"Stories 18+" Erotic Desert Fairy Tales

Stories 18+ Erotic Desert Fairy Tales
I am Jazeera, granddaughter of Sheik Abdul Azziz bin Sultan bin Mofstaffa al Bedou, the absolute ruler of the kingdom of Al-Kharijah. It is the year of the Desert Witches, which corresponds to the end of the reign of Rameses II in Egypt. Grandfather had been an ally of the Pharaoh during the war against the Assyrians, and Pharaoh had given Grandfather the Al-Kharijah valley as a reward for his service. By collecting tolls from the many caravans that plied the Darb el-Arba trade route, Grandfather had grown rich and powerful. He had many wives from whom he sired a large family. These noble relatives of mine now administered Grandfather's government in the various parts of the kingdom.

Having the power of life and death over his subjects allowed Grandfather to satisfy his enormous sexual appetite in unusual ways, one of which was to compel his granddaughters to undertake a sexual apprenticeship in his harīm. Consequently, on my eighteenth birthday, I became a member of his household and immediately began my sexual training. Three years earlier, my body had begun to bloom, and by the time I entered the harīm, I possessed a beautiful pair of large breasts.

By law, on pain of death, members of the royal household were required to have sex and sex play only with each other. Grandfather avoided inbreeding by ensuring that the population of the castle remained above 500. Excellent medical care and a rich diet ensured healthy babies. When they were two weeks old, boys were circumcised in order to enhance their sexual pleasure when they attained puberty. So the palace was generally a happy place.

All family members were examined annually for sexually transmitted diseases by the kingdom's most able physicians. If someone contracted an illness of any kind, he or she was treated by the doctors with potions and by the witches with spells. Invariably, the patient was cured, and was allowed to continue to have carnal relations.

In the schools, classes were taught by world renowned teachers. The curriculum included grammar, logic, rhetoric, astrology, alchemy, arithmetic, music, geometry, and foreign languages. Rigorous physical training was provided. As a result, there were very few fat people in the royal court.

In the harīm, sex training consisted of classes and practicums. Under the supervision of a female physician, we studied the male anatomy in minute detail. In particular, we were required to

learn every part of the male reproductive and eliminatory systems. In the first semester, I learned all there is to know about the penis. However, I found some of the proper names of its

parts to be lackluster and uninspiring. So, whenever I whispered teasingly into a man's ear, especially if I was performing fellatio, I employed inventive names that were affectionate, playful, and disingenuously infantile. For instance, the glans I sometimes called the head, the ridge of flesh around its circumference the crown, and the meatus the little mouth. I preferred "little mouth" because, whenever I was fellating someone, it enabled me to pretend that I was kissing a little man on the lips. The little man, of course, was his penis. Grandfather's penis, however, I was careful to call big brother; I knew that he had great affection for me, but it would have been foolish for me to risk offending him. Such an offense was rumored to result in a summary beheading. I also occasionally gave affectionate names to other parts of the male and female body. The anus I called the gate of happiness; the rectum, the tunnel of joy; the clitoris, little sister; and the plump, pea-sized swelling just below the top of the clitoris, which, when touched, generates such tremendous pleasure, I called the rosebud.

Every practicum was supervised by a witch. For each session and for each girl, the witch recruited from outside of the harīm a male whose age was no less than eighteen and no more than twenty. The boy was made to wear a black cowl over his head, and the girl, a black niqab, which she was allowed to partially raise only when performing fellatio. Whenever they were brought together in the boudoir, these precautions shielded their identities, and reduced the chances that the two would fall in love and have sex exclusively with each other. The witch, herself, wore a white niqab. At the beginning of each session, the boy and the girl drank a potion that increased sexual desire and physical stamina. The witch, of course, didn't need to drink a potion. All three would get into bed, naked except for their masks. Then the witch would seduce the boy and perform the selected delight upon him. After he had ejaculated, the girl would take the witch's place and perform the technique again.

Little Red Riding Veil

It was customary for Grandmother, my Grandfather's highest-ranking wife, to assign a color to each woman to serve as the theme of her sexual wardrobe. Hers was royal purple, as befitted a queen. Mine was red, and as I was fond of rich and elaborate clothing, especially the niqabs that covered my face and the abayas that covered my body, and of travel, which I did as often as possible to visit my cousins in other provinces, Grandmother took to calling me Little Red Riding Veil.

During my first two years in the harīm, my body continued to refine itself, until it had become delightfully curvaceous. Sexual techniques came naturally to me, and I quickly advanced to the head of my class. Word of my talents reached the Sheik's ears, and soon afterward, I began to be summoned regularly at night to his bedchamber in order to satisfy his sexual needs.

One night, I was ordered to don my most alluring red ensemble and go to his sleeping quarters. I entered with some trepidation, as it was rumored that Grandfather had once beheaded a woman who had failed to give him an erection. At the center of the room there was a huge heavily draped canopy bed, covered in the finest silks, and decorated in gold and precious stones. I could hear the moaning of a sexually excited woman coming from the elaborate enclosure, and as I approached, I saw that it was Grandmother. She was wearing an oval mask that reached from the tip of her nose to the middle of her forehead. It was royal purple in hue; Grandmother's thematic color, worn only by the Sheik's highest-ranking wives. Except for that, she was naked and was lying supine upon the bed. Her eyes were shut tightly, and her back was arched. Her hands were cupped over her breasts and her fingers were rolling her nipples between them.

Grandfather was lying prone at her feet with his hands firmly gripping her hips. He was wearing a wolf mask, and his face was pressed between Grandmother's legs. His head bobbed gently up and down as he licked her rosebud. Suddenly, Grandmother opened her mouth wide and gave a loud cry of ecstasy as her whole body shuddered. Then she relaxed, opened her eyes, and smiled at Grandfather. As he removed his mask, she gently caressed his lips.

I stood with my knees pressed against the side of the bed, and exclaimed, "Oh, Grandfather! What were you doing to Grandmother?"

He sat up. I could see that his penis was still erect. Gently, he wrapped his hand around the shaft, and began to stroke it. He smiled and said, "I was pretending to eat Grandmother, Little Red, like a ravenous wolf. The masks heighten our sexual excitement by allowing us to pretend that we are unacquainted with each other." He donned the wolf mask again, laid down, rested his head comfortably against a large stuffed pillow, and opened his legs.

"Oh, Grandfather!" I cried. "What are you doing now?"

"I will show you, my dear. Remove your abaya." I undid the bow at my neck, spread open the top, and dropped my abaya to the floor. I was wearing a jeweled red halter that barely

covered my breasts, and a narrow red skirt that hung provocatively between my legs. Gold bangles adorned my wrists. Gold hoops encircled my ankles. And rings encrusted in jewels adorned my fingers.

"Come into bed with us." I did as he commanded, and kneeled at his side on the rumpled sheets. "Remove your top." Languorously, I unbuckled my halter and let it fall down my arms and onto the bed. Released from their constraints, my breasts bobbled provocatively in the lamp light. I slid my hands up my abdomen until they came to rest upon my bosom, and with my fingers, I began to play with my nipples.

"Grandmother is going to drink from the wellspring of youth," said Grandfather. As he spoke, he stroked his penis lightly. "Long ago, a witch conferred upon me a strange power. Whenever

a woman takes my penis into her mouth and gives it pleasure with her lips and tongue, it spurts a magic liquid. The liquid is produced by secretions from my prostate and testes, and drains into a narrow tube that runs all the way to my meatus. A woman who wishes to please me must assist the flow by sucking and swallowing." Casually, he slid his right hand between his legs, and began to caress his testicles. "If we perform this ritual soon after midnight on seven consecutive nights, her body will cease to age, and thenceforth, she will remain young looking and beautiful for the rest of her life."

Grandmother rolled onto her stomach and wriggled toward the headboard. Then she reversed her position so that she laid across Grandfather's abdomen. She placed her head directly over his genitals, and smiled. Gently, she slid her hand under Grandfather's, guided his big penis toward her mouth, and surrounded the glans with her lips. Grandfather sighed happily, and released his hold. Then Grandmother began to lower and raise her head slowly, pushing her

wet lips downward until she was kissing his testicles, then upward again until they were caressing his glans. She commenced to fellate him vigorously, until, suddenly, his erect penis jumped and spasmed repeatedly. Grandmother's eyes went wide with surprise and delight.

When he had finished spurting, she opened her mouth so that I could see the thick, white liquid pooling on her tongue. Then she closed it and swallowed.

The sight of his ejaculate worked a powerful change in me. My cheeks blushed red. My breasts swelled and glowed pink. My nipples became so taut that they began to ache. My breathing became deep and labored. Between my legs, I felt the seeping of my vaginal juices. Slowly, I slid my hand down my stomach and under my skirt, and probed for my rosebud. It protruded from the little tent of flesh that housed it at the apex of my pubis, and was hard and swollen. I shuddered with delight as my fingertips encircled it, stroking lovingly, until waves of pleasure swept through my body. Grandmother slid off of Grandfather's chest and smiled at me with encouragement. I maneuvered to Grandfather's side and took her place upon his stomach.

Carefully, with my left hand, I reached for his penis, and held it lightly between my fingers. It jumped a little at my touch. I opened my mouth, lowered it slowly onto his swollen penis, and clamped it firmly around the shaft just below the glans. I had been taught that this was the most sensitive part of the male body, and that licking its circumference gave a man great pleasure. So I made the tip of my tongue perform slow circles along the underside of the ridge of flesh that ran along the lower edge of his glans. I slid my mouth downward over his shaft until my lips brushed his pubic hairs; then, slowly, I pulled it upward, drawing in my breath and producing a mild suction.

