"Stories 18+" Family sex

Stories 18+ Family sex
It was a hectic spring and summer. Our daughter Minn graduated from high school and was going off to college soon. I'm Anna and her dad is Tack. We're in our upper 30's. We're both fit and trim, bike and go to the gym three or four times a week. He's about six feet one and slim. Minn and I are about the same, five feet nine, normal slim, not skinny. Around the house I'm mom and he's dad. When he and I are alone, he's Tack and I'm Anna. Minn never uses our real names, except when introducing us, etc. 
Minn will be 19 next spring, April. She's our only child. Her dad and I outfitted her in new clothes. Found her a really good car and had it checked out. A couple of trips and everything is arranged at the college. Minn shined through school. She took part in just about everything she could and did very well. She made lots of friends and lots came by the house. 

She didn't get involved with boys much. We thought she might be gay but time pretty much dashed that possibility. After some mom and dad talk with her, just a little now and then so it wouldn't be noticed and always with an upbeat, throwaway air to it, we figured out she was just shy with boys. She never talked about her sex education classes and would casually change the subject should it come up. 

I suppose we were careful over the years to be sure she didn't get pregnant or that kind of stuff. We thought we pretty much shut the door without realizing it and with the atmosphere in college these days she was seriously deficient. I started her on the pill about three months before graduation and she was embarrassed about that but she takes it like clockwork. 

Tack and I talked about it and finally came up with something that might help but if not, it wouldn't hurt other than being a bit embarrassing. It might give her a great story to tell down the road. Minn and I were out having lunch one day and sitting at an outside table, fairly private, and the time felt right. 

"Minn," I said, I know you're pretty private about sex. That's ok. For a long time I changed clothes in the bathroom or the closet. It took a long time for your dad to get me loose enough to just enjoy life and being together. We want you to be a little more prepared for college life and what you'll run into. Your education is solid but you haven't exercised your emotions much. Things can happen that you might not be able to cope with and we have a little time to help with that. 

"So, your dad and I would like to make this offer. Think about it, ask questions, forgot about it and never mention it again, whatever you want. It's private family business and it stays there. Your dad and I usually get together on Saturday or Sunday morning for some private time. About 7:30 or 8. If you would like to come over and visit with us you'll see two completely necked people making out and enjoying ourselves. You can ask any questions and say anything you want and we'll do our best to explain or show you." I looked around for the waiter and said, "Let's get a tea refill." Minn's eyes were moving around looking for anyone that had overheard. 

A couple of days later Minn said, "If I come over do I have to stay?" 

"Of course not," I said. "Do what you want. It'll be fine with us. If you want to peek in at the door, that's great. Just don't giggle your head off." 

"Ok mom," she said with a smile. What do I wear?" 

"We're not wearing anything so you can come nude if you want. If not, how about one of those new underwear sets we bought or your short pj pants and the short top. Whatever you're comfortable in. You may get a little warm so consider that in your choice. If you show your dad some skin or something it'll turn him on more for me." 

Minn was smiling and she said, "I've always wanted to see dad. I mean, I've seen him, you know, excited with his pants a little bulky and wondered what he really looked like." 

"Oh I know how that can be," I said, "If you come over I'll try and work it around so you can get a good look. How's that?" 

"Don't let him know I'm interested mom. I don't want to embarrass him." 

"You won't Minn. He will be absolutely thrilled," I said, pausing a little. "Minn, we thought we would see if we could get you a bit excited, for as long as we can. You can see how you can handle the emotions. Maybe we could create a highly erotic atmosphere. If you're having fun and enjoying yourself then that's what we're looking for. If you get really turned on and excited we would be very happy. Anything at all that causes you concern or you're not comfortable with just whisper something to me or dad and we'll move along." 

"I understand mom and if either one of you aren't comfortable you let me know too." 

"Ok Minn, deal." 

Well, that's how I got things going. Some fabricating I guess, not much. Truth was I was trying to find a way to get them together without them knowing and this approach was the best I could come up with. I was a mom, a wife, and a girl. Neither one of them was going to mess with that combination. This one might work. Wow, they loved me a lot. 

It was about a month after she turned 18, April, that I noticed. Tack would sit at the end of the sofa reading the paper or some other paperwork with his pajamas on and she would camp on the other end of the sofa, back to the arm or corner doing homework or just reading something. She started with her winter pajamas and quickly switched to her summers. 

The pants were the knit gray type, very flexible, low down on her hips. Seemed like a long way from her belly button to the top of her pants. They looked more like underwear than shorts. They were loose and not tight around the legs. A kind of slit on either side. You could easily slip a full hand or arm up either leg. They were slightly snug in the crotch but not clinching tight. 

Her top was the same material, like a T-shirt but ended above her belly button. No bra. She would get on the sofa, put her books and paper work down between her feet, not stacked, and slide down just a bit which created a very nice camel-toe. Then she would bring her knees up and somewhat wide and lean forward between her knees to get something from her stuff. 

Her nipples usually got hard and were prominent. Her breasts were about a C, depending on the bra, never less tho. About twice a week I didn't wear a bra and wore the same type of T-shirt, normal length, and stayed that way through the evening so it would be normal dress. She would do her work using the books to hide her face so Tack could look without being caught. Sometimes she would slide her legs out and slowly move them back, knees up, moving her legs wide, so Tack would die in anticipation. It worked. 

He slowly worked around, an inch at a time, so he was a little more facing in her direction, not much. He casually moved his paper down so the lower half covered his crotch so I couldn't see, then he casually moved the paper out in front of his crotch so she could see his dick pushing up if she wanted to look. She did. This happened a lot. 

