"Stories 18+" Wife's Fantasy Gone Wrong

Stories 18+ Wife's Fantasy Gone Wrong
I've been married to my wife for 6 years. We have an average, normal sex life. Nothing crazy. Although, she does like to suck my dick and usually does every time we have sex. She is really good, too. Definitely the best head I've ever had. She can deepthroat my six inches pretty easily. We have sex once, maybe twice a week, if I'm lucky. I'd like it to happen more often, but she gets up early for work and I work retail (sometimes closing shifts). Most days she's asleep by the time I come home. On the weekends, we like to drink and that's usually when we have the best sex.

So, one night on a weekend, we are drinking and just watching tv. There was a sex scene that came on which must have ignited this whole thing. She turns to me.

Wife: "Do you have any fantasies that you would want to try?"

I was kind of like a deer in headlights. I think to myself, is now the right time to reveal my freaky side? Should I tell her some of my true fantasies? I considered her feelings and decided it would be better to not freak her out. I ended up saying the first thing that I thought was a little taboo, but still tame.

Me: "Anal?"

She rolled her eyes.

Me: "Hey, come on. I thought we were being open and honest." 

Wife: "Yeah, you're right. Sorry. I'm open to try it, ...I guess." 

I could tell she wasn't really into it. I was still excited though. Maybe down the road I could eventually wear her down and get to fuck her ass.

Me: "Do YOU have any fantasies?"

She grinned, but didn't say anything. 

Me: "Come on, tell me. I told you mine."

I was expecting her to say something pretty tame like spanking or role play.

Wife: "Well..." she paused. 

Me: "Yes??"

Wife: "I think it would be hot if someone watched us have sex."

I was totally floored! My heart started to beat harder. My dick started to wake up. 

Me: "Oh really?! Like who?"

Wife: "Ummm.. I don't know. Maybe we could find somebody from Craigslist??" 

My dick is at least half hard now, but I'm playing it cool. So I clarify the fantasy.

Me: "So, you want to have someone come here and JUST watch us. Not a threesome?"

I knew the second I finished saying that I had pushed it too far.

Wife: "I am NOT sharing you with anybody."

My wife has casually mentioned a couple times during our marriage that she would never be into a threesome. I had just accepted the fact that I would never experience a threesome. I laughed it off. No way she would actually go through with this.

Me: "Alright, alright."

Wife: "Would you be willing to try it out?"

Me: "Um... maybe. Let me think about it."

I got up to get a snack. We watched tv some more, went to bed, had sex and went to sleep. The next morning I wake up with a headache. She's making breakfast. I can tell she's been up for awhile. 

Me: "Hey."

Wife: "Morning! So, uh... I made a post on Craigslist." 

Me: "What?! I'm not sure I even want to do it."

Wife: "I know. I'm just testing the waters. See what happens."

Me: "Meh.... okay."

Wow, she really must be serious about this. I thought last night it was just the alcohol talking. I could tell she was really excited. I was still shocked. We had breakfast and then went on to have a nice, relaxing Sunday. No sex that night because she had to wake up early. After she went to bed, I stayed up and kept thinking about someone watching us fuck. To be honest, the more I thought about it, It really got me hot. I imagine some random girl coming over our house. She would watch my wife suck my dick. She would watch me fuck my wife. She would see us naked. It would turn her on. I pictured her sitting on the end of the couch with her hands down her pants getting off. The thought that someone would be turned on by me and my dick turned me on. I'm beginning to think my wife is on to something here.

Thursday of that week she texted me and said she found someone, but there was a little issue. I was so excited when I saw the text I started to get hard at work. I'm nervous and excited. Are we seriously going to do this? It's so real now. It could really happen if I wanted it to. This is way out of our normal sex lives. I asked her what the issue was.

Wife: "The issue is... It's a guy."

I thought to myself, oh no! I mean, we hadn't actually discussed if she wanted a girl or a guy to watch us. I just assumed it would be a girl. I'm disappointed. I thought to call it off. I imagine the same scenario like I did before, but this time it was a guy. Honestly, it didn't bother me too much. I assume his desire to be there would be to see my wife, not me. Then again, what if he is bi or gay? Maybe he does want to see me? I suppose it doesn't REALLY matter. We're not having a threesome, it's just watching. Having a guy watch us could be hot too, I suppose.

Me: "A guy?"

Wife: "Yeah. He wants to masturbate while he watches us."

Woah woah woah, hold the phone. I forgot about that part. It was hot when I imagined it would be a girl, but it's a guy now. So this GUY is going to have his dick out? I don't know about this. I mean, I'm not really the crazy-jealous husband, but I don't want my wife seeing some other dudes dick, ya know? I didn't know what to say back.

Me: "Are you okay with that?"

