"Stories 18+" Unwanted

Stories 18+ Unwanted
Lyle Conner lived in a little rundown town, in a little grey house, in an area away from everyone and everything. His sister's high pitched annoying voice rattled inside his head, 'No one wants you here, why don't you just leave! It would have been better if you weren't born.' As long as he could remember she told him once if not more every single day until he finally took the hint. His mother didn't care she had even joined in on occasion when she wasn't in her bed servicing whomever was the favor of the day. His two sisters soon followed suit after their mother. He lost count of the number of men he had caught trying to sneak out of his childhood home.

Not that Lyle cared they could have stayed for all he cared. During his highschool years he worked once the school day was done and on the weekends. He did whatever he could to save and save that he did. Once highschool was over he was gone slipping away in the middle of the night. He left no address, no phone number, no other means of reaching him. All his childhood they made his life hell. Lyle saw no need to inform his family that he was leaving, though in truth, he doubted they cared. Doing an internet search for the most remote rural town on the east coast as he sat at the bus stop. He didn't care about money, his family never saw fit to provide him the things that made people materialistic. His mother only gave him the minimum so child services wouldn't pay her a visit. Whatever money she had to spare always went to his sisters. Lyle was only an after thought.

Three days it took to transverse across the country to the town he had chosen to be free from his family or so he thought. Where he hoped he could find a nice paying job, and a place that actually felt like a home. The first few days into his escape from his prison his family bombarded his phone. Asking where he was, why did he leave, where was the money he should have left for food? Lyle just smile at the screen before his phone fell into the trash. A new life awaited him one that didn't require old bitchy relatives.

Lyle rolled over in his full size bed as he reminisce about what brought him to that town. Five years he had worked in that slow, homily town. Ever since he had arrived he was always welcomed with warm smiles and kind eyes. While his two bedroom one bath house might not be anyone's paradise, yet to him the hell he went through his home felt like heaven to him. That was until his house line rung on the nightstand beside him. Lyle knew only one person had his home number, and that was his grandfather. He wouldn't have called unless it was important. Lyle's grandfather wanted to allow him to be on his own as much as possible. Yet he did check-in every Sunday to see how his life was going. Yet he never once told his mother and sisters were he had moved to. For that Lyle would be forever grateful to him.

"Hello grandpa," Lyle said groggily into his phone.

"I need you to come home Lyle. You're grandmother isn't doing so good, and I could use a hand a hand around the house."

"What?! What happened?" Lyle asked throwing his covers off bolting upright in his bed.

"She fell in the shower bumped her head pretty good, I'm thankful that nothing was broken, but she'll be in the hospital for a few days for observation. So I was hoping you could come home and help get the house ready and do a little work around here while I take care of her. Two weeks at most is all I ask Lyle."

"Of course, grandpa! Just let me call my work and I'll get on the first plane there," Lyle said looking around for his suitcase.

"Thank you," Lyle could hear the relief in his voice, "Let me know when your flight leaves and I'll make sure to pick you up."

"Sure thing," Lyle said hanging up his phone after they said their goodbyes. He had been saving his vacation days since he never went anywhere. So when he called in to his boss. He was all the more willing and understanding as to why he needed the month off. He wanted to make sure that his grandmother was at least better if not healed before he came back home. However, he just didn't know how he was going to avoid his mother and sisters. Lyle never asked about them when he and his grandparents spoke every weekend. So he didn't know if they were still living in that town or not he so hoped they didn't. Making his last rounds around his home making sure everything was locked up as his cab pulled up to the curb.

Lyle saw his grandfather first pacing outside of the security gate then he saw her. His mother. Instantly, he felt his hatred flare. Lyle was tempted to turn back around and board the plane and head home. Yet he had given his word to his grandfather, and Lyle was a man of his word.

"I'm sorry Lyle. Once she learned I was coming to the airport she put two and two together," his grandfather said hanging his head.

"Why should you keep him secret from me. His mother!"

"Because I told him to," Lyle sneered at his mother, "You ever think why you haven't heard a word from me in five years," he said spitefully moving pass her hugging his grandfather. "Hows grandma? Is she doing better?" Lyle said ignoring his mother straightening out the strap of his bag.

"I don't know yet, they were taking her for an MRI when I came to get you," Brad said placing a hand on his grandson's shoulder.

"Well, you drop me off at your place and tell me what you need done and you get back to grandma," Lyle said feeling his mother's eyes burning holes into his back.

"Then I'll help you, Lyle," Marsha said moving up to his side. Lyle eyed his mother out the corner of his eye. She had cleaned up since the last time he saw her. He guessed taking every man in town to her bed had kept her fit.

"Hmph. Whatever," Lyle said brushing her off. Which to his ever enjoyment irked her to no end. He knew since she thought that since she had a body all the men in town were falling over to get that he -- her son -- would be enamored by it as well.

"Right now all I need you to do for now Lyle is split the logs that's been piling up since my gas powered splitter broke down. I'm to old to split all those logs myself," Brad said pulling into the gravel roundabout driveway.

"Sure thing," Lyle said grabbing his bag, "Do you want me to pigpen them too?"

"If you don't mind, and put the tarp over them since they're calling for rain later today," Brad said looking back at him.

"Don't worry about it I'll get it sorted for you," Lyle said smiling warmly at the one man he cared about in his family. Lyle whistled as he saw the task that awaited him. He knew his grandfather would burn through the entire stack that rose to chest high during the harsh winters. Not that he could blame his grandfather for staying in that northern most climate it was a beautiful country. It was the reason he had chosen to live in the mountains when he left home. It was the only place that reminded him of this place as he looked out upon those towering shadows in the far distance. However, it was summer and even that far north it could get rather hot in the daytime and chilly at night. So when Lyle's axe split his seventh log his shirt was showing the signs of the laborious work. Over the five years away working in the lumber mill Lyle's chest had filled out. So when his mother stood in the doorway of the basement sliding glass doorway. He didn't hear her curse as his shirt rose up his chest.

"Oh my! Fuck, when he get those!" Marsha cooed her eyes running down her son's scalped chest, as she held the the cool glasses of lemonade. "Lyle!" she called out as the door slid open. She watched as each muscle moved on it's own as the axe arched through the air. "I brought you something to drink," Marsha said hold out his drink for him. Lodging the axe head into the splitting stump before he reached out for his glass. Lyle stood with his back to her as his hazel eyes gazed out upon the landscape. He turned his head as he heard car doors slamming shut on the other side of the house.

"Mom!" Lyle scowled as he heard the voice of his eldest sister. "Mom!" Lyle huffed as he set down his glass he didn't see why now they cared they never have before when it came to their grandparents. The last he remembered they were to busy spreading their legs like their mother to notice them.

"Back here Darcie!" Marsha said walking towards the carport.

"So where is he?" Luice asked her aulburn hair held in a high bun due to her work at the local diner.

"Yeah, where's Lyle and who's that?" Darcie asked licking her lips as her eyes ran down the strangers muscular back.

