"Stories 18+" It All Started with a Box

18+ It All Started with a Box
Well, to be more precise, it all started with an empty box.

You see, while most healthy males my age (low thirties) have a decent sexual appetite, my problem has always been an over-active and under-utilized sex drive that has seen me land myself in more than my fair share of embarrassing situations. Just out of high school, my University years were a blur of sexual experiences and trysts, with multiple partners, and - on more than one occasion – multiple partners at the same time. It wasn't that I was a sex addict, I just purely loved sex. The act itself, the nuances of foreplay, the chase, the afterglow, all of it. I find it both primal and beautiful, and sensual and erotic and pleasurable in every way. I wanted to experience everything I could, but there were always some dry spells that I couldn't handle. They drove me crazy! So when I met my wife, and we began a healthy sexual relationship, I began to feel something I'd never felt before – satisfied. 

As time goes on, though, and children come into the mix, her desire for sex has waned. No, that's inaccurate. It's become non-existent. While she can seemingly go for months at a time without any sexual congress, this has left me feeling frustrated, unattractive, and undesirable. I've tried discussing it with my wife, but she merely says "I'm sorry, baby", and rolls over and goes to sleep. She asks me for back massages and I comply, hoping it will lead to something more for both our benefits, but it always ends with her off in a peaceful sleep, and me sneaking off to the bathroom with my phone to watch some porn while I stroke myself to release.

I've even gone so far as to consider visiting a brothel. I love my wife, but I needed something to help me get through, and fast. If she wasn't willing to talk about it, I had to find my own solution. That's what brought me to an adult website that sold toys of all shapes, sizes and uses. After browsing their catalogue of items for a while, late one night, I came across a device that peaked my interest. It was an unassuming black tube, a hole at one end, tapered off at the other. It was billed as a 'Mighty Mouth' and seemed to be a device capable of partially replicating a blowjob. The price seemed reasonable and they offered overnight delivery, and I was going to be on my own in the house for the day to take delivery discreetly, so I ordered the device, some extra lube and a toy cleaner, along with a discreet bag to put everything in (the box was quite large, reading the dimensions), and clicked purchase.

I went to bed second guessing what I'd done, but at the same time I'd be using this on myself, instead of going to find release elsewhere. I began to fall asleep and had thoughts and dreams about what the next day would bring, hoping that this would be the solution I needed.

The next morning, my wife had already left for the hospital (she is a high ranking nurse – which explains some of her lack of sexual drive, she's usually very exhausted), and I was getting my daughter ready for school. I should also mention that my Sister-in-law lives with us. Their Mother had decided that she'd like a more relaxed lifestyle, and they'd moved up north, three hours away, and left Adrienne with nowhere to live. We had a spare room, my wife volunteered, so here we are, a year later. Adrienne was not what you would call 'drop-dead-gorgeous', but she had been on a health kick for a year and as such, she'd begun to develop a slender, more athletic frame, and as she was very comfortable around us, in the summer months she would wear skimpy PJs that would be quite loose, especially when she bent over in front of me. More than once I've found myself getting an eyeful of her bare tits hanging in her top, and while I knew I shouldn't look, I liked what I saw.

In any case, everyone left for their respective jobs, and I dropped my daughter to school, and returned home to work (I'm a photographer, and I work from home). I quickly looked up the tracking number for the parcel from the adult toy store, and noted that they were delivering on their promise and that the package would arrive today. I was a little anxious as the day wore on, because the later in the day it became, the closer we were to someone arriving home before the package! Other times, when I've ordered online, sometimes the delivery takes place as late as 6:30pm. It would be very hard to explain this parcel to everyone at home...

After burying myself in work and trying not to think about it, at 2:30pm, the delivery van pulled into the driveway and I let out a sigh of relief. The driver handed me the package, I signed for it, and took it into the lounge. I opened the box and pulled out the 'Mighty Mouth', it was huge! At about 12 inches in length and the 'mouth' about 4.5 inches wide, I'm glad I brought the bag as the box was massive and I would have a hard time hiding it. I opened the box, and left it on the couch as I read over the instructions and looked over the lube and toy cleaner. Then I had a thought. I looked at the clock. 2:50pm. 

