"Stories 18+" A forbidden massage between Aunt and Nephew

Stories 18+ A forbidden massage between Aunt and Nephew
There was an incident that happened to me as an 18 year-old that would change my life. I didn't know it at the time, though. It happened so quickly and without warning.

It was Christmas and things were happening as they do every year. I was gathered with my family and celebrating the holidays. We had a meal together and had all gotten together in the basement to exchange gifts. It was a pleasant time.

I have a nice family. It's pretty big and I have many aunts, uncles and cousins. I get along with all of them, but I have one Aunt in particular who I like a little more than the others.

My Aunt Megan is a very unique woman. She is the kind of person who seems to have a mysterious source of positivity and energy. She's always working on something and making the people around her laugh and smile. She is always a wonderful person to be around. Not only that, but she is gorgeous. She has the body of an athlete; she's tall and slim. She has long, straight blonde hair that reaches her mid-back. One of the things that I've always admired about her is how well she takes care of herself. She's always well put together and looking very fashionable. Her skin is always smooth and creamy looking and she has very clean, shiny, white teeth. The list of her attractive features goes on and on, from her deep blue eyes that can suck you in, to her toned legs and waist, to her beautiful tits that are just the perfect size. However, if you ask me, her best feature is her ass.

Her ass is just perfect. The shape of it when she wears a pair of jeans is mesmerizing. I don't know how many hours I've spent fantasizing about touching it, squeezing it, and licking it.

This obsession that I've had with my Aunt Megan and her sexy ass all started that one Christmas day.

As we were taking turns distributing presents to one another, it became Megan's turn to give out one of hers. She stood up and walked toward the tree. I was sitting on the couch beside the tree, minding my own business when I suddenly realized that my beautiful Aunt was right in front of me trying to grab a present. This event wouldn't be too abnormal, except that Megan was facing away from me and reaching really far under the tree to get the present she wanted. She bent over in front of me and stuck her butt back toward me; and that's when I saw it.

As always, she was wearing tight blue jeans that showed off her hips and ass perfectly. She also had on a dark Christmas sweater which had ridden up as she reached for the gift. A few inches of skin on her lower back had become exposed, which wasn't the part that caught my eye. What I was interested in was the thong that I could clearly see riding up above the waist of her jeans. It was dark gray and had a very skinny strap pointing down into her crack which was connected to a thin string around her waist.

I was hypnotized for what felt like minutes. It was a very erotic sight to be greeted by when I least expected it. Not to mention the fact that I had previously not thought of Megan in a sexual way. I knew she was beautiful and I loved being around her, but that was it. Well, everything changed in that moment. That moment was the one that changed my opinion of my Aunt being just a fun lady to be around, to being the object of my desires and the subject of most of my sex fantasies. I had no idea how much those few moments would change my life.


Over the next decade, the relationship between my Aunt and I would slowly change. It was difficult, at first, for me to come to terms with my attraction to her. After all, it was wrong to think about having sex with a family member, right? Eventually I had to admitted to myself that it was what I truly wanted to do. I started to try to spend more and more time with her and speak to her as often as possible. I didn't expect to ever get what I ultimately wanted, but I was happy just being closer to her. To my surprise, she started to respond well to my piqued interest in her. We started making more and more plans to hang out, having lunch together, and even speaking on the phone.

Every time we became closer, I celebrated a small victory. Of course, I had no delusions that I would actually get to make love to her. She was my Aunt and would almost certainly not be interested in crossing that line. The other problem was that she had her own family. She had a husband and two kids. There was no way she would risk losing what she had just to have sex with me, was there? All the same, I didn't give up.

I became more and more bold as time went on. I began to compliment her appearance and paid more and more attention to what was going on in her life. Before long, we were very close and confiding secrets in each other. I started to openly flirt with her and she would sometimes flirt back. But after all this, I couldn't come out and say what I really wanted. What if she didn't want the same? It would ruin our relationship and change our family forever. I couldn't risk making a real move. I decided to play the long game and continue to take tiny steps toward my goal - realizing that it would probably not happen, but never totally giving up hope.

