"Stories 18+" Wife Cheats sexual

Stories 18+ Wife Cheats sexual
I thought I had a pretty good life. I graduated from a great University. Found a great job that paid well. Plus I had a beautiful wife. 

Work took a lot of my time but I had career goals. I was in the process of exceeding those goals when my life was rip to threads. I worked hard to provide a good life for my wife, however that meant most nights I was home late. If I put in a few hard years I would get the promotions I wanted. I would be able to cut back and live in comfort in the new big house, luxury cars and a country club life. My life was all planned out.

One day I took off early from work. I was told I was getting the big promotion I had worked so hard for. I wanted to surprise my wife, Leslie with the news. I was going to have more free time and make a lot more money. I had planned a special day for Leslie when the good news came. I had also been secretly saving money for a down payment for a house. I had some big deals come through at work and receive huge bonuses. I put the money away in a secret bank account. I was going surprise her by house hunting and then with the extra funds a trip.

I pulled onto my street to see my best friends truck just down from my house. We were the only people he knew in the neighborhood so I thought it was really weird. He had to be at my house but why? He would have called. 

My mind raced for reasons until I came upon the reason that made my blood boil. Could I be that big of a fool that my best friend, Mike could be sleeping with my wife. There was no other logical reason he would be at my house without telling me.

I parked down from my house and thought for a few minutes. I could still be wrong. I started to look back at my relationships with both of them recently. Both seemed more distant but that could be my work schedule. 

I had to find out for myself. I crept up to my house. Silently I went inside. Downstairs was quiet. No signs of anyone. I climbed the stairs and at the top I heard the sound, the sound that changed my life. A sound I had heard many times from my wife. The distinct moaning sounds she made while getting fucked.

I froze not knowing what to do next. Do I rush in and stop them or just leave? I chose neither. I tiptoed to the door that was cracked open to see my wife's beautiful body bouncing on my best friend. Anger surged and I as thoughts of finding a baseball bat flooded my mind. I controlled myself.

I stood and watched everything. If it weren't the two people I was closest to, the scene would have been hot, however there was no pleasure in any of it. Anger boiled. I wasn't going to stop them at that point. I was going to get revenge.

First off I didn't know what she saw in him. I was better looking and a better body. When she came off his cock I could tell I had him beat in that department by a couple inches. 

Then to my surprise Leslie sucked his dick after fucking and let him cum in her mouth. She maybe did that twice in our five years of marriage. She was a different person and that made me more pissed. Why had I not gotten that treatment? 

That was my queue to leave. I took some pictures and left. My rage was maxed out. The two of them were going to pay. Revenge was going to feel so good. 

I drove back to my office and started planning. I formulated a plan on how to get everything I wanted and leave my wife with as little as possible. The problem was I could not do it all in one night. It was going to take weeks, or maybe months. I had to pretend to know nothing. It was going to be hard but in the long run the revenge would be worth it.

My friend was married but telling his wife was not an option. I couldn't take the chance of her ruining my plans. Telling her would have to come at the end.

Days went by and everything appeared to be normal, at least for my wife. She was none the wiser to my new knowledge. All my free time was spent on my plans.

The first thing I did was contact a lawyer. He directed me on ways to protect myself from her, mostly financially. Luckily we didn't have children so that made the whole process easier.

I worked in finance. My first item was getting the money. I needed to create accounts that were safe from Leslie. Luckily she had no idea about the money I had been saving or the retirement accounts I had set up. Equally as important they were only registered in my name. She had no access. 

To be safe though I opened up a few offshore accounts and transferred all the funds into those accounts. There was no way she would ever know about the money.

Once my money was secure I took other steps, like taking my information off all of our joint credit cards. I started using the cash in our joint checking account for all of my purchases. That was going to be the only money she would have access to.

We were renting a house. I gave my landlord a thirty-day notice. I timed it with the day I wanted everything to go down. The lease would be up the day my wife got back from a work trip. Hell, I had to question if it really was a work trip.

Another huge change was my name. Anonymity after the revenge was essential. I couldn't have anyone trying to return the revenge on me. I wanted to be untraceable to everybody. Unfortunately my job was going to be a casualty. I couldn't stay at the same job if I wanted to be anonymous.

I had to move to a new city and find a few job. Luckily I had the means to take my time with all the savings I had stored offshore. I figured a good city to go to would be where my little sister, Ann lived. We were not close growing up but once adults are relationship became very strong. I told her everything and she would be the perfect person to have around when my plan came to a close. Plus she would never spill any secrets to the two pricks I used to call best friend and wife. I held off on telling my sister or any family till after as well.

I had a few weeks before my plan went into action but I had to talk to my boss. I went into his office to give him my three-week notice. He was shocked when I told him I had to leave especially after my promotion. I had a great relationship with him and ended up telling him everything. After telling my boss my situation he understood all to well. His first wife cheated on him so he knew where I was coming from. 

Fortunately for me, my boss wanted to help. The company was looking to expand and open a new office. The city I was moving to was the perfect opportunity. He then offered me the job of opening the office and being the manager. I would be reporting directly to him. 

I couldn't believe my luck. After all the pain and heartache I had from Leslie and thinking I had to leave a job I loved, something worked out for the better. It was an even bigger promotion. I of course said yes. I would have a few weeks off and then a month to find an office, get staff. 

After learning I had a permanent job in my new city I went apartment shopping. I found a nice big apartment in the same high-rise building my sister lived. My apartment was one of the penthouses on the top floors. My sister had a small one bedroom towards the bottom.

Time at home was hard. It was difficult to act normal. The words spoken between my wife and I became fewer. I didn't care what she was thinking; I just had to make it through the remaining days.

I lasted. It was the night before Leslie left for her trip. She knew something was different in me. We had not had sex once since I saw her fucking my best friend. Before that, even with my busy schedule we would do it a few times a week. 

Maybe she wasn't getting enough from Mike. As I was sitting on the couch watching TV, Leslie came downstairs from packing in just her bra and panties.

"I'm leaving in the morning and we have both been so busy I thought we could spend some time together." Leslie said. 

Leslie unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground. If only she was faithful I would have been lucky. Leslie was very beautiful. She was about 5'7" and fit. Her body was toned and skinny. Her chest was not big but fit her fit frame, maybe C's. She had dark brown hair and olive skin. 

Leslie looked super sexy but I didn't know how I would actually make love to her. I hated her. She was a slut and I couldn't make love to her. 

Then the thought popped into my head. She wanted me but if she was going to get me. I was going to treat her like the slut that she is. She was going to be flesh used for my pleasure and nothing more. I was never aggressive or dominate in our relationship but at this point I couldn't careless. 

"Come over here and blow me." I said. I had never been that direct, "Now!"

Leslie was shocked by my boldness. 

I stood in the center of the room. Then said, "On your knee's and undo my pants."

I would have thought she would have been appalled or unwilling but she obeyed. Not only did she follow but also she smiled. Blowjobs only happened maybe once a month and never lasted long.

She undid my pants and pulled my semi-erect cock out. I am pretty blessed in the man department. I am well above normal with an erection just over nine inches. 

Leslie took my glans into her mouth, and swirled her tongue in a circular motion. She pumped my cock with one hand. Slowly she started to slide down my shaft. Each time Leslie took a little bit more. She could never deep throat me, or never tried to deep throat me.

I thought what better occasion than now to try. As she was sliding my cock in and out of her mouth faster, I took her hands off my cock. I place one of my hands on the back of her head and helped her along. I started off slow but gradually put more force behind my hand. I could feel my cock hitting the back of her mouth, but not going into her throat. More force was needed. I put both hands on her head and forced her down. The tip pierced her throat and her nose touched my pubis. I could feel her gag reflex starting but I held her on my cock for a few seconds. I released as she coughed and gagged. 

It was hot. I liked shaming her. I liked seeing her struggle but oddly she seemed to like it too. After her coughing fit ended she went right back to sucking me, but with even more vigor. Leslie pushed harder on my cock. She took me deeper than she ever had. I forced nothing but she kept going harder. It was such a turn on but thoughts of punishing her kept coming to my mind.

My orgasm was fast approaching. Leslie kept sucking me hard and I gave her no warning. The first shot of cum hit the back of her throat. Her instant reaction was to pull away but I had a hand on the back of her head. I forced my cock back into her throat. I dumped my load into her, not even letting her breath. Like a good girl she swallowed it. 

I beat myself up at the fact that I should have been doing this sooner with her. Leslie was enjoyed being dominated.

"Suck everything out of me." I commanded her.

I was so turned on that I never went soft.

I brought Leslie to her feet and pushed her on the couch. I told her to get on her knees, with ass in the air. I then proceeded to get behind her. With one hand I spread her open and the other hand was whipping my dick into her pussy. My dick slapped her clit and she loved it. I really didn't like that she was enjoying it so much. A good spanking was in order. 

I slapped her ass. I started soft, since it was a first for me but then increased the pressure. Not only did Leslie enjoy the slapping, she appeared to orgasm from it. Both cheeks were bright red and my dick was throbbing.

I lined up behind her. My tip touched her lips and then I slammed into her balls deep. I gave no warm up or warning. I fucked her hard. My body slammed into her ass with each thrust. 

"Oh fuck me Joe. Fuck, I have never felt so good. Fuck me." Leslie said as another orgasm started.

I grabbed a chunk of her hair and pulled. She was receiving far too much pleasure and I felt obligated to give her pain. However it only spurred her on more. She was a completely different person then the girl I married.

Since she was enjoying everything I had done to her, I had to think of something she would not like. The answer was staring right at me, her puckered little ass. Whenever anal got brought up, Leslie was quick to say negative things. This time I wasn't going to give her the option. I wasn't going to fuck it for obvious and realistic reasons. Just play with it to cause her some pain and discomfort. Anal always intrigued me and I was never given the opportunity to explore.

Leslie was coming off her orgasm when I let a ball of saliva fall from my mouth and land right on her asshole. I continued to fuck her as I brought my hand to her ass. My thumb spread the spit around as I rubbed the pink star. I heard Leslie gasp in surprise.

When I put more pressure on her asshole, Leslie was more surprise and said with a shaky voice, "Joe! What are you doing?"

"Shut up and take it!" I said with more anger than I expected.

Leslie turned her head into the cushion. I was in no mood to explain and for my plan to work I couldn't explain. I pushed my finger harder against her opening. Finally I could feel the sphincter give into the pressure. My thumb pierced her opening. I pushed till I couldn't push any further. Leslie took it without a word.

I must say the sight was pretty incredible, with my dick sliding in and out of her pussy and my thumb hooking her ass. Then I sped up again and made tiny fucking motions with my thumb. 

The pain and discomfort did not last long for Leslie. "I'm cumming again. Oh fuck my ass. Faster in my ass." Leslie said.

I wanted to stop right in the middle of her pleasure to mess with her. Everything she hated a month ago, she now loved. This was the strongest orgasm I had ever seen her have. It really turned me on but angered me at the same time.

Leslie collapsed when she was done.

"No rest for you. You're going to ride me till I cum." I said.

I lay on the ground and her in reverse cowgirl. I wanted to be able to spank her and not see her face. Looking at her made me mad. Having her faced away made it easier to treat her as an object, a body for my pleasure.

