"Stories 18+" Short Mom/Son Fuck Story

Stories 18+ Short Mom/Son Fuck Story
This is just a short piece I banged out because I haven't written anything in a while. I've been dry because of life stuff, and I want to break the dry spell.

This story is kind of short, and right to the point. I hope you like it.

All characters are over 18 years of age.

* * * * *

And Then What Happened?

"Shit, shit, shit." Tim Murphy muttered as he dashed into the house, scrambling down the hall to the bathroom.

Pushing the door aside, he jerked his pants open and barely got his cock out before he cut loose with a strong stream that splashed loudly in the bowl. Sighing happily as he emptied his bladder, he rested one hand against the wall to support himself as he leaned over the toilet. He held his cock loosely with his other hand, lazily directing the stream around in the bowl.

"Tim? Was that you honey?" He heard his mother call, and before he could answer, the bathroom door opened, and his mother stepped into the room.

"Oh my god! I didn't know..." Carla Murphy gasped when she saw her son. Her eyes widened when she glanced down and saw the enormous cock he was holding in his hand as he urinated into the toilet.

"Shit Mom...I'm kinda busy here, so you know, can you..." Tim grunted, turning slightly while trying to keep the urine stream pointed at the bowl.

"Yeah...of course honey..." Carla muttered, still staring at what she could see of the long, thick cock her son held in his hand. She couldn't take her eyes off of it.

Tim glanced at her when he noticed that she hadn't left, but was still standing in the doorway, her eyes riveted on his cock.

He sighed as the stream slowed to a trickle and the last drops fell from his piss slit. He shook his cock a couple of times to get the rest. Looking over his shoulder, he saw his mother breathing heavily, one hand gripping the door frame, and the other resting on the doorknob.

Tim had been having fantasies about fucking his mother since he hit puberty, especially after he saw how his friends reacted to her. It got worse as he got older, because he knew that his friends liked to come to his house so they could ogle her, then go home and jerk off as they fantasized about her.

Tim really couldn't fault them, he jerked off a couple times a day to fantasies about his mother.

Carla had been fifteen when Tim was born, and she had raised him by herself after both of the possible fathers ran off, and her parents threw her out of the house.

At thirty-four, Carla now ran a small, but successful yoga studio in town. She had three instructors, but taught four classes a day herself, and it showed.

At five-nine, one hundred thirty-five pounds, she was a model of the female form. Her long, shapely legs were toned, her ass tight and sculpted from years of exercise, and her tummy rippled with six pack abs. But what set her apart was her breasts.

At a thirty-five DD-cup, her tits were not ridiculously large, but they stood up high and proud on her chest, two firm, full globes that jiggled deliciously when she move.

"Mom?" Tim said softly, trying to keep his back to her as he started to tuck his cock back into his pants.

"Huh..." She groaned, making Tim look toward her.

She had moved her hand from the doorknob and was now cupping her breast, her fingers pinching the nipple. Tim groaned, then smiled as he made a decision.

"Do you want to see it, Mom?" He asked as he turned toward her, letting his cock dangle limply from the fly of his jeans. "From the way you're staring, I think you do."

"Tim...what are you..." Carla whispered, not moving, her eyes still locked on the ponderous snake dangling between her son's legs.

'Jesus, it's so fucking big.' She thought. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, and a warm moist heat had blossomed between her own legs. She knew she had to leave before she did something she'd regret, but she couldn't seem to make herself move from where she stood in the doorway.

"It's big, isn't it?" Tim smiled as he took a step toward her. "It's bigger than any of the guys at school. You should see it when it gets hard...and I think that's gonna be soon."

Carla moaned deep in her throat as she watched his cock throb, then jerk as it started getting thicker as it hardened before her eyes.

"Please Tim..." She whispered.

"Please what Mom?" Tim asked, a sly smile on his face as he took another step closer. He glanced down, his smile widening as he saw his cock rising up as it stiffened slowly.

He looked back at his mother, letting his eyes roam up and down over her body. His eyes settled between her legs, and he grinned when he saw the growing wet spot between her legs.

"You like looking at my cock, don't you Mom?" He said softly as he stepped closer. They were less than two feet apart now.

Tim's cock was completely hard now, standing out in front of him. It hung down, too heavy to stand out straight in front of him.

