"Stories 18+" My Mom and Sisters are my Nurses

Stories 18+ My Mom and Sisters are my Nurses

"Come on Alex! Only a few more miles to go, no stopping now buddy!"

"Just... Lemme catch... My breath Jake! You do have to understand that not everyone runs the distances that you do?"

"Okay, we'll take a breather over here. But only three minutes! I'm clocking it so prepare to move again in a bit."

"Great, better than nothing... Look, you better buy me some water when we finish."

"I will, it's my turn this week so you got nothing to fear, alright, one-minute left, get ready!"

I always ran in the morning to keep up my condition. One of my best pals, Alex, struggled with his weight. I managed to convince him to run with me, taking small steps to get him healthy again.

This day would be the last time I'd ever run again.


"Thanks so much for taking me to see this store baby, I don't like shopping by myself!

"Don't sweat it Jenny, anything for you, being my girlfriend and all ha-ha!"

"No I mean it hon; next time I will treat you to something really nice."

"Can I choose, pleaaaaase?"

"No silly! It's a surprise, one that you would really like..."

Jenny has been my girlfriend for the past year, it just... 'Clicked' between us when we first met. She could act a little spoiled and like a princess sometimes but hey, I didn't really care at the time.

This day would be the last time I'd call her my girlfriend.


"So, how did the tryouts go Deb? Any competition?"

"Ha, what do you think bro... Of course not! Deborah Wilson! Number one!"

"Great, so now I owe you another ice cream..."

"You bet you do, and I get to choose the flavors!"

"Yes milady... that's what I get for making bets..."

Debby... My younger sister, I always picked her up after her athletics practices. She always managed to brighten up my day even more when I was driving us home.

This day would be the last time I'd ever drive us home again.


"You might be wondering, what the hell is up with all those little segments that covered one of my daily days? Well, after this day my whole life changed in a blink of an eye. But before we continue, let me introduce the most important characters of my story, my family."

"Cynthia Wilson, my mother. If I had to describe her I would say... Funny, witty, caring, intelligent, loveable and very, very attractive. Yes, you heard it, I find my own mother attractive. And believe me, several of my friends reminded me daily of it, to them she was the so called 'MILF' of the neighborhood. And to be completely honest, she lived up to that nickname. About a head shorter than me, dirty-blonde shoulder length hair, amazing ocean blue eyes and she certainly had 'meat' on her but in all the right places. Let's just keep it simple, she was a very good looking woman for her age of forty-one years young, stacked enough where it counted."

"So you must be thinking, my father was a very lucky man... well, you're right... WAS a lucky man, until he decided to cheat on her five years ago with a much younger lady. It's not something we like to talk about and believe me, it hurt us a lot, especially Mom. She was now dating another guy she met this year. A chap named Patrick Olridge, I didn't really like the guy. Don't get me wrong, he treated us and my mother good, but still, since last month... something was odd about him."

"Deborah Wilson, or Deb, Or Debby, whatever we used was fine with her. Nineteen years young and a very active girl. She loved sports, especially athletics, and she was pretty good at them. She was always busy with them, often more out of the house than inside of it. If I had to describe her then she would be a younger version of my mother, In the same mindset that is. Body wise they were different by a lot. Deb was fit, where Mom had the extra meat, she had the muscles. Muscles with a very feminine body to booth, same dirty-blonde hair, often in a ponytail and her body was stacked enough for her frame. Where Mom was 'big' she would be... Normal I guess? Oh, did I also mentioned that she was very attractive?"

"Casey Wilson, my older twenty-four-year-old big sister... She became... Different. Before the divorce we were like best-buddies, even if she was four years older than me. She looked almost exactly like Mom, if you placed them together then you might have thought that they were sisters. A bit chubby maybe, but for me she was a beautiful and sweet girl. We almost did everything together. I loved my big sister more than anything in the world. But after the divorce we... Separated. Casey went with Dad because she got accepted into a university that was close to his new place, both Mom and Dad agreed with her request. Again, don't get me wrong, Casey loved us dearly but this was her chance to follow her study as a graphic designer without all the hassle. It was an emotional goodbye for us at that time, and I won't lie to you, we both cried when the day came for her to leave."

"But last month she was suddenly there, at our front door, and she changed a lot. She now had long raven-dark hair with white streaks in it, a pierced left brow and a pierced belly button, a couple of tattoos and black polished nails. (*If you look up: 'Gates the Opening Ulya' on Google images then you can see a pretty good resemblance of what I had in mind) Body wise she had also changed in those five years, now think of a combination between my Mom and Deb. She had the 'Big' from Mom and the 'Fit' from Deb. Yes, my older sister was a totally knockout, a beautiful female specimen I would have to say. But what changed the most was... Inside of her. Her relationship with Mom and Deb remained like it had always been but with me... She became distant, it was like she tried to ignore me for some reason. She had always been a shy girl to strangers and I can't remember that she ever had a boyfriend, but why did she act like this around me so suddenly, me, her little brother, her best buddy when we were younger. I decided that I would do anything in my power to find out what caused her to be like this. One thing we still had in common was our ability to see through people. Casey also sensed that there was something odd about Mom's boyfriend, an oddness that came to light since she returned."

"And last but not least, me! Jake Wilson, twenty years old, almost hitting the magical barrier of twenty-one. Mom represented the females of the Wilson family, Dad did it for the dudes. Yes, I looked a lot like my father, short dark hair, at least a head taller than my Mom and Sisters and I had a huge ten-inch cock, flaccid... Okay I lied, it was around seven-and-a-half inches when fully erect, still, I was pretty proud of it and my girlfriend did not complain. I studied economics at the local university here and was doing pretty good for myself. I also liked to keep myself fit, I went to fitness and I had my morning runs, runs that I did alone most of the time but sometimes a friend or my sister Debby would join me. And, as you might have noticed, I knew a lot about my family. The three females from above were very important to me and I would do anything to protect them."

"And I did protect them, over my own well-being."



Jake drove back to his house after he had forgotten to bring the booze that he was supposed to have with him for Alex's party, Alex was home-alone this weekend and decided to throw a house party for his friends.

"Jake, how the hell can you forget the booze, you idiot! If I keep forgetting thing's than I might as well not even start drinking tonight" He thought to himself.

He opened the front door, crossed the living room and went straight towards the kitchen. He grabbed the forgotten booze, did a one-eighty and went straight back to the front door. He was surprised that nobody was in the living room. His Mom had a nightshift from work, Debby had a sleepover at a girlfriend's house and Casey should have been home together with Patrick who stayed the night.

Jake shrugged his shoulders and went for the door, he then heard a loud slam coming from upstairs when he just turned the knob. He stood still and kept on listening... Another slam. Something was wrong. He closed the door and made his way to the stairs, he could hear two people talk softly, it was coming from the direction of his older sister's room.

He sneaked up the stairs as quiet as he could before he was confronted with a loud yell, a yell that came from his sister.


