"Stories 18+" Inhibitions Drop at Reilly's Beach

Stories 18+ Inhibitions Drop at Reilly's Beach
A tale with bits of enf, exhibitionism, handjobs, light incest (if there is such a thing), big boobs, and new attitudes towards people. Only lightly hardcore, so know that going in. I think it belongs in exhibitionism, but incest may be more appropriate. Thanks for the encouragement with the kind comments recently. Always appreciated.

"Your mother?" I yelled. "Come on, Tiff, we've had this trip planned for months! Why all of a sudden are we going to bring her?"

"David, I'm sorry. It's just... I couldn't let her down after all she's been through."

"That woman can barely stand me. Drives me crazy, Tiff. It'll probably ruin all the plans we've made!" 

Tiff's mother, Denise, never thought fondly of me. At least that was my impression. It wasn't anything I did or didn't do, other than taking her daughter away from the nest. Tiffany and I had been married four years now and this was our first real vacation together. We were going to visit a quaint, little town on the Jersey coast. It was an area I was familiar with from my wilder college days. We'd booked a bed and breakfast to ourselves for the week. Expensive, but unique and more romo than we needed.

The town offered plenty of shops for the tourists, located close to a popular beach. We, however, were going to an entirely different splotch of sand, about eighteen miles south of the bed and breakfast. It was a little-known, private place called Reilly's Beach. It had plenty of soft sand - unlike the public beach's gritty, coarse stuff - and it stretched almost half a mile, the full extent of the property. Though it was on private land, the beach was open to the public for a fee and the signing of a waiver. One had to agree to the rules and conduct of the property owner and staff. They could kick anyone off, for any reason, or even no reason, if so pleased. I'd never seen it happen, though.

It was the owner I was coming to see personally. He was an old hippy by the name of Geoffrey Watterson. The original land-owner, Walter Reilly, had made the place "infamous" for allowing nude sunbathing. he passed away about six years ago. When the place first opened, the local municipality tried to stop him from allowing nudity, but courts ruled in his favor, as it was his private property and private business.

The new owner and man I was coming to see, Geoffrey Watterson, came to Reilly's Beach many years ago as a regular visitor. He sold pot and LSD stamps under a large umbrella, and was there almost every day of the season. Geoff figured no undercover cop would ever get naked to buy from him, and he was right. For years, he made a living under the sun, selling his dope to steady crowds. He eventually earned enough buy the place after Mr. Reilly died. Rumor was he paid in cash.

I had been introduced to Geoff back in my college days, just a few years before he acquired the place. The university I attended at the time was only forty minutes from Reilly's Beach. Back then, my friends and I often came to buy from Geoff and hang out. We would trip out, while watching the ocean waves and the stars. It took surprisingly little time to get accustomed to being naked. I'd explained as much to my wife when we were planning the trip.

I contacted Geoff ahead of time, ensuring I could still score some acid from him. It was much harder to find these days, but then I wasn't hanging around with the college crowds anymore, either. My wife and I had planned this "trip under the stars" for over a year now. I'd get to relive a fond memory of my youth, while introducing my loving wife to a fun, perhaps one-time-only experience. 

Though Tiff knew of my pot-smoking and experimental drug taking adventures back in college, we'd never so much as shared a joint together. It just wasn't part of either of our lifestyles when we met. With Tiff's mom in the picture, it seemed that our lengthy (and somewhat illicit) plans were about to get blown up. 

Three weeks ago, Tiffany's mother, Denise, discovered her husband had been banging the maid. The maid was fired and Benny, her husband, was kicked out of the home. He's been a total dick to her ever since, unwilling to apologize for his actions, instead blaming Denise for "driving" him to it. 

As much as Denise got on my nerves at times, I don't believe anyone deserves to treated like that. My parents went through a bad patch when my mom cheated on my dad. I was young, but I remember the gas-lighting and vile things said. They made up, but my mom, to this day, regrets all of it. Not just the cheating. How my father put up with the abuse, until Mom came to her senses, I'll never understand... but I do understood Tiffany's concern for her mother and the disdain she feels towards her stepdad. 

"Please, David. Mom promised she would keep to herself. We'll have dinner with her when we get there. Other than that, she'll be on her own. She just needs time away from the house, David. Some space."

"Promise it won't disrupt our plans," I said. "Geoff said we have to pick it up by Tuesday, because he's leaving Wednesday to see his brother out of state."

"I promise. I can't wait to do this with you. Trip out! Naked, too!" Tiff giggled, excited I was caving to her wishes, allowing her mom to tag along on our belated honeymoon.

We met up with Tiff's mom at the airport. Frankly, I was surprised any man would cheat on such a creature. Sure, Denise was my mother-in-law, so by proxy she gave me shit all the time, but I expected she was a decent wife to her husband. She was also a beauty, looking ten years younger than her true age, with a shockingly voluptuous figure.

