"Stories 18+" Sister's Surpris

Stories 18+ Sister's Surpris
It was summer time and my sister was home from college. Seems that since Cindy went away to college, she became more of a party girl and really has been causing my parents a lot of grief. Anyway, at that time, I was 24 and working nights at the local airport. 

My parents had gone away for two weeks vacation to Florida, so we had the whole place to ourselves. Cindy used this as an opportunity to get high all day and night and party with her friends. Cindy had been seeing this married guy for the past year and half. He never promised to leave his wife or anything (according to Cindy), but, I think she figured she would lure him away. After all, Cindy was a knockout at 21 with long brown hair, a beautiful face and figure to match (she had breast implants at age 19 when she got in a car accident and had some breast damage). Those implants were something else and Cindy seemed very proud of those large breasts. 

On this particular day, I was out at the pool tanning and drinking a beer or two. Cindy came home from seeing her married friend and was really bummed out. First thing she did when she came home was say "I need a drink" and with that I handed her a beer. Now sis and I never really talked about this guy too much and my parents were dead set against the relationship. Anyway, Cindy said that she was sick and tired of sneaking around to get laid. Well, I almost dropped my beer when I heard this come out of her mouth. Cindy downed the beer and the next thing I know, she is lighting up a joint and passing it my way. I never got high with my sister before and this was new territory for me, however, she was a big girl and I didn't see any harm in it. 

Cindy seemed totally fed up with this guy and started telling me how he never takes her anywhere and all he wants to do is meet her in the park and bang her in the front seat of the car. She proceeds to tell me that she had only seen him three times last semester and that each time she had to beg him to meet her. Well after a few more beers and a couple more joints, I was totally buzzed and getting a bit excited hearing my sister talk about getting fucked. 

Sis went inside to pee and came back out in her bikini thong bathing suit. Cindy looked like a model in this suit and her tits could hardly be harnessed in that top. The conversation soon went back to her married friend and how she can not understand why he does not want to see her more often. Personally, I couldn't understand it either - if someone who looked like her with that body and those fabulous tits wanted me to fuck her, I'd be banging away.

At one point in the conversation she says to me, "Let me ask you a question, do you think I am ugly?" I reply, "No, not at all. You can get any guy you want." Cindy then says, well I don't get it. His wife is fat and ugly and I am calling him all the time trying to get him to take me to a motel, but he always has excuses. I even asked him to come over while Mom and Dad are away and he won't do it. Then she says, do you know that he has never once eaten me in the almost two years I have been with him. I'm at a loss of words and do not respond. I am thinking ...I'll just let her vent, I don't think I am supposed to respond to this stuff. 

I am really buzzed and my dick is getting that strange feeling, but I am fighting with myself to stay soft. So, I go and jump in the pool to cool off. Sis is still talking about the lack of being eaten by this guy and how he doesn't fuck her enough. Then Cindy starts telling me how Kathy, my girlfriend, told her all about how I eat her until she cums and that I really spend a lot of time eating her and fucking her. Now I am embarrassed that my girlfriend has been telling her all this stuff about me. 

Cindy senses that I am not comfortable talking about this stuff with her and says, what's a matter is my big brother afraid to talk about sex? I defend myself instantly by telling her that I don't have a problem talking about it, but don't understand why Kathy would tell her all those details - knowing that she is telling my sister. Cindy said that she was telling Kathy how she was aching to get eaten and Kathy told her all about how much of an expert I was at doing it. As I get out of the pool and walk back over to my chair, I can see that my sisters nipples are rock hard in that tiny bikini top. These nips are just about covered with that skimpy little top and it is obvious that they are looking good. I then say, but you don't get it - that's like me telling your married friend that Kathy has not blown me in over 4 months and then asking him if you gave good head or not. Then sit there and listen to him tell me all the details about how you give him head. 

Cindy said that she didn't have a problem with me knowing all the details about her giving head. She said that Kathy told her that she isn't into giving head too much and knows that I have not had any head in 4 months. Cindy said that she told Kathy that she better start taking care of my pecker, otherwise I might look for someone else to suck it. 

