"Stories 18+" Her Son's Secret

Stories 18+ Her Son's Secret
If anything, Kathy had somehow managed to look even younger when Paul came home from his first year of college than when he'd left. Maybe it was just the time away from her playing with his mind. Maybe it was because he'd missed her more than he expected to. She was quite a bit younger than most of his friends' mothers, but she still had always looked younger than she was. A few of his friends' mothers were definitely hot, sexy women that got lots of attention from older and younger guys alike, but none of them had Kathy's classic looks or her pneumatically pumped curves.

And that was the reason he'd been so determined to go to a school far enough away to have to leave the house. For that matter, at the beginning of the year Paul had planned to stay near campus over the summer. It wasn't so far away he couldn't get home over weekends and holidays. Cutting all ties with his gorgeous mother was the last thing he wanted to do. He only needed some distance. Perspective. But as awkward as it could be living in a house with a woman like Kathy, Paul had missed her more than he'd ever missed anyone.

The day he came back, he'd timed his arrival for the middle of the day when he knew his mother would still be at work. She'd offered to come get him in her SUV so he could move his things home for the summer, but he'd turned down the offer and got her to rent him a vehicle. He'd wanted to make the four-hour drive on his own, but barely a half-hour into the trip he started wishing his beautiful mother had been there.

Paul was both relieved and disappointed when he walked into the quiet, empty house. He left his things in the car, figuring to carry it all in later. The first thing he did was head for the kitchen to look for something to eat and drink. After that, he went upstairs, but instead of going to his own room he went directly to his mother's. As usual, everything was neat and organized, just as she kept the entire house and yard.

He sat on the edge of his mother's crisply made bed and lay back. It was frustrating, to say the least, that the year away hadn't helped him sort through his ambivalent feelings about her. If anything, missing her as much as he did only seemed to make it worse. The irony wasn't lost on him the way his deeper feelings for her caused him to keep her at an emotional arm's length.

There he was, after his first year of college, and his mother was in her thirties. She looked like she was still in her twenties, and it wasn't unusual when people assumed she was Paul's sister. He was always aware of what a great job she'd done raising him on her own, but at the same time, it hadn't been easy living with a mother everyone wanted to fuck. It had soured most of his friendships when other guys said things about her.

Paul also knew his mother was completely aware of the way people reacted to her, and she didn't do anything to discourage the attention she got. And even though she rarely ever dated, she clearly enjoyed the admiration. Most people thought of his hot mother as a typical, blonde bimbo, but he knew she was only playing a role that was expected of her. She was smarter than she let most people think, even Paul himself.

Lying on her bed, he realized he hadn't really gotten too far away from her. Maybe that's why he didn't get the change in perspective he'd hoped for. His campus was close enough to get home for a weekend whenever he wanted, and they'd talked by either voice or video at least four times a week. They kept it up even when Paul was making connections with some of the hot girls he was meeting on campus.

It wasn't until he started getting close with Jenna, the fourth girl he met at school, that he realized he was gravitating to girls who looked like his mother. All pretty blondes with big tits. And Jenna looked more like Kathy than any of the others.

"What the fuck," he muttered, getting up off his mother's bed and walking into her adjacent bathroom. He reached into her laundry hamper and started fingering through her dirty clothes. It was full of lacy, D cup bras and skimpy thong panties. He finally picked out a lacy, white thong and held the tiny strip of cloth to his face. Inhaling deeply, his senses filled with the ripe scent of his mother's pussy.

"Jesus, this is bad," he told himself, feeling his cock begin to swell as he sniffed the aroma of the pussy he'd only thought about more the longer he'd been away.

Holding his mother's pungent panties to his face, he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock with his free hand. He was fully erect and throbbing within seconds, precum already oozing heavily from his cockhead. His hand was soon slamming hard and fast on his enormous shaft. After a couple minutes of furious stroking, he took the panties and wrapped them around his cock.

Between his cock being as big as it was, and the panties being so small, they didn't cover very much of his rigid flesh. But the delicate fabric still felt good, and in a round-about way it let Paul imagine having his beautiful mother's pussy close to his cock.

He'd seen her pussy a number of times when she'd been getting out of the shower or getting dressed with her door open. She never flinched when it happened, and just went about her business as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Paul figured a woman like his mother was so used to people looking at her body that she didn't think twice about it anymore. Seeing her silky-smooth mound that she went out and got waxed every few weeks had never failed to give him a painfully throbbing hard on.

And the sight of her huge, round tits, so smooth with proportionately large nipples, affected him just as much. He'd always noticed her tanned skin, and how she never had tan lines. It also impressed him how her areolas were large, but barely a shade darker than the rest of her skin.

As he stood there in his mother's bathroom stroking his rock-hard pole, she was all he could think about. He loved her the way he never loved anyone in the world, but this was exactly why he found himself avoiding her so much of the time.