One day as she was going to bed Tack happen to get up about the same time and she stepped over and gave him a shoulder hug and said, "Night dad." He said "Night." And off she went. That developed into a nightly hug. Then it developed into her an arms around his neck hug. Then it developed into his arms and hands just above her buns hug, pulling her in and him pressing forward hug. Then they got to some second, second and a half kissing hug. 

I was having the time of my life. This was great. It was a fascinating show to watch. I never let on but did see a lot and they never caught me. I once caught her camel-toe and she didn't know so she didn't casually move her knees together or lower her book to hide. Best damn camel-toe around. I'd love to do that to someone I haven't had sex with. 

I knew I had to set this up when they moved to behind the sofa when they hugged. The top of the sofa was lower than the belly buttons but higher than the hip arch. They would hug and kiss going off to bed and talk a couple of minutes. I could see the angle of his arms around her back. Fingers had to be a little lower than the top of her butt crack. As they talked and laughed quietly they animated a little and I could tell their hips were moving around. They were hiding it. At some point she changed her night time slippers so she was higher up and he got flat footed so they could match hips better. His enormous dick was awash in her valley, plowing the land. More than once I almost ran over, pulled their pants off, throwing them on the sofa and saying, "Fuck already!" 

A few weeks later Tack asked about her, saying she was getting 'adult' with her saying goodnight and should he change directions. I said, "Are you having fun?" He said, 'yes' and I said, "Is she having fun?" He said 'sure' and I said, "She's growing up. She's a woman. She wants to see what she can do." And he said, 'she kind of can feel me against her, you know' and I said, "You want to run her off because you have a body part she doesn't? Can you feel her tits?" He said 'sure' and I said, "Well, you enjoy her tits while she enjoys your dick." 

That got him and he said, 'ok' and then one day she mentioned if she was being too bold or out of line. I said, "Heck no, he's a man and gets horny all the time. Let him enjoy. Try to be more effective on Friday nights because you know what we do on Saturday mornings." She said, 'ok' and I hid in the basement stairs and peeked through the door crack on Friday nights. 

This time I could see the back of the sofa clearly and she planted her tits into his chest and went after his lips, softly and seductively. After a few moments he slid his hands right down on her buns, full on. She started this very slow grind against his hard dick with her clit and he helped, working her buns. She could swivel her hips up and down like her hips were a loose part of her. Her thighs and stomach hardly moved. Sexy as hell. Saturdays was more fun after that. 

So the next Saturday morning Tack was on the outside of the bed facing me, me facing him. We were about 20 minutes into some very nice foreplay. I was playing with his dick. It was about eight and a half inches long, six or seven inches around, with a rather large head and nice foreskin. He was running his fingers through my patch and playing with my nipples. Both of them. We were sort of waiting to see if Minn came over but didn't waste the time. 

Tack said, "Do you want to keep the sheets on or kick them off?" 

"Oh, I didn't think of that," I said, "I think we should kick them off. If we're all under the sheets we won't get much done with Minn." Tack jumped up and pulled the sheets all the way down and onto the floor at the bottom, his dick swinging erotically, not out but up. It was a very large king size bed and quite sturdy. The bed side lights were on but not too bright. Tack had music on in his office nearby and the soft sound drifted in. 

Just as he finished pulling the sheets down on the other corner Minn came in. Her dad said, "HI Minn," and gave her a close hug. Fleeting, not a holder but I saw him press in casually. Then he turned and came back and climbed on next to me where he was. Minn was looking at me, biting her lower lip, smile wide, eyebrows very high and eyes pulled open. She had hugged a necked man with a hardon and felt him up against her covered clit and his bare dick head on her tummy. 

I waved her over and patted the bed near us. She had on a black knit bra. Very alluring, showing some nipple bumps. Her breasts swayed reflectively when she moved. She had on her pj pants. I couldn't tell if she had on underwear or not. The pants were those gray knit stretch type she wore in the summer, very sexy. I sort of wanted to slip my fingers up there. 

I was on my side facing Tack but turned at the waist for Minn. I had my hand on Tack's dick and I could feel it stiffen and looking, noticed him admiring Minn's everything. Minn couldn't see his dick with my hips hiding him. I was turned on more than I was a few minutes ago. 

We were totally necked, tits and buns prominent. Minn was on one elbow, up from her pillow and I'm sure she could see Tack's pubic hair. I kept his dick pulled down slightly, out of sight. I didn't think she knew how big it was and with her there he was going to be at extra full mast. 

I rolled over on my back, legs down. Minn could see his full dick, my hand lifting it upward and slowly jacking up and down. Playing with the head with my fingers when I got to the top. She was mesmerized watching. Tack bent over and got one of my nipples in his lips and played with it for a few moments. He slid his fingertips down to clit and played with the folds, opening and closing them. I had opened my legs some. 

It was probably the first time she's seen live sex this close, or ever even. Tack knew not to constantly stare at Minn so he concentrated on me. He slipped over between my legs pulling away from my hand. I moved my legs, knees up and wide as usual. It's more automatic than on purpose. I was inviting him in. He kneeled, his thighs spread slightly and up against mine with his dick sticking out. My feet were up off the bed about a foot. Minn moved over closer, one leg against Tack's knee. They glanced at each other and smiled. 

