"Stories 18+" Husband gets a messy treat

Stories 18+ Husband gets a messy treat
We had invited a couple friend for dinner. We had known each other for a few years. She and my wife used to work together. When his wife changed jobs, they still remained friends and we saw each other every month or so.

It was a frisky October night, we we’re in our hot tub, in our secluded backyard. The women had had a few drinks and were feeling tipsy. The topic got around to sex. 

“Does your husband watch porn” my wife asked.

He and I looked at each other. Neither of us liked where this was going.

“I don’t know, do you?” asked his wife.

“Sometimes” he answered. What else could he say?

“Mine does. He likes looking at blowjobs. He likes those a lot.”

“Who doesn’t”, joked our friend. His wife playfully slapping his arm.

“Fair enough” said my wife. “Do you like any kinky stuff?”

This was a trick question. He didn’t answer. So his wife pressed him.

“What do you call ‘kinky’”, he asked.

My wife looked at me. My blood rushed to my head.

“Well, hubby here is into some interesting stuff. Aren’t you my love?”

“Could we please not” I pleaded. As though she hadn’t her me, she continued.

“Do you know what ‘cuckold’ porn is? It’s men who get off seeing their wife fucking another man”, she continued. “He’s also into this. I found some of these in his browser’s history”. 

I didn’t know she knew about this. I couldn’t look at our friends, or at my wife for that matter.

Looking at our friend, my wife asked if it was normal. He looked at me, a little awkwardly, and said that it was a very popular porn category. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. “It’s mostly about seeing your wife making love, you know, enjoying the view, seeing her from another point of view.”

His wife reacted immediately. 

“So what, is it something you’re into?”

Maybe out of solidarity, he answered that he did, from time to time, enjoy cuckold videos.

My wife exclaimed: “Well, well, you boys are really something! Can you believe both our husbands are into seeing their wife fucked by other men.”

Playing along, her friend wagged her finger at her husband with a mock disapproval look on her face. My wife filled both their glasses. 

“Hey”, said her friend, “if we can get some action out of their fantasies, cheers!” 

“To being fucked by other men” added my wife as they raised their glasses and drank a sip. They both had a devilish look through the steam of the hot water in the cool Fall air.

He and I didn’t really know what to do at this point. But we didn’t have long to wonder, because my wife continued:

“Ok, but all jokes aside - she turned to him - are you into cum eating?”

This was escalading quickly.

“I… Uh…” he mustered.

His wife nodded, “he loves it when I swallow, and I must say, I usually do”. She said with sexy pride. 

Now I was imagining her pleasuring her man to completion. She had openly admitted to doing it.

Maybe not wanting to be eclipsed by her friend, my wife quickly replied, “I guess we both swallow”, they raised their glasses once more. “Come on guys, you can drink to that, can’t you? To finishing the job!”

We raised our glasses, somewhat awkwardly. 

“Speaking of drinking…” 

My wife turned to me with a devilish look. She was going to reveal my secret fetish, my naughty craving. “Please don’t” I begged in my mind, and pleaded with my eyes. 

“He doesn’t always like it when I swallow”.

Her friend looked at me, then back at my wife: “is he always asking for a facial like this one here”, pointing at her husband.

“Not quite, no” my wife replied. “He doesn’t want me to swallow. He wants it for himself.” 

“Really?” her friend replied. She didn’t seem grossed out, more intrigued, impressed, even. “My husband doesn’t dare kiss me, even after I’ve swallowed. He likes cumming all over the place, but can’t handle the thought of touching it.”

“Oh not this one. I rarely see him as hard and excited as when I tell him I’m going to kiss him deeply with my mouth full of his cum. He loves it, it drives him absolutely wild”. 

I was rock hard in my bathing suit, underwater. 

She turned to me: “So this is something you desire?”

Trying to stay cool, I said, as though it was a normal thing: “I find it naughty and arousing, I must admit. I like it when sex is wet, sloppy, I like it when it overwhelms all of the senses, sight, sound, feel, smell, and taste. I like sharing theses sensations with my wife, it feels… complete.”