His hand was pounding his cock faster and harder, grinding his mother's worn panties up and down that long, thick shaft. But before long he was reaching back into her hamper to grab another pair, holding them to his face to inhale the scent of her pussy while he used the other pair to keep stroking.

He was diving himself toward a hot release when the phone in his back pocket started vibrating with incoming messages. It made him think of all the selfies he saved of his mother, many of which came from clothing store changing rooms and she wanted his opinion on one outfit or another. Considering the way she usually dressed, the outfits were always tight and revealing.

Paul started thinking about the last selfie his mother sent when she was trying on a skimpy tank top. It barely held her enormous boobs. If it had shown any more cleavage her areolas would've been visible. There was no question, his mother had the most incredible tits he'd ever seen.

A few moments later, Paul was gasping desperately while his cock released a plentiful load of spunk that spattered the laundry in his mother's hamper along with the wall behind it.

The young man pumped his gushing cock until he was squeezing out the last oozes of spunk with his mother's panties under his hand. He finally used both pair to wipe up his cock and the drabs that had hit the wall. Then he tossed the cum soaked panties back in the hamper.

After putting his cock away, he pulled his phone out of his back pocket to find the text messages his mother had just sent him.

Where are you? Are you home yet? the first one said. Then there was a second: I'm so excited you're coming back home. I can't believe I get you for the whole summer! I've missed you so much!

Paul was still feeling light-headed from his orgasm and couldn't bring himself to reply right away. His mother had sent him dozens of messages over the semester to say how much she missed him. He couldn't think of anyone he knew whose mother loved them as much as Kathy loved him. Maybe it was just from her being a single mom for so many years, but Paul didn't care what the reasons were. He loved her back at least as much and then more.

But he didn't totally trust himself around her, and the way other people looked at her had always made him feel awkward, so as much as he loved being around her he still remained distant.

He decided to grab a shower before she got home, and decided to use her bathroom instead of the one he'd normally use across the hall from his room. He started the water running and then stripped naked, waiting until the water was at the right temp before stepping into the glass-enclosed tub. The glass was soon steamy.

Paul soaped himself all over, and then just stood under the water and became lost in his thoughts. It jarred him when he heard his mother talking to him from right there inside the bathroom.

"Baby when did you get home? Why didn't you tell me you were already here? Didn't you get my text?"

"Yeah," he said. "I just wanted to get cleaned up first. I didn't expect you back this early."

"I guess I was feeling antsy," she admitted. "I couldn't wait to see you. Besides, it's supposed to be a really nice weekend so half the office was gone by lunch and getting an early start."

"Mom, the last time I was home was only three weeks ago."

Even through the steam-coated glass, he could see her leaning back against the sink. Her black, office skirt was tight and shorter than any of her coworkers ever wore. She usually wore suits, with a skirt and matching jacket, but she must have taken her jacket off before she came into the bathroom. She was just wearing a white blouse. Even though he couldn't make out any details through the condensation on the glass, Paul could tell his mother's blouse was open enough to show off a healthy portion of her deep, smooth cleavage. It was how she usually dressed.

"I know, but three weeks might as well be forever," she replied.

Her tone was whiny and anything but motherly sounding. She sounded more like Jenna did when she was trying to get Paul to do something he didn't feel like doing.

"Mom," he replied, "we talk almost every night, and I text with you more than anybody."

"I know. It's just not the same as having you here, though."

Paul could hear the pout in his mother's tone. He could never admit it to her, but he couldn't help loving the way she was talking to him more like his girlfriend than his mother. Despite just having rubbed out a good one into her panties, his cock started tingling as flashes of Jenna came to his mind. They were practically like twins, and he knew he'd have to keep them from ever meeting each other or they'd both see the obvious comparison.

"It's ok," he finally said, discreetly rubbing his cock. "I miss you, too."

"Well, why don't you hurry up so I can get freshened up, too, and we can go out for a nice welcome-home dinner?"

"Sounds really nice, Mom."

Kathy giggled happily, and Paul could see her start to move. He was stalling now so he wouldn't have to get out of the shower with a half-erect cock in front of her. As she moved to leave, he noticed her pause at the laundry hamper. He could tell she reached down into it, and then looked quickly back at him over her shoulder. After that, she quickly left the room with a tiny bunch of white cloth balled up in her hand.

Paul instantly wished he'd been more careful and shoved the panties he'd cum in further down to the bottom of the hamper. It would be foolish to think his mother didn't know exactly what cum smelled and felt like, even soaked into the gusset of a pair of skimpy panties. He knew he was busted and he couldn't remember ever feeling as embarrassed as he did right then. At the same time, he couldn't help wondering what his mother was doing with the slut panties she discovered. It would've been impossible for her to pick them up without touching his cum.