I leaned over to Minn and whispered, "Ok if we start?" She nodded a 'yes'. I said, "Move around where ever you want. It's fine." She was right at me with an excellent view of everything. I planted my feet and lifted up my bottom. Tack slipped a small flat pillow under and I lifted my feet again. We liked it that way. It helped him when he was on his knees and also lying down. 

He put a hand around his dick, about in the middle, and rubbed the head around on my clit then down to my pussy lips and played around down inside then pushed in about two inches. Minn moved over until her hips were pressed against me. As much as Tack and I have done this it always gives me shivers when he goes in. Minn was biting her lower lip. I had a fleeting thought that it might be a tell for her when something is really erotic. 

Tack's eyes were closed and he started a slow swivel with his hips, moving closer each time. It usually didn't take him long to get all in. If he really pushed into me I suppose he could hit nine or nine and a half inside. I was already lubed. We only lubed me instead of both of us. That way his lubed dick wouldn't get lube all over the place. Sometimes I did oral anyway. Lubing me worked just fine for both of us although we did wait until he did oral. Minn was watching his dick slide in and out and my face. I had my mouth open a lot. 

I started to meet his trusts and got into sync without slamming our hips together. Minn moved a hand down to my bun and just left it there for a long time, watching and feeling. After a while she moved her hand up to my middle and went around in circles. On one circle she brushed the bottom of one breast and I could see she was watching me to see my reaction. I smiled some more. She dribbled her fingertips down to my tuff and fiddled there a moment then down to my hood and finally down to the tip of my clit. She was just a small distance from Tack's dick doing what it does. Minn was playing with my clit and it was absolutely bonkers great. She knew where our buttons are. 

Tack could really fuck. He had spent some time with my clit before Minn came over and I had spent some time with his dick with some oral. It was a few moments before I realized Minn was running her fingers over my breast, some quick brushes across my nipple. Maybe she was gay. 

I couldn't help myself. I turned towards her and tilting my head we fell into a very nice tongue kissing session while she felt my breast with her full hand, frequently playing with the nipple. After the kiss, Tack and I looked at each other and beamed a 'wow'. 

Tack leaned over, planting his elbows. Sliding his legs down and a little wider he picked up speed and I wrapped my legs around his butt. Minn bent over and spread her mouth over my nipple and sucked softly. We went on like this for fifteen or twenty minutes. Old folks like to fuck long time. 

I whispered to Minn to slip her hand down her dad's butt all the way to his sack and she could feel what he does. She opened her eyes wide and slowly bit her lower lip but she did it. Feeling him move and knowing his dick was sliding in and out down between us brought some nice smiles. 

Tack and I were sprinting and slowing, sprinting and slowing, trying to match our orgasms together. We've had lots of practice. When he goes off he grunts and really gets in. I gag and open my mouth for more oxygen and thrust my hips up. 

I felt it coming and so did he. Every time he pressed way in I pushed his butt with my heels. He would pause while he was way in and do it all again. I could always feel the semen coming through his dick but never felt it hit when it came out. My orgasm would wash over my entire body, filling my mind and filling my muscles. It was a magnificent rush I hoped I would never get used to or ever lose. 

Tack lay down my body with his dick still in, getting his breath. No hurry. My feet were against his knees, my knees lying over very unladylike. It's pretty much a tossup as to who works harder. We've argued the point over the years. I suppose it depends on who's on top and has the duty. We've been lovers a long time and have wiped the check marks off the wall way back, farther back than you might think. Don't believe everything you read. 

We finally remembered Minn. She was rubbing her dad's back and upper buns. She said, "That was really something. I didn't expect you were going to have those. I thought you were just going to demonstrate what it looked like. Did you both really, you know, orgasm?" 

Tack said, "You bet your ass," and gave me one of those 'thank you mam' kisses and got up and left the bedroom. I told Minn, "Watch," and pointed down to my vagina and squeezed a little. Some semen dribbled out and Minn opened and closed her mouth a couple of times and bit her lower lip. I reached off to the side and got my small, soft, cloth covered sponge, put it against my pussy, closed my legs and turned on my side towards Minn. All in one smooth movement. Practice. 

I said, "He'll be back. He's doing man stuff." We just looked at each other for a moment. "Are you having fun? Anything you want to ask?" 

"Minn said, "Oh mom, that was so, I just don't have the words. Thank you very much. And dad too. I was watching your face when you were . . . can I use the F word?" 

"Sure," I said. "We use it. It's about the only one that really describes it exactly." 

"When you were fucking," Minn said. "That's why I was playing with your breast and nipples. It was fun for me and I was just adding some for you. I was really turned on." We were smiling at each other. 

I said, "We wanted to turn on your sexual senses. Get your feelings going and let you see what you have to work with. If it's ok we want to do that some more. If you want to stop or do something else that's fine. It's possible to get turned on so much you lose your direction. This has been a lot of fun, seeing you react and your expressions, they were to die for. " 

"Yes. Please do, "Minn said, "Mom, I'm having fun and I like being turned on like most everybody else does. I almost wet my pants watching you and dad." 

"Well, dad is the one to turn you on unless you'd like some girl stuff. You seem to know where my buttons are." 

Minn said, "Maybe sometimes it might be fun to see what happens but I'd kind of like a chance to touch dad's dick, if you don't mind." 

"It's perfectly fine Minn. Dad said he would slip on the bed on the other side. He really wants to tease you. If you want to kiss him, kiss him. Whatever you like. If you want, I'll go and do other stuff and you can be alone with him. If you feel like fucking that's ok. Just be happy and have fun." 