Sometimes I would get a hint that she was thinking the same thing as me. I might look across the room and catch her eye for a moment before she smirked and winked at me. She might gently brush my arm as we passed each other in the hallway. She might make the odd comment about one of my girlfriends like, "she's a very lucky girl, she must love you." Sometimes I would not hear from her for a while before getting an email about how much she has been thinking about me. There was something brewing between us. It was deep under the surface and it may take a long time to build into anything real, but it was there.


It wasn't uncommon for us to have lunch together or spend an afternoon hanging out, so I wasn't surprised when she phoned one Wednesday afternoon asking me if I was busy. I told her that I was free and we met up for lunch.

I got to the restaurant before her and sat down to wait. When she arrived I was stunned. She was wearing a very sexy looking workout outfit. She had a tight tank-top on with a purple skirt that just covered her ass. Her creamy, white legs were exposed right up to her thighs and she wore sandals which showed off her recently-painted, pink toenails. I couldn't take my eyes off of her legs as she sat down. She noticed and smirked at me with a wink, her trademark move.

"My god, you look good, Megan!" I managed.

She laughed and thanked me before started a monologue about her day and week. I didn't pay attention. I just stared at the various parts her appearance that captivated me. I looked at her hands and pink fingernails against the menu she held, her toned arms and creamy skin, her full, shiny lips, her long golden hair, and her deep blue eyes.

We talked and laughed a lot that afternoon as lunch turned into a few afternoon drinks. We shared a few of those precious moments of silence when the conversation would come to a lull and we would just stare into each other's eyes smiling for a brief moment before one of us lost our nerve and looked away. Was I crazy or was something happening between us? My Aunt was started to look at me the same way that girls my age did.

Finally, it was time to leave and I paid the bill. As we were walking out to our cars, she stopped me.

"Hey, are you doing anything on Friday night?"

Twice in one week? I usually wasn't lucky enough to spend that much time with Megan. Don't blow this, I thought to myself.

"Nope, what did you have in mind?" I responded.

"Well, I was thinking you could come over and we'd have a few drinks. I had a good time this afternoon, so, why not? Besides, the boys are all going out of town so I'll have the house to myself."

I couldn't believe my ears. She wanted me to come drink with her alone at her house? This could be the opportunity that I was waiting for.

"Yes, of course! I'm looking forward to it."

She smiled with excitement and gave me a big hug right there in the parking lot. Then she did something she hadn't done before. She kissed me on the cheek and hugged me again. What did that mean? I felt myself getting hard, as usual when she hugged me, but for some reason this time I didn't pull away like I usually did. I continued hugging her despite the fact that she could probably feel my bulge against her belly. Where did I get this new boldness from?

Eventually we said goodbye and drove away. I spent the rest of the day in a haze wondering what had just happened.


Friday night came and I headed over to her place with a case of beer and a bottle of wine. I knew that this might be the best chance I could get, but I also didn't want to blow it by trying too hard. I told myself that whatever happened was okay. After all, I was playing the long game.

My Aunt Megan greeted me at the door with a smile and a hug. She was wearing black leggings and a blue sweater. She looked cozy.

I came inside and sat down on the couch. She was making snacks and brought them out for us. She sat down and we started to talk and catch up. She drank wine and I drank beer. The night started very normally and we just talked and laughed together. I wondered how I would get my chance to make a move.

After a few drinks, she relaxed and pulled her feet up onto the couch between us. Extending them a little farther towards me. I started to rest my hand on her leg and slowly run my finger nails across her skin. She seemed to enjoy that because she extended her feet right out onto my lap. I rested my hand across her leg and slowly started to rub it. She didn't stop me and I knew that this was a good sign. How far could I go?

Suddenly an idea popped into my head. "Megan, I have to confess something. I really liked that outfit you wore to lunch. In fact, I've been thinking about it all week. I can't get that skirt out of my head... I think purple might be your colour."

She blushed and smiled. "I had a feeling you'd like it."

I continued sliding my hand up and down her calves. My erection was growing as I inspected her perfect skin. Again, I didn't care when I felt my cock press into her legs. I wanted her to feel it.

I think she could feel it because she started to move her feet back and forth across my lap against my shaft. It felt amazing. She must know what was happening. Was she willing to risk everything for this? Her family and kids? 

Suddenly, she stopped and stood up. "Wait here," she said with a wink. "I need another drink."