His cock was swelling hard and fast all over again, and he turned the water to cold before he started jerking off again. He let the water run cold as much as he could take before turning it off and getting out to grab a towel. He was still semi-erect despite the cold shower, and he noticed his mother had left the door open between her bathroom and bedroom. He dried off quickly and wrapped the towel around his waist.

He found his mother sitting on the edge of her bed. Her shoes were off and her legs were crossed, bringing her skirt up high on her thighs. Her blouse was lying near her on the bed while her huge tits strained at the overfilled cups of a lace-edged bra. The panties were nowhere to be seen, and Kathy had a faraway look in her eye. It seemed like there were a few seconds before she even noticed her half naked son standing in the room.

"Oh...honey," she said dreamily. "We're getting ready to go out, right?"

"Yeah, if you want to. Sorry to monopolize your bathroom. I really didn't expect you back until later."

Paul couldn't bring himself to move. His mother was acting like she sleep-walking, and he couldn't take his eyes off her legs or the huge, smooth scoops of titflesh spilling over her bra cups. His cock started getting bigger, and it was making a larger bulge in the damp towel around his waist.

"S'okay, baby. You can use Mommy's bathroom anytime you want," she said, still not making eye contact.

His cock was twitching under the towel and he was powerless to control it. His mother's eyes were on the tubular bulge, but the look in them was like she staring through him into the distance. He wanted to rip off the towel and then pull his mother's gorgeous tits out of her bra and feel them while he slipped his swollen cock between them. The thought only made him bigger and harder, his cock beginning to lift up the damp towel.

But she was his mother. That would be impossible.

"Guess I should go get ready too," he said half-heartedly.

"Yeah," Kathy nodded. "Yeah. Me too."

She stood up without another word and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor to reveal a very skimpy turquoise thong underneath. There was no denying how incredible his mother's body was, and the way she looked standing there in a scant pair of panties and bra made Paul's dick throb harder than ever. He'd seen her in bikinis almost ask skimpy as her lingerie, but this was different.

"Let me know when you're ready, baby," she said. Then she turned and went into her bathroom, slowly closing the door behind her. His mother's ass was as good as naked, displaying the same, even tan as the rest of her body.

Without thinking of how she could easily walk back into the bedroom at any moment, Paul flicked the towel off his waist and grabbed his suffering cock. He started stroking his shaft hard and furious, imagining the feel of his shaft sliding between his mother's fine, rounded ass cheeks.

With his raging hard on firmly gripped in his large fist, Paul picked up his mother's blouse off the bed and discovered the cum soaked panties she'd found in the hamper. Now there could be no more pretending she hadn't found them or figured out what he'd done with them. He put the blouse back down and picked up the panties. Draping them over his cock the best he could, he started pounding his throbbing shank once again, grunting and too far gone to care if his mother suddenly came back and found him.

He lost track of time as he pumped his cock hard and fast, finally exploding with another creamy load into his mother's tiny thong. He was in a daze by the time he squeezed the last oozes of cum into Kathy's thong. Again, he used them to wipe up the excess spunk from his shaft and fingers, but the tiny garment was already saturated. Without thinking, he just tossed them on top of his mother's blouse, leaving them and his towel behind as he left her room.


Kathy drove to the restaurant. She had taken a long time getting ready. Paul was used to that, and he was also used to the way she dressed for their dinner out. Used to it, but still deeply affected. His mother had finally come downstairs in a revealing cocktail dress. It was white, which set off her tan beautifully, and had a plunging halter top that left a distracting amount of her deep, smooth cleavage exposed. It was the kind of dress that was meant to be worn without a bra, and Paul couldn't ignore the hypnotic motion of his mother's huge tits with every gesture and movement.

The hem of the dress was tight and short. Kathy's ass and thighs were just slightly on the thick side, although still tight and firm as much younger women, and in the driver's seat of her car the dress rode nearly to her ass.

Kathy was in a completely different mood from those tense moments they'd shared after his shower. She was practically giddy with happiness now and talking as she drove about all the things they could do together over the summer. Paul was following her the best he could, but he was severely distracted remembering the dreamy look in her eyes when she was gazing at the shape of his hardening cock under his towel.

He was also preoccupied with the way she looked in her dress as well as flashing back on the way she stripped to her bra and thong before walking into her bathroom.

Yet Paul had seen her in those states of dress and/or undress many times before. She'd never been shy about her body, and her son had always bounced back and forth between wishing she were more like his friends' moms and feeling proud of her. It also meant going through life overhearing words like "slut", "bimbo" and "milf" being said about her by guys his age as well as their mothers. It was a big part of the reason that neither of them had very many long-lasting, close friendships.