"Right there," Marsha said pointing at Lyle as he placed another log on the stump.

"You're fucking with me that's can't be Lyle," Lucie said dumbfounded, "He's was a skiny brat when he ran away."

"I didn't run away that would imply I had a place to call home. You all made it a prison. So unlike you I took charge of my life and got the hell away from you," Lyle spat as he looked back at them. Luice and Darcie both gasped as their eyes ran down his chest. "So if you came here out of some twisted sense of family obligation. Thinking we'd get together and smile and drink tea. You can shove that somewhere I don't want to touch."

"I can still kic..." Darcie stopped in her tracks at his smirk and the strange ominous glint in his eye.

"Why don't the two of you go get mom's room sorted for when she comes home," Marsha said trying to quiet her daughters' anger, "Lyle, you may not like us, but we are still family," she said as the half log split into quarters.

"The moment we're family is the moment you all get down on your knees and suck me off like you've done for every man in town." The slap that followed echoed across the land as he turned to look at her.

"You. Do. Not. Speak. To. Me. Like. That!" Marsha said her chest swelled with her rage.

"Oh, am I suppose to pay you first before..." Lyle staggered to his right as his mother's fist landed on his jaw. Lyly didn't know his mother could throw a punch that well. "Oh, did I touch a nerve," Lyle said dodging another punch.

"I am not a proustite!" Marsha growled angrily.

"Oh, is that so," Lyle said wondering if he kept on if they would flee the house and leave him in peace. "Then why was it I saw every Tom, Dick and Harry fleeing our home, hmm? I know it wasn't for your baked goods." Marsha shoved him and shoved him until his back was forced up against the dried aged wood pile.

"You listen here!" Marsha said poking him in his taut pectoral muscle. She wouldn't admit it then but she could feel her slickness growing. "I am your mother you will speak in a pleasant manner or not at all. Mom, has had it rough the last few years and I don't need you adding to her stress."

"I always speak to grandma sweetly. Do you ever wonder why she never spoke to you about me? That she would keep my location secret from his own mother, hmm? They know about your and their assorted affairs with every man here. So don't speak to me as if you have some moral high ground with me," Lyle said brushing off her hand, "So unless you know," he said his eyes dipping down to his waist. "Then I think we have nothing more to say to one another."

"You can't be serious!" Marsha said aghast, yet the thought was so sinful it wouldn't leave her mind.

"Do or don't I don't care. I got work to do and you're slowing me down." Marsha looked deeply into her son's eyes seeing the seriousness of his words.

"You're not joking," Marsha said astonished that he would even think of a thing, "To feel my lips wrapped around your hard cock, is that what you want son?"

"Like I've said I don't care what you do Marsha," Lyle said his nose milometers away from hers, "Get to sucking or go bother your other children."

"Hmph!" Marsha snorted spinning on her heel marching towards her parents house.

"Good riddance," Lyle said loud enough for his mother to hear. Her auburn hair whipped to the side as her head snapped towards him. Her blue eyes narrowing as he shooed her off. She has never been spoken to so rudely before, to have her own son speak so ill of her. Then what if she did what he had suggested. Then he would have to speak more friendly to her wouldn't he? She may have done some things in his youth she wasn't about to suck her son off. She wasn't that horny to taste his manhood.

"You know," Marsha said as the split pieces of wood flew off the stump, "I don't suck tiny cocks like you got stuffed in those pants."

"Oh, is that what you think," Lyle said, "You'd be surprise by the monster I have," he said ominously with a smirk as he looked at his mother. How he took delight as she struggled to speak. "Now leave you're wasting daylight," Lyle said setting another log onto the stump.

Lyle breathed heavily as he looked at the wood pile, smiling to himself when he had worked through half of the logs his grandfather had cut. His chest and back glistened in sweat as he set about to pigpen the cut pieces of wood. As the tarp fluttered over the three towers of wood so they could dry out before being added to the main pile of seasoned wood. Glad he had got a good sold afternoon in to take care of the first hurdle. Tomorrow he knew was going to leave him sore. Unaware of the six pairs of eyes that stared down at him from the windows of the kitchen.

"You sure about this Mom?" Lucie asked unsure if what her mother had purposed was a bright idea.

"That boy has already opened the door telling me to drop and suck his cock. The audacity to think he would even suggest something like that to me! So here's what's going to happen," Marsha growled as the storm clouds rolled in.

Steam rolled over the top of the shower rail as Lyle washed himself clean of that sticky satly sweat. However, as he looked down scowling at what he was going to do with the ten inch protrusion before him. He didn't want them to think he was doing something in the bathroom. Lyle didn't want that in their minds. Yet he also didn't want them to see his tented up towel when he left the guest bathroom either. So there was only one thing he could do. Masturbate.

"Aha!" Darcie yelled surprising Lyle while her mother and Lucie stood beside her. "Dear God!"

"Holy! Fucking! Shit!" Lucie stared at her brother's cock.

"Sweet mother of Jesus!" Marsha said in awe. Well, since they thought to interrupt his shower Lyle thought it was only right they get punished for it. Turning to them Lyle smirked evilly shooting his load across his mother's and sister's chests.

"Maybe that will teach you not to intrude upon me when I'm in the shower," Lyle said snatching the curtain closed as his spunk soaked into their shirts.

"Did you see that thing?!" Lucie asked in wonder as the three of them stood in their bras in the basement wanting for the washer to stop.

"It was so big!" Darcie said drooling. Marsha didn't say a word she knew what she was going to do. She was going to suck that cock. A cock that she has never seen the likes of before. She had already contemplated on it before they surprised her son in the shower. Now it was a definite that cock would sit in her mouth, maybe she could get him to let her sit on it. Shaking her head at the thought that would probably be pushing it.

Darcie and Lucie were to caught up admiring there brother's cock to notice that Marsha had snuck up the stairs. Her 36B breasts bounced as she walked softly towards the guest bedroom Lyle had commandeered. She knew her daughters would have figured out by now where she had gotten to. She didn't care she wanted that cock. Lyle turned arcing an eyebrow as his mother opened his door. Marsha didn't say a word as the door closed behind her. Marsha placed a finger on her son's lips as she sank down the length of his naked body. Marsha glanced up at her son hating that smirk on his lips.

"If I do this you'll speak kinder to me, yes?" Marsha said staring at her son's soft cock.

"If you're asking if I won't call you a whore, then yes," Lyle said his eyes flashed devilishly, "But that is the extent of it, so it's your choice Marsha to suck or not to suck," he said standing there tossing his damp towel onto the bed.

"What of your sisters?"

"The same thing applies to them," Lyle said wishing to get this over with, "Well, it's not going to suck itself."

