"Stories 18+" Breeding for Mom C3

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Stories 18+ Breeding for Mom C3
Increasing the pace of our fuck, I furiously stroked in and out of her tight hot snatch. We mashed our mouths together as our sexual liaison intensified.

Barely able to talk, I gushed, "Oh Monica, you are so hot and sexy. I loved our time together in the past and now we're joined completely. I'm not letting you go again." I again locked my mouth to hers as we neared a mutual orgasm.

As my prick head expanded with hot blood signaling my impending orgasm, she released my mouth to huskily say, "Oh Sam, fuck me hard! Fuck me like you fuck your mother! Fill my cunt like you fill your mother's pussy full of hot cum."

Images of Mom and I fucking flashed through my mind as blood poured into my expanding shaft. My balls contracted as they shot out the reservoir of hot sperm they had generated in the last hour. Her body shivered and shook as we enjoyed our synchronized orgasms.

Drained from our intense love-making session, I left my prick soaking in her drenched cunt enjoying the moment of post-coital bliss. I broke the silence by softly asking, "You know? About my mother?"

"Of course I know, with a mother as beautiful and sexy as yours and with you as a son, it was inevitable. She is so sexy I wouldn't mind spending some intimate time with her. And if your were my son I would have fucked you long ago. She is a lucky mother to have a hunky horny son like you."

I was still embedded in her soaked pussy as I listened to her. I slowly pulled out as I softened, kissing her as we parted. I looked at the clock and realized we had been together far too long. Rachael was coming over in half an hour. Regrettably I was going to have to end our session.

I told her we needed to continue this later because my aunt was visiting. Feeling more like a lover than a client I told her I was going to tell Mom to reimburse her. She quickly told me under no circumstances would I tell her. She was going to repeat our sessions until my college was completely paid for.

We talked several more minutes, then I stood up to leave. Looking down at her beautiful sexy body with my cum drooling out of her pussy an idea came to me. I asked, "Did you really mean it when you said you would want to be with my mom?"

"Oh yea, she is so sexy. I would love to explore her body," she lustfully stammered.

I lifted her knees up and spread her legs wide so when Mom entered the room she'd see Monica's black hairy pussy drooling out ropes of white semen. "Stay like this, I have a feeling you're in for a treat," I said as I felt my cock stir, admiring the sexy display.

As I was leaving, she quietly said, "Sam, could we get together again, like on a date? I've missed you so much. I'll understand if you don't want to be involved with a woman bringing children into the relationship."

Seeing her fearful expression I walked over to her and kissed her sensuously promising, "I'd love nothing more than to see you again. We're going to be going out on a lot of dates and Mom will be happy to babysit Camila and Dinah while we're out on the town. I've missed you too." Her look of fear turned to an expression of joy as she pondered our future together.

I left the door open as I walked up the hall, meeting Mom at the end. As we met I hugged and passionately kissed her. She reached down and grabbed my cum soaked prick. She scraped the sides as she pulled her hand along the length of my shaft before bringing it up to her mouth. She smiled as she jested, "I love the taste of your cum, but I hope you left some in our client. I'd hate for you to have to do another repeat."

I quickly replied, "No worry Mom, I gave her a baby the first time."

She looked taken aback. "Oh, I think I am jealous now. She paid for another session just to fuck my son?"

"Relax Mom, she's very sweet and we're old friends. I'm really attracted to her." I reached in her robe with one hand and teased her hard engorged nipple while kissing her again. My other hand went through the opening in her robe in search of her hairy pussy. As I pushed three fingers into her wet cunt I said, "Mom, even if I love other women, we'll still be here for each other. There is nothing stronger than the love a mother and son share. It's a special bond separate from other relationships."

We kissed again and I could see the love in her eyes acknowledging the sinful relationship we'd always have. I removed my hands so she could go meet Monica. Ending my kiss I whispered, "After all, you don't want to be mad at your future daughter-in-law, do you?"

Her panting was rapid from the short time we connected together. She kissed me in return and said, "Oh honey, I really hope you've found a girl who can provide you with the love your deserve. That would make me the happiest mom ever."

As I left for my room I said, "Mom, since you like my cum so much, I don't think our client would mind sharing." I stayed at the bottom of the stairs while Mom went down the hall to meet Monica. She entered our bedroom and seconds later her robe went flying out the door, landing on the hallway floor. I heard her say, "Oh my, Sam left such a mess here. Let me clean you up." Sounds of sexual pleasure emanated from her room as I went upstairs to take my shower.

I showered and was getting dressed when I looked out the window and noticed Rachel walking down the sidewalk half a block away. I had taken longer than I thought with Monica and now Rachel was arriving early. I quickly finished dressing and ran down the stairs to Mom's room. Monica and Mom were eating each other's hairy cunts and were in the throes of sexual oral bliss.

"Mom, Rachel is arriving early. I'll keep her in the garden while you finish." No acknowledgment came from either woman as they continued to concentrate on their sexual bonding.

I ran outside and met Rachel as she was nearing the front door. I wrapped my arm in hers and escorted her to the garden around the side of our house. Stalling for time I walked her through the beds telling her our plans for each. I managed to waste twenty minutes when my aunt looked up seeing movement in the house and said, "Who's the woman with your mom? I haven't seen her before."

I replied, "Oh, she's a friend Mom had over. Looks like they're running late. We'll be ready to go to the movies and dinner like we planned. Don't worry, it'll just be my favorite two ladies with me tonight."

She smiled at my answer and we walked up to the house to wait. Minutes later Mom came back in the house greeting us with a sexy smile. Her Hawaiian floral dress looked fabulous on her. It was shorter than normal and it was obvious she wore no bra as her nipples pushed out the thin fabric. She looked stunning and Rachel looked surprised when she gazed at Mom's exquisite beauty.

She stared intently at my mother's provocative sexy dress but didn't say anything as we went out to the car. We decided on dinner first as we were hungry. My attention was focused on my smiling Mom and her hard nipples poking out the thin material. I felt guilty ignoring my sexy aunt. Rachel was wearing a blue lace bra under her tight sheer blouse and I wondered if her tits were as sexy as Mom's. As I stared at her bra, I chuckled to myself wondering if Mom told her my favorite lingerie color was blue.

The hostess at the restaurant walked us to a secluded booth at the end of a long room. As usual, Mom and I sat on one side and Rachel sat opposite us. As Mom slid in her dress moved up to reveal her sexy thighs. Sitting down I noticed the table was far enough away from the seat enabling me to easily see Mom's bare sexy legs. Thankfully, Rachel couldn't see anything from her position. We already knew what we wanted to order by the time our waitress arrived.

She took our orders and remained at the table engaged in friendly conversation. She was an attractive brunette and her casual talking transitioned to flirting as if she were competing with the two beautiful women with me. Mom and Rachel encouraged her flirtations as I noticed her stealing glimpses of Mom's exposed thighs. She told us her name was Lisa as she left to place our order.

I lustfully stared at her long legs as she walked away. She wore the same skirt as the other servers but due to her height, it looked a lot shorter. Her skirt waistline was positioned higher also, probably because Lisa knew how to flaunt her best asset. I'm sure she received large tips because of her long lithe legs. Her bra-covered breasts were smaller than average but were perky and stood upright under her tight blouse.

As soon as she left, Rachel began kidding me about Lisa's flirting and said she thought Lisa had a crush on me. My face was flushed as Mom moved over close to me wrapping her arm around me as if she was consoling me. She jokingly scorned Rachel. "Now stop it sis, you're embarrassing my poor son. Besides, I think he likes older women."

"Is it true Sam, you like the more experienced woman," my aunt piped as she sexily looked at me.

Thinking briefly of telling her how I love fucking my hot mom, I instead decided to end our discussion. "You two need to stop it. A gentlemen doesn't kiss and tell."

They both smiled and Rachel excused herself to go to the restroom. As soon as she was out of earshot, I looked over to admire Mom's sexy body. "Jesus Mom, you reek of sex. I want to take you home and devour you. Rachel really admired it too. Did you see the way she stared at you?"

"I have a lot of outfits I can't wait to try on for you. I think Rachel thought she's the only sexy slut in the family. She's probably jealous because you're looking at me more than her. I wonder what she'd think if she knew I wasn't wearing panties either."

Openly leering at her sexy bare thighs I lustfully said, "Well, she is quite the looker, much like her sister."

She reached over grabbing my pants bending my stiff prick as she jokingly remarked, "Watch it buster, Rachel is my baby sister. Behave yourself."