On the other hand, he would've been lying if he ever said he didn't think his own mother was kind of a bimbo himself. She didn't exactly spend her time reading Shakespeare, but Paul knew she was a lot smarter than she let people think. The carefully chosen outfits she always wore to work were somewhere in between slutwear and professional office garb, and staying with the same company for a long time, she'd advanced steadily.

Paul couldn't blame her. She was just doing what she felt she needed to do to raise a son on her own. He'd never known who his father was. He wasn't even sure if his mother knew, but he never asked. He didn't care. She was everything he ever needed.

He didn't know where she was taking him to dinner, but he knew she was going to turn every head in the room when they went in. He was used to that, too, and tonight he wasn't going to feel self-conscious about it, only proud of how sexy and gorgeous his mother was.

At one point during the ride, Kathy rested a free hand on her son's thigh, just leaving it there while she kept talking about how happy she was to have him home. Despite having jerked off twice, his mother's intimate touch made his cock begin to tingle with warmth. He almost put his hand on top of hers, but then his phone buzzed with a text notice. At first it came as a relief, because he had no idea where putting his hand over his mother's might have led. But then he saw the message from Jenna.

Now Paul was looking at the picture filling his phone screen. Jenna's big, naked tits were staring back at him. She was clutching one of her heavy globes in her hand and squeezing hard. The text that followed seconds later said, Miss u, baby. Tell me we're not gonna go all summer without seeing each other.

Paul took a long look at his college girlfriend's tits while his mother's hand was lightly squeezing his leg mere inches away from his cock. He finally closed the photo and tucked the phone back in his shirt pocket before Kathy caught what he was looking at. She was the last person he wanted to see what his girlfriend looked like. The resemblance between them would be too obvious.

The girls Paul had been with before Jenna had been the same type, but none had looked so much like his mother as her. With the others, Paul had found himself closing his eyes and imagining he was driving his swollen cock into his hot mother's wet pussy, but he never had to with Jenna. With her, it was so much like fucking his mother he ended up ravaging and pounding her like no other girl he ever knew.

All Jenna knew was that she had this great guy with a gorgeous cock who was crazy about her and fucked her like no one else ever had.

Paul didn't want to lose Jenna, and he knew he'd have to work it out to spend time with her over the summer or she might not be there for him in the fall. A girl like Jenna wouldn't come up lacking for offers. But he couldn't let her come to see him and risk her and his mother ever meeting. They'd both know his filthiest secret. Then again, after what happened earlier that afternoon, his mother knew a lot more than he'd ever wanted her to.

Of course, Kathy's reaction to everything certainly let Paul know the desire was probably mutual, but wanting something and doing anything about it were two very different things. Especially when it came to a mother and son fucking their brains out. It didn't matter how hot the mother happened to be.

Or did it?

Paul was wishing his mother would take her hand off his leg, but she kept it there as long as she didn't need both hands on the wheel.

"Some hot babe from school missing you already?" Kathy asked with a subtle grin.

"Just a friend," Paul lied, thinking his mother's female radar was freaky.

"Mhmm," she replied skeptically.

Paul went silent, lost in his thoughts about how to get together with Jenna as soon as possible. He knew every day around his gorgeous mother was only going to make him hornier and hornier until he was ready to explode. Jerking off could only give him so much relief. He needed more, and Jenna was the one girl who could give him what he needed the most. He was dying to reply to her text but he didn't want to do it in front of his mother.

Fortunately, Kathy left it alone and went back to talking about all the things they could do over the summer. She brought up the idea of going on a trip together while her fingers started to dig lightly into the meat of his thigh. Paul was relieved when she had to take her hand away to turn into the restaurant parking lot because his cock was beginning to feel uncomfortably thick.

Paul's phone buzzed again as they walked into the restaurant. It was a nice place, and once they got seated, he took out his phone and checked out Jenna's new message. This time, there was a photo of her smooth pussy with two of her fingers pushed halfway into her very wet hole. He was relieved to be sitting at the table. He missed Jenna's pussy like crazy, and by now he was losing the battle against going hard at a very inconvenient time.

Keeping his phone below the table, Paul sent a message back. I miss you too. Bad!

Prove it, she texted back.

Paul knew she was expecting a nice, hard cock photo.

Later. Out having dinner with my mother.

I wanna see her! Jenna messaged.

Paul put the phone back in his pocket and tried to focus on the menu. His mother was looking at him curiously. He wished he hadn't mentioned anything about his mother to Jenna.

"So you met a girl at school," she said.

Paul knew she was fishing, but he couldn't read the look on her face. Her tone was cagey, too.

"Just a friend," he replied. "Just, um, talking about summer vacation."

"I see," Kathy said skeptically. "Seems like you have a lot to talk about for a vacation that hasn't really started yet."

She had a strained smile on her face and started turning red. Paul felt his own face heating up and turning red, too. This bizarre feeling came over him like he was cheating even though he knew that was ridiculous.

