"Stories 18+" Voluptuous sister helps younger brother to learn sex

Stories 18+ Voluptuous sister helps younger brother to learn sex
Never in her young life could Jessica have imagined being so at ease wearing nothing but lingerie in her brother's room while he was staring at her. More than just staring, he was actually studying her body in order to draw it better. In fact, she knew that he was even going to transform her image slightly: her twin brother David was in fact going to draw a nude image of her. Not that it would require of him a lot of imagination: the lingerie she had chosen today was very flimsy and mostly transparent. Yet, she felt really at ease. It had only taken three such sessions to get her to fully relax. 

The first one had been horribly stressful, though. Looking at David now, she could see that he was still flushed. She guessed that her brother was fully aware of how remarkable this situation was despite the look of concentration on his face. Jessica smiled, relaxed on his bed as he stared at her exposed body. Yet when they both heard their mother coming home unexpectedly and shouting "David! What's the meaning of this?" everything changed very quickly. 

But before we get to that, let's roll back to five days ago when all this started. When Jessica came home very late, somewhat later than her usual curfew, she planned to come in by the backdoor without making a sound. But as she rounded the corner of her house she jumped and almost cried in fright when she saw someone on the porch, a few feet away from her. She realized that it was her brother and that despite her jump, he wasn't about to laugh at her. Instead, he was crying. Jessica understood what must have happened. "Didn't win?" she asked softly, sitting next to him. 

"Nope. Not even close..." was his teary reply. 

"Really? Damn!"

"Yeah, damn. Fuck drawing. I'm done."

Jessica was surprised: drawing was David's passion. It even threatened his grades in school. He had managed to graduate anyway, but he was placing all his eggs into this drawing basket. At least until now. "What do you mean done? Done with this contest?" 

"No, done with drawing. I'm good enough, but not as good as I need to be to make a living out of it."

"Bullshit! You're more than good enough!" Jessica replied, and she meant it as well. "What was this year's subject?"

David didn't reply. After a while, he said "A game of volleyball."

"Oh. Shit."

"Yeah, shit indeed..."

David truly was a great artist despite his young age. He could draw anything from scratch with no model or photograph and it would turn out great. Anything but the human body. His males were decent, but his females were... well, let's just say that he grew up reading manga and for the last couples of years, with many of those manga being hentai. A while ago, Jessica had found a stash of his secret drawings, drawings of miraculously endowed females in various poses. Many of them included other females or miraculously endowed males in various positions. Sexual positions. 

They were stunning (even though looking at them behind his back made Jessica feel strange). The fact that they were stunning was not the problem. Well, problems, to be precise. The first problem was David's. He had done so many of them that drawing a real woman with real proportions was a challenge for him. A profound challenge. His realistic men were not so bad, but women... Ouch. And he knew it. And it frustrated him to no end. Now the contest had forced him to confront this limitation. 

The second problem was Jessica's. Despite her feelings about violating his trust by looking at his hidden drawings, she nevertheless went to his stash regularly. At first she had been drawn in, so to speak, by their beauty and quality. What she hadn't expected was that at one point she became convinced that some of the females on his pages were, in fact, her. 

Of course, she didn't have a distorted body, nor were her breasts so monstrously big. Yet her face, eye color and her hair were spot on. In some of those drawings there was a male with her in various sexual poses, but his face was always left either blank or not fully drawn. Was he drawing himself with her?

The first time she recognized herself, Jessica's first reflex had been to leave his room. But then again, she was really taken in by the magic of his talent. Gradually, she had accepted this as a strange form of compliment. From then on, she had started to see her brother differently. Despite the urban legend, they didn't share a special twin bond. They were fond of each other like some brothers and sisters were, but nothing more. After having found those drawings though, the way she had seen their relationship changed. 

They were both virgins and she knew that it was normal for boys to have feelings for just about everything they saw. And since he had never said or done something about these feelings for her in real life, she didn't feel threatened. So as the months went by, she had sometimes imagined him drawing her, his hard cock in his free hand. Once, while deep in the throes of a long masturbation session, Jessica had thought about accidentally appearing nude in front of him. More precisely: arranging to have such an accident. She had climaxed soon after, but when her head had cleared, she had laughed and realized that it wasn't a good idea. 

Still she kept going to his drawings to this day. More and more often, she found herself using his drawings as the basis for her masturbation fantasies. She would often use her dildos in place of that headless man, her brother, and she would assume the position he had drawn. 

She was fascinated by the ones depicting anal sex. Anal sex had been a part of her fantasies for a long time now, and the few times she had explored it with her dildo had left her trembling. Learning that her brother was fantasizing about the same thing, and with her... After seeing those drawings for the first time, she had pushed her dildo in her ass and the ensuing climax had left her trembling for long minutes in her bed.

But one of her absolute favorites was one where she was sucking a man's cock. And by sucking she meant deepthroating. Jessica had always been fascinated by deepthroating, and the few good videos of that strange act that she had found on the net always led to thundering orgasms. It seemed like her brother was into deepthroating as well: on one page, there were four drawings of the same girl, hentai-Jessica, taking a huge cock progressively in her mouth. The first drawing showed a cock that was at least ten inches long and by the last drawing the hentai version of her had her nose pressed against the headless man's pubes. She had often masturbated thinking about that drawing. 

Now, two days after that fateful nighttime meeting on the back porch, Jessica had an idea. It certainly was a crazy idea, but she didn't think it was too crazy. That same night, given that both their parents were gone, she knocked on her brother's bedroom door. She was extremely nervous. When David opened his door, he was frowning in puzzlement: she rarely came to his room. "What do you want?" he asked, still looking like crap from the contest. 

"I have an idea that might help you." she said. 

"With drawing?"


"I told you I'm done sis. Over, finished, finito..." he replied, closing the door. 

But she held it open. "Just hear me out." David groaned, but let her in. He sat at his desk, and her on his bed. "Listen, I know you tried everything to draw normal humans. We talked about it with mom and dad last night. But there's one thing you haven't done."

"What?" he was absentmindedly browsing the net, half listening to her. 

"Real models."

"Well I know that. But there are no art lessons in town and the big city is too far. Besides, these sessions usually involve nude models, and I don't see mom letting me stare at a nude woman all evening long."

"What if you could get a model right here?" Jessica asked, biting her lips. She suddenly realized that she was extremely nervous. She didn't even know what scared her the most: the he would accept, or that he would refuse her. 

"What do you mean? We don't have models here... And which girl would want to pose for me for hours in a bikini? All your friends hate me." he said, clearly in a self-pitying mood.

"That's not true! Mandy doesn't hate you!" Jessica replied.