In order to tease him, I slipped my tongue around to the upper side of his shaft and licked it provocatively. He responded by moaning with pleasure. As my head bobbed slowly up and down, prostate juice began to seep out of his meatus, spilling down his shaft and onto his abdomen. I disengaged my mouth from his glans, and pushed his penis forward slightly so that I could reach his abdomen with my tongue. Then I licked up the syrupy liquid.

I found the sensation pleasing and exciting. I shifted my body into a more favorable position, angling his penis so that there was more room at the base. Then I clamped my lips around his glans, and continued to fellate him.

My right hand felt for the little bottle of scented oil that sat on a table next to the bed. I dipped my middle finger into it, as far as I could. Then I probed under his buttocks until I found his anal opening. I began to thrust my finger repeatedly but gently into his rectum, each time twisting and probing for his prostate gland. When I found it, I began to stroke it with my fingertip. It contracted in little spasms, and pumped more juice out of his little mouth and into mine.

As I pleasured him, Grandmother nudged his legs farther apart and closer to his body. His knees bent in response, and he shifted his weight backward and slid his buttocks forward on the mattress. Grandmother rolled onto her back, pushed her face between Grandfather's thighs, gently took his left testicle into her mouth, and rolled her tongue around and around, giving him immense pleasure. Then she pushed his thighs further apart, opened her mouth wider, and proceeded to sucked both testicles languorously.

I smelled the pungent scent of rising semen. Quickly, I withdrew my mouth, wrapped both hands around his shaft, and masturbated him vigorously. Grandmother released her hold on his testicles, and sat up to watch the spectacle. I drew back my head and opened my mouth. Suddenly, a stream of semen spurted from the tip of his penis. I screamed a little in surprise, and caught the milky liquid in my mouth. He spurted again, covering my face. With my fingers, I swept it off my cheeks, and into my mouth, and swallowed. Again and again he spurted. Grandmother pushed her face against mine, and he sprayed us both.

Finally the tension drained out of his body, and he let out a sigh of satisfaction. Smiling his approval, he gently patted my cheek. Then he stretched out his legs until he lay once again supine upon the bed. As I slid off of his body, turned toward him, and kneeled at his feet, I watched his erection slowly recede, and knew that I had discharged my duty well.

But now my own body was aching with desire. Grandmother, ever observant, detected my distress, turned, and whispered something into Grandfather's ear. He smiled, and nodded approvingly. Then he kneeled on the bed and gently pushed me backward and down onto the mattress. My heart leaped with joy. I pushed my skirt down off my hips and over my legs. The inner tops of my thighs were wet with natural lubrication. I opened my legs wide, and allowed him to push himself against my pubis.

As his penis engorged, he began thrusting slowly. Grandmother giggled, reached around him from behind, and guided his penis against my rosebud. Then she rubbed it up and down, giving me enormous pleasure. Finally, Grandfather lowered his body slightly, and slipped his penis past my labia and into my vagina. It felt enormous. My mouth opened in delight and amazement. I arched my back, pushed my head back into the mattress, and shut my eyes. At first, he thrust into me slowly. But after a few moments, he increased the pace, until finally, he was slamming his body violently against me. I screamed in ecstasy.

At the edge of my vision I noticed that Grandmother had climbed off the bed and was retrieving something from a drawer in the table. She strapped it on over her hips, and pulled something in the front downward until she was satisfied with its position. When she turned back toward the bed, I saw that she had donned a huge rubber penis that curved gently upward as if it were erect. From its root hung two pendulous testicles. She reached for the little bottle of lubricant, and spread a generous amount onto the dildo. Then, as the heavy penis swayed under its own weight, and the testicles swung backward and forward, she climbed back into bed, and whispered something into Grandfather's ear. He smiled and kissed her. Then he shifted backward, withdrew his penis from my vagina, placed his hands on my hips, and began gently to turn them.

I understood and obeyed. I disengaged myself from him, and turned over onto my stomach. Grandmother crouched over me, and guided the tip of the rubber penis down and into my rectum. Slowly she pushed until it was seated all the way inside me. Then she turned her head and nodded to Grandfather. Grandfather wrapped one hand around the shaft of his penis, which was still erect. With the other, he grasped my hip and pulled himself forward until he was pressed up against Grandmother's buttocks. Carefully he angled his penis under her and back into my vagina. Then they both began to thrust rhythmically. I responded by arching my back, shutting my eyes, opening my mouth wide in amazement, and screaming in ecstasy.

At last, Grandfather ejaculated. I felt his warm semen spurting onto my cervix. Then Grandmother reached down with one hand and squeezed one of the rubber testicles. To my utter surprise and delight, it squirted a large dollop of cream into me.

Finally, our bodies separated, and we all sank back, exhausted, onto the bed. I was covered in perspiration. I pushed my fingers into my vagina, retrieved some of Grandfather's semen, and stuffed my fingers into my mouth. The taste of his ejaculate delighted me.

On each of the following six nights, I was summoned to Grandfather's bedchamber. Invariably, either he or Grandmother or both appeared in elaborate and erotic disguises. Clothed in such costumes, Grandfather, Grandmother, and I acted out the most naughty and delightful fantasies. In every case, however, these little fictions were planned to culminate in my performing fellatio upon Grandfather. I never failed to provoke an orgasm, and I always caught his spurting semen in my mouth and swallowed. So, on the seventh night, I achieved the guarantee of perpetual youthfulness that the witch's spell had promised. In order to commemorate the occasion, Grandmother presented me with a beautiful gold leafed bronze sculpture depicting a woman fellating a man.

Our philosophers taught that the world was populated by three castes: the ordinary mortals, the witches, and the gods. We worshipped many gods, the most important of which were Mother Cobra and Father Crocodile. At my birth, the witches had dedicated me to Mother Cobra. Every full moon I participated in sacred ceremonies at which written petitions were burned so that they could be carried by the wind to her. Mother Cobra was the goddess of the seasons, the harvests, and sex; all of them cyclical processes of birth, rebirth, and renewal. Girls who had been consecrated to Mother Cobra were endowed by the witches with magic power over snakes. In the harīm, daughters of Mother Cobra were taught the snake dance, which men found particularly exciting.

The people loved their gods, for from the gods, nothing ever came but good. They blessed us with good health, long life, knowledge, love, lust, childbirth, food, drink, potions and medicines, and prosperity. They embraced the dead and took them into the heavens, where they were forever available to us through prayers and spells.

But a dark force was emerging that had the potential to destroy all of this happiness. Out of the western desert there came an ascetic religious movement that proclaimed that there was only one god. This intolerant deity condemned all things sexual, particularly the delightful practices of the harīm. The spreading settlements of these monotheist fanatics edged ever closer to our border. Grandfather frequently sent out his army to stop them. His soldiers slaughtered thousands. But the movement still survived.

So important is sex in our culture that the heavens have blessed us with not one, but three goddesses who watch over this most sacred of duties. Mother Cobra presides over all aspects of sex, reproduction, and agriculture; but she delegates the supervision of motherhood and childbirth to Mother Wart Hog and the management of passion and seduction to Mother Panther. Once per year, on the evening of the summer solstice, we honor Mother Panther by performing the cat dance: a sacred ritual of torrid sex play conducted by men and women who disguise themselves in tight fitting cat suits.

On the night of the next solstice, I was summoned to the royal bedchamber. When I entered, Grandfather was nowhere to be seen. Grandmother was kneeling on the bed, dressed in a tight-fitting purple costume and cat mask, and, through the fabric on her chest, was gently caressing her nipples. When she saw me, she smiled, and, with a nod of her head, indicated some clothing that was lying neatly folded on the bed. I walked to the bedstead, untied the bow at my neck,

and allowed my abaya to slide off my body. Then I unbuckled my skirt and halter and languorously dropped them onto the floor. I lifted the costume from the bed and allowed it to unfold. It, too, was a tight-fitting cat suit and mask, identical in all respects to Grandmother's except for its color, which was a deep red. Obediently, I donned the costume and, with the aid of an ornate mirror that was hanging on one of the walls, straightened and adjusted the fabric until I was satisfied with my appearance. When I turned back toward the bed, I had been transformed into a voluptuous curvaceous feline.

Grandmother smiled happily, and reached out an arm to me, beckoning. As I approached, she moved her knees further apart, revealing a vertical slit in her costume, and through it, began to rub her rosebud. I climbed into bed. Gently she pushed me down onto my back, and opened my legs a little. Then she reversed her body, maneuvered on top of me, and lowered her pubis onto my face. I understood and obeyed. Gently, I inserted the tip of my tongue into the apex of her pubis, and began to lick her rosebud. At the same time, she lowered her face onto my body, and languorously licked mine.

It was then that Grandfather appeared at the side of the bed, and I understood why I had not seen him previously. He had been standing in the shadows and, like us, was wearing a body-hugging costume and cat mask, except that his were colored midnight black. He reached down with his gloved right hand, and from a vertical opening in the fabric on his groin he withdrew

his penis and his testicles. As he watched our lovemaking, he began to stroke his penis, which quickly engorged and became long, thick, and stiff. Still stroking, he climbed into bed and kneeled near the headboard facing us. Grandmother and I raised our heads and looked wide eyed at his huge erection. My mouth began to salivate. We looked at each other. Grandmother nodded her silent assent, and we disengaged.

As Grandmother curled her legs under her and sat on the bed to watch, I pivoted and slid toward Grandfather. He rolled onto his side, straightened his legs, laid on his back, and held his erect penis upright for me. I lowered my mouth and opened it wide. Playfully, Grandfather batted his penis against my cheeks and my lips. It drove me crazy with desire. With my left hand, I reached between my body and the mattress and began to stroke my rosebud.