Seeing her sister coming back to the table, she released my prick and said, "But not too much."

Mom and Rachel started talking and I wondered if Mom was aware of Rachel's hard nipples poking out the material of her blouse. It was obvious she had removed her bra in the bathroom. I wondered if she were competing with Mom or our striking waitress.

Feeling Mom's legs bumping against me was confirmation she also noticed Rachel's display. Grabbing my cloth napkin I moved it below the table to place it on my leg. I reached over and held Mom's exposed leg. Running my hand up and down her smooth toned thigh was a thrill for me. As my hand went further up her leg, I felt the heat from her groin as my hand stopped at her closed thighs.

While still engaged in her conversation with Rachel, she moved her left leg over allowing me access to her hairy treasure. I slowly ran my hand up under her skirt to the top of her luscious thigh. The side of my hand stopped as it hit her mound of fur. Putting pressure on her pussy I sawed up and down her slit with the edge of my hand. Squirming on the seat, she managed to bring her pussy up for easier access. I ran my fingers up and down her outer lips causing her juices to flow.

As I inserted two fingers into her hot pussy, her left hand came down under the table. Thinking she was going to pull my hand away, I was surprised to see her moving her skirt up to her waist exposing her pelvis. Her hand went back to the top of the table as she continued to engage Rachel. It was the perfect cover for me to play with Mom's pussy at will. I buried another finger into her wet hole and massaged her sensitive pussy walls.

I had my hand upside down in an uncomfortable position while I fucked her pussy. I couldn't stroke in and out as my arm would move alerting Rachel. Moving my fingers around her leaking pussy, I stimulated it as if I were fucking her. She was having a hard time breathing as she talked to her sister and her voice cracked when I ran my fingers over her engorged clit.

She was nearing an orgasm when I noticed Lisa arriving with a large serving tray. As she placed Rachel's plate in front of her I started to pull my fingers out of Mom's excited pussy to allow her to lower her skirt. Her hand quickly lowered to my hand shoving my fingers back down to the depths of her hot cunt.

She held my hand in her pussy covering my hand along with her mound of hair. Lisa placed my plate in front of me and I could see her looking down at our hands clamped tight to Mom's pussy. She picked up Mom's plate and leaned hard into me squashing her tit into my shoulder saying, "Pardon my reach." She slowly placed Mom's plate down while her eyes were locked on to our erotic display. Mom's gaze was locked on to Lisa's expression to gauge her reaction to our wanton sexual display.

Lisa lingered, smiled wide, pulled back and asked us if we needed anything else. As she turned to leave, Mom stuttered, "Lisa, would you mind grinding some fresh pepper on my pasta?" Mom leaned back and moved her hand away from mine and shoved it under her ass enabling her to push her pussy up making the display even more erotic.

Lisa smiled wide retrieving the pepper mill leaning over again to comply with Mom's request. As she once again pushed her breast into my shoulder, Mom sexily smiled and kept her eyes fixed on Lisa, who was intently staring at Mom's cunt stuffed full of my fingers. Lifting her groin up a few inches gave Lisa a clear view of her hairy pussy with my fingers deep in her channel. As Lisa's eyes were locked on Mom's snatch I moved my wet slick fingers out and back in to the bottom.

I glanced over at Rachel fearing she would see Lisa mesmerized at our exhibition, but was relieved when I noticed she was concentrating on her plate of pasta.

"That's probably enough pepper, Lisa. Thanks," I said. She stopped cranking the shaker but lingered to stare at Mom's voyeuristic display. Lisa's breath was short and rapid as she backed up and asked us if there was anything else we needed. Mom told her we were good and thanked her for the great service.

Lisa sexily smiled as she turned and walked away. I intensified my attack on Mom's pussy as it would be overly suspicious now if I left my left hand under the table for much longer. As Mom ate her peppery entree, I mauled her sensitive pussy. Her face was flushed and her pussy pulsated in anticipation of a climax. Moving my forefinger and thumb up to the top of her slit, I rolled and squeezed her slick engorged clit. Stroking it like she would do to my prick, I soon felt her orgasm commence.

She shrieked as her pussy shook and let loose with a flood of juices as she came on my intruding hand. Rachel looked up and seeing my Mom's flushed face exclaimed, "Melissa, are you feeling okay? You look like you're burning up."

Mom grabbed her glass of water and took a few big gulps and managed to spout, "Maybe too much pepper at once. I'm okay now." Satisfied with her sister's answer, Rachel started to eat again. I removed my hand from Mom's soaked pussy wiping my fingers off on my napkin. After I moved my napkin over to Mom's leaking slit, her hand came down to take over. After cleaning up her juices, Mom placed my soiled napkin on my leg and moved her skirt back down. Mom and Rachel continued talking as if nothing had happened. When we were finished eating I reached down and brought my napkin up to my face as if I were wiping my mouth but instead deeply breathed in Mom's cunt scent.

Mom smiled and bumped her leg against mine letting me know what I was doing. Lisa showed up with the check and asked us if we needed anything else. She smiled as she teased, "Perhaps some Cream Pie would be good?"

Mom replied, "Not now Lisa, perhaps later. Thanks though." Rachel didn't act wise to their secretive talk as Lisa smiled wide and walked away. Mom paid with cash leaving a generous tip. I wondered if she was giving Lisa hush money or was it because she liked her.


Rachel stood to leave as I did the same to let Mom exit. As they walked out I turned to the table to rearrange my prick which had hardened at an odd angle. I reached down and adjusted my cock to point straight up along my stomach in a more comfortable position.

I turned to leave and practically ran over Lisa. She smiled as if she knew what I had been doing and walked up close enough that the mixture of her light perfume and sweet sweat swept over me. Her face was inches from mine before she spoke. Our eyes locked as she told me how much she enjoyed waiting on us. She moved closer pushing a soft firm breast into my arm and shoved her exposed thigh between my legs pressing it against my stiff prick. Knowing she previously had on a bra, I wondered if she had removed it for my benefit.

Rubbing her leg back and forth on my prick she said we should ask for her next time to get a good booth. Massaging my prick with her leg, she smiled and softly purred, "I wrote my schedule down for you. I would love to serve your party again."

Moving her closed fist to mine, she transferred the note to my hand. Expecting a piece of paper, I was pleasantly surprised to feel a flimsy silky pair of panties. They were damp and warm, no doubt a result from watching our sexual display. I thanked her as I put her panties in my pants pocket.

I picked up my napkin soaked with Mom's juices and held it to her hand closing her fingers around it. I leaned into her pushing my hard cock into her thigh and whispered, "I'm afraid Mom made a mess of this napkin. She had to use it to clean up some leaking juices."

Lisa sucked in a deep breath of air and her eyes widened as she realized the taboo nature of our relationship. Her face turned from surprise to lust as she firmly took the soaked napkin from my hand.

I thanked her and said goodbye, leaving her to catch up to Mom and Rachel. Halfway to the door, I turned to see her in the booth we were in. One hand was pressing the cum-drenched napkin to her face as her other hand was under the table. Knowing her pussy was getting a pounding as a result from Mom's scent and the knowledge that she witnessed a mother and son commit a sinful act made me smile wide as I left the restaurant.

At the theater I sat between Mom and Rachel. Mom wrapped her arm around me when the lights dimmed. I did the same to her and we leaned in to each other. Knowing Rachel couldn't see my roaming hand, I cupped Mom's bra-less tit as we watched the feature film. Mom leaned over close and whispered, "I know it doesn't matter, but you definitely have my full approval if you want to marry Monica."

Remembering the image I had of those two locked in sex, I smiled and leaned back quietly saying, "Of course it matters and I'm glad you like her. It means a lot to me." My aunt noticed Mom's arm around me and put her around me leaning into me.

The side of her soft braless tit was pressed into my side. With her other hand she pulled my arm around her back to rest my hand on her waist. I had my arms around two beautiful women. Afraid of being as bold with Rachel as my mom, I slowly slid my hand to below her breast holding on to her ribcage.

As the movie credits scrolled, Mom rose to leave. Rachel slumped in her chair causing her breast to fall in my hand. My hand acted on it's own and gave a light squeeze of her full meaty breast. I quickly released her luscious tit, covering my action by saying, "Oh sorry Auntie, guess I lost my balance for a moment."

She smiled and chuckled "Oh, I didn't notice anything sweetie, except a perfect gentleman that likes older women and never tells."