"You have to stay, mom," she said, "You may have to tell me what to do and stuff. I don't mind being alone with dad. He's a hunk, and I don't want to be a blithering duh. Besides, I'll bet you're chomping at the bit to see what he does. I think I would like to fuck but I would like it to be his idea. Let's just see how it goes." 

"I wouldn't miss it for anything," her mom said. "I'm off to do women stuff. Be right back. Go too if you want. If you and dad are both here before I get back, don't wait. Have some fun. He's great in bed and his foreplay is to die for." 

Her dad came back just as her mom got through the door. He was still necked top to bottom, dick flapping. He slipped on the bed and got the pillow arranged, up against Minn's, on his side facing her. She turned over facing him and said, "Hi." 

"Hi yourself," he said. "Having a good time? Nothing too shocking I hope." 

She laughed a little and said, "Nothing like that. Very sexy and erotic. I can't believe I got to see you and mom making out. I sure got turned on and to think I'll have all these memories my whole life." 

They looked at each other a little bit and her dad said, "Can we turn you on some more, maybe more than a little more? Just between us lovers, I think mom wants to turn us loose and see how far we'll go. It's fine with me, I really like sex but I don't want to go where you're not comfortable. I can drive you to New York City but you have to pick the stores and then the items you want and then there's trying them on to see if they fit." 

Minn knew exactly what he was saying. She said, "Its ok dad. If it's not comfortable I'll let you know. It goes the other way too. If I don't do what you want, you let me know. I'm the one learning. You wouldn't believe the things I've found out in this short time. I know there's lots more. Mom said not to wait if she wasn't back when you got here. What should we do?" 

He moved over to Minn and slipped an arm under her and one over her back. They were face to face. He said, "I thought we would start with some erotic kissing and sexy hugging. I'm already nervous." 

Minn put both arms around his neck and they both seemed to melt into each other, full body length. She could feel his skin shifting and touching her from below her bra to the top of her pants. His thighs were very warm all the way down to her toes. Their feet flirting with each other. They moved into each other's lips and Minn felt his tongue flickering on hers, probing. She opened and he found hers and the kissing got much better. 

He slid his hand down to her buns, pressing his dick into her valley. He was up. He was going to try to show her what he wanted as they went. Hopefully she would respond. She could feel him hitting her from the pubic bone through her clit. He was moving around in the valley and she could feel his dick head rubbing above her pants. Minn's vagina muscles were clinching and letting loose. 

He couldn't help but thrust up, just a little, and Minn felt his whole dick move up her clit and the head gather up some loose skin above it on her tummy. Not even knowing it she naturally rotated her hips up along his dick. They backed off kissing, smiling at each other. Minn said, "Wow. That's the best kiss I've probably ever had. That was so full of sex I want to keep some of it." 

Her dad said, "If I told you how much I liked that mom would probably kick me out of the bedroom. He casually slipped down the front of her slightly so he could press his dick head right into her pussy lips, and did. After a pause he said, "Minn, I'm going to give you some idea of what we might do next so you can think about it and whatever. Is it ok if I unhook your bra?" 

Minn, biting her lower lip momentarily said, "Yes please." She could feel his dick ever so slowly and lightly fucking into her pussy lips, her pants were so thin and flexible. He moved a hand up and fiddled with the wings of her bra and they parted. He just left the bra where it was. "I thought we could do this for mom," he said, "When she gets here you roll over on your back. She won't know the bra is undone. I'll play some then pull it off and hand it to her. She'll love that. 

"I'll roll over about half on and kiss and run my tongue around your breasts and nipples. I'll do a finger massage on your inner thigh and might slip some fingers up under your pants. She'll start to heat up at that, so will you. Then I'll move my hand up to your stomach right above your pants and just circle it around and put my fingers down inside, just to the first knuckles, and slide over to the other side. 

"If you want my hand somewhere else just put yours over mine, pick it up and move it where you like. Stay there a while until you're sure I'm doing what you want. If you want to move it again later do the same thing. Oh, if it works out I may slip a leg over between yours. It's instinctive and you might open your legs wider. That's instinctive too. You're unconsciously inviting the male into position for breeding. My leg actually establishes dominance for breeding to the other male suitors when it's between yours. I'll fight them off. 

"One more thing. If you like you can slip your hand down and play with me like mom did. That's really fun for me. I'll be sure she can see everything. I'll go slow so you can absorb without getting overloaded." 

Minn was biting her lower lip, still smiling. She said, "Wow. That'll probably make me wet my pants, if they aren't wet already. One thing I've found out is slow sex is great sex. Mom should enjoy herself as much as we do." Minn and her dad were both working his dick and her valley. 

They heard her mom coming and Minn rolled over on her back, legs closed but her left knee in the air. She and he were doing some nice tongue kissing. Her mom climbed on and settled down on an elbow about a foot away and they talked for a few minutes. 

Her dad said, "Minn and I are going to try some of that sexual excitement stuff. We're probably going to be a while if you want to get a book or something." 

Her mom smiled wider and said, "Ok." 

Her dad knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted to fuck her but he needed clear permission from her and Anna but there wasn't any reason not to get her prepared and create as much desire as he could. Anna would see all that and if she liked it she would let them go at it if Minn was agreeable. 

Her dad moved over, his dick half on her hip. He put an arm over her and they got some very soft tongue kissing going. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and pulled it out in a nice rhythm, just like fucking. Then they switched and she did the same to him but she went in further and pressed his lips with hers when she was fully in. She was preparing him too. He slipped a hand under one shoulder and pulled the bra wing clear then did the other side. Still kissing he handed it to Anna. She was just ecstatic. It was working. 