"Fine, no more of this calling me a proustite," Marsha said reaching out grasping his cock. She could feel her heart in her throat. She didn't know where Lyle got such a big cock from, seeing how she couldn't remember who his father was. Actually, she couldn't remember who the father of each of her children were. Yet she would have remembered sleeping with someone with such a large tool. No matter how many men she had took to her bed. Marsha fought herself from salivating as his cock heated open in her hand. She licked her lips as his crown near her awaiting mouth. Her tongue twirled around his soft rod as her head rocked back and forth. Slowly, her son's cock started to grow in her mouth. Marsha had to place her hands on his hips to steady herself as that ten inch rod fully extended itself. 'God! This cock, I fucking love it!', she thought to herself as it poked the back of her throat. Marsha glanced down as three inch had remained untouched by her mouth. How she wanted those last three inches down her throat, yet she was never a good deepthroater. Whenever she tried her gag reflex kicked in, however, that was with a dildo not a lovely cock like Lyle's. "So... how is your mother's blow job?" Marsha asked looking up at him as she licked up the back of his cock.

"I've had better," Lyle said shrugging his shoulders. He knew it would piss her off.

"If I get you off, then you have to fuck me," Marsha said narrowing her eyes. She could already feel her soaked panties saturating her pants. "And you'll have to call me Mom. I don't like how you say my name."

"Oh, since when has this been open to negotiation?"

"Since I have your cock in my mouth, and I'll bite the damn thing off! However, you could just agree and fuck me and be done with it," Marsha growled she desperately wanted to feel that cock deep within her cunt.

"Or not," Lyle said slipping his cock out of his mother's grip, "However, you did suck it so I keep my word," he said wiping her saliva off of his appendage.

"No!" Marsha said rushing to her feet and pushing her son backwards onto the bed, "I'm going to get you off!" she said causing Lyle to arch an eyebrow at her eagerness. She didn't give her son a chance to object as she swallowed his root. It was true what he had said about her, she had mostly slept her way through the town; and she wasn't about to allow this chance to ride such a rarity to pass her by. She didn't care if they were related it wasn't like she could get pregnant anymore. She had that taken care of that when she had Lyle. Marsha knew he was lying about her blow job. She could feel his cock twitching ready to release his load. Her blue eyes flashed hungrily knowing she was going to taste a man's cum for the first time in five years. Since word had spread about her reputation she hasn't had a partner since Lyle moved away. It was the same with her daughters. Marsha wasn't about to allow his cock to get away from her. "Mmm!" Marsha moaned around his shaft as his seed flooded her mouth.

"Mom!" Lucie cried out holding Marsha's shirt in her hand. How her jealousy roared as her brother's big thick cock left her mother's lips. Luice growled as she saw the drop of cum hanging off the corner of Marsha's lip.

"Lucie!" Marsha raced down the hall after her daughter the taste of her son's sperm still on her tongue.

"You fucking sucked his cock Mom!" Lyle heard his sister scream from the other side of the house.

"What! Mom, you didn't?!" Darcie's voice soon joined in. Lyle just rolled his eyes as he got dress. He honestly didn't think she'd do it in the first place. However, that didn't necessarily mean he was going to fuck her. He wasn't that desperate for sex. Yet a depraved, evil, conniving thought crossed his mind. What if he could get her to beg for it? To practically throw herself at him for a chance to ride his monster. Wouldn't that be the ultimate revenge? To make his mother and sisters lust after his rod?

"You've both have seen it I'm not..." Lyle chuckled as his mother's voice dipped to low for him to hear as his shirt slid down his chest. He so was going to enjoy this. As he contemplated on how to go about this. Lyle heard the house phone ring at the other end of the hallway.

"Lyle! Grandpa, wants to talk with you," Lucie's voice echoed down the corridor as he heard her walking down the hallway with the cordless handset. "Can I come in?" Lucie asked softly knowing on the door.

"Hey Grandpa," Lyle said taking the phone from Lucie who shadowed his every move.

"Hey boy," Lyle smiled at the nickname his grandfather had given him when he was seven, "How is the wood pile looking?"

"Oh, about halfway done should have it done in a day or two depends on how long it rains. How's grandma doing? Did the MRI show anything?" Lyle asked peering over his shoulder seeing his sister standing far to close for his liking.

"That's why I'm calling. She has a blood clot in her brain the doctors are going to operate on it in the next few days if the drugs don't dissolve it by then. You don't mind staying there by yourself? It wouldn't feel right leaving her here alone."

"Of course not. You just tell me what needs done and I'll see if I can get most of it done by the time the two of you get home," Lyle said his muscles tensing up as he felt his sister's hand on his ass.

"You're a good son you know that."

"Well, you two are good parents," Lyle said lovingly to his grandfather. Nodding as Brad listed off the things that needed to get done before end of their short summer ended, and it grew to cold to work long hours outside. All the while he felt Lucie's hand slip around his waist running along his stomach seeking to slip into his pants before being smacked.

"Owie!" Lucie said in a child-like voice as she shook her hand, "Why did you do that for!" she pouted as Lyle put his fingers to his lips.

"Oh, and Lyle?"

"Yeah, grandpa?"

"I barbequed a boar a day before this all happened so there's plenty in the freezer if you want some and your grandmother made her sause too."

"Awesome!" Lyle said joyously. It's been to long since he had some of his grandfather's barbeque. "Okay, tell grandma I said hello when she wakes up."

"I just did, she's smiling like a fool," Lyle heard Bettie's -- his grandmother -- infectious laugher. "Okay son, I'll call if anything changes."

"Now, let me see it Lyle!" Lucie said pressing herself up against her brother.


"B-but you let Mom suck you off," Lucie pouted pumping up her ruby hued lower lip. Lyle wondered if all that make-up she wore actually got her more tips at the diner she worked, and that tight fitting shirt that showed off her breasts. Though Lyle thought it had more to do with the mini skirt she was wearing.

"She did that so I'd stop calling her a whore to her face," Lyle said, everytime he tried to move around her his sister blocked him and he was rather hungry, "So do you want me to stop calling you a whore too?" Lyle was going to have to be faster to dodge their slaps or his face was going to be covered in bruises by the time he went home. "You know Marsha marched off too, but she did drop to her knees," Lyle said wickedly as Lucie stalked angrily towards the door.

"So Lyle what did Dad want?" Marsha asked as he entered the kitchen.

"Grandma, has a blood clot on her brain so he's going to be staying there until it pass or until they have to operate," Lyle said as he opened the freezer. His eyes falling of the gallon filled zip lock bags that filled up the freezer. Even in the cold he could smell the delicious smoke his grandfather used to smoke the wild pig. Yet he didn't see the shared looks the three women shared between them as he looked for his grandmother's famous sauce.

"Lyle, does that mean you'll be here all alone until then," Marsha asked walking up to him tapping his shoulder pointing to the masonry jar on the door shelve. Her mother had taken to making large batches and canning it so her father and whomever was over would always have some of her famous sauce. Yet as Lyle turned around his mother stood far to close to his liking.

"Yeah," Lyle said, "Unless they're ghost here."

"Well, we'll be back," Darcie said nodding to Lucie, "These work clothes are killing me," she said offhandedly getting up from her seat. Lucie cast her brother a look before slipping out the door behind her older sister.

