"Stories 18+" Breeding for Mom C2

Stories 18+ Breeding for Mom C2
She humped up attempting to lodge my prick in her cunt. I managed to pop the head beyond her lips barely fitting in her tight vice-like sheath. It was hot and tighter than any pussy I've encountered, on the verge of painful for me. She didn't act like it bothered her, probably used to a tight fuck. I short stroked her pussy inching forward slowly stretching her hole to accommodate my fat stiff cock. Her pussy gushed pre-cum, coating my invading prick, enabling me to advance to the bottom of her cunt. Her hands stroked my back pulling me in, encouraging me to fuck her faster.

Her tight tiny cunt was now a greedy slick hot pussy able to take the pounding my hard shaft was giving her. I fucked her hard as she kept coating my cock with her juices. She locked her legs around my back and humped up to meet my thrusts.

I lowered my hands to her ass to get better leverage to pound her pussy when I discovered she had no ass. She was so skinny fat tissue hadn't been able to accumulate. Understanding swept over me as I remembered Mom asking me to check out her ass. She was helping her son achieve success.

Before my prick softened from discovering her disappointing ass, I grabbed her hips and pounded in and out of this young trophy wife. I was on the verge of orgasm and it appeared this girl wasn't close. I looked up to see her breasts heaving up and down under the sheet. She had to be proud of her prized tits. I moved my hands up under the sheet and cupped her breasts telling her how perfect they were. Her hips continued to gyrate and bounce up and down as I fucked her. I couldn't tell if she was nearing an orgasm.

I tweaked her taut hard nipples while mauling her full fake tits. The tight smooth texture of her breasts were much like Mom's ass and my mind went back to the time I was groping Mom. That's all it took as my prick exploded, sending out streams of hot gooey sperm. Loud squishing noises filled the room as cum flowed out of her small cavity.

Slowing my pace, I continued to stroke to the bottom hoping to push my virile sperm into her small womb. Starting to soften, I stopped stroking, holding my fat prick in her pussy holding in our cum. Her body relaxed as she unwrapped her legs and lowered them to the bed. A feeling of failure and regret swept over me as I suspected she didn't have an orgasm.

I blew my load in a fantasy with my Mom and didn't pay enough attention to the girl beneath me. After I covered her tiny body, I left and met Mom in the hallway near the stairs. She smiled as she strode by to wrap matters up with our latest client. I didn't bother to shower as we were going to be working in the garden today. I dressed up in my work clothes and made it out back before Mom escorted our guest out. I worked on a garden bed hidden from the back windows to remain undetected.

Mom came out later and we worked together for several hours. She informed me the client was satisfied this morning and liked my style. That surprised me as I thought I had failed the poor girl. Maybe she had an orgasm and I didn't detect it or maybe she was physically incapable of having one.

Seeing my concerned look Mom asked whether there were any irregularities she should know about. I told her my theory that she was someone's trophy wife. She gave me a questioning look prompting me to explain she fit the profile being a twenty some year old petite blonde with augmented breasts.

Having a look of concern, she asked, "How do you know she was blonde? Did you look at her face?"

Unsure of how to explain this to mom, I gave her a 'duh' stare and bleated, "Damn Mom, you know that hair grows in other places besides the head." It was fun to watch as Mom processed the information and turned red when she visualized her son staring at a woman's pussy.

Changing the subject for her, I said, "There is one thing that could have been a problem, but you took care of it beforehand."

"What was that sweetie?" She was more than eager to change the conversation.

"Her ass Mom. She had none. Thanks for taking notice and assisting me."

Blushing again, she quietly quavered, "Thank you dear, I do try to notice potential problems during my interviews. I know I may not act motherly at times, but I'm trying to help you succeed."

Mom was getting uncomfortable with our conversation and changed the topic to our schedule. She told me to shower as we were going out for dinner before our evening client. We cleaned up, dressed and enjoyed each other's company at a upscale restaurant. I was fully recovered and hard through the meal sitting across from my sexy mother.

After we arrived home I went to my room to put on my robe. Leaving the door open again I pondered whether to give Mom another display of my hard prick. I recounted the signals she was sending out. I thought back to her teasing when she prepared breakfast in her nightie and subsequently letting me caress her legs and ass.

Was she flirting with me or helping me service our clients? I have lusted after her for years and my judgment could be affecting my analysis. I could be totally wrong thinking she had the same thoughts concerning me. Her actions might be her way to deal with a client's problems.

She might have no desire for me, just motherly love. If she had the same lust for me she would have acted on it when she came in my room with my prick sticking out of my robe. I still loved her and could deal with a non-physical relationship but her sexy body would still provide me with fantasies. Deep in thought, I missed the arrival of our client as I heard Mom come up the steps.

"Sweetie, are you ready," Mom asked, remaining outside my room, careful not wanting to embarrass either of us again.

"Yes Mom, ready as I can be," I answered as I rose from my bed. Mom entered and hugged me as usual dressed in her sexy nightie. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight. I was saddened it appeared there would be no leg or ass groping. I wrapped my arms around her holding her tight while I stroked her back.

She pulled back, placing her hands on the side of my head to lock my eyes with hers. She pulled me tight to her sensuous mouth, We looked into each other's souls as we kissed. She opened her mouth and ran her tongue along my lips. I opened mine and lightly touched her tongue with mine. Her eyes screamed lust now, far beyond the motherly love kind. Our breathing was rapid as we kissed like no mother and son should kiss. Regrettably she pulled back as she cooed, "Good luck sweetie. Enjoy yourself."

My eyes locked on to the backs of her beautiful legs as she walked out the door. She kissed me before the session with Snow White. My prick jumped up reminiscing the time we spent together. Would this client be similar? Catching myself wasting precious time daydreaming, I came back to reality and went down to Mom's room for the next client.

Excited stiff nipples pushing up the sheet was promising. Maybe this lady wouldn't be as uncomfortable as the others. I moved the sheet up to her knees and began caressing her lower legs. I was guessing this woman was in her mid-thirties and had kept in good shape. No signs of uneasiness as I stroked her hot legs. I moved my hands up under the sheet feeling her knees and upper legs. They were firm and smooth and my hands gently caressed her hot skin. I pushed the sheet up to right below her pussy to admire her legs.