Minn's breasts were up firm. Her nipples were fully erect. Even lying on her back her breasts stood proud. He kissed her around the forehead, continuing across and down on both sides of her face. He blew a little hot breath into her ear and she shivered. Her eyes were closed, mouth a little open, waiting. He dropped his mouth down to her neck and upper shoulder, then his tongue and lips worked around her breast until he got to her areola. He worked slowly around the areola before flicking her nipple with his tongue. Anna's eyes never left her chest, tightening her vagina muscles then letting go. 

Minn let out a soft moan and swallowed out of reflex and opened her mouth again. Her dad worked her nipple with his tongue, different directions, then settled down over it with his mouth. He kept his lips a bit wide, down against the areola. He softly sucked, working the nipple with his tongue. 

He moved his hand down to her stomach, paused, then slowly continued on down catching the top of her pants on a finger, pulling them down an inch or two showing a little tuff, before her pants snapped back. His hand moved down clearing the fabric and onto warm skin at the top of her thigh. When he got to her knee he tilted his hand over to the inside. 

Minn inhaled and exhaled and laid her leg over on her dad, giving him access to the inside of her thigh and crotch. She splayed her other leg over on her mom, knee up. Her thighs were fully open. Her dad moved his fingertips slowly, up and down, forward and backwards on the inside of her thigh. Sometime he lingered, sometimes he circled. When he finally got to her pants, he left her nipple and they kissed again. Both tongues twisting together. 

He moved his hand up into her pants feeling a rise of skin with his little fingertip. She started a little, kissing a little harder. He slowly continued up along the side of her pussy towards the side of her clit, moving more to the center but not touching the clit. A little higher and he reached his little finger over and lightly felt the ridge on her hood. Barely touching he circled his little fingertip back and forth over the ridge, bumping over it from one side to the other. 

Anna could see where every finger was under the fabric. She almost reached over for Minn's hand but knew better than to distract either one of them. She couldn't move watching this dance. She wanted to sit up but she had a better angle watching as she was. 

Minn was totally engrossed, feeling his fingers in her pants and his tongue twisting with hers. He kept his little finger feeling her clit under the hood for a little longer then laid his full hand down and slowly pulled it out, brushing down her pussy lips. He wanted desperately to slip a finger in but didn't. 

He reached up and palmed her other breast, playing with the nipple between his fingertips. He pulled away from kissing and waiting a few moments and said, "Was that ok?" He needed some approval. 

Minn was still breathing a little heavy. She said, "Yes. Talk about turned on. Makes a body want to fuck a football team. I had no idea it was that sensual. You and mom do that all the time, all the time I was growing up?" 

Anna spoke up, for the first time since they started. "Yes, we did. That was really erotic. Don't either one of you pay any attention to me. I can't tell you how good that was to see. I think I was having the same feelings both of you were. I know what that does." 

Minn said, "We planned this for you. Glad you liked it. We have some more to do." With that, she turned back to her dad. Her labored breathing never stopped. 

Her dad moved half on with his leg over between hers but shy of her crotch. He didn't want to block her vulva. She could feel his dick press down almost where his hand had been on her stomach. The head well above the top of her pants. She could easily reach it. 

He moved his hand down from her breast to her stomach, moving it around smoothly. Occasionally he would reach over to the other hip area and slip his fingers down inside her pants and slowly pull across to the side near him. He could just feel a flourish of pubic hair going across. He was sucking nicely on her nipple, sometimes a little harder than normal. That brought a little moan and a push into his mouth. A little concentrated effort and she would have a well-earned orgasm. He was going to try to hold her off until later, not too much later. 

He felt her hand lightly on his. He could see it while he played with her nipple. She lifted his hand up and moved down and settled on her clit. She moved his fingers around, showing him the area, holding his hand still as she moved just two of his fingers up and down on either side of the hood. It was difficult for her to stop but she pushed his hand on down full on her pussy. She pushed two fingers down in, following the fabric. 

He caught his breath. Her pussy was open, and her pants were very wet. His fingers were down into the pussy well and he felt where some of the floor was missing. He knew that was the entrance to her vagina, it was very small. The vagina was the ultimate goal and he worked around there. He wanted to leave her clit in its sensitive state. 

Minn moved her right hand down her side and wrapped it around his dick, about in the middle and just held it without moving, laying her other arm down beside her mom. Her dad tilted his torso up some to give Anna full view. Anna watched every movement they made. She was putting out about as much heat as they were. 

Anna reached down very casually and lightly pinched Minn's thumb on her left hand with two fingers. Minn didn't react. Anna slowly moved her two fingers up and down the thumb, stopping at the end and played around on the end with one finger. A couple of times she squeezed her fingers on Minn's thumb and once on the tip and pulled her hand back. 

After a few moments she could see Minn jack his dick up and down lightly, occasionally going up to the top, playing with his dick head. His foreskin was planted under his ridge. Anna could see Tack pressing down inside her pussy well with two fingers in a nice rhythm. Minn was thrusting up. 

After a time Anna noticed Minn was jacking his dick at the same time his fingers were pressing down. Occasionally she would wrap her hand around his dick head, pulling down and pressing down on the top just as his fingers bottomed in her pussy well. They were fucking. Not the right instruments and not the right depth but they were fucking. It was working. Once her pants were off she thought that would do it, maybe. She kept quiet. 