"Just a friend from school," he tried to insist.

Then his phone buzzed with three messages in quick succession.

"So do you know what you're gonna have?" he tried to deflect.

"Aren't you going to check your messages?"

Kathy squared her shoulders and kept her eyes trained on his face while her tits pushed out harder against the deep neckline of her revealing dress. The waiter then came up to the table and filled their water glasses, asking if they were ready to order. Paul caught him glancing at his mother's tits every chance he had. He was used to that. It always used to bother him, but now he felt himself feeling proud of how hot and beautiful his mother really was. She told the waiter they needed a few more minutes. When he left, she turned her attention back to Paul.

"So? You're not even going to check your girlfriend's messages?"

"She's not my girlfriend," he lied.

His phone buzzed again.

"Whatever you say." Her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

She took a deep breath, causing her lush boobs to push against her dress, and her mood changed. Paul was relieved she seemed to be letting the topic go. The waiter came back and they ordered. They talked more about what to do over the summer, and Kathy acted like she didn't notice every time Paul's phone buzzed and he ignored it.

Somewhere in the middle of their dinner, there was a short lull in the conversation, and Kathy dropped an unexpected bomb on her son.

"So I guess you must be fucking her," she said out of the blue.

Paul nearly choked on the food he was chewing, which seemed to amuse his mother. He knew the look on his face revealed the truth, and there was no point in trying to deny it again. But then his mother's look changed. Her face reddened and her eyes narrowed. She did that pursing thing with her lips that she always did when she wasn't happy about something.

"It's nothing serious," he tried to protest.

"Sure. Except that she's texting you every sixty seconds. So why don't you show me a picture of her?"

Paul evaded the question. For the same reason he didn't want to send Jenna a picture of his mother, he didn't want either of them to see how much they looked like each other. He made a feeble excuse of needing to go to the rest room.

He left the table and went to shut himself into a stall in the men's room, feeling relieved for the moment of privacy. Leaning against the side of the stall, he cupped his hand over the growing bulge in his pants, firmly rubbing his cock as it kept getting bigger. He thought about the way his mother had stared at his bulge in the towel around his waist after using her shower, and that only made his shaft swell even faster.

It was also impossible not to think back on how she looked in her bra and panties, as if she were teasing him on purpose. But Kathy had always been so free and open with her body it was hard to know if she ever thought twice about the anyone reacted to her. And the way her luscious, heavy tits had been practically falling out of her open blouse the whole time at their table had been driving him crazy. The signs of her jealousy of Jenna only made it worse.

Paul unzipped his pants and fished out his swollen cock, sighing as he gave his aching meat the attention it was begging for. He knew he was going to have to see Jenna as soon as possible or an entire summer with his hot mother was going to be sheer torture. He hadn't even been home a whole day yet. Jenna was the only way he could ever relieve his nagging desires.

He decided to send her quick picture of his excited cock and reply to her last few messages. Hopefully, the sight of his huge rod would distract her from her insistent requests to see what his mother looked like. But when he reached for his phone, he realized he'd left it on the table. A moment of panic set in when he thought of his mother picking it up and seeing the messages and pictures between Jenna and him. She wouldn't be able to resist, but at least his phone was password protected.

Paul spent a few minutes trying to cool off before going back to their table where he'd be gazing at his mother's beautiful face and heavily exposed cleavage. He could text Jenna from the car and then send her some cock pictures once they got home. Hopefully she'd quit asking to see pictures of Kathy by then. His mother probably wouldn't give up as easily, but he'd find a way to avoid it somehow.

When his cock relaxed enough to fit back in his pants, Paul tucked his meat away and zipped up. Arriving back at the table, he found his mother sitting calmly, the meal finished. He reached down to pick up his napkin off his seat where he'd left it, and discovered a skimpy pair of thong panties folded underneath. His heart froze at the sight. There was no question it was the same pair he'd jerked off into earlier. He grabbed them off the chair before anyone around could see, realizing the fabric was warm and soaking wet.

With the panties balled into his large fist, Paul sank into his seat, barely able to look his mother in the eye across the table. His face was burning as he forced himself to make eye contact, also noticing the swollen nipples jutting into the thin, white fabric of his mother's revealing dress.

She took a deep breath, forcing her full tits to push harder against the tightness of her dress.

"Yes, they're the same ones," she said in a neutral tone. "I've been wearing them this whole time. You'd be surprised how easy it is to slip off a pair of panties in a restaurant without anyone knowing what you're doing. At least I think so."

Paul sat there in shock, but with his cock rapidly swelling back to the same hardness he had in the men's room.

"But...why?" He pretty much knew the answer but couldn't think of anything else to say.