Once again I had to adjust an uncomfortable stiff prick before we left to go home. It was a short ride back to our neighborhood. Mom stopped the car in front of Rachel's house and told me to walk her sister to her door and then come right home. Remembering we had an appointment in less than two hours I knew I didn't have time to go in and talk for any length of time.

After I walked my sexy aunt to her door, she turned to me and wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug. She rarely hugged me before tonight, catching me off-guard. Hot air hit my ear as she whispered, "I'm really happy you're here this summer and I love hanging out with you. Thank you for a wonderful evening."

She kissed me on the neck and tightened her hug. Her soft meaty breasts mashed into my chest as she pushed her hips into my stiff prick. She backed off and gave me a sexy smile as she entered her house. I walked home with a raging hard-on. Reviewing the events of the past few days it seemed clear that Aunt Rachel was coming on to me. I wondered what Mom would think if I fucked her younger sister.

Opening our front door I bumped into Mom standing in the hallway. She had changed out of her dress and was wearing a tight white blouse tucked into a short black pleated skirt. "Wow Mom, you look like a cheerleader, but way sexier. You're the definition of erotic."

"Well, I have to keep up with your aunt, don't I?"

Changing the conversation, she told me she hadn't personally met our client since the details were finalized online. We were to conduct our business in a hotel in another part of town. It was twenty miles away. We had no time to waste. Our instructions stated I was to retrieve the room key at the front desk and I should be alone. Mom changed this part of the plan and insisted she go with me. I happily agreed as I loved our time together.

I pulled out Lisa's panties and told Mom I should put them in my room. Seeing her puzzled look I told her Lisa had wrote her schedule down in order to get her as a server again. Mom looked excited as her thoughts went back to our public exhibition.

She lustfully said, "On her panties no less. Maybe we should invite her over sometime to give her a more intimate show." Smiling wide with agreement I dropped the panties on the end table and wrapped my arm through hers as we walked out to the car.

On the drive to the hotel I couldn't stop myself from running my hands up and down Mom's bare legs as she drove. Contented with feeling her sexy thighs I didn't venture up far enough to see if she was wearing any panties. Before I knew it we were pulling into the well-lit parking lot. The hotel was upscale, offering suites so at least it was going to be a pleasant room.

Exiting quickly I went around to the driver's side to help Mom out. As she moved her legs out to the ground, her skirt moved up and my eyes locked on to her hairy bush. Evidently Mom wasn't ever going to wear panties again. She held out her hands as an invitation to help her stand up. Once up she hugged me and whispered, "You see anything you like honey?"

I hoarsely answered, "Damn Mom, why don't we rent a room and forget the client?"

"Don't worry sweetie, this is the last client for awhile, and after you're done we're going to spend a lot of time together. Now let's fulfill our commitment."

We went to the bar and sat at a table to wait for the time agreed on. Mom got up with me when it was time for my appointment. Holding my hands she leaned into me and said she'd wait for me and wished me luck.

Even though we were in a different part of town and no one would recognize us, I figured Mom wasn't ready to display public affection. Caught off guard, she wrapped her arms around me, hugged me tight and kissed me like a wife would do with her loving husband.

I reluctantly parted and headed to the front desk. A cute receptionist greeted me as I provided my last name. She searched the counter for a moment and handed me a key card holder. She smiled as she commented, "Oh yes, I checked your lovely wife in earlier. Have a fun night sir."

On my way up to the room I mentally analyzed the tone and expression from the clerk. She didn't sound sincere and I wondered how many high priced prostitutes they catered to. I swiped the door lock and entered the front room, which was dimly lit from night lights.

I could see a lighted bedroom off to the side where I assumed the woman would be waiting. I quickly removed my clothes and made my way to the bedroom. A sheet was over the woman in the same manner as Mom's bed. It was evident Mom had given her explicit instructions on the procedure.

I greeted her letting her know I would be slow and gentle with her. Moving the sheet up to her knees revealed her lower legs. They were legs of a young woman and they were firm and toned. I caressed them telling the woman how great they felt. When I thought she was relaxed enough I pushed the sheet up to the tops of her thighs. I stroked her firm thighs marveling in the beauty of them.

They were like my mother's but a younger version. I recognized them as Aunt Rachel's. I couldn't believe both of my closest family members thought they could fool me. I have been lusting these legs as long as I had Mom's.

Wondering how she discovered our business, I recalled how she used to visit us in the old neighborhood and still had a lot of friends there. My thoughts snapped back on how to proceed. My lust for my beautiful aunt was going to be fulfilled and I wanted it be special for both of us.

Should I do the same as I did to my mother, prolonging the seduction to the end? Will she pretend like my mother did? If my aunt wanted to fuck me, she was going to have to tell me to do it. I wasn't going to let her act like she's a client for long.

A sharp intake of air could be heard as I moved the sheet up to her midriff in one fast move. Her beautiful pussy was on display now. There was a patch of brunette fur at the top of her gash. I moved up close and placed my hard shaft on the side of her leg as I caressed her creamy thighs. Her legs moved out exposing her wet gash. She was ready for her nephew to fuck her needy cunt. I ran my fingers up and down her wet slit and inserted three fingers in her hole.

She was hot and wet, ready to fuck. I finger fucked her hot cunt until she was moaning in pleasure. Capturing her clit between my fingers, I rolled the sensitive nub causing her to move her hips from side to side. She humped up trying to convince me to complete her fantasy. I moved the head of my prick to the mouth of her pussy and swirled it around her fat wet lips. As she humped up to lodge it in her canal I backed off keeping it from entering.

Now was the time to taunt my beautiful aunt. "Your thighs are so smooth and sexy. I love caressing them," I commented as I massaged and caressed her meaty flesh. "My aunt's legs are like these. I've wanted to feel them for a long time. She's the sexiest woman I know and I would love to be doing this to her."

She moaned louder and increased the movement of her hips. Her legs couldn't be any further apart granting me full access. I went back to playing with her pussy as I said, "Your pussy is perfect too. I imagine this is what my aunt's pussy looks like. It's begging for my hard prick."

I teased her pussy with my prick poking in an inch and withdrawing several times before saying, "Your pussy is as hot and tight as a virgin's. I wish my aunt would ask me to fuck her. I really want to hear those words. Can you tell me that? Can you tell your nephew to fuck you hard!" I stuck my bloated head in her pussy several inches and quickly pulled it out elevating her excited state.

She took hold of the sheet and threw it off the bed screaming, "Goddammit Sam, fuck me now!. Yes, I want my nephew to fuck me. Don't tease me anymore, shove your huge prick in your aunt's horny hole!"

Her lustful face conveyed the urgency of her desire to fuck her sister's son. I leaned down to kiss her as I slid my cock into her hot sheath. I lowered my weight on her as we locked our mouths together tongue fucking each other as I slid the rest of the way into my sexy aunt.

Sliding my hands between our hot sweaty bodies, I grabbed her meaty breasts and mauled them, twisting her sensitive nipples as I fucked her hard. She pulled her mouth off to gasp for air. Her breasts heaved up and down against my chest as her excitement level increased. She was receiving the incestuous fucking she had fantasized the last several years. I continued my assault on her sensitive breasts as I hammered in and out of her drooling pussy.

She panted rapidly and groaned as her pussy was filled with more cock than she'd ever experienced. Her pussy walls snapped shut as I pulled my shaft back to her entrance, stretching out again as I forcefully plowed back in.

Before I was close to achieving my orgasm my aunt's pussy clamped down on my prick as she climaxed. Her contractions continued as I thrust in and out. Several strokes later she went limp from her quick and intense orgasm. I pulled out and was going to move off when she pulled me down tight as Mom had done.

She held me tight to her body as we gently caressed each other. Mom and her were similar in many ways, both of them desiring fleshy close contact after making love. Melded together with my sexy aunt was a dream come true. I rose up to admire her. Scanning up and down her luscious body caused my prick to harden even more. Shifting my eyes up to her beautiful face, our eyes locked together connecting as lovers.

She smiled wide as she marveled, "You knew right away, didn't you? How did you know it was me?"

"I'd know those legs anywhere, I've been staring at them when you visit. They're beautiful and sexy. You can't realize how many times I've fantasized about this," I revealed to her.

Raising up, she reached out to hold my slick prick that had brought her to orgasm. She pushed me over on my back and positioned herself on my legs stroking my prick with both of her hands. With a sexy look she said, "Did one of your fantasies end like this?" She leaned down and licked her juices off my cock. Holding the base she put the sensitive head in her mouth and cleaned it off with her rough tongue. She lowered her mouth down my pole much further than Mom had done. I felt it hit the back of her throat and was surprised she didn't gag. She pulled back to the top and slammed down again.