"Here. Let me help you Lyle," Marsha said sweetly her hand brushing along his rod as she turned. Standing on her tiptoes (not that she had to she just wanted to show off her ass to her son), opening the cabinet grabbing the beige microwavable bowl. "Here," Marsha said bashfully, "So how's your life been for the past five years?" she asked as she stood against the counter behind him as she watched her son preparing his meal.

"Great! Now that I don't constantly have what money I make stolen out from under me, just to support your and their nighttime activities," Lyle said as nicely as he could, while his fingers drummed waiting on the microwave to stop. He could feel his mouth watering at the smell of that succulent barbeque filled the air. His stomach rumbled announcing it to longed to taste that juicy boar.

"So where actually do you call home now?" Marsha asked over the beeping of the microwave.

"Somewhere far from here," Lyle said. He so wasn't about to tell her that.

"Well, do you have a girlfriend or fiancée? I mean I would like to know if I have a grandchild or not. Don't you think I deserve to know at least that?" Marsha asked.

"What makes you think I would tell you if I had a child or not?" Lyle asked darkly, "Do you think that I would subject my child to you or them?" he asked he didn't but the fact remained the only ones he would tell were his grandparents.

"Please Lyle, can't we at least speak civilly with one another?" Marsha pleaded.

"I thought I was," Lyle said drizzling the barbeque sauce over his two sandwiches. "Now where are... aha!" he said grinning happily at the bag of chips that he couldn't find anywhere but there.

"Well, can't you at least tell me how old he or she is?"

"I don't have a kid, Marsha," Lyle said walking across the room grabbing a clean glass. Looking out the window over the sink seeing the start of the rainstorm his grandfather had warned him about earlier that day.

"So why all that attitude if you don't have a kid, Lyle?" Marsha huffed irritably, "And I thought we agreed you would call me Mom."

"To piss you off, why else? No, that would require both parties liking the deal. I agreed to no such thing and the same goes for me fucking you," Lyle said grabbing his plate.

"We're back!" Darcie called out as Lyle washed his plate and the bowl. "Well, how do we look?" she asked.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" Lyle asked arching an eyebrow at their skimpy attire.

"Don't you dare say it!" Lucie said red faced looking away as her brother's eyes ran down her body. She and her sister had opted for loose tank tops and mini skirts that ended just below their ass cheeks. Plus the bag of clothes in the trunk of her car for the days they would have their grandparents place to themselves.

"Alright," Lyle said shrugging walking off to the basement stairs where he could relax without having to deal with his family.

"What?" Marsha said blushing as he looked back at her, "It's warm down there."

"Huh uh," Lyle said rolling his eyes. He knew she was up to something. His mother was far to quiet while he ate. Unaware that Darcie had handed her her own mini skirt.

"How about we play some pool, huh? We haven't done that since you still lived here. How about it little bro," Darcie said sashaying over to Lyle drawing his attention while their mother slipped into the laundry room. "Want to be my partner?"

"Nope," Lyle said moving off towards the recliner only to be blocked by Lucie.

"Of course, he doesn't. Not when he would rather have me as his partner," Lucie said dragging him by the hips into her, making his groin rub against her bud.

"Hardly Lucie," Marsha said standing on the landing that transected the laundry room, stairwell and the main living space of the bathroom. "He wants the best pool player here and that's me," she said cocking out her hip.

"Fine!" Luice pouted, "We get first break then."

"Hey now! I haven't said I'm playing," Lyle growled annoyingly.

"Oh, I think you will Lyle," Marsha said swaying her hips as she approached his side, "There are three of us and one of you. Even if you have those hard earn muscles," she said running her hand along his chest. "You can't overpower three women standing this close to you. So drop the attitude and come enjoy the game with us," Marsha whispered wantonly into his ear.

"You won't regret it," Darcie whispered hungrily into his ear.

"I already do," Lyle sighed.

"Good. Then we can get started," Lucie said dragging her brother by his pants towards the cue rack. "Which one do you want? I already know which one I want," she said hungrily grabbing Lyle's jewels.

"That's not a proper cue for you Lucie, but one perfectly suited for me," Darcie said batting her sister's hand away getting her own feel of her brother.

"Says you! I know that fat cock will fit nicely in my mouth or cunt," Lucie said standing on her toes her lips brushing against his as she stared into his eyes.

"Hmph! Not going to happen Lucie," Lyle said reaching for the cue he had used for most of his life.

"Of course not! Not when he enjoy my blow job," Marsha said nodding as Lyle moved across the room, "He's agreed to fuck me first so no more arguing."

"I have not! You just wish I let you ride the monster," Lyle said chumming the waters, "You only sucked me off so I'd stop calling a you know what."

"What now?" Darcie asked as her mother stared at Lyle as he leaned against the load bearing post. Her green eyes went wide as Lucie whispered in her ear. "You didn't!"

"What? You act like that I'm going to call you one," Lyle said glancing up as he chalked his cue.

"Well, then shall we play," Lucie said racking the balls in the shape of a diamond for a game of nine ball.

"I'll break," Darcie said walking to the head of the table, "You're okay with that right sis?"

"Mmmhmm," Lucie said leaning over the table knowing how her tank top fell open letting her brother see her bra less breasts.

"Well then, how about we spice this game up then?" Marsha asked walking around her eldest daughter to stand in front of her son, "How about we play strip pool? The losers have to take off a piece of clothing each. I'm sure you won't mind that Lyle? Seeing how you won't get hard seeing us naked, hmm?" Marsha asked turning around rubbing her ass against his groin as she peered behind her. "Don't you like that ass baby? Feel how soft it is rubbing against that cock," she purred, "Why don't you just take it out and slip it into my hot cunt," Marsha whispered sensuously.

"Mom, I think he wants someone a little bit younger," Darcie smirked as she leaned over the pool table making her short skirt ride up her ass. Showing off her taut ass to her brother. "I'm sure he'll like a twenty-nine-year old pussy better then a forty-five one," Darcie smirked as the cue ball rushed forward striking the balls perfectly causing six of them to be pocketed, "Well, it seems we're going to win this match," she said noticing how the cue ball rolled to a stop in front of Lyle. Darcie glanced at her sister evilly.

"My turn," Lucie giggled as she walked around the table, "Shoo!" she said waving her mother away. "Going somewhere?" Lucie asked the but end of her cue striking the pillar stopping Lyle from moving, "Good," she said her eyes flashing hungrily. "Get ready to lose little brother," Lucie said, bending over showing of her naked snatch to Lyle before leaning back pressing her ass against him, "Nine ball corner pocket," she said, lightly striking the cue ball hitting the side of the four ball before knocking the nine ball into the pocket. "So how does that pussy heat feel like Lyle?" Luice asked over her shoulder smiling wickedly, "Well strip!"

"I guess we need to show our brother that he's not going to win a game," Darcie said glancing over at their mother as she tossed her shirt on the couch, "Though I think we need to let them win once or twice we don't want to see Mom naked," she whispered into her sister's ear.