My wife continued: “He even bought me a special outfit that I must wear when we ‘share our love’. It’s a crotchless bodysuit. When I put it on, he knows how it’s going to end, he knows that ALL of his senses are going to be stimulated, that I’m going to make sure of it.”

Her friend asked: “So when you wear this suit, you always… kiss him?” 

“Not quite. This suit is mostly for making love, and, well, let’s just say, it’s mostly him doing the kissing”, my wife replied, pointing under the water, at her crotch.

“After?!”, her friend asked, shocked.

“Oh yes. After” my wife replied.

“After he came in you?”, she couldn’t quite wrap her head around the idea.

“Yes, that’s the whole point! His warm, sloppy creampie, that’s how we call it. The sloppier the better. When I’m feeling naughty, I’ll put the suit on our bed, say, Monday morning, with a little note: ‘this is for Saturday, no cumming until then’. He loves it. I get to tease him for a whole week, building up a huge load, making sure he gets the treat he deserves come Saturday night. And the hungrier he gets, the more I get some good loving down below. I make sure I milk him good. It’s worth it”.

“Well, that’s one way to clean up after sex” her friend joked. “Does it feel any different, getting eaten after sex?” 

“Physically, maybe a little. It’s wet, I’ve been fucked, so my pussy is, you know, awake, gorged. But mentally, that’s where the real difference is. I’m wearing this suit, and I know exactly what’s going to happen, I can anticipate it. I’m in control. He’s going to go down on me after my womanhood has been completely filled with his seed. He’s going to clean up our lovemaking. It somehow feels dirty, a little bit wrong - like anal sex, like masturbating in front of him, like getting a facial - and that’s what arousal is all about, right?” 

Her friend jumped in: “Isn’t it? I’ll admit to liking getting facials for that exact same reason. -- She smiled to her husband. -- “I’m on my knees just waiting to be covered in sperm. I’m completely submissive, receiving my husband’s orgasm on my face. How warm it is, how wet it feels, the smell. God the smell, like nothing else: the smell of a spent man. The kind of thing you don’t tell anyone about, because it’s so naughty, the kind of thing you barely admit to yourself how you actually enjoy it. It’s not that cum actually smells good, or at least it doesn’t in any other circumstance than this one, but in that instant, knowing exactly what it is, what it represents, it can become intoxicating. It’s really in the head where everything is happening”.

“You have to embrace the dirtiness” said my wife, matter of factly. 

Her friend spoke with such honesty and passion, it got me hard. To hear her talk this way, to imagine her and her husband doing this, like so many movies in my collection: “Wife blows husband and begs for facial”, “Husband plasters his wife’s face with cum”.

My wife finished her glass of wine, and topped all of ours.

“It is all about taking a step back, just momentarily, to acknowledge what is happening, taking a step back, seeing yourself in this position, and then diving right back in the moment, in the senses. Striking a balance between the mind and the body, fantasy and sensation”.

He and I were completely shell shocked. We couldn’t quite believe this conversation was happening. The shame I had initially felt about my little fetish being out in the open had vanished as soon as she had shown some compassion. She seemed to understand where it was coming from. Dirtiness, that’s all this was, liking it wet, sloppy, and embracing it. If she was ok with it, if she didn’t judge, I couldn’t have cared less what he thought. 

“When we do this, when I wear my suit, there’s so much implied meaning, it’s easy to shift back and forth between mind and body. I’m constantly reminded that what I’m feeling, his cock buried in me, our bodies as one, our mouths kissing, the back and forth of love making, the motions of pleasure will all lead to one inevitable climax. We both agree that the end result will be dirty, sloppy and wet, and that he will make sure to clean it all up”. 

The mood was definitely steaming hot. Cheeks were red, eyes were glowing. Her friend wanted to know more, she was liking all this sex talk:

“What goes through your mind, when you’re wearing that suit? Do you feel sexy? Dominant or dominated?”

