"Stories 18+" Sister-in-law Christmas Present

Stories 18+ Sister-in-law Christmas Present
At fifty-five Christmas is a lot different than it was when we were kids, which is different from when we had a growing family in our arms, which is different from when our kids were starting to strike out on their own. Each of these incarnations of Christmas meant changing or making new family traditions. Four years ago when the last of our four kids struck out on their own, starting their own family, we again changed our traditions. Christmas Eve was now a quiet time for my wife and me. The kids all came back on Christmas day or after for a celebration with us and their growing families. That left Christmas Eve for us, just the two of us. 

Trying to rekindle a little of the romance and playfulness in our relationship we started a new tradition. We shared personal gifts to each other, which always included something sexy to wear, which had to be modeled that night of course, followed by some Christmas love. It was a tradition I was thoroughly enjoying. The new tradition had seemed to awaken more than a little of the sexual playfulness that had disappeared over the years raising our children, and the lack of privacy that entailed. Last year she gave me a pair of absolutely microscopic underwear, that once she modeled the lingerie I gave her, was completely incapable of containing my growth, which seemed to be her plan. We ended up making love under the tree wearing only what we had given each other. 

As Christmas approached this year I was enjoying thinking back to how her nearly naked body looked on the carpet by the tree, lit only by the blinking lights as I lay on top of her, slowly stroking in and out of her wet pussy, the only real sounds the gentle squish of her wetness and the moans of her pleasure. Unfortunately this year that memory may be the only part of our newly minted tradition that I get to enjoy. Why you ask? Because this morning my wife informed me that her sister would be joining us for Christmas Eve.

Don't get me wrong. I like her sister. She wasn't like a lot of sister-in-laws. She and I got along well. I wouldn't say we were close, but we were certainly friendly with each other. When we saw each other we usually ended up joking and even on occasion kidding each other with sexually slanted comments. But the last two years she'd been a real downer, mostly because her ex-husband ran off with someone fifteen years younger. Now she seemed to be a much less cheerful person, prone to bouts of depression. My wife had taken it as her mission to try and help her move beyond her ass hole ex and start looking at life through a new set of glasses. I suppose that's why she was going to have Amanda over for Christmas Eve. Dinner followed by church followed by our gift exchange. 

"Scott," my wife said, getting my attention as we sat on the living room floor wrapping presents for our grandkids.


"You're not angry at me over Amanda coming over tonight, are you?"

"Angry? No." 

"What then?"

"What do you mean?"

"Lover, we've been married for thirty-five years, you think I don't know when you're upset about something."

"Okay. Disappointed I guess."


"After last year, yeah," I answered her with a frown.

"What makes you think this year will be different?" 

"Honey. Let's face it. You're not going to want to wear what I got you in front of your sister."

"No? Why not? You think that she's not seen me naked or something?"

"What I got for you isn't naked."

"Oh? A little on the kinky side? Or just plain slutty? I know how much you love seeing me in those sexy little outfits."

"It's... Um... Interesting." 

"Oh really? Well, what I got you is...interesting as well."

"Oh? Well I can still wear it for you in the bedroom tonight."

"What? Not going to model it when you unwrap it? That was the deal we made four years ago, right? Unwrap and model, whatever it might happen to be?"

"Yeah. But your sister?"

"What, afraid that your half naked body might scare her?"

"Not that. You sure you want me half naked in front of her?"

"Why don't you let me worry about that? You just plan on modeling what I got you and I'll model what you got me and we'll let Mother Nature take its course."

"Whatever," I said with a frown, deciding to let it drop there.

We finished wrapping the gifts, started dinner and went to shower and change. When I came out of the bedroom in my suit and tie, Amanda was already there, dressed in a red dress that was very uncomplimentary to her figure. Eve my wife, wasn't quite a carbon copy of Amanda, but they were very obviously sisters. Both had similarly long brown hair with natural gray highlights and were almost exactly the same height. Neither were the slender proportions of their college years, having had a bit of the typical middle age weight gain, though I wouldn't ever consider either fat. I was very familiar with my wife's dimensions, 36-32-36 with ample, almost overflowing C cup breasts. I guessed that Amanda was pretty close to the same dimensions, including her breasts, though I'd never really had the chance to see for sure. She generally had worn outfits that hid rather than complimented her figure, much like the dress she had on now.

We sat down and ate dinner, a ham and potato casserole that I was particularly fond of. The girls chatted across the table, only occasionally including me in the conversation. After we finished my wife got up and took Amanda along with her to the bedroom, which puzzled me a little given that both were already dressed for church.

"Come on. We'll be late!" I called down the hall almost twenty minutes later.

"We're coming!" My wife called before clomping her way down the hardwood hallway in her high heels, a second set of clomping feet following her. My wife walked past me toward the coat closet, Amanda following. I did a double take and whispered "Damn," under my breath at the sight of her. She wore a formfitting red wraparound dress that I recognized as one of my wife's sexier dresses that she's only worn a few times, usually when she wants to tease me. The slick red material only came down to the middle of her thighs, her legs glistening in a pair of nude color stockings, looked even longer in the four inch red heels she had on. 

"I heard that," my wife said as she pulled on her coat. 

"Heard what?" I asked innocently as I turned and walked toward the garage door to back the car out. Retreat is often the best course of action, and getting caught complimenting your wife's sister's outfit is probably a good time to beat a hasty retreat. Before I could hear her response I was in the garage with the door closing behind me. I climbed into the car and backed out of the garage, waiting in the driveway for my wife and her sister to come out through the garage. In the headlights both of them looked damn hot, considering we were going to church and not off to some nightclub or party. My wife climbed into the back seat and her sister into the passenger seat and I backed out of the drive. As I drove across town, Amanda was illuminated in almost strobe like flashes as I passed under the street lights. I couldn't quite help but notice that the seat belt had pulled her skirt up higher on her thighs, high enough that I could easily see the tops of the stockings encasing her legs. 

"Scott. If you keep looking at my sister's legs and not paying attention to where you're driving, you're going to end up on the sidewalk," my wife said from the back seat.

"I'm not..." I protested.

"Liar!" my wife said from the back seat. I could almost swear I heard her giggle after accusing me. 

I looked over at Amanda in the flashing streetlights, a clearly embarrassed look on her face, but making no attempt to pull the skirt back down any lower, though her fingers were toying with the hem. If anything, her idle fingering the hem was inching it up higher, almost high enough that I thought a few times as she shifted in the seat I might have caught a glimpse of red panties between her legs. I did my best to not look like I was looking, even though I couldn't help but look. The only time I'd ever seen this much leg on her was when she was wearing one of her very conservative one-piece swimsuits, and that was rare. Many times she even wore shorts over the suit, as if letting her crotch be seen was out of the question. I couldn't help but wonder if that had something to do with her husband's exit from their marriage. 

"Here we are!" I said as I pulled into the church parking lot. I didn't get a response and I didn't really expect one. I parked and got out of the car, starting to walk around to the passenger side to walk my wife to the building, as was my custom. My wife looped her arm in one of mine. Before I could take a step, Amanda slipped her arm through my other arm so that I had one of them on each side. I felt a little conspicuous but no one seemed to notice one way or the other. We sat through the candlelight service with Amanda on one side of me and my wife on the other. Even in church it was hard to ignore the sight of the tops of her stockings peeking at me from under the hem of the skirt. 

The ride home was more typical of the last few years. My wife sat in the passenger seat, her skirt hiked up, either intentionally or unintentionally, well up her thighs. As she moved her legs around on the drive it seemed to slide even higher, until I could see the white lace panties she had on under the red Christmas dress. "Keep your eyes on the road there mister, not in my lap," she said with a grin.

"I'm trying. But it's hard when I can see your panties like that," I said quietly enough that I hoped her sister wouldn't hear me.

"Oh? It's my panties that has you distracted?" she asked sweetly. "Well maybe we should do something about that."

She pulled her skirt down, effectively ending the show I had. I had to admit I was a bit disappointed. She pulled on her seat belt and then to my surprise, she pulled her skirt back up for a moment. I couldn't see what she was doing in the dark between the street lights, but I couldn't miss the result of her actions, a pair of white lace bikini panties landing on the dashboard in front of me. "There. Now you can see my panties and the road!"