Minn reached down to his hand and pulled it up off her pussy and moved it back to her stomach. Pausing for several breaths, she slid his hand and hers down inside her pants. She was right in the middle of her tuff. So was he. He had pubic hair under his fingers. Minn's hand slid back near his wrist so he had freedom of movement. She was just a passenger. He knew the territory, she let him lead the way. He played with her hood and the tip of her clit, lightly stroking. After a time he moved on down, spreading his fingers out and exploring every place he could get to. He felt the web fabric pull out of her pussy well. 

Her pussy was open and he explored the entire cavity ending up circling the entrance to her vagina. She would love his tongue, he thought. His fingers were fully wet with her natural lube. He slid his hand back just slightly for position and plunged in with his middle finger and pulled back out. 

She let out a resounding moan and lifted her hips up so high she almost threw him off the side of her hip. She had pulled her hand out, leaving him to it. Anna gasped and immediately put both her hands over her mouth. Minn had given her dad unrestricted hand access inside her pants. He slid his other hand under her to her butt crack, pressing his hand full on so his fingers were on her perennial. He lifted up with one hand while plunging into her vagina. Up and in, over and over. He didn't go too fast. 

Anna was so happy she almost cried. She was thinking, 'take off your pants, take off your pants, take off your pants. . .' 

Her dad kept this up for just two or three minutes and slowed and stopped. Pulling his hands out he moved up and said, "It's time for you to have an orgasm. Can I slip your pants off? I can replace them a little later." Pausing, he said, "Minn, I can tease you if you like? It'll be about what I did with mom. I'll hold back from going in your vagina but it'll feel like I am. It might give you a more intense orgasm. After that I can get fully on top like with mom, for just a few minutes. Anytime you want me to go on to your orgasm just say 'orgasm'. " 

Minn was still breathing hard, looking at him, getting her thoughts back. She nodded and said, "Yes. . . ok, please." She was one turned on girl. She gave him a nice kiss. He moved between her legs and hooked his fingers on her pants and slid them down. She lifted her hips up and he slipped them under her buttocks and up and off her legs as she moved them up and together. He gave them to Anna. She and her mom winked at each other. Legs back down she tilted her hips up seductively so he could see clearly. 

He saw her pussy for the first time. He clinched his muscles and his dick expanded just that little bit more. Her legs were open wide, knees up. She was finally fully necked. Thighs, butt, pussy clit, hips, stomach, belly button, breasts, lips. He could just settle down between her thighs and fuck her brains out. She wouldn't stop him. She would wrap her legs and hump. Anna was breathing just as heavy as they were. 

He moved up, touching the back of her thighs with the front of his and she opened up more, her pussy fully wet. He dropped down and moved up under her thighs with his knees. He was really close in and his dick was jumping of its own accord. He noticed Anna with the butt pillow and he lifted her butt up and she slipped it under. Much better. 

He wrapped a hand around the middle of his dick and pushed into her pussy well. Minn moaned noticeably, biting her lower lip, eyes closed. He rotated it around and up and down then pulled it down towards the bottom and pushed lightly against her vagina entrance. There was resistance. She must be tight. He started a mini thrust against her vagina and she soon joined, matching his movements. He could feel her vagina start to slide over the head, about half way. It took some effort. He loved her being so tight. After a few more thrusts he could feel her almost to his ridge, slowly opening. 

He pulled up on his knees, her legs moving with him and leaned forward and down on the 'gentlemen's elbows' position, settling on her breasts, legs out. She wrapped her arms around his neck. His dick never moved from her vagina entrance. She wrapped her legs over his thighs, her heels on his butt. She could push him in levering her hips forward. 

He looked in her eyes, his loins clinched tight for control, and pushed, just slightly. The head of his dick was exploding the nerve endings around her vagina entrance. It felt so good Minn wasn't sure she could stop. He pulled back slightly and went again. She pulled his head down next to hers with their cheeks together and the next time he thrust she levered her heels and pushed him in another quarter of an inch. His ridge was approaching fully in. She knew she was dilating so he could fit. There was no pain just unbridled pleasure all over her body. 

She whispered 'orgasm' and when he pulled back he stopped. It was probably one of the most difficult things he would ever have to do. He whispered 'thank you' and rolled them over and he was on his back, Minn on top, with her legs out comfortably, straddling his hips. He reached down between and pulled his dick up and flattened it out under her. He said, "Plant your clit right on and have a nice orgasm. Don't be shy or hold back, it won't break." Anna, watching them, slid her hand down between her own legs to her clit. 

Minn got her legs levered just right, moved so she was planted just down from the head and got into some serious clit fucking. She was still breathing hard from their mini fuck and she felt like it was still going on except now it was her clit and that was a lot more serious. She was planting her hips down hard with her face down, arms everywhere. She squeezed a breath out every time sounding like an almost grunt. She had been floating just below an orgasm since the first time he felt along her clit. She was flat out fucking his dick with her clit. 

It didn't take long after all the preparation by her dad. Every muscle she had stated to clinch. Her hips and pelvis started to quiver as she slowly morphed from controlling to following. The pulses caused pauses and hard grinds as they came, one after the other. Her mind confused her muscle movement so it could pulse her vagina. The tiny fingers slated backwards on the walls moved in waves to move any semen in towards the cervix. She collapsed down, unable to stop the slow grinding into his dick. 

Sometimes she moved her hips up too high and his dick head caught her bare clit going back which caused her to jerk forward again. He slid his hands on her buns and softly worked her hips with her. It had a calming effect and they fucked down together until she was finished. He hadn't thrust even once that he noticed. 