“The first few minutes, I felt dominated. I had to play a role he had planned for me, but I soon became aware that I was at the center of all this, that I was the fantasy, and I felt completely in charge. But what it does, most of all, is enhance the sensations. I become more aware of our texture, I become aware of the wetness of sex, of the smell. I become aware of its taste. I surprise myself wanting to be completely soiled, to be used, soiled, and cleaned. I’m at the center of it all. I remember the first time we did it. It was obviously his idea, he bought the suit, asked me to put it on, and told me what it was for. I obeyed, not knowing exactly what was the point, so he talked me through it. As he kissed me passionately, making his mouth very obvious, very inviting, he described how he wanted to taste our lovemaking, how he wanted to make a mess out of my wet pussy. He was kissing my mouth, but he made sure I knew it was only a preview of the way he was going to kiss my cum filled pussy. ‘I’m going to fuck you -- he said. ‘I’m going to fuck you, deep and slow, and I’m going to cum deep inside of you’. -- He was saying this while fucking me, with his hand over my mouth, now. He was doing the talking. -- ‘You’re going to be a sloppy mess, completely soiled with my creamy, warm orgasm. And once I’m done, once I pull out of your sloppy, soiled cunt, you’re going to think about how dirty you are down there, you’re going to feel it, warm and dripping. And you’re not going to reach for a tissue. Not this time. No, you’re going to push my head down and make me clean it all up with my mouth. As my mouth hungrily kisses your sloppy, dripping womanhood, I want you to think of what exactly is happening. I want you to feel how dirty, how naughty, how messy all of this is. I want you to think about what I’m doing, what you’re making me do. And I want you to know that this is exactly the point’. I knew what I had to do”.

“I love being told what to do” her friend interjected. 

“I know, it’s great to be forced to do things”, replied my wife. “So I did as I was told. I focused on his cock, and I surprised myself wanting it to flood my pussy. I know men like to cum a lot, but it’s never something I’ve paid attention to, let alone desire. But here I was, secretly wishing for a huge load for him to clean up. I reached and fondled his balls, and I mustered enough courage to actually try to talk dirty to him”

“Isn’t it intimidating?” her friend said.

“It’s terrifying! But I did it. I told him that those balls better be completely full. That my little pussy wanted to be completely filled. That I wanted to be a sloppy mess. And I asked him if he knew why I wanted that. He said he did. And I replied ‘That’s right, because I want a really big mess for you to clean up. You’ll be a good little husband and clean your dirty wife, won’t you?”

“And I’m guessing he did?” She and my wife were now talking almost as though her husband and I weren’t even in the room. That’s what it felt like, until she looked at me with eyes begging to know the answer.

“Oh he did” replied my wife. “As he was about to cum, I told to thrust slowly and deeply. I wanted to feel his spasming cock unloading deep inside of me. I wanted to feel every single contraction. I squeezed his balls and it finally happened. I felt him unloading deep in my pussy, thrusting slowly, and with each thrust, I could feel myself becoming sloppier and sloppier. His cock just slid in and out. I took his face in my hands and kissed him deeply. ‘Fuck, honey, how much did you cum? I’m completely full. I can feel it inside me. I’m a sloppy mess, my love. I think it might be too much. It’s such a messy, sloppy creampie. I can’t do this to you. This is too naughty, my love. I’m too full. Just for you. You don’t have a choice. Now go down, clean me with your wet, warm mouth’. I felt him slide out of me. I looked at his cock, slightly deflated, but still gorged, glistening with our lovemaking, with his orgasm. A warm wetness overflew out of my well fucked, spent cunt. I grabbed his head and pushed it down. Just before he dove in, I made him look at me and I said ‘I can’t believe you’re going to clean me up. I love you so much’ and I stuffed his face in my pussy. I knew what was in there, I knew how much cum there was. ‘Holy fuck’ I said, as his tongue caressed me, up and down. ‘Get your fingers in there too, I want to see you lick them clean’. I love it when a man makes me feel like I’m finger licking good!”

“Are you fucking k**ding? Where do I sign up?” said her friend, almost screaming. “Do you think I could see the bodysuit?”

