"Stories 18+" Breeding for Mom C1

Stories 18+ Breeding for Mom C1
It felt good to be back in my room. After my first year attending a University I was back home for the summer. My name is Sam and I live with my mom Melissa. My dad died more than a dozen years ago. Last year Mom bought the house we're now living in, located forty miles from where we used to live. We relocated here right after my eighteenth birthday.

It's a bigger house than Mom and I required but it was the best buy for the location. I own the upstairs which consists of two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. We turned one of them into a study room and my bedroom has a great view out the front of the house. Mom's master suite is down a long hallway from the dining room and the living room overlooks the back of the property. Large windows face the gardens out back providing a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. There are a couple other bedrooms along the hall to Mom's bedroom, which have been turned into hobby rooms.

Her sister, my Aunt Rachel, convinced Mom to move here to be closer to her. She divorced her husband three years ago and longed for her sister's companionship, convincing Mom to locate close to her. Mom wasted no time to move here as soon as I graduated. Neither have regretted it and have been inseparable. They have shown no interest in men, spending their time together and with me.

Physically similar, they would have no trouble attracting men if they desired. They are brunettes, although my aunt dyed her hair blonde last year. Both have their hair cut short, which frames their beautiful faces perfectly. Mom's deep brown eyes gets me hard if I look at them for too long. She has long toned firm legs, proudly showing them off wearing short skirts. Her breasts aren't huge but large enough to sexily push out her tight blouses.

Aunt Rachel has deep green eyes, which accent her blonde hair. I thought she was sexy before but her new hair color makes her look even better. At twenty six, she's eleven years younger than Mom. Her breasts look larger than Mom's and her luscious legs look similar.

I get hard anytime I'm around either of them, which is most of the time when I'm home. We have a large garden at our new house and the three of us work together keeping it maintained, treating ourselves to a dinner or movie after a day of hard work. My aunt lives a few blocks away and routinely walks over to visit us.

Rachel never mentions her ex-husband, but she did get the house and a substantial amount of money when the divorce was finalized. Mom told me it was due to a dispute concerning children, but wouldn't divulge whether my aunt wanted children or he did, but they couldn't agree. Not knowing the true story, but knowing him, I suspected he had an affair and was caught.

Our time together the last few years has really bonded Mom and me, working and playing together. Mom rented an apartment for me at the University so I would be more comfortable than sharing a room in the dorms. I figured it was an incentive to keep me at school allowing her to develop a relationship. I came home once a month, giving Mom plenty of freedom, but as far as I could tell she wasn't dating. After three months, Mom pleaded with me to come home every weekend because she and my aunt missed my company. Gladly accepting her proposal, I was soon into a routine of coming home each weekend.

My time with Mom and my aunt kept me in an aroused state. When I arrived back to school on Sunday night I'd call up one of several girls I routinely cycled through. They didn't know why they received such a good fucking each time I came back and I wasn't honest enough to tell them I was fantasizing they were my mother. I picked girls that looked similar to Mom or Aunt Rachel, avoiding an emotional attachment to any of them. They made it clear they were with me for the sex and didn't want to get tied down to anyone during school, so I didn't mind using them to stave off my incestuous lust.

Mom and Rachel were still close and neither dated, which was fine by me. Their full attention was devoted to me when I came home for the weekends and I looked forward to being with them this summer. Jealous men would stare when we'd go out on the town. My aunt would dress less conservative, although much to my dismay, neither would go braless.

Eating out was especially hard as I would sit by Mom with Rachel across from us. She wore a bra but her dresses showed a lot of cleavage from her full meaty breasts. She caught me more than once staring at her chest through dinner, not saying anything to my mother. She would go back to talking to Mom, smiling, acknowledging the admiration of her sexy wares.

I was brought out of my daydreaming when Mom called me down for dinner. She had prepared one of my favorite meals to celebrate my homecoming. As we sat across from each other I found myself longingly staring at her beauty. She even asked me a couple of times whether I didn't like my food since I wasn't eating much. It was hard to break away to eat, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings in her attempt to please me. Her eyes were like magnets, deep brown and beautiful, like a window to her soul.

We finished, cleaned up and retired to the living room to discuss our plans for the gardens. It was the time of year we'd have to do a lot of work to get them in shape for summer. She stated Rachel was anxious to come over and help us which wouldn't help my aroused state. Unfortunately I was going to have to get a seasonal job to help pay for my escalating education costs. Summer employment was going to severely limit the time I would be able to spend with my two favorite ladies.

I was tired after the long trip and went to bed early, putting off job hunting until the morning. I fell asleep fast, thinking of past images of Mom and my aunt. I woke up earlier than normal and went downstairs to the kitchen. Mom still has a daily newspaper delivered and whenever I'm home we'd share it while eating breakfast. I retrieved it and started to read, waiting for Mom to get up.

Mom's door creaked open and I heard her footsteps come down the hall. She lightly kissed me on the back of my neck and said, "Good morning sweetie, you're up early." I could smell her natural scent as her lips burned my flesh.

"Yea, I slept well and I wanted to get a start on looking for a job," I replied as I looked up to see her walk around me to go to the counter. I froze as I gazed at my mom wearing a blue nightie, barely covering her full firm ass. It wasn't a see-through, but it clung to her tight enough making it was obvious she was nude underneath.

As she filled the coffee machine my eyes locked on to her long toned legs, not the first time I'd seen them but they still excited me when displayed. As she finished and turned I quickly looked down at the paper disguising the fact I was leering at her. As she walked by me to go back to her room my eyes lustfully followed her sexy body.

After a few minutes she returned in a robe and started to fix breakfast.

She must come out to the kitchen each morning right after she wakes up, starts up the coffee, then returns to her room to change to her robe. I had gotten up early before and she was always in her robe. I wonder if she had changed her routine when I started college.

I made a mental note to not let sleep interfere again with my early morning delight. Hopefully she wouldn't revert back to changing to her robe before coming out to start up the coffee in the future.

We talked while she prepared breakfast. After we ate and finished reading the paper, I helped her clean up. She asked me what I was going to do today. I told her I was going to hunt for a summer job to help pay for college. We talked about possible job prospects and where I should start looking.