Her daughter, Tiff, is classically beautiful. Five foot seven, long legs and a thin waist, and gorgeous C-cups to fill the frame. Denise, on the other hand, carries a similar frame, but is adorned with breasts that appear on the surface to be twice the size of her daughter's. One would think those tits had to be fake to be so large, but Tiffany insisted they weren't.

"Mom said they never went back to their original size after giving birth to me," Tiffany once told me. "She hates them, but won't do anything about it, because she is terrified of surgery and scarring."

Denise's proportions made her look a bit comical, like an over-the-top, Jessica Rabbit wanna-be. Along with it, her looks gave one the impression that she was a sexual dynamo, or at least at some point in her life. At 46 years old, she could make women jealous who were half her age. Thing was, Denise was a very modest woman, in spite of the abundantly curvy figure. A bit of a Southern Belle, she tended to overdress. I wondered if we should spend just one day at the regular beach with Tiffany's mom, just so I could sneak a peek at her in a bikini. She likely wore a huge one-piece, but there's always hope.

I figured Denise would lose her shit if she discovered Tiff and I planned on spending our days at a nude beach. She only knew we were going to a different place that belonged to a friend of mine. Tiffany left out the more interesting details to her mother. Denise actually hugged me when I approached and whispered in my ear. "I know you were planning this vacation with Tiff for a long time. Thank you for allowing me to come. I promise I'll leave you two alone."

Her candor caught me off guard and I said, "Oh, don't worry about it. Anything for family." 

Maybe this trip wouldn't be so hampered, after all, I thought... 

...but things never go as planned. Murphy's Law paid a visit. After landing, when we were departing the plane, Tiffany lost her balance while carrying her luggage. She twisted her ankle and immediately it began swelling. Instead of checking into a bed and breakfast, we found ourselves checking into a hospital.

"It's not broken," explained the doctor later that afternoon. "But she'll need to be on crutches and off the ankle for at least two days, three preferably. She'll likely need some strong pain meds the first couple days, but she'll be fine after that with aspirin or ibuprofen."

"Aww, honey. I ruined it, didn't I?" Tiff was very upset, almost crying.

"No, honey. It's okay. Look, we'll check into the place tomorrow morning and I'll drive up to Reilly's Beach myself. I'll get what we need from Geoff before he leaves tomorrow, and then you and I can go back a couple days later. We're booked for a whole week. No worries."

That seemed to pacify Tiffany and the following morning, we did just that. Tiff spent the day sleeping on the couch, while I played with my tablet, grateful we had wi-fi. Denise spent the whole time absorbed in a book, not talking much. About an hour after lunch, I set out to leave to meet Geoff. I was eager to see the old place. Tiffany was still resting on a couch, doped up on painkillers, anyway.

"Hey, where are you going, sweetie?" asked Denise.

"To see that old friend from college," I said. "It's something we had planned for some time." I pointed at Tiff who was half-asleep.

"Oh, at that beach Tiffany mentioned?"

"She told you it was my friend's beach, huh?"

"Yes, something about a place your college fraternity brothers used to visit. I don't get to the beach too often, and this place is getting stuffy. I could read my book while you visit with your friend."

I looked over to Tiffany for help, but she wasn't even registering our conversation, completely looped on the meds.

"Uh, do you think Tiff will be okay alone?" I hoped to guilt her mom into staying.

"She's just sleeping, and she has her phone. I'm sure she'll be okay with it. You know Tiff. Most independent girl on the planet."

That was true.

"Um, Denise... the beach is uh..." I just decided to get it out, not knowing what else to say. "It's a nude beach." I squinted my eyes, looking away, scared to see her reaction.

"Are you serious?"

"Uh, yeah... and it's a private beach. It's just the rules, and it has been that way for decades. I got used to it after while, but yes, it's a nude beach."

"Oh my. And Tiffany agreed to that?"

"Yeah, I think maybe she's a little nervous about it, but honestly it's no big deal once you do it." 

I really didn't want Denise going, risking me blowing any opportunity to pick up product from Geoff as I had planned. She seemed unfazed, though.

"How long do you think you'll be there?" she asked.

"I don't know. An hour or so. Just gonna catch up a bit." 

Honestly, it would probably be less than that, but I didn't want to explain I was just there to make a drug purchase. No sense hanging at the beach too long while Tiffany was recovering. I'd intended to come back fairly soon.

"Well, maybe... if you know you won't be more than an hour or two... maybe I could just wait in the parking lot? I could read in the car, enjoy the drive. Get out of this stuffy place. Certainly they have a parking lot or something?"

They did, actually. Once you reached the property, you took a bridge over a small river. A few yards past that was a parking lot and welcome center. More like a hut with some lockers. Once inside, you pay to get in and sign the appropriate waivers and agreements. Then it's off to the lockers. I'd done it dozens of times in college.