They got out of the water in their bathing suits and went in the house. Her husband and I were alone in the hot tub.

“Well, this night is taking an… interesting turn” he said.

“I’ll blame the wine”, I said.

“So, you and your wife…” He didn’t quite know what to say. “It better not give my wife any ideas. No offense, but I don’t think I’d be into that”.

“Come on, when you’re jerking off, looking at porn, you can look at a freshly fucked pussy and not want to dive in and eat it all up? Not even a little?” I asked.

“Not really”.

“So” I asked, “what’s your thing, then?”

“I don’t know” he shrugged.

“Come on. We all have something. My secret’s out, time to share yours”.

“Alright, alright. I kind of like the idea of dominating someone else’s wife in front of her husband. Have my way with her. Use her completely as her husband watches. I like the idea of taking something that isn’t mine, you know”.

He will fuck my wife. It happened. So many things happened. One night in a hot tub, everything started there. A constant roar of bubbles, through the steam in the cold Fall night, a vision. Looking twice: “Holy fuck my wife is naked”. And her friend is wearing the bodystocking. My heart sinks; a jolt through my body underwater. 

They’re talking to us? Steam in the cold Fall air. 

“I want to see if this is real. Does this suit actually work?” His wife. “Do you think you would…” she has a hard time saying it. “Clean up your mess if I wore it during sex?”

Who is she talking to? I would, I will.

We all moved inside. Her heavy breasts bulging out of the cupless top, exposed, her hips, her soft belly. Begging to be fucked. My wife, vulnerable, completely nude next to her; bare body, smooth skin, large aureolas. 

“Take those off”. Our bathing suits. My cock is fully erect. I’m embarrassed to be so openly aroused, naked in front of other people. His cock is larger, cut. I’m not.

“How about we…” They propose sex. “Oh my God” exhaled my wife, pressing her naked body against mine, taking my cock in her hand. “This is crazy!!”

“We have rules”. The first time there were rules. “No partner swapping tonight”. He will fuck my wife. I will fuck his. Not tonight, later on.

“Oh, and there’s one more thing” his wife added, “I’m keeping the suit on”. She was looking at me.

“You know what this means, right, honey?”. My wife squatted, bringing my cock next to her face. Looking at me: “You know what happens when someone wears the suit”.

She let go of my cock. She and her friend crawled towards him, they grabbed his cock, and looking at me, her friend asked:

“If I get messy, will you clean me up?” There are rules. My wife looked at me, then up at him, licked his cock from the balls to the tip. What is she doing? She’s my wife. She looks at her friend: “Oh don’t worry, we’re going to make sure you get very, very sloppy.” She’s smelling my friend’s cock. “We’re going to tease this cock until it’s begging to explode. We’re going to build up a nice, big load. We’ll have him begging for release. Oh and it will explode, deep inside your pussy. It’s going to make such a big mess. But thank god there’s someone here to clean you up. Isn’t that right my love?” She was talking to me now. “Rules are rules”.

“Oh please, I hope you will” her friend pleaded. Now, looking up at her husband: “How long has it been since you came, dear”. He was at a loss for words. He looked at me. Feeling sorry? Or was it mischievous? “A week”. His words echo in my ears, and I think my cock twitched. My wife takes him in her mouth. “A week!”. My wife, looking at me with his cock in her hand: “Do you think you can handle that? A big seven-day load?”

‘Oh fuck yes!’ I wanted to scream. 

“This is going to be something” his wife replied. “I’m going to be a complete mess”. “Do you think you can handle that? A big seven-day load?”

“Oh you just wait and see, he’s going to love it” my wife answered. “And so will you”, now looking at her. She takes him in her mouth once again, her tongue swirling around his head. She looks up at him, mock pouting: “I wish I could take that load. It’s been so long since I’ve had another cock explode in my mouth. I’d love to show you what a good little cumslut I can be.” Her head gently bobbing on his manhood.