I had time.

I cleaned off the toy as instructed and decided that the best place to take it for a test drive would be the bedroom. I pulled back the covers, then, in an attempt to make the experience more pleasurable and 'natural', I took off all my clothes. Shorts, shirt, shoes, socks, underwear, everything. I was stark naked, beginning to lie back on my bed, with this automatic blowjob simulator ready to accept my cock – and I found myself getting hard with the anticipation. I was also worried that it wouldn't work, and I'd just be jacking off into a giant black tube. In any case, I grabbed the pump pack of lube, gave a small squirt into the mouth of the toy, and a small squirt over the head of my dick, then laid back, and lowered the 'mouth' over the head of my cock and slid myself inside. 

The initial sensation was pleasant. There were these little ridges that lightly pressed against my shaft that created a nice feel, and an almost closed over sensation right at the back of the tube where my cock head was resting, almost like I was being deep-throated. I was happy, and I hadn't even turned it on yet. I looked at the buttons on the device, one for power, and one for different stroking, pulsing and massaging settings. I closed my eyes and pressed the power button.

Nothing happened.

Not straight away, in any case. After a brief period, during which I thought 'Fuck, the batteries are faulty', there was a slow, low buzz that emitted from the device, and a small vibrating tickle beginning around the head of my cock. The light ridges began to vibrate more intensely, causing them to move up and down, as if five or six little tongues where gently lapping at my shaft. I pressed the button again, and the device gently squeezed around my shaft, held firm during a long, slow vibration, then released me a little. The sensation then repeated. I left that cycle on for a while and gently began to guide the toy up and down on my cock, and holy-fuck! It was an amazing feeling! The massaging and squeezing was sliding up and down my length and felt a lot like an actual mouth working me over at the head, while a hand stroked me up and down. I wasn't quite 'there' yet, so I hit the settings button a few more times to see what else this baby could do. I eventually found something I liked, a pulsing, massaging, squeezing sensation that tickled the very sensitive spot right under the head of my cock, while squeezing the base and stroking my length. The device was pressed deep against my balls and even they were getting the benefit of the vibrations. I held the Mighty Mouth right where it was and was surprised how close I was to blowing my load right then and there. I let out a loud moan and pressed the Mouth even further onto my cock, and I started to shake, before hitting the point of no return and exploding into the Mouth, spurting one of the biggest loads I'd had in a while into the robotic mouth and throat I'd purchased at what turned out to be a bargain price. 

As I was coming back to Earth after my orgasm, I heard something that most males in my position dread to hear.

Keys jangling in the door lock. 

I panicked and checked the clock. 3:30pm. Who the fuck is that?

I stood up from the bed, a little light headed after cumming so much, and realized that I still had this black mouth on my cock. I unsheathed myself and grabbed the mouth, the lube, the toy cleaner and the bag and ran down the hallway and dived into the bathroom, starting the shower immediately. I had hoped whoever it was hadn't heard me running down the hallway, and the privacy of the bathroom would allow me time to clean, dry and put away the toy without 'arousing' suspicion. (Pun intended.)

I showered, cleaning my cock and balls of lube and cum, while I waited for the toy to dry. Once I was clean, I turned off the shower, dried, and left the privacy of the bathroom, with the bag containing my new found experience nested inside the towel. I was safe! As I made my way back to the bedroom, I heard a voice yell out, 'Hello? Mike? It's just me.' 

Adrienne. She was home early.

'Hey, Ady,' I replied, 'Sorry, just having a shower.' 

Adrienne came round the corner from the living room and stopped in the hallway when she saw me.

'Where are you off to?' She asked, and eyebrow raised. I noticed that she was a little red in the face.

'Nowhere. It's just been a hot day and I was cooling off. Why are you home so early?' I countered. 

'I'm on an early finish today. Sorry, I thought you knew.'

'Well, I do now.' I stated. 

