"Stories 18+" Rachel and Nick

Stories 18+ Rachel and Nick
It started quite accidentally. I'm Rachel and my brother is Nick. I'm 21 and a college student, about 5'5" and 120 pounds. I think I have a nice shape, at least guys seem to tell me I do. Average size breasts, nothing spectacular, shoulder length hair, light brown, which accentuates my blue eyes.

Nick is 20, and a student at the same college as me. He is 5'10" 160 pounds and fit. He has short blond hair and a smile that seems to make the little girls' hearts just melt.

At any rate, we both live at home, going to school in town. I'm a business major, focusing on finance, which I'm very good at. Nick is a computer science major and seems to do pretty well too.

One Friday evening, neither of us had anything going on. My boyfriend was out of town and Nick had just broken up with his girlfriend. My parents were out at some big to-do, so Nick and I were at home watching a movie and drinking a little beer.

It was some sappy romantic movie, but then I like those things some times, and Nick teased me a bit, but was a good sport and watched it with me. The movie ended and we put on some music. I guess we both had a little more to drink than we should have, but we got up and danced with each other. 

It was fast dancing at first and we laughed and danced around, just enjoying ourselves. A slow number came on and I grabbed Nick for a slow dance. I didn't even really think about it, just plastered myself up against him as we danced. 

My boyfriend was not much of a dancer, so I hadn't had much chance to dance that way in a while. I held Nick tight and stroked his back and ass as we swayed and staggered through that dance. Without thinking, at the end of the number, I kissed him - not some little peck, but a full on passionate kiss.

Between the chick flick, the beer, and the dancing, I was just so much in the moment, I never even thought about the fact that it was my brother. I guess he didn't either, since he kissed me back, grabbing my ass and massaging it as his tongue searched vainly for my tonsils.

I could feel his prick getting hard and pressing against me. I rubbed my body against it as we continued to kiss. I could feel Nick's right hand slowly moving up my body toward my left breast, as we broke for air, as we paused, looked at each other and realized exactly who it was we were getting hot and bothered with.

Nick's eyes got wider than I've ever seen them, and I think mine must have, as well. For a minute, we just stood there, still holding each other, as we thought about what we were doing and with whom. I relaxed my hold on Nick, and he relaxed his on me, and we separated and stepped back from each other.

"I'm sorry, Nick. I should never have..."

"Rach, it was both of us, not just you."

"We can't. We shouldn't."

"I know, I just really wish you weren't my sister right now."

"We won't tell anyone about this - ever."

"Never happened."

We turned off the music and stumbled to our respective bedrooms. I never even undressed, just lay down on my bed in my jeans and tee shirt. I was tired but kept thinking about what had happened. I was turned on by it, even as I was repelled by the thought of doing that with my brother. 

My hands wandered down between my legs, and I stroked myself through my jeans a bit, until I felt the wetness seeping through. I unzipped them and plunged my hand down inside my panties. At first I just stroked my slit, then put one finger in myself, then two.

I pumped my fingers in and out of my pussy as my thumb tweaked my clit. I came with my fingers deep inside me, crying at the thought that I was getting myself off with sexual feelings toward my own brother. I never bothered to zip up or undress, I just pulled covers over me and fell asleep crying.

I woke up the next morning slightly hung over, with my dried juices still all over my hand from the night before. I took off my clothes, put on a robe, went to the bathroom and showered, still thinking about last night.

I put on some clothes and quickly left the house, not wanting to run into Nick or be reminded of it all. I went to the library to study for my classes. I grabbed a bite to eat, and made sure to go somewhere that I felt sure he wouldn't show up.

Nick called me during the day, but I didn't answer. I just felt too humiliated and embarrassed by it all. I stayed out all day, ate a dinner out and snuck back in the house, late that night, going quietly to my bedroom, shutting and locking the door.

I touched myself until I reached orgasm again, then cried in shame over having pleasured myself while thinking about my brother again. I avoided Nick for days, and gradually got over my feelings. About a week later, I was leaving for school when I ran into him.

"Rach, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"It wasn't your fault, Nick. We were both drunk and got caught up in the moment without thinking about what we were doing."

"I miss seeing you and spending time with you."

"We'll do that again. I just need to clear my head and get past this."

"I won't push you, Rach. Just let me know when you're comfortable again."

"I'll do that."