"Shit." I swore quietly, realizing that if those were her panties, then she wasn't wearing any, any longer. "Did you really just take off your underwear?"

"Could be. Wanna see?" she asked playfully, toying with her skirt in the little flashes of light.

"Hell yeah!" I answered with a laugh.

"Here," she said as we flashed through a bright spot, her skirt about half way up her thighs. "There," she said as we flashed through the next bright spot, her hands already pulling the skirt back down.

"Hey, I didn't get to see!" I protested.

"Too bad. I suppose you'll have to wait until we get home then. I'd hate to distract you too much," she said with a soft chuckle, knowing that she had just perpetrated her most diabolical tease to date.

"Not fair," I said quietly, shaking my head at how turned on her little game had gotten me. So much so that I'd almost forgotten that her sister was sitting in the back seat watching the whole thing. 

"That's what you think. You should feel how wet I am already," my wife said with a giggle.

I reached across the center console, reaching to her lap, only to get my hand slapped. "Uh uh. Too distracting. Both hands on the wheel big boy."

I drove the rest of the way to the house in silence, wishing that when we got home we could do something about the bulge in my pants, but with her sister here, it was clearly going to have to wait until bedtime, unfortunately. I pulled into the drive and stopped in front of the garage, hitting the door opener. My wife and her sister got out of the car and headed into the house through the garage. I could see them talking as they walked, clearly in no particular hurry. They stopped in the middle of the garage and as they stood in the headlights I watched Amanda lift her skirt higher on her thighs, reach under with her fingers and pull down her underwear, wiggling to work it down over her butt without lifting her skirt all the way up. She pulled it down and stepped out of it, walking after my wife to the back door. I watched her walk into the house, the door closing with the red panties hanging on the doorknob of the now closed door.

"What the hell is my wife up to?" I asked myself as I pulled the car into the garage. I climbed out and grabbed my wife's panties off the dash and then headed into the house, collecting Amanda's underwear on the way.

"Well, there you are. Ready to open presents?" my wife asked as I walked into the living room, the tree lights all turned on and only a few of the room lights on so it was semi dark in the room. "Amanda's passing out our gifts for each other. Go ahead and sit down."

"Okay, sure," I answered, still not at all sure what the hell she was playing at. In our new little tradition, we jointly passed out the gifts to each other, making sure to put our special package on the bottom for last. I knew how I wrapped my special present for her and it was most definitely NOT on the bottom of the pile. In fact, it was practically on top.

"So you want to go first?" my wife said. "You are the youngest."

"Yeah, by a few dozen days." I chuckled, playing the game we did every year. It was tradition in our family to open from youngest to oldest. Without the kids, I was the youngest, a fact she liked to rub in each year. I opened my gifts from her, some new hunting bib coveralls, a new fishing reel, a few fishing baits and a new pair of high power binoculars. The last present was, well, a Santa hat. Not a big one, just a tiny one with a long string. I looked at my wife curiously and put the hat on my head. "How's this?"

"Wrong head lover!" she said with a grin.


"I said, wrong head. It goes on the other one."

It took several seconds before I realized what she was saying. "Seriously?"

"Completely. Now you know the rule. Gotta go put it on."

"But with your sister here?" I asked a little surprised.

"Why not? Didn't you say this summer you wanted to take me to a nude beach? If you're willing to do that, what difference does it make if my sister sees part of you? I mean the important parts are all covered, right?"

I opened my mouth to protest again and then closed it. She was right. I had suggested we try a nude beach, even though so far she'd refused. I got up and walked to the bedroom, stripping off my clothes and putting the little hat on over my dick and balls. I tied the string around my waist and looked down at what little was covering me. If she really wanted me to walk out there like this, well why the hell not?

"Ohhhhh Now that's a Santa hat!" my wife said with a huge grin. "Don't you think Amanda?"

"I have to admit it looks about like you said it would."

"You do realize what's going to happen when he remembers that neither of us are wearing underwear, right?" my wife asked, slowly sliding the hem of her skirt up her thighs until she had it bunched up around her waist. "You do remember that, right?" my wife asked me.

"Oh damn." I muttered as she spread her legs to let me see her surprisingly freshly shaved pussy. I hadn't seen her do that since my birthday almost ten years ago. 

"Come on Mandy," my wife said to her sister, using the nickname I hadn't heard since they were much younger. "Everything I do, right?"

"I don't know if I can," she answered her sister.

"You can," my wife said, looking over at her. As I stood there staring, Amanda reached for the hem of her skirt and slowly pulled it up her thighs, exposing the tops of her stockings, then the creamy white bare skin above the stockings and finally pulling it all the way to her waist. Even before she spread her legs I could see that her mound was shaved clean, and as she spread her legs apart I was treated to a perfect view of her entire pussy as she sat on the edge of the sofa next to my wife.

"Ohhhhh," Amanda said as the view of their two bare, very similar looking pussies had the effect my wife was apparently planning. I could feel myself hardening and it only took a glance down to see that the tiny Santa hat wasn't going to contain my length very long. I looked back over to the girls sitting on the edge of the sofa and sat down in my chair again, my now hard cock sticking up with the small hat perched on top covering only about half its length. 

"My turn now!" my wife said cheerfully. "Let's do this one first," she said picking up my special package. She opened the package and grinned. "Ohhhhh, Now this is sexy. I'll be right back. I gotta put this on," she said, getting up and heading toward the bedroom. "Make sure you keep him hard!" she called over her shoulder.

"So, you like what you see?" Amanda asked in a clearly nervous voice.

"I don't think... hell I KNOW I haven't ever seen anywhere near this much of you," I answered her.

"Probably not. But do you like it?"

"It's very sexy," I answered honestly.

She spread her legs a bit farther apart and reached down between them, tentatively stroking her thigh, her fingers inching slowly toward her smooth pussy lips. As her fingers moved closer, she spread her legs even farther apart, the tips now stroking along the right side of her full round lips, her protruding inner lips spreading slightly as they glistened slightly in the blinking tree lights. "It feels smooth. Kinda a turn on I guess."

"For both of us," I answered quietly.

"Well what do you think?" my wife asked wearing the outfit I had gotten her. She stood in the entrance to the living room looking like she had on nothing but a giant red ribbon. The top of the outfit had red cups supporting her large soft breasts, looking like parts of the bow, with a single wide strip of red ribbon extending down over her stomach and between her legs. I could just see tiny red strings holding the outfit in place, but it most certainly had the effect I'd hoped for when I ordered it online. 

"God you're hot looking," I answered her.

"I'm glad. I kind of feel like a package to be opened. Maybe later you'll have to do the honors."

"That was kind of the idea," I answered her as she walked back around the sofa. 

"So let's see what else I have," she said as she sat down and picked up the next package. I'd gotten her a new bottle of her favorite perfume, a few new blouses and a new pair of Beats headphones. "Thank you lover. I think I'll leave unwrapping me for later. Okay Mandy. Your turn."

"Um. Okay," she said, reaching down for one of the four packages she had on the floor next to her feet. She opened what was obviously a clothing box and drew up a satin blouse that looked like it would be extremely seductive. The second, also a flat rectangular box, was a short black skirt, easily as short as the dress she had on, if not a little shorter. The next to last box was a pair of black silk stockings and a black garter belt. 

"Looks like you have a new outfit to wear tomorrow," my wife said with a grin. "And look what it doesn't have, none of those industrial strength bras or old granny panties. I bet my husband is gonna be hard all day watching you walk around in that."

"This is all really nice, but I couldn't possibly wear any of this without underwear," Amanda protested.

"Can and will. But you have one more package. Just like us, it's a special package and you have to wear only what's in it."

Amanda picked up the last package and opened it without another word. She pulled out a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs, holding them up curiously. "These aren't to wear."

"But they are. But just for fun, why don't you let Scott undress you. Might be more fun that way."

"Honey?" I asked her in surprise.

"Oh come on lover. You know you want to see her naked. Besides, all she has on is the stockings and the dress. I had her take the bra off when we got home."

"You really want me to do this?"

"I'm not threatened by having you undress her, why should you be? Just have a little fun with it. It is Christmas after all."

"If that's what you want," I said as I stood up.

