"Stories 18+" Family Support

Stories 18+ Family Support
I paused my game and removed my headphones as I heard my parents fighting. Their words were indistinct through the floor. I pondered what action to take. 

Before I had made up my mind, the voices ceased. I heard footsteps descending the stairs to the ground floor. I glanced at my watch, and my eyes widened. 0030. It was Friday, which meant I had no classes, but fatigue was beginning to kick in. I saved my game before turning off the TV. I followed the footsteps into the kitchen. 

My father filled a glass with water. 

"Hey Dad, everything all right?"

"Hey Tom. Yeah everything is fine."

"Are you sure, isn't this the third fight you guys have had in a week?"

"You're Mother and I are just having some disagreements, nothing for you to worry about."

"All right if you're sure. I going to bed, night Dad."

"Night Tom."

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I walked down the stairs. The delicious smell of bacon pulled me towards the kitchen. My Mom, Sarah stood at the stove.

"Morning Mom," I sat down at the table, reaching for some bacon.

"Good morning sweetheart! Did you sleep well last night?"

"Like a log." I took a bite of the bacon. Between bites I asked, "Mom is everything all right?"

"What do you mean?" she asked, her eyebrow raised.

"I heard you and Dad fighting again last night."

She sighed, before removing the pan from the stove. "It's nothing for you to worry about," she dumped some eggs onto her plate, and then mine. She returned the pan to the stove and sat down. "Just some disagreements between us."

"Come on Mom, I can tell something is bothering you."

We made eye contact as she slowly chewed her eggs.

I ate some more bacon as I waited.

Swallowing she began, "Your father and I are just having some intimacy issues."

"Wow Mom, I am so sorry. Is there somebody else?"

"No, nothing like that. We both still love each other, it's just..."

"What," I asked.

"Your father is having trouble getting aroused."

"Oh." I pondered this for a moment. My Mom should arouse any warm blooded male. She was still a sexy woman even in her early forties. I would be lying if I said she had not played a large role in my masturbation fantasies. "Have you guys thought about getting Viagra?"

"We were using it for a while but it makes your Dad sick." With a smile she added, "As bad as I want it, I don't want your Dad throwing up on me again."

"Oh gross!" I laughed. "Well, have you guys thought about a couple's counselor?"

"I have mentioned a few times, but your father doesn't feel comfortable with it."

I stood up and hugged her from behind. "I am sorry you guys are having problems, maybe I can do some research and see if there is anything else that could help you guys."

Mom kissed my arm. "That's sweet of you honey, but you shouldn't worry about it."

I kissed the top of her head and walked out. I was going to do some research, just not the medical side. I went to go check my Dad's search history.

I opened up his web browser, and accessed the history. I scrolled down a bit, ignoring emails and some random websites. Finally, I found what I was looking for, porn. I opened up the first five links in different tabs. The first tab was a man watching his wife get fucked by another guy. Hmm cuckold porn. Interesting.

However, one video did not a pattern make. I checked the next video, a threesome two guys one girl. I pressed played. The video started out, action already playing out. The girl was getting banged from the back by the bigger guy, while the smaller guy was in front of her. The girl spoke "Oh baby his cock is so much bigger than yours!" I stopped the video. Another cuck video.

The next three videos all showed the same genre. I tapped my pursed lips. Having been a connoisseur of pornography myself, I knew that sometimes you went through phases that did not mean anything. I needed to conduct more research.

I scrolled through his history for the next hour, spanning the last 6 months. Almost all of the porn was cuckold, along with erotic novels and forums all dedicated to cuckolds. My final verdict, my father had a serious fetish. I deleted evidence of my research, and headed up to my own room. I had a plan forming, now all I needed was to perfect the pitch.

Mom returned to the living room, her glass of wine refilled. By my count, that was her second glass. A little buzz would help my plan go smoothly. She sat down on the couch with me. 

Dad was reclined in his chair, reading a book, his fourth beer by on the side table.

I turned to my mother. "So Mom, I was doing some reading about what we were talking about this morning."

She turned to me, shaking her head. 

I patted her leg. "It's ok. I am in my third year of my psych degree. We have been discussing sexual issues between long-term couples. Maybe I can help?"

Dad set his book down, looking disapprovingly at Mom and me. "Sarah, what have you been telling him?"