They were as beautiful to look at as they were to touch. They were familiar and I quickly realized Mom was the woman under the sheet. My prick expanded to maximum hardness realizing this was the woman I had lusted for so much. Was she testing me to make sure my technique was adequate for her clients? I wondered if she'd let me proceed part way before stopping me. Either way didn't bother me as I was going to enjoy as much as I could.

I started up my verbal seduction, complimenting her perfect legs and shapely sexy body. As I stroked up and down her firm meaty thighs, I wrapped my hands around them achieving more skin contact. I lowered my mouth down to kiss her thigh as I stroked the other one. I could smell her familiar scent and then a gush of pussy musk hit me. It was intoxicating and my lust was raised to levels I hadn't felt before.

Releasing my mouth from her succulent thighs, I shifted up to admire the sight of my mom's bare thighs exposed below her covered pussy. Moving my hands to the outside of her thighs, I gripped the sheet in both hands to move it up. My heart was racing as I anticipated the first time I was going to look at Mom's pussy. Hearing a sharp intake of air I looked up to see Mom's pointy breasts pushing the sheet up and down as she knew her son was ready to unveil her hot cunt. I ran my hands up the outside of her body pushing the fabric up as I went.

Reaching the middle of her flat stomach, blood flowed to my already hard prick as my mother's hairy pussy was exposed. Mom's breath was raspy and quick as she realized her son was staring at her pussy for the first time. She had trimmed the sides but it was still a full and bushy mound. Her fat blood-filled pussy lips could be seen in the middle of her forest of brunette fur. I ran my fingers up and down both sides of her pussy, mashing her lips together, then spreading them out displaying a wet hot canal. She was moaning under the sheet as I played with her pussy, the same place I had emerged from.

If she was testing me, this would be the time to stop me. I decided to show her how I treat the special clients. I spread her pussy apart and lowered my mouth to her steaming snatch. I licked up and down her sensitive pussy lips with my rough tongue scraping her clit at the top. Noticing her hands had remained at her sides while her son feasted on her horny pussy, I was surprised at her resilience not to give in to her hidden lusts. Sucking one of her pussy lips into my mouth, I massaged it with my lips and tongue. I repeated with her other pussy lip, then stuck my tongue deep into her hot pussy.

No longer able to contain herself, her hands went to the back of my head, not to push me away, but to pull me in hard. Exploring her sensitive cunt walls with my hard tongue, she moaned loud as she was getting the attention she had long desired from her son.

Raising her knees to capture my head between her thighs, she squeezed tight as she pulled my mouth to her starved cunt. Her body stiffened each time my tongue found her rough g-spot. My face was soaked from her leaking pre-cum as she enjoyed the face fuck from her son. Bringing her close to orgasm several times, then easing up to let her recover I teased her for a solid ten minutes. I could have done this forever but my prick was yearning to enter her forbidden tunnel. Releasing my grip on her hips, I moved my hands back to assist in bringing her to a quick climax.

Moving my mouth to the top of her pussy, I moved the hood of her sensitive nub to the side and captured her erotically sensitized clit. As I squeezed and rolled her most sensitive piece of flesh, I shoved three fingers deep into her hole. Her hips humped up as her body tensed and shook from her long awaited cataclysmic release. After a long guttural moan, juices erupted from her hole as she climaxed. I sucked her sweet nectar from her convulsing cunt as her sexual desires were fulfilled. She humped several more times into my sucking mouth as I maintained close contact with her hot pussy.

Exhausted from her first incestuous climax, her arms and legs fell to the bed as she released my head. I pulled back to once again look at the prize I'd lusted after. Didn't she know I recognized her? She kept the sheet on her face pretending to be a client. Maybe it was how she wanted the seduction to proceed or maybe she thought I'd finish and leave without realizing it was her. Not wanting to spoil her plan, I didn't reveal to her I knew she was my mother.

I caressed her thighs while she recovered from her orgasm. Moving up close, my hard prick bumped against her leg leaving a trail of pre-cum slime. The touch of my hot shaft on her smooth thigh resulted in a moan emanating from under the sheet. I massaged her mound, running my fingers through her soft forest of fur.

"Your pussy is perfect. It is such a turn-on for me because it's exactly what I've fantasized my Mom's pussy looks like. I love my mother and have wanted to stroke her pussy more than anything."

She still didn't talk, but continued to moan and moved her hips around as I played with her hairy mound. Moving lower, I stroked and caressed her succulent flesh. "And your thighs are so firm and smooth. They remind me of my mom's legs. She let me touch them once. It was really exciting, getting to fondle the legs of the woman I love."

I wrapped my hands around her thighs pulling them up as I massaged them. I spread her out wide opening her juicy hungry cunt.

Her breasts were heaving up and down under the sheet as her breathing rate increased. She was getting excited hearing her son's soothing talk. Her hands were gripping the sheets as her muscles tensed up in anticipation of things to come. Moving up her body, I placed my balls on her hot pussy and nestled my hard shaft on top of her mound. I moved the sheet up to below her breasts revealing her smooth midriff and rib cage. I gently caressed her hot skin and grabbed chunks of flesh marveling in her sexy body.

"Normally I'm not allowed to expose your breasts, but you have me excited more than I've ever been. I'm fantasizing you're my mom and I've wanted to see her breasts for a long time," I hoarsely croaked as I moved the sheet up to her neck exposing her full breasts. They were bigger than I had imagined and were topped with hard deep pink nipples. They were fully erect and were popped up on top of her smooth breasts.

I cupped her succulent mounds kneading and massaging them. Her breathing increased as I mauled them. A gasp of air was expelled when I captured her nipples with my fingers and lightly twisted them. She humped her hips up in an attempt to capture my cock. She wanted my cock, her son's cock. She wasn't playing any games now, she wanted to fuck her son. I was delirious with excitement. I looked down to see my prick within an inch of it's target. I used one hand to guide my fat prick head to her pussy. I moved it around the mouth of her hot cunt, smearing her slick fluids on my blood engorged knob.

Knowing I was going to remember this moment forever, I didn't immediately enter her, swirling my bloated head around the mouth of her gasping pussy. Both of us were breathing rapid and shallow as I was preparing to return to the place I emerged from two decades earlier. I pushed in until the flared bottom of my head went past her outer lips nestled in a hot wet oven of flesh. Her pussy contracted with a mini-orgasm as she screamed into the pillow, coating my head with slick cum.