I kissed him on the cheek, turned and left. I began spending more time at home, though still not alone with Nick. I was never sure if I didn't trust him or whether I didn't trust myself. I saw my boyfriend, Kyle occasionally, but when he kissed me, I thought about how it felt when Nick kissed me. 

I guess I got distant and withdrawn, though I don't think it was all my fault. At any rate, before long, I found Kyle was cheating on me. 

"I don't know what you expected. You haven't been much of a girlfriend lately."

"You mean I haven't fucked you much lately."

"No, you haven't, but Celeste doesn't have your hangup."

"Since all you want is someone to fuck, then go be with Celeste. I'll find someone who cares about me, not just whether I spread my legs."

I stormed out of there and went home, angry both at Kyle and at myself. When I got home, my parents were nowhere to be seen. Nick was sitting in the family room, watching TV. I wanted to just run to my room, but I stood frozen in place, crying. Nick got up and came over to me, and put his hands on my shoulders.

"Rachel. What's the matter?"

All I could do was shakes my head and cry. Nick put an arm around my shoulders and led me to the sofa and sat me down, sitting next to me, still holding me.

I spent a long time just leaning against his shoulder and crying. Finally I got myself together enough to speak.

"Kyle was cheating on me and broke up with me."

"You always deserved better than him anyhow. Just let it go, Sis."

I cried again and leaned against Nick's shoulder. I guess I fell asleep. The next thing I knew, it was six A.M. and I was still curled up next to Nick. He had been so kind and comforting that I didn't want to disturb him, so I leaned back and slept for another hour. I woke up a little after seven, lifted my head, and Nick was awake also.

"Are you feeling better, Rach?"

"A little, but now I'm kind of embarrassed."

"Embarrassed? About what?"

"Being here with you, like this."

"We did nothing to be embarrassed about."


"Rachel, you were very upset. You needed someone to comfort you. All we did was sit arm in arm and fell asleep that way."

"People might not understand."

"Who cares about those people? I don't. And maybe we just don't tell them about it."

"Nick, I need to shower, change and get ready for school."

"Do that, then come down for breakfast before you leave."

Nick had bacon and eggs for me when I was showered. Then he went off to shower and change. My mother was there and Nick had told her what happened to me. She hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and told me it would be fine.

"Forget about him, dear. Some better guy will come along for you."

"I know. It just hurts."

"I know you've been busy with school, dear, but spend more of your study time at home, with people who love you."

Mom kissed me on the cheek, and about that time, Nick came back downstairs. He hugged me and kissed me on the cheek also, before walking me to the door.

"Rach, we're always going to be here for you. Let us help."

I told him I would and left for school. At lunch time, Nick showed up where I regularly eat lunch, and had lunch with me. That night, I did my studying at home, and when I finished, Nick sat with me on the sofa, with his arm around me. It was reassuring, but at first also a bit uncomfortable.

It almost scared me how comfortable I felt sitting with Nick, and I was worried that we'd go somewhere we shouldn't when he met Katie. He didn't exactly abandon me, but began spending more of his time with Katie.

I had a few guys ask me out, but I still didn't feel up to it. Nick invited me to go out with him and some friends. As it turned out, it was really a double date, with Nick being with Katie, and me paired up with Nick's friend Jason.

Jason was a perfectly nice guy, polite and sweet, but for whatever reason, just didn't light my fire. We spent a pleasant evening together, and I let him kiss me goodnight, but declined a followup date with him. 

"Rach, why won't you go out with Jason again? Did he do something?"

"No, it just didn't feel right. He's perfectly nice, I just... I think maybe I'm not ready to date again quite yet."

"Don't withdraw from the world because of one shitty guy."

"I won't, I just need a little more time."

It went on that way for a couple of months. I'd go on an occasional date, mostly just to make my parents and brother happy. I'd try to enjoy myself, but just never felt into it. I even went out with Jason again, but it still didn't click. Along the way, Kyle and Celeste broke up. I guess she got tired of being nothing but his little fuck-toy. Guess who Kyle called when she dumped him?

"Hey, babe. How've you been? Heard you're not seeing anyone regular like."

"Not that much. I do go out occasionally though."

"I finally came to my senses and realized that you really were the girl for me."

"That's nice."

"What're you doing Friday night? How about you and I hook up again?"

"Thanks, but I'm not looking for a hookup."

"No, I mean, why don't you and I go out again? Maybe a little dancing or something."