He looked at her with a small smile. "Well, no, she doesn't." Mandy was madly in love with her brother, but he didn't feel anything for her. Mandy knew it, and even had had other boyfriends, but she always made sure to let him know that she was interested. It was actually quite funny. And sweet. "But I wouldn't want to ask that of her knowing how she feels..."

"What about me?" she asked suddenly. There it was, she had said it!

"Ugh? You want to ask her to do it?" 

Jessica sighed, shaking her head slightly. "No, I mean what if I were to model for you?" 

David frowned and immediately looked angry. "Please Jess... These past two days were terrible, and I'm really not in the mood for games."

"No games. Look David, I know you have enough talent to go very far. Looking at you moping around for the past two days, I tried to figure out what I could do to help. And when you talked about real models last night, it clicked." 

David was staring at her, still trying to determine if she was sincere or not. "You mean... You mean that you would really, I mean that, er..."

"Yes David. I'd be willing to pose for you in my underwear." Fuck, why had she said underwear?

"Really? You actually mean that?" David was brightening, and also blushing. 

"Why is it so hard to believe that I might want to help you out?" she asked, slightly irritated by his reaction.

"No, it's not that sis... Oh I'm sorry. I thought about this possibility, but I never even considered actually asking it of you... This is... this is great."

"You already thought about it?" Jessica asked, although she had already known. She had seen one drawing of her on his bed while he was drawing her.

"Well, yes... But why would you do that?" David asked, still puzzled by her offer.

"Think of me as an altruistic sister!" she replied, a winning smile on her face. "So if you thought about asking me, it must mean that you think I'm pretty?" Jessica asked in her highest, most girlish voice. 

And David laughed, exactly what she had wanted. "But of course! Jess! You're really pretty, and it would be an honor to have you as my model!"

Jessica was suddenly taken aback by the compliment. "Why thank—"

But he interrupted her. He got up and pulled her up into a hug. "You have no idea how happy I am about this!"

"Well, glad to hear it." she said. "I'm flattered that you think it's an honor, but it also has to be a secret."

"Of course!" he smiled, still holding her shoulders and staring at her.

"And no hentai stuff!" she added, laughing. 

"What? I don't do that!" he replied nervously. 

"Bullshit! I'm sure you have a stash of that somewhere..."

David paused, his expression more serious. "Ok, deal. No hentai stuff when you're posing for me. When do you want to start?"

"How about now? We have the house to ourselves."

Jessica laughed at his reaction. David had barely begun to process that he was going to be able to stare at her in lingerie, one of his favorite fantasies, but when he leaned that it would happen right now, he froze. His mouth fell open and his eyes darted down to her cleavage very briefly. Jessica would have given a lot to be able to know what he had felt during those few seconds of silence. He then mumbled something about having to get ready, and he asked her to come back in fifteen minutes. 

Fifteen minutes later, even though she had felt relaxed at the end of their conversation, Jessica was tremendously nervous again. She knocked on his door again. The David who answered her now was so different than the one half an hour ago that she startled. He looked better, had cleaned himself and the room up, he was standing straighter, the room was well lit, and it even smelled better! "OK, where do you want me?" Jessica asked, realizing the innuendo too late. 

David startled at her question, his eyes opening wider for a moment. He then smiled and pointed to a chair he had brought from the kitchen. "Right here. You may not know this, but modelling is hard work."

"What? Standing around doing nothing?" she asked, dubious. 

"Yes, doing nothing in the same position for a couple of hours. Much harder than you think. That's why I brought the chair. I think you'd be better on the chair, at least for this first session." 

As Jessica sat down, still wearing her bathrobe, he looked at her and said "I'm sorry if I was sceptical earlier. I was just fucked up inside and confused about this miraculous offer. Thank you sis. You really are the best."

"Well I'm happy to do it." She took a deep breath. "You want me to take my robe off?" David looked at her, opened his mouth yet nothing came out for a few seconds. "Are you nervous David?"

"Er, yep... I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I'm nervous as hell too!" they both laughed. 

"Ok, thanks for that. Shit I'm nervous!" he said, laughing still. "Yes, you can take it off."

When Jessica untied and removed her robe, standing in front of the chair, David tried not to look at her. Sitting on the comfortable chair, Jessica said "David, look at me. If you don't then we're wasting our time here!"

He smiled, then looked up. Into her eyes. "I'm sorry again... This is so utterly strange. You doing this, looking so beautiful. So sexy..." he then froze, realizing what he had said. "Oh shit I'm sorry sis... I must sound like a pervert!"

"Just relax brother... Just as I know you don't have much experience with half-dressed girls, you must know that I don't have much experience with guys telling me that I'm sexy..."

"Oh but you are... Well. Ok. Let's get to work." Jessica saw him walking around his desk and seating himself down. Looking up, he said "This is still really strange Jess. You know I'll have to look at your body..."

"Oh for the love of gods David, just stare at my tits for a while if that's what it takes to get you started!" Jessica said, laughing, while at the same time realizing how, once again, her words could have another interpretation.

But this time it worked, and David went to work. He asked her to assume a few positions before finding one he really liked. It wasn't suggestive or sexual at all, and Jessica was glad. Despite her bold words, she was still pretty nervous and still felt strange as she saw his eyes roaming all over her body. Gradually she relaxed. To her surprise she even felt, a few times, tingling sensations in her pussy as she looked at her brother staring at her. 

Some of his hidden artwork of the hentai-Jessica came back to her. She hoped that she wasn't flushing! David was red faced through most of the time he was working, and eventually Jessica realized that it wasn't because he was shy. Instead, David looked positively aroused. "Well, of course..." she thought. "What shy, virgin guy wouldn't be aroused while staring at a barely dressed good looking girl?" She refrained from smiling as to not ruin the pose. 

After an hour and a half of work, David looked up and said that they should probably stop there. When Jessica stood up and walked towards his desk to look, he was suddenly very nervous. As if he hadn't even considered that she would want to look. She was fascinated by the result. Of course it wasn't a finished work, but it was nevertheless remarkable. Grinning, she saw that her drawn breasts were significantly bigger than her real ones, but she didn't say anything. 

Her face was amazingly well drawn though. It was as if... "David, why did you spend so much time on my face?"

"Because it's a really important aspect of drawing people." he answered meekly. 

"I know that, dummy!" she replied, smiling at him. She suddenly realized that she was standing very close to him wearing only fine lingerie. "Look. I'm here to help you with the human body... You can draw my face as often as you want—"
"Oh, I know! It's just so weird to stare at your body like this... Even now, this close to you... Shit!" David suddenly stood up and moved away.

"What's wrong?" she asked, slightly annoyed. 

"Nothing!" he replied, keeping his back to her.