I was hoping she wasn't. All these thoughts were running through my head. What if this guy has a bigger dick than me? What if my wife wants him more than me? What if seeing some other dude's dick gives her desires to cheat on me? She replied very quickly. 

Wife: "Yeah. Are you?" 

So now, at this point, it's on me. Whether or not I'm okay with it. I feel pressure. I love my wife. Very much. I want her to experience her fantasies like hopefully (eventually) she would want me to experience mine. I'm thinking, here's the trade... all I have to do is have sex with my wife like we normally do. I can just totally ignore him. In return, she would be willing to fulfill one of my fantasies. Plus, as an added bonus, it would bring my wife and me closer together. Not that we needed it, but I do love my wife very much. I want to jump at any chance I can to grow and strengthen our marriage. If going through with this would do that, then so be it. Put it that way, it was any easy choice. Besides, any guy who is into watching other people fuck probably has a small penis. I reassured myself. I was just being paranoid.

Me: "Let's do it." 

Wife: "Okay. I'll set it up."

Fast forward to Friday night. I was making dinner. She was checking the mail. 

Me: "Are we really doing this?"

She stopped what she was doing and looked at me nervously.

Wife: "I thought you were okay with it?"

Me: "I am, I just..."

I know this is dumb, but I was still worried his dick would be bigger than mine. My penis is okay. It's six inches. Ya know... average sized. It gets the job done. Just not a show stopper. I just didn't want her to develop a big dick fantasy or something. For all I know she already has one. She's always said she loves my penis. But she is my loving wife so I'm sure she'd say anything to make me happy. I've never really been too worried about it, but now some other dudes dick is going to be in the same room with us. I know she won't help but compare our sizes. She asked me what's wrong.

Me: "What does he look like? Did he send you any pics?" 

I was hoping she would reveal that he sent her a dick pic. I didn't want to come right out and ask. I didn't want her to worry about me. I'm having second thoughts.

Wife: "Yea, he's average looking. Kinda fat, actually. And bald!"

She giggled. Now, I'm no supermodel, but I'm probably an 8 on a good day. So this made me feel a whole lot better. I kept having to remind myself that it wasn't really a threesome. He'll just be watching us, like a perv.

Me: "Okay, okay."

She set it up for him to come over Saturday night at eight. Since we both had Sunday off we could have a fun night of drinking and fucking in front of this dude. I was still disappointed that it wasn't a girl, but instead a chubby bald guy. Maybe if we enjoyed this we could try it again with a girl next time. My worries of being insecure and nervous we're going away. I became confident and looking forward to giving this guy a great show. I felt that it would be a compliment if a guy is turned on by me. If he wants to see my dick and jack off, I'd let him. That night I made sure we had a light, safe dinner. I wanted to be at the top of my game.

7:45 comes around and the doorbell rings. He's early. He must be really excited. My wife made wide eyes at me. She then was skipping to the door. I started to get a little nervous. By then, we had already had three drinks each. We met the guy. He was worse than I pictured! Pretty over weight and bald. The bad kind of bald. Not total shaved head, but where they're holding on to whatever little hair they have. And you could tell he probably hasn't had a haircut in 6 months or more. Obviously, he didn't take care of himself. He had glasses, pretty thick ones. He seemed kind of greasy. Like maybe he was sweaty. I guess he was nervous. Id rate him a three at best. 

During intros, my wife gave me a glance like, geez this guy is ugly. I smiled and was polite. He was polite, but kind of quiet. His appearance made me more confident. I offered him a drink. He respectfully declined. My wife wanted to do a shot. I offered one to the guy, he declined again. Said he didn't drink at all. Wife and I did a shot and I made us more drinks. We sat down on the couch. 

My wife put some soft music on. We made some small talk. What do you? Where are you from? Isn't this nice weather? You know, the basic polite crap. I could tell my wife was really excited. My buzz was starting to kick in. There was a lull in conversation.

Wife: "Let's do another shot!"

I sighed. I was getting pretty drunk already, but I could tell she wanted to be wasted for this. Part of me did too. I poured us each another shot, slammed it, and chased it with my mix drink and started to make another. I knew I too over did it when I spilled a little liquor on the counter. I could tell my wife was already there by her glazed eyes. We sat back down on the couch and my wife started to dance for us.

This was very abnormal. My wife isn't the kind of woman to dance by herself like this. Was she going to do a strip tease? Was it starting now. I got nervous again. I started to worry a little that I wouldn't be able to get hard. The alcohol blurred my mind. I thought, just go with it, have fun! Next thing I know, she lunges at me.

She startled me and spilled some of my drink. She started making out with me real hard. I barely managed to put my drink down. She was being really aggressive. Again, something very different. Usually, I'm the one who initiates sex. It turned me on. She got on top of me and started to rub my dick. I was having a good time. I kept forgetting about this guy down there at the other end of the couch. Every once in awhile, I'd peek over and check on what he ws doing. At first, just sitting and watching. After a few minutes, I noticed he was just rubbing his inner thigh. I don't know, seemed weird, but I was fully hard now and ready for some action. 