Carla's mouth watered as she looked at the long, thick shaft of cock meat right in front of her. Her son's huge cock jerked and throbbed visibly as she watched. She wished she had worn panties, because she could feel her juices soaking the thin fabric of her yoga pants.

"You want to touch it don't you Mom?" Tim said softly. "That's the only way you'll know just how big it is. Go ahead Mom, touch it...you know you want to..."

Carla stared, unbelieving, as she saw her hand move, reaching out toward his cock. She gasped and pushed off from the doorframe, stumbling back and falling against the wall in the hall. She shook her head, finally managing to take her eyes of the mesmerizing sight of her son's cock.

"I...I have to..." She mumbled as she staggered down the hall toward her bedroom.

"You don't know what you're missing Mom." Tim laughed as he followed her out into the hall and watched her go into her bedroom and slam the door behind her.


"Ohgodohgodohgod..." Carla whispered as she leaned back against the door. She felt her pussy throb between her legs as she pictured her son's huge cock in her mind.

Her hand slipped under the waistband of her yoga pants, and she groaned as she felt how wet she was. Her fingers dug into the slippery, cream coated lips of her pussy and she slid down the door, falling onto her side as she began masturbating furiously.


Two hours later, after a short nap and a cold shower, Carla went out into the living room. She had changed into a loose skirt and a peasant blouse with no bra.

She could hear the shower running in her son's room, and she debated about leaving before he came out of his room, or just settling back and acting like nothing had happened.

She opted for the latter, and kicked back on the sofa and turned on the TV. Flipping through the channels, she finally settled on a nature show that had some decent background music.

"Hey Mom, you got any plans for dinner?" Tim called.

"Not really...but would you come out here for a minute?" She yelled back. "I want to talk to you."

"Sure." Tim said, and a moment later he walked into the room wearing a pair of long, silky basketball shorts, blotting water off his well muscled chest with a towel. He came to a stop on the other side of the coffee table, smiling down at her.

He threw the towel around his neck, holding the ends as he asked, "What did you want to talk about Mom?"

Carla looked up at him, then looked down at her hands. She could see the shape of his cock under his shorts, and she knew if she looked at it, she wouldn't be able to say what she knew she needed to.

"Honey, about what happened earlier...in the bathroom..." She began.

"You mean when you were staring at my junk?" Tim laughed. "It's okay Mom. It's there for you whenever you decide to take the leap..."

"Timothy Andrew Murphy! How dare you say such a thing!" Carla sputtered, staring up at him. "I'm you're moth..."

"Yeah, but you're the hottest fucking milf in town too." Tim laughed. "On your good days you're an eleven, and on a bad day you're still at least a nine."

He grinned and dropped the towel on the coffee table and put his hands on his hips.

"Did you know that you're the favorite stroke fantasy for all my friends, and probably most of their dads? I know a couple moms that wouldn't mind getting a little pie..."

"No, you can't talk to me like tha..."

"Yeah, whatever." Tim laughed, smiling down at her. "But I want you to show me your tits Mom. I mean, you got to stare at my cock, so it's only fair I get to see your tits. I mean, that's why you didn't wear a bra, right? So I could see them jiggle and bounce under that blouse?"

"Tim! What the hell has gotten into you?" Carla said as she felt her nipples stiffening under her blouse.

"Years of pent-up frustration Mom." He laughed. "I've been jerking off to fantasies about you since the first time my dick got hard. I still stoke off thinking about you a couple times a day."

He went on before Carla could say anything.

"Be honest." He said. "You've never played with yourself thinking about me? I know some of your friends do. I watched Mrs. Carlson do it at that pool party she had last yea..."

"Virginia Carlson masturbated while she was thinking about you?" Carla gasped.

"Yeah, I had been teasing her all afternoon, and she finally went into that little cabana they have in back and stroked one out. I'm surprised no one heard her, she was making so much noise."

"But I still want to see your tits Mom." He said as he pulled the coffee table away from the couch then stepped over it. He stood right in front of her and said, "Come on, you take that blouse off, and I'll take my shorts off. We can just check each other out a little."

"No Tim, this is wrong." Carla said softly. "What you're talking about is..."

"When was the last time you got laid Mom?" Tim asked as he pushed his shorts down and stepped out of them. "Unless you're fucking somebody at work, it had to be that guy you brought from the convention two years ago. And I don't think he was any good, cuz he was out of here in less than an hour."

