"Stories 18+" Helping Hands C1

Stories 18+ Helping Hands C1
Carter stood in front of the stove and flipped the bacon in the pan with the spatula one more time. Suddenly, a stray line of grease jumped from the sizzling meat and landed on his forearm, causing a sharp burning pain. "Shit!"

"Language." An authoritative, female voice warned from behind.

Turning, Carter saw his mother stroll into the wide kitchen and stop in front of the granite-colored bar in the middle. As usual, she was dressed in professional attire for her job as a lawyer; a white, long sleeve button down shirt, a black skirt that fell just below her knees, and equally black heels that matched. Her brunette hair was also up in a neat bun.

"Yeah, well, it's your heart attack-inducing food that has me cursing." He gave her a wry smile and went back to cooking. "I'll never understand why you love this unhealthy stuff so much."

She leaned forward on a bit to peek what was on the stove. "I told you that you didn't have to wake up early just to make me breakfast. Besides, I want to get an early head start at the office today --"

"No, mom. You skip breakfast way too much, and that's even unhealthier than the slop you eat." He frowned without looking back.

After a moment, she sighed and fixed him with a curious stare. "When did you get so stubborn?"

"I had a good first-person point of view to learn from." Carter finally glanced back. "Now sit down. Everything will be done in a bit."

His mother sighed again, but did as he said and took a seat at the circular, mahogany table to the bottom left of spacious kitchen. "How are your studies going?" She asked a short while later.

He walked over to the counter left of the stove and retrieved the two pieces of sliced bread that popped up from the toaster. "Pretty good. Ever since Aunt Angela started tutoring my grades have improved for sure."

"Speak my name and I shall appear." The woman materialized, entering the room from the right hallway.

Carter and his mom immediately turned to her. His aunt -- and also high school history teacher, had on ripped jeans, a blue, tight-fitting T-shirt, and black Chuck Taylors on her feet. Her black hair had bangs that covered her entire forehead and fell down all the way to the small of her back.

"I gave you a key for emergencies, Victoria. Not to waltz into my home at six in the morning." Carter's mom frowned, glaring at her.

"Hey, Aunt Vee." He flashed her a smile, placing more bread in the toaster. "I'll make you some breakfast too. Take a seat."

"My lovely nephew, thank you." She grinned and made her way to the dining table and pulled out the chair opposite of her older sister. "I was just starting to feel unwelcome."

"Why are you here so early on a Saturday? You don't have a session with Carter, so you must want something... I can practically smell the favor you want to ask."

"Angela!" Victoria placed a hand on her chest and gasped, her eyes wide. "Can't I come see my nephew and nieces without an underlying motive!?"

Angela's expression grew bored as she leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms. "You have three seconds."

"Okay, okay, okay!" Victoria frantically waved her hands in defeat. "...I may possibly, maybe, have a teensy weensy favor."

"What, Victoria?"

"I just need you to go over my books one more time. I'm pretty sure I'm not in debt close to one million dollars." Carter's aunt gave an awkward laugh.

"I'm sorry, but that'll take a while and I just got swapped with an important case at work." The lawyer shook her head.

"Whatttt? Please, Sis!" Victoria put her hands together in prayer and begged, her bottom lip protruding.

"Don't worry, Aunt Victoria. I may suck at English, but my math isn't too bad." Carter interjected, whisking the eggs he got from the refrigerator in a big, clear bowl.

The older woman studied him for a bit. "Oh yeah... You are in advanced classes for math, aren't you? I humbly accept your offer."

"My son is not your personal tool. He already works in your café three times a week." His serious mother watched her sister.

"It was the deal we made for her to tutor me, mom. Plus, I would've just watched cartoons all day or something." Carter poured the liquid eggs into the frying pan.

"...If you're really okay with it, then I won't argue." Angela looked at the back of her son for a second before turning to her sibling once more. "You're lucky Carter is so thoughtful."

Victoria smiled wide at her. "Must've skipped a generation."

"Mom, that's embarrassing when you talk about me when I'm right in the room." A sheepish expression was etched on his face as he carried all the plates of food over.

"Thanks, Carter." Victoria took a small bite out of her toast.

"No prob." He nodded at her, but paused when he noticed his parent watching her plate as if it might sprout legs at any moment and walk away. "What's wrong?"

"This is turkey bacon... I object." Her lips downturned slightly.

Carter sighed. "Overruled. And no courtroom talk at the table, remember?"

Aunt Victoria let out a hearty laugh at the two. "You're the only one I know who can actually challenge the Demon Lawyer, herself."

"Shut up." Angela shot her an annoyed look.

"Oh... why is everything so loud... and bright...?" A young woman groaned and stumbled into the kitchen, rubbing her head.

"Lexi. Would you look at what you're wearing?" Angela ran her eyes up and down her daughter's body as she came to an unsteady stop at the granite bar.

Carter also couldn't help examining her revealing appearance. His sister wore a thin, white tank top that exposed the sides of her large breast; petite, black panties were the only thing covering her bottom.

"Mom, not right now. It feels like bus ran over my head. And then reversed." She covered her face with both hands, leaning over the counter for support.

"I've had a few of those days in my youth." Aunt Victoria chucked, giving her a nostalgic expression.

"What do you expect when you stay out until the middle of the night drinking?" Angela turned in her seat to face her. "It's about time you stopped being so laisser-faire about your future. You're already twenty-two years old."

Lexi let out a defeated scream and ran over to hug the back of her younger brother. "Save me from the Demon Lawyer, Carter! She's sapping away my remaining strength with her negative energy!"

He blushed, feeling her soft chest against his back, but hid his embarrassment and released her hold before facing her. "I have something that'll make you feel better." He quickly grabbed the green-colored smoothie he made earlier from the refrigerator and held it out to his elder sibling. "Drink this."

She took it, giving it a dubious look. "It smells like death." She frowned.

"I won't deny that... but it'll help your hangover." He smiled, reassuringly.

After some more hesitation, she smiled too. "Thanks, Carter."

"And you say I take advantage of him?" Victoria raised an eyebrow at her sister.

"I don't feel that way at all. It makes me happy to help my family out." Carter gave them each happy looks.

"God. You are so cute." Lexi gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Very cute." Victoria placed a hand on the side of her face, laughing.

Angela's tough expression softened a bit at him.

"Guys, stop." Carter rubbed the back of his head, laughing nervously with all the attention.

A little more into their conversation, the second of Carter's elder trio of sisters, Danielle showed herself.

"Whoa. We having a party or something?" The twenty year-old entered the kitchen from the front of the house. On her short, messy hair was over-the-ear headphones that connected to the iPhone in her hand. A black, Adidas jumpsuit covered her entire six foot frame and she had on striped, Nike sneakers.

"Already done with your run, Sis?" Carter was already on his way to the refrigerator one more long time to retrieve the special protein shake he created the previous night.

"Yup! Gotta get loose for today's fight." She raised her bicep and flexed it to everyone.

"I'll never understand why you actually enjoy getting your face beat in." Lexi took a sip from the green smoothie and grimaced.

"I gotta agree with Lex on this one. I turn and run if a bug flies too close to my face." Victoria commented.

"I have one daughter who refuses to grow up, another who refuses to let me know she's alive, and one wants to be a boxer. Where did I go wrong?" Their mother placed a hand on her forehead and sighed out loud.

"Not a boxer, mom. A UFC fighter, and she's more than good at it." Carter walked over and handed Danielle the bottle filled with brown liquid. "If she wins today, she'll have ten wins and only one loss."

"If I win?" Danielle raised her voice and put her eighteen year-old brother in a tight headlock.

He flailed, struggling to break free. "When you win! I meant when!"

The strong girl laughed and released her hold. "That's what I thought you said."

Carter rubbed his sore neck. "You're gonna really break my neck one of these days, Dani."

"I would never do such a thing to my cute, little brother." She grinned and began drinking the protein shake.

"Wait. So who whipped your ass?" Lexi waved one hand in the air.

Danielle eye's lowered at her older sister. "No one 'whipped' me... i lost by unanimous decision over one point. They totally robbed me!"

"Yeah, I remember that fight last year. You're way stronger now and would wipe the floor with Angelina Morkov." Carter nodded at the fighter.

"Thanks, Carter." She gave him a warm smile.

"Well, try not to break any bones. I'd be the one footing the bill." Angela rose from her seat with the briefcase.