She lay on him for several minutes before rolling off. She lay on her back, breathing a little strongly and just rested. She recovered as quickly as she could and got her breathing under control and turned over towards her mom. "Mom, it's his time. What do I do to his dick?" 

Her mom just looked at her. Finally she got it and said, "You pretend you're a vagina. Play with his balls lightly, grasp his shaft like before. Pump up and down so it feels like he's going in and out. Keep the head moist. Use your lips and mouth to put pressure against the head. It's just like the tip of a clit. You can do two things a vagina can't, play with his head and ridge with your tongue and suck. If your mouth gets tired just slide your mouth down it and play. Minn, he might orgasm. If he does you have to be ready. If it's too much, let it out of your mouth and keep going. Don't stop until he's really done. It'll come in spurts." 

Minn said, "I can do that." She moved down to his hips, her legs across her mom's. He wasn't expecting her and he raised up his head and both hands and watched. She gathered up his very hard dick and smiling at him, slid her mouth right over the top down below the ridge. He took a really big breath and settled back. He wasn't going to impede this in any way. 

It wasn't going to take much for him to orgasm after what she did to it with her clit. She didn't play around with his balls, she grasped his shaft just above his sack. Moving her mouth up and down with her tongue doing its duty on the pee dimple and ridge, she jacked up and down grasping a little tightly. She put her other fingers down under his sack and pressed, circling. She read about that somewhere. 

His eyes were getting glassy and his breathing was raspy. He couldn't believe his daughter was doing a number on him this dramatic. He couldn't hold back and started thrusting his dick, trying to keep it shallow. She rode him as he went. She went down as far as was comfortable for her mouth then up and clinched just below the ridge with her lips and then sucked, hard. She pummeled his pee dimple with her tongue. Sometimes opening it more by squeezing it with her lips and plunging in harder. She had a big dick in her mouth. She kept at it. 

He let out a moderate Ahhhhhhh and let go with his first pulse. She felt it coming with her fingers down his shaft. It came out at a good clip and was soon followed by another. She swallowed and caught the next one with her tongue. She kept up the sucking in between and jacked with him. She stayed with him well past his orgasm. She was having a lot of fun with his dick and didn't want to stop just yet. He was still up about three-quarters and workable for her. 

Anna watched the whole thing, every little detail. They had gotten each other so sex high if they hadn't gotten each other over the top they would have exploded about the same time anyway. She had actually seen a couple of porn things but never any sex like this. She was really feeling ready to go herself. 

Minn finally let him go and moved back up and over to her pillow, next to her mom. Her dad looked at her shaking his head slowly and smiling and slipped over near her and held her hand. Her mom was holding her other hand. They all three chilled out for a while, some quiet conversation. Her dad said, "Where's your pants? I'll slip them back on." 

Minn said, "Dad, for the rest of my life I'm never going to have pants on if you don't have pants on." Her dad squeezed her hand and that was that where pants were concerned. Her dad slipped out of bed and left. In a moment Minn did too. Her mom was content. She was so glad it got to this point. They were good together. It was working and Minn wasn't going off to College for almost six weeks. Minn came back first. 

Her mom said, "Forgive me for asking but I just have to. I can't stand the suspense. Are you going to fuck?" Minn smiled and said, "No mom. I'm not going to fuck dad." After a pause she said, "He's going to fuck me. You guys probably don't know it but I'm a virgin. Don't tell him. I want dad to be the first and I want him to get it done. It's important." Then her dad came back. 

He slid over next to Minn and settled down on his side, almost against her back. She knew from his first orgasm it took about twenty to thirty minutes before he was fully hard. And, after an orgasm he could go longer before another. 

They had some family time, touching and talking. It was very nice. Minn was enjoying her mom's nude everything. Her dad was turned on some being right on Minn's nude everything, particularly his hips bumping hers occasionally, on purpose. 

Minn reached her hand back and ran it down her dad's side, over his hips and pressed him in to hers and teased him with her bottom. He was poking her a little, mostly between her buns. She found his dick, almost up. She played with the head. Her dad played with her butt crack and down around her folds. She tended to move her buns up the bed when he did that. She also tended to pull her knees up a little in front of her too. 

She whispered to her mom, "Do you have lube?" Her mom said 'sure, under the pillow'. Minn said, "I want you to give it to dad but I'll let you know when." Her mom nodded ok. 

She had let go of his dick and moved her hand over on her stomach. Her dad was running his fingertips from her neck down her spine, through her butt crack and on under, finishing with a little flurry of teasing. Every time he did she got shivers throughout her hips. She was clinching her lower muscles then letting go. 

She felt his dick playing with her butt crack, moving up and down. He was rotating his hips, pushing mildly. He pushed against her butt button occasionally driving her crazy. She really liked that, it was new. She would close her buns over him and pull her hips forward. 

He put his hands under her buns and pressed up and she instinctively moved up higher, keeping her shoulders where they were. She was at an angle down to her dad's hips. A little while later he did it again and she moved up a little. She was bending at her knees and folding her legs up in front of her as she slipped up. His dick was playing lower, about at the perineum, sometimes his finger playing with her butt button. He was getting close. 

Minn whispered to her mom, "Mom, give him the lube." Her mom reached under the pillow for it and, her hand shaking mildly, reached over to Tack and touched his shoulder. He reached up and got it. He didn't know if it was from Anna or Minn. He didn't care. His dick pushed out some pre-cum. 

Her dad pulled her hips up again and she moved up more and kept going a little further. She could feel him change his angle, moving down and under. He thrust his hips and Minn felt the heat and pressure against her folds. It was almost a perfect position. Minn had shoved her lower leg under her moms and the top one draped over her waist. His legs had mingled with Anna's when he shifted and they rubbed ankles and feet. The three of them were almost a triangle. 