I pulled out to see my coated beet red prick, anxious to get back into her warm interior. I pushed further in the next time slowly parting the folds of her long unused cunt. Repeating the shallow fucking, I stretched her pussy as she continued to bathe my cock with slimy hot cum from her mini-orgasms.

Her pelvis humped up and down trying to swallow more and more of her son's hard prick. While my cock slid deeper into her hot sheath I continued to tease her nipples. Her pussy walls were tight as I slowly inched my rock hard prick in her velvety sheath. Her juices copiously flowed covering my shaft enabling it to enter more easily as she adjusted to my size. My eyes were locked on my prick sliding into my mother's hot pussy for the first time.

Hitting bottom, our pubic hairs meshed together as she moaned louder. I kept it fully embedded as I whispered, "This is how I envisioned it would look if I was ever fortunate enough to fuck my mother. It feels so good, this pussy was made for my cock. My mom gave birth to me and gave me a cock that would fill her pussy completely."

She was beyond groaning now, more like gurgling. Her hips and thighs moved around signaling her desire for a good fuck from her son. I pulled back and slammed in hard, then again. Mesmerized by my hammering cock going in and out of my mother elevated my excitement level. Our sex juices flowed and our pubic hair was a sticky mess as I continued my assault. My prick was coated in a white frothy mixture of our combined pre-cum enabling it to slide effortlessly to the bottom of my mother's cunt.

Hypnotized by the erotic sight of my slick shaft stroking in and out of my mother's hot pussy, I fucked the love of my life harder than I had ever fucked anyone before. Our pubic hair was perfectly matched in color and mashed together on my forceful downstrokes.

We were nearing our first mother-son climax. Mom's face remained hidden under the sheet as she clung on to her secretive act of incest, her way of dealing with our sinful copulation. I lowered down and merged our hot sweaty bodies together. Her hands wrapped around my back hugging me tight. Unlike our previous hugs, there was no silk nightie between us. It was our hot naked flesh melded together and my excitement was elevated knowing this was my mother. My hands traveled up her back to her shoulders.

Pulling me tight to her hot body, she wrapped her legs around me in an attempt to get at much of her son's cock as she could. Her pussy was shivering with micro-orgasms as we fucked like rutting animals. Her hot hard nipples drilled into my chest as her tits were flattened between us. The only sounds louder than our gasping was the sloshing sounds of our incestuous coupling.

Using her shoulders to pull her into me I plunged my steel rod into her cunt smashing my spongy head against her cervix causing my mother to gasp and groan on each stroke. I slowed my pace and allowed our excitement levels to decrease.

Moving my hands down her back, I gripped her ass cheeks using them to increase the penetration depth of my hard drill. I fucked her hard as I leaned close to her sheet covered head to further compliment her. "You have a beautiful ass. It reminds me of my mother's. She let me hold it and I have never been so hard. I dream of fucking my mother everyday. I love her but have been afraid to tell her."

She was having a hard time breathing now, gasping on each stroke. Her fingernails were lodged deep in my back holding me tight. I was ready to come and I knew how I wanted our first mating to finish. I moved one hand up to the sheet and exclaimed, "I'm ready to come now. I'm going to fill your hot pussy full of my sperm like I've dreamed of doing to my mother. My fantasy fucking with my mother includes kissing her luscious mouth when I fill her with my hot sperm."

I pushed the sheet up revealing her beautiful face. She was unaware as her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, gasping for air. She had an expression of pure lust as I lowered my mouth to hers. My tongue searched out and found her tongue and we fucked each other's mouths. My balls were filled and ready to explode. Mom sensed my prick expanding which caused her to scream out in pleasure.

I wailed, "I've wanted you for so long. Your pussy is fiery hot and tight. I'm going to fill my Mom's pussy with hot cum."

Mom spoke for the first time screaming "Oh honey, I love you! Fill your horny mother with your hot sticky cum. Fuck me hard!"

We locked our mouths together as the first glob of sperm shot up the length of my prick. As soon as it hit the back of her pussy, Mom's cunt walls slammed tight around my hard cock with her intense orgasm.

Her body shook and she screamed into my mouth as her body released her reservoir of endorphins firing off her pleasure centers. I slammed in again depositing another load of sperm in her pussy. Every muscle in her body contracted as she climaxed again, experiencing the long anticipated fuck. Her body convulsed in pleasure causing her eyes to roll back in her head while she expelled the air from her lungs.

I concentrated on pumping my cock in as deep as I could through her orgasm. Her body went limp and her contractions stopped as I kept unloading my payload of sperm into her. After several more strokes I collapsed on Mom exhausted from our first incestuous coupling.

Recovered from my own sexual bliss, I noticed there was no movement from Mom. I rose up to look at her face and observed no sign of life. Waves of panic set in as I thought of what to do. The woman I loved was lifeless beneath me.

I tried to find a pulse in her arm but wasn't sure where to look. I gently squeezed her nostrils shut and lowered my mouth to hers in attempt to resuscitate her. I gently blew air into her lungs and watched her breasts start to heave when her eyes popped open and she exhaled her air back into my mouth.

I pulled back, thankful for her recovery. Relieved that she appeared to be perfectly healthy, I covered her neck and face with kisses.

"Oh Mom, I thought I killed you. You were so still, I was panicking. You really scared me."

Giggling she said, "Relax honey, I briefly passed out from the intense pleasure of my orgasm. I've haven't had one that strong. I've been craving this for so long I couldn't control myself when I released my pent up emotions. I've never felt so much pleasure at once."

My semi-hard prick was still lodged in her cum filled pussy. She moved her hips in a circular motion resulting in squishing sounds from her filled cunt. "Looks like I was out for the best part. You really filled your mother," she seductively said as she began stroking my back and pulled me in for a kiss.

"Honey, you didn't call emergency and tell them to come quick because you fucked your mother to death, did you?"

I snickered and kissed her lightly on the mouth. "No, I didn't have enough time, but that would have been hard to explain."

"Sweetie, how did you know it was me? You knew from the start didn't you?"

"Your legs Mom, you've been flaunting them by me forever. I have every inch of your beautiful flesh memorized. You don't know how many times I've jerked off fantasizing about you."

"So you like your old mom's legs, do you?"

"Your legs, your ass, your tits, your tight pussy. I love your smile, your laughter, your sexy walk and I am happiest when we're together. I've been wanting to make love to you for a long time. You don't know how close you've come to getting raped the last week."