Mom took a long sip from her glass. Finally, when the glass was close to empty, she set id down. "He heard us arguing last night and asked about it. I didn't want him to worry so I told him the truth."

"Dad we already talked about it. Let me try to help. No one else has to know, and you would be helping me practice." 

Mom nodded as she looked expectantly at Dad. "What do we have to lose, Bob?" Mom asked.

Dad stared at me, then my Mom, then back to me. "Fine, if it will make you happy for us to try to talk out our problems we will try it, just this once."

My Mom's eyes lit up, as a smile appeared on her face. "Thank you sweetheart."

"Excellent. And don't worry Dad; we are not going to spend too much time talking. All right now, to start with to make this more relaxing, I want you both to call me Tom. I am your friend trying to help. Secondly, as long as we are in this room, we will all be honest with each other. Thirdly, we do not blame anyone for anything. We want to solve the problem blame does not matter. Now Bob, do you still find Sarah sexually attractive?"

"Of course," Dad responded immediately. "She is a beautiful woman."

"And you love her?" I asked.

"More now than when we married," he responded definitively.

"Sarah, do you want to pleasure Bob."


I resisted the urge to smile. "All right, I have an idea. Bob if you will step into the other room. I need to speak privately with Sarah for a moment before she heads upstairs. Why don't you grab another beer, and wait in the kitchen for a few minutes."

Dad stood up and taking his beer headed off to the kitchen. He seemed slightly confused, but he was listening.

"Sarah, one of the main issues in a long-term relationship is complacency. You and Bob have been together so long the sexual flame has dimmed. So what we need to do is add some kindling and fan the flames a little bit."

"Can't we just dump some gas on it?" she asked wearing a playful smile. 

"Well that's a last resort. First, we are going to try to rile up his male instincts. Specifically jealousy. He admits he still finds you attractive, but he has been too comfortable. So we need to make him think there is a threat your relationship."

"How are we going to do that?" she asked dubiously.

"We need another virile male to be seen as a potential suitor interested in you."

"How are we going to do that?" Mom laughed.

"We are going to make him jealous."

"You and me?! You are my son! How is that going to work?"

"Sarah, inside this room during our sessions I am just a friend. And the key here is we are dealing with Dad's animal brain. His instincts. When he sees a younger male sniffing around what he sees as his, the anger should come. He should reassert his possession of you by taking you. Remarking his territory, as it were."

Mom looked at me impressed. "Wow Tom, that actually makes a lot of sense. I guess you are learning something in school."

"Trust me Sarah."

Mom nodded. "All right Tom, you are in charge. So what do I do?"

"You are going to go upstairs and put on some makeup, doll yourself up a little. I want you to put on that little outfit you wore to the 80's party at Dad's work. Then I want you to come downstairs. Do not talk to Bob; I want your attention focused on me. We are going to chat for a little bit and then dance a little bit. All I need you to do is feel pretty, relaxed, and most importantly have a good time."

Mom smiled. "All right, that sounds like something I can do."

"Perfect. Now let's go get Dad, and you another glass of wine."

I strode into the kitchen, my Mother in tow. My Dad was drinking his beer. I went to the liquor cabinet and pulled out some whiskey. "Sarah grab me a couple shot glasses. Now I know this is somewhat weird, but a shot of this should help us all relax, making this whole process go smoother."

I poured three shots, and set down the bottle. We all clinked our glasses and with a quick burning swallow, it was gone. 

"Now Bob, Sarah has her own work to do, let's go back into the living room."

Mom went upstairs, as I returned to the living room. "Bob can you give me a hand with this couch?"

Dad set down his beer by his recliner, and moved to help me. We pushed the couch from the middle of the living room, back to the far wall up against the bookshelf. I had already hooked up my MP3 player to the entertainment system. I turned the TV on, and readied the system. "Bob now tonight your job is very simple. I just need you to sit on your recliner, and watch Sarah. You can drink and relax, just watch her. And appreciate her beauty. Can you do that?"

"Is that all? How is this supposed to help us?"

"Trust me Bob. This is a process. If tonight goes the way I imagine it, you will ravage Sarah tonight. If not, well we are back to square one."

Dad sat down and kicked his feet up. "All right, all right. I will sit back and drink." 