"Oh, you're just the best. Thank you, mother." Danielle deadpanned, a sarcastic smile on her face.

"Bye, everyone." The serious lawyer left the room.

"I'm out of here too. I'm not going to move for the next twenty-four hours." Lexi started towards the hallway on the left.

"You're not going to my match?" Danielle called out after her.

"Have I ever?" She quickly responded before disappearing.

"Good point." Danielle stuck a middle finger towards her, then turned to Victoria. "What about you Ant Vee?"

"I'd love to, Danielle but I need to take care of some things at the café. I'll be there until tonight, at least." She glanced at Carter. "That's actually why I came here this morning. I'll be borrowing your precious brother for a bit."

Danielle frowned and turned to him. "You never miss any of my fights."

He smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder. "And I won't today either. Your match is at noon, right? I have more than enough time to make it."

"Good. Cause you're my good luck charm." She nodded at him.

He nodded back and looked at his aunt. "I'll take a quick shower and head out to the café in my car. You can go now."

"Aye, aye, captain." She stood up and saluted.

Chapter 2 -- Café (Victoria)

After, Carter took a shower, at the same time thinking about his female-filled family. First, there was his forty-three year old mother, Angela, his thirty-eight year old aunt, Victoria, his twenty-four year old sister, Erin, his twenty-one year old sister, Lexi, and his nineteen year old sister named Danielle. There were no other males besides him since their abusive father died six years ago.

At the time, he'd been only eleven and too young to protect them, but he promised to each and every one of them that he would protect them. That's why he made it a point to care for them, and be there no matter what. Despite the fact that all sisters and his aunt lived separately from him and his mom in different parts of the city, they would visit every single weekend, though Erin was often missing, off in her own world. As soon as he was ready, he drove to his aunt's café. It was true that her primary occupation was a history teacher at his own high school, but he knew her true passion was owning the small café, Victoria's on the south side of town.

Other than her, he was the only other employee and it wasn't the most popular place, being only open for half a year, and other than her, but he enjoyed working there and believed it would eventually succeed. Sometime later, he pulled up to the small shop in his black, Honda civic. The two-story café was perfectly, square and yellow with a purple sign in the front that read his aunt's name in cursive. Exiting the car, he made his way to the see-through door that had an open sign inside and entered.

"Hey, Carter. You got here pretty fast." Victoria was wiping the long, wooden counter that separated both sides of the room.

"Yeah. The traffic wasn't too bad." He reached the many stools in front of the bar and took a seat opposite of her.

"Here." She slid a blue mug closer to him. "You like your coffee with a little milk..." She pulled a small packet out of her pocket, then ripped it open and spilled the tiny, white grains in the cup. "And two sugars, right?"

Carter nodded and chuckled. "Your memory is as good as always. That's your secret to being so good at history, isn't it?"

"Yes." She grinned, broadly and leaned towards him. "But others require a little more."

He sighed. "...Right. Anyway, as soon as I'm done with the coffee, I'll get started."

"Okay, I'll be upstairs. You know where everything is." She nodded and headed up the stairs to the far right.

When he was finished, he moved to the back of the counter to the second room that served as a kitchen. To the right was one more room that had a desk and bookshelf that was filled with books and papers. Wasting no time, Carter found the relative materials and went about calculating the last few months of expenses and numbers.

"Carter. It's close to eleven." His aunt appeared at the doorway, leaning to the side.

He spun on the wheeled-chair to face her. "Already? I still need a few more hours to get everything straightened out."

"I understand, but Danielle would probably karate chop me in half if I let her lucky charm go missing." She winced, shutting an eye.

"You may have a point." He scratched the side of his head, laughing. "But the drive isn't too far. I'll get a little more work done."

His aunt walked to him and pulled him up by the arm. "Nope! I'm officially dismissing you for the rest of the day. But before that, are you hungry?"

"I'm fine --" Carter's stomach growled loudly, cutting him off and making him blush.

Victoria chuckled, glancing down at his abdomen. "At least your body's honest. Come on, I prepared some food." She turned her back to him and made her way into the kitchen.

"Now that you mention it, I do smell something delicious." He followed her and looked at the stove; a lid-covered pot was on it.

"I figured you might get hungry working so hard. Take a seat." She gestured to the stools in the other room as she went about preparing his meal.

Once he was sitting, she brought over a white, glass plate and set it down before him. A bright-colored omelet was on it with red powder and other vegetables sprinkled on it.

"Is this a new type of omelet?" Carter picked up the fork on the side of the plate and plucked out a piece.

"Mhm. How's it taste...?" Victoria watched him with open eyes full of anticipation.

"This is really good. Did you put basil and cinnamon in it? It really brings out the flavor of the rice inside." He chewed.

She giggled and pumped her fist. "That's exactly what I was going for! I knew you would notice."

"Well, you're honestly the best cook I know, so it's easy to differentiate the flavors."

She huffed out a small laugh through her nose. "You really know how to inflate a woman's ego, don't you?"

"It's the truth." Carter shook his head, laughing too.

They talked for a bit longer while he ate, and when he was done, she handed him a plastic-wrapped plate with six blueberry muffins.

"These are for me?" He eyed them close.

"Of course. It makes me happy to cook for you. This place isn't exactly filled with customers, anyway." Her smile faded a bit as she looked around the empty place.

He put his hand on top of hers. "Don't worry so much. This place is gonna be big. I know it."

Her face grew a soft smile after a few seconds. "Coming from you, that actually sounds believable."

Carter smiled wide and stood up with the plate of muffins. "I'll be busy the next couple days, so I'll finish the rest of the cafe's books when we have our study session on Tuesday."

"That works for me. Be careful driving. Love you."

"Love you too. Bye." He nodded and left the store on way to his sister's UFC fight.

Chapter 3 -- Fight (Danielle)

Carter reached the gym his sister would be fighting in thirty minutes before the appointed time. Inside, the wide place had a eight-sided cage in the middle called an octagon. There were rows of foldable chairs surrounding it that dozens of people occupied. Making his way to the locker rooms, he bypassed everyone and ventured into the long hallway in the left corner of the gymnasium. Male and female UFC fights appeared on his route in the open rooms on either side of him, each engaged in their own business, like stretching or shadow boxing with their turners.

Carter soon came upon his sister's usual room where she was pacing back and forth. Danielle was in her all black fighting attire; a black sports bra, half-gloves and spandex shorts. The tight-fitting clothing displayed her lean muscle and rigid abs.

"Hey, Dani." Carter walked to stand in front of her.

She stopped moving and faced him. "Oh... hey."

He studied her closely, noticing her rapid breathing and nervous shifting of her bare feet. Carter was used to the scene, knowing how anxious she was right before every match. Reaching out, he grabbed both her hands and looked directly into her green eyes. "It's routine as usual, right? Stick to the game plan and pace yourself."

She took two deep breaths, meeting his gaze finally smiled. "Yeah... Yeah. Thanks, Carter."

"No prob." He released her hands. "Now, go kick her ass."

Danielle let out an amused laugh. "I plan to."

The time for the fight to start arrived in a flash and Carter took a seat in the front row of chairs. Danielle and her opponent, Joanna Morgan -- a blonde, single-braided girl in white shorts and yellow shirt hopped in place, glaring at her.

"The fight is scheduled for three, five minute rounds. Keep it clean." The bald, elderly referee dressed in black slacks and a Polo shirt exchanged glances between the two girls. "Touch gloves now if you wish to do so."

But the two fighters backed up instead, creating distance from each other.

"Begin!" The ref took a few steps back himself, starting the first round.

Immediately, Joanna advanced forward and invaded the other girl's space. Danielle bent her knees and shuffled sideways to avoid an aggressive left hook. Following up, Joanna shot her leg out and narrowly missed hitting her opponent's leg as she skidded away from it. Danielle sent her own attack and released a quick jab that managed to clip the blonde girl directly in the chin. However, it barely seemed to affect her as she sent out one more hook.

Danielle batted it down and kicked her hard in the left thigh, eliciting a loud smack that made the crowd come to life. The remaining time in the primary round dwindled as the two exchanged a series of blows. After a short break, round two began and Danielle landed a hard uppercut that knocked her opponent unconscious for several seconds.

"That was awesome!" Carter quickly met her back in the locker rooms.

Danielle laughed out loud, putting on a black T-shirt she took out from the grey locker in front of her, then slammed it shut. "It felt awesome."

"See? You were nervous for nothing."