Lucie shook her head as Lyle's socks went flying across the room, "No, I don't care if Mom is naked I want to see Lyle," she whispered directing Darcie to rack as she took up the position at the head of the table. "Lyle, brother, are you ready to get naked?" Lucie asked with a smirk. Lyle didn't know it, but since his departure and the lack of entrainment within the town. If it wasn't drinking, fucking or working there really wasn't much to do in that northernmost town. So since most of the towns men had shunned them she and her sister and mother had spent the past five years shooting pool in their grandparents basement. "Well?" Lucie said standing there smugly as she had cleared the table in one shot.

"Lyle, you can look if you want," Marsha said unhooking her bra.

"No, no, not that," Darcie said in a tsk tsk voice, "Lose those," she said sucking her lip pointing at his pants.

"Wait, isn't it my decision on which piece of clothing I take off?" Lyle asked standing defiant.

"Not in this game," Marsha said shaking her head she too wanted those pants off, "The winners get to chose."

"I refuse," Lyle said crossing his arms. He was going to do it he was just going to make them work for it.

"Then it's two pieces of clothing if you don't follow what the winner says," Lucie said lustfully stalking towards him.

"Fine!" Lyle said feigning his annoyance. So far they were falling perfectly into his plan. It was plain as day they wanted to fuck him. He wonder how long he could string them along. "There happy," Lyle said tossing his pants onto the recliner.

"Oh yes," Darcie said noticing her brother's bulge in it's soft state.

"Lyle? How can you wear underwear with that beast?" Lucie asked licking her chops racking the balls for another set. She wanted to see it again and she knew she could get it hard. Then it was a matter of an accidental thrust backwards to send his cock deep inside her.

"Easy," Lyle said reaching down as Darcie peered at him posed ready to break another set, "I just do this," he said looking directly at his eldest sister as he moved his cock to the inner thigh of his right leg. "Oh, that's a penalty," Lyle said smiling wickedly as the tip of Darcie's cue struck the corner of cue ball, "Our turn," he said shooing his sister off.

"Lyle?" Marsha cooed sweetly, "Would you like for me to break?" she asked seeing the uncertainty in his eyes. "I'll promise to win if you'll let me touch it," Marsha whispered wantonly into his ear as she pressed her chest into him.

"Fine," Lyle said moving off to the side which caused his sisters to swarm to his side.

"Lyle," Darcie's hot breath flowed over his skin as her nose nuzzled his neck, "I'll suck that cock if you want. I'll do it right here just to show you I can do it better."

"No! He'll let me do it before you," Lucie said jerking him away from her sister, "You liked how my pussy felt didn't you?" she asked pressing her breasts against him.

"You're going to lose," Lyle said pointing to the table noticing how only the nine ball remained.

"Lyle, sweetheart did you like how my breasts dangled over the table?" Marsha asked chalking up her cue while her eyes dipped low.

"For a woman your age they're rather firm," Lyle said studying the table, calculating his shot he wasn't about to lose.

"Oh, is that so," Marsha said moving up to his side reaching down her fingers running over his tool, "Then maybe you'll like to use them with that cock of yours?" she asked flashing her daughters a smile at their upturned faces.

"Nine ball side pocket," Lyle said watched as Darcie jumped as the ball struck the back of the pocket forcefully, "Loose the tops," he said looking down at his mother's hand. "Dont you think you've touched it enough?"

"Nope!" Marsha said shaking her head vehemently.

"I think you have," Darcie said her 38C breasts bouncing as she cocked out her hip. Her moan rippled through her mind as she saw her brother root growing. "Well, come on and rack I want to win this thing."

"Want me to break or rack?" Marsha asked breathing heavily into his ear as his rod grew against her palm.

"Break," Lyle said walking to the ball return of the pool table. He knew must tables aren't like his grandparents these days, yet the table was older then his own mother was.

"Oh, do you like it when she touches you little brother?" Darcie asked reaching around grasping his semi awoken tool, "Or do you like it when your older sister does it, hmm?" she asked lustfully tugging on his earlobe as she stroked her brother as he fought to properly a line the balls.

"No fair!" Lucie said her 32D breasts jiggled as she crossed her arms, "Lyle, why can't I touch it?" she pouted sticking out her lower lip.

"Fine," Lyle said, in a long drawn out sigh letting his sister think she had won, "Well, go on touch," he said, hanging up the rack as his nearly hard rod strained against the cotton fabric of his underwear.

"Oh Lyle, doesn't it hurt?" Lucie cooed as her hand traveled down the length of his shaft.

"A little bit," Lyle admitted.

"Baby I'll..." Marsha begun to say out to be cut to the core by her daughter's cold stare.

"You've already sucked him off," Lucie said feeling a wet spot form as her brother's pre-cum oozed out, "Let someone else have a taste," she said, wetting her thumb in her brother's cum before cleaning it off. "Well, how about we just slip it out that way you won't think we're trying to win," Lucie said slipping her hand through the slit, "See now isn't that better? You don't have to be in pain anymore," she said staring hungrily at Lyle's cock.

"Oh, my shot," Lyle said, trying not to notice how his cock was bouncing every which way as he walked. This certainly wasn't what he had in mind when he thought up this plan of his, yet it was getting results and that's all that mattered to him.

"Lyle, baby, you know if you sink this shot we win right," Marsha whispered her lips brushing her ear, "The only thing the girls have left is their skirts. Wouldn't you like to see their cute little cunts? Since they only want to watch you parade around with your cock out. They have no wish for you to see them naked. They think you'll faltered and be stripped naked. I, however, will let you see my pussy as much as you want sweetheart. You can even bend me over right here after we win and fuck me with that cock," Marsha said reaching out stroking her son's cock as coating her fingers in his pre-cum causing Lyle to hit the cue ball to hard and earn a scratch.

"You did that on purpose," Lyle said looking over at his mother.

"What?! Who me? I would never!" Marsha said feigning innocence, while she licked her fingers clean.

"This game is good as ours," Darcie said plucking the cue ball out of the return tray and winking at her mother.''

"Lyle," Lucie said walking bashfully up to his side as he stared angrily at their mother, "If you want to see me naked all you have to do is ask," she said shyly before dashing away.

"So little brother you ready to lose those shorts?" Darcie asked as she lined up for her shot. Lyle hanged his head playing along letting them think they had control. Yet smiling inwardly knowing was all apart of the plan. He wondered how they were going to react once he blows them off for a week. How long before they come running to him begging for just a peak? "Well, drop them," Darcie said smugly. As Lyle bent down to pluck his underwear off the floor he was met with an eyeful of his mother's wet cunt.

"How does it look? Something you want to fuck, hmm?" Marsha purred running her finger through her moist labia.

"Nope," Lyle said tossing his underwear on top of his pants.

"Oh, don't feel so bad Lyle, we have been down here almost everyday," Darcie said, winking at him as her nipples brushing against tops of the Ballard balls, "Mmm," she said shuddering placing her hands over her areolas. "Lyle, my breasts are cold, why don't you come here warm them up?"