"Fuck me hard. No slowing down till I cum." I said.

Leslie obeyed. She worked her hips fast. I would slap her ass every ten seconds or so. It was bright red from my abuse. Leslie was working hard. Sweat was beading on her back.

After a good ten-minute workout for her, I was ready to blow

"Faster! I am about to cum." I said. 

Not five seconds later was I blasting cum deep inside her pussy. Leslie fucked me hard through the entire orgasm. Only stopping when I pushed her off me.

"Now suck me clean. I better be spotless." I said.

Leslie obeyed with a big smile on her face. Not in a million years did I think I would be treating my wife like this. Given the circumstances it felt right. Leslie spent a few minutes cleaning and sucking on my softening cock.

Then she joined me on the floor to cuddle. I almost cringed at her touch but went along with it. In my mind she was not my wife anymore. Leslie on the other hand was giddy about what we had just done.

"What was that tonight? You have never been so forceful." Leslie asked.

"I don't know. Thought I would try something new." I said calmly.

"It was... amazing. I loved it Joe. I wish I wasn't leaving tomorrow. I can't wait to get back." Leslie said.

Inside my head I was laughing. When she got back, her whole world was going to be rocked. 

"I know that stinks." I said, hoping she would not pick up on my lack of enthusiasm.

"You even put a finger in my ass mister. What was that all about?" Leslie said.

"Hey you seemed to like it." I said.

"Maybe a little." Leslie said.

"Fess up to it or I am going to put my dick in your ass and really fuck you." I said.

"Okay." Leslie said.

"Okay what?" I said back confused.

"Lets try it." Leslie said.

Now my face had to be shocked. I couldn't believe my ears. Maybe Mike and her do it, I thought. For some reason I didn't care at that point. I even forgot about hating her. All I wanted was her ass.

"Lets do it." I said. Now I was the giddy one.

"Give me a few minutes and I will meet you in our room." Leslie said.

Leslie disappeared in a bathroom and I went and lay on our bed. Half an hour later Leslie appeared in the door, showered and clean.

"Are you ready honey?" Leslie asked.

"Hell yeah!" I said.

"Can you umm... be forceful again? I kind of liked all that... a lot." Leslie said timidly.

"So you like being bossed around and spanked?" I said.

"Yeah." Leslie said.

"Why am I just learning this? We could have been having fun for years." I said.

"I just learned I liked it. This was a first for me. I have never been treated like that and I have never been so turned." Leslie said.

My wife was a closet submissive and I kind of felt sad I would not continue the journey with her. In a few days our relationship would be over. 

I got back into my 'I don't give a fuck mood' and said, "Suck me right now you slut. Get me hard so I can fuck your ass." I said.

Leslie smiled and then joined me on the bed. She got right to sucking me hard. I was thoroughly enjoying the blowjob. Leslie was trying to get my dick deep. She gagged a few times. She could only get so far, maybe five inches and started to get frustrated. At that point she grabbed my hand and put it on the back of her head. 

She wanted my help. I pushed her head down to my crotch, making it past the five-inch mark easily and into her throat. I then took a full grip on her ponytail. With more control I forced her up and down by her hair. Each motion down, I applied more pressure, forcing in more dick each time. Finally her nose was touching my pubis.

After a few minutes of the best deep throat I had ever received, it was time to get the ass ready. I had a girlfriend in college who let me try anal once. I couldn't get it in because of her pain. I reasoned from that experience and being more knowledgeable about sex, that lube was necessary, at least for amateurs. With my college girlfriend we only used saliva and it did not work. A good lube would make things go a lot easier. Most married couples keep lube in their top drawers and we were no different.

Leslie got on her hands and knees. I massaged a liberal amount of lube into her crack and on her hole. Once her ass and my fingers were sufficiently coated, I press my finger into her asshole. The first finger was met with very little resistance. 

Then I forced two fingers in. That wasn't as easy. Her tight sphincter resisted. I forced my fingers past as Leslie groaned in pain. I worked my fingers in and out of her ass, trying to stretch her little hole. I pushed a third finger in. It was so tight but I kept finger fucking her ass, even as Leslie voiced her pain.

Leslie's ass was as ready as I needed it to be. I figured she would still be in a lot of pain but I thought my dick would fit. 

I greased my member and kneeled behind her lovely ass. I was not gentle. I began pushing my cock in and wasn't going to stop till my testicles were resting on her pussy lips.

Once my glans pierced the opening, Leslie let out a scream. I ignored her and kept pressing. Inches started to disappear. Leslie hands tore at the blankets and her body was tense with pain. 

Half way in I started to spank her. I slapped her ass hard with one hand and pulled her ponytail with the other.

I commanded her saying, "Push against my cock you slut. Force my cock into you ass. Force me all the way in."

I stopped moving forward. Leslie began pushing back. She pushed back hard into my dick. My shaft began to disappear much faster. Within a few seconds she had her ass pressed against my groin. I could not believe my dick was in Leslie's ass.

"Now fuck me!" I said

"Oh yes Joe... yes!" Leslie said.

Leslie pulled away from me. At first her fucking motions were small and slow. Her pain was still evident.

"Faster Leslie. Fuck me hard, you ass whore." I said, slapping her ass.

Her speed increased. It was amazing watching my dick slide in and out of her forbidden hole. Next girl I found would have to love anal. I think I was hooked. I should have been fucking Leslie's ass for years.

Leslie's ass was warming up and I could tell she was becoming used to it. Her groans of pain were turning into moans of pleasure. Her breathing was heavy and her orgasm was approaching.

"Not fast enough." I said.

I grabbed her hips and matched my movements with her. My cock was in overdrive, pounding in and out. 

"Fuck my ass! Fuck me. Oh fuck my ass harder!" Leslie said as her first true anal orgasm started.

Her asshole tightened around my shaft. It was too much to handle. I started shooting ropes of cum deep into her ass. 

We both had unbelievable orgasms.

Sweaty and exhausted but I wasn't done. I wanted one more thing. I thought it would be fitting as the last thing I did with my soon to be ex-wife.

"Suck me clean." I said. I wanted her to suck my dick that had just come out of her ass. Knowing her I knew she would not want to. 

Leslie looked at me concerned. The idea of going ass to mouth was consuming her mind.

"Did you not hear me slut? Suck my fucking cock right now!" I said yelled.

"But..." Leslie said.

"NOW!" I yelled.

Leslie's body tensed up, humiliation and shame shown in her body language. I should feel bad but I didn't. I loved seeing her like that.

She moved between my legs and slowly moved down to my cock. After pausing a few seconds, inches from the tip, I grabbed the back of her head. Leslie didn't resist but closed her eyes and opened her mouth. She started slow but then I could see her relax. I don't know what made the difference but after only fifteen seconds she returned to the same sucking vigor as her other blowjobs that night. 

It was a great way to end our marriage.

That morning I woke up to a blowjob, a first for me. 

"I am so turned on from last night. I loved what you did to me. I wish I didn't have to leave. I am going to be fantasies about it all weekend." Leslie said.

I almost felt bad but those feelings were gone fast. This was going to make the revenge that much sweeter.

I blew my load and we said our goodbyes and then I got busy working on my plan. I had a busy weekend. I spent the next few hours throwing all of my possessions into boxes. I took everything that was mine or that I wanted. I boxed it all up and waited for the moving company. I had the moving company come at night. I wanted to be as discreet as possible. Luckily none of my neighbors were any the wiser. 

I took everything to my new apartment. I also had all my new furniture and accessories delivered for my bachelor pad. 

All of Leslie's possessions were thrown in the center of the living room. It was a mess with everything intermixed. She would have a hell of a time getting everything organized in a day. She of course had to be out of the house the same day she got home because our lease was up and new people were moving in.

I picked up all my divorce papers from my lawyer with all the spots marked for Leslie's signature.

Then I set up the revenge for Mike. I knew all of his passwords. We were friends from childhood and he was so predictable. I put together an email from his work account. The email had the picture of him fucking my wife. I set up a draft for his wife where I explained everything. Then I set up a draft to everybody important in the company he worked for. I made up some bullshit story about fucking some girl. I made him look like a total ass. Between the two emails he would be divorced and fired. Those two things made me very happy. I had them ready to be sent the morning everything would go down.

Sunday morning came. I was anxious for the confrontation. I checked on Leslie's flight status and she was on time. I had to plan her arrival home with Mike coming over. I set it up. I called Mike and asked him to come help me with something. I told him to come about five minutes before I thought Leslie would arrive. 

Right on time Mike arrived. Leslie was not home yet but I figured I could shoot the breeze with him outside for a few minutes. Within a minute of my expected time, Leslie pulled in the driveway.

Mike and I were in the driveway talking. Mike and Leslie exchanged pleasantries like they had so many times. They gave no sign of their affair. 

"How about we all go inside." Leslie said.

"That sounds perfect." I said. 

My plan was working perfectly. I walked behind the two adulterers. I could not wait for everything to go down. I ran through this moment for months. What I wanted to say and how I wanted them to feel. 

"What happened to our house Joe?" Leslie said as she opened the door to an empty house. 

"Go inside and I will explain everything." I said smugly.

Both were acting timid. They knew something was up.

We turned the corner to the living room. They both saw the pile of Leslie's shit.

"Why is all my stuff down here?" Leslie said.

"Oh where do I start? How about with you fuckers? Since you two are literal fuckers. Let's start with the picture." I said.

I had printed out copies of the picture of them fucking. I gave each a copy. Their faces dropped. When I say dropped I mean I have never seen anything like it. Leslie immediately started sobbing.

"Shut up you whore. I am going to start with my so called friend." I said.

"Dude it's not what it looks like. I wanted to tell you. I love her. We love each other." Mike rambled.

"Shut up Mike! I don't love you. I have never loved you. It was all a huge mistake. I'm sorry Joe. I'm so sorry." Leslie said through tears.

"Both of you shut up. I couldn't care less at this point. I am going to tell you how all this is going to happen and I don't want to hear another word." I said.

Both closed their mouths and stood like kids in trouble, heads hanging low and bodies slumping.

"Mike, you have no idea how sweet today is going to be for me. You are ruined. You fucked my wife so I am going to fuck up your life. Lets start with this amazing picture of you fucking my wife. In about ten minutes this picture is going to be sent to your wife. It also will include the whole story of how I came to find you in bed with Leslie. So I am pretty sure your marriage is over. I don't think your wife will take the news to well." I said. Mike's face hung even lower.

Mike's wife has a temper. We have seen it on multiple occasions. Learning her husband has been fucking around will throw her into rage. I was pretty sure she was going to do some damage.

"This cute picture" I said sarcastically, "will also been sent to almost everyone you work with. I made sure your boss and HR department got multiple copies. It includes a very vulgar story along with it. Not to mention it came from your own email. You should really change your passwords. I am positive the business world will frown upon sending pornographic pictures to coworkers. So I think you're fired."

"I'm going to kill you." His shock turned into rage.

"If you touch me then I have not begun to fuck up your life. I know everything about you. I know every secret you have. You touch me and you will be have much bigger problems then finding a new job and divorcing your wife." I said.