I moved the side table from the room center back to the side of the couch. Then I sat down on the couch again. I expected the make up to take a little while.

I heard the steps on the stairs and got up. Mom walked through the door and my mouth dropped open. "Wow!" I exclaimed.

"You like?" Mom asked. The black outfit was sexier then I remembered. The top was all black with see through sleeves and mid-section, and just enough of a cut to reveal some of her ample cleavage. It was a frilly skirt about mid-thigh length. Her long blonde hair was up in a ponytail. Her makeup was tastefully done, soft blue eye shadow sharply contrasting her bright blue eyes. Her lips shone bright red, hiding a shy smile.

"You look amazing Sarah. Why don't you have a seat here?" I motioned to the same spot on the couch she had been sitting earlier.

She sensually sauntered over. 

I motioned for her to sit down, which she did. I sat down right beside her and stared into her eyes. "Sarah you look amazing, when was the last time you got dressed to impress?"

"The Christmas party last year."

"You should do it more often; I can't tell you how sexy you look."

Blood rushed to my Mothers cheeks.

"But can I let you in on a little secret?"

Mom quickly nodded expectantly.

"I have always liked it when you wear your hair down."

"Really?" Mom asked.

"Yeah, something about the way it frames your face."

A genuine smile spread across Mom's face. She reached up and took out her ponytail. With a shake of her head, her hair flew through the air before settling around her face.

"Perfect," I commented, before reaching up to brush the hair behind her ear.

Mother giggled. I noticed out of the corner of my eye my father watching in rapt attention.

"When was the last time you went dancing?" I asked.

I waited patiently while she thought. "I can't remember," she stated sadly.

"Well how about a dance?" I clicked play on the entertainment system and a slow jazz song began to play. I offered my hand.

"I not sure I remember how."

"It's ok," I assured her, "I will lead."

I pulled her up and led her to the center of the room. I paced her hand on my shoulder, taking her other hand in mine. I placed my hand on her waist. I began to dance to the music and she followed my lead. After a few moments, she began to relax and I noticed a smile on her face. "You ok?" I asked.

"Yeah this is nice."

I smiled back at her, "I am glad you are having a good time."

We danced in silence for a few minutes, getting lost in the music. At the end of the first song, I moved closer, allowing Mom to put her head onto my chest, and moving my hand to her lower back. We danced for one more song, before I gently broke up our dance.

Turning to my Dad I asked, "Bob, are you feeling any arousal?"

My Dad looked at me, then my Mom, seemingly unsure. "A little bit."

"Hmm. Just a little bit. Ok. When would you say the last time you had an erection was?"

"A couple of days ago."

"What were you doing?"

"Looking at porn." 

An angry look flashed across my Mother's face.

"All right. And when was the last time you got an erection because of Sarah."

He looked down embarrassed. "I don't know."

"That's fine. We just need to redirect that desire from porn to Sarah. I was hoping the makeup and dancing would work but it seems we are going to have to push a little further. Sarah have you ever done dirty dancing?" I clicked to a different playlist on the entertainment system, and faster club music came on.

Mom looked at me as if I was crazy. "I haven't done that in a long time."

"That's fine, just relax and let the music and your body lead you."

Mom glanced briefly at my Dad with a look of betrayal. She put on a focused face as she listened to the music for a moment. She moved towards me, a sultry look on her face. She placed a hand on my chest sliding around me, half hugging me from behind. The feel of her breath on my neck sent an electric shock through my body. She kept circling me, her hand tracing my body around my back. Moving in close, she brought her hand into the air above my head, before bringing it down as she dropped low. As she rose, she spun around presenting her ass to me. She moved it slow and sexy in front of me. 

I reached my hand around, placing it on her stomach as we continued to move to the music.

Mom grasped my hand, pushing it down her body, just barely entering into her skirt, before pulling it back up.

The feeling of her soft flesh in my hand was euphoric, causing my cock to rise in my pants.

Mom placed my hand on her hip, as she snuck backwards brushing her ass against my crotch.

My cock shot right up, attempting to burst from my pants. I placed my other hand on her other hip, feeling the swaying of her body.

She spun again, stepping into me. Her eyes widened for a brief second as she felt my manhood against her stomach. "I guess I am doing pretty well, huh Tom?" she asked. The smell of wine permeated her words.