"Oh what the fuck David! It's not easy for me to stay there in my lingerie, but I want to help you." she walked around the desk and grabbed his shoulder to turn him around. "If you don't want to do it, or if you think my body is not beautiful enough—"

Jessica stopped talking after forcing him to turn around. Even though she was looking into his eyes, she couldn't miss the obvious erection in his pants. "Oh..." she whispered.

"Jess, it's not because I don't find you pretty enough... Quite the contrary. Oh shit, I'm sorry. This is so inappropriate! This wasn't a good idea." he finished, his head lowered. 

"Stop it David!" she said. "This doesn't change anything. In a couple of days we're going to do this again and I want you to finish this drawing even if it means that you're going to stare at my breasts, my stomach, my thighs or my panties all night long. Alright?"

David was clearly stunned, his eyes opened wide. "Ok." 

"It's settled then. Treat me like you would treat a model you don't know." 

Just before going out of his room, she added "And please don't work on it without me!" she smiled. "You already made my breasts big enough as it is!"

"What? No I didn't! I was actually extremely careful about them!" he pleaded. 

"Oh come on... My breasts are not that big, not that amazing!" Jessica grabbed the drawing and went to the bathroom. After looking at herself sideways and at the drawing, she saw that he was right. "Well I'll be..."

"I know! You have amazing breasts!" David piped in from behind her. 

Grinning and blushing, Jessica apologized. "It's my turn to be sorry. Guess I don't look at myself in the mirror often enough."

They both went back to their respective rooms and tried to go to sleep. Without either one knowing, they both spent more than a sleepless hour, thinking about what had just happened. The only thing that Jessica could easily guess was that he would masturbate himself to sleep. She was right, of course. He, on the other hand, would never have guessed that his sister would do the exact same thing. 

She hadn't been kidding when she said that she wasn't used to guys telling her that she was sexy. Sure a few guys at school had been interested in her, had wanted a date. But the feeling hadn't been mutual, and nothing happened. She was secretly jealous of two of her friends that were getting a lot of attention from the guys. So in a very strange way this unexpected erection and his obvious desire were very flattering. 

Jessica didn't quite think of her brother as she masturbated with her dildo, but she did picture that headless man in the drawings, a man that seemed to elicit very powerful emotions in the cartoon version of herself. Once again she pushed the dildo deep inside her mouth, feeling it touching the back of her mouth and pushed in a bit further, imagining that amazingly deep deepthroat drawing. As she climaxed, she kept the dildo in her mouth, deep enough to prevent her from breathing for a few seconds. She was dizzy with pleasure for a while until she fell asleep. 

Three days later, they had another night alone at home, and this time it was David who asked her. She grinned and accepted, and while she took her shower, the butterflies in her stomach returned. "Oh shut up, damn you!" she thought. "I wanna enjoy this, even though it's no more than practice for when other guys will actually be interested." She grinned in the shower, realizing that they would both use this as practice. While choosing another pair of lingerie, a bit sexier this time, Jessica decided that she would try to add a bit more sexiness in her movements. Nothing overtly sexual, just a bit more... intensity. 

Despite her trepidation, she removed her robe pretty much as soon as she arrived in her brother's room. He seemed surprised by it, but he just smiled. "A real model wouldn't mind being undressed, I guess?" she asked, tongue in cheek. 

"I don't know, but it's appreciated."

David was noticeably calmer tonight, which was a good thing. He made her take the same pose as last time, at least at first. After about half an hour, he said that he was pretty much done. Jessica got up, thought of adding a little sway in her walk and placed her hand on his shoulder as she bent to look at the drawing. His body was very hot. She was pleasantly surprised by the result, seeing definite progress and a lot more detail around her breasts as well as on her right hip and thigh. "That's fantastic David!" 

"Why thank you, my favorite model!" he replied, grinning and blushing. 

"Now, do you want me in another position?" Fuck! Again with the double-entendre! Jessica tried not to laugh as she saw that David hadn't missed it. 

"Er, well. Maybe with your back against the wall here, and your arms above your head."

"Like this?" when she positioned herself, she immediately felt that this was a rather sexier pose. Her raised arms made her torso rotate, pushing her breasts outward. At the same time, it pulled her lower back away from the wall, enhancing the curve of her ass.

"Yes. Wow. That's amazing! Could you cross your legs?"

"Like this?" When she did, Jessica suddenly felt uncomfortable and aroused at the same time. While it wasn't a lewd or explicit pose, it fully enhanced her curves. 

"Exactly. Wow again... I'm out of words, you're gorgeous!" her brother said. 

"My turn to thank you... And remember, don't hentai me!" she said, laughing. 

"Don't worry... You don't need hentai-ing in any case." he added, blushing. 

As he worked, Jessica learned that what he had said last time was true. It wasn't at all easy to remain immobile for long periods of time. She had to take breaks, during which they talked a bit more. At one point, David surprised her with a question "When you do physical activities like dancing, how much do your breasts move around in your bra?"

"What?" Jessica was stunned. 

"Er, was that too intimate? You told me to treat you like a model I didn't know... I know it's a bit strange, but if I have to draw girls moving, like playing volleyball for instance, I need to have an idea of how your breasts move..."

Jessica could see that he was red faced, and that asking this question had probably been hard. She decided to answer as truthfully as she could, which led to a twenty minute long discussion about her breasts. She could see that he was serious about it, but that it was also turning him on enormously. Especially when she moved her torso to make her breasts move, or when she squeezed them together. She was pretty sure he'd had to rearrange his erection a couple of times when he thought she wasn't looking. 

Even though they were talking about her breasts in non sexual situations, the facts that she was also maintaining a suggestive pose, was wearing lingerie, was in front of a guy who was obviously sexually aroused and that the same guy was staring at her body for long stretches of time finally began to have an effect on her own arousal. Imagining her brother's erection behind his desk and seeing him look at her offered breasts increased her own body's temperature.

To clear her head, she declared that it was time for a pause and let herself fall on his bed to relax her legs and arms. Then she became aware that she was wearing lingerie and that she was lying on her back on her brother's bed. And that he was probably having an erection right now. Maybe not the best idea in the world. But done was done, and she couldn't get up now. Instead she went with it and stretched out fully on his bed, grunting with the effort. When she opened her eyes, she saw that David was looking at her. "Wow... Next time we'll do a pose on the bed." Jessica simply grinned and felt like a cat as she rolled on her side to look at him. She saw his eyes move to her hip, its curved heightened by her position. "Shit! Don't move sister!"

David got up, turned his desk around and grabbed a blank sheet of paper. He was one hundred percent focused on this new pose, and never noticed that his erection had been visible when he moved the desk. Jessica decided not to mention it, although her body certainly reacted to it. She was suddenly very glad that female sexual arousal wasn't as visible as an erection. As she kept the pose, her mind revved up to try and understand what she was feeling. 