Grandmother rose and mounted me from behind. Feeling around the front of my body, her hands found my erect nipples, and caressed them. Then she began to thrust her pubis against my buttocks. I could feel her wet labia rubbing against me as she worked her hips back and forth, stimulating her rosebud. Grandfather placed his hands on either side of my head, and gently guided my mouth onto his penis. I closed my lips upon it and began to slide them repeatedly down his shaft and up again. It gave him immense pleasure. I could hear him breathing harder. As I fellated him, I withdrew my hand from under my body, clamped it around Grandfather's shaft, and began to rotate it back and forth around its circumference.

With my right hand, I reached underneath and began to caress his testicles. Inside my mouth, I rolled my tongue in torrid circles around the underside of his crown. Grandmother slid off my backside and kneeled at the edge of the bed. Then she grasped Grandfather's right hand, removed it from my head, and placed it on her pubis. He smiled in agreement, encircled her rosebud with his fingers, and rubbed it gently with his fingertips. Her body shuddered with pleasure, causing her to smile, close her eyes, and moan sensuously. As my left hand continued to twist back and forth around Grandfather's shaft, I pulled my mouth off his penis, and nuzzled its underside. My mouth found his testicles, and I began to lick them languorously. He arched his back a little and opened his legs. As he did so, the slit in the fabric through which he had withdrawn his penis and testicles widened all the way back to his coccyx. I braced my right arm against the mattress in order to steady myself, and slid my mouth onto his perineum. The tip of my tongue made little circles on it, and slowly descended toward his anus. He arched a little more. I pushed my tongue into his rectum as far as it would go. He cried out in surprise and pleasure. I synchronized the thrusting of my tongue with the twisting of my hand. As his penis began to shudder, Grandmother clamped her lips around his glans. He spurted into her mouth, and happily, she drank again from the wellspring of youth.

Grandmother and I disengaged our faces from Grandfather's body, pivoted on the bed, and faced each other. Then with a low moan, I launched myself at her, sealing my lips against hers and toppling her backward onto the mattress. Our tongues caressed each other. She placed her hands on my hips and maneuvered me into position on top of her. Then she slipped her fingers into my vagina and began to push them in and out. I did likewise for her. After a few moments, she withdrew her fingers from my vagina and pushed them slowly into my anus. My body responded by shaking involuntarily with pleasure. I released her lips and lowered my mouth onto her left breast. Through the fabric of her costume, I began to suck her nipple. With my free hand I caressed the other breast. She climaxed first, followed by me shortly thereafter.

Grandfather shifted toward us, wrapped his hand around his shaft, and pushed the tip of his penis against Grandmother's cheek. She smiled happily, turned, opened her mouth, and closed it on his shaft. For several minutes, she fellated him. I rubbed my rosebud lightly and watched. Her ministrations produced in Grandfather a huge and satisfying orgasm. He removed his mask and happily fell upon Grandmother and kissed her passionately. Then they both kissed me and summoned their bodyguards to escort me back to the harīm.

After two more years of apprenticeship, I was ready for my final examination. A committee from the witch guild, including my teachers, devised the test. Because of my high grades, I was challenged to bring five men simultaneously to orgasm. Only once in the kingdom's history had a woman achieved this level of mastery. That woman was rumored to be Grandmother, but because final examinations were conducted in secret, nobody knew for sure. The test was to be conducted in a sacred amphitheater that was dedicated to Mother Cobra. Only Grandfather, Grandmother, and the head witches were to observe. Then the witches would vote and assign my final score. Grandfather, of course, had the power to overrule them, but he seldom exercised it. He and Grandmother were to observe the test from behind a large one-way mirror. Behind the mirror there was a bedchamber within which Grandmother was to perform ritualistic fellatio upon Grandfather as he watched my performance.

Because final examinations were always observed by the royal couple, they were major artistic events, underwritten by a substantial budget from the royal treasury. It was my responsibility not only to choreograph the performance, but also to design the set, create the costumes, select appropriate music, scents, and lighting, and supervise the craftsmen and slaves who were to build the set and man the equipment during my performance.

On the night of my examination, I put on my makeup, donned my costume, and waited in the wings. In order to calm myself, I occupied my mind by repeatedly visualizing the sequence of sexual techniques that I planned to deploy. At midnight, the attendees entered the theater. Grandfather and Grandmother disappeared behind the mirror, and the witches arrayed themselves on cushions on the floor in front of the ritual boudoir. On the stage was a low round bed, sumptuously decorated. Arranged in a circle around it were five plush chairs. The lights dimmed. A hush fell over the audience. When the lights were turned up again, I was reclining on the bed, gently sucking a large rubber penis and caressing the rubber testicles that dangled beneath. My naked breasts glistened in the lamp light. I was wearing a red oval face mask that reached from the tip of my nose to the middle of my forehead. Slung low upon my hips was a short, red skirt that consisted of two panels, one in front that hung between my legs and one behind that covered my buttocks.

A murmur of surprise swept through the audience. I was wearing no earrings, bracelets, armbands, ankle hoops, rings, or finger cymbals to enhance my appearance. By wearing a minimalist ensemble, I was demonstrating my self confidence, for in so doing, I had deliberately made a difficult task more difficult.

Seated on the chairs surrounding me were five men of the royal family. They each wore a black oval face mask and a pair of black briefs. I took my time, and continued to suck the dildo slowly. I glanced at the men, and was pleased to see their growing erections. When I had teased them sufficiently, I put aside the dildo, stood, and began to perform the snake dance.

The men began to stroke their erections through the fabric of their briefs. Finally, I kneeled on the bed and summoned the first man. He stood and placed himself before me. The outline of his erect, circumcised penis showed through his briefs. Affectionately, I kissed the delightful mushroom shape of his glans. Under the fabric, it jumped in response. Slowly I unrolled his briefs over his erection and down his legs. He stepped out of them, and wrapped his hand around his shaft. I surrounded his glans with my lips and began to suck. It drove him crazy with pleasure.

After a few moments, I slid my lips off his penis and motioned for him to lie down supine upon the bed. I crouched over him, grasped his shaft, spread open my labia, and seated his glans firmly between them. Then I slowly lowered my body. He began to thrust upward repeatedly.

I summoned the second man, and delighted him as I had the first. Then I directed him to crouch behind me. After he had done so, I reached back, grasped his penis, and gently guided it into my rectum. He, too, began to thrust repeatedly.

In quick succession, I fellated the next two men, stripped off their briefs, and indicated that they should stand at my sides, one on the left and the other on the right. When they had complied, I wrapped my hands around their penises and began to stroke them.

Finally, I summoned the fifth man. He was rubbing his erection so furiously that I feared that he might climax before the other men were ready. So I motioned for him to bend down, and instead of fellating him, I kissed him warmly on the lips. When he had calmed a little, I nibbled his ear, and directed him to step backward.

Before I could commence delighting him, I had to overcome two impediments. Firstly, because

the man who was in my vagina was in the way, the fifth man could not stand upright closely enough for me to reach him. So I directed him to spread his legs in order to straddle the man below. Secondly, because my hands were occupied with masturbating the men at my sides, I couldn't use them to take off his briefs. So instead, I bit gently on the fabric and used my teeth to pull the briefs down over his erection. To my utter delight, his penis responded by leaping free of its constraints and standing straight up, like a little soldier at attention. I released the fabric. He took a step backward and removed the briefs. I signaled my readiness by lifting my face and opening my mouth. He responded by pushing his penis past my lips. I then sealed my mouth around his shaft, and proceeded to suck his penis vigorously.

My sexual excitement had heightened all of my senses. I used them to assess each man's state of readiness. In order to synchronize them, I had to squeeze my anal sphincter to encourage the man behind, and simultaneously loosen my grip on the penises of the men at my sides. With a great deal of effort, I got them ready. Finally, I smelled, felt, and tasted prostate fluid leaking from the tips of their penises. I wrenched myself free, and laid on my back across the reclining man's body. Five geysers of sperm erupted simultaneously. The men spurted repeatedly, and covered my body in sticky, glistening white.

Finally the lights dimmed, signaling the end of the performance. One by one the men kissed me, retrieved their briefs, rose, and walked off the stage. I was exhausted, covered in perspiration, and breathing hard.

After a few moments, Grandmother approached, covered me with a royal purple cloak, and, in the company of her bodyguards, escorted me to the royal bedchamber. Grandfather was not there. She removed the cloak and directed me to take off my costume and lie on the bed. I did as she commanded. After examining my body, she ordered a slave to fetch a bowl of warm water and a sponge. Then she bathed me, and removed all of the sperm. When she had finished, Grandmother congratulated me on my successful final examination. She pointed to a large gift wrapped box that was sitting on the night table, told me that it was a graduation present from her and Grandfather, and invited me to open it. Inside was the most beautiful ensemble I had ever seen. It consisted of a split skirt, a halter top, a niqab, and an abaya. In addition, there were gold-leafed slippers, and an assortment of jewelry encrusted with precious stones all set in gold.

But the most remarkable feature of the clothing was that it was made of royal purple fabric. I cast a puzzled look at Grandmother. She explained that Grandfather had been so pleased and aroused by my performance that he had decided to make me his second ranking wife.

After a moment of shocked silence, I fell on my knees at Grandmother's feet and began to weep. I told her that I could not possibly accept such a lavish gift, nor such a high rank. I said that I was unworthy of such a great honor, and that it would pain me greatly if Grandmother ever regarded me as a rival who might seek to unseat her from her high position. Grandmother stroked my hair, and caressed my face. She commanded me to dry my tears, and not to worry about such things. Then she told me that she was certain of my loyalty. Grandmother reminded me that even though outwardly she would never grow old, the witch's spell did not guarantee immortality. She said that she loved Grandfather so dearly that she wanted to ensure that upon her death, someone whom they both loved and trusted would take her place. I continued to decline the honor, but she gently informed me that this was a command, not a request. Finally, I bowed to her authority, and acquiesced. She smiled, dressed me in my new finery, and turned me toward the bedroom mirror. My clothing looked wonderful. The seamstress who had sewn it was acquainted with my figure, and had tailored the ensemble to fit my body precisely.