"Tim...please, put your shorts back on." Carla moaned as she felt her pussylips flutter and begin to swell. She stared at his cock as he stepped closer, then reached down and wrapped his hand around it.

"I was jerking off while you were in your room earlier." He said as he stroked his cock slowly. "I lubed it up real good and laid back with a pair of your panties on my face so I could smell you while I thought about fucking you."

"Jesus Tim." Carla whispered, watching his cock stiffen as he ran his hand up and down over the thick pink shaft. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Why?" Tim laughed, stepping closer so he was standing less than a foot in front of her face. "Because after years of sniffing your panties, I want to bury my face between your legs and taste and smell you for real. If your pussy smells that good after you've been wearing your panties all day, it's got to be fucking incredible when it's fresh and clean."

"I change my panties between classes." Carla said softly. "Some of the exercises get me excited."

"Is what I'm doing getting you excited Mom?" He asked. His hand was moving faster on his cock, and he was flushed and breathing heavily.

He couldn't believe that his mother was still sitting there on the sofa. He was sure she would have bolted when he took his cock out. It was obvious that she wasn't going anywhere, but she wouldn't take any initiative in what was happening. It was up to him to get his mother to let him fuck her.

"I'm getting turned on thinking about finally getting to sink my cock into your juicy little cunt Mom." He grunted. "See, my cock is leaking and everything. I think I'm gonna shoot off soon, and it's gonna go all over you if you don't move."

Carla could see the pearly droplets of her son's pre-cum drooling from his piss slit and dripping down the shaft. Her mouth watered and she knew she was leaning forward, but she couldn't let herself have sex with her son.

Her hands were in her lap, and she hoped the one on top covered the other as she opened her legs a little and let her other hand dip between them.

'Just a little more." Tim thought as he moved closer, moving his cockhead from side to side, brushing it back and forth over her cheeks, then pressing it against her lips.

"Oh god..." Carla sighed, letting her lips open a little. Her tongue darted out, and she tasted her son's cock juice on her lips.

"Suck it Mom. You know you want to." Tim groaned, pushing his cock harder against her lips. "Just open your mouth a little and let me stick it in so you can suck on iiittttttt..."

A shiver ran through him as he felt the warm wetness of his mother's mouth envelop his cock as the swollen knob slipped between her lips. He moaned, and his hands dropped down, his fingers wrapping in her hair as he tried to pull her closer.

"No!" Carla panted, looking up at him as she pulled her head back. "Keep your hands at your sides. If you touch me, I'll stop. Do you understand?"

"Yeah...yeah. Anything you say Mom." Tim grinned. "Just suck it, but be careful, I'm probably gonna cum real quick...this is a fantasy come true for me..."

"Shut up...and go ahead and cum if you want..." Carla muttered as she leaned forward again, opening her mouth as she felt the soft warm skin of his cock touch them.

They both moaned as she opened her lips wider, letting his cockhead slip into her mouth.

It was the first time in longer than she could remember that she'd had a cock in her mouth, and she moaned around the throbbing bulk of his cockknob, moving her tongue slowly across the underside, then moving it up and dipping the tip into his piss slit.

Her pussy spasmed, and she pulled her skirt up, spreading her legs and pulling her thong to one side as she scooted closer to the edge of the sofa cushion. Her fingers dipped into the cream coated cleft of her pussy, and she spread the lips apart, gathering up some of the sticky juices before moving them up to her clit.

Tim threw his head back, his eyes rolling up into his head as his mother started sucking softly on his cockhead. He had his hands on his hips, and his ass jerked forward when he felt her poke her tongue into his piss slit.

Carla choked, sputtering around the thick shaft as two more inches of his cock drove between her lips. She pulled back, then pressed forward slowly, letting her hot spit drool down the shaft as it slid in and out of her mouth.

She couldn't believe she was sucking her son's cock like this, that she had given in so easily. But having his cock in her mouth just felt so good, and she moaned around the lip stretching shaft as she strummed her fingertips over her clit.

"Oh fuck." Tim groaned, looking down and seeing his mother playing with her pussy as she sucked his cock.

He pushed her away and fell to his knees in front of her, lifting her legs and pushing them apart.

"Wha..." Carla gasped as he jerked her ass to the edge of the couch and plastered his mouth to her creaming cunt slit.

"Oh my god." She moaned as he started lashing his tongue up and down around over the lightly furred mound of her pussy. His tongue slipped between the puffy outer lips, and she groaned as he sucked one of the fleshy inner lips into his mouth.