My wife slowly took off her top. She didn't have a bra on because the top she had on was backless. I love my wife's tits. They're a full B, maybe a small C. More than a handful. Her nipples are average to small sized. They were very hard. I grab and suck on her tits for a few seconds. I can tell she looked over at the guy and giggled. So I looked. His hand was in his pants now rubbing away. I thought maybe he won't actually pull it out. Probably because he's ashamed of his small size. 

My wife slides down me and starts to undo my buckle. She looks at him again. Then back at me. I can tell she's really turned on by this guy just being there. It turned me on too. Slowly, she unbuttons my jeans and zips down the fly. She unfolds my jeans exposing my bulge. She rubs my dick a little over my underwear. She leans down and nibbles on my shaft. She flips her hair and grabs the waistband of my underwear. She pauses. She looks up at me and smiles. I can tell she's trying to be extra sexy for her performance. I smile back. She pulls my underwear down and takes out my hard dick. She holds it at the base and slowly rocks it up and down as if to present it to the guy. She looks at him again and smiles. 

Wife: "Do you like my husband's penis?"

He leans in a little to get a better view. He takes a good, hard look.

Guy: "Yes. It's very nice." 

His stroking pace picks up a little. He's staring right at it. I can tell he's really enjoying this so far. I got to admit, it was really turning me on. Him, with his hands in his pants, my hard dick out, my wife's hand around the base, my wife starting to breathe heavier. Her cheeks started to become flushed. She started to slowly stroke me. Caressing my shaft like a loving wife should do. She was staring at my cock intently. I knew she wanted it in her mouth. She was showing restraint. Giving the guy a nice slow build.

She pulled my balls out with her other hand. They were laying over my underwear. I have pretty nice balls. I shaved earlier so they were smooth. Not too big or gross. Certainly not small in any way. My wife usually doesn't give my balls as much attention as I would like her too. Not this time. She leaned in and started to tongue my sack. My balls rolling around the edges of her mouth. All while still slowly stroking me. Almost too slowly. It was driving me insane with desire. I was breathing heavy. The alcohol starting to really kick in now.

After exploring all the surface area of my balls, she moved up a bit. She kissed my shaft. She made puffy lips and smacked my dick against them. She tilted her head to the side and smacked it against her cheek. She knew I loved this. She brought her tongue up my shaft to the tip. She swirled her tongue around my head while looking me in the eyes. She flicked her tongue when it passed the underside of my head. She knew I loved it when he sucked my dick. She was taking her time. Just swirling around and around. I wanted all of my dick in her mouth so bad, but she didn't put it in. She was teasing me and it was amazing. My cock was really throbbng now. For a moment I was concerned I would cum. I think she could tell so she eased up. So I started to move to take my pants off. I slid my pants down, my wife helped.

Wife: "So, I read something online today that I think we should try. They said you'd like it."

Me: "Okay, sure. Do whatever."

She was being aggressive and I was under her control. She wet her lips a little as I was finally making myself comfortable. She slowly grabbed the base with one hand and started stroking me slowly. With her other hand, she put her index finger all the way in her mouth and got it nice and wet with spit. She brought her finger down and started to tickle my asshole with her finger. She's never done anything like this before. I have to admit, I liked it. After a few seconds, she slowly inserted her finger in my ass. It caught me by surprise. She pulled it back and pushed it back in. I got used to the feeling. I was starting to really like it. She kept stroking me. I couldn't help but to open my legs a little for her. She put it in a little further. I fucking loved it. I lifted my knees. She pushed it in all the way. 

Now, I never would have imagined that I would like a finger in my ass, but I did. It really got me going. She leaned in and put the head of my cock in her mouth. It was amazing. I think that exact moment was the most excited I've ever been to have my dick sucked. She closed her eyes as she just enjoyed finally have a dick in her mouth. I looked at the guy, he was unzipping and starting the pull out his penis. It didn't bother me at all. I was definitely drunk and getting a fucking hot blow job. I had no concerns about him anymore so I turned back to my wife. 

She was still sucking just the head wih her eyes closed. She moaned a little in pleasure. It's so hot to know she gets turned on while sucking my dick. She took her finger out. I relaxed my knees. Everything felt like slow motion. She gently grasped as much as my balls she could in one hand and carefully held the base of my dick with the other. She went down slowly about half way and came up slowly. She moaned again. Her moans are the same as when she eats cheesecake. She has only gone down and up my cock once and already I could cum. I close my eyes as to not get too excited by the sight of the soon to be best blow job of my life.