"It is, and after you're done unwrapping her you can unwrap me," she added as she stood up and reached for her sister's hand holding the handcuffs. She drew Amanda up off the sofa to stand next to her, the two waiting for me to come to them. 

I reached out tentatively, undoing the small belt around her waist, and unwrapping the red dress. The material unraveled around her, freeing one bare breast while still covering the other, a single thin tie holding the left side in place. I pulled the string, untying the small bow, allowing the material to separate and spread exposing her other breast. I couldn't help but appreciate just how good she looked. Her stomach was smooth and firm looking, her breasts, slightly larger than my wife's hung like large teardrops on her chest, her dark pink areola perfectly round with a large nipple hardening in front of my eyes. 

"All the way off," my wife whispered from where she stood next to me. Without answering, I reached out and pushed the dress off Amanda's shoulders, letting it slide down her arms to pool on the ground at her feet, leaving her in nothing but her stockings and high heels. "Tell us. Does she look sexy?"

"Yeah. She does," I answered.

"If you weren't married to me, would you want to have sex with her?" she asked as she reached behind me and untied the string still holding the small Santa hat on my cock. She pulled it off leaving me completely naked. "Would you want to stick this big hard cock into her pussy and fuck her until she comes?"

"Yeah. I would," I answered as I looked down at Amanda's body. My wife reached for Amanda's hand and pulled it up, guiding it toward my now exposed cock. 

"How about you Amanda. If he wasn't my husband would you want to feel this sliding into you?"

"Uh huh," Amanda answered breathlessly, looking down at my cock as her hand slowly stroked me. 

I felt my wife grasp my hand gently and lift it toward my cock, placing it on Amanda's hand. I wasn't at all sure what she was driving at. It almost felt like she was suggesting that her sister and I have sex, but that would have been a completely ridiculous suggestion. 

"You know, she's supposed to be wearing these," she said holding up the pink handcuffs. "But let's face it, handcuffs need to hold something," she said, reaching down and snapping one side of the cuffs to Amanda's wrist. I expected her to reach over to Amanda's other hand and cuff them together, so you can imagine my surprise when the other end of the fluffy cuffs snapped onto my wrist.

"What?" I asked, pulling on the cuff and in turn pulling Amanda's hand off my cock and up with mine.

"A little twist to our game this year lover. You're going to give your sweet sister-in-law a little Christmas gift. You two are linked. I'm going to go to the bedroom now. You can come and get unlocked only after you make each other climax. And lover, I expect you to make it a really good one for her," she said kissing me on the cheek. She turned and started to walk away.

"Hey Eve, wait! Are you serious?" I asked loudly.

She paused at the entrance to the room and turned to face me, still wearing the red ribbon outfit. "Tell you what lover. You don't get to take this off of me until I hear her climaxing, so yes, I'm serious," she said before turning and heading down the hall. "And I'm damn horny, so don't take too long!" she called down the hall.

"Is she serious?" I asked Amanda, who was standing, clearly blushing even in the dim light. 

"Faid so. This was her idea," Amanda said quietly.

"She really wants me to have sex with you?"

"She said you were on board with this, that it was your Christmas present to me," she said hesitantly. "Aren't you?"

"Let's just say that I'm surprised. Not that the idea isn't interesting, but I just wasn't ready for something like this."

"She said you've thought I was hot for years. Is it true?"

"Well, you do a good job of trying to hide it, so considering what you were wearing tonight, yeah, you're every bit as hot as she is and you KNOW how hot I think she is."

"She thinks that this will help me get over Alan and what he did to me."

"Don't know if it will or won't. That'd be up to you."

"Well. I guess if we want her to unlock these we should at least sound like we're enjoying ourselves."

"Are you suggesting we fake it?"

"Seems like a reasonable thing to do, if you're not really into doing it."

I chuckled. "You know Eve. I wouldn't put it past her to check and see if your pussy is full of cum before she unlocks us."

"She wouldn't, would she?"

"In a heartbeat," I answered before pushing her gently back to sit on the sofa. "Come on. No telling how long she's been planning this, so we might as well at least make it sound like she didn't waste her time."

"You're seriously going to do this?"

"You wore that red dress and took your panties off in the garage, right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Pretty obvious, either you're completely on board with her game or you're unwilling to tell her no. Either way, I don't think I'm going to say no, not with you handcuffed practically naked to me. Always been a little curious just how much you're like her, guess this is my chance to find out," I said as I knelt down between her legs. With one hand handcuffed to her I was a little limited on movement, but I did want to at least take a taste of her clearly wet pussy. I looped my left arm under her right leg and lifted it onto my shoulder, wrapping my arm around her stocking covered thigh so I could use my fingers to spread her lips.

I lowered my face to her pussy, seeing the apprehension in her face as I slowly licked up her wet slit the first time. She closed her eyes and tried to lift her pussy involuntarily toward my face as I stroked up across her already hard clit with my tongue. "Oh my," she breathed softly as I stroked a second time, pushing my tongue between her lips slightly deeper. Her pussy was wet with her tangy juices as she spread her legs wider, inviting me to continue my oral ministrations. "Ohhhh my, that feels good," she moaned softly as I stroked up her slit over and over, teasing the tip of my tongue over and around her hard clit with each stroke. "You keep doing that and you're going to make me climax."

"That is the idea, isn't it?" I said, pausing my attentions to her pussy for a moment.

"But Alan always said it was gross when I came," she panted as I dug my tongue into her and slid up between her wet lips again. Her juices had ceased to be sharp and tangy, now a much softer, sweeter flavor as she inched closer to climax. I lifted my handcuffed hand toward her chest, closing my fingers around one of her hard nipples while I teased her clit with my tongue. "Oh fuck Scott!" she gasped, pushing her pussy toward my face again. "Oh God Scott! Ohhhhhh, Oh shit!" she squealed loudly as her legs clamped around me, one under my right arm and the other against the side of my head. I felt her juices flowing copiously down my chin, dripping to the carpet below me. "Oh my god Scott!" she squealed as I sucked her clit between my lips, squeezing it while I squeezed and twisted her nipple. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck." she gasped, reaching down with her free hand to push my head from between her legs. "Oh god Scott," she panted, pushing me back by the shoulder as she leaned toward me. She rolled me back onto my back, sliding off the sofa and onto the floor over me, one knee on either side of me. She leaned her face down to mine and pressed her lips to mine in an aggressive urgent kiss.

"I wanna feel your cock in me now," she panted as she parted her lips from mine, her handcuffed hand pulling mine down toward her legs as she reached between her spread legs for my shaft. She grasped me and unceremoniously rubbed my head around her wet pussy. "OHHHHHHH FUCK!" she moaned loudly as she slid down my shaft, her sopping wet pussy spreading around my shaft. "I wish Alan would have done what you did."

"I didn't do much," I said softly, almost moaning the response out as her bare ass pressed against my thighs, my cock stuffed deep in her pussy. She began riding up and down my shaft, sliding wetly along the length of my cock, my engorged head stroking the inside of her tunnel with each plunge down onto me. Her bouncing took a rhythmic rebound, her ass slapping loudly on my thighs and her tits flying and bouncing like crazy as she pounded herself down on me. 

"That's it baby. Come for me," she coaxed. "I can feel how big you've gotten. I wanna feel you unload in me. I wanna feel your cum filling my hot pussy. Oh baby, give it all to me. Send me to the moon again with your cock!" she moaned as she pounded herself down on me, driving my well teased body racing toward climax. "Come on sweetie. Give it to me. Fill me with your cum!" she cried as her own legs started to tremble against me. "OH god! OHHHHH fuck baby! You're gonna make me come again!" 

I felt her tunnel start to convulse around my cock, the changing sensations driving me over the precipice. My body jerked and with a grunt as I involuntarily tried to jam my cock even deeper into her bouncing pussy. "Oh fuck," I grunted as a surge of hot cum lanced up into her.

"YES! OH FUCK YES!" she practically screamed as she climaxed around me, no longer trying to ride up and down on me, but instead grinding herself down onto my twitching and jerking cock. She sat, trembling for long seconds before laying on top of me, pressing her bare tits and hard nipples into my chest. "OH fuck Scott. No wonder Eve thinks you're so damn good in bed. Jesus your cock feels so good in me. It's been so damn long since I've had a cock fill me up like this. Not since... Well, never mind who," she said, her face clouding over for a few moments before softening to look down into mine again. "Now I think we should get you hard again before we take you back to your wife."