This was her brother for the sake of all the hentai goddesses! She was doing this to help him, and nothing more! The fact that she was still a virgin, in dire need of sexual release, that she had suggested lingerie herself instead of a bikini, that she craved any type of compliments about her body, that David wasn't bad looking at all, that she knew he desired her, that he had drawn her having sex with him, that she had masturbated while thinking about that drawing... all these things hadn't mattered in her decision, right?

"Fuck! I'm in trouble!" she thought, unable to dodge all these facts, all these influences to her decision to help him out... "Altruistic my ass!" She couldn't deny or forget about the fact that her pussy was burning up, and that her mind was starting to melt with sexual thoughts and fantasies. She felt a thin sheet of sweat covering her entire body and hoped David wouldn't notice. Looking at him as he was clearly looking at her with lust in his eyes, Jessica also felt her nipples hardening and hoped her bra was thick enough to... Shit. Nope. Not enough. When David's eyes went back to her breasts, she saw him do a double take and try his best not to show any reaction. But he did. Fuck she was in trouble!

After a while, she decided that she couldn't keep burning like this, so she told him that she wanted to stop. When she came to his side to look at the drawing, she was shocked to see how sensuous and provocative she looked. But she couldn't blame this on him: she probably had looked exactly like this. She closed her eyes for a moment when she saw, on the page, a hint that her nipples were hard. She complimented him, touching his shoulder again before she could stop herself, and went to her room. 

Dropping on her bed like a stone, she planned to figure things out. But soon enough, her body won and she turned on her back before slipping her hand under her panties. As soon as she touched her pussy she discovered that she wasn't just warm and wet, she was burning hot and drenched. "Oh fuck it!" she thought. "David's been drawing pornographic images of me for months! What's a little bit of fantasy?" As she pressed on her clit, she felt her pussy boiling over, sending swelling waves of pleasure like a volcano all over her body. 

In her mind she could see her brother removing her lingerie, caressing her breasts, hips, thighs, ass and pussy with his hands instead of his eyes, pulling his cock out and letting her touch, kiss and suck him before impaling herself upon it... When she grabbed her dildo and pushed it all the way inside her pussy, she twisted around it, moaning her brother's name in the process. 

As she came less than a minute later, writhing in pleasure on her bed, Jessica simply abandoned herself to that pleasure. So what if he was her brother? They were twins, had shared a womb and now her body wanted his. So what? It's not like anything more was going to happen. Yet as she kept idly caressing herself, she was surprised to feel the embers of a second rush to climax reigniting. 

Now naked on her bed, she couldn't help but think about the fact that her brother was probably doing the same thing in his own room. And soon the embers turned to flame and she caressed herself until she exploded again. Her body was covered in sweat and her mind filled with incestuous images of David's cock all over and inside her body, of his sperm on her pussy, belly, breasts and face...

The following morning, wearing nothing more than a tee shirt and panties, she sat at the breakfast table next to him. They smiled warmly at each other, and soon she could feel her pussy tingling slightly. Shit! She was way too keyed up! When their parents commented that David obviously looked better, he said that he had started drawing again, that he even had a muse. 

He wouldn't say who it was but implied that it was a girl that he had often seen at school. Hearing him describe her, and talking a bit about the feelings he had for her, Jessica smiled. She was flattered, of course, but that only led to more tingling and eventually hardening nipples. Her t-shirt was loose and thick enough that it probably wouldn't be too apparent, but still...

Their father was obviously happy that David seemed to have met a girl. He asked a few questions, probing to see if this girl was more than just a muse. To Jessica's surprise, he said yes, that she was really remarkable and that he enjoyed spending time with her. When their mom asked him if she was pretty, David blushed and said "I couldn't have asked for a prettier girl!" Jessica also felt her face turning slightly red at the compliment, and then things got even more explicit. Their father asked David if she was hot. Their mom said "Dear! Don't ask him that!" but their were both smiling. David grinned, nodding vigorously with his head. 

While their father was in the kitchen, Jessica placed her hand on her brother's thigh under the table. He froze for a moment, then tried to keep eating. When she pushed her hand a bit deeper, a bit higher between his legs, Jessica was looking at him as he tried to maintain his conversation with his mother. When David pulled his chair closer to the table in an effort to hide what they were doing, it only gave Jessica a better access. When she touched his erection under his jeans, it was now her turn to freeze. David coughed for a bit, hiding his reaction, and did it again as she squeezed him before pulling her hand away. 

A bit later, as they were both alone in the dining room, he looked at her and asked "What the fuck was that?"

Jessica grinned, acting cool, as if she had been in full control of her actions. "I wanted to thank you for your compliments..." but that wasn't exactly the case. She hadn't exactly decided to touch his thigh, it had just happened. And as he was looking at her, smiling but clearly stunned, it happened again. She leaned towards him and said "So you think I'm hot?"

"Well, I think the answer to that is clear!" he whispered. 

"Oh this?" she touched his erection again with the back of her fingers, surprised by her boldness even more than he was.

"Yes! Shit! Stop it!" he said his face flushed, but he was grinning. "Are you crazy?"

"No, I'm just your muse, remember?" she said, grinning herself. 

"Argh! Stop it, or else I'm never going to be able to get up from this table!"

"Oh, really? So if I do this..." this time, instead of just squeezing his entire leg, she closed her fingers more precisely around his shaft, hearing him moan in the process, "you're going to be stuck here for longer?"

"Oh... Vicious minx!" he said, but was still smiling. "I should draw you with a fox tail!"

Jessica laughed as she got up "Well, have a nice day at the table brother... Want me to bring you something to do?" she teased. 

Looking around to make sure their parents weren't there, he said "Yes, some pen and paper so I can draw you to show just how obvious your nipples are right now!" Looking down, Jessica saw that he was right. "You're going to give dad quite a show if you go to the kitchen like this, sister!" 

"Shit!" she said, laughing. 

She replaced her plate on the table and turned around. "So, what about you? Are you enjoying the show?"

"Damn right! You're the sexiest girl I know!" he said. 

Flattered again, Jessica placed her hands just below her breasts and pulled the fabric tighter, revealing the shape of her breasts as well as highlighting her nipples even more. 

"Fuck! You're lucky I can't get up..." David began. 

And Jessica had the audacity to ask "Or else what?"

"Er... Well I..." he was suddenly at a loss, feeling that this game had gone too far.

"Pfff... so many words, so little action." Jessica said as she turned around and walked away. Just before disappearing around the corner, she lifted her tee-shirt to let him see her panties. 