I moved my hands down to her ass, giving it a hard squeeze, as her arms wrapped around my shoulders. "You are amazing Sarah."

Her laughter carried over the music, before she kissed my cheek.

I went to return the kiss, but feeling bold, I planted it on her lips. Mom's eyes flew open for a second, but I held the kiss. After a few seconds, she kissed back, but only for a moment.

She spun again, pushing her ass into my crotch. Her ass moved in rhythm to the music, rubbing my crotch, teasing my hard cock.

The song changed to a slightly slower song, and Mom instinctively slowed her body.

I moved in, placing my head just over her shoulder, softly kissing her neck.

Her arm rose, her hand wrapping back around my neck.

I opened my eyes, and realized we had turned to face Dad. He watched in rapt attention. I brought my hand up to my Mothers breast. I squeezed and rubbed her breast, her nipple quickly makings its presence known to my hand. Dad adjusted himself.

Mom's hand covered mine on her breast forcing me to squeeze her again, which I was very happy obliging.

I groaned as her ass cheeks seemingly gripped my cock. My free hand grasped at her hips, pulling her in tighter. We grinded against each other as I continued to molest her breast. 

As she pulled away, I instinctively smacked her ass. Mom giggled as she turned around to face me. She dropped low before sliding up my body, her large breast rubbing up my leg across my cock, and along my abdomen. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my face to hers. Our lips locked, her tongue hungrily seeking mine. My hand slid down her back to squeeze her ass. Her hand squeezed my cock, and began to rub it through my pants. 

We continued making out as the song ended, and a new one began. After this one ended, we separated.

Mom's breathing was quick and I saw the lust in her eyes, but I did not think now was time to push my luck.

Before I could say anything Dad arose and took Mom by the hand. He led her upstairs, and she went quite willingly. I turned off the entertainment system and sat down. Hoping the situation continued to go my way.

"So Dad, how are you feeling?"

"Well I got to say, I am impressed. I didn't expect any of this to work at all, but after last night I feel a little better."

"Did you guys have sex?" I prodded.

"No, we just made out for a while, which is more than we have done in a long time. Do you think you would keep helping us?"

"Of course. Since we had only limited success last night, we will try something else next time. When did you guys want to have our next session?"

"Tonight?" Dad pleaded.

"Ok that works. Before I make any plans, do you have any reservations on anything?"

"No, you seem to be pretty good at this, and we trust your judgement."

"Well thanks that means a lot Dad. I will come up with some ideas, and let you guys know when I am ready to start."

I waited until the evening to inform my parents I was ready. I had already set everything up in their bedroom. We again imbibed alcohol, but my Mom was much more hesitant.

"So again, I want to remind both of you this is a safe place for all of us to speak freely. We are all friends here. Now Bob, I want you to disrobe and sit in your chair over there. I want to be able to monitor your arousal level. Sarah, I am going to step out. Then I want you to strip all the way down, get on the massage table and cover yourself with the towel. Any questions?" I waited for a moment before stepping outside. 

I waited a few minutes before heading back. Dad was sitting in his chair; his penis lay limply on his balls. Mom was laying on the massage table on her stomach with a towel covering her ass. I moved over to her and picked up the body oil. I squirted some body oil into my hand and rubbed them together. I started on her shoulders giving her a normal massage. She periodically made appreciative noises as I eased the stress out of her body. The soft feel of her flesh and her moans of approvals, kicked my libido into hyper drive.

I moved down her back, jumping to her feet and worked my way up. As I got her upper thighs, I folded the towel up, onto her lower back. I rubbed my mother's plump ass, the oil making her skin shine. I focused on this area and her inner thighs for a while, noticing the smell of arousal coming from her crotch.

"Please roll over," I commanded. 

As Mom rolled over, I glanced at Dad. He was watching but his penis remained soft. Mom had placed the towel over her crotch. Her beautiful full breast were on full display. There was slight sag on both, gravity pulling them to side. Her areolas were the size of the base of a soda can, topped by small eraser sized nipples.

I started massaging her arms and fingers, and worked my way to her breasts. I lathered them in oil, and rubbed every inch of them. Her nipples became visibly erect as I worked. As I finished her breasts, I softly pinched her nipples.