Kathy leaned forward so she could reply in a whispering tone, her heavy tits ballooning against the table. She paused, closing her eyes briefly as she took a bolstering breath. Then she opened her eyes and told him softly but definitively: "Because they were saturated with your cum and I couldn't deny the need to feel it on my pussy."

The wild slamming of Paul's heart felt like it was centered in his cock. Before he could think of anything to say, his mother held up his phone.

"You should really try to think of a better passcode than your mother's birthday, baby," she told him. Then she swiped through a few of the pictures of Jenna, angling the phone so they could both see them. "And," she went on, "did you seriously go to college just to find a girlfriend who looks like she could be my younger twin? Even her tits are just like mine. I knew you liked them. I just wasn't sure how much, even with the way you've never been able to take your eyes off them, but now..."

Paul still didn't know what to say, but hearing his hot mother talk about how much he loved her tits made his cock throb even harder. He always figured she was aware of his interest in her, but never imagined her knowing as much as she obviously did now. 

"I'm sorry, Mom," he finally sighed. "I just can't help it. All these years living in the same house with...ugh...the hottest girl you could ever imagine. How could any guy not want you? I've spent half my life wishing you weren't my mother."

Kathy blushed and her eyes welled up as Paul finally confessed. She even allowed a tear to escape and run down her cheek. She squared her shoulders and dabbed at the tear with her napkin, but it was easy to see she wasn't upset. She was feeling all kinds of other emotions, and Paul was beside himself to learn everything about them he could. In the meantime, he was dying to leap across the table and kiss her hard while wrapping his big hands around her even bigger tits.

Then Paul's phone buzzed with a message coming in. His mother slid it across the table to him.

"You should probably check that. It might be important," she told him.

Paul grabbed his phone, not knowing what she might have seen while he'd been in the bathroom. When he opened the message thread with Jenna, he saw that his mother had taken a selfie and sent it to her with text that said: She's really hot, don't you think?

Um..baby..she looks way too much like me to be a coincidence, was Jenna's reply.

Paul was relieved when the waiter showed up at their table with the bill. He didn't know what to say to either his mother or Jenna. While Kathy was settling the bill, another message came from Jenna: It must drive you crazy having a mother that hot. No wonder you fuck me so hard, lol.

He was relieved Jenna didn't seem to be upset, but he was still wishing his mother hadn't sent her picture. When they finally got up to leave, he put the phone away and ignored the buzzing message notifications. His mother strode out of the restaurant proudly, an even bigger sway of her hips than when they'd walked in, and the sly smile on her face was full of satisfaction.

In the car, Kathy just sat back against the door facing Paul without starting the engine. There was obviously more on her mind, but she wasn't saying anything. She just sat there not caring that the hem of her tight minidress gathered up high enough on her thighs to reveal her very smooth and very naked pussy. Paul remembered her well used panties were balled up in the pocket of his jeans.

Gazing openly at his mother's exposed pussy heated Paul's pulse, and the hard on that never completely went away was quickly returning full force. She pulled the sides of her dress top open further, letting her smooth, heavy tits fall into the open. She grazed her fingertips over her nipples, making them swell under her touch while her son pulled deep breaths and couldn't resist squeezing his aching cock through his pants.

"I'm not so naïve to think you'd go off to college and not end up with a girlfriend," she said as she continued playing with her nipples. "I even always knew how much you like looking at me and leaving cum in my panties. But I never imagined you'd find a girl who looks that much like me. And so now...a huge part of me is jealous as fuck, but the thought of you fucking her and thinking about me just makes me wet."

"It's not what you think," he said unconvincingly, his hand boldly sliding over his cock bulge. He caught his mother's eyes following the motion of his hand. She had that faraway look like she'd had in her bedroom earlier when she was gazing at the shape of his hard on through a towel, but there was something different in her look now. Something more. But Paul's eyes finally drifted back to her hands where she was beginning to roll and twist her thick nipples.

"And just exactly what do you think I'm thinking?"

"That you're wishing we weren't mother and son," he forced himself to say out loud.

Kathy sighed and shook her head. She reached over the console and moved his hand away from his cock, placing her own over his solid bulge.

"I don't want you to wish those things," she said as she started massaging his cock through his pants. "I love being your mother. I'm proud of it, and I love the way you want me even in spite it. And I want you to fuck me just as much because I'm your mother as all the other reasons."

Paul was speechless, and his cock was throbbing wildly. His mother then started to get his pants open, and finally pulled his big, swollen prick out.

"Oh god, baby, you're beautiful," she sighed as she began stroking his shaft up and down with both of her hands. "I can't believe I've finally got my hands on you."

Paul couldn't believe it, either. He was spellbound as he watched his mother's hands lovingly explore his enormously swollen cock. At the same time, he also kept looking at her beautiful face with a look of amazed excitement in her eyes. And then there were her big, fabulous tits hanging out through the top of her dress. He reached over and started fondling them, sliding his hand over her silken skin, feeling each, heavy swell and squeezing them firmly.