Cindy then turns over on her lounger and asks me to put some suntan lotion on her back. I walk over and Cindy's lovely ass is laying there in that thong looking great. She hands me the lotion and proceeds to tell me how she instructed Kathy on some new techniques for giving head. I had just finished off another beer and was a bit drunk at this point. I decided to hear her out on this and maybe even give her some pointers to pass along to Kathy. Hell, I really do love getting a blowjob and Kathy was really bad at it. Maybe Sis could help me out and tell her a thing or two. 

So, I am rubbing some lotion on her back listening to all of these cock sucking techniques and getting harder by the second. I'm about finished putting lotion on her back Cindy says, "Awe, that feels good. My back is real sore there...How about a back rub?" I start rubbing my sister's back and she is loving it. I know I do a decent job with it, because Kathy always loves my back rubs. Just as I am thinking about that, I realize, if Kathy has told her about everything else, why isn't my sister telling me about how Kathy loves my back rubs and how they get her so wet. Anyway, I start staring at my sister's ass and her legs are just a little bit spread apart. Even though it is my sister, she has a knockout body and that ass is sweat, plus I am horny and she can't see me looking. As I am rubbing her back she now asks me to undo her top and put some lotion under the strap area. As I undo it I notice her legs have spread a little bit more apart and her little snatch looks nice in that thong. 

The pot, booze and the view of her ass starts to get me hard. I move myself to a different position, so that she can not see my hard on. I then stop the massage, but she insists that I continue because it feels so good. Sis goes back to the conversation about how she gives head and how she loves the feel of a good stiff dick in her mouth. Now we are both really high and I have never had a conversation like this with any girl, so this is pretty bizarre for me. My own pecker is straining the waistband to my shorts and I am ready to go inside and whack off. All this talk about her cupping the balls and letting the dick go down her throat as far as possible is killing me. I decided to do some teasing of my own. So, I start talking about eating snapper and how I like to get Kathy on the bed and start off with a nice slow massage, then I kiss my way from her neck down to her toes and back up to her snatch, where I start licking her clit. While I am explaining some of my technique, she is telling me how g ood that sounds. In the meantime, I am taking the tease even further by allowing my massage to her sides (her arms are over her head) and every once in a while, I brush the sides of her massive tits with my fingers. Mind you, they are D cups and while she is laying face down, they bulge over to the sides, so it does not seem deliberate (even though it is). Anyway, my goal is to get her horned up like she did to me. My pecker is now aching as I am talking about eating pussy and rubbing my half-naked sister's body. 

At one point, I am making a sweep for the side of her tits and my sister lifts herself up a little, which makes my hand feel a lot more of those things than I intended. With that I said, "sorry, my hand slipped". She then said, "Oh, I thought you forget it was me and thought you were massaging Kathy". Now I was speechless and just laughed it off. Next my sister opened her legs a lot more in a kind of body adjustment and asked me to massage her legs. I put some lotion on them and rubbed them up and down. She then throws in, don't forget my butt, I don't want to burn it. Feeling adventurous and horny, I said, fuck it...I am going to get her so horny that she is going to want to finger herself right here in front of me. So I put some lotion in my hands and start rubbing it on the butt. All the while I am talking about fingering Kathy's pussy and eating her at the same time. Slowly I massaged her exposed butt going slow and firm as her muscles flexed under my touch. I move back down to her legs and let my hands go up toward her snatch. Again she confirms that it feels great and could lie here all day. I move up to her butt, down her legs and back up toward her snatch. While going up toward her snatch she moved slightly and my right hand brushed right up against her hot crotch. I moved my hand back quickly, but this time I didn't say anything. I then rubbed her butt with my left hand, while my right hand moved across her legs and inner thighs. My right hand went up her leg and I let it brush against her crotch - this time under my control. I slowly moved it back down her inner thigh and my dick was surely leaking some pre cum, knowing that I just brushed against that hot snatch with no resistance. 

I then moved back up to her back and started rubbing her sides again. She again lifted herself up and I started to rub the sides of her tits. This was it, I was somewhat fondling my sister and she was not resisting. When I moved my hands to her back, she let herself lay flat again. I went back to the sides and she lifted herself back up. I rubbed the sides for about two minutes and she tried to move herself higher as if to get me to reach around. I did not want to assume anything, so I kept rubbing the sides. Anyway from were I was standing, I couldn't reach any further because I was trying to conceal my raging boner from her. Finally I decided, who cares and walked around the side were she immediately turned her head and I could see she was noticing my bulge. In fact, my pecker was so hard that it pulled the waistband way from my waist. There was a visible tent in my shorts, no doubt about it and I could see her just staring at it. 