Jake's heart started bumping into overdrive, he had an awful feeling, only Casey and Patrick were at home and she was not screaming to herself. He snuck up to the second floor and before he knew it he was in front of his sister's door. It was closed so he decided to open it really slow with one hand, at the same time he opened an audio record app on his phone and started recording. 

It was those eyes of him, the eyes of his mother's boyfriend that changed when his older sister came back living with them, the way he looked at her sometimes, undressing her with those eyes of him.

Jake was aware of his strange behavior and so was his sister, though Patrick never did something when he was around them all. Casey and him had been home-alone together before so why now all of a sudden. Jake knew he had to get some kind of evidence, accusing somebody without hard evidence would usually turn against the accuser, nobody would believe him or her.

He opened the door just enough to see inside, what he saw made his blood boil. Casey was on the floor next to her dresser, she was covering her right exposed breast with her left hand because her blouse was ripped open. She was holding her skirt tight with her right hand, it also was ripped slightly at the bottom. Her mascara was running down her eyes, she had been crying.

Standing in front of her was Patrick, looking over her like she was some kind of insect, he had obviously tried to strip her off her clothes.

Jake had to use all his strength to keep him from ramming through the door and beating the everlasting shit out of Patrick, he tried to keep himself calm because he knew he needed some evidence. But, if Patrick would dare to make another move towards his sister then he would snap.

"Come on Casey, I have seen how you looked at me these past weeks, about time I get to see some of that body." Said Patrick.

"Fuck you! How can you do this! How can you betray my mother like this!" Screamed a panicking Casey.

"Oh Casey your mother is a fine woman. You know, she talked a lot about you before you came home, she was so proud of you. I had seen some pictures from five years ago, you looked cute then but now... When you showed up suddenly with that fully developed body of yours, I knew I had to taste you sooner or later."

"You are sick! I will tell them everything, my family, the police, everyone!"

"And who is going to believe you? Look at you, you look like some cheap corner slut that's willing to blow every guy she comes across. You know that I'm a respected person around these parts, I would make it so that you assaulted me, and believe me, I have connections around that can make it happen so that I will go scot-free." 

Casey started crying again, she softly mumbled to herself as she cried, "Jake... Please help me..." 

Patrick started to laugh. "Jake? You really think that useless sack of shit would care about you? You two are avoiding each other like day and night, and you sit here mumbling that idiot's name? Just make it easy for yourself Casey before I have to get angry again, and you don't want that!"

"FUCK YOU!" Screamed Casey again as she threw something in Patrick's direction.

"You little slut!" He yelled as he grabbed her arm.

Jake had enough, he dropped his phone next to the door, leaving the recorder on before he slammed the door open. "You get your filthy fucking hands away from my sister right now before I beat you to death!" Yelled Jake with rage.

Patrick was surprised at the sudden change of the scene, he quickly turned around and stood face-to-face with Jake.

"Jakey boy... What a sudden change of events, came to rescue your slut sister? Or were you jerking off to us, waiting for me to fuck her?"

"Spare yourself from spouting that bullshit Patrick, I recorded everything. Now give yourself up or we can do this the hard way, your choice..."

"Give up he says... How about I beat your punk ass, get rid of that recording and fuck your sister. Sounds a lot better to me!"

Jake knew that he wouldn't give himself up that easily, he braced himself for impact as he yelled to Casey. "Casey! Call the police! Now!"

Patrick flew towards him, going for a powerful left hook. Jake dodged it just in time. The two of them were now outside his sister's room near the long stairwell.

"Come at me like a man Jake! Stop being such a pussy for once in your pathetic life!"

Patrick tried to taunt him again, but with minimal success. Jake could see his sister fidgeting with her mobile phone from the corner of his eye. "Good girl." He thought to himself.

He quickly focused on Patrick again who was now lunging forward with a straight punch. He ducked down to the right and threw his own punch into Patrick's side as he passed him.

"You cheap little fuck!" Screamed an enraged Patrick.

Patrick followed up with a quick right jab to Jake's head, again Jake managed to dodge his punch by dodging away to the right. He then felt his right foot slipping down the upper step of the stairs.

"Got you now you little shit!" Screamed Patrick as he again lunged forward, going for a grapple. The man was going bat-shit insane, he clearly knew that if he grappled Jake like that then they would both be flying down the long stairs.

Jake had no other choice but to brace himself for impact again, with his quick thinking he came up with a plan that would hopefully knock his attacker out, or at least stun him so that his sister could get away.

Their stairs had a small flat surface in the middle of it, it was about six regular stair steps long and on it stood a small hardwood cabinet for decoration. If he managed to turn Patrick so that he would crash against it with the speed they would be falling down, then there would be certainly a possibility to knock him out, or worse.

Time seemed to go in slow-motion as Jake looked for an opening to turn Patrick's body so that he would hit the cabinet... And he found it. 

In a split second he managed to turn Patrick's body so that he would indeed hit the cabinet. They both flew down the stairs with an incredible speed. Again, time seemed to go in slow-motion for Jake as he witnessed Patrick crashing into the cabinet, the small but heavy hardwood cabinet struck him deep and hard into his stomach region, he let out very nasty sounding screech and Jake could have sworn that he heard his lower ribs crack and break.

And now he had to decide his own landing. Turn around and go headfirst, or stay with his back towards the ground.

The first choice could easily break his neck or hit his head in such a way that death was certain so the choice was easy, he went for the latter.

He once more braced for impact, in his last seconds he could see his sister standing upstairs, crying heavily again, making eye contact with him and screaming something. He thought he could hear his name.

And then he crashed onto the wooden floor at the bottom of the stairs, an intense pain shot through his body and then everything went dark.

This day would be the last time I'd ever walk again.



"Bright lights struck into my eyes as I opened them, they had to adjust for a while before my vision came back to me."

"A lot of white in here, a bright green line bumping up and down on a monitor besides me, it was the source of that annoying beeping sound. I was in a horizontal position looking up to the bright light infested ceiling. My head started to hurt like hell because of it, I had to get up to see more. I tried so hard but apparently my body had other plans. I managed to wriggle my torso up a few inches, which came with an incredible amount of pain. I tried to speak but the words I tried to say came out as soft painful moans, At least I could scan my surroundings."

"Small room, window to the left of me, a sturdy bed where I was lying on, couple of chairs surrounding the same bed, different kind of monitors around me including that annoying beeping one. Shit, even with this bumping pain in my head I could put the pieces of this puzzle together."

"Oh my gosh! Mom! Mom! He is moving! He's looking right at me!"

"Was I? The only thing I could see further in front of me was a blur, my vision was still fucked up as I only managed to make sense of my close surroundings... But that voice, so familiar and... comforting... Debby?"

"Steps... I heard a lot of steps coming towards me, at least three... no four different kind of steps, hasty, fast..."

"Before I knew it there was another bright light shining into my eyes, I was sure that I wasn't looking up to the ceiling. I tried to close them but something prevented me from doing so."

"Mr. Wilson, if you hear me clearly then follow my instructions. Follow the light that you are seeing with your eyes... Yes... Good... Excellent. Now, I want you to nod yes or no to the following questions: Is your name Jake? Yes. Do you have two sisters? Yes. Are you twenty years old? Yes. Do you remember what happened five days ago? ... No."