The Three Little Pigs

In order to avoid inbreeding, in addition to producing babies of pure familial blood, the family needed regularly to adopt persons from outside of the royal bloodline. Fortunately, from time to time, refugee women of good birth appeared on our frontier, often with children in tow. In many cases, their kingdoms had been conquered and their lords killed. So it was that the lady, Jasmina, became a member of Grandfather's household. Perhaps because they were of the same age, my mother and Jasmina became very close, and as a result, I came to think of her as my aunt.

Aunt Jasmina had happily been impregnated by her former lord. As part of her prenatal care, she carefully had been examined by the witches and court physicians, who informed her that she was carrying triplets. Miraculously, during her third month of pregnancy, she developed a third mammary gland. Six months later, Aunt Jasmina gave birth to three beautiful daughters whose greatest joy was to suckle concurrently from their mother's enhanced bosom. When the sisters reached weaning age, Aunt Jasmina's extra breast disappeared.

Unfortunately, news of the miraculous third breast reached the ears of the monotheists. They interpreted its appearance as a product of witchcraft and informed the clerics. The priests sent their temple guards to the palace of Aunt Jasmina's lord, murdered him, and took her and the babies by force. When news of this travesty reached Grandfather's soldiers, they mounted a nighttime mission to rescue them. In the process, they killed several priests. They then conveyed Jasmina and her infants to Grandfather's court, where he promptly was smitten by her beauty. Happily she agreed to the marriage contract, and shortly thereafter, having introduced Grandfather to sexual delights that had previously been unknown in our culture, she became one of his favorites. So it was that I grew up in the company of her daughters, Alia, Celia, and Delia, who became my best friends and constant companions.

Upon attaining eighteen years of age, all four of us were consigned to the harīm. The triplets were somewhat shorter than we other girls; but they more than made up for their diminutive stature with their exceptional beauty, voluptuous figures, and naughty sexual practices. During their final examinations, they performed so spectacularly that Grandfather underwent multiple orgasms as he watched from the royal observation box; and so, on the following night, he summoned the girls to his chambers.

Our goddess of motherhood and childbirth is Mother Wart Hog. She routinely is depicted in our sacred paintings and statuary as lying upon her side, suckling twelve piglets. As a minor deity, she had in the past received fewer praises and supplications than other gods; but one day, all of that changed.

A number of years ago, due to a perturbation of the earth's orbit by a passing star, the Nile River shrank to a trickle and our crops failed, unleashing a terrible famine. Thousands of

Grandfather's subjects died. He was devastated. After consulting with the head witches, he made his way to Mother Wart Hog's temple, prostrated himself before the altar, and begged her to intercede. Miraculously, she appeared on the temple steps and called to all of her children throughout Africa. In response, over the following year, plump, healthy pigs of many species emerged from the veldt, waddled to the steps of the royal abattoir, laid on their backs, and willingly exposed their necks. The abattoir witches cut their throats, butchered them, and distributed the meat to our people. Ever since, we have treated pigs with respect and have taken to calling newborn babies piglets.

As the moon rose on the night of their debut in the royal bedchamber, the sisters put on their makeup. Because of their suckling from Aunt Jasmina's three breasts, Grandmother had, with great affection, continued to call them little pigs and had designated lavender as their thematic color; so they donned lavender pig masks and costumes and wrapped themselves in lavender abayas. They drew the hoods up and well over their heads so that, in the low lighting in the boudoir, their faces could not be seen. Then, escorted by Grandfather's bodyguards, they made their way to his chamber.

Grandfather was wearing his wolf mask, and was resting comfortably against pillows that were arrayed along the headboard. When the sisters appeared, they walked toward him and stood, side-by-side, a few feet away from the bedside, so that they were visible to Grandfather from head to toe. Celia stood between Alia and Delia. Slowly, she lifted her hood and pulled it back over her head, revealing her pig mask. Grandfather smiled in delight. His hand drifted down his body and onto his pubis, where he began to stroke his penis through the fabric of his briefs. Celia untied the bow at her neck, opened her abaya, and let it slide down over her body and onto the floor. Slung about her hips was a loincloth made of lavender fabric that passed between her legs and covered her genitals, her perineum, and the cleft that bisected her buttocks. She was wearing long gloves that reached almost to her shoulders, a garter belt, long stockings, and high heeled shoes, all colored in the same shade as her mask and her loincloth. Her naked breasts bobbled provocatively in the lamplight. She slid her gloved hands up her abdomen until they came to rest on her bosom and began to roll her nipples between her fingers.

Then Alia removed her robe. She was wearing an ensemble that was identical to Celia's, except that her mask and costume were colored in a lighter shade. Moreover, slung low from a flesh-colored belt that wrapped around her hips was a rubber penis. It was long and thick and ended in a bulbous glans. It curved slightly upward as if it were erect, and whenever she moved, it surged up and down. Suspended beneath its root were two pendulous testicles. Alia wrapped her hand loosely around the penis, and began to stroke it.

Finally, Delia took off her abaya, revealing an ensemble that was identical to Alia's. She, too, wrapped her hand around her rubber penis and proceeded to stroke it.

Celia sank to her knees on the carpet, and, by placing her hands around her sisters' hips, drew them close to her. She smiled at the bobbing penises and kissed them gently. Then she grasped one in each hand and began to masturbate them. Delia gently guided her penis upward until the glans was pressed against Celia's face. Then she rubbed it slowly, back and forth, across her lips. Celia licked its underside. Then she closed her lips around it and sucked gently, while rotating her head and hand in opposite directions. After a few moments, she removed the penis from her mouth and ran the tip of her tongue around its crown. Then she turned her head and began to suck Alia's penis. Grandfather removed his briefs and continued to stroke his penis, which was now big and hard.

Celia released her sisters and climbed into the spacious bed. She laid down on her back and removed her loincloth. Alia followed her. Opening Celia's legs, she lowered her mouth onto her clitoris and licked her rosebud. Celia moaned with pleasure. Then Alia grasped her rubber

penis, guided it into Celia's vagina, and began to thrust rhythmically. Delia got into bed and curled up near the footboard. As she watched her sisters, she slid her hand under her loincloth and rubbed her clitoris. Grandfather rose to his knees and stroked his penis faster.

Delia crawled toward Alia, kissed her, and whispered something in her ear. Alia smiled and withdrew from Celia. Then Delia grasped Celia's hips and began to turn her. Celia understood and complied. She reversed herself, kneeled, and braced her hands against the mattress. Delia mounted her and guided the tip of the rubber penis into her rectum. Slowly, she pushed the penis deeper until it was fully seated inside her sister. Celia moaned with pleasure. Then Delia placed her hands on the small of Celia's back and began to thrust violently. Celia's moans grew louder and finally erupted into a scream. Grandfather's penis began to shudder in his hand. Alia's eyes opened wide; quickly she crouched in front of Grandfather, and allowed him to spurt repeatedly into her mouth. When he had finished, she opened it wide so that he could see the milky liquid pooling on her tongue. Then she closed it, swallowed, and opened it again, so that he could see that she had swallowed it.

Satisfied with Grandfather's reaction, the girls giggled and stopped playing with each other. They turned, laid on their stomachs, and crept toward him. Grandfather sat back, propped himself against the pillows, and opened his legs. Alia slid her face against the inside of his thigh, parted her lips, pulled his right testicle into her mouth, and sucked happily. After a few moments, Delia commenced to perform the same delight on his left testicle. Celia wriggled between her sisters, lowered her mouth onto his penis and fellated him repeatedly. Grandfather moaned with pleasure.

When Grandfather's penis began to jump again, the sisters pressed their mouths against its shaft and kissed it passionately. Soon afterward, he rewarded them with another big ejaculation. The girls squealed with delight, and lapped up his semen. "More! More! ..,", they murmured, and Grandfather happily obliged, spurting again and again until he collapsed against the pillows. Eventually, he opened his arms, gathered the sisters against his chest, and kissed them tenderly.

For several minutes, the triplets laid contentedly in his arms. Then they withdrew to the foot of the bed, and quietly conferred. Shaking their heads affirmatively, they turned toward Grandfather. Celia kneeled a little closer to him and whispered, "Oh big, naughty wolf, would you like to come in?"

"Yes," he whispered hoarsely. Celia smiled and reclined on the bed again. Grandfather laid on his stomach between her legs, grasped her hips, and lowered his mouth onto her pubis. He pressed his tongue against her clitoris and slid it slowly downward, opening her like a silken pod. Then he licked the underside of her rosebud. Celia's body quivered with pleasure. She lifted her knees and opened her legs. Grandfather kneeled on the bed and wrapped his hand

around his erect penis. Pulling her close, he pressed its tip between her labia, pushed inside, and began thrusting. Celia moaned happily. He continued for as long as he could. Then, as yet another orgasm began to sweep over him, he thrust faster and faster, until at last, he shot a geyser of sperm into her. Celia screamed in ecstasy.

Throughout the night, Grandfather made love to each of the triplets in succession repeatedly. When the sun rose, he kissed them one last time and summoned his guards. The girls retrieved their loincloths, wrapped themselves in their abayas, and returned to the harīm.

For two years, Alia, Delia, and Celia concocted the most naughty and delightful fantasies with which to pleasure Grandfather, and made him extremely happy. Throughout this time, his high ranking wives, including Aunt Jasmina, assisted him by occasionally traveling to far-flung towns and villages within the kingdom as his emissaries. There, they skillfully conducted administrative tasks on his behalf.