I again stop the massage and she protests asking me to continue. Now Cindy starts talking again about how she hasn't been eaten in almost two years and that she is ready to buy a cat, just to get it to lick her pussy. I reply, well I can't see why you would have to go to all that trouble. Cindy then says, well for the same reason you can't get Kathy interested in sucking your dick. I love to suck dick and from what Kathy has told me about you, any girl would love to suck you off. Now I am rubbing the side of her tits as she says this and as she lifts herself up in mid sentence, I reach a little further than before and start rubbing a bit more of the real tit. I get no reaction from Cindy and start to pull away when she says, "You know, your making my nipples hurt from being hard for so long. Stop toying with them and at least put your hands all the way arou nd them". She then takes my right hand with her hand and places it on her left tit. My head starts spinning as I feel the largest tit I had ever had in my hand. It was huge and the nipple was rock hard. I then took my other hand and placed it on the right tit and I had me a hand full of titties. I massaged those tits like there was no tomorrow. Cindy chimed in, now that is a massage and reached out and touched my shaft with the palm of her hand. She rubbed up and down my shaft lightly with her hand through my shorts and I didn't say anything. I knew I was high and I was hoping that she was not too high to realize what we were doing. 

Cindy turned over, exposing those huge tits. She grabbed both of them in an offering type jester and said, let me have one of your famous massages. With that I cupped those titties and bent down and started licking her nipples. She started moaning as she reached out and again rubbed my dick though the shorts. I wanted her to give me a hand job, but, I figured I better not push it. This was great as it was, sucking these large tits of my sisters. I sucked her nips and started rubbing her tummy with my right hand. Slowly but surely I rubbed my way down around the snatch area. She was wiggling around trying to maneuver her crotch to my hand. I never touched it directly, which was driving her crazy. I then moved my mouth off her tits and started licking my way down her stomach. She started grabbing at my dick though the shorts, now stroking it a bit as she moaned. I licked her inner thighs as my hands rubbed her tummy and at times back up to her tits. She was hot and I knew it. I could smell the sweet pungent aroma of her snatch as I placed my tongue within inches of her crotch. Again, never touching her directly in the snatch I teased her and could see the wet spot in her thong bottom. 

Cindy then reached inside my shorts and grabbed onto my cock. It felt great and I wanted her to do more. She stroked my cock up and down and reached a bit further and felt my balls. She started tugging on my shorts and soon had them down to my ankles as she pumped my dick like a pro. 

I then decided it was time to make her blow me, so I started licking closer to her crotch and moved both my hands to cup her ass. I maneuvered myself more in a laying position next to her on the lounger and we were almost in a perfect 69 position. We laid side by side, my head near her crotch and her head near mine. In one swift movement I pulled her snatch onto my mouth and started licking her through the cloth of her bathing suit bottom. I just kept licking and nibbling on her snatch as she opened her legs wide and pushed her hips into my face. She was moaning softly as I then started pushing my tongue hard against the cloth of her bottoms, tonguing the outline of her lips. I squeezed her butt and licked down past her snatch around her butt and she was moaning. Next thing I knew, I could feel her mouth on my dick and she was giving me head. It felt great and I started pumping my cock in and out of her mouth as she rubbed my ass and at times stroked my cock. Cindy's hand came down as I was licking her though her suit and she pulled the bathing suit over to one side, exposing her sweet cunt to my eager tongue. I went right in and started licking her deep inside her cunt, working her clit over from time to time, putting it in between my lips and sucking on it. I started fingering her cunt as she pumped herself against my hand. As my finger went deep inside her, I licked her clit and made her scream. In no time, Cindy was bucking and yelled out that she was cumming. Meanwhile, I was still fucking my sweet sister's face and loving every minute of it. 