She left the room and I stared at her butt as she walked across the room. Visions of her naked body against mine floated through my mind...

A minute later she returned and my jaw hit the floor. She had changed her clothing. Instead of the black leggings she had previously been wearing, she now had on that same purple skirt from lunch. And the tank top to match it. She did a little dance and spun around for me before sitting back down and plopping her feet back on my lap, keeping her knees together.

My heart started to beat faster at that point. I felt a tingly feeling travel throughout my body. Seeing my Aunt dressed in such a skimpy outfit just for me and in a private setting like her living room was really starting to excite me. I started to feel a lot less inhibited. I mean, she was obviously relaxed and inviting me to flirt with her, why should I relax, too?

"It looks like someone is trying to be my favourite Aunt!" I teased.

She laughed and winked again as she sipped her new glass of wine.

The rest of the evening went perfectly. We laughed and flirted and I had never felt so comfortable with her in my life. I found every opportunity to touch her, take sips of each other's drinks, and compliment her appearance to the point that I was basically telling her how sexy she was. Still though, I needed to make a real move.

I noticed her rubbing her neck once or twice and trying to stretch her back. Bingo, I thought.

"How's your back feel?" I asked.

"Well it's a little sore. I missed my massage appointment this week and it's been bothering me a bit."

This was my chance.

"How would you like a massage from me instead?" A massage could be a very intimate act and would give me the chance to take things further.

"You would do that for me?" She smiled. "You're such a sweet nephew!"

"Of course. I'd love to."

We looked at each other for a moment as if we both knew what this would mean. We were both having fun playing with each other, and we hadn't crossed any serious lines yet. We hadn't done anything we couldn't come back from. It had all been innocent up to this point. But we also both knew that my offer of a massage was my way of communicating that I was serious about taking things further. The only question was - did she want to the same thing? Her response didn't come immediately.

She wasn't smiling. She was just staring at me. My finger tips ran lightly up and down her calves and moved in gentle little circles. The silence continued and I looked away from her eyes. I openly and boldly let my eyes scan up and down her body, letting her watch me devour her with my eyes. I stared openly at her breasts, legs, and feet. I was no longer interested in hiding my real feelings from her. In fact, I wanted her to see the lust that permeated my gaze. Our breaths both became heavier.

The heavy moment continued longer, until finally she nodded and said, "well let me lay down on my bed then." She rose from the couch and walked past me, gently rubbing her pink fingernails across my shoulder. She swung her hips back and forth ever so slightly as she crossed the room. 

There was a new, heavier tone of seriousness in her voice. For the first time, I wondered if I could go through with this. But after getting up and watching her butt as she walked to her bedroom, all doubt in my mind vanished. My heart was pounding out of my chest as I followed her into her room. Would my ultimate fantasy truly become real?

She lay down on her bed and placed her face against a pillow. Her body was mine to admire and touch. She was barefoot and her beautiful, perfect legs were displayed right up to the dark purple skirt. The skirt covered her ass, but only made its round shape more alluring. Her tank top hugged her waist, showing off her toned figure, and her arms were bent up under the pillow which supported her head. I took a deep breath, gathered myself, reminded myself to keep my cool, and started the massage. 

I began at her neck and shoulders and worked my way down to the middle of her back. I was very thorough and wanted to make sure I did a good job. I would work my way down her back before slowly working my way back up before moving down the backs of her arms. I even massaged her neck and gently rubbed her ears with my thumbs. There was no denying the tension between us as she began to moan ever so softly into the pillow. 

I was in heaven. I was finally able to explore my Aunt's body in an intimate way. My erection was rock hard the entire time and it may have brushed against her leg or butt a few times. She didn't seem to react to it.

Neither one of us spoke the entire time I massaged her. There was no need to speak. The silence was perfectly comfortable and I just enjoyed the freedom to touch and rub her body as my boldness continued to grow.

I brushed her hair to the side so that it wouldn't interfere and leaned forward once or twice to plant a gentle kiss on her shoulders. This only caused her to moan in appreciation. After about 30 minutes I decided to take things further. I moved down to her ankles to begin massaging her legs. As I passed over her butt I let my fingertips barely rub across it. It was the first time I had ever touched the ass that I had spent a decade fantasizing about. It was a surreal moment.