She hugged me, wishing me luck and left to get dressed to go to work. I went to my room to start surfing for job leads and a few minutes later heard Mom's car pull out. I looked out my window and watched her drive away. As soon as her car disappeared I was in bed stroking my rock-hard cock remembering the sight of her nightie-clad body. I didn't last long coating my stomach with globs of hot cum.

I didn't have much luck finding a job so I decided to take a break and go out. I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some items Mom had left on a list on the table. Arriving home, Mom was already there, earlier than normal. She greeted me with a hug and I asked her why she was home early. She informed me she took off early to spend more time with me before I found a job.

We walked around the garden discussing what we were going to do when we had time. While we were eating dinner later that night I told her I wasn't having any luck finding a job. She looked disappointed but then smiled as she said, "You never know, maybe something will come up."

Soon after we retired to the living room to watch some TV, Mom went to her room. She left the door open and I could hear her talking on the phone, probably catching up with a friend. Their conversation was too faint to comprehend the content, but I did hear her say goodbye to whoever she was talking to.

She came out and sat by me on the couch, wrapping her arm around me to hug me close. I could feel the heat from her body and her breath as she told me she was going to help me with a job. I turned to look into those beautiful eyes as she continued to tell me she was talking with her friend Sharon regarding some available work. I remembered Sharon from our old neighborhood. She was my mom's age and was hot. She told me Sharon had quite a bit of work to do around her house and she was willing to pay me good money to help.

Sharon was wealthy and would usually give me a twenty when we'd go visit her, for my college fund she'd say. I figured the pay would be good and working around a hot looking woman couldn't be bad. I readily agreed to work for her. Mom was elated, smiled and kissed me on the cheek as she went back to her room to call Sharon. She came out later and informed me I could start the next morning. After a few more minutes I told Mom I was going to bed to get a good night's sleep. Setting my alarm to get up early, I drifted off fast.

The next morning I was up and reading the paper waiting for Mom. She arrived the same time wearing the same nightie. My plan worked as I leered at her scantily clad body. She repeated her routine returning to fix breakfast in her robe. I told Mom I'd probably be late getting home since Sharon's house was an hour away as she still resided in our old neighborhood. She hugged me goodbye wishing me luck on my job. Her parting smile was sexy and even had a diminutive smirk mixed in. It was enough to arouse my horny prick.

I made it to Sharon's place and she was still as hot as I remembered. We reviewed the things she wanted done and the list looked short enough I was sure I could do it in a day, although Mom had told me there was a week's worth of work. After the first item was completed I realized the main job Sharon wanted accomplished was to have her pussy filled with hard young cock. Her seduction plan wasn't complicated, leading me to her bedroom striping off her clothes and telling me to fuck her hard.

She kept me in bed throughout the day, obviously not getting the spousal sexual attention she required. She told me her husband was out of town on a business trip until the end of the week, probably fucking his secretary instead of attending meetings. She wasn't upset about his indiscretions as she was financially comfortable in their relationship. Neither of them desired a divorce and was fine with the status quo.

Exhausted from my workout I arrived home late. Mom asked me how it went and I told her there was a lot of hard work to do and it would keep me busy for the week. She smiled and told me how happy it made her knowing she was able to help with the arrangement. I went to bed early in order to get up for Mom's negligee showing.

Each day was a repeat of events starting with Mom in the morning and Sharon taking the sexual pounding during the day living out my mom fantasies. Two of the mornings I blew it and slept past Mom's nightie show. Friday arrived too soon for my liking signaling the end of my work week. I was hoping Sharon would extend my time another week or two, but she explained she didn't want the neighbors to get suspicious and she had enough memories to last awhile. She thanked me with a day of hot sex and I left with a check for five hundred dollars.

Mom had one of my favorite meals ready when I arrived home and we discussed our weekend plans. We decided on a number of projects in the garden and she remarked her sister was going to come over to help. I was looking forward to spending a weekend with them. Signing and handing the check to Mom brought out a big smile as I told her to use it to help pay for college expenses.

After breakfast the next day we started to work on the garden. Shortly after we began my aunt showed up looking as good as ever. We had never felt comfortable hugging as she was too close to my age, but she did stroke my arm with her hot hand in a greeting fashion smiling wide causing me to harden. We toiled through the day, broke for lunch and decided to go out to dinner to celebrate our day of hard work.

Aunt Rachel went home to change and Mom and I picked her up on the way out. They were radiant at dinner and I couldn't have been happier being out with these two beautiful women. Jealous husbands stared at us as we dined, envious of my situation. Sleep came easy after a full day of work.

After breakfast the next morning Mom pulled her chair to face mine. She sat down and scooted up closer moving one of her legs between mine. Her bare leg ran against my leg under our robes as she leaned forward and stroked my arms. Her smooth firm legs tightly pressed along my hairy thighs sent electric shocks to my quickly hardening cock.

She told me she had something important to tell me. I stroked her arms the same way she was doing relaxing both of us. Fortunately my robe concealed my hard prick resulting from our close contact.

She stared at me as if she were trying to decide how to tell me what she had on her mind. I looked back into those brown eyes and immediately felt at ease. She told me she had a long phone conversation with Sharon yesterday. My relaxed state began to disappear wondering what Sharon had told Mom.

"Sharon told me she's pregnant," she imparted, still staring at me. I could only imagine the surprised look sweeping across my face. I hadn't used protection with Sharon. She pulled me tight each time as I flooded her cunt with cum each time. I had wrongly assumed she was on some kind of birth control.

"It's your baby, sweetie," she continued.

Panic swept through me as my hands squeezed tight on to Mom's arms. What an idiot I had been forgetting about protection. My mind was racing of the implications of getting someone pregnant. Mom could see my discomfort and moved her hands to mine pulling them away and holding them tight, smiling widely, amused at my predicament.

"Relax honey, it's okay. She wanted the baby. She told me how she seduced you and how she tricked you into thinking she was on birth control," she quietly said in an attempt to calm me. Moving her hands to my arms, she stroked up and down to ease the tension.

Taking a deep breath I replied, "Wow Mom, I had no idea. You're okay with this? Does she want anything from me?"