After Cindy came, I continued to lick her cunt as she told me it was swollen and felt great. Cindy stopped sucking me as I was licking her into a frenzy again. She started telling me that I had a beautiful cock and that she wanted it inside her. I didn't think that was such a good idea, being that she was my sister and that me eating her pussy was bad enough. She kept pumping, jacking and licking my dick, begging me to fuck her. I just ignored her and kept eating that pussy and reaching back from time to time to feel those beautiful tits. Cindy went back to giving me head and I decided to concentrate on blowing a load in her mouth. I again started fucking her mouth as I licked her cunt, ass and legs. She was really loosing her mind with this activity and was starting to go wild on my dick, sucking and telling me to cum in her mouth. Well it wasn't long be fore she cupped my balls and that did the trick....next thing you know I am shooting a large load in her mouth and she is moaning and humming as my dick is pumping jizz down her throat. That was the best blowjob I had ever had and told her so. Cindy told me that she came again while I was cumming in her mouth and had never come twice in her life, especially without fucking. Then Cindy said, lets go inside and get some more beers, so we quickly got dressed and went to the kitchen. My dick never really got soft from that mind-blowing blowjob and it was somewhat hard pocking back through my shorts. Cindy had put her top back on and was standing they're telling me how great it was to finally be eaten. 

We both took a sip of our beers looked at each other and Cindy said, "How come you wussed out on fucking me...scared?" I said that it isn't right, we are brother and sister, we got too high and probably shouldn't have done what we did. Cindy then said, I loved sucking your cock it is great, didn't you like my blowjob. Of coarse I did, but it isn't right. Cindy then said, I guess you didn't like eating me...I'm not as pretty as Kathy I guess. NO, I replied, that isn't it. You have the nicest body I have ever seen in my life and you are much better looking than Kathy. Cindy walked over rubbed my cock again through the shorts and said, then give me another licking I'm getting horny looking at your hard cock. And she was right, I was totally aroused again and in looking at her huge tits in that bikini and knowing what that snatch tasted like, I too wanted some more. 

Cindy led the way as we entered her bedroom. She pushed me back on the bed, then took off my shorts and threw them to the side. Cindy peeled off that thong bottom and then exposed those huge tits as she pulled off her top she said, your going to eat me and make me cum again. She then climbed on top of me and knelt over my face with her snatch hovering over my mouth. I cupped her ass as she lowered herself onto my mouth. I started licking her inside her cunt while squeezing her ass cheeks. Cindy reached back and started pumping my dick as I ate her pussy and sucked her clit. She was yelling for me to eat her good while she pumped her pussy back and forth across my mouth. She was getting ready to cum, because she was grinding her snatch hard across my face, a movement that my girlfriend always does prior to coming in this position. Meanwhile I have wiggled my finger near her asshole and she has been letting me flirt with it for the past few minutes. I'm cumming she yells as she grabs my head and pulls it into her snatch. My dick was really aching and I wanted to get sucked off bad. Cindy had other plans as she went to move off my face and I thought down to suck me off, she actually moved down and sat on my dick before I had a chance to stop her. Cindy had all her weight on my dick and was pumping up and down on me, which felt fantastic. I just looked up at her and watched those huge tits bounce up and down as she flung her head back and fucked my brains out. It was an awesome feeling, because Cindy looked like a Penthouse pet and here I was getting banged by her. She bent down to me and started putting those tits in my face saying, don't neglect these, I paid a lot of money for them (they were $5,000 tits). I cupped her tits and licked and chewed her nipples, as she pumped her pussy on my cock. Cindy then started kissing my neck and whispering I'm going to give you the best fuck you've ever had. Cindy then started slowing up and stopped pumping her pussy, saying don't shoot yet, I'm not done with you. With that she withdrew my cock from her pussy and then turned around facing the other way. She reached back, grabbed my rock hard cock and guided it into her asshole. Slowly she lowered herself onto my throbbing cock until she buried it into her bunghole. I held her hips as she slowly moved up and down on my shaft. It was the best feeling I had ever had and I couldn't believe it was happening. Cindy picked up the pace as her ass got acclimated to my dick being in there. Faster and faster Cindy fucked me and cheered for me to go harder and faster. I couldn't hold out any longer and shot the biggest orgasm that I ever had in my live, right in her ass. I pulled her back toward me and grabbed onto those tits as I shot gushers up her asshole. We just stayed still for about 5 minutes as Cindy kept asking me how I liked it. 

Needless to say, that was one crazy summer.