"Uh, I guess you could, but I don't want to bore you there, leaving you alone in the car. Don't you think it best to stay here?" I sincerely didn't want to run any risk of Denise being there and preventing me from accomplishing my mission, so I took a different approach. "Um.. it's just that I am not sure I am comfortable with you seeing me naked."

"Oh," said Denise. "Ooh, you mean? Even if I stayed in the car, I'd see you naked? If that's the case..."

"Well, no, I guess not," I said, not sure why I was telling her so. "Look, if you just want to take the ride and hang in the car, then I suppose it would be fine. But promise me that. I just want to visit with my old friend, Geoff, and I think it would be awkward with you there... with me." Everything I said was true. I wanted to score the drugs, and it certainly would be awkward if my mother-in-law mom were present, forget all about the naked part. Hah! 

I was actually kind of glad Denise was being so friendly with me. Perhaps her recent experience had made her realize how petty some of her gripes were over me. Whatever grievances she had in the past, she'd certainly not brought up during the trip thus far. Frankly, she was downright pleasant. Denise smiled and nodded and got up from her chair.

"Yeah, get your stuff," I said. "I'll wake Tiff and let her know we're leaving."

It took a few minutes for Tiff to understand that her mom and I were headed off, but she seemed grateful that she could sleep without feeling guilty about having someone watching over her. She just wanted to rest.

Denise quickly changed into a bright sundress and hat to match. It was probably the least conservative thing I'd ever seen her wear, as an inch or two of cleavage was on display. With such mammoth breasts, that really wasn't showing much, though. She could have offered much more without risking exposing anything. 

I was happy, though. Denise seemed genuinely grateful that I allowed her to get out of the apartment for a while. She held the book she'd brought along in her lap, while chatting me up during the ride. "Tiffany's really lucky to have you. I know you probably don't think I think much of you, but I do. More so than ever these days. Thank you for being a good husband to her."

That was perhaps the highest compliment Denise had ever given me. "Uh, wow. Thank you. That means a lot," I said.

"I've been hard on you in the past. You're a good guy. Please continue to always treat my daughter right."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," I said, smiling back. "I'm the luckiest man alive. Smart, beautiful wife. And honestly, for as close as you two are, you did something right. I want you to know, Denise, that whatever path you take in the future, we support you. You do what's best for you."

I almost thought she teared up, but Denise nodded. Blushed, she said, "Thank you. I'm pretty sure I'm divorcing him." I noticed she didn't even say his name. "Maybe this old lady could learn a thing or two from you and Tiffany. I might be asking for your opinions and advice later. That is, if you'd be willing..."

"Of course," I said. "We're going to be cooped up in that place all week. Sure, we can spend some time together. I mean, I think Tiff and I are going to plan one day, to come out here and share some time together, even with her bum ankle... but yeah, we will have plenty of time, Denise. Happy to help in anyway. Talk it out."

It wasn't long before I was crossing the old bridge that led to the property. I pulled up into the parking lot. Being a Tuesday, there were only about a half dozen cars in the sprawling lot. I pulled into an empty spot about thirty yards from the gate.

"I just enter there," I said, pointing to the welcome center. "Once I sign in, there are locker rooms in the back. Then I'm off to Geoff's cabin. It's about halfway up the beach. This is a pretty narrow island."

"I see. So the beach must start behind that path," pointed Denise.

"Yup. It's there alright. Trees all around this lot and the west side of the property, but everything else is just a long stretch of beach. One hell of a retirement place. I think I'll always be jealous of Geoff." I laughed. It was true, though. I dreamed to live his kind of bohemian lifestyle, but my love for Tiffany superseded that. I don't regret my choices. "Alright, Denise. I'll be back in an hour or so. It only takes about ten minutes to walk to Geoff's place from here."

"Oh, take your time, honey. Don't feel bad about me at all. It's a pleasant day and I can lean back and read my book. Thank you for bringing me along."

"Okay," I said, leaving the car.

"I mean it. Stay as long as you like. I'll be fine."

"Alright, mom." I shut the door and waved at her as I headed to the welcome center. I knew one of Geoff's rare staff members or volunteers would be working it, as usual. I signed in and said hello to the young man standing behind a counter. He was naked, but unfazed when I walked in.

"Lockers are down there," he pointed.

"Thanks," I said. "I remember the routine."

About ten minutes later, after a stroll over the soft sand, I found myself knocking on Geoff's door. The house was known as "the shack," but was quite large and built around a palm tree. I knew Geoff lived alone, so I wasn't surprised when he opened the door himself.

"David, my man! Come on in. Good seeing you! It's been a long time,brother." Geoff grabbed my hand and pulled me in, slamming the large, wooden door behind him. "Man, I think about you and Rob all the time. Those were good times we had. You're one of the few clients I actually partied with, ya know?"

"Really?" I asked. "I figured it might have been part of your shtick."