'Oh, okay. I'm going to watch a movie in my room. I'm pretty tired. I'll see you later.'

I stood in my towel and watched as she made a hasty exit to her bedroom. She seemed to be hardly able to look me in the eye as we had our brief conversation. I checked the toy inside the folds of the towel to make sure that it wasn't showing, and could see that I'd done a good job of concealing it, so I couldn't understand what she was being so awkward about. 

Not caring, anymore, and knowing that I had a couple of hours peace, I returned to the bedroom, dressed, and made my way back into the lounge to check some emails and maybe watch some TV myself. I rounded the corner into the room and the realization hit me like a ton of bricks. Sitting on the lounge, in full view, with the bold white on red lettering staring me straight in the face, was the opened, empty box of the Mighty Mouth. Apart from the open end of the box in clear view, the side facing the entryway read in those big, bold letters 'MALE PLEASURE SENSATION: THE BEST BLOWJOB YOU'LL EVER GET'. 

F U C K M E.

I think I turned as red as the box itself. I grabbed it, collapsed it, and folded it up, burying it inside an empty cereal box before placing it outside in the recycling bin. While I hoped that Adrienne hadn't seen the box, I knew damn well that she had. It explained her desire to make a quick exit. 

I sighed, and sat back on the couch with a beer and tried to shake off the embarrassed feeling, put on a movie of my own and entertained myself for about an hour and a half before I heard Adrienne's door open. I heard her footsteps grow louder as she made her way down the hall, and she emerged round the corner, clad in her active wear. She had a relatively bear back with a sports top/bra on, a loose fitting mesh top over that, and her shapely black leggings on, that accentuated the effect her fitness regimen was having on her ass. She leant over and went through her bag, looking for keys or something, and the view down her sports bra was not lost to me. After standing, she flashed me a smile.

'I'm off to the gym. I'll be home for dinner later.' 

'Sure.' I said. 'Dinner is at half seven. You want anything in particular?'

'Whatever. Just not too many carbs.' She slapped her belly for effect. Adrienne turned to leave and unlocked the door. I rolled my eyes when her back was turned and watched her leave.

'See you.' She said as she closed the door behind her, leaving me to my own devices once more.

I had busied myself for another hour or so when I got up to answer a call of nature. I was washing my hands in the bathroom, but when I stopped the tap running I heard a faint noise. A buzzing. I freaked for a minute and dove into my new toys hiding place in case I'd left it on, but the toy was well and truly switched off. I'd removed the batteries in any case. With my head buried in my bedroom closet, I heard the buzzing continue. The master bedroom closet backed onto the wall shared by Adrienne's room. The noise was coming from in there! 

Expecting to find something other than where my thoughts were taking me, I entered her room and followed the source of the sound to her chest of drawers, stopping at the top left smaller drawer. As I reached for the knob I saw my hands shake a little with anticipation and as I opened the drawer the noise intensified. I lifted a handful of shirts and found a similar bag to the one that I'd just had delivered, except this one was moving slightly.

No. Not moving. Vibrating.

I opened the bag and took out it's contents. There was a small bottle of toy cleaner, a small bottle of 'triple action' lube, and a long, pink Vibrator, shaped like a real cock, with a vibrating set of 'fingers' that looked as though they'd tickle her clit while she had the vibrator inside her. 

The thoughts running through my head all came at once, and each was out of this world! She'd left it on deliberately? It had knocked when she'd put it away? She'd used it just now? She'd used it after seeing the box for my own sex toy?

That last thought stayed with me. It was followed by another. I knew I shouldn't, but I couldn't help it. I lifted the vibrating cock to my nose and inhaled, deeply. The musky, strong smell of her arousal filled my nostrils and when I processed that this toy had not long ago been deep inside my sister in law's pussy as she got herself off – possibly after knowing that I'd been doing just that as she arrived home – and did something else that I shouldn't have. I stuck out my tongue and licked the vibrator.