His wife crawled towards me, licked my cock from the base to the tip, ran her lips against my torso and kissed me deeply. I hadn’t kissed another woman in years. It felt incredible. “I’ll make it worth your while” she whispered in my ear. “Your wife and I have something mind”.

What the fuck was happening? A fragmented memory, vivid scenes, cut by a strobe light, words, images, glances, sounds, smells, tastes appear, disappear, back into the darkness. I try to hold on to them, I catch a glimpse, they vanish.

“I’ll make it worth your while”. I lose myself in our kiss.

I look around. My wife and my friend are gone. Alone with her, my cock against her body, her breast against mine. She’s wearing the suit. “I’m going to be a complete mess. Just for you”. Where are they. We’re in our bedroom. Is that my wife sucking his cock? My wife smiling at me: “I’m getting the mess ready”. Sucking him. Wet and sloppy. “Do you think you can handle a seven-day load honey? His balls are full. He’s going to make such a big mess.” Kiss me. Weeks later, her mouth will be full. Not this time. I can smell him on her breath.

“Come on, let’s get him ready”. They both kneel in front of him; his cock is between their lips. Kissing his manhood. They make out with the head of his cock. Squeals, groans. Another cock so close. Begging to release. Would I eat it? Would I suck it? 

“Come here”. She’s talking to me. “Come have a taste before I get all messy”. Her, opening her legs on our bed. Her pussy. Bare lips. Butterfly labia. Pink. Smooth. I crawl towards her. Kissing her mouth, her neck, her breasts, all the way down. Gently licking her groin. She quivers. My hands caressing her entire body through the bodystocking. A reminder of what’s yet to come. Her heavy breasts hanging out. Thighs. Legs. Feet. Her flowing hair on the pillow. A first taste. She’s wet. “Oh my god”. So wet. Lapping up her juices, tongue flat in her crevice. A first taste, another woman. Gently against her clit. Her cry when my tongue wanders between her holes. Her smooth taint. All the way down, kissing everything, all of her holes. Has she ever been eaten like that? “Holy fuck”. Fingers slowly sliding in, teasing. “Please make me cum, don’t stop, don’t stop”. My mouth and my fingers, her sweet, wet pussy. The taste. In the corner of my eye, my wife on her knees. His hands in her hair. Her head, back and forth. I know her mouth is full, she’s tasting him. She’s rubbing her pussy.

“Oh fuck, you’re going to make me cum. Honey look at meeee, fuck I’m going to cum on his tongue. His fingers are in me. I’m going to cum on your face. Ohhhhh god.” She clenches around my fingers, spasms then release. My fingers are covered in her cum. I lick them clean. “Do I taste good?” My wife, her husband, watching us. “Kiss me”. My face is covered. Her tongue, her mouth kisses me hungrily. I kiss her back. She falls, spent, on our bed. Her blushing face. Sucking sounds next to us. “Will you eat me this good after I’ve been fucked?”

“Stop I’m so close”. He pushes her head away. “Can I please finish you with my mouth”. She’s squealing, almost. “Would you let me?” Pleading with her eyes. 

“We have another load to build”, pulling me on the bed, crawling between my legs. Warmth, wetness engulfing my shaft. She uses her tongue more than my wife does. She goes deeper. She’s sloppier. Wanting this moment to last forever. Two mouths. “I’ll make it worth your while”. I’m overflowing with desire, lust. I know I’m going to ejaculate a thick, voluminous load. My eruption is inevitable, imminent. She tells my wife: “I really want him to fill you up. I want a big, white mess”. Her hand twisting around my shaft. “A sloppy mess. I’ll make it worth your while”. Who is she talking to? Will she make me clean my wife too?

