"Stories 18+" Football Party

Stories 18+ Football Party
Tom leaned back in the easy chair and gazed appreciatively at his beautiful wife laying near the base of their couch, looking warily around the room. Completely naked, Amy's flesh glistened softly. Her legs were parted just enough to reveal her used, cum-filled sex. From under loose strands of her disheveled, strawberry-blond hair her eyes shined with sated lust tinged by hope and fear . . . hope that they were finished with her . . . fear that they weren't.

Counting Tom, seven men sat around the room.

And all of them had just finished with her.

At the moment the other six were splitting their glances between Amy and Tom, wondering what he would say, or do now that it was over.

As for Tom, he was thinking back over how this had happened.

Weeks earlier he'd been excited for the return of football season for two reasons. First; his alma mater held a lot of promise after a string of mediocre years. And second; him and Amy had recently bought their new house with the large den which they'd turned into a football watching oasis complete with a 70-inch television. They'd attended different schools, so what Tom referred to as "My TV room" was decorated by propaganda from both their schools. He made a show of griping about this, but he actually loved the fact that his wife enjoyed football as much as him. Especially since the two schools were in the same conference, which provided them with the opportunity to make some . . . creative wagers.

His favorite part about Amy's fandom was her collection of women's jerseys. She stood only a few inches over 5 foot and, at 32, still had a fantastic shape with full B-cup breasts, a slim waist, and a round little ass. Additionally, her breasts remained firm enough that she would often go braless and between the alcohol, innocent flirtations with the guys, and Tom's own not-so-innocent groping, her nipples would grow hard, poking obviously at the day's jersey. Adding to the appeal, she liked to combine her jerseys with a pair of tight shorts which did an amazing job of displaying her ass.

Amy's body always caught men's attention, and her looks kept it. Her soft features were enhanced by bright eyes, sensual lips, and a few freckles across the bridge of her nose, all framed by her long, shimmering hair. If she did wear make-up it was only a touch of eyeshadow to accentuate her eyes, or some exotic color of lipstick.

Football season kicked off with the usual group of friends converging on their home with its new gameday oasis. The football crew consisted mainly of six guys from Tom's work, guys who'd also attended schools in the same conference. There were also a few tag-alongs that would show up sporadically through the season, when their better halves allowed. That first Saturday they all showed up, some even bringing their wives or girlfriends. Amy was the only female fan though, so that was pretty much the last time any of the others were seen.

Like gamedays all across this nation, theirs consisted of food, good fun, a fair amount of beer, and some frivolous betting; $5 or $10 that the next play would be a 20 plus yard rush or maybe a deep pass. If it happened that a couple alma maters were facing off it would get a little heavier, but nothing too extreme. At least once a week, no matter the amount of the wager Tom or Amy lost the winner would suggest getting a kiss or some other treat from Amy in place of the money. While this was usually brushed aside by a good-hearted chuckle, it actually turned into the catalyst that led to Amy laying naked and used, curled-up on the floor after having been . . .

Well, you'll see.

The fifth Saturday Chris showed up with a bottle of tequila. As a group they tended to be fairly tame drinkers, usually sticking to beer only. And while Amy and Tom kept spare blankets and pillows available for anyone that didn't want to drive, they rarely had overnight guests.

But it was Chris' birthday.

The big 3-0! (He was the youngest in the group.)

And he wanted to celebrate.

So, at kick-off they all took a shot.

Let the games begin!

Chris's school was playing that first game and he turned it into a drinking game where every score, every hard-fought-for 1st down, or exceptional defensive play called for a shot. Although he was the only one that actually downed a shot every time, the fact that his team was pretty good meant that by halftime a few of them had downed enough shots to have a decent buzz going.

Amy among them.

She didn't make a habit of getting tipsy, but when she did, she got extra flirty. She spent halftime moving among the men, giggling at silly jokes and generally being sweet and desirable while swaying her ass in her little white shorts.

"Ten bucks says they return the kick-off for at least 30 yards," Chris announced as the game got ready to resume.

"I'll cover that," a couple guys accepted.

"Twenty says they fumble," Amy challenged.

"You're on," Chris grinned. "But when you lose - and you will - instead of the money, you have to sit in my lap for the whole quarter."

"What? No way," she declined.

Everyone thought that'd be the end of it, as usual, but then Amy's lips curled into a mischievous grin and her eyes lit up with a wicked sparkle. It was the look she got when she was feeling extra adventurous.

Tom felt a reflexive twinge of excitement.

Holding her husband's gaze, Amy spoke the words that would ultimately send their afternoon down the rabbit hole.

"Twenty only gets you two plays," she giggled.

Suddenly everyone fell quiet leaving the TV as the only sound in the room.

Amy continued to hold Tom's gaze, her expression a combination of asking permission and daring him to say "No."

Tom quickly considered what was happening. Again, it was not unusual for someone to suggest such a trade-off. But this was the first time Amy had entertained the idea. He knew she was feeling good, but she wasn't slurring any of her words or having trouble standing, so she wasn't too high. And, he thought, since he could put that together, neither was he. Coming to the conclusion that there didn't seem to be any real harm in allowing it he shrugged his shoulders in deference.

With that, Amy turned her gaze to Chris while picking up the remote to pause the game before the kick-off could happen.

"Five plays," Chris said, recognizing it was now just a matter of negotiating the terms.

"Three plays," Amy countered.

"Four," Chris responded.

Amy took a minute to sip at her beer, then gave a sultry little nod of agreement.

"Alright," Chris clapped.

Amy hit play on the remote. The kicker set the ball on the tee and stepped back into position. As he sent it sailing through the air they all watched it with a new intensity.

"Don't you lose that fuckin' ball," Chris growled as a player caught it on the two-yard line. "Hell, just take a fuckin' knee."

But he didn't take a knee.

Instead he tucked it in and took off.

As he zig-zagged past opponents Chris hissed "Don't you lose it. Don't you lose it."

Seconds later he was tackled at the 26, still holding the ball.

Not the predicted 30 yards.

But no fumble either.

"Yes!" Chris cheered.

A few others echoed his sentiment.

As the opposing offense and defense ran onto the field Chris tossed a few tens onto the coffee table to cover his losses. Then he leaned back and smiled at Amy.

Even without knowing what to expect, Tom was surprised by Amy's approach to fulfilling her end of the wager.

Pausing the game again, she handed the remote to Ken, who was sitting at the opposite end of the couch. Then, with the sparkle in her eye dancing, she strolled suggestively around the coffee table toward Chris. She didn't prance or strut, but walked with the confidence that every set of eyes in the room were glued on her.

Once in front of Chris she turned her back to him and slowly leaned forward before lowering her ass onto his lap. This gave him an astounding view of her shorts-clad rear before settling sideways atop his thighs. It also meant that his eyes were already aimed downward when she settled back against him, meaning he was gazing down over the swell of her breasts under her jersey and, further down, where her tone thighs disappeared into her shorts.

All of the men had been college athletes and stood over 6 foot, so they towered over Amy. Also, like her, they'd all managed to generally keep their waistbands from expanding, so as she settled into Chris' lap she slid way back, folding against him with one shoulder and her head resting on his powerful chest. Holding his beer in one hand, Chris wrapped his free arm around her, his hand settling atop her thigh.

It was strange, seeing his wife in another man's lap.

But Tom found it stirring . . . certain thoughts, and other . . . things.

Now, any football fan can tell you that four plays can take anywhere from a couple short minutes to several long ones. And they can even include commercial breaks. Chris' fell somewhere in the middle; no commercial breaks, but there were two first downs and a penalty.

Not that Tom saw all that much of the action on the TV. His attention was drawn to his wife and Chris. He didn't see anything inappropriate happening; the pair simply sat there, sipping their beers and watching the game. He wasn't sure if Chris was just nervous, simply being a gentleman, or unsure of what he might be able to get away with, but his hand on Amy's thigh barely moved, merely giving it a few gentle squeezes through her shorts. For her part, his wife just lounged back against Chris, her lips wearing that mischievous grin and her ass shifting within his lap a few times. As the fourth play came to an end she gave him a quick peck on the cheek, then slowly slid out of his lap.

"I need a shot after that," he announced. "Anyone else?"

"Yea, I could use one," Amy agreed.

A couple others joined them.

After downing the shot Amy made her way over to Tom, sliding easily into his lap and curling up against him in a tighter, more intimate fashion than Chris.

"You okay?" She whispered.

"Yes," he answered, his eyes taking in the image of her nipples starting to poke at her jersey. No bra, he thought.

"You sure?" She pressed.

"Yes, Baby. It's all good," he assured her.

"I just want to make sure."

"I know," he grinned. "You enjoyed it, didn't you?"

Color rose to her cheeks. She lifted up to press her lips hard against his. The feel of her lithe body pressing against him mixed with the heat of her kiss sent blood pulsing to his member. Amy broke their kiss and slid her lips next to his ear so she could whisper even quieter.

"He got hard. Like you are," she shifted her ass in his lap, rubbing herself atop his growing member.

This explained why she'd shifted around in Chris' lap.

"You're being naughty," he chuckled quietly.

"Uh-huh," she nipped at his earlobe.

Jumping out of his lap, she got herself a fresh beer then stood beside his chair.

During the next minutes she made an easy $80 as the guys threw out wild $20 bets, desperately trying to win their four plays.

Then George got lucky. Chris' team had just gotten another 1st down, and since they were on a pretty steady roll, a run play seemed obvious. Or at least a simple, straight forward pass. But George had a different idea.

"Amy, $20 says flea-flicker," he announced from the recliner he occupied.

"You're crazy," a couple of the guys told him.

"I'll take your money," Amy agreed, obviously thinking like everyone else.

Somehow George had read the coach's mind and sure enough they ran a flea-flicker. As the play unfolded on the TV many expressions of surprise and disbelief sounded in the room, but above them all was one celebratory whoop.

With a mischievous grin Amy pulled a $20 from her fold of bills and moved as if to walk it over to the victor.

"Uh-uh," he grinned broadly, indicating the bill. "I want the same deal Chris got."

