"Stories 18+" He gets sloppy seconds

Stories 18+ He gets sloppy seconds
It was a Saturday morning. It started off just perfectly. After a nice evening out, my husband and I were still sleeping. I was wearing a tee and a pair of panties. As I was slowly waking up, I felt my husband wrap his arm around me and slide up behind me. His hands slowly caressed me, over my tee, as I felt him rub my breasts and my stomach. I also felt his hardness behind me as he started to pump against me, letting me know he wanted me. That was good, as I definitely wanted him too. I pushed back against him, grinding my panty covered pussy against his cock.

Finally, we couldn't take it anymore, and he pulled my hips up, putting me on my hands and knees, as he pulled my panties down and off of me. He quickly positioned himself behind me, and because I was so wet, he plunged right inside of me. He grabbed my hips and was thrusting in and out of me, rapidly, making my body quiver. He knows, I love it hard and fast, especially in this position, so he was going to town.

It felt so good, as we both grunted and groaned in pleasure. As he was fucking me, our dog Max, a Husky, who always seems to be around when ever we are fucking, came up to the bed and started sniffing me, and then, licking my face. A little startling, but didn't distract me too much for the task at hand.

What made it even a little more exciting, which I can't believe I am saying, is that as my husband fucked me, in this position, my tee slid down so that my breasts were exposed and Max, who was sniffing, also took a couple of licks against my exposed skin, even at one point, he licked my exposed nipples with his course tongue and it shot shivers through my body.

All this excitement, got me there and as I reached between my legs to grab my husband's balls as he fucked me, I felt him tense up and shoot his load inside my very willing pussy. He pumped away, spurt after spurt after spurt, until he was spent and he collapsed on top of me, pushing me into the bed flat.

After a little bit, he rolled off of me as I felt his cock slide out of me so easily after subsiding. He got up and said he had to grab a shower to catch up with his buddies for their routine Saturday am golf time. So, he ran and grabbed his shower, I got up and started to get ready for the day. I made coffee, breakfast, let Max out and then proceeded to plan out my day, which pretty much consisted of cleaning this morning.

With breakfast done, my husband on the way out the door, I figured I'd start on the master bath and getting that cleaned. I was still running around in just the tee I had on, and neglected to put the panties back on. Starting with the tub, I got down on my hands and knees so I could clean it. Just as I was about to start, I heard Max, and his claws, click along the tile floor as he came into the bathroom to see what I was doing.

My husband must have let him in as he left. Max came up along side of me, gave me a sniff and a lick along the side of my face, and then walked away. That lick, so reminded me of this morning and how it felt, the coarseness of his tongue against my soft skin. As my mind wandered to this morning, in my own little world, I must not have heard Max come back into the bathroom that was until I felt his nose nuzzle into my exposed ass and pussy.

Since I was still in the tee, on my hands and knees, it was up around my waist, exposing myself to him. That really startled me and broke me out of my hypnotic trance. I told him no, but that didn't seem to work as he again stuck his nose into my privates. I could feel his warm breath against me and then, he licked. Oh my, that sent pure shivers up my spine and literally made me quiver. The feeling was incredible, and what I'm sure seemed like forever, was only seconds as I again come to my senses about what was happening to me.

Just as I was about to get up and out of the position I was in, to put an end to what was occurring between my dog and I, I turned to look and it was too late. I saw as Max hopped up and on top of me, pinning me against the side of my tub. I was on my hands and knees, my hands inside the tub, against the bottom of it. My knees, outside the tub, with my thighs trapped right up against it.

As Max landed on me, my stomach trapped against the top of the tub, literally knocking the wind out of me for a second. My tee, pushed all the way down to my shoulders as the weight of Max forced me and the tee forward. I was trapped, helpless, and I knew it.

As I regained my composure, gaining my breath and wits about me, it was again too late. I felt Max as he was bucking against me, pushing his haunches against me and I felt his heat and wetness from his hard dog cock as it tried to find its rightful place.

I had seen Max, many times, licking himself and knew, he had a large cock, and that worried me, worried me a lot. I tried to push up, but Max was too heavy and too determined. His front paws, were right next to my hands. His chest, against the skin of my back as I felt the fur against my naked skin. I pushed up and back, trying to get out from underneath Max, which was the wrong thing to do. As I tried to lift and get some leverage, my legs opened more and it happened. With a sharp pain, his cock entered me.

I literally screamed as he entered me fast and hard, but with surprising ease. I thought, "Must have been still wet from my husband dumping a load of cum inside of me only an hour or so ago." That is probably what drove Max nuts, as he could smell the sex, my pussy juice and my husbands deposit from this morning.

I could feel Max, as he entered me more and more through his constant bucking and I could feel me stretching to accommodate him. Max, pounded away on me, and will admit, was feeling better and better. This is my favorite position, and Max, well, Max was much larger then my husband (not that he is small, just Max is so large). The speed and ferocity that Max went at it, was faster and harder then my husband. Finally, I just relaxed and knew Max was going to have his way and I just needed to let him finish.

As I relaxed, releasing the tension in my body from fighting against Max, I went down and rested on my forearms, which raised my ass and pussy even higher in the air. Max was going to town and then, I felt a burning and then a stretching sensation as I again screamed as Max's "knot" must have entered me, stretching me more then I have ever been stretched before.

I was still on my forearms as Max's paws went against the side of the tub, giving him even more leverage as I felt him expand even more, inside of me. Then, Max let out a bit of a whimper as I felt him plunge deep inside of me as he was releasing his dog cum deep inside my pussy and into my womb. He did this three, four, five, and then I lost track as he plunged, deeper and deeper inside of me, letting his seed fly inside of me.

Finally, he stopped bucking and just laid on top of me, panting and drooling. I could feel his weight completely against me, my hair getting wet and matted as his panting released his saliva on me. I also felt my legs getting wet as the enormous amount of cum that he released inside of me began to leak out and around his cock and knot. We stayed in this position for a while. A couple of times, he tried to hop off, but I could feel it, the knot, was still solidly inside of me and not ready to be released by my pussy. Finally, after a couple of more tries, with a loud pop, he released out of me and I heard as he walked over and laid down on the floor.

I slowly, pushed myself up from the tub, and then, fell back onto the tile floor, the coolness feeling so good against my hot and sweaty skin. I looked over at Max, he was lying there, his cock still extended and I looked at his size and knew all of him had been inside of me. As I sat there, I also felt the wetness, his large deposit of cum oozed out of me, make a large puddle on my leg and the floor.

Max, got up and walked over to me, sniffing and licking my face, as I finally got myself up off the floor, wobbly and sore, but feeling strangely warm all over. I looked at Max, and said, "I think we'll keep this between the two of us." I'm not sure of how my husband would take knowing his dog got sloppy seconds.