The taste was pleasant – I'd always loved eating pussy – and it was here that I realized that I'd crossed a line. I turned the vibrator off, replaced it in the bag and returned it to the drawer, placing the shirts as I'd found them. I left Adrienne's room and returned to the couch – and my beer – and as I picked up the remote and resumed by show, I couldn't help but think about what Adrienne looked like underneath her active wear.

That night, after dinner, my wife had left for her Band rehearsal, leaving me to put our daughter to bed and fend for myself. After the little one was fast asleep, dreaming of princesses and fairytales, I was able to recline on the couch with my laptop, to get through some emails that I still had outstanding. It was around 8:45pm and the house was quiet, peaceful, even. Not that it wasn't before, but I was just calm. More so than usual and I have no doubt that it was in part due to the orgasm that my toy had provided – one that I hoped to replicate later that evening when Adrienne had gone to bed. I heard her unmistakable footsteps pound down the hallway, and she stuck her head round the corner to me. I looked up, and she was blushing again. 

'Hey Mike,' she began, 'Can you do me a favour?'

I hesitated and returned my head to the screen as I said nonchalantly, 'What kind of favour?'

'I'm going out this Friday night, and I usually get Kate (my wife) to help me, but she'd not here. I need some help with my fake tan.'

I looked up. She'd piqued my interest. 'What do you mean?'

Adrienne shifted a little. 'I need help with the application. I won't be able to reach my back and it needs to be an even spread or I'll be tanned on the front but not my back. In a backless dress it'll look weird.'

The thought of her in a backless dress entered my mind, followed by the thought of her out of it.

'So, when do I need to wipe this stuff on your back?' I began to fold my laptop down.

'No, not yet.' She stopped me, 'I have to shower first. That'll clean off my skin and make the application stick.'

'Won't that leave tan stains all over your bed?' I asked, ignorantly.

'No. I'll be letting it dry first, then wiping off the excess, THEN going to bed.'

'Oh. Right, I'll wait for your cue then, I guess?'

'Thanks, Mike. I owe you one.' Adrienne hesitated, then retreated to the bathroom. I returned my attention to the screen but couldn't concentrate, especially when I heard the shower start up. Knowing she was right there, water cascading down her body, in between the valley of her tits, over her ass, into the folds of her pussy, I was terribly unfocussed and closed my laptop in frustration. I grabbed a glass of water and was half way through a sip when the water shut off.

'Soon', I thought.

I tried to make myself busy but nothing worked. I kept thinking about Adrienne's bare flesh and the images racing through my mind had my dick stiffening in my shorts. This was made more difficult in that I don't usually wear underwear, so my free cock and balls was able to grow without restriction. I didn't really want Adrienne to offer me the Tanning Glove while she could see I had a massive hard on. Despite my best efforts, my dick grew to full mast with the thoughts, and I resigned myself to bend at a slight angle to mask my arousal. 

I heard the door to the bathroom open, and Adrienne's voice call out to me.

'Mike. I'm ready for you.'

Fuck. Excellent choice of words, Ady.

I tried to seem as cool and as casual as I could as I made my way down the hall to the bathroom door, but seeing it open, the light and heat spilling into the hallway, my breath began to catch in my throat. I stepped up to the doorway and beheld the sight inside.

Adrienne was standing away from me, her bare back shimmering in the heat lamps of the bathroom. She was still a little damp and I could see water droplets running from her hair (which was wonderfully long) down her back. She was 'wrapped' in a towel around her waist, and – as far as I could tell with her back to me – was loosely clutching a second towel to her chest. The effect as she turned to look over her shoulder was amazing, as the towel concealing her breasts only hid them front on. Turned as she was, I could quite clearly see the curve of the underside of her left tit, all the way down to her now stained/tanned stomach, which, I could now see, was quite toned from all of her exercise. 

'You'll need to pick up the tanning glove, and spray a little of the lotion onto the glove, and my back. Smooth it across my skin until you've covered it all.' She instructed.

'Okay.' I couldn't think of much else to say. I thought I saw her glance quickly down at my crotch, but I can't be certain. 