She turned and faced him. "That girl was talking smack over social media for the past few weeks. That was a part of it."

He crossed his arms. "What'd she say?"

"A lot. Like how my short hair reminded her of seaweed." His older sister twisted one curly strand of hair.

"Well, she's the one who looks like a shark."

"You're so mean." Danielle snorted. "There is a small resemblance between her and Jaws."

Carter barked out a laugh of his own. "You're calling me mean?"

"Hey, Danielle. We're going out to celebrate. You coming?" One of Danielle's teammates appeared at the doorway; she was a black girl with plaited hair.

"Oh. I was gonna hang out with Carter for a bit." She looked at the other girl.

"It's okay, Dani. I was gonna go bring mom something for lunch anyway." He also turned to the girl.

"Yeah. Danielle. We all know you love your adorable little brother and all, but how bout hanging out with us for once?" She grinned at Carter.

"I do!" She protested, then looked to the side with a sheepish grin. "...Kind of." She then shifted towards her sibling. "Sure you don't wanna come along?"

He uncrossed his arms and offered a reassuring smile. "I'm sure. Go have fun with your friends."

"Okay. I'll text you later." She gave him a happy smile and left with her teammate.

Chapter 4 -- Courtroom (Angela)

Carter left the gym and made his way to the government buildings that were located downtown. After he entered one particular, tall building with a million, dark-tinted windows, he took the elevator that was further in the back of the spacious room, squeezing through the sea of people who filled the place and exited out on the fourth floor. He knew his mother was currently in the courtroom and quietly walked in, taking a seat in the back row behind the few people in front.

Carter surveyed the area to see the pepper-haired judge at the head of the room and a muscular, black bailiff with buzz-cut hair not too far beside her. The older woman looked down at the two tables on either side her elevated position. On the left was Carter's mom, Angela who sat studying a stack of papers in her hand. To her right, at the second square table was a heavyset man in a cheap-looking blue suit with a white neck brace on.

"This case is Roger Davis versus the county. The plaintiff claims he was injured by a pothole near his home." The judge mechanically read off a white sheet and looked up. "You may start, Mr. Davis."

"Yes! I was walking my dog one afternoon and tripped over this pothole." The rotund man explained, his voice loud in anger. "I can't even turn my neck two inches or play with my poor, Mr. Poopsi!" He continued to give more details about the incident.

"...How does the county respond?" The elderly judge leaned back and turned to Angela, a bored look on her face.

"Yes, your honor. The plaintiff has perjured himself and I will prove it now." The no-nonsense woman stood up.

The judge raised an eyebrow, but stayed silent.

Suddenly, Carter's mother slammed down her hand on the table, forcing every head to turn her way -- including Robert Davis. "As you can see, the so-called 'injured' plaintiff easily turned his head to look this way." She held her arm out to him.

Mr. Davis's face instantly became red. "I-It's a miracle! I'm healed!" He jumped to his feet.

"Jeremy, please take Mr. Davis and escort him out of my courtroom. His case is dismissed." The judge waved to the bailiff.

With the short trial over, everyone emptied the courtroom. Carter waited for his mom in the back of the room. Her eyes opened a bit in surprise when she spotted him.

"You really live up to your nickname." He chuckled.

"To get rid of pests you have to crush them without mercy." She responded in a serious tone.

"...You're one frightening woman, you know that, mom?"

She gave a small, confident smile. "That's what I was going for. Anyway, I wasn't expecting you. What are you doing here?"

"Ah, yeah." He held up the plate of muffins. "Aunt Vee gave these to me and I need to share them with someone or I'm gonna inhale them all."

Angela breathed a short laugh through her nose. "Ever since you were young you've had a bit of a sweet tooth."

"So you see my dilemma." He laughed too.

"Come on. Let's go to my office." She walked passed him.

Once there, Carter sat down opposite of her at the wide desk in the back of the room.

"I may not love the fact that my sister is throwing away her money on that cafe, but I have to admit, her cooking is exceptional." Angela took another bite out of her second muffin.

"You shouldn't say that, mom. You know aunt Victoria gets depressed when she hears stuff like that." He sighed.

"She needs to hear the truth, Carter. As her older sibling, it's my responsibility." She shook her head. "...But I guess I can ease off a little."

He nodded and smiled. "Thanks. By the way, I have a question."


"That little stunt you pulled back in the courtroom... it seemed awfully familiar." He eyed his mom close.

She looked away after a bit. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Hmm..." He grabbed his chin for a moment before his eyes popped open in realization and he pointed at her. "That's exactly what Misty did on Inferno three weeks ago!"

Angela looked back at him after a while and released a defeated sigh. "Fine. I may have used the television show for some... inspiration."

Carter pulled back his arm and shook his head with an amused laugh.

"It's not that funny." She frowned.

He waved a dismissive hand, controlling his laughter. "No, no. I'm not making fun of you, mom. I just think that only you could manage to pull that off."

A small smile materialized on her face. "I guess I was pretty cool, huh?"

"Freezing." He countered, grinning.

Angela laughed out loud. "Thank you, sweetie."

Carter stood up. "I'll let you get back to it though. Don't work too hard, alright?"

"I'll try." She smiled happily up at him.

And with that, Carter left the government buildings.

Chapter 5 -- Dancing (Lexi)

Carter visited his friend's house for a couple hours before heading back home. The only car in front of the two-story house was his sister, Lexi's black corvette. Inside, he headed for his room upstairs but a faint noise from the hallway to the left of the kitchen made him pause. Changing his course, he reached the source of sound, which was his sister's room.

Her door was slightly ajar, so he knocked twice and pushed it open. "Lexi, you still alive?"

At his unexpected appearance, she spun towards him, her back the flat-screen TV behind her; in her hand was a remote. "H-Hey! I didn't hear you come in. Greetings."

"Greetings..." Carter glanced at the television. "Weren't you just watching something?"

"No." She hid the remote control behind her back.

He stepped closer, holding back a smile. "Oh, okay... Mind if I see the remote really quick? I want to check if my show is on."

"You can't." She took a step back.

He took another step forward. "And why is that?"

"Carter, stop! --"

But it was too late. He lunged forward and started tickling her ribcage.

"S-Stop...! You know I'm ticklish! Carter!" She flailed around, giggling uncontrollably.

"I'll stop if you tell me the truth." He continued to run his fingers up and down the sides of her midsection.

"Okay, okay!" She squealed. "I'll tell you!"

A few more tickles later, he finally relented and stepped back.

"I take back what I said about you being cute this morning." She frowned.

He gave her a broad grin back.

Lexi watched him with one eye closed and let out a heavy breath. "...I was watching an old dancing tape of myself."

Carter thought about her confession. "Oh... yeah. You used to do ballet in high school, right? But why hide that?"

"I'm actually a very sensitive and bashful girl."

"No... Lex... that's not how it works." He rubbed the back of his head.

"Anywhooo! That's the reason. So --"

"Show me." He fixed her with a warm smile.

A frown showed up on her face again. "Didn't you just hear me?"


"Argh!" She let loose a frustrated sigh and turned back around to click the remote, turning the TV back on.

On the wide screen was a younger version of Lexi on a dimly-lit stage by herself. She wore a tutu and danced around, her body moving easy and fluidly as if she were made of water.

"Wow! That was amazing, Lexi." He turned to her with an impressed expression.

"Well, yeah. I was pretty badass back then." She switched the television off again and faced him.

Carter tried to mimic the moves he saw in the tape and stretched him arm in the air. "Like a dove in the night sky."

Lexi tried to hold back a laugh, covering her mouth with one hand. "You're such a dork." She suddenly grabbed under his arm and straightened it out. "Your form is all wrong. Stick your back leg out more."

"Like this...?" He did as suggested.

"Not quite, but much better."

After a second, Carter lost his balance. "Man, it's harder than it looks."

"Yeah. You'd be surprised by how much strength and body control is required for ballet."

"How come you stopped?" He stood up straighter.

"To make a long story short -- mom." She Lexi rolled her eyes.

He nodded in sympathy. "Do you miss it?"

"What? Dancing?" She walked passed him and sat on the bed with her legs crossed. "That's history."

He turned to her. "That's not an answer."

"It doesn't matter anymore. I'm just gonna become a lawyer like mom wants." She shrugged.

Carter studied her nonchalant expression for a moment. "...I think you should do what makes you happy. That's what matters at the end of the day."

