"Stories 18+" Up In the Attic

Stories 18+ Up In the Attic
My parents were away for the day. I have been wanting to go up in the attic to see what was there. I wanted to get my eighteen year old sister Chloe involved.

"Why do you want to go up there? It's just junk," she said to me.

She was probably right but I was curious. It seemed to be the perfect time now that our parents were away. I got out the ladder that my Dad used. I climbed up and pushed away the cover. I pulled myself up inside. I reached around for the light switch. I had seen my Dad flick on lights when he was up there.

I motioned for Chloe to climb the ladder and join me. She didn't want to but I kept telling her to come up. She ran and got an old blanket.

"I want something to sit on if it's all dusty up there," she said. 

I helped my sister into the attic. Thankfully it was springtime. It wasn't very hot yet. I was disappointed. It was mostly junk. Old books and magazines. There was some furniture and pictures. I wondered why my parents saved this trash. There was a mattress in the floor. I couldn't figure out how my Dad got it up there.

Chloe threw the blanket down in the mattress. She knelt down and spread herself out. I looked down at my younger sister. She had long blonde hair and a good figure. I wondered why she didn't have a boyfriend. She motioned for me to join her. I knelt down next to her.

"Can I ask you something Dean?"

I told her she could ask me anything she liked.

"Do you think I'm attractive?"

I told her yes, she was very attractive. Chloe then reach over and touched my thigh with her hand. It sent a chill through my body.

"I think about you a lot," she told me.

I didn't know quite what to say. My sister's fingers were edging closer to my crotch. I wanted to tell her to stop but I couldn't bring myself to say those words. Chloe sat up and we were face to face now. I guess we lost ourselves and we began to kiss. I reached over and touched one of my sister's breasts. I was sure that is what Chloe wanted from me.

She pulled back and removed the shirt she was wearing. She unsnapped her bra and her tits came loose. My sister had a nice handful. Her nipples were pink and they already looked hard. I leaned over and started to suck on both of them. Chloe was moaning now. I had to have more of her. I finally stood up and undressed myself. I pulled my underwear off and my cock came free.

Chloe got to her knees. She leaned in an wrapped her hands around the back of my thighs. She moved her head forward and took my shaft into her mouth. Damn, did that feel good. I watched my sister's head go bobbing up and down my rod. It wasn't very long before I was fully erect. My sister pulled back and looked up at my face.

"I need you Dean." She pleaded with me.

I got down on the mattress and pulled my sister's legs apart. I took hold of my dick and I guided it to her wet hole. I began to slide into my sister's pussy. She was very tight. I had to go slow and wiggle my cock to stretch her muscles. Chloe had this look of ecstasy on her face. 

"I've been waiting for you to make love to me," she said.

I just nodded my head. I couldn't believe we were actually fucking in our parent's house like this. I pushed Chloe's thighs forward. I began to get deeper in her pussy. My sister was whimpering and crying out. She wanted fucked in the worst way. I went faster and deeper. I soon had all eight inches of my prick inside my sister. I rested my cock inside her. I could feel her muscles spasming. 

I was deep alright. My balls were hitting my sister's bottom after each stroke. I knew she was having plenty of orgasms.

"Please Dean, fuck me as hard as you can!"

I was doing just that. The sweat was pouring from our bodies. I knew I was getting close.

"I'm close to cumming. I'm going to pull out," I told her.

"No, don't pull out. I want you to cum in me," she said.

There was no way my sister was in birth control. Here I was fucking her with my bare cock. I was dumb and I gave my sister a warm load of cum. I grunted and then shot my sticky load of cream into my sister's pussy. I think we both cried out as we orgasmed together. All I know is that I shot quite a few loads into my sister's body. She used her muscles to squeeze me dry.

I rested my cock inside my sister as we attempted to calm down. Chloe's body was shaking from the fucking she just took from me. I soon got soft and pulled out. My white seed came spilling out of my sister. She reached down with her fingers and scooped some up. She brought her fingers to her mouth and she tasted our lovemaking. 

We got ourselves together and finally got dressed. Chloe gathered up her blanket and we left the attic. We had to wash that blanket. It was stained with our love juices. We also showered together. I managed to have Chloe one more time. All that hot water got us turned on. I had Chloe place her hands on the shower wall. I got behind her and rubbed my dick up and down her crack. 

I surprised myself. I got hard once more. I fed my sister my hard dick again. It was easier this time around. Some of my cum was still inside her. I pushed my hips up into my sister. She was raising up onto her toes after each thrust. I kissed her neck as I fucked her one more time. I did give her a small amount of cum. We finished up and Chloe pushed out as much of my cream as she could. 

We dried off and got dressed. We were on the couch when my parents arrived back. My Mom asked how our day went.

"It was pretty boring,' Chloe told her.

It became more difficult for us to have sex around the house. We were tense by the time the weekend came rolling around. There is a state park a few miles from where we live. I would throw a couple of sleeping bags I have into the trunk of my car. Chloe and I would drive out there and find a secluded spot. We put the bags down and then got naked.

I would fuck my sister in the outdoors. The sun would be beating down on our naked bodies. Chloe liked to mount me and ride my cock. I could reach up and squeeze her firm tits. I know we were stupid. I never once used a rubber when we fucked. It felt too good feeling skin touching skin. Chloe said she loved my bare cock stretching her pussy walls. 

We couldn't always fuck outside. We would pool our money together and get a cheap motel room sometimes. I would have my sister get on her hands and knees. I would kneel behind her and pull on her long hair as I filled her pussy. At least we didn't have to worry about being caught or getting loud. These motels catered to lovers. We got to explore so many positions this way.

We would also lie on our sides. I would lift Chloe's leg up and then slip my dick into her waiting pussy. My sister loved taking cock from me. She is a cum freak as well. Unfortunately, it all caught up to us one day. Chloe said she missed her period. We are now discussing what to do. Should she have a baby? We are continuing fucking each other until we decide what to do.