"Let's not. I think it's time for both of us to move on."

"Come on, babe. You know I always thought you were really something."

"Something of a fool. Something of a slut. Something of a chick who'd spread her legs for you."

"You know I always thought more of you than that, girl."

"I kind of doubt that, Kyle, but that's over and done with, anyhow."

"Come on, babe. Once more for old time's sake?"

"No thanks, Kyle. Been there, done that, not going back again."

Kyle went on for a while. But I kept telling him I wasn't interested. Finally he got pushy enough that I got really pissed and told him to fuck off and never call me again.

"You know, babe. You ain't gonna find someone like me again."

"That's what I keep praying Kyle, that I won't find anyone like you again."

I hung up the phone on him at that point. He tried calling back, and even sent a few texts. By the time I got his last text, he was calling me a fucking bitch and hoping I'd die of AIDS. Made it easier to live with telling him to get lost.

I was in my room crying when Nick got back from his date with Katie, and I guess he heard me. He knocked on the door and asked if he could come in. He came in and sat on the bed with me. He put his arm around me and I told him what had happened with Kyle. 

"He was a shit, and you deserve better."

"Just stay with me for a while and hold me."

Nick sat there holding me, as we drifted off. I awoke the next morning lying on my side with a warm body spooning me from behind. I could feel a hard-on pressing against my ass, as his hand held my breast. 

It was Nick, of course, and I knew it was wrong. I knew we should not be sleeping together, and not have him holding me like this. It felt perfectly right though, and I wished it wouldn't end. I heard my mother go down the hall, which startled me and frightened me. I didn't want her walking in on us looking like this.

We had not done anything but sleep side by side, but that was not how it would look if she found us. Nick woke up and as he realized where he was and who he was holding, he let go of my boob, and rolled onto his back.

He looked at me and got up from the bed. I got up also and we walked to the bedroom door. He gave me a quick kiss on the lips, then when it sounded quiet in the hall, he opened the door and left. I sat down on the bed and wondered what had happened and what I wanted to happen.

I was conflicted. I enjoyed sleeping, having Nick holding me. Where would we take this? Where did I want it to go? Nick was still dating Katie, and he and I were brother and sister and should never have any physical relationship.

For the next month or so, I tried to maintain a normal sister-brother relationship, though every now and then Nick would cuddle up next to me in bed. We never did anything but cuddle up and I was conflicted about whether we should do anything more.

By early summer, my parents were going out of town for a few weeks. We live pretty far away from our neighbors, with a nature preserve behind us, and an eight foot fence around the property. That affords us a lot of privacy, and I fully intended to make use of it. Nick, it seemed, was going to be away as well.

"Hey, Rach. I'm thinking of going camping with some friends."

"Some friends?"

"Eight of us. Four couples."

"So you're going with Katie?"

"That's the idea. Four tents, four couples, no one around to tell us what we shouldn't do."

"How long?"

"Just a week. Couple of folks have jobs they'll have to get back to."

"So I'll be all by myself."

"Unless you want to come with us. I'll bet Jason would love to share a tent with you."

"I'll bet he would, but I think that's going too far. Thanks for the offer though."

"Are you good by yourself?"

"I think I'll be fine."

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"Is there anything you wouldn't do?

Nick laughed. "As long as it's with a girl, I'd do almost anything."

"I'm probably not going to do any girls."

"You don't know what you're missing."

"Neither do you."

"You're not seeing anyone?"

"You know I'm not. Kyle was a shit, and was screwing around on me. Haven't really found anyone since."

"He's stupid. If I had a girl as pretty and sexy as you, I'd make damned sure to hang on to her."

"You're not exactly suffering with Katie."

"She cute and sexy, and I sure like sleeping with her. But she isn't your level."

"Getting a little carried away there, bro?"

"You're my sister, but if you weren't..."

"Calm down there Nick. Don't get yourself too excited."

"Not me."

"Make sure she's protected. You don't need to be making any babies just yet."

"Jeez. Now you sound like mom and dad."

"I'm not ready to be anyone's aunt, just yet. Not ready to be anyone's mother either, but that won't be a problem for a while."

"Don't worry, Rach. And don't be a hermit either."

"Good to have some time alone once in a while."

"Well, Katie's waiting for me to pick her up. I should see you in a week."