'Please, please try not to leave anything missed. I don't want patchy skin.'

'Of course. Here goes.' I offered, before lathering up the tanning glove and moving behind her. Adrienne lifted her gorgeous head of hair out of the way, and as I pressed the glove to her skin, she shivered and let out a gasp. 

'Are you okay?' I asked, nervously.

'Yes, sorry, it's just that the lotion is very cool compared to the heat lamps. Go for it, Mike.'

I did as I was told. I smothered Adrienne, my naked sister in law, with her tanning lotion and spread it across her back from her neck to the top of her ass, and as I reached the top of the towel she loosened it for me to better access the base of her spine. I gently ran my tanning hand across the tops of her ass cheeks and I could see her skin tighten and goosebumps ripple across her body. While I was working the tan into the sides of her back, I had ample time to examine and appreciate her 'side-boob' that I was privileged to see, and I made sure to take a little longer on her sides for 'research purposes'. I was pretty much done and sorry to see this special time was about to end, when Adrienne stopped me from putting the tanning glove away.

'Mike,' she began, 'I need to make sure that there are no patchy spots.'

I frowned. 'I think I've been pretty thorough, Ady.' I replied. 

'No. I mean, I need you to do the areas under my arms...' she trailed off.

'Under your arms? I thought I did that?' I wasn't sure I understood.

'I mean, under my arms, at the sides of my breasts.'


'Oh.' I looked down to where she mentioned, and sure enough, there was an area that encompassed her armpit around to her mid-side-boob area, almost disappearing under the towel she was using to cover herself. 'Um.' 

'It's okay, Mike. I don't mind. I need it to be a full coverage of tanning lotion, otherwise it's going to look patchy and awful. Please?' She was almost begging me now.


'Thank you. You don't have to look. Just reach up under my arm and use the glove to cover that area.'

Then, with her back still to me, she lifted her hair and arms above her head and removed the towel covering her tits altogether. Positioned behind her, I couldn't see, but as it was, we were in the bathroom, and a subtle glance into the huge mirror on my left gave me a side view of her topless profile, and I could see that her nipples were well and truly hard. I wasn't so sure it was from the cold, either.

I lathered up the glove with tanning lotion once more, and, reaching around her body, began to gently run my gloved hand across her skin, starting with her left underarm and then moving forward, around her torso, to effectively cup her left breast. I felt Adrienne shiver as I did so, but as I moved my hand around and fondled/tanned her tit, I knew that I was massaging her a little, even rubbing her nipple, and I could also tell that it was turning her on. I relaxed my hand and swapped over, moving to the right side. She caught her breath once more as I began to massage her right breast, the lotion allowing my hand to slide over her tit and nipple with ease, and, to my amazement, my nose was greeted with an all too familiar scent. She was getting wet. 

After I had finished – yes, I did take a little longer than I should have, wouldn't you? – I handed her the glove, and she turned over her shoulder to thank me. Adrienne made no effort to reach for the towel to cover herself, and I was treated to my first view of her unobstructed breasts. You know how sometimes our bodies just react without our authority? I had one of those reactions. I licked my lips. 

'Thanks, Mike.' Adrienne interrupted. 

I quickly recovered and realized that I was very hard and was within poking proximity, so I said 'you're welcome,' and left her to dress. 

I returned to the lounge, wondering how the hell that had just happened, and while I was lost in my thoughts, Adrienne emerged from the bathroom, into the lounge, wearing a sheer night gown that was also extremely short. It only just barely covered her ass, and the robe/gown was almost open at the front, I could clearly see, too, that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. To make things worse (or better?), she sat down on the couch, next to me.

We sat in silence for a few minutes.

'Thanks again, Mike.' She said, breaking the silence.

'Don't mention it. Anytime.' I instantly regretted making that remark.

'Anytime? Really?' Adrienne smiled. 'I'll bet.'

I was bright red, and the stirring in my shorts was happening all over again.

Adrienne made some small talk, but I was hardly paying attention. She had turned her body to me, and the action had caused her robe to pull open slightly, revealing the curvature of her breasts and her belly button. It was getting increasingly hard to look her in the eyes.