She goes down and up. Slowly. Down and up again. And again. She's only going down about half way. Getting a little faster each pass. She squeezes my balls. Then she squeezes them really hard. She's never squeezed them like that before. I open my eyes in surprise. It felt so erotic. My breathing very heavy now. Her eyes still closed. Again, I thought I might cum. I quickly closed my eyes and tilted my head back. She continues a few more passes. She stops sucking for a moment to catch her breath.

Wife: "Oh my god!"

Her hands quickly come away from my base and balls. I tilt my head up to look at her. Her hands are over her mouth. Her eyes wide. She's looking at the guy. I turn. His penis is out. Not just a penis. A cock. A... huge... fucking... beautiful... fucking... fat... cock. He has two hands on it with room to spare. I've never even considered jacking off with two hands. It's just not feasible. My eyes widen. My mouth gapes. He stops stroking and looks afraid like he did something wrong. We all pause for what felt like 10 minutes. It was probably really like 10 very long seconds. I didn't know what to say.

Wife: "Your cock...."

Me: "Yeah..." I interrupted her. "It's so..."

Wife: "BIG!", my wife finished my sentence.

His dick. Or should I say cock. Was... very big. To me, anyone can have a dick. A "dick" is any size. Now a "cock" is something specific. A cock is something that a woman might be worried she can't fit in her mouth. Something that she will KNOW would hurt her pussy, but she's curious as to whether or not she will like the pain. Now I.... I have a dick. This guy, he has a cock. The most amazing cock I've ever seen in my life. I wish I had a cock like that, but it's just not in the cards, right? You do the best with what you got. And honestly, this guy got a whole lot.

It was pretty impressive. I would guess probably in the 9 to 10 inch range. Easily WAY bigger than mine. And thick too. My wife could easily put her hand around my dick. He couldn't even put his own hands around his magnificent cock. Very surprisingly, his pubes were all shaved. Balls too. His balls were bigger than mine. They matched the size of his massive cock.

Guy: "Did I do something wrong?"

I turned to my wife. I was still in shock. She put her hands down from her face.

Wife: "No. Not at all. I was just.... surprised is all. It looks a lot bigger in person."

Guy: "It's okay that I take it out, right?"

Wife: "Yes! Yes, of course. I hoped you would!" my wife quickly responded enthusiastically.

He smiled. She "hoped he would"? She wanted to see his cock? What did she mean "in person"? Has she seen his cock before? She must have! He must have sent her a dick pic! No wonder she chose this guy. He's got a huge cock. She conveniently left that little fact out.

Guy: "Do you... like it??"

He waved it in the air left and right so she could get a good look. She looked. She stared. She smiled. She looked at me. I think she hesitated to answer because she knew I wouldn't like her honest answer. I was still in shock awaiting her answer. She looked back at him. She looked at it. I could see her eyes move up and down slowly. She smiled again. She turned red. The alcohol helped her reveal her true feelings. 

Wife: "That's the best cock I've ever seen."

"Best" she said. As in, better than mine. Okay, that stung, but I had to agree with her. 

Wife: "Can I..." she looked at me, "...touch it?"

She was asking both him and me for permission. I was really drunk by now and totally in the moment. I remembered my earlier philosophy, just go with it, have fun. She looks back at him. I look at him. He looks at my wife.

Guy: "You can do anything you want. It's all yours."

He wagged it in the air a little faster, teasing my wife. He opened his legs up inviting my wife to go over to him. My wife quickly turns to me awaiting my answer. I figured this is a once in a lifetime moment. Just go with it, have fun.

Me: "Yes, but! Only hands, okay?"

I don't know why, but I guess I feel like her just touching it is not that big of a deal. I mean, she's not going to suck it. And she is definitely not going to fuck it. That thing would ruin my wife's pussy forever. It's like showing a kid this really cool, awesome toy and then saying you can't play with it. I figure, what would be the harm in letting her just touch the thing? Honestly, part of me wanted to touch it myself. Besides, this is like just for science. She's not going to jack him off. She'll just hold it for a few seconds and that will be it, right?

She moves over on her knees and gets right below him! She grasps his shaft with one hand. Her hand looks tiny around his thick rod.

Wife: "Oh, wow." 

It's not really sexual, it's more of just a curiosity at this point. She brings her other hand up to match her first one. I start to regret letting her touch it. Together, her two hands can finally wrap all the way around it.

Wife: "Hmm."

She starts to stroke it upwards slowly in the direction of her face.

Wife: "...wow," she whispers to herself.

She doesn't lean toward him, but her mouth starts to open. At first, I thought it was just amazement. Then, I realized she was sizing it up to her mouth. I bet she thought, "I wonder if I could fit it in my mouth?". She turned to me sharply as if she just remembered I was there.

Wife: "Move over, Hunny."