"Oh honey, I'm sorry if I teased you the last couple of days. I wasn't sure if you had the same physical emotions for me as I did for you. I didn't want to ruin our relationship and I had to make certain," she admitted while gently caressing my back.

She added, "And it wouldn't have been rape. It would have been a blessing. I was hoping my skimpy negligee would prompt you to act."

After sliding my softening prick out to move my weight off her, she quickly pulled me to her as she hugged me tight.

"Please stay on me dear. I want to feel your skin against mine, let me enjoy the moment of my young strong man on top of me."

As our hot bodies meshed together in post-coital bliss, we gently caressed each other's body as we rested. I felt her forest of cum-soaked pussy hair rubbing against my trapped semi-hard prick. We kissed and talked for the next ten minutes as we recovered.

She moved her hips in a slow sexy circular motion and then humped up increasing the pressure on my prick nestled in her wet forest. Life was quickly purging back in my prick as I realized how lucky I was to have such a hot mother committed to sexually please me. Bringing my hands to her full breasts, I caressed and massaged her meaty globes.

Mom pleaded, "Sweetie, fuck me again. I want you to fuck me hard. I want to enjoy my son making love to me. Please honey!"

"I love you Mom. I'd do anything for you. We're going to remember our first night forever. Let's make it memorable."

I kissed her open-mouthed, my tongue battling with hers. Moving my hands to her nipples, I tweaked and twisted her sensitive buds elevating her excitement level.

As I played with her luscious mounds, she reached down and stroked my hard slick shaft. She placed my bloated head at the mouth of her pussy and shoved up to embed my prick in her hot canal.

I slowly stroked in and out of her wet pussy embellishing the sensations of her velvety pussy. There was a minimal amount of friction with the lubricating cum left from our first coupling. Locked deep in her pussy, I rose up. Raising her knees, she reached up and pulled them tight to her chest.

Pushing on her legs, my leverage increased as I pounded her hot pussy. Heavily panting now, she humped up to meet my thrusts as I deep-fucked her. Her pussy found new life and she squeezed my prick as I plowed in and out. I looked down to witness the sinfully incestuous act of a son ravaging his mother. Our hairy pubic mounds were saturated with cum I had drug out of her cunt each stroke.

As if reading my mind, she yelled, "Fill your mother's cunt with your gigantic cock. It feels like a baseball bat. Oh damn, fuck me hard."

My cock was covered with our mixed cum as I continued to drill her horny hole. Reaching down I massaged her clit as I pummeled her hot box. She screamed out in pleasure as I lightly squeezed her sensitive nub. I eased off her clit letting her relax as I enjoyed the moment.

I was fucking my hot mother. She was writhing on the bed beneath me and thrusting her hips like a wild woman. This was the highlight of my life. She was breathing hard again and I wondered if she was going to pass out again.

Relishing in the sexual conquest of my mother piqued my stimulation. I was getting close to another orgasm. I was hoping I would last longer the second time, but this was Mom I was fucking. I pulled her feet back bringing her knees to point straight up. I pushed them out to spread her pelvis wide open. I felt pressure on my prick from her pussy as I opened her up.

Holding her meaty thighs I fucked her while she writhed in pleasure. I couldn't get enough of her smooth thighs. I gripped a hunk from each thigh and used it to pound harder in her leaking pussy.

I lowered down to her body pressing my hard nipples on hers and kissed her hard. Her mouth was open and ready. We fucked each other's mouths as we fucked in the missionary position. She dug her nails in my back signaling she was close to coming again. I wrapped my arms around her back holding her tight.

"Oh honey, I love you. I'm ready to come again. I love your giant hard cock. It's driving me crazy. Fuck your mother hard. Fill me with your hot sperm, you sweet Motherfucker!"

"God Mom. I've waited so long time for this. Your pussy is so tight and hot. I'm going to come Mommy!"

She hugged me tight and wrapped her legs around my waist, elevating her pussy and humped up to meet each powerful thrust. She groaned in pleasure and deeply exhaled each time my fat head slammed against her sensitive cervix.

"I love you Mom," I asserted as I fucked her hard. Her excitement prevented her from saying anything as she was continuously gasping for air.

We locked mouths as we committed our forbidden incestuous coupling. I stared deep into her soul through her dark chocolate eyes. They widened as blood surged into the head of my prick. Panting into my mouth, her pupils dilated as her back arched and her body shook as she climaxed. I pounded deep in her pussy as my balls spewed out any milky white fluid left in my reservoir.

Her hot convulsing pussy trapped my erupting prick in her tight pussy. I kept stroking and my prick contracted even as nothing was coming out. Her spasms coincided with my orgasms trying to milk out any precious sperm left in my balls.

After my final release I continued to slowly fuck her trying to prolong our incestuous sin. As I softened I started to roll off her when she again hugged me tight to her. Looking into her beautiful face, our eyes locked together cementing our deep love for each other.

Her facial expression was an afterglow of blissful joy. She kissed me gently saying, "I love you too. Thank you sweetie, you are the best lover ever."

We gently caressed and consoled each other committing our forbidden relationship, revealing our innermost desires and feelings to each other. Our love was on a higher plateau since we'd crossed the line most mothers and sons act out privately in their fantasies.

After an hour of holding, caressing and talking, Mom excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she came back I did the same. I used a warm washcloth to clean off our sticky mixture of cum. Emerging from the bathroom I wasn't sure if I should go to my room. Mom silently answered my question, holding the covers up, inviting me into her bed. I slid in and we hugged each other, not for sex, but for love. We parted and Mom rested her head on my chest. As I was stroking her scalp she fell into a deep sleep. I soon followed.

Waking up first, fear struck me that last night's events might have been a dream. Seeing Mom next to me sound asleep was a relief. It wasn't a fantasy in my mind. I really had made love to my beautiful mother. I gently pulled the covers down exposing Mom's sexy nude body. Her breasts slowly heaved up and down while she remained in a restful sleep. Her nipples were still a dark pink color, but weren't engorged and full of blood like last night. I gently stroked her smooth stomach, lightly running my fingers over her ribcage, stopping to feel it rise and fall with her deep sleeping.