"But George, we never agreed to that," Amy grinned, her tone playful.

"Well, um... um...," George sputtered, his expression showing he realized his mistake.

Someone paused the game and the room fell silent.

"I'm saying it was implied by the previous wager," he asserted after a moment. "And when someone as lovely as you creates such a... desirable precedent, it is absolute cruelty to renege."

With a soft little chuckle Amy dropped her money on the coffee table and walked over to him in that same, confidently sexy way. She again made a point of turning her back to George and leaning forward before sliding herself into his lap and settling back against him. As she did, he set his beer on the end table and rested the emptied hand atop her thigh. His other arm wrapped around her so his hand settled on her tummy, just below the swell of her breast. With this arm he gently pulled her closer against him, the action unsettling her slightly and causing her legs to part just enough to allow his fingertips to dip a few centimeters between them. A flash of color rose to her cheeks.

Again certain thoughts stirred within Tom. Recognizing that potential for things to . . . develop, he decided it'd be best if at least one of them maintained a sense of sobriety, so he set his beer down.

Once Amy was seated someone un-paused the game.

George proved luckier than Chris. His four plays involved a couple players being injured, bringing commercial breaks. Throughout he kept her snuggled back against him as she shifted her ass atop what Tom knew to be his friend's growing member. Those shifts caused her legs to part a couple more centimeters, allowing George's fingers to dip that much further between them.

It was during the second commercial break that Amy agreed to other bets that she would lose which meant that as the fourth play ended she moved from George's lap to Ted's. The game was paused for this transition and all the men watched her give George a peck on the cheek then draw herself slowly from his lap. She sauntered over to Ted in the loveseat, providing him a view of her ass too before sliding into his lap. Ted took notes from his friend and used one hand to pull her fully against him while his other settled atop her thigh, fingers dipping between her legs.

The arrangement of the furniture made it so Tom had an extremely limited view of this pair, and as he watched his wife shift her ass in a third friend's lap he was suddenly very thirsty. Still wanting to manage his buzz he ignored his beer and headed into the kitchen for a bottle of water. On his way back to his chair he got a clear view of Ted and Amy-

Ted's hand had slid from cuffing her tummy to cradling her tit. He wasn't obviously fondling the ample mound, but was instead just kind of supporting it. Additionally, Amy's shifting in his lap in response to his growing cock had caused her legs to fall open enough that his other hand was able to slip completely between them, cuffing her inner thigh mere inches from her sex. As Tom walked past them Amy seemed to be watching the TV intently while Ted was gazing down on the delicate doll sitting in his lap.

Seated again, Tom chugged half the bottle of water as blood pulsed to his member and ideas raced through his mind.

Then he realized he had to piss. On the way to the bathroom he took another good look at the pair, but nothing seemed to be different from moments earlier.

Ted's four plays ended while he was in the bathroom.

Walking back into the room he found Amy sitting in Joe's lap. Like his predecessor, Joe's one hand was also cradling the bottom of her tit while his other lay between her slightly parted legs, squeezing her inner thigh. As he approached his chair Tom thought he saw the hand cradling her breast give the luscious mound a squeeze.

This set his mind to frantically wondering just how far things might actually go.

Until then he'd only had flashes of ideas, undefined memories of unlikely fantasies shared during passionate moments between him and Amy. But now . . . now he started to consider how the unlikeliness of such things seemed to be . . . faltering. And he wondered how he might help it dissolve all together.

Or at least not bolster it.

These thoughts were interrupted a couple plays later as Amy pulled herself from Joe's lap and made her way over to him.

"Hey Baby," she sighed, sliding into his lap.

With his arms snuggling her against him, he gazed down on his beautiful wife, taking in her flushed cheeks, heavy eyelids, and shallow breath. He also saw her swollen, erect nipples poking prominently at her jersey. As she sat, her legs fell a few inches apart and as his hand slid between them he felt a heat radiating from her.

"You been having fun?" He whispered into her ear.

"Mm-hmm," she nodded slightly.

"Been makin' the guys crazy, huh."

She responded with a non-committal little shrug.

"You been rubbin' that sweet little ass of yours on their cocks?"

Pulling back Amy stared up into his eyes, a worried expression on her face.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Absolutely," he grinned.

"You sure?"

"Definitely Baby. It's all good."

"With everything?"

"You mean with the way they started touching you? Yea. No worries."

"Good. You're gonna get so lucky tonight," she sighed, confirming what he already suspected, that she was being aroused by things.

"I'm sure I am," he chuckled.

For the next few minutes the couple simply sat there watching the game wind to an end, listening to Chris hoot with glee as his team won handily.

Tom couldn't stop himself from cradling her tit and rubbing at her inner thigh, his hands gently massaging her parts. Blood continued to pulse to his member and she rolled her ass atop it, grinding herself on the stiffening shaft. During the final seconds of the game he used his fingers to tilt her chin up. As he lowered his lips to hers she drove her tongue into his mouth and turned enough to smash her tits against his chest. This also shifted her bottom and he felt his fingers pressing against the crotch of her shorts, the contact making her hips jerk ever so slightly.

"Mmm," she moaned into the kiss.

Someone used the remote to flip to the channel where another game was about to begin. The announcer started talking about the pending game, naming the teams; one of which was Amy's alma mater.

"Now you're gonna see some football," Amy cheered, breaking the kiss.

Even though they weren't playing a conference team, Amy's school had been struggling after losing their starting quarterback in the first week. So while she maintained a kind of blind confidence in them, everyone else in the room thought otherwise.

"Oh really?" Ted scoffed.

"Yea, from the other team," Ken heckled.

"Hey now. We're gonna turn it around this week," she insisted, drawing herself from her husband's lap. "Give me a shot."

"You really think so?" Ken asked, his voice thick with skepticism.

"Yes, I do," she stated, taking the shot glass from Chris and putting it to her lips.

"Well then, let's up the stakes a little," he continued. "I'll bet you $30 against a kiss they don't score on their first 2 possessions."

"You're on," she cheered cockily after downing the shot. But then, as she set the glass down, her expression grew confused, her mind working through what she'd just agreed to.

"Wait. What?" She stammered.

"$30 against a kiss," Ken stated.

"Um... uh..." she faltered, glancing over at Tom.

Again Tom thought through it within a few, short seconds; Amy still seemed sober enough to know what she was doing, and he knew he was fairly clear headed. So if she agreed to this new wager and he allowed it, they couldn't blame it, or anything that ensued, on the alcohol. But, boy, could it help push things along to . . . new adventures. He also knew he shouldn't come off as too eager, so he forced his expression to remain neutral as best he could while offering a simple ambiguous shrug in answer to his wife's silent question.

Again this tactful assent drew a mischievous grin to Amy's lips.

"Okay. Yea," she nodded. "But the first 3 possessions."

"Agreed," Ken smiled.

"I say they won't even get a first down in those possessions," Ted challenged.

"You're on too," Amy laughed.

The game started a couple minutes later and everyone watched as Amy's team quickly went 3-and-out on their first possession.

"That's one," Ken clapped.

"Yea, yea," Amy scoffed.

Their opponent didn't do much better, punting the ball after only five plays.

"Here we go," Amy breathed.

She was standing beside Tom's chair, and he devoured the image of her breasts' firm swell under her jersey, swollen, erect nipples poking proudly at the material.

"3rd and 8," Ted grinned as her team soon faced their second difficult yardage.

"And that's two," Ken cheered moments later as the punting team came onto the field after an incomplete pass.

"Yea, yea," she repeated.

This time the opposing team got two first downs before having to punt.

As her team's offense took the field for their third possession Tom noticed her biting at her bottom lip while her hand rubbed at her shorts near the front. He recognized these signs from some of their extended teasing sessions and knew they signaled her heightened . . . anticipation. He wondered if this was due to the amplified wagers . . . or if she having some of the same thoughts as him?

Three plays later her team's punting unit trotted onto the field, meaning she'd lost.

"Damn it," she half-heartedly cursed, then shrugged her shoulders. "Oh well."

She took a sip of her beer, then set it on the table next to Tom's chair. For a moment she gazed down into her husband's face, her eyes scanning his expression for any sign of him changing his mind and stopping her from paying her debt.

He gave her his own mischievous grin.

Ken met her by the coffee table, towering over her slight form, either because he was impatient to collect, or he just wanted it this way. Reaching her arms up around his neck, Amy lifted herself on her tiptoes. Her entire body seemed to tremble slightly as Ken settled his hands on her waist and leaned down to her.

Tom suddenly realized that there'd been no discussion concerning what kind of kiss this would be. So he had no idea what to expect.

At first their lips met in a simple kiss . . .

A slight puckering . . . a delicate connection . . .

Then another . . .

And another . . .

Then a soft, open mouth kiss . . .

Sensual . . . erotic . . .

Then another . . .

As their lips pressed tighter and tighter together, Ken lifted her off the floor, his hands slipping around to cup her ass and support her. Her legs wrapped themselves around his waist, her body mashing against his. One of her hands moved to the back of his head, pressing him into their kiss harder. It became obvious to everyone that they were French kissing, their tongues swirling over one another as the passion of their kisses grew . . .

And grew . . .

For several long minutes . . .

Tom sat there, watching his wife kiss . . . no, watching her make-out with another man.

And in seeing this, he believed certain unlikely barriers were being dismantled.

He had no idea how long the session lasted, nor how long it might have continued, when a ruckus from the TV managed to break the trance-like state of the room. Glancing over at the screen he saw that Amy's school was now losing; 6 - nothing.

It wasn't a big deal in itself. But it was enough of an interruption for Ted, who wanted his kiss, to speak up.

"Hey, I think it's my turn," he challenged.

It took another few seconds for the pair to pull their lips apart. Once they had Amy remained with her legs wrapped around Ken's waist as she leaned back slightly and glanced around in search of Tom. Finding him she gazed across the few feet separating them, her cheeks flush and her eyelids heavy. Beneath the lustful gaze was a fragment of the same silent questions from moments earlier when she'd looked for approval to accept the wager. Seeing nothing telling her that he'd changed his mind she gave Ken one last, quick peck, then untangled herself and he lowered her gently to the floor.