I moved to her legs, again moving upwards from the feet. I discarded the towel as I approached my target. I noticed she had a landing strip of hair. I massaged up her thigh just around her pussy. My hand worked slowly forward, rubbing her clitoral hood.

She squirmed under my touch, and I noticed her biting her lip.

I massaged some more around her pussy, before tracing my fingers on her pussy lips. I returned to her clit, and gently rubbed. I continued until she began to moan under my touch. I withdrew my hand, "All right Sarah please stand up." She rose from the table, which I then moved up against the wall. I returned to my Mother's side and turned to look at my father.

"So Bob, what would you say your level of arousal is?"

"I am mentally aroused. I want to fuck her but my body is not responding."

"All right. Sarah get on your knees," I instructed my Mother.

She dropped to her knees in front of me, her breasts bouncing from the movement.

"Unbutton my pants and pull them down."

Mom's eyes went wide, while Dad leaned forward in his chair.

"Are you sure?" Mom asked timidly.

"Sarah do as I say," I firmly commanded.

Mom slowly raised her hands to my button. It loudly unsnapped, followed by the sound of my zipper being undone. Her tongue slowly licked her luscious lips as she eyed the bulge in my boxers. Her hands slowly gripped the edges of my boxer. Her eyes darted up to mine as she slowly pulled downwards. 

Her eyes returned to my crotch as my boxers moved slowly down my body. The material snagged on my cock pulling it down as well. Slowly, inch by inch, my cock shaft was revealed, until the material slid off my head, causing my dick to fly up and slap her under the chin. She pulled back in surprise and ogled my package. "Oh baby, it's amazing."

I stepped out of my pants. "Touch it," I urged.

Hesitantly she extended her left hand, pointer finger extended. Her finger traced the vein on the underside of my cock.

I glanced at Dad. He was on the edge of his chair, and I noticed his cock twitching.

My gaze returned to Sarah as she worked up her courage. Her hand wrapped delicately around my erection. "That's a good girl. Jerk my cock."

She slowly rubbed up and down the warm flesh of my cock. After a few moments of working, she found a decent, if dry, rhythm.

I enjoyed my hand job for a few minutes, until I instructed, "Put it in your mouth."

Sarah nervously looked up at me. In a hushed tone she responded, "I don't know if I should."

"Have you sucked a cock before?" I asked.

"It's been a long time, and your my..." She let the thought trail off.

I had not come this far for her to destroy my dream now. "Just give it a lick."

Sarah stuck her tongue out and slowly licked up the underside of my shaft. She returned to jerking me off.

I grasped my cock and positioned it at her mouth. I said nothing but I stared into her eyes.

After a few moments of hesitance, she opened her mouth and encompassed the head of my cock. I grinned like an idiot as my biggest masturbation fantasy came true. She sucked apathetically for a few seconds, getting used to my size of my cockhead. I pushed forward, getting my shaft into her mouth. Her arousal took over, and her enthusiasm began to show. She willingly took more of meat into her mouth, her tongue seemingly a whirlwind of salvia. I groaned aloud. "Fuck Sarah your mouth is amazing." That seemed to motivate her further as she began devouring my cock, even trying to deep throat it. She got about ¾ into her mouth before she pulled back, gagging as she did. 

She smiled up at me before resuming blowing me. 

My toes curled as my dream girl sucked my cock. I groaned again, cursing myself as I realized I was getting close. I had not jacked off in a week and I sincerely regretted it now.

I ran my fingers through her hair, as her tongue washed my shaft, swirling around. I watched my father sitting in his chair and to my surprise; I noticed he had an erection. It was maybe an inch or two shorter than my 8 inches, and definitely not as thick. 

I grabbed Sarah's hair, as I felt my orgasm begin to build. 'Fuck Sarah, I'm going to cum." I thrust forward even deeper into her throat. The feel of her throat tightening around my cockhead, and the sounds of her gagging pushed me over the edge. I shot my load deep in her throat and gulped down my jizz.

As my orgasm subsided, I looked to my father. His cock remained proudly erect. I sat back on the bed and pulled my mother into my lap. I caressed her breast slowly while looking at my Dad. "It appears that the act aroused you?"

"It was hot. Watching Sarah deep throat your cock."