"She wanted a baby and her husband couldn't give her one. She's elated and doesn't want anything from you. You know, it's not uncommon," she told me still locking our eyes together.

"Not uncommon?"

Explaining further she said, "Yes, wealthy women routinely find a young man to impregnate them when their husband can't or doesn't want to."

"Why don't they go to a fertility clinic and get inseminated," I asked, more relaxed from Mom's gentle caressing.

"They usually don't want anyone to know and they like the more discreet method. Most of the time the husband won't allow it, afraid his colleagues might find out and think he is less of a man for it," she explained.

"Sharon asked me to have this talk with you to make sure you're okay. She hated that she didn't ask you in advance fearing you'd say no to her," she stated, looking for my reaction.

I smiled and told her, "It's fine Mom. I like Sharon and I'm glad she's happy now. It was quite a workout last week though."

"No details Sam. A mother doesn't want to know those kinds of things," she laughed, breaking the tension.

She pulled back and we went to change for another day of work in the garden. Aunt Rachel arrived mid-morning to help out. Several times Mom caught me staring at my aunt when she'd bend over and display her ample cleavage. My face reddened realizing I wasn't that sneaky, but Mom only smirked and continued to work. We ate at home and Aunt Rachel left right after.

After our showers we relaxed on the couch watching some TV before retiring for the night. Mom draped her arm around me and stroked my upper arm again as she did in the morning. She moved my arm to do the same to her and we enjoyed the moment, massaging and bonding with each other. Her skin was smooth and soft. I could have remained there the rest of the night. I gently squeezed her arm several times after she did it to me.

We were ready to call it a night, when she looked over at me and told me she really enjoyed the time we spent together during the weekend. It was fun working and playing together again. I agreed and told her I hated to have to start looking for another job tomorrow. While telling her this I secretly wondered if she had any more hot friends needing some work done.

As if she read my mind, Mom said, "Sharon told me some of her friends are really jealous of her now," as her eyes locked with mine. "You know, there is a way you can spend more time with me this summer and still earn money."

Observing my clueless look, she disclosed her plan. "Sharon says her friends would be willing to pay for the same service. It wouldn't take long and you could spend more time here with me."

Now it hit me. Mom wanted me to impregnate Sharon's friends. Trying to hide my excitement I responded, "Gee Mom, you want to pimp out your son? That doesn't sound legal."

Squeezing my arm harder she replied. "Not pimping. It isn't sex. You'd be inseminating some women. It's a service they desperately need and they're willing to pay well for it."

"Uh Mom, you do realize sex is part of it, don't you? How about the legality of it? What if they want to come after me for child support or something?"

She explained to me the process. She assured me these women had no intention or desire to establish a relationship with me. They didn't even want to see my face during the process. It wouldn't be lovemaking, it would be a simple infusion of sperm. They required secrecy because they didn't want to involve anyone else. Sharon had a loyal attorney draw up an agreement to protect both parties from further action. The women would be people we hadn't met to further cement anonymity.

The plan was well thought out. I wonder how long Mom and Sharon had been working on the details. It was hard to contain my excitement over my new summer job prospect. I told her in as steady a voice as I could, "Sure Mom, I'll help out. Giving me more time to help around here will be really nice."

"Great Sam. I'm taking off work this week in order to spend more time together," she informed me, returning to the smooth stroking on my upper arm.

Sleep once again came easy dreaming of my new summer job. Awakening early, I waited for Mom to show up for breakfast. She was later this morning and I was afraid she'd sleep in late since she was taking the week off. I was getting ready to go back to my room when I heard her door open and close. She kissed my neck and started the coffee. Anticipating her leaving to change, I was surprised when she started to prepare breakfast still in her nightie. I leered at her beautiful legs as she moved around the kitchen.

Once the food was ready, she served us and sat down opposite me. Her nightie had a gap in front which displayed a small amount of cleavage. I openly stared at the exposed flesh of the insides of her full breasts. She continued to eat as if nothing had changed. I was rock hard through the meal barely hearing her talk to me concerning the day's events. I did hear she was going to Sharon's for awhile to work things out.

We finished and as I spotted her car go down the road to Sharon's I was already stroking my prick quickly coming to the vision of my mother's sexy body. I worked on the garden and Mom showed up several hours later. We ate and decided to go out to the movies with Rachel in the afternoon. It was a pleasant day and I wondered what she and Sharon had discussed today.

My aunt left for her home, leaving Mom and I on the couch again. Mom told me she had met a client at Sharon's and she had made arrangements for us to meet tomorrow. She described how the process would work.

The client would show up here while I was in my room. I wouldn't meet her. Mom would help prepare her for the service I'd provide. The client would be on Mom's bed covered by a sheet. My job would be too move the sheet far enough to service her. The client wouldn't show her face, nor talk to me.

I nodded to acknowledge my instructions. Concerned on whether I'd be able to get hard without any foreplay I said, "I don't know Mom. No kissing, no talking, slight touching. I don't know if I'll be able to adequately perform."

She was silent for a moment thinking over what I said and replied. "It might be a challenge. I'll let them know you may have to caress their legs to advance things and you can talk to them if it helps. They won't respond to anything you say though. They want success so I'm sure they'll be tolerant for whatever it takes."

Mom stayed in her nightie again the next morning as we ate. I went to my room to wait for Mom to let me know when my services would be required. I didn't change out of my robe keeping my thoughts on anything but Mom. I didn't want to be tempted to blow off a load. I heard a car pull up and soon after, muffled voices drifted up from downstairs. Mom was preparing her client. I heard a light knock on my door and opened it to see Mom still in her nightie. Seeing my surprise, she told me the clients felt more relaxed if she was dressed in less formal attire.

No complaints from me as I wouldn't mind if she wore it all day. She stroked my upper arms as she held me. I did the same relishing in the texture of her smooth soft skin. She asked, "Honey, we didn't talk about payment and how much you'd like after expenses."

"Mom, keep whatever you get. You're putting me through college, you deserve it. I don't really need any money. You take care of everything as it is."