Unlike Ken, Ted didn't budge from his seat. Instead he remained on the loveseat, his expression making it obvious he expected Amy to join him. She attempted mimicking her earlier, confident stroll, but her legs seemed to falter under her now.

At the loveseat she slid sideways into Ted's lap, one arm slipping behind his neck. Like before his one arm wrapped around her back, his hand reaching around to cuff her tummy and pull her against him while his other settled on her thigh, fingers dipping down onto the inside. She lifted her lips toward him in invitation. The movement caused her legs to fall a little further open, allowing his fingers to dip further down on her inner thigh as he leaned down to her.

The pair disregarded the simple puckering stage and started with soft, open mouth kisses. It didn't take long for these to evolve into the heated, passionate ones with swirling tongues and Amy's hand pressing at the back of his head, forcing a firmer, more intense connection. Her other hand came up so her fingers could scratch lightly at his chest through his shirt. Meanwhile Ted's hand moved to cradle her tit and his fingers gave her lush mound a little squeeze.

Watching this Tom was drawn from his seat. Moving to the chair's side he sat on its armrest. A cursory view of the room told him that all the others were just as mesmerized by the image as him, although probably for different reasons.

And that raised new questions and concerns. What would their friendship with these men become if things did go as far as he was hoping? Hell, what would it be even after this limited interaction? And would they all even take part? Oh, he knew his friends lusted after his wife, of that there was no doubt. But that didn't mean they'd all be willing to take part in a group session.

As they made-out Amy shifted this way and that in his lap, and Tom knew she was rubbing her ass atop their friend's growing cock. These movements caused her legs to slip open a little further and Ted's hand tried crawling up her thigh toward her crotch. But the hand scratching at his shirt dropped down and stopped it, pushing it back a few inches. As if in response to this denial Ted's other hand slid up to the front of her breast to start fondling it through her jersey.

Tom's breath caught and his cock pulsed within his pants. Was he really seeing this? Was he really sitting here watching another man molest his wife's tit while they made-out? Again he wondered if Amy truly understood what was happening, or was he missing . . . possibly ignoring signs of her inebriation?

These were the thoughts going through his mind when the TV announcer once more broke his trance as Amy's team finally managed to score.

"Ok you guys. Time's up," he declared.

It took a moment for them to stop. And even after they did brake their kiss Amy stayed in Ted's lap, while his one hand settled under her breast, cradling it but no longer fondling it. As his wife looked around the room with hazy eyes Tom decided to make one final confirmation that she was in control of her senses.

If she wasn't, he'd put a stop to things.

If she was . . . he had a plan on how to push things further.

Stepping over to the loveseat he took Amy's hand and helped her to her feet. Then he walked her to his chair where he gave her a drink of his water.

"You ok, Baby?" He whispered into her ear.

"Yea. Mm-hmm," she grinned. "Are you?"

"I'm good," he said, making her meet his gaze. "I just wanna make sure that you're aware of what's goin' on, and not too drunk."

"I'm good, Sweetie," she assured him.

Her eyes were focusing, and she wasn't slurring her words, or hesitating in her responses.

He decided to move forward with his plan.

"Alright then," he grinned. "You lost a bet to Bill while you and Ken were kissing."

"I did?" she asked, her tone a mixture of surprise and excitement.

"Yea. Well, I accepted the bet for you," Tom said nonchalantly. "That's ok, isn't it?"

"Um..." she hesitated at this unexpected development. "Yea. I guess."

"Good. I just told him that I had to make sure you weren't too drunk, and that you were okay with me making the wager."

"Ok... Um, yea, like I said."

"Cool," he turned to the guys who were all pretending to watch the game, but were really watching the couple. "Bill, she's good to go. Time for you to collect on that bet." He ended it with an exaggerated wink that she couldn't see.

"Huh?" Bill looked at him questioningly.

Tom had picked Bill specifically because he knew that next to himself, Bill was the soberest, and therefore most likely to catch on quickly and not ruin the plan.

"The wager we made, the one you won. Amy's ready to pay up." He held his breath, hoping his friend would get it.

"Oh, um, yea." Bill agreed quick enough. "Good. Good."

Amy turned to walk over to where Bill sat in a chair. She'd only taken a couple of steps when Tom made her hesitate as he pushed his plan a little further.

"After Bill, you owe George," he said loud enough for everyone to hear.

Turning to look at him over her shoulder she gave him an amused little grin, then continued on.

The expressions on the others in the room made it clear that, while they were all catching on to the fact that Tom was up to something, they were getting there at different speeds.

And none knew just where he was going with it.

That's okay, guys, he thought. You'll see when I know it's worked. And then I guess we'll find out who's up to it.

Amy continued over to slip into Bill's lap. As she wiggled into position, throwing one arm up behind his neck like she had with Ted, he also used one hand to cuff her tummy and pull her into him while his other hand settled on her thigh. Again, she lifted herself up to him and he leaned down, pressing his lips to hers. And again, their kisses quickly turn passionate with Amy pressing one hand at the back of his head and the other scratching at his shirt.

But there was one major difference between this session and the others; while Bill's hands rested on Amy's thigh and under her one breast, they made no advances beyond this. Knowing his friend as he did, Tom chalked this up to the fact that Bill didn't have the same level of liquid courage as the others, and NOT that he was simply being gentlemanly.

The two continued to kiss, their lips pressing, tongues swirling. From the way Amy was grinding her ass around in Bill's lap, Tom knew that, while their friend's hands might not be mimicking the others, his cock was. He also knew that after the attention her breasts had already been receiving, his wife would be going crazy wanting Bill to fondle her. And he saw her hand make a couple tentative moves down from where it scratched at Bill's chest as if it was going to grab his arm and direct his hand onto her breast.

But she didn't.

The idea of making their friend fondle her, versus simply letting them, must have crossed some line in her mind.

With his decision made Tom decided to do a bit of prep work. He cleared a couple of forgotten beers from the serving table and gave it a quick wipe with the towel they kept handy for minor spills. He also switched the TV to a music station, not wanting the game to interrupt the progression of things.

When he figured the right amount of time had passed he called a halt to the session. It didn't take as long for them to stop, nor for Amy to pull herself from Bill's lap.

Shoulda felt her up, Tom thought, noticing their friend's slightly dejected expression.

Amy shot him a little smile as she made her way over to where George sat awaiting his "winnings." Then she was in his lap, her body being pulled into him . . . their lips meeting. As their tongues swirled over one another her hand pressed at the back of his head. George's one hand quickly slid into place to cradle her breast, his other caressing a portion of her inner thigh near the hem of her shorts. The hand cradling her tit soon shifted up to cup and fondle her ample mound. The couple were near enough for Tom to hear a soft whimper vibrate in Amy's throat, her fingers clenching, pulling at George's shirt for a moment as she arched her back to press her breast into his grasp. The passion of their kisses grew. The shifting of Amy's body caused her legs to fall a few inches apart . . . the furthest they'd spread all afternoon. Instead of taking this as an opportunity to shove his hand into her crotch, George simply slid it partway up along her inner thigh, settling an inch or so away from her shorts-covered sex. This seemed to fuel Amy's growing desire and she started sliding her ass back and forth atop George's stiffening member, the movement pushing her crotch closer and closer to his caressing fingers.

Watching his wife allowing their friend to grope her while rubbing herself on his cock let Tom know his plan was working. Now he just needed to orchestrate it so he could fulfill the most enviable . . . most desirable . . . portions of his fantasies.

That meant she had to make-out with the last two friends before it went to the next level.

This time when he called a halt to the session he wasn't surprised that they took their time in braking their kiss. He was surprised that George continued fondling her tit while she glanced around the room, the contact ending when she pulled herself from his lap.

Setting on his chair's armrest, Tom indicated for her to join him. As she approached he could tell that her legs were threatening to give out on her. He could also see the desire in her features; the flushed cheeks and smoldering gaze beneath heavy lids. But she had trouble meeting his gaze. One second she was staring into his eyes, hers filled with arousal and conviction. The next her confidence would waiver and her gaze would fall to the floor. Then she'd steel herself, and raise them again.

When she got close enough he reached out with both arms and pulled her to him. Her own arms wrapped around his waist and her head rested on his chest.

"You still ok, Baby?" He whispered.

"Mm-hmm," she mewed quietly.

"Yea? You sure?"

"Yes," she breathed.

He waited a moment, hugging her tight to him and feeling her press herself against his own pulsing bulge.

"Ok then. I guess it's time for you to pay off your next two losses," he said for everyone to hear.

"Mmm," she mewed.

"Joe's up next, then Chris."

"Mmm," she purred before lifting up to give him a simple kiss.

Pulling away, she gave him another amused smile, then turned around and headed over to where Joe sat waiting with his own broad grin. Again the pair melted into one another, lips pressing, tongues swirling, hands groping. And again, her shifting in his lap caused her legs to fall further and further apart. Joe didn't have George's control, and like Ted, he tried sliding his hand up to her crotch. And like Ted, he got denied. But this time as Amy pushed his hand away Tom recognized a lack of conviction in it, her hand lingering on Joe's wrist as his hand obediently settled a few inches away.

Watching all this, Tom felt his own desire growing more and more. With each quiet mew rattling his wife's throat he felt blood pulse to his hardening cock. And as he watched Joe squeeze her tit through her jersey he imagined what it would soon be like to watch someone fondling her breasts without the cloth barrier . . . seeing her freckled mounds being manipulated . . . her swollen, erect nipples being tweaked . . . licked . . . suckled . . .

"Hh-hmm," he cleared his throat, realizing his daydreaming had allowed the session to last a bit longer than he'd meant. "Ok guys. Time."

Again it took another minute for them to actually stop kissing, then another for Amy to extract herself from Joe's lap.