"She might appreciate that."

"Uh huh. And it lets me stay on top of you longer," she said as she pushed herself up to sit on me again, my shrinking cock still inside her. She pulled my hands up to her tits, covering both of mine with hers to squeeze her own breasts through my hands. "Do you suppose that if I keep wiggling on it that it'll get hard again?"

"It might." 

"Eve says you like it when she talks dirty to you. Tells you about things she might do to tease you. That it really turns you on. How about me? Did it turn you on while I was pulling my dress up for you in the car? Could you see my panties? I was getting so turned on thinking about you seeing my panties. I wondered if you could see how wet they were," she said softly as she wiggled her ass slowly on my lap, working my cock around inside her tunnel. "I was getting so horny sitting in the car on the way to church. Every time I took a breath I could feel my nipples rubbing on the dress, I wondered if you could see how hard they were. Then on the way home, while Eve was teasing you, I had my fingers in my pussy. I was pushing one finger in and out, thinking about what it would feel like to be fucked in the car going down the road. Have you ever had sex going down the road? I bet you have. I bet Eve has sucked on your cock while you drove."

"Oh damn," I groaned, thinking about her sitting in the back of the car with her panties pulled to the side, fingering herself. "That's almost as hot as Eve taking her panties off in the car. Something else she hadn't ever done before tonight."

"Seems like a lot of firsts tonight. But it seems that it worked. Your cock is getting fucking hard again. I can feel it growing inside me. Mmmmmmm it feels so good. Remember camping last year? We were in the same tent. Can I tell you a secret? I saw you naked when you were getting dressed one morning. I could have crawled under the curtain and sat on you like this. Can you picture me bouncing on your cock in that hot tent? Does it turn you on knowing I saw you naked? Would it turn you on to know that I lay there and touched myself while I watched you. Mmmmmm. It does. I can feel you getting so big in me. In some ways I hate to, but I promised. So should we go get unlocked?"

"Yeah. Probably should," I answered, letting go of her big tits and letting her climb up off of me. I could see our cum tricking down her legs as she stood bent over, waiting for me to get up off the floor. I stood up and we walked hand in hand down the hall to the master bedroom, my again hard cock swinging side to side with each step.

"God it sounded like you two were having one hell of a fuck," my wife said as she sat on the bed still in the red bow. "No. I don't want any details. I just want to know that Mandy enjoyed it."

"Trust me I did."

"Good. Now you two can get uncuffed as soon as you find the key, which is hidden on me someplace."

"Like there are too many places to hide a key in that outfit," I chuckled.

"Should make it a short job then," she answered with a smile. 

I started by feeling up her tits in the red cups and then untying the strap around her neck holding them in place. I pulled the cups down, exposing her breasts and the lack of any key. I eased the thin little straps holding the ribbon in place down her stomach and between her legs, letting her lift her butt off the bed so I could pull it all the way down and then off her legs, leaving her completely naked. I looked at her curiously, wondering where the key was hidden, since she didn't have any clothes left. "I give," I said.

"Tell you what. Put that nice hard cock where it belongs and I might tell you where the key is," she answered quietly. 

I looked at Amanda and let her crawl on the bed around to my wife's left side so I could crawl between her legs. I eased up, pulling her legs over my thighs and inching myself closer to her on my knees until my engorged head was brushing her already spread and very wet lips. "Looks like someone was busy while we were busy," I said as I rubbed my head up and down between her soft hot lips.

"Uh huh. I had no idea my sister was so loud," she moaned as I pressed my cock an inch or so into her.

"I had no idea your husband had such a fantastic tongue or cock," Amanda answered as I inched my knees farther forward, working my cock a little deeper into my wife.

"Oh god. Yes," she moaned, pushing her feet on the bed to lift and lower her ass from my thighs to move me in and out of her. As she pumped herself up and down on me, she reached out to Amanda and pulled her toward her chest, drawing Amanda's face down toward her tits. "Least you can do is suck one of my nipples."

"If you want," Amanda answered as my wife pumped her hips up and down in front of me, working my hard cock in and out of herself.

"Uh huh. Oh god. I'm already so close," she moaned as Amanda engulfed one of her areola in her mouth. "Oh shit. Oh Scott. I'm going to come."

"Do it," I grunted, trying to rock myself in time with her strokes to move my shaft deeper in and out of her. Amanda tried to contain one of her breasts with her free hand and still lean over and suck on her nipple, a difficult task with us still cuffed together. 

"SHIT!" my wife screamed as she started to climax, her pussy convulsing around me as her body shuddered and trembled. "Ohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck," she breathed quietly as she lay there trembling around my hard dick. 

"Looked like it felt every bit as good as what he did to me," Amanda said, sitting back up on her knees next to me. "So? Key?"

"What, you don't wanna sit and watch us fuck more?"

"To be honest, it's making me horny as hell again, so no."

"Okay," my wife answered, reaching into the bun her long hair was pulled back in. She pulled the small key out and held it out to Amanda.

"Nice. Wouldn't have thought to look there," she answered as she undid the handcuff from her wrist. "Maybe sometime I'll use these again," she said, laying the key on my wife's stomach and then sliding off the bed.

I picked up the key and freed my wrist from the cuff, tossing it and the cuffs onto the night stand. I pulled myself from her pussy and then climbed off the bed. I didn't bother closing the door, but turned the light in the hall and the light in the bedroom off, leaving only the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree shining down the hall. I crawled into bed, gently rolling my wife onto her side facing away from me. I snuggled up against her, my still hard dick poking against her thighs as I wrapped an arm around her and cupped one of her tits. I could almost feel her smile in the dark as she reached between her legs to tease my head between her lips, allowing me to push into her again from behind.

"Go for it lover. You know how I love feeling you cum inside me."

"Uh huh," I whispered, rocking my hips gently against her, pushing my cock in and out a couple inches. This was never really meant to be a hard and fast fucking position. This one we enjoyed more because it was snuggly and gentle, which is exactly what I thought we both wanted right then. "Tell me. Why?"

"Why what?"

"You've never shown any tendency toward doing anything with another couple, or multiple partners with the two of us. So why Amanda?"

"She's my sister. I thought maybe it would help her realize that she can have more in a man than what she'd been getting. I mean if I can get her to date a little she should have some understanding of what good sex is."

"So you thought I'd just jump at the chance to have sex with your sister?"

"Of course not. If anything, I expected you to refuse flat out. Why do you think I did the handcuffs? But you did enjoy it, didn't you?"


"Only mostly?"

"Well," I answered quietly, still sliding my cock in and out of her. "I had to admit you two had me sufficiently warmed up with all that teasing."

"Oh really? You enjoyed that?"

"I did."

"Did you like it when I took my panties off in the car?" she whispered.

"Uh huh," I answered, stroking a bit faster at the mental image of her pulling her skirt up in the car and taking her underwear off.

"What would you have done if I took my dress all the way off and was naked? Would you like that? Maybe I'd just lean over and open your pants and pull out your cock. It'd be hard by then, wouldn't it? Oh yeah. I'm sure it would. Just like now. My mouth sliding up and down your big fat shaft while you held the wheel with one hand and used the other to grab at my tits and maybe even finger my pussy. Would you make me come in the car? Would you finger my pussy until I creamed all over the seat of your car while sucking her big fat cock?"

"OH fuck!" I grunted as my cock surged, spurting a gush of cum into her tunnel. I felt her hand pull my hip toward hers, my arm squeezing her tit and pulling her back into me as my body jerked and shuddered. "Ohhhhh fuck," I groaned softly.

"One of these days I'm going to have to get brave enough to try that. I love how hard you come when you think of me naked and playing with you in public."

"It does get my motor running," I panted.

"Uh huh. Like a hopped up funny car!" she giggled. "But I'll take it. I love making you come."

"You're very good at it."

"As are you lover."

I leaned my face to her neck and gave her a gentle kiss as the two of us settled in to go to sleep, my softening dick still embedded in her.

I rolled over and felt for my wife and found her side of the bed empty. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and looked at my watch, almost eight. I groaned and rolled onto my back, kicking the sheets off in preparation for getting out of bed. Before I could push myself up my wife stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her freshly showered body. "Morning sleepy head!" she said with a grin.