She was laughing as she climbed the stairs to her room, but as she sat on her bed, she wondered "What the fuck was that?" The fact that she was teasing her brother was one thing, but she was perfectly aware that she was teasing herself at the same time. The two modelling sessions had certainly brought them closer together, and the discussions had added to that closeness. 

She still couldn't believe that they had talked about her breasts for so long last night! She had been fully aware that many of his questions had nothing to do with drawing, but she had been at ease and discovered that she relished that intimacy. But now this! Looking at her hand, she thought "Did I really touch his erect cock? Willingly? Three times?" It was too late for a quick masturbation, and Jessica realized that she would probably spend the entire day with erotic thoughts flowing through her mind. 

Two days later, Saturday afternoon, they got another modelling opportunity. Since that strange morning, Jessica had made her peace with her incestuous thoughts and simply accepted them. She fantasized about her brother. So what. She wasn't the only sister to do that, and she knew that the feeling was mutual. Nobody was ever going to know and as long as they were both enjoying themselves, what was the problem? Looking outside from her window, she saw David working in the yard. She invited him up and he was glad to learn that their parents were gone.

In her room, naked after her shower, she fished around in her underwear drawer and found her sexiest set. It was bright red and mostly transparent. Without even hesitating, she put it on and walked to her brother's room without a robe. When she walked in, he was already siting at his desk and she saw his jaw drop when he saw her. "Wow sis... That is... this lingerie is... Gods you're gorgeous! I still can't believe you agreed to this."

"Agreed?" Jessica asked. "I'm the one who proposed it, remember?"

"Yes, and I still can't believe it."

"So, how and where do you want me this time?" she asked, this time fully aware of the innuendo. 

"Er, how about on the bed again, on all fours?"

"Sheesh! Boys! So predictable!" but she was smiling, assuming the position. He made her move and turn, and she was surprised that he placed her pretty much facing him. 

"You'll see when I'm done." he said, answering her unspoken question. "This way I can see your face, your breasts, the curves of your lower back, ass, hip and thighs..." David paused, the pen in his hand as he just stared at her. Usually he began drawing rough outlines immediately. 

"Bro? Are you planning on simply staring at me tonight?" she asked, playfully. 

"Er, no. I mean I could, but no..." after a brief pause, he asked "Do you mind if I transform you into a nude on the page?"

"Nope. In fact, I'm eager to see the result!"

And so Jessica couldn't believe how comfortable she was. She was on all fours on her brother's bed, wearing barely-there lingerie and knowing that he was drawing her naked. And that he most likely had an erection already. She remained in that position for more than an hour, resisting the temptation to go and see what he had drawn so far. Their conversation turned to her breasts again, and soon it bordered on sex. She had begun to answer his question about how her nipples felt when she was excited before realizing that it hadn't a shred of pertinence to his drawing. She stopped herself and said "David, care to explain how this particular pose is useful when you draw women in contests?"

"Oh. Well it' because... You know when... Aw shit. It's not. I'm sorry Jess..." he was blushing again. "I don't know what got over me."

Jessica was burning up, itching to touch her pussy. Grinning naughtily, she said "Are you also going to ask me how it feels when I slide my dildo in my pussy?". 

She had expected him to deny it emphatically, but instead he simply stared at her, his lust bright in his eyes. And that is when they both heard their mother screaming "David! What's the meaning of this?" Alarm set in, and Jessica stood up quickly, looking for the bathrobe she had left in her room. Listening to her mother's footsteps, Jessica knew she didn't have enough time to go to her room without being seen. And she certainly couldn't let their mother see her in David's room wearing that lingerie! Her parents didn't even know that their virgin and innocent daughter had bought such a sexy set! 

In panic she looked around for places to hide. Her brother's closet was filled with D&D crap, she wouldn't fit behind the big cabinet, which left only... Jessica dove behind her brother's desk and crawled under it. 

David was still in the process of pulling his chair back towards the desk as they heard their mother opening the door to his room. And that's also when Jessica saw David's cock mere inches away from her face. The little bastard had pulled it out of his trousers at some point during the session! In any case, when David finally stopped moving, his knees on either side of her body, pressed hard against the walls, it was so close to her that she couldn't even properly focus her eyes upon it. 

Her very first cock and she couldn't even look at it because it was too close! She tried to pull her head back, but even thought she was at least a foot away from the wall, her head was forced in an awkward angle and she couldn't move. David moved his chair even deeper against her and Jessica felt his cock touching her face. She still couldn't move her head back, pressed as she was against the underside of the drawer.

She barely registered what their mom was saying, something about a backyard job unfinished. Instead, her entire world consisted of this cramped space and David's cock against her cheek. She moved just slightly, trying to pull away one last time, but found it impossible. If anything, the only thing she could do would be to move further against it. Luckily for them they'd had music on so their mother wouldn't hear her small movements. 

She wasn't really comfortable, and if their mother stayed too long, her neck would start to hurt. But when her panic began to fade, she realized that all that was besides the point. She had her brother's cock against her face and her pussy was dripping. It was as fucked up as one could imagine, getting to see and touch it this way, but sometimes that's how the world works... 

When she heard her mother moving around, she guessed that she was now sitting on the bed. Their mother said something about how they had been understanding about David's laziness since last week, but that he couldn't keep dropping his chores like this... David wasn't talking much, obviously, with his sister's cheek against his naked cock. But their mom could keep talking like this for a while when she was giving them lectures. 

Soon Jessica knew she had to move; the pain in her crooked neck was getting too intense. And the only way she knew that she actually could move was forward, further towards his crotch. Fuck! Taking a slow deep breath, she thought "When the world gives you lemons, you suck your brother's cock!" And so she opened her mouth, touching his underside with her tongue. David didn't move at all, and she wondered how he managed that feat. 

Both the pain in her neck and her lust were now irresistible, and so she slowly opened her mouth wider and rotated her head. When she felt the entire head of his decently large cock enter her mouth, she shivered. Her first cock, her very first cock and it was her brother's. She was sucking her brother's cock while hiding under his desk because their mother was lecturing him. 

A few seconds later she managed to turn enough so that the pain subsided, and she took more and more of his length inside her mouth. She had seen many porn movies, lots of his drawings of deepthroating, but she hadn't been prepared to discover just how big it felt inside her. When she clamped her lips around his shaft and sucked, David did move, shifting his ass on the chair. That forced an additional inch of his cock inside her mouth and Jessica had to work not to gag. 

Shit it was deep! And there were still quite a few inches remaining! Slowly she brought her hand up and closed it around his shaft, surprised to see that he had slightly more than the width of her fist still outside her mouth.