I didn't rush. I took my time to build the suspense and appreciate the body of my lovely Aunt. Her beautiful, toned legs felt wonderful under my fingertips and I know that she liked how my hands felt because she continued moaning her appreciation.

Being this close to her allowed me to bask in her scent. I had become familiar with her smell over the years and it had always been an instant turn-on for me. I had always been sure to take a quick inhale beside her hair when she hugged me. Now I was up close and personal with her and if the contact with her body and skin wasn't enough, her scent had me completely intoxicated. I felt like I was in a dream.

I gently kneaded each of her calves before finally letting my hands slide above her knees to her thighs. My heart was beating like a drum. This was it. I was closer than ever.

I rubbed the back of her thighs and gently kneaded my thumbs into her muscles. As I slid my fingers between her legs, she slowly spread them open. The purple fabric of her skirt slid up the orbs of her butt cheeks just slightly and for the first time, I caught a glimpse of the light blue thong she wore underneath. My Aunt was spreading her legs and allowing me, her nephew, to see up her skirt!

I continued the massage, determined not to blow this chance. Ever so slowly I progressed my rubbing upward toward her hips. There were a few times that I swear a saw her ass rise up and down. She was horny. Her legs slowly spread more and more as I progressed toward her wet crotch.

I made sure to pay attention to both of her legs and didn't rush my progress. I wanted to build the tension a little more. Eventually, I let my fingertips rest just inside her thighs, only inches from her pussy. She pressed back toward me then. Sliding her ass closer to my hand. She wanted me to touch her. She wanted a release from this tension building between us. I let my fingers just barely brush against the wet fabric of her thong, applying the slightest pressure to her pussy.

It was difficult to peel myself away from the close-up view I had of her ass, but I managed it. Keeping my hand between her legs so that my fingers could just barely tease the outer lips of her moistening pussy, I crawled up the bed beside her and nuzzled my face beside hers. Her head was turned away from me and my nose just barely nuzzled its way into her hair. I wanted to end the pretense completely. I wanted to force both of us to address the forbidden act that we were taking part in. I started whispering into her ear.

"I think you know how much I've wanted to do this to you. I think you've known for years. You've seen me looking at you and I think you know that I've fantasized about you."

I paused momentarily to let my words sink in. Her eyes were still closed and her breathing heavy. She didn't respond right away, but finally, her hips moved ever so slightly to grind herself into my fingers. I moved them away just a little bit to deny her the contact, keeping myself in control and still moving my fingertips to ever so slightly tickle the skin of her inner thigh. Then I started talking to her again.

"You know that I've wanted you for years. And I think that you enjoyed knowing it. You feel unsatisfied and you like how it felt to know that your nephew... wanted to fuck you."

I said the last part clearly and distinctly into her ear. I was done playing and I wanted her to know that I wasn't interested in our game any longer. I was ready for the real thing. I stopped moving my fingers and just waited. I let my bold words hang in the air for what felt like an eternity. 

Finally, she reacted. Her eyes didn't open but her head moved slightly as she turned her face a little bit toward mine. I saw the tip of her tongue pop out and lick her lips as a faint moan escaped her. Again, she tried moved her hips as if to signal to me that she wanted me to continue touching her. It was the response I was looking for. I knew that she was mine.

"You've known for a long time that I wanted to fuck you. And I think that it turned you on."

I started moving my fingertips on her skin again and inched slowly closer to her pussy. As I slid my palm between her thighs she spread her legs wider for me and released another, longer and deeper moan. 

"Even though you knew what I wanted to do to you, you still invited me over here tonight. I think that you wanted to see what I would do if you gave me the chance. I think that you knew that I would try to fuck you, and I think that you wanted me to try."

My clear and direct words were crumbling any walls of pretense that might have still existed between us. The more I spoke, the more she surrendered herself to me. She was now swinging her hips in small circles. At the top of each swing, her hips were nearly completely in the air. Her breathing picked up and she began moaning more frequently. My words were turning her on. It was as if she had been waiting for me to make such a bold advance so that she could finally let me have her.