Mike stopped in his tracks. He knew the secrets I had on him. Lets just say he is not the most ethical guy and the IRS would love to talk to him. I still debated on turning him in anyways. I did not want to harm his wife though. I would if I had to.

"Get the fuck out of my house. I never want to see you again." I said to Mike.

Mike reluctantly dragged his feet out the door. That really was the last time I saw him.

I turned back to Leslie. Her face was a mess of tears and smeared makeup.

"Now it is your turn. We're done. I already have the divorce papers. I took what was mine and left you your items." I said.

"No we are not done. We can't be done. I love you and I don't want a divorce." Leslie said.

"To late. You should have never fucked my friend. I can never trust you." I said.

"I'm sorry. I made a huge mistake. I was lonely with you working so much and he comforted me. I should have never let it go so far and I know I should not make excuses." Leslie said.

"Damn right you should not make excuses. You should have talked to me. The day I found out I came home early to tell you I was getting promoted and getting a better schedule. I would have been home a lot more. You ruined everything. You ruined my life." I yelled. 

Emotions flooded my mind. The last months I had been working on rage but confronting the issue brought out the reality of the situation. I was broken. Tears filled my eyes. I felt terrible. I was going to miss my wife. Even with what she did to me. She was supposed to be the love of my life and now that was gone.

"Please don't leave me Joe. I will do anything to keep you. Anything." Leslie said.

"To late. I have already moved to a new city. I have a new job, a new name and I am going to start a new life." I said.

The words struck Leslie hard. She collapsed to the ground in tears. 

"This can't be it Joe. I am going to win you back. I don't care how long it takes or what I have to do. I will win you back." Leslie said

I threw the divorce papers at her feet.

"Just sign the damn papers and be done with all of this. My lawyers address and phone number are on there if you have questions." I said and turned towards the door.

Leslie was sobbing on the floor and I had one last nugget to tell her. I thought it would feel sweeter but it didn't. I felt bad.

"One last thing. Our lease is up so you have to be out of this house today." I said.

I never looked back. I went and got in my car and drove. I didn't really pay attention to where I was going. My hour drive to my new apartment turned into a full day. It was a blur but finally at about midnight I fell into my new bed.

"Now what do I do." I thought to myself.

I woke up the next morning and checked my phone. I had a few missed calls from Pam, Mike's wife and about fifty texts from Leslie and another twenty missed calls. 

First I called Pam. Pam was crushed. She hand a feeling that Mike was not being completely honest but she never let it get past a feeling. I explained everything to her, even the revenge. Pam actually laughed and was delighted at her soon to be ex-husbands expense. Fortunately Mike kept Pam in the dark about all the financials. Anything illegal she had nothing to do with. I gave her all the information and let her decide what to do with it. I think she was going to create a favorable situation for herself in the divorce. Lastly I gave her my lawyer's number. 

We said our goodbyes and promised to talk in the next few days.

Then I turned my attention to Leslie. I ignored the calls and voicemails but did read the texts. It was torture for me but I read them anyways. 

She was persistent. I continued to get calls and text throughout the day as well. 

I had no motivations to do anything. I lounged around my apartment all day. Least it was nice and comfortable.

My sister still had no idea I had moved into her building. I got the motivation to get dressed and surprise her in the lobby when she got home from work. I had to wait for about an hour but her reaction was worth the wait.

Ann, (my sisters) was in complete shock. She dropped her work back and purse to run across the lobby and hug me. If she wasn't my sister I would say she was hot, not only beautiful but hot. Ann looked like she could be on the cover of a men's magazine. In college she dabbled in modeling. She could have been really successful but decided it wasn't the path she wanted to follow.

Let me just explain her look. She is 5'9" with a great body, toned and tight body. Ann has blonde hair that reaches the middle of her back. Her breasts were a nice size, not too big or not too small. Really fit her body nicely. On this occasion she was dressed in a form fitting business suit. I would say her look was business sexy.

"What a nice surprise. What are you doing here?" Ann said.

I sighed and said, "It's a long story but I actually live here now."

That statement shocked her even more and left her speechless.

"Lets head upstairs and I will tell you everything." I said.

We got into the elevator and hit the button to the top floor.

"You live up there. How do you have such a nice apartment?" Ann said.

"All part of my story. Wait till you see it. I have the best views." I said.

"I bet. I am only on the second floor and I see a back alley." Ann said.

We got relaxed and I shared everything. I don't have secrets from Ann. She's my best friend who I can tell anything. I even shared most of the sex session I had with Leslie. I might of left out some of the more forceful details that I wasn't that proud of. 

"Congratulations on getting one last good fuck in." Ann said giving me a hard time.

"Hey Leslie started it. I just made sure I got things my way." I said.

"Sounds like you did." Ann said.

"I can only talk so much sex with my sister before it gets weird." I said.

"Were both adults and you brought it up." Ann said.

"It just happened to be part of the story. You're the one congratulating me on having sex with Leslie." I said.

"Well it sounded like fun." Ann said with a smile.

"It was!" I said smiling. Smiles were rare for me.

Ann shared my same feelings about the situation. She felt my pains and struggles but also loved the revenge I got. It was great to have someone I could trust and confide in. 

"Well, that whole story sucks. I can't believe all of that happened." Ann said.

"I know. I basically have to start my life over." I said.

"Well on a good note. I for one am happy about the move to my city. We can spend so much more time together. I am so excited we live in the same building. Its going to be so much fun." Ann said.

A couple of weeks went by. I had a lot of free time on my hands since I didn't start my job yet. I spent most of my time shopping to adjust to single life and exploring the city. I would meet Ann almost everyday for lunch.

Evenings were spent with Ann. Right when she got home, she would come up to my apartment. The only time she spent in her own apartment was to get fresh clothes.

I started to look at my sister differently. I had not lived with her since high school. Back then she was my immature sister. Now she was a beautiful woman. We became very close in recent years but that was based on phone calls and short visits. Seeing her everyday was new. 

Hanging out in my apartment, her comfortable clothing was very revealing. I began to notice the lack of a bra as soon as she changed out of her work clothes. Ann had the perfect breast for the no bra look too. She probably D size breast with no apparent sag. She looked perky and firm. Her nipples are what gave away that she was not wearing a bra. They always seemed to be hard, poking out of her tank tops. She also wore super short shorts, or tight yoga pants. The shorts constantly showed the bottom crease of her ass. I constantly had to catch myself staring too much. 

I realized as the weeks had past her clothing became smaller. It seemed the more comfortable she became the less she wore. She started forgetting to wear the shorts and would go in panties. They weren't thong but still underwear. 

"Why don't you just move in with me?" You can save all the money you pay in rent and I would really like to have you around." I said.

"Are you sure you want to live with your sister? What if you start dating?" Ann asked.

"I would love to live with you and I don't plan on dating any time soon. My divorce hasn't gone through because Leslie won't sign the papers."

"Okay! I'm in... I kind of already have. Half my wardrobe is in the guest room and I sleep in there most nights." Ann said.

"Well let's move the rest." I said.

After the move we were hanging out watching TV. My phone kept buzzing from text and calls. Leslie never stopped trying to get a hold of me. I actually got a second phone business and personal life but kept my old one for Leslie. I know I should have just changed phones and got rid of the old one but something was holding me to the past and to her.

"Is that Leslie again?" Ann said.

"Of course. Who else would it be?" I said.

"Have you said anything to her?" Ann asked.

"Only about the divorce papers and that's it." I said.

"What is she saying now?" Ann asked.

"Same stuff. Saying how she loves me and will do anything for me. Please talk to me. Same bull shit." I said.

"I almost feel bad for her." Ann said.

"Why?" I said in a mad voice.

"Sorry I didn't mean I feel bad for her. I am always on your side but her world was rocked with no warning. It's her fault I know but everything she knew is gone. Don't get me wrong I loved what you did but I think it will take Leslie a long time to recover." Ann said.

The anger subsided in me. I did love Leslie for many years and what I did was crushing. My thoughts softened towards her a little.

"So do you think I should talk to her?" I asked.

"I don't know what to do. Maybe talking to her will help the divorce move forward or help you move on. I really don't know Joe. Maybe you should just go fuck her again. Some good sex might be good for both of you." Ann said

I was a little shocked by her suggestion. "I like the idea but it could cause more problems." 

"Come on bro, you have a girl who will do anything for you. It's a win win." Ann said.

It was funny being so blunt about sex. After telling Ann about fucking Leslie that first day, sex had been brought up almost everyday, whether in a joking manner or with questions. We were open.

"Alright I am going to do it." I said.

Maybe some interaction with Leslie would be good. Also fucking her ass left a lasting impression. I have been constantly horny since.

I let a couple more days pass till I answered one of her calls.


"Oh my gosh, you answered." Leslie said.

"Yeah I did." I said.

"I was almost giving up hope. I have so much to say to you. I love you Joe and I will do anything to get back together. I am so sorry." Leslie said.

"Back together? Lets not even talk about that. That's not an option. You have so much to make up to me before we could be remotely cordial. Maybe a long time down the road we could be friends again. Husband and wife is not an option." I said.

"I'll take anything I can get. I will make it up to you somehow. I will make us happen." Leslie said wishfully.

"I'm done talking for today. I am going to pick you up from your work at noon on Wednesday. Then take you to a hotel and fuck you." I said and hung up the phone. I didn't wait for her response.

Leslie texted soon after with smiley faced emoji's and the words, 'can't wait to see you my love. I will do anything and everything you want.'

My imagination was in overdrive. What more could I do to her. I was still extremely angry but I guess I could still have good sex. 

"I want you to start by sending me some naked pictures."

A few minutes later I got a picture from what looked like the inside of her work bathroom. Leslie had her shirt unbuttoned and her tits pulled out of the bra. Her skirt was pulled up to her hips and her panties at her knees. Pubic hair was visible. I guessed since I left and her fuck buddy was gone, she stopped her daily maintenance of her pussy.

"Set up a waxing appointment right now! I don't ever want to see hair unless it is nicely trimmed and I specifically ask for it." I texted.

"Just set it up for later today. All hair will be gone." Leslie wrote. Finish with a smiley face.

"Read up on proper anal too. I want a clean asshole for my dick. Any sign of shit and you'll be licking me clean." I said. The last part I was severely hoping was not the case. I knew it could happen with anal but I still did not want to see any of that on my dick.

"Deal!" Leslie texted back almost too excited. "I can't wait to feel your huge dick inside my ass again."

That turned me on but I didn't want to give Leslie any satisfaction. "I'll see you Friday. Also send me some pictures of the waxing. Actually I want a few pics everyday from now on."

Leslie responded with a close up of her breast.

This terrible event in my life was turning out better than I thought.

Ann got home from work. She changed out of her work clothes and joined me by the TV. Ann was dressed in panties and a tank top. The panties seemed to be getting smaller and lacier.

"I can't believe you said all this to Leslie!" Ann said as she read the text messages.

"I know! I never used to be like this. It's been really fun and Leslie really likes it." I said.

"Hey a little dominating and good anal sex can be a lot of fun!" Ann said.

I was stunned by my little sisters comment.