"Oh fuck, I'm in heaven." Tim muttered, spreading the lips of his mother's pussy with his thumbs and stabbing his tongue up into the tight little hole of her cunt. "This shit tastes better than I ever thought it could."

He stabbed his tongue as deep as he could into her pussy, moving it in circles around the tight ring of muscle guarding the opening. He fucked in and out rapidly, then locked his lips around the spasming hole, sucking hungrily.

"Oh god...oh my fucking god." Carla whimpered as her son ate her cunt like a wild animal. Her ass jerked up off the sofa, and she spread her legs wider as her hands came down, pressing his face harder into her cream soaked cunt mound.

"Cum...cum...cum..." Tim panted into her juicing cunt slit. "Cum in my mouth Mom...Gimme all the hot fucking cunt cream..."

"Su...suck my...my clit. Bite it...use your teeth on..."

She screamed when his lips closed around the stiff little nubbin of her clit, and she felt his teeth nipping at it gently. Her ass humped up at his mouth and she ground his face into her sopping wet cunt slit.

"Harder!" She groaned. "Bite it...Oh fuck..."

A shudder ran through her as he bit the tender button of her clit, chewing it lightly. His lips and teeth worked over her clit, the combination of rough and gentle nips, bites and sucks driving her over the edge.

"Cummmmiiinnnnggg!" She groaned, her ass jerking wildly as her orgasm swept over her. She writhed and thrashed under her son's oral ministrations as she shivered and shook from the force of her climax. Finally, she slumped on the sofa, her hands falling away from his head from the sheer, overwhelming force of the sensations swarming over her.

Tim kept sucking eagerly, making loud snorting and snuffling noises as he sucked and slurped at the juice dripping slit of her cunt. His tongue gathered up every drop of her savory nectar, and he moaned happily as he sucked at her spasming cunt hole for more.

"Stop...please...I can't take any more." Carla groaned, trying to push him away. Her pussy was becoming very tender, and his eager sucking was beginning to get uncomfortable.

She finally managed to push him away from between her legs, and she gasped as she looked down. Tim was on his knees between her legs now, his enormous, rock hard cock jerking and throbbing inches from the juice dripping opening of her pussy.

She watched as he wrapped one hand around the root of his cock, lifting it as he spread the lips of her pussy with the fingers of the other.

"Tell me you want it Mom." He grunted as he looked up at her. "Tell me you want to feel my cock inside you...filling you...fucking you..."

"Do it...fuck me...fuck your mother you little bastard." She hissed, lifting her legs and letting them fall open to either side.

"Yeeeessssss!" Tim groaned as he drove his cock forward, the swollen knob punching through the tight ring of muscle at the opening, followed by two inches of the stone hard shaft. 

His ass jerked back, then drove forward again, forcing almost half of his cock into the tight, clasping wetness of her creaming cunt chute. He jerked back and forth in short rough strokes, feeding his cock meat in and out of her pussy. He groaned, and his eyes rolled up in his head as he felt his balls spasm and draw up tight under his throbbing cockshaft.

"Gonna cum." He grunted, his ass jerking back and forth. "Can't hold it..."

"Do it! shoot it in me...fill my pus...oh fuck..." She moaned as she felt the scalding heat of his cum rocketing into her quivering cunt channel. She whimpered as she felt more of his cock bulling up into her cunt as he shot his hot cum inside her.

"Oh fuck, you cunt is so tight Mom. It feels so fucking good sucking my cock...oh fuck...shooting my load in your fucking cunt...oh fuck...don't want it to stop..."

He fell forward on top of her, his cock driving deeper inside her wetly sucking cunt. He lay gasping and panting on top of her, his head buried in her shoulder.

"Oh my god...you fucked me. You fucked your own mother." Carla groaned, the realization of what had just happened hitting her even as her body responded to his. "What have we done baby...we're not supposed to do this..."

"Who cares?" Tim mumbled into her sweat slickened shoulder. "Your cunt feels so good around my cock...and it tastes so fucking good...if you think I'm gonna stop eating and fucking you, you're outta your fucking mind..."

Carla moaned when she heard her son's words, because she felt the same way. No matter how wrong it may be, she knew she'd wouldn't be able to go a single day without feeling her son's cock filling her neglected little pussy.