"No way, man. I rarely mixed business with pleasure, but it was a pleasure knowing you guys. Cool, easy going. The perfect customer. So what ya been up to? I heard you got hitched."

"Yeah, who told you that?"

"Rob, actually. He came by last year, much like you're doing now."

"Damn, I haven't heard from him in ages," I said. It was true. I missed our antics, but that was before Tiff and I committed. Over time, Rob and I, once best friends in college, lost touch.

Geoff threw an envelope in my hand and said, "Business conducted. That's on me. Enough for two nights of fun. So let's hang out a bit. You want a beer?"

I expected Geoff to be nice, but not this welcoming. I wasn't going to offend him by denying his graciousness, so I agreed to the drink and sat down on the couch. 

"Yeah, man, I actually don't sell anymore," Geoff said, as he strolled to the kitchen. "No need. Income from the admissions is plenty to live on. But I always keep some on hand for myself and old friends."

Geoff returned and took the loveseat across from me, tossing me a beer and a large towel. I wrapped it over myself. We spent the next twenty minutes catching up. Geoff had aged a bit, but otherwise looked good for someone in his early 50s. I was glad he wasn't naked at the moment. I'd seen enough of that when he was working under an umbrella on the sand. Funny, I thought, he probably always wore clothes in the house, yet I bet he still went naked outside. Geoff always abides by the rules of Reilly's beach. Just then, there was another loud knock on the door. Geoff looked puzzled.

"I wasn't expecting anyone. I'll push 'em out. Can't be too important. Probably just one of the regulars, ratting out a litter-bug or something. "

"No problem, Geoff," I said. "In fact, I need to be getting back soon. My mother-in-law is waiting in the car."

I watched Geoff open the front door and my jaw hit the floor as I saw who stood behind it. It was Denise. And her tits. Such massive, glorious tits. Denise wasn't as thin as her daughter, but her curves were perfect. She also shaved... everything. I heard her from the door. 

"Um, excuse me. Are you Geoff?"

"Yes, ma'am," I heard him reply. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, my son-in-law said he was coming to see you." Denise's attention had been focused on Geoff since the moment he opened the door. She didn't see me watching her from the living room couch. It was a considerable distance, but there was a clear line of sight. "A while ago, I got a call from my daughter. She needs him to call her right away. I left my phone and clothes in the locker room, though, because the man said that was the policy here. And I just now realize, I don't even know her number. It's in the phone. Is David here? It seems really urgent."

Oh Christ, I thought. This must be so humiliating for Denise, yet I was in awe that she went to such great lengths for her daughter. I jumped off the couch, grabbing the envelope and keeping the towel wrapped around my waist, rushing over.

"Is everything okay?" I asked, keeping my eyes in contact with Denise's, trying not to look at her body. I didn't want her catching me perving on her obvious assets. Her nipples were dark and large, centered on her heavy tits.

"I don't know," Denise said, sounding panicked. "Tiff sounded frantic."

"Okay, problem is I don't know her number, either. We changed them recently, remember? We'll have to go back for our phones. Geoff, it was great seeing you again. We'll do it again." I dropped the towel in Geoff's hand as we said our goodbyes.

"Hope everything is okay, man" said Geoff. "Stop back before I leave if you have time. Door's always open to you. You too, ma'am!" He pointed at Denise, smiling. She blushed and I found it rather cute.

"Thanks, Geoff," I said. 

He shut the door as I turned to face Denise. I noticed her eyes were gazing on my shaft. I wasn't enormous, but I was on the larger side, I knew. I almost blushed, but was too concerned about the task at hand.

"Should we walk fast?" I asked.

"Probably," said Denise, but then she laughed.

"What? Are you okay?"

"I was just going to mention, as we walk, don't mind the show."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll know in a moment. Let's go!" 

Sure enough, I picked up what she meant right away. As we walked briskly across the warm sand, almost at a jogging pace, Denise's enormous, teardrop-shaped breasts swung from side to side, with each stride. I couldn't help but do a double-take. Denise laughed again. "See? I told you. They have a mind of their own."

I laughed, too, unsure what to say, yet I found myself looking again. It brought a slight rise to my penis and I noticed Denise take an eyeful of it for a brief second. "Yeah, we better hurry," I said.

By the time we got to back to the lockers, we were practically running. Once I'd got mine opened, I fumbled for my phone as Denise watched on. Neither of us were rushing to get dressed, more concerned with Tiffany's state of well-being.

"Hello?" Tiffany answered on the third ring.

"Honey! Are you okay?"

"David? Is that you?"

"Yes, it's me! Are you okay?"

"Of course I'm okay. David, what's this about? I was sleeping."

"Tiffany, your mom said you called her and told her I needed to call you immediately."

"What? No I didn't."

"Are you sure?" I asked.

Denise could hear Tiffany through the phone and asked to take it from me. I handed it over.

"Tiffany, babe. You just called me not twenty minutes ago or so. Don't you remember?"