"Umm... I mean... umm... you have had... umm... you like... never mind. You're my sister." I stammered.

"What? Shocked and afraid to asked your little sister about her sex history. Its fine to talk about all the sex you have had but I can't make one comment about what I like." Ann said.

"No, no Ann. I didn't mean it like that. I am fine talking about it obviously. I have told you everything. It's a little weird thinking about my little sister doing those things but really I didn't want to pry into your life. If you are cool with it, then so am I." I said.

"Okay, if you are fine with it Joe, ask me the question." Ann said.

"So you like anal?" I said timidly.

"I love anal!" Ann flushed as she was thinking. "I think my hardest orgasms come during anal." 

I didn't know what to say. "Good to know, I guess."

Ann just laughed at my statement and then said, "Yes your little sister does orgasm. This is fun talking about my sex life. I can see why you shared. Don't worry you will get used to the thought of your little sister having sex."

It wasn't my sister having sex I was worried about. It was the feelings I started having towards her.

"Can I ask you another question?" I said.

"First I have one for you. You already asked me one." Ann said turning around my phone and pointed at a text from Leslie. "Huge dick? How big are you or is Leslie just trying to boost your confidence."

Ann definitely thought it was the latter and she was trying to give me a hard time. 

"You really want to know?" I asked.

Ann nodded.

"Fine, I am just over nine." I said.

"Nine what? Centimeters?" Ann said.

"No you twit. Nine inches!" I said.

Ann stopped her kidding and asked, "Seriously?"

I nodded.

"All this time I imagined a little four incher." Ann laughed.

"You're mean. We're done talking about my penis. Now my answer questions, really not questions but I want some tips for anal. You sound a lot more experienced than me. Even though I hate Leslie I want to make our fucking fun." I said.

"Even when you're mad, you are sweet. You really are a good guy and a great brother. I will teach you everything I know."

Over the next few hours I learned a lot about anal and a lot about my sister. The more I learned the more she turned me on. She was a sex expert. With past boyfriends she put in a lot of practice. She was the one constantly asking for sex. Ann would wear her boyfriends out. She was insatiable. That's when I learned of her vast toy collection. 

The afternoon was productive. I learned a lot about anal from warm up, lube and positions. I never knew my little sister was so dirty.

Wednesday came and my big day with Leslie was set.

I pulled up to the office building. Leslie was outside on the curb. She must have changed from work clothes because there was no way her dress was office appropriate. I recognized the dress. Leslie only wore it a couple times, once for my birthday and once on vacation where we knew nobody. Both times she commented multiple times on her uneasiness for the amount of skin she was showing. On this day she stood proud outside her office building, waiting for me. People I recognized from her work parties were walking past going to lunch but she beamed when she saw me. 

The dress was a dark blue. It was a mini dress in all aspects. The front cut very low. If it were any lower cut it would show nipple. A normal bra would not work with this dress, only the strapless self-adhesive bras that attached directly to each breast. Or the other option was no bra, which Leslie chose. Previously she went with the bra. The back even lower cut. The fabric ended just above her ass and a few thin straps that crisscross her back holding the dress on. The hem stopped at her upper thigh, showing all of her amazing legs. Leslie looked amazing.

Leslie was beaming with joy as she sat in the front seat. 

"Oh honey its so amazing to see you. I love you so much Joe. I love you. Thank you so much for seeing me today!" Leslie said as she started to lean in for a kiss.

"Shut up you slut and don't even think about kissing me." I said as anger came quickly to me.

"Sorry honey. I just... I umm... have missed you so much." Leslie said.

"You should have thought about that before you fucked my friend."

"I know and I am sorry. I feel worse than terrible. I will do anything to make it up to you and I don't care how long it will take."

My blood started to boil. I had to calm myself but talking directly about the problem was not helping. 

"I am not talking about anything in our relationship or your cheating right now. It will just make me mad. We can talk for a few minutes later today but right now we are not going to talk." I said.

"Okay Joe. Anything you want." 

I pushed her legs open. She had on a tiny pink thong. The material was shear and her freshly waxed lips were clearly visible. Then I pushed down one side of her dress, exposing a breast. I took a handful of her tits and Leslie moaned at the touch. 

"Put your hand down my pants." I said.

Leslie repositioned to get a better angle. Meanwhile she pushed her dress back up.

"I didn't say you could put your boob away." I said.

"But people could see." Leslie said.

"Exactly! You took it upon yourself to show Mike. Now I am going to show anybody who wants to look. I said I wasn't going to talk about this but I have to say something. You shamed me and embarrassed me. I realize I wasn't the easiest husband but you should have never done that to me. You should have talked to me. I was working hard for us and instead of talking to me about your feelings you fuck Mike. If we are to have anything in the future, you have to feel what I felt. I am starting with a little embarrassment." I said.

Leslie looked at me for a long moment. I could tell she hurt inside but she deserved it. She was trying to figure out how to make things right. She came to the conclusion that I was right.

"I am sorry I questioned you and I understand your feelings. I will do anything you say Joe. I can see the anger in your eyes and I will do anything in my power to change that back to the love we used to have." Leslie said.

Leslie was genuine in her response. She really did want to make things right. She was going to have a long road to recover everything. Really, I didn't think it was possible.

Leslie got back into position. Without me asking she pulled back down her top. Leslie exposed both breast. Then she reached into my pants and took hold of my cock. She slowly stroked me the rest of the drive. We caught a few gentleman catching looks at Leslie. She turned bright red each time. It made me feel great.

We pulled into the hotel. It was a nice hotel on the outskirts of the city. It was really quiet being noon on a Wednesday. I asked for an early check in when I made the reservation. We parked.

"Cover up." I said to Leslie as we got out of the car.

We went to check in. Neither of us looked like we were staying the night. I had my hand on Leslie's ass the entire time and she held onto me. Really it looked like I was taking some slutty prostitute to a hotel room. That was almost more truthful.

The lobby was dead. The hotel worker was a young guy, maybe twenty. He was very nice but had a hard time keeping his eyes off of Leslie for obvious reasons. The worker looked like he did not have much experience with women, if any. He was nerdy and over weight but very nice. 

I figured I could make this guy's day a little better. 

"I can't help noticing that you keep looking at my wife?" I said to him.

The worker stammered and Leslie looked at me with a smile since I used the term wife. Technically we were still married.

"I umm... sorry sir... I didn't mean to..." He said.

"Don't worry kid. I am not made. As a matter of fact, I don't think you got a good enough look. Honey why don't you pull down your top for this nice young man?" I said.

The workers mouth fell open and Leslie turned red. She didn't question me this time. She did look both ways checking for other people, there were none. Then Leslie pulled down her dress. Both tits popped free. The worker squeaked in surprise as his eyes were glued to the boobs.

After a minute I said, "Did you enjoy that look?"

"That was awesome. You are the best guest I have ever checked in. Let me see if I have a better room for you. Barely anyone is staying in the hotel tonight so I should... Yep! Here you go. I have moved you guys to a suite." The worker said.

"Thank you good sir." I said.

"No, thank you. This is the best day ever." He said.

"Honey, don't you think we should give the man a thank you?" I said

Leslie looked at me nervously and wondered where I was going but she nodded her head.

"Why don't you move a little closer and let this man feel your boobs." I said. 

I couldn't believe myself. I got mad at her for cheating now I was telling her to let another man touch her. It felt good though.

Leslie turned even redder but she didn't oppose me. She got on her tiptoes and leaned over the desk.

"Are you serious?" The worker asked.

"Yep give them a good squeeze." I said.

"Cool..." He hesitated a little. "I have never touched boobs before."

I knew it. I thought to myself. This was going to make this kids year.

He fondled Leslie for a few minutes. Leslie kept looking at me to see when I would stop things but I could tell she was starting to like it. 

Finally I spoke, "Times up. Its time for me to go fuck her." 

The worker reluctantly pulled away from Leslie. 

"We will be visiting your hotel weekly. Do you always work Wednesdays?" He nodded his head. "Perfect. We will see you next week."

Leslie smiled at the weekly get together plan.

'Awesome! I will reserve the cheapest room for you but make sure we have a suite."

We turned and left for the elevators.

"How did you like that?" I asked.

"I wished it was your hands."

"Forget about me. I made you do it. How was it making that kids dreams come true?" I said.

"Honestly it was surprisingly fun." Leslie said.

"Good. I have to think of something new for next week."

In the elevator I pulled Leslie's dress to her waist. Nervously she looked at the lights on the wall. She didn't want the elevator to stop for other guest. The numbers kept climbing and she got less nervous the higher they got. Once I saw her comfort return I pushed the rest of her dress to the floor. I took a tit in one and her ass in the other. 

Her nerves vanished at my touch as she moaned and said, "Oh Joe. I love you Joe. You can have me anywhere you want." 

With my erratic behavior she must have thought I was going to have her in the elevator. That was not my intention, at least not this day. The doors opened at our floor. I grabbed her dress off the floor and started walking to our room. Leslie paused but then followed behind, her boobs in each hand.

"No covering. Drop those hands." I said. 

Sadly she made it to the room without seeing anyone. That will change in the future.

Inside the room Leslie showed pure excitement. "I am so happy we are here today. I love you so much."

Then she turned to embrace me. In a moment of weakness I let her. Her half naked body melted into me. Our lips met like they had so many times before but with more passion. Anger still rose inside me but something else was more powerful. I don't know if it was past love or current lust but we kept kissing. It felt good, which scared and frustrated me.

I pushed Leslie to her knees. 

"Fuck Leslie. Why did you kiss me?" I said frustrated at myself. "No more kissing. Just dick sucking and fucking." I tried to get back into my dominant personality. 

Leslie grinned at my frustration with the kiss. She was trying to win me back and kissing was more intimate than the carnal fucking.

"Now suck my cock you slut!" I said.

Leslie pulled my cock from my zipper and eagerly got to work. It felt great. Leslie continued the same vigor she had from weeks before. 

The problem was my mind was still racing from the kiss. It really bugged me. I needed something to relax. I needed a drink. I pushed Leslie off my cock. I grabbed the ice bucket from the table.

"Be a good little slut and go get me some ice." I said.

"Right now..." Leslie cut off at my look of disappointment. "I mean yes right away."

Leslie opened the door and disappeared. I opened the mini frig and found what I was looking for. I grabbed a small bottle. I didn't need much, just something to calm my nerves. 

A minute later a knock came at the door. "Please open the door Joe. Someone is in the hall."

I took my time. I was in no hurry. More knocks and pleas came. I let her wait long enough. I opened the door. Leslie scampered in and I looked down the hall, a man in his eighties was a couple doors down.

"Pretty isn't she?" I said.

"Beautiful. You are a lucky man." He said.

"Thanks." I said even though luck was the last thing in my mind. 

"Well, have fun young man and thanks for letting me see your beautiful wife." He said.

"No problem. Honey come and tell this nice man goodbye." I said and Leslie reappeared at my side.

The old man smiled at her return. 

"It was nice to meet you." Leslie said awkwardly. 

"Well thanks you, young lady."

"We better get going but I want to leave you with a gift Sir."

