock, it was then she saw the envelope on the door and pulled it off ripping it open. 


You are busted! You bitch, I know what you did! Now you and your lover will reap the consequences, this is the first part. I am throwing you out as of now, fuck off back to your lover I will not put up with you anywhere near me. I will be informing our kids of what you have done this afternoon, they may even know by now. So when your phone starts ringing, you will know that they know what I know. So as of this moment we are over, my solicitor will be in touch. 

From your loving soon to be ex-husband. 

Joyce collapsed on the doorstep, tears running freely down her face as the enormity of what she had done hit her. The taxi driver watched her collapse and got out of his seat. 

"Fuck it, another crazy woman." 

He pulled her up and guided her back to his cab, consoling her as he got the address of somewhere he could drop her. 

Her phone started buzzing, which started her crying off again, she ignored the call and it went to voicemail. A minute or two later another call again she ignored it all the while tears fell like rain. The cab stopped at the kerb and Joyce stumbled out, the cabbie waved her away and watched as she tottered up the path to the door of the house. She was wiping her eyes as she walked. The door opened and an older woman opened it hugging her tightly. He drove away shaking his head, putting two and two together he worked out she was in deep shit, the way she was dressed was a clue to her having been out all night and it was likely her husband had pulled the plug on her. He felt sad for her plight but then again she must have asked for it. 

Joyce staggered into her mother's front room and slumped on her sofa, she was still clutching the note that Jake had left her. Joyce's mum, Raine took the paper and read it, she held her hand to her mouth as she looked at her daughter. 

"What on earth have you done? From the look of you I am guessing you have been out all night? Is that it? Have you cheated on Jake?" Joyce looked at her mother through red rimmed eyes and could only nod as she sobbed. "It was a mistake mum, honestly. It was only once. I couldn't help it. It was just once!" 

"Once is enough, do you love this man? Do you plan to leave Jake?" 

"No, well I don't know, I am confused. I don't think so, maybe." Joyce was rambling. 

"It was just once though!" 

Epilogue :- 

The next few hours were traumatic for Joyce as her parents and then her children made it clear where they stood on her infidelity. Her parents were saddened and disgusted at her actions. Jake had called her father and given him all the details he felt he could deal with and the reason why he could not accept her back. He had also done as he said he would and contacted the kids and after meeting with them they were given the same speech. All in all she didn't have anyone so far to take her side. Mason remained oblivious to the chaos he had started at this time. 

The papers were filed quickly, by which time Mike had supplied photographs that were damning enough in themselves. Although there was no video evidence of the actual act, the photos taken through the window were enough along with the timelines to prove that she had stayed with Mason overnight. Joyce could not offer any explanation that resembled anything coherent or in any way plausible for her behaviour. She quickly resigned herself to the petition. 

Mason was proven to be a top class asshole in the eyes of the staff at the office and was forced to resign within two weeks of the cave in of Joyce and Jake's marriage. As he left on his last day he stopped off at a bar and was sat eyeing up the women as usual. He never noticed the stocky guy and his friend sat across the bar who had walked in a few minutes later. 

It was sometime the next day that he was found in his car, beaten to a pulp. He had taken a severe and systematic beating from head to toe, bones were broken, it was indeed a very thorough job. Not even his pride and joy escaped attention, and his testicles, well they would never be of any use again. He was alive but barely. The answer to the question of the initial text message? Well it took a while but Mason admitted sending the messages himself! It was all part of the kick he got out of ruining the relationship it was his thing to be fucking the wife knowing that the husband knew or at least suspected what was going on. All the while knowing it was already too late to stop the actual act. That was the thing that got his balls smashed. He was cold and calculating in his pursuit and seduction of his chosen target, he may have succeeded in his quest but it was to be his last. 

Jake never forgave his wife, it was not in him to do so, she made her choice, and there was no going back even if it was just once, yeah right!