It was only a few steps from Joe to the couch where Chris sat. As she prepared to slide sideways into his lap he stopped her. Instead he maneuvered her into facing him directly and straddling his lap. His arms wrapped around her . . . pulled her into him. The fingers of one hand twined themselves into her hair as his hand settled at the back of her head . . . pressing her lips firmer against his own as she did the same to his. As their lips quickly parted, allowing their tongues to duel, Amy's throat vibrated with a needy mew. The fingers of her free hand scratched at his shoulder. Her ass rolled and shifted within his lap. As the passion of their kissing grew Chris' free hand drew back to her side and cupped her breast . . . giving it a hungry squeeze and eliciting another needy mew from her. Tom soon noticed that Amy wasn't rolling her ass any longer, but rather sliding it back and forth slightly . . .

Damn! She's dry humping him! He thought.

And as the moments passed . . . their lips pressing . . . their tongues swirling . . . and Chris' fingers plying at her breast . . . the intensity of her humping grew. Tom stood there watching his wife rock . . . no . . . shove her crotch against another man's hard cock . . . their clothing the only thing keeping them from fucking.

The image mesmerized Tom . . .

Made his cock throb angrily . . .

It was time to take things to the next level.

He called for the pair to stop. After a few moments they hadn't so he walked over to the couch and laid a gentle hand on Amy's shoulder, again telling them to stop.

This time they heard. Or at least she did.

Pulling her lips away from Chris', she leaned back a little and hung her head forward so that her hair hung down, concealing her profile as she continued grinding against him . . . although with weakening intensity. After another moment she lifted her gaze to Tom. Her lustful expression was tinged with guilt, telling him she questioned why she was doing what she was, but couldn't help herself. In that moment he feared her proper side might overpower the improper one being fueled by the afternoon's events, and she'd put a stop to things progressing.

"It's ok, Baby," he told her with a reassuring smile.

She stared into his eyes. Seeing that he really was okay with things her guilt faded and a relieved sigh slipped past her lips.

Extracting herself from their friend's lap she took her husband's hand. On trembling legs she followed him to the serving table at the center of the room. He positioned her with her back to the group. Setting one hand on her waist he took her chin in the other's fingers and tilted her head back so he could gaze down into her eyes. His blood raced at the strength of the heat smoldering beneath her heavy lids . . . the hunger . . . the desire there . . . it was like nothing he'd seen before. Her panting breath slipped past her trembling lip. Lower, the swell of her breast under her jersey, topped by hard, erect nipples, quivered with her unsteady breaths.

"It's alright," he whispered, his hands sliding down to the front of her shorts.

"My god, Baby," she panted, hesitant, but wanting.

"All you gotta do is say 'No'," he assured her.

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath.

"I love you," she exhaled.

"And I love you," he grinned.

He undid the snap to her shorts . . .

Amy inhaled sharply . . .

Then she held her breath as he slowly drew the zipper down . . .

Her lip quivered as his hands slid out to either side, thumbs hooking the waistband . . .

She bit her lip as he pushed them down off her hips . . .

With an assisting shimmy on her part the shorts fell into a puddle around her ankles.

She stood in the center of the room with their friends staring at her taunt little tush covered by only her skimpy white panties.

Groans of approval came from the men.

Tom's hands slid up along her waist, feeling her body tremble with anticipation. He caught the bottom hem of her jersey . . . drew it up . . . up . . . up. Amy lifted her arms as he pulled it over her head and tossed it aside. As she draped her arms over his shoulders he held her waist. They stared into each other's eyes for a moment . . . shared a soft kiss . . .

Tom's hands guided her into slowly turning around, stepping out of the puddle of her shorts as she did. She stood facing their friends wearing only her skimpy white panties and a naughty little smile. The center of her panties was dark . . . wet from her juices, the softened material clinging to her sex mound.

More groans echoed. A couple guys licked their lips.

Tom's hands came up to cup her breasts, fingers squeezing . . . molding. Moaning softly, she arched her back, jutting her tits out to display them and her proud, erect nipples.

"Ok guys, here's the deal," Tom announced, his hands manipulation her luscious mounds. "We're all gonna enjoy my beautiful little wife here. Basically, whatever you want. BUT, if she tells you to stop doing something... anything... you stop." He looked around the room to make sure they all understood before setting up the beginning scene he'd been fantasizing. "Alright then. Baby, let's get you laying atop the table here so I can stuff my cock in your mouth while someone eats your pussy."

While the others started undressing Tom helped Amy get settled. They'd used the table before - when it was just the two of them - so he knew that if she settled her ass at the one edge, her head would be right at the opposite edge, allowing him to easily enter her at either end. As he guided her into position she spread her legs, bending her knees and setting her feet on a couple little pegs Tom had added to the table for their fun.

Once she was settled he quickly stripped. When he dropped his pants and underwear his rigid cock sprang free, the tip shiny with pre-cum. Filling one hand with her hair, he moved toward her. Amy reached for him; one set of fingers wrapped themselves around his thick shaft as best they could and tugged needily, her other hand reached around him to grab his ass. She stared at his cock, heated breaths slipping past her parted lips. The bulbous head approached. Her tongue darted out, licking at the pre-cum. He set the tip against her lips . . . leaned forward . . . pushed the head past them . . . into her mouth. Her lips followed its contours, hugging it tightly. Inches of his manhood followed . . . her lips remaining locked around it . . . the hand grabbing his ass pulling him to her greedily. As his hips pressed forward her lips eventually met her fingers, stopping his progress. Reveling in the sensation of her suckling mouth he held himself steady and gazed down on his beautiful wife with her lips wrapped tightly around his cock. She lay splayed across the table, eyes closed, features radiating desire. With her arms raised to him as they were, her luscious tits quivered ever so slightly, topped by her hard nipples and speckled by freckles. Between her spread legs her wet panties clung to her even wetter sex.

In his peripheral vision he saw the others approach.

A hand appeared . . . reached out . . . covered one of her breasts.

"Mmm," she mewed in her throat as Bill's fingers squeezed her full mound.

George's hand soon covered her other breast, eliciting another mew.

Kneeling between her legs, Joe slipped his arms under her limbs and slid them onto his broad shoulders. The fingers of one hand pulled her panties aside. Her neatly shaved pussy glistened with her juices. At the center of her inflamed sex her pink lips were slippery wet and starting to flower open in invitation. Her swollen clit poked out from under its hood.

Joe leaned forward . . . his tongue darted out to flicker against her engorged button.

"Mmm!" She whimpered, her body shuddering.

Watching their friends touching her, Tom felt his lust surge. He drew his hips back, withdrawing his cock until only the head remained within her mouth's wet embrace. He pushed forward again, sliding himself back into her mouth until her lips again met her fingers. He pulled back . . . slid forward . . . back . . . forward. Inches of his thick shaft slowly pumped in and out of her mouth, the hand on his ass urging him on, pulling him to her with each forward thrust, while her fingers tugged at the base of his cock.

Bill and George each manipulated her breasts, making them bulge and flow fluidly under their tensing fingers. Every few seconds one or the other would take a nipple between thumb and forefinger and give it a tweak, sometimes gently, sometimes not. Then they'd cover the breast, palm flattening the swollen nipple under it, fingers squeezing so that her flesh protruded from between them.

Between her legs Joe licked her pussy, his tongue slithering up and down her slit . . . rolling over her clit again and again. And each time he brushed against her button she'd mew around Tom's shaft.

"Oh God, you are so beautiful, Baby" Tom groaned watching all this. "Such a beautiful little slut."

"Mmm," she mewed.

George's hand changed position, cupping her tit and holding it steady as he lowered his mouth to cover her nipple.

"Mmm," her back arched, offering herself to him. Her hand jerked away from Tom's ass to grab the back of George's head and hold it.

"Oh yea, you like that don't you, Baby," Tom growled, the pace of his rocking hips building.

"Mmm," was his answer.

Joe licked her pussy, his tongue diving . . . swirling through her juices . . .

Lapping at her clit . . .

"You like being a naughty slut," Tom groaned, watching the men touch his wife.

Bill lowered his mouth to her other nipple.

"Mmm. Mmm. Mmm!" She whimpered, her body quivering.

Tom watched his cock sliding in and out of her mouth . . . watched their friends touching her . . . sucking her tits . . . licking her pussy. He watched her body responding . . . her muscles shuddering . . . her flesh trembling . . .

"God, you are loving this," he groaned.


"You're being so naughty."

"Mmm," her hand tugged harder . . . hungrier at his pumping cock.

"Yes, you are," he groaned, his hips rocking faster.

In and out of her mouth his cock slid . . .

Back and forth it glided along her lips . . .

In and out . . .

Back and forth . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

Back . . .

Forth . . .

Bill and George kept their mouths locked atop her breasts . . . suckling at her nipples . . . their tongues swirling over the swollen nubs. Their hands fondled her mounds . . . fingers squeezing . . . molding.

Joe brought two fingers to her opening . . . massaging her walls while his tongue continued to lick and lap at her.

"Suck it, Baby," Tom groaned, his lust building. "Suck it like the little slut you are."

Mewing around his pistoning cock Amy's one hand remained holding the back of George's head while the fingers of her other tugged at her husband's member. She lay on the table, her body quivering from the multitude of attentions.

His fingers continuing to massage the walls of her opening, Joe set his mouth directly atop her swollen clit to lap and press at the engorged button with his tongue.

"Mmm!" She whimpered almost immediately, her muscles starting to clench, her fingers tightening around Tom's shaft.

"Yea, that's my little slut," Tom recognized the signs of her approaching climax.

Purring around the cock fucking her mouth, Amy's back slowly arched up off the table, feeding herself to George's suckling mouth even as she pressed harder on his head. Up . . . up . . . up her body arched, her legs pushing down on Joe's shoulders, her hips lifting off the table to press her sex at his tongue and fingers.

"Yea, your being so naughty, Baby," Tom told her, his fingers tensing in her hair.

Laying there, being suckled, fucked, and licked . . . her body arching off the table, Amy's nearing orgasm caused her muscles to start to clench and her neck to bend back, straining.

Bill pulled up from her breast to stare down at her, his hand remaining on her full mound, fingers squeezing.

In and out Tom's cock pumped . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

Amy's fingers bounced off her lips . . .

Joe shifted his head slightly, changing the angle of attack upon her clit.