"We just met. I don't need anything. Seeing your beautiful wife has been gift enough. My old eyes have seen nothing this pretty since my youth." The man said.

I whispered in Leslie's ear what I wanted.

She then pushed her thong to the ground. Leslie grabbed them and walked to the man. She hugged him and pecked him on the cheek and placed the thong in his hand. 

"Have fun with those!" I said to the man as we returned to our room.

"You are so bad. You really like showing me off don't you?" Leslie said.

"I really like embarrassing you but its also kind of hot watching the guys look at you. Remember though, it only happens when I say so."

"I have learned my lesson. Never again." Leslie said mournfully thinking of her misdeed. 

I sat at the table in the room and poured myself the drink. Without asking Leslie got between my knees and continued sucking me.

I could feel myself relax. All previous concerns and feelings left. I got into my fucking mood. I watched Leslie suck me and right before my eyes she turned into that same piece of flesh I ass fucked weeks before. She was there for my pleasure and my pleasure alone. I knew she would like the dominance but I only thought of myself.

"Deep throat me. If you can't do it yourself then I will be forced to face fuck you as hard as I can." I said.

Leslie beamed. She forced herself hard on my cock. Her throat was not giving in at first but Leslie pushed harder. She struggled but finally I felt her throat give in. She gagged at first but didn't stop. Each thrust she became more acquainted with a dick that deep and the gagging stopped. Her nose started to touch my groin with each push.

I stood and stripped. I was ready to fuck. I lay on the bed and Leslie climbed on top. This was the first time I was able to admire her waxed pussy. It was perfect. She would shave during our marriage but never waxed. She always worried about the pain. Waxing was so much better. There was no hair at all, which made the skin so soft. With shaving I could still feel the stubs. 

"How was the waxing?" I broke character out of curiosity.

"I really liked it! The pain wasn't as bad as I thought." Leslie said.

"Looks amazing." I said. Then tried to return to character.

Leslie rode me in a much more sensual way than I expected. If I wasn't direct, Leslie was not rough or aggressive. Leslie was trying to make love with me. She was trying to kindle any kind of spark. The problem was it was working on me. I loved the dominance and so did she but truly making sensual love was amazing.

I forced myself to raise my walls. I reached up to her breast as she ground my cock into her pussy. I pinched one nipple as I lightly slapped the other.

"Oh fuck!" Leslie said. The little bit of nipple pain sent her into orgasm. "Fuck me!" Leslie grabbed my hands and forced me to squeeze her tits harder.

I threw her hands away. I didn't need help. I slapped both breast hard repeatedly. Leslie squeaked in pain but that only spurred her on.

"Wow! That was good." Leslie said.

"It was okay, but you have made a mess of my cock. Lick it clean right now." I said.

It was a very wet orgasm. Leslie didn't hesitate for fulfill my demand. She lapped up her juice and sucked my cock hard. Thinking she was done she motioned to get back on my cock.

"Not yet. You have missed a little." I said. I pulled my knees up and spread my legs. I could feel moisture running past my balls and down my taint. "You better hurry or you will be licking my ass."

Leslie didn't say a word but moved slowly and seductively between my raised legs. Then I felt a tongue on my ass crack. I was not expecting that. Leslie had never gone near my asshole before. She started to move up towards my hole. Then slowly her tongue grazed across my ass and towards my sack. Once she got to my balls, she repeated the process.

I had no idea my ass was so sensitive. The feeling of her tongue was awesome. It would take only a few licks to get all the cum but Leslie continued to lick. Each time she spent a little more time on my asshole. I felt like I was going to explode. I started to jack myself. Leslie took noticed of my self-pleasuring and took over. One hand jacked my cock as she licked my ass continually. It was one of the dirtiest things Leslie had ever done and I loved it.

I lost control. 

"I'm cumming." I announced and Leslie went harder.

I wasn't too keen on cumming on myself but I didn't care at that point. The pleasure was too much. Cum spurted all over my torso.

"That felt good you dirty girl. Eating my ass like a slut." I said.

"I know!" Leslie beamed. "It was so much more fun than I expected."

It was nice to see Leslie smile as we talked. It made the situation more real and not just sex. My anger was not present.

"Thanks Leslie." I said sincerely.

"Your welcome Honey. Its so nice to see that smile of yours." Leslie said.

Mixed emotions filled me. I never wanted to give in to Leslie but it was nice being with her.

"Would you like me to clean you up?" Leslie asked.

"That's a stupid question. Anytime I cum, you will clean me up and suck me dry." I said

I was clean and still hard so the next item on the agenda was anal. 

"Time for your ass!" I said as I spanked her ass hard. "First you need a little punishment. You have had far to much fun so far."

I pulled her across my lap and spanked her repeatedly. Leslie loved it and her ass turned bright red.

"Now get on your knees and bend over. Spread your ass wide open for me." I said.

Leslie's little tan asshole looked amazing. I could not help myself from gawking. I lightly slapped her asshole and she jumped at the touch. The asshole was calling to me. I never had a previous desire to lick Leslie's ass but after her licking mine, I wanted to try for myself.

"Oh my... gosh... oh Joe." Leslie yelled when my tongue made contact.

I guess she liked it and so did I. It was new and naughty. My dick responded. Almost instantly I was rock hard again.

I pressed my thumb into Leslie's pussy as I continued to lick. 

"Fuck! I am cumming... eat my ass... fuck yeah... fuck..." Leslie groaned.

My dick needed to be in her ass. I looked for the bag I brought. It contained lube. It was still by the door. 

Leslie noticed my gaze. "I need the lube and it's by the door." I said as I started to get up.

"Lets try it without." Leslie said.

"But..." Leslie cut me off.

"I have studied and watched a lot of anal these past week. I have also practiced some and I think we can do it with just spit. I mean like they do in the videos." Leslie said timidly.

"Wait. You have been playing with your ass and watching porn?" I asked. This was not my same wife. She hated porn and hardly ever masturbated.

"Yeah." Leslie said embarrassed. "What you did to me last time changed me. I am not the same up tight wife obviously. You awakened something deep inside me. I hate what I have done but you treating me as you did opened my eyes to fun and pleasures I didn't know existed."

I didn't really know how to respond because it came about from horrible circumstances but at the same time I thoroughly enjoyed what I did to Leslie. Dominating her and fucking her ass was the best fuck of my life. However we were too comfortable. Walls were coming down too fast.

"You're welcome." I slapped her ass, right on the hole. Leslie moaned in pleasure and pain. "Enough talking, more ass fucking."

Leslie pushed me back on the bed. 

"Hey I am supposed to do the pushing."

Leslie ignored me and sucked my cock in a sloppy manner. She left so much saliva on my cock. 

Then she moved to straddle me in reverse. Leslie took hold of my cock and lowered herself. Her asshole was so tight. It resisted at first but Leslie gritted her teeth and pushed through the pain. The force on my dick was almost too much. 

Thankfully the sphincter gave in and my tip pressed firmly into her ass.

"Fuck!" Leslie exclaimed but she continued to push.

Little by little I felt more of my dick slide in. Maybe half way down my cock Leslie opened her eyes and gave me a smile. Then the fucking began. It started slow but she rocked back and forth on my cock, more pressing in each time. 

I was getting anxious so on one of her downward motions I grabbed her hips. I pressed her down and raised my hips at the same time. I bottomed out. Her ass pressed firmly against me. Leslie groaned in pain.

"Fuck me hard. Pound me with your ass. Show me how much of a ass slut you are." I said and Leslie obliged eagerly. 

The fucking became intense. Each of us worked hard as sweat started to show on our skin. I took plenty of opportunities to slap her ass.

We switched positions but before I put my dick back in I made Leslie suck me. She didn't pause at my request this time but willingly sucked my cock into her mouth.

Doggy style came next. I loved the view of my cock sliding into her ass. Then we switched to regular cowgirl. That was my favorite view. Seeing her perfect pussy untouched and her asshole stretching for my dick.

I was reaching my end. Where did I want to cum? I thought to myself. Leslie's face seemed like a fitting place. In all of our years together she had never received a proper facial. I was going to fix that.

I pulled out of her ass with a pop. I stood in front of Leslie. She moved to blow me but I pushed her away.

"Open your mouth Bitch." I said and Leslie understood what was coming.

I jacked myself hard and Leslie looked eager to receive my load. Even though my emotions were softening I still wanted to shame her. The problem was all of my attempts of shame turned her on more.

I blew my load. Cum landed from her hair to her tits. Leslie was a mess. I finished cumming and Leslie sucked my cock into her mouth. All remaining cum was sucked from my cock. Then any cum she could find was scooped up and swallowed. It was so fucking hot.

"Go shower and then we can talk for a little bit." I said.

I stayed in my sweat and mess. I felt like the dirty acts I performed with my slut wife did not deserve to be washed away. My emotions were a mess. I hated Leslie but at the same time I loved her. I hated that I was actual making love to her but it was the best sex ever. What I hated most of all was my hate for her was lessoning.

Leslie returned from the shower fresh and clean. Her naked body was spotless and her we hair tied in a bun. Leslie approached the bed. She didn't really know how to proceed. Our new relationship was only sex but she wanted to talk and regain what we had at the beginning of our marriage. 

I didn't say anything. I waited to see what she would do. I could tell she longed to cuddle up next to me. She didn't want to upset me but she wanted to spend time with me. She wanted me back. Quickly she resigned to what was comfortable and what we had in common, sex.

Leslie crawled between my legs and took my softened cock into her mouth. It felt great but I was exhausted and similar emotions pulled me. I touched Leslie's hand. Her eyes looked up at me and I motioned for her to stop. When I pulled her into my arms I got the biggest smile of the day by far. 

Leslie molded into my side and our naked bodies were one. We had cuddled like that thousands of times but this was different. Both of us had been on an emotional roller coaster but cuddling felt right. I could never forget about her betrayal but I think I could eventually forgive her. Not any time soon but in the future it seemed possible.

Leslie clung to me, as we stayed silent for minutes.

Finally words came to me. "This was nice today."

"You have no idea how good today has been and right now is my favorite part." Leslie said.

I had to agree with her.

"Leslie please don't get your hopes up. This has been one step in hundreds to get back to where we were."

"I don't care. I will take any step I can get. Joe I am never giving up on us. I will do everything I can to win you back. You can punish and shame me all you want. I even like it. Sexually you already know I will do anything. Personally if you need to talk or yell someone, I will be there for you. You can try to push me away but I will always be here. I will always be waiting for the day we get back together." Leslie said.

"Okay. We are going to take things very, very slow Leslie. This will not be easy and I don't know if it will every work but we can try." I said.

"Oh thank you Joe. Thank you. I love you so much." Leslie said.

"Slow down. You have no idea how bad it hurt to see you with another man. You have no idea what you did to me." I said as I felt tears coming to my eyes.

"I know and I am sorry. I will never fully understand but I hope one day you can trust me again. One day I hope to earn forgiveness. I don't expect it to be easy. I deserve it to be hard. I know you will never be able to un-see my terribleness but I hope we can move past it one day." Leslie said.

"Honestly I hope for the same thing but we will see. For this ever to work we have to start completely over and that means the divorce. For my own sanity I need that break." I said.

