"Stories 18+" Who Seduced Who?

Stories 18+ Who Seduced Who?
"Hi, Daddy!" said the voice on the phone.

Lizi was my former step-daughter. Her mother and I had been married for only two years but we lived together for two years before we married and dated for one year before living together, so I had been around Lizi from when she was 14 until she was 19 years old. Her own father had abandoned her and Lizi had gradually slipped into the habit of calling – and thinking of me - as "Daddy."

"I remember you!" I teased her. I had not heard from her in several months. "Aren't you that girl who used to live in a house with me out in Mandarin?"

"Daddy, I'm sorry I haven't stayed in touch but I've been busy and . . . you know Mom doesn't like for me to call you."

"Well, that's something of an understatement and, yes, I understand all of that. So, you know when you call me on the phone and call me 'Daddy.' it usually means that you want something. What can I do for you?"

"Well . . . would you like to take a cute young girl out to dinner?"

"I'm a single guy. Sure! Who is she?" I teased her. I knew that she was referring to herself.

"Me, dummy!" she exclaimed.

"Hey, wait a minute," I replied. "You want something from me and you're buttering me up by calling me 'dummy?' Didn't you mean to say 'Daddy?' You need to work on that technique!"

"Daddy, what makes you think I want something from you?" she asked.

"Well . . . you do want something, don't you?"

"Okay, you got me! I surrender! Now can we meet for dinner sometime soon?" she requested.

"Sure. Let's see. It's Friday. Let me check my hot date calendar. Yep, looks like I'm available tonight. You want to have dinner tonight?" I responded.

I knew that her mother never went out to nice restaurants and I'm sure that the boys who took her out thought that fine dining meant going to Wendy's instead of the Krystal. I told her to get dressed up for a nice restaurant and come over to my house about 6 pm. I made reservations for 7 pm at a somewhat upscale location.

* * *

My doorbell rang at 5:59 pm. That was Lizi. She was always very punctual, a remarkable quality in a 19 year old girl.

I opened the door and was greeted by the expected sight. Lizi is a very cute girl. Very cute. She looks like one of those innocent lolita porn stars. She has a cute, innocent face like a 14 year old girl (but without the braces) and the body of a 21 year old vixen. She is about 5' 3", 120 pounds, brunette hair down to her shoulders, a cute smile, 34B boobs, and a small (but proportionate) little behind. If she was my age – 20 years older than her – I would have dated her without a doubt. She was in a nice, sexy "little black dress" that was barely long enough to cover her panties, if she was wearing any. She was wearing a glittery silver necklace that dropped down towards her minor cleavage. She considered herself to be unattractive, particularly because of her small boobs. She compensated by presenting herself very well. She had herself done up very nicely and I knew she would be turning heads tonight.

"Wow," I exclaimed. "Don't you look nice! Do you have a hot date tonight?" I asked.

"I do . . . if you're still planning on taking me to dinner," she responded.

I smiled and held my arms out towards her and she took a few steps forward to embrace me with a very affectionate hug.

"Girl, it's been way too long since I last saw you," I told her.

"I've missed you, too, Daddy. Now . . . where are we going, 'cause I'm hungry!"

"Well, we're going to One Ocean but our reservation is for 7:00 pm so we've got a few minutes. Would you like something to drink?"

"You mean like milk or apple juice?" she said in her little girl voice.

"Well, honey, I'm sorry but I don't have any milk OR apple juice. But I could offer you a margarita or a glass of wine, if you could handle that," I nonchalantly replied.

"Well . . . what's a Margarita like, Daddy?" Her mother was a recovering alcoholic and had tried to shield Lizi from all alcohol. 

"If you like limeade, you'd probably like a Margarita," I explained.

"Okay, I'll have one of those!"

I turned on some music that was not too "square" and then mixed a few drinks. She sat on the sofa, in the middle. It was a somewhat soft sofa and you really sank in when you sat down on it. When I walked into the family room, the sofa and Lizi were facing me as I crossed the room. She did not have her legs crossed and I caught a glimpse of her black panties. I tried not to stare.

She and I started talking and we got caught up on what had happened in our lives for the past six months. I made absolutely no effort to find out her true agenda for the visit and she mentioned nothing that sounded like a request for money or help. I was just happy to be spending time with her. I did not have any children of my own and she was like my little princess.

