"Stories 18+" To the Rescue!

Stories 18+ To the Rescue!
Sometimes a member of one's own family requests help from an unlikely candidate in the most unorthodox of circumstances and that person must simply comply. Bound only by the obligations of unconditional love of a sibling, one must do what they have to do no matter the situation. This is the harrowing tale of a brother coming to the aid of his sister in a desperate time of need.

This story takes place back in the late 80's when my sister Tina and I were still both 18. I was ten months older than her so we were always the closest of our three siblings. Our oldest sister had already gone off to college and moved out over a year ago. That gave the two of us and our Mother full run of that big house. Mom always worked till late afternoon which meant it was usually up to me and sis to provide for ourselves after school. Tina and I had no problems picking up the extra slack with chores like cleaning or laundry. Sometimes we would even prepare dinner for the three of us just to lighten Mom's relentless workload.

Being a mere grade apart, my sister and I were forced to attend different schools in what would be my Senior year. This meant I was usually home a half hour earlier than Tina. I would sometimes grab a snack and head to my room just to enjoy it's tranquility. The room was furnished with the typical boyhood diversions. The walls were decorated with veritable shrines dedicated to whatever busty gal or super-model happened to be popular at the time and the lack of their panties. The females of the house detested my decor but those images of scantily clad ladies had seen me through some pretty tough urges and other random "curiosities" in my youth. 

One day as I sat in my room after school, I saw Tina dart past my doorway and on to her room without a word. Before she could shut the door, I heard her race into the bathroom where she slammed the door shut and locked it. I tried not to think about the situation but then realized that twenty minutes had gone by and there was still nothing but absolute silence. I started to get a bit concerned. Was she OK? Was she sick? Why isn't any water running? Just as I got to my feet to inquire about her current status, I heard the bathroom door unlock. Tina finally came out and raced back to her room. Not two minutes went by and Tina began the whole process all over again! This time I had shut my door to avoid hearing my sister's potentially gross bodily noises. What ever she had, it was not going to be pleasant to any of the senses. 

Soon, I heard the bathroom door slowly open as Tina quietly made her way to my room and knocked softly. I sprang to open it eagerly waited to laugh as I expected an unpleasant tale of bodily fluids at high velocities, but Tina appeared fine. No loss of color, no trembling, or sweat-soaked clothes. The only thing amiss was a look of sheer panic on her face. My mind began to race! Was she pregnant? Did she kill somebody? Was she on drugs? I took a deep breath realizing this was my overly cautious sister I was talking to. 

So I calmly asked her "What's wrong?" 

Tina's eyes began to dart around before she eventually answered.

"I sort of... have a situation." 

My panic instantly changed into relief, this was going to be good.

"What's his name? I'll kick his ass!" I said jokingly.

Tina rolled her eyes and muttered "Funny asshole." 

I inquired again "Seriously, what's the matter?"

She paused and took a deep breath. I could tell by now whatever she had to tell me could not be easy for her.

"I need your help with something." she exclaimed. 

My sister continued, "But it's kinda gross and you're not gonna want to do it."

I wasn't sure what to say, so I made a hand gesture to just tell me anyways. I could tell that what she was about to say must have been rehearsed in her head MANY times because she said it all in one breath. 

"My tampon has gone so far up inside me that I can't reach it to pull it out. My fingers are too small to reach in there. Now I can't even see it anymore and I need your help!" She said defiantly. 

I must have glazed over and turned white as a sheet. I know I clearly heard what I had heard and it didn't need to repeated, but I still couldn't muster the power of speech at that moment. 

Tina faced away from me in shame. I was still stunned. A few awkward seconds passed then she turned around a looked at me with a look I've never seen before. It was a look of sheer panic and fear. Her eyes began to well up as she spoke.

"Well, are you gonna help me or not?"

There were just some boundaries a brother and sister shouldn't cross and we both knew that. This time the problem bordered on a medical emergency and I could tell she was really scared. All I could do was stutter out "Okay." 

Tina's face now shifted to delight as she threw her arms around me with a huge hug.

Reality had sunk in after that and I had questions and thoughts bouncing around in my head. One by one I started to fire them at her to see if she had any answers. 