I slid down the couch next to him. She moved on her knees in between us. She placed her right hand on my dick and her left on his. She started to stroke us both at the same time. I realize this is now more than just touching it. She is actually jacking this dudes cock. He loves it. My wife looked at my dick. She looked at his cock. She licked her lips. She continued to stroke. She looked at me. The guy tilted his head back in pleasure. This was my chance to communicate with her that I wasn't okay with this. I made wide eyes at her as if to say silently, "What are you doing?". She nodded and started to lean towards him. She thought my wide eyes meant she should suck him! That must be what she was thinking about. I could tell she really wanted to. I frantically shook my head no before she was close enough. 

He looked up for a second. My wife smiled at him and stroked a little faster. He tilted his head back again. She looked at me confused. She was wasted. Her eyes totally glazed over now. When she normally strokes me, she grabs the center of my shaft and moves it up and down about 2 or 3 inches. She was doing the same to him because that's what she is used to. I could tell she became frustrated because there was just so much more cock to stroke. She took the hand she was using on him and licked it. Placing it back on his cock, she was now able to slide her hand up and down his cock more easily.

Even though she could stroke more, it still wasn't enough. She took her hand away and spit in it this time. Now she had enough to slide over all of it and, for the first time, she went up and around his impressive cock head. I felt like this lasted forever. She was really enjoying having a new, bigger cock in her hands. As she was stroking him, she kept trying to get a better grip. She would hold his cock on the lower third and rock his cock left and right. I could tell she was figuring out the weight on it. Perhaps she was wondering what it would be like to suck such a huge cock.

He let out a big sigh of pleasure. I think she remembered this was just supposed to be us having sex and him watching. But she didn't want to stop holding his cock. She returned to sucking me, as if it was a chore. Her enthusiasm for my dick was completely gone. Her eyes were glued on his cock. She stopped sucking me after a few short seconds and just stared at his cock and continued to stroke it. It was as if she forgot I was there.

I sat there and just watched my topless wife, on her knees, stroking this guy's massive cock. Her eyes were glued to his cock. Mine were too. I was having mixed emotions. This is my faithful, loving wife who would never cheat on me now jacking some guy off. But then again, I feel like it's not cheating. I'm here. I'm involved. Barely, but I gave her permission. This has gotten way out of control. I don't know if it was the alcohol or what, but I felt myself starting to get turned on by his cock. It's just so hot. Every time her hand goes all the way down to his base, his cock tilts toward me. I notice I'm leaning closer to it. I liked seeing it rock back and forth.

I knew she wanted to suck it. Part of me wanted to watch her suck it. Thoughts are racing through my head. What was I thinking? Of course she wants to suck a nice big cock. Who wouldn't? Her right hand moved away from my dick and down to her pussy. She started to rub it over her pants. I started to stroke myself. This went on for about 2 minutes.

Me: "Babe."

She turned sharply to me. Dazed look in her eyes. She was cock drunk.

Me: "...take your pants off."

She tried to take her pants off with her one free hand. She didn't want to let go of the cock. The guy tilted his head up and looked at my wife struggling. He smiled. She looked him in the eyes. She bit her bottom lip. Did she wanted to fuck him? I imagined them having sex. It turned me on. I think in that moment if she asked me if it was okay they fucked, I would have said yes. Thankfully she didn't ask.

She was being a good girl, technically doing only what she was told. Just using her hands. I bent over to help her with her pants. She stopped her one handed attempt and let me do it by myself. For those few seconds she leaned towards him and grabbed his cock with both her hands. This time one on top of the other.

Now I'm struggling to get her pants off without any of her help. All her focus is on this cock. Even with both her hands around it, she can still easily stroke it up and down about six inches. I finally get her pants off and she moves a little closer to him. I slid off the couch and start to position myself to fuck her doggy. She slides all the way over in front of him. She shimmies his pants down to his ankles. I think to myself, this is like totally a threesome now. 

She puts her hands on his knees and spreads open his legs wider. She moves closer in between his legs. I'm shadowing her movements so I can fuck her. I start to attempt to insert my dick in her from behind.

Wife: "Wait..."

She grabs a couch cushion and puts it under her knees. She repositions herself even closer between his legs. If she leaned forward just a few inches her face would be in his cock. Her tits now touching his thighs. He reaches down and feels her beautiful tits. I can barely see the head of his cock just over my wife's head from my angle. My wife has a front row seat to jack him. Her ass is elevated now. I reach down to rub her pussy to make it wet. It's already dripping. It's wetter than I've ever felt it before when we usually have sex. She looks back at me.

Wife: "I want you to eat my ass while I suck this... I mean just jack this big cock."