This was the best blow job I'd ever received. Her teeth lightly scraped as she pulled up, then slammed back down. She fucked and sucked me with her mouth until my balls filled with cum and was ready to blow. She sensed it and lightly squeezed my balls as she sucked my ejaculating cock. She swallowed every drop of hot cum. She continued to massage my cock as it softened in her hot mouth. She pulled off my limp prick and grinned wide as she crawled up to rest on top of my body.

She nibbled at my ear as she quietly whispered, "Was that one of your fantasies you've had of your horny aunt?"

"Way better than I could of ever dreamed up. You're the sexiest and hottest aunt in town," I sighed as I soothingly stroked her smooth nude back. "You're going to have to request a refund though. You paid for a load of sperm to be deposited in your womb, not your mouth."

She replied, "Probably better this way. It'd be hard to explain to my big sister how I was knocked up by her horny son."

There was no way she knew I wasn't to come in her and she knew who she was going to fuck. I wasn't sure why she was making up this story but her look made me think she wanted me to believe her and not press the issue. Kissing her lightly, I said, "Good thinking Aunt Rachel."

We were silent for several minutes as we enjoyed the close moment. Her sexy voice broke the silence. "You know Sam, I have late check-out for the room. How would you like to stay and entertain your lonely aunt tonight?"

I wondered what she would think if she knew Mom was waiting down in the bar for me. I had mixed feelings between wanting to stay and fuck my sexy aunt or take my mom home to do the same. Quickly going through the options I said, "I'd like nothing better, but I have to go home first and let Mom know I won't be staying there tonight. I'll grab some clothes and tell her I'm going over to a friend's house."

We kissed several times before she said, "Perfect Sam, hurry back." She rolled off to allow me to exit. I took my time leaving her room taking in her beauty. She really was a younger version of Mom and I only lusted after my mother more because of the deep emotional ties between a mother and son.

I left her room and joined Mom in the bar. She asked me how it went and I told her everything went well. I could tell she wanted more detailed information than I had previously disclosed. We were well beyond the limited talk we used to do concerning sex with the clients.

Not wanting other customers to hear our conversation, I leaned to her ear and whispered, "She was a fine fuck Mom. She reminded me a lot of you. Her body was as great as yours and she was also a brunette, but she had blonde hair. She could have been your sister."

Pausing to let it sink in, I smiled and said, "Oh wait, she was your sister. I fucked your baby sister, Aunt Rachel."

Everyone turned to look at us as Mom let out a loud shriek. Mom's face turned red at the attention. Backing off I observed her expression turn from surprise to lust. Fumbling in her purse, she pulled out enough cash to pay for her drinks and threw it on the table as she hastily stood up.

As soon as I was up, she wrapped her arm through mine and pulled me out of the hotel bar. She guided me down the hall to the pool/sauna room. Using my card key I unlocked the door and we entered. No one was in the pool area, probably out for dinner. Mom opened one of the sauna doors and found it empty. She pulled me in, closed the door and immediately attacked me. She pulled my mouth to hers and fucked my mouth with her tongue.

I ran my hands up and down her back lowering until I found her skirt waistband, then pulled her top out. My hands went under her blouse and explored her hot bare flesh. I moved my hands up cupping her full mounds. I squeezed and mauled her firm breasts. Capturing a nipple with my left hand, my right hand went down to stroke her thigh. I moved my hand up to her groin in search of her exposed pussy.

I grabbed her full forest of pussy hair and tugged on it causing her to pant in my mouth as she continued to ravish me. I stuck three fingers in her steamy cunt and fucked her fast. She was on fire and needed relief. Still soft from my coupling with my aunt, I moved her over to the bench. She groaned as I gently pushed her on to her back. Moving her skirt up to her waist, I lowered my mouth down to suck her excited pussy.

She yelled in pleasure and reached down to pull my head into her hungry cunt. Tongue fucking her leaking hole, I mauled her sensitive walls. Screaming with excitement she yelled, "Oh god yes honey, suck your mother's cunt. I'm on fire. I need to cum. Eat your horny mom's pussy!"

Continuing to slurp on her excited snatch, I shoved two fingers to the bottom of her pussy. I finger-fucked her as I moved my mouth to her engorged clit. Stroking in and out at a furious pace I sucked her clit into my mouth. After five more strokes her body stiffened and her pussy contracted spilling her cum over her thighs. Never tiring of eating her sweet nectar, I cleaned up the majority of her juices.

She sat up to hug me and held her arms tight around me as if she was going to faint. Without saying a word, she released me and tucked her blouse back in. Rising off the bench she held my hand and opened the door to exit. With her face flushed and wet with sweat you'd think we had the sauna on, but the heat was all from my hot mom.

She didn't stop pulling me until we went out a door ending up in an outside garden area. She filled her lungs with the cool night air, turned to me and held me by the hips as she looked in my eyes. She hoarsely croaked, "Wow, I don't know what came over me. The thought of you fucking Rachel got me so hot. In my mind I thought it might happen. I've seen the way you look at her but I thought you would make the advance. I should have known though, we've always had the same likes and dislikes."

We walked the grounds of the hotel looking like lovers. Our sides were meshed together as our arms were tightly wrapped around our waists. She wanted to know the details of our incestuous aunt-nephew coupling.

After replaying the episode with her sister, I stopped walking to hold her and lightly kissed her. "Mom, I'm sorry if you didn't want me to go through with it once I found out it was Rachel, but in our aroused state we couldn't help it. She had a lot of pent-up lust, much like I've seen in you. You're both so beautiful and sexy I have no self-control around you two."

Almost crying she let out her deepest feelings. "Oh sweetie, you've released many sexual feelings that have been buried for too long. I don't want you to think I'm some kind of slut, it's just that I love being with you. All I think about now is your wonderful cock in my horny pussy. You can't imagine the joy I get when you stuff me full of your hard prick."

"I feel the same way Mom. I get excited when I think about being with you. If you want me to tell Rachel I can't make it, I will and we can go home and enjoy each other tonight."

She quickly replied, "No honey, I love my sister and I know she has powerful sexual needs as I do. And you're going to see to her desires. We're going to make my sister happy tonight, but not before I come again on my son's hot cock."

She pulled out her phone to check the time. "Well, she expects you back in twenty minutes or so. Let's enjoy the rest of the walk and get you back up there. My sister deserves a good breeding."

Mother's nurturing traits is one of many things I loved about her. She was more concerned with taking care of the people she loved rather than her personal desires. This solved my dilemma of what to do tonight, but the outcome would be different than I originally thought.

Mom wanted to participate in the upcoming sexual romp with my aunt. No surprise there, thinking back on the frantic scene of her making love to Monica and how she became sexually aroused when I told her I fucked her sister.

As we continued to enjoy our walk, she announced, "Starting tomorrow we're going to be acting out the mother-son fantasies I've been saving for the last year. I probably won't take off my new nightie for days."

Having the same thoughts, I answered, "I have my own selection of fantasies I think you'll enjoy Mom. My laptop is filled with scenarios we're going to act out." My prick was hard again thinking about our future incestuous relationship.

Hugging me and locking her beautiful eyes with mine she confided, "Honey, you can do anything you want with me, anytime. I'm completely yours to fulfill any desires you have. Don't ever hesitate to ask me to do anything. I love you so much." We lovingly kissed, sealing our sinful relationship. Regrettably we released our hug to rendezvous with her sister.

Hopefully Aunt Rachel's terrific blow-job would save me from coming too fast before satisfying the hot sisters. Mom guided us back to the hotel and into the elevator with our arms interlocked acting like a married couple going to their room.

An older couple was in the elevator as we rode up to our floor. The husband was overtly staring at Mom's proud upright bra-less tits with her hard nipples pressed against the thin material. His wife took in a deep breath. Mom's thighs were smeared with her cum and the aroma of sex was strong in the confined area. Pictures of the couple tearing off their clothes and fucking each other from getting aroused entered my mind. Their floor was before ours and as the door was closing I saw the man grab the woman's ass. They were in for a good time.

Swiping the card key over the lock, the door clicked open and we entered. Thankfully, the front room was still empty. I called out to my aunt to alert her of my arrival. "Honey, I'm home," I announced, hearing my aunt giggling in return. Mom and I stripped off our clothes. Mom waited in the front room as I paraded into the bedroom with my hard prick bobbing up and down.