"Why can't Mom help you with this?" I stated.

"She's at work till late, duh!" Sis shot back.

"What about all the blood? You know I can't stand blood." I asked.

My sister explained "There won't be any, my period is over. That's why it's getting stuck in there."

As I squirmed, I realized I really didn't have a keen grasp on the whole menstruation process yet and wasn't about to argue the physics of it. 

"Well then, where are we going to do this?" I wondered.

"On my bed unless you want to use yours?" Tina quipped.

"Plus, I have to lay flat so it will be easier to reach."

What had i gotten myself into? To be honest, I'm sure there were times when my sister and I had fantasized about sexual exploration with each other. We were very close and were never coy or shy about seeing one another's naked bodies. Of course we never acted on it. Neither of us had any real relationships to speak of so it was almost like we relied on each other for any kind of inquiries about the opposite sex. 

Only now the fact that I had volunteered to go cramming my fingers in my sister's pussy was getting VERY real. Tina sat on the foot of the bed and I stood in front of her.

"Okay, now what?" I inquired. 

"I have to get undressed." she stated.

"Naked?" I said with a high pitch.

Tina sneered "Not all the way stupid, just taking off my panties and nylons."

My sister then executed one of the sexiest things I had ever seen to this day. She laid flat on her back, shot both of her gorgeous legs straight up and slowly removed her dark pantyhose and undies in one motion right off her body. I was a bit turned on by this, as I was always a huge fan of my sister's shapely legs. What a joy it was to see her sheathe them in that magical fabric we call nylon. Sis brought her slender legs back down to the edge of the bed with a slight bend. 

"Okay, you're not gonna freak out or anything are you?" she said sarcastically.

Nervously I came back with "Come on, I've seen you naked a couple of times at least."

My heart was pounding as I tried to play it cool.

Tina sighed "Okay." and started to spread her legs apart. 

I wasn't sure where to begin. I knew I couldn't just jam my hand up this girl's gash and start poking at things. I decided to take it slow and just ease myself up in there. The second my fingertips touched the warm moist lips Tina let out a little noise. Now I was startled and made a similar noise.

"What? what's wrong...did I do it wrong?" I asked.

"Oh no! It's just, ya know...sensitive down there." Tina said reassuringly.

I decided to go deeper with both fingers now. Without trying to appear like I was digging for loose change, I gently searched her warm moist opening for a few minutes but to no avail. I began feeling bad for my sister. I felt no sign of the runaway tampon and wasn't sure what to do next. At least she seemed strangely at ease with her own brother knuckle deep in her snatch. I'd swear she seemed to be enjoying it. In her defense, It must have at least felt pretty good and it did take her mind of the real issue.

Feeling hopeless, I grabbed her by the legs and scooted her butt to the edge of the mattress. I knelt down between her legs and gently opened her vagina to peer inside. The light shined perfectly on the entire area and that's when I saw it. The elusive rogue string was now visible but way too deep to reach.

"I can see it!" I exclaimed.

Sis broke from her trance. 

"Can you get it?" she wondered.

"It's too deep, I can't reach it. Can't you just like, push it out?" I asked.

With that, Tina made a few attempts to push it out but it was only making matters worse. Any further attempts might have driven it even deeper.

Things were looking bleak and It seemed as though all hope was lost. That's when I noticed that the more I fiddled with my sister's pussy the wetter it was getting. If I could make her insanely wet, the device just might slide out of her naturally. 

"Tina, I have an idea I think and it might actually work." I said with confidence.

"I'm up for anything at this point... obviously". she cracked.

"You need to cum. If you have an orgasm to get your juices flowing, it might pop out!" I explained.

Tina fell back in the bed "Cum? Are you going to give me an orgasm?"

"If I have to!" I spat back with attitude.

"Does that mean you are gonna fuck me? I don't think that will help at all." she said grinning.

"No, I'm not fucking my sister." I said. "What makes you cum easily?" I asked.

I knew for a fact that she masturbated once in a while. I could hear her moaning clear down the hall on occasion. It was a bit of a turn on to be honest. Sometimes i wondered what it would be like to just watch her rubbing her pink parts all by herself.