"So mentally you wanted to engage sexually with Sarah?" I pinched my mother's nipple at the mention of her name.

"When she was moaning I wanted to fuck her."

"So the mental arousal is higher than it has been, correct?"


"All right well I am going to leave so that you can attempt intimacy. We will discuss the results in the morning." I slid my mother off my lap and onto the bed. As I stood, I noticed a small drop of cum on the tip of my cock. I turned so my cock was right in my mother's face. "Sarah would you clean that please."

Without hesitation, she grasped my cock, guiding it back into her mouth. She suckled the tip, draining the last drops of my seed. My cock popped out of her mouth, but her hand still grasped it. Pointing it up, her tongue traced the underside one more time before she released it. Without looking back, I returned to my room. As I shut the door, I heard my father pouncing on my mother.

The next morning as I ate a bowl of cereal, my parents met me in the kitchen.

With a smile, I set down my spoon. "How did it go last night?"

They looked at each other, with an expression I could not read. "It went better than it has been," Mom responded.

I raised my eyebrows, and waited. 

After waiting a little while Dad chimed in, "We started having sex, but I couldn't keep it up."

"So you lost your erection during sex?" I asked.

"Yeah," Dad responded.

"Hmm. Well that fact that you were able to get an erection, is a marked improvement. We are almost there."

"Do you guys want to try again?" Mom blurted out. Her eyes shifted as she realized her reaction.

"I'm game," Dad replied eagerly.

As excited as they both were, I felt no need to hide my own excitement. "I have already figured out the next step in treatment. I am going to take a shower, let's meet up in an hour in your bedroom."

With an excited giggle, Mom scampered off.

I walked into the bedroom to find my parents sitting hand in hand on the bed. I smiled at them, and received a pairs of grins in return. "Bob and Linda, are you ready?"

They both quickly nodded.

"Sarah, Bob and I are going to speak in the hallway real quick, you just go ahead and relax." 

My father followed me back out into the hallway. "Tonight we are going to do things a little different. I will signal you when I want you to engage with Sarah, I will then observer to see if any issues arise. Do you understand?"

Dad nodded. 

"I want you to go ahead and strip down again and sit in your chair, and remember wait for my signal."

I followed him back through the door. He moved over to his chair and stripped out of his clothes. He sat down.

I walked over to my Mother, and took her hand. I pulled her to her feet. "Sarah, you look beautiful as always." I brushed my hand across her cheek.

She smiled brightly back at me and asked, "So what are we going to do today?"

"Well we are trying to get Bob aroused, so is there anything that you can think of that might get him aroused."

She grinned coyly at me. Her voice was breathy as she replied, "Well he seemed to like watching me rubbing my ass against you."

"You're right that did get him excited, watching your sexy little dance."

"And he really enjoyed it when I sucked your Big. Hard. Cock."

Our faces were inches apart, although I was unsure who had moved. "I loved having your sexy mouth suck my cock. So the only question is did you enjoy it?"

In a soft whisper, "Yes."

"Well then, I think we can find an activity we will all enjoy," Our lips brushed lightly.

"I love you Tom."

"I love you too Sarah."

We grabbed each other passionately, as if those words had liberated us. Our tongues caressed, while our hands explored each other. I frantically began to pull up her shirt. I managed to get it over her breasts before disconnecting our mouths. As soon as the shirt cleared her head, I reconnected. She giggled as struggled to get her arms out of the shirt. I slid my arms around her, attempting to undo her bra straps. After fumbling for about a minute, I stopped kissing her, and focused on the bra strap. 'Fuck," I mumbled.

With a smile, she undid the straps. I pulled it forward, off her arms and deposited to the ground. I squeezed both breasts, smiling like an idiot. 

While I was busy ogling her body, Sarah attempted to rip my shirt off. I bent my knees and raised my arms to allow her ease of access in removing my shirt. She threw it to the side as I stood up straight. She leaned into me kissing down my chest. When she reached my pants, she ran her tongue up across my stomach, back to my neck. 

I felt shivers run up my spine. 

She undid my pants and pulled them, and my boxers down to my feet. I pulled my legs up, as she extracted my feet. She kissed her way up my thighs. As she reached my balls, she sucked one of my balls into her mouth. She suckled at it for a moment before releasing. Her tongue slithered up my hard cock. She kissed the tip before continuing her tongues quest up my body. 