I had slid my hand completely up her thigh and my palm was now resting on the wet fabric of her thong, directly on top of her mound. I added some pressure as I slowly rubbed her in rhythm with the movement of her hips. I needed to make her mine. I needed to make her admit that she wanted me enough to betray her own husband and kids.

"Am I right, Megan? Is this what you wanted?"

She breathed her response into the pillow, but I heard it.


I saw her hands creep down the sides of her body and grab her skirt on either side of her hips. She didn't move them. She just kept her hands at her sides, digging her fingertips into the fabric and balling her hands up into fists as she moaned into the pillow. I kept more pressure on her mound and she ground her hips against my hand.

"I want to fuck you, Megan. Do you want me to fuck you?"

Her response didn't come immediately. Her breath caught in her throat for a moment. Even despite everything we had said and done in the last 10 minutes, this question touched a deep nerve in both of us. It was the question that had been hiding under the surface of our relationship for years. And now it had finally been spoken.

"Yes, David!" Her voice was no longer a whisper and I was actually surprised by the volume of her response. She lifted her head off of the pillow and, opening her eyes for the first time, moaned loudly.

Her balled up fists suddenly yanked her skirt up over her hips and she slid her knees up the bed so that she could lift her ass into the air, fully offering herself to me.

I took her cue and, pulling the soaked fabric on her thong to the side, slid my middle finger into her warm, wet opening.

"Oh, yes!" She moaned as she pushed her hips back against my hand, hard. 

She had suddenly turned into an animal. It was clear that these forbidden desires had been building within her and she was celebrating their release. We no longer needed to suppress our lust. It was time to release it.

I started finger-fucking my Aunt harder as her moans became louder. With my free hand I began rubbing her back from the top of her ass to her neck. I took a moment to look down at the body of my gorgeous and lusty Aunt who was on her hands and knees in front of me, grinding her wet cunt into my finger while moaning loudly.

I slid my left hand over her shoulder and across her throat to cup her face. Turning it toward me, I looked down at her. Her mouth was open and she was panting, hard. 

She was pushing herself back against my hand harder and harder with each passing moment. I could see that she wanted more and I slid a second finger inside of her while beginning to rub her clit as I fingerfucked her slick pussy. The sight of her panties pulled to the side, revealing her anus and glistening pussy which was stuffed full of my fingers was the most erotic sight I had ever seen.

I looked back up at her face. Her mouth was hanging open, her breath ragged, and her eyes were open. We made eye contact then, deep eye contact. I looked at her beautiful blue eyes and saw within them a level of desire that she had never shown me before. In that moment, she told me with her eyes that she was mine and that she was ready to offer her body to me.

I lowered my face to hers and kissed her. Passion quickly took over and our tongues were instantly lashing out at each other's. It wasn't the soft romantic kiss that I had often imagined us having as our first, but rather, it was a sloppy make-out fueled by lust and desire. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

While we kissed she rolled over to her left so that she was laying on her back. I had to momentarily remove my fingers from her while she swung her leg over to the side. She was now laying on her back facing up at me and still looking deep into my eyes. The purple skirt was bunched up around her waist and her legs were spread wider than the devilish grin on her face. She was biting her lower lip.

I brushed her hair to the side with my left hand and lowered my head to kiss her again. I shoved my right hand down the top of her thong and quickly slid my two fingers back inside of her while my thumb began rubbing her clit. I could feel her short pubic hairs rubbing brushing against my palm.

We continued kissing passionately as I fingered her. She continued to lift her hips and grind them against me. Her hands were on the back of my head, fisting my hair and pulling my face toward hers.

"God yes! That feels so good," she murmured into my mouth. However, I didn't need to be told how much she was enjoying it because the juices flowing from her cunt, the hardness of her nipples pointing through her black tank top, and her writhing body had already given me that signal.

In fact, her body language was telling me that she was close to cumming. I picked up my speed and really started fingering her pussy. I shoved my fingers into her hard and harder as I rubbed her clit. Her breathing was picking up and her moans getting louder. She broke our kiss and arched her back as she began wailing in pleasure.

"Yes, David. Keep going, baby. Don't stop, don't stop, don't stoppppp. Oh yes, that feels so fucking good!"