"I felt my eyelids trying close themselves again, I was tired, this little bit of interaction tired me. My torso fell back down again onto the soft matrass under me. I could only hear now, listening to the male voice that just spoke to me talking to someone or something else."

"I will leave it in your hands to inform him of his condition Mrs. Wilson. I know it's going to be hard but I'd rather have someone close to him to tell it."

"I had no idea what he said, I tried to decipher it but without success. Then there was silence for a little while... And then a touch... multiple touches. Comforting touches that calmed me, I think it was my hands that were being caressed softly. And then my face, another soft touch, stroking me slowly. I drifted away after that, only to be awoken again a couple of hours later."

"Again, those same bright lights that struck into my eyes as I opened them, but this time my vision came back to me quicker than before, sharper than before. I scanned from left to right and I could see them around me, guarding their brother, her son like three personal angels. I could still feel their warm, comforting touches onto my hands. They were chatting with each other like I had seen them do so many times at breakfast. To the left of me Casey and Deb, to the right Mom."

"I locked my eyes onto Casey, God, she had changed so much but what a beauty she had become. I opened my mouth to call her out, again, soft moans accompanied with pain came out. But then after trying for a little bit they started to take form."

"Ca... Se... Y. I managed to produce. I then could see her head move, her eyes locking onto mine, her facial expression changing at the speed of light, tears in her eyes together with a bright smile."

"Jake!" "Was all she yelled before she was up close to my face, Debby and Mom followed shortly, their eyes also filled with tears, but just like Casey accompanied with a big smile."

"Big Bro!" Said my younger sister overly excited, "Oh, sweetheart... Finally!" Whispered my mother with her soothing motherly voice."

"H...Hi... I managed to produce, I then tried to get up just like before, my torso and arms now worked a lot better. My sisters and mother helped me up slowly by supporting me, their soft hands guiding me up until I was seated on the sturdy bed."

"Take it easy darling, let your body adjust itself..." Said my mother softly as she supported me.

"Yes, take it easy Jake, you have been through a lot. Let us take of you little brother." Added Casey.

"Of course I was stubborn like I usually was, I was sitting now so why not try to get out of this bed anyway? I started to focus on my legs... Nothing, maybe I will have to start small? My feet... Nothing, Okay really small this times, my toes... Nothing. It frustrated me, I looked at my mother and sisters with a confused look. From their faces I could see that they knew what I was trying to do, their faces that were now full of sadness and tears not from happiness."

"And then it struck me, the pieces of the puzzle coming together once more... I let myself fall back onto the matrass again and as I stared at those bright lights I let my own tears roll like I never had before."

"My mother came up to me and looked deep into my eyes while she softly stroked my hair, "Everything is going to okay sweetie" She said over and over again, her own tears pouring down her face. My sisters held onto me tight as I felt their nails sink into my skin, Casey was comforting Deb who was an emotional mess now."

"This day... I hoped that I never had to see my family like this ever again."


"The following month was a rollercoaster of emotions and events. I was diagnosed with Paraplegia, a paralysis that affected both my legs. I was considered very lucky by the doctors because I could still feel and move a small part below my waist, I did not need a catheter because my nether region was still functioning like before. It was a very, very rare condition as most of the people where fully disabled downwards the waist area."

"My weeks where filled with physical therapy, I had to learn to know my body again from the ground up. It was hard but I never gave up. My mother, like the angel she was, offered to purchase an electrical wheelchair for me and to install a lift onto the stairs at home. As kind as her gesture was I refused, I still had full functioning arms and I would be damned if I didn't use them, I went with a normal wheelchair and learned how to help myself up and down the stairs on my own."

"For my family it became a routine to help me out, and they fully did so without any complaint. Mom even managed to be home for a few months out of her work. She was the head-nurse at the very same hospital that I was helped in. Her boss Martin Goodwill, the director of the hospital, had known her since the day he started working there and gave her permission to do so. Mom's other colleague and good friend Linda Turnell would be taking over her position in the meantime."

"Casey and Debby helped me as much as possible too. Casey worked from home so she would be available to me at any time of the day, it felt good being together with her. Her behavior had changed back to the way I had always known her and we became close again, closer than ever before. Debby still had her school and sports, she first felt bad for me because she would be away so much. I told her that I wanted her to be free, to not be locked to me because of my condition. She understood and just like with Casey, our bond became even closer."

"I tried going back to my studies, but I wasn't mentally ready for it yet. I was depressed from the sudden change in my life and that affected it really bad. On top of that my now former girlfriend Jenny decided to pull the plug out of our relationship. Why? Well she gave me a pretty vague explanation but I already knew what the cause of it was, I was disappointed with her giving up so fast on me, and that resulted in another smack in my already depressed face."

"The only good thing that came out of this whole situation was that I would be spending a lot of time with my family, a lot of time with these three angels that helped me every way possible. I already loved them to death, but now even more so. I loved my Mom and Sisters for being there for me through this difficult time, and I tried to be there for them as much as possible too."

"Oh right, you are probably thinking what happened to that asshole Patrick? Apart from the couple of broken ribs I managed to give him he would be locked away for a long, long time. I later heard from Deb that Mom slapped the living daylight out him before he got arrested. Go Mom!"

"Our daily lives changed so much, and our relationships together even further... Much, much further than just brother and sister, mother and son and mother and daughter..."


"Casey be a dear and help you brother with his shower this time? I think you still have to take one yourself anyway, didn't you?" Asked Cynthia to her oldest daughter.

"No problem Mom, where are you going?" Answered Casey.

"I promised Debby to drive her to her training, gives me the opportunity to go for groceries at the same time, killing two birds with one stone."

"Oh, okay! Wish her good luck from us and see you back in a bit!"

"Thanks darling, I love you!"

Jake woke up to his mother and sister's conversation. He had been sleeping for a while now and felt fully rested again. With a yawn he pulled his wheelchair in the right position that was standing next to his bed. He had been practicing all different kind of routines with his wheelchair and became really handy with them. In a few seconds he was seated on it and ready to get out of his room. He expected to be greeted by his mother as she always helped him getting in the bathroom to wash himself.

"Hi little brother! I'll be with you in a second, need to empty the washing machine first."

"Good morning Casey, you will be helping me today? Where's Mom?"

"She had to drive Deb to her training and do the groceries after that, I will be showering together with you."

"Okay, that's fine... Wait, you will be showering together with me?"

"Yes! Got a problem with that little brother?" Said Casey as she winked to Jake.

"N-no not at all, I'm just used to Mom helping me, and she always showers after me."

"I understand, but I thought to myself why waste more water when we have room enough for two people? I will wash you and myself at the same time too."

"I can live with that." Said Jake with a smirk on his face. "Need some help with the laundry?"

"No I'm fine, thanks for asking though. Why don't you get in the shower already? Everything is already set to go so you only have to lift yourself onto the seat."

"Cool, thanks Sis, for helping me."

"No need for thanks Jake, I love you and I will do anything to help you."