Jessica didn't even try to make sense of what was happening. She didn't care about their mother, or the fact that what she was doing was incest. All she knew was that she was sucking her brother's cock and despite everything, she was thrilled beyond anything she might have imagined. She dearly wanted to go to town on him, but had to remain silent. 

Still holding his cock she pushed the side of her closed fist further towards his belly, relaxed her jaw and took that other extra inch inside her mouth. And now he was lodged against the back of her mouth. Slowly she pulled back until her head was blocked by the drawer, took a deep breath and pushed back down, feeling him invade her mouth. This time she felt her lips against her fingers as his cock touched her throat. 

Oh how she profoundly regretted not having practiced more with her dildo! She would have given anything to be able to take her brother all the way inside her mouth, but the thought of gagging and alerting their mother was just out of the question. When she felt her gag reflex because she had pushed too deep, she stopped and controlled herself. She learned that if she ever was going to deepthroat him, it would take her a lot of practice!

Suddenly she felt and saw the desk being pushed away and could now look up into David's eyes. Their mother must be gone. He grabbed her head with both hands and stared at her, slack jawed. He then silently mouthed the words "Are you crazy?" She grinned and nodded, at least as much as she could in the circumstances, and he grinned with her. He the whispered "And did you try to deepthroat me?" Once more, a nod and a grin. David opened his eyes and mouth wide, barely believing what was happening. 

Jessica pulled away from his cock for a few seconds, only to say "Later I will... But I don't want mom and dad coming up thinking that I was throwing up if they hear me gagging on your cock."

David couldn't properly register what was happening, and when Jessica dove back upon his cock, he just closed his eyes, lay back in his chair and abandoned himself to her mouth. Of course, it was David's first blowjob and any decent one would have sufficed. Jessica was more than just decent enough though. Despite the fact that it was Jessica's first real blowjob, David would later confirm that all her practice with her dildos had paid off. He was still holding her head with his hands, guiding her slightly as she moved up and down his cock. He was heady with lust and pleasure, thrilled beyond words that he was sharing this with his twin sister. 

Jessica was thrilled as well, relishing this crazy, sinfully delicious experience. She was pleased with David's size, the way his cock felt in her mouth, his taste, the fact that he was leaking precum in her mouth, how he was moaning very softly... She did her best, grabbing the base of his cock with one hand and giving the rest of his shaft the best she had. 

He seemed to like it when she alternated between very relaxed tongue twirls followed by intense sucking, her mouth locked just around his glans. Then again, when she moved up and down, thoroughly fucking his cock with her entire mouth, he also seemed to like it. In the end, she kept trying knew things and he seemed to love them all. 

Much sooner than men in porn movies, David began moaning a bit harder, his breathing becoming highly irregular. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and guided her up and down his cock just as he exploded into her mouth. Jessica was fascinated by the whole thing, and managed to keep all of his sperm in her mouth. He was the one to finally pull her away from his cock, and he stared at her dumbfounded as she swallowed his entire load. "Oh my gods Jessica!" he whispered. "That was amazing!" Jessica grinned, her entire body on fire. She wanted to jump on him and ride him until they both lost consciousness with too many orgasms. But their mother was downstairs, and soon she would look for her daughter. When she stood up, David said "I wanna see you naked!"

"Soon. Tonight. At midnight in the basement." And just before going out, she turned around and said "Oh, by the way, I have to confess that I found your hidden stash of drawings. I loved them, especially the ones with you and me. What do you say we choose a few and make them come true in the basement tonight?"

Jessica, her heart pounding and her mind still reeling from what she had done and said, looked in the hallway and darted to her room. She had been planning to change into regular underwear, but as soon as she closed the door behind her, she stripped, jumped on her bed and masturbated furiously. 

She pulled her dildo from its small hiding place and pushed it completely inside her. And not just until she barely had a grip on it like she usually did. Oh no... Instead, she pushed it all the way in. She had learned early on that while she could cum using just her fingers on her clit, her orgasms were much, much more powerful when she used a dildo. And now it looked like David's cock was significantly bigger than her dildo. As her pussy clamped around her dildo, nudging it against her cervix, she felt the exhilarating sensations of slight pain and discomfort as well as a powerful dose of pleasure. 

When she felt herself losing control of her pleasure, she smothered her face with her pillow to hide any moan she couldn't contain. Her body electrified itself, sending lightning and thunder all over her body from her toes to her scalp. Forcing her thighs together to enhance the sensations from her dildo, she was trembling and even spasming from her climax. Stretching it as long as she could, Jessica was imagining her brother fucking her, driving his cock into her pussy. Eventually, sweaty, disheveled and tangled up in her blanket, Jessica tried to regain control of her breathing. Delicately, she pushed and pulled her dildo form her pussy and relaxed, a huge grin on her face. 

It was late afternoon, and the next few hours proved to be the strangest in her young life. She met David in the kitchen just before dinner, and the look they shared was remarkably bizarre. Shit! She could still taste his cum in her mouth! Around the table, she gave him quite a few looks, teasing him by liking her lips. She didn't dare touch him now, but she dearly wanted to. 

After dinner, they found themselves alone in the kitchen, their dad just on the other side of the wall in the living room. David leaned close to her and said "I want you so bad Jess... I could fuck you right here!" he grabbed her ass as he was finishing. Jessica closed her eyes and moaned, hiding the sound in a cough. When David's fingers reach deeper between her cheeks, touching her lips through her shorts and panties, Jessica felt her entire body becoming hot. Burning hot. 

And then they heard their father walking towards the kitchen and David moved away. The couple of hours remaining before they could go to bed without arousing suspicion were painfully long! Jessica felt like she was living in a dream. She was on the couch, absentmindedly watching tv and sharing glances with her brother. Each in turn, they took a long shower, getting ready for the coming night. Finally, after excruciatingly long hours of waiting, they both went up to their rooms, leaving their parents in the living room. 

In her room, Jessica pushed her hand down her panties and lubed her fingers with her juices. She went to David's room and said "Don't you jerk off tonight!" before placing her fingers on his lips. When he understood what that strange smell and taste was, his eyes shot open in surprise. Jessica said "I hope you like that because your face, cock and lower belly are going to be covered with it tonight! Choose your drawings carefully, I'm willing to do anything you've drawn. Anything."

She scooted back to her room and spent the next few hours resisting her own urge to masturbate. When her phone finally showed midnight, she tiptoed out of her room and went down to the basement. In pitch darkness she walked towards the little used living room there and saw a dim glow under the closed door. When she opened it, she saw David standing utterly naked, lit by a few candles. After closing the door, she leaned back against it, staring at her brother, facing the fact that they were both about to lose their virginity to each other. Twin brother and sister. It was an utter sin, and she was utterly drenched. 