"MMM!" She cried, her back arching higher as the orgasm exploded through her. With her body bent into the air she writhed and twisted as electricity jolted along her nerves and her muscles spasmed. Loose strands of her hair hung over the table edge, a few sticking to the light coating of sweat upon her cheek and forehead. Her eyelids were closed tightly, her features contorting with the ecstasy rolling through her while her lips remained locked tightly around Tom's pistoning shaft.

"Yes!" Tom cheered, thrilled by her beauty.

"Mmm! Mmm! MMM!" She moaned and whimpered.

"Damn, that's hot," Chris groaned off to one side where he, Ken, and Ted were waiting.

Amy continued writhing through the explosive orgasm. One second her body was forcing her pussy at Joe's lapping tongue, the next it was shoving her tit at George's suckling mouth, and the next it was cramming her other breast at Bill's plying fingers. Under a sheen of sweat her flesh trembled, her abs quivering spastically.

Watching this, Tom felt his lust building and he humped himself at her mouth faster.

In . . .

Out . . .

After a few minutes her orgasm began to subside. Her body relaxed, settling back to the table where she trembled through a couple aftershocks.

The men continued their attentions; fingers squeezing, mouth suckling, tongue licking . . . cock pumping.

Then Joe pulled away from her clit to lick her pussy a few times, lapping at her orgasmic juices. Pulling away completely he stood up, draping each of her legs over the crux of an elbow, his hands cuffing her thighs. Weakened by her juices and their recent treatment, Amy's panties remained stretched out of the way on their own, leaving her glistening pussy exposed. Joe's rigid cock stood out from his body . . . aimed directly at her wetness.

Tom reflexively compared himself to his friend. He judged that they were about the same size; longer and thicker than average, but not massive.

Joe set the tip of his sizable cock between her slippery folds . . .

Rubbed it around . . .

Amy's hips rolled in invitation . . .

She mewed needily around Tom's pistoning cock . . . 

The tip settled at her opening . . .

Her hips froze . . .

Her labia wrapped themselves around the bulbous head . . . kissing it . . . sucking it . . .

He pressed forward . . .

Spread her walls . . . opened her . . .

Entered her . . .

First the head . . . then a few inches of his thick shaft . . .

The sight of this drew Tom's climax to the edge. Tightening his grip in her hair he held her head still as he pumped his cock into her mouth again . . . and . . . again . . . using her . . . orally fucking her.

Tugging at his shaft, urging him toward orgasm, she reveled in his use of her as her fingers bounced off her lips.

Joe pulled back, extracting a portion of his cock from her pussy. As he pressed forward again Amy lifted her hips, sliding herself onto his shaft. His . . . entire . . . length . . . disappeared inside her. Their crotches met. Their hips rolled . . . grinding.

"Oh God, her pussy feels good," Joe sighed heavily.

Tom stared at their union. At his wife lying before him, legs spread wide as another man buried his cock deep inside her pussy. He stared at her panties; wet, weakened, and stretched aside. It brought his lust roaring to the forefront . . . his climax boiling up from his balls.

"Oh God, Baby. I'm gonna cum," he groaned, his hips rocking faster and faster. "Swallow it. Swallow my cum, you little slut."

"Mmm," she mewed hungrily as her and Joe continued grinding their crotches together.

Tom pumped himself at her once . . . twice . . . three more times. Then he froze, his hips jutting forward, pressing her fingers firmly against her lips as his cock unleashed his semen.

She swallowed. As she had many times before.

But this time she did it more enthusiastically, her fingers tugging at his shaft insistently.

"Oh, fuck yea," Tom groaned.

Understanding that she needed to focus, Joe held himself still within her velvety folds.

Finishing, Tom held himself in her mouth while she suckled on his softening member, milking the last drops from him.

Then Joe pulled back, removing most of his cock before sliding forward again.

"Ooh," she purred, pulling her mouth off Tom's now-limp member.

Joe started to slowly pump himself in and out of her pussy, working into a rhythm.

"Yes. Oh God, yes" she purred over and over as his full length thrusted into her.

Watching this, Tom released her hair and staggered back to lean against the nearest chair.

As he settled into place, Chris and Ted stepped up to the area he'd just vacated, each of them holding their own stiff cocks. Amy also saw them. She released her hold on George's head to reach out with both hands and grab their cocks, tugging on them as she had Tom's. Like Bill, George pulled away from her tit, straightening up to gaze down on her while continuing to fondle her breast with his hand.

Tugging on the two cocks, Amy's hips rocked with Joe's thrusts, matching his rhythm, humping herself at him. Her body rocked upon the table, her breasts jiggling slightly under the pair of hands manipulating them.

With Ken still standing off to the side watching and waiting Tom quickly gauged his friends' cock sizes;

For himself he was glad to see that none of them were particularly huge.

For Amy he was glad to see they were all above average.

For the next few minutes the action at the table continued; two men molesting her breasts while she jerked off the other two and Joe fucked her. As Joe's cock stuffed her pussy again and again her hips rose up to meet his thrusts. She purred and whimpered. Her back arched, offering her tits to the pair of hands.

"Damn, she's beautiful," Bill sighed.

"So damn hot," Ted agreed.

"Yea, such a beautiful little slut," Joe grunted, the force of his thrusts building.

In and out his cock pistoned . . .

Stuffing her pussy . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

Filling her . . .

Using her . . .

"God yes. Oh yes," she panted, the pace of their fucking increasing, wet humping sounds resonating from their repeated unions.

"She's really enjoying it," Chris said.

"Fuck, she's good," Joe groaned.

Their hips rocked . . .

Faster . . .

Harder . . .

Her flesh glistened . . .

"Oh God," she whimpered over and over, hands jerking at the two cocks, body arching.

Joe thrust into her . . .

Pumping his cock . . .

Driving . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

"Oh," she drove her pussy onto him.

"So fuckin' beautiful," George moaned.

"Yes," Bill agreed.

"Dirty little slut," Joe grunted.

A few feet away Tom watched these men molesting his wife . . . and her loving it . . . like they had talked about . . . fantasized about.

In and out Joe's cock pistoned . . .

Using her . . .

Filling her . . .

Fucking her . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

"Fuck yea," Joe groaned, his thrusting growing stronger, his rhythm stuttering.

Seeing this, Tom realized that Joe was close to cumming . . . that he would soon unleash his load deep inside her. This would be the first time another man would do so since he and Amy had gotten together. The thought of it coupled with the image of his beautiful wife being so pleasured . . . so lustful . . . so naughty . . . so dirty . . . made him lean forward in excited anticipation.

Joe drove himself into her, rammed his cock into her pussy faster . . . harder . . .

Fucking her . . .

Using her . . .

"Oh, fuck me," she whimpered, her muscles clenching and her hips driving up to meet his thrusts.

As his cock filled her again and again their crotches slapped together, wet fucking sounds echoing in the room. The force of their humping made her breasts roll beneath the fingers squeezing them.

"Yes. Yes," Joe grunted, jackhammering his cock in and out of her.

In . . .

Out . . .

Harder . . .

Faster . . .

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me. Oh God, fuck me," she cried, her back arching off the table again. She thrust her hips at him . . . fucking him as much as he was her. "Fuck me Joe!"

"Damn she's hot," Bill groaned.

"So damn good," Joe grunted.

"What a little whore," Ted moaned.

In and out his cock pistoned . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

IN . . .

OUT . . .

"Take it you slut," Suddenly Joe let out with a guttural roar and slammed himself into her one . . . last . . . time. Cramming his crotch against hers, he held himself buried deep, deep inside her pussy and ground against her . . . his cock spraying his seed inside her.

"Oh god!" she gasped, her own orgasm exploding through her. Her body twisted and squirmed, back arching higher, neck bending, tendons straining. Her tits were thrust into the air, the milky mounds shuddering with her body's spasms. She released the two cocks and her hands grabbed onto the edges of the table, fingers turning white with her grip. "Oh god yes. God yes."

"Fuck she's hot," Bill groaned.

Hovering in the air, grinding herself agaisnt Joe, Amy's hips made small humping actions, her pussy milking his cock.

"Oh fuck," Joe moaned.

She moaned and whimpered as her orgasm continued crashing through her, her muscles clenching, abs quivering. Her mouth hung open, eyes tightly closed.

And Joe ground agaisnt her.

Even after he'd finished cumming, he held himself inside her as she writhed before him.

Then, eventually, she finished too. Her body settled back to the table, her flesh glistening with sweat. Laying there, panting, she opened her eyes and gazed up at the men around her. Releasing her hold on the table edges she reached out to George and Bill, her fingers wrapping around their cocks, a soft purr escaping her throat.

Sliding her legs off his arms, Joe guided her feet back to the pegs as he stepped back, his cock slipping from her pussy.

"I'm next," Ted announced. "But I wanna look at that sweet ass of hers while I fuck her."

Since no order of succession had been established, everyone accepted his claim. Tom could see a couple of the others thinking about claiming their shot after him, but they held off . . . for the moment.

"I need a shot," Amy sighed. "And maybe some water."

Chris quickly poured her the former, and Ted handed her Tom's bottle of water as he helped her sit up. While she chased the tequila with the water the coffee table was moved out of the way. Then the men watched as she casually pulled her panties off and dropped them to the floor. Now completely naked, she allowed Ted and George to help her off the table and maneuver her onto all fours where the table had sat. Settling in place she spread her legs in invitation, a couple drops of cum dripping from her pussy onto her inner thigh.

Ted knelt behind her, one hand resting on her waist, the other guiding his stiff cock toward her waiting sex. He set the tip at her opening and pressed forward. Most of his cock entered her as his other hand came up to her waist as well. Stopping, he pulled his hips back slightly. Then pressed forward. As Amy's hips slid back to meet him the entirety of his cock penetrated her.

"Oh God yes," she sighed, her expression radiating ecstasy.

"Beautiful," Tom sighed, watching his wife take a second friend's cock.

"Fuck yea," Ted groaned, holding onto her and grinding his crotch against her ass.

"Oh," she moaned, her hips rolling in appreciation.

Ted held himself deep inside her for a minute, grinding himself against her, before pulling partway back and thrusting forward again.