Cynthia had modified the bathroom so her son would have easy access to it. The toilet, shower and bath all had extra gadgets installed to help Jake as much as possible. Jake got out of his wheelchair and pulled himself up onto the shower seat, he was only in his boxers so all he had to do now was to wait for his sister. With a soft push he managed to guide his wheelchair into the corner of the bathroom. "Alright, now we wait, shouldn't take too long."

A short minute later he could hear his sister. "I'm coming in Jake, I also got your clothes with me so you can put those on when we are done."

"Alright, thanks Casey."

He could hear her enter the bathroom and put his clothes away. "Why don't you turn on the shower and let it get warm? I'll undress myself and be with you in a second."

"Sounds good to me." Answered Jake. Surely she would be in her bikini or something he thought to himself.

He was busy with adjusting the heat as his sister walked into the shower. "Is it warm enough? If so, sit back and let your big sister wash you."

"Yes it's good no-" Jake's jaw dropped and his eyes widened when he turned his head to look at his sister. She was fully naked! He observed her body while she watched him with a confused face.

Casey had really grown up in those five years she was an away. She stood there with her hands on her hips, her dark-raven hair in a bun, her beautiful eyes that sparkled. On her chest two full, firm standing breasts with dark pink small nipples followed by a well-trained flat stomach. Beneath her cute pierced belly button a small, smooth trimmed line of pubic hair that led to a very delicious tight looking pussy. She also had really sexy thighs and legs that ended with her small cute little feet.

"What?" She asked with a confused daze.

"S-sis you... you're naked!" Stammered Jake.

Casey started to giggle. "Of course silly! Did you expect me to shower fully clothed or something?"

"N-no, but... but..."

"But what? Come on little brother, we have seen each other naked before so many times." She said as she walked towards Jake. "Here, let me help you with those boxers, then I can properly wash your body."

Jake only gulped and let her pull down his boxers, his semi-erect cock sprang out of it as Casey pulled them down his legs.

"See? Nothing to be embarrassed about. Though, little brother is not so little down there anymore!" Giggled his sister once more.

"Okay, bend over a little and I will wash your back first. After that I will do your front and legs."

Jake followed her instructions and did what she asked. He watched her big tits jiggle and bounce in front of his eyes as she washed his back. He could feel his cock harden by the second and it wouldn't be long before he was full mast. He was so hypnotized by her tits that he couldn't hear her talk to him.



"I said, I'm going to do the front now, okay?"

"Y-yeah sure, y-you are doing a fine job Sis!"

"Anything for you little brother!"

She squatted down and sat in front of Jake, she gave him a smile before starting to wash his torso and arms. Gently she washed every part of his upper body while avoiding his waist, Jake watched his sister closely, her tits still jiggling with every move she made. "No way she doesn't see my hard-on! Yet she continues on with washing me without mentioning it." Thought Jake to himself. 

"I will do your legs now." She said softly. Jake could hear that her voice changed slightly, she had to have noticed his now softly throbbing cock.

She washed his legs with the same gentleness as she had done with his back and front, not missing any spot. "Does it feel good little brother?" She asked with a soft husky voice.

"Y-yes Casey, you are doing a damn good job so far!" Her head was so close to his cock that he could almost touch it.

They both started to notice that their breathing had changed, Casey was breathing heavier and so was her brother.

"Alright, and we're done... Or are we... Little brother?" Asked Casey with an excited and seductive sounding voice.

"W-what do you mean Sis?" Asked a panting Jake, his cock now slowly leaking precum.

She then took the washcloth off her right hand and moved it up to his throbbing hard cock, her small hand wrapped itself around his girth as her other hand reached for his knee.

Jake was shocked. "C-Casey w-what are you d-doing?"

She smiled up to him with a very foxy look. "I told you, I would help and wash you today. This place is still dirty, isn't it?"

"Y-yes I guess so, B-but we can't do thi-"

She had pushed her finger against his mouth, silencing him. "Relax Jake, enjoy it... Sit back and just enjoy it... Big sis is here for you..."

He nodded and did what she told him, her hand returned on his knee and with the other she slowly started to move up and down his throbbing cock.

Once her hand reached his cock head she circled her palm around it, coating her hand with his precum before wrapping it around his cock, moving it up and down again, coating his hard shaft with his own sticky fluids.

"So big... Mhmmm... I missed you Jake, I missed you so much." Said Casey softly as her eyes were locked onto her brother's hard cock.

"But why... Ugh!... Why this Casey?" Panted Jake.

"You're my hero, my little brother is my hero... And heroes deserve rewards." She started to stroke him faster, her other hand slipped off his knee down towards her wet juicy pussy.

"Does it feel good? Please tell me that it does." She moaned.

"Y-yes... It's good... Really good!"

Her hand was now gyrating along his shaft with every stroke she made, her other hand was slowly working her pussy, running the fingers through her wet, tight slit.

"Such a big cock... I love you Jake... I love you." She moaned louder.

"I love you too Casey... Oh yes... It feels so good."

She then returned the hand that played with her pussy, but this time also onto his shaft. Both hands were now slowly stroking and gyrating up and down her brother's big cock. She looked up and loved seeing her brother looking at her with lust filled eyes. Just him looking at her like that made her pussy squirt a little juice.

She went on pleasing him like that for a minute before she licked her lips. "I want to... taste you Jake." She whispered to him.

Jake tried to speak but the pleasure was to great, he simply nodded and smiled at her.

Her eyes twinkled as soon as he gave her his okay. Casey opened her mouth and slid her brother's cockhead inside, she then closed her mouth and started sucking on it while her tongue ran up and down his slit, she could taste her brother's thick precum and felt her pussy react to it.

"Ooooh shit Casey!" Moaned Jake as he was being attacked by his horny sister.

Casey slowly started to bob up and down, her mouth taking his cock deeper inside with every up and down motion. With her right hand she softly cupped his balls and made rolling motions with her fingers.

Jake couldn't believe what he was witnessing, his usually shy sister down on her knees, sucking his cock with as much effort as possible. He looked down at her and noticed her big eyes staring back deeply into his. He could see pure love and arousal in them. He had missed her too, all those years without her presence made him realize how much he loved her. He knew it was wrong what they were doing but he couldn't resist her any longer. He stroked her wet hair softly and placed a loose streak behind her ear that was covering her face. 

They were both hypnotized by their eyes as Casey continued to bob up and down her brother's cock, all the while keeping contact with him without ever looking away. She felt his precum coat the inside of her mouth as she sucked and slurped on his hard cock, a little bit of drool escaped her wet mouth every time she reached his cockhead.

Their sounds of erotic coupling were suppressed by the falling water, but Jake moaned heavily now and so did his sister, he could feel his cock vibrating every time she moaned. Far in the back of his head he wondered how long they were going at it, it has to been at least fifteen minutes.

With a loud plop Casey released herself from Jake's throbbing cock, now coated in his precum and her saliva. She coughed a few times before speaking. "So tasty Jake... I want to make you cum... Do you want your big sister to make you cum?" She moaned to him while slowly stroking his cock up and down with her hand.