She untied her robe and dropped it on the floor, revealing to her brother that she had been naked underneath. David stared at her. Even though he had stared at her nearly naked body a few times already, this was different. He had already been hard, but now his cock was twitching. She walked towards him and grabbed him for a hard hug. The feeling of his cock against her naked belly, so close to her breasts, was amazing. Against his chest, she whispered "Kiss me."

As she pulled away and looked up at him, he leaned down for a kiss, a long, very hot and very wet kiss. Then Jessica felt his hand on her breast and she trembled. As his large hand closed around the generous flesh of her left breast, she sucked his tongue into her mouth, squeezing it hard with her lips. Gently he pushed her against the door again, placing his free hand on her belly before slowly sliding it down towards her bush. 

As Jessica felt his fingers slide through her trimmed hairs, she broke the kiss and moaned against his mouth. When his middle finger finally slid over her clit, her body twitched. David stopped, a worried look on his face. "Keep going... Please keep going." she said breathlessly. 

Soon his index and ring fingers touched her lips, pressing harder against her flesh and forcing her clit slightly outwards. Jessica couldn't believe that her virgin brother had such nimble fingers, and that he knew exactly what to do with them. Drawing was one thing, but this.. Gods! He probably saw this in a porn movie... Shit! Jessica hadn't thought that it was possible to feel so good so fast and only from his fingers! 

Just as David curled his fingers harder against her flesh and pushed his middle finger into her hole, he kissed her again, pinning her against the door with his other hand. Jessica felt her knees going weak and began breathing faster and faster as his finger pushed as deep as it would go. When his palm was pressed against her clit with his finger fully inside her, she moaned into his mouth again, wanting more. 

She finally pushed him away and whispered "Kiss my other lips now..." Jessica was pleased to see his eyes opening wider for a moment as he contemplated the idea. She reclined on the couch, placed her ass on the edge of the seat and opened her thighs wide. David was smiling as he knelt between her legs, and pointed to a stack of drawings on the table next to her. The one on top showed her exactly like she was now, with his head buried between her thighs. Jessica laughed, a sweet breathless sound in the silence, then took a sharp and deep breath as he placed his opened mouth on her pussy. 

This time she had to teach him a few things, and limit him a couple of times. But despite his ignorance and clumsiness, Jessica had to admit that she was thrilled beyond words. Most of the time her head was lolling against the couch, rolling left and right as she was revelling in the intense pleasure. If at first she hadn't liked his tongue deep inside her, she was now asking him to do it, pulling his head against her with both her hands. Then, remembering a trick she had read somewhere online, she grabbed one of his hands and placed two of his fingers inside her mouth. David looked up, surprised by this move, but his sister whispered "Do what my tongue does." 

Oh dear Gods in heaven. What had already been really pleasurable became impossibly powerful in a matter of seconds. The rush of pleasure grew and swelled until she knew her climax was imminent. Letting go of his hand, she bit her own forearm as her fist male-induced climax shook her body to the core. She didn't know how she managed not to cry out despite her forearm. As she came she clamped her thighs around her brother's head and guided his freed hand on her breasts. 

The surge of pleasure that took her almost scared her! Until that moment, Jessica had believed that she had explored the limits of her pleasure with her fingers and toys, but this was something else! What a difference a tongue could make! Eventually her body began trembling and the pleasure crested, leaving her in a state of barely conscious glee. When she released her grip on her brother she stared at him, panting and smiling at his disheveled hair and wet face. 

He was grinning and as she was beginning to gather herself, she saw him leafing through his drawings. Without talking, he showed her a drawing of her on all fours with him kneeling behind her. Grinning herself, she assumed the position on the couch, her knees on the seats and her upper body propped on the backrest. Looking back at her brother, Jessica could see him staring at her ass. She pushed it outwards, arching her lower back for him. 

She had a vision of one of his anal drawings, but she didn't think that David would go for that first. Then again, she was very aware that she wouldn't turn him down if he did... So naughty! He had one hand on her ass and the other holding his cock. Shit it looked big! Jessica suddenly realized that she was going to lose her virginity in a few seconds. Lost in her pleasure, she had completely forgotten about this fact, focused only on the moment. 

When she felt the tip of his cock touching her drenched lips, she shivered in anticipation. David pushed his cock against her lips, sliding it up and down, spreading her juices all over it. He then caressed her clit this way for a while until he pulled back up just a bit and his cock slipped between her inner lips. Slowly, gently despite the lust that must be coursing through his veins, Jessica felt her brother pushing his cock inside her. She felt her outer lips parting easily for him, then her inner lips, drenched as they were, simply moulded themselves around the crown of his cock. 

With both his hands on her hips now, David just kept on pushing slowly and Jessica felt his cock gliding smoothly inside her, opening her muscles inch after inch. The feelings were overwhelming. She had grown used to her dildo, and while David's cock was larger, it nevertheless was pretty much the same thing from a physical standpoint. Mentally though, Jessica was reeling with pleasure. She was losing her virginity to her brother, and his cock was getting deeper and deeper...

Her eyes closed and mind blown by the sensations of an actual cock inside her, Jessica blindly reached behind her and grabbed his hip, pulling him against her. Once he was fully inside her, Jessica gasped and held him firmly against her. She didn't want him to move, wanted him to remain there until the world ended. His cock felt disproportionally big, stretching her not-virgin-anymore pussy like none of her dildos ever had.

When she felt him grab her hand and place it on her lower back, she knew he couldn't wait anymore. Holding on to her forearm with one hand and her hip with the other, David pulled back until only the very tip of his cock was inside her. And then he sheathed himself again, and again, and again... Soon she was being ploughed like a field in spring, felt like she was being opened up to a new world. When she saw him place one of his feet on the couch and the hand on her hip moving to her shoulder, she just closed her eyes and abandoned her body to him. 

The intensity she felt astonished her. David was taking her roughly, letting his instincts guide his movements, and she was loving every moment of it. When she was younger, part of her had secretly dreamed about losing her virginity to a gentle prince in a pink satin bed. While she had started to abandon that dream a while ago, the sheer physicality of David's energy blew it away forever. She wasn't a princess doll, she was his lover and he was giving her more pleasure than she could have imagined possible. Her entire body was being shaken, she could see her hair whipping around and feel her breasts swinging and jerking beneath her. It was intense, it was rough and carnal, and she absolutely loved it. 

His cock felt like a machine inside her, pushing and pulling, filling her with an ever growing amount of raw pleasure. She knew she was already on the verge of a second climax and could barely believe it. She had lost all sense of time, but couldn't believe that she was so close again! It wasn't possible! But here it was. As she was reaching her plateau, moments from her second climax, she heard David grunt behind her. 