"Oh yes," Any whimpered.

"God, that is good," Ted grunted, glancing in Joe's direction.

"I think she needs another one right now," Bill declared, kneeling in front of her with his cock in hand. He used his other hand to pull her hair up and away from her face. "How 'bout it, Sweetie, you want two at once?"

Amy's eyes were glazed with lust as she stared at the cock hovering inches from her, its head shiny with precum. Her tongue ran along her lips then swept out to lick it away. Then she slid her lips over the head as Bill's hips pressed forward, feeding her his manhood. Keeping his fingers wrapped around the base he stopped when her lips met them.

"Mmm," she mewed, suckling on him.

"Oh Damn, she's good," Bill moaned.

Ted had held himself still during Bill's penetration of her mouth. Now he pulled back, extracting a portion of his cock from her pussy, then pressed forward again. As he then pulled back again, Bill did too, stopping with only the head of his cock within her mouth. Both men pressed forward, the one stopping when his fingers met her lips, the other burying his full length deep inside her. They did this again. And again. And again. Slowly they worked up a rhythm, pumping their cocks into her. At first their cadence was awkward, slightly disjointed, but within a couple minutes it smoothed out so that they were rhythmically fucking her two orifices.

Mewing and purring on all fours, Amy took their cocks. Her body rocked under their duel assault, her full breasts swaying beneath her. She closed her eyes as waves of pleasure rolled through her.

"Fuck yea," Bill moaned.

"She's being such a dirty little whore," Ted groaned.

In and out they pumped their stiff cocks . . . fucking her . . . using her. Wet, slapping sounds sounded from her and Ted's unions.

"Mmm. Mmm. MMM," she whimpered.

"God, she's lovin' it," Ted grunted.

"Yes she is," Bill agreed.

"That's my good little slut," Tom chimed in.

The three of them rocked upon their knees, hips humping back and forth.

"Mmm. MMM."

"She is a good little whore," Ted smiled, staring down at her ass, watching her taunt orbs quiver under the impact of his thrusts.

"Fuckin' sweet," George groaned from the sidelines.

In and out of her the two cocks pumped, their speed and force gradually building. Between them Amy continued rocking, her body being jacked back and forth by their use of her.

"Fuckin' slut," Ted groaned, his hips jerking a couple times, then finding the smooth rhythm once again.

"MMM!" Amy whimpered, her own hips twitching excitedly in response to the first signs of his impending climax.

During the following moments the force of Ted's fucking grew, his hips slamming his cock into her again and again. In response Bill's hips basically stopped their rocking and he held himself still, allowing his friends' pummeling of her to drive her mouth along his cock over and over, making her lips bounce off his fingers in a rapid, powerful pace.

"Mmm. MMM. MMM!" She whimpered, her muscles shuddering with anticipation.

"Dirty little whore," Ted grunted. He gripped her waist tightly and used the hold to push and pull her along his rigid member, effectively using her to fuck him even as he drove himself into her again and again.

In and out his cock thrust . . .

In and out . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

Faster . . .

Harder . . .

In and out of her wet pussy his cock pumped. Before him Amy rocked upon all fours, her tits swaying radically beneath her. Her lips slid along Bill's cock.

In and out . . .

Back and forth . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

Fucking her . . .

Using her . . .

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck," Ted groaned.

"Mmm. Mmm."

In . . .

Out . . .

Harder . . .

Faster . . .

His cock driving into her . . .

Ramming . . .

"Mmm. MMM!"

"Take it. Oh yea, take it you whore," Ted's rhythm was disintegrating, his hips starting to jerk at her awkwardly. His hands on her waist threw her forward . . . jerked her back.

"Mmm. MMM." She whimpered, her muscles tensing.

Ted thrust into her again and again . . .

Slamming his crotch against her ass . . .

Pummeling her pussy with his rigid member . . .

Then he yanked her back onto his cock as he rammed himself into her one last time. His crotch smashed against her ass, grinding . . . twitching spastically.

"Oh fuck yea," he growled, cumming inside her.

"MMM. MMM!" She cried, her third orgasm rolling through her. It wasn't as powerful as its predecessors, but it still made her muscles clench. Her back rolled downward, shoving her ass back onto Ted's cock, her hips humping her pussy on it.

"So fuckin' beautiful," Bill groaned, stuffing his cock in her mouth, cramming her lips against his fingers.

"Damn she's hot," Chris chimed in from the sidelines.

"Mmm. Mmm. Mmm," she whimpered with the cascading waves of pleasure. She no longer sucked on Bill's cock, her focus being warped by the explosions racking her nerves.

"Hell yea," Ted sighed as he finished cumming. He continued holding himself inside her for a moment, letting her pussy milk him dry.

"Mmm. Mmm," she whimpered, her body quivering through the fading of her orgasm. As her muscles and her body relaxed she started suckling on Bill's member again.

Ted dropped back on his haunches, his hands falling from her waist and his cock slipping from her sex. More drops of cum dripped onto her inner thighs.

"I can't fuckin' wait," Bill growled, jerking his cock from her mouth and moving to get behind her.

"Hey -," George started to disagree.

"Man, her mouth's got me on the verge of cumming," Bill stopped him. "And I am not gonna miss my chance to stick my cock in her pussy."

The heat of his tone ensured nobody doubted him; he'd only be a minute or two . . . if he was lucky. So, George fell silent and allowed his friend to kneel behind Tom's wife. Grabbing onto her waist and guiding himself to her used sex, Bill quickly stuffed his entire cock inside her in one powerful thrust.

"Oh God," she whimpered, being penetrated for a third time.

"Oh yea," Bill moaned. He pulled back . . . thrust forward . . . pulled back again. His hips rapidly worked into an enthusiastic humping rhythm, driving himself in and out of her with building excitement.

"Oh yes. Oh yes," Amy purred, her own hips rocking back to meet his energized thrusts.

As expected within a few minutes his humping started to grow disjointed, his hips jerking back and forth awkwardly.

"Oh yes. Fuck me, Bill. Fuck me," Amy encouraged him.

"Yea, you like it. Don't you, Sweetie," he groaned, his thrust becoming more awkward as he struggled to hold on for just . . . a few . . . more . . . minutes.

"Yes, Baby," she whimpered. "Yes."

Kneeling on all fours she panted and gasped as he pummeled her sex . . . 

In and out his shaft pumped . . .

Fast . . . 

Hard . . .

In and out . . .

Pounding into her . . .

Driving . . .

Slamming . . .

"Fuck me, Bill."

With a guttural roar of his own he buried his cock deep inside her once more, mashing his crotch against her ass, and froze.

"Ooh," Amy whimpered, her ass humping herself on him as he shot his load inside her.

As he finished cumming he rolled his hips against her, his hands on her waist holding her ass firmly against his crotch. Then, after a moment he fell back as Ted had, his softening cock slipping from her, causing more drops of cum to speckle her inner thighs.

"Ok, my turn," George claimed, standing nearby with his cock in hand.

It was between him, Chris, and Ken. And the other two didn't raise any objections as they stood off to the side, quietly conversing together.

"Let's get you off your knees though," George said stepping forward. He took her arm and helped her to her feet then led her over to the couch where he got her onto her back with her head near an armrest.

Bending her knees Amy set one foot where the couch-back met the cushions, and propped the other on the cushion's outer edge. From under heavy lids she watched a fourth man climb between her spread legs. Her features were filled with lust . . . hunger . . . desire. A few strands of her disheveled hair stuck to her cheek.

George set one hand atop the armrest to hold himself above her. He gazed down on her, admiring her freckled, milky breasts, glistening with sweat, their nipples swollen . . . erect. Below them her abs trembled with the anticipation rolling through her. And below that her used pussy lay open and waiting. His hips dropped. His free hand guided his cock to her sex . . . set the head between her used folds.

"Mmm," she purred.

"So beautiful," he sighed. In one fluid motion he slid his entire length deep inside her, that hand joining the other on the armrest.

"Oh God," Amy whimpered, her legs lifting her pussy onto his cock.

That was when Tom decided to move over to his easy chair, turning it toward the couch for a better view. On the way he grabbed a bottle of water from the serving table's undercarriage. It wasn't cold, but he didn't want to go into the kitchen and miss anything.

"God, you are so beautiful," George sighed, watching her grind herself agaisnt his crotch.

"You feel so good inside me," she purred, her hands reaching up to his shoulders.

Pulling back, he extracted part of himself from her, then slid his shaft back inside her.

"Oh yes," she mewed, her hips matching his action.

In and out he started pumping himself . . . in and out of her used pussy . . . steadily sliding his rigid cock into her again and again. She lay beneath him, her body responding to him; her hips rising to meet his thrust, her tits rolling upon her chest.

"Yes. Yes," she mewed, her head rolling to the side so she faced out into the room at the men watching this, her eyes filled with lust and delight.

In and out he thrust . . . his hips pumping . . . his cock ratcheting into her over and over. Slowly . . . steadily the force of his fucking grew, his hips jackhammering himself at her. The building strength of his thrusts drove her ass down into the couch cushion with each full penetration.

"So beautiful," he moaned.

"Fuck me, George," she whimpered, turning her face to him.

In and out he thrust . . .

In and out . . .

Again and again . . .

Faster and faster he humped . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

"Damn, so good," he grunted above her.

"God yes. Fuck me. Fuck me," she cried as she lay there, her tits rolling as her body was rocked by his thrusts. Each time her ass was driven into the cushion her legs lifted it again, her hips coming up to meet his next thrust. Her fingers tensed, scratching at his shoulders.

Up and down his hips pumped . . .

In and out his cock thrust . . .

In and out . . .

Up and down . . .

Faster . . .

Faster . . .

"Oh yes, harder, Baby," Amy's entire body started to tense, her muscles clenching as their fucking stirred another orgasm. "Oh George. Fuck me harder, Baby. Fuck me harder."

"Oh yea," he grunted in appreciation, his hips doing as she requested.

In and out he slammed his cock . . . driving . . . pounding . . . hammering . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

IN . . .

OUT . . .