“I want you two to watch us making love”. She pulls her legs to her sides. Her pussy is wide open. I had just eaten it, and would eat it again in a few minutes. “Come make love to me”. He kisses her sweet vulva, and slides in. Slowly. They kiss; he thrusts deeply, purposefully. She moans, low pitch, grunting almost: “Oh god you’re fucking your wife. You’re going to cum in your wife. You’re going to fill me up with your cum, aren’t you?” She’s talking to him, but really, she’s talking to me. The sounds of his cock sliding in and out. Her juices running against her lips, down to her asshole. “Eat me”. She’s talking to me. “Eat my freshly fucked pussy before I become a complete sloppy mess”. The smell of sex, her smell is floating in our room and I dive in once again. No hands. Not to pleasure her, this time, but to taste her. “This is how my pussy tastes when it is being fucked”. My wife holds my head with both hands, runs my face across her friend’s pussy. I never want this moment to end. His cock is next to my face. Should I? “Soon you’ll taste it after it’s been fucked”. I’m pulled away. 

“Keep going slowly. Make love to me”. Her entire body is covered except her breasts and pussy. And they make love. My wife looks at the way he moves. Wishes she could be fucked too. “Oh fuck. Yes. Right there. Don’t stop. Honey I’m close, I’m going to cum again”. He puts his hand around her neck, kisses her deeply, and says in her ear, squeezing gently: “I want you to cum all over my cock” and she fades away, falls into the depths of her climax. “I’m cumming, I’m…”

Her eyes are nowhere. Her pussy is clenching. Her hollow, raspy scream echoes in our home. She becomes oblivious to us. Her pussy pulsating on his cock stuffed deep in her as she grinds him. I know this is it. Her cumming pussy is going to milk his cock. “I think he’s about to cum, love. Are you ready for a sloppy pussy, a creamy mess?” my wife’s voice in my ear. Can I handle a seven-day load? “I’m cumming” he moans. And as he stuffs himself even deeper in her, grabbing her body with both his hands, she suddenly reemerges from her void. Looking at him, then at us, at me, her eyes, something between wonder and surrender. Beyond herself. Looking at us, through us. In slow motion he escalates, his breathing a crescendo. The moment on the brink, the conclusion inevitable. She’s wearing the suit. A hand is stroking my cock. The conclusion is inevitable. Her entire body, like waking up, emerging from the depths, like gasping for air, becoming suddenly aware of what is happening. Looking at me. “Oh fuck… Cum, cum inside me… He’s going to… fill me up. He’s cumming. Oh my god he’s cumming. He’s cumming in my pussy”. Her voice higher and higher. 

And he loses all control. Spasms, pulsating, unloading his semen in her. He’s ejaculating a seven-day load my wife has fluffed, has built up purposefully. He can feel his thick cum ejaculating, shooting through his cock, completely stuffed deep in his wife’s pussy, again, and again, and again.

For how long? How much? Clenching, pulsing. They kissed, a couple in love. He stayed in her for a moment, kissing. Her pelvis rocked back and forth, clenching, milking him until he slipped out, spent. She’s laying on the bed, with her bodystocking. Inevitable conclusion. And suddenly, the first glance. Her pussy is swollen, glistening with sex. In her open slit, a pearly puddle. My wife has never seen a creampie in real life. It’s her first. Bringing both hands to her mouth, in shock: “Holy fuck, your pussy is a mess. How much did you cum?” I could cry I was so happy. A creampie is a rare, extremely rare delicacy and I had a fresh front right there. For the first time, a creampie in the heat of arousal, one that wasn’t mine, that hadn’t emptied me of my craving. “Are you actually going to clean all that sloppy mess up, my dear?” My wife taunting me or actually wondering?

Completely spent, she lay on the bed. She had cum twice, was basking in the afterglow. Exhaling loudly, bringing her hands to her head: “I’m done”. 

Shatter. A fantasy, so close to becoming reality, shattered at once. 