He then released her hand and shoulder, moved his foot back on the floor and took her even faster. He didn't moan or cry out, but she knew without a doubt that he was climaxing. As she felt his semen fill her pussy, her own orgasm triggered. At the same time she felt him stiffen and pause with his cock as deep as it would go inside her. If she hadn't already been sprawled on the couch's backrest, Jessica would have fallen. He was pressing very hard against her soft buttocks, pressing his cock even deeper than before, squirting his cum right against her cervix. 

The sudden burst of pleasure that ravaged her exploded much faster than her usual climaxes. While she was still overpowered with this second barrage of pleasure, she felt David beginning to move again after this long pause of deepest penetration. Slower than before he fucked her pussy again. Jessica opened her eyes in surprise when she felt his finger on her anus. "Jess... Not now, not tonight... But one day... would you let me have your ass?"

Her head still pressed against the rough backrest, Jessica turned her head to look at him. "David..." she began, still breathing hard. "As I've already explained..." another pause for another breath, "Tonight I'll do anything you draw. Anything."

David gasped. He was still fucking her very slowly as he said "Oh dear gods... Tonight?"

"Why not?" she replied, as eager to try anal sex as he was. "Think you'll be hard enough?"

David only laughed as he disappeared, probably gone to fetch some lube. Jessica was still on all fours when he returned, and she laughed as she saw his fully erect cock. He also brought a wet towel with him. She made her ass sway from side to side and he froze there, his mouth opened. "Are you sure about this?" he asked, clearly nervous. 

"Of course... I've pushed my dildo all the way inside my ass while staring at your drawings..." she replied in a low voice. David gasped again and walked behind her. "Just be gentle..." she added. 

And he was. He coated his cock with the lube, then slipped a finger inside her ass to lube her as well. She giggled when he did, but was pleased with the pleasure she was already feeling. A minute later, when she felt the tip of his cock against her asshole, it was her turn to gasp. She felt David pushing very gently, but steadily. She tried to relax as much as she could, and even though she knew she could take him, her eagerness prevented her from fully relaxing. When she suddenly winced, David stopped. "Put more lube and try again..." she whispered. 

Placing her head fully on the top of the backrest, she pushed her ass out as much as she could and willed herself to relax. This time, when David began to push, he slipped in easily. He cried out in surprise and the sound he made was strangely childlike. Jessica moaned but laughed. "Stop it!" he said, but she could hear in his voice that he was smiling. "Oh my gods..." he added. "I'm in a girl's asshole... For real! My sister's asshole!" 

"Take me... Go deeper. Gentle!" she suddenly said as he pushed faster. "Gentle, but go deeper..." 

Jessica was taken unawares by the amount of pleasure she was feeling. Just like his cock in her pussy, this was very similar to her anal play with her dildo. Then again, it was utterly different. She was soon biting the sofa to prevent from moaning, and the pain was much less than she was expecting. He was smooth and warm, fully lubed and for some reason it was easier to take him compared to her smaller dildo. She didn't know why, but didn't care. 

When she felt his thighs on her ass, she groaned, his entire length inside her. David was mumbling incoherent sentences filled with the words "gods" "heaven" "wonderful" "amazing" and "unbelievable". He was now fucking her ass, and they were sharing another virginity loss. "So much better than I had imagined..." he whispered, and Jessica could already hear his voice changing: David would be climaxing soon. 

She let him increase his tempo, waiting for the moment when she would have to stop him. But it turned out that his favorite speed and intensity were just fine for her. She even started to push back against him even though he was already pulling on her hips. The feeling of a male fucking her ass was intoxicating, as she felt his cock opening her asshole, pushing deep then almost out with more intensity than she had thought possible without pain. "You have the best ass in the world, sister!" she giggled as he said that, especially since it was now clear that he was on the verge of his orgasm. His second. She had no idea how many he could have in a single night, but she intended to find out. 

As his body bucked during his climax, she felt a few stabs of pain, but it was nothing compared to the raw amount of pleasure she was drowning in. She wouldn't cum from anal penetration alone, might never do, but the steady flow of pleasure was more than enough. David finally stopped spasming and groaning, his second climax done. But Jessica's wasn't. 

Reaching back to rub his belly and tickle his skin through his pubic hairs, Jessica looked at her brother with a smile. Eventually he pulled out slowly, and she caressed his length with her index finger as he slipped out of her. When she felt a glob of his cum overflowing from her asshole and dripping along her inner thigh, she giggled. David laughed as well, then crashed beside her on the couch. But Jessica wasn't done. Looking through the drawings he had brought, she found a classic one she wanted to try. 

Before mounting him, she grabbed the wet and warm cloth and washed her brother's cock as best she could. In the back of her mind she knew it wasn't the most sanitary way to clean up a cock after anal sex, but she was burning with lust and didn't care. She threw the towel on the floor and climbed up over him. When she straddled him, David looked up in surprise and told her that he would need a few minutes before going again. "Nonsense!" she replied, and grabbed his half-hard cock before forcing it inside her. He moaned out loud as she did, and she seized the opportunity to push her nipple in his mouth at the same time. 

She began with very short movements, careful to keep his half-hard cock inside her. She leaned towards him and whispered directly into his ear "Can you imagine what you'll now want to draw, knowing that I'll do anything? Any ideas?" He didn't reply, but he groaned and grabbed her hips harder, pushing himself upwards into her. Soon they both realized that he was fully hard again, and Jessica lengthened her strokes. David was devouring her breasts while guiding her movements with his hands on her hips. Now in control of the speed and depth of the penetrations, Jessica nonetheless realized that she found herself driving herself upon his cock as fast and hard as she could. 

Maybe she would have been more careful, more hesitant with any other guy. But this was her brother, and she felt she could trust him entirely. So she rode him like a cowgirl in heat, making her hair whip from side to side, pushing her breasts against his face and giving him all that her pussy had to give. When he pulled her hard against his lower belly, it forced her clit to rub against him and doubled her pleasure instantly. 

Pulling his head up, unable not to grin, she kissed him through the grin and laughed as their teeth collided briefly. She was kissing and fucking her brother, enjoying each and every last second more than anything else in her life so far. She felt the seeds of her second climax grow and grow as they were kissing, his turgid cock deep inside her. Grabbing his head with both hands when it triggered, Jessica was laughing as she came all over her brother. 

In the following weeks and months, their intimacy only grew, just like David's ability to draw females. Some of his friends teasingly remarked that most of his females looked like his sister, but he tried his best to brush them off. They had no idea that he was drawing her almost daily in different sexual positions, getting more creative everyday. If they only knew that her offer to actually do anything he'd draw still stood, their jaws would hit the floor. But that, of course, would have to remain their secret forever.