"No, your hands are doing a pretty good job by themselves," Lyle said watching Lucie's breasts sway as she looked down the length of her cue.

"I wasn't asking!" Darcie said wrenching his head around burying it in the clevage of her heavenly orbs. She couldn't resist the urge as cock poked her belly. She wouldn't put it in no she wanted him to break and give into her. Smirking wickedly at her mother and sister as her honey dew laden lips glided along his hard, hot, throbbing tool. "Oh fuck! That's a big cock! Don't you like how your sister's pussy feels?" Darcie asked as her body quaked. She grinned madly at their burning looks making them think she had actually fucking in front of them.

"You get off of him right this instant," Lucie growled tossing her cue onto the pool table, marching around shoving her sister off other brother. "No!" she screeched at the sight of his juice covered cock. "How could you Darcie!"

"What? Lyle, enjoyed having my juicy cunt wrapped around his stiff pecker, didn't you?" Darcie said winking at him as she picked up Lucie's cue.

"Here let me clean it," Lucie said swallowing his rod cleaning off her sister's juices. Yet once his tool sat in her mouth Lucie couldn't stop herself. Those blue eyes of hers like her mother's glanced up at her brother as his cock sank down her throat. She knew her mother couldn't do this. Given how all three of them had regular sex together normally all at once since no man would come to their bed. Was it her fault she liked sex? Was it her fault she liked having a cock down her throat or deep inside her? Lucie didn't think so. Yet the town they lived in enjoyed thinking sex never happened and shunned anyone with that kind of reputation. "Give it to me Lyle! Cum in my mouth like you did Mom," Lucie purred hungrily before going back to her task. God! She loved the feel of her brother's cock in her mouth. She didn't think she would and yet she did.

"Why am I the only one he hasn't came in yet," Darcie said scurrying quickly to her sister's side. Darcie and Lucie shoved each other as their hands jacked him off inadvertantly.

"What?! No! Not again!" Lucie screamed angrily as Lyle's cum sprayed across hers and Darcie's chest. "Why?! I almost had him cumming inside my mouth! You had him up your cunt! You bitch!" Lucie yelled barreling into her sister. Lyle found their tussle amusing for a moment and how they flashed their naked mounds as their legs kicked wildly. However, that was only for a moment until the novelty wore off.

"Girls! Girls! He's gone you can stop now," Marsha said.

"Do you think he bought it?" Darcie asked smiling up at her mother while Lucie sucked her breast clean.

"I don't know dear," Marsha said, keeping her annoyance at the fact that her son didn't want to fuck her. Getting to her knees savoring her son's cum that covered her daughter's breasts.

A week had passed as Lyle worked feverishly around his grandparents home to get it ready for his grandmother's return. He had visited her two days ago when the drugs finally dissolved the blood clot. His grandfather told him just a few more days and they both be back home. So he didn't have time to implement his plan as much as he would like. Yet his absence seemed to be working far better then he would have thought. He knew everything that happened in the basement was for show. Which he hoped he had used more in his favor then theirs. However, that was until he was blindsided by Darcie as he was putting away the ladder he had been using to paint the barn.

"Lyle?" Darcie said from behind her brother. She knew being this far away from the house no one would hear her. Plus Lucie was currently fucking their mother with the strap on they used on each other. So they wouldn't be missing her until they were done and everything was cleaned up.

"Yeah?" Lyle said wiping the sweat from his brow. Peering out the corner of the rag he was using noticing how she was savoring his sweat covered chest.

"Why won't you fuck me? Am I not pretty enough? I'm not willing? I'll do anything you want Lyle. I'll sit on it and spin if you asked me to. Just please, shove that beast up my wet little hole," Darcie pleaded throwing herself at her brother. She kept herself from moaning as her hands languished on his chest.

"Do you really want me to fuck you?" Lyle asked keeping his sinister smirk from his lips.

"Yes, little brother! I need to feel a man inside me again!" Darcie said wantonly.

"Alright let me go shower," Lyle said reaching for his shirt.

"No!" Darcie said reaching out taking hold of his wrist. She knew if he went back to the house Lucie and their mother would be on him. No. She couldn't have that. She need to be the one that was the first to feel a real cock, and not that fake facsimile they had been using for five years now. "No," Darcie said more gently, "I want you Lyle. Only you can quench this fire that's been building all week long," she said reaching down unbuttoning her shorts and lowering her zipper. "Feel how wet I am Lyle," Darcie said taking his left hand guiding it down to her snatch, "See? See how wet my pussy is that you could just slide right in. You don't have to eat me. If you need me to I'll gladly suck you off so you can get hard. Just fuck me senseless with that yummy cock you have here," Darcie begged her hand rubbing his crotch.

"Alright, where do you want to do this?" Lyle asked a little surprised it was Darcie that was first to break. He would've thought it would have been his mother.

"Oh, you can just fuck me right here if you like, however, how about the stable? Granddad, keeps some feed in there for the boars and moose when there in season. That way you can just bend me over or I can lay on it while you jam that cock into my wet hot cunt," Darcie purred her eyes fluttered as Lyle ran his middle finger through her lips, "Fuck! Yes, mmmhmm, right there," she moaned as two fingers slipped into her dripping canal. "Please, don't stop Lyle," Darcie moaned against his chest. Her knees going weak as his palm rubbed against her clit. "Oh God! Oh god Lyle! You're going to make me cum!" she cried out as she held onto her brother for support. Darcie bit her lower lip as her channel flood with her hot juices. She couldn't remember when the last time a man had fingered her. "I can't take it anymore! Fuck me! Fuck me hard Lyle!" Darcie said pushing her shorts and panties down to her ankles. Her hands slammed against the wood siding of the barn presenting her ass to Lyle.

"You sure you want me to do this Darcie?" Lyle asked as he unzipped his pants. Fishing out his aroused cock giving it a few strokes within view of his older sister. He could see the burning hunger in her green eyes.

"God yes Lyle! Come on and fuck me!" Darcie growled spreading her lips for him. Lyle smirked triumphantly as Darcie hanged her head. "O-oh fuck it's so big," Darcie said sucking in a breathe. Her muscles trembled as Lyle inched his cock deeper into her womanhood. "Oh fuck!" she yelp as Lyle thrust the last four inches into her. Her nails dragged down the wood siding As she felt her brother's balls slapped against her clit. "Yes! Fuck me Lyle!" Darcie howled cumming on his cock after five deep thrusts, "Please, don't stop! Fuck me until you dump all that sperm deep inside my pussy," she begged.

"Oh, you're quite vocal in your needs sis. Are you saying you want to keep fucking with this cock?"

"Mmmhmm," Darcie moaned nodding as Lyle brought her to another orgasm, yet this time her juices surged out around his cock soaking his balls as his rod glided in and out of her melting honey pot.

"Is that so, hmm? Interesting."

"Yes, Lyle, I want to be your little whore! I want you to fuck me any and every way you want whenever you want," Darcie said lustfully, as she felt her womb quivering announcing it was ready to coat her brother's cock in another layer in her hot cum.