"Happy...?" She gave him a confused look before smiling. "When did you get so mature?"

"What are you talking about? I've always been mature. And I'm like, at least a foot taller than you." He waved one hand above his head, a cocky smile on his face.

"I see you've grown into a real smartass too!" She laughed out loud and tossed the pillow beside her at him.

He caught it and laughed too. "Blame yourself for that one."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm going back to bed." She stuck out her tongue and laid down on her side.

"Don't sleep all day." Carter tossed the pillow back on her bed and headed to the door.

"I love you, little brother." She called out as he left.

"Love you too."

Chapter 6 -- Drawing (Erin)

The next day, Carter drove to his sister, Erin's home. The older girl was the recluse of the family and stayed cooped up inside her one-story house often. Her job was perfect for her languid lifestyle; she was a fairly successful horror novelist. Whenever she was writing a new book, she would call on Carter's services as an illustrator to help her picture the world she wanted to create.

He'd been drawing since he could hold a crayon; his dream was to work somewhere in the animation field. Working with her for the last couple years only increased his skill and he had a knack to guess what kind of images his sister wanted, despite her vague and ambiguous descriptions. After he got out of his car with his sketchbook and pencil, he rang the doorbell and waited, but there was no answer.

Carter waited for another minute, but the result was the same. Erin's BMW was parked behind him so he knew she was inside, though he knew it was unlikely she would venture out from her home anyway. Sighing, he took out the spare under the welcome mat in front of the door and entered. The living room was the first thing in sight and was a mess with clothes all over the floor. On top of that, the lights were off and the air was stuffy.

"Geez. How does she live like this...?" He muttered, taking giant steps over the scattered items on way to her bedroom.

The door was open, letting him see her in her bed sprawled out in a deep, red robe. Her sheets were tossed on the floor to the right and her pillow was over her head.

"Erin." He called from the doorway. "Erin." His voice rose, but she didn't react in the slightest. Carter knew that she was a deep sleeper and nothing short of a horn would wake her. "I guess I'll just wait for a bit..."

Making his way back to the living room, he sat down on the semi-circle, leather sofa that dominated it and took a seat, putting his drawing utensils aside. "Where's the remote...?" He looked around for the item and eventually spotted it poking out under a T-shirt some feet away; he retrieved it and begun watching the large TV that was mounted on the wall.

But after about half an hour, the clutter of the living room started to bother him. "I can't take it anymore!" He jumped up and began cleaning the mess. When he was done, he headed to the kitchen and made some pasta.

It was still before noon, but she didn't have much ingredients so his options were limited. As he sat down at the table, to take the first bite of the tomato sauce-covered noodles, the fork was abruptly plucked out of his hand.

Carter looked up to see his older sister eating his food. Her long black hair was similar to his aunt's, though she had no bangs.

"Hmm. Needs more salt." Erin rounded the table and took a seat opposite of him.

Carter eyed her warily. "Don't complain about other people's cooking..."

She pulled the bowl closer to her and took one more bite.

"You're like a cat, I swear. You only ever wake up for food."

"Meow." She gave him a lazy smile. "So. What brings you to my dungeon of darkness today?"

"What?" He raised an eyebrow. "You're the one who texted me to come here yesterday."

"Oh." She paused, looking at him.

"You're memory is bad as ever." He sighed and pulled out his smartphone to show her the message. "See? You said 'come over Sunday morning'."

"Oh, yeah. I remember now." Erin's eyes narrowed at the screen. "Why am I saved under your phone as 'Horror Queen'?"

He laughed and put the phone back in his pocket. "Do you really have to ask? So what do you need help with today?"

"I'm finally ready to start my new, original novel. But I'm having trouble picturing the world in my head again." She set the fork down in the bowl, getting serious.

Carter nodded. "I brought my stuff. It's in the living room." He stood up and started that way.

Erin followed him. "Look what you did to my beautiful living room."

"What, made it livable?" He ignored her frown and plopped down on the sofa.

"Hey. Everything may look chaotic, but I know where everything is placed."

"I'll remember that next time." He smiled and flipped open his sketchbook. "Let's get started."

At his suggestion, Erin began explaining the environment she envisioned. Carter listened intently, filing away every small detail in his head and transferring it to the paper he drew on. Sometime later, they finished and he revealed his drawings.

"Yes! This is exactly what I needed!" Erin snatched the ripped out sheet from his grasp and ran her wide eyes over it. "You are a genius, baby bro."

"I'm glad I could help." He nodded, grinning.

"I'm gonna go start writing." She went to stand, but stopped when she noticed the hesitant look on Carter's face. "What's wrong?"

He looked to the side. "Well... it's been eight days..."

"You've been keeping track of the time? Do you want to see my pussy that bad?" She giggled through her nose.

"N-No!" He hurriedly looked back at her, blushing.

"Oh. So you don't?" She lowered her eyelids, giving a mischievous smile.

He made direct eye contact, swallowing. "Yes..."

After a moment of silent staring, Erin smiled wider and leaned back into the softness of the soft sofa, sinking into it. Then, she untied the strings around the middle of her robe. The action revealed her nakedness underneath as she bent her legs to her chest and spread them wide, her hands atop her knees. Carter's breath caught in his throat at her exposed position. His sister's vagina had thick lips and a triangular patch of hair at the top; her clitoris was small and hidden under a flap of flesh.

Her breast were full and perky and her belly had no fat. Every single one of his female relatives were beautiful, but Erin was a bit above them all in terms of physique, which always confused him with her hermit way of living. Carter's eyes stayed glued to her as he slowly stood up and sidestepped a few feet to the left to face her. Next, he pulled his gym shorts down, along with his boxer briefs, exposing his erect dick.

Erin's eyes strayed down towards it before flicking back up at his tense face. "It's bigger today. You've must've been really holding back." She smirked.

He dumbly nodded and began stroking his hard penis, the veins all over it throbbing violently. Thirty seconds into it, Carter spoke. "Erin. Spread your pussy open." He ordered in a heavy voice, like he was drunk.

She watched him for a few seconds before doing as commanded and placing two fingers in an 'A' position and separating the lips on her pussy to further show the pink and wetness inside. "Mmm... I'm starting to get wet." She moaned a little.

He went to touch her, but she immediately stopped him. "No, Carter. No touching." She gave him a hard look, then stuck one finger inside her pussy, making it go in and out. "...Only looking."

He met her gaze and reluctantly nodded. No matter how many times he tried, she never let him make direct physical constant; it confused him, but he had no choice but to listen -- at least for now.

His twenty-three year old sister's moaning got louder as she continued to fingerfuck herself more, moving more violently. Her intense masturbation made Carter's own pace increase as he jerked off. And soon, he finally came, white streaks of semen shooting from the head of his circumcised dick all over his hands.

"Mmm. You came a lot." Erin licked her lips, staring at his crotch.

He breathed heavy, falling back on the couch behind him.

She let out an amused laugh and stood up. "Can I go now? ...Or are you not satisfied?"

Carter shook his head.

"Don't dirty my couch." She flashed him a sly smile and walked off.

A minute later, he went to the bathroom and washed his hands, staring in the wide mirror above the sink at the same time; his reflection stared back. Ever since Carter could remember, he's had sexual and romantic feelings for his three sisters, aunt and mother. He knew it was abnormal and tried to hide it, but was caught one day by Erin -- the only one currently aware of his secret.

Two years ago when he was fifteen, he had begun aiding her in her novels and would often visit her home as he did now. When Erin was taking a shower, he had finally given in to his urges and peeked at her through the cracked door. She noticed him staring at her through the mirror and immediately confronted him when he retreated to the living room. Even now, the memory was clear in his mind.

"Why were you watching me shower?" She placed both hands on her hips, only dressed in a blue towel.

"I-I wasn't..." Carter watched the carpeted floor.

She grabbed his chin and lifted it to meet her penetrating gaze. "Don't lie to me."

It took him a little while to speak. "I'm sorry! It's just that I think you're really gorgeous and beautiful and I know it's not normal to feel that way about your sister, but I just think you're amazing. Even though people say you're weird. That's what I like about you..." He blurted out. "...Are you mad at me?" A worried expression filled his face.

Erin's mouth was open for a moment. But after a few more seconds, she smiled. "Do you really want to see me naked?"

Carter eye's widened, almost refusing to believe his ears.

"I'll show you for being so honest." She removed her hand from his face and grabbed the top of her towel, dropping it to the floor and displaying the beauty of her body.