Kathy uttered a soft gasp when Paul began feeling her tits, and the grip of her hands around his hard shaft grew tighter as he played with her nipples. That was when Paul fully realized what she meant about him not wishing she wasn't his mother. And now that he was finally touching the boobs that had taunted and tempted him for so long, he couldn't imagine wishing the severely sexy blonde he'd spent his entire life with was anyone but his own, hot, horny mother.

Her tits felt incredibly firm and smooth, and Paul was practically in a trance to finally see them fully exposed just for his pleasure, not to mention finally knowing the warmth and feel he always knew would be incomparable. No matter how similar Jenna's tits were to his mother's, nothing compared to having her full orbs in his hands. Just seeing the response of her nipples hardening into swollen nubs under his fingers was enough to intensify the pulsing of his cock in her stroking fist.

"It's better than playing pretend with her, isn't it?" Kathy asked, as if she were reading his mind.

Paul only snickered in reply, knowing the answer was too obvious to bother saying.

"Still," his mother added with a suggestive giggle, "it's so fucking hot that you did that. I always knew you were a naughty fucker, I just didn't know how bad."

"You have no idea, but you're gonna find out."

On that, Paul leaned over and kissed his beautiful mother's mouth, their lips instantly opening to let their tongues swirl into contact. It was the deepest and hungriest kiss Paul had ever experienced, a kiss that was years overdue.

Kathy's grip tightened around her son's cock while his grip on her tits also grew rougher and more eager. But before long, Paul slipped one hand between his mother's smooth, warm thighs, sliding up to feel her exposed pussy. Her slit was already wet, the lips slick and swollen. She moaned into her son's mouth as his large fingers explored her freshly waxed treasure.

When one, then two, of Paul's fingers slid into his mother's sodden hole, Kathy moaned into his mouth, but then leaned her head back against the car window and growled like a jungle feline while her son finger fucked her long-neglected pussy and lowered his face to suckle her thick nipples. With his thumb working over her clit, Kathy started squirming in her seat, her pleasure rising by the second.

Reluctantly, Paul finally lifted his face from his mother's gorgeous tits and looked into her lust-glazed eyes. "There's something I've been needing to do for the longest time," he told her.

"Yes, baby? I'm yours. You can do anything you ever wanted."

Paul's pulse was raging, and he wished he could do everything he knew to his mother all at once. But he just smiled at her without saying anything. He took a quick look around the parking to make sure no one was there, and then got out of the car and walked around to his mother's side with his ragingly stiff cock jutting out of his pants.

He was acutely aware of his mother's rapt gaze following his path around the car to her door. When he pulled her door open, he couldn't help stopping in his tracks to take in the surreal sight of her staring at him in meek anticipation with her stunning tits hanging out of her dress.

"Turn around and set your feet down on the pavement," he told her, anxious to take what he wanted.

Kathy did as her son told her without uttering a word of question or protest. In turning her position to get her feet outside the car and on the ground, the hem of her short dress rode high on her hips, leaving her smooth legs and bald pussy fully exposed.

Paul sank down to the ground between his mother's open thighs, placing his hands on their silky inner flesh. He could hardly believe he was close enough to his mother's wet pussy to smell the perfume of her arousal. He cast a brief glance up her face and said, simply, "This is mine now." Then he leaned in close and licked her syrup-coated slit.

"Oh fuck," Kathy said with a throaty sigh. Her hips began rolling and grinding instantly in response to her son's hungry assault on her pussy. She pushed her ass to the very edge of the car seat, giving her eager son as much access as possible.

Paul was completely intoxicated by his mother's hot, wet pussy, licking all around her lips and hole as if he couldn't ever get enough. The sound of Kathy's deep sighs and moans only made him lap and slurp at her hot slit with steadily growing hunger.

In the midst of her son's ravenous devouring of her pussy, Kathy struggled to reach behind her and grabbed Paul's phone. When he became aware of her taking pictures of his face firmly attached to her wide-spread slit, he pushed a pair of fingers into her hole and began finger-fucking her as he continued lapping at her clit.

His fingers easily found the sweet spot inside her, stroking his mother's pleasure center while he attacked her clit with his flicking tongue. Soon, Kathy's muscles tightened and she came hard with a series of staggered gasps.

After, Paul stood back up. His long, thick hard-on was still jutting out of his pants and swaggering before his mother's rapt gaze. He took a moment to scan the parking lot and spotted a couple on the other side getting into their car, but they looked totally unaware of anything that was going on in Kathy's car.

Paul leaned over and kissed his mother long hard, making her taste her own pussy juices all over his mouth. She kissed him back hungrily, eagerly sucking the flavor from his probing tongue.