One day, a caravan that Grandfather had dispatched a week before to one of his western provinces returned prematurely in great distress. The camel master hastened to the palace and prostrated himself before the throne. Shaking with fear, he told a terrible tale. His caravan had been passing peaceably through a border town, when a monotheist woman who happened to be shopping in the market recognized Aunt Jasmina. She hastened across the border and informed the clerics. The following evening, their temple guards stole across the frontier, flayed Aunt Jasmina, cut her throat, and left her body on a shrine dedicated to Mother Wart Hog.

The court was stunned. Nobody spoke. Everyone's eyes were fixed on Grandfather. His face turned red. He began to shake. Then suddenly, he arose in a terrible rage, unsheathed his sword, and with a single stroke, severed the camel master's head from his body. He called for his armor, which his squires, with great difficulty, fastened to him as he strode to the stables. Selecting a black war horse, he galloped off, followed by two divisions of his army.

News of the outrage spread quickly, and, before long, one of Grandfather's wives who had been in the court burst into the harīm, shrieking. Greatly alarmed, we gathered around her and listened breathlessly to the terrible tale of what had happened. Suddenly a chill swept down my spine. Standing quickly, I searched the room for my cousins. They were nowhere to be found. I screamed for the guards. Never having heard me lose my composure, they froze at their posts, not knowing what to do. I began to tear my clothing. I needed to free my legs so that I could run. Tripping repeatedly, as I ripped the fabric and pulled it from my body, I lurched toward the open doorway that led to the turret of the harīm. It was from this high place that Grandfather's soldiers had rained down arrows upon the few attackers who had dared to attempt an assault upon his wives during a raid on the castle. I glanced back and was relieved to see the guards following me. Then the chill returned and ran down my spine again as I realized that I would be alone on the turret balcony for several minutes before they joined me.

I burst through the doorway and into the sunlight just as Celia was climbing onto the parapet. Alia and Delia were still removing their sandals in order to join her on the ledge. I screamed at Celia to stop. She froze, then turned to look at me. Her face was ashen, and she had a detached, determined look in her eyes that filled me with dread. Without hesitation, I hurled myself over her astonished sisters, and grappled with her. Celia attempted to repel me and tried to walk backward over the edge of the wall. In desperation, I grasped her by the shoulders and yanked her down onto the granite blocks that shielded Grandfather's archers. My head struck one of the stones, and, still clinging to my cousin, I lost consciousness.

I awoke in the sumptuous throne room of a huge castle. Glancing out the windows, I could see nothing but immense purple clouds. The interior of the room was bathed in a soft white light. Seated naked on the throne was Father Crocodile. His huge testicles rested on the forward edge of the seat cushion. His gigantic penis was in Mother Cobra's mouth, whose voluptuous, sinuous body was curled around the throne. She was subjecting him to intense fellation. His back was arched in ecstasy, his face turned upward, his mouth open wide in amazement. As he approached a climax, Mother Cobra withdrew his penis from her mouth, angled it upward, and masturbated it repeatedly with great vigor. Father Crocodile bellowed in a deafening voice and spurted an immense load of semen, which, when it struck the ceiling, burst open, releasing dozens of baby crocodiles who scampered down the walls and out through the windows.

When he was satisfied, he shifted backward in his seat and summoned me. Trembling with fear, I lowered my eyes, walked toward them, and kneeled at the foot of the stairs. Mother Cobra unwound herself from around the throne, curled up at his feet, and smiled.

"My beloved Jazeera. Your sexual skills are exquisite and your morals unimpeachable. This day, you willingly risked your life in order to save three of your sisters. For this, you shall be rewarded."

She reached down, gathered me into her arms, and lifted me onto the dais. "Your power over snakes will be magnified, so that you may call upon my children whenever you are in need. You shall have a long life. When you join us in heaven, you will watch with great satisfaction as your descendants multiply and bring sexual joy to many. A terrible day is coming on which foolish men who have never known such joy will destroy almost all life upon the earth; but your children will survive."

She smiled and patted my cheek. "Go now and return to your loved ones. They are waiting for you."

Once again, I awakened, this time to find myself in Grandfather's bed. He was kneeling by its side. For many days he had neither changed his clothes nor trimmed his beard. Instead, he had remained with me, earnestly praying to Mother Cobra. Clasped in his hands was his sword. He had turned it downward so that its point pierced the carpet, and he was now leaning on it heavily, too exhausted to remain on his knees without it. I reached out my hand, and caressed his face. He opened his eyes, and when he beheld me, he wept.

I had been in a coma for a week. Five days earlier, Grandfather had returned with his army. Having crossed the border and ridden into the town in which Aunt Jasmina had been murdered, he and his men had killed the clerics and everyone else, and set fire to all of the buildings. As the town burned, he cut off the heads of the priests and stuffed their genitals into their mouths. Then he wrapped the heads in fabric, placed them in a leather bag, and dispatched it to the leader of the sect, a holy man who ruled over the monotheists from a temple in the city of Marrakesh.

Golden-Hair and the Three Bears

Long ago, Norse raiders established a settlement in our country. Eventually, we drove them out, but not before they had impregnated some local women. That is why occasionally a child is born who possesses blond hair. Some years ago, such a boy was born into the royal family. Unfortunately, when he came of age and began to have sex, he discovered that he was unable to ejaculate; his semen emerged, but with no force behind it. This made it impossible for him to sire children. The malfunction was caused by a benign tumor in his groin that blocked one of his seminal vesicles; but excising it could have inadvertently severed the nerve that enabled him to have an erection. Our physicians are the most knowledgeable in the world; but occasionally, a medical condition arises for which they can find no cure. In such cases, the last resort is to send the patient to the forest witch. There, he or she must undertake some difficult task that the witch, after consulting the gods, has set for them. If they succeed, they are cured.

Al-Kharijah is verdant and fertile; but it is surrounded by a harsh wilderness of sand and stones. In order to reach the home of the forest witch, a patient must undertake a difficult journey to a valley far to the south, where the surrounding mountains trap sufficient water to support vegetation. Here there are oak, cedar, and beech trees; and roaming in the shadows below are deer, bears, and leopards.

When the boy reached the age of 18 and had completed his warrior training, the family decided to risk sending him to the forest witch. And so, one day, with great trepidation, for they did not know if he would ever return, they gave him a sword and a war horse, and dispatched him to the mountains.

Seven days later, at dusk, he arrived at the witch's cave. Tethering his horse, he dismounted and approached the entrance. He kneeled, unbuckled his sword, and laid it down upon the broken rocks at the mouth of the cave. "I seek the protection of this household," he said. Having been taught the warrior code, he knew that even an enemy could not refuse such a request; to do so would risk bringing dishonor upon himself and his family; and that would be worse than death. "To show that I mean you no harm, I surrender my sword." A strong wind swept out of the cave and then slowly subsided. When it was gone, his sword had disappeared.

"Enter," said a powerful but sultry voice that echoed against the canyon walls. He rose and walked into the gloom. Lamplight emanated from an opening in the back of the cave. As he drew nearer, he discovered that it was framed by an elegantly carved doorway that was covered in gold leaf. Passing through this portal, he found himself in a sumptuously furnished chamber. Reclining on a couch upholstered in blue satin was a young, curvaceous, green-skinned woman. She was wearing a loincloth made of gold colored fabric. Her breasts were naked and bobbled when she moved. Gold jewelry adorned her neck, arms, and ankles. The smell of cedar wafted from her body.

"What healing do you seek?" she asked.

The blond boy described his predicament and recounted the diagnosis that he had received from the court physicians. The witch listened attentively. "This is a most vexing case. Before I can be of service, I must dialog with your penis and listen to what it has to say."

A decanter and two goblets materialized on the crystal table by her side. She rose and poured out equal measures of the potion. Smiling, she handed him one goblet and took the other for herself. "This is a powerful aphrodisiac. When your penis gets hard, I will make love to it, and it will begin to speak to me. We must then maintain your erection long enough for me to gather the insights that I need."

They drank the potion. Then the witch took the blond boy by the hand and led him into her boudoir. Sitting on a table by the bed was a gold, jewel-studded mask. She put it on. It covered her face from her nose to her forehead. She pushed the boy onto the mattress and removed his clothing. Then she reversed herself and straddled his body so that her face was directly over his genitals. She surrounded the base of his penis, just above his testicles, with her thumbs and forefingers, locking it in a firm grip. Then she lowered her head and gently brushed her lips across his shaft.

"Little man, little man," she whispered, "are you at home tonight, and are you receiving visitors?" His penis began to harden and rise. "Oh," she exclaimed, "I am so glad to see you!" Gently, she surrounded his glans with her lips, and ran her tongue once around its perimeter. When she released it, it swelled and took on the shape of a human head. "May I kiss you on your mouth?" she asked. His penis jumped in response. She smiled broadly, puckered her lips, and gently kissed his meatus. His penis jumped again, this time more violently. Quickly, she tightened her grip on its root. "No, no, no, my love. Not yet. First you must talk to me. If you will be a good boy and be patient, and answer all of my questions, I promise that I will release you and make you very, very happy."

The instant her lips had touched the boy's glans, from his legs all the way to the top of his head, an electric thrill had run through him. Pressing his hands against the witch's buttocks, he arched his back, pushed his head into the pillows, opened his mouth, and gasped, "Oh!" repeatedly.

For two blissful hours, the witch interrogated his penis. Each time it prepared to spurt, she tightened her fingers, constricting the nerves and vesicles. The boy thrashed beneath her, moaning in tortured pleasure. Finally, she reached for a bowl that was sitting on the night table, placed it over the tip of his penis, and released the pressure on his shaft. A glistening white stream poured out slowly from his meatus. His penis pulsed again and again, releasing more and more of the viscous fluid. Smiling with satisfaction, she continued to murmur, "I love you," to his penis, as it jumped up and down repeatedly. Eventually, the flow of semen slowed to a trickle. His erection subsided, and his glans resumed its normal shape. The boy was exhausted, and quickly fell asleep.