When it was time to go, we locked up the house and walked out to my car in the driveway. As always, I opened her car door for her. As she got in, she sat down facing me and then swiveled into the car seat and, again, I got a brief glimpse of her panties. I quickly looked up and saw that she was looking at me and smiling. Busted!

We continued talking as we drove to the beach. I used the valet parking and offered her my arm as I escorted her into the hotel and to its restaurant.

We ordered our meal and our salads were served almost instantly.

"Okay, I guess it's time to talk about why I wanted to see you. Do you remember telling me that I should get some professional pictures taken while I am still young and not wrinkled or sagging anywhere?"

"Yeah, in fact, I do remember telling you that. And, apparently, you are still not sagging anywhere!"

"Well, I'd really like to do that but I don't have any money to pay a professional photographer, so . . .."

"So you want me to pay for a photographer?" I finished her sentence for her.

"No, not exactly. You see, I don't know when I could repay you and, uh, I'd like to do a few . . . what do you call it . . . boudoir photography shots. Nothing way over the top, but . . . I don't know if I could do that with a stranger. You know, I'm a little bit shy with people seeing me undressed, but one day, I may have a guy in my life who I would trust with receiving a classy photo. Nothing like the naked selfies that girls send guys!"

"You weren't shy about being undressed when your mom and I were together. You ran around in your underwear all the time."

"Yeah, well, I got used to you seeing me and I trusted you and . . .

"So what do you want from me?" I asked.

"Well, you're a pretty good amateur photographer and I'm comfortable with you, so . . . I know it might not be the same as professional quality but . . . would you take some pictures of me, Daddy? Please?"

"Honey, I'd be glad to help you out any way I can but if your mother ever hears about this . . .."

"Yeah, I know, but it's not like I'm going to tell her, and I'm over 18, anyway."

"Yeah, but she might kick you out of the house," I reminded her.

"Well, she might make that threat, but if I tell her that you invited me to come live with you, she'll back down in a heartbeat!"

I laughed out loud. "You know your mother pretty well, don't you?"

"Well enough," she answered.

"Well enough to play her like a cheap fiddle! So . . . when do you want to do this?" I asked.

"Could we do some pictures when we get back to your house tonight?" 

"Okay," I answered.

I had seen Lizi in her underwear a number of times over the years. She didn't always close her bedroom door when she was getting dressed or when she went to sleep at night, and sometimes she just slept in her panties and bra. Of course, I was getting laid on a regular basis back then and I never thought much about seeing Lizi undressed when my Willy was getting as much as he wanted. But it had been a while since I had broken up with my last girlfriend and, I must confess that the idea of seeing my former step-daughter even partially undressed was a bit titillating.

We started talking about other things and the tightness in my pants temporarily subsided. 

The meal was served. I have no recollection of what I ate but I'm sure it was delicious. We did not "loiter" after dinner. I paid the check, we got in the car, and we drove home.

* * *

"Can I have another Margarita, Daddy?" Lizi asked.

"Yes, but I can't let you get in your car and drive home if you have another drink," I warned her.

"Okay." She pulled out her cell phone and walked into the kitchen.

I heard her talking, obviously to her mother, explaining that she was going to spend the night at Kyla's house and she would be home in the morning.

When she returned to the family room, she matter-of-factly said, "Okay, I'll have that Margarita now." She smiled her little girl smile at me like she knew how to manipulate the entire universe when necessary.

"Wait a minute. Did you assume that I would let you spend the night here?" I inquired.

"Well, Daddy . . ." she said as she walked over to me and put her arms around my waist, "don't you want me to spend the night with you? You don't have another lady lined up to come visit later tonight, do you?" She looked up at me with her doe eyes.

"You are so good! So damned good!" I smiled. "I'll go fix the drinks."

* * *

Boudoir photography was the elephant in the room that didn't get discussed. Because I enjoyed photography, I had an extra bedroom that I left set up as a studio. We moved to that location and did some portrait shots. Lizi was a good subject, she listened, she did what I asked, and I soon had a number of portrait quality shots in the can.

We agreed that we would do some location shots on another occasion. Them I asked if there was anything else she wanted to do.

"Well, since I've had two Margaritas and I'm relaxed, maybe we could try some boudoir shots, if that's okay with you."

"Sure, that's fine. What did you have in mind? You know, most boudoir photography involves lingerie and I don't think I have any of that laying around," I joked.

"No? And I didn't bring any lingerie with me, but . . . well, maybe we could do some shots of me like I'm undressing and maybe some in just my panties and bra. You've seen me that way a bunch of times."