Tina thought for a second and said "Usually I just use my fingers but you have been doing that for about a half hour now and nothing is happening." "It feels good but it's not going to make me cum."

The two of us sat there for a few minutes waiting for her to divulge such a dark secret. 

Tina piped up and said "You could eat me out? I have always wanted someone to lick my pussy."

At this point I was beyond frustrated and beyond horny. I had already done things to this poor girl and it was a little too late to start drawing lines at this point.

"Okay I'll do it but we can never tell anyone about this EVER!" I said softly.

Tina tried not to look too excited and said "I promise."

"Can you at least put on something sexy?" I joked.

Tina rolled her eyes. "This isn't a date you know." she muttered.

She knew I was just joking but who was I kidding? If I had to eat my own sister's pussy i would have loved to be the one sliding those silky nylons down her perfectly sculpted legs and feet beforehand. Tina scooted herself higher up on the bed and i lay flat on my chest to give the optimal tongue-reach. I placed my hands around each half of her well toned little ass and started to bring my face closer to her opening. I could feel the heat radiating from her fuzzy little gash as it reflected off my lips.

Tina began to squirm the instant my tongue made contact with her moistened folds. I started to prod her gently and Tina began to coo. I was pretty turned on as well. Even as I as lay on top of it, I could feel my cock begin to stiffen almost immediately. Now I began to swirl my tongue around the outer edges of her pussy with a rhythm that matched her heavy breathing. 


A shrill female voice shrieked from behind us. Startled, we quickly ended our little procedure only to look up and see our Mother standing over us in absolute horror. I was frozen with fear and could't move. How does one even get punished for something like this? A mere grounding or loss of driving privileges was going to cover having oral sex with my sister. Tina spoke up before Mom, who was so befuddled beyond words, could say a thing. 

"It's okay Mom, he's just helping me with THAT problem I called you about at work earlier today." Tina said in a calm voice. 

To my surprise Mom's face went from shock to complete understanding. Still a bit frazzled, all Mom managed to get out was

"Alright, but no more after this! And... wash your hands!"

We both nodded in agreement. Mom's nerves were somehow soothed and quietly shut the door as she turned to leave. 

"What the hell just happened?" I shouted.

" Calm down! I told Mom about all this earlier today. Maybe that's why she is home so early? It was her idea to ask you anyways so she can't really get mad." Tina explained.

I couldn't believe it, but it seemed like sound logic at the time. Tina laid back down and separated her legs again like it never happened. I was still trying to process the fact that I was just busted by our Mother eating my sister's sweet ass like an ice cream sundae and I was off the hook.

"Let's go lover-boy, I was almost there." Tina giggled.

Clearly she was enjoying this a little too much. Once again, I stuck my head between her milky smooth thighs and pleasured her sopping wet orifice with my mouth. I licked every inch of her girly parts trying to discover the most sensitive spots for nearly twenty minutes. Tina bucked wildly as I exploited the really good ones. She now held the back of my head and slightly pushed my face deeper between her flailing legs. Sis began to make a barrage of moans and gasps that signified she was close to release. Hearing her soft voice making such sounds turned me on even more. I introduced my finger as I lashed at her pink puffy hole with my tongue and it sent her into over-drive.

Her beautiful legs stiffened as she made one final pull of my hair. She stopped moaning as she gasped for air and let out a final triumphant roar. I could feel her hot release as it spattered all over my mouth and face. I quickly jerked my head backward only to see the small white contraption was sticking half way out of her slimy canal. I reached down and pulled the intruder form her swollen lips and showed it to her. 

Tina, still panting heavily, looked down and smiled. She couldn't talk but managed to give me a thumbs-up with a blissful look of complete satisfaction on her face. It worked! Giving my sister the best orgasm her life in order to save her from any number pf potential medical complications had worked brilliantly. Tina sat back up and put her head on my shoulder.

"Thank you." she said softly in my ear.

The two of us sat here on the bed thinking about what we had just been through. It was bittersweet now that the mission was over. 

Tina looked down at my lap, pointed and said "Oh my, what should we do about that." 

I didn't realize it but I was still rock hard from thrusting my tongue up my sister's fuzzy little chasm. Embarrassed, I tried to shift my self to not be so visible. It didn't work. I was still pretty worked up.