When Paul stood back upright, he gripped his swollen cock in one hand and stepped closer to his mother. She was still holding his phone and was taking more pictures of him as he stroked his huge shaft and told her to suck it.

"C'mon, Mom. You know you want to just as much as I want you to," he told her.

"Yes, baby. You can have anything."

Then she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking his shaft, stroking her moist lips along his throbbing flesh while she kept his phone aimed at them. Paul realized his mother was probably shooting video and he took the phone out of her hand and started to film her from above as she expertly worked his cock with both hands and her mouth.

He spent a couple of minutes taking video of his mother working over his cock, but finally shut down his phone and tossed it into the car. Kathy was milking his throbbing shank like she was born for it, and Paul didn't want any distractions. The look on her face was like nothing he'd ever seen. He'd had his hard dick sucked by girls who loved what they were doing before, Jenna more than any of them, but his own mother's burning hunger for his throbbing flesh was beyond belief.

Kathy's head moved back and forth in a steady rhythm as she stroked her son's hard stalk with her wet, supple lips. Groaning desperately, he grabbed a fistful of his mother's hair and began pumping his dick in a counterpoint rhythm to her slip-sliding mouth and hand.

Paul laid his hands on top of the car and closed his eyes, giving himself over to the intense pleasure of the moment. But after a little longer, Kathy pulled back, releasing his overheated cock from her mouth. She lowered the car window and got out, shutting the door behind her.

Then they were kissing more heatedly than ever, Kathy's hand stroking his exposed cock while Paul fingered her dew-lathered slit.

"I need you inside me, baby," she finally said. "Bad. I need you now."

On that, Kathy bent over, leaning her upper body into the car while her ass and pussy were fully exposed and offered up for whatever her son wanted.

"Fuck," Paul growled as he swung his open hand across his mother's bare ass. She whimpered in response to the spank and he gave her three more in a row. Then he grabbed his cock and mashed the dome against the soft, wet folds of her pussy.

He pushed his throbbing shaft into her hot core, filling her velvet sheath with hot, rock-solid flesh.

"Ohmyfuckinggawd," Kathy growled as her son's imposing rod gradually filled her hole.

Grasping her by the hip with one hand, Paul thumb-massaged his mother's tight rimhole while he started to rock his rigid bone in and out of her luscious body. He could barely catch his breath as he stroked in and out of the pussy he'd only dreamed of for so long.

Kathy's moans and cries were only partially muffled with her head inside the car, but Paul could tell she was feeling the same rush of feelings that he was.

It wasn't long before Paul was straining to hold his load, wanting the feeling to last as long as it possibly could. Yet at the same time, he couldn't help pounding his prick harder and faster into his mother's scorching hot pussy. He fucked her harder, with longer strokes, and his hand kept lifting and laying hard spanks across her gorgeous ass as if it had a mind of his own.

The harder Paul spanked her, the more his mother's pussy gripped and rippled inside, all around his pumping stalk. She was gasping and moaning deeply, and he knew she was cumming again and again. But it was finally more than he could resist, and he grit his teeth and smacked his mother's ass with all his might as his cock erupted with a gusher of hot spunk deep inside her.

After a moment or two to wind back down, Paul shifted his stance to allow his mother the room to pull her upper body out from the car and stand up beside him. They just looked at each other without saying anything. Nothing needed to be said. Everything Paul needed to know was right there in the dreamy look in his beautiful mother's eyes.

The bottom of Kathy's dress was still up around her waist while the top was still pulled open around her heavy, naked tits.

"Sorry if I spanked you too hard," Paul finally said with a coy smirk. "I guess I got carried away."

"You fucking animal," his mother purred, just before dropping to a squat beside the car and sucking her son's juice coated cock clean.

After, Kathy got back into the car without pulling her dress back into place. Paul put his cock back in his pants, went back around to his side of the car. When he got into his seat, he saw that Kathy had his phone again.

"Remind me to think up a better passcode," he said, knowing she had to be answering Jenna's messages.

"Baby, I'd say we're way beyond having any secrets from each other." Then she flashed a smile and handed the phone back to her son.

As she started the car and drove out of the parking lot, Paul opened the message thread he knew his mother had just been tampering with. He heaved a deep sigh when he discovered she'd sent the video of her sucking his cock to Jenna.

"Shit," he muttered, thinking his relationship with Jenna had just come to an end. By now he loved Jenna, even beyond the fact that she looked so much like his mother, and he would've liked to see the relationship keep going as long as it could. But he had his mother now, and no one could ever be more important than her.

"Don't worry, baby," Kathy told him as she drove. "If she can deal with it...with us...then you know she's the right one."

He leaned back against his seat and hoped for the best. A minute later his phone buzzed with a message from Jenna.

Baby! Can your mother eat pussy as good as she sucks cock?

Paul looked at his mother and grinned. He was wondering the same thing himself.