"Okay, we can do that. Boudoir shots always look more natural if they're taken in a bedroom, so . . . let's move into my bedroom next."

We set up in the bedroom and I got the lighting worked out.

"Okay, how does that dress operate?" I asked.

"Oh, it zips in the back," she answered. She started to reach around and unzip the dress but I stopped her.

"I've got an idea. Let's make a series of pictures like a guy spying on a lady and he gets caught, but the lady gets turned on by him spying so she continues to undress while he watches."

"Great idea, Daddy!"

I positioned her in front of a full length mirror, as if she was checking herself out, and partially closed the bedroom door so that the camera appeared to be peeking into the bedroom. I directed her to reach back and unzip the dress but leave it on. This exposed her bra strap but not much else.

'Okay, now look up at the bedroom door like you've just discovered a voyeur," I directed. She was a great actress and did well at following my suggestions.

"Now, give me that 'come hither' motion with your finger." As she did so, I opened the door and took a few pictures as I approached her.

"Turn back around and continue taking off the dress." Again, she followed my instructions. When the dress hit the floor, I discovered that she was not wearing a slip and was just wearing a matching black bra and thong.

I took pictures from several angles and, when I got behind her, I saw such a beautiful ass. Of course, I had seen it before, when we all lived together and she paraded around half naked. I was glad to see it again. 

It you like big asses, her ass was not for you. If you like tight, tiny asses, her ass was the pinnacle of asses. It just looked like it was begging to be squeezed, and fondled, and groped.

I repositioned myself in front of her and told her to unfasten the bra and keep it in place with her hands. I snapped several shots and then told her to turn and face the mirror on the wall. I took a few more shots and then asked if she wanted to go any further.

She did not respond verbally but she let her bra fall to the floor. She looked over her shoulder at me with a very seductive look on her face. She placed one hand over each boob then turned and looked at the camera with that "I know you wanna fuck me" look.

She walked closer and said, "You can get some close-ups." I was kneeling and she got so close that I smelled the aroma of an excited pussy. She placed one foot on my shoulder so that I had a very direct shot of her crotch. Then she turned, moved her hands from her boobs to her cheeks, and spread her ass just enough so that I could see the thong as it coursed through her beautiful ass crack. I also got some glimpse of her beautiful little titties! This was a new sight to me and I was as hard as a rock.

She turned around and stuck her chest out. Any signs of inhibitions had disappeared. She invited me to take a close up shot of her boobs. Her nipples were erect and looked like little pencil erasers. I really wanted to reach out and play with her boobs, to suck her nipples and hear her moan . . . but I continued to be a good boy.

After a few seconds, she walked to the bed and got up on the bed on all fours with her ass towards me. Then she lowered her shoulders to the bed, leaving her ass sticking up in a very inviting pose. She looked back at the camera with a look that said, "I've got two holes back there. Pick one and fuck it."

Maybe I was reading too much into her poses and her expressions but it really felt like she was trying to seduce me. Maybe that's what the whole night was about for her. Or maybe I was reading too much into all of this. Maybe I was just a horny old bastard who was seeing what he wanted to see.

As I gazed on this almost nude goddess, I realized that her butt hole was almost visible. I don't know if she was oblivious to what she was doing to me, but I know I had a bone of steel.

As I was clicking away, she reached back and placed her finger beneath the string of her thong. She pulled it aside and her anus was now on prominent display. I had never seen it and it was insanely inviting. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to touch her little pink pucker. I wanted to stick my finger in her ass, I wanted to lick her ass crack from one end to the other, and then I wanted to give her the butt fucking of her lifetime. However, this was my former step-daughter and, as much as I wanted her, it just didn't feel right. Still, my dick was harder than Chinese arithmetic. 

She released the string and it fell back into place. Then she cupped her panty-clad pussy with her hand, as if she was hiding it from me. I thought that was a cute and somewhat less provocative pose until she started rubbing her mound. Then I knew it was as provocative as a woman could be. Perhaps the alcohol had taken over from Lizi but there was no way I was going to stop her.

She rolled onto her back, still recumbent on the bed, and continued rubbing her mound for a few seconds. Then she slid her hand inside her panties and resumed rubbing her slit.

"Daddy, I need it! Daddy!"

As I continued taking pictures, I noticed that her hand was slowing down and then I saw that her eyes were closing. My little girl had drank one Margarita too many and was about to pass out.