Roaming down her smooth stomach, I ran my spread out fingers through her mound of soft fur. Without stopping I continued my light caressing down to her firm thighs, lightly squeezing her hot flesh. She moaned in pleasure as her breasts heaved. I hoped she was dreaming of our first fuck last night.

Bringing my hand back up to her smooth stomach, I slowly moved up to her breasts. Her skin was hot and tight. I gently cupped the nearest breast marveling in it's firmness. I couldn't resist gently squeezing it as I worshiped her beauty.

Mom's breathing quickened and when I looked up I noticed her staring at me, smiling seductively. She remained silent, contently watching her son worship her breasts. After her nipples were filled with blood she spoke. "Good morning honey, do you like playing with your mother's titties? You liked them when you were a child too."

I replied, "Oh yea Mom, you have great breasts. I could play with these forever. It's a shame I can't remember playing with them as an infant, but I can imagine I loved feeding from them. Your nipples are so sexy and inviting."

I leaned over and kissed her nearest engorged nub. Swirling my rough tongue around her tip I gently latched on to her teat. She brought her hands to the back of my head and held me in place while I feasted on her succulent tit. I sucked hard on her taut and upright aerole resulting in a long groan from Mom.

She gasped, "Oh honey, that feels good. Suck your mother's tit. Bite them sweetie. Pull and twist my nipples. It's been too long since you nursed from me."

Locked on to her nearest nipple, I sucked and licked her sensitive bud. Moving my hand to her other breast, I massaged and squeezed her meaty tit as my mouth feasted on her full breast. Gently holding her engorged nipple with my teeth I pulled and teased her, causing her to moan and gasp. As I gently pulled her nipple up, I pinched and twisted her other nipple with my fingers.

When she started to hump her pelvis I released her sensitive teat. Rolling over to meld with her hot body, I moved up to kiss my mother.

It was a gentle closed mouth kiss at first, a subtle loving kiss. Mom changed the pace when she opened her mouth and attacked me with her tongue. We french-kissed while our hot nude bodies were pressed together. Gasping for air, our breaths were fast and forceful as we made love with our mouths.

Backing off from our intimate kiss, I could see Mom's eyes were once again full of lust as she rolled us over until she was on top. She kissed her way down to my stomach. My prick was already a pillar of rock rising out of my pubic hair. Still kissing her way down, she gripped my pole and slowly stroked up and down.

She rose up to sit on my legs facing me. She ran her hot hands up and down my hairy thighs, bumping my full ball sack on each upstroke.

"You have such sexy legs Sam. I've been wanting to caress your legs like you've wanted to do to me." Continuing to rub up and down my thighs, she'd stop to grab a hunk of thigh flesh playfully pulling and squeezing it.

Bending down she kissed her way up my hairy thigh until she reached my stiff pole. She lustfully looked up at me as she moved to seductively lick up and down my pole with her rough tongue. She hoarsely said, "Oh honey, it's been awhile since I've sucked a cock, and such a giant hot cock. I made this beautiful cock."

Engulfing my fat head with her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the sensitive helmet. Moving down my pole she sucked hard on my staff. She held my balls and gently squeezed them as she fucked my pole with her hot mouth. Her other hand gripped the bottom half of my prick and stroked up and down as her mouth fucked the top half of my pole. I wasn't going to last long.

"Oh Mom, you suck cock really good. Your hot mouth is unbelievable," I gasped as my voice cracked.

She'd bring me to the brink of orgasm, then stop, keeping her warm mouth enclosed around my head. She looked at me with those deep brown eyes as she continued to feast on my hot shaft of flesh. It was hard holding back my load watching my sexy mom perform such a sensual act.

Releasing my cock she rose up and leaned forward to kiss me. We fucked each other with our tongues again. She lifted her pelvis, keeping her eyes locked with mine. Placing her hands on my shoulders to keep her balance, she crawled forward and positioned her hairy pussy over my shaft. When she lowered her body, my shaft became trapped between our bodies lying flat against my stomach.

As I started to move my hand between our bodies to position my prick, she moved her head side to side to stop me. When I halted, she began moving her furry cunt around my groin. It was a sexy pelvic dance as she mauled and moved my prick around with her actions.

Lodging my hard shaft on the outside of her slot, she moved up and down scraping her pussy lips with my shaft. Moving herself lower, my helmeted prick head scraped against her clit at the top of her leaking pussy. Leaving my bloated head in contact with her exposed clit, she moved around in circles stimulating her sensitive nub, moaning and breathing rapidly.

Having enough stimulation on her clit, she moved back to run my fat head up and down her slick slit. Sawing to and fro, breathing at a frantic pace, hot slick fluid coated my prick as Mom's pussy leaked from our contact. I thought she was going to climax without ever penetrating her. Still not using her hands, she moved her hairy mound up my shaft until it was above my trapped prick. My shaft rose up until it was freed from our smothering bodies. Before it could rise too far Mom backed into it inserting the fat head into the mouth of her hot wet pussy.

Our eyes were still locked and I could see the look of triumph when she managed to engulf my prick at this awkward position without any help. She backed up until my cock was several inches in her tight starved cunt. She rose up placing her hands on my stomach to keep my prick partway out of her cunt. She slowly lowered an inch and then rose back up, allowing my size to stretch her tight channel. Gripping my sides now, she fucked my pole, increasing the amount of cock each stroke.

Her look was of total bliss as she slowly fucked me. Moving back and forth while going up and down, she was able to scrape the sides of her cunt that screamed for attention. Pre-cum fluid from her horny pussy was drenching my solid shaft making it easier for her to lower down further. She stopped when my fat head was at the mouth of her clenching pussy. Looking down at me lustfully, she released my sides and fell down until my balls smashed against her ass.

She squealed out in pleasure as she bottomed out, rose up again to plummet back down my shaft. Fucking me hard and fast, I thrust up on her downstrokes to lodge my shaft deeper into her cavern. Reaching out with my hands, I stroked her legs as she enjoyed herself being in control of our fuck.

Her head went back as she gasped for air fucking her son as hard as she could. Juices from both of us were flowing out of her hole as she fucked my slippery shaft. Slowing her pumping she lowered down pushing her breasts in front of my face. Knowing what she desired, I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her nearest breast into my waiting mouth.

I mauled her tit while she continued to fuck me. Constant deep guttural groans were coming from her now. I captured her stiff nipple, squeezed it between my lips and pulled hard as if milking it.