By the time she reached my neck, I was going crazy. I grabbed her and threw her backwards onto the bed.

She laughed as she landed, knowing what she was doing to me. 

I removed her pants, exposing the smallest g sting I had ever seen. The front material barely covered her pussy. I reached for her hand, and pulled her up. "Turn around and bend over," I demanded.

She smiled as she complied.

I smacked her thick ass, delighted as the flesh jiggled.

"Do you like Mommy's ass?"

"Fuck Mom, I have wanted your ass forever." I slapped the other cheek, appreciating its beauty. I bent down and kissed her ass, running my tongue over her tender flesh.

Mom moaned my name.

I slapped her ass one more time, before standing up. 

She rose to meet me, and wrapped me in an embrace. 

I carried her back onto the bed, laying on top of her. We kissed passionately, before I worked my way down to her neck. I nibbled gently at her, kissing down to her collarbone. My hands grasped her breasts, pushing them up and together. I rubbed my face all over her breasts and hard nipples, enjoying their feel. I latched onto her right breast, sucking at her teat. Releasing her delectable breast from my mouth, I brushed my lips lightly across her stomach, as I worked my way to my goal. I lowered her panties, taking a deep breath. Her feminine scent flooded my brain. My mouth lowered to her pussy.

"Baby, come here!" She pleaded. "I want your hard cock inside me. I need you to fuck me!"

"Patience," I ordered. My tongue grazed her lips. Her body froze. I licked harder, probing slightly. The flavor of her juices was just barely perceptible. I probed her hole with my tongue getting the full effect of her nectar and it was intoxicating. I resumed licking her lips, going up to her clit. The second my tongue touched her clit, she moaned. I focused on it, sucking gently at it, bringing a finger up to her pussy, rubbing just the entrance. She continued to moan, so I maintained rhythm with my tongue, probing just a little deeper with my finger.

Her hands ran through my hair. She grasped a handful, holding me tight.

I began to finger fuck her, as her moans grew louder.

Her voice cut off, as her thighs wrapped around my head squeezing me.

I continued my actions as her body went rigid, then relaxed. I ceased as she called my name softly.

I stood up and looked down into her eyes. 

She summoned me with a finger.

I took my cock in my hand. I rubbed my throbbing cock on her pussy lips. "Are you ready Sarah?"

"Fuck me baby!" she pleaded.

I slowly thrust myself inside her tight hole. Her pussy was made of warm velvet, and I knew then this is where my cock belonged. 

She bit at her lower lip, while looking up at me. "Go slow baby. You are huge."

I carefully probed her with my cock, allowing her to adjust. As I got half of my cock into her, she began to moan. Her eyes squeezed shut and she pinched her nipples. I continued to thrust into her, giving her more and more. "Yes. Fuck me baby."

I climbed on top of her, and kissed her mouth. I was bitten on the lip. I playfully nibbled her lip. I had established a good pace, relatively slow and not quite balls deep. And judging from her reaction it was just what she needed. After a few minutes, she gasped, "I... am gonna... cum!" I maintained my rhythm, even as she began to squirm; only slowing when began to shake. Her arms and legged locked me inside her for a minute as she trembled. When she released me, she grasped my head and pulled me in to lather me in kisses. "I love you, so much baby," she professed.

I stood up, gently pulling her with me. With a mischievous grin, I ordered her, "Bend over."

She obeyed, presenting her ass to me. I took my place behind her, reveling in the sight of her ass. I placed myself at her entrance. Her body growing more accustomed, I slid right in. I took a faster pace, while grabbing her hips and holding her in place. I glanced over at my father who was stroking his cock. I motioned him over to my side. He quietly arose. 

"Yes baby fuck mommy! Give me that big hard cock."

I slapped her ass, and continued to pound her pussy. "Take my cock you little slut!"

"I'm your little cum hungry slut! Give Mommy your cum baby."

My body obeyed and began to spray my cum into my mother. I tightened my grip on her hips, as my orgasms overtook me. As the pleasure subsided, I pumped one more time before withdrawing.

"Stay still Sarah, I am not done yet." I pulled out and my father quickly moved in, stuffing his cock into the hole where I had just cum. 

"Another round baby? Good, I was getting close to another orgasm."