I sat up so that I could have a better angle and she immediately took her hands away from my head and started rubbing her breasts. She pulled her shirt and bra down to free her tits and grabbed both of her nipples hard just as she arched her back hard and let out a final, loud moan.

"Ohhhhh god yes! I'm... I'm... I'm cumminggggg!! Harder! Harder! Oh fuck yeah! Oh fuck..."

She sunk back down onto the mattress and let her heavy breathing subside as her orgasm passed through her. I continued to gently toy with her swollen clit as she relaxed after her powerful orgasm subsided.

She opened her eyes with a smile on her face and looked up at me. Pulling my fingers from her pussy, I brought my hand to my mouth and slowly licked each one of them off without looking away from her beautiful blue eyes. The taste of her juices was intoxicating and I couldn't wait to shove my tongue deep inside of the real thing.

We smiled at each other as we took each other's hands. I gently rubbed her soft skin with my thumb as I continued to take in the sheer beauty of the woman in front of me. I can honestly say that I believe my Aunt Megan is the most beautiful woman in the world. I wrapped my arms around her and we began to kiss again. The nerves were gone now and we were now simply doing what we had wanted to for so long - connecting.

Our tongues danced as we let our hands slid around on each other's bodies. We had finally broken down the walls of fear that had separated us for so many years. We were finally free to have each other in the way we'd wanted for so long.

As we kissed and caressed, we removed each other's clothing piece by piece. I slid her tank top up over her head and she unbuttoned my shirt before peeling it off of my shoulders and tossing it to the side. She undid my belt and slid my pants down as I unzipped the back of that magical purple skirt and removed it from her legs.

All inhibitions were gone now and we were simply letting out passions and desires guide us. We allowed our bodies to dance together in lust and love. I removed her bra and thong and my own boxer briefs and we were both naked. Our skin rubbing and caressing each other's as we rolled and writhed together.

I lost track of time as I was lost in the moment. I felt like I was in a state of flow as I kissed and loved my Aunt's body. Her soft white, skin felt perfect against my own exposed flesh. Every one of my senses was being overloaded with pleasure. Her smell, taste, and feel were all intoxicating me and all other thoughts left my mind. I was completely lost in our forbidden act of love.

We continued to explore, touch, and kiss each other until there we had both seen and felt everything. Mouths were kissing necks, tongues licking nipples and throats, fingers brushing through hair and rubbing legs, chests and arms. My fingers twisted her nipples gently and her soft hand wrapped around my cock. I kissed the nape of her neck as she wrapped her legs around me tightly. I gently dragged my finger nails across her back as she playfully bit the soft skin of my neck. Her wet pussy lips kissed my shaft of my cock as my mouth nibbled on her ear lobe. She was on top of me. I was rolling her over and grinding myself against her sex. One moment led into another and we allowed our raw sexual instincts to guide us.

Everything we did felt so natural that I barely even noticed the moment when I finally entered her. The feeling of my shaft suddenly being half-way inside of her unbelievably soft and warm vagina snapped both of us out of our daze and we momentarily stopped moving. 

Again, our eyes met and our gaze took on a depth that I had never experience with anyone else. I don't know if the connection we made then could have been possible if we had not been family, but in that moment, I felt more love for my Aunt than I knew I was capable of.

She was on her back with her legs wrapped around me. Her feet were inked together behind my ass and she was squeezing me tightly. She could have pulled me completely inside of her at any moment. I was propping myself up with my elbows on either side of her body staring down at the gorgeous woman beneath me. Her tongue escaped from her mouth and she slowly licked her lips as she nodded her head one time, telling me that she was ready for me to take her completely.

A moment later, my entire cock was buried inside of my Aunt Megan. Nothing had felt more right or more amazing in my life. Her vagina was tight and hot around my shaft and so many juices were flowing from her that I barely felt any resistance as I began to move forward and back, in and out of her.

Her face changed then. Her eyes closed for a moment when I pushed fully inside of her and she opened her mouth wider while taking in a sharp, quick inhalation of air. It almost seemed like she was in pain from my cock spreading her lips and pushing so deeply inside of her. But then her open mouth spread into a warm smile and her eyes opened once more. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my face to her own.

She whispered in my ear then, "Yes, David, this is what I want. This is what I've wanted for a long time. Take your time, baby. I'm yours now."