Spreadeagled on the bed with her legs wide apart I could see she had started without me. Her hands were mauling her wet pussy. She huskily proclaimed, "Oh my Sam, is that for me? I can't wait to play with it some more."

I replied, "Why yes, dear auntie. It's revived and ready to stretch your tight pussy to it's limits. But first I want to pay you back for what you did earlier."

Looking puzzled at first, she understood my comment as I came close and lowered my mouth to her open pussy. I licked up and down her fat lips, cleaning off the pre-cum coating them. She put her hands on the back of my head holding me tight to her hungry cunt. I explored the inside of her pussy with my tongue taking time to lick her sensitive clit. Her breathing became rapid and short as I feasted on her pussy.

When I thought she was close to a climax, I rose up pulling her with me. I hugged her bare body to mine as I kissed her. She mauled my mouth with her tongue as we explored each other's bodies. Getting on my back on the bed I positioned her to face the headboard and had her lower her pussy to my waiting mouth. I continued my assault on her pussy as she writhed around trying to connect my tongue with her sensitive parts.

Moans and groans filled the room as my aunt expressed her pleasure. Feeling a hand wrap around my hard prick I knew Mom had entered the room. I felt the bed move as Mom crawled up my body. Her legs were tight against my sides as she positioned herself to impale my rod. My aunt didn't notice as my tongue assaulting her pussy held her attention. I felt Mom lift my pole to a standing position and shortly after felt her warm pussy slowly descend down it's length. She was hot and wet as she sunk to the bottom.

She lifted up and fell back down several times causing the bed to bounce. Aunt Rachel realized something was going on and turned her head to see Mom impaled on my prick. Cum poured out of my aunt's convulsing pussy as she climaxed. She screamed, "Oh my god Melissa, you're fucking your son!"

Rachel continued to release cum as she climaxed, watching her sister fuck her son. I swallowed her sweet hot cum as she continued to climax.

"Oh yea, sweet baby sister, I'm fucking him like you fucked your nephew an hour ago. Thanks to you, his wonderful cock is slick and hard, filling my cunt full. Turn around and watch while I fuck myself to an orgasm."

My aunt lifted her cleaned pussy off my face positioning herself above my head facing Mom as she watched this hot mother, her sister, fuck her son. Lying still to keep from getting too excited, I allowed Mom to do the work. If I did anything to help I wouldn't last long and Mom told me I wasn't to come in her pussy. It was erotic watching Mom bounce up and down, mashing our hairy mounds together as she bottomed out each time. She was nearing climax as she pulled her sister close. I pushed my aunt's ass up moving her close to Mom pulling her pussy down to my mouth again as Mom kissed her sister.

They kissed as lovers, groping and pawing their breasts. Aunt Rachel's excitement quickly elevated as I ate her pussy and Mom assaulted her from the top. Mom broke away long enough to shriek, "I'm coming on my son's prick. It feels so good." My aunt leaked out a river of pre-cum as she witnessed the sinful act of a mother climaxing on her son's cock.

I didn't hump up as Mom's pussy drenched my pole. The copious fluid pouring on my cock actually helped me stave off my own orgasm as there was no friction now, only Mom's contractions as she came. She rested on me while my prick was fully embedded in her hot cunt, kissing her sister again. Rising off my saturated pole Mom flopped down on the bed next me with her legs wide apart. Her pussy was gaping open with her cum smeared in the forest of pussy hair and engorged lips.

Aunt Rachel stared at my still-hard cock and boomed, "Jesus, he's still hard, didn't he come?" Absorbing more information from the sensuous scene, she screamed, "Your son fucked you bareback! Are you protected or does he pull out each time?"

Mom replied, "He didn't come. You two had me heated me up and I couldn't hold off my orgasm for him. And yes, he fucks me with his bare hard prick. I love the feel of his raw fleshy prick. My pussy has been overflowing with sperm from my horny son. Rachel, come here and look at how my son stretched out his poor mother's cunt."

I helped Rachel up positioning her between Mom's outstretched legs holding her waist. I positioned myself behind my aunt reaching up to massage her full breasts while she stared at Mom's wanton display. Mom ran her fingers around her pussy holding up a sticky cum covered finger and said, "Come taste your big sister. Show us how you're as slutty as you look."

Aunt Rachel didn't hesitate as she lowered her mouth to Mom's cunt and began lapping up and down her older sister's cum soaked pussy. She cleaned Mom's hairy mound of cum ending up concentrating on her puffy slit.

She hoarsely chuckled, "Melissa, we're going to have to tame this bush of yours. I can see I'm going to have to give my sister some trimming lessons." She went back to licking Mom's cunt.

Caressing and stroking my aunt's back and thighs I positioned myself behind her, lining my hard cock up with her pussy. Rachel's attention was solely on pleasing my mother paying no attention to her horny nephew. Without giving my aunt any warning, I slid my rock-hard cock into her tight wet cunt.

I bottomed out in one quick stroke tearing through her sensitive pussy walls. She screamed in my mother's cunt as she was wracked with the sudden pleasure. I held on to her hips and slammed in and out of my hot aunt while she moaned and sucked on mom's pussy at the same time. She wrapped Mom's clit in her lips and held it steady while I hammered away.

Mom was taking a tongue lashing from her sister and was heating up fast. She was breathing hard and gasping for breath. "Oh god Rachel, if I knew you could eat pussy this good I would have done this long ago. You're showing your slutty self now. Fucking your nephew and eating your sister's pussy at the same time. You're ready to come again, aren't you? You're sex starved and you can't help it."

I moved my hands to my aunt's waist pulling her body into mine as I assaulted her from behind.

My Mom teased my aunt again. "I am jealous of you though, baby sister. My son is doggy fucking you before he did me. I can only imagine how it feels with his hard huge prick sawing in and out of your tight horny cunt."

Gasping for air while holding on to Mom's clit was challenging for her but my aunt managed to hump back to my thrusts.

"Feel his head Rachel? It's like a large plum shoved in your cunt, isn't it? It stretches your tight pussy each time he shoves it in. It's flared edges scrapes and stretches the walls of your hot pussy, doesn't it? Don't hold back honey, let yourself go!"

My aunt couldn't move her mouth anymore keeping it locked on Mom's clit. Her body shook as she neared another orgasm.

Mom was moaning again from her sister's actions when she responded to my aunt's previous comment. "I would like to shave off my bush, but my son gets turned on by a big hairy pussy. He loves running his fingers through my cunt hair. Sam, think of the first time you stared at your mother nude while you're fucking your horny aunt."

How did she know I loved her hairy pussy? I couldn't recall commenting on it, but now that she mentioned it, images flashed through my mind of when I lifted the sheet revealing her full bushy pussy and then the image was replaced with Monica's beautiful black bush. Blood gushed into my already hard prick expanding it, increasing the friction on my aunt's pussy walls. I slammed in so hard I was afraid my aunt's forward motion might injure Mom's open cunt.

Escalating too quickly, I switched my thoughts to non-sexual topics to keep from coming. Rachel's body shook as my stiff prick continued to assault her pussy. Her pussy exploded and contracted on my cock. I continued to fuck through her convulsions, barely holding off on my own orgasm. She sucked on Mom's ravaged cunt as I pulled out of her wet sloppy canal. Remaining outside of my aunt's hot cunt enabled me to cool off and not blow my load.

Moving up to Mom, I waved my cum covered cock in front of her face and asked, "Mom, could you clean off your sister's mess." Wasting no time, she gripped it by the base and licked up and down the shaft drinking in Rachel's cum. Unwilling to tempt fate by putting it in her hot mouth, she kept licking the outside of my shaft allowing me to cool down. Suddenly she quit licking and let go of my prick as her body tightened and shook as she climaxed on her sister's tongue.

Aunt Rachel cleaned Mom's juices from her overworked pussy, saying, "Damn, if that's what a hairy pussy does to your son, I may have to let mine grow out again."

Mom was sexually spent, her face expressing a look of content and satisfaction. I moved behind Rachel and caressed her back and legs as she recovered. As she began to rise I reached out and pulled her off in order to bring her up to hold her tight. Our eyes locked and I didn't see the same look of content as in my mother's eyes.

Lust dominated her facial expression but something else was missing. There was a hidden pleading for something she desired. Simultaneously we moved our mouths closer as we lightly kissed each other. Our tongues ran against each other's lips as we sensuously connected. We hugged tight as our kissing increased in intensity.

My hard prick stood straight up between our bodies buried in our hot joined flesh. Her fat breasts were pushed out on the sides as she hugged me tight. Our hard nipples were meshing together as we twisted and turned our bodies for maximum contact. I ran my hands down her smooth back to cup her full ass. Holding and squeezing her firm ass, our kiss intensified into a lover's kiss.