Carter let the memory fade and left Erin's home after saying goodbye.

Chapter 7 -- Problems (All)

The next week passed with multiple issues that concerned Carter. All five of his female relatives seemed to be struggling with one problem or another. He had promised to protect them all, so it bothered him greatly to see they were all troubled. The last string of days replayed in his mind as he laid on his bed and watched the white ceiling.

First was his mother, Angela who had a big case going on and worked from dawn to dusk; Carter could see the strain starting to wear her down. Second was aunt, Victoria who he found out was in small debt for the café after finishing her books numbers. Next, was his sister, Danielle who admitted to him after consistent probing that a guy had asked her out, and she was concerned with her lack of feminism as a UFC fighter, and overall experience in dating.

After that was, Lexi; she and him had been watching a movie when a dance scene came on that instantly darkened her usual happy demeanor. It was clear that she still thought about her ballet career. And last was, Erin who developed writer's block with the pressure of her new novel. After thinking hard and long about all their dilemmas, Carter came up with individual plans to help them all.

"I'll get started tomorrow." He smiled, satisfied and went to sleep.

Chapter 8 -- Weekend Retreat (Angela)

Carter decided his mom, Angela would be the first to get his help. His plan was simple, but he thought it would be effective in relieving her stress. It was Saturday, so his mother was off of work, though he knew she would be working on her laptop anyway. Letting the rest of the family know to stay away for the two days, he had ordered a masseuse and scheduled a manicure and pedicure at the local nail shop. Also, he had bought her favorite television show's blue-ray, along with her favorite snacks to binge watch on Sunday.

Making his way to her room, he knocked on the door. "It's me. Can I come in?"

"Yes. Come in." She answered in a distracted voice.

As he thought, she was sitting up on her bed, typing away on her silver laptop. "What's up?" She asked without looking at him.

Carter walked over and grabbed the computer.

"What do you think you're doing?" Angela raised her voice, glaring up at him.

"No working today." He grinned. "You're officially a bum for the weekend."

"Carter, stop joking around. I have an important case to work on." She reached for the machine.

He moved out of her reach. "Mom. You look exhausted and you're barely sleeping. At this rate, you're gonna pass out."

She went to argue, but Carter spoke again. "I've ordered a masseuse to come to the house." He glanced at the laptop's screen to check the time. "She should be here soon."

"A massage?" Angela gave him a doubtful look. "Who is she?"

"Don't worry. She's not from some shady ad on Craigslist or something. My mom's friend works at the massage parlor downtown." He chuckled.

"Hmm..." His mom still seemed reluctant.

"And after that, you have an appointment for a manicure and pedicure at the nail shop. Then to finish it all off, tomorrow you're gonna be a model couch potato and binge watch Controlled Chaos. It finally came out on blue-ray yesterday. And it's all been paid for, so you can't back out."

Angela was silent for a moment studying him until a small smile broke out on her face and she sighed. "I'd be a jerk to refuse all that, wouldn't I?"

"A little bit." He smiled.

She pointed at him. "Fine. But you're watching with me all day tomorrow."

"You sure? It's supposed to be your relaxing day." He tilted his head to the side.

She nodded. "You're the only one in this family who appreciates the masterpiece of Controlled Chaos."

Carter laughed. "Alright. It's a date then."

The day passed by quickly and it was time for the TV marathon with Carter and his mom.

"I gotta use the bathroom really fast." He got up from the long, white sofa in the living room and made his way there

Angela who sat down behind him nodded. "Hurry, or I'll start without you." She tossed some of the popcorn on the bowl into her mouth.

"Don't!" He glanced back, running off.

Once there, he peed in the toilet and washed his hands. But as he went to leave, he spotted his mother's purple panties hanging out of the hamper to his right. Quickly making sure the door was shut, he walked over and grabbed the lacy underwear. After a little hesitation, he placed it under his nose and took a big whiff. His mom's panties had a slight stench of urine and were still warm, causing his dick to get hard.

More time passed as he got lost in the smell of his mom's undergarment.

"Carter. I've been calling you for the last five minutes --" Angela barged into the bathroom to see him with her underwear pressed tightly into his nose; her eyes grew wide at the shocking sight. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't know you were still busy." She glanced at her underwear one more time before hurriedly retreating from the bathroom.

"Oh god. She saw me..." Carter breathed quietly, dropping his mom's underwear.

It was just like the situation with his sister, Erin, but the reaction was very different. There was no way his serious and strict, lawyer mother would be understanding with his behavior.

He shook his head and tried to calm his beating heart. "I'll just pretend like everything's normal..."

After steeling himself, he returned to the couch and looked at his mom; she had moved a couple seats down from her original position. "...Ready to start the show, mom?"

She flinched. "Oh! Um, yes. Let's watch." Her eyes never left the television screen.

Carter glanced at the remote in her hand when she still hadn't moved. "Do you want me to turn the TV on?"

"Huh...? Oh, sorry... I'll turn it on." She stole a glance at him and pressed the red, power button on the remote.

The rest of the time passed by awkwardly as the two sat in silence.

"That was just as good as the first time I watched it." Carter stood up and stretched when the show finally came to an end.

"Yes... I'm heading to bed now." Angela swiftly got up and left the room.

Carter scratched his head as he watched her flee. "Oh, boy. I really messed up now..."

The next few days went by with Carter's mom completely avoiding him. Whenever she would come home, she would run straight to her room and stay there for the rest of the day. Finally, he had enough and decided to confront the delicate situation.

"Mom. Can I come in?" Carter knocked on her door.

"Yes..." She answered after several seconds.

He took a deep breath and entered to see her sitting up in bed on her laptop like usual. She watched him with a timid gaze as he walked over and took a seat beside her, his back turned to her. "Listen... I know why you've been avoiding me and --"

"Carter, you don't need to --"

"Let me finish, please." He twisted his torso is look at her.

Her lips pressed tighter together as she looked into his eyes.

"What you saw was true. I was smelling your panties."

Angel's glanced away at his confession. "Why...?"

"I know it's weird. I know. But I don't just look at you as my mom. I look at you as a beautiful woman too."

She finally found courage to look at him once more. "How long have you felt this way....?"

"As long as I can remember. No matter how hard I try, I just can't help the way I feel... You hate me don't you?" He asked in a weak voice.

Her eyes popped open. "No! I would never hate you, honey... I'm just finding it hard to comprehend..."

He nodded. "I don't even understand it myself... But I read some things online."

"Online?" She glanced at the machine in her lap.

"Yeah. That it might just be a phase. And one way to get over it is..." He paused.

"...Is what?" She shifted in place a bit.

"...To let me see you naked. Get my desire out of the way." Carter looked seriously into her eyes.

She scooted back in surprise. "What!? No, Carter! We can't do that!"

"Please, mom... I can't take this anymore... I don't want things to feel weird between us if this'll help. Don't you care about our relationship...?" He pleaded in a desperate tone.

Angela bit her bottom lip. "Of course I do... But that's..."

"Please, mom... I'm begging you." He leaned towards her.

Angela relented after a hard deliberation in her head. "Okay... But only for a moment..."

Carter immediately nodded, his penis already becoming erect with thoughts the impending event.

Putting the computer to the side, his mom looked at him with an unsure expression. "How should I..."

Carter got off the bed and stood up, still facing her. Then, he pointed to the empty space in front of the bed. "Stand over there."

She watched the spot for a moment before hesitantly getting in position. He watched with bated breath as she slowly unbuttoned her pink blouse to reveal a flowery, black bra underneath, her head casted down to the floor. However, she suddenly stopped moving as several seconds ticked by.

"Mom... please..." Carter urged her on.

She slowly lifted her head to look at him, then finally took off the bra, revealing her milky, white breasts. Her nipples were bright pink on top of brown areolas. Carter thought her boobs were amazing at forty-one, not to mention the rest of her voluptuous body. With her top exposed, she removed her frilly, white skirt to show petite, black panties. Her hands then went around its thin bands, pausing there. And after a deep breath, she pulled them down, showing her crotch.

Carter gawked at pussy; it was similar to Erin's with thick lips, though his mother's clit stuck out more and the pubic hair was an ambiguous shape, obviously not shaved.

"You are so gorgeous..." He confessed in a lusty voice.

"Carter...! Don't say that right now..." She put her hand to her chin and quickly looked away, her legs squeezing together.

"I-I'm sorry..."