He got some lube on his finger and spread it on top of the folds then some down in the well, rubbing into all the surfaces. He next put some around the entrance to her vagina and pushed it in as far as he could then did it again. He lubed the head of his dick and down the shaft about half way. 

Her mom was reading her expressions and knew it was close. She was mindlessly playing with Minn's nipples. 

Her dad pulled his pillow down out of habit. Her folds were opened some with her legs over and under her mom. Her dad opened up the folds and with his foreskin down under the ridge pushed down inside her pussy and let the folds cover the head. Anna could tell precisely when he did because his feet moved down against hers noticeably. She was thrilled. She moved her feet around so he had a surface to lever against. She would know every time he went in and out. 

Minn opened her mouth wide and slowly closed her eyes. A man's dick was inside her pussy flaps for the very first time. She could feel the heat. She didn't know what to do so she just waited, not pushing down. If her dad hadn't had an orgasm recently he would have lost his load right then. He just stayed in that position savoring the feeling. He moved his hand up her leg and Minn found it and they locked fingers. 

Her dad moved his hips a little, then back, and forward again. He did this four or five times. He got in about where he did before. She was tight. Anna had said she had no Hyman. He thought she might still be a virgin. Didn't seem like she should be this tight at her age. He started again. 

Minn could feel him pressing against all the nerves around the entrance as he worked at it. She couldn't believe the fantastic erotic feeling. It was unbelievable. He held her hand a little tighter and pushed a little harder, feeling the sides of the entrance play around his head. He kept it up and felt the head may have dipped down in. Minn let out a wonderful 'Ohhhhhh' sound and pushed down and he was in to just below the ridge. She was really tight. Her dad continued to work it in, backing out almost fully and going back in to where he was. It got easier as her vagina dilated. He worked it in a little further. 

He was in about three or four inches and continuing to thrust and expand her vagina. It was staying noticeably tight, all the way in. He could feel the pressure all around his shaft. He got about five inches in and settled down to a comfortable rhythm at that distance. It just felt so damn good. Occasionally he would push in further. If she was a virgin he wanted to be careful. There was no hurry. He was mindful of his first time with Anna. 

With her leg over her waist her mom could see him going in. His hip was swiveling, pumping, his eyes closed. She was watching intently. He continued at a nice rate, a little further every few times. 

The drag on the head going in was explosive and the tightness coming back was working his foreskin up and down a little. He could feel the ridge biting into her vagina wall. The lube was working in their favor, spreading through the vagina canal. Minn was pushing down more, in perfect rhythm with her dad. It was an absolutely perfect, stunning, exciting, erotic fuck. 

He finally felt her buns spread just above his pubic bone. She was still tight and he didn't run into anything so far. His dick was in a world of its own. He was pressing almost fully in now, not trying to pound home. Her pussy lips were being pushed out and flattened by the base of his shaft, a large area of skin hitting a large area of her skin. He could do this for years. 

Minn still had her eyes closed. She couldn't comprehend the level of sex she was experiencing. It was so new. She fucked him as hard as he fucked her. He kept thrusting, fully in and almost fully out, still fighting her tight vagina. It was only a little looser. 

He was starting to drag his sack a little into her vagina, getting his dick in as far as he could. He was pounding lightly, trying not to. His rhythm picked up but not uncomfortable for him or her. He picked up her upper thigh, pulling it over his hip. She followed his moves, twisting over, fully opening. She had an unfettered view of his dick sliding in and out, slick with whatever. He shifted his hips in closer, clinching his butt muscles. He shifted a leg over her other thigh, keeping her in place. His thrusts became highly controlled and forced but she couldn't tell. It felt the same going in. He had his other hand wrapped around the thigh over him. She was pinned. She was his. 

Anna had watched them play cat and mouse for almost an hour. She watched his hips rotating and his dick sliding down in. It was an incredible sexual experience. Then she caught the signs from his face movements. She had seen them hundreds of times. His eyes closed, fluttering a little, his lips pressed. His hips weren't loose like in a loving friendly fuck. When he was closing in on an orgasm he was all him. He was doing his job. His actions at this stage were instinctive, hundreds of thousands of years old. 

Minn caught it a few moments later. She was close herself, it was too intense. She tried to hold off to be sure he could let go first but his dick was shaking her clit too much. They looked at each other just fleetingly then went off into their own world. 

She pushed hard, opening up her vagina for him when her first blast hit, washing over her whole body. She came regularly after that. Her hips twitched uncontrollably and she sucked her vagina shut every time after the first one hit. She flailed out and grabbed his pillow and her mom's hand. Her throat was shut with the first two but she finally let go with a loud guttural sound, very unladylike. 

He clinched the muscles under his balls, clinched his stomach pulling it back and pushed his dick out in front with force and held it fully in through his first. He could feel his seed spitting out and just after, he pulled back and went in again and held it until the seed passed again. He pulled hard on her thighs with both hands putting his head as close to the cervix as possible. It worked. Each of his testis manufactured 150 million sperm every 24 hours. This was his third orgasm and he put about 100 million where they belonged. 

When they got some semblance of control back they fucked each other down, not wanting to quit. His dick never lost a bit of strength, it was still in a tight place. They all lay there breathing heavily. He let go of her thighs and wrapped his arms around her waist. She reached down and placed one of her hands on his head. 

Anna wiped away a few tears, full of love.