"y-yes... Make me cum Casey, please make me cum."

She giggled again. "So cute... You know that I can't resist you little brother." She then placed both of her hands onto his knees and gripped them tight. "I'm going to make you cum now... Big sis is going to take you to heaven."

She opened her mouth wide and threw herself onto her brother's cock in one go, she managed to swallow about two/third of it before she started to gag, she would need a little more practice to take him in full length.

"Fuck!" Yelled Jake loud while he watched his sister deep throat him as best as she could. Her soft lips ran up and down his cock with incredible speed, her warm mouth coating his cock with her saliva and his precum that now leaked in full force.

Casey slid her tongue around his shaft every time she took him deep. Her pussy was now on fire and she felt her juice leaking out of her with each bobbing motion. She made sure that every time his cock entered her mouth she would suck as hard as possible giving him full pleasure.

She went on like this for a full minute, a minute that seemed to take much, much longer. She then felt her brother's cock throbbing wildly and producing much more precum than first, she knew he was close so she increased her speed even more.

Jake panted hard now. "Casey... I'm... I'm going to cum! My big sister is going to make me cum!" he yelled.

Casey let go of her brother's wild throbbing cock with another loud plop, she then quickly grabbed it with both her hands and started to jerk him off with an insane pace. She opened her mouth close to his cockhead and looked up again to make contact with his eyes.

"Cum for me, shoot it all in my mouth, on my face, wherever you want little brother, cum!" She moaned, getting ready for her brother's thick jizz.

Just when she stopped speaking she heard her brother scream loud. "CUMMING!"

Rope after rope of thick white creamy cum shot out of his throbbing cock, a large streak hit Casey across her face and into her hair, another one shot hard against her chin that dripped down onto her breasts. She aimed the rest into her mouth which got filled up to the brim.

Jake had never experienced something like this, he never came this hard before with his girlfriend, his sister had out done her with just one amazing blowjob. He looked down to see her covered with his cum. 

She was looking up to him with her mouth open to show him how much he came. She then closed her eyes, closed her cum filled mouth and swallowed everything in one go. This triggered her own orgasm as she started to shake and tremble. It threw her off balance and she fell backwards onto the wet tile floor. Jake could see her pussy shooting squirt after squirt of juice as his sister shook and twitched.

He turned off the shower and looked back down at his sister who was now smiling.

"You okay Casey?" He asked slightly concerned.

She started to giggle. "Okay? Sweetie... You just gave your sister one of her best climaxes of her life, and you didn't even touch me!"

Jake started to blush. "I-I think I'm in that same position, only you did touch me though."

They both started to laugh. Casey then stood up and grabbed a big towel.

"here, let me dry you up Jake." She gently dried her brother's body while he gazed at her once more jiggling and bouncing tits. "You like them?" She suddenly asked him.

"Y-yes." He responded all nervously again.

"I might let you play and suck on them in the future little brother, my breasts are really sensitive."

Jake looked up to her. "You mean to say that this wasn't a one-time thing?"

"Only if you want it to... But I like this little brother and I hope we can continue this, it will be our little secret." She leaned forward and gave him and big kiss on his cheek. "I love you very much Jake and I never want to be separated from you again." 

He could feel his heart bump fast because of what his sister said. "I like it too Casey, and... I would like it if we could keep doing this. Us, together."

Casey felt the same butterflies in her stomach that Jake also felt, she started to blush and gave him another kiss, one on his lips. She held his hand tight and reached down again for another kiss.

"Casey, Jake! I'm home! Somebody cares to help their poor mother with the groceries?"

Both Jake and his sister snapped out of their romantic moment. "Oh shit! Mom!" Yelped Casey.

"You are ready faster than me Sis. I think it's best if you would go now."

Casey nodded. "Your clothes are next to the toilet; can you handle it yourself?"

"Yeah I've done this before, takes a little longer but it's no problem. Oh! Casey, could you roll my wheelchair in front of me."

She did as he asked and gave him another quick kiss on his cheek before leaving the bathroom.

"I love you Jake." She said as she left.

"I love you too Casey." Responded her brother.

Jake slumped back into the shower chair and let out a huge sigh.

"What a morning, I can't believe what happened and what we did... But it felt... Good... Together with her, my sister..."

He then proceeded to dress himself, they had been way to long in the bathroom and he didn't want his mother to find out. "Let's see what the rest of the day will bring me" He whispered to himself.


Jake would be spending his afternoon with Debby, she had helped him with his physical training's ever since he came home. Her brother was amazed at her when she showed him her little project she worked on for both of them. Debby had asked her mother if she could use half of the garage to set up their own little fitness room. Cynthia had no problem with the idea, she loved seeing her youngest daughter caring so much for her son. Debby added different workout benches, a rack full of different barbell's, a railing attached to the ceiling so they could do pull ups and even a tiny fridge in the corner for cold beverages. She placed everything in such a way that Jake would have easy access with his wheelchair.

Jake was already in the garage waiting for his little sister to show up, he was daydreaming of what had happened earlier in the morning. He snapped out of it when Debby dropped a bag filled with water bottles.

"Heya big brother! You okay? You seem a little off."

"Sup Deb, no I'm good. What's up with all those bottles?"

"Oh, just gonna fill the fridge up to maximum capacity, what's the point of having it when there are only like what, four bottles in it?"

Jake watched his sister filling up the small refrigerator. "So, any competition today at all?" He asked.

Debby turned around, stuck out her tongue a little and made a cute expression with a peace sign before answering. "Deborah Wilson... Number one!"

They both started to laugh.

"Shit Deb, that bet for ice cream still stands I guess?"

She giggled. "You bet your ass it does, that bet will remain forever."

Jake laughed again at his silly but cute sister. "So Miss instructor, what did you have in mind today for us?"

"I have to be honest Jake, training tired me out today so I'm thinking about some simple arm training for you with barbells, I hope you won't mind that? I will make it up to you next time I have some free time to spend."

"Of course I don't mind Deb, I'm already glad that you always make some time for me, to do some stuff together, just the two of us."

Debby started to blush from her brother's words. "I like it too Jake... Spending time with you, us together, It's relaxing for me."

They looked at each other for a little while before Debby spoke again. 

"Alright, why don't you start with some lightweights and warm your arms up while I get rid of this sweater. I'll do some warmups myself because I don't like helping you out while my body is a little cold."

"Fine by me, we got enough time so do it at your own pace." Responded Jake while working out his arms with the use of small, lightweight barbells.

Jake watched his little sister close after she got rid of her sweater. She was wearing very tight gray yoga pants that hugged her fit lower body perfectly. Every time she bend over to stretch he could easily see her pussy outlined, his sister was displaying one hell of a camel toe. From her top he got pretty much the same effect. A short gray matching tank top that showed off her firm small breasts and their cute tiny nipples. They poked against the fabric so it was pretty obvious that she wasn't wearing any sort of bra at all.

"Ah, that feels much better... So big brother, ready for that arm training?" Debby asked while standing in front of him.

"As ready as can be Sis!" Said Jake.