"Don't worry about it, I'll take care of that later." I said nervously.

"So are you just gonna jerk off to thoughts of me later on?" "No way!" Tina said with a chuckle.

With that, She started pawing at my pants in an attempt to bring them down and off.

"What are you doing?" I giggled pretending not to know.

"You did a big favor for me, so now I owe you one." she said with a grin.

"It's okay, you really don't have to do th..."

I was interrupted by the fact that my pants and underwear had been removed in that one motion thing much like her pantyhose earlier.

"How do you do that?" I wondered.

"Lay down and try to be quiet. I don't think Mom will be so understanding about this part."

I was prepared for a quick release by a simple jerking off by hand which would more than suffice at this point. Without warning my sister gathered her hair to one side and began to lower her head below my waist. Tina had sunk my cock deep in her throat. It felt magnificent. She kept looking up at me to see the approval on my face. I could tell this was her first time giving a blow-job as she tried not to choke from taking so much in so fast.

My sister's blonde head bobbed up and down and we both began making sounds of pure delight. For her first time, she wasn't half bad at sucking cock. She used just the right amount of suction and tongue at the same time. It felt glorious. I wasn't sure if it was the sight of my rigid length vanishing into her moist red lips or the fact that it was my own sister who was doing this to me. 

This was Taboo and we both knew it, but we just didn't care anymore. We both had our Mother's blessing for me to go down on her so at this point, all bets were off. 

I couldn't stand it anymore and I could feel my sac start to tighten. It was time to release and it was going to be big. I braced myself and tried not to scream in anguish too loudly. I gave Tina zero warning and began to erupt down her throat. At first, I was astonished! My sister just kept going despite the fact that I had just shot, what felt like, a gallon of my hot white goo down her esophagus. She stopped and looked up at me and spoke.

"It tastes weird, I have always wondered what it would taste like. It's not bad!" 

We just sat there and stared at each other with wet faces and huge grins. Shortly after the looks got serious and without a word I grabbed both of my sister's ankles, hoisted her legs straight up, and plunged my hard cock deep inside her quivering pussy. I don't know what came over me, but there was nothing that would stop me from plowing my sister's sweet, round ass. 

Tina let out a cry and I feverishly started fucking her relentlessly. She was clawing at the bed sheets trying not to howl as I pounded her cunt with every thrust. Tina writhed in agony as I witnessed my cock being devoured by my sister's hungry snatch. We both knew we wanted this after such an intimate endeavor. Yes, we were brother and sister but we were still people quite able to seek physical pleasure with one another no matter how wrong it was.

Despite our current primal urges we were cut short only after a few brief minutes by Mom's knock on the door. I almost didn't care anymore. So what if Mom walked in and saw me pounding her little girl to the point of orgasmic bliss. I wanted to make her watch as I just kept ramming my rigid length into her baby's bright red birth canal. Tina was loving it and I'm sure she felt the same way. 

I just kept imagining Tina taunting our Mother through gritted teeth as I continued pumping her sweaty little buttocks full of my seed from behind.

"See what you started Mommy? See what you did? He's fucking me now, he's fucking me so HARD now! "My brother is fucking my pussy and it feels Soooo good!" she would say.

We didn't want to stop EVER! But we had to think realistically. 

"Are you two okay in there? I heard a noise." Mom inquired.

We finally stopped cold and began to scramble to get our missing clothes back on in a panic. 

"Yeah, we're fine!" Tina yelled hurrying to slide her pantyhose back up her sweaty legs.

"Did you pull it out?' Mom wondered.

"Yes, It was hard... but I pulled it out!" I chuckled back.

Tina was doubled over laughing. Mom then came in the room and said "Oh, what a relief."

"See what a good brother you have. Dinner is ready." she sighed as she turned to walk back out again.

"Yeah, I have a pretty good idea." Tina said under her breath.

What ever we were about to do would have to wait for another time. That was a little too close and I didn't want to get caught fucking my sister, especially twice. It felt too amazing to NOT happen again, and it would. After all, we did have the whole house to ourselves everyday after school and the possibilities were endless.