She smiled and pressed her thinly covered body to mine in a tight hug. I felt her bra-less tits squash on my robe covered chest as we stroked each other's arms. I was hardening fast and released her before it became too obvious. She smiled and told me wait a couple minutes before coming down. Apprehension swept through me as I waited to start my new summer job.

Nervously I went downstairs to Mom's bedroom, closing the door behind me. I removed my robe noticing my hard prick was already softening, due to the pressure of the moment. A thin silk sheet was attached to Mom's headboard and covered a woman's body to her feet.

Her breasts pushed up the sheet as well as her pelvic bones. I walked up close and moved the sheet up exposing her legs below her knees. They were a deep brown, not from her race, but from suntanning. This woman was a sun worshiper. Her legs were closed together and she was tense as I ran my hands up and down her lower legs.

Her skin was deeply tanned and felt tough from the damaging sun. Her skin was more like leather, hard and dry. Seeing she was tense, I quietly talked to her trying to ease her stress. I moved the sheet up further stroking her upper legs and thighs. Her hands were at her sides and were clinched tight. She was so nervous I was afraid this wasn't going to work and we might have to call it off.

I was completely soft now as my mind raced trying to think of how to proceed to put this woman more at ease. Suddenly it hit me. She loved to lie in the sun and was probably really proud of her tan.

Complimenting her on her tan, I continued to softly massage her legs. Feeling her relax, I told her to imagine she was in the sun enjoying the warmth. Her hands unclinched as she took herself to her happy place.

As I massaged her thighs, I told her to imagine it was her hands spreading oil on her hot legs. As she relaxed and spread her legs apart a few more inches I moved the sheet to her waist exposing her pussy. There was a pillow under her lower back elevating her hips. I wasn't sure if this was part of the procedure to hold in the sperm or if it was to help me penetrate the woman without having to lie her.

Her pussy was smooth except for a landing patch above her slit. I could see a lighter tone of skin where she had worn a bikini bottom for some of the time in the sun. I slowly ran my fingers up and down her slit. Her legs were still too close to allow me to enter. My best chance would be to put her at ease in the setting she felt most comfortable.

"Your tan is unbelievable, perfectly tanned and even," I told her as I stroked her inner thighs. "Imagine you're soaking in the rays, relaxed and sexy."

I felt her relax and she opened her thighs wider allowing more access to her slit. She was responding as I had hoped. Pressing on with the scene I said, "You must tan in your backyard, but you have to put on your bottom at times in case friends or a deliveryman shows up."

Her hips moved in excitement as I proceeded with the fantasy. "I wish I was the lucky deliveryman, coming in the yard and seeing a hot sexy nude woman on display."

Moisture was appearing on her slit as her fantasies overcame her nervousness. "You have to be careful when tanning nude, not knowing when a friend or a family member will arrive unannounced."

She didn't react until I mentioned family. I was narrowing in on one of her hidden fantasies.

"Your daughter might see you and get embarrassed seeing her nude mother. Or maybe even your son."

Her hips involuntarily bounced when I mentioned her son. My plan was set now. I stroked her wet slit as she mulled over what I said. I was even starting to harden knowing this woman was mentally fantasizing about her son.

"I can imagine how it might happen. One day you're tanning nude and you hear the phone ring in the house. You're slow to get up to answer it and the recorder is already on. You hear your son talking and you're getting ready to pick it up when you stop and let the answering machine take the call. He explains that he's getting off work early and will soon be home. Thinking you're visiting friends he tells you he's going to get some sun until you get back."

She opened her legs wider as I talked her through the incestuous fantasy. I alternated from stroking her thighs to caressing her engorged cunt lips. "You know why he called. He still lives at home unable to afford his own place after graduation. He came home early once and caught you sunbathing nude. He yelled out in surprise and when you looked up, he ran back inside. After getting your suit on, you went in to see him, avoiding any discussion concerning the incident. His face was red but more important his pants were bulging out. Your son's prick was rock hard from looking at his hot naked mother."

She moved her hands to cup her ass cheeks, massaging them, raising her pelvic area up to my exploring hands. She was really getting worked up with my fantasy. I was rock hard living out her mother-son seduction.

"You know what you should do as a good mother. Putting your suit back on would be the proper thing to do. You wouldn't want to embarrass him again. He doesn't think you're home. He's assuming you're out. Your hot throbbing cunt overrides any sensible thoughts. You get up and move the lounge so your horny motherly pussy will be on full display to the door. Hearing his car pull in the drive, you get in position and spread your legs to put on a show for your son. Your dark sunglasses prevents him from seeing you looking as you pretend you're asleep."

Bringing her knees up she spread her legs out wide opening her glistening groove as the familial fantasy proceeded. I massaged her pussy and the lightly tanned area surrounding her fiery hole. Her skin was much smoother and reminded me of Mom's arm when I was stroking it.

"You hear the patio door slide open and see him through your dark shades. He has on trunks ready to get some sun when he stops and stares at your nude body. He softly calls out your name, not loud enough to wake you, but enough to see if you're sleeping. You remain silent. He advances closer unable to take his eyes off your pussy. He pulls his trunks down and you see your son's hard prick for the first time since he was a child."

She started to thrash her hips now while she visualized her nude son before her. Her hands went to my back and stroked up and down. Inserting two fingers into her wet cunt, I slowly slithered them in and out of her hot leaking pussy.

"Your son slowly strokes his hard cock while staring at his mom's open gash. He cups his balls after a couple of strokes and proceeds back up to the head."

She moved her hands from my back to firmly wrap them around my prick. She followed the act I described her son was doing. She lightly squeezed my balls as she pumped my slick shaft, twisting my fat bulbous head on the upstroke. Both of us were leaking pre-cum as we executed our fantasy.

"You sense him move closer to the lounge. His fat prick is close to your hot cunt. He calls your name again gaining confidence when you groan and moan as if you're having a dream. You murmur his name and hump your hips up as if you're fucking him in a dream. You hoarsely whisper out your fantasy of how much you've wanted his hard prick."

Her hands left my prick and went to hold my sides. She was gripping tight anticipating the moment her son fucked her. I closed the gap between us and ran my slippery engorged head around the mouth of her pussy. She bucked up, capturing and pulling my prick into her hungry canal.