I could just barely hear the muffled sound of my wife's voice. "No, I don't think so."

"You said something about needing David, remember?"

Tiffany responded, "Oh, wait. You mean when I went to the bathroom? I remember calling out for him. I don't remember calling you on the phone, though. Hah! Must have been groggy from the drugs, waking up. Anyway, I managed without him."

"Well, you actually picked up the phone and called me. Check your outgoing calls."

"Oh, my, why did I do such a thing? I guess I kind of remember now. It's the drugs, mom. They got me all strung out."

"It's okay, dear. We were just very worried about you. Do you want us to come home?"

"No, no!" I clearly heard heard Tiff say through the phone. "I'm going back to bed. You guys do whatever."

The phone clicked off before Denise got a chance to say good-bye. "Well, I think that explains it," she said, breathing a sigh of relief. I did, too. "What now?" Denise asked, handing the phone back.

I snickered, "I have to admit that for a moment there, I thought maybe you made up the whole story."

"Why would I do that?" Denise asked, taken aback.

"Just when she said she didn't think she called you at first..."

"What? Why would I do that? Just so I could see you naked?"

"Oh, maybe that. Maybe just to see what a nude beach is like.." I grinned. "You have to admit. You have nothing to be ashamed of, I mean... damn!"

Denise blushed as I finally gave her a good look, up and down. "I've always been a bit embarrassed by my body, but uh... you know, it is kind of liberating."

"Isn't it?" I asked. "You get used to it, just like I told Tiffany."

"Well, you two certainly need to have a day out here together, if that's what you had planned. We'll make sure it happens, just as soon as she heals up, even if we have to stay a couple extra days... on me." It was amazing how the trauma in Denise's life had apparently 180'd her attitude towards me. "In the meantime, what do you think?" Denise raised her palms up, lifting her hands high. It wasn't her hands I was looking at, though. "We can spend an hour or two on the beach together, huh? You've already seen everything."

"You're right about that." I was sincerely struggling not to get excited. I did not want to sport an erection. That might be inevitable if we were going to spend the next hour or two together in this state.

"Don't worry, David. Tiff won't mind."

"Are you sure about that?" I asked.

"Trust me. I mean it. We're just going to the beach. Let me grab my book. I left it in my locker. i do like the idea of them not allowing cell phones. Makes it a real vacation spot."

"I think maybe they have that rule so people won't take pictures or videos."

"Ooh, and here I thought it was just so you wouldn't be bothered by people always playing on their phones."

I laughed. "Something like that."

Not ten minutes later, Tiffany's mother and I were laying out two beach towels about twenty yards from the shoreline. It was a secluded area, and being an early afternoon on a Monday, there weren't many people out anyway. I'd left the envelope Geoff gave me back in the locker, glad that Denise hadn't questioned me about it.

"So you came here in college, huh?" Denise asked, as she settled on the towel, face up. To see my mother-in-law completely nude seemed taboo to me, and may have somehow made the situation more erotic for me than normal circumstances. I continued to exercise control to keep from getting erect.

"Yeah, my frat brothers and me. Sometimes we brought our dates, but mostly we came here to hang out and get away from it all."

"Hmm... seems a bit... homo-erotic, maybe? To come to a nude beach with a bunch of men, no?"

I smiled, waving it off. "Nothing like that at all. As I said before, once you're naked for a few minutes, it just gets... I dunno... you don't really even think about it. Hell, we played frisbee and football just like we would at the clothed beach. And to my knowledge, nothing homo going on, but I can't speak for everyone."

Denise winked. "Well, like you said to me, you have nothing to be ashamed of." Now I clearly caught her checking out my package.

"Hmm... though I may have to revise that idea about getting used to being naked."

"Why so?" Denise asked.

"Because I never had someone so stunningly beautiful lying next to me the whole time."

Denise smiled again and reached into her handbag for a pair of sunglasses. "You're very kind, David. I'm so happy for Tiffany. I would never consider doing anything inappropriate with you, and I am sure you feel the same."

"Exactly," I said. Though the conversation may have felt awkward, I was actually glad Denise was confronting this so thoughtfully and honestly. There was no question we shared a physical attraction.

"So you're just going to have to look," she said, meeting her eyes with mine. "Look all you like. We're at a nude beach. I wouldn't say so if I weren't positive that Tiffany would be fine with it."

"Are you really sure?" I asked.

"I respect my daughter, but hell, knowing her, she'd find it hilarious if I motor-boated you."

Knowing my wife's twisted sense of humor, Denise was probably right. Regardless, would she really be okay with me ogling her hot mother? After some pause, I responded to the motor-boating quip. "Hmm... maybe I'll ask her to let you."

We laughed and chatted a few more minutes, before we both quickly applied lotion and laid back, absorbing the rays of the sun. It was slightly overcast, but not too dark. Denise picked up where she left off in her book and I closed my eyes, trying to clear my head. This trip was certainly becoming noteworthy.