And I did take my time. My thrusts were slow and deliberate. I paid close attention to every detail. The sensation of penetrating my Aunt was amazing and I reveled in the feeling of the slick walls of her pussy rubbing against my sensitive shaft. For the first few minutes, I simply made love to her. I was slow and gentle, letting both of us experience the taboo we had denied ourselves of for so long.

She started to breath harder and so did I. Her hips started lifting up to grind herself into my shaft on every thrust. Her light moaning became heavier and so did mine. My thrusts became harder and with my right hand, I began stroking the skin between her throat and breasts. Then I grabbed her right nipple and gently squeezed it. The pace of our fucking was still slowly intensifying as the pleasure between us built. As hard as I fucked her, her hips would meet mine equally hard. Her moans got louder and she started talking to me again.

"Yeah, fuck me, David. Fuck me harder. Ohhhh yessss, fuck me! Fucking take me like you've always wanted and fuck me!"

Her voice was getting louder and I knew it was my cue to really start pounding her. I squeezed her right nipple hard, kissed her and buried my tongue in her mouth, and started to pound her pussy as hard as I could.

Her hips could no longer match my speed or strength and she just spread her legs wider to allow me the access that I wanted. I fucked her as hard and fast as I could manage and she let out a muffled scream into my mouth. I broke our kiss and her scream filled the room instead.

"Ahhhhhh, ohhhhh yessss!! That feels so fucking good, baby!! Yes, keep giving it to me! Fuck your Aunt! Fuck me as hard as you fucking can!! YES!!"

My hands left her tits and I grabbed her knees instead, pushing them back toward her shoulders. Now her stuffed pussy was completely available to me and I picked up my pace even more. I fucked her harder and longer than I thought could. After several minutes of my relentless pounding and her loud moans, her tone began to change again.

"Baby, keep going. I'm going to cum!! Oh yes, your going to make me cum!! Keep fucking me! Keep- ahhhh! Ohh god! I'm cummminggg!!"

She became like a wild animal and suddenly wrapped her arms around my back and dug her nails into my skin. She started bucking her hips up toward me again as she came. I kept fucking her as hard as I could through her orgasm and could feel my own orgasm brewing inside of me.

Her orgasm passed and she settled down slightly, still breathing and panting roughly into my ear. Sensing that I was close to an orgasm myself, she whispered to me, "It's okay, David. You can do it inside me. I want to feel my sexy nephew fill me up with his seed. I want it in me."

I gave her three more hard thrusts and exploded. Hot cum shot out of my shaft like a bullet inside of her. I kept fucking her while I came with fast short bursts before finally grabbing her hips and pushing myself as deeply into her as I could. Holding her tight against me, I allowed my orgasm to run its course. Shot after shot of cum entered her and I grunted like an animal as a carnal feeling of primitive pleasure shot through my body.

"Yes, baby! I can feel it. I can feel you in me." Her words of encouragement were touching and I ducked my face toward her for a loving kiss.

After my orgasm finished I left my still-hard cock inside her. Her legs slipped to the sides of my body and wrapped around my back. The way that she squeezed me into her told me that she wanted me to stay inside, too.

I continued to slowly move back and forth inside her and looked down at our connection. When I drew my shaft back it was shiny and slick with her juices. Some of my semen had leaked out around her red, puffy lips. Seeing my cock buried inside of my Aunt's soaked pussy and my cum leaking out of it was deeply satisfying. The forbidden act that we had taken part in touched a chord deep within me. We had crossed a line that we could not come back from; and I felt good about it.

Looking down at her face, it was clear that she felt good, too. She was smiling up at me and, again, looking deep into my eyes. There was no denying that her soul was in her gaze when I looked back into her gorgeous blue eyes and a moment later we were kissing again. Our tongues gently teasing each other's as we made out.

Eventually my softening cock slipped out of her and a stream of semen leaked out with it. Neither of us cared as we just rolled into our sides, legs still entwined, and stared at each other with grins on our faces.

I reached over her and turned off the lamp, letting darkness take the room. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me, cuddling her as we slowly let sleep take us. My Aunt, my mate, my lover, snuggled close to me and gently ran her hands up and the down my back. We embraced like that for long time until sleep finally took us.