"Morning," I answered with another yawn. 

My wife walked to her dresser and then back to the foot of the bed. "Had fun last night?" she asked with a smile as she opened a package. 

"It was an interesting night," I answered.

"Good," she said as she held up a pair of black stockings.

"Ohhhhhh real silk?"

"Is there another kind?" she asked with a giggle, lifting one foot to set it on the footboard. I watched as she rolled the stockings in her hand and then slipped her toe into the doughnut. She slowly drew the black stocking up her leg, encasing it in the shimmery black sexy material. She knew that I loved seeing her in stockings and my cock was hardening almost as fast as the stocking was sliding up her leg. She switched feet, picked up the other stocking and then repeated the process, encasing her left leg as she had her right. By the time she was wrapping the black garter belt around her hips my cock was sticking up toward my face bouncing slightly with my heartbeat. "You like?"

"Uh huh." 

"Well, just wait," she said with a grin. She walked to the closet and disappeared into it for a few moments, coming back a few moments later carrying a black sweater dress. She stood at the foot of the bed and pulled the dress on over her head, sliding the clingy material down over her body until it was pulled down over her curvy figure, the hem coming only to the middle of her thighs, barely longer than the tops of her black stockings.

"Damn you look hot!" I said quietly. "Kinda dressy for Christmas morning though, isn't it?"

"Maybe a little. You think the stockings are too much?"

"Maybe a little."

"Well, then maybe we can do something about that," she said, hiking the hem of the skirt up to her waist, exposing her bare pussy, framed by the black garter and stockings. She unclipped the garter from the stockings and pulled it off, leaving her bare between her belly and the tops of the black silk. "Maybe you should take these off then?" she said as she stepped around the side of the bed, still holding the sweater dress up over her stomach. She stepped onto the bed and straddled me, one foot on either side of my hips. 

She grinned down at me as I slid my hands up her right leg, feeling the smoothness of the silk on her legs, knowing damn well how turned on I get with her in these. She bent over slightly and held the headboard of the bed for balance while lifting her left foot and teasing my rock hard cock with her stocking covered foot. "You like that lover? Does the feel of silk on your cock turn you on?"

"You know damn well it does," I groaned softly as she slid her foot gently along the length of my shaft. 

She grinned down at me. "I know something else that turns you on." She cooed softly as she set her foot back on the bed and squatted slowly down over me. I felt her hot lips press against my shaft before she began to slowly rock her hips, sliding her wet pussy back and forth along my shaft. Her hot wetness caressed me from my balls all the way to my head, her motion allowing her lips to spread and engulf my engorged mushroom head. "You know what I really like about this dress?"

"What's that?" I asked as she slid back and forth on me.

"You can slide your hands right up under it all the way to my tits."

"You mean like this?" I asked, sliding my hands up her legs to her ass and then up the front of her body, my wrists pushing the dress farther up until both my hands cupped her big soft tits.

"Uh huh. You know. I bet I can come just like this," she whispered, dragging her clit along my shaft with each stroke. 

"I bet this'd help," I whispered back, letting my fingers squeeze and pull her nipples gently as she rocked herself on me. 

"Oh yeah. Perfect," she moaned, sliding herself along my shaft faster. "Oh god I love how hard your cock feels against my clit."

"Uh huh." I grunted in return, her sliding motion coaxing me closer to my own climax.

"Shit sweetie. I'm gonna come!" She breathed quietly, her legs starting to tremble a little. "Ohhhh yeah. OH SHIT!" she squeaked as she pressed down hard against my shaft, her whole body trembling and shuddering. I held my hands on her breasts, letting my fingers gently rub back and forth across her rock hard nipples as the shudders raced up and down her body before slowly subsiding. "Mmmmmm that was nice," she cooed, letting go of the headboard and lowering herself down on me, her sweater dress covered tits pressing against my bare chest.

"You know what I think?" she whispered after a long erotic kiss.

"What's that?"

"I think I'm gonna leave my stockings on and just tease the shit out of you alllll day."


"Uh huh. How would you like that? Getting teased all day by my sexy body? Having me flash my pussy at you, or rubbing my pussy on your cock or pulling your hands under my dress to my tits. I know how that turns you on, feeling me up under my clothes when you think no one is looking," she whispered, rubbing her pussy on my still rock hard cock. 

"I think if you keep teasing me, you'll probably end up getting fucked before the day is out," I answered, trying to rock my hips far enough to let my head, being stroked by her wet lips, slip into her tunnel.

"Not if I don't let you. Just think how big and hard you'll be tonight."

"I don't know if I can last until tonight if you're gonna do that."

"Well, we'll just have to see then," she said as she pushed herself up off of me just as I managed to get my head to engage into the entrance to her tunnel. "The kids will be here soon. You should probably shower and dress," she said as she leaned over to pick up the garter belt and clip it back around her hips and then to the tops of the stockings.

"Damn you look good in stockings and no underwear."

"Then I'll have to make sure you get lots of chances to see it and maybe feel it," she said with a grin. "Better wear something that I can get into easily if you wanna feel me grinding my wet pussy on your cock!" she said as she knelt on the bed to lean over and kiss my rock hard cock. For a second I thought she was going to engulf my head, but just as she closed her lips on the tip she pushed up and away. "One more thing," she said as she pushed herself up from the bed.


"I told Mandy she could use our shower after I was done."

"Oh. Okay. I'll wait until she's done then," I said, feeling a little frustrated that I was going to have to wait longer to get showered.

"Why?" my wife said, smiling before turning and walking out the door. 

"Why?" I asked myself as I pushed myself up out of my bed. "No reason. Why would I possibly wait until AFTER my sister-in-law takes her shower?" Over the years I've seen my wife in all kinds of moods: Sexy, businesslike, playful, horny, angry, quiet, depressed, but I don't think I've ever seen her quite like this. I mean I'm a guy. I look at pretty girls going down the street and she knows it. As long as I don't make it obvious she doesn't mind or complain. But it has always been a long standing rule, no touching, under ANY circumstances. So last night was so out of character for her it was a shock. I wasn't sure what brought it about, but I had to admit that it was a lot of fun, so I didn't dig too deep. But to see her like this again today, well it had me wondering. But it also looked like I wasn't going to get any answers any time soon.

I headed to the bathroom and into the large walk-in shower. I adjusted the temperature and stood under the water for a few seconds, letting the hot water cascade down from above me like a drenching rain. I reached for the soap and drizzled some of my Old Spice on the fluffy luffa. As I started to wash my arms with the luffa I felt a pair of arms slip around my waist, one hand sliding up my wet skin to my chest and the other down until her fingers were gently stroking around the base of my half hard dick. 

"Eve said that you liked having your back washed," Amanda whispered quietly, sliding the hand that was on my chest down my arm until she could take the luffa from me, pressing her body against me from behind, her hard nipples pressing into my back. Once she had the luffa, she pressed against me to push both of us from under the spray, gently turning me to face her. "I wanted to say thank you," she said just loud enough for me to hear over the sound of the falling water as she began to gently rub the soapy luffa around my chest. She slowly worked it down to my dick, using one hand to soap around it while the other gently grasped it and began to stroke it slowly. "It really did feel wonderful having a man inside me again."

"You're welcome," I answered as quietly as she stepped closer to me, sliding the soapy luffa down my arm until she could press it into my hand. I grasped the luffa and allowed her to draw my hand to her chest, clearly inviting me to soap her big soft tits.

"You know when she said you'd be happy to treat me like a woman should be, I wasn't sure what to think. I mean I'm not sure I'd want my man doing the things to another woman that you did to me last night."

"Kinda surprised me too," I answered as I used both hands on her chest, cupping and rubbing both big soft tits, the thumb of my free hand back and forth across her hard nipple. 

"She tells me that you like being teased and that if I wanted to, I could tease you any time I wanted to today. I hope she was being serious."

"Oh? Do you like teasing men?" I said as I slid the luffa down and gently soaped between her legs.

"I don't know. Haven't had much practice. But I do know I love getting my nipples teased and of course, having my pussy stroked," she said huskily as I slid my free hand down between her legs and started to gently rub her now soapy pussy. "I can tell you though, that if you keep doing that I'm not going to be able to resist putting this hard cock of yours someplace." She breathed raggedly as my finger drew across her hard clit. "I wonder if she'd mind if I borrowed this again."