She didn't respond.

"Can you turn around...?"

Angela turned back to him with a confused expression. "What...?"

"I want to see everything." His face was serious.

A small groan escaped her throat as she timidly spun to show her ass to Carter; both butt cheeks were full and round.

"Isn't that enough, Carter...?" His parent questioned, glancing back at him after a minute.

"Oh, uh, yeah." He stammered.

At his confirmation, she immediately picked up her clothes and shielded her naked body, looking away in embarrassment.

"I'll let you get dressed..." He quickly exited the room, his heart still beating with excitement.

The next few days passed and everything seemed to return to normal. Carter's mom stopped avoiding him and they began speaking like before. At the moment, he finished preparing his mother's favorite meal and set the table.

Angela walked into the kitchen ten minutes later. "Something smells delicious."

Carter looked up from the dining table and smiled. "Welcome home, mom."

"Thank you, sweetie. Mmm. You made lasagna, my favorite." She set down her briefcase and sat opposite of him, smiling wide.

He laughed. "Someone's in a good mood tonight."

"Well, my case is starting to go smoothly." She picked up the fork on her plate and took a bite of the steaming lasagna. " I think your little weekend retreat actually helped. I had some more energy to spare after that."

"See? I actually know what I'm doing sometimes." Carter grinned, chewing.

Angela huffed out a laugh through her nose. "Sometimes."

The two talked for a while longer until they finished the meal.

"That was great." Angela smiled.

"Hey, mom..."


Carter gazed directly into her green eyes. "...Can I see you naked again?"

"What? But I thought we were done with that..." She gave him a confused look.

"I know... but I was holding back last time. I think that's why my desires and urges didn't change..."

"I don't understand..."

"Just seeing you stand there naked wasn't enough... I need to see you how I envisioned it in my mind." He leaned forward, eyes filled with desperation. "Please, mom..."

She let out a resigned noise a bit later, watching him. "I understand... I'll help you... But this is the last time, okay...?"

A smile crept on Carter's face as he stood up. "Let's go to my room this time."

When they were there, Angela turned around, looking at Carter as he shut the door behind him, then faced her.

"...What do you want me to do?" She casted a look to the side, finding it difficult to meet his intense scrutiny.

"Can you take off your clothes like last time?"

She gave a slight nod and unbuttoned her blue, long-sleeved shirt to show a matching blue bra. Then, she unhooked it from the front, causing it to spill to the floor and make her large breast flop out. Right after that, she kicked off her black heels and simultaneously pulled down her skirt and red panties, displaying her pink pussy.

"What now?" She bit her lip, giving Carter a worried look.

"Can you get on my bed on all fours?" He glanced at it to the right, some feet away.

"Okay..." Angela took slow steps over and got on her hands and knees.

He followed her until he was a short distance behind her and studied her round ass and the back of her pussy; her position also made her puckered asshole clearly visible. Carter's dick periodically jumped at the lewd scene.

A couple minutes passed before Angela spoke, taking nervous breaths. "Carter...? Is this enough?" She finally looked back.

"I'm sorry, mom..." He shook his head.

"What? What's wrong?" She turned back to him, raising up to stand on her knees.

"This isn't gonna work. I can't help the way I feel about you...!" He suddenly lunged forward and climbed on top of his mom, pressing his lips firmly against hers.

Angela gasped in surprise and turned her head, breaking the kiss. "No, Carter! Please, stop! We can't do this!"

"I can't hold it in anymore... I've tried, but you're all I can think about..." He continued kissing up and down her neck.

"No... you can't...!" She struggled to push him off.

After a few more kisses, he raised himself on both arms to hover directly over her. "I can't control my feelings around you, mom... So if you really want me to stop... I have to move out. It's too hard to be around you, otherwise."

Angela stared up into him, her eyes filling with water. "Move out...? You can't... Carter, please."

"Then..." He gently placed the hand on the side of her face. "Can we...? I know I'm being selfish, but I honestly can't help it."

She exhaled a long breath. "If that's the only way you'll stay..."

"Thank you, mom." Carter grinned happily and leaned back down to kiss her again.

Angela stiffened as his mouth pressed into hers, but after a short while, she parted her lips and returned the gesture. About half a minute into it, Carter slid his tongue into her mouth. She flinched in surprise, her eyes opening up a bit, but she soon adapted and wrapped her own tongue around his.

A couple more minutes went by before he finally disengaged to look at his mother. "Are you okay?"

Angela answered through heavy breaths, her eyes unfocused on him. "Yes..."

He smiled and grabbed her right boob, fondling it to feel her nipple hard and erect. "Your nipples are hard."

"Oh god. Don't say that..." She muttered, covering her face with both hands.

Carter let out an amused laugh and placed his mouth on her left breast, sucking on her other nipple that shot straight out. His action made her release a loud sigh and cross her legs as she squirmed. While he ran he wriggled his tongue around his mother's nipple, he reached down to feel her pussy, but she closed her legs tighter, preventing him.

"Open your legs, mom." He flicked his tongue inside her ear.

Angela let out a weak moan and after some more probing, spread her legs wide. Carter then ran two fingers down the middle of her slit and felt a good amount of moistness.

"You're really wet." He whispered into her ear, making her groan uncomfortably.

Eventually, he removed his hand and looked at it to see it was covered in his mother's juices. "Open your mouth."

Angela hesitantly glanced at him and his hand before opening her mouth and letting him stick his two fingers inside.

"Suck on it."

She followed his orders and began bobbing her head back and forth.

"How does your own pussy taste?" He watched her, becoming even more aroused.

She groaned once more as she continued to suck on his fingers.

When he finally removed them, he kissed her deeply again and moved all the way down to place his head between her two legs. Then, he spread her pussy open and stuck his tongue inside, feeling her warm, wet folds, and tasting her juices as they freely flowed out.

"Carter, no..." Angela gripped the sheets tightly and tossed her head back, clenching her jaw and doing her best to control her voice.

He lapped his tongue inside and all around her pussy, making her tremble and shift. And when he nibbled on her clit that had grown bigger, a stream of liquid shot out from her vagina and sprayed him in the face. Carter pulled back and smiled at her. "You came."

All Angela could do was breath heavily and give him a weak look. Finally ready, he took off his clothes and threw them to the floor. His sudden nakedness made her sit up and cross her arms as she gave his erect dick a scared look. "...Do you have a condom?"

He smiled and held it up. "Yeah." After, he put it on and looked straight into her eyes. "Come here."

She slowly scooted to him and turned her head.

Carter grabbed her chin, forcing it back his way and kissed her. "I love you."

"I love you too..." She said in a low tone, her eyes glossing over as she laid back.

Carter then grabbed his dick and pushed it into his mom's pussy; her wetness allowed it to slide in easily. Angela gasped as soon as he was inside her, causing her to grip the sheets again and grit her teeth. From there, he slowly shoved his penis in and out of her vagina as barely audible moans escaped his mom's throat. But soon his stroking became harder as he pounded her pussy, reaching deeper and deeper inside her.

Angela's moaning increased at the vigorous thrusting as she was losing the battle to control her voice.

"Get on your hands and knees." He told her; she did as said and lifted her ass towards him.

Plunging his dick into her again, he smacked his pelvis against her butt, making a loud slapping noise. Angela buried her face into one of the bed's pillows, stifling her moans.

"I'm cumming...!" Carter felt the build-up traveling through the length of his penis and yanked it out of his mother's pussy to rip off the clear condom and spray his sperm all over her lower back and part of her butt cheeks.

Angela glanced back to survey the semen on her back with a timid look.

"Hold on. I'll get a towel." Carter smiled and ran to the bathroom to get the item. When he was back, he gave it to her and watched as she wiped her back.

"Thank you..." She held it in her hands, staring down at it as she sat back against the head of the bed.

He studied her for a moment. "I know you're scared, but I'm happy that you accepted my feelings, mom. There will never be someone else who cares about you more than I do... Do you regret what we just did?"

Angela looked at him with a hesitant look before giving a soft smile. "...If this is what makes you happy, then... I'm happy too."

Carter smiled broadly, moving closer and kissed her cheek. "Good, because we're not done yet."

Her eyes strayed down to his dick as it began to get hard again, making her blush.

Her grabbed her hand and made her touch it. "You're gonna suck it for me, okay?"