"Oh god yes, honey. Suck mommy's tits. You're fucking your horny mommy good. I can't believe how good your fat cock fills my cunt. I've fantasized about our love for a long time. Whenever you come in me I want to be kissing you. I love you!"

My mother knew exactly how to please her son. She locked her mouth on mine as she fucked me. I moved my hands down to her ass and slammed into her pussy. My cock head filled with blood making more contact as it scraped the walls of her hot pussy. A large payload of hot cum shot up my shaft and out the tip.

She climaxed and her hot pussy contracted on my prick as I continued to deposit load after load of hot sticky sperm. After we were both spent she lowered her body to mine. No words were spoken as we fought to breathe, recovering from our orgasms.

Her firm breasts were squished out on the sides as she rested on top of my body. I ran my hands up and down her sweaty smooth back as she recovered from our morning fuck. She rested her head next to mine nibbling on my ear as she caught her breath. Her hot breath on my neck sent shivers through me. Her rapid breathing gradually switched to a longer relaxed intake of air. We were content to say nothing, enjoying the close connection.

"Wow Mom, what a way to begin a day. What do you say we stay in bed until lunch?" Running my hands down her lower back, I cupped her rounded ass, squeezing her firm globes of flesh. I wondered how many times I could fuck my mom in one day. Visions of different positions flashed through my mind when Mom brought me back to reality as she softly spoke.

"I'd love to honey and we will do that one of these days, but not today. We have a full schedule ahead of us. We have a client at one in the afternoon, then we're going to take your aunt out to the movies and dinner and one more client at eight tonight."

Unable to contain my surprise I exclaimed, "Mom, that's quite an agenda. Do you really want me being with other women now? You're the only one I want. Why don't we tell Sharon we don't need any more clients?"

She giggled and kissed me before explaining. "First off, Sharon doesn't have anything to do with it. She was actually my first client. I interviewed the other women at their houses."

After taking some time to process this information, I realized Mom had sent me over to Sharon's to give her a baby. This whole time I thought this was Sharon's grand plan. Someone else might have felt used, but I felt nothing but love and admiration for my mother. Everything she did was for my benefit.

"As far as other women, I think it's healthy for you to have other relationships. I also like the fact we're helping women and the icing on the cake is your college expenses are getting paid. As long as you sleep with me at night and sexually take care of me, I'm happy. Although, as much as we're going to be fucking, I won't be able to afford to pay what I charge others."

Her sexy smile and her talk regarding our future together was already stirring my prick, but I had to save it for our client in a few hours. As she lifted her body off mine, our skin reluctantly pulled apart bound together by heat and sweat. We chuckled at the sound it made as we separated.

We rose out of bed to get dressed for breakfast. I put on my robe and Mom started to put on hers. I pleaded, "Mom, would you mind wearing your nightie through breakfast? It's something I look forward to each morning."

She dropped her robe as joy spread across her face. "Oh no sweetie, I've had that old nightie far too long. That just isn't proper attire for a mother to parade around her son."

Seeing my disappointment, she giggled as she went in to her closet. I was ready to close my robe and leave when I heard her say, "I've been saving this one for you. Do you think this is more appropriate for a mother to wear around her horny son?"

She walked out of her closet wearing a different nightie. She sexily strutted to the edge of the bed turning slowly displaying her new attire.

It was the same style and color as her other nightie, but the material was translucent. It was sheer enough to see everything underneath. It enhanced her beauty more than I thought possible. As she turned to the side, her hard pink nipples pushed out the top and her full rounded breasts were clearly visible showing no signs of sagging.

She turned to face me, placing her hands on her waist causing her nightie to further tighten against her nipples. I stared at her beautifully toned bare thighs, then traveled up to admire her hairy pussy clearly visible beneath the thin fabric. Looking up to her beautiful face, her expression was a mix of seeking approval with one of lust.

Scanning her beautiful body, my cock quickly filled with blood and rose up and out the front of my robe as if pointing to the prey it desired to attack. Her eyes traveled to my hard cock and she no longer looked like she needed approval. Her face changed to an expression of sexual craving.

As she ran her hands up to her breasts over the smooth fabric, she huskily said, "Well, I see someone likes my newest purchase. The material feels good too. It's silk, come here and see for yourself.

I walked to her and held her tight, running my hands over the thin silky material, caressing her sexy body.

"You're so beautiful Mom. You turn me on whenever I look at you. Anything you wear makes me hot," I said as I kissed her passionately. I squeezed her thinly covered breasts twisting her engorged nipples. She moved her hands to my shoulders and pushed my robe off, then wrapped her hands around my hard throbbing cock. I lowered my hands below her nightie to hold her firm ass. She was panting as she passionately kissed me.

She murmured, "Oh sweetie, I love it that you get aroused by me. I love you and have craved to be with you for a long time. You've awakened my sexual lust and I adore your wonderful cock. I love what you're doing to me, but we really should eat breakfast and get ready for our next client."

Instead of releasing my cock, she stroked it as her kissing intensified. With my hands still holding her firm ass, I moved her back to her bed. Lowering her down on her back, I positioned her ass on the edge. I held her legs up, which caused her nightie to rise and expose her hairy wet gash. I walked into her shoving my hard prick into her welcoming snatch. I couldn't believe I was fucking my beautiful mother again and it felt as great as the first time.

My stiff shaft pistoned in and out of her hot hairy hole. Her breasts flopped up and down beneath the thin nightie as I bottomed out forcefully each time. With her legs on my shoulders, she incoherently muttered out phrases of pleasure as I continued to ravish her body, releasing my pent up sexual lust. Relishing in our incestuous coupling, we could care less about any client today. We concentrated on our primal animal instincts to fuck as no mother and son should be doing.

She was now chanting as I drove my hard prick into her hot hole. "Oh Sam, fuck me hard, Sam, love me, fuck me like a motherfucker."

I pounded her hot wet pussy until I was near orgasm. With my shaft fully embedded in her cunt, I stopped stroking to allow our excitement levels to lower. We locked eyes as our groins were mashed together. Moving her legs off my shoulders, she wrapped them around my waist pulling me to her. With a lustful look, she opened her arms inviting me to her hot body. A clear invitation from a mother wanting her son to finish fucking her, an offering I wasn't going to pass up.