He awakened the next morning to find the witch lying on the bed between his legs. Languorously, she was sucking his testicles while stroking his penis. As his body stirred, she raised her head, crawled to his side, kissed him, and laid down beside him.

"Guided by your penis, I projected my mind into your groin and searched for the tumor. Eventually, I found it, and discovered that it was attached to the wall of your seminal vesicle by a single thin ligament. Each time your body began to climax, just before I squeezed the root of your penis in order to suppress your orgasm, I observed that the increasing pressure of your semen and prostate fluids caused the tumor to lurch back and forth violently, stressing the slender anchor that was holding it fast. It seemed to me that a lengthy series of violent orgasms might weaken the cord sufficiently to enable the following orgasm to break it. In that case, the tumor might be pushed out of your meatus by the force of your emissions.

"The challenge now was to identify a woman who possessed sufficient stamina to perform this service. I thought of many candidates, but, in each case, upon reflection, for one reason or another, I found her to be unsuitable. During these ruminations, because of the enormous amount of mental energy that I had expended in order to project myself into your body and then remain there for hours, eventually I tired and fell asleep. It was then that Mother Bee appeared to me in a dream, and instructed me to send you to her. She told me that when you arrive at her hive, she will subject you to a rigorous and painful ordeal, during which you will need to show integrity, courage, and stamina. She said that if you survive, she will take you to the honey bear women.

"The bear women once lived in a nearby palace. All three had been gifted by Mother Panther with exquisite sexual skills. Men who undertook a pilgrimage to their castle were rewarded with three nights of sexual bliss, during which the sisters took turns performing esoteric sexual delights upon them. Word of their prowess spread and eventually reached the western desert. Unfortunately, this region is inhabited by a cult that believes in only one god. This intolerant deity disapproves of all things sexual. The monotheists convinced themselves that the women were luring men to their doom, and pressured the high priest to do something. He dispatched his temple guards to abduct them. Then, under his orders, the clerics raped and tortured the women and prepared to burn them at the stake. But they escaped.

"They arrived home, exhausted and starving, only to find that the palace had been burned to the ground. They were about to give up all hope when they caught sight of a gigantic black honey bear ambling into the woods. In desperation, they followed him. Eventually he emerged in a clearing in the midst of which was a huge tree. Hanging from one of the branches was a gigantic beehive. Ignoring the large bees that swarmed around him, the bear tore off a chunk of honeycomb, and happily sucked out all of the honey. Then, licking his paws, he disappeared into the undergrowth.

"The women kneeled at the foot of the tree and entreated the bees to help them. When Mother Bee heard their story, she took pity on them and allowed them to eat their fill of honey. Then, so that, thenceforth, they would be capable of defending themselves, she endowed them with warrior skills. Because the honey bear is known to be affectionate toward its loved ones but fierce toward its enemies, and because it delights in sucking honey, the women chose it as their totem animal. They arrayed themselves in bear masks and attached bear claws made of steel to their hands.

"They have the power to heal you."

The witch rose from the bed, poured his semen into a wide-mouthed bottle, sealed it, and handed it to him. Then, with a wave of her hand, she rematerialized his sword, and returned it to him.

"In the next valley to the south, there is a land that is inhabited by giant animals. There, you will find Mother Bee." He bowed and thanked her. Then he turned, walked out of her chambers, through the cave entrance, and into the sunlight.

It was late afternoon when he entered the bee mother's valley. Immediately, he heard the thrumming of an active beehive. Following the sound, he emerged into a small clearing that contained a gigantic tree. Hanging from one of its limbs was a huge beehive that was being tended by giant bees. Suddenly, a colossal mantis emerged from the bushes and advanced upon the hive. The bees attacked it, but their stings were unable to penetrate the mantis's chitin armor. The blond boy drew his sword and lopped off one of the mantis's legs, which caused it to tumble onto its side, exposing its vulnerable throat. Evading the mantis's snapping mandibles, the boy drove his sword into the animal's neck. It shuddered, collapsed, and died.

The bees surrounded him and fixed their compound eyes upon him. In order to signal submission, he sheathed his sword, lowered his head, and kneeled in the grass. The sea of bees parted, and, from the hive, the bee mother emerged.

"I am Mother Bee," she said. "Have you brought me an offering?" The boy rose and uncorked the ceramic bottle. Mother Bee extended her proboscis into it and drank. Then she bent her abdomen, bringing her tail forward, and positioned her sting in front of his face. He understood and obeyed. Opening his jaws, he allowed her venom to drip into his mouth. A most terrible pain mounted swiftly in his throat and spread quickly throughout his body. He felt as if he were afire. His throat swelled. Tears and perspiration poured down his face. With great effort, he managed to remain upright. But eventually, consciousness drained away from him, and he collapsed.

Dimly, he felt a cooling breeze running over his face and heard the droning of hundreds of wings. He opened his eyes, and discovered to his astonishment that he was rushing through the air high above the treetops. Looking up, he saw that Mother Bee was cradling him in her legs. At last, she descended and gently placed him on the ground outside a mountain cave.

"The bear women eat nothing but honey," she said. "It is the source of their power. They will seduce you, and, after you have fallen asleep, they will attempt to kill you; but my venom will protect you." She placed one of her forelegs on his head and gave him her blessing. Then she rose into the air and, accompanied by her protective host, flew back to the valley of giants.

The blond boy turned and approached the entrance of the cave. It was blocked by a gigantic marble door upon which were carved erotic scenes that depicted women performing the most exquisite carnal delights upon their men. To the right of the doorway there was a tall oaken frame from which a bronze gong had been suspended. Hanging by its side was a bronze hammer. The boy removed the hammer from its hook and struck the gong three times. When its reverberations subsided, he waited patiently for a response. None came. He tried a second time, and then a third. Nothing.

He approached the massive portal again. With his hands, he probed its perimeter thoroughly, searching for a hidden latch or mechanism that, when pressed or pulled, might open the door. He found none. Puzzled, he sat upon the scree at the base of the mountain and pondered. Three women. Endowed with warrior skills. Strong, no doubt, but even three men would have been unable to raise the door. There must be a simple way of opening it. He ruminated until his head ached, scanning and rescanning the door, searching for anything anomalous. At last he notice that in the background of each scene there was a carved stairway. With mounting interest, he realized that it ascended diagonally from the lower rightmost to the upper leftmost picture. Moreover, if the frames around the scenes were ignored, the stairway would be continuous. It seemed to him that a moderately athletic man or woman could ascend the stairs by using its steps as a sequence of handholds.

Leaping upward, he obtained a grip on the first step and by pulling himself, hand over hand, from one tread to another, quickly reached the top of the door. There, tucked into the face of the mountain so that it could not be seen from below, was a stout lever. When he pulled it, the door slid silently into an excavated pocket. He dropped to the ground and stepped inside the cave. As he waited for his eyes to acclimate themselves to the gloom, the door slid closed behind him. To his great surprise, instead of being plunged into utter darkness, he found himself bathed in a soft blue grow that emanated from the ceiling. Looking up, he saw that the roof of the cave was covered with pinpricks of cerulean light.

Dropping his gaze, he meticulously surveyed the cave's interior. Never had he seen such a sumptuous, elegant chamber. The walls were lined with mahogany panels embedded in ebony frames. The north wall, from floor to ceiling, was occupied by a carved mahogany bookcase that contained hundreds of books and scrolls. Oil lamps perched on intricately worked bronze fixtures were mounted at regular intervals along the walls. Large sections of the paneling were covered in fabulous tapestries, within which gold and silver threads scintillated in the blue light, outlining major features of the pictures they contained. Spices and incense smoldered in carved gilded dishes that were distributed on the tables. Gleaming tabletops sat upon finely carved wooden skirts and legs that were made of teak, ebony, and oak. Thickly upholstered chairs, divans, and loveseats were arrayed on fine Persian carpets that sat in front of large marble fireplaces. In the center of the room stood a long dining table surrounded by four plush chairs. On the south wall, a door opened upon a hallway that led to a massive kitchen, a large pantry, and a chamber that housed an underground spring. On the east wall, an ornately carved and decorated staircase led upward and through a doorway that was set in an ebony portal.

The blond boy mounted the stairs, and found that they led to an enormous boudoir, as beautifully appointed as the great room from which he had just emerged. At the center of the room was a circular bed, big enough to sleep as many as four or five people. Its bedclothes were made of the finest silks, satins, and linens. Its tall canopy was draped with colorful tapestries. Supporting the mattress was a stout iron frame to which a lattice of steel springs had been riveted. Oddly, the mattress seemed to be pierced at the center by an ebony post. As he drew nearer, he realized that it was a large, circumcised penis made of polished black marble. Draped along its base was a pair of commensurately large marble testicles. The shaft of the penis curved realistically, making the whole affair look like a huge erection.

The blond boy sat on the edge of a red velvet footstool and thought. "The honey bear women will seduce you," Mother Bee had said. "And, after you have fallen asleep, they will attempt to kill you." As he explored the cave, he had been pondering how he could coax the bear women into pleasuring him repeatedly, without being helplessly unarmed when they attacked. Abruptly, he stood up and walked toward the bed. He removed his scabbard and sword, and pushed them completely between the springs and the mattress, with the handle of the sword outermost. He climbed onto the bedclothes near the edge of the bed, laid on his back, and practiced reaching over the side, under the mattress, and drawing the sword. Satisfied, he rose, walked down the stairs, crossed the entrance chamber, and stood before the massive marble door. On the wall to the right was another lever, similar to the one that he had found outside. He pulled it, and the door slid open once again. Squinting in the orange light of the setting sun, he stepped outside. The door slid shut behind him.