"Oh God yes!" Amy cried, her body arching off the couch, shoving herself up to grind against his crotch. Her head rolled back, mouth hanging open, eyes shut. "God yes!"

As her hips made spastic humping motions in the air, her pussy spasmed around George's cock. This brought his own climax roaring ahead and he groaned out as he unleashed his load of semen inside her.

"Oh fuck. Fuck," he grunted.

"Oh yes!" She cried.

It wasn't a particularly powerful orgasm and so she began to settle down as he finished cumming. His hips followed hers back down to the couch as her pussy milked the last of his seed from his softening member. They remained joined for another minute, her muscles quivering through an aftershock.

Then he pulled himself up and out of her. Falling back against the opposite armrest he continued to gaze upon her, admiring her beauty.

She lay with one arm thrown above her head and over the armrest, the other laying across her abdomen. The foot that'd been propped on the cushion edge dropped to the floor, her other leg stayed propped agaisnt the couch-back. Her tits swayed gently with her labored breaths slipping past her lips as she stared out into the room again, eyes smiling at Tom.

"Our turn," Ken announced. "But I don't wanna just look at her beautiful ass while I fuck her... I wanna fuck her ass."

"Mmm" her eyes jumped to him.

"And I'm gonna fuck her pussy," Chris added.

"Ooh," she purred with desire.

Tom knew why she sounded so excited. While anal sex wasn't her favorite, she did enjoy it on occasion. And once he had used two dildos in a simulation of what their friends were about to do . . . and she had cum hard.

While Chris laid on his back on the floor, Ken helped Amy off the couch. On weak legs she stared down at Chris' hard cock laying against his pelvis. Under Ken's guidance she set a foot next to each of Chris spread knees then allowed Ken to help her down onto her knees, straddling Chris' waist. As she got lower she reached for his member, her fingers wrapping themselves around it and guiding it to her sex.

"Whoa there," Ken stopped her. "Unless you like getting' penetrated dry, you gotta let me get you ready."

"Oh," she sighed with a sense of sadness.

"Damn. She's being such a little slut," Tom chuckled.

With a hand on her shoulder Ken made her lean forward. As her tits dropped toward Chris he took advantage by reaching up to cup and fondle both luscious mounds. He also lifted his mouth to suckle on one sensitized nipple.

"Ooh," she moaned, her back arching to offer herself to him. Her head fell forward, hair falling to conceal her features.

Bent forward as she was her pussy shined wet and used between her spread legs, cum dripping from it. Also her asscheeks were slightly parted, providing a hint of her little brown sphincter. Ken completely reveled it by pulling one cheek away from the other. It shined with the juices that had ran along her crack while being fucked on the couch. Setting a finger against her anus he massaged it for a minute, rubbing the juices into it.

"Mmm," she mewed, her head lifting a little.

His finger drew a line down to her sex and slipped inside her. He added a second. Then he twisted them both around, getting them well-coated with the juices there.

"Oh," she whimpered, her fingers tugging on Chris' cock.

Pulling the digits from her, he brought them to her anus and rubbed the new juices over and around her puckered hole. Setting one fingertip against the center he applied pressure. The finger pushed past her sphincter to disappear into her ass.

"Ooh," she sighed as he wiggled it around.

Removing this finger, he replaced it with the other.

"Mmm," she whimpered as he wiggled this one around.

Beneath her Chris moved his mouth to her other nipple.

Extracting his finger Ken stuck his thumb in her pussy. While working it around he knelt between Chris' legs behind her. He pulled his thumb from her and pressed it past her brown hole. Holding it there he guided his cock to her sex . . . set the head against her used opening . . . pushed his hips forward. His entire length plunged into her.

"Oh God," she moaned, her pussy offering little resistance against this fifth cock.

With his thumb in her ass and his shaft in her sex, he rolled his hips, rubbing himself around inside her for a minute. Then he pulled back, extracting his cock. Removing his thumb he set his cocktip against her sphincter.

"Mmm," she purred in anticipation.

He pressed forward . . . his cockhead opened her . . . penetrated her . . . followed by a couple inches of his shaft. Stopping, he held still for a moment. Then he pulled back a little . . . pressed forward again.

"Oh God," she panted as more than half his cock's length entered her ass.

Stopping again he paused for another moment . . . pulled back slightly . . .

As he pressed forward again all but an inch of his shaft disappeared inside her . . .

He set his hands on her waist . . . holding her . . .

He pulled back again . . . then slid . . . his entire . . . cock . . . into her.

"Oh fuck," Amy gasped, her body quivering while he held himself there, grinding his crotch against her ass. "Oh God. Oh Fuck."

"Ok, Chris," Ken said.

Pulling his mouth from her nipple, Chris guided her to straighten up partway. He slid his hands down to her hips and helped her rise up off him enough that she could guide the cock she held to her pussy. Once the head settled at her opening she lowered herself onto his shaft.

"Oh God," she panted, kneeling between the two men, their cocks stuffing her simultaneously. Her body trembled . . . her neck rolled back slightly . . . hair falling away . . . eyes closed . . . bottom lip quivering.

Chris' hands returned to her tits, his fingers squeezing the pliant mounds.

Ken allowed her a moment, then pulled his hips back, extracting just a couple inches of himself. Then he slid forward . . . sliding those inches back into her.

"You like this, slut?" He growled, holding himself there.

"Oh God yes," she panted.

He pulled back again . . . a few inches this time . . . slid forward.

"You like having two cocks at once?"

"Yes," she whimpered, her hips rolling gently.

"Yea, you're a good little slut, aren't you," he pulled back . . . slid forward.

"Mmm," she mewed.

Carefully Ken slowly rocked his hips, sliding inches of his cock in and out of her ass . . . her sphincter clinging to his thick shaft as it gradually pumped back and forth. He held onto her waist, his hands gripping her and holding her still.

Beneath her Chris began to match their friend's rhythm, his hips lifting off the floor . . . dropping back down . . . his own rigid cock pumping at her pussy. His hands were covering her tits. His fingers squeezing the luscious mounds.

"Oh God. Oh Fuck," she whimpered and mewed, her body quivering with the sensations.

"God you are lovin' this," Chris moaned, fingers tweaking her nipples.

"You're being a little slut, aren't you?" Ken asked, his cock sliding into her ass.

"Yes. Oh yes," she panted.

The men steadily pumped themselves into her, their pace growing little by little until they reached a comfortable cadence. At first she didn't move much, but simply knelt there, being rhythmically penetrated by them and reveling in the sensation of their stiff cocks sliding in and out of her at once. Their repeated thrust made her body rock slightly, her hair swaying gently as her head lulled from side-to-side, eyes closed, teeth nipping at her lip. Her hands were set against Chris' strong chest, holding herself up as he continued molding her breasts.

Gradually her body started to rock more . . . her hips pumping herself on and off their cocks as well.

"That's it, Baby, ride us," Chris groaned.

"Oh fuck she's good," Ken moaned.

"Oh God. Oh fuck," she panted.

This continued for several minutes; the three of them fucking as one with the two men talking dirty and her whimpering.

"Oh yes. Oh yes," Amy panted heavily as her muscles began to quiver and tremble under her sweat-coated flesh. Her head fell forward again, hair falling down to hide her face from everyone but Chris. Her hips steadily rocked faster . . . harder.

"Oh yea, Baby. Oh yea," Chris hissed.

"Damn, she's getting into it," Ken grinned.

"Yes she is," Bill agreed.

As the pace of her rocking increased she reached out with one hand and grabbed onto the edge of the couch for support. Her entire body was soon rocking back and forth, her hips jerking her partway off the pair of cocks then throwing herself back onto them.

"Oh God yes. Yes!" She cried, her hair swishing with her body's action.

The guys stopped moving, holding themselves still as she pumped herself on and off their cocks . . . her body rolling back and forth . . . fucking them wildly.

"That's it, Baby, ride us," Chris groaned.

"Yea, fuck our cocks you slut," Ken cheered her on.

"Oh fuck. Oh God," she whimpered as her hips slammed back again and again, driving herself onto their shafts. "Oh God yes."

"Yea. Fuck our cocks, slut. Fuck us good," Ken groaned, hanging onto her waist.

"Fuckin' beautiful," Tom sighed from his chair.

She rocked back and forth . . . hair swaying . . . muscles tensing . . . trembling . . . relaxing. She used her hold on the couch to help her drive her body the way it wanted . . . the way it needed. Her asscheeks vibrated with each backward thrust.

"Hell yes," Chris moaned.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," she gasped, her pace increasing . . . her force intensifying. Back and forth she rocked . . . throwing herself on and off their cocks . . .

Back and forth . . . 

On and off . . .

Harder . . .

Faster . . .

On . . .

Off . . .

"Yes. Oh God yes!" She cried, her muscles clenching . . . quivering.

On . . .

Off . . .

ON . . .

OFF . . .

"Ooh!" Her head snapped back, neck straining as her mouth fell open. Her muscles spasmed under her glistening flesh as her orgasm exploded through her and sent electricity jolting along her nerves. Her hips jerked spastically in rapid little bunny-hops upon the pair of cocks stuffing her.

"Fuck yea!" Ken growled, his own hips twitching, his crotch grinding against her ass.

"Oh God!" The sensation of him cumming in her ass sent her orgasm to new heights and her body twisted and writhed in mid-air. Her head snapped back . . . forward . . . her hair swishing with it.

"Fuck, that's hot," Tom groaned.

Others echoed the sentiment as they also watched.

Amy continued writhing with the orgasm for several minutes, wave after wave of pleasure cascading through her.

Then it began to fade and her body softened, her muscles relaxing. Panting, she collapsed atop Chris, her breasts smashed agaisnt his body and her head coming to rest in the crook of his neck.

Ken's now limp cock slid from her ass and he fell back. Then he moved to a nearby chair.

Not finished himself, Chris rolled Amy off him and onto her back. Exhausted, she simply flopped onto the carpet, her legs splayed open, her used pussy red between them. Climbing atop her Chris lifted her legs onto his shoulders and stuffed his cock back into her sex. He humped himself in and out of her fast . . . hard . . . driving her ass down into the carpet with every forward thrust. Again and again he did this, the hunger in his pace making it obvious that he was close to cumming. Beneath him Amy mewed and whimpered quietly, letting him use her taxed body for his pleasure. Her breasts rolled with his thrusts, her head lulling to one side, eyes closed, strands of her hair stuck to her cheek and forehead.