The alcohol started to reveal her true intentions. She caught herself and resumed being a good girl. Part of me wanted her to be bad. I was floored by what she said. Number one, my wife has never talked like that before. Number two, I've never eaten her ass before. I've never eaten anyone's ass before. I've been curious, but never really had the balls to do it. She turned back her focus on two handing his giant cock, I bent over and started eating her asshole. Holy fuck was that such a turn on. Here I am, licking my wife's asshole for the first time, ever. And she is loving it. Who knew she was so freaky? I didn't care. I loved her and I loved eating her asshole. I stuck my tongue in as far as it would go. She moaned in pleasure.

She moved her head up so her elbows were resting on the guys thighs now. I couldn't see his cock anymore. This made it a little harder to eat her ass. So I turned over and laid my head on the couch cushion between her legs. I started to eat her pussy. I couldn't really see him or what she was doing. She began to rock her hips on my face. I reached up and started to finger her asshole. She'd moaned in pleasure. She was really enjoying my pussy eating because her moans became more frequent and more intense. It almost sounded like she was having the best cheesecake of her life.

She doesn't normally moan this much when I eat her pussy. Usually she only moans like that when she's sucking my dick. I think maybe it was me fingering her ass.

Guy: "Down lower." 

I thought he wanted my wife to return to the position before with her tits on his tights. I could tell her body moved lower. But then back up. Back down and then up again. Why was she moving around so much?

Wife: "I'm trying, it's just so fucking huge." She said out of breath.

Now I was really confused. She's trying what? So I slide out from under her and I get up on my knees and I see the back of my wife's head go down and up. Down and up. It almost looks like she's giving him head, but I know that can't be true because I said just hands. I move to her side and I see her mouth around his huge cock.

Surprisingly, I'm not mad. I'm not upset. I'm incredibly turned on. She has her right hand trying to hold his balls like she does mine, but can barely hold one. Her left hand is at the base of his cock, but she can't get a good grip with all the spit she's dripping down this thing. It looks like the entire time I was eating her pussy, she was sucking his cock and I was missing it. Of course! When he said "down lower" he meant her mouth on his cock. Not her body position. She was trying to deepthroat him.

I gathered her hair in my left hand. I reached over her arm and grabbed the base of his cock with my right hand. I don't know what I was thinking. That was the first time I've ever touched another man's cock. I think he enjoyed that I was helping. It was so slippery with her spit I had a hard time holding it. He was so hard. I could easily see his veins. My erection intensified. She came up for a moment to breathe. I took over stroking his cock to maintain his erection. 

Wife: "It's so big, Hunny."

Me: "I know baby, but you can do it."

What am I saying? Why am I encouraging my wife to suck his cock? I can't explain it. I just wanted it to happen. The thought of it turned me on so much now. My wife nodded her head as if to say she was ready to try again. She was determined to deepthroat this cock. With my left hand still holding her hair, I pushed her head down onto his beautiful cock. She got about half way. She moaned so loudly. She absolutely loved having his thick throbbing cock fill her throat. She came up for air. I resumed stroking.

Now, I'm not gay. I wasn't attracted to him. I know my wife wasn't either. I didn't want to kiss him or fuck him or get fucked by him. But I couldn't help being turned on. Everything was happening so fast. It seemed like just 10 minutes ago my wife and I were pretty normal, average people. Never did anything sexually out of the norm. Now, not only is my wife blowing a stranger's cock, but I like it.

She nodded again that she was ready. I pushed her head down again. She moaned again.

Guy: "Oh, yes!"

She went about 75% down and held there for a moment. She gagged and quickly came up. She looked at me.

Wife: "It's so much bigger than what I'm used to," she said over deep breaths.

I leaned in to kiss her. Her mouth warm and salty with his precum. She kissed me back hard. She knew I was supporting her raw sexual desires without judgement. I felt closer to her than I ever have before. I resumed my stroking task while she was catching her breath.

She nodded again and took a deep breath. She grabbed his cock with both hands and went straight down on it. Her throat was warmed up now and she got about 75% down again, but you could tell it was much easier for her. She went up to the head, back down to 75%. Back up, back down. She was deepthroating this massve rod.

I let go of her hair and started to jack myself hard. The guy grabbed her hair and using both hands on the side of her head started to thrust up into her mouth. He was face fucking her and she loved it. I've never done that to my wife, but apparently it's a real turn on for her. 

Her hands free now, she started to rub her clit. He continued to fuck her face with his perfect cock. My wife moaned louder and more frequently. I felt like she was going to cum. I feel my dick get real hard. My balls tighten. I was about to cum. I hit the point of no return and jacked faster. I came so fucking hard. Shots went randomly all over our living room. I didn't even care where it landed. 

Normally, when I cum I'll have two maybe three good shots. This time it was uncontrollable. I came six violent times. More cum came out of me than I have ever experienced. I toppled over in orgasmic pleasure. My wife lifted her head off his cock.

Wife: "I'm going to cum! I'm going to..."