'...And it's been a while, but I'm hoping that things will pick up soon.' She finished.

I snapped back to attention. 'I'm sorry, what will pick up soon?'

'Jesus. You really zoned out. My dating life. It sucks.' She shrugged her shoulders and this made her robe open a little more. Adrienne must have realized this by now, surely. I needed a reprieve or else my cock was going to bust through my shorts.

'Want a drink?' I asked.

'Sure. What are we having?' 

'Scotch for me. You want a white rum?' I offered.

'Hell yes.' She responded. She was much more relaxed now. The most relaxed I'd seen her all day. I went into the kitchen and made the drinks, then returned and sat next to her, offering the concoction I'd made.

'Fuck me.' Adrienne exclaimed as she took a long sip. Okay. So maybe I'd made the drinks a little stronger than usual. 

'How are things with you, anyway, Mike?' Adrienne quizzed.

'In what way?' I replied, confused.

'Come on, Mike. I live in the same house as you, and our bedrooms are right next to each other. I know that you guys haven't been 'doing it'. How do you cope?'

I was caught off-guard by the forward question. It made me hesitate a response.

'Sorry, I don't mean to pry.' She had turned a little red.

I took the initiative and the plunge.

'I don't. Well, I haven't been coping. It's been up to these,' I raised my hands, 'to keep me sane.

Adrienne laughed. It was magic.

'I know what you mean. I have the same deal and I can never seem to reach that point where I really explode, you know. It's not the same with a fake cock.'

I spluttered and coughed my scotch mouthful back into my glass. What the fuck did she just say? Adrienne's laughter rang in my ears as she placed a hand on my shoulder and one on my back to help me steady myself. This caused her to lean forward and the robe to fall completely open. As I recovered I saw that I had my second full view of her bare chest. Her nipples, I took note, were hard and standing at full attention. Even in my state as I tried to regain my breath, my dick flourished and unfurled in my shorts to full mast at the sight.

'I know you saw my vibrator, Mike. I left it on. It was off when I came home.'

I balked at the revelation. She'd known this whole time? As I recomposed myself, there was a silence between us as her hands stayed on my back and shoulder, and her robe remained open. I didn't move my gaze from her body and she made no attempt to cover up. Maybe it was the scotch. Maybe it was the fact that I was deprived of sex for so long. Maybe my sex drive did have control over me. But I did something I probably shouldn't have, and I didn't give a flying fuck.

I lifted my head to Adrienne, and asked her 'Would you like me to help you come?'

Adrienne stared right back at me. Deep into my eyes and not saying a word. The silence was suddenly deafening and I became conscious of her heaving breasts as she began to breathe heavily. She smiled then, a brilliant, sexy smile that revealed to me she'd wanted me to ask that question for a while now.

'Yes, please.' Adrienne replied. 'I'd love that.'

With her blessing, I gently reached forward and grasped the tie holding the rest of the robe together, and pulled on it, undoing the bow and letting the rest of the robe fall open. Adrienne let go of my shoulder and relaxed into the couch, the robe splitting apart to come to rest at her sides. As I took in the smooth, bare patch of skin above the cleft of her closed legs, she shifted her weight so that I could move off the couch. I grabbed a pillow from the end of the couch (we have floorboards) and placed it underneath her long legs, which she had stretched out onto our coffee table. Adrienne had effectively formed a naked bridge. I began running my hands up her calf, admiring the smooth texture of her skin, and as I neared closer to my target, Adrienne moved her hands so that they began to play with her freshly tanned nipples. She pulled on them, ran her fingers around them, all the while watching me, watch her. 

As I drew closer to the top of her thigh, she slowly lifted her knees and began to spread her legs for me. The opening flower, blossoming right before my eyes was a sight that I'll cherish forever. Her beautiful, bald pussy came into view, and slowly unfolded for me. Her pussy lips began to spread wide as she parted her thighs, and I could see the glistening moisture of her sex shimmering in the dim light. The smell of her arousal hit me square in the face, and I diligently moved under her legs, taking position in between her thighs, bringing my face closer to her wet snatch.