I lowered down to her nightie clad torso and kissed her open mouth. She wrapped her arms around me and held me tight as I continued to stretch her pussy walls with my expanding prick. Holding on to her ass I pummeled my mother's pussy. As we kissed, we locked eyes continuing to enjoy the spontaneous and exciting coupling. Looking into each other's souls, we communicated our intense and deep love. Her chocolate colored eyes widened signaling her impending orgasm.

She groaned in my mouth as she battled my tongue. Her pussy squeezed my shaft resulting in my own powerful contraction. I pounded into her at a feverish pace as we experienced our mutually intense orgasms. Inserted fully in her I released her mouth to take in a deep breath. I rested my head besides hers as we enjoyed the aftermath of our sinful copulation.

As she licked the outer lobes of my ear, she whispered, "Sweetie, I think I better wear my robe now, or we won't make it out of our bedroom."

My heart skipped a beat when she said our bedroom. Confirming we were a loving couple completely committed to each other, she acknowledged our intimate liaison. Normal in every way, except for the fact we surpassed the normally accepted boundaries of a mother-son relationship.

I caressed her nightie clad back and murmured, "I can't help it Mom. You're so sexy I want to be with you every minute of the day. Your body excites me like no other woman can." I kissed her sensuously, then pulled out allowing a stream of mixed cum to pour out of her saturated pussy. True to her word, she wore her robe, but it didn't deter me from lustfully staring at her hot body.

We quickly finished breakfast and retired to the living room. We still had a couple hours to kill before our client showed up allowing us to snuggle on the couch. I was afraid I wouldn't recover in time for our client, but sitting close to Mom ignited my lust. Mom's hand went through the front of my robe to lightly hold my semi-hard prick. She probably had the same concerns whether I'd be able to perform after our hot morning sex.

Lightly squeezing my shaft she apprehensively spoke. "Sam, I've had this rule with my clients that there would be no refunds or repeats if the process was unsuccessful. One of them has been persistent though and I feel sorry for the poor girl. She's even offered to double the original amount. I agreed to it, not for the money but because I want to make her happy. She's our client at one."

My mind raced through the women trying to figure out which one it was. She said girl. It must be one of the two younger ones. Before I could concentrate more she acknowledged, "It was the girl from two days ago. She was covered, keeping her body hidden except for her beautiful face and her silky black hair."

It was indeed my lucky day as she was describing Snow White. Images of her black bush contrasting against her smooth white skin flashed through my mind. My shaft jerked up signaling my excitement.

Mom still had her hand wrapped around my prick and felt the sudden surge of blood filling it. She bleated, "Oh, should I be jealous of this girl? It looks like you have some special feelings for her."

"She was charming Mom, but you're still my love. You can't be replaced," I said, trying to put her at ease.

She smiled and leaned in to lightly kiss me, no hint of jealously, looking pleased with her son's happiness.

At the designated time I retreated to my room to wait for the arrival of Snow White. I sat on my bed nude displaying my semi-hard cock waiting for Mom's entrance. She strolled in wearing her robe and I instantly hardened as I rose up and hugged her which ended with a sensuous kiss. She wrapped her hands around my stiff shaft and stressed, "Let's save this for our client. Hopefully you'll be successful today. Good luck honey. Don't forget Rachel is coming over at three."

No reason to wear my robe anymore as I marched down to Mom's room nude with my hard prick swaying back and forth. I entered and noticed a change of how the woman was positioned. The sheet was covering her but it was high like she was on her knees praying, her back pushing up the sheet.

I remembered how she was nervous our first time. I began to comfort her as I pulled up the sheet telling her how I couldn't wait to run my hands over her soft smooth skin again. As I uncovered her, she extended her body forward, raising her ass into the air. As I exposed her, I could see she was positioned for fucking doggy style. Maybe she thought this would be a better position to impregnate her.

My prick hardened as I looked at the breathtaking sight. Her long smooth pure white legs accented her black hairy pussy. She moved her legs apart showing her already wet gash ready for an infusion of sperm. Hard as a rock I moved up to stroke her lily white flesh.

Her skin was hot and firm. I took my time running my hands up and down her smooth thighs. The sides of my hands nestled against her furry slit each time I went to the top. My hand was slick with her juices. Her sweet hormonal pussy scent was strong as she anticipated my fat cock once again stretching her tight channel.

Reluctantly releasing my hands from her firm thighs, my hard aching cock demanded I proceed. Placing my mushroom shaped head on the mouth of her pussy, I rolled it around lubricating it with her flowing juices. No more foreplay was necessary as I sunk my hard shaft deep into her throbbing pussy.

Moaning into the pillow as my prick descended to the bottom, she shrieked in pleasure as my bloated head slammed against her cervix. Her pussy contracted as she had her first orgasm. Holding my prick lodged deep, I stroked her sides and legs allowing her to recover from her fast climax. No sounds came from her as she fought to catch her breath.

I was enjoying the quiet moment, caressing her smooth hot flesh. My only disappointment was that I couldn't make love to her like a normal couple, kissing her as we made love.

A long groan broke the silence as she moved her hips forward and then back again fucking herself on my pole. She was ready for another round and I was determined to make it as pleasurable for her as it was for me. Gripping her hips, I fucked her hard. I moved up and down with my strokes scraping the head of my prick against her clit each stroke.

The angle of the fuck was causing her pleasure centers to fire off as I bumped and scraped against her tight pussy walls. We fucked hard for ten minutes concentrating on pleasing each other. Wanting this session to last longer to enjoy her body was fading away as I was nearing my orgasm. I continued to pummel her sensitive pussy as I reached up and kneaded her swaying tits. I squeezed them hard and twisted her nipples between my fingers. Fast breathing and steady moaning was the only sounds coming from her sheet covered head.

Her second orgasm unexpectedly occurred as her pussy suddenly clamped down on my invading prick. Hearing her scream into the pillow, a stream of hot cum shot up through my prick causing my bloated head to explode, spurting out my hot seed, bathing the back of her pussy. Each blast of hot cum I shot into her resulted in a contraction from her convulsing pussy.

I slowly fucked her after our mutual orgasms were finished, relishing in the blissful connection we had just experienced.

Crestfallen that the session was already over I hoped we weren't successful again.

Both of us breathed hard and fast as we recovered from the intense fuck. In a raspy tone, I managed to say, "You are really sexy. I hope this will get you pregnant. If it doesn't, I hope you won't give up and let me try again."