"You keep doing what you're doing and I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna do it whether she minds or not." 

"In that case, why don't we make it worth both our whiles?" she asked, letting go of me and turning around to face away from me. She stepped toward the wall two steps and then bent over, reaching out for the glass wall of the shower. She looked over her shoulder at me, inviting me with only a look to fill her pussy with my hard dick. 

I stepped behind her and rubbed my soapy head up and down her soapy pussy lips, letting it spread her lips and then slowly slide into her tunnel entrance. "Ohhhhhhhhh," I groaned softly, still extremely turned on from my wife's teasing.

"Oh yeah baby. Give me the whole thing," she moaned as I pressed into her until her bare ass was against my body. I started to stroke, only half thinking about how it felt for her, my own body already on overload from my wife's pussy teasing me only a short time ago. "Uh huh. Do it. Fuck me hard!" she moaned as I stood behind her, pumping my cock in and out of her rapidly. My thighs beat against her bare ass with a loud slap at the end of each stroke, little grunts and groans slipping from me as I pounded into her. I could see the sides of her tits appearing and disappearing as they swung wildly below her, my mind trying to fill in the picture of what she must look like, bent over, being fucked from behind like this.

"Shit. Gonna come," I grunted as the feeling of urgency suddenly started to spread like wildfire in my body. If she'd have said stop I don't think I would have been able to, my body running almost on automatic pilot as I slid my hands from her firm round ass to her tits, capturing both of them as I bent over her back and pounded into her. "UHHHHHH FUCK!" I grunted loudly as my body spasmed, jamming my cock into her and surging a gush of cum into her. Over and over my body bucked, jamming hard into her quivering and spasming pussy until we both stood bent over, panting to catch our breaths. 

"Geez. I'm gonna be leaking that all day," she said breathlessly as she gently pushed me back and stood upright. 

"Yeah?" I answered as breathlessly as she turned us and pulled us under the still hot water spray. 

"Yeah. And since I'm not wearing any panties all day, a suggestion Eve made so I could tease you better, it could be interesting."

"No underwear?"

"Uh uh. None. No bra and no panties. Just the dress she gave me," she answered as she rubbed her hands around my body. "You know. For as old as we are, you're not at all hard on the eyes. My sister is pretty lucky."

"Thanks," I answered, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Do me a favor?"


"Don't wear any underwear today either. I wanna be able to feel your cock when we're alone."

"It could be a bit obvious if I don't."

"Well, think about it anyway," she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself up against me again. Standing on her tiptoes she pressed her lips to mine, giving me a long hot seductive kiss. "Just saying thank you," she whispered before walking out of the shower. She grabbed a towel and disappeared from the bathroom.

I stood under the shower for some time before the water started to get cold. I dried off and started to dress. After thinking about it several times I tossed the underwear back onto the drawer and pulled on something that I thought might hide my hardon a little bit at least, a pair of moderately snug sweatpants. At least they were tight enough to keep my cock from sticking out. A long football jersey shirt that came down over my crotch would complete the ability to conceal my hardon, at least most of the way. I walked to the kitchen and the smell of breakfast cooking.

My wife was standing at the stove, so I walked over to her, leaning my softened dick against her ass as I cupped both tits through the sweater dress. "Your sister visited me in the shower," I whispered.

"Uh huh," she answered.

"You knew she was going to, didn't you?"

"Uh huh," she answered. I could feel her smile as my cheek pressed against hers, my fingers teasing her nipples through the material.

"You want to know what she did?"

"I'm pretty sure I already do," she answered as I slid my hands down to the hem of her dress, pulling it up and sliding my hands under the material. I slid my hands up her bare skin until I could once again reach her nipples, cupping each soft orb. "If she didn't, you'd be pressing a hardon between my ass cheeks."

"True," I answered.

"Is she as good as me?"

"She's different than you," I whispered before turning my head to kiss her cheek. "But between the two of us, I like the way you do it better."

"You're such a liar," she said with a giggle as I teased her nipples. "But I like it just the same."

"I think you just sprouted a new set of hands," I whispered as I felt my sweatpants being pulled down, freeing my mostly soft cock to nestle between my wife's firm ass cheeks.

"Really? Guess that means we're not alone anymore."

"Would seem not."

"Then I guess I can't tease you any longer," she said, laying down the spatula she had been stirring the pan with and pulling my hands from under her dress. "We wouldn't want someone to see what we were doing, would we?" I reluctantly let go of her and shuffled back from her, pulling my sweatpants back up. "Now why don't you go find Mandy and tell her breakfast is almost ready."

"Sure," I answered with a sigh as my wife pulled the hem of the dress back down to cover her bare ass. I walked to the living room and saw Amanda standing at the front window by the blinking Christmas tree. She had on a frilly white blouse untucked from a very short black skirt, bare legs and a pair of moderately tall high heels. I walked to where she stood looking out the front window and stepped next to her.

"Eve said breakfast is almost ready."

"Good," she said, turning to face me. She reached for my hands and pulled one to her thigh, pulling it up under the skirt and the other to the bottom of the blouse, pulling it up until our wrists had pulled the slick satin material up to allow my hand to cup her bare breasts. "Like I said, no underwear. Any time you wanna do this, feel free," she whispered, letting go of my hand between her legs and reaching out for the waistband of my sweatpants. She slipped her hand inside and found my hardening cock, closing around it and stroking it slowly. "You know. I didn't get a chance to do something I've wanted to do for years."

"Oh? What's that?"

"This," she said as she moved both hands to the waistband of my sweats and pushed them down as she squatted down in front of me, pulling her pussy out of reach. I looked down, still holding one of her big soft tits as she wrapped both hands around my hard shaft and then leaned her face toward me, engulfing the head of my cock.

"Oh damn," I groaned as she teased my head with her tongue, sliding it around and under as she bobbed her head slowly on and off my cock a couple inches, her hands sliding back down to make room for her mouth. On and off she stroked her mouth, her wet tongue stroking under my head as her face moved toward and away from me. 

"God you have a good cock. Eve is such a lucky sister," Amanda said softly as she pulled off my cock and looked up at me.

"I agree, I am. But breakfast is ready!" she said from the doorway. I was a bit nervous about what she was going to do as she walked toward us, but to my surprise she squatted down next to her sister and leaned her face toward my cock, still held in Amanda's hands, and closed her lips around me. She slowly bobbed her head on and off my cock for several way too short minutes before pulling off of it with a slurp. "Come on you two. Time to eat."

The two got up and walked away, leaving me standing with my hardon poking out and my sweat pants around my ankles. I shook my head, fixed my pants and headed to the kitchen, finding both of them sitting at the table, waiting.

Breakfast was good, eggs, sausage and hash browns. The view was good as well, both of the girls standing up occasionally and flashing me parts of their bodies. My wife slipped her foot into my lap from across the table, trying to work it down into my sweatpants. I eventually pulled them down, letting them pool around my ankles so I was sitting essentially naked from the waist down. She quickly took advantage, forcing my legs apart with her foot and rubbing her silk covered foot up and down my hardon. 

"You keep that up and I'm going to have to come over there and do something about it."

"Promises, promises," my wife said with a giggle. 

I stood up, walked around the table, or more appropriately shuffled my way past Amanda, who reached out to grab my hard dick, to stand behind my wife. I stroked both hands down her front, cupping both big tits through the sweater dress. I gently kneaded and squeezed her breasts, teasing her nipples as best I could through the heavy material. "Mandy, don't you have something to go do?" my wife asked her sister.

"You're right," she said with a smile, getting up from the table. "Don't go away." 

"The kids will be here soon. Don't take too long!" my wife said. 

"I won't," Amanda said over her shoulder as she walked away, headed toward the bedroom.

"So what is it she has to do?"

"You'll see," my wife said with a giggle. "Now, if you wanna play with my tits, wouldn't it be easier to pull my dress up to uncover em?"

"It would," I agreed, sliding my hands down to the hem and pulling up, finding that she had already slipped the dress from under her firm ass so that it came easily up her body. I cupped both bare breasts, holding them up with my fingers under them and my palms pressing against her hard nipples. 