"I know Joe. I know how your mind works and I knew we would never move past the divorce so I dropped the papers to your lawyer this morning." Leslie said.

"Thank you." I said holding her tighter. "I will tell you right now that I am going to date. I have to know if there is anyone else for me. I think I deserve that."

Leslie didn't like it but agreed. "You deserve to be happy Joe and if dating other people will help you then do it. Just know that I will not see anyone else. I am yours and yours alone."

"For now I think we should get together weekly. If things continue to go well we can add another day each week."

"Deal!" Leslie said excitedly.

"Just because I am being nice right now means nothing. I still expect a lot from you. I still want naked pictures and videos daily. Keep practicing anal because our journey with your ass has just begun." I said.

"I will do all of that happily." Leslie said.

"See that is the problem. The things I thought of to punish you are things you like now. So they are not punishments but I have a few other punishments in mind."

"So true!" Leslie agreed. "So what are the other punishments?"

"I don't think I can tell you yet. Some will be embarrassing and some will be painful, physically and mentally." I said.

"Fine..." Leslie said.

"I do like the sex talk but I think we should spend a few minutes talking of normal stuff." I said.

"Like what?" Leslie said.

"Our lives, our feelings. Stuff real couples talk about."

"Okay. Can you tell me where you have been this last month? I mean I check with your office and they said you don't work there anymore."

"I meant softer topics than this. I took certain steps to make sure nobody knew where I was and what I was doing. I will say that I moved and have a new job. Please don't try to look me up because you won't find anything. Legally I have a new name.


"Yes but no more questions about that. Where did you move to?" I asked knowing she couldn't be in the same house.

"Well I didn't have many options as you know." Leslie said but she wasn't mad. "I moved home for a couple weeks till I found an apartment of my own. I live by myself and that's it. You accomplished embarrassing me to my parents. That was terrible. They were so disappointed in me."


The conversation carried on for thirty minutes or so. It broke down into simpler things like TV shows and food. The talking was really nice but I was ready to get home to Ann.

We got dressed and made our way back to the car. Leslie flashed the front desk boy on the way by. He almost fell over.

I opened the door to my apartment.

"Fuck... oh fuck!" I heard.

I stood in the doorway looking right at my naked sister masturbating. Ann looked at me. Lust and pleasure filled her. She was already too far into the pleasure to stop and her orgasm started. 

Ann moaned loud and deep. I was locked in place. She looked beautiful and sexy but at the same time it was my sister. Leslie being my sister stopped mattering in that moment. I was filled with a desire to have my sister. If she would have said come fuck me, I would have. I knew those feelings were wrong but I didn't care.

The orgasm lasted forever and towards the end I finally came to my senses and ran. We may have been comfortable talking about sex but this was a whole new level so I did what any brother would do. Luckily Ann had her eyes closed and I escape when unnoticed.

I paced my bedroom, trying to figure out how to not make things awkward. Ann gave up her apartment to live with me. Neither of us could go anywhere else. We had to make it work. Finally I resolved Ann and I were too close to let something small ruin our relationship. 

Just then I heard a call from the kitchen saying dinner was ready. 

I walked back into the main area to see Ann acting normal. Acting how she did most evenings. She was hurrying around the kitchen finishing dinner. She was a great cook and took over most of those duties when she moved in. She always said it was the least she could do since she lived for free.

I don't know what to expect when I walked in, but it was nice to see everything normal. There was the elephant in the room of seeing Ann orgasm but Ann didn't give any hint to caring.

Once I sat down at the table and stopped thinking so much I did realize one difference. Ann was dressed in only a thin silk robe that ended just below her ass. The robe was tied at the waist but the neck line cut deep between her breasts. The thin fabric hid barely anything. The nub of her nipple was clear and even the outline of her areola shown through.

"What are you wearing?" I said. 

"It's a robe Bro. Relax, it's more than you saw me in an hour ago." Ann said a little testy. 

Here it comes I thought. We were going to make things awkward and talk about the nudity.

I tried to diffuse the situation. "It would be great if you weren't my sister, because you look great."

"I'm sick of the excuse being I'm your sister all the time. We are adults Joe. You watched me orgasm. Who cares? I don't. You saw me naked and we both are still alive." I could see the frustration growing. "Fuck it!" Ann shouted and whipped off her robe. 

Ann was gorgeous. Her body was perfection. Her body was tight and toned. Her breast looked larger without clothes on. They were teardrop shaped with only a slight crease underneath. The nipples were quarter size and flesh colored. They flowed nicely into her tan skin. Down low she had a perfectly manicured pussy. Just above her slit was a small triangle of light brown hair. It was trimmed tight and looked amazing.

I said nothing. I was too shocked to say anything.

"I can't live how we have been living. I have lived by myself in the past for a reason. I love to be naked and I love to masturbate. Don't get me wrong, I have loved being here with you but I feel like I can't be myself, all because I am your sister." 

Still I said nothing. What was she saying? I thought our living situation was great.

"Its all your fault anyways. All this sex talk and preparing you for Leslie has made me hornier than normal. Fuck! I don't want to move out but I want to live comfortable. Can we do that and not make things weird?" Ann finished.

I sat thinking and staring. "But you're my..."

"SISTER!" Ann yelled. "You are so fucking dense. Who cares that I am your sister. We are both young and good-looking. You could have a sexy naked girl constantly in your apartment and you find a problem. For fuck sakes Joe, have you not seen how I've been dressing at home? Don't try to deny looking at me. I caught you staring all the time and I never made you stop. Just think about that Bro and don't be dense, even if I am your SISTER!" Ann said

I said nothing and Ann looked at me like I was an idiot. More time past and tears started to form in her eyes. More time past and finally Ann turned and left the room.

What was I missing? I asked myself. Why such a sudden change? What was I being dense about?

I sat at the table thinking. I couldn't touch the food. Frustration grew. I loved my sister more than anything and I knew she loved me.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.


That was the key. Ann was doing everything out of love. The flirty clothes and the sex talk. I was an idiot that I didn't pick up on the flirting. Then to cap it off was the masturbation that she blamed on me. She masturbated because she was thinking of what I was doing with Leslie. She was thinking of me. Ann had feelings for me. I don't know how deep they went but I wanted to understand to those feelings. 

Now I knew the problems so I needed to figure out the solution. I didn't know how I was going to act on the feelings Ann was having. My feelings had gone past simple siblings since understanding how sexy and amazing she was but the incest still bothered me.

I went to my room still thinking and a bold idea hit me. If she wanted to be comfortable in the apartment, then what better way to tell her, then by showing her?

I put on a pair of athletic shorts and went to her room. I knocked on Ann's door.

"What do you want?" Ann said.

"I want to talk to you and say I'm sorry." I said as I slowly opened the door.

"I'm still naked so if that offends you, you should not come in." 

I pushed the door open more and stood in the doorway.

"First things first. Ann you are the best thing in my life. You have made the last month amazing when it should have been terrible. I love you and everything about you. You are never moving out so I will do my best to make you feel at home. So my first step to make you feel comfortable. Even if I don't completely understand the nudity, if it is important to you than it is important to me. I will do my best to understand and join you." I said as I pushed my shorts to the ground.

Ann's mouth fell open and slowly the sadness faded. A smile started to show through.

"You are beautiful and amazing Ann. I was an idiot. The nudity and seeing you masturbating scared me. Your words hit me hard though. It took a few minutes to realize my stupidity. We're siblings and adults who love each other. Living comfortable is important to both of us. We should never feel like we are walking on eggshells. We will be ourselves from now on. I am sorry I hurt you but this." I motioned to our naked bodies, "Is new to me. I may need a while to get used to it. Most important though is I love you and could never live with you not in my life. You are my best friend."

I could see tears returning to Ann's eyes but this time they were happy tears. 

"You have a huge dick Bro." Ann said.

I looked down at my semi-erect cock.

"After I poured out my feelings, that's all you have to say." I said.

"I was trying to get a reaction from you. Honesty everything you have said is perfect. I have loved our time together. This has been the best weeks of my life. I have loved spending every day with you. I love how our relationship has grown. I look forward to continue to grow closer. I love you Joe. Who would have thought we would be having this conversation naked?" Ann said.

"This has been one of the craziest days of my life. Capping it off with a deep conversation with my sister in the nude fits into the rest of my day. Is it weird that it's not weird?" I asked.

"No! I love being naked. I feel like most like myself in the nude. Like there is nothing I can hide behind so I have to be real." Ann said.

"Well you do look really good sis. I hope that's not too creepy coming from your brother." I said.

"Not at all and thanks for the compliment. I don't look at it like we are siblings but grown adults who can appreciate the beauty in life. Especially because you look pretty good to look at too." Ann said.

"Why thank you. So what now?" I asked.

"We live like normal, just more fun." Ann said.

"Well thank you Ann. Seriously, thanks for being my best friend and sister. This has been an emotional last hour. Normally I would think we should hug after such a touching conversation but..." I said looking down at myself.

"I am down for a hug. Its only skin." Ann said with a smile.

Ann bounced off the bed and we embraced. Our bodies melted into each other. Ann nestled her head into my neck. Her firm breast pressed into my chest. I could feel myself getting turned on. My growing cock rested just above her pussy.

The hug felt nice, it felt right, like it was meant to be.

We separated slowly. Ann looked up into my eyes. All I wanted to do was bend down and kiss her. We kept eye and I was getting the look from Ann that start most first kisses. But we kept moving and I missed my chance. 

"Since dinner is cold and it was my fault, how about I take you out to dinner. Pick any place you want. I'm buying." I said.

"Lets go out tomorrow. We just got naked and I really don't want to get ready. I will get dinner ready again. You can go shower, I can smell Leslie all over you." Ann said with a giggle.

I forgot I had come from the wildest sex romp of my life. I was covered in dried sweat and fluids.

"Deal!" I said.

"But get ready for tomorrow. I have an expensive palate." Ann said.

"Back in the day I spent plenty of money on girls who never let me see them naked. I already have you naked sis and I haven't taken you on a date." I said.

"Wow! Now it's a date. We are going about this all the wrong way." Ann started to smile, as I knew some sarcasm was coming. "You have already seen me orgasm. We skipped the fun stuff of dates and flirting. Hell, I already confessed my love for anal sex. Who knew I was so easy?" 

"I for one am grateful. You're incredible to look at and your anal tips really worked today." I said.

"I almost forgot. Go shower, then I want to hear every detail over dinner." Ann said.

We went our separate ways. The shower felt amazing. I realized I was exhausted from the day's activities but the change with Ann invigorated me. I never thought of Leslie even though it was the best sex of my life. Ann filled my mind, all of her beautiful curves and her sweet personality.

I got lost in thought and stayed in the shower way too long. Ann scared me when I saw her standing in the doorway watching me shower.

I jumped in surprise and covered myself. "Hey you can't sneak up on me like that." I said.

"I wasn't expecting you to take thirty minutes. Dinner will get cold again." Ann said.

I turned off the water and got out. Ann watched the entire time. 