Her body trembled. I was laying on the living room floor as I could see her ejaculating on our couch cushion. She came and it was so hot. I've never seen her do that before. Has she been hiding this from me? Have I never really given her an orgasm before?! 

I stumbled to my feet. My wife toppled on the guys crotch. I got up and went to the kitchen, as I normally do after sex to get some water. I washed my hands. Dried them off and cleaned off my dick. I poured a glass of water. Drank it quickly. I poured another. Started to drink this more slowly. I looked in the fridge for a minute. I was hungry, drained, satisfied, tired. 

I started thinking about what just happened. I realized, basically I just jerked myself off while my wife had the best orgasm of her life while she sucked on some stranger's huge cock. Normally, after I cum the sex is over. So I just kind of assumed we were all done. I came. My wife came. We were done, right? But then I realized the guy didn't cum. Next thing I know, I hear my wife.

Wife: "Holy fuck!"

I come around the corner to look in the living room and she is on top of him. His hands are all over her ass. He's pushing her down. His massive cock is in her pussy and he's not wearing a condom. We don't use condoms so we didn't even have one in the house. She wanted his cock inside so bad she didn't care.

The second I step out of the room I bet she jumped on that cock. How long have I been in the kitchen? How long have they been fucking? I'm frozen. I'm speechless. How could she do this? I already let things go WAY too far. We don't even know this guy.

She's sliding up and down on his cock. It's really easy for her to ride him with his long cock compared to mine. Usually, when she rides me, my dick slips out all the time. So we end up doing a different position. She is really going at it. She's riding him like a porn star. find myself slowly walking into the living room. I sit down in my recliner and just watch. She looks over her shoulder at me. 

Wife: "i couldn't resist. It's so good, Baby."

Me: "It's okay, Baby. I want you to fuck him."

She smiles at me and turns her attention back at him. I can see her pussy juices start to build up on his cock. This white cream starts to form where her pussy goes down his cock. His thick cock is barely fitting into her pussy. She's so used to my dick, this new cock is hitting her in places I could never reach. She's only going about half way down it. He spreads her ass open and starts to finger her asshole. She moans in pleasure. I start to get hard again. I play with myself. 

They keep fucking. Faster. I'm so turned on. My dick fully hard now. I was shocked. I normally don't go a second round, but what I'm watching is such a turn on. She flicks her hair back. He grabs her tits forcefully. She whimpers out a few words.

Wife: "So big.... so fucking big..."

I realized I didn't even fuck my wife. I recap what's happened so far. I got a little bit of a BJ, a little hand action, then I ate her ass and pussy, then I jerked this guy a couple times and I came. So I wanted to fuck my wife.

Me: "Can I have a turn?"

They keep fucking. Didn't even slow down a little.

Me: "Baby?"

Wife: "Not yet!" pretty aggressively. "I'm close."

I thought, close to what? Another orgasm?!? My wife doesn't orgasm more than once. Or so I thought. I stood there, jerking my little dick, watching my wife ride this huge fucking gorgeous cock. Faster.

Wife: "OH FUCK!... I'm going to c....".

She only got out the "cuh" sound of "cumming". Her whole body shook and she flicked her head back and grabbed one of her tits and pinched the nipple. Yes, indeed, she had another orgasm. She flopped off him and laid down on the couch next to him. Her legs resting over his. I stopped jacking. I sigh. I assumed we were done now and my once in a lifetime second hardon ever was going to be wasted.

I looked at the guy and I quickly realized he wasn't done with her yet. He got up and gently picked up her weak legs and started to position himself to fuck her missionary. She was hesitant. She had had enough. I know her pussy had to be sore. I just sat there like I was watching a live action porn take place in my living room.

When he was in place and ready to enter her, he spit on his hand and started to lubricate the head of his cock.

Wife: "Wait..." my wife said quickly. 

I thought maybe she was going to tell him she had enough. She pulled her knees in tight to her tits. She licked s hand and started rubbing her spit on her asshole.

Wife: "I was to try anal."

Again, I was floored just by how she was talking. This doesn't seem like my wife anymore. But now, she wants this guy with a third leg to fuck her ass? I haven't even fucked her ass yet! That huge cock of his is going to ruin her for me. She won't want my shrimp dick after this hardcore fuck session.

He smiled and spit on his hand again. He didn't have much spit left. He looked at me.

Guy: "Come here."

Like a good little boy, I did what I was told. I walked over to him, staring at him slowly rub the head of his hard cock the entire time on my way over. His cock had a slight upward curve to it.

Guy: "Spit on your hand..."

I did.

Guy: "...now put it on my cock."

I grabbed the head of his cock and started to slide my spit around nicely. I had plenty of spit since I just rehydrated in the kitchen a few minutes ago. There was a moment when I realized I was caught in a daze. I had been circling his cock with my hand for longer than necessary. He just stood there and watched me do it. My wife watched also, her feet were still in the air waiting for penetration.