"Your son is hard as a rock now and can't pull out. He didn't want it go this far, but by mistake his prick entered his mom's forbidden pussy. Even though he thinks you're still asleep, he tells you he's sorry and asks for forgiveness, but he's wanted to do this for a long time. Exclaiming his love for you, he pushes further into your hot pussy."

I fed my prick into her hot sheath. It was well lubricated and I had no problem pushing in until my balls hit her ass. I pulled back and plowed in again. I could hear her expelling air out from under the sheet. I fucked her hard and fast for several minutes elevating our passions. She was humping and gyrating her hips around fully immersed in the incestuous fantasy.

Squeezing my waist hard she pulled me in tight on each down stroke. I had already went way past Mom's restrictions. I chanced pushing the limit. I moved my hands up under the sheet approaching her breasts. I decided it was time to switch the role playing to a more personal technique.

"Oh Mom, your pussy is hot and tight. I've dreamed of this for years. I have to hold your breasts. They're perfect and I love you more than you know," I choked out. I cupped her tits massaging her full globes as I continued to pummel her hot pussy. Her head was turning from side to side under the sheet and her moaning was getting louder.

Too many times I had fantasized I was fucking my mother with my girlfriends but was careful not to call out Mom's name, nor exclaim my feelings I had of my mother. Able to fully enact my fantasy, I fucked her furiously because she was my mother in my mind.

I captured her blood engorged nipples between my fingers, tweaking and pulling her sensitive buds. We were both excited from the enactment and weren't going to last much longer. Her pussy was quivering as she humped up each stroke to pull me in as deep as possible.

"Oh mommy, I'm going to come. I'm ready to blow my load. I don't think I can hold out any longer. I don't know if you're on protection, maybe I should pull out and ..."

I wasn't able to finish as she grabbed my asscheeks and pulled me in as tight as she could. I screamed, "Mommy, I'm coming in you. I'm filling my mom's cunt with my hot sperm."

Streams of cum shot out the end of my prick into her welcoming hole. She came violently on my second release of sperm. Our mutual orgasms intensified our passions as we fucked as mother and son. I kept my prick embedded in her clasping cunt for several minutes after we were done. I softened and pulled out. Reaching down I stuffed my fingers in her hole attempting to keep as much sperm in her as I could.

"That's a giant load of cum you have in you Mom. I imagine my sperm are fighting over your eggs from our first incestuous fuck. I'm so lucky to have such a hot mother," I said as I slowly pulled my fingers out. She closed her legs tight trapping my fingers in her filled pussy. It was her way to communicate her approval and her attempt to keep in as much sperm as she could.

Backing off I pulled the sheet down to cover her. Putting on my robe I wondered whether this would be my last job since I disobeyed several of Mom's rules. After returning to my room I jumped in the shower. I heard Mom's bedroom door open and close as I washed off the smell of hot sex.

While drying off I heard a car leave. When I went downstairs Mom was dressed in work clothes. She smiled and said we needed to get to work out back. Nothing was mentioned over my performance and we both pretended my mother hadn't just set me up to fuck a woman.

After dinner she sat by me on the couch and wrapped her arm around me. I did the same and we stroked each other's upper arms while we watched TV. She broke the silence asking me how it went this morning. I told her it was close to being a disaster. It was difficult to perform without any foreplay. She showed her dismay and hugged me tight in consolation.

Enjoying the hug for a minute I continued to explain. "Caressing her legs didn't help much. Her skin was tough and leathery from long hours in the sun, not sexy. I think she was close to your age but I bet she looks at least ten years older."

Mom said, "Wow, you're good at guessing ages. She is my age and I did notice the sun's effect on her. It's terrible women don't realize the damage sun can do. So you were able to proceed anyway?"

As I squeezed and caressed her upper arm, I told her, "Yea, I had to visualize smoother skin as I was touching her."

My mom's hand went to mine as she exclaimed, "You thought of your mother when you were with her?"

"No Mom, that would be weird, just the feel of your skin. It's so smooth and soft and I had to do something or I wouldn't have been able to do it," I told her as she removed her hand from mine allowing me to continue my caressing.

"Well, I did put you up to this and if it helped the process, I really can't complain."

"I hope she was happy with the results. I did the best I could," I cautioned, looking to Mom to see her reaction.

She retorted, "I told her I didn't want any details, but she did tell me you performed well and stayed within the boundaries we set. She said you were sweet and your soothing conversation put her at ease. She was quite pleased and I think our first case was a complete success."

Thankfully she changed subjects, as I was getting hard reliving the time spent with our client. I felt good hearing the woman hadn't revealed the fantasy we enacted. Relaying too much information to Mom didn't seem like a great idea. I wondered if the woman had already fucked her son or if she even had one. If she did have a son, he might have quite the surprise in the near future.

My aunt arrived around noon the next day to help us in the garden. Mom excused herself to run an errand leaving Rachel and me to tend to the beds. That provided the opportunity to leer at my aunt without the threat of Mom catching me. Mom was back in time for dinner. We ate and Rachel left for home. We retired to our rooms early after the long day of work.

Mom continued to wear her nightie through breakfast. After we ate and cleaned up Mom stopped close to me on her way to her bedroom. She turned to display a perfect view of the backs of her legs. She quietly asked, "Sweetie, could you do me a favor? Could you see if I have any cellulite on my legs? So many women get cellulite and I want to make sure I haven't started."

All this time I have been stealing looks of her luscious legs and now she was presenting them to me up close. I took my time looking up and down her smooth toned legs. Her nightie covered the top foot of her thigh but I could still mentally visualize her hot pussy hidden beneath the flimsy material. Rapidly breathing I answered, "No sign of cellulite mom. Your legs look fantastic and incredibly sexy."

"Well, thank you Sam. But I'm sure you shouldn't be complimenting your mother's legs in that manner. I'm worried cellulite will ruin my appearance. I am getting near that awful age," she added referring her to closing in on forty.

"No Mom, no cellulite and even if you did have some, you're still a beautiful and sexy woman," I complimented, blushing as I was surprised at my bold remark.