"I'll wake you up in a bit if you like."

"Yeah, not too long before I turn over. Maybe thirty minutes."

I don't know if thirty minutes had passed, but I did wake to the sounds of Denise. It took me a moment to realize she wasn't trying to purposefully wake me, and it only took a second longer to realize I was sporting a raging hard-on, no doubt victim to the recent activities, and a curse of most healthy males when sleeping. I hadn't yet opened my eyes. In fact, I hadn't yet moved a muscle.

Denise was quietly moaning. I so badly wanted to turn my head, but instead I stayed frozen, with my thick cock jutting seven or so inches straight in the air, I could only imagine she was staring at it as she got herself off.

'Do I let her finish?' I thought. Considering she had been so adamant about keeping a respectful relationship, I felt she would be embarrassed if I knew she masturbated over me, but it had been a while since Denise had probably gotten off. Her stressful separation, and change in lifestyle. The image of a hard cock probably just sent her over the edge, I thought. The situation was weird, but understandable.

Denise was close enough that I could feel the ground quivering next to me as she let out a heavy, muffled moan. Her body must have been shaking. Seconds later, I heard a hurried shuffling as she cleaned up around her. I took a deep breath in, slightly stretching my body, making appearances I was waking.

"Oh David, you may want to turn over now," said Denise, loudly. 

I squinted my eyes and gazed at her, paying no mind to my erection at the moment.

"Oh, hi Denise. Thanks." I managed to lift my body and turn around and as I did I caught another good look at her. She was leaning back, with her hands on the ground, chest out. Her butt and legs stretched over her towel.

"Wow, your ex is a stupid, stupid man," I said.

Denise cracked up loudly. "I'm glad you think so."

Other than wishing time would slow down so I could spend more of it perving on Denise, I kept things platonic. Whatever may have been considered flirting had been tempered by the both of us and an hour later, we picked up out things and headed back to the bed and breakfast.

Later that evening, after Denise went to her room, I fessed up to Tiffany. I couldn't stand the thought of her mother telling her before me, if she was so inclined. When I came to the gritty part, Tiff almost hit me and whisper-screamed, "You let my mother masturbate over you!" 

"I know! I didn't know what to do?"

"You could have come home before agreeing to parade naked around mom!"

"Please don't stress her over this. I'm sorry if I offended you, if we crossed the line, but her mind has to be in a mess right now. If anything, I fucked up, and I want to make it up to you."

"Well, you did immediately tell me everything."

"Yes. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings."

"Everything? Nothing more happened?"

"Nothing else, I swear. I told you everything." 

Never had my wife questioned my trust before. I felt dirty for having made her do so. Tiffany crossed her arms. After some pause, she cried out, "Mom, can you come in here?"

"No, Tiffany," I pleaded. "Don't make her feel worse than she already does."

"You don't think she owes me an apology?"

"She doesn't know that I know she masturbated, Tiff!"


Denise's door opened into the room. "Yes, honey? You feeling better?"

"Been sober and sore a while now," Tiffany said. "So listen, I think I am feeling well enough to go to the beach tomorrow."

This caught me off guard.

"Already?" asked Denise, also shocked by the revelation.

"Yes, but I am going to need help extra getting around with this bum ankle. I'll need the both of you. What say we all go to Reilly's Beach tomorrow?"

Denise, fully covered in her nightgown, looked over at me.

"I told her we went there together," I confessed. 

"I'm glad you did," Denise laughed, "That sounds great, honey. Better than that other beach anyway."

"Oh yeah, why's that?" asked Tiffany.

"Don't have to fuss over finding a good swimsuit."

As they both broke out in laughter, I just shook my head, feeling like one of the luckiest men on the planet. Tiffany and her mother both took long baths that night, no doubt grooming for the next day's adventures.

By the following morning, Tiff's ankle was still considerably swollen, but it was at least going down. "Are you sure you are ready for this?" I asked.

"Will you just shut up already," said Tiffany. I wondered if she was still mad at me in some way for the previous day's events. "This gives me the perfect opportunity to get Mom out of her shell. She's been a depressed nutcase for months. With this ankle, she has no choice but to stick around and help her daughter. I intend to ensure we show her a good time."

"You think taking her to a nude beach will do that?"

"Didn't it already?" asked Tiffany, crossing her arms. She had a point. "I'm all for it, David. I'm not mad at you. A bit jealous you got to help my mom more than I have."

"What do you mean?"

"Ever since the split between her and that asshole, she has been withdrawn from me and everybody. It took me a ton of convincing to get her here."

"I thought you said she wanted to come."

"I lied, okay. But it was the first time in ages she finally got out of that place. She needs exposure to new things."

"This is certainly new things," I said.

Just then, Denise stepped out of her room. "Going to the beach, I first thought to put my swimsuit on under my clothes, but then I thought that's probably a silly thing to do."