Nick left to go camping with his friends, so I had the house and pool to myself. The next day, I decided I wanted to work on my all-over tan, particularly since I didn't have to worry about being caught or seen. I took all my clothes off, grabbed the suntan lotion and went out by the pool. The sun felt wonderful on my body, but I sure didn't want to burn.

I sat down on a lounge chair and lay back and began putting lotion on my body. I did my face first, then my arms and legs, before moving to my torso as I spread the lotion over my boobs, I felt a rush of heat roll through my body. I wanted to stroke myself, but knew I needed to get lotion all over, so I went the rest of the way down my front. 

By the time I got to my shaved pussy, it was on fire and so was I. I squirmed and panted as I finished putting lotion on my front, then realized I really needed more. I'd broken up with Kyle months before, not that he'd been good for much more than a fast fuck anyhow. There were a few guys who seemed interested in me, but none who I cared about.

I went back in the house and got a vibrating dildo that I kept hidden in a drawer in my room. I'm sure my parents knew I did something, but no reason to advertise it. I lay back down outside, turned the vibrator on and ran it over my pussy and clit. I'd already been wet, but that got me soaked. I needed more so I eased it all the way into my pussy, with only the end sticking out.

As I put it in, it felt so wonderful. Between a little unseen innocent exhibitionism and fucking myself with this I was in heaven. I pumped it in and out a few times, before just shoving it deep, holding it in and playing with my clit with one hand, while my other hand was all over my boobs, tugging at the nipples and caressing them.

I felt the heat rise steadily through my body. Felt a hell of a lot better than my worthless ex-boyfriend had ever made me feel. I pumped my hips as I teased my clit and boobs until it hit me. It started in my pussy and spread up to my scalp and down to my toes. I gasped and moaned and rocked back and forth in the chair for several minutes until it eased down.


I heard a voice and opened my eyes to see my brother Nick standing there looking at me. I snapped my legs shut, with the vibrator still deep inside me, trying to cover my pussy with one hand and my boobs with the other. I had no swim suit out there. I didn't think I'd need one, and frankly hadn't even worried about a towel. I wished now I had.

"Rach, that was so fucking hot."

"Nick, what are you doing here? I thought you were off camping for several more days."

"Katie got sick and I had to drive her back. It's like a four hour drive, and I didn't figure I'd go back once I got here. Not to be by myself anyhow."

"I wouldn't have done that if I thought you'd show up."

"No shit."

"Please bring me a towel."

Nick was wearing shorts and a tee shirt, with some running shoes. He looked down at his shorts where his cock was making his shorts tent way on out there. His shorts and boxers were a bit loose and he pretty clearly had a good sized dick and it was damned hard. 

"Please. I'm too embarrassed to get it myself."

"Stark naked with a big dildo stuck in your cunt, I can't imagine why you'd be embarrassed."

The vibrator was still going inside me, and between that and the humiliation of having my little brother see me, I was about to cum again.

I went off again, with another great orgasm, lying there, writhing, moaning, and gasping for air. Whatever attempt I'd been making to be modest disappeared. I spread my legs, pumped my hips and stroked my boobs. I think I almost blacked out - I sure didn't know or care what else was going on around me.

I opened my eyes to see Nick, now kneeling beside my lounge chair right beside me. As I lay there, he reached out and gently touched my boob. It was like an electric shock ran through me as he ran his thumb over my nipple, which was as hard as I've even felt it. When I didn't protest, he kissed my nipple, while running his hand slowly down my body to my pussy.

He licked and sucked each boob in turn as I let my hands drop to my side. He felt the vibrator still going in my cunt and made sure it stayed in me as he rolled my clit between his thumb and forefinger. He climbed on the lounge chair beside me, dropping his shorts and boxers and pulling off his shirt as he did. He returned to playing with my pussy, as he kissed me.

"God, Nick, we shouldn't be doing this."

He kept kissing me and playing with my cunt, until I came for the third time. As I came down off that orgasm, Nick pulled the vibrator out of my cunt, spread my legs a little wider, and ranged over me, with the head of his prick rubbing against my pussy lips. 

"Rachel, I love you, and I need you. God, do I need you."

He kissed me as he slowly put the head of his cock just inside my pussy. I should have protested. I should have stopped him, but instead I lifted my hips getting his cock even deeper in me. He sighed, kissed me and put his prick as deep in me as he could get. He was my brother, but he was also the best and most considerate lover I'd even had.