I pulled out leaving her ass uncovered as I backed up. My eyes traveled from her cum filled pussy down her creamy smooth thighs to her delicate feet.

The sheet went flying off as she flipped around and flopped on the bed on her back. Still staring at her legs, Snow White spoke in a sexy French accent. "No hope is necessary. You impregnated me last time."

I recognized her voice. I quickly looked up. "Monica?"

"Yes sweetie, come to me my love," she cooed as she held her arms open. I lowered down to her, molding my body to hers.

She stroked my scalp as memories flashed back to me.

It was my last year in our old neighborhood. I loved to walk back and forth to school which was a mile from our house. Each day I went by a preschool which was halfway between our house and my school.

On one of those days I came upon on a couple kids teasing and tormenting a young girl outside the preschool. I broke it up and continued to walk home. I noticed the girl they harassed followed me for a few blocks, then I didn't see her.

Days after this incident this same girl would be waiting by the school for me to pass then follow me. I didn't think anything of it as she was probably using me to stop the kids from picking on her. After a couple of weeks of this routine I noticed she went up a walkway to a large house with large bushes on both sides. One day when I walked by, I spotted a woman wearing Muslim attire inside the entrance of the hidden walkway. As I passed she quietly whispered, "Excuse me sir, could I talk to you?"

I stopped, not sure if she was going to accuse me of trying to lure this girl or what. I uneasily responded, "Um sure. Anything wrong?"

"Please follow me and I'll explain," she said as she went up to the house and waited for me and the girl to enter. After we were in, she removed the covering on her head revealing her beautiful face. She told her daughter to sit at the table with me. She had a French accent, unlike what I expected from her attire.

She introduced herself as Monica and her daughter as Camila as she went to the kitchen and brought out a plate of warm cookies and two glasses of milk. She set them down in front of us and sat opposite me at the table.

Camila picked up a cookie and devoured it. Monica smiled and told me she was grateful for me protecting her daughter. Kids harassed her because they knew she's a child of a Muslim family. Her French accent intrigued me as I listened to her talk. When Camila was finished with her cookie, Monica told her to go to her room and play.

When I began to eat the delicious cookie I felt a bump on my leg. Looking down I eyed a beautiful short hair black cat walking around my legs. I picked her up and she curled in my lap purring while I petted her. I loved cats and knew where to scratch her neck and head to give her the attention she wanted.

I asked, "And who is this cute girl? I really love cats. Her fur is really sleek."

Monica smiled wide and said, "Oh, her name is Dinah. She likes a lot of attention. My husband hates cats."

That was the first indication she wasn't on board with her marriage. She kept a cat her husband hated and the cat's name was of Jewish origin. That couldn't have set well with her Muslim husband.

Unwilling to further explain the details concerning her cat, she informed me she wanted to thank me earlier but her husband was home and she couldn't talk to another man with him present. He was doing business in the middle east now. She seized the opportunity to thank me.

She was from France and had married her wealthy husband at eighteen when she was pregnant with Camila. She admitted she was naive and easily influenced with the prestige and money afforded to her. Even though their love was brief, she remained with him honoring her obligation. She wasn't religious but she did observe some of the Muslim rules to satisfy her husband.

We talked for over an hour getting acquainted with each other. Marrying young to a rich Middle Eastern businessman had it's advantages as she was able to attend private colleges. I found her to be intelligent and educated as we discussed our lives. She asked me in depth what I was studying and we talked at length. She was witty and injected humor into our conversation resulting in us laughing through much of the talk. Sex didn't enter my mind as I connected with this highly educated and charming young lady.

For the next six months we met dozens of times on my walks home when her husband was out of town. We spent hours together giggling and talking while I pampered Dinah with my affection. I enjoyed the time with Monica, feeling at ease with her pleasant demeanor. I looked forward to walking home hoping to see her waiting for me. Her daughter still kept her distance following me home each day.

Concerned that Camila might mention my visits to her father, I asked Monica whether there would be a problem if her daughter disclosed my visits. She told me her husband didn't want a daughter and as a consequence didn't talk or listen to her. She isolated Camila from him as much as possible and her and Camila were quite close and good at keeping secrets.

She didn't uncover more than the fabric on her head. I wasn't able to see the beautiful body concealed beneath. We became best friends, probably the strangest and most secret friendship in town. That was the hardest part when Mom mentioned to me we were going to move after my graduation.

Monica and I decided we wouldn't keep in touch through email or letters in the chance she might get caught. We both fought back tears on our final visit as we knew we wouldn't see each other again. I didn't tell Mom about Monica even when she questioned me why I was depressed for the first few months after we relocated.

I was brought out of my memories when Monica brought me up to date with her life. Her husband divorced her six months ago desiring a younger wife, hoping she could provide him with a son. He left Monica with the house, a large sum of money and Camila before he moved back to the Middle-East.

She was more than happy with the arrangement. She wanted another child and wanted the father to be intelligent and sensitive. She loved our talks together and wanted her child to inherit my traits. When she heard the details of our business through her wealthy friends, she seized the opportunity to conceive a baby with me.

She thought she would be content once she was impregnated. She was hesitant to reconnect with me for the sole purpose to get pregnant. That's why she concealed herself through our first coupling. After our initial session she wanted to relive the lust we shared during our sexual liaison and the emotional relationship we shared in the past. She decided to reveal herself this time and I couldn't have been happier.

We talked for over an hour as we connected again. We explored our bodies as if we hadn't felt a nude body before. Thinking I was probably influenced by her beauty, I didn't tell her I was in love with her, maybe hadn't fallen out of love for her from our time together before. Better take it slow I thought, chuckling to myself, thinking the definition of a slow courtship probably didn't mean madly fucking and dating afterwards.

I rolled on top of her and we kissed as lovers. Our tongues explored our hot open mouths as we fought to press our bodies together as one. I was hard again and wanted to make love to this woman. We locked eyes as I guided my stiff prick into her wet receptive hole.

I caressed her full breasts as I sunk my cock to the depths of her hungry cunt. We fucked as lovers caressing each other as we enjoyed the stimulation of my cock smoothly gliding in and out of her pussy. We kissed and hugged each other enjoying the contact of our hot sweaty bodies. Her body melted into mine as I attempted to satisfy her sex-starved cunt. (next Chap 3)
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