“I’m done”. Had she suddenly crashed back to reality, finding herself exposed, obscene and perverse with her legs open in a bed that wasn’t hers, with her pussy full of cum, leaking semen. She had fucked her husband in front of their friends, she had cum twice in front of them. She was wearing a perverse piece of clothing that wasn’t hers, full of implied meaning that had been given by someone else, and she lay there, full of cum, waiting (waiting?) for her friend’s husband to go down on her and “clean up the sloppy mess”? She was a mess, she could feel it; her husband and their friends were looking at it. Had she suddenly been brought back to reality? And all of this suddenly seemed ridiculous. How his wife was holding his cock in her hand. How their friend’s cock was slowly deflating, coated with cum he had unloaded in his wife. And her, her sloppy, cum filled, freshly fucked pussy was a scene made for a screen, wasn’t meant to be here, in the flesh. Getting up, feeling the tepid ejaculate running, lukewarm, down her thighs. Grabbing a tissue and cleaning herself up. Sorry, “I’m done”. Can’t bring herself to look us in the eyes. What were we thinking? Cleaning herself up of her husband’s dirty mess. This wasn’t going to happen.

“I’m done”, exhaling loudly, bringing her hands to her head. “Holy fuck you two! I’m spent, guys. I don’t think I can cum again right now. But I’m a complete mess, aren’t I? Babe, what have you done? There’s so much cum in my pussy. What did we do? We made love and now I’m full of your warm cum. Holy fuck I’m so sloppy I can feel it inside me. Look what we did. Will someone please clean my sloppy little cunt?”

“I think she’s talking to you, my dear”, my wife whispered in my ear.

“Oh I’m definitely talking to you”.

The crotchless bodysuit frames her dripping, sloppy, freshly fucked cunt perfectly. It’s still warm, freshly made. Glistening.

“Go slowly, take your time, be thorough. I want you to clean everything.”

I kiss my wife, take one last look at the rarest of treats waiting for me, and with my cock rock hard, dripping with precum, I slowly dive in. She grabs my hair, pushing me against her. The smell. Oh lord the smell is intoxicating. And finally, my tongue. The texture, as I lap her up, astringent. I taste her, him, them. I swallow. 

I moan, bringing two fingers; they slide effortlessly deep in her sloppy cunt. I suck them clean. She has just been fucked to completion. She’s a creamy mess. 

With her two hands still holding my head, guiding my mouth up and down, using my mouth to clean herself up: “Oh God, I can’t believe you’re doing this. My pussy is completely used, soiled with the sloppy spoils of lovemaking. I’m a complete mess.” Looking at my wife: “What is he doing? Oh God! This is so naughty”.

My face buried deep in her pussy, thoroughly cleaning her, labia soiled of lovemaking, I heard her husband calling out to my wife in an assertive voice: “My cock is sloppy from our fuck. Show me what a good cumslut you are. Clean me with you mouth.” 

She played along: “Oh no, please no. You’ve just fucked your wife to completion. She came on you and you came in her. It’s so dirty, please don’t make me do this”.

His spent cock, no longer fully erect, but still engorged, hung between his legs: “On your knees, here, now.”

She crawled towards him. 

“No hands. Just your mouth. Smell it before you get it all clean”.

She ran her face against him. Smelled the entire length of his shaft, stuffed her face in his musky balls. “Oh my God, it smells like sex. Your cock smells like cum”.

“Taste it,” he ordered.

She ran her lips and her tongue all the way down from the base to the head of his cock and with a light suction, inhaled his messy flesh in her mouth. Now that he wasn’t fully erect, she could take him all the way.

“Good girl” He looked different now, assertive, confident.

Once she ran her wet mouth on every inch of his penis, she let go of him, gave his cock a last kiss, and crawled towards me. I was still face deep in his wife’s pussy, trying to clean every last drop, every millimeter of her sweet slit. My wife crawled over her, almost straddling her friend’s face in a sixty-nine. Her friend gasped: “Fuck your pussy looks amazing”. She had never kissed another woman, not down there. My wife looked at me, and as her friend’s mouth reached her wide-open pussy, she gasped in disbelief: “Oh my God, babe, she’s eating my pussy”. 

We kissed passionately. She had never been kissed on both her lips at the same time. Her tongue licked and lapped up pussy juice and cum from my face, and our eyes locked. From deep within the love we felt for one another, lust, pure lust had grown. Our mouths filled with the taste of another couple’s lovemaking, we knew we were starting a new journey, together. 