Close nearby was a thicket of scrub trees and bramble. He parted some branches, wedged himself inside the thicket, and began to force his way through. Thorns gripped his clothing and dug into his flesh. As he pushed and twisted, they tore the fabric of his tunic and trousers, and cut long, bleeding gashes in his skin. Struggling out of the undergrowth, he found a swampy patch of ground, and rubbed mud onto his face and hands. By using a large puddle as a mirror, he was able to survey the results of his efforts. He looked like a peasant who had fallen on hard times, who had lost his way and had been struggling all day to find a way out of the forest. He walked back to the cave entrance, turned, and sat in the gravel with his back pressed against the centerline of the marble door.

Suddenly he heard the sound of breaking branches. Feigning exhaustion and delirium, he allowed his head to droop to the side, half closed his eyes, and breathed heavily. Out of the undergrowth stepped a spectacular nubile woman who was brandishing a spear. Her face was partially concealed behind a mask that looked like the snout and upper face of a black bear. Slung low on her hips were a pair of tight fitting black leggings. Her feet were protected by laced leather sandals. Surrounding her right ankle were three gold rings. Her hands, arms, and shoulders were covered in a form-hugging black blouse that surrounded and enhanced her naked breasts. Strapped to each wrist was a gauntlet from which five steel bear claws projected forward over her hand. Following her closely was a tall woman with a robust body, who was carrying a large piece of honeycomb that was filled to the brim with honey. She was dressed identically to the first woman, except that her mask and clothing were gray. Her hands, too, were surmounted by a formidable set of steel claws. The last to emerge was a curvaceous woman arrayed in a similar bear ensemble that was dark brown in color, who also was carrying a large chunk of honeycomb.

Upon catching sight of him, the brown and gray bear women dropped their burdens and each drew a sword from a scabbard that she had strapped across her back. With their sister, they ran silently and swiftly to the hillside, and surrounded the blond boy. "I seek the protection of this household," he said weakly. After a moment's hesitation, the gray bear woman reached into a

pouch strapped to her belt and threw a handful of blue pollen into his face. Immediately, he fell into a deep slumber.

When he awakened, he found himself lying on the circular bed. He shifted over the edge, and slowly stood upright. Across the boudoir, there were three tall mirrors, each set in a carved frame that pivoted on a wooden stand. Standing before one of them, he discovered that he had been washed carefully from head to toe; his wounds had been cleaned, disinfected, and bound

in white gauze; and he had been dressed in fine clothing. Carefully, he surveyed the room. The women were nowhere to be seen. Their weapons and bear claws were hanging on a wall near the canopy. Crossing to the bed, he lifted the edge of the mattress and found, to his great relief, that his own sword was still in place.

From the great chamber below, he heard laughter and conversation and the bustle of an evening meal; but the talking and laughter ceased when he descended the staircase. Seated at the dining table were the honey bear women. They had removed their masks and warrior clothes, bathed, and changed into comfortable eveningwear. Each woman was dressed in a scant bejeweled halter, a long split skirt, and a diaphanous abaya, all dyed in her thematic color; black, gray, or dark brown accordingly.

The gray bear woman spoke first. "Welcome, stranger," she said. "I believe introductions are in order. I am Ursula. These are my sisters, Baubella and Plionarcta." She indicated the black and brown women, respectively. "And by what name should we call you?" Because Al-Kharijah was so distant, the blond boy thought it unlikely that the bear women were aware of the name of the royal family. Besides, something about them made him think that it would be unwise to lie to them. So he told them his surname and given name, but withheld his ancestral

appellations because such formalisms were not used by common people.

"Come; you must be famished," said Ursula. Her sisters smiled and indicated the chair at the foot of the table. Nodding in acknowledgement, the blond boy smiled back and sat down. There ensued a lively dialog during which the bear women served him and the blond boy ate. They enquired about his history; he responded politely, careful not to reveal too much. They recounted their own story; he listened attentively. Nothing in their manner betrayed their burning animosity toward men. The blond boy concluded that he was being subjected to a well-honed presentation with which they had disarmed many others before him so that they would be caught unawares when the women sprang their trap.

In the meantime, he surreptitiously surveyed his surroundings. He noticed that, in general, there were three of everything, each object typically having been painted, stained, or otherwise decorated in one of the women's thematic colors. There were three fireplaces; three Persian rugs; three desks and chairs; and three loveseats. On the breakfront by the table, there were three sets of crystal goblets; three formal dinner plates; and three sets of bowls, saucers, and salad dishes. In the dovetailed drawers, there were three sets of cutlery; three sets of napkins and placemats; and three trivets. And in the bed chamber, there were three armoires; three floor-length mirrors; and three dressing tables, each with a stool and a triple-paned mirror. But only one bed.

The evening passed pleasantly. The women plied him with roast venison, fresh fruits and vegetables, baked delicacies, and wine; but they, themselves, ate only honey. After dinner, they settled themselves on furniture that was arranged around one of the fireplaces. Plionarcta lit a taper in the flame of an oil lamp, and ignited the cordwood that had carefully been stacked on the grating. The fire burned steadily, engulfing them in a comfortable warmth, its sporadic crackling punctuating their conversation.

Eventually, they fell silent, and after a few moments, Baubella stood, took him by the hand, and led him up the stairs and into the boudoir. Bustling around the room, she lit votive candles that bathed the chamber in soft, low light, and ignited incense that filled the room with an intoxicating scent. She seated herself at her dressing table, dabbed perfume behind her ears and between her breasts, and brushed and arranged her hair. Then she stood and faced him. Smiling sweetly, she untied the bow of her abaya and let it slide onto the floor. Slowly, she reached behind her, unbuckled her halter, and dropped it, too, onto the carpet. Then she unbuckled her skirt and let it fall, revealing a black loincloth that hugged her hips and covered her genitals.

She opened a drawer in her armoire, removed her black bear mask, and secured it on her face. Then she walked to him, placed her palms on his chest, and gently pushed him backward onto the bed. Working slowly, she removed his clothing. She indicated that he should sit, facing the doorway, and when he had done so, she sat behind him, drew her warm body tightly against his back, and wrapped her arms around his chest. She began to kiss him on the nape of his neck and the back of his ears. Sliding her hands down his abdomen, she cupped one hand under his testicles and gently caressed them, and wrapped the other around his shaft and stroked it. The blond boy's body shuddered in delight; his breath deepened; and his penis grew rock hard.

She reached onto one of the night tables, and picked up a small bottle of scented oil. Dipping her fingers into it, she spread lubricant onto his penis and testicles. She pulled him backward slightly and rubbed the remaining oil onto his perineum, all the way back to his rectum. Then she pushed him forward again, wrapped her fingers around his shaft, and continued to masturbate him.

Ursula and Plionarcta emerged from the darkened staircase, sat down at their dressing tables, perfumed their bodies, and brushed their hair. Then, they, too, rose to face him, stripped, and

donned their bear masks. They approached the bed, kneeled on the mattress, and began to caress their naked breasts. The blond boy's penis began to jump.

Plionarcta smiled warmly at him. Then she fixed her eyes upon the black marble penis, shifted close to it, and cooed softly. Slowly, she lowered her face, opened her mouth, and closed it gently around the glans. Moaning happily, she wrapped both hands around the shaft and began to fellate the massive penis. After a few strokes, she paused, shut her eyes, and pushed her head downward, trying to reach the testicles with her lips. Of necessity, this forced the penis partly into her throat. She gagged a little, and pulled her mouth upward and away from the sculpture. Then, whimpering with pleasure, she closed her lips around the glans again, and licked its underside. Saliva dripped from her mouth and down the shaft, as she sucked contentedly.

Ursula had been rubbing her clitoris as she watched. Smiling at her sister, she maneuvered to the opposite side of the marble monolith. As Plionarcta released the penis from her mouth, Ursula removed her loincloth, and, with her middle and index fingers, spread open her labia and seated the glans between them. Placing her hands on her hips, she pushed her body downward. With great effort, and by descending slowly, she managed to get the entire shaft inside her. She opened her mouth wide in amazement, and began to bounce slowly up and down, softly whimpering with pleasure.

Through her hand, Baubella felt the boy's penis begin to spasm. She called to her sisters, who swiftly disengaged themselves from the marble penis, and crouched on the mattress, their mouths wide open. Baubella directed the boy's penis upward and outward just as it began to spurt. Thick semen dribbled out, and slid down his shaft and onto his testicles. The two sisters laughed happily, pressed their faces against his groin, and lapped up the warm liquid.

Suddenly, they sat bolt upright, a look of astonishment on their faces. "Oh! Oh! What is this?" cried Ursula. She lowered her head again, sucked up more of the semen, and licked her lips. Greatly excited, she seized one of the votive candles and brought it close to the boy's groin. The three sisters looked at the semen intently; for it was not white; instead, its color was a warm, soft, yellow that glistened like gold in the candlelight.

Plionarcta looked at Ursula and exclaimed, "Sister, is it possible? Could it really be?"

"Yes!" said Ursula. "There is no doubt. His semen is pure honey!"

The women withdrew to the foot of the bed and regarded him with awe. Timidly, Ursula asked, "Are you a god?"

Suddenly, Mother Bee's voice echoed in the boy's mind. "My venom will protect you," she had said. Now he realized the meaning of her words. Thinking quickly, he spoke. "Mother Bee has been watching over you these many years, and is pleased with your devotion. She cast a spell upon me that transformed my body, and sent me to you as a reward. She commands you to honor her by drinking my semen continually until the sun rises."