I held him tight as he steadily plunged his cock in me, going deeper than any of my boyfriends ever had. I loved it and loved him and wanted nothing more than exactly what we were doing. I could feel it building up again and came for the fourth time as Nick stuck his prick deep in me and filled my pussy with his cum.

We lay there, kissing, fondling, and touching each other for a long time before Nick spoke.

"Why don't we go inside and take a shower together?"

He got up, picked up his clothes and my vibrator with one hand, and held me with his other hand as we walked together into the house. I suppose we could have gotten in faster, if we hadn't stopped every few feet to kiss and stroke each other's bodies. But after all, there was no great hurry.

We got in the shower and began slowly washing and rinsing each other. We took plenty of time to kiss and touch along the way. I knew we shouldn't be doing this. Nick was my little brother. But it felt so good, I couldn't help it. 

As we showered, Nick slid a finger into my pussy. I couldn't help but moan and squirm as he did. He began slowly moving his finger in and out of me, and pretty soon I was fucking his finger just as much as his finger was fucking me. He added a second finger and I could feel the heat rising through my body once more. My knees got weak and Nick had to hold me up as I came again. 

Nick pulled his fingers out of me, pushed me up against the shower wall, and slid his prick in my eager pussy. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as we fucked in the shower. He had one arm around me as his other hand tweaked my nipple, I moved my hips back and forth to get him as deep into me as I could. Nick gasped, stiffened and plunged his prick deep into my hungry pussy as he came again. I could feel his cock throbbing and spurting deep inside me and held him tight to capture every last drop of his cum.

I unwrapped my legs from around him, as we slowly sank to the floor of the shower, with the water just cascading over us as we tried to recover. We sat and kissed and caressed each other until the water started to turn cool, then quickly rinsed off and turned off the water.

We grabbed a couple of towels and I slowly dried off Nick, working my way from his head on down. As I got farther down, his prick was already starting to recover, and I kissed the head, taking it between my lips and sucking on the head for a few seconds before finishing drying him.

"You didn't have to stop already, Rach."

"We'll get back to that and a lot more, Nick baby. Let's get dry first though."

Nick dried me off, spending a lot of time drying my boobs, which were not that wet, but it felt good anyhow. As he went down my body, Nick leaned forward and gave my pussy a lick, taking my clit between his lips for a few seconds, before moving on. I gasped, but before I could pull his head closer, he had moved farther down.

"Well, sis, two can play that game. If you can tease me and make me wait, I can do that to you too."

"You're a bastard."

"But I'm your bastard, at least for now."

After we were dry, we giggled, kissed each other, and touched each other as we stumbled to my bedroom. I took Nick's hand and led him over to the bed, where I lay down and pulled him down with me. Part of me was screaming that I shouldn't be doing this with my brother, but the rest of me didn't care in the slightest. I thought about something and stopped.

"What about Katie?"

"I think Katie and I are over anyhow. She was spending way too much time flirting with Josh. Josh's girlfriend Lisa was getting pretty pissed about it. The two of them have been pretty tight for a couple of years."

"I thought Katie got sick."

"I don't know if Katie got sick of chasing Josh, or if Lisa slipped something in Katie's food."

"You think she'd do something like that?"

"Lisa's a vindictive bitch. She just might."

"And when you brought Katie back?"

"She didn't exactly break up with me, but said we might need to take a break from our relationship."

"I'm sorry."

"No need to be sorry. You're ten times better than she ever was."

"I don't know if you and I can..."

"Because we're brother and sister?

"Yeah, and our folks would about shit if they found out. Our friends wouldn't exactly approve either."

"I guess we'd better not let them find out then."

"And I'm a year older than you are, Nick."

"I kind of like older women."

"I'll older women you."

"You're the one who said she was older."

Nick brushed a few damp strands of hair off my face as he leaned forward to kiss me. His tongue skimmed my lips then explored my mouth as I kissed him back and let my tongue explore him as well. We continued to kiss as I stroked his chest and his back, reaching down to squeeze his ass. Nick tenderly touched my breasts, running his thumb over a nipple, which immediately got very hard.

We spent a long time doing nothing but kissing and touching. We weren't just fucking, we were making love to each other. It felt wonderful and it felt right, even as the little voice in my head kept trying to tell me how wrong it was. Nick was sweeter and more patient than my former boyfriend, whose objective seemed to be to quickly stick his dick in my mouth, pussy, or ass and cum, maybe afterwards taking a few minutes to make me feel good.