"Much better," she cooed softly, allowing me to stand there and tease her breasts, both of us enjoying my ministrations. 

"I can only wear this a few minutes, but Eve thought you might enjoy it." I heard Amanda say, drawing my attention to her as she walked into the room. She had on almost nothing, or more to the point, an outfit that looked like little more than two lightweight see-through strips of white cloth extending from their pointed bikini style triangle tips covering her nipples, down her front to her ankles. The two strips were barely four or five inches wide, held to her waist by a single string, and held up over her fantastic looking tits by a set of strings reminiscent of a bikini top. She turned a slow circle for me, allowing me to see a similar but wider strip of cloth extending from just over her firm ass down to her ankles, her legs protruded from the strips of cloth, bare and sexy as she stood in a pair of white high heels. Her shaved pussy showed through the thin material, making her look so incredibly sexy.

"Damn!" I answered, holding my wife's tits. 

"You like?"

"He does. I can feel his hardon twitching against my back," my wife said with a soft chuckle. "Now I know how I look in that outfit. Pretty damn hot."

Amanda walked over and stepped behind me, rubbing her body against mine. She leaned herself against my back, wrapping her arms around me to grasp my cock, her cheek pressing against mine. "If I could I'd wear this all day so you could just slip the material aside and fuck me with that fantastic cock of yours," she whispered ever so quietly.

"Ohhhhh," I groaned softly as she squeezed my cock. 

"Seems that Mandy is a bit of a tease too," my wife said as she pushed herself up from the chair. She pushed the dishes aside and bent herself over the table, her ass sticking out at me. "Better make sure he still knows where it belongs!"

I looked at my wife's bare ass sticking out at me, her pussy pushing out at me from between her slightly spread legs. There was no doubt that I was horny as hell, and the view of my own wife bent over the table was an invitation I couldn't resist. I pushed the chair aside and stepped behind my wife, aiming my cock at her wet lips. I pressed my head against her soft protruding lips, spreading them and sliding into her. I felt Amanda's hands stroke my bare ass as I started to slide in and out of my wife, the two of us groaning in pleasure as my cock became more lubricated and slid more easily into her. The table rocked and our bodies slapped loudly together as I drove into her, our mutual climaxes building. I have no doubt that the two of us would have come in very short order, had the doorbell not interrupted us.

"Oh shit!" Amanda squeaked, running, well sort of running in the high heels, out of the room and down the hall. Eve pushed me back, forcing me out of her pussy and away from her. She pulled her dress down to cover herself.

"Better pull those up," she said breathlessly, brushing a lock of hair out of her face. "Michael and Jenny are here, and I doubt you wanna be showing that off to them or the girls."

"Yeah. We don't need to do that," I agreed, bending down to pull up my pants while my wife headed to the front door to let my son and his wife and our two sweet granddaughters in. I was still fixing my pants and shirt as my wife opened the door, hearing my son greeting my wife.

"Hey there they are!" I called as I walked out and saw Steph and Emily running in through the door. I squatted down and clasped them both as they launched themselves, nearly knocking me over with their hugs. I just about recovered from the hugs when Amanda came back out in a blue mini-dress. I doubted that she had any underwear on, which would require some interesting sitting positions to keep from flashing herself. I could also see her tits wiggling under the thin material, her hard nipples tracing back and forth in the top. 

True to their word, the girls kept me teased. Any time I left the room one of the two made an excuse to follow me, flashing me their breasts or pussies, sliding their hands down my pants, and on one occasion, Amanda snuck into the bathroom with me, playing with me after I peed until I was hard enough to slip into her for a few strokes. By the time dinner was done and the kids had gone home, I was so damn horny that I was about ready to strip my wife in front of the kids and fuck her brains out. 

"Okay Mister. You sit right down here," my wife said standing next to the sofa while Amanda turned all the lights in the living room off except for the tree's blinking lights. I sat down where she pointed, in the middle of the sofa. "Now don't move until we come back," she admonished me as she and Amanda walked away.

I only had to wait a short time before they came back. Both of them were dressed in lingerie I'd never seen before. My wife in what I would call a black lace teddy with red edging. Where the crotch material would be were two strips of lace, leaving her pussy completely exposed. The cups of the top consisted only of the framework, minus the lace material that would normally cover her big breasts, leaving them as bare as her pussy. Amanda wore a black bra and panty set, cupping her voluptuous breasts and shaved pussy, her nipples peeking out a slit in each cup, held closed by only one small bow in the middle. Her pussy likewise was threatening to slip completely into view if the single black bow were pulled, allowing the material to split apart.

My wife stepped over to me, her big tits wiggling enticingly in the open cup outfit, and held a hand out for me. I stood up and allowed her to start undressing me, not that there was all that much to take off. "You know. I think every man has a fantasy of having sex with two women at the same time," she said quietly as she pulled my shirt off and tossed it aside. 

"I didn't..." I started to protest.

"Oh lover," she whispered as she pushed my sweatpants down, allowing them to slide down my legs. "I found your little stash of porn videos years ago. You know the ones. A little heavy on the threesome action." she said as she squatted down in front of me to pull my sweats off my feet, leaving me completely naked. She stood back up as Amanda walked over toward us, her hands behind her back. She reached out with an eye cover, similar to what someone might use to sleep on an airplane, and placed it over my eyes, the elastic band wrapping around my head. I stood there, unsure what to do as both women gently teased my body with their fingertips. I felt a hand close around my dick, reasonably sure from the position that it was my wife's hand, and then a hot mouth engulf my cock. She sucked on my cock for several long slow draws down the length of my shaft, clearly not working to make me come, but to tease me even harder. The mouth pulled off and was replaced with another. Though it felt very much the same, the technique with her tongue was slightly different, making me think that Amanda was now sucking my hard dick. They switched back and forth for several minutes until my wife abruptly pulled off. "I think it's time to lay down." She coaxed, pulling me gently to the carpet. 

I lay down on my back, wondering what was coming next, and hoping that one of the two would ride my overly excited cock. I felt movement over me and then felt a bare pussy press to my face. I reached out with my tongue and stroked along a very wet and excited pussy, my hands finding her bare thighs and sliding up to her body as I teased between her lips. I let my hands explore up her body until I felt the black cups of the bra, finding the tiny bows and pulling them to allow my fingers to tease Amanda's hard nipples. "Mmmmmmmmm," she moaned softly as I teased my tongue across her excited clit. She let me pick the pace and lick up and down her wet slit, my attention briefly diverted as a hand closed around my hard cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," I heard my wife moan as she pressed my engorged head between her lips and slid down my shaft, settling her bare ass against my thighs. Up and down she started to ride, rocking her hips to and fro with each stroke so that her clit would drag along my hard shaft. Little grunts and moans slipped from her as she bounced faster on me, clearly excited and working her climax toward a quick completion. Up and down she bounced, driving me along with her as she forced my shaft quickly in and out of her pussy. 

I groaned into Amanda's pussy as my wife began to climax on my shaft, my own climax inching ever closer. Her legs shuddered against my sides as she bounced wildly on my cock, her bare ass slapping rhythmically on my thighs. I felt her tunnel begin to quiver as she kept bouncing, her gasps and moans getting louder as her climax grew. 

I finally couldn't hold back any longer. My body bucked up into her, surging a massive gush of cum up into her pussy. I felt my wife slam herself down and utter a breathless "Fuck yes" as my cock spurted shot after shot into her wet depths as she sat on me, quivering and trembling. 

There are some things in this world that really, really, really turn me on. One is having a wet pussy to eat out and the other is big soft tits to play with. Even though my wife had just taken care of my cock, I turned my attention back to Amanda's pussy on my face. I felt her hands move mine from her tits and then draw them back again, the top of her outfit now discarded so that my hands had full access to her tits. I concentrated on her clit, making her squirm and grind against my face, clearly teasing her toward a climax. 

Over the years my wife had sucked on my cock, but not frequently. Usually it was just a short teasing suck like earlier in the day, what I would call a prelude to the main event. She didn't exactly like the taste of cum, and on the one occasion she sucked me until I came in her mouth, made sure I realized that it was a special favor that she didn't really enjoy. So you can imagine my surprise when she pulled off my half hard cock, covered with my own cum and hers as well, and began to lick and suck it. I groaned into Amanda's pussy as my shrinking cock was suddenly being teased toward hardness again. Even though she had allowed me to have sex with Amanda last night and again this morning, she had made it clear that she didn't want to watch, or have any details. So you can imagine my surprise when Amanda slipped off my face and pushed down my body, my own wife holding my mostly hard cock up for Amanda to sit on. 