We all laughed before Tiff barked at me to get the beach towels and lotion in the car. I packed a few snacks as well. Tiff used the assistance of her mother and one crutch to reach the car, but I expected to be carrying her once we got to the beach. I was grateful I hit the gym every morning since college. Tiffany took the back seat, while her mom sat up front.

"Is your friend going to be there?" Denise asked me during the ride.

"He's normally there all the time, but he has a vacation with his brother planned. He's flying out today from what I understand."

Denise frowned, but Tiffany interjected. "Well, if we come back one more time before summer ends, maybe you can meet up with him again."

"You want to come here again? You haven't even sen the place."

"I know, but it's not like it wouldn't be worth it. We have the extra time from work available and maybe next time, I won't twist my ankle. Mom could still come, too."

Denise perked up a bit. I smiled, shaking my head. "I'm always down for the beach, you know that."

"Well, you should have been taking me ages ago, you workaholic," screamed Tiff. I knew she was teasing a bit. My hard work ethic afforded us many luxuries, even if I hadn't showered her with vacation getaways. But that work ethic was now paying off, allowing more time for time off. Another short vacation before summer ended was certainly doable.

Getting Tiffany to the beach was difficult, but easier than anticipated. While I handled all the beach supplies and luggage, Tiff and Denise worked a system that allowed them to walk without much strain on Tiffany's bum ankle. It took some time, but didn't require me carrying her several hundred yards.

We signed in, got naked at the lockers and found ourselves in a secluded area about twenty yards from the water. It was all secluded actually, we being the first to arrive for the day it appeared. It took some time, but finally we were sorted out. Tiffany sat to the left of me and Denise to the left of her. We settled in and watched the gentle waves.

"I must say, it does get easier," said Denise.

"What's that, Mom?"

"Getting naked in public."

Tiffany laughed. "I was surprised to hear you did it the first time. It's why I brought you here, I think. I wanted to see for myself." Now they both laughed, then Tiffany continued, "Besides, there's no one here today. We have the whole beach to ourselves. Is it always like this, David?"

"It's the middle of the week. People will start showing up in a couple hours, but it won't get crowded. Even on weekends, you can find secluded areas, though there are plenty of people around."

"David, your friend... is he?"

"Geoff?" I asked, perching forward to look over at Denise. It was surprisingly erotic to see past my wife's tits, only to see her mother's. Now I wished cameras and phones were allowed. Though they didn't match in size to her mother's, Tiffany's firm c-cups were still a glorious sight to behold. "What about him?" I asked.

"Is he single?" Denise asked.

Tiffany erupted, practically jumping, her breasts bouncing from the motion. "Yes!"

"What?" asked Denise.

"I'm just so happy you're finally interested in someone! Anyone! You've been a zombie for so goddamn long."

"Tiffany!" Denise yelled, offended by the profanity, which I found ironic considering she was stark naked. She quickly settled down. "And I haven't been that bad."

"Oh yeah, did you file for divorce yet?"

Denise rolled her eyes. "We don't have to talk about that."

"I mean it, mom. Will you just file already? You have every right to. Benny won't file and he certainly won't change. You're always miserable. He doesn't deserve you."

Denise huffed, throwing her arms up in the air. It made her breasts jiggle considerably. "Fine, I'll do it first thing when we get back," she heaved.

Tiffany grinned widely and clapped her hands furiously. "Finally! I knew this trip would do you good."

Denise shook her head, scoffing. "Enough, already. Besides, I think this trip is doing David more good than anyone."

I looked down to see that I was once again the victim of an involuntary erection. I guess watching the two girls bickering had gotten the best of me. I had been perving on their bodies more than focusing on the conversation.

"David!" yelled Tiffany. "What's the matter? Can't go a few days without a little nookie?" It had been three days since we'd last had sex, due to her injury. Tiff was joking, but it was true. Erections came easier the longer I went without getting off.

"I am so sorry, ladies," I said, forcing my hands down to cover my throbbing member.

"Don't hide that on my account," said Tiffany.

"It's not you I'm worried about,," I said, embarrassed, nodding over at her mother.

"Not on my account, either," laughed Denise. "Do you two need some private time?"

"Mom!" Tiffany turned her head fast to Denise. I thought maybe even she thought that was a bit too much, but then she said, "I don't care if you watch."

My jaw dropped open as Tiff reached over, shoving my hands aside and grabbing my thick shaft firmly into hers. "Lean back, already," she said.

Confused at being thrust into this, I stayed silent and complied. Being on my back blocked the view to her mother, with Tiffany between us, but I knew Denise had a clear line of vision to my hard cock in her daughter's hand. I was nervous and had yet to allow myself to enjoy Tiffany's stroking, though.

Denise hadn't spoken either, but then I heard her shifting her position, perhaps looking over her daughter at a better angle. She whispered, "Tiffany, I am so jealous. No wonder you married him."