"Honey, you're falling asleep," I observed. "Why don't we get you onto the sofa in the family room so you can just go to sleep?"

I tried to rouse her but it soon became obvious that it would be a losing cause. Her relatively small body was easy to pick up and carry into the living room and I placed her on the sofa with a pillow under her head and a blanket over her nearly nude body. I bent down to give her a goodnight kiss and found myself kissing her lips instead of her cheek or forehead. She was passed out and it was not a passionate kiss, but I had never previously kissed her on the lips!

"Good night, sweetie!" I said quietly.

I was surprised to hear a response. "Good night, Daddy. I'm sorry I passed out on you. I had fun and I really didn't want it to stop."

"Honey, I'm glad that you trust me so completely, but I'm a man and I'm not sure I would have trusted myself," I confessed. "Now, if you are awake, we should get some water and ibuprofen in you so you won't feel so bad in the morning. I'll be back in just a minute to take care of you."

I went to my bathroom and retrieved four tablets of ibuprofen and then stopped in the kitchen to get a cold bottle of water. When I returned to the family room, Lizi was sitting up, uncovered, with her beautiful boobs on full display and a cameltoe obvious even in the subdued lighting coming from the hallway.

I ignored the obvious, sat down next to her, and gave her the pills to swallow. I handed her the opened bottled water and she quickly took her medicine. After this, she looked up at me and asked, "Daddy, you haven't seen me like this before and you haven't made any comment about the way I look. Do you think I'm ugly?" Her voice sounded as if this was truly a concern for her and not just a girl fishing for a compliment.

"Honey, you are absolutely stunning. Why, if I was your age and not your daddy . . .." I did not want to finish that sentence.

However, she would not allow me to escape so easily. "What, Daddy? If you were my age and you weren't my Daddy . . . then what?"

"Then you . . . you wouldn't . . . you wouldn't be sleeping on the sofa tonight!" My admission was out in the open but maybe she would not remember this in the morning.

She looked at me with a quite serious expression and responded. "I'm glad that you're my Daddy but, tonight, I wish you weren't."

I needed to end this conversation before it became even more arousing. I briefly paused and told her, "If you wake up during the night, drink as much water as you can, sweetie! That will help you to feel better in the morning. You know where I'm at if you need me."

I thought about giving her another good night kiss but decided against it. Instead, I quickly rose and returned to my bedroom. I stripped down to my boxers and got in bed. I did not fall asleep immediately but, eventually, sleep claimed its victory.

* * *

In the middle of the night, I was awakened by movement in the bed. I did not immediately open my eyes but realized that Lizi was pulling the covers back and getting in bed with me. I had been sleeping on my back. She was on my left side and I felt her roll into position so that she was on her side with her body against mine, her head on my left shoulder, and her left leg draped over mine. She placed her left hand on my chest.

I softly spoke to her. "Dear, dear Lizi. Why do you torment me like this?"

"Daddy, I love you," she answered. "And you said that if I needed you, to come find you. So . . . here I am. And I need you . . . inside me."

"I love you, too, Lizi, but you are tempting me . . . and I want to be a good father to you. Why do you need me?"

"I need you, Daddy."

"You already have me, honey. I am your Daddy."

"Daddy, I need you to be more than Daddy. I want you to be the one . . . the first one."

"Baby, are you telling me that you're still a virgin?"

"Well, that depends on what you mean. I've been naked with a couple of guys, I gave hand jobs and blow jobs and I even let one guy have anal sex with me, but the only things that've been in my pussy are my finger and a vibrator."

"Why, honey? Why me?"

"I love you, Daddy. I always thought that mom was an idiot for treating you the way she did and I always had this fantasy of kicking her out of your bed and taking her place. She didn't deserve you. I wanna make you happy, Daddy!"

"Honey, if you're just drunk and horny, maybe you should just . . . you know . . . take care of yourself."

She did not immediately reply but I felt her moving and I knew she was taking off her panties. She pulled back the covers and then got up and straddled my chest. I was looking up at my former step-daughter absolutely and totally nude for the first time ever.

"Do you wanna watch me, Daddy?" she asked. She immediately placed her right hand over her pussy and started tracing circles around her clit She placed her left hand on her left boob and started playing with her nipple. As she began to get aroused, I could hear her softly moaning.