"I see," Lyle said reaching up taking handfuls of his sister's reddish-brown hair, leaning forward pressing his lips to her ear, "Then I'm going pound this ass like I own it," he whispered evilly into her ear.

"Oh God yes!" Darcie's voice echoed out across the northern tundra landscape, "Do it! Fuck me like a whore!" she begged her eyes rolling to the back of her head as Lyle tugged on her hair, his hand holding onto her hip as Lyle propelled his cock into the depths of her womanhood. Then she felt it. Something she hasn't felt in five long years. The twitching of a cock ready to erupt. "Yes, Lyle, spill your seed in my womb! Make it know it's yours," Darcie said begging like a harlot, "Yes! I can feel it Lyle. All that hot sticky yummy cum oozing out of my womb," she said licking her lips as she felt Lyle's head slip out of her spent cunt. Lyle looked back as he climbed the hill back to his grandparents house, noticing how he had left his sister in a quivering heap with his cum still leaking out of her.

"Why do I smell sex?" Marsha asked wiggling her nose as Lyle entered the house through the kitchen door.

"The same could be asked of you," Lyle retorted noticing Marsha's reddening cheeks.

"Why do I smell Darcie's..." Lucie stopped in her tracks as she entered the kitchen. 'Well isn't that interesting', Lyle said to himself. Lucie fought through her burning embarrassment she had to know why she smelled her sister's sex. It wasn't hard for her to miss given the years they had fucked each other. "No! It can't be!" Lucie gasped as her nose ran down his chest. Wondering when Darcie had made her move. Then as if summoned by the fates the kitchen door opened behind Lyle.

"Hey," Darcie said blushing as she greeted her brother, "My pussy hasn't stopped throbbing Lyle. Can we fuck again? I know you need a shower so do I. How about we shower together, and I'll do whatever you want just so long as you fuck me again," she whispered in his ear as she wrapped herself around his arm. "I can still feel your cum leaking out," Darcie cooed pressing her lips against his shoulder, "Will you cream me again please?"

"What? Lyle you fucked her before me!" Marsha said aghast, "Darcie you've had your fun. Now it's our turn to have our own spin."

"Oh? And who do you think owns the cock you want to fuck, hmm? I'll fuck who I want when I want, not when you command it Marsha," Lyle said playing with Darcie in front of his mother.

"Okay, I understand Lyle," Marsha said her jealousy rising as she watched as Darcie melted on his fingers.

"Oh Lyle! You're going to make me cum again, and I don't know if my panties can absorb another orgasm they'll still soaked with your cum," Darcie moaned grinning madly at her mother's and Lucie's gagging mouths.

"Then take them off if they're no longer useful," Lyle said rubbing on vigorously on his sister's clit.

"Fuck Lyle!" Darcie yelled her juices overflowing her saturated panties and soaking her white shorts.

"No fair!" Lucie stomped, "Lyle, since she's already had what two orgasms..."

"Six actually," Lyle said smirking as his sister's held onto him for support. Lucie stood there mystified she knew her sister. She wasn't easy to get off. It would take her a good fifteen minutes of fucking her with the strap on to get her off just once.

"Come with me," Marsha said dragging her son behind her. Lyle grinned sinfully as Marsha led him down the hallway. "In," she said pushing her son into the guest bathroom. "Lyle, baby, please I know I'm pushy," Marsha said closing and locking the door behind her, "But that's because I'm fucking horny, and I haven't had a cock stuffing my cunt in so long," she said sashaying over to her son. Her hands running over his chest lingering on were the sweat had soaked into grey fabric of his shirt. Tracing the valleys of his well define muscles her hands comr to a rest on the waistband of his jeans. "I'm willing to suck, slurp, swallow anything your cock squirts out just fucked me like you did Darcie, okay?" Marsha asked after she and Lucie had fucked each other she didn't see a reason to put on her bra and panties again. She knew her daughters was growing tried of that rubberized cock just as she was. It wasn't stiff enough, it wasn't hot enough, and the most important thing it didn't produce delicious cum she and her daughters loved to drink down and have soiling their cunts.

"You're willing to do anything or be anything I want?" Lyle asked not stopping his mother from exploring his body, this to was apart of his plan. He had already got his sister to admit she was his little whore now it was time for his mother to do the same.

"Yes, whatever you want Lyle as long as I can fuck you and that beast," Marsha agreed.

"Then take off my shirt my mother-slut," Lyle said with a devilish smirk. Lyle saw her cheek twitch yet Marsha didn't say a word. He then directed he to continued to disrobe him. Lyle saw her nostrils flare as she scented her daughter's semi dry juices on his cock. "Would you like to suck my cock my mother-slut?" Lyle asked as he looked down at his mother.

"Yes," Marsha said hungrily.

"Then you may," Lyle said, watching as Marsha reached out as she leaned forward, taking his soft member into her hot mouth. "So how does your daughter's juices taste on my cock?"

"Delicious," Marsha said from around his cock. Lyle watched as his cock left her lips her hand working his shaft while she looked up him. "Lyle, does this mean you'll fuck me?"

"Is that what you want my mother-slut? That I bend you over and ram the cock in your hand into your wet, hungry, ravenous cunt?"

"Yes, I told you I'll do and be anything you want Lyle. I'll even put up with that name. All just so you will fuck me and fuck me like Darcie. Because I want to glow like she did. I want to cum on a cock, a real cock. I want to feel you cum shooting deep inside me. So I'll be your slut if that's what you want. So long as you give me as many orgasms as you did Darcie," Marsha said before bobbing vigorously on her son's rod, "So did you enjoy that?" she asked as she pulled away a string of saliva anchoring her to her son. Her blue eyes never leaving the hard throbbing cock before her.

"Why don't you get undressed and I'll fuck that pussy you've been throwing at me," Lyle said with a satisfied smirk as he reached in turning on the shower. He didn't think he ever seen a woman disrobe as fast as his mother did. "Turn around and bend over," Lyle commanded as his mother entered the shower. Lyle took a moment to watch as the hot water struck her back, cascading down her lower back, her ass crack then over her superheated mound. "Is this what you've been wanting?" Lyle asked as he rubbed his cock head through his mother's wet lips.

"Yes," Marsha said weakly.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you mother-slut," Lyle said feeling his mother trembling.

"Yes! I want that dick! Fuck your mother-slut!" Marsha shouted, "Oh! Aaah! Yes, fuck me Lyle!" she moaned as Lyle thrust his cock into her hard. Lyle cocked his head to the side he wasn't prepared for how tight his mother was.

"You like having your son's cock fucking you, huh?" Lyle asked pounding his mother's cunt.

"Yes! Your mother-slut loves your cock!" Marsha howled as her legs turned to jelly. She wouldn't admit it to her son she had came twice on that fat rod.