They giggled and Tiffany began pulsing her grip on my cock as she stroked it slowly up and down. It may have been awkward at first, but it didn't take long for her skills to get me into it. I closed my eyes and allowed the experience to just happen.

About thirty seconds in, Denise whispered, "You're good at that, dear." 

I opened my eyes to see Tiff smile, looking back and forth from me to her mom. "David loves handjobs," she confessed. 

Once, I would have been surprised to hear Tiffany reveal that information to her mother, but here she was, actually doing it in front of her.

"You know, with your father... before he passed away. It was blowjobs with him. That man always wanted them."

"Mom!" said Tiff, cackling. "That's hilarious. And you did it?"

"I loved it!" she squealed, back.

Tiffany began jerking slightly faster, "David says I'm better with my hands, anyway. Besides, I hate the taste of cum, and I do love doing this. Your blowjob gene must have mutated to my handjob one."

Now they both laughed loudly, then Denise responded, "It wasn't so much the blowjob I loved, actually."

"Then why did you do it?" asked Tiff. "I thought you said you loved it."

"Well, unlike you, I love the taste of cum."

Tiffany was beating me even faster now as her mother unloaded these bits of knowledge on her. I was finding the conversation hot, if weird, but it certainly helped me along. "Are you kidding? Swallowing? Yuck!"

"I don't know if it's the taste so much. I mean, it doesn't bother me at all. It's just the whole... well... you don't know what you're going to get. The surprise of it all. It's it going to leak out? Or be like a jet-stream? Is it a lot, or a little? It just always kind of got me excited to take it in my mouth, not knowing."

I was gyrating my hips with Tiffany's strokes as I listened to her mother's confession. If they didn't change topics son, I was going to blow.

"Wow, the cum is my least favorite thing to deal with," said Tiffany. "I had no idea anyone really liked doing it. Or liked swallowing it. Maybe they do it, even I do now and then, but I don't have the same reaction as you."

I opened my eyes again to see Denise peeking over a bit more to better watch her daughter's actions. How I wished I had a clear view of her heavy tits. I clearly saw the side of my wife's right breast as she pumped away, displaying her adept skills.

"You know, mom. If you want you can swallow. We could kill two birds with one stone, what do you think? I get to beat him off, you get that cum in your mouth."

My shock crippled any chance of me throwing my opinion in. I was utterly speechless. And I was also very close. Tiff knew from experience.

"But you better hurry, he's going to cum any moment now." Tiffany looked back at me, smiling. "Think you can hold on for a second?"

"I, uh... um..."

Denise rushed over, her tits swinging in the affair. Just as she dropped her head to my cock, opening her mouth wide, a lengthy rope of sperm ejected from the tip of my cock. It was followed by another one, every bit as intense as the first. Denise then thrust her head forward, closing her mouth over the head of my cock. She began swallowing loudly as more loads, albeit smaller and smaller ones, came rushing out.

Tiffany was giggling like a madman, waving her arms in the air with closed fists. "Oh my god, that was so much fun!" she squealed.

Denise, with cum dripping from her bottom lip, rose up. "Thank you, David. And you, too, Tiff. I mean, I don't know if we should speak of this to others, but that was really fun. Thank you!"

"No problem, mom. I know these are unique circumstances. We'll keep this between us, of course."

I shifted a brow, nodding. "Absolutely," I said, exhausted.

"Besides," said Tiffany. "We won't ever do it again if word got out, right?"

Now Denise and I looked at each other. Do it again? Denise and I turned slowly to Tiffany.

"Mom, I have a bum leg. If anything, by the end of the night, you two are going to be fucking. You need to help me out, after all."

Denise paused, turning back to me again. "I knew Tiff was free-spirited, but never this much."

"Me, neither," I admitted, smiling at the both of them.

"Tiff, you cannot ask me to have sex with David."

"Why not?"

Denise was stunted by the question.

"What if something goes wrong? Like emotional attachments?" I asked, breaking in. Serious things to consider, I thought.

"Aren't we already emotionally attached? David, do you think you will leave me for mom?"

"No, of course not."

"Mom hates cheaters. But she doesn't hate a good fucking."

"Tiffany!" Denise screamed again, sounding offended once again over her daughter's use of profanity. This time, though, she was objecting, not just while naked, but also with cum dripping off her face. With that in mind, I didn't think it would prove difficult for Tiffany to convince her to have sex with me later.

I didn't bother putting up a fight or injecting my opinion on the matter. Instead, I smiled, laying all the way back on my towel, closing my eyes. I listened to the two lightly bicker about who would be fucking whom, when and where, after we were to arrive back at the bed and breakfast. By the time they were done, it appeared I was to fuck Denise, in the bedroom, with Tiffany watching. 

I still remained silent, absorbing the sunlight. God knows, I didn't want to change their minds.