Nick and I spent a long time just kissing and touching each other, rolling back and forth, until I found myself lying on top of him. The hair on his chest tickled my hard nipples, but it felt wonderful. All of a sudden Nick stopped and just looked into my eyes.

"Should we be doing this, Rach?"

"Look, Nick. We've already passed that point. We've fucked, we've made love, we've touched and kissed each other in every way. It's too late for second thoughts."

"It's just..."

"If you don't want to be my lover, we'll stop."

"No, Rach. I love you, and love doing this with you, but no one will understand."

"Then to hell with whether anyone else understands."

I could feel Nick's dick, stiff and rubbing the area between my pussy and my ass. I lifted my hips slightly, reached down, and guided his cock into my very wet cunt. It felt marvelous as I slowly slid him deep inside me. He moaned and began moving his hips, driving his prick deeper into me. He fondled my tits as we fucked, and we kissed. 

It was a slow sensual fuck, until he reached around and held me close against him as he came in my pussy. We lay there kissing and caressing each other as his dick softened, without slipping out of me. I loved the feeling of his cock still in me, even if he wasn't as hard as before. 

After a while, I could feel him starting to get hard again, and began moving a little. He wasn't fully stiff and I didn't want him to slip out, but wanted the feeling of his cock moving in me. That got Nick even harder and he rolled us over, never slipping out of me. Nick began pounding me hard. I loved the slow sensual fuck, but this felt damned good too. I came as Nick came inside me again.

"So what happens when our folks come back, Rach?"

"I guess we need to hide it, but I don't want to stop being with you."

"I don't want to lose you either."

"Then, bro, I guess we need to find a way."

We spent the rest of the week fucking several times a day. He ate me out, I sucked him off, we fucked in all manner of positions, including fucking me in the ass. I'd never been all that fond of anal, but Nick was sweet and tender and didn't rush things and made it feel great. We wore very few clothes around the house or even by the pool for most of that week.

When it was time for our folks to come back, we reluctantly dressed and were sitting on the sofa, cuddling when they got home. Now we had cuddled before becoming lovers, but there must have been something different. My mother walked in the room, saw us, and froze.

"Oh shit."

"Mom, what...?"

"I don't believe it."

"Don't believe it?"

"You two are fucking, and I know it's my fault."

"What do you mean?"

We were still holding each other as my mother walked over and sat in a chair near us. She was shaking and tears were running down her face. I could hear my father unloading the car and bringing things into the house, but he seemed quite oblivious to what was going on.

"I should never have..."

"Mom, what are you talking about?"

"Your father can't have children. He's sterile."

"But that's impossible. Nick and I..."

"Are not his natural children."

"What? Who? Does he know?"

"Of course he knows, Rachel. We wanted a family and our own children, but I could never seem to get pregnant. We had some tests done and found out his sperm was so sparse and so deformed he could never father any children."

"Who is our father? Do we both have the same father?"

"You both have the same father. We didn't want some anonymous sperm donor. But your father didn't want someone who I might leave him for. Neither did I."

"Then who?"

"My brother - your uncle Dave. Obviously I wasn't going to dump your father to marry him - I couldn't even if I wanted to."


"You damned well know how. Dave and I made love until I got pregnant with you. I enjoyed making love to him, but knew it could never last. Once I got pregnant, we stopped."

"And Nick?"

"Your father wanted a son, so Dave and I became lovers again. Something changed though. Your father seemed to lose interest in sex after that, so Dave and I have continued to be lovers when we can."

"Is that why Uncle Dave divorced?"

"His wife couldn't handle it, even though your father didn't seem to care. I don't want to divorce your father, and he wants to stay married to me, so we do everything on the side."

"So we are both the children of incest?"

"And now the two of you are engaging in it yourself."

"How do you feel about it?"

"I'm mostly disappointed, but not going to stop you. I'm not enough of a hypocrite to condemn you for doing the same thing I've done. Nobody else will understand though - except maybe for Dave."

"What then?"

"Be more distant when people are around."

I looked at Nick, and he looked at me. We just stared for a minute before we kissed.

"Shit, kids. Take it to your room."

"Thank you, mom."

Nick and I got up and went upstairs to my room, which was a little larger, and fell on the bed, giggling, kissing and caressing each other.

"Well, Nick, I guess we've got a green light for whatever we do behind closed doors."

"I love you, Rach."