She glanced at him and nodded slowly, then slid down to his crotch to put his cock in her mouth. The two had sex two more times until they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Chapter 9 -- Pretend (Danielle)

With Carter's mother's case going well and her condition better, he decided to help the next of his female relative with her problem -- Danielle.

Carter climbed the outside stairs of the apartment complex and headed left when he reached the top, making his way passed the series of doors to the very last one on the right. As soon as he knocked, his sister's voice yelled for him to come in. Inside, Danielle was intently focused on the television screen posted on the wall to his right; she clutched the sofa's pillow in her arms as she sat in an Indian style position.

Carter cracked a smile and joined her on the couch to see the action movie she was watching; a nun was fighting with two sword-wielding ninjas with her bare hands in an empty church.

"That was awesome!" Danielle jumped up and mimicked the recent fight scene, punching her fists in the air when the movie went to commercial.

"You really love your action movies, don't you?" He chuckled, looking at her.

"Can you blame me? That fight was pure art. Probably the best fighting scene ever."

Carter shook his head. "I humbly beg to differ. The fight scene in Princesses versus Aliens was epic."

His sister's eyes opened. "Dammit, you're right... I totally forgot about that." She frowned. "I'm ashamed to call myself an action movie fanatic."

"You're exaggerating. I can honestly say that no one trumps you in that category." Carter laughed.

"You may have a point." Danielle smiled and took a seat on the sofa, facing him. "So, you texted me you wanted to talk about something? Are you okay?"

He nodded. "I'm fine. It's you who I'm worried about."

His older sister's mouth melted into a small frown. "I told you not to worry about it..."

"Well, you know that's impossible for me, so I came up with a plan to help you." He grinned.


"Yup. So he asked you to go on a date next Friday, right?"

"...Yeah." She gave Carter an unsure look.

"That gives us a whole week to prepare. So today on, I'm gonna pretend to be your boyfriend!" He pointed at her, smiling confidently.

Danielle broke out into a laugh. "What?"

"You've never been on a date before or anything, right? Not to mention never having a boyfriend. This is a good way to gain some experience."

"Wait... you're serious?" She immediately stopped laughing and looked at him closer. "Carter, you're my brother... that's just weird."

"That's why it's pretend. You're really worried about the date, right? I wouldn't suggest this if I didn't think it would honestly help you." He explained with a serious expression.

His older sister bit her lip, thinking. "And you think... pretending to date will actually help?"

"Mhm." He smiled wide.

"I can't believe I'm actually agreeing to this..." She casted her head down before looking back at him. "...Fine. So, what do we do first?"

He stood up. "We'll go on a few real dates over the next couple days at different places, so you can be prepared for anything. Are you free now?"

She looked up at him and nodded. "Yeah. I already worked out this morning and finished my online classes."

"Good. Let's hit the amusement park as the first date."

"Okay. I'll take a quick shower and get dressed." She also stood up and made her way to the hallway to the right.

"Make sure you wear something sexy for your boyfriend!" He shouted out after her.

"Whatever, perv!" A laugh escaped Danielle's mouth.

When she was ready, they left her apartment and reached the large amusement park. Many people milled around the place, engaged in their own activities at the rides and events.

"Oh, look! A punching bag!" Danielle spotted the item and ran over. Then, she winded her arm back and slammed her fist into it.

A loud ring sounded off when she did from the screen behind the bag, letting everyone know there was a new high score.

"Look, mommy! That girl is like the Hulk!" A small boy pointed directly at Danielle, pulling on the lady next to him.

"The Hulk...?" Danielle frowned, overhearing the comment.

"Don't pay attention to that." Carter gave her a sympathetic smile and patted her shoulder. "Let's go on the roller coaster."

She turned to him with a faint smile. "You're right... Let's go."

After the pair were done with the park, they headed to a restaurant for their next mock date.

"Remember, we're on a 'real' date." Carter reminded his sister, sitting across from him.

"I know, I know." She waved a hand and picked up her menu to read through it.

"Are you guys ready to order?" A pretty blonde walked over and asked, a pen and pad in her hand.

"Yes. I'll have a hamburger, ribs, the lobster and pasta." Danielle ripped off in succession.

"Oh. There's a booth in the back for a family-sized party." The waitress stopped writing and looked at the other girl.

"Huh? No... that's all for me." Carter's sister blushed.

The blonde's eyes popped open. "Oh."

"I-I'll have a hamburger, please." Carter tried to diffuse the awkward situation.

"Alright. I'll be back shortly with your orders." The waitress gave a happy smile and left.

Carter looked at his sister who had her head slightly down. "I'm starving. I can't wait to dig in."

She nodded a little bit.

When the food came a short time later, Danielle barely touched her meals. And soon, the two exited the restaurant, getting into Carter's Honda civic.

"This is hopeless." Danielle suddenly spoke up as he went to put the key in the ignition.

"What is?" Carter let go of the key and turned to her.

"Be honest... I embarrassed you today, didn't I?" Her voice was barely audible as she stared down at her lap.

"Hey. That's not even a little true." He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.

"But you saw how I acted today... First the amusement park with that kid, and then the thing with the waitress..." Her eyes got watery. "They probably thought I was a transgender or something."

"Don't ever say anything like that. You're beautiful, inside and out. And no I'm not just saying that as your brother." He smiled.

Danielle wiped away a tear that threatened to fall and laughed a bit. "You're so corny... but that does make me feel a little better."

"Good. Because it's the truth." He let her go and smiled wider. "Now how about we head to the arcade, so I can kick your ass in Bomberman."

"That hamburger must've poisoned your brain because you're clearly delirious." She grinned.

"We'll see." Carter laughed out loud and took off.

The two continued to go on their practice dates for a few more days until Carter thought Danielle was starting to get the hang of them. Today, he was at her apartment again and they were face to face on the couch.

"Alright. Time to move on two the second phase of operation 'Finally Get Danielle a Boyfriend'." He informed.

Her eyebrow twitched. "I'm going to ignore that."

He laughed. "Okay. We're going to practice kissing."

"What? No, Carter. That's going a bit too far." She leaned back, giving him a strange look.

"I understand that it's a little weird, but like I said before, everything I'm doing is to help you." He stared directly into her eyes. "Do you trust me?"

His sister groaned a bit, watching him back. "Unfortunately..."

"Then, trust me." He was smiling.


Carter scooted closer so that their faces were only a foot apart and grabbed her chin. Danielle blushed and closed her eyes.

"I'm going to kiss you now. Stick your lips out." He leaned closer and gently pressed his lips against hers, then pulled back. "That wasn't too bad, was it?"

His elder sister didn't answer, her eyes still shut and lips protruded.

"Earth to Danielle." Carter chuckled.

"Huh...?" Her eyes finally lifted, though they were unfocused.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh, um, yeah..." She slightly nodded.

"You're gonna kiss me now." He removed his hand.

"Kiss you...?" She glanced at his lips.

"Yes. Whenever you're ready." He was still smiling.

After a moment's hesitation, she moved closer and awkwardly covered his mouth with her own before separating herself.

"That wasn't too bad. But try to purse your lips a little more." He demonstrated by kissing her again. "Try again."

Danielle nodded, determined. "Okay." She did as suggested and kissed him back.

"That's way better." Carter smiled at her.

"Really?" Her voice rose in excitement.

"Mhm. Now, we're gonna keep going for at least ten seconds." He scooted towards her one more time.

Danielle hesitantly dipped her head in acknowledgement and met Carter as he pushed his mouth into hers. The pair went back and forth, the wet sounds of their lips smacking together as they made out.

Carter stopped after the ten seconds as promised, but stayed right in front of her face. "Stick your tongue out." He whispered, and as soon as she did, he sucked on it, wrapping his own tongue around it.

Danielle let out a small whimper but let him continue.

"Suck on mine." He instructed next.

His sister immediately slurped on his tongue, kissing more aggressively. More seconds passed before Carter matched her movements, intertwining their tongues.

"That's good enough for today. We'll start again tomorrow." He moved back and gave her a gentle smile.

Danielle's face was bright red as she nodded. "O-Okay."

For the next couple days, they practiced kissing. When Carter was satisfied with the progress, he executed the third and last phase of the plan.

"This way." Carter entered his sister's room and walked over to the six foot tall mirror on the right side of the bed.

"So... why are we looking at my mirror?" Danielle asked, standing behind him.

He moved behind her and pushed her forward, so that he was looking over her shoulder. "This is the last step of the operation. You're going to get naked."