"Alright, I want you to sit in the middle of the bench so I can help whenever needed, here, let me help you with your legs... Good, okay just start the exercise routines that I made for you."

The following half hour was filled with all kinds of exercises to help training Jake's arms, Debby was so proud of her brother that he never gave up on it, her carefully made routines had really helped him to develop strong and muscular arms that could support him wherever he needed. 

"Worked up quite a sweat, didn't you big brother?" Asked Debby as she took the heavier barbells from him.

"I did, but for a good cause! Your exercises really help me a lot Deb, I can't thank you enough for spending all that time on making them for me."

Debby blushed again. "Like I said, anything for my sweet brother!"

"Speaking of exercises, how about a final one? One to end our session today."

"I still got some puff left so why not? I'm game!"

"Okay!" She said excited as she started to straddle her brother's legs.

"Whoa Sis, what's up with this?" Spoke a confused Jake, his little sister now a few inches away from him, sitting on top of his legs.

"So I can keep an eye on you closely, to make sure you won't cheat!"

"Okay... So some sort of competition? Do I get anything for it?"

Debby was thinking to herself when she started to blush and giggle.

"I was thinking... For every ten seconds I will give you... A kiss!"

"A kiss?"

"Yes! Instead of ice cream, like my bet, I will give you a kiss. Or would you rather have ice cream instead of a kiss from your sweet, cute little sister?" Said Debby with a cute pouty face.

"N-no a kiss is good with me; how could I resist an offer like that ha-ha!"

"Yay!" Yelped Debby before giving her brother a tight hug.

"Alright Miss instructor, what do I have to do?"

"Take the two heaviest barbells from the rack, one in each hand and then hold your arms straight horizontally, I want to see how long you can hold it steady like that."

"Mhm... Good test I suppose, alright give me a few seconds and we'll begin, start counting once my arms are straight."

Jake took a couple of calm, deep breaths before he lifted the heavy barbells and held his arms straight. His eyes locked with his sisters as she counted in her head.

"Five... Ten... Fifteen... Twenty... Twenty-five... Thirty... Thirty-six..." After she counted thirty-six she saw that her brother was at his limit, he lowered his arms and dropped the heavy barbells carefully onto the floor.

"Holy shit!" Said an exhausted Jake. "Those things were heavier than I thought... So Sis? What's the time?"

She started to blush again. "Thirty-six seconds... So that means..."

"Three kisses!" Interrupted Jake with a sly grin.

"Y-yes... Three... Kisses." Whispered a slightly nervous Debby.

"Come on Deb, what's up with all the shyness all of a sudden?" Teased Jake.

Debby then closed her eyes and lunged forward, her lips smacked against her brother's and she gave him a deep kiss. The first kiss lasted for about ten seconds before she pulled herself back.

"T-that was kiss one..." She said softly with a blushed face.

Jake remained quiet, he was quite surprised by his little sister's sudden actions, a kiss that was way different than the simple peck he had in mind. His sister went for the second kiss before he had even a chance to speak.

Debby took his face in her tiny soft hands and kissed him deep once more, the kiss now lingered for about twenty seconds. Just before the end she stuck out her tongue and felt her brother open his mouth a tiny bit, she almost slipped inside before backing away again.

She looked Jake deep into his eyes, he remained quiet again. "That was... Kiss two." She whispered, her breath heavier than before. They kept staring into each other's eyes for a while, seeing a certain gaze of lust and love.

With a sudden movement her brother suddenly pulled her towards him, once more their lips smacked together and this time there was no holding back. Jake slipped his tongue inside his little sister's mouth and she gladly accepted it. She could feel her hard nipples pressing against his strong chest and his hands kneading her tight, well trained ass. Their tongues battled furiously and their moans filled the garage.

Jake's cock was rock-hard now and he felt it poking against his little sister's pussy through their pants, she was getting wet and a dark spot started to form on her mound. He noticed that Debby was rubbing her body up and down against him, begging for more stimulation. Her tiny hands roamed over his sweaty back trying to find some grip onto him.

They went at it like that for a full minute before Jake separated himself from her. "And that was... Kiss three" He whispered to Debby as a small line of saliva hanged between their mouths.

Debby took his face into her hands again and started to speak. "Jake... I love you, and I wan-"

"Debby! Lisa is here for you!" Shouted Cynthia towards the door all of a sudden.

She jumped up slightly panicked. "Oh shit! I totally forgot! I'm studying at Lisa's tonight!" 

She quickly grabbed her sweater and was about to leave.

"Debby!" Shouted her equally alarmed brother.

"Huh? Oh yes Jake, I'm so sorry and we will continue this later, I mean I totally am an airhead sometimes and I tend to forget things but I promised Lisa to-" She rambled on and on.

"Debby!" Shouted Jake again as he pointed down to her crotch.

She stopped and followed his finger. "Oh my gosh! How could I forget about that! Thank you brother!" She blew him a kiss. "I love you Jake! I'm sleeping at Lisa's tonight but I will be back tomorrow night so we can... You know... Talk I guess." 

She then quickly opened the door and sprinted upstairs to her room. "Give Lisa something to drink Mom! Need to change my attire so I'll be ready in a bit." Was all Jake heard before he heard her door slammed shut.

He let himself fall back onto the workout bench and let out a huge sigh. "First it's Casey, and now Debby too. I wonder what's going on in their heads. Just like with Casey I couldn't resist her after a while and again... It felt really good..." He pushed himself up and reached for his wheelchair. "We need to be careful with this, as good as it feels it's really something we should not be doing, especially as siblings..."


It was quiet at night at the Wilson residence. Casey went to bed early because she was tired and Debby was at her friend's house. Jake was in the kitchen looking for something to snack, after he was satisfied with what he found he wheeled himself to the living room. He found his mother sitting in the corner of the couch, her legs tucked under her body and a book in her hands. The room was dimly lit by a small lamp that stood next to her.

"Hi Mom" He said with a smile.

"Oh, hi sweetheart." Responded his mother as she looked at him over her reading glasses.

"You had quite the exercise today, Didn't you? I hope that your sisters helped you like asked them too."

"You can say that again Mom, this day was filled with enough things to do. Casey and Deb's helped me a lot and I'm very grateful to both of them... Say, could I join you on the couch?"

Cynthia smiled at her son. "Honey, you don't need to ask. You know I love your company."

Jake smiled back at her again, he placed himself so that he could easily hop out of his wheelchair and onto the couch. As Cynthia watched her son she felt a lump in her throat, still after a whole month she felt guilty. She was the one that pulled that man into their lives, the man that took away the mobility of her child. She sniffed and a tear ran down her face. Jake noticed it and talked to her.

"Mom? What's the matter, you're crying?"

She sobbed softly before answering. "It's just... It's..." She swallowed and looked up at Jake. "Sweetie... Would you mind... Cuddling with me like we used to when you were young?"

Jake could see that his mother needed some comfort. "Sure Mom, I always liked that, it calmed me down whenever I was angry or sad and I know it had the same effect on you."