Bob began to fuck Sarah in earnest as I watched. Realizing I had an opportunity, I moved around the other side of the bed. I climbed on and slid oved to my mother. I laid down and presented my semi hard cock to her. Her eyes were closed so I stroked her face. As her eyes opened, the realization dawned on her. "Oh Bob honey, I missed your cock. Fuck me baby!"

Mom lowered her head to my cock and sucked it into her mouth. I could feel every thrust of my father reverberate through my Mother's mouth.

"How are you doing Bob?" I asked.

"I have never been so hard!" 

I smiled. "Sarah how does your husband's cock feel inside you."

She moaned as she removed her mouth from my cock. "It's amazing."

"And how do you like sucking my cock while he fucks you from behind?"

"I love your cock baby; I want both of your cocks to fuck me."

Dad slapped her ass causing her to moan again. "She is sucking your cock? Fuck that is hot. Sarah you little slut, can't get enough of his cock can you?"

"It's so good!"

"That's our good little slut, keep blowing me."

Mom returned her mouth to my cock. She took it all the way to the base. Her hot mouth and the tongue bath causing my dick to harden. It tried to push her away, but she held her place allowing it to grow into her throat. AS it reached its full size, her nose remained pressed against my pubic bone. 

"Fuck!" I moaned. 

She moved slowly backwards, maintaining her angle. In rhythm with my Dad she began fucking her face with my cock. 

Too quickly, she pulled of my cock. "Baby grab my hair, I am going to cum."

Dad grabbed her hair pulling her head upright, causing us to make eye contact. I could see the lust in her eyes as she approached climax. "Slap me baby," she urgently whispered.

I caressed her cheek for a second, before pulling back and firmly smacking her cheek. "Ugh!" she screamed unintelligibly. Her body shook, as Dad continued fucking her.

As she regained control, I took her by her hair. "Open your mouth, Sarah."

"Fuck my mouth baby," she begged, as she placed her mouth on my head.

Pulling her head up and down, I fucked her face, already feeling the need to cum.

Dad came first, groaning as he shot his load into Moms flooded pussy. 

Mom pushed my hands away, and extracted herself. "Baby let me get on top of you. I need your cock back in Mommy."

I slid up to the head of the bed, resting my head on the pillow. I grasped my cock and pointed it to the ceiling as Mom climbed atop me. My cock slid into her, the mixture of her juices, my cum, and my father's cum, keeping her well lubed.

My Dad plopped down next to me on the bed. "Sarah that was amazing. I love you so much."

"I love you too baby." Sarah professed as she began to slide up and down my pole. "I guess we know how to get you hot!"

I watched in glee as my Mother bounced up and down my cock, her beautiful breasts bouncing wildly. I reached out and took them in my hand, lazily squeezing.

"Watching Tom's clock pleasuring you is so hot, sweetheart. Seeing you moan and beg him to fuck you! I love it!"

"I guess I will keep helping you guys," I chimed in.

Mom laughed. "Baby if you think I am going to stop fucking your huge cock, you are crazy. I want both your cocks inside me every night." She stopped riding me and began grinding her clit on my pelvic bone, the motion allowing my cock rub inside her as well.

"I am going to dump a load in you every chance I can!" I squeezed her tits harder.

Sarah moaned aloud and began riding again.

I released her breast and pulled her torso to me. Her hard nipples rubbed my chest as she continued to ride me. Our tongues reunited inside her mouth. I wrapped my left arm around her lower back, and with my right hand grasped her hip. Holding her, I began fucking her at my own pace.

"I am going to come again," I said.

"Hold on baby I am so close," Mom begged, planting kisses all over my face.

I tried to focus on baseball, or math, to delay my climax. I kept fucking her, desperately hoping she would cum soon.

Dad jumped in to help. "Are you going to take another load from your son's cock? You filthy whore!"

"I am whore," Mom claimed. "A filthy whore fucking her son's giant cock."

"Cum for him you slut!" Dad demanded. "Cum all over his cock."

Mom pulled back looking into my eyes. We reached climax together, staring into each other eyes. Mom kissed me softly on my lips. "I love you baby." She reached out to grasp my father's hand, and laid her head on my chest. 

My cock softened, but remained inside Mom as she drifted off to sleep.