"Oh Sam, I love being with you. Your manly scent drives me crazy whenever I get close to you," my sexy aunt exclaimed as she lifted one leg up my side. I held her thigh with one hand and her ass with my other. She jumped up, locking her other leg around me while holding on to my shoulders. Our bodies were locked together as I lifted her by her ass. Her pussy juices left a slime trail on my stomach as I lifted her hot body up.

Her hot pussy was open and above my stiff pole as I slowly lowered her back down. She sucked on my neck as my prick once again separated her tight pussy walls. Suddenly, I dropped her down to the bottom impaling her on my shaft. She locked her hot mouth on my neck as she squealed in delight. She dug her nails into my back as I fucked her, using her ass to lift her up and down. I was going to have a large hickey in the morning as my aunt kept sucking my flesh.

Our attention was broken when we heard Mom speak. "Sam, make proper love to your aunt. Bring her down here and fuck her like you did me the first time. She deserves a proper fucking from my son."

I lowered Rachel to the bed keeping my cock fully embedded in her hot slot. As I dropped her the final foot and fell on top of her, the air rushed out of her lungs. We gently kissed as I stroked in and out, each of us lost in own world of sexual pleasure.

My hands roamed over her smooth skin and ended up on her firm meaty globes. I squeezed them hard causing my aunt to moan from the pleasure. My fingers sought out and found her nipples, stiff with desire. Looking deep into her green lusty eyes I twisted her nipples as I continued to pump in and out of her hungry cunt. She wrapped her legs around my waist in a scissor lock increasing the depth of my strokes. She was gasping for air and struggled to say something on her mind. She managed to stammer, "Melissa, did you really mean it when you said both of you are unprotected when you have sex?"

Mom crawled up close to her ear, ran her tongue around the sensitive outside and whispered in her ear, "Yes Rachel, I'm going to have his baby and you are too. You want one. That's why your tiny-dicked husband left, because you wanted a child. He wasn't man enough to get you pregnant, seeking all those other women to assert his manhood. Let a real man give you a baby. Let my son fill you with his hot sperm."

Now it came out why she filed for divorce. My suspicions were correct. Fucking her hard now, she was having trouble talking but managed to protest falsely standing by her moral inhibitions. "Yes, I want a child, but with your son seems wrong. I don't know if I can go through with it."

Mom quickly retorted, "You can't lie to your sister. You rented this room with the full knowledge it was my son and you paid to have him fill your womb with his sperm. Don't try to hide it now. Let your true feelings out and enjoy the best fuck you'll ever get."

Rachel's body was shaking now as I rocked her body with my pounding. Relief swept through her face as she let loose and screeched, "You're right Melissa. I've wanted a baby from your boy for a long time. I've wanted him for years. I was afraid I'd hurt you though, I thought I could do it without you knowing, but I don't care now. Fuck me hard Sam. Fill me with your hot seed. Make me a baby!"

I captured her mouth again and we tongue fucked as I moved my hands under her ass and helped her humping hips meet my thrusts. My bloated head was hitting her cervix on each stroke causing the air to rush out of her lungs each time.

She pulled her mouth away to gasp in air. Her thrashing was uncontrolled and erratic making it impossible to maintain a smooth stroking. I felt her body tensing up and shaking as she screamed out loud enough for the hotel lobby staff to hear, "Oh god, I'm coming again on my nephew's cock. It's so damn good! Fill me with your sperm Sam. Give me a baby! Please!"

I kissed her again as I thrust my expanded prick into her hot snatch. Her cunt contracted hard, preventing me from entering more than halfway. I pulled back out to her entrance and tried again. Her pussy convulsed again stopping my fleshy ram on it's journey to the bottom. As soon as her contraction ended I shoved as hard as I could which allowed my fat head to plow through her clenched cunt and collide with her cervix. My brain signaled my balls to send a load of hot cum up and out the tip. My first glob of cum streamed into her womb releasing millions of sperm seeking their targets.

Feeling my hot load of sperm fill her starving cunt, her body arched up and shook as she screamed out in intense pleasure. Her pussy contracted harder than the first two times while my hard prick was still buried to the hilt. I kept pumping load after load into my horny aunt as her hot pussy milked my shooting cock. Her cavern was filled with so much gooey cum that no amount of pussy contractions would slow me down. I continued to fuck her after my payload was spent in an attempt to pack my sperm to the bottom.

Her body went limp as she lowered her legs to the bed. The same look of content spread across her face as I had seen on Mom. She whispered, "Thank you sweetie. I am completely satisfied now, better than I've felt for a long time."

Her expression of pleading was replaced with joy and satisfaction. Realizing the expression I witnessed earlier was her intense desire to conceive a baby, I kissed her and said, "You're going to be a great mother. To be sure you get pregnant we should repeat this several times, don't you think?"

She giggled as she spewed, "Oh yes, we have to make sure." We kissed gently as I lowered my weight to her and we were melded as one again. After several minutes of bonding I rolled over positioning myself between my favorite two relatives. They rolled on their sides to face me. Caressing my body with their hot hands, the three of us recovered from the incestuous couplings.

Mom spoke up first. "Rachel, there's no reason for you to keep your house. You've found your man and he's living with me. Move in with us. Please?"

Rachel smiled and exclaimed, "I'd love to. I look forward to the three of us having more time together.

I've been lonely and horny far too long. I can't wait to be with my family full time."

Exhausted, I soon fell asleep. My deep sleep ended three hours later as I woke up needing to piss like a racehorse. Mom was nearest to the bathroom so I gently moved my leg over her to get off the bed. She was on her side and my morning wood scraped across her hip as I made my way to the edge of the bed.

She stirred in her sleep rolling over on her back. Seeing she didn't wake up, I went to the bathroom. I closed the door and briefly considered yanking off my hard-on in order to pee, but with two sexy women feet away, I wasn't going to use my hand.

Minutes went by as I softened enough to drain my bladder. Finding myself dehydrated from the previous night's activities, I gulped down two glasses of water. Turning off the bathroom light, I opened the door to crawl back in bed. I lifted the sheet and straddled Mom to move over to the center.

Sleeping soundly, her beautiful breasts slowly heaved up and down. Resisting my desire to fondle and suck on her meaty globes I surveyed the rest of her beautiful body. As soon as I caught sight of her mound of fur my prick filled with blood, rising up and scraping across Mom's soft stomach.

Thinking back to our time in the parking lot, she said I could do whatever I wanted. Would she be upset if I spread her legs to sink my stiff prick into her hot tight cunt? Looking at her restful face deep in sleep I decided I wouldn't wake her up for my enjoyment. I loved her too much. Lowering down I lightly pressed my mouth to hers. I kissed her gently while inhaling her wonderful scent. My hard cock throbbed as it pressed into her hot stomach.

I eased my leg over and laid down flat between them. Mom didn't wake up during my kiss, but now she stirred in her sleep, turning on her side moving close to me. She moved her leg over mine and draped her arm over my chest as she soundly slept. I quickly drifted off listening to Mom's restful breathing, even though I was still hard.

Another three hours of restful sleep went by as I dreamed of our incestuous fucking. I was reliving our recent couplings and the intense pleasure derived from the women I loved. I started to awaken, feeling someone caressing my chest and the blissful erotic feeling of someone humping on my stiff prick. Opening my eyes I watched my beautiful mother closing in for a kiss. She gently kissed me as she rubbed her hands over my chest and stomach.

"Good morning dear. How did you sleep?" Mom rose up, allowing me to see it was Rachel fucking herself on my rod. Her ass was facing me as her head was near my feet. Groaning so loud that she couldn't hear our conversation, she had obviously been enjoying my prick for awhile. I replied, "Well Mom, it was quite good and hopefully I can wake up like this everyday."

She smiled and explained, "She woke up horny and I'm going to have you the rest of the day. I told her to enjoy herself and jump on. Of course she thinks she gets to drain your hot spunk into her hungry cunt, but your horny mother needs it more than she does."

Without doing any of the work, I could normally stay hard longer but Rachel's pussy was bending and twisting my cock intensifying my excitement. She was expertly using my prick to connect with her sensitive spots. Her panting was swift and heavy as she neared climax. She firmly held on to my ankles for support as she furiously humped up and down my slippery shaft.

Detecting my rise in excitement from my breathing, Mom leaned close to me and whispered, "Hold on honey, save your hot load for your mother. Think of something else dear, while your mother takes care of things."