She turned to face me and smiled seeing my flushed state. "Thanks sweetie, let's get dressed and do some yard work."

We met in the garden and worked for a few hours. At three in the afternoon I asked her if Aunt Rachel was coming over. She told me no, not today. She had told her sister we were going to be busy later on. She surprised me when she said, "Sam, we have another appointment at four this afternoon. I met her yesterday and scheduled her for today. I hope it's okay with you."

Taken aback by her announcement I hesitated, but not long enough for Mom to continue. I told her, "Sure Mom, it'll be fine. I have to go shower first. I'll head in and wait for you in my room."

After my shower it didn't take long before a car pulled up. I heard the door and muffled talking as they walked down the hall to Mom's room. Soon after I heard a soft knock on my door. I let Mom in and immediately smiled seeing her dressed in her nightie. She told me the client was ready and hugged me tight. My face was pressed to her neck as I breathed in her natural scent I've come to love.

She held my hands with hers and guided them to her legs placing them on the backs of her thighs above her knees. Leaning close to my ear she whispered, "Sam, could you feel my legs to see if you can detect any cellulite. You said you couldn't see any, but maybe you can make sure."

This was incredible. Mom was asking me to caress her hot legs, the same legs I've been lusting after far too long. I slowly ran my hands up her smooth firm legs relishing in their feel. My cock was at full staff now and uncomfortably lodged between us. I ran my hand under her nightie up to right below her full ass cheeks, then back down. I explored up her legs once again, stopping to squeeze her succulent flesh as I neared her ass. I started to cup her ass when she grabbed my hands and pulled me away.

She smiled as she said, "Careful honey, that's not my legs. Did you find anything unusual?"

I replied, "No Mom, they felt terrific. No sign of any cellulite. In fact, they're the best legs I've ever felt."

"Oh stop it," she giggled.

She stepped back signaling it was time for my services. As she left I lustfully leered at the beautiful legs I had groped. After a few moments I proceeded down the stairs to take care of the next client.

I entered Mom's room and dropped my robe. Approaching our covered client I slowly moved the sheet up. I left her pussy covered as I stroked her legs hoping to relax her in this uncomfortable predicament. Her skin was smooth like Mom's and she looked like she might be five years older.

I stroked her thighs and when I ran my hands up the back of her thighs I felt the dimples. It was cellulite and I thought back to Mom asking me to look and feel her legs for the signs. Now it was clear Mom was helping me through this client like I told her she helped me on the first one. She interviewed this woman yesterday. She must have noticed the cellulite and was concerned.

I didn't dwell on her dimpled skin not wanting to cause concern for the poor woman. She was probably already self-conscious and I didn't want to add to her apprehension. I talked softly to her telling her how great her legs and sexy thighs looked. I felt her relax as I stroked her inner thighs. I moved the sheet up above her waist to expose her pussy.

No sign of hair to distract from her puffy clean-shaven pussy. This was definitely her best trait and I think she knew it. I ran my fingers up and down her fat lips while complimenting her on hot full pussy. She spread her legs, relaxing as I played with her treasure. I inserted a couple of fingers into her hot hole and discovered it was steamy and wet. She massaged my fingers with her pussy with amazing control.

I pulled my fingers out even as she attempted to pull them back in with her muscled pussy. I stroked her thighs again thinking of the vision of Mom's displayed bare legs. I was hard and crawled up closer, scraping my prick along her thighs as I made my way to my target. She spread her legs out wide giving me complete access to her hungry oily pussy.

I pushed my fat bloated head through her outer lips and her pussy clamped down hard, pulling my shaft in without my help. I pushed further into her sucking pussy quickly hitting bottom. I fucked her steady for several minutes. Her pussy walls were contracting at different times of my strokes enabling her to rub my hard prick against her sensitive spots. Her hips moved in sync with her pussy as she took over the direction of the fucking.

I held on to her waist squeezing her firm skin holding on tight as she thrashed beneath me. Her skin reminded me of Mom's and my mind flashed to the times I would stroke Mom's arms. My prick was hard as steel getting a workout it had rarely experienced. I was nearing my climax from the intense fucking. I shoved in deep and held it there letting it soak in an attempt to prolong my orgasm. Her pussy massaged my prick and it felt like her hand was stroking me.

I paused my stroking enjoying the moment. Images of my Mom's legs flashed before. I stroked the waist of the woman fucking me as I relived the moment I caressed Mom's legs. Harder contractions on my prick brought me back from my fantasy. To my surprise sperm was gushing out of my prick.

This was a first for me, coming without stroking. I pulled back and shoved back in hard shooting the last of my load deep into her spasming cunt. Her cunt continued to milk out every drop of virile sperm from my balls. Even after I was empty and embedded deep in her cunt, she continued to massage my prick with her talented pussy.

I softened, pulled out and stopped to look at her wonderful gash one last time before covering her with the sheet. Leaving the room exhausted, I headed upstairs. I plopped down on my bed after taking a shower reliving the erotic episode. I rested, nearing sleep, when I heard her car leave.

When I made it downstairs I found Mom preparing dinner. We ate and afterwards, when we were settled on the couch, she brought up the subject of my performance. She told me the client was quite pleased again, adding I had done an excellent job. I was surprised as I felt I didn't do much to excite her. Maybe that was what turned the woman on, being in complete control of the coupling.

With a concerned look she asked, "Sam, did you have any problems this time?"

"No problems Mom. Thanks to you the cellulite didn't bother me," I assured her.


She blushed as she smiled and said, "Glad to help honey. I wanted to make it easier for you."

Switching topics, we talked and watched TV for an hour when Mom turned and locked eyes with me.

"Sam, I hope you don't mind but I made another appointment tomorrow morning at ten."

Trying to contain my excitement I replied, "Fine, it's cool, then we can do some things in the afternoon and go out for dinner. I guess you and Sharon must have interviewed more than one client yesterday."

"At least two," she confirmed, leaving for her bedroom. I wondered how many more she had lined up for me.

Breakfast the next morning was a quiet affair with neither of us saying much. Since Mom wore her nightie throughout the morning I was getting up later, closer to the time Mom would have breakfast ready. I was deep in thought wondering how or whether Mom was going to help me with the next client. It was after nine when I excused myself to go wait in my room.