Cynthia gave her son a teary smile as she opened her legs and held out her arms. Jake pulled himself up between her and rested his head onto her firm, large breasts. With one hand Cynthia held her son close while the other slowly ruffled through his hair. They both felt the calming effect immediately. 

"Mom, you don't have to feel guilty about what happened to me, how could you have known that he was such a sick person deeply inside."

"Honey it's... I endangered your sister, what if you didn't show up? He would have... He would have raped my baby girl..."

Jake felt his mother shake so he snuggled up to her closer, with one hand he intertwined his fingers with hers and held her tight.

"But it didn't happen, I was there and I prevented it."

She nodded and sighed "But at a cost, and now my baby boy has to live with the consequences for the rest of his life..."

Jake looked up to her and their eyes met. "And I will, and I accepted it. I want to try and make the best of my life just like it was before so please Mom, move on together with us, it hurts me to see you like this Mom and I know damn well that Casey and Debby feel the same. We all love you so much Mom, so please, please show me that cute, bright smile of yours again."

Cynthia was quiet for a while, and then that bright, cute smile of hers returned to her face. "How can I resist my sweet baby... You're absolutely right Jake, I need to face the future instead of sticking to the past." She gave him a big kiss on his forehead. "You're still my sweet, cute boy that exactly knows how to cheer up Mommy."

Jake blushed softly and smiled back at her.

"You know... You have always been my favorite..." Spoke Cynthia after a while.

Jake looked up at her again slightly confused. "What do you mean Mom?"

"What I mean to say is... Casey was always a Daddy girl and Debby was... Well Debby I guess. Don't get me wrong, I love both your sisters to death but our bond... You're my special little boy, I just wanted you to know that. I love you very, very much Jake."

Jake leaned up and gave her a kiss on her cheek before resting his head on her breasts again. "I also love you very much Mom, I'm happy to be your son."

Cynthia felt her body tingle because of what her son said, they both cuddled up even closer and enjoyed their warm embrace for the rest of the night.


It was now deep in the night, both Jake and his mother went to bed after their cuddle session. Tomorrow he would be home-alone together with her because Casey had to meet a client and Debby would be at her friend's house until nighttime.

He was thinking back to all the event's that happened today between him and his sisters, and between him and his mother.

After some times he heard soft knocks on his door.

"Come in." He whispered softly as he turned on the nightlight next to his bed.

He watched as a shade walked up next to him before he could make out who it was.

"Nightmares again?" He asked.

"Y-yes... Do you mind if we... Sleep together tonight little brother?"

Casey was standing next to his bed in her satin nightdress, between her arms a fluffy teddy bear that he won for her at a fair long, long ago.

"Still sleeping with Mr. Bear next to you Casey?" He asked.

"You know that it calms me down, dummy!" Answered his sister with a pouty face.

Casey had trouble sleeping after the event that changed their lives, some nights there was no problem but tonight she woke up to another one of those horrible dreams.

Jake flipped open his blanket and nodded to her, his bed was big enough for two people.

Casey sat Mr. Bear next to them on the nightstand and slipped into the bed, once in she pulled herself close to her brother. An arm around his neck and her head on his chest, her breasts pushed against his side as she comforted herself.

"Thank you Jake, I love you."

He threw the blanket back over them and softly stroked his sister's hair.

"You know, I really like your new look Sis."

She smiled. "Glad to hear it, you should have heard Dad about it when he saw me for the first time."

"Dad's an asshole, he left Mom for some skinny younger bitch. He has no right to judge your appearance, especially not after all those stunts he pulled.

"... So, what do you like about my look?"

"It makes you look... Mysterious... Sexy... Cute... Tough... Smart... It just looks like... Like you I guess!"

Casey started to giggle. "Are you trying to seduce me with those words little brother? But yeah, I'm glad I went through with it, I finally feel like myself. The generic Casey went out the door and the real me came out!"

They both laughed softly.

"So what made you decide to come back last month?" Asked Jake.

"I thought you already knew?"

"I heard it from Mom, but I rather hear it from the source herself. You know Mom doesn't like talking about anything that involves Dad, so I guess I got a half-baked version from her."

"Well the truth is I... I just missed home, and I mean my real home. You know I get along well with Dad but after these five years it just felt like it was time to return... Home. My studies were finished and I work as a freelance, I told Dad one day and he was fine with it, and so, here I am again."

"And you really missed us..." Added Jake.

"Yes... I missed you all so much. Probably the biggest reason I wanted to go back."

They grew silent for a little while, just listening to their soft breathing.

"Casey... About that whole avoiding me thing when you returned... What was that all about?" He asked with a soothing voice. He then felt his sister holding onto him tighter.

"I... I'm sorry for that... I was confused at the time, conflicted with myself... I thought... I thought you would have changed in those five years that we were separated. I was afraid that you would be different, that you had forgotten about me and moved on... So... I tried to lock myself away from you... But after that night I... I..."

Jake could feel his sister's tears drip onto his bare chest, he then gently pulled her up so that they were face-to-face. He looked deep into her teary eyes. "I've never changed Casey, and especially not for you. I was so happy when you came back into my life. I had missed you as much as you had missed me, Casey... We are back together finally and I never want to separate with you again."

"Jake..." Whispered his sister softly. She placed her hand onto his head and pulled herself closer. Before they knew it they were kissing again. Not like brother and sister, but like lovers. Casey slipped her tongue inside her brother's mouth and they both started to make out.

Their hands roamed freely over their bodies, exploring every part of them without haste. Their bodies pushed themselves closer and closer together all the while their tongues never stopped battling. They both moaned loudly, expressing their feelings vocally to each other.

Casey then forced herself off her brother's mouth. 

"Jake... I... I always had deep, locked away feelings for you. Feelings that an older sister should never have for her younger brother... But I can't hide them anymore... I love you Jake, and I mean real love... A forbidden kind of love..."

Jake smiled at her. "Then I can only say that our feelings are mutual... I love you too Casey, ever since we were together all the time."

Jake then threw off the blanket and pulled his sister's body all the way up so she was on top of him, facing the ceiling.

She giggled again. "Oh my! Little brother, shouldn't I be facing you instead of looking up your room's ceiling? And what are going to do with me like this anyway?"

Her brother then pulled down the straps of her nightdress, revealing her two perfectly shaped firm breasts with their erect nipples. "I'm going to make you feel good Sis, just like you did to me this morning."

He then groped her two big tits and started playing with them. Kneading, pushing them together, admiring their perfect shape.

"Ooooh little brother... Just like that yesss... Guess you remembered when I told you that my tits are very sensitive... Yes, knead them, play with them..."

"I did my dear sister, they are phenomenal, and since they are so sensitive like you said. Then I think that you will appreciate... THIS!"

Jake then clamped her two erect nipples between his fingers. He pushed, pulled and rubbed them in each direction while the rest of his hands mauled away at her breasts.

Casey let out a shriek and felt her body reacting to the sudden stimulation, her pussy was leaking badly now, even squirting a little every time her brother yanked her nipples.

"Yesss! I love it! Play with my tits like that, from now on their all yours little brother! So good! Your big, strong hands all over them yes!"