Reaching out, she snaked her hand around to the back of my dick coating her fingers with our juices. Rachel yelped as Mom massaged her sister's clit. Her body shook from Mom's squeezing fingers gripped around her sensitive nub.

Rachel stopped her up and down strokes, resting on my groin with my shaft fully stuffed in her hot snatch. Enjoying several mini-orgasms from Mom's manipulating fingers, she mashed her face between my legs expelling hot air, gasping for fresh air.

Mom quickly brought her hand around to Rachel's ass and ran her cum covered fingers up and down her sister's crack. Positioning her fingers at Rachel's puckered asshole, she quickly pushed two fingers in causing an immediate orgasm and shriek from my aunt as both of her holes were filled.

Juices flowed down my shaft as my hot aunt climaxed. Remaining on my hard prick after her contractions, we stayed connected until her breathing returned to normal. She slowly extracted herself, releasing my still hard cock from her wet snatch.

Rachel was sweating and looked tired from the early morning fuck as she fell flat on her back. She revived herself enough to reprimand Mom. "Dammit Melissa, you caused me to come before I was ready. I wanted your son's hot cum to fill me."

Mom smiled and snickered, "Sorry sweetie, but my pussy is on fire and my son has the hose to quench it. Don't underestimate a mother's desire for her horny son. I'll reward you though for your sacrifice."

She kneeled between Rachel's legs and leaned down to latch her mouth on Rachel's leaking pussy. She licked and cleaned up her sister's nectar, sticking her tongue into her stretched hole causing Rachel to moan in pleasure, quickly forgiving Mom.

Getting out of bed, I stood by them watching the sisters enjoy their coupling. While still eating her sister's hot snatch, Mom moved her ass in the air spreading her legs. Positioning behind Mom I remained still, fascinated at the erotic sight.

Mom's long toned legs were spread wide exposing her hairy pussy surrounding her wet gash. An image of Monica in the same position flashed before me as I mentally compared the two women I loved most. I imagined Monica and Mom side by side and made myself a promise to make it happen in the near future. Monica had thinner thighs and creamier skin, but Mom's toned thighs were sexy in their own right.

Between Mom's lovely thighs I could see her tits swaying as she slurped on Rachel's pussy. I moved close enough to rub my cum coated cock up and down her thighs. Mom moved her hips around, spreading her legs further, in preparation for the doggy fuck she had been yearning for since last night.

I pulled back enough to run my hands up the inside of her thighs to her open pussy. Teasing her outer lips briefly with my slick fingers, I ran my hands back down her thighs. Repeating this process several times elevated Mom's excitement causing her to hump her hips. Moving up to her full firm ass, I massaged and squeezed her hot ass cheeks. Spreading them apart, I revealed her puckered asshole above her hairy pussy. I ran my hands back down to her pussy and spread my fingers out as I ran through her forest of soft fur.

I closed my fingers and pulled down and out to open her pussy. Already wet in anticipation, her gaping pussy pulsated as if it was milking a cock. Moving up close to her, I placed my blood-filled head at the mouth of her greedy cunt. Her fat pussy lips snapped down on it as she moved her ass back trying to swallow her son's shaft. I pulled back with her movement allowing only the head to enter. Her hips stopped and I rewarded her with a few more inches of hard cock.

Her pelvis moved back once again trying to swallow my shaft. I pulled back until her hips stopped. I slithered my shaft back in opening up her tight walls. Halfway in I stopped. She didn't move this time, moaning with delight as she munched on her sister's cunt. Reaching up to hold her waist for leverage, I sunk my cock to the bottom of her tight cunt stopping when our pubic hair meshed together and my balls slapped the top of her pussy.

Her lungs emptied as she let out a loud groan. She moved her mouth off Rachel's pussy burying her face in her sister's soft stomach as she struggled to breathe. Leaving my shaft fully buried, I moved my hands up her torso feeling her sweaty hot skin. Finding her hanging firm breasts I squeezed and mauled her heavy globes as I pulled my coated shaft out to her entrance and forcefully shoved it back to the bottom. It felt as if I was splitting her apart as my fat flared head plowed through her soft folds.

Using her breasts to pull her body back, I pummeled her juicy cunt. The heat emanating from her quivering pussy was like a blast furnace as I descended each time. She inched up Rachel's body as I pounded her hungry cunt. As mom rested her face between her sister's breasts, Rachel pushed her ample tits together halting mom's forward movement. While I continued to pound her cunt my fingers found and captured her sensitive nipples. She groaned in pleasure as both her pussy and tits were sending out signals to her brain.

Continuing to saw in and out of her tight pussy, I gripped her nipples hard and pulled them, stretching out her pendulous tits. She yelped like a puppy and her pussy shook as she experienced several mini-orgasms. Hot sticky cum flowed around my cock as I fucked her through her minor contractions. Releasing her nipples, I gently caressed her breasts while I slowed my pace allowing us to recover.

She raspily yelped, "Jesus honey, this is the best fuck I've ever had. I am stuffed with hard cock. Your prick feels like it's twice it's normal size in this position. I'm going to require more doggy fucking in the future. Keep fucking your horny mother. Fuck me hard!"

Obeying my mother I increased my pace making sure I scraped her sensitive spots in her tight pussy. She moved up to latch her mouth on Rachel's engorged nipple. Rachel held Mom's head firmly to her breast as I fucked my beautiful mother. Rachel's eyes were closed. Her face reflected her pleasure as she participated in the sinful incestuous coupling.

Mom was right of course, this was the best fuck ever. Her pussy was as tight and hot as her skin. Juices had leaked out of her tight snatch and our pubic hair was matted down as I pummeled her soppy cunt. Loud squishing noises could be heard as well as a loud slapping as my balls hit the top of her cunt each downstroke.

Traveling down her hot skin, my hands stopped several inches below her swinging breasts. Spreading my hands out on her firm sides, my fingers went between each rib as I squeezed tight. I could detect her heart pumping at an elevated rate. Stopping my hip movement, I fucked her by pulling her back and forth, using her ribcage as leverage. Her mini-orgasms didn't satisfy her lustful cravings, her moaning was as loud as before. Pounding in and out of her hot body caused her globes of succulent tit flesh to swing back and forth colliding with Rachel's torso as she continued to attempt to suck milk out of her sister's nipples.

Fearing I was going to bruise her body holding her so tight, I brought her pelvis back to collide with my groin. Buried to the hilt, I stopped fucking her to catch my breath and calm down in order to bring her back up to a major orgasm.

Bringing my hands down to her pelvis, I held on to the outside of her hip bones. Stroking gently in and out I admired the view of our coupling. Her curvaceous body enhanced her beautifully smooth firm flesh. My prick was white and frothy, covered from our mixed juices. Looking below my coated prick I noticed Rachel's pussy open and wet, also quivering with excitement. Moving up closer so I could go deeper, I fucked her faster. Changing my pace, I thrust in the first few inches, withdrew and rapidly thrust back in. I repeated a dozen times, then sunk my cock down to the bottom of her velvety sheath.

Her breathing rate and groaning were rapidly increasing as I fucked her at a furious pace. Her sensitive outer pussy was sending signals of pleasure to her brain. I repeated the short fast fucking, sinking to the bottom of her hot cunt after each dozen strokes. Anticipating when I would sink to the bottom, she arched her back to facilitate deeper penetration. Her groaning turned to whimpering as she stopped sucking on her sister's tit holding her nipple tight between her lips.

Her pussy was vibrating and releasing more pre-cum in anticipation of a major climax. Stopping my short stroking rotation, I fucked her slow and deep, hitting bottom each time. Even with her cavern full of lubricating sex juices, her pussy wrapped tight around my stiff prick each time it descended into her depths.

Halting my movement, I held her steady. My hard prick was firmly buried deep in her hot pussy. A feeling of empowerment swept over me as I realized Mom wouldn't thrust back to me because of my earlier teasing. She didn't want to take the chance I'd pull out my cock that was giving her so much pleasure. Less than a week ago, she was in total control as my mom. Now she was obeying her son like a sex slave.

During the pause, Mom murmured, "Please honey, fuck me to a climax. Don't tease me anymore. I want to feel your hot sperm filling my pussy. I'm going to come on your massive cock pretty soon regardless. Please be kind to your mother and bathe my cunt with your hot cum."

Rachel piped "Yes Sam, my nipples can't take much more. Please fuck your mother to an orgasm. Or if you want, you can put it in another willing hole." I looked down to see my hot aunt flex up her hips looking for a hard prick.