Dinner was great. Our nudity became normal, although I continued to sneak looks at her great breast. Ann loved my story. I told her every detail. Reliving the experienced did a number on my erection. I was glad it was under the table. Ann also seemed turned on. Her skin flushed and she hung on every word.

"I'll help you clean up in a little bit Bro. I need to relieve some tension if you know what I mean." Ann giggled.

"I know exactly what you mean." I closed my eyes, "Yep! I am watching it right now in my head."

"Stop you perve." Ann teased.

"You're the pervert. You just told me you were masturbating and this whole nude idea was just a scam to get me naked." I teased back.

"You're right I am a perve. Since you already watched me, I might as well do it on the couch again."

My breath caught and my whole body tightened.

"Gotcha! You should see your face. See you in a few minutes. I can be fast." Ann said as I watched her perky round ass disappear down the hall.

I could hear faint moans coming from Ann's room and true to her word, she orgasmed and returned in under ten minutes. Her pussy lips were red and slightly swollen from the blood and toy she had used. It was hot.

"How'd it go?" I asked trying not to be awkward. 

"It was good. One earlier was better but still good." Ann said.

"All you need is a pervy brother watching to make it better?" I teased.

The problem was the teasing never affected Ann like it did me. I got embarrassed but Ann acted normal and smooth.

"What time will you be home tomorrow? I'll try time it perfectly again when you walk through the door." Ann said and I turned red.

The teasing and flirting continued all night. I gradually stopped turning red but the sexual innuendos continued to flow.

I went to bed that night and masturbated. For the first time I solely thought of Ann. The result was spectacular. I realized I wanted more than teasing. I wanted my sister.

The next day I woke early. I checked my phone first. Leslie had sent multiple texts and pictures since yesterday. I never looked at my phone once I got home.. After I never responded she sent a couple worried text trying to make sure I was okay. Then she got desperate and sent a video of her masturbating and screaming my name. They were awesome. I still hated her but our new relationship was pretty great. I complemented her but never explained my lack of response. I wanted to keep her at arms length still. 

More importantly I wanted to see if Ann was going to be naked this morning. I then realized I heard my shower running. Ann decided to use my shower, which was really nice and big. The guest shower was just a standard tub/shower combination. 

Ann watched me in the shower but I was going to one up her. I headed to the bathroom. Ann didn't attempt to close any doors. I walked right in and opened the shower door.

"I'll wash your back if you wash mine." I said.

"You have yourself a deal. I was hoping I would see you before work. I wanted to thank you again for being so understanding and also joining me."

"To be honest I really like being naked with you. It's so comfortable. We are so close that it feels natural. There is no one else I would be able to do this with. Leslie would have never been a nudist. She would now if I told her to be." I said.

"That give me a few ideas for her." Ann said with a devilish grin. "Now get in here and was my back."

"Let me in the warm water first. Its cold with just the mist." I said.

Ann moved aside and let me in. There was plenty of room for two people. The shower had a rainfall in the center and a normal head on the wall.

While I relaxed in the center, Ann took the time to groom. She lathered up arms and legs to shave. After those were done she moved to her pussy. She was delicate and neat as she trimmed her pubic hair, leaving only the tight triangle.

Ann finished while I was lathering myself up. "Give me that soap." Ann said.

I was a man so I had only bought a bar of soap.

"Now that we share a shower, we need to get you some better products. We will go shopping before dinner. No woman wants a bar of soap and there are so many good products. I will have you classy and smelling wonderful in a few days." Ann said.

"I'll use whatever you want me to. I could use a woman's touch in my life." I said.

"Good because I have some fashion tips too. Now turn around and I will get your back." Ann said.

Even though it was only my back, her touch was electrifying. Ann used one hand to rub the soap and the other worked my back to a lather. I could feel myself getting excited. Ann went on for a few minutes. It was more of a back rub.

"Your turn." I said, wanting to put my hands on her beautiful body.

"Wash off first while I clean the rest of my body." Ann said and I turned towards her, "Whoa! Somebody liked the backwash."

"Sorry its... I mean... its morning..."

"So?" Ann asked.

"It felt good and well... some mornings I umm... you know... have to rub one out before it goes down."

"Masturbate?" Ann teased.

"Yes!" I said.

"Don't let me stop you." Ann said.

"Ha ha Ann. I don't masturbate for people like you do." I said.

"Oh come on. You saw me so it's only fair." Ann said.

I paused to think. If I wanted things to progress with Ann I should do it but what if I was wrong about her intentions. Maybe she really did just want to be nudist and nothing more. She did flirt and tease a lot though.

"I don't know. Let me think for a minute." I said as I started to wash off.

I watched Ann and she watched me. Her eyes kept going to my dick. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her tits, especially when she was rubbing them with soap.

I was going to do it. First I wanted to wash her back. I wanted to touch her.

Ann's skin was soft and smooth. I worked the soap into her back. I covered every inch. I went lower than I should have. I grazed the top of her check. 

Ann was enjoying the back rub and she pushed back into my hand. The motion pushed her ass towards me, right into my erect cock. My dick poked her ass cheek.

"Still excited I see or feel." Ann said.

"Ummm... yeah I guess I am." I said.

Ann moved a couple more times and each time I poked her. 

"If you weren't so big you wouldn't be poking me you perve." Ann said.

"Sorry." I said.

"I'm not." Ann teased. "But I guess I will get out so you can relieve yourself. Your just no fun."

"Stay." I said firmly.

Ann didn't say a word but she basically jumped into my arms in a hug. Our slick bodies felt perfect together. 

Then I masturbated for my sister and it was awesome. I took my time. I rubbed up and down my shaft but fought climax. Ann watched my cock the entire time. Finally I couldn't last any longer and I got my release. The orgasm went on forever and we both watched the cum disappear down the drain.

"Man... with your cock size, stamina and overall good looks, any girl is lucky to have you. Leslie was a fool." Ann said. She was sincere and stared longingly into my eyes.

"Thanks Sis. That was fun but we have been in here forever. You better hurry or you'll be late for work." I said. 

We parted ways. I actually had to work. My new office wasn't open yet but part of the work had begun. I found nice office space that was set up perfectly for the companies needs. The previous tenant made a sweet space for the boss. Since I was the boss I quickly rented the space. 

Even though we were not open I had to hire. I spoke with my boss daily. He was relocating some people from other offices to work in the new office. At the same time I had to fill other positions. I was interviewing people daily. Most of the interviews were for professional jobs where a high education and computer knowledge was necessary. Those interviews were boring but I was able to fill the positions with some really good people.

The interviews I had fun with were my secretary and the office front desk. I know in a professional setting a boss should always base decisions on qualifications and not on how beautiful a person was. I based my decision on a little bit of qualifications but mostly on sexiness. I hired two hot girls. It's hard to ignore a beautiful girl in a short skirt and cleavage. Some how the beautiful girls answers sounded really good as I was looking at big boobs and they flirted to get the jobs. I know I should feel bad but I was the boss and I deserved a good-looking secretary. 

Of the two girls I put the super sweet but ditsy girl at the front desk. Her name was Olivia. She was perfect to answer calls and make our clients feel welcome. 

My secretary was smart and stunning. Her name was Emma. She was a new college graduate. She majored in a pointless major and decided she needed to get into the business world to make actual money. The problem was, she had to start from the bottom because she lacked any experience. What she lacked in experience, she made up for in beauty. She was a petite blonde. Her body was small but fit, her curves and larger than normal breast looked amazing on her small frame. I was gong to enjoy working with her.

I got home from work and was excited to see Ann. I was hoping I would catch her on the couch again but when I opened the door she was not there.

"Ann?" I yelled.

"In my room." 

"You were suppose to be..."

"Stop yelling from out there and come meet my friend." Ann said frantically.

I stopped talking immediately. I had almost said way too much, but how should I know someone would be inside my apartment. Still my heart skipped a few beats. 

I walked into Ann's room. Ann was on the bed with her friend Brenda. 

"This is..." 

"Brenda!" I said cutting off Ann. "I have heard so many good things about you." 

Brenda was Ann's best friend in the city. Brenda was blonde and curvaceous. She wasn't fat but curvy and full. Her face was beautiful and her breasts were huge. Her stomach looked decently flat but her hips were round and her ass was big. 

"I hope so."

"So what are you girls up to?" I asked mostly wanting to get on with my night with Ann.

"Just talking. Ever since you have come to town Joe, I have not seen my friend. I am not mad. Ann always said the best things about her brother and with everything she has told me about your last few months, I don't blame her for not calling. I could never imagine going through what you have." Brenda said.

"Well it has not been easy but Ann has been a huge help." I said.

"I am sure she has. She really is the best woman I know. With everything Ann has told me in the past and today, I feel like I already know you so well. If you need anything in the future don't hesitate to call me." Brenda smiled. Was she flirting with me? Ann stared at me. "I would really like to get to know you better and see my friend more so we should all hang out soon." Brenda said.

"Yeah that sounds really nice." I said. It felt good to be flirted with.

"Alright Brenda. You only just met him. You don't have to hit on every guy you meet." Ann said.

Brenda turned a little red and said, "I don't hit on every guy. Only the cute ones."

"Time for you to go Brenda. My Bro is taking me out for a nice dinner and shopping." Ann said.

"Are you sure you don't need a third. Threesomes are always fun." Brenda teased.

"You are so bad. Now get moving." Ann said.

"One thing before I leave." Brenda reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone. A few seconds later Brenda's phone rang, receiving a call from my phone. "Call me if you ever want to talk. It was so nice to finally meet you."

Brenda hugged me. I looked at Ann and she smiled and shrugged. Then we parted.

"You always told me Brenda was wild but that was more than I expected for a first time meeting." I said.

"Brenda is hornier than me. She seemed to really like you though." Ann said.

"I think I have enough going on in my life right now. Plus I have a date with the best looking girl in the city tonight."

"Thanks Joe but don't let Leslie or me stop you. Brenda is amazing in bed... I mean..."

"Wait!" I interrupted before Ann could correct what she said. "Have you been with Brenda?"

Ann turned bright red. "Umm... I've never told you before because I never thought my Brother should know but I am kind of bi-sexual. Brenda was actually my first girl."

"Holy shit Ann! That is awesome." I said.

Ann relaxed at my excitement. 

"I have so many questions to ask now." I said.

"Relax Joe. Its not that cool." Ann tried to downplay but the smile on her face told a different story.

"Lets get ready to go. We have all night we can talk."

I went to my bathroom. I wanted to shower. A few minutes later Ann walked into the bathroom naked. She stopped in front of the mirror and worked on her makeup. 

"Back to being a nudist?" I said.

"Of course. You almost blew our secret though." Ann said.

"I know. I get a pit in my stomach just thinking of it. That would not be a good secret to get out. Brother and sister are nudist and masturbate for each other." I said.

"For sure. Brenda is one person who would probably be cool with it. That threesome comment was probably not a joke." Ann said.

"Interesting." I said. "I for one would love to see you with Brenda."

"Of course a guy would say that." Ann teased. 

Finally we were ready to go. Ann looked amazing. She was dressed in a high heals, blouse and a really short skirt. I had on jeans and a nice button up shirt. We were going to one of the best restaurants in town so we needed to look nice.