Casey started gyrating her waist and hips because of the intense pleasure, she could feel her brother's cock stiffen harder with each second. Her juices were now leaking onto her brother's legs and the first drips started to soak into his mattress.

"Show me how much you like it Sis, show me how much you like your brother's hands on your sexy, voluptuous, naughty body." Panted Jake as he felt his sister stimulating his cock.

He then felt a tiny soft hand on top of right hand, grabbing it tight before guiding it down between his sister's legs. He was greeted with an incredible wetness that coated his fingers.

"Rub me Jake... Rub my pussy good, feel how wet it is for you." Moaned his sister.

Jake wasted no time, he ran his hand and fingers up and down her soaked slit, pressing deeper with each stroke until two of his fingers sank down in her very wet and tight pussy.

"Yes! Fuck my pussy with your fingers! Make your big sister splatter her cunt nectar all over you!"

Casey's hand remained on top of his, she guided his speed while he worked his fingers in and out. He stuck out his thumb and found out that he could rub her clit at the same time like this.

With his left hand still mauling away at his sister's big left tit and his right hand pleasuring her pussy in every way possible made them both pant and breath heavily. Their sweaty bodies slithered up and down against each other, making the bed softly creak.

The room was now filled with the stench of sex, the squishy sounds and moans of pleasure went along pretty well with the smell.

Jake's rock-hard cock was leaking a generous amount of precum and throbbed with a steady pace against his sister's tight, well-formed ass.

"It's not fair little brother... It's not fair..." Moaned Casey as she was being pleasured like never before.

"What... Is... Ugh!... Not fair?" Panted a highly aroused Jake.

"Let your big sister... Show you... Push me up a little."

She pushed herself up a little with the assistance of her brother, Jake then felt her tiny soft hands to the side of his waist. With one quick motion she pulled his boxers down far enough so that his erect, throbbing cock sprung free.

"Okay, you can let me go now, get those hands back on my tits."

Casey was on top of him again, his cock was wedged between her firm butt-cheeks, spreading precum all over them. 

While Jake played with his sister's tits again she spread her legs and pushed her pelvis up. With her right hand she grabbed her brother's thick, hard cock and pulled it out from under her. She then dropped her pelvis down again and placed his cock against her wet pussy.

"I'm going to give you pleasure while you keep on pleasuring me at the same time little brother." Purred Casey.

She then placed her own hands on top of her brother's hands so she could feel how he groped her breasts with them.

"Oooh Jake, I love your big hands on my tits... Keep doing this and let me do my thing for you."

Casey started moving her hips up and down, her wet pussy lips wrapped around her brother's cock shaft and slicked it with her nectar.

"Oh Casey that feels so fucking good, your tight pussy is devouring my cock!" Moaned Jake loudly.

"Mhmmm... Yes little brother, feel my pussy rubbing up and down against that fat cock of yours..."

Brother and Sister were now lost in a sea of pleasure, they both had their eyes closed and moaned with full affection. Jake kept attacking her firm tits by kneading, pulling and pushing them in every direction while Casey rubbed her slick, juice coated cunt up and down against his throbbing cock shaft, with every throb it slapped softly against her pussy what resulted in drops of precum and pussy juice scattering across their lower bodies. 

They went on like this for a while, coating their own sweaty bodies and the matrass with their bodily fluids. The squishy sounds became louder and so did their moans and breathing.

Jake started to feels his sister's body shake more and more as they rubbed harder and harder against each other.

"Little brother... Ooooh... I'm... I'm going to cum... Soon... And I want... I want you to... Cum with me." Moaned a heavy breathing Casey.

She then closed her legs so Jake's cock was now trapped against her pussy and between her thighs. He could feel the tightness and intense pressure his cock was submitted to. 

"Move up and down little brother, move your waist up and down, fuck my thighs and pussy lips and make me cum!"

Again he wasted no time and started moving. They both could feel how his hard cock rubbing up and down against her thighs and wet pussy. The squishy sounds were now loud and nasty, the bed started creaking harder and their moans were flipped up another notch.

"It's so good Sis, your sexy body feels so good! I love you so much Casey!"

"I love you too Jake! Now keep on fucking and don't you dare to let go of my tits!" She almost yelled.

Jake was now pounding up against his sister's ass while his hands mauled her big tits as hard as possible. Casey herself pressed her thighs even tighter together, her hands holding tight onto her brother's hands.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" She moaned loud, her pussy squirted after each pound of her brother against his cock shaft, scattering her juice all around them. Her ass rippled with every loud smack and had turned slightly red.

Jake then reached his limit. "I'm cumming Sis! I'm fucking cumming!"

As soon as the words were out he exploded. He gripped his sister's tits tight as he felt spurt after spurt of thick semen shooting out his cock, most of it landed on his sister's body and a few shots flew on his bed.

Casey quickly pulled her hands against her mouth to muffle her scream when she climaxed at the same time. She bucked up and down as her legs spread open, three huge squirt's of juice shot out of her. The first struck her brother's cock and splattered all around them while the last two shot across his bed.

They both breathed heavily while their bodies shook and trembled. Jake held onto his sister to keep her from slipping off him. They laid like that for a minute or two before his sister spoke.

"Jake... permission to turn around?" She asked with a cute voice.

Jake laughed and gently helped her to flip over.

He felt his own sticky cum and her juices being smeared all over his body but he couldn't care less. Casey pulled herself up a little so they were face-to-face once more, they looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds before their lips found one another again.

Her hands caressed his face while Jake held her body close to him, feeling her tits and nipples press tightly against his chest. They continued making out for a while before they separated. Casey slipped down next to him and was back in the same position like they were before their erotic coupling. Arm around her brother's neck, her head on his chest and her tits pressed against his side. Jake grabbed the blanket and covered them again. 

"Wow..." She softly whispered. "This was amazing Jake..."

Jake was back to softly stroking her hair. "Yeah... It was..."

"When do you think we will go all the way Sis?" He asked curiously.

She giggled once more. "With the speed we are going... I guess pretty soon little brother. Unless... You don't want to..."

"Oh I want to Sis... I don't care that it is wrong. I love you and I want to do it... With you."

She hugged him hard. "Good... Because I want it too..."

They remained quiet for a bit so their bodies could calm down a little from their love making.

"So... How are we going to clean up this mess Sis?" Asked Jake after a while.

Casey yawned softly. "I have to leave early in the morning for this client I need to speak with, so I will help you with that as soon as I wake up."

"Not too early I hope?"

"Nah, around eight. So if we are quiet we can erase the traces of our lovey-dovey time together. Mom usually wakes up at nine now that she's not working."

"Alright... Well I'm ready for some well needed rest, what do you say Sis?"

"Say no more!" She answered while she cuddled up to him.

"Sweet dreams Casey, I love you."

"I love you too Jake, sweet dreams."

Within a few minutes they were deeply asleep, dreaming of the time they would be spending together in the future.

Little did they know that their incestuous coupling had awoken their mother from her sleep, who now quietly closed the door of her son's room and made her way back to her own...