I gently pressed my fingers around her labia and began to work her over, and the response was instant. Adrienne almost screamed with pleasure at my touch. I stroked her outer lips before moving up and around her most sensitive areas, taking time to explore, and enjoy, her responses and drawing out the experience as much as possible. I moved to bring my face closer to her pussy and she shook suddenly, and I looked up at her. She was staring straight back at me, some apprehension in her face. 

'Is something wrong?' I hesitated, 'Should I stop?'

'No.' She began, 'It's just that...'

'What, Adrienne?' I asked as I continued to rub her pussy, gently moving to her clit and applying a small amount of pressure.

'Ohhhhhhhh.' She groaned, clearly enjoying my ministrations, 'No, don't stop. I just haven't... ever... oh... had...' She trailed off. I'd applied more pressure and was circling her clit with my thumb, her juices lubricating everything nicely. It didn't matter, I knew what she was trying to say.

'No one's ever gone down on you? That's a shame.' I smiled. She nodded that I was right, but failed to speak as I'd just pressed a finger into her love tunnel, making her moan instead of speak. 

'Luckily for you,' I started, twisting my fingers inside her and using my free hand to reach up and massage her right breast, pulling on the nipple as I saw her do earlier, 'I LOVE eating pussy.'

And I dove right in.

Adrienne exploded.

She screamed in ecstasy as I tongued her clit, working it over with fast, heavy strokes. I sucked on it, flicked it, and even put my whole mouth around it and hummed vigorously as she writhed about underneath me. I placed an extra finger inside her, pumping my hand in and out of her tight pussy as I hummed, licked and sucked on her clit.

After a few minutes, she was reaching down and placing her hands on the back of my head, trying to force me deeper inside her and I responded in kind with a third finger and a gentle bite on her clit, which drove her to the edge – and threw her completely off of it. Her thighs came together like a vice, and while I continued to rub, lick and suck her while she rode her orgasm, I was conscious of her almost not allowing me to breathe, so I eased her down gently and slowly backed off of her clit – which by now was very sensitive – and pulled away to kiss her thighs lovingly as Adrienne came back to earth. 

Her panting eased to a heavy breathing. Her chest rose and fell in quick succession but steadied, and the glazed look in her eyes dissipated until she was staring down at me sitting between her legs, almost with disbelief. There was a moment of silence between us as we stared each other down, while I engraved the image of her engorged pussy just inside my peripheral vision into my mind. 

'Holy fuck, Mike.' Adrienne spoke first. 'That was incredible. How are you not eating Kate's pussy every night?'

I laughed a little at the comment, a reminder that this was 'wrong', before I looked back at Adrienne and shrugged my shoulders. I really didn't know the answer to that. 'Maybe she's just too tired?' I offered. After all, that was the most common excuse. 

'Fuck that,' Adrienne spat, sitting up for the first time since her explosive orgasm, and shedding the robe altogether, 'I'll have to have words with her. She simply has no idea what she's got in that tongue of yours.' Adrienne leaned forward, placing her feet on the floor either side of me, and placed a hand either side of my neck, pulling me forward as she leaned in, forcing her lips on mine and her tongue down my throat. My toes curled and my dick, if it was possible, grew even harder. She drove her tongue around my mouth and I wouldn't have ever thought she would be this aggressive, but at this point I wasn't complaining.

She broke the kiss and lifted her tits to my face, feeding me first her left, then right nipple, which I sucked on greedily as she added, 'No wonder you love eating pussy. I taste amazing.' I stopped sucking and looked up at her, and she continued, 'Unless it's because it's mixed with your taste... maybe that's what's so good.' She smiled a sexy smile and licked her lips. 'Stand up.'