She immediately looked to the side and put her hands against her chest. "No, Carter... I can't."

"I thought you said you trusted me?"

"No... it's not that."

He tilted his head. "Then what's wrong?"

"I... don't like the way I look, okay?" She spit out.

Carter grabbed her shoulders and spun her to face him. "Look at me. That's exactly why I'm doing this."

Danielle stared into his eyes, her own glossed over. "Okay... can you turn around? Just for a sec."

"Okay." He smiled and turned around.

With him facing the other way, she quickly removed her red T-shirt and pulled down her gym shorts, along with her blue panties. After a deep breath, she spoke again. "Okay..."

Carter faced her to see she was blushing severely with her head down and her hands covering her crotch. He smiled and turned her to the mirror. "Look up."

It took some seconds before she finally did to look at her reflection. Danielle's body was that of a fighter; her arms and legs had muscle, veins visible all throughout them, and her abdomen was rock solid, displaying her abs. But she was very much feminine with perky breast and her muscle was lean.

"Dani. Move your hands." He looked down at them, covering her privates.

Hesitantly and slowly, she moved them to her sides, revealing her pussy; its lines were thin and pink, and there was a small strip of hair above it.

"You are so gorgeous, you don't even realize it..." Carter breathed quietly in her ear.

"Really...?" She glanced at him, still over her shoulder.

"Hell yes. Turn around."

She did to show her perfectly-toned ass. It was round and plump, like a peach.

"Your ass is amazing. You have to at least know that" He grinned.

She had her head turned back and giggled. "Well... I do, do a lot of squats."

"How do you feel?" He studied her.

She thought for a moment before smiling softly. "...Good."

He nodded. "Good."

More time passed until Danielle's date night arrived.

"How do I look...?" She looked down at Carter who sat in front of her on the sofa.

He examined her tight, blue dress that stopped short of her knees and her black heels. "You look absolutely gorgeous..."

"Geez. Don't look at me so much..." She blushed, smiling nervously. "But, thank you."

"Okay. I guess I should get going." She nodded in conviction and inhaled a long drag of air. "If you leave before I get back make sure to lock the door."

Carter's chest suddenly got heavy as he jumped up. "Don't go."

"What? Why not?" A confused expression was on Danielle's face.

He looked away. "Pretending to be your boyfriend made me realize how I really feel about you..." His eyes met hers again. "Just thinking about another guy kissing you or seeing you naked drives me crazy... I want you, Dani."

"Carter..." His nineteen year old sister put a hand to the bottom of her face. "We're siblings... it's not right."

He stepped closer to her. "Says who? People? I couldn't care less about them, remember?"

"Still..." Danielle backed away, creating a little more distance.

Carter closed it again and hugged her, talking into her ear. "If you honestly don't feel that way about me, then fine. But if you do..." He gently kissed her cheek.

"Carter, no..." She sighed in a low voice, her hands pushing weakly against his chest.

"Just beat me up if you want me to stop..." He kept giving her light pecks all over the side of her face and collarbone.

"You're not playing fair..." Danielle complained, but still didn't stop him.

"There are no rules in love and war." He moved his head back to look and grin at her.

She bit her lip and looked away. Carter put his hand on her cheek and forced her head back his way. Then, he kissed her deeply, his lips greedily sucking here. A few seconds later, his sister kissed him back, pressing closer against him.

"I want you." He disengaged from her, repeating his earlier statement.

"I'm scared..." A worried expression filled her face.

He grabbed her hand and gave a reassuring smile. "I promise I'll stop if it gets too uncomfortable."

She nodded slowly. "What should I tell my date...?"

Carter thought for a moment. "Call and tell him you have a... family situation." He grinned.

Danielle burst out laughing. "You're horrible."

He grinned even wider. And when she was done with the phone call, they headed straight for her bedroom.

"Take off your dress." He watched her, seated on the front of her bed.

His sister gave him a hesitant look, then timidly removed her heels and shimmied out of the body-hugging dress to show her small, red panties; she took them off too after a second.

"Fuck, Danielle. You are so beautiful..." He leaned forward.

"...It makes me really happy when you say that." She smiled warmly at him.

"Come here." He held out his hand.

Danielle took it, standing in directly in front of him.

Next, he lowered his shorts and guided her hand to it. "You're going to suck my dick, okay?"

"Okay..." Danielle's face got red and knelt down. "It's kind of big..." She glanced up at him.

"Thank you." He chuckled.

Right after, she put his erect cock in her mouth, making him groan. Carter felt Danielle's warm and wet mouth as she bobbed her head up and down, the million bumps on her tongue wrapping around the head of his dick.

"Ow." Carter suddenly cried out.

"W-What's wrong?" Danielle looked up, concerned.

He caressed her face and smiled. "Be careful with your teeth."

Her eyes shot open. "I'm so sorry!"

"It's fine." He kissed her. "Keep going."

"Okay..." She immediately began the blowjob again. The sounds of slurping and smacking gradually became louder as she sucked his dick, spit dribbling down from her mouth.

"Fuck. I'm gonna cum...! Swallow it all!" Carter seized both sides of his sister's head and released the semen from his penis straight into her closed mouth.

Danielle choked a little bit, but took it all as ordered and swallowed.

"How does my cum taste?"

"It tastes... bitter." She blushed.

"You're so damn cute. Come here." He huffed out a small laugh and pulled her up, standing himself at the same time. Then, he pushed her down on the bed and put his hand between her legs, giving her pussy one firm kiss. "You're soaking, Danielle." He licked the slit one time, tasting her secretions.

"Oh no... don't say that. That's so embarrassing." She shook her head, her eyes tight shut.

He smirked and spread her pussy open with two fingers. His sister's folds separated now, he stuck his tongue inside, flicking it in and out. Her whole body shook as he did, small moans also escaping her mouth. When Carter was done eating her out, he got on his knees and pushed both her legs, then placed his penis at the entrance of her pussy, already putting on a condom beforehand.

"It's gonna hurt, isn't it...?" She lifted her head a little to look at him, a worried expression on her face.

"A little. But try and bear with it, alright?" He smiled.

"Okay... but please be gentle." She put her head back on the pillow.

Carter nodded and slowly pushed the head of his dick into the folds of Danielle's moist vagina. His cock was squeezed by the tightness of her hole as he moved deeper inside her.

"Ow..." His sister clutched the sheets in her hands harder.

Carter leaned down over her and kissed her as he continued to thrust his dick in and out of her pussy, the sounds of squishing audible.

"Do you hear how wet you are? Your pussy is swallowing my dick." He whispered into her ear and bit her earlobe.

"Carter..." Danielle moaned and hugged his neck, pulling him closer. As he fucked her, his strokes got faster and harder.

"Carter, please, slow down..." She whimpered, still holding him tight.

But he wasn't able to, pounding her pussy roughly. "You feel so fucking good, Dani..."

She gritted her teeth and endured it until he finally came in the condom and laid next to her, breathing heavily.

"Are you okay?" He turned on his side and smiled at her.

She frowned. "I told you to slow down..."

His happy smile turned apologetic. "I'm sorry, Dani. You just felt so incredible my mind went blank..."

She giggled after a second and kissed him. "I forgive you." She then reached down and felt her crouch. "My vagina is on fire though... and it feels like you're still inside me."

"The pain will get better the more we do it."

His sister raised an eyebrow. "And how do you know this wasn't a one time thing?"

"Because." He put his hand on the side of her face and flashed a confident smile. "You're mine now, right?"

She gave a shy smile and nodded.

Chapter 10 -- Boom in Business (Victoria)

Carter had now aided two out of his family. First his mother, Angela, and now his UFC fighter, sister, Danielle, helping her gain confidence in her feminism. He continued to have sex with both of them almost daily, his feelings taking over during his help. And although he hadn't planned any of it, he didn't regret it either; he truly loved them all. So he focused on his next female relative, Aunt Victoria.

"Thanks for staying and helping me clean up, Carter." Victoria said, facing him behind the café bar.

He smiled. "Of course. And I actually wanted to talk to you about something."

"What's up?"

"I came up with a great idea to help the café out of debt."


He put up his hands. "Just hear me out."

His aunt sighed, but eventually let go a smile. "Go ahead. I'm listening."

"The only reason the shop is struggling is because not many people know about it, right? So I've been advertising on social media and in school for a special event this weekend... Though you'll have to give out some free samples." Carter rubbed the back of his head, smiling. (next Chap 2)
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