The blond boy stacked pillows near the edge of the bed, reclined with his head propped against them, and opened his thighs. The bear women responded by kneeling in a semicircle around him. Then Ursula laid down prone upon the mattress with her face between his legs. She grasped his penis, lifting it gently, lowered her head, and began to suck his testicles. Once again, the blond boy's body was suffused with an electric thrill, every bit as exciting as the one he had experienced with the forest witch. Ursula's mouth strayed slowly up the underside of his shaft, kissing, licking, and sucking, while she cooed with affection. She pushed her free hand between his buttocks and the mattress, and pressed her middle finger into his anus. Clamping her lips around his glans, she slid her mouth downward over his shaft and simultaneously twisted her finger inside him. The boy gasped in astonishment and pleasure. Ursula repeated the delight, over and over again, until his penis shuddered and sprayed honey onto her palate. When he had finished spurting, she disengaged from him, turned, and opened her mouth so

that her sisters could see the glistening gold liquid pooling on her tongue. She close her eyes, swallowed, and moaned with pleasure.

Baubella and Plionarcta hugged each other excitedly. Baubella reclined upon the mattress. Plionarcta spread open her sister's legs, lowered her head between her thighs, and licked her rosebud. Laughing happily, Ursula laid upon her back, grasped Plionarcta by the hips, pushed her face between her legs, and likewise licked hers. The blond boy stroked his penis and watched. The sisters thrust and moaned and sucked and screamed until they had mutual orgasms. Then they laid upon their backs, breathing heavily.

After some moments had passed, Baubella rose and crossed to her armoire. Opening the door, she retrieved a decanter and four goblets. She poured out equal measures of its contents, kept one goblet for herself, and distributed the others to her sisters and the blond boy. "This potion will enhance your passion and increase your endurance," she said to him. They drank rapidly, and drained their goblets. Immediately, the boy's penis swelled and lengthened. Standing quickly, he seized Baubella, pressed his lips to hers, and kissed her passionately. Then he lifted her and threw her onto the bed. Fumbling with the clasps, Baubella tried to remove her loincloth. The blond boy grasped it by its waistband and tore it off. Breathlessly she opened her legs, and allowed him to plunge his penis inside her. Immediately, he began to thrust violently. Baubella screamed with pleasure.

At the sight of their sister being ravished, Ursula and Plionarcta locked lips and fell upon each other passionately. Ursula removed her sister's loincloth, pivoted on top of her, and lowered her pubis onto her face. Plionarcta obliged by licking her clitoris while Ursula reciprocated.

When Baubella reached a climax, Ursula disengaged from Plionarcta, pulled the blond boy off her sister, and threw him down upon his back on the mattress. She grasped his throbbing penis, guided it into her vagina, and began to rock her hips forward and backward. The blond boy reached up and caressed her breasts. Then he wrapped his arms around her back, lifted himself, sealed his lips over her left nipple, and sucked passionately. Ursula closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure. Grasping his head, she pulled it from her left breast, and pushed it onto her right. The boy complied and sucked her nipple.

Ursula's body shook violently as a massive orgasm overwhelmed her. Lifting herself off the blond boy's groin, she turned, grasped Plionarcta by the back of her head, and pushed her mouth against his penis. Plionarcta complied and fellated him vigorously. Then the blond boy pushed her back onto the mattress, mounted her, and ravished her.

For the remainder of the night, he made love to each of them in turn repeatedly. Each time, his penis spouted an immense load of honey, which they lapped up eagerly and swallowed. As the sun crested the mountains, he experienced a massive orgasm, and, bellowing loudly, spurted half way across the room. Then he collapsed in exhaustion and relief. The sisters laid in a circle around him and covered his body with kisses. Then, happily entwined in each other's arms, they all drifted off to sleep.

They awakened to a deafening crash that shook the walls and floor. They sat up and listened carefully. A second crash shook the cave. Someone was attempting to batter down the marble door. Dimly, they heard the sound of horses, weapons, and armor coming from behind the portal.

One by one, the bear women turned and kissed the blond boy passionately. Still wearing their masks, they sprang from the bed, ran to their armoires, took out their warrior clothes, and put them on. Then they pulled their gauntlets from the wall, and fastened them to their wrists. Baubella snatched up her spear, and Ursula and Plionarcta strapped their scabbards onto their backs and drew their swords. Baubella turned to the blond boy and kissed him again one last time. Then they raced down the staircase just in time to see the marble door crack and collapse.

The great room rapidly filled with dust and smoke. Through the haze, a turbaned soldier raced into the cave carrying a torch, and threw it into the bookcase. With one swipe of her bear claws,

Ursula beheaded him. Flames sprang from the bookcase and spread to the tapestries. The sisters screamed in rage, bellowing their war cry.

Armed men rushed into the cave. The women formed a chevron and began to mow them down. Blood spattered everywhere. The cave reverberated with the screams of the dying. The women growled like bears as they struck down one soldier after another. Amid the smoke, dust, and noise, despite the shouts of their commanders, the soldiers were unable to coordinate an effective assault. But the bear women knew their home ground and did not need to see clearly in order to defend themselves. Baubella turned and watched as the flames spread throughout the cave, consuming all of their treasured possessions. She began to weep. Her grief bolstered her rage. With renewed force, she sprang upon the invaders and killed ruthlessly and efficiently.

Suddenly, Plionarcta collapsed, pierced through the heart by a spear. Ursula screamed and beheaded the man who had wielded it. Then she became berserk. She abandoned her defensive position with her sister, and charged out into the daylight.

After a few moments of shock, the blond boy had sprung into action. As he donned his clothing and withdrew his sword from under the mattress, his mind was reeling. Why had the bear women kissed him and then gone off alone to face the invaders? Why had Baubella turned and kissed him again? Hadn't all three been plotting to kill him in his sleep? And what was this powerful feeling that was suffusing his body with rage, not against the women, but against their attackers. The blond boy had never been in love before, but he concluded that this must be what it feels like. And then it struck him; the bear women had not sprung upon the enemy to defend their home; they had attacked to defend him.

He ran down the stairs and searched through the haze until he saw Baubella. She was bleeding from many wounds. Surrounded by four soldiers, she was standing her ground and viciously swinging her spear. The blond boy ran and took up a position behind her. Baubella felt the warmth of his body, and knew instantly that it was he. Back to back they fought the enemy. The boy began to roar with rage. His sword sang in the wind and sprayed blood in all directions as it cut through one man after another. An arrow pierced his shoulder. He broke off the feathered end, reached behind him, and pulled out the remaining shaft and arrowhead. Blood trickled down his back, but he did not feel it. He struck down another soldier, and then another.

Then little by little, the screams of the attackers diminished. Baubella dispatched one more man, and then, silence. Still standing back to back, they pivoted first one way, then the other, peering through the dust, their chests heaving, their bodies drenched in blood and perspiration, but nothing moved. Eventually, the dust settled. All around them, the contents of the cave were crackling and collapsing. The flames threw an orange light upon the scene, and they saw the cave entrance gleaming in the sunlight. Cautiously, they made their way through the broken portal and out onto the scree.

The remaining soldiers had retreated and were now beating a path down the mountain. Baubella gasped, "Temple guards. They were temple guards from the monotheist sect. The high priest must have sent spies to find us."

Then she dropped her spear and cried, "Oh, no! No, no, no!"

Lying by the thicket, surrounded by dead warriors, was Ursula's blood drenched body. Baubella crossed the clearing and sank onto the moss. Cradling her sister's head in her lap, she wept inconsolably. The blond boy walked across the clearing, kneeled beside her, and wrapped her in his arms.

So it was that Grandfather first met Grandmother. After binding their wounds and burying Ursula and Plionarcta, they began to walk down the mountain. In a clearing at the foot of the hills, peacefully grazing, was the war horse that had conveyed him to the forest witch. Grandfather hoisted Grandmother into the saddle, then jumped up and sat behind her. In the late afternoon, they camped by a stream. They consumed food that his servants had packed in his saddlebag, made love, and discovered that his semen was no longer made of honey. Seven days later, they appeared at the gate of the family compound. His parents and siblings ran across the cobblestones and embraced them, took them inside, tended their wounds, and gave them fresh clothing. It was only then that Grandfather, looking in a mirror, realized that his hair had turned gray. And so it remained for the rest of his life.

The Last Days of Al-Kharijah

Many years passed. Grandfather impregnated me, and eventually I bore him five beautiful children. The witches continued to tutor me in the skills of sexual delight, and Grandfather experienced much happiness as a result. But the dark cloud that had been hovering on the

horizon finally overtook us: Grandfather died. The new Sheik was one of my cousins, a boy that I have never liked. He was vain and easily manipulated, and soon after ascending to the throne, he allowed the monotheist sect to be established in the kingdom.

The clerics wasted no time in seizing power. They poisoned the minds of the royal family sufficiently to convince them of the sinfulness of all sexual pleasure. Secretly, the men of the court acquired concubines and prostitutes to slake their sex drive. While outwardly endorsing the strictures of the new religion, they continued to have sex and sex play as if nothing had changed. But something important had: sex was no longer associated with love. The kingdom ceased to be a joyous place. The clerics persecuted the witches, and one by one, had them beheaded. Then they set their twisted sights on the women of the harīm.

And so, dear reader, whoever, you are, I have set down this account, and tonight will secrete it in a place deep in the earth, where very likely it won't be discovered for centuries. By then, sadly, our culture will be gone, and I greatly fear that true sexual joy will have perished from the world. I leave you with this testament: that no matter what the holy men may ever say or write, I and my sisters, and generations of royal women before us, have done nothing for which we or you should feel any shame or guilt. On the contrary, we have given much pleasure to many, and produced many happy, healthy babies who, when grown, have served the people of the kingdom well.

Out there among you, Mother Cobra has told me, among my descendants, someday, one special woman will come forth who will restore the connection between sex and love. May you live in those happy times.

I, Jazeera bin Abdul Azziz bin Sultan bin Mofstaffa al Bedou, send you my salutations and my love. Remember me. End