My head spread her lips and pushed easily into her already excited pussy, sliding fully into her as she settled herself on my thighs. I slid my hands up her body again, cupping her big tits, only to have my hands pushed away and pushed down to her thighs. I felt her lean forward and begin rocking on my cock, her actions sliding herself forward and back on my shaft, her rock hard nipples stroking my chest as her big soft tits swung back and forth in time with her actions. Not a word was said as Amanda rocked herself on and off of my cock, little grunts and moans the only sounds coming from her. 

In and out my cock went, my right hand pulled off Amanda's thigh and pushed encouragingly between my wife's legs. As Amanda rode on and off my shaft I teased my fingers up into my wife's incredibly wet pussy, fingering deep into her and then sliding them along her slit to tease her clit. We kept this going, Amanda riding my cock and my wife being fingered for, well I don't know how long, before my wife pulled my hand from between her legs. I felt and heard her get up, and move around me, Amanda pushing herself back upright. I felt a pussy press on my face, my wife settling onto me and surprisingly facing Amanda. My hands were pulled up to Amanda's tits as she rocked herself on my cock, grinding her clit against me as my hands were trapped between two soft sets of tits. My mind could only picture the sight of my wife and Amanda facing each other, my wife riding my face and Amanda grinding herself on me as the two hugged. The sounds that filtered down started soft and sporadic, then more aggressive and intense, the sound of a very wet erotic kiss punctuated with moans and groans of pleasure. 

I concentrated on teasing my wife's clit, trying to drive her excitement higher as my brain, filled with the images of my wife and her sister making out on top of me, drove my own excitement higher. I felt Amanda climax on my cock as she ground herself into the base of my shaft, her legs quivering and her tunnel spasming around my shaft. Her long moan and gasp sounded almost familiar. My wife pulled off of my cum covered face and reached down to pull the blinders off. It took several seconds before I realized that the pussy on my face, the one that I had so eagerly climaxed into first, was not my wife, but her sister. 

My wife sat on me, grinning down at me wearing the bottom half of the outfit that Amanda had been wearing originally. She looked over at Amanda , who stepped over and helped my wife up. The two walked wordlessly around the sofa and bent over the back, facing the tree and where I was laying, their butts pushed up into the air by the sofa back. "You going to lay there all night or come finish what we started?"

"You want me to come and...?"

"Uh huh. Pump us both until you come again. I know how long you can go the second time, so you should still have plenty left to make Amanda come again, not to mention give me a bit more," she said with a smile.

"Shit," I grunted, pushing myself up from the floor. I walked around the sofa and stared at the two asses and pussies pushing out at me, surprised at how similar they were. So similar that my wife had engineered to change places with Amanda and I hadn't even noticed. I lined my cock up with Amanda's wet pussy, and pushed deep into her, drawing an appreciative moan from her. 

"Oh fuck yes. He gets so deep this way!" Amanda moaned to my wife.

"He does, doesn't he?" she answered her sister. "You better keep mine warmed up though," she added to me, looking back over her shoulder. I looked up toward the tree and realized that the living room curtains were still open, the darkness outside making the glass more like a mirror than a window. I could see our reflection, Amanda's tits swinging wildly as I stroked quickly in and out of her pussy. In and out I drove, slapping my thighs against her bare ass for several minutes, my fingers teasing my wife's pussy next to her. I pulled out and switched, driving quickly into my wife, getting a grunt of surprise followed by a long moan of pleasure as I started stroking in and out of her. My wife's tits were almost as big as Amanda's, and in the reflection of the two sets I could see that my wife's were slightly firmer, hanging down only a little less than Amanda's, but no less exciting a view. I pounded into my wife, her body quickly responding and renewing the excitement that had been building while she was riding my cock. If she climaxed, it was a small one then, but I could tell that what was coming was much bigger. 

I watched in the window as Amanda leaned over toward my wife, reaching under her chest to cup one of my wife's wildly swinging tits, her face leaning toward my wife's until the two were kissing aggressively. "Oh fuck! Gonna come!" my wife cried, breaking the kiss. I could feel her pussy start to clench on me as the shudders raced up her legs and arms, finally bringing her whole body to shake in a massive orgasm that I'd only seen a few times since we were married. Her pussy gushed juices out around my cock, drenching me until her cum was running down my legs like water. She lay over the back of the sofa, trembling and shaking, gasping for breath as she climaxed around my still sliding cock. "Okay. Stop." she panted, reaching behind her to push me away. "You have another pussy to fuck yet."

"Definitely!" Amanda answered as I pulled out of my wife and stepped over to her. I pushed my woman cum covered dick into Amanda and started stroking into her, driving deep into her with each stroke until my thighs slapped against her bare ass. My wife pushed up off of the sofa and reached over, undoing the two straps that held the outfit on Amanda, coaxing the material off her body and down her legs without me having to stop fucking her. The three of us now were completely naked as my wife stepped around the sofa and lay down on it. I saw her lift her head and grasp one of Amanda's swinging tits and guide it toward her mouth, sucking Amanda's nipple deeply, and drawing a loud moan of pleasure from her. "Oh fuck. Ohhhhh my god yes," Amanda moaned as I pounded into her. I saw in the reflection that my wife had wormed one hand up between the sofa and Amanda's body, working to where she could rub Amanda's clit while I pounded her from behind.

"OH FUCK! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!" Amanda cried as my wife found the sweet spot she had been aiming for. "OHMYGOD! I'M COOOOOOOMMMMINNNNNNG!" she screamed into the room as her whole body dissolved into shudders and trembles. I could feel her pussy clenching and tightening around me as I pumped in and out of her. 

"Oh god," I groaned, looking down at my wife, no longer holding Amanda's swinging tit, but still trying to capture her nipple with her mouth as her hand stroked her own pussy, her legs spread wide, one foot on the floor and the other hooked over the back of the sofa. The sight of the two women was more than I could take and that familiar sensation washed across me. My body jerked hard, driving into Amanda as my cock pumped a gush of hot cum into her again, for the second time that night. I stood there, my body jerking and spasming as I emptied a good half dozen shots into her pussy. 

My wife pushed herself up from the sofa and stepped around behind it to stand beside me. She stroked her fingers up and down my chest and gently kissed my cheek. "Amanda says I'm a lucky woman. That my husband is one hell of a hot, sexy stud. I'm inclined to agree," she whispered as she eased me back to pull from Amanda's pussy. "I have to say that you looked pretty fucking hot pounding into me, even though it wasn't me. Not too many women get the chance to see what they look like getting fucked by their man."

"And not too many sisters have a sister like you Eve. I never in a thousand years would have had the chance to experience the kind of sex you've been telling me about all these years if it wasn't for this. Thank you, to both of you," Amanda said, stepping against the two of us unto a three way hug, two sets of soft tits pressing against my chest. 

"Night's not over yet," my wife said. "This was your Christmas present from me," she said to me. "A fantasy most men have but can never enjoy. I want you to enjoy this. You have the two of us until morning. Now that you've unwrapped your present, feel free to play with it, us, any way you want," she whispered, giving me a kiss. 

Amanda waited for my wife to finish kissing me and then turned my face to hers. "Merry Christmas Scott. And I hope many more to come," she said softly before pressing her lips to mine. "Now. Where should we go next?"

"I think the bedroom. I'm guessing that things might be a bit more comfortable, there. Besides, we don't want to leave too many cum stains on the sofa with the girls coming tomorrow," my wife said with a grin. "We do have until about ten tomorrow morning, don't we lover?" she asked me.

"Uh huh," I agreed as my wife pulled me toward the doorway on the way to the bedroom. I wondered how many three-way fantasies I could manage to squeeze in between now and tomorrow morning. Not that I had to, the one that had already been fulfilled was more than enough for one Christmas!

"You know lover. I was thinking, maybe Amanda would want to come on vacation with us this summer? Might be fun to have some company when we go up north camping, right?" my wife said as she led us down the hallway, leaving me in stunned silence at the implication.