"Yes. Yes," Chris grunted as he pounded himself into her pussy over and over. "Yes!"

After another couple minutes he buried himself deep inside her and added his load of semen to the others.

Finished, he let her legs fall to the floor and moved away, settling on the couch.

Sighing heavily Amy rolled partway on her side, her legs parted just enough to show her used, cum-filled sex. After a moment or two her eyes opened to look warily around the room, her gaze shining with sated lust tinged by hope and fear . . . hope that they were finished with her . . . fear that they weren't.

Tom sat in his chair reveling in the afternoon's events and thinking about what would come next . . . what could come next. He figured he had two options. The first was to see if anyone wanted a second turn with his wife, something he was confident a couple of the guys would be up for. But if he did that the sessions would most likely last a lot longer, taxing Amy even more and possibly turning her against any possible future events.

His second option was to take his wife to their bedroom where he could fulfill another aspect of his fantasies without their friends.

"I'm gonna take Amy to bed guys," he decided. "You all know where the blankets and stuff are if you wanna crash."

Getting up from his chair he stepped over to Amy and handed her the bottle of water. As he lifted her limp form into his arms she sighed quietly and leaned agaisnt him. Heading for the stairs he heard the guys talking in hushed tones behind him as they all starting getting dressed.

Once in their bedroom he laid Amy on the bed. Turning the lamp on his nightstand on to low he made sure the door was latched shut then stepped over to her nightstand to turn on that lamp as well.

"Hmm?" She mumbled, her eyes opening slightly to look up at him. With her head resting on a pillow she lay a lot like she had on the floor moments earlier; partly on her side with her legs crossed but open enough to reveal her used pussy. Her flesh shimmered with the sweat coating it, strands of her disheveled hair sticking to her shoulders, neck, and face. Her speckled breast swayed gently in the muted light with her shallow breaths.

"Baby, I know you're tired and all," he told her. "But I ain't missing my chance to finish this fantasy."

Her gaze traveled down along his nude body to where he was fondling his semi-erect cock. Her lips curled up into a little smile.

"I knew you'd be okay with it," he grinned.

Climbing onto the bed he moved up by her head. Turning to face him she brought her hand up and wrapped her fingers around his shaft, tugging on it.

"That's my good little slut," he told her as she urged his cock to full erection.

Leaning forward he twined the fingers of one hand in her hair and pulled it away from her face.

His other hand reached down and covered one freckled tit.

"Mmm," she sighed as his fingers tensed . . . squeezing the mound. Her nipples had softened since the events downstairs, but they began to swell again under his attention.

His hips shifted forward, setting his cocktip agaisnt her lips. Then he pressed forward and his manhood slipped into her mouth. Her fingers remained around the base and as they met her lips, stopping his progress, she suckled on him.

"Oh, you are so good at that, Baby," he sighed.

"Mmm," she mewed happily.

He pulled back, withdrawing all except his cockhead . . . pressed forward again. As his shaft slid along her lips she quietly whimpered. He started to slide his cock back and forth along her lips . . . in and out of her mouth. He pulled back . . . slid forward . . . pulled back. His pace was slow, his rhythm methodical. He held onto her hair, keeping it out of her eyes so she could gaze up at him as he did this. His other hand molded her pliant breast, fingers tensing again and again.

"I watched you today. Baby," he sighed, meeting her gaze. "I watched you being a little slut."


"Yes, I watched you let those guys touch you. Watched them fondle your tits. Watched them touch your pussy." His hips slowly rocked back and forth. "And I saw you touching them. Playing with their cocks... pulling on them... tugging."

"Mmm. Mmm."

"You were so beautiful... being their little slut."


"And I watched them fuck you. Watched you take their cocks in that sweet little pussy of yours and cum all over them as they fucked you... one after the other." His hips continued their slow, steady rhythm. "Yes I did. I watched you being a naughty little slut."

Her hips shifted, rolling herself flat onto the bed and her one leg fell off the other. Her free hand fidgeted at the sheet she lay on.

"You're getting' hot thinking about it, aren't you, Baby. Thinkin' about what you did while you suck my cock."


"Yea you are. Thinkin' 'bout what a naughty little slut you were. Lettin' them put their hard cocks inside you."


"Spread your legs for me now, slut. Spread your legs and let me see your used pussy."

Laying there, his cock repeatedly sliding past her lips, she did as instructed; spreading her legs partway open.

"That's it, Sweetie. Yes. Spread them wide."

She opened them a couple inches further.


She spread them more, bending her knees slightly.

"Yea, that's it. I can see how used your pussy is. How red it is from all the cocks you let fuck you."

"Mmm," her fingers started to grab at the sheet.

"I can see their cum dripping from you."

She lay before him, listening to him, taking his cock in her mouth and suckling on it.

"Show me how much you liked it, slut. Show me what a little slut you are. Touch yourself. Touch your dirty, used pussy."

Her hand slid across the sheet to her hip . . . slipped up onto her body . . . reached . . . down . . . between . . . her . . . legs. Her fingers found her sex, rubbed it, the mass of juices coating them.

"Yea, that's it, my slut. Feel how used your pussy is. The cum from all those men leaking from you. Oh yea, you were such a naughty slut."

For the next couple minutes this continued; him pumping his cock in and out of her mouth and talking to her about what she was doing and what she had done while she played with herself. At some point she placed a fingertip agaisnt her once-again swollen clit and rubbed it. Her legs slid further apart, her knees bending more as her hips rolled gently upon the bed.

Then his hips stopped their rhythmic rocking.

"Okay, it's time for me to fuck my slut wife's used pussy," he groaned. "So I can add my load of cum to the others."


He drew back, extracting himself from her mouth and releasing her tit. As he moved away, shifting down along her body, her fingers remained wrapped around his cock, her hand following him. Her tits rolled fluidly upon her chest as his maneuverings made the bed shift beneath her. Setting one hand next to her he climbed between her splayed legs and set his other hand next to her other side.

"Guide me to your pussy," he told her, his hips hovering. "Put my cock inside you so I can fuck my dirty little slut."

The hand that'd been playing with her sex joined the one holding his cock and together they aimed his sizable member at her used pussy.

"That's a good slut," he sighed, his hips dropping. As he penetrated her, her hands came away to grab onto his ass, her nails scratching lightly into his cheeks. With one easy stroke his entire length entered her . . . stuffing her with a sixth cock that day.

"Oh God," she whimpered.

"Oh yea, that's it" he moaned, his crotch grinding against hers. "Take another cock you little slut."


Pulling his hips back, then dropping them again, he started fucking her, humping his cock deep inside her again and again. Her pussy was normally fairly tight, her walls hugging his shaft. But today she had been used. The combination of that usage and the loads of spunk deposited in her had weakened her sex, made it sloppy.

It was a new feeling . . . a new sensation . . .

And it made him want to fuck her harder . . . faster . . .

Made him want to use her like a discarded whore . . .

Which is exactly what he did.

"Yes, take another cock, you slut," he growled, his hips thrusting him into her forcibly.

She lay beneath him, legs spread wide, accepting his use of her. His forward thrusts drove her ass down into the mattress . . . made her body shudder. Her ass bounced back up as he pulled back, only to be driven back down again as his hips shot forward . . . his cock slamming into her sex. Her tits rolled and shimmied upon her chest, swollen nipples shiny with sweat and the men's saliva. Her head lay back and she smiled up at her husband from under heavy lids, strands of hair sticking to her cheek. As her hands held onto his ass her fingers started tensing more, clawing.

"You loved being their slut, didn't you," he grunted.

"Yes, Baby," she whimpered. "I loved it. I loved you letting them see me... letting them touch me."

"And their cocks... One after another."

"Yes. Yes, Baby. I loved having them fuck me... letting them put their hard cocks deep inside my pussy and use me for their pleasure."

"You're so beautiful," he grunted, his hips thrusting faster . . . harder. "Such a beautiful little slut... letting them fuck you... being their little slut."

"Oh yes, Baby."

Staring down at her shuddering body and rolling breasts he shot his hips forward over and over . . . drove his cock into her. He thrust into her, feeling her sloppy, used pussy gush around his thick shaft. In and out he humped . . .

In and out . . .

Harder . . . faster . . .

"I watched you being a slut. Watched you letting those men fuck you."

"God yes," she whimpered, her muscles starting to tense. "I was a slut. I was their slut."

"Yea, you were." 

In and out . . .

Faster . . . harder . . .

In . . .

Out . . .

He drove himself at her . . . into her . . .

Her body shuddered under his assault . . . tits rolling . . .

He slammed his cock deep into her . . . over . . . and . . . over . . .

Her muscles clenched . . . electricity jolting her nerves . . .

Even as used as her pussy was he felt it starting to tighten around his shaft . . .

"Oh, such a good little slut," he grunted, fighting to hold his own climax back.

"God yes. Fuck yes," she cried, her body arching off the bed.

"Dirty little slut," he groaned. "Naughty girl."

"Oh fuck!" her body snapped up off the bed, back arching her tits into the air. Her head snapped back, neck straining, eyes shut, mouth hanging open. "Fuck. Fuck."

"Naughty... little... slut!" He growled as he slammed into her once more, burying himself deep inside her, grinding his crotch to hers as he added his load to her drenched pussy.

As they both orgasmed, they ground their crotches together, her hips making little bunny-hop actions to aid her sex in milking his seed from him.

Then the climaxes faded.

His hips followed her down as she dropped back to the bed. Panting, he rolled off her and onto his back. Amy rolled onto her side, sighing quietly as she curled up to him.

"That was fun," he said, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her to him.

"Mm-hmm," she agreed.

"So, you think we can do it again sometime?"

"Yes," she whispered sleepily. "But I wanna do a striptease next time."

"Oh yea," he smiled before he heard the soft sounds of her sleeping.. The End