Her voice, now rasp from unhinged desire: “Fuck me. It’s my turn. My turn to be fucked and filled. I want all your cum in my pussy, I want to be a complete fucking mess, I want to overflow with your love. I want to be cleaned up.”
I’d do it, I’d clean her up, gladly. We made love - or was it fucking? Our hands caressed our entire bodies, we kissed as I thrust deep and slow. Her bare breasts against my skin. “I love you” she whispered in my ear. A hand grabbing my cock? I’m not in my wife anymore. It’s warm, wet. Her mouth. A greedy presence. Mouth and hand, milking me. I’m about to cum. I warn her, them. I hear her moan, pleading with her mouth full: “Hmm hmm”. She wants me to. Is this how it’s going to end? In her mouth. My wife says something about the rules and the presence fades away. My wife lets out a high pitch moan, exhaling. She grabs my hair, whispers in my ear: “Oh fuck, she’s eating my pussy. Are you ready to cum, babe?” 

She grabs my cock. “Are you going to make a big mess? Are you going to fill my pussy with your hot load? It’s been a while since I’ve been cleaned up”.

I was going to get another creampie, a second in one night. I kissed her: “I’ll be thorough”, I promised.

She looked at me, then down at our excited, aroused, wet sexual flesh and at her friend who had her tongue buried in her fucked cunt. “Oh no, no, no my dear. This one isn’t for you”. She kissed me deeply, then grabbed her friend’s head, grinding her pussy against her face. “This one is for her”.

My heart sank and my cock nearly exploded then and there. This was beyond my wildest fantasies. I looked at her. I reached down and kissed the mouth that was soon going to devour my wife’s sloppy pussy.

“I hope you’re ready for what coming” I warned her. 

“You better fill her good” she answered. “Now go, make love to your wife, make a loving mess, just for me. I’ll make sure I clean both of you up.”

I gave my wife’s pussy a long, slow lick and as I crawled back on her, her friend took my cock and gently put it in her wet slit. It was time.

“Go slowly” my wife ordered. “I want to feel you, I want to build it up. Let’s give her a big sloppy mess. I really want you to fill my pussy. Drown my pussy in cum. I know you could handle it, but do you think she can?”

Was she being cruel with her friend, or was she giving her what she wanted?

I gave long, deliberate strokes. Her friend fondled my balls: “please”.

“I’m cumming soon” I cried. And I did. The tension rose, and rose, exponentially it seemed, slowly, reaching a high pitched crescendo, reaching, reaching until - nothingness - and ahhhhh, electrifying pulses shooting though the entire body, overwhelming the senses, my entire being, electricity suddenly rushing through my body, converging in my cock in thick, warm ropes of cum releasing one after the other, after the other. Buried deep in my wife, filling her up. Making a mess. A mess she will clean up. And maybe this thought is present, a context that adds purpose and intensity to my orgasm and its sloppy manifestation. Her presence, I can feel it. A face, a nose, eyes, a mouth hovering, overwhelmed, craving, and a first contact as I’m still stuffed inside my wife. A tongue against the base of my shaft, against my wife’s pussy as I shoot two last ropes. A hand grabbing the base of my cock, gently pulling it away. Completely. “Holy fuck it’s a lot. It’s everywhere. It’s spilling out” and then sounds of her mouth hungrily kissing my wife’s sloppy cunt. And my wife moaning loudly as her tongue licks her everywhere. Reaches in, wanders. Moaning, bringing her hands to her face, crying, now, tears “oh god, don’t stop”. My cock, deflating, drops of cum pearling at the tip, and her warm, so very warm and wet mouth, suction from the tip all the way to the base. Taking me all the way. Sucking my cock like a straw, her tongue circling around every inch of me, until I’m completely clean. She returns to my wife and I take a step back to admire her being eaten to orgasm by her friend in a crotchless bodystocking. I take a step back, stroking my cock. So is he. Until my wife cums from her friend’s mouth and fingers. They kiss, they suck the fingers clean. They kiss and lay, spent on the bed. We stroke as they catch their breath. The entire room smells of sex and I don’t want this night to end.