I was lost in thought and didn't hear a car or any sounds from downstairs until soft knocking brought me out of my daydreaming. Mom came in and hugged me tight nestling her mouth on my neck. The scent of her hair and the pressure of her body against mine was enough to convince my prick to rise to the occasion. She pulled back leaving us face to face and whispered, "Good luck sweetie."

She brought her lips to mine and kissed me. She didn't open her mouth but left her hot lips on mine. I could hear air rushing in and out of her nostrils as our lips were locked. She opened her mouth slightly and ran her tongue across my lips. Ready to stick my own tongue out to meet hers, she pulled back smiling. Was lust in her eyes or was it teasing?

After she left I made my journey to our next client. Still hard from Mom's kiss, I gave myself a quick stroke while surveying the sheet covered woman on Mom's bed. I could tell she was younger from the perky breasts pushing up the sheet showing no sign of sagging. I moved the sheet up to her knees revealing her lower legs.

They were smooth looking and milky white. I don't think sun had ever seen these legs and when I touched her, goosebumps appeared. The poor woman was nervous and would require some patience on my part. I lightly stroked up and down her lower legs quietly talking to her. Telling her everything would be fine and I'd go as slow as she wanted, I told her how smooth and sexy her legs were as I continued to caress her.

When it looked like she was comfortable I pushed the sheet up to reveal her upper legs. I didn't want to go too fast so I left her pussy hidden beneath the sheet. White luscious thighs appeared before me. Perhaps the best looking legs I've seen other than my mother's. I sensuously stroked her thighs as I kept up with my quiet dialogue on her beauty. She relaxed opening her legs several inches.

Her white smooth skin exalted purity. My arousal increased as I ran my hands up and down her smooth white thighs. Sun had never seen this skin as well as any other person in public as it was evident she fully covered herself. It was a special connection between us and I got excited knowing I was the only one to witness her hidden beauty. Snow White came to mind and I made a mental note to refer to her as that in the future.

Leaning down I kissed one of her luscious thighs leaving my lips against her soft skin. There was no perfume or shampoo smell as I inhaled her intoxicating natural scent.

Opening my mouth I sucked in a mouthful of delicious thigh meat. Unlike the other clients, thoughts of Mom didn't materialize as I continued to relish in her beauty. I heard a muffled groan from under the sheet when I sucked on her thigh and her legs opened wider. I sucked on one thigh and massaged the other with my roaming hand. Pulling myself off her thigh was hard but I was getting anxious to continue. I pushed the sheet up above her waist revealing a full black furry bush.

It was a striking contrast to her lily white skin. Trimmed into a perfect triangle and uniform height I could tell she had spent time grooming her mound. I softly told her how beautiful her pussy looked as I ran my fingers through her bush. I captured her hair and teasingly pulled up, opening up her moist slit.

Running my fingers up and down her aroused pussy lips resulted in more groans of pleasure. As I inserted two fingers into her hot cunt she brought her knees up and spread her legs out wide allowing full access. She was excited and hot as I finger fucked her at an increasing rate. Using my other hand to spread the hair out I exposed her meaty pussy as I furiously finger fucked her. She was ready for a hot prick, but I delayed. This woman was too sexy and beautiful to pass up and I intended to thoroughly enjoy this session.

She was panting and her breasts heaved as I watched her taut nipples pushing up the sheet. As I lowered my mouth to engulf her clit I drove two more fingers in her hot wet cunt. Her hips rose up as she climaxed. Shifting my mouth down to capture her copious cum flowing out I removed my fingers locking my mouth on her convulsing pussy. She came several times lowering her hips afterwards to relax. I eased off and gently stroked her thighs reassuring her as she recovered.

Her white belly was smooth, calling out to be caressed. I ran my hands around her midriff pushing the sheet up. Well past observing the rules at this point, I pushed the sheet up to her neck revealing her perky tits capped by dark brown nipples. Cupping and squeezing her full hard breasts brought life back to her spent body.

Teasing her engorged nipples brought out more moans from my hidden beauty. I lowered my body to her hot soft flesh nestling my hard prick in her mound of soft fur. Lowering my mouth to her engorged teat, I sucked and pulled on it as if I was milking it. Her hands went to the back of my head pulling me tight as I mauled her breasts. One hand moved to stroke my back as I feasted on one and then the other breast.

My arousal was high and I was afraid I might spill my load before I even entered her. Keeping my mouth locked on her breast I moved my hips down dragging my hard prick through her pussy forest down to her juicy open cunt. Her hips were moving and adjusting to position the stiff prick she craved. My fat head found her entrance and I slowly entered her wet pussy. She was tight as I stretched her walls. I slowed my pace to let her adjust to my size. Her hand moved from my back to my ass pulling me, coaxing me to fuck her hard. I pistoned in and out of her tight pussy in short strokes, not wanting to hurt her by sinking to the bottom.

Her pussy flooded and her pre-cum juices coated my prick as her walls relaxed and gave way to my steel-hard intruder. Sinking to the bottom of her hot pussy resulted in her expelling her air as she groaned at the intense pleasure. I fucked her hard and fast still feasting on her sensitive tits. Wrapping her legs around my waist and squeezing hard, we fucked like animals. My fat head was hitting her cervix as she humped her hips up on each down stroke.

Her climax was intense as she clamped down on my prick. I came on her second contraction filling her womb with streams of hot cum. My balls were drained but I still humped her, unwilling to allow the fuck to end. Lowering her hips to the bed, she unwrapped her legs and relaxed completely. I released her nipple resting my head on her chest. Her deep breathing was soothing as we recovered from our intense coupling.

Mom kissing me must have been from the fact this woman showed no skin. Mom had no way of spotting any problems. Guessing this client's age to be mid-twenties, I was surprised she couldn't find a husband to bear children. She was a passionate and sexy woman. A facial disfigurement would explain a lot or maybe she didn't want a complicated relationship. Mom and Rachel had the same view which I suspected might not be rare.