The teasing and sexual talk went on all night. We had a great time. The restaurant was downtown in a popular area. Our reservations were later in the night so first we went shopping. The stores were all up with the new fashion. Ann loved them. She picked out a few outfits for herself. She tried them all on for me. They were sexy and I approved. 

After she was done looking for herself she found clothes for me. I was a simple guy, mostly jeans and t-shirt. Ann upped my wardrobe though. By the end I walked out of the stores with bags full. All the pants were tighter than I was used to, which looked really good actually. The tops were all designer brands and had more buttons than I liked. Overall the look was great though. I needed an update. Ann actually picked out an outfit for me that I wore out of the store. 

Once we finished shopping we made our way to the restaurant. It felt like Ann and I were on a real date. That's when I got an idea. I was in a new huge city where no one knew me; I even had a new name. I could go on a real date with my sister and no one would know. 

As Ann and I walked I took her hand in mine. I held her hand like two people who just started a relationship and the light touch of skin was magical.

Ann looked up at me with a smile. She squeezed my hand in approval. Then she moved in closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder as we walked. 

Luckily that was only the start of the touching and flirting. At the restaurant we were given a booth. We sat on the same side. When we had to look at the menu, I held one for both of us while Ann rubbed my leg. Once ordered, I returned the favor. Ann's skin was so soft and smooth. Instantly I started getting excited.

We started getting more comfortable and our thigh rubbing kept getting higher and higher. All the while our conversation stayed on sex. Ann told me about her first time with Brenda. Then she told me about a couple other girls. 

Then threesomes got brought up and it became obvious why Brenda mentioned it. Ann had her first threesome years ago. It was with Brenda and Brenda's boyfriend. I was stunned at my little sister.

I was a novice to all of this. My sexual history was not exciting. I got married young. Leslie and I had a normal sex life. I had a few girlfriends in high school and college but nothing special, mostly just normal sex.

Dinner was nice. I really didn't want it to end. This was the closest I had been with Ann. We felt like a couple. Unfortunately it was getting late. The restaurant was slowing down and our waitress seemed bugged we stayed for so long.

Outside we made our way back towards our car. We walked right past a busy nightclub. The line to get in was halfway down the block.

"How do you feel about getting a drink and doing some dancing?" Ann asked.

"You know I am not a good dancer and look at the line, we will never get in." I said.

"Don't worry about the dancing. I will make you look good. Getting in will not be a problem. Have you seen how I am dressed? Let me go have a talk with the bouncers." Ann said.

Ann went right to the bouncer. The huge man looked her up and down, and then he glared at me. Ann flirted hard. I swear the bouncer was looking right down her top but a few seconds later Ann kissed him on the cheek and he let us in.

"That was awesome. Sexy women can get men to do anything." I said.

"What do I have to do to get you dancing?" Ann asked.

"Just ask nicely." I said.

"Joe will you please come dance with me?" Ann begged.

"Of course."

The dance floor was packed, the music was loud and the dancing was provocative. Bodies were rubbing against each other. 

Ann led me to the center. She intended to dance the same way as everybody else. I was excited to be close to her and this type of dancing took little actually skill. 

Our bodies pushed together. You could not fit a sheet of paper between us. Ann put her arms around my neck and I put mine around her waist. Ann's chest was pressed firmly into me and our hips gyrated. 

I looked down at Ann. Mostly she was lost in the moment of the dancing. Every so often she would look up at me and smile.

Then Ann spun. I held her hips as her ass ground into my crotch.

"This is fun." I yelled into her ear.

Ann leaned her head back to my ear and said, "I can tell you like it." Ann deliberately ground hard into my stiff cock. Then she kissed my neck and said, "This is one of the best nights I have had." Our eyes locked for a few seconds. It was not a look siblings should give each other.

Our dancing became more wild and free. I spun her back around and without hesitation I placed both hands on her ass. My hard cock ground hard into her thigh.

Our eyes met again and I was not going to screw it up this time. I kissed her. I kissed her hard. I felt her mouth open and her tongue pushed into mine. It quickly turned into the most passionate kiss I had ever had. Emotions overflowed from both of us as we expressed the true love we each had.

"That was..." I started to say as we broke the kiss.

"Perfect!" Ann finished and we kissed again. 

We danced, kissed and groped for an hour. We didn't even get any drinks. By the end we were hot, sweaty and ready to get home.

"What do you say to a shower? I think we both need one." Ann said as she started to shed her clothes right at the front door.

I agreed and got naked right along with her. We had been pretty comfortable before but we crossed serious barriers on the dance floor that made our comfort level even higher.

I slapped/grabbed Ann's ass and said, "Lets go!"

I pushed any nerves I did have to the side. We got into the shower and we shared the same look as we had before we kissed. This time our nude bodies met. The kissing started right where we left off in the club. My hands roamed her back and ass. Ann rubbed the back of my head as our tongues danced.

How far were we going to go? I kept thinking.

Part of my question was answered when Ann's hands wrapped around my cock. My breath caught, I stopped kissing and I made a quiet groan.

"Too much?" Ann asked with a concerned face.

"No, no. It's amazing. I was caught by surprise by how awesome it felt to have the woman I love more than anything touch me." I said honestly.

Concerns faded and were replaced with joy.

"So you're okay with all of this?" Ann asked wanting reassurance.

"Definitely! I never knew I had these feelings for you until recently but I have realized they have always been within me. Are you okay?" I said.

"You have no idea how happy this makes me. I have had feelings toward you for years, more than just siblings. I have always admired and loved but felt like I was missing something. The void was filled tonight when you kissed me." Ann said.

"I love you Ann." I said as I kissed her again.

"I love you too Joe." 

We held each other. We finally expressed our true feelings.

"Now I think I have another void you could fill." Ann said.

"Oh really?" I said.

"Definitely!" Ann said looking down at my cock in her hand.

Then Ann dropped to her knees. Before I knew it, the tip of my cock was in her mouth.

"That escalated quickly!" I said.

"I'd say it took a few weeks too long." Ann said between sucking.

"I am just happy its happening." I said.

Ann was amazing. Her mouth was magical. She took my entire cock with ease. Her tongue worked circles around my tip and shaft. She knew all the sensitive spots. She knew where and when to apply pressure and when to tease. 

I had way too much tension built up from the evening and was not going to last long.

"You are amazing Ann but I can't hold on much longer." I said.

Ann carried on with more vigor and ignored my warning. The speed and pressure increased.

"Ann... I'm cumming... oh shit..." I said.

Ann never let up. I should have expected from her sexual history that she would like cum.

I exploded. Cum erupted from my cock and Ann took it like a pro. She swallowed every drop of cum. I was ecstatic. With the new emotional connection with Ann, it was the best orgasm of my life.

"That was soooo... nice." Ann said.

"You have no idea!" I said.

"Oh I have an idea. This is a dream come true. Plus you have the best dick I have ever touched. I can't believe I thought you were small all these years." Ann said.

"Hey why would you think that?" I said.

"Well do you remember Stacy from high school?" Ann said.

"Yeah. I took her on one date and did nothing with her. What does she have to do with my dick?" I said.

"She had a huge crush on you. You took her out once and never called her again, she was pissed. She ended up spreading some rumors." Ann said.

"That bitch. She never saw my dick." I said.

"At least I got a nice surprise when I saw the truth." Ann said sucking the tip back into her mouth. 

I returned to the present and forgot about stupid high school shit.

"Can I return the favor now?" I asked pulling her into my arms.


"What?" I asked.

"You can eat my pussy later. I have waited far to long to feel you inside me. Right now I want to be fucked." Ann said.

My grin went from ear to ear.

"That smile means you agree?" Ann said.

"Hell yeah!"

Ann turned around and bent forward. Her ass pointed right at me. I had to stop and admire. Once I snapped out of my trance I lined up my still hard cock.

"But what about..."

"Stop being cautious. I am on birth control and you're the one guy I would trust." Ann said.

It was true. I trusted Ann more than anyone. 

My glans made contact with her pussy. A bolt of pleasure shot through my body. It was more mental pleasure, knowing I was about to fuck my sister.

Ann's pussy was hot and wet. I traced my tip along her pussy until I found the opening. I pushed slowly. I wanted to enjoy and remember this experience. Little by little my cock disappeared.

"Now fuck me Joe. Fuck your sister good." Ann said in a throaty voice.

So that was exactly what I did. I fucked Ann. I slammed my big dick in and out of her tight pussy. 

Ann loved every stroke as she encouraged me, "Fuck me Joe... fuck me harder... oh that's it Bro... fuck your little sisters tight pussy... fill my cunt..." 

Ann was a verbal fucker. The encouragement and dirty talk continued the entire time.

Soon I got into a steady rhythm and with the previous blowjob I was lasting forever. Ann on the other hand could not contain her excitement. 

"I'm cumming Joe... oh fuck I am cumming so hard in your massive cock... harder Bro... fuck me harder hand faster... fuck... fuck... fuck..." 

Making my sister cum was incredible. It was beautiful and perfect. I was filled with absolute joy. 

I carried on through her orgasm until Ann moved away. She turned and embraced me. We moved to the center of the rainfall shower. Our bodies cascaded with water. 

Ann lifted her leg up and I took the hint to grab it. She was very flexible as I lifted the leg high. I had to only squat a little. Ann took hold of my cock and placed it back in her pussy. 

The sexual position was something you would see in a Kama Sutra book and only a gymnast could perform. Ann knew exactly what she was doing. She had the sexual knowledge and body contortion to perform it with ease. She made me look like a pornstar. 

We kissed the entire time and I was finally given a chance to play with her firm breast.

After a few minutes Ann pushed me to the ground where she rode me. Her tight pussy clung to my cock as she did all the work. Her tits bounced and teased me. 

I could not control myself any longer.

"I am almost there Ann. I can't hold out much longer." I said.

"Cum inside me Joe. There is nothing I want more than to feel you release inside my pussy. Make me yours. Claim you little sisters pussy." Ann said seductively.

I lost it and so did Ann. I felt cum shoot into her pussy. It was the most incredible feeling, much better than anytime I creampied Leslie. This had so many more emotions wrapped up into the orgasm. 

I don't know how long I came for but by the time I looked down at Ann riding my cock, I saw cum leaking out and coating my cock. Cum coated her pussy walls the remainder was mixed with her fluids that leaked down my shaft and balls. It was the creamiest I had ever seen my cock but Ann didn't hesitate to clean me up. She devoured the combination of cum.

I was one lucky man. I had the greatest sister on earth. She was a sexual animal with no boundaries or limits, or at least I didn't know what they were. No normal girl cleaned a cock like her. Most would shy away but she was eager.

"We haven't actual showered yet. Should we clean up and see if we have anything left for bed?"

We were exhausted. We hit the mattress and cuddled. We knew a lot of sex was in our future but holding each other felt so nice. After cuddling for a few minutes we both fell asleep. I took one moment before I drifted off to take in everything. I had the most sexy and amazing sister. She loved me and I loved her. We were perfect. Hell I wasn't even mad about my marriage. If I didn't catch Leslie I would never had gotten the chance with Ann. Even my sex with Leslie was great. After having the lowest point in my life, things were really looking up.