"Daddy, I want you so bad. I want you to suck on my little girl titties!" As she said that, she leaned forward and lowered her torso to bring her boobs down to my face.

Any idea of resisting my urges vanished and I pulled her down to me and started sucking her nipples lick a crazy man dying of thirst! I reached down with my right hand and placed it over her hand that had continued to play with her clit. She quickly moved her hand aside and I felt her pussy.

She was hot and wet and everything that I did to her pussy made her whimper. I rubbed her clit and she demanded more. "Daddy, put your finger inside of me!" I slid my finger inside her and she immediately started to orgasm.

I could feel her pussy pulsing, squeezing my finger, while she repeatedly uttered, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Don't stop!" I kept going for a few seconds and then I could feel her pussy squeezing and holding my fingers tightly.

She rolled over to the side and collapsed on the bed. "That was so . . . incredible!" she exclaimed. 

"You haven't seen anything yet," I said as I moved into the missionary position. She instinctively pulled her legs up and my stiff dick was aligned with her waiting, wet receptacle. As soon as the tip of my dick touched her pussy, she gasped.

"Go slow," she begged me. "I want to . . . but I'm scared."

"Very slow," I promised her. The tip of my dick began pushing her lips aside as I pushed by manhood into my beautiful teen goddess.

"Uhhhh!" she again gasped. 

"Take a deep breath, sweetie," I urged her. As she did so, I slid in until my balls were against her ass and my dick was buried in her throbbing pussy. "Now, that's as far as it goes," I reassured her.

I stayed motionless for a few seconds, allowing her muscles to relax and accommodate my hot invading probe.

Eventually, she said, "Okay," and I slowly started by reverse thrust. As the end of my dick got near the entrance, she started to say, "Don't pull . . ." and then she suddenly stopped as I reversed direction and began to again push into Miss Puss.

"Now you're a woman . . . my woman," I declared. "Being with you feels so incredibly good. I hope you're not going anywhere 'cause I want you!"

"I love you, Daddy!" she proclaimed, and then she added, "Go faster."

I began to increase the speed of my thrusting and she began moaning. "Ummmm . . . oh, Daddy . . . feels so good . . . fuck me harder."

If she was ready for pounding sex, I was ready to give it to her. I got quicker and pounded into her pussy just enough for her to know that I needed her. "I need to cum inside of you, baby! I need your pussy so bad!" I told her.

"Daddy, I want your cum in me! I'm so close!"

I felt the pressure beginning to build and I knew that I would be shooting my seed into her soon. She was moaning as if her orgasm was also imminent. With my right hand, I reached down and felt her ass as I continued to thrust into her. I slid my hand over until the tip of my middle finger found her asshole, and then I gently pushed my finger so that it began to enter her.

"Oh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" she screamed. Her pussy was convulsing with paroxysms and that was all it took for me to begin shooting jets of sperm into her. "I'm cumming inside you, Macy! I can't stop, baby! You feel so fucking good!"

The tip of my dick was suddenly very sensitive so I stopped thrusting and stayed inside her as her pussy muscles slowly stopped pulsing around my meat.

I looked at her beautiful face and saw a tear in the corner of her eye. "Did it hurt, honey?" I asked.

"No, Daddy, it was even better that I thought it would be. I'm just so happy that I waited for you to be The One. And you said that you want me! Daddy, I love you . . . not just like a girl loves her daddy, but I love you like a woman loves a man when she wants to have his babies and grow old together."

"Well, I'm in love with you like a man loves a woman but . . . it won't be easy, you know. Your mother will go absolutely batshit crazy and everybody will think that you and I were having an affair when I was still married to your mom."

"Then we can move somewhere else and start over!" Lizi said, as if it would be just that simple.

"You can't start over with a new mom, Lizi, but . . . listen, I love you and we don't need to make any decisions tonight. We can go to sleep spooning together with my arms around you and, when we wake up in the morning, if you want . . . we can do it again!" Of course, I thought that was a wonderful plan. "And, we can continue spending time together, We don't need to be picking out baby names tonight, but . . . sooner or later, your mom is going to know what's going on. When that happens, she'll either shoot you or throw you out of the house!"

"I like the part about going to sleep in here with you. I like that a lot! And spending time together, and . . . if mom kicks me out, I'll just come live with you!"

"Okay, and . . . we don't have to spoon together. If you'd rather go to sleep with your head on my shoulder, that would be great, too!"

So we went to sleep with her head on my shoulder, and the next morning . . .