I did as I was told and stood right in front of her, my crotch just inches from her face. Adrienne stared up at me as her hands worked at my belt and jeans, and she pulled them down quickly. As I mentioned, I don't usually wear underwear, and this was one such occasion. My achingly hard manhood sprang forward and slapped her firmly on the right side of her chin, but she didn't miss a beat as she reached up and started stroking my cock. I groaned my approval and she grabbed my attention my using her other hand to cup my balls. 

'Mike?' Adrienne started.

'Mmm?' Was all I could manage as a reply.

'You think this is good, you haven't felt anything yet.'

I opened my eyes and glanced down, and in that moment, Adrienne opened her mouth wide, and a watched as my sister in law took my entire length into her throat, and began what was one of the best blowjob experiences I'd ever have in my life. She swallowed me whole, and I could feel the tickle of her tonsils pressing against the head of my dick as she squeezed and massaged my balls before drawing back along my length, stopping at the head to suck lovingly on it, her tongue tickling the sensitive underside. Adrienne then engulfed me again, making my knees buckle, and she turned me around and let herself off of my dick with an audible 'pop' before pushing me to sit on the couch, and returning her mouth to my waiting pole. 

Adrienne continued to work me over, applying a variation of techniques, from stroking me at full length, to sucking and stroking, to deep-throating me, to a number of other sensations that left me in a head spinning world of pleasure. It was so good, and I didn't want it to end, but that familiar tingle began in my toes and began to build, and I knew it wouldn't be long before I lost all control. 

'Adrienne...' I moaned.

'Hmm?' she responded, sexily, with my cock still buried in her mouth. 

'I'm not going to last much longer.' 

She pulled off my dick for the briefest of moments to say 'Good!', and then returned to getting me off with her lips, tongue and fingers. Adrienne was so good, I thought I was going to lose consciousness. She'd obviously had a lot of experience, but I'd never picked up on it. The thought of her giving head alone was a turn on, but to be here, in this moment, watching as my cock disappeared again and again into her willing mouth was too much for me to take.

'I'm cumming, Adrienne!' I screamed, about to launch my load.

Adrienne showed no signs of stopping, instead deep-throating my full length, placing my cock head deep in her mouth, as I began to unleash my come. I squirted my load in thick bouts that had nowhere else to go except down her throat, and she willingly accepted each thrust. As my load began to ease, my cock began to slip out of her mouth, and the final few spurts collected in her mouth on her tongue. She held my cock in her mouth until she knew I was done, then lifted her head to me, and I could see her chin and cheeks covered in saliva. Adrienne then opened her mouth and showed me that she'd managed to save what was on her tongue. She rolled my cum around briefly before swallowing the lot in one gulp. 

'Thanks, Mike. That was delicious.' Adrienne licked her lips and then leaned down to my lap, licking my cock clean. When she was done, she crawled up onto the couch and climbed onto my lap. Without hesitation, she kissed me deeply, and while I was aware that I'd just sprayed the entirety of her mouth with my hot semen, I was too satisfied to care, and let her swish her tongue around my mouth. Adrienne pulled away and moaned as I gently flicked her nipples and played with as much bare skin as I could get my hands on. 

'Yep, it's official.' She stated.

'What is?' I asked, quizzically.

'I taste amazing, but the taste of my pussy is made much better when it's mixed with the taste of your cum.'

With that, she stood, bending over in front of me to pick up her robe off the floor. My cock twitched at the sight of her pussy staring at me. She returned to her full height, and began to walk toward the corridor. She turned over her shoulder.

'Thanks for the 'O', Mike. I really – and I mean REALLY – appreciated it.'

'Anytime.' I replied, still sitting with my pants around my ankles on the couch.

'I should hope so. You keep me happy like that, and I'll be sure to give you plenty of opportunities to make use of that cock of yours.' Adrienne turned to me, reached down and spread her pussy lips, dipping a finger in between them.

'Fuck me.' I breathed.

'No, no, Mike. You'll get to fuck ME.' Adrienne turned away, and sauntered down the hall, her ass shining in the dim light. 

Way to leave me wanting more! All I could think was that I was so glad I'd left that box on the couch! Whatever happened next, was sure to be a hell of a ride.