I reluctantly pulled away, stopping for several minutes to admire her. I leaned down and kissed her nipples thanking her for the best fuck of my life. I covered her and left for my room. After showering and resting for an hour I dressed and went downstairs where Mom was preparing lunch. Mom didn't wait for evening to question me on my encounter wanting to know if there were any problems.

"No Mom, everything went fine. Thanks for asking. She seemed young though, unlike the others," I commented, waiting for any expression from her that might give me a clue.

"Yes, she was young. She was definitely pleased with our arrangement and even gave us a hefty bonus. She didn't provide a reason, do you know why?"

Her look was questioning and I could see she wanted more information from me. I decided against telling her that maybe it was because our fuck was intense and I made her come twice before filling her. "No idea Mom. Maybe she liked the fact we were discreet and protective of her privacy."

Her eyes were deep in thought, probably mulling over the fact the woman had been completely covered with clothes showing little of her body. Her expression turned to one of understanding as she echoed, "Yes, you're right, she was a secretive young lady."

Satisfied with our discussion, she changed topics as we finished lunch. She informed me her sister was coming over later to go with us to see a short film at the theater and then out to eat. I was fully recovered by the time Rachel showed up and I had the age old problem of shifting my prick to avoid detection. After dinner my aunt went home and I started to go to my room. I was tired from the full day of activities. As I started up the stairs Mom said, "Rest up honey, we have two appointments tomorrow."

I turned to reply unsure of how to ask her how far apart my sessions would be when she spoke to ease my anxiety. "Don't worry sweetie, one is for ten tomorrow morning and the other can't make it until eight at night. Plenty of time for you to recover."

Seeing my look of relief, she smiled and left. I wondered how many women she and Sharon had interviewed. I wasn't going to complain though, enjoying the best summer job ever. Sleep was good that night as I relived the time spent with Snow White. That was the first time I hadn't thought of Mom while I climaxed. I thought maybe I was getting over my infatuation with my sexy mother.

Those thoughts dissipated the next morning as I was hard through breakfast again as Mom paraded around in her nightie. Two more clients were scheduled for today. I mentally reviewed the last few days events and was hoping for the same quality client as yesterday. After breakfast I retreated to my room to get ready for our next client. I left my door open this time as it seemed ridiculous making Mom knock each time.

I was on the edge of my bed thinking about the fuck session with Snow White. My prick rose up and my fat circumcised head poked up through my robe opening as if it was gasping for air. A drop of pre-cum oozed out the slit. I firmly grabbed my bulbous head, twisted it like I was opening a doorknob, coating it with my juices. I released it and the cool air felt good as it attempted to dry my wet cock.

Lost in thought I didn't hear Mom come up the stairs or when she entered my room. Jolted back to reality from Mom's voice I heard her say, "Sweetie, I have another concern ..."

She stopped suddenly, starring at my hard prick proudly standing straight up out of my robe. The large helmeted head was filled with blood and was still shiny slick with my juices. I stammered, "Sorry Mom. I should have been more careful."

Still staring at my large wet head, she murmured, "Oh, it's been a long time. I didn't realize it was so b.." She abruptly stopped realizing she was going to comment on her son's large prick.

Seeing her face turn red and flustered, I frantically searched for a way to help her out. I blurted out the first thing I could think of that started with a 'B' and exclaimed, "Beautiful? Well, you did have something to do with it's creation, so yea Mom, you would think it's beautiful." I smiled, trying to ease the tension as I closed my robe to hide my erection.

In her uneasiness she had folded her arms across her stomach causing her nightie to pull tight against her body. Her taut engorged nipples were clearly outlined as they pushed out the material. My eyes were locked on to her pointy teats as she strolled over to me for our ritual hug. Standing up I hugged her tight. She pressed close to me as if she were trying to make contact with the hard cock she had seen. Her hot breath hit my ear as she whispered, "I'm afraid as I get older I'm getting a lot less sexy. I'd like your opinion on another one of my concerns."

She guided my hands to the back of her thighs again as before. Moving my hands up under her nightie to her full ass cheeks she asked, "Honey, do you think I'm losing my ass? I know when a woman gets older her ass can get flat and I'm worried I'm heading in that direction."

She released her hands as I cupped and gently squeezed her firm globes of flesh. I couldn't believe my luck as I actually had my hands on Mom's hot bare ass. My fingers spread out going down into the hot crevice between her cheeks, squeezing as I advanced.

Mom's soft breasts filled and pressed into me as she quickly sucked in a deep breath of air. My hard prick, which was trapped between our bodies, throbbed in agreement with my delight. Knowing her pussy was inches away, I contemplated exploring further seeking her prize. As quick as the thought entered, Mom pulled my hands away and asked me what I thought.

"Mom, you have no worries. You have a perfect ass, if I may be so blunt," I huskily assured her.

She pulled back, hesitating, while digesting my comment. She turned to leave and whispered, "Thanks honey, good luck on today's client."

My mind was still on Mom's fine ass as I uncovered the lady in Mom's bed. I decided to push the sheet up in one motion today uncovering her legs and pussy at once. She had a thin and petite form and was close to the same age as my aunt. A narrow patch of blonde hair was above her slit. Caressing her thin thighs and skinny waist relaxed her enough to open her legs revealing an already wet slit. Her pelvic area was small and I wondered how a baby would be able to emerge.

Full rounded breasts pushed the sheet up maintaining their perfect shape. They didn't match her body type drawing me to conclude this was someone's trophy wife. Natural blonde, artificially endowed breasts, skinny body type was perfect for some old businessman to show off to his buddies.

I was more than happy to help out the old bastard. Comments concerning her skinny body is exactly what this lady would love to hear. Verbally expressing my love of her perfect body and thin build was enough for her to open her legs revealing her small pussy.

Unsure of whether I could fuck this girl without causing her great pain I decided to lengthen my foreplay. I ran my fingers up and down her slit while caressing her thin thighs and exposed midriff, telling her the entire time how sexy she looked. She started to squirm and her pussy was noticeably wetter as I inserted a finger into her tight pussy. I finger fucked her and inserted more fingers as she loosened up. I moved closer to her now wide open legs and rubbed my wet head around the mouth of her pussy. (next Chap 2)
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