Guy: "Now put it in her ass."

I looked at my wife. She was nervous. She reached down and spread her ass cheeks open as far as they would go. I directed his cock head towards her asshole. He slowly thrusted forward until they gently touched. He looked at my wife.

Guy: "Are you sure you want it in your ass?"

Wife: "Yeah. I want to feel it."

He thrusted forward slowly. Her asshole began to open and receive his cock. You could tell she's never had anal before. She made a painful face, but remained silent. I knew she really wanted it. It took a couple of tries, but eventually his massive cock head entered her asshole. 

Wife: "Yes, yes," she whimpered.

He went deeper. He got about a third in before moving backwards. He thrusted forwards again. And back. Only using about a third of his cock. I stood in amazement. It was so taboo. So erotic. I was rock hard and started to jack off.

Wife: "I like it."

She looked at me. 

Wife: "I like it, Baby."

I wanted him to go deeper. She wanted more, too. He looked at me.

Guy: "Do you have lube?"

Me: "No."

Guy: "Get down here then." 

I got on my knees and moved my face towards her asshole, which still had his cock inside it. Then he took his cock out and shoved it toward my face. I panicked, didn't know what to do. 

Guy: "Spit."

I built up some spit and let it drip out of my mouth onto his cock head. Some of it missed and landed on my wife's belly. I quickly grabbed it and then rubbed it on his cock. He went to reinsert it in her ass, but it slipped and went in her pussy.

Wife: "Oh, god! Yes!"

He smiled and started to fuck her pussy again. He started off with just a third deep. In and out. Gradually picking up the pace. My wife tilted her head back in pleasure. Now I had the front row seat. My face was inches away from her pussy and I was memorized by his cock sliding in and out. 

Wife: "More," she whimpered.

He inserted more. Deeper. And deeper. My wife loved it.

Wife: "It's so bigger than my husband's."

That must have put him over the edge.

Guy: "I'm going to cum!"

He pulled his cock out of her pussy and started to jack quickly. It was aimed at my face. I got scared and moved away. My wife put her legs down and leaned forward. Her face about a foot from his cock now. He started to cum on her face. She opened her mouth. He moved closer and aimed his cock directly in her mouth. His cock kept pulsating. Her mouth was filling with cum. She tried to keep it all inside, but failed. Some dripped out her mouth and down her chin. She put her cum filled mouth on his cock and swallowed what she had. He moaned in pleasure. His jerking slowed. 

My wife grabbed the base of his cock. She went down his shaft and cleaned up what she could. She took his cock out of her mouth and looked around all sides. She found some more cum had dripped on the underside. She licked it off. She looked up at him. She put it back in her mouth and sucked it a few times. She didn't want it to be over. He took his cock from her. He stood up. We all stood up. He turned my wife around.

Wife: "What are you doing?"

He gently pushed her back so she would bend over. She did. He inserted his cock in her pussy from behind. She was startled for a few seconds, but then was game on. She bent over further so he could enter her further. I started to jack off again. He fucked her at a medium pace. My wife was melting in ecstasy. I was so turned on. I felt like I could cum again. He looked at me.

Guy: "Let me know when you're ready."

I was real close. My wife looked at me over her shoulder. She still had cum on her face and chin.

Wife: "I want your cum on my face."

That instantly set me over the edge. I was going to cum.

Me: "Here it comes!"

He pulled out of her. She spun around and dropped to her knees. She opened her mouth ready to receive. He got closer to me and started to jerk off towards my wife. I started to cum. She slowly rocked her head left and right so I could cover her face as much as I could. He started to cum. She leaned towards him and covered her face in his second load. She cleaned him off. And then me. We were done.

My wife went off to the bathroom to clean up. The guy and I got dressed in the living room. We waited a few awkward seconds for her to come back out, but I could hear the shower running.

Me: "Well... guess that's it then. Nice meeting you."

Guy: "Nice meeting you."

We shook hands. He left. I got into bed. I felt my wife crawl into bed. She didn't say anything. I was worried. What did I do? Did I just fuck up our marriage? Is she mad about something? Did I do something wrong? All these concerns were running through my head. I thought tomorrow is going to be really weird. I passed out.

The next morning, I woke up to her sucking my dick. She was so horny from the night before she didn't even wait for me to wake up. I was delighted. It was so hot. When she noticed I was fully awake, she looked at me.

Wife: "I fucking love your dick and I love you."

She returned to sucking.

Me: "I love you too, Baby."

Turns out, the whole experience strengthened our bond over the shared experience. She was able to try something she always wanted to try. And I was confident in our relationship enough to let her explore that. She loved me even more for it.

Wife: "So... what should we try next??"