"Oh, I feel another orgasm coming on," Lyle whispered into his mother's ear. Marsha gasped in surprise she thought she had kept that well hidden. "Did you think I couldn't feel you cunt squeezing my cock every time you did? Really mother-slut," he said shaking his head, "I guess I need to fuck this pussy harder, shouldn't I?"

"Y-yes," Marsha sqeaked.

"Speak loudly and clearly," Lyle said spanking his mother's ass.

"Yes baby! Please make my pussy ache! Pound it until you dump that yummy cum into your mother-slut," Marsha said holding onto the lip of the tile to keep her body upright, "Oh God! I can't believe your cock is so big!" she said her eyes going blank her tongue flapped out as her mind went numb. Her insides melted she knew she would forever be his slut no matter how much she hated the name of mother-slut.

"I think this ass needs a good fucking too," Lyle said pressing the head of his cock against her mother's anus.

"No! You're to big! Anything but that please don't..." Marsha cried out in pain and shock as Lyle's head penetrated her ass, "Take it out! Take it out!" she pleaded with Lyle as his shaft sank deeper into ass.

"What don't like a like pain in your ass?! You've been a pain in mine for all these years," Lyle hissed only able to get eight inches into his mother's ass. Yet he wasn't prepared for how her anus gripped his cock. Then something happened as Lyle heard his mother's moans of pain slowly turn into pleasure. "Oh, does my mother-slut like having her ass fucked?!"

"Y-yes," Marsha said her voice quivering, "Just never by something so big."

"Are you ready mother-slut? I'm going to drench this ass in my cum. Wouldn't you like that? Feeling my hot load saturating your ass," Lyle grunted feeling his balls tighten.

"Please do it! I'm your cum slut, your mother-slut!"

Lyle peered at his mother in the mirror as he dried his hair. Watching as his mother rode out her aftershocks on the wet tile floor. Smirking to himself at the puddle of cum that was leaking out of her ass. Wrapping his towel around him before opening the door.

"Hello," Lyle said as Darcie stood naked in the hallway, "Were you waiting for me?"

"Yes Lyle," Darcie said. She and Lucie had both heard their mother's moans and cries of pain. How it made her cunt wetter then ever she thought it could be waiting for her change to ride her brother. "I know you just came," Darcie said looking pass him seeing her mother's protruding legs, "You don't have to do anything I'll do everything," she said, stepping closer to her brother, her hand reached out caressing his manhood through his towel. "Please Lyle," Darcie said with pleading eyes.

"So what are you?" Lyle asked with a smirk.

"I'm my brother's little whore," Darcie purred as Lyle's rod grew underneath her hand. Unaware of a sneaky pair of eyes that peered around the corner of the doorway that lead to the den. That stared hatefully at the woman that stood in front of the bathroom door. A woman that has yet to experience the pleasure she had heard emanating from the bathroom moments earlier. Her grip tightened threateningly on the door jam as her sister led her brother to the guest bedroom. Her blue eyes fell upon Lyle's ass as his towel left his hips.

"Lyle! Dinner is ready!" Marsha called out smiling at Darcie knowing that look from anywhere. She herself had worn that look for a long time after she had finally came down from the aftershocks of cumming from her ass. She could still feel her son back there. She did love being fucked in her ass, yet never by something so large. However, she couldn't stop thinking of what it would be like to feel all of her son back there.

'Why is it they gotten fucked and I haven't?' Lucie asked herself as she stared down at her empty plate. 'What was it she called herself? Her brother's little whore, was that what she had to be to get him to fuck her. If that was what it took to feel the same thing they felt. Then she too would become her brother's little whore. However, she was going to make sure she was his favorite', she thought to herself as she glanced out the corner of her eyes as Lyle entered the kitchen.

Wind howled and rattled the windows as the hour of midnight crept to ahead. A lone shadowy figure stood in the guest bedroom doorway the lightning haloing her naked body as she looked upon his sleeping form. This was it, this was finally her time to feel like a woman again. Her blue eyes fell upon his body as she slowly ease down the covers. Lucie licked her lips as her brother's naked cock greeted her. It had to be tonight. Her grandfather was bring home their grandmother in the morning, and she knew Lyle would be gone the moment he knew she was better. Lucie didn't know if or when she would get another chance.

Crawling towards her brother's manhood, Lucie's breasts swayed as her mouth watered anticipation. She prayed that Lyle wouldn't wake up just yet. Not until she was on top of him and his cock firmly planted inside of her. As the storm raged out side it gave light to her head slowly raising and lowering as she sucked off her brother. Her hand brushed along her stomach migrating down to her throbbing cunt. Her fingers rubbed vigorously through her lips to prepare herself in order to take the entirety of her brother's length.

"Now let's see if you will fit, shall we?" Lucie posing herself over his erect cock, "Mmm... oh baby brother," she cooed as her wet lips spread open allowing excess to her channel. "Fuck Lyle! I now why they're your sluts now. I have to say if it's this good now, I wonder how it feel when I do this?" Lucie asked as she rose along his length, her body shuddering as she sank down once again. "Oh God! It feels to damn good. Why must you feel so good Lyle?" she asked as she increased her pace. "Lyle, please wake up. I want you to see your slut riding this fabulous cock," Lyle pleaded slamming her hips down hoping to wake him. Unbeknownst to Lucie, Lyle had been awake since the beginning. He tried not to make a sound, yet the tightness of her folds were making it quite difficult for Lyle to remain quiet.

"H-hmm... w-whats going on?" Lyle asked feigning sleep as his sister rapidly glided along his cock.

"Your sweet sister-slut is fucking you, Lyle. It was very cruel of you to leave me for the last one to feel how awesome this cock is," Lucie purred as her sex resounded throughout the room, "God! Please let me keep fucking you," she said leaning forward her breasts pressing against his chest as her lips plucked sweetly at his. "Don't you like how your tight sister's pussy is wrapped around that rod of yours?"

"Fuck! Your tight Lucie!" Lyle groaned he didn't know how long he could keep himself from cumming.

"Am I tighter than Mom or Darcie?" Lucie asked fighting off her fifth orgasm she wanted Lyle to cum with her. She needed him to and yet she couldn't stave off the inevitable. His nod sent renewed strength to her hips. "Oh fuck! I'm cumming little brother!" Lucie howled like a demon as her womb flooded her channel.

"Lucie, have you ever been drilled pressed before?" Lyle asked with a devilish smirk.

"What now?" Lucie asked she had seen it done in pornos before, yet she didn't think it was something she would enjoy.

"Rest on your shoulders and point your ass in the air, use the side of the bed if you need to," Lyle commanded, smiling down at her as he positioned his cock at her entrance. Lucie howled in pain and pleasure as Lyle hammered his cock into her cunt. Her juices gushed out of her cunt with every thrust coating her chest in her own fluids.

"Ah, yeah, you look good like that my little slut," Lyle chuckled evilly feeling his heavy laden balls about to exploded. Lyle quickly pulled out of his sister's wet cunt, point his cock directly at her face; smirking sinfully as he watched rope after rope striking her reddish face. "Now you look like a sister-slut."