My eyes locked with Rachel's as I reached down and jammed three fingers deep in her wet cunt, stroking in and out as she bucked with excitement. I answered, "Sorry Rachel, this load is for my hot sexy mom." I pulled my fingers out and held Mom again.

Feeling remorseful about teasing her earlier, I slowly pulled my shaft out to the entrance of her pussy. I rubbed my head up and down her slit, rubbing it across her sensitive clit. Holding her tight, I popped my prick through her tight puffy outer lips and teased, "Mom, it's your turn to fuck me. Show your motherfucking son how much you want him. Fuck me the way you want it!"

Her hips came back so hard and fast I barely held myself from falling backwards. I clamped tight as she went wild, bucking and fucking her son as hard as she could. Moving her ass up and down synchronized with her to and fro action caused my prick to hit areas that had seldom felt a prick. Releasing Rachel's nipple to catch her breath, her groaning became louder as she used my cock to scrape along her sensitive clit as she fucked my pole.

When I thought my mom couldn't be any more desirable, here she was, fucking me like I was the last man on earth. Having trouble breathing myself, my prick was taking a beating it hadn't had to endure before. I wanted this to last forever, but hot blood was surging into my prick signaling I was nearing my orgasm.

I moved my hands down to firmly grip her thighs to time my strokes with her frantic humping. It wasn't necessary to tell Mom I was ready to come as my prick expanded larger than I thought possible. Feeling her pussy and body tremble in anticipated excitement, I screeched, "Mom, you are so hot and sexy. Your pussy is so wet and tight. I'm going to fill you with so much sperm. I can't believe I'm fucking my beautiful mom. Don't pass out this time, this is going to be our best orgasm ever. I'm going to flood your pussy with my sperm!"

Hearing this, my aunt retorted, "You passed out fucking your son? Oh, you are one horny mother. And you call me a slut. Kiss me, you son fucking slut."

Mom moved up and the two sisters locked their mouths together fucking each other's mouth. I held Mom as tight as I could and fucked her hard. My helmeted head filled with blood increasing my difficulty shoving my shaft in and out of her tight channel. My balls filled up and it felt like they were trying to eject my entire reservoir of sperm at once. My shaft tunnel wasn't large enough to allow for that much volume.

Feeling my prick fill with hot blood to accommodate the large lake of sperm boiling through it, Mom's pussy squeezed tight. Her spasming pussy continued to contract coaxing the river of hot cum to flow up my cock. The bloated head of my prick felt like it exploded as the first load of hot baby batter shot out, thoroughly coating her cervix. .

She screamed in ecstasy as I felt a shock of intense pleasure surging through my prick to the rest of my body. Enjoying the most erotic fuck of my life, I pulled back and pushed in again to release another load of hot cum. Mom's pussy was rapidly contracting tight, enhanced by the feeling of her son's hot sticky sperm fill her cavity.

Her body went rigid as she released her sister's mouth to gasp for air as she moaned and groaned. I felt her pussy flooding as we both released the rest of our cum, facilitating deeper penetration. I held her tight in case she passed out again, but was thankful when I heard her continue to groan in pleasure staying conscious to enjoy our sinful mother-son coupling.

Her pussy milked out every drop of cum from my erupting cock. As she relaxed I shoved my engorged shaft to the bottom and left my prick to soak in her flooded cavern. I could feel hot fluid coating our genital areas as her cunt couldn't contain the copious amount of cum. Leaning down, I kissed her back as I caressed her sides. Mom and Rachel were both breathing heavily, recovering from the intimate mother-son connection. We remained joined together savoring the post-coital bliss from our erotic fuck.

Starting to soften, I regretted I wouldn't be able to fuck my beautiful mom again, but I was spent. I was first to break the silence. "Damn Mom, your pussy is overflowing with cum. I've never sent out that much. We're going to make a mess on the bed."

Mom replied, "Don't worry honey, I'll clean you and my sister will be happy to take care of my filled pussy."

Several blobs of cum spilled down on to Rachel's hot stomach when I pulled my prick from Mom's saturated hole. Turning around, Mom lowered her still dripping pussy to her sister's waiting mouth. I heard Rachel slurping away as she greedily ate our mixed cum. Mom held my shaft by my base as she licked up and down my length expertly cleaning it. She enclosed my sensitive head in her mouth and held it in her hot cavity gently licking it. Traveling down my shaft, she licked my balls until our mixed cum was cleaned up.

Looking down I glimpsed Rachel moving her hips around as her pussy leaked pre-cum. Feasting on the mother-son cum was rapidly turning her on. Mom reached down and scraped her fingers across her sister's stomach capturing our leaked cum. Inserting her coated fingers into Rachel's hungry cunt, she moved them in and out causing Rachel to groan in Mom's pussy.

Removing her fingers, Mom pulled me down to kiss her. We sensually kissed as her sister sucked our juices from her pussy. Mom backed off and whispered, "She's ready to come again. Be a good nephew and help your aunt out."

Gladly compiling, I leaned down and stuck three fingers into Rachel's wet hole. I fucked her fast and furious as she bucked her hips to meet my intruding digits. She was already close to her orgasm as I captured her fat clit between my lips and lightly squeezed it. Her body shook as she climaxed on my fingers and mouth. I replaced my hand with my tongue as I drank her sweet nectar through her climax.

Extracting Mom from her sister, I pulled her up to me. We stood at the bottom of the bed melding our hot sweaty bodies together as we admired her sexy nude sister. We gently kissed as our hot bodies pressed together.

Mom wrapped her arms around me hugging me tight while she rested her head next to mine. I felt her hot breath as we enjoyed our sensual post-coital moment. Seeing it was seven in the morning, I whispered, "Mom, it's still early. We don't have to go home now, do we?"

Mom replied, "I love you more than you know and now that my sister has joined in with us, I feel more complete than ever. We do have a late checkout, but for now we girls require our beauty sleep. Cuddle with us again honey."

She pulled me down to the bed and they resumed their position on either side of me gently caressing my body as they put their hot legs over mine trapping me in a pile of sexy familial flesh. Falling into a sound sleep once again, I wondered who would be fucking me the next time I woke up.

Three hours later I was brought out of my sleep when sunlight flooded the room. Someone was caressing my chest but much to my dismay no one was enjoying my morning wood. Opening my eyes, I watched Mom return from raising the blinds, then crawled back in bed. She kissed me as her hands joined my aunt's, caressing my body.

Mom declared, "Good Morning again honey. Hopefully you slept as well as my sister and I. We're getting ready to leave as Rachel has some things to do today."

My aunt added, "I wish I didn't have to go. I'd love to stay, but we'll have plenty of time together since I'm moving in with you two. It's going to be lovely sharing our lives in one house. I do worry about when you go back to school. We're going to be lonely without you. Won't you miss being with two horny women?"

Rachel moved one of her hands down to gently hold my semi-hard prick as Mom kept rubbing my chest. Mom replied, "Don't worry, we'll trade off to keep him company. One of us will be staying with him a week at a time at college and the other two will stay at home looking after the children."

Seeing Rachel digest Mom's statement, her expression turned to puzzlement as she inquired, "Two at home and one with Sam? Who's the third woman?"

Mom quickly replied, "Oh yea, you haven't met your nephew's soon to be wife, have you? Her name is Monica and she's very sexy and charming."

My mind flashed to Monica's body and our hot sex when Mom mentioned her name. My prick filled with blood as visions of our fucking flashed through my mind.

Rachel squeezed my cock as it expanded and exclaimed, "Oh my, she must be some girl by Sam's reaction. I can't wait to meet her and welcome her into our family. Unfortunately I have to get going. I won't be able to enjoy this until this evening." She stroked my shaft several times before she left the bed and went in to the bathroom.

I looked at Mom and pleaded, "She doesn't have time, but we do, don't we Mom?"

Mom smiled and took over stroking my prick as she giggled, "We have to get back home. But first, get in there and help Rachel clean up." Emphasizing her meaning, she firmly gripped my prick head, twisted it, then pulled it in the direction of the bathroom.

"After you help your aunt in the shower we can go home and you can clean up your dirty slutty mother."

I leaned over and kissed Mom as my hand squeezed her full breast. I murmured, "You are such a caring sister, I love you Mom."

I heard the shower door open and close and heard the running water. "Well Mom, time for Aunt Rachel to get a thorough scrubbing."

I left for the bathroom with my hard shaft swinging back and forth ready to fuck my beautiful aunt. (End)
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